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I hare Bwor'atfo the -Alter of Uod, eternal uostllUy to evBUpfoifm of Tyranny over the Mind of an.V-rThomM Jfloro,
Volume X.
Clumber 3
'.i M '
. . ? i
South side of Main, a tew doors be
low Makket-streei'.
published every Saturday morning, al
TWO DOLLARS per annwn payable
were reconnoilering the town, and com
municated loGcn. worth, tnal its move
ment had been perceived, and that tin
enemy was throwing reinforcement
owsrds the Bishop's Palace and the
height which commands il. To dlvei'
his attention as far as practicable, tlx
. -' . . t . ... rr n-l .
half yearly vi aava, ' ' firat division, Under Brie. Gen, Twiggs,
Fiftu Cents, if not paid within the year. , , , b.h
.liYr;nrtmiwill betaken for a shorter l field division of volunteorp, under
period than rtx months; nor any ditcon- Mnjor. General Butler, were displayed
tinuance permitted,until all arrearages in front of the town until dark. Ar
lire dlSCharSeU rnnnDmpnld warn marlA al llifi enmn (imp
jilWERTl SEMENS not exceeding a. . .... , . . ,, ,
Ziare till be conspicuously inserted at Plsce ln b.9,,"y du"nS ,h8 '
One Dollar for the first threeinsertions, a suitable distance from tho enemy's
and Twenty-five cents for every subse- main work, tho citadel, two 24 pounder
nucnt nsertion.VZJ-Ji "oeroi howiizew. and a ten inch mora-, with
made to those wlio anvcrnse uy ineycuri .
r ETTERS addressed on business, must 9 view to open a firo on the following
be post paid
DECEMBER 5, '.840.
day, when I proposed (o make a diver
ion in favor of Gen. Worth' move
ment. The 4lh infantry covered this
battery during the night. Gen. Worth
had in the meantime reached and occu-
OFFICIAL DESPATCHES FROM Pied '?r tko niKh'' defensive positioi.
GENERAL TAYLOR. Nr. ". "on, range o. uauery aoove ,e
Rishon Palace, havine made a recon-
HEADo.uArm.ns Ahmy ofOccupation. . , . s . ... .
Camp near Monterey, Oct. 9, 1S4G. Before nrocpe,,in ,0 rPDOr h 0f)
Sin; I have now the honor to t.b. . of ,,, . i0iolvnB IV,
mil a detailed report of the recent oper- , bpg ,eave (J ?ao ha, , 8,b menion
otions before Monterey, resulting in the . . .. . . ...
capitulation of that ciiy. ducted acainst the extremity of the cliv
.ti. i r ! I I
inainiormaiionrecoivwi uu ...u esewutr. under mv immediate di.
from Cer.lvo, and pa.t.cularly .he con-l cjonf referrlnR you lor ie parlicularf
unuai appearance in our om u, r n w,n .,:. ,.,i.:.i. ......
Mexican cavalry which had a slighil . . . . . . . niun . ..
suirmisu wiin our auvllco u, . '- ,r8n(imied herewith.
of Hamas, induced tho ueliel, as we ap- JEarly on the morning of the 21st, 1
proached Monterey, that the enemy rcCetvc( a note from Gen. Worlb.wril
would defend that place. Upon reach- len al har past 9 o'clock the night be
ing tho neighborhood of the city on the fore, suggesting what 1 had already in
of the 19lh of September: this
belief was fully contirmeU: 11 ivas sscer- cgntro ?nd tefi of the town;; to f?vor hif
lalned that he occupied the town in enterprise against the heights in rear,
force; that a large work had ben con- -phe infantry and artillery of tho first
Mrucied commanding all Iho northern division, and the field division of volun
approache; and that the Bishop's Pal- ieers, were ordered under amrs; and
und consequently did not join the ad- Cilleries of Captains Brgg ancr liidg'ely
vuiico rompautes uhtil soma time.Dller-jvvece also partially coiprgu bjyjie bat
.vords. Iter y ? An incessani firo was kept up on
Lieut. Col. G irUnd's command had m&js-position from battery iVo. SJ- and
tniiroached the town In a direction toiher works on its rmhl.and front the
1 "
iho right of Iho advanced woik, (No.l,)
at the Northeislorn anglo of the iiy,
nd tho engineer office, covered by
citadel on all our approaches. Gerreral
fwiggs, though quite unwell, jultoit
and was ineirumental'ii)
it tbis potnl,
skirmishers, had succeeded in enteringftiausing the artillery captured from
tw. al.lt.i.li.1 mm.I n.inlni. M ..... 'PK . lU .. m In U . iJ.in.il in null... a rt A
1 lie buuui ua uuu hiiiiii Lifitw . 11.1910 curing iu ud idi.gu 111 uanvi, auu
remainder of this command now'udvanc
ed, and entered the town under a heavy
firo of artillery from the citadel and the
works on the left, and of musketry from
the houses and small works in fiont. A
movement to the right vvis attempted
with a view to gain the rar of No. 1,
nd carry that woik, but the troops
were so much exposed to a file which
hey could not effectually return, and
had already suined such severe loss,
particularly in officers, that it ws deem-
d best to withdraw ihom to a more se
cure position. Uapi. u,)cKus, 1st in
fantry, however, with a portion of his
own aiid other companies, had gained
the roof of a tannery, which looked di
ecily into ihe gorge of No. 1, and from
which he pointed a most destructive fire
into thai woik, and upon the strong
building in ils rear. The fire happily
coincided in point of time with the ad
vance of a portion of the volunteer di
vision upon No. 1, and contributed
hruelv to the fall of lhat strong and
mporlant woik.
1 he three regiments of the Volunleei
division under the immediate command
f Major. Gen. Butler, had in Iho mean
nmo advanced in tho direction of No.l,
The leading brigade, undtr Urigadier
Gen. Quitman, continued its advance
ipon tnat woik, preceeded by three
'ompanies of Ihe 4ih infantry, while
Genercl Butler, had in tho meantime
nlvanced In Ihe direction of No. 1. The
sco and some heights in its vicinity .learLook he direction 0f (he city, leaving leading brigade, under Brigadier Gen.
Ihe Saltillo road, had also been fortified one company of each regimenUs a cam Quitman, continued its advance upon
and occupied with troops and arliller guard. The 2d dragoons, under Lieut ihal work, preceded by three compai
It was known from information previ- rjol. May, and Col, Woods' regimen of Ihe 4th infantry, whila Gen. But
ously received, that Ihe eastern op- 0f Texas volunteers, under the immedi with ihe 1st Ohio regiment, entered
proaches were commanded by several a(e direction of Gen. Henderson, wen 1 own to ihe right. Iho companies
small works in the lower edga of the directed to Ihe right to support General the 4th infantry had advanced wilhn
I ... . . I . ... 1 . t . L -
nil.. I Worth il niMinri. nnil In tnnlro ni.lhnrl fine Pi nl HID VVOrK. wneil I lie V
Irll.J." II lll II MIUU.I.HI J) ....H " ...... -
The configuration of Iho nights and impresssion, if piaclicable, upon the U - were received by a lire that almbM
gorges in the direction of the Saltillo pfir quarter of the ciiy. Upon op- in one moment struck down ono third
road, as visible from the point attained proachinf the mortar battery, ihe 1st & )f the officer! and men, and renderedii
by our odvonce on the morning of the oj regimonts of infantry, and baltallion necesaary to retire mid eifect a conjunc
19lh, led me to suspect that It was prac- 0f Billimore and Wahington volun tion with tho two other companies then
licable to turn all Ihe works in that di leers, with Capt. Bragg's field ballet) idvancing. Gen. Qui man's brigade,
reclion, and thus cut llie enemy s line the wholo under the command oJ hough sutiering mosi severely, parucu
of comunisation, After establishing Lieut. Col. Garland were directed Marly in the Tenne.-seo legimenljcon
my camp at 'Walnut Springs,' three I toxVards the lower part of Ihe town, with linued its advance, and finally carried
" .1 - .at
miles from Montarey, the nearest guita- orders l0 make a demonstration, and -ha work in handsome style, as well as
id n nosiiion. it wif. accordinfilv, my parrv one of tho enemv's odvancedltho slronn builutng In its rear, 1 ire
- , , , " - - l"---, J w - ....
first care to order a close reconnotsance Wotks, if it could ba done without lo pieces of artillery ; a considerable supplj
of theeround in nuestion,which was ex-keavv loss. Major Mantfields, engi- of ammunition, and thirty prisotiers.
ecuted on the evening of the 19th, by Leer, and Captain Williams and Lieu', including thiea officers, fell into our
.... I ' I. ma -I I ..I ...!.! i I
Ihe engineer officers uhder the direction Pope, topographical engineers, accom- hands. Major oen. ouuer, wun nt
of Major Manffield. A reconnotsance pamied the column,Maj. JVlansfie'd be 1st Ohio regiment, aner eoieimg uu
of Ihe easlern approaches was at the mE charned with its direction, and Ihe edge ot the town, uiscovereu uiai notn
' ' 100 1 - , 1. 1 i. r
aamo lime made bv Capt. Wi'liams, to. designation of points of allark. mg was to be accotr.pusneu in me ironi
noaranhical eneieers. The examina- In the meantime the mortar, served jnd al this poini. yielding to the sug
ition made by Major Mansfield proved by Captain Ramsay, of Ihe ordnance, Lotions of several officer, I ordered a
Jhe entire nraclicabililv of throwing for and the howilzer battery under uaptaii. retrogadd movement; dui learning ai
" ... - .... . .... .. .1 . .. .. . t ...n
vard a column to the Saltillo road, and Webster, 1st Artillery, hau opened m0t immediately trom ono 01 my siau
pnd thus turning the position of tho en their fire upon the citadel, which wa thai Ihe battery No. 1. was in our pns.
mv rDeeminii this to be an operation deliberately sustained, and answered session, the ordar was countermanded,
" I . - . - . . e.
essential imnonance. orders were from the work, Uen. Bullei's divisionUnd 1 determined to noiu ine muery x
r, , , .... . . .... i
riven to Brevet Brie. Gen. Worth, had now laken up a position in the reai defences already gaineu. uen.
o " . . . . ... ... ........ ni- : .
m march with his command on the 20lh of his battery, when Ihe discharges 01 will) wun ino isi umu reg.mc...,
tD turn the hill of iho Bishop'j Palace, aitillery, mingled finally with a rapid et. red Ihe town ai a poini lanuer iu
in necunv a nosiiion on tho Saltillo road firo of small arms, showed that Lieut, ihe left, and marcneu in .no uireciiou u.
nn,l in P.rrvihe enemv's detached works Garland's command had became warm- he battery No. 2. While making an
j j -
in thai nuarter. where nroct cab e. The Iv encaaed. 1 now deemed 11 necessa examination wun a view iu u.ter.u.u u
first regiment of Texas' mounted volun- ry to support this attack, and according possibility of carrying this second work
1.... m.,i n n .iia mi 11., oroil ihp 4ih nlan rv. and hrc No. 2. and me neavy uiuoncuy in?
flesocialed with tho scond division on r eciments of Gen. Builer's division, to (linking tho approach, rcndeied it im
thiff service. Capl. Ssnders' engineer Larch at once by the left flank in the possible to cany it without great loss,
and Lieut, Meade, topographical egi- direction of tho advanced work ai the tho lstOhio regiment
ViP.ers. were also ordered to renort to lower extremity of the town, leaving from the town
1 - 1 1 - - , ......
Gen. Worth for duty with his column, one regiment (1st Kentucky) to covei Frtgments ot the various regiments
At 2 o'clock. P. M.. on tho 20ih, iho mortar and howilzer battery. Hi engaged woie now under cover oi me
' ! . . 1 - . . .. 1 . . 1 ,i :..
u.n Mmnil division took un Its march. nm mistake, two comnanicB of Ihe cantured battery anu some ouiiuincs 111
1. ..... .n,n ,tt.nnoroi.h nffi.r iiin ' Aih inm i-ii it id nn i rfipei vb this order, lis front, and oi) tho right' The field
served by Ciiptaio Ridgely aga'inslNo.2
until the arrival of wptain Webster's
howitzer battery which took its place.
In tho meantime, I directed such men
could bo collected of Ihe 1st, 3d and 4th
regiment andBdltimore batlalliun, lo en
cr the town, penetrating to the riiht
md carry Ihe 2d battery if possible
Col. Gar
of the cliy.-TTho
works continued
to Ihoir range, andal
ed by our.iroops
preceding nigiil, ex
eompany, was'relicved
Quitman's brigade
taken and iis guns turned upon the fugitive
girrison. The objec for which tho !ind
division was detached had thus been com
pletely accomplished, and I fell confident
dial with a strong lorco occupying the road
and heights in his rear and a good position
below tho city in our possession, the enemy
could not possibly maintain tho town.
During the night of tho 22J, the enemy
evacuated nearly all bii defences in the
lower pan of the city. This was reported
to me early in the morning of the 23d by
Gen, Quitman, who had already meditated
an assault upon those works, I immediate
ly sent instructions to thai officer, leaving
it to his discretion to emei the city covering
his men by the houses and walls, and adi-
vance carefully as far as he might deem piu
of this colum & hient. Alter ordering the remainder of le
was rcnortod in "oops as a reserve, under the orders ol
was withdrawn
iP'her tion of lire until Z o'clock, ot which hour
pofed I would receive the answer of tho Mexican
ceiipi- general at Gen. Worth's hesdnuartem.
nil tho which I soon repaired. la the menilmR.
hdgely's Goneral Ampudia had signified lo General
by Gen. Worth his desiro for a nersnnal
9PIK bslery wji, me. in ivhinh I ,.,l.,l ...i ...u:.i. n
was thrown urfSet-'epvtr in front of the nallv rnlio.i t . i..i.:' ..
- . m. r . , , , i . fi'iiuiouuii, uiacing me
town.tonel njftdemontlration of cavalry , own and the material of war. with ei.n .
V l414' daw"5f d.J?' W "e'S" excepiions, !n,ur possesion, A copy of
joke n.Ha,W Ptd,,cisd, anLlAbaMapjlUlatJoaMransffliUed will, mv
loan alter meridian, the 1'alaco itself was firgi desnatrh
Upon occupying the city, h vas discov.
ered to bo of great strength in itself, and to
have its approaches carefully and strongly
ortificd. Tho town and wnrljn
ed with 42 pieces of cannon, well supplied
with ammnnition, and manned with a forcn
of at least 7,000 troops of the line, and from
2,000 lo 3,000 irregulars. The force under
roy orders before Monterey, as exhibited by
the accompanying return, was 425 officers,
and 0,220 men. Our artillery consisted of
one JO inch mortar two 21 pounder howit.
zers, and four liflit field batteries ol four
guns each ihe mortar being the only pieco
suitable lo the operation of a seige.
Our loss is twelve officers and one hun
drod and eight men killed; thirty ono offi.
cers and throe, hundred m ihiny.seven
men wounded, Tuat of ihe enemy is not
known, but is believed considerably to ex
cced our own,
I take pleasure in bringing lo the nolica
of the government the good conduct of tho
troops both regulars and volunteers, which
lias been conspicuous throughout the oper
ations. 1 am proud to bear Uetiraony lo
dieir coolness and constancy In battle and
the cheerfulness with which ihey have sub
milled to exposure and privation. To tho
general officers commanding divisions-
Major Generals Butler and Henderson, ond
Brijadier CJjnerals Twiggg and Worth I
must express my obligations for the cfi
cient aid which they have rendered in their
respective commands. I was unfortunately
deprived early on the 21sl of the valuablo
lervices of Alsjcr General Builer who was
Jisabled by a wound received in the attack
m Iho city. Major General Henderson
commanding tho Texas voluntears, has giv
en mo Important aid in the organization of
his command, and its subsequent operations
Brigadier General Twiggs rendered iropo
tant aetvices with his division, and, bs ihe
second in command after Major General
Butler wai disabled. Briaadier General
Woith was intrusted with an important de
tachment, which rendered his operations in
dependent of my own, Those operations
wero conducted with ability, and crowned
with complete success.
I desjre also to notice Brigadier Genorals
Hamer and Quitman, commanding brigades
in Gen. Butler's division. Lieutenant Co
lonel Garland and Wilson, commanding
brigades in Uen, I'wigg'i division. Colo
nels Mitchel, Campbell, Davis and Wood,
commanding the Ohio, Tennessee, Missis
sippi, and 2d Texas regiments, lespeclively
and Mhjois Lear, Allen and Abercrombie,
commanding the 3d, 4th, end 1st regiments
of infantry) all of whom served under my
eye and conducted their commands wjih
coolness and gallantry against the enemy,
UOIonol Mitchell, Lieut. Col. A'Cluiin.
Mississippi regiment, Major Lear, 3d irifau.
iry, and Major Alexander, Tennesscs regi
ment, were all severely wounded, as weio
Capiuin harnotie, 1st infantry, Lieut. (Jra
Ham, 4lh infantry, Adjutant Armstrong,
Ohio regimeni, Lieuts, Sucdder and Allen,
rpnimsse regiment and Lieut. Uoward
Mississippi regiment, while loading thei
men aguinsl the enemy's position on lha
2Isl and 23d. After the fall of Col.
Mitchell, the command of the 1st Ohio ro
gimeni devolved upon Lieut. Col. Welter,
that of the 3d infantry, after the fall of ilfaj,
hear, devolved ir. succession upon Oapt,
Bainbrldge, and Oapt. Henry, tho former
being also wounded.
This command, unrer X.ieut
itid advanced beyond the bridge 'Purisirua'
... I. -.:... 1. !' .1
wiicii unuing ii inipiaciicauio to gain me
rear ol the battery a portion ol it sus
tained themselve tor some timo in that 'ad-
vancml position; but as no permanent im
pression could be rriadeat that point and
die main object of the general operation hud
been effected the command including a sec
tion o( Hidgely's battery which had joined
il was withdrawn to battery No. 1
During tho abscence
demonstration of ctvalry
ilia ilituciiim of iho citadel. Cam- Brace urijadier General 1 wigss, I repaired lo
who wbs at hand immediately galloppod the abandoned works, and discovered lhat a
with his battery to a suitabl6 position from portion of ben, Quitman s brigade had en
which a few discharges effectually diapers- 'ered the town, and were successfully fore
ed the enemy. Captain Miller 1st infantry mguietr way towards mo principal plaz.
was despatched with a mixed command to I then ordered u? the 2d regiment of Texas
support the baiteiy on this service. The mounted volunteers, who entered tho ciiy
enemy's lancers had previously charged d'smounledand, under Ihe immediate or
upon ihe Ohio and part of iho Mississippi ue" ol uen. Henderson, cooperated witli
regiments near some fields al a distance l,cn- tJuitman s brigade Oapt. Uragg'
from tho edge of the town and had been re- battory was also ordered up, suppoiled bj
nulsed with considerable loss.A dcmonsira. die 3d infantry, and after firing some time
tun of cavalry on the opposite side of the pt the caihedtil, a portion f il was lilcowiae
river was also dispersed in the course ol thrown into the ciiy. Our troops advanc
the afternoon by Captain Kidgely's batter) etJ tion, house to house, and from square to
and ihe squadron returned lo the city. square, until Ihey reached a street but one
At the approach of evening all the troopsNquare in rear of the principle plaz , and in
that Iilu been engaged were ordereu Dacti iu " u " - i"i.o .uau,7
camp except Captain fidgely's battery and concentrated. This advance was conducted
the rcuulai infantry of the 1st division who vigorously but with due caution, and al.
wero detailed as a guatd for the works dur- though destructive to Jhe enemy, wss al-
ioi! the niehl ur.der command of Lieut. Col. nenueu wun out smsti toss on our pan.
Gatland One battalion of the 1st Kentuck) Captain Ridgely, in the meantime, had
regiment was ordered to reinforce this com- 9e'vei1 4 captured piece in battery No. 1,
mand. Intrenching tools wero procured against the city until the advance of our men
nd addtlionat streneih was given to the rendered H iraprudenl to lire in the direcltoi
,.i n,ioii.,n ir. ilm mpn Uv tvnilt. ol the cathsdrai, i was now sausueo that
in. nar.ic durinu the niehl under direction W could operate successfully in the city
f f.ent Scarr.ti eneineera. M lhat the enemy had retired from the
It . .m. i. i li,:,i
rh.rn.ln nbieot in tho mornin? had lower portion oi u id mauo a nuuu ob.m.iu
...... .Ilta l,nUnLn A a C2 n rt C lilt rV in'lJ
nU,.ioi A nnwerfu diversion had u""u. -
been made to favor iho operations of ihe aJ 'ad. been on-Ju'.v "l0 l,revioua '"S1"'
2nd division one of ihe enemy's advanced uetermineu to wuuuraw ine tr30pa .o ,e
works had been carried and we now had a evacuated works, and concert with Gen.
r.mi.hnld in the Inwn. But ill S had 0,,u a -""'"' ul'u
i'i, . ii i.. r.u u...i. .i:i,....i.
not been accomplished without a heavy loss c -..--
!,,.!, fin.-nft nf our most srallant and V7, good order, and resumed their origi
' "u fa.ni :.:... n n,.:,,i. u,;a k.
nrnmiRimr nlT.r.ers. Caotain Wl ams. lop- l'i w ' - b-"" -
ograpical engineers, Lieuls. Terrell and 8 'Sieved after nightfall by that of Gen.
ntlvunnli. li infantiv Lieut. Woods 2ml ""u"' ""vi
i..r..rV n.nt.. Mnrn. and Field Bvt. Mai. 41icer w 'e ni uen
""J i i .,. i ... .. . i..,.
Barbour Lis. Irwin and Ihzlitl 3rd infantty " '"u" "'"'S '" ."10
Lt. lloskins 4lh infantry Lieut. Col. at- P" 01 ,nu c,lv' WJS aU0Ul oiaK", an
son Baltimore battalion Oapt. Allen and Ll. a ,e PP" ex.iamuy. wn.cu nau ...
Putman Tennessee regiment and Lt. Hell 80 ueen evacua.eu uy u.u enemy ,o a cu,.-
killed Or liavo since nmetauio uiamiicc. i icjumcu iiui uu, in
formation had not reached rno beloro lea vi
the town.
Ohio regiment were killed or
itipil nf wniinda received in this eilL'nL'emenl
h.l. the number and rank of lite oflicer '"6 he city, but still deemed it inexpedi
I . . I . . t I f .
.i..i - t.1,.1 I ,.,Mr f . tiili u) cnuugo mv oruers, anu ucruruinM
1 I . a .. . r r . .
stinacv of the contest and the good conduct "u,u , "e"
..r a nmh,. nf LiIIp.I nr ill worm, wruien an i o ciock, r. oj. ituuriu
UI UUI HUi.l . ..w -
lBn,.0,!fi.l incident to the onaral onif n tin ",u ",B' ,,c " "'" ,u "'""
, . ...i i
lower pait of tho city on the 21st is 301. puuri u..a..uB ...c ,...,.,.. u
K,V in Ilm mninino nf this daV. 2 St. ",c V""'' "ou '
J - D . ' ! ,. . ., i ... 1
.t,iUn,nf the 2nd division had encuun -"vision 111 mo mo.ni-ljj was uo.ng goou
tared tho enemy In fo.ee, and after a briel "Xt,oulion w,,hin al"e nn9 of ,he et
hni iarri conilici. rcnulsed him with hcav umy s position
, , i. r,,.,, . .,,..., ..
Ins.. Gen Worth then succeeded n eain- "nS5 ' m" i'
,g a position on the Sultillu road, thus cut ' l10 ci,v w,,l,om con'l,lelu conu,,n u8 10
.in,, the enemv's line of communication 'e li,lfs Bn'1 ,i,jJb ol aPProach I m.uuci-
Prnm ihis nosiiion the IWO heiuhtS SOUlh Ol H " of"Uet t0 6U8I,B,,U 1,18 tttlVanCe "M
- I " l.il, : . 1.1. I
.U- O..I.!ll I ...... .,:., I ,., uii.na.amnl I COUIU UttVe BU lUltrVIPW Willi Illlll Ull HID
IUO OdlllllU IllOU I3IU liailiuu ou.v.u.a,w.
and ihe gun laken in oneol them turned up- blowing morning at his headquarters
on the Biehon's Palaca. These important 00 "1B ",utl""b
successes were
comparatively small
The fullowing named officers have been
I re-.favorubly noticed by their commsndeis
fortunately obtained with ived, through Colonel Moreno, a comrau- Lieut. Col. Anderson, and Adjutant llci
nsll Inn,. Hunt M'lCavHti nication from General Ampudia, proposing, -van Tennessee regiment; Lieut, Col. M'
...... , --, - 'ni... .
.. ... ..... ' nt r. ..i t . , .
8lh infantry, being the only officer killed, to evacuate .no town wnicn. wun tne an-.vuB. w.pin. i.Q.uper ami uowning
Tho 22nd day of September passed wuh-iswer, wss iorw uuru wun my nri uospaicn.jjsuja'io i uiokuu, wwauuiii niuore,uusn
out any active operations in tho lower pan arranged with Colonel Mureno a cessa-Uel and Cook, Miseissippi regiment; bUq

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