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th Jfew Orleans Delta, Nut. A3
Tha stssmsblp McKira, Oii. Peck
which iBfiJ&f&i. on ill" 23J iD",
rrived hero iaii'evonine.
M rs McLsne and Graham bearers of
' .... l
despatches ftom Gen. Taylor to asntng
ton.and OjpU 0. T. M. Divis, Tjt'arer '
despatches from Gen. Wool o fashing
mn. .! on board.. as were also several
vi'ji -
officer! and ciihtens. of whom a lint U given
elsewhere, and one hundred and -fifty diss
bled and discharged volunteer!. We had
the plenure of an interview witb Captain
Davis, and from the information which lie
politely oomrnunicaled to u, we mike up
the following general summary ol newt,
On the 20lh ult whan Gen. Wool and
bil command, numbering two thouiand aix
hundred men, were within about one hun
dred mi'ea of Jfonclova, the General re-
ccived from Gen. Lopez, the Governor of
Coahuife, a formal protest against hii fur
ther invasion ol Mexican lerrtloiy, inform
Inghimoftho armijtice that wa entered
into between Generala Taylor and Ampudia
at Mbnterey, and alleging that ha should
consider any further advance on hi ( Gen
Wool's J'part ai an infraction of the aame.
Gen. Wool eeni vord to Gen. Lopez, in
reply, that ho was awaro of the existence ol
the armistice alluded to; that tna Govern
ment, whose orders he was obeying con
alrued it! terma differently from the inter,
pretation which his Excellency, Gen. Lo
pes, had given it; that ho was determined
to continue his lay. He did so, and on the
30th hailed four roilce north of the city of
Monclova. To this place Gen. Lopez
came quickly out, attended by an escort.
He politely welcomed Gen. Wool to Ooa
huila, and tiffered him a peaceable surren
der of the city of Monclova, explaining, at
the same time, that the protest which he
had previously forwarded to him was druwn
up and despatched in the discharge ef what
tie believed to be his daty to his own Gov
oinmont: but that so far as hs and the civil
authorities of the city were concerned and
there was no military foice in the place
they would receive the General and hie
command as fiiendi, and in return they
looked for the treatment of friends from
Th General then encamped his men
'where they were a most favorable loca
tionand with his staff and a detachment
.proceeded -on, took possession of ihe-cfty,
and raised the American flag over the cita
del. Excellent and comfortable .quarters
-weie selected (or himself and staff. On the
'ad of Nov. (Capt. D.) loft with despatches
for Washington, taking Afonterey in his
route, having information to communicate
Mo Gen. Taylor also. The health of' Gen.
'Wool's command he represents bi remark
bly good, their match a most agreeable one
and through one of the finest giain, corn,
cotton, sugar and pasturage countries .that
he ever saw, or can well be conceived.
Although reports were rife that the coun
tiy was infested with Mexican banditti and
treacherous Indians, Gapt. Davis left the
camp-wiih only, two Mexican guidei, arriv
ad safely in Monterey on the 8th inst.
'There he-found things pretty mu,eh in re
pose. Gen, Taylor awaiting despatches from
Washington. 'The camp was still sickly
and among those who were not convalesc
ing so fast as desirable is Gen. Butler. His
wound is still painful to a degree. Capl.
Davis lefi Monterey on the 11th. On his
return he met Major McLane a few miles
from the city with despatches, to Gen, Tay
lor. Having been delayed at Camargu and
other points along the Rio Grande, he wan
overtaken by Major McLane and others,
who had led Monterey later than ha did,
and this enabled him to receive still later io.
l formation from that quarter,
d'he despatches of whirh Major McLano
was llie-bearer, determined Gen. Taj lor in
his courseand gave & new direction to af
fairs along the-wholeltio Grande; the first
fruits ol which -were the despatching of the
steamships, Neptune and Sea from Drasos
St. Jago on the 21st 'met. with about 700
regulars of Col, Gates' command to Tampi
on. Major Gen. Patterson left, or wai to
leave, Camargo on the 20lh with a forco of
1S0O or 2000 men, via. Biaaos St. Jago, for
the same destination.
On Oie IBihinst. Gen-Taylor end hit
staff, with Gen. Worth iu command of a
brigade, left Monterey on a tour of recon
noissance of the country. They at the same
time took and garrisoned SaUillo, and werr
about (o return to camp.
The reports fiom the .rJe.xttan camp are
thai Santa Anna is eollecting the whole
force of the nation, or so much of it as will
rally under his banners, at San Luis Polosi
which place ha ie intrenching and fortifying
with all possible. diligenco and pieoaution.
il U animated that there are already 10,000
men there, and that he mains to increase
this force to 80,000, ar.d with them lo await
m attack ,'rom Can. Tay lor, and mako
le.sperato a final effort to defeat our for
He will, however, havo to await lome
itm( it is believed, before Gen. Taylor
call! Iilm out., Foi It is now believed, in
deed, it is known thai hennefjrth the be
,if the operations of our army is to be not
from Monterey not from Cumsrgo not
from Matainoras or Linaree but from tha
highest navigable point of '.lio river above
Tampica, and them our men and munitions
are henceforth lo converge but, noui vtr-
We should havo stated that a report
re ache J Monclova, before Capt. Davis had
reached there, that Chihuahua had been ta
ken by a detachment of troops from Gen
A'uaroey's division.
From tha Now Orleans Picayune.
Gen. Worth lafi Monterey for Saltillo on
the 13ih inst. He look with htm about
1000 trnnns of the 2 ill and 8th U, 3. Infan
try and Col. Child' Artillery Baltalion
Pile objects of this expidiiion are explain
ed in the subjoined letters.
Eds. Pic The cauie's afloat and the
tally-ho has again been sounded. The 2d
Division, under General iVoriti, march on
llie 12th day after to-morrow for Saltil
lo, accompanied by two squadrons of cava!
ry. Ul course there will oe no ngniing un
til our Iroons get beyond that place. Santa
Anna is making great exertions to rally all
the means of the country, and, in the slung
parlance of the camp, promises 'mucho fan
dan go' at San Luis Poioaii He has al
ready 10,000 regulars, and 6000 more are
on the march from the capital. We shall
probably have one more big fight, and then
peace a long rsat to many.
Yours truly,
P. S. General Wool reached Monclova
eight days since and goes no further in that
Monterey, Nov. M, MO.
Friend Pie. Gen. Worth left here yes
terday with about 1000 regular troops the
5lh and 3th U S. Infantry and Cot. Chillis'
Artillery Battalion, Gen. Taylor went with
him, and took Captain May's dragoons, to
the number of some 250, as an escort.
suppose that one object of the commandei
in-chief is to ascertain, positively, the
chances ol-obtaining water on the road to
San Luis, in case it may be deemed expedi
ent to march direct to that city. The ie-
port in camp is, that Gen, Taylot's force
has been ordered tu Tampibo; but I believe
he can doss he pleases, snd if he.finda thai
he can get to San Luis oasily in this direc
tion he .will go there. I give this as mere
peculation of course we liuow nothing
certain here. If Gen. T. had Ben McCul.
loch's old company of Hangers he could
soon Hud out all about the routo to San Lui
as it is, Col. May may bo sent out in tha
direction. He is an excellent and .most ef
ficient officer, a go-ahead one, too; but iht
TexaiiB are 'lighter draught' than the dra
goons, if 7 can use an aquatic comparison
in this casecan get about and play hidt
and go seek in the chaparral belter than an)
troops in the world, and are now much
needed. If anything turns up you shah
hear from me again.
Yours, Campaneuo
Scenes at monteret. The following
scene waa described lo me by an officer
commanding a regiment in the second di via
ion ai ino Dailies ol .Monterey. I give it
almost in his own language, as he spoke ol
it the day after it occurred 24ih Septem
ber. 'He has declared often since, that !
'made him feel seniimenlal every time he
thought of it,' and I am surej never thought
of accusing him of weakness, for it gave mi
the blues to hoar him tell the story;
And this,' said he, in speaking of home
'reminds me of nn affecting scene of last
night. I waa ordered by Col. Child to
lakeja company of my regirrenl it breik in
the door of a row of houses in the 2d nUsa.
( had gone nearly through without teeing a
soul, when, for a time, the efforia of u y
men were ezertea in vain to gel into our.
that seemed barricaded with care As (he
hinges of the door were about lo give wa;
a tremulous voice on the ineido besceehed
me not to break the door down it should be
opened. When unlocked, rushed in as
well as I could, over beds, chairs, cushions
iio. and to my smprise found the room oc
cupied by about twenly-Gve women! As
soon as they saw me and the soldier! ful
lowing, ihey ran around me and fell on
their knees, the elder beseeching, in tones
of deep distress, my protection, and to have
their lives spared; the younger begging tim
iuiy not io oe iniureu. ytiiiii Ihey wvie
thus kpeeltng, and I assuring them thar no
harm or injury should befall them, a pretty
lillle woman slid inln lbs chslo and knell
close to my fsot. 'Senor,' said she, in a
soft, quivering voito, afor the love you bore'
your moihoi, for the lovo you have fur your
wife, for the tender affeotion your bead
holds for your children, oh, spate this, my
poor little babo' holding up a bright-eyed,
dimpled-cheeked linle boy, about a year
old. She never asked for herselft In
spite of me, (ears rushed to my eyes, and t
could only speak with a full heart as I told
her lo lise, and assured her that she and her
child were perfectly safe. liy the Holy
Virgin, Capting,' remarked a rough Irish
soldi jr, wiping away tear with the back
of his hand, 'uon'l tho ould Seventh pur
led IheuiT
'That night I watcbod over that room,
which was sacredly kept from intrusion
'The next day wa were blessed by these fo'
males iu ihrir attentions, for the protociion
va had given them, for they savo us of
what they had to eat and drink, and we
were nearly famished, 1'uor creatures,
how much thev were distressed. 'The
young mother will ever be painted in my
mind's eye as the devoted guardian ol her
be. Her husband, 1 learned was an of
ficer, and was then fighting us in the city.
She could not have known whether ho was
alive or not, and I have not heard of himi'
Many scener, very iiue that tlsscnbeu 8
bove, took place in tho city. I did not hear
of a single outrage being committed where
vDmen were in the question but heard of
man v inatinces in which food was furnish
ed lo our men and paid for, even when the
&U was going on. II.
j9ssa)siialiuri!y Mexicans. -Ayoung
man by the name of Horseley, belong
ing to Capi. Chandler's company ol
Texas volunteers, was assassinated by
(he pcifidious Mexicans a short time af
ter the capitulation of Monterey. We
ilean the following particulars from the
Austin (Texas) Democrat; Horeelv
went lo an orange grove in the evening
and temsined all night; his failure 1 3
return in the morning excited fears for
his safety; his comrades went in search
of him; in t lie orange gtove thry found
blood traced it, and finally discovered
the body of the unfnrlunaieyoulh in the
San Juan, pierced by a wound from a
lanes, or some such instrument. The
newjof this base and cowardly act
fpread like wild fire among Hay' men.
They determined lo lake amplo ven
geance. Wo to the .Mexicans fallipgJn
their way Gen. Worth was made ac
quMnted with what was going forward;
ho rent his aid to exposiulale,8iid beg of
the 1 exans lo ceese. Ii.furialed by the
cowa;dly meanness of the murderers
nf their fellow soldier a remiimbrar.ee
of the many foul and bloody butcheries
peprtlraied upen them in former limee,
by the same people ihey ppsred not a
man. The excitement was so high that
den. 1 ay lor waa induced to issue an or
ler c omrr.an rig nil disbanded troops to
leave Monterey in 48 houre.Ii is though)
SO or 100 Mexicans fell lo avenge I he
leath of Horsely. Terrible relribuljo.n
xfln Amazon. 'The correspndenl ol
he Nw Yoik Spirit of llie Timei,writ
ng from the seal of war in Mexico,
'One fact connected with the sss.iuli
upon Monterey 1 have neglectotl lore
i-ord. It is staled, and generally be
ieved,, thai a Company of Lancers wai
commanded by a woman. Seized with
i patriotic spirit, she unsexed hbrself,
md dressed in t full suit of a Captain ol
Lanceis, she desired to ba led against
he foe, and swore that she would never
yield nntil the 'jrorihern babarians'were
driven from her natal land, or until he
had shed her last drop of blood in ' de
fence of her native country. Previous
lo our attack, she was paraded helore
Ihe troops, and greatly excited snd aug
mented their courage. She bairangued
them and desired to be posted at the
spot where the first shol would fall, and
where the thickest of tho bsitle wou'd
wage. It is reported that on the 21st
she led tho charce of ,La
proved fatal lo soma of our command
among Ihe number the lamented Field.
There's an exampte of heroism woVtiiy
the days of olu! It has remained foiMtx.
ico lo produce a second Joan dAre) but
not like her, successful. .1 would hava
given a good deal lo have seen her. lady
ship. J'res'idtnt's Houpe. President Polk
haa purchased a snlvndid mamlxn
NoahvilleLTcou. the late .rraiilnnro. ni
JUug wrunuy,
t..j. n , .... vi
"rncTM WITHO? IA '
2BIL(DGS&T3riB(E. 8
sjfinfiw.tr, VECtwitt'jt la, tsio,
'V. D, PALMER, Eta.it authoriztd to tut at
Ae'ent fur the ' Columbia Dixucat.' and re.
Pl ,"'i "J' .-auvscr'P"n B"u Aaurtif
- t Tit t .
mg at hit Airtnciei in
ia A'o. 69 Pine-ttrttt.
Ntw Yurk " 160 Kastau-ttrttt.
Boston " 10 Statt'ttrett.
Baltimore S. E. cor. Bait, and Calvtrt-ttt.
itcrchantt-Mcchanict and Tradetmen mat find
t to thtir advantage to advertiiein thit pupcr.us
t it the only one publithed at the Count) Joat
and hat a greater circulation in the county than
any other paper publithed within ttilimitt.
To tho Trintlng business ! wanted at this Or
flee. An aclitrubo IS or 10 years of afe will re
ceive good encouragement.
The Printer U much In want nfa (p
bushels of WHEAT. CORN & lUTr.tf
WHEAI, of those who owo him upon
ouuauripuon. jie wouiiUajso like a few
bushels of POTATOES.
We have received tho President
message, tint too late, owing to it
lengih.for inseition entire In this week
paper, therefore, rather than divide H
T-- (luiijiuiio ns nuoiicatton until oui
Me have received a beautiful " Map of
Mexico, including Yucatan and Upper Cal
ifornia. the chief Cities and Towns, Trav
elling roads, Stv, by 8- Augustus Mitchell.
Six copies are sent by mail for One Do
- . ..
him army it now in Mexico an are
anxious to know its wheroabouts, and one
of these Maps would be just Ihe thing for
reference. Every parson jtherefore, should
possess one immediately.
The Volunteers far Mexico. The
regiment fiom the OldDommion is noar
ly full; Two companies have been or
ganized in Richmond, and their servi
atucjiL-u , ime m Alexandria, ano
another in Petersburg. In the lad nam
ed places meeting was held on the 1st
inst., at which Ihe cily authorities were
rcrommended lo appropriate S2.500 lo
equip the volunteers, and render them
At INew Orleans, on Ihe 28ih ult.
ihe ten companies were alreadj in a rap
id slate of organizilion in that cily, and
such was the enthusiasm, that the onl)
struggle is which company should
mustered in the servico first, as by llie
(jovrrnoi'e proclamation it would ap
pear that only five companies will
received lrom Ihe city, in order thai
Ihe oilier parishes of the Slalo may hav
a chance of furnishing the remainder.
At iew York, on Thursday night
three moro ol the companies of the reg
nient were enrolled, and on Friday ihey
joined Ihe thrue enrolled ihe preceeding
night, at Foil Hamililon. 7'he seventh
company was expecled from Albany on
aiiuniay, and it wa9 thought that the
whole regiment would he in ramp
Fort Hani'lton on Sunday.
1 ho full regiment from Pennpylva
nla has been designated, as follows;
Capt. F.W. Binder, Washington L.I'y
Joseph IIil), City Gunrds.
Jnn. Uennell.Phila Light Guard?
E.L. Dana. Wyoming Artilemts
James Nagle, Washington Ar'y.
John Herron, Duquesne Grays.
Alex. Hay, Jackson Inde't Blues
Wm. F. Small, Monroe Guards.
R. K. Scott, Cadwalleder Grays,
T. G. Morehead JefTerfonGuards
The Wyoming Ariillt risls, number
ing about 100, left Wilkesbarre onMon-
day last; and parsed down the Canal on
theirroute toPitlsburg.
Three of ihe Philadelphia companie
and Ihe Poiuville company, lefi Phil.
delphia on Monday and the other llirt'i
on Wednesday far Ihe same di-siinalion,
where ihey are ell lo be mustered inli
'Werry' Dhlressiiig. Th o Ci n c i n
na;i Times tells a good story of a fellow
who was reading over Ihe list of killed
and wounded at Monterey, the o'lher
day. He waded patiently Ihrouuh
the long columns of uaiuts, ond ihen
petulantly throwing the paper aside, ex.
cuimou, JJ u sicn ntu'slherr.
aWt mb0(l (f fh . j.
Wo are rrqiieslid lo mention that
County Tsmneranre Covention. will be
held al the M. E Meeting House, in Jer
scytown, on the fiisi day nf January next.
The intelligence frnm the army is indica
tive of a deieimined purpose lo furnish Ihe
.Ifexican Congress with most cogent and
pertinent reasons for the negotiation nf a
(4 1 IS .1
peace, I lie oonus oi conquest are oecnin
ing daily more and moro stringent, whiln
it ii apparent that in a short lime the por
tion of Mexico lef lo treat will be consider
4bty less than t'.iat to treat of. It also ap
pears that the necess ty has been realized
to concentrate all tho available- forces that
can be brought into the field, for n final
conflict with the American army, should
die Mexican Congress determine to iceist.
Thero now seems tn be only iwo points at
which a contest of aims may bo expected,
and those are Vera Cruz lipou the coast,
and that place at which ihe troops shall be
concentrated to encounter tho combined
military forces of the United Slates, wheth
er San Luis Toiosi, the city of Mexico it
self or any intermediate position, 'The en
ergetic manner in hich the termination ol
the armistice was declaied, was quilo cha
racuristic of the commanding officer, li
does not appear lo have been- palatable lo
the commanding authuiity at Saltillo, nor
pleasant tidinp lo communicate beyond.
Acnord.ng lo present information il does not
seem improbable that tidings of tho evacua
tion or the capture of San Luis Potosi will
be shortly upon us.
Wise of Produce, A writer in thr
Uoslo.t Courirr, over Ihe signature ol
'J JN. B.i esiimaks the rise in value on
the agi icullural productions of (he U.
States, since September I, 18-16, as fol
lower On Ihe nop of Indian Coin, (es
timated at 480,000,000 bushels,) the ad
Vance (estimated at 25 cents per bjjshel)
is 8120,000,000, on the crop of wheal
the advance is estimated at g5G 000,000
on the crop of oats g4G,000,,000; rye
S36,000,000; on the crop of hay the
advance (in consrquenceof the increased
use of corn and other grains lor bread
stuffs, is estimated at $45, 000,000
Showing a total rise in value of S273,
Ji Mcmorulle Faet. Ii is slated in
'he Washinglou Union, lhal since the
battles of 8th and 9lh of May last.which
precipitatf d a war will) Mexico upon
us, at lpast three hundred thousend vol
unteers have offered their sei vices to
'he Government. Is there anoiher coun
ry in the world where so largo a force
could be raised by volunlary enlistment
for foreign service in so short a lime?
Tho eight new regiments are nearly full
- some ol them quite. I hey are to
erve 'during Ihe war.'
Wheat far England. The Londoi
limes ol Od. 23d, a journal by Ihe
way, which never makes random slate
rnenlc, remark?, thai 'one of the greal
est caniialits of ktiuland. or lb
vor Id, had snt nut an ordvrto 'the U
Stales, for 200 000 quarters of wheat
qua! to 900,000 barrel. of flour-'
Land Sunk. The Auburn (N. Y.
Advertiser learns thai four or five acre
of land on ihe farm of Mr. HenryChasi
Jr. , on Ihe east bauk of Ihe Cayu
I 1. t f T I .
i-kb mm near ine line oi jueuyari;. am
Genoa, sunk a few days since and ha
Blows! Blowi! to an American cit
hen.' A young man namid 2Jh Wil
son has been convicted of larceny
Wilmington, Del., and sentenced to 're
ceive twenty one hshes, well laid on, on
the bare back!'
Member sleeted. Mr. McDaniel
democrat has been elected a member ol
Congress from Missouri, lo auppl)
Ihe vacancy occasioned by the resigna
lion of Col. Price, who is in Ihe arm
n Sduta Fe.
Monster Potatoe. Richard Sondley
cq. ol ixewberty, raised on his plants.
lion a swret potato, measuring two feet
one inch and a half in length; and
thirteen inchvs and a half in circum.
ference, at the thickest part."
Buried Jllive. Mathias Slovens Ion
his lifo at Uanhury, Cl., on Tuesday
week, by (he caving in of a well iu
which he was working lliiity feel be-
ow the suiface. He was 38 years of
age, and led a largo Jamily.
For lbs Columbia Ociuccrat,
Waxt Birriam VrasM a tour,
It is a sou ice of great inconveuiuice and
oftcnlimea of morlifiraiinn, to find ones-self
behind the limes. 'The oilier day u hen if.,,
company, called into service from Fotls"ilp,
was making preparation for departure, and
thousands were assemblod to bid them fate,
well, some individuals from Ihe country
happening lo be in town, and seeing an un
usually largo assemblage nf people, enquir.
cd tho occasion of it, aniKupon being told
that a company was about starling for tha
seal of war, replied; they i had'nl heard
there was a wbt,' and wished to know
where it was. Now ihe difficulty in this
case waa evidently, that (hey did not take u
newspaper, and certainly that accounts aufli-
ciently for their consumste ignorance
Theio are thousands of peoplj in the coun
try, in simitar circumstances?, and so long
as they preaevere in their unwise practices,
they will conlinuo to grope their way in
In order that those who do tako a news
paper may be fully apprised of what is tak
ing placo in the community, and especially
of llioso things which possess some general
tiilerest. I will give an account of 'what hap
pened t'other nighi.'
All aro aware that tho soasnn of ihe year
which is more particularly appropriated by
society to bustling scaurs, litis arrived, and
the young especially are busily at work.
hatching up scones of amusement. The
first act in the grand drama of ths ecttson
lias been performed' A few of the young
people have been drummed togeher and
moulded into a tfaV.aud in that shape have
noved on a considerable number nf succes
sive hours, and at length found themselves
in the mud.
For some time past it tins been under
stood that the Calls wissa Bridgo Company
intended giving a Ball soon after getting
their Bridge in a rroesable stale. Tuesday
the 8th inat. was fixed upon for the grand
performance, and the Bridge Company so
far contributed towards it, as to let all who
were invited from this aide of tho river pass
over Ihe bridge freely after paying the usu
all toll.
It is some lime since any of us have been
at a ball, for which there are Iwo reasons.
One is, that but few of us have much talent
in tho heel the oilier is, wo have not had
a chance. Tho first reason has been in a
metsure obviated, by tbe growth of our
population, in which our number his been
increased, by those of moro refined talents,
of the aforementioned order. 'l'i,o second
reason of course possessed no longer any
weight, for some of us at least had an op
uinity lo attend a ball. It may well be
supposed that with all theso, and various
other favorable circumstances, wo would
not be lorg in making up our minds about
attending, and some others would havo
been glad lo havo followed our example, had
ihey had an opportunity, but for reasons not
nscessry o mention, ihey 'couldn't shino.'
'The weather was very unpropitious. On
Monday a considerable quantity of snow
tell, so as even to excite the hopn in some
bosoms, that we might have sleighing on
ihe next evening, and ome of our number
loclarod.they had prayed allMonilay.thal we
might have sleighing lo go 4o the Ball, but
ihey .certainly could nni have been the
righteous ones, for the mud was moal ter
rible deep, o that I really think, had I
known how bad the going was. I would havo
flayed it home and missed all ihe pleasuro
if Ihe Ball. Bui we had prnmii-cd lo bo
and blooc, thunder, and horse .hoes we did
wfo. We collected mosi of tho covered con-
vehicles iu town, and between four and
rive in the afternoon 'launched upon the
boundless deep of mud, pumps in pocket,
inu ngging in basket, numbering in all
nine couple, that is including those who
went ir. quadruple order, and omitting two
ir three who didn't go. fJarring a f'uw lii
Ie mishaps by tho way, we all arrived
safely at ihe scene of our exploits, just as
no moebus was railing as'eep. At seven
'clock or thereabouts tl.o twaim of the fid.
die siring brought us all upstanding, on the
llnor ni the capacious litll room at the houso
of Chatles Hartmau Esq. Of course we
couldn't btar.d still when the niauin Hit-
He bow was moving, and we moved
with poppet regularity to the varieiraled
lunesithal is. those of us who knew anv.
lung about tunes.
Having danced on. with an empty stom-
icln until about midnight, supper was an
nounced, to our no small gratification, and
wepmceeded immediately io Ihe discussion
f those subjects, which so much nratifi9d
he refined taste of the ancient Philosonhers
tnd have continued a source of infinite de.
light to all modern explorers in Crfece and
YwrAry, In fad all that travine annutiie
or rtfined taste could wish for, was provid
co in uoonusnce, and in exquisite alvle. and
even old Eplctijus hjmeef hBd lie been llifie

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