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That ((OvtTiimmt fr flic Iu't which xorcm lcat."
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bit lbvi"l7tate.
yL s i: It I -'.--1 U L. T WVL VE.
Columbia democrat.
Thought or Heaven.
No lickness there,
No weary wailing of the frame away,
No fearful shrinking 'rnni the midnic,h air
No drd of numuicr'i bright and firvid ray.
No hidden (trief,
No wild and cheerless i.ion of despair !
No vaiji petition for a awift relief
No tearful tyea, no broken hearts are there.
Care haa no home
Within the realm of ceaaelesa prayer and song ;
1 tat billows break away and melt in foam,
far from the maiiniont of the spirit throng!
Tha storm's black win
la never up re ml athwart celestial skies!
Ill wailiiiKi blend not with i In- voire of apring,
At loma too tender flowerut fades and dies !
No night distill
Its chilling dews upon the tender frame;
No moon la needed there ! The lic,ht which fills
The land of glory, from ita maker came !
No parted friends
O'er mournful recollection! have to weep !
No bed of death enduring love attends
To watch the coining of a pulseless eleop !
No blasted flowor
Or withered bud celestial gardens know !
No scorching blast or fierce descending shower
Scatters destruction like a ruthless foe !
No battle word
Startles the sacred host with fear anJ dread !
The song of peace creation's morning heard,
Is sung wherever angel minstrels trad!
Let us depart
If home like this await the weary snul !
Look up, thou stricken one ! thy wounded heart
Shall bleed no more at sorrow's stern control.
With faith our guide,
White-robed and innocent to lead the way,
Why fear to plunge in Jordan's rolling tide,
And find the ocean of eternal day ?
The 9300 Exemption Law.
The Ilarritfhurg Teligraph is claiming this
glorious law as a Whig muaMire. The following
list of yeas and nays on (he final passage of the
bill in the Senate, hardly sustains its silly boast:
Yeas Messrs. Hoas, lirawly, Brook, Cun
ningham, Forsyth, F'rick, ilugUR, Ives, Johnson,
Mason, Mathias, M'Casiin, Ovei field, Saiikey,
Savery, Small, Sterret, Streoter 18.
Nv Messrs. Beit, Crahb, Kinp, Konigma
cher, Lawrence, Levis, Rich, Sadler, Smyser,
Stine, Ddiie, Speaker 11.
Every Ray is a whig but one. Every Demo
crat in its favor but one!
Special legislation.
The Carlisle Democrat speaking of the many
special acts of legislation passed by the last Leg
islature forcibly says : "Among theui we observe
that a special act had to be pawed to enable the
Treasurer of Westmoreland county to refund to a
certain gentleman twenty-five dollars, which had
been paid to him under a niutoht. Now, the
cost to the State for passing this bill could not
have been Uss, at the lowest estimate, than
Death of a Child.
These words are full of utrange and moving
yeaning; winter following spring, nightfall suc
ceeding dawn! Fanciful ideas crowd upon
the mind hand in hand in soUmn truths. That
little being who knew nothing here, now to
know the end of all tilings I That vacant intel
ligence which wondered at the ticking of a waich
now to understand the mystery of its own being !
My own child, who ustid to hang upon my lips
for instruction, now advanced where one word
would from its own mouth, be a revelation to trie!
That helpless creature, borne from arm to arm,
guarded by day and watched by night, too thy t"
bear the approach of a strange face, now launch
d alone in the "vast profound," escorted by in
telligence divine but strange !
Will there be one among that crowd of disfran
chised spirits who will claim an affinity with it ?
Will the litlls brother who departed a year ago
recognize this as the babe wlm entered the bonds
of flesh as he was leaving them ? Or will it be one
of the firs, signs of a better exigence thnt the
ties of bio id arc not needed in it ? 01 all the
sorrows in this world, that for the death of
young child brings with it the readiest liealin
Would you grudge its having received promotion
without money .' the rights of citizenship wilh
out the formality of residence the certificate nf
humanity without the service ? the end and aim
of life without this weary life iNelt ? The deatl
ol'a child i an enigme, but one which solves ma-
iiy others. The mind may dream and wonder,
and form strange conclusions fioui the weaklier
of that life, which ha-yielded to the strong arm
of death ; but two tmihs remain distinct, mere
plainly read on that cold inarlile cherub than on
any other form of lifeless clay, mid the are the
wnrlhlei,e' of that breath w hich a child is mini
mmed to rsnder up, and thefreeliess uf that grace
"hfh a child is bU to mli'tit
Random ShotsHNo. 12.
This "Random Shot" is made for the
whole dole bVnefitand behoof of parents.and
to their heirs forever. The subject of
raising and training children is one of the
first importance, and contains matter
enough for a volume instead of a news
paper essay. All those who enter into
the matrimonial state, may expect, in the
ordinary course of erenls, to have depen
ding upon them and their exertions the ex
istence and the happiness or misery, of at
least five human beings. The art and tal
ent of training them up in the way they
should go, should be sought after with the
utmost anxiety.
The natural disposition should be care
fully studied, and whatever is found to he
wrong,carefully,prayerfully,silcntIy .assidu
ously and effectually eradicated.
'Tis education forms the common mind,
Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.
This text has so often been preached
from, that the majority have forgotten its
importance. They do not seem to be a
ware of the fact, that a crabid and inasci
ble temper and spirit, ran actually be form
ed in a child by continually teasing and ir
ritating him while very young. Constant
dropping will wear away stone. A cross
and scolding mother is the ruination of
children. From a wife of such a temper
and disposition, Good Lord deliver me!
The family, over which hangs, day after
day, such a cloud, sees none of that peace
and serenity, that sunshine and benignity,
that love and kindness ; which are the con
stant companions of the one over which
presides a wife of a cheerful and loveablc
disposition. Asa tree falleth soil will lie,
and according to the training of a child, so
will be the disposition of the man.
Parents have a fearful responsibility res
ting upon them. In their hands, but more
irlieularly in that of the mother, is under
(Jod, the fitting a responsible moral agent
for the great work falling to the lot of eve
ry man in this world, as an accountable
member of society : and the salvation or
Instruction of an immortal soul. "There
was one even greater than Washington,"
said a distinguished eulogist of that great
man, "and that person was Mary the moth
er of Washington." What a compliment
to the sex, and yet at the same lime how
fearfully true in all its particulars.
Children honor your parents, and your
days shall be long in the land, is the first
commandment with a promise St. Paul
says, children obey your parents in the
Lord for this is right But immediately
adds, and ye fathers provoke notyourchil
dren to wrath. Into your hands, parents,
(!od has confided jewels of immense and
external value, and he will require a strict
and accurate account of your stewardship.
There are some other things which right
fully claim a place in this article a few of
which if I have yet space I will mention.
And first and greatest and mostredieulous,
is the almost universal fashion of "baby
talk." Simple nurses and foolish mothers,
thus force the child to learn two languages
for want of sense sufficient to teach it the
language correctly at first. After it
can pronounce this ccntemptihle senseless
balderdash then comes the proccs, of teach
ing it to speak Knglish. A child never
'runs round and plays,' but it 'yuns yound
and pays.' It never 'comes to mother.'
it'tomes to muzzy.' It 'never 'goes to
sleep' It 'does to seep.' It never'wants a
drink of water.1 It 'onts a mint e walty.'
I might continue this list of expressions
for half a column, but these specimens are
sufficient. Now in the name of all that is
sensible, is it not rediculous ? Why should
any sensible parent subject so young a
mind to such a herculean labour as learning
two languages !
It is also of vast importance that parents
should leach their children proper respect
for older people, and a due share of courte
sy and kindness to children of their own
nop. now iiisgiistmc aim degrading it is
to hear n parent tell his ton, "if lie dor s
so again knock him down." The safest
and surest foundation of success in this
world is kindness, gentility and affability.
A due amount of consideration paid to
those with whom we associate, will ensure
the game in return. If a boy's feelings are
easily wounded, let him bo careful of his
manner and expression to others.
Parents take this matter in hand, and
bring up your children to be, from the be
ginning, Ladies and gentlemen.
Div. 203, S; of T.
Bloomsburg, March 2S, lS-J'J.
The following Brothers were duly elected offi
cers uf the Dir. to serve for the ensuing Quarter.
VV. P.-Tho. J. Vandcrslice,
VV. A. Mahlon Hamlin,
R. S. Thomas J. Rapcr,
Asst. U. S. J. Dunsmore,
F. S.-A. H. Ellis,
T. David Dels,
C J. McKamy,
Asst. C J. F.gan,
I. S. VV. Knorr,
0. S. B. Jones.
luccn or the ITIay.
You most wake and call me early, call me early,
mother dear,
To-morrow'Jl be the happiest time in all the glad
New Year;
Of all the glad New Year, mother, the maddest
merriest day ;
For I'm to be Queen of May, mother, I'm to be
Queen of the May.
"There's many a black, black eye, they say, but
none so bright as roino ;
"There's Margaret, and Mary, there's Kate, and
Caroline ;
"But none so fair as little Alice in all the land
they say,
"So I'm to be Queen of the May mother, Tin to be
Queen of the May.
I'll sleep so sound all night, mother, that I shall
never wake,
Ifyou do not call me loud, mother, when, the day
begins to break ;
For I must gather knots of flowers and buds, and
garlands gay ;
For I'm to he Queen of the May, mother, I'm to
be Queen of the May.
"As I camcup the valley, whom think yc I should
"But Robert leaning on the bridge, beneath the
ha.el tree,
"He thought of that shorp look mother, I gave
him yesterday,
"Hut I'm to be Queen of the May niolhci' I'm to
be Queen of the May.
"He thought I was a ghost, mother, for I was all
in white,
"And 1 ran by him without spsaking like a flash
of light,
"They call m cruel-hcarted, but I care not what
they say,
"For I'm to be Queen of the May mother, I'm to
be Queen of the May.
"They say he's dying all for love, but that can
never he,
"They tay his hea-t in breaking mother, what is
thatto me,
"There's many a bolder lad will woo me any
summer day,
"And I'm to be Queen of the May mother, I'm to
be Queen of the May.
Little KHi shall go with me to-morrow to the
green ;
And you'll be there too, mother, to see me made
the queen ;
For the shepherd lads on every side, will come
from far away,
For I'm to be Queen of the May, mother, I'm to
be Queen of the May.
So you must wake and call mc early, call me ear
ly mother dear ;
To-morrow'll be the happiest time of all theglad
New Year:
To-moi row'iriie,of all the year, the maddest, mer
lins! day,
For I'm to Queen of the May, mother, I'm to be
Queen to the May.
All the valley, mother, will be fresh and green,
and still.
And the cowslip and the crowfoot are over all tho
The rivulet in the flowery dalc.wil! merrily glance
anil play,
For I'm to bo Queen of the May mother, I'm to
be Queen of the May.
The night wind come and go mother, upon the
meadow grans,
And the happy star." above them, seem to brighten
as they pass ;
There will not be a drop o'rain the whole o'thc
live-long day,
For I'm to be Queen nf the May, mother, I'm to
be Queen of the M.iv.
The diamond that tails in a dunj-hi',!, dors not
heroine tbeioby les-i preciuu: and the ilnnl which
the wind elevate" h'gh 111 the air does net ibme
become 1h-s v i !r
llOW to Ct a good Dil)lCI
From a recent biography of ihat "mad wag,"
Theadore Hook, we lake following amusing ac
count of one of bis practical jokes :
"Lounging in one ot the fashionable t..i
in the afternoon, with Terry, the actor, the nos
trilsofthe promenaders were suddenly taluted
with a concord ol sweet odors arising from a spa
cious era. They slopped, .nulled the gratuful
incense, and peeping down, perceived through
the kitchen window preparations for a handsome
dinner, evidently on thepoint of being served.
"'What a feast!' said Terrv. ''.Inllv ,!.,- 1
ahould like to make one of them.'
" 'I'll take any bet,' returned Hook, 'that I
do call for me here at ten o'clock, and you will
find that I shall be able to give a tolerable ac
count of tho worthy gentleman's champigue and
venison. So saying, he marched tip the steps,
gave an authoritative rap with the knocker, and
was quickly lost to the sight of his astonished
companion. As a matter of course ho was im
mediately ushered by the servent as an expected
guest, into the drawing room, where a large par
ty had already assembled. The apartment being
well-nigh full, no notice was at first taken of the
intrusion, and half a dozen people were laughing
athHioi nots, before the host discovered the
mistake. Affecting not to observe the viail,l
embarrassment of ihe latter, and ingeniously
dvoming any opportunity for explanation, Hook
rattled on till he had attracted the irreater na,i
of the company in a circle round him and some
consiilerahle time elapsed ere the old gentleman
was able to catch Ihe attention of the agreeable
" 'I beg youi pardon, sir,' h said, contriving
at last to get in a word; 'but your name, sir
I did not quite catch it-servanls are so abomi.
nahly incorrect-and lam reallv linln,i
" Don't apologia. I beg,' irracionslv rrnlio.l
Theodore; 'Smith.-my name is Smith-ami,
as you justly observe, servants are always making
some stupid blunder or another. I remember a
remarkable instance, &c.'
" 'But really, my dear sir,' continued the lnwt,
at tn termination ot the story illustrative of stu
pidity in servants; 'I think the misiakeonthe
present nnasion dees not oii-iir,.te in the source
you allude to; I certainly did not anticipate the
pleasure of Mr. Smith's company at dinner to
day.' " 'No I dare say not-you said four in ynur
note, I know, and it is now, I W;t. a ,,,)ar,(,r
five-yo.. are a lillle fast by the wav; but Ihe
fact is, I have liron detained in the city-a- J was
about to explain when'
" 'Fray,' exclaimed the other, as soon as he
could stay the volubility ol ,H (jnest, .vvw,m
may I ask you du you supper- you arc address
iner" '"Whom? Why Mr. Thompson of courso
old friend of my father. I have not Ihe pleasure,
indeed, of being personally known to you, but
having received your kind invitation yesterday,
on my arrival frcrn Liverpool, forth steef-four
o'clock family parly-rome in boots von fee I
have taken you at your word, lam only afraid
1 have kept you waiting.
" 'No, no, not at all. Pint permit me to oh-f-erve,
my dear, sir, my name is not exactly
Thompson, if is Jones, and-'
"'Jones!' repeated the .i ' ,t.inf Smith, in
admirably assumed consternation ; 'Jones
why surely I cannot have yes-, I must good
heaven! I see it all! Mv der sir, what an on-
toiiunat blunder wrong hnu.e what inust'Ynn
think or such an intrusion ! 1 am le.illy at a' loss
for words in which to apologise von wjll per
mit mo to retire at present, and fo-moirnw '
' 'Pray don't think of retirinc' exclaimed the
hospitable old gentleman, 'vour friend's table
must have been cleared lone; ai;e, if, ns you av,
tour was the hour named, and I am onlv loo han-
py to be able to offer you a seat at mine.'
"'Hook, of course, could not hear of such n
thing could not think of trenpaiiiL' upon the
kindness of a perfect stranger; if too late for
I hompson, there were plenty of chop-houses at
hand ; th e unfortunate part of the business was,
he hail made an appointment with a gentleman
to call at ten o'clock. The iroml-naluicd Jonei,
however, positively refused to allow so enter
taming a visitor to withdraw dinncrb'ss, Mrs.
Jones joined in solicitations, the Misses Jones be
witchingly, and set at least Mr. Smith, who soon
recoveied from his contusion, was prevailed upon
to offer his arm to one of the ladies, and take his
place at the 'well furnished board .'
" 'In all probability, the family of Jones nevr
pass.id s.ueh an evening before, llnok naturally
exerted himself 10 the utmost 10 keep the party
in an increasing roar of laughter, and make good
the. iirt impression. The mirth grew fast and
furinus when, by way of a roup (e irrnee, he
sealed himself at the piano-forte, and struck off
into one of those extemporaneous effusion which
had filled more critical judges than the Joneses
with dellit ami a-'tcrii h t?u,nl . Tin o'clock
struck, and on Mr. Terry being announced, bis
Iriiiinplmnt Iriend wound up the performance
with the expl.inaloay stan.as :
" 'I am very much pleased with your fire,
Vour cell.-ir's as nrirne as vuiu con!. :
Mv friend's .Mr. Teiry.tbe phucr. 1
A ,ni I'm ."Ir. 'I 'heedore Honk ,' "
1'. ;- Silent love h hi,e a brill. lot at t!;r- In, Mom
o a well It's ll.D
'Thkmk noKs my llnKst." A noted "man
about town" who hadn't dined or breakfasted res-
! peitably lor l,,re UJJ,i ''' ""out him one day
I ift week fur a chance to appease bis appetite, 1 1 lie apprupnal on acl, ot the last session, relating
which had got to be eiioiinous, but without sue- ; tu tha coiupleiiin ol the North Branch Canal,
ces, lor a time for he hail mn out his credit at ! and the avoidanceof ihe intlnlid plana at 1'hiU
the hotels, al the restaurateurs be was known and dulphia :
he couldn't even venture into a bar-room, at 1 NkCTION 31. That the Canal rommis-
i .iVlwk,f..r fear of encountering too familiar an
...... ., .01 ,1 .... k...
acquaintance with some attendant's boot.
Desperate, however, and well nigh starved, he
went down toward the market, with the forlorn
hope that he miiiht fall upon some friend who
woul l invite him to join him over a chop or a
"short cut ;" but no such fiiend appeared. Ga
zint! about, bis eye'lell al last upon otic of the
wdl-providt dbooth s which aie common in that
As the savory odors of fresh pics, hot cofle,
roasted oysters and the like, tell upon his exci
ted na-icmit organ, he approached the box, order
ed a liuwl of old Java, swallowed a dish of glis
tening Shriwbury's in a jiffy, gulped down a
quartette of Sandwiches, and lopped off with Ihe
biggest kind of a smoking custard pie.
"F.xcellcnt ! capital '.never lasted better in
my life !" and similar exprcsons of encomium
were showered by this precious Didler, upon the
attentive proprietor of the box, who hadn't had
such a customer for a twelve-month, and who
saw, in his imagination, at least a four-and six
pence glistening in perspective, to a certainty
when his customer, after gorging himself to his
uttermost, suddenly turned upon his heel, ex
claiming "Thunder ! There gnrn wy hotse !" and awsy
he darted, at a speed which really astonished the
original proprietor of the provender he took away
with him.
He is probably chasing Ihe animal yet ; a( any
rate, his friend says he hasn't seen him since he
turned the comer.
A green looking fellow hailed a Roxbury omni
bus driver, yesterday, as he was dashing up
Washington street rapidly, with
"(Join' to Roxbury .'"
"Yes," said John, halting.
"Wal, so thought !" responded the gawk and
panned quietly on '. Evening Ilullttin.
As Anecwite or Gem. Twir.os. Much has
been said of the peculiar manner and character
istic daring of this gallant officer, but we havp
been told an anecdate in u-gard to his fearless
spirit, which equal any'hing of the kind we
ever heard. After the city of Mexico had been
taken, or at least surrendered by the authorities
to Gen. Scott, a severe fight ensued in Ihe streets
of the city, in coii.scqnonce, of Santa Anna hav
ing turned loose several thousand convicts, and
armed them, on condition that they sho'd keep
Ihe Americans at bay, and thus prevent a pursuit
of him. They fulfilled their agreement ; and a
severe fn;ht look place, in which many individ
ual acts of bravery look place on both sides. Il
was on the morning ol Ihe first day's fmhf, that
a portion of the cavalry were sent out from the
main plaza on the street leadingto the Garila de
San Antonio de Absd, to ascertain whether the
Mexicans were hanging in force around that en
trance. They had not proceeded over two or three
block's before, from the tops of the houses and
the corners of the streets, n heavy fire was open
ed on them by the enemy, and being mounted,
they were unable to return it with any iifl'ect.-.
Several horses had fallen, and Ihe ranks we re
considerably thrown into ooniusim, when a rum
bling noise was heard towards the plar.a, and
looking in that direction, they beheld Gen.
Twictrs Ihunderinc: nn with a six pound cannon
at bis heels. The Mexicans had taken lip a
position behind an old gateway, which complete
ly raked the cross-street nsxt to the cavalry, and
down which they kept an increasant fire filling
it with whistling bullets. The old General came
rapidly forward, and motion for the horsemen to
retreat, and one after another, both officers and
men, dashed across the street, bending down to
the saddle bow to escape the (lying missi
les. In Ihe meantime Twiggs advanced into the
middle of the street with his cap thrown back ;
his white hair streaming in the wind, his form
towering upright and his eagle eye flashing with
excitement at the scene around him. His com
manding form and bright epualetti made him a
coiispicious mark, and the enemy turned their
whole lire upon him, while Ihe bullets flew like
hail in the direction ho was standing killine
twoorlhren artillerymen, and rattling fearfully
on the (lavement behind him. After cazinir for
a moment steadily at Ihe gate-way, he rose up in
his stirrups, and exclaimed :
"1 believe the yaller devils are shooting al me
bring forward cannon."
The piece was limbered forward beside him,
and a few Hlectnal shots drove the Mexicans
fi ota their pot-ilion.
Dkath or Tin: KuiirrKors. I met on the
sea-shore, said the eastern poet, Sadi,a pious man
who had been attacked by a titer, and was hor
ribly mutilated. He was dyinir, and Kulfering
dreadful agonies. NevertholesF, his features
were calm and serene, and his physical pain
seemed to be vanished by the purity of his soul.
"Great God !'' said he. "1 thank thee lh.it I am
only iilleriiiL' from the fangs of this 'ier, and
ii'if of reuiorse."
Skvkn slups Mil for California from ficstcn
this rtiek 'Ihe cry is still thy g-i t
Xoril) lirontl) Canal.
I The following are the provisions, contained in
I doners he and they nre hercbv auihorued
I. . .
10 appoint a compeieni engineer and sup-
eriillendant, In construct and superintend
the completion of ihe North Branch l'enn
Hylvaniu canal.
35. That whaleverbalance ofmonovre
maiim in the treasury iinappropriuted.'aftur
the payment of the August and February
interest in each current year shall havo
been fully provided for thali, for sn long a
period as inny be necessary to the same is
hereby appropriated towards the comple
tion of ihe North Branch canal.
37. Thai no engineer orsuperinlemlant
shall be appointed on the xaid canal until it
shall be ascertained there will be the sum
of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars
in the treasury not otherwise appropria
ted. ,
38. That the canal commissioners ho
and they are hereby authorized and requir
ed to locate iind put under contract a rail-,
road to avoid the inclined plane on the
Columbia railroad, the maximum grade of
which shall not exceed fifty feet to the niilu
or forty-five feet, if practicable, within tha
limiti of the appropriation of four hundred
dollars hereinafter providedand ciinimciici-ing-
at any point not more than eight miles
from the head of said plane, and terminat
ing on west side of the Schuylkill, as the
canal commissioners shall deem best for
the interests of the commonwealth.
. The city of Philadelphia and district of
Spring Harden, or the adjacent districts, or
cither of them, or parties under them, shall
each have authority to locato and con
struct a railroad leading from any point
within their respective limits or elsewhere
and crossing the river Schuylkill, as afore
said, by roads and bridges, which shall ho
approved by the canal commissioners, and
tho authorities of said cily and district arn
respectively hereby authorised to construct
the same, connecting with the said railroad
authorised by the first section of ibis act ;
and the said city and district shall each
have authority to charge and collect tolU
for the transportation of persons and things
upon the respective roads to be by them
constructed, at the same rate per mile 11s
may be charged upon the Columbia rail
road : J'rovitlcd, That such bridge shall
be considered as one mile of road in tho
collection of said tolls.
As soon as the route shall lie determin
ed upon, the canal commissioners arc here
by authorised and iTiiiired to place tin;
constuction of ihe road undr contract, and
complete the same without unnecessary de
lay : J'rovidcd, That the cost of construct
ing said railroad shall not exceed four hun
dred thousand dollars.
That .the Covcrimr of the coin monwpslth
be and he is hereby authorized to borrow,
on the faith of the revenue hereinafter men
tioned and which is hereby specifically
pledged fur the payment of the interest and
re-pa ment nf the principal, the sum of
four hundred thousand dollars, and issue
certificates of loan therefor, redeemable in
thirty years from dale, to he paid into the.
internal improvement fund, and appropria
ied to t lie expenditures under this act the.
said loan to bear interest at a rate not ex
ceeding six per cent, per annum, payable
half-yearly, in specie, on the fust day of
Janary and July, to be termed the inclined
plane loan! Provided, Thatiftutv siiplus
remains after the fulfilment of this act, it
shall be appropriated, together with the
proceeds from the iron ainl olherohl mat
erials and buildings from the portion of the
state railroad rendered useless by the ad
option of the road herein provided for, to
the re-laying of the stato road west of llie
1 liat mere shall be annnnllv set apart bv
the commissioners ofthc internal improve
ment fund, out of the revenue of the public
works, for the payment of the interest and
final liquidation of the debt hereby authori
zed, the sum of thirty thousand dollars per
annum, and it shall be the duty of the said
commissioners, after paying the inteiest,
annually in invest the surplus, together
with its accumulation of interest, in tho
said loan, or in any other loan of the com
monwealth : if said loan cannot he purchas
ed at its par value, the said investment tc
form a sinking' fund fur the redemption of
ihe principal at maturity.
The canal commissioners are herbv an.
thoi ized to do all necessary acts and things
required to carry out this acl according to
the intent and nii atiinir thereof, and thev
are hereby required hi report all their new
and doinjis under this act fully to ihe next
I"? The heahh of Mr. ram fJommia.
sinner .inivHtrith, is much improved tiat
he isexpeeii il to attend a bnmtiess-meeting
i mi. oc.m muk at IllPir rnnm. i..
J I l.in ifiuii j;.

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