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The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, July 14, 1849, Image 3

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Xkniotr.-ttic Caniiitlalc ,
The World as it Miivcu.
. Th June number of thi woik. now on our'
Uask.iia very valuable periodical, ll in itot- !
ten up, neatly covered aud handsomely embrlish- j
i. The lithographic miniature portuit, of Capt.
Sir John tVunklin, Commander of tho Arctic Ex-1
fisdition in tl.s Polar Seas, in creditable artUi-
'tical etTuit and a oruviient t" tho Miguins j
(JThe"New York Globe" comn nut in (r iii
ftfw juit, ii'idoi tli t i tin tit' the "Lilobe nd Uuiii-crativ-
U'Hwii ," C'tutainingaii addresn iininoruus.
1 mgned by mnberii of both braivclit-j ot tlie
Deuiot-Mtic Pany. Thil, w liope, ik tin Iralbin
' jtir of tjtter thinjH The mx-at iinrciiva Par
t, ot the naiioii will aain come up 111 ll'r "d
wor' ihuuldt-r to ilwuldor foi lha prvspdity ol
their country.
' OThu Democratic Slate Convention held at
Portland, Maine, on the SSlh, nelcctf d Mr. John
Ilubbsrd a) the Candidate for Covcrtior. Mr.
l.i'h'tt llodgon was hU cniipetisnr. Aftrfr lie uV
it wa known, Hndgon tome out in Idler to
itw President "fin Convention, pletlging I'tm-
irtf tn uii"rt the nominef,
t ffiiiU right. &otvri.
' i .
'ijj United we Hand. Wd are molt heartily
graiBid al the glorious proauecU opening uel'uie
the noble hiarted Djcnxcracy the Empire
elate. The titiri is at hand, when in Uni ed
Phalanx they witf bear d 'Wit Jin tiiurpin;;
Whijijiiy, and iveep ber from tho places u
vioiil)' iiceuptciL
j i
" pVe acknowledije tlie refeijit, at the hand
.f a frigid the "Eiihlh Hnneal-eirt of tlto Pliil-
Iclflhu Sa.hli.itU AWofiation and find it a highly
I Juteiesiin Patn;ilil.)t U is fiiU-t widi the reptnis
It V the clergymen employed aniii8ionar;e on llie
. , it contains the modi ln'ereitine facts in Tel .ti"ti
( 1 r.imun: b jns and iiilrtd cjis on tlie Shialli,
v!iict j ihtf 'nj r.t iu huh ah shvuld
'..t'e ' p'l- Read the pruitling "'411
Lali Cji.ilio.i," in er pijer wt to day.
v . .-
Still tltfi -irnt
M.Ooa KntAi, our piriicuUr
milituy ftieiid ol th tfioMicc i. '';-".
Iial hot ej ftarted on "''! Southern torn" Willi
t(Hni 'i'ayl ir. ni.r Ins he.viit niiinimuri"!,' ,
WciUm os a it'jr. Wo now .ive bun notice,
td.i( Wr wonl acconipaHy him on his vova-'e, ion
tircito liiscoiiltnued n.i'nplic-.ilioii of our hard
nrnJ military .,uteU. We w,m omi miliUM
'iaiiner. after a h .rd lii?ht th..n;h blo-.d-tiM-(i:l'est,aiid
hop that the "Major" willncuM:
m ifwe are a little t.-n-ciouj to irnintaiu ''
Ui ni bed Iho .iry of liiu -uiiLtiry e,n trhe.,11!"
03- flunk of tins and us, "M chap h. n I..I
away !
TotJic Public.
tV-. I'tt.'c.
Some lime since, 4 communicai in appnai
i e....r lam-r. iiioi f.siiii lb name ol Ur. Jolin
. . i..,rli.,rt
V 'S I ien tu IS OU 111 mvn i".'i.i ,
V-.'hnrever the 1) .ctm is known, he is sure of mi
if.vi.l.d support. Hj is pe.lcctly sound upon ail
1' For fjiteen year, we h ve not had a Repre.-un-iivo
up Ihe creek. Not, it' my ...rolleotion
'fves ins smee Esipiire Kline was a member, ll
Hiina that 'he up cu-.'k end had one. and iuc
: lower end have the senator, ilntt s Me timt.
J .71 up Curlier.
The Epistle or Uinryl
You remember I wrote yon a letter on the
nrl.of Julv Icllin- )"U I had lost my hea.t.
Vslla, I was enti.oly ''i .villi to do without
tM,l.nada theeXC.iion,l told you I conteu,.
-,..! . ...... 1. o.-..,, 1. 1 have it on the third drivu
jiniSU am. residence of
1 aefl enlidly cau.e airo 11.11
cluri-r. 1 i.-ed not tell you a lon' story
t'lS Uiu ler, for (he wiiole lliHU was done in
),.,' i;!,e had s.-en m!
ln at 1.113 ceieoraiiou
villi, each oilier.
w Wjm mu'UiUy pl-
. .. ... . ...
J( .., K tt( tilal fc.tlt. alio 111. '
n u .Mr Editor, ou dont believe in that
rorhaps. 1 it. .
torl ofth.n H .0 I .1, I -
.L.-rt with J Mi, an hour or s ., anil tnen iook
l .."w , . T 1
-ule-ive: l.r i.uisi.ii to call .,'i.t. so in. IdlJ
tM you ;-;;;(;;);(k:g ,o;e and
(VVe . ...be sure I did not
,n ' ' '
my I"'"--
1 ivddtv accused her ot bavin" stolen my
and taking It a-vav with her. Sin
..irapeach-nent." b.U I
Unrtnt of havioi such "o
1,i t.bonht fr.)"i -ur '''
.';d twtK'S.ihiy h-'tii'i"-; '
. .1 .",-r for s-i-r. :i-n '. ' 1 '
denied the
S'lf Was
Hacck, ofO.aiuev.He ; al a candiiiaie m. u e -fi mjv- I
iL.L'i.'.ature this fall. No b-.-tter Selection cou.'t XWr''7iTi I
h Tb 'he ven man we wan.. ; '0
SThe fact that ll.! l.a enerrfv. tiecis..... , hlS' '
U ..resent r.osition i..cm,test.b',y pr-.ves ; he Uv. j i
; tier posies-.-
1 ; iintauce it
', . discussed
iu'-W .succeeded
d p.o.-ini; th1
. . .. .
? ah i-fvi.
,(.l IJ tr.'-l-e l
. ; ill-, hers 't.
A Roman woman's fust virtue was chasti
tv, and decency was, a point of honor. A man
was considered vurthy of expulsion, who
kiasoi. his wife in tho presence of his daujjh
ler. Not a divorce occurred ill Rome d tiling
thu epueo of live hundred and twenty years'
KTMr. White, tho Secretary to the motn
orulosical societj , has predicted that it is
probable England may feel the shock of an
earthquake betwoeu the. ISth and U-M of
CsTDurui;; a thunder storm at Newton Up
per Palis, Mass., throe men were pasMiig un
der a tree which was stiuck by lightning,
when ono of them, nnd a horse were innnut
ly killed '
tyTiiuco Albert fatoly attended tho annu-'
al festival at the London Merchant Tailors'
School Association, and was votod u member-
Ho accepted tho honor.
The collection for tho Popo was very small
in Boston. At New York it was quite large.
C01T1UT3IAL 301TD3.
' The iillii'i lie tilt I limit Hot wit I in K hritrt: '
On tho 2iJih ultimo, ly the Rev, H. Haw.
lev Mr. THOMAS KN'APP. of Pjttston, to
M'lis SARAH JKNKINS, of Exeter, Luzurue
On the 3d iust., by the Rev. Mr. Nelson,
BLAKESLKK, both'of Kingston, Ljzcruo co.
T 7TLL be sold at public Kile, no Si
lhe J3lh iiii., al 10 o'clock a.
tin S itnrday
in. 111
Tii.....r..i.in j Uu uinnia count V. lit me irouae "
Win. R..bioii.tlie foiiowmr; Tt.n!vty 10 wir:
one trunk, quilts, blankets, hnan, pillow an !
pillow caes btlotii;iiig In the Ebtateol EliZ
ahetli tarber, lute of l!loiinbur,dee'd Condi
tions of sale will be made known at the time and
pla.-uby WM. R0tIS0f, AJ'r.
IJloouishurp, July 14, 131'J. ol.
I.t-st of Lellvrs.
IUinainig'j in the Pot Oilice at Hlooir.iliurg,
for quaitcr ending June 30th , M J.
AlllbeWS V'.U
liell Wiliiain
Btvli William
Itilil Al anion A
Cl ovtliui) Z t'
CaVanee Edward
Kvati Win
Fruit U li
Union Maihia 0
lluminel F J
Hull.. nJc.lse V
Hull. 111 Jes-u W
I luiiS'iii t!eoi;e
II tclc t'l'hom K
Teukiiis Divid
K irsliner V M
.VI arm A f !( t.:(
Miiriran l.'hn C-ililiO
Morris .lolm (ship'1
M'QiiilU-r Michael
M'Uiaaile wary (hip)
M.lUaOII Jl)e.ll
p -liet in..ii CHiiitun
IV-rr W ill 1 a to
Pufy Isaac
I Kichardt John
I Iv-eae Lial id
Sniiili John '
'lew:u I S P
I Slliilll Jr.hli
tli'if; Pder
S.nkj Oeorj;!"
Sw itjy Jnsepli Jamei
I lii.ni'oii Jack ion H
Voids J ll
itv I'.sons 0 Hlin - lor lb abov
leasa av thev ii ailt 1 1 1 i-ed.
J. Ah (JIl.VMBEBI.IN, 1'. M-
Bhiom-btira, July 7, li-IJ.
" kIcYmONI) it Co's
r'V;,:N JbQ
q-.r'f f'.''&
' -','t'C.&W$iW$ V::l'-' .
J , yHWwVf M'kf ?;
AWSM kvii-Ki 0$
'MM -- V.fUW
Cj'C.iinin,' llm Rarest Collnclioii i'f
Eot bi foi f Exhiliiltd in thi t.'nilnl Stii'e.
Will exhibited at Uioonisbur. On Eiiil.it . Inly
iVh, 15 l.l.
Open from t to I nVlnrk, I'. M
duiis,inu 2'i cts ; Children under ID ytst s l'J 'Ms
' Atnonif the nest conspicuous features et (his ex
liil.itioii is the specimen ol tl. 0
I isirropoTAiirs!
Captured by C.tpl. John Taper, of the ship
Good Keturn, of New lie.lfurd, Mass , after a e
vera and desperate stiur.;,.. n.eii b.iviv es. a
pirn! with their liv.', before tiny were able to
despatch hint with their lances.
The Performing Elephant Tippoo,
'"ify-W ,W-'f : 1 lP" I .siii ei line anil line 1. in ra ins, i"og "'
I'T-' PmrJ fi'')r-ffcS S.. v.li:.e an.t line Couuliug-Houso Caps and !
Mj0?ZZ'$te?ffi-& : Posts I Lie and white. , . j
' I v. ,.. , r r,,.re C:...i and letter, plain
1 H'V7'ftuf'--'i) f "N I a:el relet!, blue and while,
i i PAira super Cm. cm, Caps and Letters, gilt
IH't'fe MM"-'' fi Ser Cap, and P.i.
1 m--m&m
my ' Who has r.nned such a jtreat sensation all over
,! i;,,,-,,.,.., -vill through a vai u-ty of IV-rlo, man-
i'i ; as Waltin', aalancnc. liii.aini,' Ihe
a j B.., (:reepini! on hia l iie les, walking .,i,r Ins
aie. i Ki-nirr, i'imuhj ...... uj., u... . - -.. r. ...j.,, ,.
' ,"""''' s"'
' Mu Piviiir.
I ( """' "" - '
! tl.e eill,.rf,r of nil the T.ii.ii. in il,e l.-ni nf wild; IS pnrs.iai.ee of an ohiei "I liic Orphan' Jonit
I , ft ',; pHrfi.rMiances dilh-r fm-n all others, ., Colombia conoty, on Saturday Hit l.i'trlu
j b ast 1 an) in whirh ht fAt ,t, at to oVIock. ,u the lore-
, ,,, nf .v.i.. Mm.-i:i. i ,1 i.o x. administrator, , "I
l.iai s ill Ills e Aei . ic, .11. r
- f,T..,a
;ltil i v,nl, i v i;,; po., ,i,e premi,.. .-.,.si,,
idle , !!ltt , ,he trntchless and almost superhumsn Plantation or Tract of .!.
; 1 ominand with which he exacts the obedie.ic; of
i these I'.eu-.est and most remorseless tenants nf the
heart 1 ,1(.,rt K (r,.KV, a, yie ill;,l,. Mr. pierce,
sol I
n.sy nave mnny-imitatois, our :ic ha'iin I'iru.
r.ot i
The list embraces all the I. -.est iivni. speci
mens ot
it r 1 n
.;.vr,t. 1 s
; th" great exiM-romce, rnterpri -c, rttsour
of (he J rrpri. tt ls iiv e enabled ' 'til '
'...'fi.-. 'n '--re '.a'e- ird splendid ..d'e.1
, a to'! .Ie.fitpiii.il n the inir.iids f..n'ain
in '! f e-.-bib.tit.n, W'll be lend i" in '"I "
i',. pr.ticri.e Hot ol.. p-. ....is tn i Vie .1 riv.ii c
r.v.ipat.y. ' n ,U .'.,-). :.'.!.. 1: )-r.-c;'-;Mf..
Th irs-l.-v. J 5
BY virtus of a writ of semi, rxponai to rue ill
reeled, will be exposed lu public sale, oh
! uday tli third day ol Ausrusl, at '-' "'clock, i'.
M., upsn the premises, the lulluwiiijr. properly,
10 wit : A cuilaill lui 01 luirn siiuaie in ivmiuoui
township, Columbia cuuhty, cunUiimiK ijU aoies,
l.ioie or le.s.boudded by landi it Samuel Warder., y- uiivmiiitui.
Ualiicl Caishncr, and the river Susquehanna, and 'i V II T f A VI f ' liwnrnsilivr
the tenns)vauiacanal lun.iing lli.uuuh llie aiii..,l,l Am, ' ' , ', "bKt7,
all ol wind, land 1. in a kiKli slal.ol cnttivalion.LlrKK 'I';! " 1 l,B candidate for I UK AS
and whcieoti is ejected a luu story double IrauiwHn ((.,1ll"u lhe v ''"'Watic County Coiiv.yiiou
iliv.llimr linns., B.i.t n riliiii, Lili-lien. a Iramd
inKb.M, grocery, fcl,i.ds and ..il.er mlt bud .'OKCi: W. II AKDEM. of Catti -
g. The ),. , Icwrilmd land, lie abuut Im.fvi, ,lm' ( will h, , H ih n i
le, from Danville, and 4,ur Um Cau
1 ei.lit horn Wo.oasbnrK. and is every wayn.y Col' ' "U"""',l'1 b tlle '" !
t dir')l property, and witU the appurla r , " I
ll.inrtte. ml7i
W the property ol Samuel A. Hra.'y. ,w "l P. Wilt he 1 candidate ,e,e ,e Vii,.
KNJ. 1IAYMAN. Sien''ieCounrv P,,.,4......... . .. . .
Sheriir. Olfice, BltumiBbui
,,.,,.. ,
ruiliauuinl f
July 7, ls-l'J
it hkh.nbv uivKN. that l hivp d
lied tu llic Cuuit ul' Cuuiinuu Pious '
ill O
i ... 1.:. .......a., I..- Iki.. I, a. w.I I I 1 1 it 1 llkli K'tiH
u,..o.a . , " -
Monday of Aut ext..oc tn. hearing of
, , , ' , ,1,. 1' .....i,.,,. ;n i'l.,..m': '-CK'ii, 1 uarnesi v pruinisra 10 uucnaree inu uu-.
and my c.u.lUm, at the UuUuu,e n tlooia.. .j J. j(
bur8- THOMVS McHR'DP Your.ullrajpi arms -lliiily -nlittled. 1
IllUAlAo l.KnK o 1 ,.,,.,,,,.,
Jnlv I), Hill .lis.
. . i T . tr'l . f . I. .1...'..
LHUUt 01 JWlrl 11 nuenigni, ji., net
n rit F ij n,.,..l,v viwu 1I1..1 letreiht.f jdmin
IV il.n i:.i ' JOHN WIHTUIlice 1 f Slierill'. at Ihe eiiwinu elertinn. I oledire 1
MUll T, Jr , Lite ot tllootn tuwnhip. Columbiiiyi.ell that the ilnti id Hie trtfiee fii-dlj be t'aitli- j
rioui.lv, duc.M , have this da) hem grunted by llnuuy poilonncJ. i,UT upuri 1 ie.pecnu.iy
Pu-sierof WilUtoi aaid en., to the unilerni-iieiHiciled. ,.'
residing in lil.Kim townsliip ami county afore- THOMAS lilt A MX) N.
laid All puraoi. indebted to said e.tatf, art lUnvilleJuly 7. lM'J. .
rennested to nuke payment , and thorn: havini),- " ' . V.
claims against said estate will pieaent them tqO tlie oters ol I. ollilllbla flilllily.
the adniiiiitrator propeilv authenticated lor aeti Li.uw CiriznN :
June l'J, ISI'J Ol'. Jtlm'r
I ' - - -
J 0 II N G . T R E E 7. i: ,
Attorney at Law:
J-UmcK, next duor to ihe Court House,
uioumsburir, luiuiiwta muni y, 1 inna.
Titl-sINF.SS entrusted to hu cliarue Willie
. . ...
jJ ccive roi;it, profcfsiutial utid careful
fllllfi undersigned respectfully informs the pub
J lie, Hut he has ju-'t received, at the t'iew;.
Cvnirr Sturc, iu Maine itrrrl, Itluw Marktt, a
lar'' and select assortment of
ltshl'Jtiul!e and Durable'
which he will sell on terms even more readable
fur purchaser than any yet introduced into
Hi stock cninpiisestver) vat it.tv of Dry C
Croci ries
Q.ieensivare. Hardware, Fh, Sail,
. ,1, ;,u..ii .1 ....... ..:.:,o'
I tf.., together v, ith all the ervenlial rcipiisiles
j of a w. ll sloi'ked Country Soie.
ty- 1 liauUlul lor past pairuiiu,r, a rotilnniar.ci
of Ihe same is eorJiallv im'iled. Pinduce leciivi-.l
as usual yi exchaiiqe for Coeds.
P.loomsbiirtc, At.t lu. II. RtVPEliT.
IV .
I, A W KI1.AI. V,
j.'Jtren? fur the Dak of Snuthworlh
" Hj'actorhg Co'i 'U'rillng' l'upt
'7ft Man-
Warehouiio No. !l Minor Street.
J()0 case of the above superior Paper nun
store, and lol s..ie to ine ,1...,..- .11 ii.u iu. v.,. ......
kei puces, consist!.. in p ni ol -
J' Lie llne.k Hal t aps, 1 -, 1 -I , I J a nu u io.,
lilue ami white,
.... . . : 1 1.. :. : 1. ....
Snperliue Metiitmi aim cuh n 11111,
and white.
I IMra .uper and supei fine Fi
I and iv hue, plani and 1 11!. .1.
S.H.e.ti..e C0ml.1e.cul Posts, I
plain and ruled.
Extra super Lirieh N..fo Paper
id white. . .,
Extra atiper and siipeiuue t olio 1 osts, blue
blue and while,
s. plain and ,
Snn.-i ii ... . u.. linen t bin Letters.
Extra super l!a!h Posts, bim ami while, plain
and ruled.
Embroidered N"te Pap-rs and Envelopes.
! . a in'," I'.i'ief Panel's.
Siini-i fine atol line Caps anil To- Is, ru P u anu
plain bine and whi'e, various .p.alities and prices.
v .,' ,,.' ,..s,ri,d Shoe 'a -
'l,'V : '. . . . . .. ... I ivsue.
ml i.ssi.tled 1 issue.
ners. It .nnel l.o. 11. ii":
Wnppuu. hr,vel,.pe as-one o an 1 o
Aleiiiums, Cap V rappers
lardware Papers,
Jon.' I -I'.'-i'oil.
1111V .,ii,'..rs!i-tii-d r. !,ccltullv itilorrns Lis oki
ill-- . v. . 1... ,
11-lomcis ami no-
1 . I
nenlsl'.r their bette.
i.i.I eotiiplcleii 1.1- .ui.i'..
!...ionir.oilatioii, I
...llllll'llll ins siou: i"'u,
die old stand, on Main Street, where he is rec-ii -
(lie old
ins; ami
I, iff rs lor cull suies, a select assoi tmeiii oi
Cliilhin" and Conft.'Cliotiai'iuH,
Hi. st. k ot cl.'ll.'IK 'ihteh is of iht
stvlenndb.-t f.uidi, ci,s;-'s,...'ery v.tn'i
. II .
Coats and Summer ;.,fi!i.:nt, vi. p.i"'. ""if u nmv.-
shnU eol.il s. t"t !-, i;c, i-c , mai.ntacl'ir. it ex- I In ,y t. J,,.flIl , e nrntiraRe merit r.f nu-
,r.'s,lv f unliv sale-, and will be -old tit I !ToT.j,.nds. I aunoniic c misell a candidate for
,.Sfeediii'.rU b"V pi for ru-n. the if Siititin, at the eiifUUii; election,
t'.oiil.'flionaii."-and Fancy ar,n b', ot all kinds 1 ; , 1 f '. J r-reive 1, n.sjnritv of vour voles,
ui.i i.'iiiii-ion to meiitiou j I can prmnie to di-rlcrtre the duties of Kaid
-ALSO- i olVi.'ijli,. Lt.it ., my alulities, and with strict
Ice .-re. iu.
tioiiade. 110 ail, :. t-l.aio. "lor
iVeslirii.-t.is, Iciiiisbe-! f.
I! I imni-bur. , I me 'i'l ,
n.iier at all Hu.es
. I,v MOSES .ll
I t; -I'm
.... .- w...w wit, .is r
' ..... , , -
' JtHIN IdiUilI I , late ol Ploolii tewnslitp
in : in!
ajnihinir lands of Peter M.liek, Jj.-oh Me'.lo
Alem .Marr, and Wm. Mc Enti re, rntrtainiiix
Eis:htv-ono Acres,
I with the appurtenances; all ..f winch is ('i.Fan
1.1. L.M). and . f i itood .pianly. It al.o contains
.1 i;i)l 01 iH'KY.vnf.:
. mi ,.f which hnb been opttied, and i'
hundred rcrs ..1 - 'It
t a i o.'t.
mt'.rin t.f I
t,l...er:y iH
of 'he
;.ni! 's'-n M H
- .d
a I
ihe .
'-n I
:- v
I'REDP! Rlrk" !,nuini' ,.cr;....
I - t'li. , Ijiwip
'.,, r r " winiiuain iur mu omen
...... n ui uk u cani.iuale lur I It oiliei
tlri'i nominated by thi lverin ci jlie
.t'olu. - Li ;.. .u" 1 .-o '
. III I II, 111"
the Free EWtetors of Columbia county.
w. ' T'l'' N " . , ,,
11. . ,r. ... a- i. 1 . ... :t . t 1 . i t.:..
fciicnui.ij,eu o; iii.oij ,,,c ...... ... . .
v t mm iev . . .
Hoproin hnie neneial Klecimn.- '
ul vour volei, and bo!
. . . .1 . 1 ... ' w
I rim,r..-ia 11 i.i.t.iun
Madison, Jnlv 7, I MO.
-f .abu'couutjT
m.'ku,ow Cit:zkn :
1 tilace niell' before miu as a randitlalt! fer the i
At llic oln ilainui l mnnv 01 mv lrimti and;
rilibora, I am induced lu oiler 11.) jell a a ran-
l:.te for Sheriff! .Should I be eiecled, I will .
Sic ha rue the duties of the nllice with fnlt litv and !
partiality. I tlitrvioru aelicil
Ihe support '' ;
ibertv, Juh 7, I VI!)
t i!t,c l ice hlL'Ctors nl t olumlna Lotuity.
tow CiyztLNs;
liiluccd b)the partiality of many old friends, I
tr mysclliis 1 c.mdidade tor Sueriti'. Your
)V;luU suliiines are eaVueslh aiidmtibt leaped.
IK solici:viii the iit.uiinaiioii. .Should 1 be
fiinale as ttimccted. I uledite tin beet endeav-
01 to tlich!i(e the duties of taut otiice vwth 1
illjitiiltl) af strict tideli'). I
, nnn 1 sh tl re! 11 tif 3 ), --i:j
Tlhe ltenwraik I'uttrs Columbia
r 1
Fi.i.ow C'n iZM :
M the solieii on of nuiry of ti.v friends, I of.
hi myself a a ct.'idalo h.r the i.fiirv olSHEKor,
athe ensuing ejtion. I m,ike 1.0 pledges lliev
a in ni l heepi dui solicit tle s-.ippoit ol my ;
lieiuld liiruugio! tlie couiily, and
iioain lespecifull).
, . J.IU 1KLUK. 1
ni.mm tmvro.1 , .lime V. .vj'i. 1
IMt' - .
Ti ihe Dcmou.iu Ektiors nf Cuiunibia
I'l .I.I...W Cli'171
U,-. .1 by numt-.Vk friend, I v. i.ulj ,,per ir.v-
-ell .is a c.i. initiate '"e ii;j, . 1 .1 ....
j H-ij .1. - ...I iiiAtitlf il ifl'..ir i.J
annot, i
.1.. me ioui:.i ooMiiess. even mr trie
1 bop.- ut l((.,.. t,IU(' rn-.eive (hu iiominution I
and be tli.et.il, 1 nril-e lo dischaiLe the duties
ot tile oilice laillilulllid irrpartiallv. j
J It. 1 I I V . : 1 V
in' hi M.m.-hurL'. .'tmd. 1 ."it!
.,.., , , .,. , 7
; 1 0 1 tidnj,t-MJi Electors ol Columbia
.gii!iiy. 1
Fki.Ioa l)rut..vs ;
u y . -. . . . . '
. ; oocne ny tiiai,iru-tir!a, aid nrt to rna're i
' 'he etiirt.l J.pi-MinJtr irivkrlf;,, a eji.didai,. at ,
1 the emunjr elei 1 j,, fir the td'.cc hmiii I
it succeiui. 11 i, .,11 firs, I.. ,!i.. l,..r.. 1
the dots of said ,Ce. lo eenuai saliUaclron.- !
,ll'ie lOIUI.I pn se
Matin, Jour sit!,, IS JO.
Po !it)i.'triMi;nic Electors r.f Columbia
'j FlI.LOl ITIlj.s;
1 Wi nrK,.,t l.y irmnv of rr-v fnep.U, I offer
j my-ela eai,di.l,ne lor the olliVe ol Ili-h Sheuir
j al tneuiniK eledioii olioiiirifr, at Iho hands
( ol liitinocralk' bretliern.lhc preliminary norn
j lnali-oledirin,. ir,),,., ,f munirialed ami eli-c
I ted.'iiililnllv discharge all the duties jncuin-
01M1011 ll. ullire
! ' '"I '""" ?ZrK
; ... bAMIFI, sCilMn. h
I ,"-- J" 1 119.
,c y,, , 'lectors sil fUihnnhin i
-. 1 v
, , X"'J
r i t ( t't'i 7 " ns : I
A solicitation f my fneaids, I as'.nn riffer !
j myis a tandio..ie for oltice of Sti v kikk, at'
1 tin. 1. ;.. ,,1.1 1 t ;
. v .mum 1 i-r si. .111 ri 1, 1 ii. e a
; "r" .or:t of your lT,a?e-. I pledge
,..,, l.x,.,.,,. .,... - ... '
t i j,
.11.11. mil v aiiu
Jai, In,.,. 1 . 1 .t;)
liivstj J'ul'jii-nJ'jHt Vnt its of Columbia
"I .
re- j (., nj ,
inipaitialiti .
ViJonc ;tii, lSi'.i.
Tn Irmocrtttle Kkclcm ct Columbia
I I.I, IT!'., S
Ijn the Irie'.dly tndieatinna of many
fiioud in a.-. -in iso-'e Kith in y own " ihes,
I nfv.f'.f in rmireoiMiiVrati-.n a a candidite !
for tVe nf S.ikIiik , lespeetlollv s' licti.t?
yi.urii.ej.; and, if .-leele.l, pr-'ini.-t- a nrotnpf
t n.f'.l di-.-har-!.- of I'M ii.i.i-.it inl duties id
ilv.Dn.lliie sution. !
Tr.Jt -'ypirit. 1
1 f,.?u,c 1:1., 11? 1
- k.
T fi'm per '.O'c t'.hrtpvsi of C olvmbin '.
; 'a- " ;
i F,' l. 'ff Ns : 1
fert'.l'i" 1 c
I'li lif Count'
p. st I. :.. 1-
in '!' tn.i.ii of try frier..!I of j
.n.'i.h.le for Stu n.yi , to the J
- - - ' ;:
v-nt -on
I ,.(.r
'1 '111
.v,' -e, Je
. 1 or. it;
r 1
. Business Directory.
liO.V.MtDH. KlPljKT
1 '"'i't liiatdm.i
oe .i,ib i i t t.. iov
w ii lcct.
0.),V Li. BAJtru. x u.
M K l. I.
nu Mntcl, mjuJi iil"iiiibiny.
I" K Vi I..
1 i 'H.ii.ii
TATK, i-niM j.,,,ii , ii,,. tni k
- ""! 1 ' ' '"'
IUHVmi. , r',v 7 " "
jj str'i, , , " "''.'- o m
(.oiUn turi nie, iK 01 ll,..
I A I A'V 1 S A . . RJj,,-jrr"',y,;, !
ill Shettirmi it ou ' ' " !
.(.vTl.elna - file l.t .ollil W -, .l.o
:T on ii ,, 1,.
' ' "
5 street , aioW -UlliX I U I . , ,
Kx change.
t Hi
T TTM. MiKT.I.VY CO.. ,;, fa . Km I '.
, 1 .... 1 M.i .,..1 v.. l.,
' reels
1 1 ii-. ............ ,
w.,i nlr.-H, urth .ide. ou door Wow the
Court House.
1 ,M l l? 1,' 1 t I 1 Tl't II..U. . ..-I .. ... ,t .... 1 . 1.
Sh vn.S'in, aouth viaiiMtiti t,opioviie liar
I ton's store.
sT All vis I mi,
J i. esialditlmient on
Main alntf, opjuk 11
the Auihiiimii.
j KUAN, ti('"t and Shoemaker, vinrc on
Ll M..'in slTaei , east sid . tiiM dool hi lo'.x .vtar-
i ' mwl
; t - --
i "1'luKlCS UoTKI., b !ja.hji- i. Hi.ut., roil. an
forks of the 13cr.vick and UrarijrV.iie 111
! .,rih Bluiuiishora.
I TAYUUUsT Bl.l)Y, Met :iuij,north-
"J east corner of Main and East (.ir.cU.ab'jvi
ih,i American Hotel.
r-tlMOX NATHAN, Cheap and Fashionable
Clothier, S'ore on Main hi reel, two tiwirs -
1 above the American Hotel.
17XCHANOE HOTEL, by Satnurl A. Btu,ly
on Main street, directly opposite ihe new
Com t Hoiiae.
ikajiiinoiiiout' ai )
well kept Inn By Cua
yl. Ddibi.ui
aooth side of Main flreet.
N0RR & HAMLIN, Rla ch-nmilh ,s ho p
main tioet , first story, itumediau 1; undr
I. it nftirp
JNJ: HAG EN P.L'CH X'Aui' wu.'.ti Si Pain-
lit, N01 1!' side of Main Street , l. lew doors :
below Market slrcet.
Ci.lIV X I I lis"UH "(illI 'IM Ltl-lu
m vnu 'I'll nf vi P I) r..tU ,.-,, w,.L
,Mtfr,,s.Sn ot the Ml atch, on Msrk.t
"J"i "r"'-
T'1" lllL1'' resident Physician, loca-
jLy 1 inn nu Mariu-i si. , s juui .i.ie, a,,.
sire et.Bloomsbu rj.
?fiarKct ftiiccn SJ;crt;Hl
JJlUUHlMft,! . I
f ") )
t 'id
Ho'ir. per nai rei, f'-.
w Dear ,
h ushel.
.f0 .
liu.-kw heat,.
. . Vi
.. I"i
. . .')
IvtrHH , per doz
ll'n,.i ...mind
j '""Kl' l'"-"'.(1'
A Hltill fCHOOl.
Eor Young I.adit and tirntlmcn
J. E. BRADLEY, Pr'iuipnl.
KCl.'lihN HlLL,.;.-i.tui.
The bccona Quarter ul ihe present Suaitnir!
Session ol ibis .chooI will coi..o.ti.cc on Monday,
tht 'olh instanl,
V. xl Hook
Emerson's Spelling Look and r;.;;.i!tr.
0 oodl ich's leo(;rapliy.
Bullion's Ktmlir-h (iranunar.
Parker's Pionn-.ssive Exercises.
Aids to English Cornpotitioii
Ulair's IMieloric, L'lilVeraily edition
PaviiV arithmetic.
' Eivitieulury Algebra.
" (ii..iiiiutiy.
" R-.ii vryinir.
r.uerns.'v's 11 i si 01 y i f the United States
Laiduel's Outillu-S.
Olinsti'ii's School Philosophy.
Hun itt's Geography of the Heavens
Johnston's Turned Chemistry.
Wood's Botany.
Selitiiiickci's Mental Philosophy.
Wavtand's Moral Science.
Webster'. Dicti.uiarv.
I. A T I N.
Pull ion's Eat in (iiauiir.ai ,P.ull ion's Latin !!i sd
, Aiithto.'i Ceasat, Sallust, Cicelo, Horace;
Fols. iii's. I.iw, I.evi'relt's Latin Lexicon
(i R E E K.
li ul lion's Greek Grammar, bullion's Creek head
it, Kobiii-on's Greek Testament, Xeiiopboii's
Anabasis, Xeuophon's Memorabilia, Liddcll and
Scott's "r tJiove's Greek Lexicon.
The. e will be irciuet.( exeicises in I.Yrlama
lion and Coinposili.ui. Instruction will also be
given in Penmanship and BooU-Keeping
It will be I lie aim of the Teacher in Ibis
School, to impart to the pupMs A thohouuh
u NoWl.i.nflL of tlu branches studied, fw idUt ate
Ihur imiW.,, and thus to prepare tr.rm for hon
orable places in life
The Academical car will cnmitl r.f -14 we-.-ks
1 be expense per e,uarier mr tuiiioii aiu an con-
I tin",ei!'.ies, will he
' For ltiMilini;, l'etitnaii'-hip, Arithmetic, Georjia
phv. F.nalUh Grainmai and History, er either
I ol'tb.'in, $' (Xi
or sin-, with vetoi". tieetnr try, Mireeiinj,
Meiisiir.iti.m, Philosupliv, Chemistry. Mietu
ric, ' ' l
Vi,.- l...'m nnd Gre-k Laii'laei, 5 '10
f. ,. rj.in.-i H'dinK fin be obtained tn private
families at '.em 1 '0 In 2 00 per week.
r,. .to,..ph Paxton, iKcv. Daniel ?teck,
Hon. Stephen Thildy, Rev. Joshua Evans,
Hon George Mark, (Michael I'rt'bst.Es.-j
John McReynolds, Erj.
tt'io.in Viur, June 23, I S 19.
O. C. K A II 1, P. K .
I'torney at f.nv and Counselor,
r-y-Ofhre en Main street, by (ho Courthouse.
F.Sf'Ei'TFCLLY informs his friends and
the pun.ic that he has corr.menced the pr .c-
t ia'i in I,ioomt,r.'iic, t;.n.mihia county, I'a.,
is)ii. h will pretnptly a'lerd "3 a'l legal btisi
nP,., r trct'd i hu care
n'.-.?m;'. r, o':! . ,-.:3
'liiUid biir f Dtriil u.
int.l ... . .. C "".
iicr L i ""otilloii o nle LuljUl
Uiiy it
Cobillg, J- Jrllch Cl B
i' lench Chip,'jenfl
lulip raH. 'i.
Rllhi,, ,f 'l v1 ',''r"K 1
l loe,s I y J""t,,,
' J ' ra
;?l'VuU:,,,;l' "r., va,,'
,f, i..n. iU u, .. ..
"in , 1 aii ei'uiin..
I ill. 1
. IIiI.mbi
' H.r it. end. aud eL. " "' fl
i ",,
'I lfll.l..
21 i
; , ... 'y ..' ." T. 1 """"
I- Ul S". 1 k 1 JL'L. U 'i.llU. Cllru, I
. r- ... mm
I '."- ' Ludu' col-
,w Oln l.ien,. aotj new e.,$,on.erv- p,ri,.
I lo tail . .1:1; ixauniie uur flock.
liMrunsbiiTL', April 41, l'sfj. 3l.
j for 'I'riul ut Jluust Tear., 18 JO.
1 1. John Hear, is Catlmiiiie tear
J. Sllnoll I1 idw, v Dai id P. Jjavii. '
j 3. Isaac N Poinroy, v liatmlle iiridgc Cj. '
1 -I. Ili'iililiin It (Jearhurt, i .lolm S l)sa. '
i 'j VVhei loili Colby, Ve Ralph K t.'alii.Ur
i '.'. John Christopliel v Joseph Jones et bl
i 7. K.dieit Moi;tumery vs Oaviil Wagner
S. William Kol.ioon v Jeieuiiah HliU
J John V aile, vs Ed Hi ll.iltiirx.
10. Itich'ird Wils.m'a Ex is John Sawjcr
ili F. L.. Piper, John Jiaiiv. ' '
j 1-J Elu.'.a B -ileliei Samuel Stetli.r.
13. lleluy U'litmaii is A. mil S lVnitlai
14. Samuel Conner vs Com ml Abaii.s
J5. Jacob Weliiver vs John Knnisu.
US. Wm Cunningham vsEli-ha Everett
17. Jjhn Kline vs Nichalas liuc-y ct ai.
lb. !.uc Tilnr vs li 1' Flick
l'J. John V Eichhoii7 vs S E Walton
2U. Wyoming Bank vs Matthew M'Doweil
-1. Jacob Dlehi vs David Llmd
2!i. Thomas Sutton vs Veni ih Recr
i'i. (i.io. Fox's adin's vs Andrew Kin men's :linY
V'l. U Mohiiotru r v ( Hr.-s er
I i ) Nicholas Seibert vs Thnrri'i C"nttel!y
! Kichuid Torb) v, l.indle) W'eoley
Ml. Ji.nn liMTt t vs 1'liine: Wrlliver
James Yeltert vs Samuel Meats
'I hoiTia Stac kl'ioiise is .l ime.M'E rrci
I V'J.
, -- Juh" B:lte! l"lvli
fWlt.113 I.- ...Ut . 1.
I . ,,,,.., , .
I eil couniiy, lhan rail fence. Whero tlietin.bci is
I scarce Mej will com but h.iif the pl'iie,
I small tin.hrr can lie used for posts.
as any
I One. Ion of wir,. ,Nu. j 1 , at $q .er Cut., wi'.l
m;d; IDu perches of S Strand lente at Ihe cost f
' 3j Cents por perch. On to i of wir- Nn. .f w ilt
j make lO'.'i.' perclu.-r al I, Ctnta piuh. ol
I str.'iu! fen.-,-. lni. 'I'l;.. pricei varyin accoidu.g
1 to ihe 3IZ-.- of the Wile.
I J. KNAT?, Vatir.Ue.
Piffston Perry, f.uzunie, co , June Sih, JStM
Xeiv virranganents.
HE subscriber Las taken ihe nu-e utid
modi. uis Ih.Ii-,, in ;,-n i. k . Pa . !at. Iv
1... l'.-.. v. ,. . . .... . - t
. . vi. ei n il : iu.:l V , niol I en'le.l II Up aiO'-.v tl
j style coininrtaliii; aim cm 1 v .-n i e-1 , 1 t..r Itavi-iier
j ami holders. His TAr.u: will lie sunp!i.l w.m
the best prtidnels of the maikcts tifliiid. a,,d Ihs
BAR furnished wiih the ctioictvt li(.n,-a.
0O- ti.-ni ivt? iil.-rs will ,!ivjs i.e if MU-nd-j
incec, nor) hv ohlipinp, sttenti t, t) WJrit 0f
1 '" patrons Ik- soiicts , ibareni (: .-. public j...,, ,.
' life. i'l 'V v . . i.' t s.
nenvtck, .May 19, Into.
I rr notice, r;;t
Office nf the Cut ami. in a, H'Wium sport
I uiid A'rie Rail lloa.l Company,'" 41J
J South Fourth Urvttt liilutlil-Jtia,
June 4th, 189. '
rY an set of th.- !.e;isUitir ef tl '.- Cor ner.
wealth of Pen.i'iiiani.i, proved lh ynh
.i.i.. 01 .March, lssj, it was declared that ti.H
Little Schuilkill iind SuTieiiHinia R-.iiuiii l Con:,
p.n.v should, mere after, lie knoisn bv the r,arce . f
tUo CataMUsa, VViiliainspoit am! l.i:e Ka.iioau
Cnrnpnny, and the Pn--.id.-ut and Manager :(
sil Company thi day passed the following re.o
i'Jtioti .
" lUsohnl, That the Secretary publ'sh ro
t!cc of Ihe change in 'he name of the said Coui
rsny, and tn reque- the Stockholders thern.f tn
kinretider Up .I.e t-ld ccrtiticates ci stork, at. I
take out new or.es in fi nloi mity to the 1 h anye in
the name of the Company ; and In;-! he also
notice to such i-I'thu Siockhohli is i f the lite Lit
tle Schuylkill and Susquehanna It, il road Con. pa
.vho'e stock is forleita.di: f. r nmi-payment of
instalments thereon, that the on n.-iu of said stork
shall have the riiht to consolidate the j.nv t.f:.t
made tbreon, ar.d lake shares ul die par value 111
the Catawissa, Williair.spnit and Erie Rail Rood
Company, In ' he amount r.f the iif'ii.,1 j ;.n.ei-ts
on llie shares so foifeilablc, provider), tlie old
cerlifieatcs are siirremleied up in riijtiv dais
from the litnj of the publication tf stirb notice in
two of the papers printed in the ritv cf PhilfleU
phia, and one in the county of Columbia ; and in
default of the surrender of'iu.'h rer'ifi.-af."., a-id
consolidation, the said e'.nr's ?id all pr.-vn-us
paviiiiMls thereon ate hereby declar. d lobu for
feited. WM. D. LEWIS. Preiidmt
ji'slmi li. 1 AxriN, .xcy. )7 Jin.
1-1 nana tm 1 iihu... .atsr-iy
the supervision of the Meih.v
dis( Ki.iscupal Cliorel.. will
be I.eholdatORAVGVlLL.
(six ruiles from rllnomshuraA, on the old loralirn,
coinitiei ciic.' nt 10 o'clock, on FfcinAV, llie thiid
if A i;;uat, IS 10. .Its t
Xonl) lUoiulj Canal.
R'S 0IT10E, )
i:,Jnly V!.I8'19.
I5kch Ham
Cm. TaTt:
Dear Sir. Th.. fallowing shcis
the collections of canal tolls at this efTiee.
Amount per lat report $"21,8C4 fj
" month ending June 3"lh 15,793 03
Whole amount since 30th Nov. lf-H, g4f),r)P7 (1
nfrenu' over lnl nton In tarn' dale, 2,st 0 e ?
lor Jure oer last June, 2,02

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