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tlumom Democrat
E i n c : b v. r rj :
SAT" H DAY, SEPT. 1, 18 it).
of j.;:on;x c or.vi v :
Our B5 oc-'i Tab If.
CVtrn-Y.for Sep'nr.'jei 'u on Inn!. It is a rap
i'il ii.mt ur. Tin; e;n1iilli jhni.'tits are exi-nUnril,
u .oi lmj nutter as us'J.il. Philadelphia.
SAtiriNt, 'sn, itr.ws our Table. We cannot
,,y rj..; i o .m-ernitig lliis popular innga-ain-.
J: n Si.tiin, Iiil.J-.lliia, Si.Dil a year,
T!u v.Ht! an G.i uiam, too is before us, con
trioing, as iinnl, excellent matter. Iu contri
butors always do themselves ami the Magazine
honour. G. LI. Graham, Philadelphia, fc.1,00 a
Thi) I.vlles Garland, is on, in its turn, ami
never behind its conleuij.orai its in any thing hnt
vivt. It U a neat, cheap ami readable Mai;zine.
J. Van Court, Philadelphia, $1,00 a year.
Tho S.-.atpol, a J Mtrnil of hmlth : a Scientific
Masizinn has alio been received. -It is and will
be luelul work. Dr. Dixon, is man who on
ilei standi himudf and has th means to make
hiswork a good one. It is niihlisned quaitcrly
at j?l,UO per annum by lidward II . Dixon, M. D.
at Now York.
Jlore improvements in Toivn.
Id' -Mrs Chirlcs Conner, &. Co., have purchased
a lot on the Notth East corner of Main and Iron
streets, where they arc actively engaged in erec
ting a Brick Store Housa, in which they expect,
within about nix weeks time, to open a new Mer
cantile establishment.
The Court House yard has been graded and
. cleared off, and a beautiful and substantial rut
stone wall erected in front. The balance of the
vird, enclosing Iht Public buildings, are progres
sing encouragingly. The front view of the yard,
pre-iinna very improving apect and will be
Wi-h improved when ornamented with polished
coping and iron railing.
Th S.)iis of Temperance, No. Q03, have re
cently completed their magnificent Hall in the
. thiid story of Bigg's Exchange. It is 20 feet long
bf. 2o wide, admirably arranged and very tasteful
ly finished. The order here is numerous, num
lr;ng near one hundred members comprising
our very bt citizens, and we are pleased to say,
is prospering and going on to prosper.
-" The Tf'htgs are Federalists when they gel
The following is an extract from a'.etler written
by Gjn. J,icUson, on September 1st, IS 10, to Al
fred Gardner and others, Diesdon, Tennessee:
The federalists call themsolves whigs
but the poeplecan see that they hold no
principl) in common with the whig of our
glorious revolution. They will be federa
lists whtn they gel t.'ie power, by whatever
name they choose to cull themselves beore
they get it. Thoy will go for a national
bank, for a national system of internal im
provements by thegeneral government, for
a protective tariff' unwarranted 'by the con
stitution,iwi for that policy generally which
strengthens the general government, by
taking power unnecessarily from the States
and the people. The democratic party, on
the contrary, have no professions to make
which are doubtful. They adhere to the
constitution as it was expounded by the
friends of popular government as it was
administered by Mr. Jeftorson in the days
of 1 802, and as it been since maintained by
those statesmen who have recognised the
principle that the people are able to govern
fJ3-The Dcnwcratic official majority in Indiana,
on the Governor' ticket is only 9002 with two
Democratic precincts to hear from. Indiana has
done her full share of the good work.
Tr.XAs. The new delegation to Congress con
tests of David R. Kaufman, re-elected in the Eas
tern District, and Vulney E. Howard, elected in
the Western. Both are Democrats. Kaufman
4i Ail do opposition.
BrstocRATicNoMiNAT!ON.-Tho Philadelphia
Democratic County Convention, met on Monday,
in the Northern Liberties Commissioners' Hill,
and made the following nominations:
Senate Thomas S. Kernon, of Kensington.
'Assembly Washington J. Jackson, Southwark,
Jos. C. Molloy, Moyamensir.g ; Thomas K. Fin
letter, Northern Liberties; Fayelte Pierson, do;
Wm. H. Sooder, Spring Garden: Henry Hup
let, Kensington ; Sylvester Criedlaml, Penu Dis
trict ; Hichard Simpson, outer Districts.
Sheriff William Deal, City and County.
Treasurer Banner Thomas, County
53" Reuben, is beginning to denominate our
piper, as "wtt'l " This is Pot es Kettle. Bet- i cross roaJ, county schoolhouc or even in a Conn
er authority, howerer admonishes us not to des. I 'y town, who woulil accommodate hiin to his
pUe "small thing."
Tick Tariff of '4G! Eight paper mills
at Newtown, Lower Falls, Mass., have
stopped operations, for want of watcrpower
the streams having fallen so low, in consequ
ence of drought. Our whig friends will doubt
less ascribe this stoppage to their inveterate
nemy, "the TarifTof '10." So says the
Pike Countv Democrat,
Lrlltr from m stern i)tmorut.
The following admirable letter is from the pen
of 0 1. Sam'i. W. Plack.oI' I'iitsburg, a bravo
soldier, pure pill iot anil sound democrat. Ho I
the man who led the Amincm force in Mexico
to glorious conquest, and on the 41 h of July pre
sided with dignity over the deliberation of the
Pomocrnlic Si tit a Convention, and is now mar
shalling the Great Democratic Army of Western
Pennsylvania h'r certain victory in the election
of the Hon JOIN A. GAM RLE, for Canal
Ciinmi.iourr. The I'lieeting intelligence it con
vesof the Western D. moei icy, will be received
with sin It iv jia.niled satisfaction by their breth
ren el' Noill.ctn Peiiii)lvi:tiia, iliat we take
the responsibility, and which we trust Col.
Ilhuk, will excuse, of laying it before the readers
ol the Ci'oumbia Pi woo at.
I'ittsbubo, Aug. 23, 18 ID.
Coi, Lkvi L. Tate,
i1t Dear Sir : - We are anxious here
in the vVobt, to ascertain explicitly, what
Mr. Gamble's prospects are in other por
tions of the State. From indications in
the counties this side of the mountains,
our hopes are full of einfidenee , nil is uni
on, energy, industry anil good feeling. We
calculate on a Democratic triumph by an
overwhelming vote. Be g iod enough to
let ine know whether in the North, the same
cheering prospects give promise of trium
phant results. We hear indirectly and see
by your paper that your calculations are
sanguine as our own ; nevertheless, it
wou'd bo satisfactory to bo positively infor
med on the subject.
I take tho liberty of addressing you, be
cause of your ardent attachment to Mr.
Gamble, and the democratic cause, and be
lieving also that no one has a better oppor
tunity of testing public sentiment than
yourself. This freedom, on my part, I am
sure -you will indulge, although I am not
known to you except as one Democrat, al
most by instinct, knows another.
He good enough to let mo hear from you
at your earliest convenience.
Very Respectfully,
Answhi The prospects of Mr. Gamble's elec
tion are cheering beyond precedent throughout
theState.and in no section hasthe nomination been
more cordially received by and warmly responded
to, than with the united manse of the Xorthern
Democrary. We are indeed unable to point to a
single instance of defection in all tho democratic
ranks and this will be equally gratifying to oui
Western friends as it is creditable to the ever,
faithful democrats of tho North. In a word
Northern Pennsylvania, always the strong citadel
of democracy, is already firmly and unitedly mar
shalleil for the contest-eager for the frav, and
with Gamble as their standard-bearer.will emerge
from the fight in a "pkrkict blzc o glory.
Democratic Slate Convention.
The members of tho fiimorratic Sfa'c Central
lommittee.ute requested to meet at the Mer
c hams' Hotel, in I'hila.k.dphia, an Thursday the
Cthof September next. As business of impor
tance will come before the Committee, a full at
tendance is earnestly oli ileil.
J. GUNCY JONES, Chairman.
Reading, Aug. 2.Vh, IS-19.
The following gentlemen, ippoionted by the
Democratic State Convention, at Tittsburg, com
pose the said committee :
5 J Glancy Jones, Perks county, chairman.
1 Gideon G. Wescot ) . ., , , . .
icot I
ton, J
'ell. S
Alotizo Farrinuton
j itiiaucipnia iiry.
i hamuel Jackson,
Andrew Miller
Philadelphia ro.
Wm. S. Hallnwell
3 Philip Super; Monteometv conntv.
i Jesse Young ; Chester ami Delawaie.
0 M. G. Hibbs ; Bucks county.
7 M D. Holbrook, ) , , . , ,
John G. Suavely, $ Lancaster & Lebanon.
8 Asa Packer ; Schuylkill, carbon, Monroe and
0 A H Reeder : Northampton and Lehigh.
10 G A Grow.Susqueeanna.Wavne, II Wyoming.
It U Mercur; Bradford and Tioga.
12 II L Difl'enbach, Lycomintr, clinton and centre
13 I S Monroe, Luzerne and Colombia.
11 Win Forsythe, Northumberland ami Dauphin
15 R B Barber, willlin ; Juniata, Union.
16 Henry church; Cumberland and Perry.
17 Geo Hammond, York,
13 Wm R Stewart . Franklin and Adams,
10 Wm P'Schell ; Huntiniii'on.Bedlord
20 W J Hemphill; clearfieldjndiaria.cumbria and
21 John Snodtfrass; Westmoreland and Somerset.
22 R T Galloway; Favelle and Green.
21 O B MtFadden; Washington.
24 P c Shannon; ) ....
Cornelius cull. S " V"' ",a
25 Win Pel linger ; Beaver and Merrer.
Arnold Plutnuicr; crawford and Venanirn.
27 Wm A Galbrnith ; Frie.
2S James L Gillis; Warren, Jefferson and Elk,
. J
A Challenge- The Pennsylvanian says, the
Daily .Vnm, proposes that Mr. Wrxnv M. Ft L- i
t.Kn, the Whig candidate for CaiialCommissiencr,
should challenge Mr. Gamblk, the Democratic
candidate to a public disctuiinn. Mr. Gamblk
is no talker hut a plain farmer, while Mr. Fuller
is a sprig of the law. We have no doubt however
that if tha latter should desire discuision he will
find a friend cf Mr. Gamble occasionally at a
heart's content. As Mr. Fullkh seems to be
anxious for a text to preach about, will he tell us
how it has happened that the surplus fund in the
Slain Treasury, alter Ihc payment of tho Stale in
terest has been appropriated to the finking fund
by Mr. Hall, instead of to the completion, was
expected, of the North I'.ranch Canal , This .is
denied to he the effect of Whig exeitions a-ainst
the canal in the last seri, but without truth as '
" " P!"r'
JMgwgand .Items-
"A Snnpftr-Vp of Unconnidrrul Thing,"
CXhOn th 14th ult ,Mrs.rtuiterfieM,nfHitphen,
England, presented her husband wiih their twenty
fourth chihl about a month after the twenty-third
anniversary of their wedding day !
CO- A letter in the New York Tribune from Pa
nama, slates that one thousand natives of Panama
had diud of cholera since its commencement.
f The receipts of the Fntton Kerry, New York
are estimated at nine hundred and twelve thousand
live hundred dollars per annum!
fjr-rhe students of Univorsity of Virgina.have
determined to erect a monument to Thomas Jefl'er.
son as a token of their respect for his memory, and
their appreciation of the benefits which they have
derived from his labors.
fjr- Mr. George Dye, near Feasterville, S. C,
for some uncommon cause, shot his wife, and kil
led himself. Hit children were eye-witness tu'ihe
horrible scene.
fjrj-Bulwer the novelist, is now satisfied that
Eugene Aram was innocent of the charge of murder
and intends making the amende honorable in th
next edition of his popular novel of that name.
3-Within the last three months '.hero have
been carted from the streets of the Second Ward,
N. Y., six thousand three hundred and seventeen
loads of manure by the Corporation carts.
fJOThe Common Council of Syracuse have ten
dered the hospitali ties of the city to President
Taylor, Henry Clay and father Malhew, in case
they should visit the State F'air to be held there.
y On Thursday afternoon, the steamer Em
pire City, J. D. Wilson, Master, left New York,
for Chigres, where she will arrive about the 21th
'nstant. She has ISO passengers, among them
Lieut. J. M. Gillis.
CO-Victor Hugo, in the French Assembly, rais
ed a perfect whirlwind recently, by asserting that
an unfortunate literary man in Paris had remain
ed six days without food.
fjcy- The Attorney General of the State of New
York, has comenced a suit against Harmon Liv
ington in Columbia county, for the recovery of
the lands in hit possession, which and chimed
by the State.
fj- Eighty Polish refugeess have been ordered
to quit Paris within twenty four hours, and France
in three days.
fjr The democrats of Mifflin have nominated
Alexander Gihbony for Assembly. They have
also elected Joseph Alexander, Esq., delegate to
the next State Convention.
0- Dr. Luther Ililey, of Harrishurg, in recom
mended by a correspondent of the Wilkesbarre
Farmer, as the next Democratic condidate for
fty Several wealthy and highly respectable cit
izensof Lancaster county, are about to establish
in Lewistown, a private Banking House, to go in
to operation in the month of August.
tpr A politician. There is a man in Illinois
named Barrow, who has changed his politics so
often that he has now got the sobriquet of wheel
ftThe Salary of the President of Mexico has
been fixed at $125,000 annually the same ts our Pre
0r Marcus Morton, Jr., son of ex-Governor
Morton, of Mass., was fceriously, and it was feared,
fatally injured by beinir'caiight between a platform
and the can at the railroad depot in Boston.
fjr A machine has been invented entitled
"fire annihilator,- which, by a powerful appli.a
tion of vapor, extinguishes a most inteose fire in
a few seconds.
fji- It is said that there are now in Indiana not
less than 200,000 Germans some say 250,000
one thiid of whom are Catholics.
fjr- It is said that the Hon. Henry Clay passed
through New York cily.from Saratoga to Newport
on Friday last, so quietly that it wus not known
until next day.
A sterling Democrat remarked to us the other
day, says the Carbondale Citizen and Democrat.
in speaking of Johv A. Gamblk, our candidate
for Canal Commissioner, that probably no man in
Pennsylvania, "Knew so well the holes in the
Canal and the holes in the Treasury." That is
just the candidate needed for that office : One that
understands w hat the wants ol our canals are, and
what the resources of the Treasury will bear : and
that will apply economically autl to the best ad
vantage the means of the Treasury,
"Take rrr roia hat, Olp Zack !" The
Pittsburgh Journal relates the following incident,
The juvenile sovereigns of our country appear de
termined to exercise their power and prerogatives:
We were amused with the spirit of a passage
between Gen Taylor and some ragged liltle urchin
as reception cortage was passing through the Fifth
Half a dozen ragged, but merry little rogues
were eagerly speculating as to the i.lon-
lity of the gieat Hero of Buena Vista, MoMen-v,
and that h-id "knocked so n.anv Mexicans 1,1,1
were nnabl,! t.i assure themselves as to which i,l
mi- mm in in.- vi-itn ie assigticii lo tOe rresidenl,
a the great man. One "swanged" Col. MeCaod
leis looked like a General that would "play
thunder and break things."
Another had it that Mr. A. W. I.oomis had the
cut of a General, and another that Gov. Johnston,
loomed more like a great cuiqueror.
The other small qui. r looking man with so kind,
ly a face and so winning a smile Hiey all agreed
"din'nt look savage enough." lint the exilement
of speculation r.se to fever heitht, and one little j
rascal in primitive shirt and towscis, resolved to I
asure hiuisell as to ihe re;,l General, fang cur at !
jell pich, "t ike , (7 y,lr Im Old Z.t. k iv we can '
kmw you for certain."
TKn f-..,..r,l . t . . !
u.. e. .... l ..t . . .
smile at the Ifflle group, gravely took ofl his ,H(
.... i.tiii , i i,i ut-i mine voire. ao,l m
aiu.d o most desfening pe of ch.ers
For the Columbia Democrat.
ytnclntt Vrophtcyk
Mr. Fdit.ir:
I met the other day w ith some the
ory in relation to Rome ; one iu a prophe
cy written in 1075, bv one Rudolph (M-
thica. A Correspondent of il in .Tmiii ivil of
i -
Commerce, has brought it into notice.
Me says that, it was found in the library of
the Augusiinean Convent. As so much
of ibis remaikab e prophecy is now in the
progress of fulfillment, it is well calculated
to awaken serious apprehensions, or rath
er to sustain apprehensions already felt by
all observers, for the progress of the Rus
sian Autocrat. Hut the most interesting
feature of it is, the predicament into which
it brings that old "man of sin, who has
through a long line been "siting in the tem
ple of God, showing himself that ho is
Cod," and claiming to be tho universal
head of the Church, arrogating the titile of
"his holiness," boasting of infalibility, and
assuming the right to depose kings, and
bestow kingdoms on whom he please, tc.
claims equally impious and absurd.
iVofr.vcrily there is "no Pope." Already
he is "a captive by his own people," and
never again can there be a Pope clothed
with such monstrous prerogative. Surelv
these are exciting times. It is our previ-
legc to live in an age which is witnessing
some startling and remarkable events, but
here is one of the "prophecies" to which I
have alluded,
"Before the middle of the nineteenth
century, seditions will be excited every
where in Europe ? Republics will arise ;
Kings will be put to death ; together with
the nobilities and exclesiastics ; and relig-
lonists will desert their convents. Famine
pestilenee.and earlhquakcs.will spread des
olation over many cities. Rome will loose
her sceptre, by the invasion of false Phil,
osophers. Tho Pope will be made a cap
live by his own people, and the Church
ol Cod will be placed under tribute, dives
ted of its temporal possessions. In a short
time there will be no Pone. A Prince
from the North will overrun Europe with
a great army ; destroy the Republics, and
exterminate all rebels. His sword wield
ed by God, will vigorously defend the
Church of Christ: uphold the orthodox
faith, and subdue the Mohomniedan power.
A new pastor, the first one, will come by a
heavenly sign from the shore in simplici
ty of heart and in the doctrine of Christ,
and peace M ill bo restored to the world.'
We have no idea that this singular doc
ument is worthy of a place among the "co
nonical scriptures," but certainly, it is a
curious production, if we are to believe that
it was written nearly two hundred years
aco. The events now transpiring in Eur
ope form a striking coincidence. S.
Tor the Columbia Democrat.
Fellow Citizens :
Recent circumstances and
attendant developemcnts seem, in my hum
ble opinion, to warrant the use again of my
pen, a few moments, in laying a statement
of plain facts before the pcopK Last fall
Mr. Pearce was nominated through the
partiality of the regular removal democratic
party of Columbia county, and elected to
the Legislature. In that act I participated
cheerfully and none had higher hopes than
I had to see him come out right side up.
In many resperts Mr. P., met my expec
tation j and for that, I give him credit-
but in others, he disappointed me most
shockingly, and for these things I wish to
give a gentle reproof.
I was mortified to learn that he had found
it necessary after elected to forsake tho
friends to whom he was indebted for his
nomination, and who had always stood by
him when he wanted help, and exchanged
them for new ones. But it is not of this 1
am about to speak. If he now believes he
has gained anything by the exchange, it
is not for us to begrudge hini his bargain.
There is another matter, apparently of less
importance to the public, alihough'of infin
itely higher moment to the parties concern
ed, so f ir as fidelity and gratitude are to be
Soon after Mr. Pearce was elected last
fall, he induced his friend, Petfr Ext, to
become an applicant, before, the Canal
Board, for Collector at lierwick. To
strengthen his claims,c headed Mr. Kill's
pHihon with his own name, and thus en
couraged, Mr. E., spent his time and mon
ey, and made an excursion to Harrisbur-r
I ... . . . . c1
mil was iinsinveKsfii U- l
-ir. rearer.
the lime, was p;ir,!v out as Canal Com-
misionerf,,,,,,,, ;MlUr
out for (.Vrr,,,; ami lik.i Mr. E,lt, -.,!,
Thi.i would appmr to h ave ij,rm .,,
even, ami give each an equal iddtiee to try
again. Mr. Ent stood rmdy, lam told,
to boost Mr. Pearce tip again, when the
limn should coiiip, doubtless e xpecting to
find Mr. Pearce ready to reciprocate liix
repeated ads of kindness. This would
all bo fair and rational.
nut how stand matters now ? Tho sto
ry is soon told. When in town a few days
since, I was astonished to fcc a petition
in circulation, praying th,. nppointmnit ol
What, said I to a friend of Messrs Pearce
and Ent, does this mean ? Is it nut wound
ing a man in the House of his friends.
He replied this verified the predictions
made last June, when Mr. Pearce was
working for Canal Commissioner, and his
opponents charged him with trying to get
an endorsement from Co'uinhia county to
secure to himself the Collectorship. Here,
said he, we have the proMotnn solved, and
this is his patriotism! Office! Office ! !
Office!!! it OFFICE!!!!
Now, what will Mr. Ent say, when he
finds he has been used by Mr Pearce, as a
catspaw, to keep the way open until next
winter for himself. His rior.i.n v to Mr.
Ent, was questioned last winter by many,
and his perfidy, is now unquestionable.
Mr. Ent is too good a man to be thus be
trayed. The deed miotic and where shall
rest the consequences? Surely not with
E2usings,-No 5.
by quiz:
' But Adaline determined Juan's wedding."
It is really singular, what aptitude some
people, particularly old maids, display in
making matches. I have often thought
that they could make money at manufactu
ring the real Lucifer, at one penny a lain
dred. There is one thing that a little
mumps inu in ineirproceeuings. uid mauls
generally ('Adaline was married) are cross,
snappish and ill natured, and ihey are eter
nally wanting every body to get married.
Now I cant understand the reason, unless
... 1 ' - . . 1- r t , . .
it gives them a kind of fiendish p'easure to and under pretence of supporting Mr. Col
think how miserable they have made a lings, the Stump candidate, defeated tho
certain couple, or M enjoy the discornfei
turc of ha'fa dozen rivals. It must be
something of this sort or else these ancient
Ladies are cruelly slandered. If niarrbn-e
is a happy statelhopc they'll get meintoit.
15y the way talking of weddings. A
man returns from a wedding in much the
same mood of mind that he does from a fu
neral. Tho fuss and exeiw ment are at
length over. In eiiher case you have done
all that can be done for the parties. Their
stale now, is one of happiness or misery,
and the difference in duration, is perhaps
the only dissimilarity. You cant help
"musing" upon all the fun and frolic and
romping you have had in by gone days,
and that is all over now ; for the one is in
the arms of Pluto and the other of Hymen.
Thus wags the world, and those with whom
yon commenced your pilgrimage stroll ofl
one by one and at last you stand alone in
your "musing."
l lais wiien a woman is once married
she is of course apppropriated property
forbidden fruit, add you must look back at
the past not formed to the future. There
is something sufficiently quizieal in thi
thing ol a wedding. You cant be the con
fident of a happy wife or a happy hus
band. Thev double their iovs ami slmrv
j j
. i . .
tneir sorrows between themselves. In
coming from a matrimonial execution, you
are Halt glad and half sorry. Clad that
your friends is at lengh happy and blest, -
sorry that all your fine sport is suddenly
It is said that marriage is a lottery. I
dont believe it. People have within them
selves the true secret of happiness, and are
miserable by choice. Now I like a wed
ding, but think a man a great fool lo mar
ry until he is ready. A pretty fare must
not be spoiled, a bright eye must not be
dimmed, by gazing in the cheerless face of
For the Columbia Den
To the Vcopte or the Thi, ninth
Fellow Citizens :
Having spoken to you, frankly
'"U,"V "ce lormcr commm,;,.,.
tior.s relative to the political n fairs of our
couniyant. district, ,t might perhaps.scem
superfluous to trouble you with any thin,
niol'P Hnm, ll o..l..' .. i. J b
..i i . . """"'rs
flC mnll
""V ' '" a n,an,irr '"-'"hrr
fry nor satisfactory, I fhall again,
f1,'" ,fnrccs"T. attempt to wield
'"' ,,;t!,)l r'M defence of iht. ,-iVhts f
my injured fellow demoerais. My ,otlo
nlife has been, and I tru;, wi f,erl,C(
""ing truth, of which I di l nir
loose eight, that e llice lf l L(T, h
eternal vigilance."
ThedmHumoCI.e mr,rrlic rf.rty in
!' niy, which is Ui .ending to the
same disastrous rrsi.l's for veam hnt
decoyed ,. nscf,,,,,. (), Bfy )f.
ganizalion in Luzerne, had ii origin in
that county.and has n,ost unfortunate
ly lccn'lr:inp!i,l.kd in li e hiiherto harmo
nious ranks of the democracy flf Colum
bia county. How it W;,s introduced t.eie
ami by what interest fosleied is plain to ev
ery intelligent mind. Suffice it to say,
that the agents by whom itwas consumma
led never had any interest in common with
the Tnt'E democratic party,-having in
fact mainly sprang from tory origin -nor
is it at all likely will ever prove in any
way useful to the true republican princi
ples. The people have not forgotten, that in
the fall of 18-17, and winter of 188, the
edict was issded from Luzerne county, to
betray Mr. Duchanan, in the selection of a
Senatorial Delegate to the Slate Conven
tion. Fortius purpose, Mr. Uuckalew,
was nominated by the Luzerne county
Convention, and his nomination was con
curred in by Columbia. He cast the vote
of tins district, which had been thus sur
reptitiously obtained, against that good and
great man, and he was defeated for the
Presidency. This act was in direct viola
tion of the wishes of the democracy.
The next issue raised by that interest,
was the unwarrantable tiree into our
county of a select Delegation from Lu
zerne, to dictate our Senator, and who
null brazen perseverance attempted to
force that gentleman upon us, when our
true policy was to nominate Capt. Full
mer, but which resulted in the selection
of the present Senator.
Tho Congressional election last fall
opened another scene in the political dra-
j ma. Col. AVkioht, was fairly nominated
by a majority of 45 Delegates in the Dis-
trict.as he was by tw o of the. three conn
ties and four out of the six Conferees.
That same intercst.trueto their treacherous
colleagues above, again entered the arena.
regular nominee and elected Chester Ilut
ler to Congress.
Thus sccessful in the work of mischief,
the Colings 1'ress, was next established
in lMoomsburg ! When the Canal Com
missiencr question opened, true to its alla
giance to the "disorganizes in Luzerne,"
the conductors of that rotten concerne ar
rayed themselves against the voice of this
district. Notwithstanding their well-laid
plan to fasten upon us one of their sworn
disorganizers, they were foiled in the at
tempt, and a GAMBLE DELEGATE
WAS ELECTED. The people were
again to be betrayed, and what they fail
ed to perform here by trick, they accom
plished by treason in Pitisburg.
Fellow citizens, the result of which was,
this District cast her vote AGAINST MU.
C t VtTT I." I n... 1' I .1
"""O'l'ii : mil uiu me outrage stop
here ? By no means. Reuben W. Il ea
vcr, (the youthful upstart who embarked
iu the editorial life for the avowed purposo
of obtaining "political distinction,") advo
cates this tremendous wrong upon the
rights of the democracy and the usages
of the district. Strange to me it is, that
such a snot-nose disorgunizer should be
countenanced by an honest community.
But sometimes, for a season, it so happens,
that impudence and presumption faro the
best. It may be so with him.
Judging from his past conduct, I would
be derelict in duty to my fellow citizens,
did I not speak plainly and warn them to
murk the traitor. The course of this "nice
young man," has been most unfortunate
for himself and injurious to the democrat
ic party. He has thus far destroyed t very
man's prospects whose cause he Ka a
sumed to sustain, rmongst whom are son"
of our most worthy citizens, and I deep;
regret to add, my solemn conviction, tl.:
there are a few more on the way to slw
the same fate.
Mr. Editor and Fellow Citizens, I will
only add in conclusion, that tho course of
these young aspirants, of which Mr. Wea
ver, assumes to be the leader, is io well
known and fully understood that liieir fu
ture efforts, to perpetrate rasca'tyt will
prove utterly ahortive. ncn they
cease to disorganize the drmeric rar,y(
by defending the Collings polic 'n this dis
trict, and mhlipg insult lo ir-ir' ' nia.v
relax my pen, and let the so c"Ctl Star of
the Norih, die in peace, as P it must.
Feeling indignant, as every f e"ian should,
at Ihe open fraud, upon our JCretl rights, I
warn the (hmocrary to lu'are ofwolvc
in sheep's clothing.
A DEMOCKr W 1800.

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