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Columbia democrat.
r ... .., . .... ....
I.r.VI li. T TK, K.DITOM.
. . ii m ii
SITURDAY MUll., NOV. 21, 1810.
A very large majority of the Collectora appoin
ted indifferent part of the Slate, to rwoive con
tribution.1 towards thf Shrink Mounmknt, have
not made inv return of tho piiperi Kent them. It is
therefore hereby desired, tlut alUuch liste nhmilrf
be rnturuod on or More the lt day of January,
uext I). KKV,
Chairman J'.x. Committee.
CJ- Jdhh McRi-a-noi.dj, Y.(., is the Collector
for Columbia cuiinty, to whom nuhii-riptiuna for
tii! above Monument, of $1 each, ran be made
Caught a It'ild-cat .'Mr. Hoiiston
Rophon, Son of John Robison, Esq., of
Hlouin township, (near Espy town,) one
Jay last week treed and captured a young
Wild-cat. It was nearly full-grown. Mr.
It., received the usual Bounty of $2 for
. the scalp.
Skunk's Moiirnnenl.
In the fall of 1817, Fits. 11. Shuxk, rc
reived a majority of votes for Governor of
Pennsylvania, of nearly seventeen thou
sand. After bin lamented death, the fob
lowing June, it was proposed in public
meetings, to raise i Monument to his vir
tues, by means of public contributions.
Accordingly, about 180 subscription pa
pers were sent to .as many different gen
tlemen, for lite purpose of soliciting or rath
cr receiving the voluntary contributions of
the citizens of the Commonwealth. The
subscription wa limited, in amount, to one
dollar; although any one could give more
if so disposed. Thus almost every man
could contribute, and have a pecuniary as
well as a patriotic interest in its success.
Few returns have as yet been made, and
in view of this melancholy fact, the time
for making a return has been p-rrj'.onged
till January 1st, 1950. It is not. possible
that the people have in any wise forgotten
MIUNK. His administration will go
down to posterity, side by side with that of
Somon Snydkr. His pure democracy,
his devotion to the state and her interest;
his proverbial honesty of purpose, his un
blemished character, 'Ilia .plain republican
mannurs, have endeared him to the peo
We know citizens, (hat you cherish his
memory ; we know, that you would not,
-unwillingly, forget his virtues ; wc know,
that you would point him out as an exam
ple t,) your children ; we know, that you
i'el, that the honor and prosperity or your
native state, are inseparably connected
with his iiHine; we know, that he has a
holy shrine in your hearts and the hearts
of your children; we know, that he has
an undying monument in the History or
a i.i. timk ; but, notwithstanding, we ask
that something be done by his compeers,
io show how they appreciated his unparal
leled virtues. j
John Mel?"yno!ds, Esq., is the Agent
f..r this County, and let court weeks see
hundreds of dollars on his subscription
tV It was predicted to us a few (lays
ago, that the coming winter, would be one
of liie open ami splashy kind. The pre
diction was founded on the departure and
return of our Indian Summer during the
fill. We hope that the prediction may fail,
to that the young folks can enjoy thein
Helxes this winter in Kiaying. We bes
peak fur ihem lots of snow and fun, and
for the "Columbia Democrat," an ever in
creasing circulation and usefulness.
A cm.' York, has not done badly after all.
1'rom present indications, the popular vote
shows a Democratic majority of from 1 OjtX)
to 1 5,0J. Gladdly do wc welcome into
our ranks once more, a sometime erring
sister. In fpitc of all cavi!, wc ere the
great party of the Union Phoenix like,
we rise from defeat, and proudly display
ing our colors rush agi.in to the conflict.
We do not triumph over our opponents,
but we rejoice m the micwss of our time
tried principles.
ryilnvci i-iii tu. I . J.. .1 . . ... . !
. , . in, n riling or two
fur honest Frank Nuink ? Although Kil-
liers little loiVS were not Govern,, '
cause their daddy was: ycl, 0 may be j
goveri.or yourself, some of these dav. '
HunorAad fame, from nitnndition rise I
AclvT-jlljroiir part, there all the biiUu. I
Court Proceeding.
Monday Morning, Nov. IN, 1819.
Court called about eleven o'clock -all
three of their Honors, Anthony, Oaks and
Baidv.oii the bench. The morning was
consumed, ss usual, in making motions,
presenting petitions, going over the trial
lint, 1,0., ifcc after which the court ad
journed until half past two o'clock.
Court called agreeably to adjournment.
II rami Jury called ami -charged. ' The
Traverse Jury wero called, and a jurv
empannelled in (he ease of the
Comth. vs Jos. Jones, et al. Indict
ment, Trespans Bancroft $ Buckalew for
Prosecution, Cptnly and Hurley, fordefls.
The Jury find Jos. Jones, and Icorgo M.
Hagenbnrh guilty and not guilty ng to the
rest, and they are fined fach fifty dollars.
The grand Jury fined Bilht in the follow
ing cases.
Comth. Charles Franklin Fioch. In
dictment Fornication and Bastardy. The
Jury find him guilty usual sentence.
Comth. vs Michael Graham. Indict
ment, fornication and Bastardy. Roeogni-
zanee in 200 till next term.
Comth. vs Sarah Ann Bochtel. Indict
ment, Audultcry. Jury called on Tuesday
morning Pleasants and Hurley for prose.
cution. Montgomery and Buckalew for
defence. Verdict of tho Jury is that Sar
ah Ann Bechtel, is not guilty, and that
Henry Bechtel, the prosecutor, fay the
Tuesday Morm.no.
Comth. vs Jacob Teats. Recognizance
of the peace Bail in $200.
The Grand Jury camo in with the fol
lowing Bills.
Comth. vs John .West. Indictment as
sault and Battery. Not a true bill. Pros
ecutor to pay the costs.
James Black, vs John Black. Recog
nizance of the peace. Sentence of the
court, each pay his own costs.
Comth. vs Fred. Pflugncr. Indictment
larceny. A true bill Plead guilty sen-
tence 1,00 fine-; costs of prosocution and
three months in the county jail.
Comth vs John P. 'Grove. Indictment,
larceny. A true bill. This cause we
learn is continued.
Comth. vs James Ralston. Indictment,
Fornication. A true bill. This cause we
think will not be called up.
Comth. vs. George Kramer. Indict
ment, Assault and Battery. A true bill.
Wednesday Morning, Jury called. Ver
dict guilty sentence $5,00 fine, costs,
and Bail in $1 00 to keep the peace.
Comth. vs Abraham Force. Indict
ment, Assault and Battery, A (rue bill.
Wednesday Morning, Jury called. Ver
dict guilty in manner and form, 4-c,
Wednesday Morning.
Various business was transacted before j
the Court, and a few eases spoken of above j
Comth. vs Jackson Meyers. Indict
ment, larceny, Nov 21, 18 19. Polly Sey
hurt discharged from her recognizance con
sequent on the death of Defendant.
Wf.dni:suav Afternoon.
Conilh. vs David Neyhard. Indict
ment, larceny. A true bill. Deft, pleads
guilty. Sentence of the court is that David
Neyhard pay a line of 1,00 and the costs
of prosecution, restore the property, and
undergo an imprisonment by separate and
solitary confinement, at labor in the East
ern Penitentiary, for the term of fifteen cal
endar months. Neyhard is un old offender,
having been up for the same offence at
August .Sessions, 1817, at August .Sessions,
I8-1M, and at this terui.
Thursday Mokxinw.
liobt. Montgomery, vs. l);iu. F0!mcr,
Adm'r. of Dav. Wagner, dee'd. Struck
jury in this case.
Comth. vs Wm. Donaldson. Indict
ment, Perjury-not a true bill. Sentence
ofthe court that John P. Grove, pay the
costs of prosecution.
William Butler, vs Levi I.oes, Robert
Montgomery and Margaret his wife.
struck Jury in thin case.
Commissions of Fkter Bii.lmkyer, Esq.
High Sheriff of Columbia county, read in
open court.
And Deeds acknowledged by Henjamin
llayinan, Esq., High Sheriff in Court.
The two causes upon which struck Ju
ries had been called, not being ready for
trial, court was adjourned till the ringing ol
the bf .11.
The (iraud Jury ramc m and made the
To thi Ifonnrabh Ju,t f th, r,,rt r , .
in Sti,wni of the County nf Co'umha.
I'iie Grand Ix'juest, for the bod v of
"f 'he county of Columbia, respectfully re-
port: That thev have viewed the r
:niljlu: I
building and property, and find all in rood
eondition Except the steps which ro
out of the jail into the yavd, which need
repair Also, some of the locks in the jail,
which need repairing or lew ones in place
of tho old ones. Also, a table in the Pro
thonolary's ollicc ; ne v one. Also, Iron
railing put around the pbtform in front of
the Court House, as recommended by the
Grand Jury in April sessions 1819. Also.
thu State road, commencing at tho head of
.itmn AineriHon s lauo, and to be opened to
near Samuel MeHenry's. Also, the road
in Madison from Foil liter's Mill, to Titts
man's Mill, which is in very bad order
Also, the bridge across tho Clnllisquaquo
Creek in Liberty township, which was re
ported April Sessions, 18-18.
All which is respectfully submitted.
VENIAH RE'ES, foreman.
Nov. Sessions, 1849.
ITT" Will notthcStar ofthe North, which
gave Frs. R. Shuuk sixteen hundred and
six of a majority, do something handsome,
in tho way of subscribing a dollar each
man to building a monument over his re
mains J We know that it is unnecessary
to urge this measure upon our citizens.
They will not forget to remember to reward
;r..,. r ... t.iin ,
.m. .11.111. mi win jriuiui uurrriwr : anu
thus, incite our youth to emulate his fame.
A Very Palpable Hit.
Wc are somewhat like the Dutchman,
who came out. to his milkman one morn
ing, with two vessels, instead of one, as
usual. "What is this for, says the man
of chalk, what do you want with the two
vessels ?" vy, says the old gentleman, dis
is for de valer.and dis vor le milic, und I
mix em to shute myself."
We too, like every thing by itself, and
then we can suit ourselves in its mix
ture. We intend to apply the anecdote to
the universal Whig party, which, accord
ing to the "Daily News," is composed of
two destructive parties, the drones and
the workers : or in other w ords, those who
'hnrra," and those who do something to
"hurra" about.
The "News," which by the way, we
like, as being a radical whig paper, and
not milk and water; speaking upon the
subject of Col. John W. Forney, of the
Pennsylvanian, being Speaker of the next
House of Representatives ; gives its party,
a poke under the short ribs for taking more
care of the water than the milk. We think
wiui me -flews that "the laborer is wor-
-.1 .i . m ... ...
ttiy ot Ins lure, and Col. Forney, has
strong claims, which we hope will receive
due consideration. His works praise him,
we need not. The "News" proceeds to
"Locofocos always act upon this princi
ple, and if the Whig party had done the
same, there would probably be no doubt
now as to the Whig complexion ofthe next
'Do you take, Zachary, do you take ?"
We wonder if ii is not a sly cut at the cab
inet? Well, the Whig party are certainly
in a bad state of condition, and it must be
confessed, that from the cabinet down to
the. negro Post Master in Virginia, the ap.
pointmrnts give universal dissatisfaction.
But this is no concern nf ours, it is ;t
ly quarrel, and while we remember and re
ward our friends, the whigs may furgel
Twelve Thoiiuii! Victim.
It is stated officially, by a Whig corn spond.-nl
of the Philadelphia A'oi th .hoi m an, that Mr.
Coli.ammi, the Postmaster General, has relieved
two thousand ii)il,t hvndrtd and 4y.Wr j
ilim.h ia...; pi'!.ioiD-.ierH, established NiSnew pot I
ollices, anil discontinued some .oi.io v t.icli weit 1
lle if. by Democrats. This is an arci;;,!,. ap
pointiiK-nt ol li.vis-, (,1 iM ,,ie ,) iif(' (
twelve months! The .New York llrrnldS
-.,i,w. ...I..,., . ..,..!!. .1. I .
..,,...,;! ,rlM iiiensi 01 presr-nbeil ii,i
tins "Washington era" to twelve thoiisam:
writes :
I he proscriptions of the cabin.
t are ecr- ' 1
iMinlir U'ltiiuif t-.......ll.,l ' . .i i
the government. The number ofpoMiiins-!
ters turned out, airioiiuts to about I 000: to
i ii Mnrv nt '
which may tie adileil a thousand clerks- ' he Louisiana sunk a f. -,v mit.tutes after the h',n?,,,fore P"Wihed, has been convicted at Col
eqilfl to lour thousand expulsions in one ! ''iter. ll is nnknown what led o the exnlo ' "",l,usanJ sentenced to the penilcnliary for len
department, in nine months. TJlf.ri, me ! " i" ""IT"' .t the engineers ad rc- i
nair wino uomo C (nn il. ... , , . . I -
"" '"" "-- inousanil postmasters i
yet untouched; but every ollice i,at pays i
is already appropriated-i'hosn that remain
1.11..: in on to ojii a year. In the 1
Home Hi
erctrlnipni lo.m .....1 .... n
ties included, there have been probably
not less than four thousand chanovs ,,i ide
In the Treasury Department thore have
been, including (-inks, lig!nloS0 k(.(,r,rrS(
&e., fome thr-x; thoii.and more, and kLow
mg only a thousand for AD. ( 'la Ion Mr
Crawford, and Mr. Preston, we ha'v,.', j,i
nine moiiihs, a list of proscriptions, for t(,e
ealitnct, apiouniing to twelv,, tlmusund.
I be exact number of Mr. Co!hmicr ,,
moialsof postmasters, m 27I. a,rrdiir.
t- the books. .w. who,, ih,. s,.,,.,,;
comes to act on all thi iinmcnsc (
executions you ni.iv depend .,,.,, ,l
1 '.. taii-i; ,MM MIl . ilnmi.
f-ibinetwi!l be rcquir.-d to rivcll,c reason-.,
and hosts of their ap,,oinn,.. i,i.. , u. rr.
jecteil. Indeed. I ventm, :,, , .!;... ,i,.
Il wing nnd his deparinn n
tinned as a itsnl, jnr-nml
"m the
The Ittdiord Ittiuocnuy.
We have pemij, v.iil, muj, h.it i ,f I itn the
spirited pioceedit.gsnf a ineetiii; htlduli the I .'th
iiiat., by tho irloriou tl.-ii! r.io v of lledford conn,
ty. The meeting was a tdieao-d, in tuin, hy our
worthy demucuiic. Irieiids, Jnrv Ct 'sn a, I's,; ,
fylaj. Ta I K, II, id lien. DoWAMN. I'lrcting our
iiiuiJiiiiy to give Iloi proceeding at length, we)
must hi; content, with the re-publkjli.m I'mmlU
it. ...-. II. .. .1...... .' n I . .
I j
nuiid, with whieh.wK aieominly plead and
,., i in- o h, -HO 111 III ill Mil
. . 1.; I . ,
oditor ofthe Pcnnsylminian, a paper re -
cognized not only as the organ of the Hem-
ocracy of this Stale, but as an organ of the
Democracy of the Union, is connpicously
named as a candiilato fur Clerk of the -.-
til II n I HOIISI! fit K',M r(.u.,l-,i;. r.cf 'I I,
. " ' ' """"I'1! I IIU
Colonel ii eiiiineuilv Qualified fur ib. m.t
-is a gentleman in 'every sense ofthe term
-and has rendered as much service to the
rSkerr1''0' rr,,i,0r C
lie speaker as a ny man of bis years Wi
not the Democracy in (.'ongress confer this
complinicnt upon the Democracy of the
Keystone State ? Dor great Democratic
i of r,'sP;('1 at llie la"ds of her brethem of
the other States, and we resnectfullv beor
i . i
II. u !' , I'mn inn . ... ......... 1. 1:... I
! ,a, 01 ' VV , ' 1
we know mm.
lit solved, That our confidence in the
Hon. Jamks Buchanan is unabated. We
1 i
cj '
recognize in hiin all the traits of the States-
man and ( ientleman, and the older he
grows the better we like him. The result
of his great intellectual labors, like bread
cast upon the waters, will be seen and felt
lor generations to come. His integrity as
a man, his devotion to pure Democratic
principles, and his ability as a Statesman,
will forever endear his name to the Ameri
can people. Although he can number his
friends by thousands and by hundreds of
thousands, ho can find none more devo
tedly attached to him than the lion-hearted
Democracy of Bedford Countv."
Thkrk's NoTiriNd True but Culifarnia
The Te.u Gazette alludes a follows to the gold
found in Wichita, in that State :
These descriptions of the Wichita gold
are more glittering than those we read in
oriental history of the Olon Tula, or sea of
stars, at the source of Whangho, in Thibet.
li one Halt ot ttiose tales were true, the
philosopher's stone would be no longer a
desideratum, and our neimtiable notes
would be made payable in eagle and ru
jSres instead of rows and calves. But, a-
las ! a person who at !,. L-n-0 ,i. '
rise locality of the
I .... i:.. .- .i .... ' ' J .'
i -t i. . ,-' i
...m inuurn uoasures, nuns
i I t h -" ." I'ioh , mill uiuv
linon n-iii nir in i m i,l-,,.,, il ... .!...
) nlaee that tbpv nil vm
j i.s, j, &jr enchanted castles
i - "j - "-
J lip
Wichita g ld, whenever irazed upon, as if
touched by a magician's wand, has the pe
culiar quality i f becoming transmuted into
mica. In short, it is nothing but an iqnis
faluus that "leads to bewilder, and dazzles
to blind." We happen to know this, for
we liail the pleasure ot going all the way
ln.t. t.n I.: - i- '
........ ..... .v.inmni ijrn.y , aMimmersiin,
" . 1 " 8"'" J anu wnen we
uiiivi.u.n inu ii;h-(; ir tie It. ll'IIS. u-
found it was nut '-itr." and anv nersnn
who will find it there, without the aid of
Aladdin's lamp is welcome to our hat.
7Vii. pild i j'.l a lli'i tinn nhow,
That throws false 1 1 -1 1 r u ;im the cornea;
The fucks ahovt, Hit- rocks below,
D--ccitf.il shine, di i-i.i;'iil j;,,w ;
There's ii'ilhin- Inn- but California.
Horrible Slcatubout Disaster!
pi. .
Ivvplosion on Board the J.ouisiuin-The !
lio.it Shncred to Atoms I'pwards of"
l.'il) Diver Lost !
Nmv l)iti.KA.s, Nnv, 10... M.
, I..-' vemir; about lHe o'clock, as the steamer
i I.i uiia,ia, I o'Mid to St. ii-.. i. i...
' i"H Hit-
luce bth 1- cs ,!e, b a terrible crash,
lit. rally scall.-uu- the boat to atoms, and serious
ly ilij'iril.z ail. The decks of all tlnee steam.
ers w,'rL' 'V.detl with assent rs, and the scene
iouowi ii was lu-art-r.-iiilin in exlw-ine. I
" ""i'l",,"'d h.if ..hont ICO lives were last be
sim-s a I,,'-!- number who w-re frinhtfully scalded
and wanted. Airca-ly .Ml, bad bodies have been
recovered. The levee U strewn will, the dead and
d; iLj.-. Anns,!,...s ami beads mo scattered in every
i.iicoiiun. I Iii.ii-ji,,!,,,! citizens are c,Mi-reKaled
;,r""!"1 melaneholj seen,-, doing al j ,H.ir ;
nicviai,. llie snileic-.
U IS lliipi.JMI.1,;, I,, t. cunlllslOII Which
lls' t0 0,""il1 I'-' i name, ui tbo killed and
i'- i i" 1 1 j ii si rill wiiii'ii Tirw
"" " w""Mle,l, as tl.ey bave not been seen since
'be accident,
-m-w Dm.nxs, ,,v. 17 A. M.
: ap.ain ivcnnon, ot itm steamer Louisiana, has
; hcen arrested, and held lo bail in il, ..,
s.ili;. The explosion having been atlribulei
arelcsiii-ss, a search,,,,. :,, .... . I
Ivtiikeiilac. M;,,iv,:,, M Z Z -
' ' ""l "e.-o j
I he I..IS.M ot the iiippimr are all at half rnasl.
ll'initru Iivr, ti ,ii , .
I in,hu Hit,- I ,e Inllowir,,. adverlisen,e.,i
.i ,. I
lately appeared in the . V. Sun:-" T),.ar .Tohn i
Kil.y anil l.,n,,,u.,ln,lshnn;,, bis meet your i
eye, I buiolnv wimi li v.ii, to r, ,r , . :
siiail i v, i In- d'llilol as a wile r-hoiild be,"
- is uil, 1 I
l. irre I'm
"-''' ' I'.eho-k.,.,,:.,,,,,,,!,,,.,,,!,..
nnmlwr a. hiniru: been killed bvl--.ppi.Ain Fs.i '
-S ','"'"-"""'i'lii,e,l;be,,,,tVi (.r
' """I-"' let.lL,,,, m. , r.,,,1 h,,,,,!,-,,,! nlni,.
''""' I 'I' 'Ile seventv fiwip,,,,,,,,.,
.. i.;. i. , . i ... 1
" "' " 1 ' 'I'i'i'ii, '-- w- I! in. . , ,1
!err 'i ra
lln.r un. -thi, 0
in nini II lilt Mi; pjI'lI'MIKir llttl'lltlon : ,
"Ui'Koliwd, That wn have heard with j Th-girU ho der;voj thu eye hy wearing LUe
pnde and pleasure, that Col. John W. j '-url U apt to deceive ihe heart with IoImj proli s
I'oknky, the talented and acroinnlished siw of love.
J'ditortal Vomjnnd.
Hun TiiumuH. U.N ion, arrived i in YWhiiv-
lu"' "" Monday evening last.
TlIK pKINIlKtl of W HHhilJtoil Cily tit! about
to contibuie towards llie National Monument
I'licy are the right sort uf men, t, a waggish cur-rcioiiili.-iit
uf iliu wVcu remark,' Wo nt vp a
i l uiiiinu !
i. II.... II... r.. . ., , ...
" 1 ' -
iumi. iiilwiw i. lav mine hucki ol AlJerinau
' I! ..n u-. v.i ...
.'v. .. ui ibii oi uci , m;v iUlll.
j i,iK 0 lies ol Worth, Gates, and Duncan,
ct"tt ttlu c"' New York, .jviuou.
i ,, ,
1 lN k-w v,,,,lt (-'a.ai will be closed on the
Jiit ot l)ci mber;
i '"" M -''"'''' wl for
i mml,',";lt t M Kiv,'r 1!"lk-
' be Capiial of Cahtornia ha been fixed at
,i. i
j couvt-ution ' ' C""l"Uli0'Ul
I '
j fcH-oui, Napoleon rides about l'aris, escorted
Look out
Irpttianfiom X,w Mi rico.-Uvnu Smith,
. .
..X... .1 .
1 ZI "
I - ii nit vuiiiicM ui iiie
. Vmittd State.
! Mf- T- p- s- Jlm who wos Cashier of the
j Kuuehana Lank, ha been bailed out of prison
I al Mrie.
'ylore- 'u''""".-vValter Joy's tank at Buffalo,
; V(J'k h:H f'il(!,, ah(1 1'awtuxet Hank.
Providence, is reported to have slopped payment.
The notes of the former institution aro worth 7o
cents on the dollar.
&The whole negro vote or New York cily
w as cast for the whig ticket. No wonder the
democrats were beat-en, if ihey had 90 much
darknesi arrayed against Ihein.
I Fair Exearu-e.l Ue female teacher of a
I C0UI1,'y school nnco said to one of her visitors ."
" W . d it's hut little
leacm-s- em.
Eiliton-in the Field We observe in the list
of candidates for elction to the Legihlaturu of
Massachusetts, the names ol five Editors.
The total number of deaths in New York cily
'dcouii' '"r 'beweeking on the .Id inst.,were
, .,..."":
I 1,0,1 Kobert C- hm.hrop, t-.v-Spenker of Cm-
We, wan married m Iloton. on the Gih. in Mr
. ,,, . ....... , , ,. ....
1 "r""'a ".v dm lasmonablu lady ol that
A recent Paris journal says it is the intention
ofthe French Government toaioint Mr. I'ous-in
to a diplomatic post near one ofthe South Ameri
can (iciverinnents.
John B. Leperance died at the almshouse of St.
Louis last week. lie was wealthy and f.islii.ma.
' -
jble.hut intemperance hroke down his fortune,
his heath, and, at last, his intellect,
so that he
died a in iiiiae pauper.
fjrj- The imprisoned Gen. IV, in Veneznuli
l,, i,. i - , . . . ...
has bail Ins youngest son seprafed Irom hnn, being
extirpa.ed from his eiuhlh vears
1 -
JTJ-N'cw York ships forty head of cattle ahout
1 J iii'i-uL
every three weeks to Bermuda, lor the bupply ol
Ik.. V.,,,ll t. V .... I . i- .i
the hiiglisli aval station there.
J'J- A hUlnber of dermal) politico-military re-
. . i . xiii.ii i.iiii fill .'1 ICO I III. IIISCI V
Swiss regiments levid for .he King of N
fui;ies in -Switzerlatnl enrolled tln-insclves in Die
C3-It isaidthat three hundred ofthe late par.
risson of Colaorn, with their leader k'lapka, are
ahout to depart lor America,
(; Tennessee has, at this time, within her
limils, forly-seven foin.'ce.s, and ninetv-livo
bloonierics, forces and rolling mill,. In the man-
iifaoture of iron, she stands as the third Stale in
the Union.
0r- Uo-.nliii urns m favor of the annexation of
Cuba to the United States, have been introduced
into both house of the Vermont Legislature.
The Anstian papers, nnl withst a tulinij t lie
risk ini'nrred in doin' so, are denouncing the bur-
bartities on Hungarians as unnecessary and cruel,
and demand their cessation.
T,. J.I'-. Fehrani, whose arrest for Mealing
from the mail at Troy, Ohio, has been
' frj-r.ast India ugar growinp, on the West India
plan, has been given upas a failure, alter ixperi-
monts conducted under the most favorable circum
; sttnees, and regardless nf expense.
nights of Gold Dinners. A letter from Tali.
ffii - ni - i . i- . ...
' aW "Ust hM
- ' n ,,,C " tUn
oacK as lar
as he chooses. No one w ill infringe
so long as his tools are left on the s
Cincinnati contains a population of one I
'''"1 ad ten thousand persons, estimated
, , .......
ii li
on a re-
villi LIIUIIII lilllUH,
Wisconsin is "right id7up. r.y Dewev
n..m : ..l. -.-.i l "
in, loajoriiy,
and Democrat, retain (heir ascendancy in the
l'H ."t-l. Cll-U nv .1 It nr .Iiim
,.,;.... "e,nowevcr, has
foi-rt r Ri'Mort ti.0 v y f-. . ,
... " ' 'v ' ommericiai ays:
1 here ,s a rumor in town, we understand, hint
rater more than hinting-,, the probabil.y,
i..:.t A.r Cl.iy may assume the port ol Secetarv
sv,.eWtclonSiMr r,;lre,irim, ..
' .3
l.U I o "S I . ....
A Hi A ii l,y iiri'u uf ( h' fiic ii'.'il wilii n
yuwn ikioi nt Ihr iinnii' of S. C, 'I iiw ii.i'hii .nm ii.i. lu 4
name In juil nri Si,r -Himnlhi, v li,rh i'm i i-'-II I if. I'iiwii
-iiil' 'iif.iuinrillii. di -uiiriiinxtiriK 11 UKXlilJfK, Ur.iiiwil,
li'. Thlii 'J'uu n-t'ii ill 'in ili'i-lor. unit nrvpr v. ; dm h-, '
fiiriwrly a worAi'r nil mifmiu!-. i-mint. mul il.r tlkn. Vrl I18
M"Uiih' mil-1,' Dr., 'it the piOile nl'iininiiif erpilli fur
wlml hs in nnl. TI01 In In rmilmn llm m Jt no! In lid
iWi'hvit, nnil iirrhii.a mme Hill iM (ihS'l K OHHII
KAtt O.It if. J i;.i 'Ciwn-if.mt'4 Sitrnitmrillit, ImviiiK 'in
II Hi" 1 )l J lit'. liKim-w. his I' ly fu.ii ul' Hriua, kpiI hl
i(rllnilir nrnni ihi, i ,.ul of iirm..
friwifal njirt, lli.'.V... ..;u (., ,V York City.
TUK OKIIil.NAI, l!ISCliVI'.l(LR or -j UK
Outline Tovvnsend Sarsaparllla.'
Olil Pr. 'l iiHiHrnil it now iihuiil'O year, or" net', nml Iiim
loud lie. 11 kniiwn nn Hip .1UTHOR anil ItlSVOVKHf.ll
n( the UKAVI.YK UHlUl.V.ll. " 7 V II Jtf:X, n.nt
&JI'.1HII.I..1." llpii'K innr. Iih whs ruiiiif Hi d m Until it
iiiainilnrtiim, hy whii h iiieiinn it hn, l-i-n kfit out ul iiuir
kft, und llie wile, rirnnimrihed in thine i,nly n)n hurt
imvd its wnrih, mid knuwii III vnltia. II had runchid
the eurii of ninny, ni'vonhdem, ni ihme 'rmin n hn hmt
l)H n hi'nli il in mire diseiuet, anil mvid Icmii ileiuh, iiro
claimt'd us en llenre nml wnnilrfiil
KniiwinK, many yran aga. that he hd. hy hi "kill,
irloniii. nml riiH-rirnee. di-vwed an nriii-le which hihiIiI h
of inriilciil.ilili' iulninini!e lu mankind wlu-n ih inmine
woiilil Mo luriiiihml in brinit it inlii umvciial niitire, whrn
itH ini'iliniiilili! virnies umilil Iw knmvn and uirecmted.
Tlli, timii ho i-iiiiie. Hie means are 1 1 1 1 p li r 1 1 ; llm
ail.tA-l) .4X1) VJfHtitl.H.I.Kli i'Hr.P.1H.1TIO.V
n inaniilai'iiiri'il on Iho Inrirest hciiIp, aud i called for
Uirwinliiiiit the Innt'ih and liremttli of ihf land. eM-rmllf
w V u liiuml iniNiviiilu uf di'Kuneraiinn nr ileieriiiraiiuu.
t'nlike yiiiini! S. I1 'I'linnM-iid'.i, it improve, with age. anil
nnvcr i hani!", hut fur the hcue r : hrcaue it ia fireparrd m
icirntijic pmr.ipltt hy a stttnufk man. The hishe.,1 knowl
edne of (Jhennstry. and llie MH ili.coveries of the art,
have all linen bronchi inln ren,uiMliun In the nmniil'aciiui)
ofthe Old llr's Harsapinlla. The Karinniirilla root.it ii
noil know n to medical man, oontaiBi many iin-ilir'a-tt pro
perties, and imi" prui. riii'H whirh arn inert or iimjIi'-m, anil
othern, whirh if retained in prfparinn it fur line, produce
fcrracafiiOnn and und, which ia injurioii, to the ayiiein.
Soma of the pruiicriie, of S.rapariila are so ruiatile. that
they entirely evaHirate and lire lo-t in the pieimralion. if
Ihey are not preserved hy a larntific pmcr.'.i, known only
tu those experienced in iu nianiilactiire. Moreover, thesa
inlatilt principles, which fly nil' in vapor, or an an ethala
Imn, under heal, am Iho very tmtntinl mcdieiU proptriiet
jf the ruot, which irive tu it all 11, value.
Any periun can boil or ,tew llie root nil they (el a dark-
I S'S-,,".,!; Zj'ZX
this liifftpid 'ir vapirt hiiiid, sweeten with .our mol.-me.,
nd then nil it "SAH.-AI'AI'.II.I. A HXTH.WT or SY-
iiil-v c.iti Idea &tram
lil'P." llm Mirh ii nm (he nrlii-U- knomi :i. llie
This ia .o prepared, lhal all the ini-rl propcr;le of lha
Pariapanlla runt are liml ri-lnuM-il. every thmt' mpalile of
heciuniiar m id or ul feriiiiMitatinn, is e.irncieil nnil n jei led ;
then every pnrticto ol medic.-il virniw m seciiri.-d in a pur
and cuticeiiirati-d lorui ; anil thus it ia remlen.-il niciipalile nf
losiril! any of it, valualiie and healing properiies. I'reur.'ii
In iIim way, it ia made l lie moat powerm! ::i-nt in tho
Cure of iituujiierixtjlo i.-:v-;s.
Ilem-e the rea-mn w h we near 'oiiiii.enilniiona on everr
a, ile In in favor hy nun, women, and clulil run. U e lind it
dnine uonderi in the cure of
( o.VAf MI-TIH.V, nml i.Cf.'fl COM-
'..i.v-, aii in
lUir.l M 77VV. SI nil) V 1.1,
Pii.r.s. twirwEss. mi c'-iw.vcrs kuvp
Tltxs. VIMft.HS. tu.dCTllKs, and all annuion.
arisini; iruui
liVll'l lit 1 Y UK THK HLtXH).
ll powsM",a iii.irvi-ili.iui ilii .,1 y in ah .on. .linni. urisinc
from tndti..tui,i. t'riin, .tctdih nf lkt iiumtuk. Iriini tn,r.iiaT
cirri, lalioa, iti-1. r 1 1 1 1 1,. t i. ,,, l (:;nKj u ,,u he:,d. p-ilpilalion
nt Uih li.-nrt. i:ul.t it-uinail Ii.hiiim, roid caillMcnl ln.i ll .n-a
oii-r lb.- Ip.i.ly. ll h.i. not Hi. aipia, in ( W.l.i ai d l-.giu ;
and i. in. .:i". easy i . i t,,r.itioii ninl umlln pir piralioll.
ichuiiii- -.rn-iarnil'lhs liu. lhm.it. nnil every otln-r part.
Illll in iiuinini; is il MMitract, louri. ni'illllii -tty sct-n ai.d
ni-kninvii-iUt-d thnn in all kiniN ami st;i-:.- i f
It Work. woiiiIl-, in -4-a.,nr y.ttur . libit f or tt'ltilrn. h'lll
ing "I '-'.'- 0 (..fi-.'n (. ,. Suj.itrr.-ir, I, ur I'tttiifui .lf,M,
In t i ulnrtty of the ln.inslrih.ii .ri..uri. anil On- like: anil
I r.-. c.El-i-io.iI in ,-iiriiu.' nil lliv lurnia ol hi'iiirt lima.trH
llv ri-ini.vii'i; iilistrurtiuns, anil rsinlaane un: ut-ii.Tiil
aym... il l-iv.-' .n,c and slrt-inili lo ihe Mlnil,: li.my, and.
uiu.s ,:,,rKa an i-ino- o,
IS en on ttisenf.es uud rfehiltty,
un, I lint, prcwiut or reii.-VHHa an . u varn-ij ol' oim-i malA
"Il,i " -v'""' irrioinon. , ,ir.0'ia, .v. urua Itatut
I .... v. t.piin,i,r. r.u, i ,..,,. kc
! " ' ' lll"r I'falihv nfii..ti
j loiiei llm aioiiuir.h, and !ivu pnid diawtion. relievnn tl,
laiwi-is ul torpor un, I vonsiip ition. allaja iiiltiiiim.ition,
! e'l"u1'-'" '"' o hnd.
I nroi Ui:,llL' I'UIll I- vviiiinlli enujil k- li, n.ef I lu in ill mul
"isena.iiie p.'rpiriiiinii ; n-i.ne.-. ...I Miitnu.a ann'ticht
ui n-ni.ne .ill ol-iliiiciiniK, anil oivi;nrale the e.iliK
. cvona sm, m. U nm ims iln-n
v.. tm
! The ibvdiciue voa Dre-?iiitv(iv necil I
I Hat ran any ..I these ibuun be s.n.1 .l'!. P. Tuviim.'N.-
i iunT or .'irl.. l. t 'Cl.iv ....,,, i.i .ii' 1. .nm I i. ..... ... 1.-
hrraliMi ol one l,K Ml l-'ACI'. th.Mhe on ,a I.NCAP.V
lil.l.ul III; I t.ll, I i.'I A I U i, .mil
uhile Iho oihur Di ,KS ; ,.i.i,i"r, fit mri:!init, and Having
Ik btitU's cinil-iinin it inln liiiami-nls ; the sour, lu-ii, li.fMlil
Hipinilin. am! l i, n.isiiii.' ouirr i.'1-.n.ls : .Must not thix horre
bin i-inii.i.i,..d bo poi-lllli'lM to tho s sl.-iii ! ll'Anl.' put
etitl into a - y..n in -ni', tl'.tf.ism trilh u ttl! What ,:nlr
l'y.irp.ia Inn arid J In, ive not all know ihat whf n lin d
sino-i in nur sieinnrhs, wh.ii ini.rliirls it pro,liii'.a 1 tlatn
lenre. hrnrCiiirii, p ,liii itn.n oi" n,,. hen, liver complaint,
fliiirrl.ii it. .ly-i-iiti ry, rour, ai.il nirrnplion of lha hlooiU
hat is Srroiula hut an arid hnninr in ihr Imdy 7 What
pr.nliii-os iill llie telinor, whirh limn.' on lirilpliiim uf ths
ktn, .-cnid Head. Kilt lilieniii, Kr).,clin, While Swell
Inea, t'evi'r .Sun's, and all iiiri-rnliona iniernnl and etlernalt
It ia not In op under In an n. Inn an mid .nlistance. whirh
sour., and thu, spoil, all the , Inula ol' the hudy. more f
les. Whit mums llheiiinaiioi, lint a amir or acid rluid
which in-inil ili s u-ell hi'tuHrii llinjiniila and el-ewhi-r.
Irotatoic and inflainme the ilriiran: t,H.,ira upn whirh il
rls So ol' nnvuiis ili-e.mi-1. of impurity ol llm hi I, m
deraiiL'eil iiiclllations, anil nearly all the Hllmenta whirl,
fittlicl hillll.ul nature.
how ia it not leirnlile m nmka nd sell, and .aia.taJy
nrn to Use thia
buLJ(b(i. I'KIiAIKNTlXfi. ACID " CUM-
,nil yet he won la lain have it nn.l.rt.Ml that old Dr. Jamb
I'nunii-nii'i (.'limine Orifimii Saritipuriiii, iaan I Mil' A
l'. i.N ol In. Init-rnir prrparatmn : !
Heaven lorhiil that wu should ileal in nn ariirls which
nmild I't-ar tin. most lii.enit re..tiil., .iirM i.. s e r..u..
rnd'iiar(Kei and which should brin down ii.n'ihe Old
i-i. mii.ii a iiinuntain Hum ol roiuplaiina i.n.l criiiiiuatii.nj
Irom Au'enia w ho have nud. nml piirr.hii.era w ho have uii-d
S. I". l oivusend's KKItMK.NTI.Nii (;( l.MI'i (I'M).
We w,sh it un.lrrat.HHl, bemuse il is the akmtyit rm(A,
IhM K I. 'l ownMind a nrtirle and Old ir. Jeroh l own
end'i riar.a,rilla are kr.irrn-irttle apart, mid iwinitWv Ju-(miliar,-
t,at tiny are unlike in every pnriiru'iar, having
not one single Uein; in riinuun.
As f. I'. 'low nsei id n no dnrmr, and novrr waa, lain.
Che, nisi, no pharinareutial knowa more of meihriue or
disease than any otharconiinon, imar.enilrtc. ttntiroreaaiomt
man, w hai guarantee can the pithlir bave lhal they are
ceivmi! a erniiine arirnlinc nirdirinn, coiiliiniini ill th
virlue.a ol tneartirles used in preparing it. and whirh ar in
capable, of chnnies whirh nnKhtrcndir lliini Ilia AUb.Yl'8
nf lii-ra-e inairnd of health.
but whit clao ahould tie o.tairtcd from en who knnn-M
milhine ciiiiip.irativt-ly of nw.li. inn or ihaeaa ! Itreqmru
i ieraon nt aenie extierienru to cook and aerve up even a
common ilerenl meal. How uiiirh more uiiporinni ia it lhal
the eeraons who ninnut'ariure medicine, .Icsinned liir
ahnuld know- tvelt the medical properiiea nf pltimt, th
ba-at manner of serurinK and couccntrnonK iheir healing
vinnea. aim an e iiensive know led;.' of the varinus diaeaaeu
' Inch nltrct Hie human ayaiein, aud how in adapt remedim
lo Ihrse .hseases ;
It n to arrest Ira.ius upon the nnforninnte. In pour balm
nto woninl. il hiiinanily. to kini'ia nope in ino neaiwinan
laisniii. to restore health nnd hl.Hiin, and vifor into the
rru.liril and hrnken, and lo banish inliimitv lhal 01.11 IIH,
JACOB ToM'.NrtKM) baa SOI'tillT and roll.MI the op
portunity nnd meant to liriue hi,
Giaml I'niversal roncentraleil
within the rrm-h.and I" ' knnw-ledee of all who need It,
thai ihey ni..v learn and kunw, by joyiul eipenence. lu
'J'raiist tiKleiit Power to Ileal.
P.. I.I'TZ. Airnnt. PI oonisbnri;.. nue.ll, '.tnty
oi if i! V, r ;'k s a inTn h imu .viTn
o t. nave nisi mane vaiuanic add,.
jvjjis tions to our .lob-Cflice, of new type,
fvic, and profiled a handsome supply of "As
sorted Fancy Paper, hy which wc ran rxeruU
the ri'-at'-t frh woik in this section.

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