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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, March 14, 1857, Image 2

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Bloomsbuvg.Marcli HJ857.
Pemocratlc Slato Nnmln.nlong.
roil aovhiiNon.
Gen. Wm. P. Packer,
Of T.vcaming County,
Nimrod Strickland
Of Chctur county.
roK juuui; of thu Surinam court
IIon. Ellis Lewis,
Of Philadelphia.
Tho Cabinet
Tho cabinet of President Buclianinij as
follows !
Lkwis Cass, of Michigan, Secretary of
HowELii Cobb, of Georgia, Secretary of
, tho Treasury,
John B. Floyd, of Virginia, Secretary
cf War.
Isaac Toucet, of Connecticut, Score
tary of tho Navy.
Jacob Thompson', of Mississippi, Socrc
tary of tho Interior.
JznsMiAU S, Black, ef Pennsylvania,
Attorney Central
Aaron V. IinowN, of Tennessee, Post
Postmaster General.
This is a cabinet combining high par
Bonnl cbaractcr, tried administrative abili
ty, and comprehensive nationality.
General Oass was born iu New Ilamp
shi'c, in 1782, and is now seventy-five
years of age. At an early ago, ho cmigra
ted to the then wilderness of the West, and
located in tho State of Ohio, lie was hero
elected to several liighposit on.'in tho Ter
ritorial and Stato governments, by the
choice of tho people, a3 well as that of
President Jefferson, who recognized his
merits as a popular and able young man
When tho war of 1312 came on, General
Cass, obeying tho instincts of patriotism,
which has always been a marked trait in
his character, volunteered his services, and
entered tho army, to beat back tho Britisli
and Indian invaders. He served gallantly
under General Harrison, during tho whole
of his north-western campaign, and acqui
red much distinction as a brave and active
officerintho battle of tho Thames, as well
as in several other severely contested ac
tions. After the conclusion of tho war, he
was for many years, under successive ad
ministrations, Governor of the North-West
Territory, and in'"that position acquired
immensn jiopularity. Strongly imbued
with the-prLnciples of Democracy, General
Cisa was one of the ablest supporters of tho
hero Jackson, who. honored him with tho
most distinguished marks of confidonco
lie was made Secretary of War in Jackson's
fecond Cabinet, and discharged the duties
of that mostimportcnt department, at the
nullification era, with great credit to him
self and tho country. One of tho last act3
of tho hero of New Orleans was to fend
General Cass as Minister to France in 1830.
Ho remained at the Court of tho Tuilieries
until 1842, and during that time rendered
U3 more important service than almost any
other Minister we ever had abroad. By
his patriotism, ability and vigilance, he
succeeded in preventing Franco from bo.
coming a party to tho Quintuplo Treaty
between the great powers of Europe, which
asserted tho right of search against Amcri
cau vessels, and would, had it been ratified,
havo involved us in a bloody war against
half of Europe
In 1813 General Cas3 was nominated
for President, at Baltimore, by tho Demo
cratic Convention, receiving a two-third
yote on the fourth ballot. General Buttler,
of Kentucky, was selected Vice President.
Previous t this time he had written his
immortal Nicholson letter against the "Wil
mot Proviso," Uiaking tho then novel
ground that Congress had nothing to do
with slavery in tho Territories, but that it
belopged entirely to the peoplo who reside
there to settle. This position was furiously
assailed by tho opposition, but General Cass
has lived to sco it adopted as the fixed
policy i f tho government, In this cam
paign ho was beaten by General Tayl.ir, ,
receiving ono hundred and twenty-seven
rotes tn Gen. Taylor's one, hundred and
eixty three, s
General Cass was ono of tho principal
tuppurtcrs of the Compromise measures of
18S0, which wcro based upon the idea of
his Nicholson letter. In 1802 General Cass
was again a candidate for President at the
N,atioual Convention, and received by far
more votes than any other candidate. An
agreement was finally effected upon General
I'iorce, as a compromise man, and that
gentleman .then received tho support of
General Cats and his friends,
n.o lent tho imraetisa weight of his name
and influenco to the passage of tho Ncbras-
k.a,bill and to, Uis election of Mr. Bqghauan,!
in 1650, and Actually, notwithstanding his.f'vor in that body. Howiw a prominent
great age, Took tho Btump in Mr. Buchan
an's fovor, in Michigan.
Few men, if any, in the country havo
had a moro successlul or honorable poliii
cal career" a roan of high statesman
ship, of firm integrity, of stern and un
bending democracy, nntjggf ptiro patrloU
liva, hostands high in tho public estima
tion. He'will boon truo to ins tru-.n w
i.. t.,.1 r i,sv
"-""v uv. ,
IIowslIi Conn, of Georgia, lms won an
i onduring reputation by tho commanding
i ability with which he has discussed and tho
boldness with which ho has defended tho
rights guarantied by tho constitution, Ho
was horn in 1SG, in Georgia and conso
qucntly'is but forty-two. After graduating
at asouthcrn college, .ho entered upon tho
prctico of : lie law, and exhibited ability so
niirlctd that in 1837 ho was chosen by tho
Georgia logislaturo solicitor general. In
16-12 ho first appeared in tho national field
by an election to congress. In this body
) no took rank among tho foremost debaters,
and was reelected for foursuccossivo terms,
In 1810 ho was chosen speaker of tho house.
Succeeding this service ho was chosen in
1853 governor of Georgia, and in 1855
again was returned to congress, where his
power was universally felt, and his fitness
for leadership as universally acknowledged.
So elevated has been his patriotism ; so ir
rcproachablo is his private character; eo
industrious his habits ; so clear his intellect
that it is conceded on all bauds that he is
worthy of tho responsible post to which ho
his been called, and if prior servico be
any test, it is a guaranty of an ablo and
faithful administration of tho treasury de
JonN B. Floyd is of Virginia, where
his eminent services to tho democratic par
ty won for him a wido popularity. He
has powerfully supported tho democratic
candidates sinqo 1830, He is an eloquent
speaker; ha3 held many and variouspub
lic offices; was governor of Virginia in
1850; and has evinced administrative a
bihty of a high order. An opp"sition
journal concedes that ho "possesses con
sidcrablo talent and versatility, and from
experience iu various offices will no doubt
bo found competent to his new position.'
Ho made an ablo reply to Mr. Banks's
speech from tho steps of the Merchants'
Exchange, IScw York, and was a demo
cratie elector in tho last election.
Isaac Touct, of Connecticut, has had
a long and wide experience, both in his own
state and in tho general government. lie
served in tho house of rt presontatives from
1835 to 1639; in 1640 ho was elected gov
ernor of Connecticut; in 1852 was chosen
senator; and, in every station to which ho
has been called, has exhibited ability and
judgement. He was a fearless ndvocato
of tho Nebraska bill, and his argucmont
for this great measure will be a monument
of his patriotism and statesmanship long
after tho assults of faction th41 havo been
forgotten. To fino ability, Air. Toucey
has a private character above reproach ; a
fidelity to his friends as truo as Iho nccdlo
is to the polo; and tho President in him
will have a constitutional advisor who.
knows how to appreciate thodffioulties, aud
to estimate the patriotism and sacrifices of
thoso at tho north who stand by the nation
al compromisei, and arc laboring to recall
this section of tho country baok to fidelity
to the constitution.
Jacob Tiiomtso.v, of Mississippi, sovcr-
ed several years in congress from 1830 to
1851; and distinguished himself by his
industry, practical knowledgo of business,
and good sense. Ho applied himself faith
fully to measures of high importance, which
ho discussed with ability and eloquenco
and stern integrity. He, like Gov- Brown,
is a state rights southern democrat; but
also liko Governor Brown, did not, in tho
contest whenthe 1650 compromise incisures
wero enacted, go with tho cxtrenio southern
wing. He has great firmness of character;
largo personal popularity; thorough knowl
edgo of public affairs ; and is emphatically
a working man, having in him the quali
ties that go to mako up administrative a
bility of a high order,
Aabo.v V. Brown, is by birth a Virgin
ian, Ho early distinguished himself as a
lawyer in Tennessee, and was tho partner
of PresMcnt Polk, Ho was a senator in
tho Tcnnesseo legislaturo from 1821 to
1827, and a representative in 1831 and
1832, where ho earned a solid reputation
as a debator aud legislator. From 1839 to
1815, ho served in congress as a member of
tho hours. His speeches on tho "freedom
of elcctions,""tho burning of the Carolino,"
against tho tariff, of 1812, against tho Gs.
cai bank bill, on tho remission of Gen
Jackson's fine, on tho Florida treaty, and
on the Oregon bill, ftro pointed to by his
friends with pride as evidences of his supo
rior ability. In 1845 ho retired to private
life, but was met on his return homo with
tho news of bis nomination ai j governor by
the democratic state convention. Ho im
mediately entered upon the canvass, ex-
Senator Foster, ono of tho most popular
men in Tennessee being h'u opponent,
Tho canvass was a brilliant one, r.nd result
ed in Mr. Brown's election. II is admin
istration as governor proved him to bo pos-
scssod of great executive talent. He was
defeated by a very small majority for re-
election, owing to parties u.-wg evenly ual-
anced. In 1850 ho was a member of tho
Nashville convention, and though a stato
rigllts democrat, took ground against tho
cxtrenio radical viows which met with some-
canmuato lor mo vico presiuency uoioro
tho last national convention. Governor
Mr own made very ablo speeches against
know nothiugism, sharply exposing its in
sidious character. Ho is 62 ycar3 of age,
stands high in the confidcuca of the demo
cratic party, and will mako a capital cabi.
JsunMVU 8. Hlack, b tho attorney
Inerdh and h nrouounoid by all who
e . .......
ono of tho greatest and best mon of tho
country. Ho Is a Pcnnsylvanian by birth,
and wusloYti in 1810. Ho devoted him
stlf to n professional life, nnd never held a
purely political office; In 1842 ho was ap.
pointed ono of tho district judges of Penn
sylvania i bcctimo on tho bench tho chief
justice,. and iu 1E51 was elected to tho su
premo bench, JIh literary attainments
aro of tho very highest order. Ho is pro
found in his knowledgo of law, and his
opinions as a judgo havo won for him tho
highest respect of his professional brethren
Ilia selection has elicited tho flattering cu.
logiums oven from tbo opposition press
Thus Iho Philadelphia Gazette says "lie
is a lawyer of very high attainment', and
of most accomplished mind in other re
spects; and we aro euro ho will do emi
nent credit to his now po"sition.'' Tho
Pcnnsylvanian (democratic) remarks
Tho purity of his character, tho inbred and
incorruptible honesty of his nature, tho
soundness of his principles, tho superior
brilliancy and clearness of his intellect, all
stamp him with tho genious attributes of
truo greatness. Tho nation could not havo
marshalled into her service a nobler spirit "
Thisglanco at the antecedents of the
personnel of tho now administration shows
that it has a marked homogeneous charac
ter. Not that tho members went as a unit
on tho exciting questions that havo lately
divided the country; but that they all held
their views and action na subject to tho
paramount duty of tho preservation of tho
Unmn. Hence, wlnlo this cabinet i3 rep
resentative of tho strictest fidelity to con
stitutional right), it is emphatically a rep
resentative of that national sentiment, that
comprehensive regard to all tho interest
of our common country, which should ever
mark tho couusols and tho conduct of pa
trot statesman.
And at its head, as the dispenser of the
political-power, as emphatically tho Pbes
idest, is tho illustrious statcsmau, who
has just solemnly declared, that ho is con
vinced he owes his groat ofiico "to tho
inherent love for tho constitution and the
Union which still animates tho hearts of
the American people;" and who can have
no motivo to influence his conduct but the
desire ably and faithfully to serve his coun
try, and to live in tho grato'ul memory of
U3 countrymen. Let patriotic citizens, of
whatever party, sharply review tho past and
calmly survey the present in tho legacy of
"tho richest political blessings which Heav
en has bestowed upon any uatio'n;" and
then say whether such an administration,
based on such a platform as tho inaugural,
is ngt worthy of their utiited and powerful
support. But especially let tho great na
tional party that called this administration
into pwer, resolve to rally round it with
zeal and enthusiasm. Measures emana
ting from such a source deserves to be
judged with candor; and the past is a
guaranty that thoy will bo found worthy of
tho support of the patriotism and intelli
gence of tho American peoplo.
Judge Black's Successor,
Tho transfer of Hon. Jeremiah S. Blaok,
by President Buchamn, from tho Supreme
Bench of Pennsylvania to a seat in his cab
inet, has created a vacancy in tho Supremo
Court, which will be temporarily filled by
appointment of Governor Pollock until the
Election in next October. Mean time,
tho Democratic State Convention, will rc
asscmblo and nominate a candidate for the
succession, it is uncertain who will tie
nominee, but 'as a matter of information,
wo gave tho names of several distinguished
democrats, who havo already been named
by tho newspapers viz :
William Strong, of Berks county.
Charles A. Black, of Greene.
William A. Stokes, of Westmoreland.
James Thompson, of Erie.
Hopewell Hopburn, of Pittsburg.
From such an array of distinguished
gentlemen, with others who will yet doubtless
bo proposed, tho Convention can havo littla
difficulty in making a judicious scloction.
Either of whoso nomination would greatly
strengthen our Stato Ticket. They aro
good men and sound democrats,
Cheap Straw Goods.
Messrs, Walters J- Stackhous; at their
splendid establishment, No. 25, North
Fourth Street, (opposito tho merchant's
Hotel,) Philadelphia, invito tho Northern
Trade, through our advertising columns.
Their stock of Straw Bonnets and Summer
Hats, and Spring Goods, gcnei ally, aro a
mong the first in the City, Give them a
Exchange of Storo Stands.
The Messrs. llirtman J- Mr. A. C.
Rlensch, Merchants of Bloomsburg, last
week, made a regular oxchango of Storo
, stands. Mr. 31 essch, is now flourishing
up town in tho ''Old Arcade," whilst tho
Messrs. lunTMAsr, aro comfortably loca
! ted bellow Market on Main Street, on their
own "Cheap Corner." Wo wish each of
j theso gentlemen great success in
Us thoso who deal with them, wi
will roadily
attest their generous attentions.
jOur readers aro requested to peruse
witli attention, the notice nnd statement of
tho Saving Fu.nd, of tho National Safty
Co., which appear in our paper. People
who havo largo sums, often como from a
great distance to put their money in this
old aud well established institution, on
I account of Iho security it nffords. Tho of.
flee h in WAtsot Btrrot, Doutn-wcstt or -
.n Til l! J.t.t.t.
Tho Doinoorntio Slnto Tickot.
Wc,bri!ly rcforrtd yesterday morning,
says tho I'aihtylvanian, of Wednesday, to
tho fact that tho Democratic Stato Conven
tion had nominated Hon. William F.
Packer, of Lycoming County,for Governor.
Ho has been tho architect of his own for
tunes, and has risen to his present position
from tho starting point of a printer's ap
prentice. Previous to his appointment as
Auditor General by Gov. Porter, ho lad
been for a short timo ono of tho Canal
Commissioners of tho Stato. Ho was
Speaker of tho Pennsylvania Logislaturo
during tho session of 1848 and 1840, and
was soon after elected a member of a Stato
Senate, whero ho boro a conspicuous part
in all its deliberations It will thus bo
seen that tho training of Gen. Packer lias
been admirably calculated to qualify him
for the office of Governor, Endowed with
an active and penetrating mind, by his ripe
cxpcricnco ho has bccouio fully conversant
with all tho varied interests of tho State,
and when hois elected, we shall once more
havo a Governor of our uoblo old Com
monwealth who knows something about
her interest nnd of tho duties devolving
upon tho Executive, and who will thus pre
sent a refreshing contrast to the present in
efficient incumbent. Gen. Packer is one of
tho finest speakers in the Stato. During
tho last campaign ho rendered very effeo
tivo service to tho Democratic cause, and
his speeches always commanded tho deep
and earnest attention of his auditors.
For Canal Commissioner, Hon. Nimrod
Strickland, of Chester County, was nomi.
natcd upon tho second ballot. Wo have
known him long and well,' and wo do not
believe that any party in this Stato over
made a better nomination for a State office.
There is no man in tho Commonwealth
who has, through life, maintained a higher
and moro hounralU personal character
than Judgo Strickland. Ardently attach
ed to the Democratic patty, ho has given
tho best energies of his life to its service,
and few men have labored moro zealously
and efficiently for it3 success. Connected
with that staunch old Democratic paper,
the West Chester Ripublicun, as its editor,
for near fifteen years, his vigorous and in
dustrious pen was ever busy in sustaining
great principles, and his political services
as an ablo and convincing writer, were of
a very important and useful nature. Not
withstanding his straightforward political
course, howover, his high moral character
and unswerving integrity havo always se
cured to him the lespoct and esteem of the
members of all parties, wherever ho is
known. As an evidence of this, ho was
last year elected Associate Judgo in Ches
ter County by a handsome majority, al
though the Democratic Stato ticket was in
a minority of several huudrcd. No stain
or blemish mars the purity of his life. Ho
will go into tho office, if elected, with clean
hands, and no ono who knows him will
doubt that ho will como out of it equally
pure, and free from ail taint of corruption,
or tampering with tho public interests.
Diligent, faithful, upright and intelligent,
ho would do honor to the station, and tho
pcopla of tho State cannot do themselves
better servico than by electing him.
ForJudgo of the Supremo Court, tho
present able Chief Justice, Hon. Ellis Low
is, has been ro-nominatcd. In early life,
he, liko Gen. Pirckcr, learned tho myste
ries of tho "art preservative of all arts,'1
and for some timo edited a newspaper in
Lycoming county. In 1832 and 1833, ho
was a prominent member in the State Leg
islature. In tho latter year ho was ap
pointed Attorney-General by Gov. Wolf,
and shortly after ho was appointed Presi
dent Judge of tho Lycoming district, which
position ho occupied for twelve years, until
in 1845, ho was appointed Judgo of the
District composed of the county of Lan
caster, In 1851 ho was elected Judgo of
the supremo Conrt of Pennsylvania, and
since tho expiration of Judgo Black's
term as Justice in 1855, ho has occupied
that position, ror twenty-lour years
Judge Lewis has now occupied high Judi
cial positions, and during all that period he
has most ardently devoted himself to his
profession. At tins day he stands in tho
front rank of tho Jurist of tho ago, Thoro
can bo but ono opinion as to h'u abilities
and devotion to his duties. Notwithstand
ing the eminence he has attained, ho dis
plays tho somo unflagging industry that
has distinguished him through life, and his
opinions givo ample evidenco of tho pos-
eesjion of an amount of legal Ioarning rare
Jy attained even by tho most skilful and
distinguished Judges."
ltogether, our ticket 13 a good ono a
very good ono ono that every Democrat
may bo prcud of, and ono eminently ue
serving of success at tho polls in October.
Tho Panorama of Lifo and Lit
This invaluable monthly, for March, is
on our table. It comprises tho choicest lit
erature of tho age aud stands first amongst
tho American Magazines. Tho Ltvm,
Age, a weekly Magaziuo, of similar char-
actor, accompanies tho Panorama, both of
which are published at Boston, by Littell
Son & Company,
March Farm Journal.
This excellent work was on our Tablo
with tho opening of tho month. It is so well
known to our readers, and becoming justly 1
I popular that we scarcely deem further
,k - "-- J
i Publtbhor.', Philadelphia,
Lato Nows Itoms,
nuNnr S. Maqhaw, Stato Treasurer,
was on last Wednesday, ro-clectcd i'reas
urcr, for tho onsuing year, ftfancar, Lobo
and Wagonsellcr, Voting with tho Demo
Now Hampshire has gone for tholtcpub
licans. t '
Tho Mcxioan War has terminated with
out blood-shed,
Tho Scnato Committco has reported in
favor of admitting Camtron to n seat in
tho U. S. Senate.
Tho remains of Doctor Kano wcro on
Wednesday last interred in Philadelphia,
Tho Family Koopsako.
A noatnnd very interesting Family Mac-
azinc, a great iavonto witli the Ladies,
published monthly, by Ilurtlick X- Sea.
vill, in Now York, 81 00 por annum.. La
dies, hero 19 what you aro all in want of
viz: a Companion,
Holmhold's "Extract Buchu."
This mcdicino is said to bo a certain sne-
cifio for tho lingering and distressing com
plaints mentioned by tho inventor in his
advertisements. Persons thus afflicted
would do well to tostit3 miraculous powors.
Mr, Jno.lt. iloycr, Druggist, 13 tho Agent
for its sale in Dloomsburg.
03 Joiim McB.EYN0l.DS, Esq., our
Bcprcsontativo in tho Board of Itcveiiuo
CominisHoncro, at Harrisburg, has our
thanl'3 for important documents. Mr.
Mclteynolds has discharged his duties very
satisfactorily. Tho Hoard adjourned last
S- Peter Ent, Esq., our Itcprcsonta.
tivo in tho Legislature, was called home
last Wednesday to attend the funeral of a
deceased relative in Litht Street.
Br.EEniNQ Kansas. Let tho people
bear in miud (says tho Now Hampshire
Patriot) that Kansas ceased to ''bleed" as
soon as the presidential election was over,
which proves that she was made to "bleed"
for effect upon that election.
Let them remember, ah'i, tint every
statement and prediction of tho black re
publicans in regard to the effect of Mr.
Buchanan's election upon Kansas and sla
very every statement and prediction in
regard to tho slavery qucstion-Ziawrat'ct?
utterly false and deceptive; while every
position assumed by tho democracy lias
proved correct.
Iho Inaugural Suit.
Tho Lancaster Independent Whig gives
tho following description of Mr.Buchanan's
Inaugural suit: '1 he cntiio suit is to bo
black tho coat and pantaloons of the finest
cloth, and tho vest of silk, flowered. Tho
entire affair will reflect credit upon the su
perior workmanship of our townsman, who
finished it. In the inside of the coat, across
tho shoulders, ana around tho arms, Unity
one ttars aro tastefully embroidered in silk,
with Iho Keystone in tho centre, represent
ing the glorious trio, of brilliant stars, which
Air. Iruclianan will endeavor to bum still
moro firmly together, with tho Keystone of
tho whole, strengthening, aud holding firmly
the splendid arch."
A Harmonious Cabinet.
Every member of President Pierce's
cabinet occupied tho samo place from the
begining to tho ending of tho lato admin
istration. This is said to havo been the
only case of that hind sinco tho forma
tion of tiio government. Tho fact speaks
well for tho Presdcnt and each one of his
cabinet officers, showing as it docs an un
precedented degree of harmony.
A Now Supremo Judgo.
The appointment of Hon, Jeremiah S.
RlnnV in tlm OnViinpr. lr.nvi n vrmnnm. nn
. . ..wj w..
the Supremo lsouch, which will bo lilled
i;i V,vl nlnnlinn T rinir Pnllnnlr Whr,
Ulltll llOXt election by UOV. I OllOClC. M UO
llO will aPDOint WO UllOW not. It Will altO
r .. M ... ..
It will alio '
create the nccos-ity ol caning together
airain tho Democratic State Convention to
nominate an additional candidato lor the
li t..i. tr- t.ll .Ail
ouprcme dcuuii. iru oiiuu uiuti uuii tail
We shall elect next fall
two membeis to the Supremo Bench.
Terforated Postage Stamps. Great
Convenience. lion. James i-ampbcll, tho
Postmaster Ucncral, has rcfcntly introduced
an improvement iu tbo post.tgo stamps,
which according to the Philadelphia Ledj;
or, adds greatly to their public convenience.
He lias hail them preparco
nerforatiom around tho
stamp, so that they can bo
trom the other, without
pair of scijaors. Besides
in this improvement, tnero
curitv that tho stamp wi
loiter, for the poiuts or rou,
tho ncrforations will ttiel;
tcr, thcro Lemg none ot tno nsK 01 tho
edeo turniu" up as when it is continuous,
Tins plan of perforating letter Btmips is
practiced in liuropc, aim' wr, uampucir
f.m ll.nt niinlrt. fr,r lien liorn 'I no ml,.
mil r ift pmurncior iti nru :ure a inacuinc
tract is nindo witli 'I'oppau, Carpenter &j
Co,, of I'hiladelphia, and, iu addition to a
sunnlv forthatcity.tho fctam
impsimvo already
. 14 ... iv' v t. l-..-.. li. .t.i
Ueeil Belli 10 lltn iun, jjusiuu, uuiiiiuuru,;
Cincinnati, St. Lt'uU,New Orleani.Chicago, I
and Albany. Tho amount of letter wri-l
ting in tbo United States may bo inferred
from tho number of postage stamps used. ,
Tho number sold by tho government last 1
year reached nearly ono hundred and titty
millions of stamps. .
1ST Tho case of James Simmon, in Cin-
lt mluUy .n-I night, all ,h yr
V " ""'" JO IN K. OIRTO.V. ,ii-; which fully aaiiide. me ihm con.uniption i. ;
dcRrCO, ten years ago, Oil account Of poiS- ,.,,.,. 1837 louuer a fatal diaraie. My treulm.nt ot coi..ui.. o"
.? 1,:, f ,il,r.ru VmiK- hen nf whom ' "' l. original, nnd lounded on lone . iperlel.ro and a II
oning lin Mther 3 uniuj , two o: wnom Tnei'iirr wiscvr i ' rouen inv.iiijaii.ui. My perrm aciuaintonre wi '
1 died, has been disposed of by the supremo jubijIU rusc-i.ijii, iiiuutuooriubercicc,fec.,tnaiiie. men. rti.tincu
I court, and bo is or.Iered to be hung 'on tho wiamw avij muml .w.vof.otww. , m. ,0?,;ay,,;r,o'';,tcfrnmlrV.,"in.".
I 14th (if Anril next 1,0 '-' """a"' "T , beinit miiiakcn eveninn aiMSlec.i.o. 'ihia famillilllj
lllUOIiipril lltXl, i (A-vra W teener c.V.Ut.trl, ' ,l cnnniction wilh certain patliolosiral aud I"'""'"
. .. .... . ..i... ... ...I.I.... ,n ri.ii..v. .I.e lune. f run.
.trinn.; foiinit ml 11 nt .niirilor in tlift lirsr. . ...ill t...l..n I i.ini. iii ii . kltnivn bV nHer .lie .UUTer. Ol'en p-n in u ill m
tZT Tho population of New York is iy. has . SSi W ZXS'.l
!nc ok .innni llir, rain of one overv BOVCU-I T., .'h"J'! ?"3t Jn&Vt net.
- www.. lllll..lli:i.l'IIl1. sic ui.ru.riii,. r.m.... . .- . -
K3r Tho Houso of Representatives of
ThilinH. 1... 1 1 .11 .
wui.iiiii nils jjussuu u uiii securing 10 mar
riad women whoso husband havo been im
prisoned for felony, nil heir own real nh.l
personal property, their own earnings du
ring suou ucsertion or separation, and the
proceeds of their husbands' debts. ThU is
a ngiitcous law.
JOT A nrlsonor in tho MlcMrmn nnnl
tentiary, Bcntonccd to solitary confinement,
was found dead in his cell. A steam pino
passing through his cell to warm it had
burst, and as no cry of help could bo bard
by tho keener, to savo himself ftnm lm!.m
cooked to death the poor man cut his throat.
HSyA statistininn trim l.-a .
- - . v.jiiiimuu a
list or the killed and wounded during tho
llovolutionary war makes it as f dlowa :
British, 25,33p; American, 0 271.
E Tho Democrats of Missouri lmrn
nominated It, M. Stewart for (J
place of Gov. Polk, who is elected to tho
uuiicu oiaies senate.
VST The editor in chief nf llm To
'Pimts 13 said to have tho Same K-llnrv no
tho President of tho Utiitcn States, 825,000.
SSST Tho lino of steamshin running
tweon Philadelphia and Liverpool, will
hereafter run into tho port of Now York.
afi5Tho Legislature of Tnrlimn l,o (!-.
cd the rate of interest at ten per cent on
special contracts,
JEST There is now livim? in nn1nn.
Mass., 21 farmers, between 80 and nn
old. '
IoHouay's Ointment and Pills. Poss or-
sod of these remedies every man is his own
family physician. If his wile aud chil
dren aro troubled with eruptions, sores,
lumurp, winio swellings, sore throat, as
thma or any affection iif the skin, elands
ormusclcs, nperscrving use of the Uiiflment
is all that U ucce.-saiy to produco a radical
cure. If on tho other hand, tho internal
organs ure ass iled by diso, so whether it
bo located in tho livor, tho stomich or the
intestines, hocaneradioito it by .ulmiiiiitcr
ing tho pills to tho suffurcr, under tho ui
d ince of tho clear directions which accom
pany every box,
tC CAUTION 1 Nnnnnri eflniijnc unlfii tlifl words
" oi.otfay. Aeifl Yorhand London,' are ilir einiblc ut u
ra:tr mark ta every Uaf or tba hook or direction!
uriiumlfnch tint nrliox; l h-i raaie may lieptaiitly neti
liy ipdintf i6 Utf to tht llgt A liatiitsninK rcv.Bnl
will bu given tu any uno rendering met) inrninmlinii
a may lead to tli deierllnn of, any party tr paitien
co'inierleiljii the ntarilcine or vinding the ranic,
knnwini. them tn lie !ntiMoiia.
connrcTSD weekly at uautman's stoke
Buckwheat. . .
White Means..
Bees. Wax. . .
. . .02
Butter. ..
Tallow. . ,
Lard . . . ,
Dried App'cs. .150
In Hloomsburg,nu the 5tli of March. Mrs.
Margaret Wfiw, wife of Casper J. Tho lias,
aged about 49 ycara.
In Li.it Strost, on Siturtliy last, MUs.
Margaret Salmoit, (aistcr of the late Sher
iff S ilmon) aged about 70 years,
In Light Street, Columbia county, on
Tuesday list, Mr. John II. Dcwitt, Post
Ma3tcr at that place, gcd about 32 years.
In Benton township, Columbia co., on
the -1th of March, ylii?ij Longer, aged GO
years, 4 mo., and 22 days.
In Kingston, March 4th, 1857, Daniel
Koil, in the Oltli year ot Ins aj;c.
In Pittston, on Tuesday last, of Neural-1 nrii.an..ii .r ,r
i, Mr. James U. Fcesman, aged OS.XX'J.Kn"
In Abinton, Luzerne Vo. Pa., 10th ult,
of dropsy, KM. John Miller, aged 62 years,
PfeT Ali j
New AclverLisemenis.
Klfl'MTl! 0T.
4i" 11 '
iu allstagen of SCt'fl V,V DIBIAHKS Helf-AMnte,
Nervous Pebiluy. dttictures.niects. Gravtl.Mercurtal
Rheumatism, fcrofula, l'mns in the Ankles and Uones,
lttipuiiintiim, ftrotiila. lhtiis in Hit! Anl.lt-1 and Uonei
1 iiiuki or the Thrum. Nme ud nn, uiccn upoi
i lh' llody. Imillii I r rf KH lantlc-. nnd III Imiiruprr dll
' Ciaree., no uutlcr ol l,ow lone naintini!. or lilirint
' c. rwov.'rjr la crtlain Hid In rtioner tiranthal
t n nrmniivni pure could lie rflVclfd hi any otlier treat
t'ia case, rerovry fs certain and in a shorter timrt than
hiiiiBj. nn Ill.ltlUI- nl liOW lOIIP tUIKline. or DliSlitiatC
mpnt, cvcnnnir tii mii of ti mmi nn i.ioii
''" ' ' f,ile,l;,?'l.!.li5,iL,,.''."r" '.''rli'e.'l.M'. ii1.'" i
: inir muiifr 'iri.nfn mr inccmniienre, an.t itiwut
ineimrv or tial.nln Uurlnil tni'l.lt )l.ir.' lirnctice, 1
nrai.a Tin n.i.iBilInd ... Tr.... Trnn. n.l.ir. rn.i
, nnve ,irt m hi-n.Hi ovtr ovpiitten ilioiuin.l pa
lienta wliu worn ruir'rini: iin.fr r llm wrrt rnrniii of a'l
tho aliovo iiipiitinnf.,1 ih.en.eH. ulilcfi siiarutitct.. me in
prtHiitftihS a pirirct nnd iioiil iH;i-dv cure Si-cri'l ilti-
tan nr i" urt-u.'-n. 'i''""--' "' " .i i',.i
i ai thfV nrfi tin' fi.it ciuii of cniuiiiiit)in- .rrofut i ,c,
and rhnitld b4 n tfrrnr to all n.li-m. on Iho enrlh ; for
itlm.litearc ii li-con-inR ao coiimioii and ircalmcnt 10
little nmlf mnnd, Hut n pimnnnnit curn i. marrely
I ever tflVcti'd. n ntajnrity of l'ie ca.i'i fall lulu tho
i ImioL of ineonipetent pi'mom. who not only tall to
eure thf. miilaiU. hnt riunlhs roii.tilntion rorrn.
d ,
rility hapoliie... !''eui.ilt IrrepulariU' a and nil other
t . II'IUHIC" M-UTII 111 HI. ... ... ......... ...... v-.
' nl, .. i'a
Mll H. 1857
"VS7"ILfj bo exposed to silo, by Publio
Thutsday, 20tt of March,
Thofollowini deenhd per.nnal properly, vlr.: Four
R()00 0l8UlJ- cattle. Il-iclc or
T Sueep one i liurae Wneon, elcht lloga.
O'aSiLB 1 bono Wneon.Trurk Wa'n. ol d one
fiipi ltockawav. Medi nod Hleljb'. 1'lnw..
JLJaHJ Harrow., Cultivator!, and Threihing
XmaSsJliSi Machine, and in .hort. l'utniin Uuu
illascncrally. Ah ill
Orain and l'otatoo?by tho IJuMiel, with a
vailety of Household anj Kitchen ruioiturc. to I'-Ji-oja
loo lil':litloil. ... ... t
iiH' si u to f oinniencn ni iu o.oca. r.. ... . ..utn
ll..tk II lfc.1t "r
r,,u t,.h ..ill. .ii. n...,in. i .ii. hi,. e iitii.. 1 bird .t.ue it a liupeinoio to .ae uioro ininnveprr
inircury-whlrh, i I e re..ain.. I aea.e in I he i up by llm fiat.tt a. to
. ..i.i....n... , il.nfl.r.iit i.ni.r.ii.n ureiiotnl ion nt
I on SUCCtH VMtl '4lPJ;'J iond, '.i.'.le.ance to m. J.cal .Kill 1".. however. in , .ta
hOrUora Ol each M ,.'. bulrhn.il.l ii not caoro death .ptedily. " "S''- "VT"'.; . Zl.r,;' I ..V;," ihT;,? .i
separated, one ' vc''"lt" iZ Jui, """y "'"' ?iy a ihuad perro,,. ... u,.
. 1 . tnnveyeilfroni the pircnl tntlioe"llillcli,c.in,liii! inein ,...,,,...,,,,',,.,,., rntiiBilon ibowa
USing a K111I0 01- lo eome Into I H world ;'' rX.i In cirl- '" tho preol pnMilat,ou of tie corlh, ei.hl roil.
tho Mviaaof time ? S I KvStwV. V,?.. .feWJ'S
U greater so- &'r. !?;;!,!!.J'"." -S,'J2X
11 aUliero to tho de.tr.iyiiho nrroua .yatnn rapldlv w.Hlnit nwav Iho ,',', '" T,,'h"1ui lul.'lbo emeef.,1. ami tl.
I'll Cllyoleft bv "crpiu. "f't t'Vi'"Vic"e."I,,:I, .i '.'XlV. cined. nytlie Uiip uftliat rupromo trelna.frtoiulioin
hotter to the let- rvlim il vliitm for rrlaee. iwnty ihiiIiiih nnoi.il ; ' i,, ,1, r. '.,,', ,i :,-.i ,,e in
. lie I eroiier . r., . - . , ,r, i n, ri.no eo 10
,tm ' ., '," ' . .inn .1 , , , ..nl in l"t'0 blood, uilil the iuiinediolo eaert. produced by lio-ir
,nc I'Moner. Ii'lne., ' n I d,r ,'ll'nj-'' !,oilionlnlloi lunM.il to prevent the free adlui..iotl
- f. .h. ;.',,,, k, teller "fair nun the air colli, which con -el a weaken. ,r Vila--
umcallng their a n M0' '" J.K"."'n M n ,ty throueh the entire ajite.n. Then nurely II i. inore-
nx . Vort Ofnc ; rWT .1 . below K.b. I'bi.adel ';'"; ."P !" I ZSSS
Till, lobitrltier no'ild Inform Hit nnblii and I.,,
under IheimmoonilMyUofUie n,ni t Wtrtmin 4k.
noliMlmrj, Mite!., 9.1817-3t. U WTMAN
ALV,i,I,."k,Ll",'M""0,l,,i,",,,,""l' l'hf by
n.h,!S !bwk "fount, r reque.tcd to raako lot'
o?T.i. Kii'V."'." "' 'p""""-""
nohbur, March 0, 1857-
S'.1,!;"lf 1,0 en GOVERNMENT l.ANU WAU.
n,.i'lr?r? ",! " '!" between lhl..ndU,.
urjt nf nct May, nl tlili office,
Marcli 14, 1S17 lm.
amic,.',"'1c"'a,',lt)eC,",' "e,d '' ""!
tascii ill Mortnts t co,
Airlcullural Implement and Seed etore,
., fc .. Ks,? cu'of7th and Market ilreetl.
Mirth H, lfi,, rilllodelplili.
iliorLD at owftiD Attn anp at
tin Lira or tin tittBHatiD
1KD 111
"Father of Slcnm Navftration."
One Totume ocutn. II tiitraled uiil, i.-.- -
ted -,., 1.-: '
Wiether ith ropio ot hi early iliawliiii vtuen Tci'
Altl.t (miniature painter) In riiltiidcliihi,, by J r.
llllRlatl, n.o,.. Author of "United IMalei Autee,;
puy," 1 lie luvouuirs-ana l'aienicea'Uulde," tc
LMoih binding 92 SO
RniellT t'l'LTn rcrhani there la no m.n i-
r-rl!Tit niihuy of UUtingunlied Ainer!c.ni, vlio I,.
adorned iho lilitnry ol the Ropuhlle, liu.c carter i
allotted tnk. vrilh a fidelity an
and e.in.pleunci. iha, J
ml to hi, bea, , i, .j"
111-of Robert Fullo., and
honor at unco to mi head an
1,1 , ...,..i i,rei uorjert Fu ton and
I, It... tt. nlnre nun , , A,.t ,u h i. nun
Ui 'liphtt poMibllity cr fliVpuie. b ""IM!B'
Tlifl iMplf who lUwill in thA brca) tBiv tti
mlfchiy Minisiippl, Bhom.l b niiimxr thn rarhept Bud
t)i most prompt in wdcnmc llic appearance r.f on an.
Utentic record i.f Hip nun. to wliokc g..lu thry lrtM
ilf-ply imlutitPd for tlio means or m rirNly dVIoi In
tlie atxmntliiiK recoil rrp of tl.einpc Hon oft,,,, f0urtir
Tli firm to kmuiiliDle iht praelicabiliiv of nrpnchrm'
ri'MPl by tPiini, nnri to put ii jnio sir Cut nriicilct
his claim to to cnneiiUred ns nuionfr llic clii'f tirriHuc
tir, not only of Im cmiiiiry. hut of lii.i rncejim innt
Veil nrlmilU-d In l. mi.ijxa liable. Thnl Ibe t"iili.HlT
of this had flrueh otl,r n.iitj., ftn, tial u railed
tlicoretiritlly. Iiut w iihout nny practiral letiintiitrtf(in
nl th-i lact. ilnes imt nilliiute ajrnuHl In right tn b
con tide red llip father fit Mfni iiavJention The un.
3Bi In IH07 ot tho CLRnMON'T. from New Voik lo
Albany, una the -cri. of Ms title to tins diitmctlon
nod It J iinw. nni Ins for venrs been undisputed, aul
will forevni rriunin iiidirpujir
From lhc eiirly hnyhuod or Fulton tho perm of Ms
future fame wa ricopnitPd by nil who knew Mm. nod
who w.vch''d thf! ifpylopmpnt of his mind and of hl
charncUT, tn n plant of ftmnn and vigorous criwth,
iTomtPttiR a rich and preannnt maturity The fir ft of
Mr llpisai fs inu'rekilne illuurotirn Imna
tiny f rfniirtff tt ynrs ofnn, link i rip n stirrr-MTu W no
rimcnt of propeling a m:il! skid by pa Id'p whceU tf
hi own construction, on the Cum tog. This was In,
179. Twpnty eiKht )rn' thereafter h satisfied all
doubters that a vcfs''I of large , in could bo prnpOletl
by piddlewhcel with itt-nm as the luotito power
Het we ii thoFPtwu eras of his lifp.his genius was de
vetoping itself in many varied wayi. Hp wss a
drtiifilttr'inan of ho ordinary merit, and pi I tit rd with
prom skill. He xuppnrtcd hlinir lf u ith hi pencil for
mtny yi-Jirs. rieri?ip; e iimIiiimphi from palming por.
tnins ami lan-t'cnprs, and mnkit.tr drawing of tiisrbi
nery. These nrts he nut l good and uifJijLeurpoM
when hfl became. as he soon did, a ch II JV"
mactiiniit. - m mm
In the bonk bcfori its wc have mlore.1 IUhrCrp1jle
plates or fvf rul of rultnn's il'iivtrntlnns of Ju- Ifar.
low's famous flOLDMlHAU," whirh Miow gtnl or.
ginalitynf conceiilioo, aptntrs of design and lacillty tf
It is not our purpote to civ eren a sjnopsij of lb
InlerPMtms pvetiis of tli mmrsnbly aciive and uielul
career of Fulton's life much Ipss to go Into an HaborM
pnay upon his Renlm, and the wonoVrfut results that
hive fliwcd (roin his pn-nt invi-nlicn Thre two
tnsVs hpvp been vi-ry creditnb'y pprformeri by the su
itmr of the volmnn in which wc hare alluded, Our
purpose is prlncipall) to rail attention to thai work .
The'f is one Incident which It rsprcinily becomes,
us. however, to call tn tho notice of our immediate tel.
low citizens. Dunns iho war of lrtl J-I5, Koberl Ful
ton was of groat service to his country contra!
wasti'adp wilh hiui.h) thn Unltfd fin'es Covernmpnt,
in Dffiinb.'r lfM for the purpnsp of cmplojing his
iteanibo.'its V'evuvius.vnitia, New Orleans and Natcliri,
nu the Aliiippi nv'r. id trnnsporlitig troq s aiii!
munitions ot war, nnd llm flu pain nn iheOhio Tfi
celebrated bitllc of New O riorum toi.k plate about a
tvpek nilct the arrival nf the Vesuvius in our w niets,
and it iv as upn her. fsnyn o.ir bioptanher,) tint tho
eoimuanditig geuprat reiird, a an auxiliary, in I is an
iriy i i im cny. himi iijc iircdiiip'UH-
ii victory, jonn uuincy Acunis snr,
both crtifledtoCousreis the vutuaLla
service, m r uiion
j hi, tliniighli, And
services nf Fulton at ilns Irvine period.
llfiide pultinu into successful onerstlon steam vss
:ouniry, plans ot uience against rnr
nd nfuri aiuatic navigation oeeupied
I no littlo of Ins time and rxncnnieu.
tat acthity And out of supgehtious and d'minitra
lions in id, by him have snriinp man of the moct uts
1 I"1 and effective instrument! ot nataf warfare oftbls
eioMuwor'H nw knmvs.
, it was the opinion nf Cadwalaiter P. CoMen, nf New
York, a enpn sspd in his memoir remi btfoe the, I'hi
(),nt(njrn Soriny of that hlale. In JeA7, soon afie'r tba
' t1ealtl ol 'ulton-auditis nu opinion Inwluchall tnsn
kin t will now aurpo" ih.it there cannot be foumt.cn
iho renrds of departed worth Hie name ofa pprsnn t
whosf individuil ezertfnni mankind are more Indebted
than they are to Robert Fulton. The combined efforts
of phiIoophprs and stales en have Improved ihe con-
muon or man, out no mum Tiiai naa conieriea mors
important benefits on his specie than he has done
A-Vui ilrlnn PiMUimi Knv . 7. I hill.
March M, 1H57 Cm.
nn Ai.r,
TIIUU4T aro ooiitlvelv curahle bv iiilial.linn.
which convyi tho rftnediei to tlie cavitifi in th'i
luiij;. throuith the ntr p.ia.asei. anil comini,' in direct
contact Willi Ihe di.eare, litulraliE, tlie tubercular
nintter,alla)i Ihe cnupb. etlui i a ffi c and caiy cipee
tornlioi, Ixali the lungi, ponnei the blood impjrli
rDiewed viuilily to tlio ncrvou. ,)il-ni, pirtiir; thai
tone nnd energy .o indupcnanble for thu reiteration ol
lie'illii. Tu be able to .lale conlidently that Contump.
tion la curable by i nhalntion, ii lo me a autirce of Jiial
toyed plujture. It i. a. miicll under the control of
inu'iial treatment a. any other rurniinablo dueaie ;
nlnelv oul of tnerv liuiidred tare, ran bo cored tu lh.
flrat rtasB nuilflllyiierrt.nl iu Iho lecond J but in lh.
The fir.tcai.se
.rtiibercliBUl'rioli ini-
throuuli the .tnoincli ; the pfilieiii will elwaya find lh.
lunea freo and tho br. alhins eary niter inhaling reme
' Trui. inli Llalioii i. n local remedy, niverllirlris
it aril conHitolionnlly, nnd Wlih more power and err.
tJintv than reoiediea admlni'tered by the Hi math 10
p-uve the powerful and dirott Influence ot thia niode tr
ndniiiililriiliou, chloinlorm luh.iicd will tntirtly de
rtroy .eii.ibilny hi a few nilnmea paialtiintr ibein
lire nirvoui .salein rc that a limb may be ami""""0
without tho ilishtnlpaini inbalirB the ordinary but"
lie gai will deiitoy life lo a few hour.,
i 'Iho inlnlation of nmmoiil.i will reuio Iho vitrni
1 iv-lir it rdintliiK or oornrentll dead. 1 be o.'o. ol unny
I of Ihe iiicilirin.a ia perreilbln mi the rkin a ftw mm
1 utri nflcr l.clit Inhaled nod may bo immediately i-t
1 i.. .i... 1.1.....1 A nnviiK me oroof of tho comtl-
luii.M.nl e if.rla of inboMlioo I. Hie I'jct lint lick lie la ia
rare, aud I have iiaclid inauv ri mutknlileiurea, itn
, iMi.
' Pl'M" I' t1
flfi.t wholeleand retal' einliricmr all tba
new aud drtirahle Hindi, carefully nut un In r'aiert
for the retail irad. or .u,,p,i,a bTifk-f-yin".'.' ,',',
(.ane Seed. Jnp-.n real. Uranie Witcr Melon. c "
Alio, a choice anorln rnl of fine riovtrr S.edi.lwenl.
vnrieiiei in a 1101 inr si. T ,.n m........
peril), than ho whoe name lie hnve'pluced at Hie n'..;
..rihli article lllllile.ivrilttn by i rraiiklin !lel!?
of l.anca.ter. I'a . which im, alio tl,0 LiVth nine. V
trillion. Inn been 'alely publl,ed i,,, J 5.?.?'
been alabr of loin, the writer .'
niu.A ......inr.il bv brenllilbL' foul nir. la.tiol una
I uo-iliio oidenco Hut proper reioidici., rnrnnly rra-
litre an.l lu.Hrioo.ly i.uMered Ihrooch the lunca,
ihmtpmita lh '' "iPMy te.ull.l "',"' 'ft
.u'?.Al' i.e ihe lone, nnd thloat. have been under my
u 'ijj Liuitn him bng tnd intiinatPly to oe n-r i imi, 4im.uvnm

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