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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, September 24, 1864, Image 3

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Saturday Morning, Sep. 24,10G4.
IIW.HH Slllllllll lllllllllllllll'llll IIBIIIIlS lull I III 1 1 III OTTO
joa? Hon. S. S. Oox hns boon ro-nomi-hittotl
for Congress. Good boy will bo
By Col. Froczo lias n fotv copies of
MoOlollan'a Iifo, Campaigns and services.
Call anil got ono. Ho will soil tbcni at
cost. Circulato tlio Documents.
war Somkiiowy has laid us Under obli
gations to their kindncss,for a lot of Straw
berry plants, received through the Post
JCSiy Soldiers, rcniombcr that tho abo
lition Legislature engineered by Governor
Curtiiii refused you the privilogo of elect
ing your own Army Officers1
Dreadful Calamity I
Wo learn by Miss Kate Ubtz, daugh
tor of John Bofz of Hemlock lownihip,
that on Wednesday morning last, tho
Oars on tho Central Pennsylvania Rail,
road, oatno in collision with a Coal Train,
below Mifilin, Jnniata eo,, nntl killed foino
thirtj: tie persons ! Miss Bctz,cscnpod,but
lost nil her goods nnd effects. Truly, a
terrible calamity.
VVIIIIAT, per bushel, 1 tl I M'TITIt. SO
it vis. I U noon . 8U
cons', " i in i,ii,i'AT(ir.H, 1 00
I1W.KWMI1AT. a I lillll'.D AITI.Krt, 1 flu
I'MHUI tier Mil, it .HI IIA.Mrt
OMIVI'.lifl.nil, rt All I IIACO.V, V5
ri.AXHi'.nn s oi i li.w i,y iim tun, torn
UUCKWIIIiAT I'lour. 4 Ml UIIIUKIiNi), per pair. 33
A Grekniiaoic Wunr, InvisstkB. A
year ago several journals joiuoil in iccotii'
mending their rondors to invest a Dollar
'Greenback" in securing that very excell
ent journal for thq Houshold, (including
tho littlo ones,) for tho Gardon,nnd for tho
Farm, called tho American Agriculturist.
Many persons wore thus led to subscribe,
and wo bcliuvo nil what did so were much
morn than satisfied. They have received
tho 23d annual volumo of the Jl grculiurisl
John Van Burcn nnd Jnmei T, ! Vfbi.'h Is full of good lliingj, useful, prno-
Brady eminent and lending men in Now tu3al nnd cntcrtnmg,and just now tho pub
Saturday, September 'Uth, 180 1,
rpmtiunu! iitsoi.orttiui:H.dccni:'ra for Tin;
A most valuable and wonderful imlillrnllon. A wJtK
ol -ino pages, nml nil roliirijil migravliiiis, lilt. IH'N
TISIl'S VAII1S .MIX'U.M, an niigliial timl popular tlont.
les nn .Man ninl Womnii their l'hysinlogy, l'niictions,
and Hemal disorder of every kind with never falling
Iteiuodlcs for thulr speedy tutu. 'Jim pnitlcaofDr.
Hunter hns long- bees, nml till It, iiiibimiiili'il, lint t
thu earnest sollcllnlluu of n rims pcr-ona llo ha
boon Induced til extend lila medical usefulness til rnui.fi
tiid medium nr m. "V.iii:.mi:i;i;.m in a vniiinio
that .ho.ild hu In Iho hands nfevery Ir.inllr hi Hi i laird
ns n preventive nf secret vices, or in n guldo for Urn
alleviation of i,Mo oftho lunst awful nml destructive
scourges over visited mankind. Unn r.oiy si curcly un.
Velnpe.l will be f.irwnnled t'reu of postage to nny part
uf tlici i; ii I Uil States lor 5u cents hi I' () sininps.
1 Aitilrcan, init pul.l, ))r. Hunter, Nu. ,1 Divlalnn
i Htrri t. New Ymk,
, Uliiy i!l, tfOI y,
Uniformity ofPrlecs ! A Juw Kcnturi; in llulne
1 livery ono hi. un H.ilcuniin I JON'Ild ft f.'O. nf tlio
i iJri'jeiililnc I'rlcn t'Uiililng sturBiNo. '.'U4 Markctstrco
nliovu rilxtli, I'lillnilelplila,
I liiii'lilltiuii to liaviiiii tlio lariroM, timat vnrioil nml
f.iMiliiiinlilu Block of I'lntliiiiK In I'lilla.li'lphla. ninJnci.
liri'fifllv for retail rain. Jiavu rnti.tltllti'il cvnrv mm
III. nwii aiilcman, ly linvlnc markeil In liiiuro, on catih
York who havo been supporting Lincoln J liillier ' sending out to eaoh of I. is subscri- Afternoon at a o'elcck.evoning at 7 p. m. ; St?Jiuiyr vtiii m5"t L ii k.oJ J f"r e""''y
for two yours ; tiro now ijoing for McClel-
I 1 . . r I . e
uora .ippiying a presuni 01 n pinm 01 ono Admission, GOcls.
oi me most remnrKauio strawborrics that Children under 12 yoars of ago 12Cots
Toachots' Examiuntions.
Tpxaminations of Teachers for Columbia
tonuty, will bo htlil at tlio following time, nnd
Mlfllln at Minilnvlllo, Scp'ti 12. Mnlno nnd Hearer
at Malnvllle. Hep't 13, l.nctut ami lloaringcrcek at
Numeilla, Kcti't 14. CatawUia anil Frankllii at Cata
ivli.a, Hcp't 13. tlonyngliam at tjciurnlla, Hep't in.
Mrlnrercck ami norwlck at llorivIcK, Kep't ! Centro
at .'owlcrnvlllu. Hep't SO, Oranjo at Oranucvllle.fcp't
til. riililmrroek at I'calcr'a (jclinol llou.e, Hep'tUi
llcnton nml ttugarinaf at lleiiloti, tlep't S:i. ritntt at
l.lglil Ktroetirei't 121). ,Mt. I'lenaant at Jmiea' Hctinn.
f ton so . Hep't S7. Mcnlnurnl lllcltcrlf k'a Sclinol lloiiact
Bcp't 3D Illooin at lllonin.lnirK, Oct. 1st, Hemlock nl
Ilucklintni Oil. 3.1. Mart I ion lit Jcraeylmvn, Oct 4tli.
I'lno at Wnrncrarllle, Oct. Mil. Oreenwooil anil jack.
inn, at llnliriliur?, Oct. 1 1 th,
'J lio ejerrl'ea at all tho above placet to commoner at
0 o'clock A.M.
Teacliera nro rcqiicatoil to appear for exemlnatlon
beforutlio lllrcctura tu wliom tlioymako application for
l'.toouiiliurp. Aug. .1, 18(14. County tfup'L
The Pennsylvania State Agri
cultural Society,
A T HAftTOV, I'A cnmmenclnir TUI33HA V fllll'.
TI'.M lll.lt 'JTlli and closlnB I'll I OA V HI'.miM-
II I '. U llillli, let 4. 1'rrioliunt over SIO.UIM. Head tlm
follnwmi; nhitrnct ! OATI'I,!!, I'orclgn Imported, ID
I'lrn, .111,3 laiiKii.H i(,.iu ., ... w j ,11. ..iiht Kiuui',
of Cattlo, 31 priimhiiiii, from $ to 81" ! nnd 43 pre
in J it tn from $ in licit lit hi nf cnttlu, riot le.a
than 15, nnnoil mill lielil nn farin ttnek, &c.,SIUi'.M
hoVa.dir;,i?u).cf.;,oIfC?af5Uc,o,,,,;!y): ' iV&nw, has attained a ccM.ru
?jll ,r at. S'W.
Ilultnl.n Ileal imported, n premium, from 3.1(1 In ... ..,,,.. llnn.iut.lr,, ,',i ,.i,,'ii
SIS; Tlioroilshbred. Ill preiiiliiina, from 8:m In Sill; tlj 111 MOit ptl tit Of tilt CUHHtfy, Viewing
THIS old established, thoroughly hied
lltmcdy, rccommidid by some, of the. most
Tho eonila are well anonni'd and prepared nnd crent
palna taken with tho iiiaklii; to Unit all rnu buy with j Tnnttilig llivaea mid .Mare., n proinlum uf $300, one nf
llfivn nvnr linnn tirmirrtif nttt rPI, nnn nl.i.1
rr 1 n . I . .-. ....,.v vuu. i iimuu ifiuiibo.
ffiT Hon John U. LLiiis, our late' . t1 . , , ' .
' I VT nil fltllfl V tlm nillv nthnr tiiicjnM lmtin
member of .be Legislature, has luft us for ' em fi0 roadily nt go
Egy pt i a in? 0 a r a v a n;.
Greenback invotctl lnttyear has certainly
paid well. All we havo to say is, let all
others go and do likewise. Notwithstand
ing tho prc'cnt ndvanco in cost, tho pub
lisher still niters lo take tubseritiliotis thin
month (September) nt SI n year, or from ' -wr san bM'wi. itho.p,l.r a
to the end ot lBli.j (flrtoun montln) for $1,'
disttibutiuii. Miveral copies of tho impor
lanlGpiirral Jiaws, passed by the Legis
lature of 1 cnssylvntiia, at tho Sossion of
Hon. Giio. II. I'iindijIiton. Thisgon
tleman, who is the no mi tiro of tho Chicago
Convention lor thu Vice Presidency, is a, 13' And still further, he offer ono of the
siti-iu-law of tho Into Francis S. Kov. of remarkable Strawberry plants, sent free
Maryland, tho author of the "Star .Snan-I ftl"! po.-t-ps.id , every new suWriber who
, , i encloses n cents extra for ml cloth, packinc,
Blcd BftI1,,er j and poMngo on the plant. Addre
Asm u. on Pimiwia-A spenmodie ! ,?'vgu11J,;:ld; flI,,,l,lislirj; of $a uricul
,. e ,. .. ,. , .'""St, -11 Park How, New York. You
affection of tlm llrom-liiat I uhes, which , gol R ,nMt b(.alltiruli praotical ftnd
are oovi'red with a dry, tenacious plielegtn, olioap paper. Try it.
Ilrown's JJrodcliial Troches,' will in soit.u
ew'os give immcdiato relief. Wo nre oftcn rpn'od to liud ho few
Sewi.no Machines in UBc,in our section of
ZVr Wii.Mam UuiitiESS, l'q., Editor t!iu country. In the largo cities, every
o( the Wynmlg Jiepubkan, hat left his mmily has its Sewing M.iohine, and they
printing e5tablilunctit and guhu into tho I would not bo without ono for ten times its
Army. So retnarkablo au act of patriot- cost. It is certainly the ino?t ucful it
iMu on the part of a loyal league , is dc- J fcniioiiiical invontion ol the age.and wo ad
serving of t omir.eiidation. Dr. John uliould . vim 1)Ur readers of hosilato no longer, but
now emulate the example of his loyal .bio-1 neo (jetting one of these lalior and lifosav
'her. ing Machines. There are a fireiti many
BR- In Alton, IlliuoTi. la.t Tuesday 'kiullrt ol Suui"S Mh'ne- wo have
thero was an cleeti ui. at which the Dcttio- taken 'omo Pain t0 '"'" 'cir re-
the full nauraura nl ccttina n cond nrtltlu nt tho cry
Inweal price. Alao, a lariru Mtnckftf piece cooda on haiid
nf the Intent atyln and beat .pialltii'a, uhlcli n III lie mado
to onliT. In tin: lnot f.ialiinnalile and beat manner, '.'.i
percent, lielnw credit pricua.
Itenieinber the Oreacent. In llutkot above BiMli atrect
ti'J -nl. JOlli3 & CO.
15 YH Ai KAll.
' l'rofeaaor J. IrtAAI.'rf, M. M., OocuLtaT and AcmaT
formerly of I.edon, Holland, la now located at No. 511
t'IN'll Street. I'lill.Aiiiit'iiiA, uliern peranm al'llrtcd
I witlnllaeineanftiio I1VK and llAlt ill hu aiicutili.
ally treated and cured, If curable. f Artificial
llyea inaerled ilhoiil pain.
N II --.VochariteH made for lliatnlnatlnti. iheSled.
leal racuity la inviled, aa'liu lia no
iiinde of treatment.
July 'J. iPiil. Km
S.'Oil, nnd ouo ol'SlOU, l'aclnR, ntie uf gsu Matched I
llor-ea. f.m-y trnttliiR, premium nf j hest .Matched 1
Trnttini!, n premium of sJ3U j beat Droncht, (Jihllne, SCROFULA
nun riiigiu iiiiiaue. i pieiiiiiiina irnin in igiu ;
btalliona and .Mnrea for nil work, 15 premiums frnni ' '
S.'.'i lo II): Jacka and Mulea, 7 premluina from S'.'ilo
SlU.'beat .Mnlc Tcnni uf 4. 93'Ji ftl beat, 15 : makliie , - . a i- . i i c.i.i iin,,i
.?I..Mit$JOilOliiprclniuiii.forullde(c(iptlona nf lor.ea Hcrofulou. fiorra, lto-e or Hryalpelaa, Scalfil Hold-
""hi'm: 111" -ror dliremt kind,, in Premium., from 910 ' "ni1 Rin Worm' ToU" SM '"""m (''"l,r ' fi" "'
to SIU ; S.'i t'rcmiiiuia, from $S to SI. I ..... . ... . ,. ,,,.., ,
rouivi llY-nf almo.l every kinds premiums r 61. , cS Ncclt' n ,onm,u" "1,h m,r Ameilcim 1 emalna) cu
a. 3 mill 5, in the a Br. galo uf JJI57. I ...... ,. r.,,r.,. iii.in, , iioil..
AKrlrultnr.il Imnleiiienta Ileal dlanlnv S.'.D. fleam
I l'low jiiiu. inailal or special illploiiia.ninl liberal apecial
premiHiua for plniva, phmmati. rollers, cultivators,
unsoiis, be. The premiums in other ilcpartnicuta nro
, liberal, lit'lne for leather nnd its Inanuf.icturea. Imtier.
secrets io his rhcoae, &c. vegetables, fruit, inelona, grapes, wjiica.
Chronic Ulcerated Bnro,
cratio Ticket wis elci'ted by majorities
ranging from two to three hundred, on a
ipiara fiht. In IrtOO Lincoln cirried
that pi nee by thirteen votes.
speetivo merits, and we have come to tlio
conclusion that the WiiEi:i.i:u it Wikson,
decidedly the best.
Then; uneijiulled Machines arc adapted
Gifr' .Say, Pee John, lnvo you hoard' to every variety of sewing for family wear,
ihe news from Maine ? The abolition ma- , from tl.c lighu-M muMiiis to thu heaviest
jority cut down from 10,031 last year to ' elolh-.. They work equally well upon
iibnut 11000 less this year. Tlio republi-j nilk, liinieus, woolen, and c.lten gmds,
em lo'i in (he State ii ndmittt'd by tbe with silk, cotten, or linen thread. They
Ti ihune to be ri'l.'iO Demorr.its gaining , will scam, quilt, gather, hem, full, cord,
everywhere and (ho returns still coniiuij I braid, bind, and porform every kind of
in. j n'wing, making n beautiful and pcricol
titeh alike on bo'h sides of the article
!& Mr. & Mrs. David CAitrctTnit.
nf Clinton county, nre entitled to our
llianka, for a lot of exceedingly elioieo ;
Pears und Peacltes. Tlm Poari tito of
two vnrijtit's nnd grafted into and grown
upon a June-berry and Apple Tre.i s am,
They were most delicious fruit.
tinners and then ileik'm, utoves, tin wurc. &c.. 1I11111
etle mauufactiirea. neeillu work, fcc, lino nrts, pain
tin: nml p.itimanahip, display of nitlales by trades.
man mid inech.iuics, sliver uare, fcunin? machines,
piannua, Ace.
Tlm above beinif n tnero abstract, eihlbitors are re
quested tn secure ncataloguo so that they may con
Ha- information never before published. aSKI
Scut fne in a sealed envelop for ten cents.
Address Dr. STANFORD.
15 s No. 4,G5!2 New York P. 0,
Julv 0, 1-0 1 3iu
Tho Wondora of Animated Naturo
Consolblttd vrith do only
Fvtr Ornlxsd alonir, and ncrtnsD Amcsimsnt.
Prs.emlnent Equestrians, Acrobats, Oymnists, Jastarsy
Cowns. Contortionists. KcialllbrlsU and Uonsrst Por.
formers-Splendid Stud of Traihsd Hories, Ponisssnd
nreh lint ctlefted with rallroarln generally, hoth ustii
Irelght nml i'curaloii iicklis. l or cataiogiiuH mid
rallroid regulations, address the Secretary.
Single Admission tickets, S3 cents.
THOMAS l. KNOX President,
A. II. l.OVCAKI'.Il. Secretary.
NOKllIril'OWN. l"A
Sept IU, UGL-Uiv.
9 ri'en of in IVVAl.tll. I I ir 1 It l.l o l
j i;,,bl.he,l for ll.o benrnt. and as rf rautlot, tn Yniing A V cUllllUlO ill'Dl 10 1' Otl C.
M -ii anil others, hn auifer (rom Kervoiia Pebilily,
I I iniiatnre Decay if Mannooil, fce., supplying at the fB-.TTI iinili.rjirmril nffnro In noil nt nr!
. iie tliuetho Mfnor MlfCnm llv ono who has ij 1Llj Undersign C(t OltorS 10 HDI1 nt pn-
I, nn. ,1 hi ilf afn r imilerL' iiiil' innslili.rnl,ti, mi-rknrv 'i vate sale, n vnluablo farm nnd 1'lniilalloii, sit-
llv eiirlcwlng a insl.p.ild addressed cnvelopo single 11 n,c l-ociist tow nahip, Colunibia county, niijnlnliig
rcipiea may be lied of ihe author. , farni if Mo-ea V Hhoeiunkcr, lliiaa (leorge and .Mrs.
iNoao, .Mouth and Throat. Pyphills tn nil Its forms, fy
phltilic or merceirial Soru mouth, and throat, chronic
ulceration ot thu I.ungs, tStiiuiach and Kidnoya, I'lm.
i.is. I'natunes. nnd Mutches. Itheiimtiliiin, Femnto
Weakness. I.crcorrhioi (nriaing from internal ulr.ern
on) Ilropsy, Guiiutial Debility, Umusiafiun und all dis
eases of tho
Thick MuLzsMagnlficent Collestion of LiTina Liosi,
Am, IUboojs, Huds of all kladi sod sizes, dc., (9,U
"irtd by Ui
- Croat zVati Amburgh' Himself
'lho .11 A. MM Oil I
Tl.n Lire-st Animal in the torld, vrUhln; nssrly 15, (TO
1'uui.Ji. fi. A. TAl'lll, or
Of tho Now Worll, tho Only Ono on Kibikillon.
Trom tho Arctic Iteioh, tho Onlr Drio in Ainotia. 4
r'loo Ted lllih. A I'sirof
A l air of
TI1J firiturr imiiortf.l in Atnfrirn Iltnidi-i n hnmnM
arit' of Itirn urn! lMitlX'il JUiit.", IJibdi
Juno 4, If-fi4.- Ijr Ilrciuklyn. Klugi co,, N, Y
" IJ. S. 7-30 LOAN."""
c.Murtry. containing about
Ttt:o Hundred Acres of .and,
si'vrrti. t lie pewing will never unravel or
nr wath out.
'I he Wheeler & Wilson Sowing Jla
eliinrs ar so simple thnt :i cliilil cttu work
tin. in With e:ise. Printed iii'-triictious nre
.i iit tiilt every machine, so ihut nny one
can operate them without any trouble or
&3t The people wnntcJ n clinne in iJifli.-uity. Every mneliinc is tvarrenteJ,
Infill. Tliny got it. ICveryhody will nil- and the money returned if not entirely sat-
mil ihnt the- ehango wan n had ono j nnd i-ifaetory.
now, ngaiu.ereryhody is w.llint; to admit ()vrr f'-,ll l!",v'1 of celebrated
tli.it n olinngo cannot he for the wor..- Wheeler k V, il,on Sewing Machios nro
Won d it be wrong to try the experinmit oolJ CTerJ 3e:ir' aI,d 'H tb,! ,lc,naml s"
We have much to e:ait. and no.l.im, to !n. ' Pront tb.t Ihcy Gin h.rdly bo supplied :fl
u n -
Mia itri'iini
by n olintj-c.
02T Lieut. 0. 15. Pitor-KWAr. of our
bounty, who hits been at hnine for .onie
tveehs pnst, nn an invalid, having partially
fiat ns oidered. Machine are carefully
packed and sent in good order to any por
tion of the country.
We lfipe our readers will write nt once
to tho Wheelef it Wilson Apenoy, No.
7li-l Ulr-sinut Strcut, Philadelphia, and get
lbs urioiusllod Array oftalentcd Aaristn includes
Tho Klouent arul .cchol.irly I'lown ar.l Comntlmn. '
Tba unrivaled Hnr Tamer, who lll Utrodlic his
ntsiitiful rorformlr. Ilnrso, "Oust Knu, Jr."
Charlos Rood, hu Uhnropten Kiiuostrlan,
OeorEO H. Batohollor. tl Orent.st Losp.
or In tho world.
Esildes numrou, I'orps of Auxiliaries anJ Attendmts.
Hie l'KOCnS'ilO.V nl this stiiprndous Consolidation
vill l.o proline In iplundid ifferti snd marvels of maj.
fiiucencu. Tho
One Hundred of which is cleared, nnd In n Rood stato
of cu ti v m i nn , nnd the balance is well. timbered.
'Ihero la erected upon said pteutisce, a good
I.Ofi PAUV. with other nut building, cood Orchard,
mid seicral excellent ;irini;s of Water on various
parts of the 1'urm.
l'ii.-Si-ioii sjiviiii on tho first of next Arrll,
C?-" 1'or cnuiliiiiiiis, and further particula?s, apply lo
th" subscriber, near the pteinlses.
Acnit fur Samuel O. Head.
W;tembr IT. I Kit linn. .
m ran 5 U h Cd QiNitt
Brilliant Victory of Gen. Sher
idan. 9
Shcrirfan Attacks Early on the Jicrryvillc
Pike and JJtfuils jJkn, Driving Mm
through and beyond Winchester Des
perate EifhtingTht enemy in Strang
lorceThc lit Lei Generals (Jordan and
IViottcs lulled General KJti, of the
Federals lulled, eind Gcmrals Mackin
tosh, Union arul Chapman Wounded
y.COO rrisonois Cap'ufclOitr Loss
about 2,000 The Enemy Reheat DH
i ing tha Alight, fyc.
WAsuiNftTorr, Sept. 200.30 a m.
Qcn. Sboridan attacked Early, fought it
great battle and won a splendid victory.
Over 2,CU0 prisonor wore captured. Nino
battled flngs nnd fifo pieoes of nrtillory
were also captured, nnd the rebel Gens;
Oordou and lthodes wero killed. Throe
otlior general officers war bounded.
All the enemy's killed nnd most of their
woundod btsvo falion into our hnnd.
vaaxua WFitgtt4.HBas'mmi AiaotxagTCowaciBwoi
Estate of Gideon Fishci , deceased,
FETTEKS of administration on t,n'B
t Ilslato nf (lldeon I'l'licrtatd of Ileacr tovrnsliip.
Ooluuibia enmity, deeensed, have been granted by lh
Hi el'ter of I'nliiiiibla toiinty tn the iindcisliiiicd 1 to-
ilinSln Heaver luwnshlp s all persons having claims
neainsl tlm etJ.ile of tin. decedent nro requested to
present them to the administratrix, without delay, and
all ner.iins iinleblod tumiile pnvin' iit I'nrtlnvlth.
1 ni.lZAIlLTll l'lSllKlt, Adm'i.
Aug. 'M.IU04.-0W t3 .
rpill! undersliinnd announces tn his friends nnd tho'
J. piibbln- that hu lias became the Proprietor' f thj
New Centrevillc Hotel,
Located ill OLiittevitl. In Cunyiif ham towiisbip;,
I iiltinibla Cnimtv. wlier he Is prepared to nccniinn
ilatd the travelline public, unil ..II ho may lavof luui
nith their custom, to k ueral s.itisuetlou ,
IL" llcmembur the Uninii Hotel.
Auz. i(. I6G4.-.1UI.
Miller's Store.
'IMtl: mibsrnlier hns Just returned from tlio Ofties "
J will) iiiiiiiher lurge ami select assorunei oi
The Perrctary nf th Treasury elves nn'lre that sub .
scription. will be received for Counon Treasury Vols,
pavnlde three ver' from Anir. I.llli. fill, wllh sem.
annual inlere.l nt the rate of seven nnd thrc.tenths
percent, per annum, principal and Interest both tn he
paid In lawful money.
TheseSnotes will he convertible et the option of the
hnl.lrr nt iiinliirity, Into six pr cent, cold lienrlni:
bonds, payal e not less than fiv(, nnr mor nn t.nty
years from their date, as tlm (Internment mnyilecl.
They will be issued in ill nominations nf $3'l, 5101),
SVi. l.nni ftnd 51.011(1, and at' subscriptions must bu
tor lilt) dollars or some uuuiiplu uf fifty dollars-
'1 hu notes mil I.,. i rnu, ...i ... . Ae
traiiHportatiou .hirses ns soon atti r thu receipt of the ! V cIl!clS.)10 iaCiJ JalJS tclt-G. '
orialunal UirtiCcates of Deposltas they can be prepar-
id. "ITT I I.I, be exposed In sale, by I'ublie Vendue, on thu
. .i,, ,.i... premises, in Orausu tow ushlp, on
As the in tesilr.iw Interest fron Aujust II, persons ' ' ' ' 1 . ','
niak.ne deposits suiise.pmnt to that ,iate must pay th" i oatuiduy, the UWi day ( September ,1801,
ii't ro-t neeriied fio m date of note Kid itejof iletpo.Mt- by .Moses Ilvcr'tt, V.xvcillor of Hie lal will of Jameii
t'.Htn s ilesposiug tivcntv-live thousand dollars nn j llveritl. late of Or.nnro township, dee'd ; hy virtue of
upwards forthe.e notes at'any ono ti.no will be allow ! tdal IMaleo iKClii'nlln 'Suit
winch HI he paid by t. in Treasury Ilepartuient upon lauds nf James 1'atterson. on Ihe Souih hy lands of
the r'c.ipt of a lull lor the a.uoiinl, certified to hy the : llobert rttnl'. and on tho West hy lauds uf John Hart
o.lic r will. ho,., thi deposit, was made. No deduction ulb"' ..ntiiiim.S about
t'T c'imiMlBiionurs uitibt bit muili from tlic ilLpt."itt. NINETY ACHES,
S.lAIil. ADi AM'I'! Ol1 HIP) li ').UN. ! souiu fifteen ncrss whereof is cleared land, thu balance I
Mill. I. TI.MIIUItUI). Whereon is en-rteil a tAV
It is a , vi ion At. avisos llxiit, oll'eriii- a liUhcr rate . Mll.t., situated conveniently to the tiinler land.
of nit, lot than any other, and the bat ttturttij. Any TIlltMri. Ten perc-nt paid down on the day of sale i
savint's bank which pays its. lopo-itlors ill U. .Voles. ! one halt tho balance on the hr.t of April leM-and
con-Klers that it Is pa) inc ill the biM cireulatiing me-
n..l, . l'hil.Ielnh'la. nl the loweiH flcitre, iili.l
whieii they uro d.leriiilned to sell on lis mode. rait! Icruis
us can be lrocii.'ud eltewYere in lllooiiisburc. Ills
' stock comprises
In cafes of Costiveueas or C'onatipaiion it i-E- "r,, ,nt.i.t chii. ,
1 nnr ouotiis. .vi aupotutiif
CEDMR U-.1UU, 1WI.1A? rfjIUC
IIIU.V, Jk-.11.S, UOOTS S;-SllUtJi
nrrs i( C.lPf. &e , S,k., S;e.,
iii i,rr ..v,.,viuini usually keft In coiTnUy Stare's
,' tijtAluili hu inviU'tt.c iubllc centrally.
! Tha lhijln.stori. 0 puldfurcilnSHn prsidlicti.
y 11. MILLEL.
I Uloomsburg. M.y lel- .
Its mild In Its action. Jiibt sufflchnt to regulatt tha National FoutliSy.
howels and keip them regular. Its unlika all pr.pu ! ) .OO.MS1UJ KG, COLUMBIA CO., PA
rations fur tho lllood. having tho laxativu properties
iNiml.iiird. As it contains . 'rs lor
f. 111! riibsrrihnr proprietor of the abuvo nunie.l m
1 ten-lve uslab.i.linicnt'. is nun prepari-d 1.) receiver
rceovcr tu, naitcil on J' rittny two weckn onu of their Almanacs for lHOu. mill npi c
h iiice, lor the Front nt Pitcrf-burg His ' ituons of work dono by the Machine, all
health it Mill quite prefiaKoiis. but like nil 1 "f w,l'h tUe w.i,11 fL'!"1 b'v Tl if
' . i obariiu, to any addict. We should be
he Me ellan men, he ever willing to , Klft,-t0' Hu0 Aenoy for W,celer & Wjl-
tHke the responsibility." Sueocis to ' ,, 30Wmg Maohino estahlibhed in our lo-
Lieut. Brockway. ! callty. We know them to ho tho last, mot ,
. - - - 1 , . I nlmnnnat tunolliliri 1 f I 1IOA. !
CST" The ontei prising Publishorp. T. B.
IVterson it Unitheri, havo issued n new . French Breakfast
edition of the life, campaigns nnd services
(if Major General IMeOlellnn bringing it
down to date. Tho book is so popular
that they aro actually making n fortuno
onto! it. Every body buys ono Everv
ti . .
loty wants one. "Llltlo Mao" forever, nit p; T AMERICA TEA COMPANY
Agents are supplied in quantities to suit,
nt low rotes. Address 3u6, Chestnut Bt..
and Dinner
OWINfi to the very limn price oi couee, nn.i mo
ereat dill'iiiiltV in prncurins n irood, uniform and ,
reliablu artlrlo our ciiftoiners hnv" often expressed n
wish that they could he supplied I ruin first hands. It
was thu intention of thu ,
CSS" Several of tho widows of tho Lin-
II entn W.irt Mifflin r.nl;:nnl ..!, ;.. .1...
, -w.m A-v.i. .At.ji.u 1'uiitiuitl JJinuUUlf, til IUU
j upper part of this county, uiuoo tho arrest
to ilo a strictly Tea business, hut ns we have had 1
tonio customers living nt a d istancu that havo relied
upon us In supply them exclusively with Tea and Con
fee, it heiuc inconvenient for them to coino to Newr
York.Tut UkcatTea, ami l.'ornu r.Meonit'M of this
country -end us our TcaTaslcr was priMessed of in
formation relating to a Coll'ee that could be furnulied
nln mods ratu price, and sivo universal Hitlrfaition
nml ut t' ulinu II no niror.l tho retailer a handsome
profit we have been compelled In supply those par
lies, 'fins coitli: mas nnco.Mi: su iuiti.aii
w i.ii or riifitnioers nml their sallas havo increased to
and incarceration of tlinip lnnti..n,1s -in,! 'X1-'1" oial we have neen eouipeiieii tn iniiKo
mm luuiirci-rmioii oi moir nusuauits anil I lllr! tinB t0 (tir muchniary, which will ouablu us
Son nrn nltnimt dnilv in tin tlm I "ipply n few nmro ciittnuii rs with II. Wo will
fons, nro aiinubt (tuny tone seon in tlic n,,.,,.,' lt t ti,0,eWhoiuay order.
fields following tho Plow. The country It is Fail Superseding all other Toffies. '
around, WO aro told, is prOttV Well drained I ti.IsC.uT,.,, has hcen used fur more than a century in
i u l ii., Pans, ami since its introduction into this country tt
ol its provifions nnd provender, by tho I jysI Jeci i.",t by Jmi i of ti.u lemiin? rrench-nes-
t.iurauts Her" 'jnei'arisia s nro sain m nu mc m-n
liidpos of coll'ee ; mid the t'reat favor In which It is
held by them is the best recioiiiniendiillon that can he
procured for its lino llavor and healthy cllccts upon
tlm human system. ....
Wu suit up hut one crude of this coifeo, and lint Is of
n nualiiy that our cuioiners havu found from nxpa
rlsiicuwill iiivo perfect salofacl imi and meet all Ilia
demands of their trade. It Isthu lowest price that wu
ran receoiiiuieiid.
Wo doull nur business on the most exttnsivo scale,
buy hy tho cargo nud sell at only twu cents per pound
1 r ,
.... on ....
Mythological Car of-thQvMuses;
Eel. Farmelos famed Brass Band
lu drawn hy l'J 1 esniif il AraMan f?leed nowou.
ly (aii.irioiioJ nlth cUAU of telvt, richly studded uilh
brilliant oinldcnnticnl ornan.Pnti of sold arul t live r, 1 ha
Nupt rb Din. Carriage, liastf.igo WaKCni and clher
llquijuiteii, lmanufcturrd y tho celetrntfd Kiii.uino
lUniiuits Nw Vork.J nru of tho most elegant and coiU
ly doif rij tlo n, an-J of lncoinparaldo style nnd fmlih.
Tho iiidiwribnblt'iirauuf ur cf thl wotidrful Cavalcade,
rcprktMitlm:, ae it dce a MOV1MJ 1'ANOltAMA of
ovwr a Mu.rin I.ihgui) with its 11thcUv apolntmcaU
and attribntw, I wo Ktiprti It.-yond ennrt'ptloiw exciting
jn Ilm boholder th r.-Alizntlou of tho fervid atnuBemenn
whichtiH birth to chivalry nnd it-intttindantia?eaitrleii
l'ho MiAt.tJii-.iT dcfcin to inij res upon tho FuMia
mind tint eafh and cvry 1,-nturf of tlili.rand Combi
nation Is ontlridy unr vcpilonaMo and tf n hijli toned
and moral rharactir. 'I hu undfniaMn ce ctlenco and su
jicrloriiv nf ihU iait1lhmnt is a conceded fact.
I'orthc p. ciil amutti-nifnt ef l.adUa aud C'lilldren, Mr
C. W. NOYEV will exhibit his great
Performing Monkoy " VICTOR,"'
Tho leit trslued animal of Ills bind in tlio voild.
nn remaining jiait nu first April l-.iii. wilhintere-t
from day of talc, l'oscorsion given on payment on th
ten per cent.
MOiUri UVr.ltllT, Kxecutor.
Aiilfu.t'JT. Iil.-tj.
1''. X E CUT Oll'S NO 'J' 10 U .
Estate of Jacob Eyeily, dcccate-l,
J' Il'lTIllH Teslamentaiy nn the esate of Jacob l
j erly, lalo of Idooui luwnship, Colunihia coiiiity
dece.i-ed, havu been granted by lle Ueejstef of Wills
&.c.,t the undersigned hoth residing in !!ionmburg. All
ieruis liavini: claims against the estate nf the deeeii
dent are re.piested tn present them tothe Kxecutor,
w ith. nit delay, and ell ii.'rsous indehle I to m iku tiay
iiieutforlhnilli . .MKJII !'. UVUItl.V,
iiuiiuttr r. ui.aki;
A Utoeutnrs
OOd nnd I'O- Iarkct Street, l'liiladclplitii,
Tlllrf llott'l i-i Inrnffil in tint iffy riMitr f luininsj
nml iiu'iir tin' ri-nfii'durtu places fit tinii.'iii -nt
v Inch m.iko it parti iihuly ilenfrntili lo pcrnim v t f f 1 1 n -riulaili'ldn.i
on ljUtiti.'t.4 or pi a- uro ; and thu Man.iL'r
linprs (y rlti. -it pi rfiti.il iittt'litiait to thu ot Qh
lux Client to mnkf it n roiufiirtahlt' huiui! Ut much ud
nuy l'i ir liif Iicum with their patriMiax,
.;. m: uwiin anon, rrtrji'rs.
JOIIX flliH'KI.r.V, Clerk,
July S3, in'.l. -1-.' mo
Foliliers and tboir horses, aud many farms
bereft ol ovcry tnalo moraber. IIonco,tbe
'omon and ebildren nre necessitated to
cultivate thu field j to avoid ruin tbis win
ter and starvation tbo nest season,
Tbo nomination of Dr. IIauuv
Darin? tlio Kiitertalnmsni
KION3. D A V I 8 ,
The only suerrtsful u il of tha Urest Vsn Aml'Uttll
will enter the den of Trsi, ie.1 I.lnns, Tleers sn.l l.eopsr.l
At each llnterliliiment will be introduced tho Performing
I'snies' Monkeys, Llephmts nnd
DR. THAYER'S Educated
The floKGsous 1'iiocrssiot niX entor town at or about
19 o'clock in lbs niornln.'.
ilium of the country, and it raneo pay in anything bet
ter, for lis own nsels ft i e either in povernment secur
lues or in notes or bunds payable in government pa
It is cpi-illy convenient as a temporary or permanent
investment. The uolus can always he sold for within
a frartiou of their face and accumulated interest, aud
are Ihe best security with banks 1 collaterals, for dis
count. (.'onvcrti'Jleinxo a Six per cent. 5-i!0 Gold
I land.
In addition tn the very liberal Interest nu the notes
for three years, this privilege nf conversation is now
worth about three per cent, per annum, for the cuireiil
ral" fur .V.V llonds is not less llriu niaejirr crnt. pre
muni, anil before Ihe war the preni'uiii nu til per
eeul. I". Is, Hocbs was over tHeiily per rent. It will
b n that life a jtu.il pror't on thu loan, at tho pros-
-nl inarKct r.ilo, is not less than ten per cent, per an
num. Its Exemption from State or Municipal
Taxation .
Hut aside from all thu mlvantaires we have cnnnier
nled, a special Act of Congress cinaptf oil binds and
'lYcasury nefM from local taxation. On the average,
this exemption is woiih about two per cent, per nu
llum, nccorilin' In the rale of taxation in various parls
of the country.
It is believed that no securities nffer so great Induce
ments o leaders ns those Issued by the envernment.
In all oilier forms of indebtedness, Ihe faith' oral.Tlily
of private parlies, nr .tmlc companies. or separa.c com.
uiiiuitiiis, only, is pledged fur ! payment, wlnlo tlie
whole property of the country is held tn secure the dis
charge of nlllhe obligations of thu United Slates.
While the government oeil'rs the most liberal terms
for its loans, it believes, that the verystrnngest nppcut
will bo to tho loyalty and patriotism of tho people,
Dublicalo (crlillcates will be issued for all despos
Its' The parly despositing must endorse upon the or-
ifnaf certificate Ihe ileiioininalion ol notes re-pnreu, -il .
and whether they are to bu i. sued In blank or payable , j$-Jj&
' , . ., . . . , r ' i.i. !.,. porlation nnd Manufacture, one of tlio .AUGUST and
oihcer recelvniij tbo desposit, to be forwarded tu tho jn(J'j m;Au 1 KUI, Rlection of
'l'rea-iiry Department, I FillCV FUTS
Seii-cmrrioKs war. dr nr.cmvpn by tho Treasury nf x J '
the United States, at Washinclon,, tho several Assis- for I.ADIKS'and Cilll.Dltl.Vd WDAU in tlio city.
,, , , .. , ,, A so, n One urrorlnientofCent s I'ur Olovos ti. Collars.
lain Treasurers aud desisnaled Depo.ltariea. and by 'u' i'urH were all piirehased when Uold was at a
tho urn c 1 1 lower preiuiuni than ut preasenl, I uni enabled
rirf.t nli01in I Ilallk Of DailVillC I'll, indispose of them at .cry reasonable prices, and I
llljin.iliuii.il nuiiit siuuiiiii, Ui,ri,fi')rl) J(Jj(:itu call from my friends of Country and
and by all National Hanks which aro depositaries of ueiuiiy.
public money, and Itcmemlicr tho Name. Number and Street I
Al.l. ni.si'lXl'AllI.r. IIANK3 AND llANKl'.ttS JOHN FAHE1HA,
thniualiout the country "HI givo furlher information 71S ARCH Street, above 7th., south sidoi
and l'liJ.LlADJ3IU'lllA.
T7 I havo no Partner, nor cfniicillon with any
niher More in Philadelphia I
b'ep. 10, liU l,-3nt.
prepared in a scientific ntaiincr
il work wonderfully in cud
t, if chronic oJficl'wnJ
() the
Siv 'B'l-ackcrs Wauled,
For Conynpham Township Oolumliia co-
Tlinsn presenting pood ctrlifirates will receive hh ra
salar.es. J. J. IIO.M;i,A.M), y. ct'y.
BCp, l, IflH'-ll.
3.AOJES ?hmy YVXSl
(ii.ii ,i:31'aiii,i.-iii:i)
No. 718 Arch St., above 7th,
1' II I I A 1) E L V II I A.
I have now in tlure of my own I tit
Alt l.'ttnla r.t' S?:ti'lli!l.rv.
If'iAi Cherry, Mandrake and Danddion f ,.,,,,,,, ?uUmy uugiues, m,ii.
I I'llin-.s'llIXC MAClllSltfl. fcU . &u.
' llo is nisi, pruparcd to ni.io Htovrs, all bl?.s and
! attorns. p'" ir,,n, and over) thimj Hsuttlly made in
1 In t-clnss r'nuiidriai, ....
Ills enl.-nsive Ini ililies nud pr.trtlci.1 workmen, war
mutl him in receiving thu largest cuutracts on ITiu
. i.t it reasonable leelm. .
i yy- iJruiii of all kinds w ill he taton in itchanj, for
I i'ntii,4.
il? Tlrs ofI ildishnieiit is loca.ed near tha l.uckttvaii.
"-rg.1a,.r.,ad.K&i.li mjUM1.yl.tt,
illaouul.itii, Sept. 12, l-'.3.
1) iuvit.ii in ,1.1. Ci.si.s-(an bo riliednnl N'evirr
' tail in cure! Do lint ii.ijsci.io : .ire speeuv in ucwum
o i hang,' of on t r. 'i.iircd I Do not interfere with
tVisiiu-i. pursuiul Cm bu Used without detection I
t,pw.r,l-!' 'H'es Uio past ruuuili- some of them
vcrlA,on cabus. Over one hundred physicians haro
used them ill their pr.n-uce, and al1 iiienk ur.il of tlielr
' .llicaey, .-Hid approve of their couiposilion, which is
eiituely , uctiibl.-, nnd harint ss on tlio system. Hun
dreds of cer'iiVatt s L.iu he nhown
Hell'. i-iLiifie lills aiu thu. rimi.iil ami only eenuiuo
' ilpei rne l iU- They are adapted for iiinlo and femals
old r joiini!, .iiid the only n li.ili.e leiuedy for ell'dcting
' n pi-riiiiiiienl and s Iv ears in all cases nf Speruia-
lorrhea, or annual tVenkness, Willi all its Irani of
rul. such ns Urethral mid V. iiiiii.il liischur.'i's, tiled
tho Wl'ile. ?k i;til l ,,f H,,,li.lil.iry Hiiilsslons. Incoli
. iiniiauee, (li nitnl In luliti and Irritability, Impotence,
' Weakness or l.nssiil' I'.'wir, Nerviuus l)i luluy, &e..
nil of whiLlinilM-s prinupally irnuiHi'tunl i:eessejor
fell- b ue, or mine coiislit.ili.,iial deiangemeiit, and
fiiCapacitat'is thu MiD'orer tiom fulfilling the duties of
taairie.l 111." In all seA.inl i,iser,es in (iouorrheii,
Cllerl. anil Htrieiitri s. and in liisenses nf the llladder
und Uiuiiejs. ihey act .1 cluriii I lUlief is eiperi
eneeil hy taking n single l.ov.
Soul hv nil lli'j piim "pal ilruggists. Price SI.
Tli. y will be seiu b mall su urely scaled, und con
fidenlially, on receipt o; ihe iituiie. by
J. Illt AN, al l.
Nu. .C 1'idar fct., Now Vork.
Oensullin; l'h siei in for ihu Ireatuieni of f.-niinal.
' Crlnary Seiiial, and Nenous Diseases, who will
1 fend, free to .ill, the fidloii 11,3 aliiuble work, 111 seul
, i.,t t'ti 1 loo,. .
Tlic 1'inii.iii Tuiiuti-I r.. ni;i,la TIlUATI.-in
011 M lf-.Mnise. l'r mature i eciy, luiju.tenci' and Iuk
. of power, denial lli.-.i, , Si iuiohI teakness. Nightly
KuiissMii-. ti ''!'.' Di hiliit . e., .Vc, a pamphlet of 04
pages, eoiiiiiiiiing uupurluiit .nl " I" Ihe affliciod. and
w huh should lun ml by t-vti y full -re r, ns Iho means
of cure 111 Ihe severest stngts la pl.Unly sel foilU. 1'wcr
slaillis r. inin d tu p.'i posUu.
Ilcceil her W. IrO I - Ij.
I'liionfr t'll,i:, and penuiinenily cured by tlio AltT
nulno ami l.aidlfvu atfect u-io great feature in 11. Is.il
produces an
from fho t'oninienreiuent In short it is a cry fiueTon
ic- Its palntanle and can ho taken hy lluf inostikl.
icalo I'emalonr (.'hild. It Imng purely vegetable thua
will be no tin nn done in taking It, if lliciu i 110 benefit
r 1 "II IT, I'p'.'ii" l 'r.il'ilns i II kin, nn cud centrally loca
I led llmue. Hie l:eiUMi.. llo ibi. situate mi aiai.
Haiti's, nrnl HAWlpr. W .eii.vnc!,, 1,itI,a! Wo not un this (ToUea In llarrels nolv. of Pi5
li , I." " J rnch. 'This' method of puuing it un'.ave, from 1 to
I I ,11111. t,HO HIVlllUU 1,1 )tlll.ll,B Ik lip
tuzerne DomocratiQ Convention, for the s cents per pound tn ino customer, ami hy in bemg
T . . ' , I u l.irgu 'lUiiutity it rcluins its linn (lanr much long
ItSglslatlirO, U8 very JudlCIOUS anil eotn- in this form than in nny other. We snid wilhiai
, . . , , ,, barrel fhoiv Cards, Circulars I'o.ter. t" nrsiilll
llinnls , AtimnKnl , r.,,nvl.al.n 'IM.n, ., . .. 1.. - , .. 1 .. , -.l .. .... I , ,n I.I IV,. li.mn it
u,,iui.i usiu ujiJi ouauuu
ro both ablo men, pure patriots and thor
ough demoiiraU, Wo rcioioo in tho nom-
,1, nl,.. In iiilrmlileu il tn his eiisfnint.r..
eusioiiiers will tnke pains to have them well posleiLup (-.,, i0l
and distribulrd.us It will bctotheirailvaiilagu (odoso.
ThlsColl'eo wo warrant lo give perfect satisfaction. Tjrinvillfl
nud i r tt does not please, the puruhascr has tho prlvl
legs of rLturuing the whole or any part of it wllhiii
nrslilllie mi,! ..,il, ri,l,!ni;n, mill tin nt
WehopOOUr a.llia UI..UUUU.11 uiuumsuui, .....
Sept. 23.
Sept. 20.
Illation of tllOSO cenlleniCIl, belicvint! that i ulirdavs.Lnud having his money refunded together "HU
in he Leeislaturo they will reflect honor ''W.rM
1 nlil-n ii ii it which wo aro glad to send free tn all who with it
,j miho upon tho Deinooraoy of Luzerno I i;n(1,ulcr oicmreo should crniuiro for tho-rrencd
nl that of tho State. More, their rium.i1fXWll!i,,,,, """ """ 1,8 ",ru
pliant election, of which thero is not a siu- 4s! rent American Tea oiniay5
J(1bt. will be worm-wood and gall, to IMPORTERS & JOBBERS,
"io wuoio tnbo orne;ro boutls tbrou2houM U5 & 37 VUSHY ST., Nw York.
orlborii Ponnsjlvauio, I J'y :3ieBt.-3m
Estate oj llussel White, elsc'el.
ETTnitSofailministrntioiion the Kstaleol liussol
Aug. in, lNll.-stni
WI Mi RAiHSRrllliT
Refined ilenzine and
IETTnitSofailministintioiion tho r.staleol l.u.sol unrn iieivr" Tr : iii.ni
J WhlK, latoof Csntra twp t oliiniluacn., dee'd, n'lUlUt' A I IMf Uilt in tight l ack
huvo been granted by Iho ltegisler ofCnluinbia co lo
tho undersigned , all persons having claims ugniust tho ai"ed.
tf.inffl "iruZll' Otilvrs will receive prmnpt attonlion,
ship withoutdelay, and all persons Indebted tu make l-l I HOLDEN.
payment forthwith ....., l'roiirietor.
Urt HUMM I'MI IIUHf O'llll t 1 s t -s J r
HrJw Lost, How Restored.
JtTST publlsTied, n new rdltlon of lilt. CUI.VIIIl.
Wl'.l.l.'ri Ci:i,l'.HHATr.ll V.SA.W on ihe rodicol
curs (wrtlinut inodicl'iio) of JirsamioaniioEA, or semi.
i: I w'eakr.csa. Iiivolinltnrv Seiiilnal Losses. lMPOrcicY.
Menial nnd Physical Incapacity, liopcdinieuts tu Jlar-1
riage, etc. , also, Cuniiiuiption, l'Ollepsy, and fits, lu
iluced by self-iuiliiTgcnce uj sexual extravaguiice.
ii" Price, in a sealed envelope, only 0 cents.
'I ho celebrated author in this admiraHo essay clear
ly riemniistrates, fromn thirty years successful practice,
that the alarming coiisctpiciicea nf self-abuse may bu
' rudiiallv cued withuut the dangerous use of internal.
I medicine nr the application of the knife pointing out
' n mode "f nt re, at once simple, certain, and ctlectuul,
1 hy means of which every sulfercr. nn matter what his
cnuilllioil limy uu, uiuy curu iiiiji.vii i.ucii. iiaiiijt
and raJitatly. ....
ID" This Lecture should be in tho hands of every
youth and every man In tho land.
Ilent, uiiilcr seal, ma priiiieuieinpc, in any nuuress, ,, Ot .
poit-patil, on receipi of rt iciits, or two post stamps, pniUCU ly ft otauip.
illness liiu I'm-"i i"
t HAri J C.K UN IS &.'(., i
1?: loni.Bv, Nfw Yuan, Tost odlce box 4SE0, 1
June te cii.-ly.
.Vnparcd by
Dr. Ei W. Wells',
Ftactical Physician
OFFICE over L. 0. Pains Store,
Mahket Struct.
For Sale by all Druggists throughout
the Country,
P.S. Eveiy agent is authoriied lo refund tl;o money
w hero thu compound falls lo relieve. I'ull Directions
accompany rathbottle in Knflufi, Trench aud ier
f. Ji, No t'artliclio meilieiuu is io-
quircil. In (routing l'ivo thousnnd onses,
I havo never known u ease to require
Physio, or havo 1 over known it to fail in
th'or6uehly removing thu diseasca. A&K
devoto all my titno nt Iho study irtid treat-1
. i
meut of Diseases OF Till': BLOOD- I
am proparsd to give advice (grutis) by up
(ilying to my office or by letter, iiceom.
i llllelt ''in,, site the ol II ill
In.i Co.iii'a Couit Hulls. ,rr-i'.clttill) ml. inns his friends
8t.'i t, 111 111. ion. .-burg un liei
,.,..i it... ,.,'ii.t,, in ui ueral. tlr.i lu lloure i. iimv ill nr
iler lor Ihe reception u'..i.'iu rlnin in ut of travelers w h
i maj f,.,. ilispoj.d lo fm or il Willi their custom- lie has
, spared nn eJipeii-e ill prepanng the um.k, for tho
, entertainment of In- go. s.s. liLiiher tlnll there he any.
! thing wnnlln.' (.on his p.rl) to minister In their personal
! comfort. His house is spaciouj und enjoys an excellent
! liiisinesslocntiiin.
,- oiunibusoii run nt nil titses between the I.tchanga
' Until and th.i tarious 11 ill Koa.l Depots, by which trav
el.-rs will bu pleasantly ewn eyed w and from tho r
. sdcciivu Sl.ilions in due Un.'j to meet iho Cars.
, v VV.M. II. UOONfl.
lllnonisbitrg, July 7Ief,n
Picture Gallery.
rpili: und. rsign. d n..riii9 the
.L J
citizens of III. sun'.
and li.-ighhorliou'l, that ho has tnkru the large room
nt thu l.cli.nig" i'i"i . ' ' lining "ter iiariiey sMouner
llakury. mil ihe llnokslur.. where 1m has put in
u large rkyli;' 1 1. Il is onlv hy fk light that good ple
nties . an he II " P"' '.illy groups where each person
can le ink. ij i-iu well as separate.
iluhi.-g"ii 1., i ,,ni.i. I.ralil,-eipense to make his es
lablii-hiui ill hrsi class uni, nud h" th'-refore solicits n
liberal i,iUo ig' toeua'de him. Inconstantly introducu
tlie mode i 'iiipioti iti'-nls ol the urt.
JJ'" t.'oun )' pioduco taken m Undnngo for iiletnres
ni.ioiir.buig. (Xnv. B. '18
Hep 51 I56I-6W J3 W
Wlllisinspi'it J'l'yJ r?6l-t
Of oveiy deouriptlen, for ialo at thi oflico y,r iwwmiii 1,11
M. I)
Wholesale 51 tuiuaiid ptri'fi New Yotk
Mold hv W II I a.) ii Co, 1 teht Buect -Mr
ll.i IU)
Tatr.; is ii. llilng ,u rchoWg or ull'ecual a
I! l! It T ' S B X T (I It 31 I N A T 0 Hi
PV Sold by nil Druggists in larire koxes, for 43 cl,
yr It ue r fails. Sot Dangerous to use.
,' Ullice uid 1'artor). I'd1', Juvenal til,, abova
W. Inut, bitwcen "th it 11 Hi t.. rormtrly lau.oulli
llith bl., I'liiladelpliia,
This valuable prenaralion sold in EloOiosJiHrg,
by the I'olliiyt iug Druggists i
IS V Ml & M W V Lit, U I'. t.UTZ, and J. U, MOYEli.
July 30, Irtfl, Hiu., pd.
" F. 0. HARRISON, M. D.
WUL l.D rr.puctfull) inform the citUens of lllooms
burg, ami viilnity, tbatli' c ntluueatli practise of
uwftf.v' wl aL'uaynr.
nd solicits a -Ii ire of public palroiiaee,
mii' K n alsui Hirsel riitt hemte Uslnw lbs Ce'irt
, iiini.e loon insniin:
I febnur, .1, USWli

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