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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, September 24, 1864, Image 4

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1 .! Hill 1 IK ! U- 111 ... .
Fattening Swine.
Farmers licgio to fatten swine too late.
Somo do not commenco till the first nf au
tumn, and otbeti even later. TLo cousc
qnonco in tho aiiimnl scarcely gets under
vray when the times comes for slaughtering
liini. Our best maungora make it a rulo to
keap tlio nnitnal growing without intormia
fiion from tho first period of its existence
... p .1.. 1- i.-L TP I.-
until rosuy lor .no porK-tuu. a, Kepiovcr
winter, they .ro Tod and kept comfortablo
Ltrongbout.and the regular fattening pro-
CCSS is commenced corlv in the inrillC -
, , , . . . .
A bushel of corn given thus early in the
H . ...
PCasOll to a Vigorous growing mutual IS
north much moro than tho sntnc nmnunt
fed in nutumn, and far mora than if fed in
cold 'vhelhcr or in winter. Ono reason
that nomo farmers find it unprofitable to
fatten pork, is that a large part oftho pro
cess Iim to ho performed when tho weath
er has becomo to oold that lnuoh r,( (ho
feed U required merely for sustaining ani
mal warmth.
The bet pork raifer we know of has in !
one instance jrrowon a pig eight months
old so as to weigh four hundred pounds ;
nnd in another, four hundred and fifti
pounds in ton months. Ho ha? the corn
ground to meal, and prepares it by pour
ing into a covered tub four pailnful of boil-'
ing waior to each pail of dry meal. After
standing a dy or ninre it all becomes
ucnrly a solid mafs, aud makes excellent
feed. Tho animals are kept perfectly ,
clean, dry, aud comfortablo. (not in a close
pen, but a nuall yarfi,) aro fed with groat
regularity, nnd never quite so much as
thoy will eat, surfeit being carefully avoi- j
ded. Ho finds that pork thus manufactur
ed costs him only five cent a pound when
corn is a dollar a. bushel. '
Farmers who have not begun to fatten
their swine regularly, a they should have
lone months ago, should commence im-,
mediately. By attending to thi particu- i
lars just mentioned they will fiud tho buis
ness far more profitable than the loo frc-1
quent practise of feeding in the ear, giving
the lood irregularly both as to time and
quauity, aud paying no attention toe'ean
liness and comfort. The skillful farmer,
whoso practico wo have already dcsoribed
finds that tho mixture of meal aud lint
wator makes twice as much pork as corn
fed on the cob, according to careful
weighing and measuring.
Light 1'ou Animals.
Wo are often impressed with tho gro3s
neglect of otherwiso intelligent mcn,in not
ssauring abundant light for animal life
To the animal and tho plant alike, and to
ach and every human being, light.as well
as warmth, is absolutely indispciir-ablc.
Put a plant in the cellar and it will grow
up colorless, flexible, healtbleis. Put it
in tho dark place and jut give it air, ftud
it will hardly do better. Yet, people will
attempt to bring up uuiraals imprisiotfed
and housed. Iu some public remarks we
had occasion to make, we stated that a pig
would not grow if deprived of light. Wo
soon aftor met an old gentleman, and hn
had lived sixty years without discovering
tho fact, and tho first word he addressed
to us woro : "Well, you told me why my
pigs would not grow. Two years ago I
put in a snug place under my barn, six
pig?, It was warm but dark, and thej
were fed through the floor. Tn the f-pring
I took them out aud tLey looked like raU
Thoy hadn't growen a pound.
A farmer of our aocquaitanoo was,sonir
time since, driving a fine mare. Wo as
ked how she becatno blind. Ho told us
that he put her and two oilier three-yeai
old horses into a perfectly dark stable iiu
the fall, and in the spring, soon after the)
came to light they went stone blind.
These illustrations show, conclusively ,
that light is necessary to every living anil
growing thing. Our barns aro not light
enough. Our houses, too many of them,
aro too destitute of light- Parents pursue
a blind nnd benighted course when the j
cnoournge their children in living bous
ed and iinprisonrd, whn t' .y encourage
theui in euveluping tl.i.i ucca under im
penetrable veil-, lest their checks fehould
blister- You cannot blutcr the cheek of
a cherry or of a peach, Better remember
that the ruddy glow of priceless health,
and the life and animation that radiate
beauty, can never exist in perfection un
less in full aud free exposure to air and
To STor Potatoes Bottino
An ogricultural exchanco says :
experienced agrioulturisht informs us that
about six years ago tho applied lime to po
tatoes that were partly rotten, and that in
immediately arrested decay. Potatoes
that were partly rotton when tho lime was
applied, continued to rot, and were lost. I
Since then he has mndo it a common prac-j
tico to apply slaked lime to his potatoes
as lie takes thorn up, He puts a thin lay- j
er of lime upon tho floor whore tho pota-
tiios aro to be laid, and prinkles ome of
it ovr them about overy ton inches, as they
are put dowu, Uu considers this as per-1
fectly protcc'ing thom from rotting, as bet
ban never had a rotten potato since ho has
prsctited it, and he beliores also that po
tatoes thus used are rendered better by
tho notion of lime. We auvue tho farm
era (0 try Una plan. as it easily can be done
by them all."
(On thi Binatf, Three Doors from ftccle's Motel
I'rniS INSTUTION is now opened and
J furnished In tlio inott tostlr ttyle, deception,
Private And Operating looms nte largo, convenient and
, wf II adapted. Tho Burglcal npnrtmont contains tlio
finest crllictloti of Instrument! In 111 l country, nnil
I thin 111 ricultlca will enable lilinto meet Any am) nil
1 cniersc-nrlcn In prscllee Hp will ojicrdte upon nil the
i various rormsof I1LINDNEI8, Cotninct, ocrlunii of
the It II. Cross Eyes, Closure nf tlio Trnr Huctn, lit
' version oftho Eyelids, Pterygium, kc, c. And will
trout nil rormi of Bores. Eye Ornnnlod Lids. Opncetlos
rftbo Cornea, hnil Bcttilulous diseases nf the Eye In.
pettier with nil the diseases tn which the E)o Is tub.
DliAPXEHS Will treat nil the diseases common to
II. n nrnnn. Illcli.irtt. from Ihe l.nr, Nolsri III tin l.nr
Cnlnrrh, dimculty oriitaring.tolnl II" une, . vn where
the Drum Is destrevrd. Will IiHcrt nn nitlhilalono
nswerlni! nearly nil the purpn. oftho natural.
rnnii to the Throat and Nose w III hi trcalud ,
riEVHllAL tl MlEllY lie will operate upon Club
feet. Hair Up, CI? H Tnllnte, Tumors, Caucers, Lnlar-
lu.llViirlli. r t'lftstlr. rtlipintlnti hv lnnlihC lll'VV
'Aefot, parti, anil ilcnViai Stirgcty of
Utile or no pnln. Oiitoriiianyliutdred operated iipoiiln
Hostonthutu hu boon no fnllnro. it having im t ihu
petreii approbation or aiiwhohave submitted ton
AIITI1 HAL LYEH.--Wlllln.ortnttinr.lnl E)i'e glv-
Ing Iheni thi motion nnd etpre.ioii of the natural.
llEMOltllHOlli!!, (Pile,)-This troublesome disen.o.
Is readily eured, Those suffering from It vvlllilowti
toeall. , ,
I)r Up DeOrntTvlMU Wilkc-P..irre with a viewer
buitrllRB up a permanent Institute for th treatment of
tho Eye. Lar nnd Kencrul Surgery. The experience, of
moro than n quarter nrn cntuty In lKxpit.il anil gener
al practice, he hopes, will be a sntfir lent guarantee to
thue who imiy be disposed to employ lilm.
May 14. 1SU4. tr.
Luckaunmiii li Bloomshurg St,-. lit oil d
TRAI.N3 1Ml.li AS 1'GL.I.UWS:
4 20 r.
" KillCfcluu ....
" IIUioiiiBhiirg
' Ilupcrt
" Danville, ....
Arrive at Northumberland,
Leave Northumberland,
" liniivlllo,
' Kupert
" llloomiburg
' Kiiijtflton
Arrive at Rrrnntiio. ....
5 53
?.00 A. M
IS.lt! I'
I'relfht A; rjssenger lcave illonmtunrR, lu.is A m
lVuscngers takinit the Vail Train South conned nith
the Kxprex train from North'd, arrlvuil! nt Uarris-burf
nt 230 A. M llnltiniore 7.MU A. M., nnd lit riiiladilphia
nt 7.U0 A ,11. The Mail train from Northumberland
v& en Imiiiediatily after the lliprens train frum llur
rijliurs and llallimore, nllowiiis lMrveiiuem lenvin;
l'liilaililplila nt ltl.lt) l Al. to teach poititii on thii roj.l
liirine tin, iii'kt forenoon.
New and elesant Sleepine c.ir necompany Ilia iiisht I
trains each nay bitwetu Nortliumberlaiid mi l Haiti
moro, nnd Nortliumberlaiid and riiilnilelplil i.
II. A. l'O.NIIA. iMirt.
J. C. Well.., (len t Ticket .igi-nt
Kincstnn, Janunry 3D. ef.4.
ypnmj anu ymnmcv;
t) HE undcrsiineil. Rniteful for pal pntrnnnse, reaper
4 fullv Informs liu cuMiunora nnd Ihf puhlicgenernlly
that he iiai Just received from the Kn.terno title, the
nrcest and tuot select stock "f
, That has yet been opened in Hloointburg, to whim he
Invites the attention of his friends', nod iwurea them
that they aie onerod for talu nt en at bar?aiiii. His
eitock comprises n largu atnortnient of
' ;i:NTi.r.ML"ri wi:.iiinj attat.ll.
- Conristinc l Fasihonahu: llnrss Covrs, of every dos
I rription; Vants, Vests, Shirtf, Cravats Stocke, Cottoii
j Handkerchief, Moves. Suspcnderi. &c.
Gold Watches and Jewelry.
Of evtry description, fin" and cneup.
,. it. KCinemoer " unctnorrff 5 w.c.i. i.ii;oriu7n.
en and see. Nochargo rore".1jfJi(.-,.N.lir.T.f,
Uloomsburir. April Hi. 1504.
(June lr.Vi I
Jew Drug Store,
rpHC undersigned would inform tlair friends and the
J public gnnernlly.tlint they Ii no taken the stand for
merly occupied by Reo. M. llunenhurh, iu Ihu KxcliJiiite
Hiiiluine. on .Mm'11 street, in UlooinsUirp. where he has
just received a full supply of
Dntgn, J3i HicitJt.s, Insists, 4:ais,
ILaniis, &c,
Which will be sold on moderate terms for ready piy.
Also, NOTIONS generally, of every variety, sortaiid
Thyslcinns' prescriptions cuiefully compounded, at
all times and on short n-'tice.
(TV- Confectionery of tho best selections, and fcoJa
Water in t-eafeoii.
f A share of tho public custom is respectfully so
icited. EYCU Sl MOVER.
faoornsbdrg. April 11, 1 603.
11: A I
This grent line traverses tho Nurthern and North--west
counties of TcNiisylvatiia to tho city of Luc, 0.1
Lake Eric.
It has been leased by the Pennsylvania Knilro.nl
Company, aud under their auspices is being rapidly
opened throughout its entire length. "
It is nor. in uso for Tas-enser and Freight business
from llarri'lurg to Eoiporium, , IM rriili-H 1 on the East
ern Division, nnd Ironi s-helHcld to Erie 'i miles) on the
Western Division,
time or PAs.csaeit tkaia at NoitTin.-MiinRr.AN-D.
Mail Train leaves, Hart Si 5J A. M.
Esprers Train " " 10 37 T. M.
Mail " " West S 4J
Exorrs I A. II.
Cars run through wtTincT eiutuc both ai e 011 tn n
trains between Thil.nlelplna anil LoeU. li.ivin, nun
linltiniore. and Lork Hav. 0 New nnd 1 legmt Mi p
ing Cars aeciunpaiiiii'i tiie Express Train bolh U)s
between Willi.iuport 11 ml 1 !.i U i n 1 -r l; , and William.
port and l'liila.ic Ijilua.
1'or iufnriiiatloii lespectiog Tass-ngi-r business, ap
ply nttlie t4. E. for. 1 Itli ami .Market rils.
And for Freight businessof the l.'oinpiny's Agents
S. II. KiiM.ton. Jr.. Cor. 13th and .Market .-its., Tin I 'a
J. IV. Uoumlils, Erie.
J. M. Drill. Aneiil N. C. R: II., lialtlraore.
II. II. Iloustun, Gcn'l. l'rcight Agt . Tliilndelphia,
Lewis I.-Jloupt, (ien'l. Ticket Agt Thiludelplus.
Joseph D. Tlt.,Gi.ni. .Manager, U'illiuuisport.
May 7 1804.
IN LONDON lf'51.
Was awarded th Priie Med
al for his superiority overall
competitions In the United
Elates for bis impinveuieiits
Tnivelling Tritnus,
He being the Inventor and
.Manufacturer of Elastic steel
Spring solid Hole Leather and inlid liiveted Irqn Trnme
Trnvclliug Trunks, Valises, Lad cs Hut I'ases, Carpel
Hags. Leather Hags, L'mbrillas and Hobby llnr.i
IIO)S' Rigs, Tropellers, Wlie.lbcrruws, ie.. whieh la
is prepared to sell nt the lowest iniiiiuf.n-iorint.' price
The most extensive Trunkand Carpil Hug .Vjiiul'uctur
er in i'lill.uli Iplii.i.
402 .MAIIKET 8THEET, ono door ribive rnurili,
rmiith side. TI11LADEI.TIIIA,
CTBales room on the flr.t floor.
!C7Truiik neatly repaired or exchanged for new
ones. Cull and see. us we sell very cheap fur cash.
Nov. 14, leC3 12mo
I1MIE undersigned, having taki 11 the Espy Hotel,
.1 lately kept by .Mr E llowi l, would re-pertfully
I nforin his l(leiid nndtho public in gi.ner.il, inul no
pains will he spared for the satisfactory entertainment
of all who mayfavur hi in with ihuir cm tow,
F.ipy, AprilS.Ie'hl.
M.ooMSKuiia. r.i.
Office in Court Ally, formerly occupied by CharU
Dloomiburg, Dee. 4, lo.VI.
THE undersigned would announce, that In fmson hand
this Hat and Pup limnorium, on Main Rt , filooin.
burg, anass-irtineiitof different kindof loatlmr suclins
flno calf skint, morocco, (red andhlark,hnd linings all
nf llIli(h Ills U'lll cr.ll ellADnas lli.n ..n S.a I... .1 .1 .
mthu market. caiiuHdoxomtnotiem for voureives.
Ktgmanit.Uv u. im. john k. gicton,
, CP 1 (;rtl)6,' iC 'V-S-t-v'V
51. O Ji, H it
MJ D!Q,3,.IflISa,Q,aii3 !i 'XUSITSIRV
Jliul hmn At Pulmonic Syrup, Seaicced
Tunic, awl Mandrake J'ilh net on
the System n curing thai tlis
rase, and the
VLB tii&W
Te ntiove In n correct llkene . nf 1 1 r 3 liench tak, u
many yenre hro. nller he had covered Iroui Consump
tion hv u ciire of hl 'SciikNtK'n l'fLMiiNieBvncr."
'I he IH.'nne nlthoiie It do" net tipi"f nt him any
thine like nn had n lie n at thi' orl S'tltnln
elr'mj rontraot w Hh the him nun vit, t"iis lonkaiif tlio
i'ortrnit h' low, n hlrh l the t nn lilirnen or him nt Ihe
pri .ent tinio. The r.intr.i'l hilu. i ii llione two pur
lrntt I co crcatthat many would nut helli've tli-m to
he tlio .nme per.nn. Yetlheie nre hiintlred of pet.
ton. In and nroun.l riiilaiklpliia, who will reeoyule
both poriraitu lobe true repreKentntinim When tlw
first i taken ho weicbed 107 pounila ; tit the pn gent
time Ills weight la -'.() poiiu.li,.
New Viinx Wtdnosilav, Morel) 30, 1801.
1 be vmivd.
Thirty veiri ago I w as in the last stages of Pulninu-
1 nryCon-mniptioii, and giv.n iii to i!h. I ri-sid.-d 111
Philadelphia and Dr. .1 seph T11r1i1.l1, then ofilii 1 ity,
on 1 1 me to iHor"tivri. N J.. n i ltauce .if 111110
miles, w hlrh look me t n days to eel tin r". On my n r-
' rival I w.is pur to tel. und there l.inl lor many weeks.
, Tins vas my nntivo plary. where aii my family lived
1 ami h i'1 ill'-il of Cniii-oiiintlnii. Dr. Tt,,riiton. wlio at-ten-lod
tny father in r.n last illni s, was rallrd. nnd
gave im- one week to fix up mv nlfine. He hail si-en
nil my ffimili cntliat wny. ao I ihnuglit I was to 30, too.
'I hen 1 heard of tlio remedies I now olT.'r to the nub
- lie. which riiml me. It seemed In mc that 1 could feci
' litem penetrating my whole -)Mi'in. .
1 Tiley soon rlpt-neil tlio n.atttr oil my tni!:i, nnd I
, would spit off more tlian 11 pintof oll'-nsive Jellow mat
I ter every iiinruing As soon ns that lug.-ni to subside,
my rough, f-sier, pain, night siv .lis all began to leave
si i-i nnd m nppetite became sn treat th.u it was w ith
, difficulty lioiild keipfrom eating too much. I sonn
gained my stienglh. and I bin e been grow nig in ll..li
eersittci Tot man) jeais I have tiijejL.I uninter-
1 rupteil good health, l.eipioi; Hi- liver and slomnih
healthy with tho .-'eime-M 'Tunic nml MainLrnk Tilts, n
I ,1.11 of a blliou tLiiiter.iiiii-ut. ,11 v w n lit 11 tw 11 bun
dreii and Iwcnii uoiiude. On my rfeoverl people nnttld I
oenit fur nit , far ami near, to ..-,. it their 1 .i.e. w ere
like mine. For thi-, purpose I p-. proles-10-1,11 iiu
Inthe large titles. 'I he eon nniiti-. -victim si the 1
. one I hat make. lie .e iiti'dn in.'-, n,i 1 . In, w a-, i ii 1 01 ,
consumption li Ibeiii. 'To make n.-w bini;-! i,.ip,Ksi-
' blr ; but 1 aviiies in the Inns- o.iil cbiumc 11b raiimi !
I of tli'i I1r011cl11.il lube can Ihj h -itled r-ueli case-are 1
I tiling hourly tais.lt 1 tee o-,lni:ir In ntitiet.t ol physi. '.
! cians, hiiJ Just Mit-h are cured l-y Hi- pinp. r u-o of 1
riclitntk's Pulmonic t-j rup. t-eawi ed Tonic, and .Man.
1 drake Tills.
I 1 11111 now a health) man. with a lafgr rr.vlty In tlje ;
, middlo tube of the 1 ight lung. the lowet lobe very 111u1.l1
hapaluetl nnd eonipleie ailhe-ion of tile tdeura. 'Tile 1
left lung is -ouud. and Ihe upper Ir be of the risbt l.nig I
is in u loit-iabl) health) roiiniiioit. 'lbe-zrt-al reason ;
n hy phjutians do not euro roiiMiinption 1; Ihey try to ,
I do ion iimi' h ; I Dry give medicines to stop thorough, to
stop chill, to stop mailt -weal-, in tin: feu r.an.l, by so
, doinir, thoy tleraiigotl.e whole- diaeslite powers, lock
' ing up tiio secretions, and evenltiall) the pilieut sink ,
I nnd dies. After I make n caielul i-xaunii.ttii'ii of the
; palictit w itli the Itespiron.eter, nnd find Innc cii'-ugh
I It-It to riiie, I direct the patient how to use Ihe three
reloedi' llentove the i,tll-e Ml I the) will all stupor!
' tlieir ow 11 aecor.l. .No one can bu rured 01' consuiup. I
lion, liter e, loplaiiit, il)t-ptp-i.i, r.itarrh, t-.inker, ill
certttedfliiroat. miles, the itver and sttiu.nli niu mode
liinlthy. In New England this ranker, chr-'tne catarrli,
ulcerate I throat. 1 Inugutiou oi uvula, Is more preva
lent Hum in an) other le-cumi of ihe country. 'I In is
fr -quei ti v . aiit-ed by u inul slomarii. -You 0 ay burn
it ut with caii.tii-iioie and agin, ami all the) will
get i temporary ieln f Correct Die slomnih and liver,
and Hi. w til h' al up Hi- in-"!ves.
tioo.l u.it, itiou is Hie remedv. ifjo'l have any dis
ease 111 any part ol tlio bud), it will remain thero and
decay niort and mole uiilii you tan geiibestoii..-uh ill
tile condition to di?'M food, and make nnv bb.oil to
lake the plate of oiseaseil inattt r 'This is the. only
way o I1e.1l cavitiet in the lungs and uti er.ite.1 Orou
tlnal tutu s. Coirect the .-Ininach aim liv, r, an 1 tintiue.
will do the he.iliug Many n r.ou halt- ,111 idea that
itrtaiu luudicincs ere great puriln.1 or Hie blood.
IVIO'ii l.lo.id i once ili-easeil it c.-ilitiol Ic purified ; it
is diseased tho siiioe n lite dis.-as ,1 matiei 111 tt,e
s) -tern ; Imt get the npp.iiiitus 111 order, tile liver and
stomach, and give it plenty of nouiisiting tood, it will
make new Lluoil, whiih will laku tlio placo of that
wiuili is diseased
!-ili'.nck'8 Tuiinoiiic sirup Is one cf the best prepa
rations of iron in use, it is n powerful totuc of itsi If,
and w In h the si aweod Tonic dissolves Ihe mucus iu
tliu stouricli.aiid 11 is etirri 'd oifby the 111 1 of tlw illan.
drnko Tills. tin- Tiilnioiiic. ryrop 1 m.t.le imu lilood.
'J in 1 the only wuy to eiiio consumption. If I can
not gel ni;rei.l iippeiuo nnd food tloes not digest I can.
in. 1 cure thi pain i,t Niv r nnnii me 1 ough ; remove
liieruuS' anil it w ,11 tnp nf 11. elf. 'ibis i lie- most
trouble I Iihvl wilh my pat tent . nt 111) ro f They
sa) , Dm Mr, I ieel -innger i I ran o.it my nuhi
sweats .ireb 11 r. nn j I f" I belli r '.vert w.ti 11 T my
1 ough is so bad yet , ' and tin.)- aro as oitivd In 11 '.11
lan .ny that dot s not matt, r ; reiuov. the .-e.'1-re end
il W 111 stop II. elf. Mlirm k's M.-,i'-..i-i I r. u iV. .1 ,oo,l
appeiuo ill iiboiit mini da)., w he 11 i.i, -,, ting 01 s.
ea.e, lliiles til 1 liver is socoi.ie.."e ha '.He Man
dtnh.: Pill, eiittnot tiiitoi U the i'.t 1,4 h . i,,,iil,ief
111 th..t short. pare of tune 1.1 oidit- t alo.w Hie -t.iln
bilniopr.es oil Keep ll.t iter uu,l Hie stoioaili
htaltliy and there is less danger ol r iiiii,itjoii or any
otbt-i disease. It is haul to tak" nu whin iliiut- or
gans are health) . Those t tint nre odious, low spiutud,
drear), feeling ttupld, r aled toi.t'i", poor npuitito,
nervous, btomach fullof wind, evii)iliing tli.u ltul
en lies heavy loss of meinotv, liy one leittlo of
nCIIENCK'! tlEAWEED TliMT, and ono box or
h IlENi.K'.S.MANDItAl-.HTlLL.-J. It 1. only 11 ro. I of
ouu dollar and twenly-tivo cents, with lull oirectiou.
This in suilicient. in mail) tasis. 10 salisly what tho
niediriuus are. Frequently oin hi.ltle makes 11 greut
change 111 the sysli m. An) pi rsou that 1 njiejs ordina
ry health, h) tisiiig the rAe.iwi t-d 'Tonic and Mandrake
rills occasional)), must gei toe nig, .live organs 111 '
sUili n heaiihy condition tlial tiny le i-'inie (I shy. l
can protlnee a iiuuiber of my old toiisuuiptive pulietits '
now enjoying good in.alth, weiebing m arly Jtld iioumis 1
I w ill conclude b) relutiug three tures I hate m.t.le in
New Vork, mid w hicli .ire nil dill' ri nt. mid wish.iuy
one wiio let-Is nny intert t 111 tin mailer to visit tin-in
I'usl is Mrs Fnrlow, re.iding then nt No. JU7 lloij.tou
street. er husband culled upon me ut mv room. IW
llondstrt-it, and wi.h'd me torull nnd -ee her. Ilo
.aln I foul' I do 110 good ; thai he had nil Ihe be.t t.it-.ii -rat
aileiid.-ioce. nnd ul I stud she was too tar gone v ith
C'liisiiiilption tti he tured ; but she had h ard of soma
gri al cut' s t had made, nml he tle.ui d 10 uralify In r
wi'hie, 1 intieii. nun miiihi her ijn: ronliued m tor
In d ill lln last stage of hrnuthiul Loli.uiliplloll, and
wilhriut tloutil must have diitlsoon, 1 examined her
loni:., louiid b-dh bronchial tiibt. ver) null ti alVerteii,
but nn cavities had formed, In-rrough wn ver) severe,
Ihe spii-bex wnslnilf full of thick pus. Tulsu I ID, ligs
swollen vt ry muth; and worse I loin nil, she had chro
nic ii i ,1 r r Ii u-.i . Her bowls had been ui'ived eleven limes
that day. 1 told her she h id lungs .-iioiigh lobe 1 tired,
but that Hut ii'irrha-a had I 'vn long .l.iinliiig. mid Imi
stoma, h wits iu rui Ii an ulet iiited cniidilion thai 1 was
nl'raio i.olhi.ig t,on,i be iloiu. .-Iu insisted I should
try nnd do what I could for her. ob.erviug that shu
would imt la. 1 long 111 He, iimditioii she was in,
and I foiild not make, ti.'r nny woise. I gave lier llr t
attositol my .Mamirnku Tills, mid the Ionic nnd Hyrap
1 fnely. 'Ihsl was 011 Tuesday, and by the nexlHuntluy
j the diarrhuia was curried olT, hcruppelilc liad returned
nml he could sit up in bed ami eat her tlliiutr. She Is
, now well, nnd gave me a long certificate, certilled to
j by llm Itev. Dr. Hon ting.
I .Mrs. Ilartliolnioi vv.pa West I'orty lifth street, came
to my rooms with a tumor on her livt r. Phe was low
I tpirilCtl. -kin .allow, tongue coated, bowelsco.tivo, no
I appetite, nnd last sinking into Hie grave. The said
t tumor had b.-en 1 uimlr.g over fourteen years I gave
her Si rup, Tonic and Tills, and loljher to l.tketheui
Juttnt Ihe directions were printed, Hhe tame back to
my rooms. M llnud stretlju two weeks, somewhat
better j her tongue iiad begun to clean a Imlo around
the edges-her skin wliiter and her etes briulitur, nod
the tumor discharging very ollenuve mntier, 01'iJi
fists r than it had ever don before. She kept gru.lti.
utty luiproving, nnd Hi mi nit tun montu 1, nn- 1,
my rooms , ry mm h fri. ht m 1 1. .' Hi nh '11
hud iii-.it) si ippi rumiii t a-' w h . 0
tu ' v ry m tor ban 1 I h r n t ,1 11 b
wu-' ris Ii r tit am It 1 11 rtt t in 1 1 1 (nt
a 1 1 ( 'it hi, i ud 11, t it w tl, - I'lcer ep
lliryn.-ii wj ,v j in li'iv b 11 fir auoulay ar
and she j ' k licnrtyaud HvJtla uuingji oj yon will
And in a days walk twli-lad for sy ons toocUon
k Sap
Mr ...f
her, nnd taken ureal rains to tltll nny one that rdi
henrs has nnjthlne like hfr tae, ntid trii to ret
them to romp nnd sec me The next ense Is llm fen. '
field from Htninford, t'onn Mrs. Iliirtholomcw Rot Iter
ilon it to sea me, mid she ha breu ever since at her
house. When she first tame to tny rioms. she was
much I'marlnled u Hh n distressing couch, spltllmt Inrce
quantities of blond. I examined ti r liiiian 1 Itli Ilia
respirninetcr, nnd in nil my practice tierer found one
with one Inns so far tone nn.l tho other lorn; in sound.
I could not civ mil' h ciirour.itemeiit, I thniicjit she
would dial but to my nstnnlshmoiit tho I'lilinnnicfyrupi I
Hrnweed Tonic, nnd .Mmitl raka Tills nil seemed In u .
rlcht to ork, the limit Is nil healed over, IcnWnit n i
cavity ns Inrpn n.n irnosc csg i Rood nppcllte, fine
spirit1), anil has Kalnerf some thirty-flie pounds In
welfht. Hho has some couitli Jet, whli h 1 do no not
think will leave, her before June, I should think It
would bo oforeat interest to some unprejudiced tihy
clciin to vl-lt these cncs, pailleiilarly .1fls Hrofield,
or any of llieinwhn hnvo been t tired by my medicines,
'1 lay nre uuiiieroiii in New lork, but the nbove tnrce
all dllfer froni each oilier i nnd If my medicines nro do
liiKWhntl represent they nre, they should have tho
credit nnd the nfillcteil know where and how Ihey may ,
boeured. J. II. HOIH'.NCK. M. 1). I
Mr. J II Pclnnck caribe fouiiilnt his prliulpiil nfflee, I
No, 3D North btli Htreei, 'liilndelphia, every f.nturday,
fromS A. ,M.. ulitll ! I', M,, In civo advlte, free of
rharijej but tor n thoiouah nx.iinlirillon he charses
three dollar I'ller oflliu 1'iiliniinlc Hyrilp nnd H-n.
weed I mile em h rilM ier bollle, or SH tho hair doen.
.Mandrake Tills '.'6 cents per box, nod for sale by all
llructiMi and Dealers.
June II, 1-1.1. - I .
It Is well known to tho medical profession that IRON
I the Vital Prlniliilp or Life Element of the blood
Thisis deiited ebltlly Irom the food uu rat , hat if tlio
foodi uot pii perly digested, or if from auyrauso w hit
ever, the nei ussary ipiantity of Iron Is hot taken into
the circulation, or In comes reduced, Hits v. holo s) stein
siiflers, 'I'll' bad Mood will nritati tho heart, will
clog up the lung., will obstruct the liver and w III stud
Its ili-ea-c. producing 1 lenient, to rill pails oftho Dis
tent, and evtry 000 wilt sutler 111 whatever organ may
bo prcdl-putul to disi.use.
Tim great value of
I well known and acl.tiow leilecd by all medlrnl men ,
The dllliiulty lias been to obtuin such n pit piitnlii n n '
it 11s will enter the (Imitation and usimllat" at oure I
Willi llm llloo.l This point, says I'r. Hayes. ,Mnsiirli- .
usi Its r-t.ite I'heiiil.t, ha been nllniiied Iu the lYtiivt
au ir'yrup, by coinlilnatioii iu 11 wny before unknown. I
I UK I'EitM VI JV ...( I' J
1 4 a Troterted snlution of the Trotoxi le ol lionnNrvv:
Discover) In Meolrioe that strike-at the Hoot of Ills
tu-e liy supplying the blood with its V1I11I Tiiuciplo or I
I, Uu Lli'tu . 01 -Iron. j
Cures Dyspi pjla, Liver (Jomplaint, Drop.v Fever .md I
Ague, Loss of Cucrjgy, Low Hiirll. I
lufusca streiigth. vigor nml new life Into the system, and j
builds up ,111 "Iron Constitution.
Cures f'hrnnie Di-trrl'oa. Pcrofol.i, Toils, Scuivy, Loss
of Cor.si1tottti11.il uttr.
Cures Nervou Atl'-Mion, reuvtU1 rmniitniitt, and nil
i!isrup.-i "1 tlio Kiilncyi nml l.l.ttldiir.
N n i-ppcitlr furall tlHi'asrs nrijinatint,' In a bad M.ite
ot'.hu Muoii. or accuiiip.'iuied by Debilit) era Iaiw kiltie
ol tin: L4j hlum.
r.'HiipliUisroiitiiining crrurtrattffi of curi'h and r"nMit
meiiil.Uiniiti from t-nnio ut Ui inuht im lie nt lltsn iaits
i l 1 ry incii. and ethers, w ill bt-h'.nt I tw n u iuwr"f
VVu sult'ct a li-w tiftlK' liatiifHtu thow th'j Lharnti'T
Cf lllC tU$llllliltl.tlK.
JOII.V i:. WfUJAMS ia ,
rrcbidoiil ol tlii Mt'iriijit'iii.tn ILnirt, .NV.v Vorit.
itrv. ami. 1. sr. vi:.vh.
I. ate IMitnr Uliri.tain Advuratu and.lonrn'il,
i:.iv, i' ;in;ii;ii,
Kditfrr w Y-nrk Cnronirlc;
P.rv John Pierpout
l.-w I Johnsof, M D.
Kev W.t' ren I uton,
He. ,1 rtnur II Full r.
it v i.ttr 0 0 K di'itiis.
lU v v.v i.iiu 1 ,'bli,
11. 1 . 'I tf..ur King.
Ut v ,lir-,iui l-'.i .fr .
lit v J-e.epl! ii I'lllirll,
E. Ileery l.ph mi,
lit'V P 1; III .1, li .
Itev John H Olmesl "id,
Trepan,! by I ci.AltK
niiswell K'tiney M
ti L K -'ii.aH : I)
li ( hi-lndhi. 11 I).
Fianr is tl.iu.i. ,VI It
Jeremiad ftohe. M, D
Joee Altto '111' lies d I)
Abraham Wemi-ll 1 D.
A A Haves, M II.
J T. - lii ton, M li.
II, I . Kinney. .M D.
: t'll ex'.lilsively lor
J. P. HlN.-MOIli;, No f . I Hi., mix
otv lorn.
So d b) rill Drognirts.
No Family .ho ild bo Willi'Mit il. OiilyCiccnUa
roll s.i k nv
!. P DINSMnIll', No HI lirojilwnv. I'evv Voik.
!j W FOWLE (. CU No. It 'Fremont Al Huston
And b) i'l Druggii-ts ami Counirj stro, keepers
.May 14, 1-04-!-Jm.
'i HE M;.W (JHOt'EKY STtiltl!.
,utt 'cccicedul Erusnn .Vf Siorc.
Cap S3.
CandicF, 1
Razftis, 1
'1 ngel'iervitii a great tnri'-ty of notions and etcete- 1
las loo uunii'iotis to me,i ion.
II II titer. Eggs, Me .1 and piotlurc genenlly taken
1 1 oxcl.iiugo for goods,
A. H. EltAaMl'fl.
II oom-biir .May 0, IPOI,
1 'I HE undersisned w oultl inform th" rittzaiisot
f'h 1 I. lootiLOiirg ami vicinity, that he Iu n.-i re
sSL,'tl eived and infers lor sab one of Hie moneMi usiv e
Clr-." a.sortln. iits of Clllllvl Nf ' un.l I AN t1 1 iVI.s
1 ver intiodttreii leto tin tiriikt-i. 'in Mui'l ;ili i '
uoili'is , James itoldi und Globe are nmt,ug III. Ii sr . 1..- s
cooking .Stoves, all of which aie uu-iight anil ga !iuru r
Hi i'arlor stoves are handsome nnd tit a.-ortiiieni vr
ried. A,-0 - Partitnlar attention is paid to 'Tin-Wan.
and Hon. e ripouting, upon short notice. All kind of
r'jiairing w III tin done with uealiiess nnd tl'sp tlcli.
U Country produce tuken ill txcbnnse for work.
lllooinsbuig. May 10, lefiS
BELL &. ALLABACH Proprietors.
p'ri ,f, I) ' ,' vl" T V ATV7 A A V luxation or suppriwsiuii. 'I'li'y act like a tloirui hi ro
Oi t) j jiiwioii.! 'iiijn ii m,ving tin pains that ucconipaiiy.lidicilt or iiinooder.
. a TiioMr.o.s.
Noiih Wharves,
3 li HTTElt. IJ II K liSti,
No v. I 4 IciisJ lSmo. i
II A M B. 4- c. J
.TOI1X C. YE AG Kit,
No. 257 North Thii Street, Phila'd.
Nov ."i. leti'.'
and f-'peeche ; nnd copies oi ihu I'lul. tl Mates, nnd
Htnlo I tin stltu lltiri iu unions lye., nlivaysoii l.mid.
JOHN ti. FliUt.'.H.
oonn'i I r j. iv. 7, Hit
e h i i t ,.
I I 1 t i n v .ml '
f iris tfthr f - i
iu -I ,i lr ti r envt l pi fr r
J Hhli,l,l0 FOL'HIITON,
SgoUth NJntlt ctrcet, Pbila ,
Ju7 Mt-ly
f.n ry, md Eca.
' It 1 1 ttliuellt in r
IVTInN sfiit hy mail
f rh -rge A'l r ss Hr
ward Allocution So,
d r,
if you want to buy
go to
I'rrasy's Store, in Light Street, Ia.
Who Keeps nil Kin.lt of
0 Alt PETS,
licady-Mado Clotliing
Sugars, Molabc3,
hJyrups, coffees,
Teas, Fish,
Salt, Bacon,
Hams, Lard,
Tobacco, cgars,
Hats, Boot",
Cups, Shoos, j
Drug?, Oils, 1
Pnint?, iXC., etc. I
In addition to our largo stock of Dry floods, wo liavt) j
1 a l.tige nnd full assortment or Heady Jimi i.tiuiiing ;
I tin Nil-n nnd Hoys wenr which we are detdrmitied to
I still cheaper thin can be bought tljew lieru. Call and
I se.i. and Judge for yourselves.
I II. W. ClilSAtfV K. CO. ,
I Light Street, Aprll'-'3, 1801.
.-?.f-it--'- "JC. '
"Tf'ttn underslgnrtri aiso exi.nsivety pngrgert Hi tie
ItinttritiMnir Ilurinen.1, ami keeps cotifitiihtly on baud
lid for sale nt his Waternonis
lirge assortment of
tasSSi t'OFFiNS,
Ity w hicli he i enabled to till orders on presenlr.tion
Al-o-Kc p 11 good Horse nnd Hearse, and will at al
Utiles lie ready to attend Fmiercls.
iiloomsbi'ig, Janunij S3, IEi9
! :.- '.'J'JW 'C'' M"VED to .Vs. 10 bcuitl Vt'nr1
I && S.rert, I'MaJilpUa, hive nu 1
! .' niiilKlarfti assorinient of Fne 1
,t . -f ti I. A VIA Vill i WAI'PSl 'M'-
.. jfa i-''". . r Tllll'frrool Salan, -Hitler Pafes.
'i' Vtl,-; . 1 "a- -'Icf lso. iron doors, lor banks mid '
''CS . stores, iron shutters in n sash, nil I
.wii.. . -(, - untks of lochs t-iiue.l to any made 1
111 the Cnllitd folates. J
Fii-c Sifet in rr.t jir. Jill cans cut riVW; i-ilA est 1
hs't in i'eed liindttton.
The H.ihimandcr ciafes of Philadelphia ugainst tin I
oive had lb" surest domnstrntioti in the following rti f
tint n'" ti'.ii their mauuiactur" or rtainiiiainl' r u 11, roi. 1
j 'it Mirth fullywarrniit.'d t!e- rcpreseiitatioos which b.iv '.
been milt!.-ol tht-io n- iriideiing nn undou!t-d s-rurit; ;
I nt .Hint the terrific eli input ' I
I Philadelphia Aprtl 15. lfifi, I
icsr i'l,- Mrsen: t.niiuiiu 11 - I! anilils
Itichi st sstlsfacttoii tt state to you, thnt ooing to
very proteriive ituaiili. s ot two of th r-.d.iinau ter,
I ,al,'s: which we purrrris.'tl ol you soine nte monih iuie
, we saved n lairre portion r,f jawelry, and all our nooks,
t ,tr,, 1 xoosed to th eitliimiiiiais. fin 111 Itanstead place on
the morning oftli Mill nisi.,
Wlien we retlert ilur rlirse saft s were lo-.nted in the
fourth sfory iifthe building wj occupied ninl that the)
fell subsenucntly nitoii h an ofburinuL' ruins, where the
1 vast ennr, titration of the hi at caused the bru plate 10
, melt, we cannot but regard the preservation of their val
j unhid contents as most conviut log pro"f of tin great se
curity atlord'd by your sitl.'s.
j l'e shall teke gr'rnt pb-as'ire 111 rerotntncudiiir; ll-'-'a '
, men of biismes a a sure relinure nctiiu-t lire
CF.'ittriE W. rilMMilNS llilt).. .ct.c.'.-4
I 27Tiu-y liavo since pnrclmsed six large Safe,..
July ao, It .iv. lArgusi'i) HI-:.
I .. . . . ..
fplMI umlt rf-lpar! rrpprrtfully inlormR hl ril friend
I and rnsiniiti-rr, that Ii' han pnrrl!,i'i,il m droilicr
niHrci-t in thf abovo rt-tabliflnnt'iit ind ill-' cnrcrn w lid
hcrc-ailt-i In-1 otii'iiricd hy liim-ii'lf .'V l'ism ly.
!! ban jn-t rtr"mi( n-.wl i iV.-tn fur s.iio, tli larr.
pft niid iiittrl ''H'ihiv a tcninn in nf I' A V C Y
(TSfgrG HT( Y I'. i'T nu 1 lur-i-tl mt" il'.it innrrtf't.
'iS lnl r 'i i-t l 11 r ' -s t l-'t. n-siirtui-u: of
In ti(t.t C'i t.int' m.. ptilnr utov-- in :h iii.irk.'i, ut;-.'ih.
ir w ith StM ( 1'iMMt o. i-V( r- ti-, nptifiti Ovt'ii :iiht
ltn Stnws, I!n.!iii"ir ' hi . j Movt-t, asl Irmi Air
Ticnt c. .'. ami. 11 f'tnvf-,. i frc. invcpipy ntnl
Tintv.il "MM'uith "ii h in an 1 iiianiii.K tared to oril'-r.
All tiiml "1 rcii.uriiu iluiti , UMt.ii. uli h if '-tie".
Th patuiiinct' in nl-l trtriiiln and ii'' fii-.jMm.rs rc
p iilwl.i Mjti.Mt.Mi A. .M. Kl'l'lHlT.
';io(iiii-,ijnr-. ,.v. nib r 3d li-tO. - tf
IPISIi y JLiIi A"-" J'UlTJ
i 'E TESia BiAEI!5iS !
i Oldest Regulator lor Females.
Will immediately relieve, wittiout pain, nil dlsturbau
res of tliu pel ionic di.t Iu.': , tvlo tin r nri-ini: tro.n re
al' iiieu.iruation, and are the only snfo ami reliablo
ri'uie'.y f"r Flushes, Hick lleatl'o lie, Tain, iu the Loins,
llatk nnd Knit s, T.ilpl atiou ut the Heart, Nervous Tre
mors. Iljstcilt's. Ijp.isms. Hrol-eu rileep, uud other uu-
pleas.in' ami dangerous oll'ects of nn unnatural condi
tion of tliu sexual t'u lie' ions. In the wor.t casus of
Flno. Albus, or Whites, they eirect u spcedv cure,
t DU. CIIHI'-iHUAVa FEMALE I'l 1,1. ri.
Have been used over a (luaricr of u Century. They
are ohTered as the only .jfe in. .ins of rent-wing Inter,
r.ipt, tl monstruutioii, Imt La lies iiiu.t bear in uiiml
' tli il. there is one cnnditinii of the I, in. tie svsleiu in
, which the Tills cannot he taken without producing a
I peiiilitir re. nit Tlio condition rrfeired to is Tregiiuney
I - tliu result, Mi.riirrl.ige. !uili i th irresistible n n.
i deucy of the. medlt urn to re.tore Hit; sexual function!
to u normal condition, mat even ihe ,pro'luetlve pow.
t r i f nature runtiot rusitl it, They taiimd do harm ill
any otlur way.
Aro Hie only .MudKino that nrried nml Single Ladles
have relied upon for many ytars.or ran re'y upon now.
It, ware (f Imilnlioiit I Tsiese Tills lorni the Finest
Trt piiiattnn ever put forwerd, with iiumediato and
Ter.istLitt saert'ss. IIOV'T HE HEI'i.IVED 'Take
tins iidverliseinent tn your Dru-.'gi.l. and tell him Hi.it
you vv not Iho ben ami most ri liable Fetnulo .Medicine
in Ihu world, which Isconiprl.ed 111
Tliu havo received, nnd nro nntv reri Ivlng tho san
ction of ti." nio.t euiiuuiil Pliyslclms in America.
EXPLICIT DIIIECTlON'iJ vv lib each llov, -Hie ptc(!
One I'.Har per llm. coiiialniliu Ironi 3,1 lood fills.
Pills still by Intnl. promptly, hv remitting the oilco
to Hie Proprietors, or an iiuih"riz"il Agent, in cut run
funds, Hold by lituti.li gem roily.
IIUTIII.Nlid ,t HILI.Vi.lt Pioprletors,
CI Cellar r'lreel. Nuw Vork.
J7 Bold In r.loonisliurg, by i:ir fs. ,Muvi r, and E
P Lull Ftb, SJ7, IPOL-Ir.
SniOLASJIII'S 1011 SAi.15.
Pittsburgh rnnimercisl Collrga.
I I'llit'ioi oiptiii - ,,
CnttendeiiV - rhlln.lolphU,
Htr .tt n, Hrynit k Co.. '
Thesn 'crips, arinninountiofS15and and am
H so much rash, by the Student on entringi ilher of Hie.
oboyn i ollrgps young men d siring luoMaln a ninth
cd collegiate Education, will here dud a good spiicula
itlon by applying ut Ihe o-fkeo of tho
' K'F I 'Wi COLUSftllA linMOfHAT
ff I
A pnto nd powerful Tonic, corrective ami alterative
of wonderful ctlltacy In dlicato of tho
Cres Dyspepsia, Liver Pnmplalnt, Uen,!a-h. (Ipnorb
Debility, Nervousnes, Depression of f-plrlls, Con
stlpntloii, Ctillc, Intermittent Fever. Cramps
and tjpaius. nnd nil onitilalnts off litter
Rex. erlslng from llodlly Wenkncss
whether Inherent III the system or
produced by spetlul ciuses.
NoTiittn that l not wholesome, ger.lnl and restorti
live tn Its nature enters Into the composition of llOi
TI.TTHIF8 STOMACH IHTTF.II9. Thi popular pre
pnratinn tniitnlns no miMornl of any kind, r.otlentll.
' botanical element j no l!ery oxrltant 1 but it is a tointy
11,1 Ion oflthe pxtrcrt of rare bal'nmic heibs an I
pin nt with the purest nnd mildest of nil dHTuslvo stlm
ulenlo. ,
It I well to be forenrtned against disease aHd, so fst
I a the huinnii s) ttem can be protected by human inrnui
I against maladies erigen.iereu nv nn unwunicsnnic at
I mo.pliere. iiniuirp water and other external cause, '
, I KM i F.TTEU'S UlTTF.aa may be relied on n n safe-
guard. . . . !
I In ili'lrlit Infested with Veer avdJlgnt. it hn.been
I found Int.illible os n preventive and Irresistible r. a
rciii"dv ami thousand Who resoit to it under nppre.
! lieiisle'ii of aniitl.'ick, escape ihe srouriro ; and thousand
I who neglect to nvnil tliennnlves of it protective 'pml-lili-slii
ii'lvatice, are cured by a vert brief com. 0 o
I this ninrveloii. medicine. Fev r nod Ague piti-iit
I afior being pali.1 Willi quinine for innntli In vain, no
til fairly satiitnicd with thai eancnious atse't urn
net unfreuuentlv re.tored In halth within n few day
hv the uso of H'OfTi.TTI.ll rl III! TF.UH.
'The vvi nk stomach is rapid1) Invlgor.iled and tti,- up
petite reslored I y this ngieciblu Tonic, and hence it
works wonders In case of Dispcpsia mid 111 Irs con -th
,ned form of Indigo-dion. Acting a a senile iml
pinii'c-H apperient, a well n upor rhe liv-r. II also
Invn-t'i'.'y relieve the Constipation superinduced m
lrii'e'!i action of tip digestive unl serretin oieno
Petsi n-of feenlc li.ibit linbln .Vsrteut Miicki, .elf
toss e' -eiritsmid yitr. cf I.anputtr, find prompt nnd
permanent lelii f from the lliltet-s. 'The testimony on
litis poiol i most cmtclu-ilvp, rtinl from bom si x is
'The iigoii) of llllllu Colli i immodial I) Ks'iinied
bv n single dove of the st'itiol tot, nml uy oec isiouttliy
resorting to it. the return of the complaint may be pro
ventotl As ne.neral Ton'c. IIOHTETTEIFS IHTTEU-l pro
! tlltrorirec'.s Wlllrll inutt l" exi'erit I t'"tl or -iin.ed
before they run be lolly nrP'erlnled. In (U-e of CV.i
stituiioml wt-nkne.,, preinatuie tleeiiynnd tleheityaud
I detri iMtude nii'iuc from old in.', Il evenl-tes lb. eleo
. trie lurlui ncu In the tonv.i 1 cent ttiigi s ol all dis ies
it opt-rati.- ti. n tl lighll'il liivi.'orant. When tho puw.
- ers ol uitiure are ri lied, it op -rates to r'-iiiforc and
, re-estalilih lliem 1 asl. hut not ' ,i-.t, it the ool sefe
; stimuli 111, luing mentiliieliired from so'iiid and innotii
on inittrlals ii'id eulirel) free frmn the add e' lments
I present mere or li 111 all the ordinary looicj and
ttiiHi ti hies of the diy.
j No lamily medlt in-In- lnen so univtt.all. nnd 1 1
may be truly added. itttrTtily popular with the intelll
iron! poitlon of tin- co-iiuiunit), nt IIO-iTE T ''Elt'd
Trrptrrtl oy
iTTi!r.L-i.i;ii, Ti.
Cv'old tynll Dropgists, Giocers end jitou-keepHr
Novel.. ber 21, 13' J- ly.
Genuine Prcpanr-ions.
comi'opm) n.i:ii) i:.nt(;r nuciut, n
tut and fit-cir,c jfuie Jy lur iMfMiea vf Vte bU I'lr
Uidnry, (.r-'ivfl. ami dr'ipbiivl .w(lnn(
Thii nicilitiiif inrr,'a't'a Uu- pawer nf nisi'itnm rtid
excite tliu absorb, nn i'U" hi . tin n mi b w.it tj tii
V.'vriy rr alrarffHM dfn iti nisi. cnl nil I'.uhi.i'.tI
Islilarsi'iiit'inniil urif riluted, in tvc.ll -1 p.) rt-illu.
Vot t cnhncn" n r I 1 1 r from I't'"!!?!, fiabi- .i Pii
i-inatl'in, r.arlt Imlixcrriinn of Ahuji.-ji, Mic,H- I ,vnh
1 tin fullotviits .tnpiniiM :v
j 1 n tii pop.t M'li to Uxi-rliuu. I.us of I'-mr-i
l.r,euf tW inory, llimcnlt) of Vr ii'i-ii j
f V fa' rVcrv-M. Tr- niiiim
' II'iroroi iifaf, Thin l-it'i (( tv
' rniv mil Isinsiin u of Hit V,n tvnr -inn,
lli.t liantlH. rmpii'-ri. m n,- p.,
Iiryiit-Bs iif th'j &liln. 1 luhins ut u it. -u ,
I'.iJhd f'ount-nnitre.
Thi'ft tyn.iitoti.' . if nllotvc in g on ttlnfii iim
nicuicnii invariably ii'mov-. nmn follows
IsihiiiMV, i'AiunY. r.iii.rvi't o I tTT,
In one of ulncli th : I'atirnl amy rqairt
V h'i ci Rii v iimi they ii n- not f rcpiently tV h
by tbot-c Dui'I'il DUea!' "
Jl.inv ar avt at of lh ctune nf t -tr (ttilTii.ii
IP a i tilt It !, ll)f r"'"rdi 'if !hr ItiKrinf! A tlilnl-i
An nn lunrhuly it.ailiti bt Lotimnsj tititi bta fcupi
t. ittcHit to thi ti titli ol thi assertion
Tin1 oiutnuiioh oiiri' elT:ctcd t ith urffftnii' ivmLih'
r'-'jnirf th.' aid of AI'Mlicini; tu (t rtijMu-r nu 1 Int tj
ojatf th" m' Aie in. tvhi-.! Helmbi-l-a'n xtrct l.n.toi In
r.rid!d) dot-'n. A tnl will coiivinc- th uiOi-t tti ptn-nl
In innne atT"cti"iis ietulinr to Fein lies tlu Etl'nct
r.'iihu is uu- nu Hi u by any ttib r r.:ii"..),u It ( I.M I
r-si. ii II. t i . i n. itr s it ari'.v pa. .fjinc,, eri-up;
pi.s-i i; i f i ust.io.aiy l.va uaiiont uie-n-.-j or .''it,
rh .11- .'i-ile ot th- Uterus, L' ui h-'.-rlimi or Whlias, '
rU.Tiii v nnt, fr all i .iiunlaitii iiici.ljut toloe.,x, ,
wh. tiiur arising from intllscrelloii linbits of disilpv
lion, or it. Hid
Takeno more Ilnlsam Mercury, or unrlnnsnut Medi
cines for unpleasant und dnugimu tlliea.es Helm, i
hold's Extract llurliu and Improved Hose Wnih cures !
secret diseases in all tht.ir stages. At little expense,'
I.Hlle or no ihttiige iu ditl. No incoiivvnience. tin no '
oxposiire. I
It causes a fri'iueut desire and gives strength to t'rl- '
nnte thereby ri iunving cbstiuctioiis, preventing and ;
curing strit'tures of Hie Erelhrn, allaying pain and In
flaininarion, so frequent In the tins of diseases, iimi
expi III im a'l poisonous, diseased nml woruout inalter. i
Thoiisunds upon thou. amis who have been the vie '
llius of titlarks, and vt io have paid heavy fee to be 1
rued In n short time, have louud tliy were deceived
ami Ihal the 'POISON" lias, by the ue of 'potvoiful ,
astringents" been dried up in tho system, to break out
in nu augravuicti lorm, aim pcruups alter marriage.
t'se llelmbold's Extract lliichu for all airecliono and
diseases of the I'rlnary Organs, wnetlie'r existiuslit'
Male nt I'fimil", from tvhattver eauo originating and
noinat'erof Imvv long Handing. ,
I'iseu.i s of those Organs re'piires the aid of a Iliur
ttic. Ili-liiilmi.lv Extract Ihiclin is tho deal Diuretic, I
a n, I isn ruin lo have desired effect in all Disc use i for
which it is rt'coniiiieinlvil, i
Ev iilcncu of the iu it re I lit 1,1 e and responsible char '
ncter will ai company the medicine, i
Price $1 per Cultlc, or G foi $5. ;
Deliiered to nny address, securely packed from obier
vntioii Desrrili! b)mptoms iu all boiiiinuukpiiuus,
Cures giiiirauteed, advicu giallji. Addiess It-t'vts lor
information to
II II. II ELM HOLD, Cirinfti.
1U4 Hoitth Ttntli.sl , below Uicstuui, Plnln.
Ili:i,.lll'lll.tl'rt ,1tdira I'ljiot.
HEI.MUOI.lTri Drug aud Mimical ll'orehovtt,
S.i4 IIhuauvvav. Nnv VtlkK.
Ilevvare of Cnunteifeit nnd uiiprlncipled dealoro
whn ciiileavor to dispose "of their own" and ' nthor"
articles on till repiit il ion attained by llelmbold's Ht'it
nine Preparations. Extract buchu, Extract Harsapnillm,
Improved Ito.e Wueh,
' B Y
All DruRRists Everywiioro.
l.ut out the 'trivsitls.iinrntand send for it
4n, I artililiniHi.H'ooi anu Piin,iiii,t
tS J Uttn-Aly '
G 1 UT O N S
v" "u"i f loiui tj
rMintintterslgnocl having bought tint the Ci.ns.nf
I David Plroun, has femnved his lint nnd L'np vxiitl
up to Htrntip't old stand, whtro Iu nddltlon to 0 sung
rlor tiortiucnt of
8 Hals and Caps,
Fruit, Butter,
Coal Oil, Druij.
Parlor and Hand Lamps.
Boolca. "WritirjR Paper St Ink, '
Hardware und Cedarii'arc,
J''(.kct A'liivtt, Comb;
iJ'C, i)'C. ec, 1
Together v.llh n vatlety cf articles generally kpi
Alsn-A fine lot of KIDS, MOIIOi 'EOS and I.tmnc. ..
, whltliheltiTiUs tlio ut cntlon of Shoemakers ntl 1
',,,lbllC' JOHN II OIItTON.
, Ulonnrliurg, Dec. 3. IC3
Your Eym
nAU enlarged and greatly Hnptovod his .oto'
and stocked it w ilh a large and superior .0
KPKINHniiilnlMt.MKU (iOODH. winch tv .11 br, .
low as nt any other establishment In llm ciiuntr
1 SI
Cidicos ul Hi, 18, i!0 and 'i" ecu s
Muslins, lihai htd and Ihown nt 'Z
up to 1S tent.t
MW tlOOim of every shade, I'lallty
nnd price n full lin of Domostlu r,no I
li : Chrks, r-'lrlp'n I ichs.Lionen and Col i
Table Dniper Ologhi.ius. Nankeens, &c , L ,
good supp'y of l.ndie I'linoa nnd Gnit-ir
Now stock of Hal uud l.'ups.
All Wool Ingrain and CoUiir.' arr (
it splendid ititifle Ju-t opene I uu I for sail
A fresh supply of
Groceries and Spices,
n now l"t of
M ACKl.'i;.I, ly ttio fuart"r. li-iti anil wliol j h it
Not. 1 itnJ 'J, iip'iIIliu nttJ lnt. A I -so, u lurji nyi
fpjciiJn) ad'jriuirrit (
$k&33 AMU lyili'Ji.;
new de-ijiin Mk n new lut uf i iaM.il nu l
(; C'oth St'cir'.
IlaviiiiT bought ihenfl too! b"forr ih laM "ip I .in
pri',.nrtd t-i sf il luw, clunp n ha cliupoat lor
country product:.
vi: sti;dy tu :unAaii
rinniiiflnirp, Miiy li, I? 4,
Ihe Berwick House,
HtW'i ., ('"lutttfiid en.,
rv;IIH tiiKl'-rvirfuri. u&mIH frm'itflly unnw in ' .
"tirt f,""ltj4 H"d '''J fi'iMu ivnerrdlr ht
lifivinR I-fned .! H-.-lt-kri.tn ti "iii It i tint i?tu n
n tlif.1 hicU n r. vnt . hi . Tfi- town hi Yt hrc-i rr
1 1 nnu tlio ciitt'i' t'ltt'tlilinlhiiht cl"i!intl. r fufiiitliiJ-
r lilt ad th" rciiifcits tinv indite it ofTari tu Ht
public thi cniliitcd :Hmituji! f
' A FifsCIiiss ESotut;
. in.s thm; ivitu'ttaj-i. '.j dipi-'i iinisnhobMi
if.drttctd c.l'.fil. ano Hit nb tii. -U ui
quorn. 'Yxk ' 1 !T drovr-. ai'tt iJ b Jt ,,
ncrciiinTnlftt-J i'l to fia-r-l lathf ii to 'i i' n
tonitiimlali.iR Mollr-i ti .1 m h in alt i ' . Sm ,i
llo.' moil tu-tipkle t.i.J t-iuiiiiv- iu ti ih j.
I. P. htt.IiHl
MOT'J' '!'
REvoLurios' is uiaii puu r.s.
L.-wai: a nan' a l op
T I AS jti t reci ived from Phi a h Iphts. n el is
opeiilitc al the old stand lite v o eiieit ,1
& Lut. I. splendid a.sorlmeiit nf
which will Lo sold cheap lor
His stoikcnnsl.ttsof Lndirs Diest llools vboiivsi styi 'i
and latest fashions
(Jin pot-,
I lorrt r
! S
ICei.tuchy Jl-uu-j,
Thread, ko.
In short nte!) thine' olty kept in a country siori"
Tliu patronage of old friends, nnd the public geu.ira
ly, is respectfully .o'icitrd.
The highest market price paid for country protii' iv
Elgin Street, April 3d. IPC I.
National Slotel.
(Lato Whllo Swan.1
GEO. LlGiri;UA"l, PiiojitiEToit.
Formerly f-om Eilc Hotel Lebanon, I'a
JOS. HOU3U.M, Cierk,
March S, lrlil-l'Jnl.
'1 UO i B'I,
17 Oourtlimdt St-cft
NEW YOI'K I l''y
iNos. 9, 11, 13, 15,
This oldestublslisd nnd farnrlle resort of Ihu Hast
lies. Community has been recently lelllled, nnd s' "
plele lit everything lliat run minister tn the conifer'" "'
Is pillion. Ladn s and families ore ipeclally ana .iir
lull) provided (or.
! It is teiilrully located in the hu-iurn pait of lln cil)
' und is contiguous to ihn principal linos of stnaii.b"l'
I enrs, m n I L ii r ir ferries, ac.
i In cousetpiencii of ihu pressure cansud by the Ki,1'
Ilon, prices have been reduced to
; One Dollar ai d HJty Cents per Day
i The table is amply supplied with all th i Injuries id
Ihe season, and I. cjunl to Unit of any othsr ho'el 1"
, Ampin nrcominndauoiii are nnerod for upward ot n
CV" )n not bellerL itinncrs nackmeti mid nthcis1"'
may ssy 'ihi Wu.lern Hotel is full "
II I) WINCULiTUIt l-ropri'l'"
illul IJ VVI-.-iILli i.r.
t'ti u till

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