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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, May 27, 1865, Image 2

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ujpcr wells broken looic when lho water
was first let cff,andoamo down broadsido,
making a clean swoop of tlio crcok, tear
ing away from the shores all the boats
that Itvy successively below thorn, In spite
of tho frantio efforts of their owners. Oily
ropes In oily hands were of no avail for
snubbing round oily post) everywhere
went with run, or rather with a slide,
and for oneo, nf least, the crcrk deserved
t'a nanio. Boalmon, standing on oily
thwarts and gunwhales, and handling oily
poloB, woro capizd irjto tho water, and
oamo out dripping with oil. Ouo rcpor
tor counted fifty-six contidorablo wrecks
between the Tar farm and Oil creek
bridge. Boats were forced up to their full
lengths out of tho water upon tho McClin
took bridge pier, liko floes of ico , three
hundred barrcls,stavod and wholo, floated
from one of them alono. Tho new rail
road will prevent such traugieo-comio
scenes from happening in future"
But far moro fearful scenes than theso
by water have oocurrcd on shore. More
than once, in spito of all precaution, a
spouting well has taken fire, and roared
and burned liko a volcano. Then pump
works, cngino houses, stores and boats, tho
soil, tho stream, and tho river into which
itnmirailB flamn. snrnnrl tl,n!r snmmnn
" I j r "
conflagration over day and night. In ths
autumn of 1801 a well about thrco miles
up Oil creek was lit by a cigar, wbilo
thirty or forty poople wero standing
around it, of whom fifteen wcro killed in
tantly by the explosion and thirteen se
verely injurod, A column of flro, with its
bead rising and falling from thirty to fifty
feet, continnod to burn.
Tho Little & Mcrriok well was one
hundred and fifty foot deep at first, but in
the spring of 180 1 was deepened, without
considerable increasoof oil, until half-past
six o'clock in tho afternoon of April 17,
when, from a depth of threo hundred and
thirty feet, a stream of oil and gas, mixed
with a very little water, four inches in di
ameter, rushed up with cuoh violence that
its spray reached far beyound the top of
the dorrick. The air became an atmos
phere of gas. The sickened hands forsook
their boreing tools and- fled, leaving the
oil to waste itwolf, liko a cataract, into tlio
creek. The engine firemon put their fires
oat. Soon a great ciowd collected from
the older works, and closely surrounded a
new jet, when, suddenly, two simultaneous
UU u .Ut,o. . , UJ . U.
a pluttoon of musktry, as it seemed to
those at hand, but liko two separate can
non shotB lo those who felt tho concus
tions three miles distant, and to those that
heard them seven and eight milts off, in
augurated a general conflagration. A
scone of indiscribablo terror and confusion
iped but half a dozen,
charcoal where they
stood ; many others died, howcver,of their
wounds, and numbers more were scarred
for life, Four wells lost everything, in
eluding 500 barrels of oil on hand, and
othor property was destroyed elsewhero.
In the dead of night there stood the foun-
iuiu ui iiiiuiu, a jul ui Juru an, not suosiu.
.t- .(. . : -i .... i - i I
ing and returning to its work, but a eeace-
Icss.Junintermiited rush, liko the steady
blowing off of a steam boiler, and more
than a hundred feet in heicht. rolling
clouds.of black and massive smoke up !
over tbo tops of the surrounding hills with !
a ceaseless, surf-liko roar. 1
In the autumn of 1803 tho tanks oftho !
ensned. Yet all escaped but ha f a dozen, v,i,. n: n . V,
. , , , ' vewber (ollowing. Even at Gasne, near
who wero burned to charcoal where thev'.i .i. D. t , n.
Filkim. wells caught fire, and tho space ' umD Braa"cr sMucs. Each taken apart
burned over soon embraced from eighteen 1 nntl vii;Ted sinB'y maV h of little value,
to twanty aores.on which ono hundred and but wllon a" aro grPpd together and set,
fifty oil tanks, full of a three months' sup.thoy form a P,casing graceful wholo
ply, were standing close together, inter- !a 00at,J juwo1, T ample not under foot,
mingled with cngino houses, offices, &o. ',uon) tuo l'"'0 pleasures whioh a gracious
Seven flowing and threo pumping wells,! P'O'ideneo soattors in the daily path, and
with thirty thousand barrols of oil, took ' whlh iu ca8er fCarcI' nftorsomo great and
fire in qmok succession. The flames ran
up tho trees ol tho mapla grove, and the Vh5 should wc a,ways kecP our Ses fix
valley was blaok with smoke that stifled I cd on lho briSnt- distant horizon, while
the beroio men who fought the flamc3. ' lh"e oro B0 raany lovely rosC3 tho gar
Men stood bravely on tanks of oil as dan-1 df" in whioh wo aru Pertnittod to walk i'
gerousasso many powder magazines. ! TLe vcrj' ardor ofour chase after happi
Oil creek, of course, took Ere, and in j DCSS maj ba tbc rcason tliat 81,0 50 oltcn
creased the granduor of tho scene. There I ludeS Ur gra3p' Wc IiantiDg'y 8'rain af
were no explosions during the whole eon-'! I" wLeD 8,10 1,33 beon grac'usly
flacration : erudo oil is not n!oS;M. I
Returning to tho general history of the
oil regions, whioh wo (oft for u momont
to describo their biographical details, tKo
mania for oil-well boariog was not long
conCncd to Oil Creek valloy,but soon took
possession of the main valley of tbo Alle
ghany from Franklin nearly up to Warren,
and the lateral valleys of its tributaries.
Two-mile run and French crcok. It then
sproaa soutnwora, ana began a similar 1
t .1 . .
l I n I r, .r nn Cl!nMan 1Y 1 - ,
"i""i; .jin.jjcijr iiuea creci; anu I50U
vor and Mahoning rivers. Up tho lattor
valley is spread into Ohio,and established
wells in Trumbull county on some of tho )
higheal ground along tho northwest edge
of the coal moasurcs in that State. Tho
firit boarings, in lho spring of 1800, wore
those of Mecca, twenty-ono miles south
west of Erio. By tbo next November
between six and seven bunired wells had
beon already sunk in ono small district, oonolusion, wo would say "Think before dealer, who died of Typhoid Fever in
and twcnty-Cve etenm-pumping engines ' you act j but when tho lirao for action Baverly Union Hospital, Western Arir
worfl at work1 This was even a greater 1 comes, stop thinking." 1 ginia, ou Suudoy morning, lha 11th inst.
increase than in the north Pennsylvania 1 ; Ho was a good and faithful soldier, he-
district, where tho following is given in lho: 2f American Musical Instruments aro ll)vcd ly all his officors and oomrades
Philadelphia Coal Oil Circular for Jnuc ' winning goldon opinions abroad. A reoont 1eil0 to his memory.
i, ioui, as tun srato ot wings at that date ;
unmoor oi ooai-oit wells now
Nnmbor that formorly floned,but
now pumred
dumber oommrncod'or sunlc, but
not yet at work '
I I"
Total number of rofiners, 85 j ninnul of,
daily flow of oil, 0,717 barrols ; amount
at datu on hand, 0il,150 barrels J amount
already shippod, about 1,000,000 barrel
valued at about 81,002:000 on tho grounds
Average cost of a well, 1,000 ; of all tho
wells, 84 00,000 $ machinery, &o., 85000
to 87,000 j all tho wells, 8500,000.
Hut tho oil region extends muoh fur
thor north. A citizon of Cuba, Alleghany
county, New York, writes, under date
of January 3, 1801 s "Our villago to day
is in n blaze of excitement, consequent up-
on (tin dionnvnrt. nf ll in nrr. .,nnii,toa
in this immediate vicinity," An old mml
hnV ft, A ... P, ,1
- .. "UV ' J ' 1111 llllllltO
, .. ...... vu ul,,
exists at the foot of tho hill on the west
fiilo of tho village, always covered with
oil. fatnnna fnr rmrinir onrnins nfiit ririiisrm.
, ,. .
it 18 mClUUCU 111 an Indian reservation OUO
mile snuaro. and has bpon dnscrihnd in tho
t.:,-.. r o-if ! n
uiaiu.j ui auiuvJii o uuiiiimigu. vxuvuruor
Seymour, Judge Chamberlain, and others
took nossosiion of tho reservation a few
with U.r, Iniiinn .. r ci, . Kf
in.. TJ...L. t. , 1 ...
. - , w.,oy o icascu n oi
Z T' a?m" n1"
idio mo nog- At thirty tect tlio oil began
i a r i i
, to frtiOtlt It tlin rftln nf n lifti-ml nn lintir
' il.. ll r.ll .1 ,u
I I . wr... ..wu.
. vuiwi ntiio ruuu lutiuiiuu, ii uo uuu ui
u.,u u . "P ;-
pied ,n the Unuedatcs along the western
uW. 0r. o. tuo groa, coa, no.u.
,lnnnivhlln fhn ttrrtofntn Mrinniliniii! mnn
.... ...... x, ,ruBB , o,lun,en ... u.e
.u., u.1,.noono ou o o-
innsula had born rcporteu to tho chief of
the geological survey of the province by
Mr. Murray, tho western assistant geolo-
gist, as carley as 1841, and tho oil springs
. .. . .' ' b.
of the valleys of tho Tames rivor and
Bear ereok ore to be seen described in the
reports of progress of 1850 and 1851. In
1853 tho prooess of Mr. Young, of Glas
gow, brought those Enniskillcn county
bituman springs into wido repute, and in
1857 Mr. William M. Williami.'of Ham
ilton, quitted tho distilrttion of the solid
bitumen, to undertake deep borings, in the
hope of reaohing its mother oil in larger
quantities. Although in far lower forma
tion than those from which the United
States oil proceeds,he was entirely success
ful, and was followed by a crowd, of ad-i
venturers, who sank nearly a hundred
wells in Blaok and Hear Creek valleys
before the visit 0, Mr. T. Sterry Hunt, in
Decomberf ,g00( Jjy J,, rcport Wfl I(.arn
that from the small proportion of this
number that did produco availablo quanti
ties there bad, nevertheless, been obtained
at least 300,000 gallons. Since then oth-
Crs have been finished. In August, 1802
jthero were three hundred, and three new
and nrnrliintivr. tvntla n-nm ,nnniAl r
mu luuuiu ui iuu ot. xiawrenco, wnere air
Win, Gogan desoriboa petroleum springs
long ago, oompanies began to ba formed
in 1802 to bore for oil.
In Virginia wells arc in operation in
Riiohio and Wirt counties.
! ( Thtorv next week
The idea has bcon transmitted from
'Een"ation to generation tint happiness is
.D0 larg0 aml beautiful precious stone, a
s'"filc gem H0 rorc tuat 8,1 BC,arc after io
vain, all effort? for it hopeless. It ii not
so' I,aPP'lD083 ie a Mosaic composed of
C301tiuff JJi "e "s so apt to overlook
urouSul n,Sl l""o uj.
General Jack3on's Motto.
"Think before you act, but when tho
timo for action oomes, stop thinking."
This is the truo doctrine. Many men fail
in life and go down to tho gravo with
hopes blasted and prospects of hapnincsg
unrealized,becauso they did not adopt and
act upon this motto. Nothing so nrenares1
a man lor aion as thought ; but nothiuc '
da niiftl. . ..,' . .
....c. .. . . "
a roan tor action in tho course of
action. Hotter by far adopt force course 1
and pursue it cnegetically, even thoueh it!
. .. . O !
may not he the best, than to keep contin-
uaiiy winking without action. "Oo ahead"
ought to be printod in every vounr man's
bat, and read until it becomes npari of liis
uiuurc, uniu no oan act upon his judgo-
ment, and not bo turned from his course '
by every wind of interested advico. In
number ot tho Leipzig Signalc, the lead-
I ing musical journal of Kuropo, mentions
the sunerioritv of tho Mnsnn A. Tiomi( I
gg' pahtnct Orgau-, manufactured ia Uostou,'
I intunat'ng that theso manufacturers havo'
a38. disoovorod the secret of avoiding tho harsh'
(reedy tones of other instruments of tbin
JOS clack
" Onr Oorlstltiitlon cnard It overt
Our glorious Unionbold It dear I
Onr Btarrv Flas.foraXe It nevcrl
Tht ptoud Oaucnsnlaii our only jiocr!
Saturday Morning, May 27,1065.
3 0Q , Year or
2 50 if paid strictly in advance,
M-uss;;?' ;'. ...-..i-.
' I'lWCfiAtY, o sihlln till not toho npnalicd, corrupt
c.l or coutproinln,1 tt knows no baseness, It cowers
to no dangcr.lt onprestos no weakness. Destructive
onlf "Mo'potlim It Is the solo conservator of liberty,
labor and properly. It Is Iho sentiment orrroednm, of
equal Mitfits, ofuimal ohllgatlons-lho law of nature
rorvatiinp. the law oftho lami-Aura.
"Havinc alwavs onnosed mnli.ln
Ul I1ttSt W0 d "Otilltond to defend it U0W."
mut Murkinc,
John ,n .
fios ,h0 tru"' W.l.'y. We eharg .
Ilnntl li?m Hint inB(AnJ r .ttT-
" tiiiH itiniutiu Ul IIBVIDP
' . M, e
l II . t .1.
"J "VI1"" 111 1110 nasi, ' lie
t,--,, ti i r i i t
Never was the fair character of .he ponce
fu, nm ,aw Bbi(. citizonfl of r
Btaino(, )y ublaok.fl flf b.,
until it wa, introdured in Bloomabure.by
tho cowardly guerrillas who foslcrrd it
through the columns of tho &! Ma.
chin,, '
It now (oQ ,a(
tcmnt t0 Rmfflr v
" . .. . ; - ur
record. 1 bo TIU'TIF W tlnstrnr t,
reiugo ol Ucs. We well know, cvrrybody
who reads ymir impudint utterances, must
know that it is your last hope, now that
the current has turned against tho viola.
ters of law, to pervert tho black rooord of
your teaching and praetico, in order that
you may escape the jutt infliction of mer
ited retribution.
When our paper went to prc.s but
week the editor was ab-ent. Contrary to
the sum ding rulo adopted by this jjurnal
we inadvortently inserted a paragraph al
luding to the porrtoual character uf the
Columbia Democrat. We apologize to our
readers for noticing that paper so far as
even lo Kick it. fcxeent to exno.o its nn
t::t c.i .1 1 . - " r .
, , roT t
n,tent,on ,0- J,
. ----- ,..v
Si)d Machine.
I .And,s,.,t Wnars' ,Ilat "uen "Thomas
j Dunn, is closely cornered, and ntked to
explain certain peoadillioes with a "wo
I lllnl l. Jl .....
...ui, i.i.- uuwaruiy evades the SSUO
and impheates Air. lost, his nvia Fri and profess a belief which he knows to be
lay. We tel you that wout do, Mr. Dunn, 'equally g.oundless with tho denunciations
it you would save your mutton, you must, ncd falsehood be has heretofore publisiied
call off your hit 0 Do" 1 . ., , , , , ,
- about tho people up the wreck ; but under
fiS? The following tribute to tho Dcm- ''0VL'r ' whio1'' no suppmes he can rotroat
ocralic party the only truly national t0 dtjn antl secure bis oil. Ho is simply
party which has existed in the cminfrv ' aJll'Bg to accumulations of folly and
since the demise of the Whig party we
find in a rooent issue of tho New York
T..mes, (llepublieau.) Ln men of all
parties read it and profit therobv. That
paper saym '
"The life and strength of tho old Dem
ooratio party was iij w'spirit. From
its earliest hiilory this nuver failed to as-
sort itiolf clearly, fervently, wo may say,
l XIVl'CVary 1.U0!,i0!, in-
volvinp- the
mom nr. !. 1 1 . . o
ment, or tbo honor and rd
try. In our great controversies with
i-.ngi.mu with 1'ranee with Mi-xico, it
rente claim. In oJr domes?ic SL 't
was the party that aliwnjs labored mot
earnestly tn put down sectional discord,
and to strengt'101 the bondi of the Union
County Officors' Fees.
lu.iuvw,,. IS a cnpj 01 tno Act
passed at the last session of the Lngisla
iuiu, liiurciaiug uie lees ol tho
f!m,f nit..., r .L... r, . .
oommonwcaitt,.- m)t ,.ow say that those damages Bhall be
It will be observed that the Act is merely pailJ - or tIle of b
mp , rary ,n its proves, and author- reimbursed. He sympathize I Gre t II a
izcs tho iiicroatc to be demanded during vcn Ult"
the present year onlv: I u e ,
a ,.: . .. r lio Profe.s sympathy for hia Fort .Mifliin
CV.nV""."!,1,1''",011'1'8! Ask the u-idotv and
ON 1. 15e it enacted &c That'
v vusvim, ivl. iiar.,
for ono year
car irom tuo nassaue of this Ant t
too Sucfifft
Uh, Prothonotaries, Clorka of the
' Onnrl fMnrl.o f rt i ..c
Orphans' Oourt, Olcrka of tbc Court of ,
Ovnr nml Ti.i.inlnni. Hl.l.. .! .1.. n .
'D r?C01v 'wonty per centum, in
uuiiiii'jii in rim Ritm tntni r nil rrtAA
allowed b. i,J. p.n .,., ' i'
. ., , . 'ii . . i
Act shall not annlv to Ik rmmfc nf
... , .iivuum, 11191 IUIS
. ..-I
Philadelphia and Allegheny, Susauchan-'
Ua ' 1Jr;itlforJ and Sullivan. I
.A. I
Beverly, Western Virginia,
May 15, ie05.
Mr Editor: Another vounir Soldier
has fallen. It is with profound sorrow
11111 w recorU tno death of Private James
M- Brown, of Company A, 7'llh Rgt.,
P. V., oommandod bv Cant. Samnnl .t!
We sincoroly condole with tho bereaved
'"atuor ana" relatives,
O sweet lho death of thnsn
vt ho for their country die,
Sink on her bosom to ritpnsc,
And triumph when thoy dio,"
1HATAIT inftT.'vlinni, n, r, b.'
"""ii iiiiuumiui.ii. jii oorct.
KRKD. M. STALK If , 1st Corporal,
Committee on bobalf of the Company
of Quarter ScsTonV feeord f n PUpP' l SLW any Suoh ''"notable record. CI1"-iCtl " armJ "f the Uuited Slates, wviYJn
and Registers of Will! . 0f the tevcroi Amo,1g ihu tl'cou,) honorable and respt- in sPtcmher last, at Williamsport, and roin tho "Ludgrr," February 2S, 1805.
countiosel this Commonwealth, shall bo Me mrn of Mb party ?!aic dors not attached himself to Company I, SOIM mS?,r0W
and tboy arc berebv authorizftd in mill ' appcir.
ESr Tlio balaneo of tho "Fmhincorcek
sentenced to Fort Mllllin bavo been roleas -
ed. Thoy passed through tM. nlaou for'
their homes on Wednesday or 'ast week.
Thut tboy wore deludod by "Uloonisburg
I - tt . a.
inwyurn-- nnri entiordi anu inroucti iiicir
j. ,, ,, . , . . . ,
advice and toaobings led Into trouble, wo
have always believed, and lunco wu felt
that it was hard that they tbould suffer
lor wuat tlnur leodors wero rrally respon
siblo. Smut Machine.
Tho Green Creek Petroleum oompany,
of which oonoorn tho abolili n-tory edi
tor is tho l'rcidcnt,dosiring to curry favor
with tho ''Fishingoreokers 5" and in order
to induce them by prnmisos i n I represen
tations, novor lo bo fulfill' d, to lease or
sell to thorn their Petroleum lands j now,
for personal interests and equally sinister
purposes croaks and whines over that
.itato of things which he and his abolition
assistants bt ought about. The people up
tho crcok understand Poo John and his
party, tboy know tho latent rascality luik
ing in their machinations: and they ap
preciate at its full value, lii mock sympa
thy with their sufferings.
Even in tho paragraph 'above quotcd,ho
Las not,tbc ,cuo to concoal his hatred and
malice. He talks oftho " Fishingcrcek
Confederates,'' endeavoring to fas'ci upon
innocent citizens an opprobrious epithet,
or the purpose of injuring their reputa
lion and blackening their memory, lie,
tho dirty slink, pretending ?ympathy for
our fiionds up th creek for we ure proud
to say ibat those men arc our fiicmls, and
that fact is a most complete nutwer to tht
tiiggcrhcad's insinuation and belief wby
lio ncTcr,iu a paragraph in bis panor.oui;!ii
to looson their bond or mitigate tueiiltcd ; and beMdus, the difference of inter
j..lT..pi..wH H'.-l. - f. - 1. .1. 1 . . I. ,. . . ..
sufferings. Week afur wci k their n iiurs
were paraded iu his miserable sheet, and
lie chuckled over tho fact that the public
business of the county wm retarded by
reason of her public otfieurd being iu Foit
Lying letters wcro written by him or
his friends to tho Philadelphia Jiuuucr,
talkiug about Fori, nflo pits, enlroncli
intnts, &0., lie knowing their falsity, yet
ho nevur iu a single article in his paper
sought to correct the false impicstioiia 01
contradict the lies; but assisted in their
circulation, and iu t-o far 11s he could, gave
them character. For years his paper h is
teemed with lies, slang, sl.indera nud iu
uendoea, against the.ie people iiu.l iiot onu
word in their favor; but now, with oil on
the brain and a hope of making money out
of thofe "back towuthins." that "Kiahin,..
creek Confederacy," for himself and hi.
abolition eorporalo.s, hy leases, whose ad
I vantages arc all on 000 side ; he bei'ins to
I . '
, a IM emeai In fnnrc nr lln.lr
malico an1 P''g UP u'ratl' against tho
ayofwraih; and we give him notice that
day of rcol:otling wilUome for him and
l,oac whot lud tho raid wllcn l,is
(dons of pity will be unavailing ; because
tb''' tin'C comt& whou tbo laws wil1 a8aQ
Proteot and vindioato tho innocent. For
oureelfand our friends, here or clsowl,cre
wo defy him and all bin Dicnerheads.
When the soldier, were raidi
idinc round
nfju COIlltlllttlllir nil snrls nf niitrsiirpR nn
tboso PC0P' carrying oil their ohiokens,
R "
anil killing their bogs, aud slaying their
"T" Up their boards-
g W" ",c,r suSnr aples, occupy-
inS tueir houses and barns and oating out
their substance ; aye HANGING THEM
UP BY THE NECK I ! I where then were
those sympall ies of which tho Niggerhead
is now to lavish? Tlirl hn ,i." .1..
outrages T No 1 bi
i 1-3 - ' I' I'llUltil LllilL II '
niitinr kit aitic l...t I.
"V"""" , "uu no uares
orphan j
f ,ll,am B Rober'8. "'here ho1
., , r...
1 n juj iih name appear to 1
an PaPer or petition, asking for their par-1
An,, -.I 1 T I . , . .
don or release? No I wo defy
. .
His professions arc falso,bis be-
lief is a Miam, and bis new barn svmna-1
.1... .1
'"J "iu result ot oil on tho brain and an
- "
........ 1.1.1 r ..
'uun"""OT8 w 100 almighty tlol
r '
U07011 poor.contemptib o offipring of a
'I'ftrU I 1wl rlnn'l ,.ir.. !...! . . 1
Tory ! and don't oiler to beslabber with
your fyn,l.atby)hono,t and respectable citi-
zens of the county ,who despite o,as much
as their Grandfathers contemned yours. I
A Disiiiiguhhc'l Democrat. Gen
Wm. II. MiiiLEit, .M.Ooftbe Uauplnn Dis
trict, paid u,i a brief visit ou last Wednes
day During his sojourn in Blnomsburg,
he was tho guest of Senator Buckalow.
(.icu. iMii.ler is onu ol ihoablect men and
purest dcmnoraU iu P- nay lvania,and is ihe
patriotio member in Congress wno at tlm
Ian Session indbnanilv refund the hnl,,,
of 81 1)0,000 offered him by tho. m-nions
Sllv abSnt hf,Zl?rfr0n ' " WUld
oniy au'ont niinsclt tor a few momonts
from hi seat dur nc the vote on Mm ,
called Amendment to tbo Constitution.
Loyal Anecdotes. A Jlig thing in
Jloops Tho Southern Confederacy.
A Conundrum. Why did Jeff. Davis
put on petticoats I
Ho oxpoolcd ioon to
bo "coiifincd."
The Third SoricB ol Scven-Thir-
1 r, , ..... ,., rr.nn T.nan
' -"
muM '") M 10,,KOU "P" a u"
of tho most powerful cvidonocs of the
t .. . r .1 tf 1 f1i.a . I u..t
prrrnniu oi 1110 unuca otaicu uuvunuuu..
" ..
tttlj 0f i ta sliont; hold unon tho oonfidanoe
ntld affections of the people. On Satur -
day, May 1 3ib,the subscriptions were over
thirty million dollars, and for the week
ending on that day, ovoi ninety eight nul
lum dollars, and In the three mouths that
tho Loan has been in charfto of Mr, Jay
Oooki:,, over five hundred million dollars.
Theso largo receipts will enable tho Treas
ury to pay off our armies as they aro dli-
banded, and rapidly diiohargo the various
obligations that have been incurred clu;Ve '""",le
,!, war Tli-torv Will t.h0W that 'Wn
lllg IHO war. History Will MIOW mai Brt ink.! her away, or she will bU uip"d ol a.cotd
a greai war-uem 10 muiviuuais uas uuvui
before baen bo promptly paid 5 and wo
think al1 will agree that Secretary Mo
Cullough doicrvei groat crodit lor the
ability he !ia manifested, not only in so
CUrint! tho means, but for tllC financial
CI '
skill he has displayed 111 so dircctiui; these
' '
vist icceipta and ditb trscmonti as nut for
a moment to disturb the equilibrium of I
ooinmcrco,cmbarraBS individuals, or iu any
way tighten the money market. It is
doubtless true that the Seoretary of the
Treasury might have negotiated the re- j
111 .1 1 11 11 c . ui 1 1 in 1UI1M3 sia iui tcm, iiiiucnv
. . .
in.teud of 7 30, but so much valuablo time
would necessarily havn bocn lost in popu
larizing a new loon that tho great object
os the Government, v'z., an immediate
supply of money sufficient all tho debts in
cident to tho v tr, would havs been dof?a-
st wuld not have been equal to three
day' cxiiMni"i. The noliev mav bavo
looked "penny wit-o," but the best finan- i
cial auihoritios as well the common sense,
pronounced it "pound foolish."
As it
and will bo, no soldier will go home'
without bis greenback, and the flotiinif'
d-bt m the fhupi- nf vouchers requisitions,
ife, will bo wiprd out as rapidly as the
proper rfliecr-i cuu audit and unju-t the
The S.cond S 'rirs
of tho 7.30 Loan!
t wan oxlmiiitcd on Satuid.iy, May l.'tth.
On Monday, tho Secretary of the Trcas
ury authorized Jay C'iuikk, ihe general
.Suboriition Asreni for U. S. Securities, to
receive subscriptions for 82i) ). 000,00(1 of
a ThinS -rim wli'ch is all that is author
ized by Congress and h without doubl
the last lnan at this high r.tto of inlerest
thai will ho offered by the Government.
There i no change in the term1 or con
ditions of this Third Series, exorpt that
the Government reserve the right ol'pay-
inginierci't at six per cent in gold in? toad
of sevon and three tenths in curroncy a
right which would pre-sup poo n return
to spoie payments, aud make six percent,
in gold even belter than ibe higher rate
in currcnoj-a cousumaiat'on most devoutly
to bo wihcd.
The privilege of converting tbo notes in
to 5 UO six per cent, gold bonds at the end
of throe years, or receiving paymrnt at
maturity, at the holder's option, is retain
ed. Tho first day of the Third Scries open
ed with a subscription witbiu a fraoti vn
of five millions, and tbo month of June will
certainly sec the lat of 7.30a outof markot.
How early in Juno wc cannot predict, but
parties who wish to make sureoi a portion
would do well to be iu time.
Full particulars may be found in our
advertising columns.
In Salem township, Luzerne couuty,on
S.iiurtlay.May Mtb, 1605. .Mr. Vn.r,tAM
l'oi.nuciv. in tho (J2d year of bis nge.
Ho was Ion? a faithful antl consistent mem
ber oftho Preibyterian Church,
In Alilitarv Hnqnilnl V.nir Vn.l, "':..
April IHOB, DA.MEr. Sanders, ol Go. 1,
011:1,1 l, n v t .m '
" a1" ' "&vu u" uru.
T,ie tu,'joct of the above notice, is a
l.-.l . C . I... .!;.... . i .i! ., ...
Regiment, Pjiinsylvauia voluuieer.s
participated in tho
anil Inn oantnrn
...t.l.l. 1.- .
"IC eoiuraeieu a vioirnt tevor, and
Was ,orwanled to New York, whoro ho cx-
pired in one of the Hospitals in that city.
IT I . .1 ,
He leaves a wife and four small children,
und a large circle of relatives and friends
to mourn hh sudden and uuexpectcd
death. Thus another patriot has onc to
his reward. Poaco to his ashes.
Jlirwick Gazette.
S5-The Pennsylvania State Agricul-1
tural Society announco that ils next exhi-1
bi.ion is to bebel.l at.hc flouring city '
of WiUiam.port, commenci.iK on Tne.tl.iy,
ai inwn mil, on the cvoninji or the : ; . . r111''1' ,1"1,1'"' s
oj i... u r,L i 11, ,7 .V,.1'1 l''sl:f.ilil I tti'iisinu lliililurd, Ii
u nici,i) jiuv. urj.iiius uicaver, iUr. r'nvuruouicts iin.l llrinkniK Cup.,
I Nlir.SON lOvp.r.wn of Hi, A no,l lioin tl!vt'r!'"ft0."' "-'rultanj L'ako ll.iski.ls.
. I, ' . ' 5"v,'f ,'' I -H'lo spoons .tl'orks
I, v.. In All. a NSTTlr Hpii .,f Si Iter I'l.ilml T.'ii I'm., ,,n,l i',,n-.,.. it..
J I . . renilnrril .,.,1, I ,., ,, i.. 7. ""'.
attack on Fort Fisher ;',c'": -nan". lUuxt, i;irnnSs umi, j ,ut ,
. Jeiuliyof every iiaiiii-, kind nml dcscnptiniiiwnnev
rif U lliniflgton, afler er "r" "'"j"'""-'1'- T'l.'ir ilvcr uml plateil wure i,
hrptM.. Both, and continuing as iimi-iL l , y he." if .he mie'V. n;.n,i!a." o,!'"" ti! rpjlE undersized, would resneotful!.
four day The premium list h tlo m,i. lZ'l.?Tt.",!Ti .ti',.!!.""!.').. ?'!;.! 'L".! '.'' I . mk, ..,, ... hlflSl?.
m'Cn'1 Utf CTer prPparC,, f"r iB8UP by ,bis
Societv, heretofore liboral to a fault in .: 1
'"""J "urtloloro "orai io a mult in this,
... , v
rCS1,0Qt: . tmSt lho ftffftlr wU1 uc tuo
oebtoi us kiuu ever heltl in thoFtato.
lr The violet grows low, nnd covers
itself with its own tears, and of all flowors
yields the sweotest fragrance. Such is
I In. utility
Admiiiisli ntoi 's PSolicc.
folate oj John lltiudruch, Deceased, i
T nrrr.UP of mlinlnlstratton on the Fstun or jomii
Li llrlnilruckilato of I.i cast lwp.,toliiniMn ro , dec d,
have lieon Btantcd hy tho llnslsier nfUnluinhlaeo., lo
have liton Btantcii iy tno unsisicr oniiiiii,nii;cu.i
uiaundrriigncd i n persons imvini! tiaitmnw n.nhr.
Klilp wlll'inul delay, and nil persons Indebted to main
payment forthwith
May sr, liM.-rw $1M
riAME into the enclosures of tho nn
li...lirnp,l on tlnvpn Cfffk.ln Hellion tnwiihli,
Coliimlila county, on or nbi.ut tlio r'lrtt uf May, lust.,
u pnlu red ,
- trisoa
uuum ii unw
May 27, IMl-3l.ft)
Candidate for Treasurer.
TOIIN J. STILES, of Benton township,
lli.niinli flin iinriin.l antlr ilnl lull nf I, III ttinflV IliMtlt
' mrallc Minds. ha been Induced to oirer blnisi ir 11. a
' nmllilnlit fur llm lISpi. i ! 'I' It I'. A I Ml till nl ?. 1 1 lilfl
county, subject to tiu.icrifi ui the ueui tutic ;o-
vcntlan, which will be hrl.l on tbe'Jt'lli of August nest.
i iientnn, May 27, iclj -s:i
will b.i without
Tsv.triw, Mass.. May II. IPul
llr. Tobias : Dear Cir-lluilui; 33 years that I Iuu'
ui'i-n .1. iuu ill... iiupiniF. . iiiivu ii.vu 11 iu p"iu n
pru.i' quaiuuy 11 various illilnif nl-, oils, uc. iui.0
iivu yzarB siiicu, iit'iirini; oi i many wiiniirrnii cure
himnB bicii iiiiid. b) y.iur Vone inn 1.1 tiiui. nt. 1 ti.t. d
thing I cu r nurd. I n;er sold unytliliiu thut elves
ui iiiiriis.iinii una" uivin uie lien saii.iacuun nl iiny-
sucli uuivr ul s.-.tlsfaclion uinuii hurseiuuu. Ills
ueiiiui. 1 10 suiierneur tin inii'-fs.
' Yours truly, he.
I Rulil by nil drupal-f. Ulllce, in t.'ortlaudl strait. X
VmK t'rireOnu ll ill.ir fjr pint bolllns.
I uy" Ountry de.ilers are inlurmud Hi a I no tr.t.turs
lire now peiii uiu,
AIny 'JT, Hu5 - In,
American Hotel,
is Opposite old Independence Hall,
May 17. IW.V-t'-'m
Rcady-iVScidc Cloihing
No 202 North Second St.,
Onr I'mif hIjuvo ,co PI ,
Clothing made to order al lho short
est tiotioi!.
Vuy -j;, i;,l. C;.n
A FoifiBe&en
Employment for Everybody.
Great Silo of .lewhy, Walchci, Chain., '
Diamond K ug", Hilver-Wnre, Ger
man ami Frotiob Fuoy Goods,
&c., worth over 800,001) I
ail In he colit tvitlioul 1
ri'icive. MvMrnnu ,
to have i-otne-thing
V .tillable.
LIST HY Tilt: ,MiTI(.I.f.ri.
i.i.'ni- iioui iiunlinj; an- U 'utrlie. U'li'if ,w Co
i.iini,:. mini r.iiainuiuil i;,mn Vi.uii-s,
iriits' Hunting (j.isf Silvir VV.itilm,
fii-nts 5.1.J Wntclii's.ili.iililuiiiuo.
(inlil I'latrii W.tclli-s in M.ijic t;n.l's.
TO 111)
;o wi
.U Ik,
V) (in
111 U.
I) in
(Jnlil I'ldli-il W t. livs fii,iiuili:,,rbrlailiits 35 OH
Duiiiioiiil llliigs, i)it,0
C0I1I Vs.tnn.l Sfc riinlii... iu JU
Gulil Ouil lUinl llmrvl. i, on
Chaai'il Com liniri'i' is, s,uu
Cliiitl.iiiii!i:iiiiiiHuiiil Cu.inl i;ijii3 S uO
tjolll.lirc an, 1 Clil llrni,cli.-s, 4,no
l.ava ami Flori'iitiiif llriiithes, i.tm
Con,!, (ip.il iiiui iiiui rul.l llr'nialirs, -1 '.''
.,111-nic jji.i.avil 11111I t-'h reiilnii' l.nr Dmiikl.iin
Coral, Opal mm Kmirhlil i:nr n,..,,.
Calif.irma Diaiiionil lli.'a-t I'm,
C.lrt foh ami V...I Winch Ki'js,
I o'i 'mil Vit Itilihon rJliiles,
folit.iiri' tik-cvi! I'liltuns. rtiii., sit,
Culil I hhiililcs, IVncils. i tc.,
.Miniatiiro I.oik.'tH,
Jllniatiirc l.ncki'ls-M igic aiprin;,
UolilTinlh I'jiks Ciossfs, tc.
l'lain KoM Kilns. t'liasriHIoM Hin8,
ftiino S.'t anilMj.net Hin;s,
Cnlifn'iihi 1 ;i in 1 1 ii.) llinas,
(.miles' Ji'wolry in sln -J, l au.l Gnhl
Kadii's' Ji ui lry In n ts -I'.iini.n. IVnrl
a (.ii
a oo
H Ol)
10 Ul
I .',01
M Ul
Hi ii
li'ihi I't'iis, fii. r llxtuii llutilr A. I'..nrii j on
iilv.r I'lali'il Ice Pitch irs nn. Jlolussv'a
l-lll'-'. SLM
Si'C what rhp mnt iicnnlar nml n.i.,i.ii,
purio.llcals say ul our l-stulilisluuunt :
From the "Diepatch" of February aflGfi
H'o takn olcnsiirn in ualllng the attention of nn.
reailurs to thn miiiniiiri.nLni nf M..... h,.,-,....,. .
Jo's Crt-nt falo of Jowvlri', Silvir Wnro.nml Kane,
Cnoila, in our ailv Mttaint coin 1,111s. VV nrr tierson
any aripiainti-il with the ineni'hTs of ilii nrin nu.i
mi"., iiiciii i.i o'i Ki iiiieni. li oi storliiiit worth mul in
ti-Crcty, 1 heir hi ick of smuls. fur variety rm.f i jtcnt,
wc have scarcely aem parulleleil.
Krmr tlm "Min-or .P I.'o.l. I-.. r...
M, 1803.
" 1 '..'.r' ,. ' " v,rMpi J""irv. ic
...r-.-. ... ...iuiu o. . ., i. i.ri-ni oair el J..w..rv. i lc
openeil nn lho lot ll n 1 1 . an.l Wh ventiiro to say mat nn
flour iliiplny of (noil', was eve r-'Xhiliitiil hy tiny pst.ib
li lllll'lll 111 lliucill' 'I l,u l',,l. tl .. .
' , :: .v' ,. '"".'.-. .uiun.-u uieir na
ii tni'yn isii to iniiiiii'ii tii.'insi'lvus Hi h u t,vn ,Vhich
i. j ..in lillluillU
i'H mv., lone heen the h,M,t 0f
ll" onc ""ll10" '''u-ir-!' wu 1401
ro"' tuo "Tr'buuo' of April 21, 1805
An (isiimilrilulia,, nl in .t..
,tet::lS!S ZVZ,, ?l'u
.,de;,lT.aVoe5c!'enJ.:i''i,,!!;i 2 ZmTi1
"'"'''""rei.iitai.on. m,w
Fr'n tho ",Stual9 Xl)itung," April 2-1, '05
Many nf tho hanils in onr oilirn iii..n ...i... ,
, the Liitarpnsuol Mussr.. I) vansh .t To , ami thouuli
iinneol tliom Inve nt rejlizsil Inrlilne,' cinress
liisntitlits .well pli.n.eil null their venture. Tno of
tlii'in hy norktnc utter Imurs have inailauvcr S.Wcach
1 U lllilll yl. u. 1. v v
How You Can Get a Prize.
rcceuvVit well,
Benil Tnonty-t'lva Oents n us, ami as soon
, ,., P.....U ... ..w . w,, irnui nil V Will iUllfl
for SIU' ' fufS'3- ",IU """'.
Ata:.Ti! aiiii t A,i'i:iii,,iiio Army i,n.i ,,, r,.,v '."
II III 111" Anne .....I ...
piacs. we navo an iuiiuent.n .lock ot uooils In Uis.
posoof. anil need a laro iiniuhorof Ajji'iits Our term s '
. ..(.i'i. ii- bij iiut-i.u ...... i'ine even UI our 1,,'lily
AeentR mo liuikioe frnui ft.', in -'u it .l..v 1,7..
Agents 5U per iienl. 011 all Cerlilicile. they C'II iiron.
ded lh"y remit not less llian $1 fur eiali 1. '
nJ" VVrita your name and uddtess distlncile .. 1 ....
.... j ..in ii-iiiuiuu",, iiicn iiroi.i.ion ci r i.t.fiii.
..... . . '. . - t'.""-"." n'i -untie uiu ninsr so en.
only what is ncMssary. '
,K.1G Mi,1,lc" hwu Nw Vork.
Mi) '. 1FW, Jul
TJ. C 7-30 LOAN.
I') lul.wii) it U.c riiMliuj tr IJir 'branny U
n fT.'p raianr.l. tin General Hiibtcrlnllnii Airfiit f0, tlt
cslnof LT iillr-.l Males, l-Vrurllle, oin-r tlc ,,.
Hi" "'i"t sitIi-h cf Treasury .Votes, boarlng seven an
Itire li.il,s pr (.. ut Inkfrsi per
iimmr known .,
7 Jtit LOAN.
I'bes noli" ar t.jiii'cl unilrr date i.f July u
and are piyililo thtea ycnri from llnl dale In ciirni.
cy. ut pro '.onvi'tllblu nt Iho opperallon of tho tnUt'
U. S. 5-20 Six per ccni..
Th'ise Ilond oro now worth n hanilsom preiiunti
""';"''.''" '
Kn.a'nm,, m ,to,. ,iI(,w,llnlm,
,Rnn oV, ,0 1mil!u rBn tkNr r, AN,cf nim,.,,.
vn, iirr.onllnii to tie ralolcvleJ upon olhir iirupciiy.
The Inlete t l pajnliln S'lir- initially byeiup.in. m
tichud toi-nch no'e, whuh uiny be cut oft" and gol.t
nay bank nr bmkr.
Tlio Inttren jt 7.3U per cent airndnti to
One ci'tit per ilnv 011 a 05u nolo.
Two eonis " "' " S100 "
'JV11 " " " gfluu '
JO " n giooij ..
tfl " " 8511(H)
Not.s of"ll lliedfnimilimili)u,n.iui"il wiltb.-pni,,,,,,
lyfufiilh"il upon rm lpt i.f subirrij lions
The Notes c,f this Third tVrles nr (r Iscly .1 1 ,1,,
In furni uiidprliilec. Iu tlio tlven-'lhirtii:, ar,
sold, except t lint the Hove nui.iul resorris to lii.f , .
opiiiri ui pajiug inter si J u K ci 1 11 coin at o pir cjm
. . . , .
"toa.l ..r . Mutln in nirrncy. Mnbucrll ors rn? j,
a ,,, i ,,., ., ....
l III:
tlim' when tli'y s'lh.i'iib
Til 11 il llnryul' luc n,.t-s of tills lliirl scries ..fu,.
Sctcn.lhirllos will co irm-nto r-u tfi.- M .,f J.n,L. ,j
will tiu inailo prompt y umliiiiilliinoiisl) arti rllnt.iin.
Tim s'.iilil di.nig.. ii,,,!, n tno louililloiis of tin,
Til lltl) (i:i!IKrt ailnts unlr th mint ri.f liitiT,.,!
'Hid ihj niuut Hi pnM. If muil,., will In rulsuli'Lt 1.,
Ill-- uirn niy intnri.t 1 1 tin- lilKli,'r rati.
Tliu return Iu spi rif pnyiui'iits, in Hie i. i.tr mIm,
onl) wlllthi! optlmi 1,1 pay IiiIlti'sI 111 Onl, to u.n' 1
nf, HoiiMsoroitiRi! nml tqunlli" prki's tlin puriJi,...
iuiJii ulih ,n p, r cunt. In Kl'l uni. .o Hilly ,-.,,,
In tlio.o tunilcHitli s,'(:nunil llin-u tnulli. ur .-hi.
cmmicy. Till. i
Nun olLicI by tlm liui. rnuisnl. 1uJ it. -upcilf.r ,j
aiiliii'S tniilti it In
cttivr r.iri.iMt i,mv or tiiu viw.r.
Less thin miiim.imi of tlj.j ,, ,,,iti.,ri.. i,.
tlipla-t fniiri'.s uf iioi nn th.- uiuiki t. lhli ariioin
l tins rut" nt ivhiih it Is bmuu nlxiittn-.l, i u ,
l'lucrih.., I'.ir Wlttllr, .my ,1,, w,,. (
nnMonlitiiilly cmnuian I 11 pr!i..liini us lia nifilurn.'v
ui-. n lb? rase on c'usius tlm stiusniptlinis to hi, r
I" or.tur th il cltic. ns i.f ftvry iu n uii.l irt,ug
lh ruiiiitty ni.y h.' 11flnr1l.1l lurltilis f.,, ihKswk Hi.
Injii, Ihu .Vlitlnnnl HlillKs, Slulr Kit u K, nil 'I I'm ii
MdUkr tltn.'iirlio'it lb- c, iintry lni- sn,-r:illy n;r.
to riT.'ivi' siil.rrl;iliii. i par. iHih.i' it. ir will
h'U tlnur own Bgmn, In nhnin il,- have ioulltM.lr
1111I who out, air 10 Iij r hpoiisibli' tor ihe ittiiv rt uf
Ihu null's fur wliiili limy rrcoUn orilff..
Hru i.n-pr,ON iKr flnia,tiipi,a
1" fall! npliiiii" mil I,.' rrciu hi in ,
IoitI I'unk .i i Ixi'iiiiiti tirs
,M'i) j; 1-1-5. .Ini
A large Stock of Family GRO
SftRIFo ft"'! Provision. gen
erally, just openingv and
for Sale by
Wholesale and Retail
AT I'llK
j 'OXSlSTINi; o' all tho nrrc-narii
'. ami Imiinvs if llfp. ii.ii.illy fuuti.t in .l, ..
lahl.n.uUiiiH n oitirs ami lure towns. Ainnnj th i.i
irt n
nr;iit. ,M.i, t;mni:.-i mmm, i'hhm di.d
.iivi rnm nt J.im,tn,,u. TBA, finin the (..
h'.t to clipper M'l.iliiii's. ril'ci;s -uit '
km s. Iiiiml Criiil, Hums. II, in I ,t
Turk, I lour, Duller, i Iim:-.... t'n.t
I'isli Ma. hui.'ll. Kerosene DM
anil l.'tmp. uuJ n W.,;
llr. wi, n. i'.ihh, uH! ,n
. 4.1'., Aie.
fyr'lps, Mo!.i.n's, Cuh r Vmi .-tr, Com Pt,-,,ch. e,
it renin,,! 'I ..rl r. I..rtiu Fruits en.I M ,
irt icl.-i too nuiii'Toii , t in,,,,!,, n
All Ulil in silica tho 1st., FALL, V Dijl.i ,u,i
)0 sold t th., limv.t . ash pri,:.-,
Bliiomthnri!. .May ?, -ik',.
Arcana Watch.
An Ekg.nit Nove'iy in WATCHES.
JPIIH cases ol this watch are nn entirely
, , " '.w "lyU'o'i i"nipnn,lnf tlx rlia.iri.ui Hiatal,
"iiiuiiiro, r,i me in, r noil pl.i .i-lm,l, pr.Mutin- in
ttiiiiitiitlomf if rarnt sol I. .-.Ul.-.t Ari'-.u i. wh n
.Mil .iltt.'iys keep us, ir. T.I -yarn n Innutilul '
lulnl t'ol.l. ami are .iir,ir,l,:, a. uiii-rig.'itli the cost, Tlin
ra-c is heaulilally ile.ign .,1 with l'uin-1 nml sI.ihI.I fr
iiaini). with Tat 'iit I'ush I'm, , cngrKveil iu tin i s
sc. style nl the fi'lelirato'l (Juiii Hnnlio l., v..ts,
ire teallv h.inils.imn ami ilpnimhli', unit so ev.uii.ii in,
'latiuiioffolil iMliy,iL'ti.uiiiu, The luineiuenl is
'iMiiurac. luri'.l hy Hi.' t,,.! kunvt u ril Jinn r Wl.trh I'li'i,
piny oi l.uriip-, uuc ure mpeiln, Uui.htJ, Iiiihiik ea
Sravfi.l p.i U'li, fancy curved hn,lis, a.'iiisiiui; reitn
Utnr. with Kolil iLiianc, u, , ,i,,,,ruvei i,WH,.4
iiclion, with line ilial ami skdlelun haini,, un, S ar
ruiileil a guiul Inn.! keeper
'Ihi'so waichea are of Ihroo iiifl-rout sites, 11;
smallest luiiij tor l.i.llus, uuu are all lluu'inn Casei
,''" "f six mil he .oni hy Ainil ir Kjpruss lot
SI2.5.i)a. A .m;i. imp sent iu a lunilsouie ,Mnn-..
.in-for Sij.On; will nmlily ell fur three times lh.
Ji'st. Wu nro si le aitents for this Hatch in IU 1,'uil.
;N.iles, unit none am ueuuiuu which ito nut bear o i.
1 raue mailt. Aihlre.s
tiillAKI) W. DKVAUG H & Co.,
Importers, 15 JIidcn Line, N. ' .
May lni -:i,n
Pennsylvania Agricultural o
rVUh) reiuylvania State Aerioullura
A fi.uity will holJ its Inhibition on Bipteuih "
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Public Auctioneer..
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