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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, November 25, 1865, Image 2

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" Onr Constitution snard It over I
Our elorlont Union hold It dear 1
Our starry rlag fottake It never 1
The ptoud Cancasslan our only peer I
edited by ixvi t.. tate, rnopntETon,
Saturday Morning, Nov. 25, 'G5
HrMncrurr, n sentiment not to be npl'allcd. corrupt
d or compromised It know no baseness, It enwere
to no danger, It oppresses no weakness. Destructive
nnlr of despotism it It tho solo conacrvator of liberty,
labor and property. It li llio senllment of freedom, of
nual rights, ofciual obligations llio law of naliiro
pervading the law of tWo land-AlUN.
Special Notice.
We ask our friends, who "aro indebted
to ttiis office) in any way or amount t to
roako immediate PAYMENT. They must
know that our business requires a largo
amount of Cash, at greatly inorerssd
prices, and can only bo met by prompt and
regular payment on tho part of our custo
mers. Wo have over found them kind
and prompt, generally, for which they
liavo our einocro tuanks but tucro aro
many others, who should pay as our bon
est dues, liko men, and not act as though
they intended to defraud tho Printer.
YVc hope that all indebted hereabouts,
will send or bring us our monoy at tbo
December Court. Others can send by
11 -J
Convention Day.
Under tho above heading tbo Jefferson
ian presents to its readers a very ablo dis
quisition upon the question of tbo propor
time for holding tbo Dcmocratio Stato
Conventions, in the futuro. Tho conclu
Kinns to which tho Jbditors como are
these :
- "In our iuJcracnt a proper convention
day, in any year except Presidential year,
may be fixed on any day Between me ist
ol June and the 5th of July. This would
give a campaign of three or four months,
which wc regard as auunuantiy ampie ior
nil useful purposes in this era of railroads
and telegraphs. '
Our objection to this conclusion is this
If a day for the convention is to bo fixed,
thoro ought to be no fluctuation to suit
times or seasons. Let the meeting be as
certain as the day, and let tho day bo fixed
as that for tho election is say the first
Wednesday of March,
We favor that timo bcoause, tho fpring
work, moving and other matters would not
intorfere, as they would in April, May or
June because wo do not think a cam
paign beginning then is too long, and tho
excitement of short campaigns is unfavor
able to correct conclusions because elec
tions aro not carried by "railroads and
telegraphs" but by a thorough ventilation
of principles, in the'ehops, fields, and fire
eidej becauso tho genius of our people is
against the hurry and rush and war of
modern campaigns.
Expediency as to persons, times, and
casons, has been our destruction. Let us
return to tbo old land market and take
lessons from tbo fathers. Young America
has led us somewhat estray; let us retrace
our steps.
Newspaper Agency Bores. We receive
by almost every mail, batches of New
York Humbug Advertisements, request
ing their insertion in the Columbia Demo
crat, conditions! ihzt wc tako a due-bill in
part paj and give tbo other part or two
parts in Cash. All such notices we throw
in our paper-basket, and tho sooner these
sagacious Agents know it the better for all
.parties concerned. Wo indignantly reject
all stuff' emanating from tho miserable.
concern, called Mather .5 Co., Droadway,
New York.
Official Stupidity. Occasionally our
paper, liko every other sheet published, is
refused by the person or subscriber to
whom address. In most instances tho
Post Master returns the paper to us, in
stead of writing a letter, m tbo Post office
Law requires of tbcm, tbey scrible on the
margin, "you must stop this paper it is
not taken out of the offico," without even
naming the offioe. Now wo ask thoso of
ficials, that wo may have an idea of where
the paper was ro turned from,tobo so kind
as to alio write the namo of said Post-office.
tf" If tho rebel States have nover been
out of tho Union, any attempt to reform
their State institutions, cither by Oonsircss
or tho President, is rank usurpation."
Thus spake Tbadcus Stevens in bis
Lancaster speech, previous to the state
election of 1805. Kemember now that
tho President holds, that tlio "rebel States
haye never bcon out of tho Union," and
eee where tbo right orer person and prop,
erty, olaimed by tho radioals, comes from.
Stevens and the destructionists claim that
the States were out ; in that event seces
sion must have been loyal. We Demo
crats and President Johnson aver that the
States never wero out, and tbot the ordi
nances were void and a nullity.
tT ''Our Mutal Friend," Jij Charles
Dickens, being a Iarco volumo of 350
pages, ii tho titlo of a Now Novol, just(at lU9 t0P f tho Art, exbibling a rare
published by T.B. Peterson & Brothers, P'oturo ot rigs Uats.
in Philadelphia, Prico 31 00. To thoso I nn,,. . ,'.", ' "
. ii t xt . .. Uoats of all kinds aro constantly en.
who relish NoveMleading, this work af- gaged in dragging the Hudson river, bo
fords a rich and rare intellectual' feast. I tween New York and Ilobokon, for tho
-rr body of Preston Kiog, whioh remains un-
JWS" Jed the new advortisemeflls. discovered.
rtr unlMJ.Mllim'JHlUU1
A Negro Rebellion. ,
Our nccro cnunlity menus miout, 11 ,
thoy wero so disposed, rc&d a useful lea-
bod in ibo negro rebellion now raging in milieu as to tuc correctness 01 1110 vote ai
tbo island of Jamaica. 'J'bo citcumstan- legod to have been polled in portions of
ces attendinc the revolt provo incoiitcnti-
CIS niu nuiiif- miv. ..
bly thai lUO natural antipniuico I'xi.uiij;
bet ween tbo two races render it imjiossj.
bio lor tbcm to livo togctber in harmony
on terms of equality. Striles, bloousucu-
ding, .and war must always prevail in
countries wlicro tliis pcrvorsion oi natural j xno uoi. iu ms examination iwcit upon
laws is attempted. If tbo negroes karo in nearly every name, giving ibo timo of
tbo minority, tbo will bo constantly mis- death, desertion, or di-rhargo, and show
trcaton by tbo whites and, if the pro- ed that but five were pnscnt on tho clcc-
dominate, they will constantly outrage (
ilm wJiitei. Thoonlv difference is that ,
the whites, Tho only difference is
tho whilos, being naturally moro consid
orato and possessing tho elementary pun
ciplca of of civilization, regulate their mnl
treatment of tho blaoks by thoso princi-1
pies. Amongst them if any aro so cruel
as to inflict serious domogo upon the
blacks, public opinion is shocked and the
oppression is prevented from demonstra
ting itscll by tho interference ol thoso ol
his own race. Hut tbo negroes aro natu
rally savage. Their instincts arc all bar
barian, and whatever civilization they at
taints derivativo andarlificial. Hence, when
they got started tliero is nono amongst
them to cry shame, or beg tho oihers to
desist, but tho entire mass become infuriat
ed and unites in pursuing their victims
with uhrolenting hatrod. Liko tbo Indt
ans, they take no prisoners and give do
quarter, and to beg mercy at their hands
is to waslo breath. Tho present rebellion
is described as being exactly similar to
all-thoso which have preceded it, in which
negroes wore engaged, It is tbo St. Do
mingo massaoro over again. In the city
of Kingston business was entirely suepend
ed, and tho entiro population wero placing
themselves in a state of defenca.
Lettho30 in this section who favor ne
gro cqality in this country, heed tho les
ion taught by this revolt, and learn that
the Omniscient Maker of all things, for
somo wise purpose, created different races
of bipeds as well as ol quadrupods, and
that it is not in tho power of man to
cqualizo and amalgamate these different
species, nor destroy the natural diatinc
lious existing between tbenii 1 ho white
.. (
raco is pre-eminently tne govcrniug rave,
and to it attaches the responsibility or cm-
ploying and taking care of tho inferior
and subordinate races, in order to conduce
, , r '
to the general good. Experience has j
shown that this can only bo effectively ,
accomplished by placing tbo inferior raoes j
in subordinate conditions. I
The.Lady's Friend Tho December,
number of this favorite magazine is a su-!
, m, i,,. , , .. ; :
perb one. Ibo leading steel engraving, in
illustration of the text,
"Children' i children are the crown of did men,
And the glory o!eliildren nre their fathers,"
is ono mat win go nomc to many uear.s. MoBlton August Ball, Eleanor 0 Donelly
The engraved title-page is truly beautiful Beatrice Collonna, Mrs. Margaret IIos--it
is a gem of art. It represents The ' mer, and a host of other popular authors
Past and the futuac while, around, I al? "ri'o for The Post. The Post eon
Theiittic bud. .ingtast, and the little birds sing , tai,ls! betides ttorirs, sketches, poetry lin
West," I morous artioles, &o , an original Agracul-
to uso a well-known line from Mrs , tural Department, and original and so
Browning's beautiful "Rhyme of the ! IcctetJ Keceipts fr Housekeepers. Wheel
, M m ri ui n i i i or oJ W iNonsceicbtaled Sowing Machines
Duchess May." The Double Colored aro offi!rc(J wor(h n j,,,, FlrTV.
Stool fashion Plate for this number will j pIVB Dollars I The price of The Post i
be pronounced by the ladies "superb," or . 2 50 a year, two copies 8-1, four copiesSS,
clso we aro greatly mistaken. Prce SI 50 J eight copies(and one gratis) 10. fai
a year; 2 copies S4; 8 copies (and ua 'Pfe copies, nntaimng the terms ami r,y
.-s eir m .i . ,duccmcnts in Jull, a?e furnished gratis
gratis) 816. Now is the time to get up j Ad(rcsa u Jetwm &Q
clubs for 18.'iG. Specimen numbers for j Street, Philadelphia.
ihis purpose will be sent tor 10 cents
Address Deacon $ Peterson, 319 Walnut
street, Philadelphia.
The Lady's Book. Godey's Lady's
Book, for December, the last for the year,
nas neen received, and is a very superior
number. It contains lour Christmas 1
Stories ; tho Christmas Tree," a fioc lino
engraving ; title page, con.-isting of five'
tablau, equal to five pictures ; double ex-;
tention fashion nlate. onlnmrl , W!iJ
n . . I
Nf-enn ! (lilt in Mm rnlil n onncni.nl, l
- - -- J wv-tjuimuif fcu
graving, besides a grjat variety of dress.
and embroidery paterns, &c, S:c. "ltiz
pah's Idols,' is tbo tillo of a new novel
by Marion Ilarnold, to bo commenced in
the January number. Now U tbo time
to suberibo for tho new year. Tho terms
aro ono copy ono year $3,00 ; two copies,
55,00 ; three copies 7..r0 ; four copios
810.00, $'c.
ti. oii:-.p -n--. -n. -rj-.-e...
,,, . t , ,'
to the Diiboprio of Western Pcnnslvauia,
is one of tho best signs of the good time
coming, which we have seen, He stood
up in tho General Convention as a chris
tian and a patriot, and tbo storms of radi
cal hate and rancor beat against him in
vain. Tho Dinnoys and tho Brunots aud
thoPliiladclphia "Loyal Leaguo" were
powerless beforo his stern integrity, his
lowly pioty and his lovo for ibo Cburob.
Placo and position have sought him out,
and having so woll performed bis Master's
behests in an humbler sphere, tbo wed
has gone forth "como up higher."
Dishop Stevens warmly and cordially
endorsed tbo election of Bishop Kerfoot.
65" Tho Typographic Messenger, by
James Conner &l Sons, New York, is tho
title of a very neat specimen number of
printing typo and Card?. Prico 25ds per
year. It is a very noatly gotten up work
miJlim-jj-ij.s-sftu.-li.t-s-ii I'jliiaJuw'jftmftmHK'i'A' ljusj.hs s-jum iituLiuiw.niiirM.'tuuiw:cii-'i'-''''L "
The GlvonPraud.
vui. iuuj, mu uuiiim.iui. ... ,.. Uiu
regiment P. V., says the Agc.has boon ex
hi? regiment Tor the City ComrnisBioncr of
7. .. . . . . .
j iiiiuuuiiiii-. wui, mij ruiei.ii ouo oi mo
companies of that regiment, and is lucre-1
l'lllladclpllia, OOI. May raised OHO Of tllO
fore competent to speak with certainty on
iua sii.ijrcs. oo lar as ma. company is ,
(ronccrnci., tho wliolo return is a forgery,
lion uay wnen tueir votes wore alleged to
have been cast. This is a startling reve-
lation , and it will bo followed by others
' J l
of liko importance from other parlics,how-
ing that tho whole return of tho alleged
soldier vote is deserving of no ennsidora
tion in ibo cffioial count. It is to bo hoped
that tbo concoctors and agents in thU
febomo of villainy will bo discovered and
1! 1- .l.! .1
FonTY Years Ago. A cntimpornry
observes, says the Luzerne Union, that it
is "refreshing" to thnso who live in this
ago cf cxtraviiganco to look back over a
p;riod of forty years, and eco bow people
lived in days gone by. It tccim that there
were no extortionists at that time they
must be "leeches of a very recent growth.''
A glance at the ''weekly prices current
published in the month ofNovcmbcr,182t,
wilt satisfy the reader of the correctness of
our remarks. Wc publiih the articles side
by side with tbo present market rates iu
order to show the cost of living then uud
1824. Butter 8 ccnls per pound, ham
7 cents per pound, shoulder 4ict per lb,
lard 7 cents per pound, eggs 7 cents per
doz.'ii, potatoes lei cents pi-r bushel, vhcat
flour S-1,7Q per barrel, rye flour St ,82 per
barrel, wheat 90 cents per bushel, rye :J1
cents per bushel oats 20 ccnls per liu-licl.
1805. Butter CO cents per puundjliams
20 cents per pound, lard 28 cents prr
pound, and abouldcrs 22 cent." prr pouuil.
eggs 55 ccnt prr dozen, poia'oes SI per
bushel, wheat (lour 513,00 per barrel, rye
flour 57 per barrel, wheat 82,40 per hush
el, ryo 1,20, com 00 cents per bushel,
oats 05 cont9.
Quito a difference to be perceived. Bca
son wc had Democratic currency in the
oldpn time. now. ilioddv rairs
- -
Wo notice that there h is been a change
in the raanagcmsn t of this well known
aud favorite weekly, by the admission of
a ,ady ou,hof a3 Wr IJmcrson
Bennett, the popular wrtcr, now wiitCB
exclusively for The Post, and annuuticsb
a oontioucd story, to begin the first of the
vear, to be called The Phantom Or
The Forest," a wild ory of the early
settlement of Kentucky. Bella Z. Fpn
cer, the editor, whose novel of Ora ha
. ' ,. ,, 1 . , ,
I continued s'.ory, t.i be ca'led (.if.ni:
' vieve IIoWE Florcr.ee Percy, the au-
General News Items.
Governor Morton, of Indiana,is going
to Europe, llu has rosigncd his fuuctiouj
to his Leiutcuant Governor.
In a single parish of Jamaica 1,050
negroes have been cseeuled for
tn k i n r
part in ibo revolt,
John Bull, of Tennessee is about to
w1"'1'0. a letter, on poliiicnt matters, to the
' .
-G?W .DaT's. cx-rcbcl Attorney
ntral, has been sent to l'ort Lafavctte
General Joseph E. Johnston is in
New York
Es Prosidont Pitreo is dangerously
Scbuvler Colfax says that thero are
United Strtes official in Utah who have
become Morinoaized to the extent of pos
seising several wives oftheir boioms.
flSt?" Congress will meet next Monday
a week, December '1, aud Thanksgiving
Day will take place on December 7.
"i in i .t -v i
uencrai uanuy, at ew Urieans, lias
issued an ordered reminding army iifiicers
who Lave occumed abandoned residences
that they aro responsible for tho furniture
I and other property therein.
It is rcpoitcd that General Logan
has exprcsfed a willingness to accept the
mission to Mexico, il tho government will
"order tiO.OUO armed men to accompany
Ono thousand condemned cannon in
tho Navy Yards st Washington, Now
Yoik, Philadelphia, Boston aud Ports
mouth, will shortly bo sold as old irou.
Largo numbers of women bavo been
appointed poslmistrisjcs in the South, on
account of tho difficulty of iludiug men
who could take tho required oat
War Detective B.iker, indicted for
fatso imprisonment and robbery has been
released on hail. He will ho tried on tho
second Teusday in December.
Fivo Liberal generals woro recently cop
jfivu iiuur.il L'ciieruia wuro reoBiiuy cap-
tured and .hot hv ih Lnnnrali.u il, h
turctt a iU .t ot l) the linporallsU Ih MCX-
ICO. lhC 1' rcildl gamsun at Acapulco
li ad linen roinrnrpcil
llio. ueen reiniorceu
Tbo New Orleans Tiniro nririli llmt
xuo mw uricaus tmcs preaiSIS tliai
unless the French ovacuato fllexioo beforo
Uhristmas, there will bo armed iulerven-
tion by the United Stales.
-The jury on tho Newark, N. J,
railroad disater have brought a vertlio!
agiost he switohtnan of maiislaupbter in
the second degree.
JJ nCK ttSCllUUl
Vendue !
ILL n rxpast.il to sale,
rT Vendue, nttho nte of t he under.
U Public
I.A ..-..I...I.......I In lit
tillage ( Mulnvlllr, Columbia count... on
tillage i aiuiiiviiic, uoniaioia counit. on
l'iday,'2'id Day of December, 1805,
TMnvit AtnUM vom property,
jjew top Buggy, 1 fancy pet Buggy Har
ncss, I si agio set Buggy Harness, 1
doulilo Bet Truck Harness, onu
Spring Wiigon, 1 Sleigh,
Two extra double bar
rel Shot (ium and
1 Smotb-borc
,, c, .j.....
Ono lr-Hoom fatovc, and one l arlor
. - i
Four Fat Hogs,
Two large Meat Standi, a lot of I.nrJ Cans, and n lot
of live and ten gallon Kegs
Now Carpet, one extension Table, other
l.rnl.ln. 8, . ml. nil U'l, I, lull., lu-n itntftn flhll ... nn.
I Desk,
- - -
a lot nf nlshes, several I-ooklng glasnes, lng''tli(r with
his entire slock of limisehcld and kitchen furniture,
ton numerous In mention.
ILr" Pale to commence at 10 A M or said day,
Mien attendance will be given and conditions made
known by
Malnvllte, Nov.2Vr,S-tj J. K. Kyer. Auctioneer
Fall and Winter
Miller's Store.
rTillD eubi-rlher has Just returned from I he Cities
X wllh nnulher urge nnu select nrsurimci ui
purchased at Philadelphia, nt the lon-eM figure, nod
which they ore determined In sell on a moderate terms
as ran be procured elsewhere In llloonnburg. His
stork comprises
of choice,,! styles nod latest fashion.
1IW.Y, AVJ.S, 007'S allots
1I.1T& $ CAPS, Sic, 4c, Sc,
In abort everything usually kept In country Stores
to which he iniitu the pi i Mir. generally.
The lllghejlprlcc paid for country produce.
Cloomsburg, Nor. 55, 1EGS.
30,000,000 LOAN
or Tin
Republic of Mexico.
Twentj-year Toupon Douds iu Suras
of SjO, Slt)0 .ri00 and 81,00.
Principle and Interest Payable in Gold.
10,000,000 to be Sold at SIXTY
on the DOLLAR,
in U. S, Currency, thusyicldlng an interest ofTwelve
l'rr Cent. In OOl.li. or Seventeen l'.!r Cent, in CUIt.
KUNCV, at the present rate of premium on gold.
THU FlUSTVi:K'3.N.i.KlSrAl.linAIV l'BOVI-
ever OF FEU ED,
Immense tracts of.Miiing anil Agricultural -Lands '
Snty per cent, of Port Hues, ImpnMs, and Taxes, in
the f'tntes of Tfnnaulipas nnd Pan l.ui. I'otos. ; an I
tho Plighted Faith iffhe aid States an I the General
flovemment arc all Pledged for the redemption of
these Honda and payment of interest.
Tlio Security is Ample.
S !0 in U. 9. C'ercv will buva 7ner ct cold bnn.l of s:,n
- . ' - -. - - .
Cuuu " ' jl,UUU
t ... ... , .. ..
..-.v.w, M..,llu .i-iiuii, i.Lij ni
ojse iioxn.
Circulars forwarded and siibscrip linns received by
J. N-
Tiri'T, Financial Agent of the Republic
of .Mexico, 47 Uroadivny. N. Y,
C7" Subsbriptioiu also leceivcil by Hanks and
Hankers generally throughout the United States.
ov. 23, ISII5-GW. 1
seLENiup VARicrv or
Watches, Jewelry &c.
At 00 Nassau Street.
rybodyinnd ifourdealingsure not fair and honest.
do not patr'-nito us i nnd ifour goods are not as ren-
reseete'd, ni.rtn.s tiiIm c will ni,v"o t0u
Hon uay,
rr . ., ...'.
1 wci ty Ibousand ariicles of goods are
lor sale at two dollars each com.io.iog of
bui.u n Aiuui.a, bii.VKU WATCIILS, Silver Ware
Ard a great variety of fancy goods nnd Jewelry.
These Coodsnre numbered from ono to twenty thou
sand, and twenty thousand notices, nre number,..!
I Irom one to twenty thousand nnd put into seulcd en
velop! s and thoroughly lulled, rnch number corru
I spondiiig with some article of goods Any person
,,,,,. i.viii im anon coioreu pngtograph will
receive two of thes-i notices with each pliotogranhs
making, w hero au agent settle, fivo photographs and
ten notices for one dollar, tho eitra photograph and
two notices free to the agent. Thenrlielo of goods
corresponding with the number on tho notice, no mut
ter KliatlW Milne, will be sent on tho receipt of Two
Dollars. If the goods Hlwu received do not give sat
Isfact im, return then, and wo will refund tho money.
n. ml Ihlny cents for an oil colored Phot ,praph. Ue
ligious, Comic or l ancy, and twonollcoi.
Uivo us onu trial and we know you will send again.
.-.u,v. UI, VU,
lln. 1IM K'.u. '.-
Nov. S3. 'C5-lmo S. It. Davis. ' '
Estutc of Jacob U'enncr, deceased,
1 r in . ,
lJ,,,,ers testamentary on tho estato of
Jacob Wenner, laic of n.hinjereek township,
Columbia county deceased, have been granted by the
Heai.ter of Wills ic. to the undersigned residing In
said township, all persons having chiiuis ngalnsl the
estate of the decedent, are rf uesied to present them
in Hie Kecutor without ileljy.nnd all persons indebt
Ki ,u'"al" paymeui orihwuii
, ,M.J4U' 'll llu'EI'L, Executor.
LA 'f ,JrAL' .
B...bar,.i,P,. ie.ini. RtJNroN"S PT0RE
F RES 11 A R 11 IV A L
Fall and Winter
7111! nnderilgnrd, grateful for past palinnnre. tMwt
Hilly lnfornn!iliciituiuer and tliM'iH.llr generally
that lie liaejiut rerelved ft inn tlie ha.tern cities, the
largest mid ntoul nelcrt stork "f
Ha F far
.... . . . i .......J n lll..I.Kl..irn H wlitcli ll
j nai iiai yei in--- T'"'"r,VV ' V "
invlles tho niieniion in in inunui, uim "
thai they are nffereil for sale at great bargains, Ills
Stuck comprises a large niiarliueNl nf
lir.NTI.EMIiN'flWIiAltlNO AN'Artnt,. . ,
OnelMliiK ol t-,Aiiin!iDl.ii llntus CoT, l t'very es (
C(ll, . ,, ,,, . yp.ts.rJiiirti, urnv.it. fltneke, o-otton
- -------- . ,
liold Watches and Jewelry.
of every description, fine aud cheap.
Cii II. KCnielllUrr " Iolctnoerp r.npriBBi,
..II n.l...n. Mi, rltfin.,, for K Kllllli II ST (lOOlls.
iiiviii i.nvvr.Mnp.nn.
Illnni'sbiirg Nov, IB, led.",.
(June Ifi'l )
For Sale.
A Farm at Private Sale.
nPhc undcrsicned offers to poll nt private
L a.le. nFABfl AND l'l, XN't'ATIOM, .I'uate In
IlKinlork Inn 11. hill. Colllllllllll COtllltV. I'll.. Oh mil two
miles west of lluck Horn, near tho Jersejtown roid,
Seventy-Three Acres of Land,
Whereon is erected r good
.i...iuiih n.utA
lUll"- 1 ft
. ..i....... ,,,,i.. r,t .. .!.., ,11..,.
rr fu'ther particiirara, enquire of the subscrllicr. at
Bobbins' Mill, on tho main ro.nl .
J. 11. ol l.01Viilv,
Nov. K lSi5-3iuo
Notice and Caution.
, . , , i i .
J 'bo iindfrsigtied having purchased, at
ShrrllTs H.ile. nn Mondav. the Hth ol Novem
ber, Ind3, us the property of Jac.-b IJaiip, sf Uranfo
twp., Columbl.i ciiuiuy, li! fnllolng described ptr-
iiii.il property, viz:
one Cow. two young CirtJIe t.irce llogs.ono two horse
Wagon, one Sled, one nt of I arne.i, one How and
Harrow, tiuif Initliela of l.orn, (more or Im.i, llfly
hiifhels of tl.itu, 111 hlv-hel. of llje, .l( bnbh.'ls ot
Wheat onn ton i t' liny, iii biKheis nt I' tm-s. i i an-
nlng .Mill, with 3 acres f Wheal and .'nicret of Ityu III
the ground, including his hoiisrhold nod kililn.-n fer-
nit ore generally nil of n hit h he has left In the h.inils
of the said Jac. h lUup, during hi-plnsurj, and h..-fe.
by publli ly rauini all persons ngninsl meddling, or
in anywise Interfeiiug with atlheir peril
' wm uui
Ih-nngevlllc, Nov. 14, IStU -aw
Valuable Real Estate-
'"Pbf undersigned. ill ofTur hr salt', by
J l'ubllr Vendue, im lhepreiiii.es. cm'
The follow Inj descrilod Valuable Host IVtUlc, coin
si.tiiig of
A Farm and Plantation,
Plluate in 1'ishlngcreek township Coliiinbiu rounty.
l'n conl.iiiiin' about
3 52 ACUESr
About Ono Hundred nnd Fifty Acres of hlrh"ls
improved and in a high state nfcullivjtiou, 1 1 a- Irtil
a nee i timber land.
with all the re'iuisiw out Iniildlngs, are erected upon
r.ieellent Meadow with Spring and W'clf ol never
failing water, near the dwellings, Also, a go id
w i til a superior site for the erertion m a Crist .Mill,
located along the main K".tI and I'lshmgcreek.
al.t propertv will be divided into
or mild loirfthcras may bi'nt siil tiin itirchnT.
fait: In cotniti-'iict' tt Hticlnck A. M., on nnid
day, when atOiidauce nitt tn xiven nu J cmi(iuiti
iitnito kiiuvvii by
Nov IS. lM-ts. .
Executor's a!e.
-rrl . . t i, i,,, ,.
V 1 J'1' I,! PXP C 1 ,lll,(5
edue. on thepr-miKe. ,,n
Saturday IkoHbCr lllC 2d, IS05,
Tlie following describ-d Tiarts of Land, late tin n.
tatof(;i-u. I.iingeiilierger, of Mum twp.. Columbia
county dec .1., namely ;
r.ict of laud situate ill .Main tuwiishin and
county utoreniil, coiit.niiiug
ndjolning lands if Win l.ongenbergir, I'hilip .Miller
uo.i iitint . of w hirh nbont slxtv ae rs are leareil.
- .--..,,,. ,...- , Mjl.i iwn
cnnljiiiine about
y oin r ac r e s ,
all wood laud, adjoining lands of Philip Miller, Jas
AlcAlarney and oilier. ALSO, trn.ilher tract of
situate in Mifflin tw p and lo inty nforesaid, roniiin.
IngTIIULi: ACIlUd, adjuiulng land of Thus, Alen
and others
D" tfnlc to coninience at Hlo'cliii k A. M of said
day. when attendance will lie gieu ami conditions
made knuw n by
Will. I.VI.NUI.niil lllil.tl,
Nov. IS, 1SG5-U
P W. JK.1K1NS, 1
J. C, Smith, A, M., I I'rinciplaj.
Am. Cowi.tv, )
first College lliiilding, Corner l'cnu and St, Cl.-iir.8ts
Herond " " Odd lellow s' lliiilding. ..Hi tt ,
Third " " N"- and 'ii St. Clair Street,
ummi rot Tin iu tNDiKO miv., Ir, IKC5,
Straw bridge Sharon .Mercer Co Ps
I . .". I'mrii eliarun
f, i,ic"lC1,? "'f.r .'V ' Cj 1 1
i Ij II lluui Antigue'iy iuy i .
I w N ''otriu llelmont llel Co O
I' w t:i I i tlt " '" "
' w 1'Hhb Hilda Alien Coo
I iu.oV
.V? B
I' Hansen Pittsburgh I'a
All Lutr. Circldvillu 1'iekawavCnO
J C HotersCoop.town Venango Co I'a
J I. II. miner Itiehuintid Wayne Co Ind
C Willis Cleiivnle Mart font Co .Mil
II C Audersoii Pteu U-nviltc JelfCoO
K Morrow Arch HpriiiL's llluir Co Pa
t! A Ta) lor Safe Haibnr Lancaster CoTa
T .Morgan Allegheny Cj I'a
A A Curler .Malta Morgan Co O
J A t.iu ly Nutronu Allegheny Co Pa
II W Hull tiuuiuiitviilu Col Cm U
II I' Ivirk .M.isini City Ccrro liordo Co Iuwi
M Collins Kaudolph Portjge Cu O
J It l'uti Canton Stark Co n
G A Dobyno llolliday.burg lllalr Cn I'a
for terms and infnrinatiou concerning the Colcegc,
JesKiNs, .-'muh Si. Cow-lit:
Nov 2J. ICfit.
Agents Wanted
For our new Work,
(Ppecial War Correspondent of the N, Y. Ilearald.)
Tho most thrilling interesting and ex
citing book of Army eipeijanco ever published,
abounding ill t'ersonal advelures, deedc of noble dar
ing, anecdotes, touching Incident., iugeiiius strata
gems, life in camp and blvoue, lie Mine absorbing
in interest and repletu with useful information than
any other wmk ever yet publj.hnd
To prospective settlers upen the rich nnd fertile
lands of Hie south, now open to Northern eutcrnrUe, il
is especially invaluable, giving full, rrliutilc and
practical iniormatioii relatlvu to plantation manage
ment and cotton culture, itidispmisibio to tho success
of the Northern emigrant,
Itcinrned and disabled officers and soldier', and
energetic young men In want -fa profitable eniplo,.
mem will find this u rare chance to ui.iko money. Wo
have Agents clearing $JU0 per iiienlh, which wc will
prove lo any doubting applicant ; for proof of the
above scud for circulars lad see our terms.
Address, JONCt II IIOS. It CO ,
N. r. corner fJlilh and Minoi tu , riiil'a. I'a,
Vo le.uej
rpi HE Very Flattcrlng8upporl hereto-
I fore given In Die late firm of JAMES H. Mc
N INCH k CO., Induces tlieumlutilgred to enter up
on the dullness of
upon n somewhat new plan. The rredlt system has
been nn injury t both buyer nml srllet, and Iherefuro
nroposi s In open on the 13lh day of the inonlll of
So. ember, ItcS, III
' 'oil && fr ,Mi
If &O0DS
Ever offered in this County J consit-
r -.!... III ' e ......1-
1UE oi uvcij i"iv uu iiuuiny 01 kiuihu
. ' '
&?A5ftV (ROu35i.
- ttm -
Qr0coriOS, Quoonswarc Hard-
l HU.W
! and all sorts of article kept in a country
Store ! to be sold
mmvp (?i Asia,
or in exchango for
Tho whole busiuesi to be conducted on
the yslcin of pay as you go ; and nt cheaper rates
thajnaii other house.
03" lall and Judge for yourselves.
Kcgister's Notices.
"VTOTICE is hereby given to all legatees,
1 1 crcdttnrt nnd otlfur Hflrnoiiii interested lutlieei
nf Dm tii.lmrlU.i to ri.ftfli 1 4 nil. I l.tllwi. tt.ntlt.j
following Aiiiniuistration uh.I Unari ian nrcounts have
been filed In the oflce of tho lleglster of Coluinliin Co.,
,vjbll ,,r(.,P,I(u,i fof confirmation and allowance
j the Orphan's Court, to be held in llloimi-burg, in the
eoiiuty aforesaid, on tVidnesdny, the lith of Die, 1-1.5.
at i o'clock, in the afl.!rnoon ol iuid day.
1. Account nf llonry Deiclimillcr, one
o Die .vnininisirninri wnii ine win none
in.iry i,siChiniiiur, late of iiemioeit tp...iac'd
'I. Firsl account of 'l'lioinn Crcvcling,
Adinr.juf Htbccca Crevelln&late of Scott twp.. dee'd.
3. First account of John M. Otte tuber-
lln. Adinr. of Noah S Prentiss, lata of Uloim town.
"hip uec d.
4. Account ot Abraham Wllllcr lulllir.
0f Joseph Wiliier, late of Itoarlugorcek iwp., dee'd.
... . , , . . T ,r
5, First and liuul aecouut of J UII1CS Van
Horn nndTrionn Ma'lier, Adin. of Joicph W Van
lloru late ol Ureenwi.od twp. dee'd
... , . , ,- '
O ACCOUllt ol b.lllllicl Urcasy," ExCCU
tor of Peter l.cknitc.Ia! of Mill'fn twp., dee'd,
. . r I i i i l ,
1 7.-Account of Jacob Pualur, nduir. ol
E1J, pc,cri ,.,. of I'i.ldngcri ek twp, dee'd.
8. First account ol D.ivitl, Abram and
John Van Horn, llxrs. c-f Ctflnelius Van Horn, la e of
Hemlock twp: dee'd.
i). Second nnd final account of I'billp
Miller, Adinr. of h.ilalrb'liuinan I.Mu of .Main town
ship, dee'd.
10. Account of Peter Yocutn, Executor
of Hubert Taylor late of Locust twp. dee'd.
11. Final account of Joi-ph O'trn-ll,
niiardlnii of Amos Wliiteiiight minor clnM of llcorge
Wliltoii.ght, dee'd.
12. First and Glial account of Gorge
I'.vnns Adotr. of tiil.ur .Mc.Mirhael. lnS; o? Ilriiircreek
tw p., dee'd.
13. Final account ol Jainc.-i S. M'Nirieh
and Surah Jano CJnrgles, Adivr.. of .uliur (.'ingles, laic
n .Mam tw p:, di c'd.
11. Account of D.tvid Lee and Solo
inon N'ejharil. Adinrs, i,f David Lee, late of Centre
twp.Columbinco. dee'd.
IS Account of John Ncyhnrd and
Adam Itoat, Aduii's ofllenjaiuin Kvaus, late of Orange
twp,, lUc'd.
10 Account of Josiah Kline, Adnir, o
Elijnh Kline if Benloo. twp , ilec'dt
JOHN G. FHEEZE, Register.
niooni-burg, Nov. 4, I8iu,
Notice of Confirmalion.
he following npprnistuciitn nf real and
personal pri'inrty sefaiurt te Widows of lln,...
dents have beuii IMed in tho Ulhce of tin- :-ii tit,T of
lyoioiiioia ennui, inn, iuo uuieri oi t.oiirt, and w i,l
he presented tor ali.olule ciiiillriii.iilnu, t, ,,. i,r.
phans' l oon to H; lieM in III iv'mrg, in uud lor
said c.iuniy. on WI.DM'.rfli.w . ,,t, p,y ,,.
lll'.l'UMIILII, A. 11 , IrL-O, at -J ii'iluil, iu thu after
noon of t.aid dav ; unless en it, us in s.ich lonllriiia
Huns am previmitly filed , nlwhuli all piinn in
terested in aid ent.it.-d will t-iko initice.
I, Widow of John Yeager, sen., ot I iicil-1, filed '.'il
Aug. IfOo
S. Widow of John Walter of Locust, filed I Ith A le
3. Widow of Win. Iloll'inan, of Centre, filed '.3d
Aug. Irlii.
4- Wnnnv of Henry Lun-Jon, of llriare eek, filed
SKId Aug. Ie05
5. Widow- of Archibald I'atterson, of Crecnwood.
filed aifl Aug. lr(C.
0. Widow ol Win li Shannon, of fcott filed In
Sept. IMW,
7, idow of CoorgC Longenbcrger, of Ala.ti filed
-I Ih Sept. it,-,.-,. "
8. AViilow nftaniuel I'urki, iugailoaf, f.ki!' IB I It ol
-Sept lelk'i.
II. Widow- of Solomon Stroup, of.Madisoii filed ilst
Hept leii.',.
10. Wido of .V. T. Pennington of Fishingrrer k,
filed adlict. Ieii5
11, Widuw of James W Kitclien, of Sugarloaf, filled
I f,lh Oct l.-ti.'.
13. Widow of liauitl C Cm, of Scott, filed 2Utn Oct.
joiif?- a, nti;i:.i:,
Heginer's Ofiice. ( ltegt.ter.
llloemiburg, Nov, II, left!, j
fl ho County Coiumisiioncrs will rcccivt
1 froposals in the house of John I. Hurst, in Slab
lown. i;olllllllia ui , ni-iweeii lln iiours if in A ,!.
and a P. ,M , on riATUIUMY. Till: il day of UKC.
nejt, f.rr buililieg uu Arch Covered llridge, over
ltodringcreek, near (1. W I'arr's .Mill, in l'ra'ikliu
twp, t.iid bridge to belii feet b tween uhtiuuenu ;
width IU lent. The abutment! are ulreudv bull'., rt
crpt uttering face fur EikcwbacK. Plan and Spo.itica
tion can be Keen on thu day and placo of letting.
Uy order of tht-ConiinihSioiiers.
It, C, I'KL'IT,
Coinmissinncrs' Ofli.e. I Clerk.
Bloom. burg, Nov, II, louj. J
New Barber Shop.
rrUIK nndcrsi)iicd resicctfully informs
JL the citizens nf llloiuimburg a:.d the public gener
ally, that he has opened a
New Barber Shop,
In Court House Alley and next door tn the office of the
Columbia Democrat, where ho is prepared to do neat
Shaving and fashionable Hair Culling, with care and
C7 (jive him a call and see the stiles,
Plnomtbiirg. Oct. IHII5.
C, B, liltOCKWAY,
Si IT J Hi 53 US V - li If IL, li w ,
Bounties laek-pajPcusious.ifx'c., collected.
Special attention paid to matters aritii'g uuderthc In
ten al llevenuc Law..
!D" OIT'ICC I'ourth door below Aincrican'llotel,
Oct. 28, 180.1.
Crillenden's - Philadelphia.
Stratum, llrynnt ic Cn.. '
Quaker City llulness College,
These Scriis', aro innmuuuts nf $1.1 and ?1U nnd art
so much cash, by the Student on cntrm? either ofthe
above Colleges. Young men desiring toobtnin a finish
ed Collegiate Lducation, will here find a good specu la
ion by applying ut the oifiee ofthe
T T I'Ull, Having thoroughly overhauled my Pa
per .Mills at Mill drove, near liloomsburg Columbia
County, l'a I am now prepared to till all orders for
Wrapping, Dry masting and Water 1'roof Tapjir, on
shor t notice and fair piicc. 1 have opened a ware -
liouso in Wllken-llarre, and appointed Joseph llrown
el the firm ol llrowu, Gray ii Co., my agent to dispose
of my paper ill Luisrnc County. '
Elooni.burg, Sept. IS, 1803,
-. IT.-... C.-.l
LslUL l1 UI iatllU.
AN eligible building lot, with an exoel
lent RARN Iherenu rrscted.cenlralli' located in
llloouisburg, is ottered for sals Apply M i
Hepl lb, C0, TIHH OFFCU. I
By virluo'of several writs of vondliloni
ejponas and Levari Farias, In inn dlreeled. Is.
sued nul ol the Court (if Coin nnu Pleas of Columbia
inunly, will h exposed to public sale, nt Hie CdUlir
IHIIISK, In lllnomsbiifg, nn MONDAY, Till! 4 rn I W
tlRCKMIIKH IPilS, nt I o'clock In Ihe nftirnoun or .a .1
day, the following real estsle In wil
A certain tract or lot of ground situate In rjrenn.
wood township, Columbia cn .cnutiliiliij TIJV AL'"1
more or less biiunded ns follows : nillolnmr limls nr
Jacob llerrnd, Isaac llenllt, WHIIvn timber, and ot
ft. wli,.r,fll n rn ,,i..u.l . ft.i.f .1111 . ... 1"
half I'raun lluuse, Aud mn rtlables, with ll.e ni,i,u.a
tui-tnces, 11
Ono other lot rf crouud. sltunt,. ,,e Punt, tn,x
tuwiishlp afore. nbl, coiilnlnlug '1'WO ACilCri ami
twenty to p-rrbes inore or le... ,ijiMn ,,,,
ldow Ciiniier, Jacob tlsrrard and others, nithtba
One other lot of groKmt slltlale In (he county and
town, hip nfii.cvilil, containing ONI! A I'll i: morn nr
less, niljoinllig lands nfjincph II, I'altnn , Henry Pliniil
l.phraim Parks nnd Mhers, thereon are erected
alory and n half Frame lliv. llliig llouu, nnd Frumo
(table, with thu appiiileiinticcs.
A lot of gtound smiaro In the vlllaee of Unhrsburc
Greenwood township, crfntnluiair U.N II FOUItTII Of
AN At'lti; mure or less, bounded by him alo cf Ilm
difendaiit and others, nltli the apputleuanres,
One other
r lot situate In the village of ll-ihrslntrg. ro.
thin aforesaid, cotilatnine l'OIITV -eiin
and town
i i.oi.ii r..-, anjoining linos oi i. ii, i;, nfcki t.,
whereon are, reded n story nod a lialfilwc!lingho,i
aad frame stable, with the apputteuni'ces,
One 'other lot rf.' grou.nl situate In tVi vlllsge nf
.i '7,1,l',,,'.k,,,1,V,'.,,,"i," "l"lr"1 ,ot'" conlallilng TOIt.
U N1MI. l'Lll.HBr moreor less, bounded nn Urn
west by Mn n s rt ef mi t., norm by Main (treat, on
the cast by lot I te of .Innie, Lemon, pn the null 111 br
lot of 1 raucts line, with the apiiurtnnanciis.
One other lot situate in the village of Hohrsliurg, eo
and tow tiship aforesaid, loiilnlultig tweniy.onu and
one lentil perches, be same mure or less, ailjniug lanus
of ItoberlMnut. nnd others, whereon nru ersited a
story and n half Irame house and Irnuu stable, with
the appurtenaiiei's,
One other tract of land situate, part in I'rahMln
tuwiishlp Lycniiiiug county, aud part In Madison
township, Columbia county, containing one hundred
and ten acres nnd onu hundred and forty perches uioru
or less, adjoining lands of John I'm, .Margaret Mont
ginnery unci, rump . imhir an.l oineis, Whereon aru
erected a frame dwelling house ami framo barn, with
the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to bs nl,l n. ,!,.
properly of Wilson Ager.
The following described rralt-stat situate In is,.
township of fc'rott, in the ro-inty of-Columbla, tlm firPt
a r i iiifn.-,i, ton ,., i rn i ,,, , . , , t. n nne in in.- perl Ills of
.lid. uiore nr less, bolllidtd and descrilleiln. Iitllitw. -
oil Ibo imth by land ofl'eter Hrbuj' and John Cut on
the Couth by laud ol iMiiiuel Me lick, on the v.mI by
public road loaning f.niir Light street to Ornugeville,
and on thu west by land of J, White and other. .where
on are errrted n KrMraco, n Crist Mill, a story from i
uwi'inug iniiise, a irniinruurn, live one slory ilwellii.g
bouses uud a stable
The second lii-resf altv, in tlie said twp, ofSrntt.
con tnl ii in t! feventei u ncrei and four perch ot, atrirt
mensiirc, bmuMeil' and de.rribed a. follows ; On tic
north by laud of John hile, on the east by land of
Snioii.l L llittle,
The Third llierenfsituate in the t-iwiuhlp nf .Mount
Pii iiMint. county ufnr's.inl, rontiiuliu' fn ir aero, nn I
sixty oil peii!re. more or les, b- mule, I on tin mirth
by laud of Jo."iu- White, on the south by land of John
White, on tliu east by-land nf I'eier Sclnlg and John
W bile, on I lie cut by laud, of John White.
The Fourth Ihereot being all tbit two story "r.1111.1
Sinn-ami Store House mid lot nf grotlnd, situate, in
I i till Strei t, nullity iifuresabl. hounded on the en-t bv
public road le.nliiiif froni Light Siren to llraiigeville,
on the went lyiiind laic of Satin. el I., llittle, on the
north by air alley nnd nnd on tho iiutlr by a lot now
or late of Wm. Shannon, and (.hnrles .-.liaounu. bului
lot No 3 in the plan of lit- illr.ee f Light Sired,
Tlie I'irih being nil that t-s.-i-t.issi lol of ground siiuatu
iu Light Street allin-s.uil, ionrilnln sixtj leet fiont
nnu one liumlre.i and IWly feet in depth -ind No. t in
the plan npsald' Light Street, bounded on the cast by
road liailloi; iroiu Light sirce: toilfnoci-iille. on th.
we.t by land Into of Sam-i-l ileitis,, on the south by uu
alley niid oii the mirth l,y laud now or lain of mu
Johnson, having erected where. ura two -tory I'rauij
llwilling House, and two story frama nt.lile, wiih
appur'. iiinues.
Sele,l tiikeu ill ctecellon and to bl sold as Iho
property of-.iuiiiel L. ll-tllu.
All IHiifn-rihlnTrart ir piece of land slllnte in
JnckH-.ii twp., Coliimbi.'i cmiuty. contiiniuit FlFI V
A''Ui:Snnd nllownncesi'. bouuiled an f ile ribid ns
follow s. in '.it : on the unrth'liy land, of Wil Huh.
erts and Sila-s .Mclleury, on the smith by laiujof l.int;
L-.-w is and Ceo Hiiileinaii. on tlm ea-t by lunlsot
hamuli Pi, belts and lalw.ird Mrtleury and on th-i
we.i by laud of Samuel Itoberts. whereon Ata ertrti-t
.1 out.-and a half s-tory fraui" dwelling h.iu,e, :i lug
stable, with the nppurt-u.im es.
Seized, taken in en riiliou and to b) sold as lh-4
properly ol John llobcrts,
A cerlaiu trad or piece of laud situate in L"nif
tow n. hip C I , in., eiiulnining tlirei; hundred an I ti'ty
urres ui'iri' or .'p., Iliiuudcd and describe. I ns follow,
i in the we, I by laud of John llidcr, jih others, on the
north by l ind nf Mr. lilies, on Hi i eu,t by I i i I ef
Kreisher and others, on lint south b, laud, of Jouo
iha's ll'iaelaiid, whereon is t-reetl-il a Clnrri'.il Fur
uace, i in I hiiiiM', haw iiulH store liou.o, six dwelling
In, ii. es. b-irn nnd liable, also a large luin .nil ,iw,..
I nig ho ise on another part "f s Hi farm, ith tlu ap
purl. loincee
Seired. taken in csVcHlon and lo bo sold aslhi
properly ofSjuiuel II. lleimer.
AH that certain ine.siiags. teneii'i'iit and tract of
lane in l.oi u.t twp,, I'oluiiiliia tn , boiiinled end de
scribed n. follow s : begtuiiiiie nt n wliitn i.nk treo
cnriu-r thence uloug land of Jamb Idler and Kerim
nnit.ithr-eilirlel degrees i ,-sl, eighty fi, peri-hei,
lo a .tone, thence along laud of llenjamiti tvagnnr
east llnrly four perches to a stone thiuieb) land ot
Frederick Srhlee sffutn three fpiiter dierees we.t
evelilj eight peri-he. nnd five ti litlinlii a .tone, from
Ih. nil' along land ot ...trail Leo, twenty nine depress
..est Unity tlx pen lo s i, it t eight tenths to a po.t.
thence along limit of Jacob lill.-r. north fitly nine and
onn quarter di'gres' weit'lo an apple ttee from Ihenro
south mi-.i i -ghr pi rrhen to ihu flare of brg uiitiig.
coiiiaieing twenl) tlio actes aud forty one perches,
strict iiiea-ure.
Seized, taken In s'xecuticn and to ha sold as thi
piopcrty uft'l.arlei William.
A corlaia trarf or pi'ceo of land, it-
slain in Pine township Colombia rowdy, cjiitaininu
twenty one nrn s more or less, of iiniuipmved land
bouuiled and desciibesl ,-ii follow, to wit : Uu the soinh
by lisnsls of Iteednnd Masteri. on tin- we.t by and. of
Lt n Ituiiyn i the nolb by lamU of Ihuaniiel llugart,
and on Hie east by lauds of JaeobChaui icrlin.
Seized, taken su elocution- and to bo .old as Uu
property of Willi,mi II, Ch.nnbi.rlin-,
A certain lot of ground siluatc in thn
borough of Ucrwirk, being in front .10 fci t, and lili
leet iu depth, hounded and described nsfnlows.to wit
on the south by Third Street, on the west by lot of ,I
W Jackson, on the north by an Alley, and the eai by
lot of II U Davis, on which nre eroded a two story
frame dwelling house, null the appurtenances.
Seind. taken in execution and-to be sold ns fh,
property of Augustus Sclmell,.
A certain lot or piece of ground situate
in tho village ot Ccutralia, Columbia co. bounded ami
described ns follows : On thu south l,y Ml. farmer
street, on the wen by lauds of Uatrety. on the imrt!r
by lands nf I'atri-k Lentiedy. nnd on the east by an
Alley, containing 'J5 fett m front and lii feel deep,
v. hereon j- creeled a slory niidn halfdwelling house,
slaughter house and stable with lite nppiirtuinncu ..
bei.ed, tak in iu oxeculion and lo be sold as lbs
properly of Jacob iliiie.
All tbo following described mcfsuagc.
lots uud tracts ofland, .itintc in the county of Coluin.
bia and Statu of I'enn'a Tlw lirst thereof situaii, ir
iheiownship of fecott in aj, county, containing fifly
?u"i',r".', ;i',",t,y 0 l,"r.cl1" "f "f
1 r V .," ."''I.roicd. bounded ns follows on
., ?,i . .! i7li,,,rl!,ul ' "'' Melius and Jim Cut, on the
nubile "e 't,'V I'"'
a d m, ke ', ?'.","S,f"1,"1 1',',lt 8lrc"1 ln Or.lMBCVlUu
t ,i ,h b l,n"1 "f Jobti Wline and nth ,. on
fV i.c w..n,C,Cle,d a f"rnil,:"' "rit mill, a two Morv
' e ., ' " '.'""".u frame barn, fiio one ,trv
m,,,nl r'" '"5 s""'1 ,wl' ofrf':uu '" '" cuiity
e ,V, . , a 'f,",,"'.c.mtaii,i8 17 ncres and l'oi
hJ , n. .h,f'5,s'"c,,"";';.' '""'iided as as follows on
u?. l',yl;!!',l,"'fJ"1"' Vhite. on tho smith by
lauds .f John White and land horemruro of S L lluttU
and on tho ea.tby lands of John While. John Cut and
lands late .if tiuue l.llettle. The tin rd thereof sim
.Wl 'i?f '""""'"I""', -Mt- IMeasAot in thu county
aforesaid, containing i',lr acres and .ixty it ,Jrcii-
?h ',',0M,",r ,C,"' ?".c! W"'H la iu'l'roved 1. dud on
the north by IjihI of Join Wnit... on Hi .ui'i i.y i ,s
... s ,1 l"'?"d on tliowi-i by laud of Jon While
a d on thu east by ,u, of pt,ler a.iiug nJ Join. Cut
lhi!fouiiliihi.reorb,'iiignll that eeriasii two slorv
r fame atoro ami .so.., l , i.,
in I. glu street, in tha twp. of Scon and counly aloru
said bounded mi tl,ua,t ,y , , leading froui
i.ight Street to Oransevlllu on the west by Ian is of
Sainuell i llettlo, on The norlli by an alley, and on the
south by oi nuw or lam m- v, ,.,,.. i ,,i. w,.
! ';' numbered three in the plan of the villag.
i of LiL'hl Street. Tin, sirii, ,i ri,..,,. n
I"1'1 'ot ol ground siiuatu iu Liglil Stn.e, in thn twp.
, 1 "fBeoit, and county nforesaid, co.iiaiiiing sixty fuel
front, one hundred uud 3U fool depth and numbering
1 four in Iha plan of Light Strict, bounded on the s-.nt
by Hie road leading Irmu Light Sirect lo Oran-eville,
on tho west by lands lale of Samuel I, Kettle, oil tin
south by an alley, and mi the north by land now or
; lale of onu Johnson, having erected thereon a two
1 stojy franitable and also atwo ilory Frame Dwel-
1 ling House,
Sciied, taken iu execution and to bo sold as tlm
properly of Snuiiid I. Ileitis and Mary llellU.
"I "IIU III il anna III I
111 It kitflli. num ,,l ! r.l.tr
n un me win annexed, orttie mid Mary II llolll., de
Phontrs Office, ( Shtnrf"
uloouiiburg, .Soyembcr i ISbJ.

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