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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 24, 1866, Image 1

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rPWT3Hrc . an fin Tr -mr i ntxn
xjuiuxlo; yu liN v iiJLN UJUj.
VOL. 19 NO, 52.
Baltimore, Aid,
The Only Plate where a Cure can be ob
tained. Dr. Johnson lias discovered tho most
Certain, Hpeedy, mid only Kncrtual Kcmedy In llio
Wntlil fi r Weakness of Ilia Unite or Limbs, Sltlcturca
AdieHon-i nf the Kidneys nil 4 Madder, Involuntary
Disrhiirgi s. Ininti"iir , Central nihility, Nervous-ni-s.
Lnrifia, I.diijutr, Low Pplrlts. Uonfitslnti of
ideas. I'.i'pitiitli.n of tin- limit, Timidity, 'I rcinbllng,
IHnineis.il fight ur lilddlness, lilrcntu of the llcail
Throat. N'ns", or Hovu Is-lhose Terrible liixnrilcra
iirlslhg from t-lotlt.iry llubiis nf Youth-secret mul
solitary practice more fatal tJ their Iclinn tlinn t lie
one of rreim to tin- Milliners of Ulvssej, blighting
their most I.rill Irint hopes ur anticipations, rsndcring
tuarrlugc, (Lc, Impossible.
Fspeelally, who Imvo become tlio victims of Solitary
Vice, that itrcnilfiil iiinl destructive habit which anna,
illy sweeps torn untimely crave thousands nf jniing
men of the ino-l ex.ilioi! laleniK anil brilliant intellect,
who might nlhervv isc have entranced liMi'iilng Ken.
UN's with the thunders of rlnipicnci-, or waked to cc
ilacy tl.c living lyie, ma) call U'illl full confidence.
Married persons, or young meif rontemplating mar
riage, belli;, nwuru of phvsital weakness, organic do.
bltiiy, (tetnrnntl' s, speudily curul.
lie who places himself under tlio rare of Dr J. may
ttlicionsly ccnllih) in his lioiior an a gentleman, and
tonf.denlly rely upon his sl.ill u.'i phyilctan'
OUC.U'IC whaknf.ss
immedhteli Cured and full vigor restored.
'1 hli dlstrer-sl'ig nflVi.tiou which lenders lifo mis
crnblti and mnrri.igu impossible it the prnaltypal,
bythu vii tlui" of impi.iper indulgence Vnang per
sons nie ton rpt loinniMitt exces'-ci from not being
nvvare. of the ilroidftil con-"luetice that may ensue.
Now, vv ho T.iaT iinden-tnud the subject will protend in
tuny that Hie power of proem iilli n is lnt sooner by
those falling Into improper hibils ttia'i by llio prn
dent t llrn.lx li-iug deprived o. the pleasure ut heal
ley offspring, the to- el 51 ri-n'.s and destructive syinp
liinofbmri t-ody nn.l mind nilre. The System be
ionics ibnaKged, Ihi pbyi.li.al and menial functions
we.ncii'."!, I.'os' of 'rci Htivc power, Nervous lrri
ubilit, llvsiiepnla. t'.ilitt.-ttton of til" Heart, liMiges
tion, Ciiiisiiiutiiio.il llehillty, a U'u.lliis ot llio l'fame
Cough, Consumption, Hire ay and Uoath,
Mfnihet of toe fi.ial ("oUti ol inri;enns, London,
(tradu.ite Iroui onA of tin miMt eminent Colleees in ihe
United ft. iie. and Hie premer part of whoie lifo has
been untnl In t e hosniial9 of Loudon, rr.ris, rhila
flelobia. slid el'ru here, has elf, cted some ol the mort
ntonihti' rur.'s th it v, re over knne.11: many troll
td vvilh riniiiiic 111 the tu ad and ei.rs when ns'eei
rfreat nrviei-oess. b-to al.inned at tod ion st.iiudi
basilfnlliess with lreiplr.it blushing, ntleudtd some,
tinin nilh derailment of iiiinJ, wen cured iiumeui
nr. J. nddrees all lloisnwho have injured them-
s-lves bv improper intiuleenVe und soliin.y habils,
ninth ni mi ln.th e id mind, iiiilitliui; them for
eiiln r luiiirsstiiii . s nirty. or mnrnai!e.
rh..e .,n soni 1,1' l.'i 1 sad and niel.mcllot'V effect
nro.lue-il In raily luintis ut yoiitli. v u. : t .'eiikness of
the Itni k ami I. nobs, m'nsin the Mead, Dunne of
ti. jht. i.nsr of .Mii'rular 'owl, r.ilpitiilioii of the
ll-u't !pep.li, Srr 'is Irratubihly. Iler.iorjenn'ot
of llu lnt;eslive Inn n. his. lieuoral IMilluy. byuii
.!. nf I 'miMOOIOll ill
M ti.lt I li 1 1 fill effect, on the mind are much
tiv b ilreailed. Loss of i.iemorv, Cnnfusiwii ol Idea.
l)ep e.tion of plnts, Lul I'li-bodiiiss, Averiioii to
J-totiely, flelf instill!, Love ol" ilud", 'I'illiiilliy,&e
are 9.1111 1 ol HO' ''ll , pro.iuceti.
'1 l.ousiind of pnrs.m of all aces ran now jud:f
irhal is Ihe ran,' or o.-ir uecinm!? nei.iiu, nisiiii; 1101.
vle.,r. hi.jii)iin? u.,nk oalo. nervous niid en arl.ili'd,
haviiii; a nnsular sppeaiauee uliout Ibe eyes, cough
mol syolptoiiii 01 uona-jinpunn.
islm haro Injurei' lh' mselves I,;- a et-Uin prsftiee.ln
diilKOd in when iilone, 11 hnbilfri"iuenily --arni-d Irmn
tv-il e oinpanl'ins, 01 at .ebnoi.the itr-etn of which are
tiiihtly lell. even wlwu asleep, and, if not cured ren
ders marriav1- nopo.l,le and detro)s both niiiid and
body, should apt'ly iiunei'iBiely.
t tut n pilv Hint a J on 1114 man. Hi' licpe of our roun
ry, the priue' of hi par' nl. honl.i bo snatched lioni
nil iiroiperl and t njoj inenis of lile, by llio tunc
ouence of ilcv laliiii! Irom 1I10 path of nature, nml in
ilule uif in a e- nntu etrcl habit, f uch pertuiis mutt,
btfme cunlo mplalin
rrflcrl Hint n sound inin.l and lindv are thn mot ncce.
niiy r 'lui.iio 1. 1 p omnto 10n11ubi.il liapplness In
deed, wllboiit lliese Ihe Journey through life becomes
n weary plleriinnBi- ; iliu prosperl liourly darken to
Ihn vu'vv, Hm iiiinit It'ciiun b shadowed wllh dcpiir
uud lilled Willi Ihe iiiel.im holly relL'tlloii Urn Ihe hip
finest of nnoll.ir biiomes Iditliled wall our own,
Uffkf, 7 South tialeridc Street,
eft-be, tft'e zAvi from Palllmore street, a fev doors
'ioi!?3?) lornur. Full not to observe name and nuin
bi;(!T- xn letters received unlc po'lpai.1 and enn
mining a stamp to be used oil Hie n I'ly, I crinm
writing should staie lifo and send portion urndvettisc
jii'iit d-stril ing syin loi.ia
The Donor's Hlploinn hanE in his oulce.
Endorsement ol the Press.
-Che many thouanda cured at this establfhinent
within .Hie Ian l -my yar-, nml Ihe Miuuieron im
lorlanl F'lrgical operation performed, by Dr. Johin
?f?n wtl hss'i.I bv Hie I' pollers of Tim Sun and many
.. lier liiil'i-. nol'-es ol which ha.e npi-earcil again
at' 1 . ti lore Hie public, bemles h,s sLmding a
ce.iileii.aii 0! . h.ir.icl' r mid retpon.ibility, is a suffi.
eient gu.trauty to IIm nbln-ted.
Skin )i.euscs Spu-rfily Cured.
April ti.1, uia.-iy
Winter Arrangement.
November 27,1605.
Ircrit Trunk Lino From Tlio North
Heading. Tott-viHe. Taumiu i. Ashlaiiii. Lcuaiiou. nr
'"Trims t! a,'!, .'liburg for New YorK, na follow', :
. tl',.vv V..rl( at 3.40 and In UO A. M.nnd 3 40
uitli similar Trains on Ihe I
and MM I . Jl. conueuiii,
T'eiinsylvaiiMltail llrait I Sleeping Cars nicnmiaii)
III'. Hie 3.011 and O.oa A. .! I ranis, wiuniui t : ,hiB,-,
Li avo llnrti -burg lor Heading, Poll.ville, 'I aina iun,
Miiiersville. Atliland, Pino rovc, Allentown, and
I' ad' m int 7 3.5 A Jl. and 1 4.1 and U 00 V .M. stop
Iiinsut Lebanon and all Way Malions ; Ihe 0.0 j P.M.
VriiniiiuKiiig no tins-i oiinections for Pott svillo no,
ri ? I IWpl. For Poiisvillo. fc.nylkill Liven an
Aiitiiirri BcluiylLiiI and Sui'iuthaiina ll.nl ItoaC
'TcUwI.V.TN-Vork at 000 A. M. 15.C;
noof, 'id SiW V. .11. i Philadelphia at 8 00 A M an.
2 3d P .11 ; Poltsville at HO A. JL nnd 2 43 P M
Afhla'iid '. l)0niid II 45pA M.andl li P. Jl. Tnui.i iua
S!eaii'otUv!llo Tor Aarrisburg, vii Schuylkill am
Biisniehiniia Hall liuatl.nl II 45 A. M,
lluiding Acconiiiiodalion Train : Leaves Ilenl "g a
0 3 A. J 1 .. returning from Ph.la.Llphia at 4.30 1' I
Columbia Hall It' mi Trains leave ileaillus ol 0 in v-
Mwmdti T 13 P.M. for L'phrata, Lltiz, Lancaster, "
'"oe'Sumfay. i Leave NWv York at S.00 P M. Till' .
delibi ! 1 15 P JL Potlfvllln r'OOA M.Tama'iuiSO' A
il larr burg 0 1)3 A Maud lieading at 1.00 A M or
1 a f.burg. mid 10 53 A. M. for tvovv-Ynrk.
'' Jo , Mutation, Mileage, Heason. School and 1.x .
.inn Tielteta'a undlrom nil points, ut rediiccU l,i ie.
1IC.. if...L..l .l.r.,eli ! ell oounds .lllOWSlI -sell
liagguge iui (J A nj0LI.S,
FiieuDer, rj-.s..... sLei i.n,TiMumr,
Keading. Ta. Nov. 57. 1S05.
S. U. Dli WOLF,
Ready-Made Clothing
No 202 North Second St.,
One I'oor above Race Et..
1ST Olotliing made to order at tie suort-
H v 7. lt?C5.- tut
of the Finances of tho
Counly of Columbia,
1?rom tbo 1st day of Jan, A D.,1805
J to the 1st day of January A. I)., UK.
The Ain'.llnrs clecud to scttlo and adlust tho imbllc
nccouts of Columbia county, rccspectlully Lea leave
to ropuit Uiat they have eiainlnied iho same from the
urtiiiayoi inn, a. i., 1 cm, 10 nio nrtt nay 01 Jan. a.
II. ISd'i. and rclif rllnllv Liy before the Honorable
Jildces of Ilia Court Comnioii 1'lens of said rninly the
Inllotvlui! ttateiiienl unu repnrl iisree.iliiy 10 llio'Jil sec.
ofthcActof llenoral Assemhly of llils Commnn
wi nllh. passed tile fourth day of April, A. I)., 1KM."
IIANILL McllllNltV, Treasurer or Columbia coun
ty. In account Willi said county
I860. Dr.
Jan. To amount outstanding for
Ifl'.i &c.
(CCCl 7fi
'In balance In Hand or 1 reai
.urer ns por last Auditor report 3SC3 20
'J o bal. on ten dayasBessmenl
If 04 C
May To cash of Jesse Coleman
I'roth'ylury fuoa ond tines
do To cash of Jacob Hostler,
land redeemed
To cnli of Joseph Ulcer,
land redeemed
May To cash of Win Lamon, land
Juno, Totash of John Kraus,land
3 00
i SO
1 43
S 73
do ltli.5
To amount of county tai as.
eessed for ISfij
Sep, Tn rnli of Jer Jacob)' for DrL
nrcrecktnp, kcepins C Pult ISO 00
do To cull ofSamucI lvrlclmcr.
for UriarcrecK tp kceiin O
do To ca-li of J rret?.".i!im;lcs
do Toleu days as'iil'-lits, 'I'O
do Tucasli of Michael lirobsl.
land retleeiii"d
Dec TocaihofJ r,ers, plank,
do To cull of Jessj Coleintiti,
jury lees and lines
do Toenail of J tl J'reeie, shin,
f les
raid assessors lor spring
Military asses im-nt IsCm
To c;i-'i of 111 1 1 1 la r j fiin l v 11:
J .Sounder unties of appeals
V II Jaeoiiy nolic-s
1' John hln.ik book
Tai I nssevsor fir ns.csniml
1M 00
it uj
18 C7
13 60
1 00
(3 00
10 10
in 41
S P 1
5 M
of Doi; lax Irii..". I JO Ji
To cash of siiinl y p.rsont ro
tiemlioti mom y 4aT SJ
To cash rerelvedfor niinary
tales 511 M
1010 0.1
liy nmmtnt oMttnn tin? fitr t'1
ninl (tr' iti f.tr 3"U7 31
l ntdiit-rati tn-fill't'tlcrllcfUr 3.
CrtllhHIceiOl' ull'cJ tollt'Ctnr "iUl 05
nml counly unlcrs pmIcp.h il J j?Ji 47
" 'I'rtMfitri'f cniu.nis'ioii mi
' nuiuitiit paid l ti'i 'i'mniiurer
tai on oUSstindl U 1) imm P 53
n.ilancc in h iiids of Tfcun.iref 2-1 CI
HAM nil IcIirA'PwV.Tr.MirT of ColumMa county
it nccouut w illi mi
ToAtnnun oiitHtantlini: nml ii'i
collici.''! iir I atul pUvir
uuy -ur, s c.5
" ainoii'tt d it r mill fun-1 f.u .T
amtiiorH tcyoil Jin 4, ISi 2 0:i
M ftiiiouni adsftiii in! jfj, j jih ou
Ily Binouiiti".istin ling and ml-
collriu.l "10 00
l.ioiii'i.ition a lo'.vcl vol-
l.-rtor 4" 50
' comiiiission n lowed do 47 evt
anrt i'1'Siiijep iitiius; or
ders rid. e.lO'.l 0.17 'JJ
r.utl u4.-ss ir for as'ossiog
dog l.x tor I idS 15J80
Treasurer's rouitoiisiun on
$j'J7 V.i at 5 per cent 4'i rti
S0S3 0,5
033 05
r.Xi'DVDii unr.i
irinoR's cd Ci-iRn.
Am'l paidandiier. and cLrk 4.S no
U' Wirt nodi iu.g rrollu'iioiary
ami KeiBi is account IS 00
APailSSOrtil PAY.
Amount paid ixiesturt lor rprms
l.iMDGf: I, 110 A 1) VIKW8
03 00
173 01
Amount pa.
indry (ersons
ili.lDiill CONTRACT?.
David Si, 'C b.itanfe on bridge
cull i in Pine tow ti-hip '04 1-i 00
W A Li ' I " Ig" I" H.i; inoaf 7 Oil UO
David r) .e I'll If c in iienton 1 1)10 0U
llP.lDGi: KUPAllia
Ain't pi' I f"n I')' iie'sou for repairs
111, A V H llllDKs
Ain't pail lor blank b .ok. for Prothono
lary Kegi.lera tilheo,
UonsliitCis' iiluriis
Amount paid the several cou.lables
during lb a ymr
Court Crier
Amount I uiil Moses Cotfiuan
Ctiaiunn (Joint. Uousc
Aninu''paid ulndr'"! persons
i oihinj lut(lin!
Ann it paid for repairs nl Court lluusa
i 1 Jail during iho year
('amniissiuuen i$' Clerk
Am nipaid II C Fruit Clerk CiOO 00
" ..hi )lcllenry Connnissioncr 1711 lil
i'J Vnnderklico SJdlil
Mk-n.Mnnii " liCPl
John F Fovvlr " Id 00
Commifsionrr'i Attorney
1 outit paid YV Wirt Attorney
C'oiiimmircalti costs
A.-nountpaid 6imdry persons
JJissrict Attorney
Amount paid F. II Little
Election Expenses
Amount paid for spring election 421 50
" Ucneral " .377 SO
ia:: on
1213 72
33 4 0
153 25
33 50
S4 00
771 01
1109 63
73 03
322 32
703 70
Wild tat Fox Scalps
Amount paid aundry pe-soua
Coal & Wood for Court House ,fc Jail
Jncvtental Expenses.
.rat paid foratatloilury fur court
raid Lycoming Ins'lrance Co
S3 20
160 CO
70 55
19 3
Ami nnld Josenli I.illv. Hun. Innucsi
on nooy tu vv itooser, i" o
do John Doak Ls' on body of It Dili l'J Si
ilo 11 1. Frca Jl D examination cf
hady or AI Charles nt impiest 10 CO
do J K Lvaiis M 1) I'laniination of 13 00
body ol vv nccscr at Hi'piest
-47 00
Principal and Interest on Loan.
Ami paid Francis I'.vnns liiteu jtfor
irut on uniiu ngain.t i.uuiuy ijj uu
do paid Francis Lviins bond 1IIHU 00
do Francis Dvuns interest 3.1 00
do paid Frank llaitiou, bounty 25 00
J 120 00
Jurors' Wages and Mileage.
Amt paid Jurors nt tho several courts
1376 07
jMciicat services,
Amt paid J R F.vnns M D attend.
mice on prisoner
tlo F U Harrison
o oo
2 oo
. a oo
Aml'pnld J (3 Sanders for publish
ing notico of appeuli
do W II Jacohyfor printing notices
do 1' John blank book
Amt paid W II Jtcoby
do J S Sanders
do L L Tate
Amt piiil 15 B renitentlury for sup
port ni ronvicts
do paid Fa Hum Lunatic Hospital
lor siippoit of i; Hull
3 00
S 00
S 00
-12 00
201 00
125 00
ios so
-431 50
308 25
.182 45
ujjjjonj 1 aja , su juatiaruss e. mj-Humwiuju Latl.iMj! jimmm
I'ald Jciri Coleman rrothonotary'
AmtpalJ D A nccktcyT M
Howl Damages.
Hamad nimby Madison
II On rial lltoom
Hugh I'lionipson llriarcrcak
Anthony Welucl Ilomlock
Haiunel UrURler do
Stephen Jlcllenry "wlduw"
Samuel Trump Otangs
Arnt Hald J O Freeze, recording
Treasurers bonds & stamps
Jk'evciiue blamps.
Anit paid I' John for stamps
Amt paid S Snyder for boarding
II 00
55 00
SU 01)
tn co
C3 00
1.3 00
SO 00
-327 00
13 20
Si 00
So3 04
00 50
70 00
do conveying J Coursan k II
llamlloin; loll Penitentiary
do conveying 'llio J Blood to IS
323 54
Aint pnld Solomon N'eyhnrtl sur
veying unsealed laud
bheen Damage.
35 00
Amt paid sundry persons, ta wit r
inooni township
llenton do
Heaver do
Hrlarcrack tlo
Centre do
31 00
6 110
2'J 00
30 00
120 75
43 Oil
IH 00
18 no
10 SO
18 MO
31 00
31 no
3d 00
tl no
I'isu ngcrcck do
Mt Pleasant
U9 00
010 23
Tip Slaves.
Ain't paid ntthe several couils
72 50
343 07
luxes Jujundeil.
Amt of road, school and poor tax ro
lunoeu lo llio several lownthips
Whole ain't of order issued for tlio
Vi-ar lflij RI3213 55
Deduct am'l of sheep damages nr-
U'-r lor Hie same year GIO S3
do lutes refunded to townshi ps 34307
do borrowed money and interest
on aino 1120 00
do Militia expenses 12 00
8205 32
Aitual expenditures for the year le05 glllid 23
We the undersigned Auditors of Columbia Coiiulv.
being dull' fleeted tn adjust n'nd settle llio account of
Hie Treasurer mid t'ommisioners. do certify that wo
met at the ollicc of the Coinmi.sioners in llloom.burg,
and earf fully examined Hie aeroiiuts and vnichers of
me same irom uie nrsl nay ot January, A. li., ieo.i. to
th rtrat day of Jauuiry. A I). lMjfl.and find Hieiu cor-
ri'cl as set torlli in lb j foregoing RlKleiiieul, and that
we find n balance duu Columbia Couiiiv of 'Two Hon
dred and LI glily l our llolljrs and sixty. one cent.
s.'.-t on li'iiii n.iuiei iiic enrv, ireasurcr ol s:i Id
bounty tliveti under our hands, this third day of
Jauuaiy, isoe.
UAiMi.l.nrv iii.iv, i i.ounty
I. II. KLTUIIT, Audilort,
Attest DAXIIiL LUIl.
We. Ihe iiiiderslgueil Couiiiiissioncrs of Columbia
County, do lertlf) that the foregoing is a correct state
ment ui uie acci'iini oi ..uu county tor uio year a, ii,
eio. vv uiev our naiiu, January tuirii a. ii moo.
THO.. J, VAMlUKs'LlCl;, ( Commissioners of
ALt.LX J1A.N.V. Coliiuibiu county .
Alte.t-lt. C. FItL'IT.
Finances 0 Columbia County.
l'.nlaiiee due from collectors
5:il7 2
Deduct exonerations ami
1200 f'O
34147 2
Hal due Co from 'I reasurer
SM4 111
QI431 E5
Deduct orders unredeemed for
Ifii'l and prcv ions year
Deduct orders unredeemed fu r
$49 C3
CO 63
734 00
eso so
Deduct balaoeediiu 1) S ivago on
bridge roniracl in Itenion
Deduct bal.iuce due W A Kile,
bride cuutract in sugarluaf
$1533 01
Balance in favor of county
32S77 bi
Statement of Jog lax.
Hal due from collectors
$510 00
Deduct t'Xtiu''r.itious and
150 03
Heduct orders tinreileemed
for ISdl and previous veart
6115 50
113 Oil
Order unredeemed for 1805
r.'i 50
sua so
fialance in favor nf aiJfand
Commissioners' Oltice, I
f.lnoins'iiirg, Jim. 3 leCG. i
Feb. 3 'till. fur.
Steam Flouring Mill
MILL, known as JIOTP'd. in tin) bnro i'-li of Pitt
sMiu, Lu.erioi rnunly, reniisylvunia, is olio red for
sale. It is situated in 1 lie heart of tin Wyoming and
uckatt'unuu coal Odds, nml certainly noises -a a I-
vaulages as r. sards locality, water and railroad coin.
nuin iw-iit ion, tint no oilier Mill possesses. It has a
water communlrali on from H very door to llaliimnre,
Mil., on llio one side, and llullalo, X, Y.. on the other,
while communication is hail by liailroad Willi all
p.ir.s I'fllie L.iuiilrj. A luldgn spanning thn Smquo.
Iiaiina brings grain, &c. ic., uf Wyoming valley right
by lis doors.
Tli j deciaseof Jas .Molt, Esq.. its proprietor, is
the cause of lliit, valuable properly being throw n up.
on the mi rki t. "Mr, Moll, as is well known, wain
prattietil miller, auu uller the destitution uf his old
Mill by lire, cuureiveil the idea of erecting n IIODUL
MILL. und fi mil liis iiinplo means, bmt llio present
structure. It is lurnlshed.wllh un excellent engine,
four run of stoiiu.uinl modern machinery of the very
bci-l kind. Its massive foundations rcntsupon n solid
rock and risss live siorics high from Hie canal . The
grin Hug floor is in the middle story. It l I hi niii.t
solid structure in the cuu ilry and was nlway viewed
with liouesl pildR, and Jutly loo, us nil enduring
monument of Ihe ovv ners industry and perseverance.
The storngo cupaiily uf tint mill is eunriuou, uud
f.our. giaiu &e are luajjd and utilo.i ilcil Irom canal
boats by improved elevators. 'J here ia matliincry to
convey gram to any part of Iho mill required. A home
mark. i idlers n ready sale for all Hie brau.ehoru ami
mill stuff manufactured at goo.l prices,,
'there ii a lot, dwelling house ami Mrn, suitable
for Ihe miller, und a tloru uud lot adjoining the mill
proportv, w Inch ml' I o sold Willi H ,. . esired.
II not sold before tho 2uih of, March licit, il will be
olTered for rent.
Lverypractic.il business lunn who investigates the
desirableness ol thu location, and Hie p'riuaiiunce of
its (truclurc, must be Lilly convinced Hint tills is u
mutt favorable opportunity to make 'i sure and profit
able invo.-Iineiil, uud nll'ords a rure chance t atcuiuu
Id le a Inituuii.
Tho lunn-, (if desired) might be, one quarter down
with l en equul yeaily payments, with inlercsl uf tlio
whole sum of deterred payments annually.
r' Hither particulars can be learned by addressing
cither of ihe subscribers
II. K. JlOllriS.
Moss Side, Carlitfndalc, I'a.
Kinev.nn, Pa.
February 17, IECG-3W. "lUccuiortj
Bounties)Baek.pay,l,enbiousleN:o., collected.
Ppecial attention paid tn matters arising under tho In-
-riml lloveuuii Lnvv.
IT" OFriCC rirat door below tho Coutt House,
llLOOMdUUllG, Ta.
Jan. 20, lECfl
Civil Engineers ani Patent Solicitors
No -130 Walnut St. Pbil'a.
rjATLNTS lolicitcd-Conaultntions on Unclnecring
i. Draughting and Sketches, .Models nnd .Mummery
of all kinds made nnd stillfully attended to, Hpeclal
attention given to iiljuui lu UASiis aim iri i,ii
LNUCS. Authentic Copies of all Documents from
Talent Officii procured.
V. II. Havfl voorsotves useless trouble nnd travel
Hug expenses, as Hurt it no nelual need of personal
interview with us, All business with theso offices can
be transacted iu willing, l oiluiiher information ill
mctatabovt, with stamp enclosed for cireula I with
Feb 10, ItM -ly -J Webster
Select Poclrn.
The Bribed Legislator.
The man who la unfailnful to a truit,
However small, la vitally unjust ;
And ho who Is unjust In little things
Would bo a villain In the courts of kings
rrcscnt a bribe and down his virtue foils
In courts, In camps, or legislative halls I
The bribed apostate 1 Wot his hateful namo
From each and every scroll of honest fame I
Let no man trust him none forbear to shed
Contempt and deep dlshonorbR hir head I
LetScorn her finger point with bluer giber,
And say, behold Ihe consequence of bribes I
Let guileless children, as he panes by,
Khrlnt from his Much and shudder nl lilt eye I
Let lovely women loathe hint Willi disgust.
And spurn him as n reptile In tin d ist I
And whilcst ho lives, let infamy ulono
Claim this Ilribed I.eglshtor as li"r own
Until he dicsnnd sinks into the grave,
To poison wonnithat leait upon tho knave I
'There 'midst tho storms let hideout Furies foul
Hold nightly revels and in concert howl I
Let lilssiugscrpcnts make that spot thcirhome,
And be the watchful guardians of his tomb I
And when he goes tu hell let Sal, in stare.
And ask him ''who the d'ivl scutum there !"
Ami feel the insult, d ccp, severe ami keen,
To sec a fiend pro eminontly uicuh
'Mid better devils rudely ushered in,
A foul, appalling prodigy of ;in ;
And in Hell's hottest furnace crunmed,
Lethim be damned superlatively danricl I
And why not damned lor such Iran scendant clinics I
Yes, damned eternally ten thousand t lines.
eaKrga'TOCTasgiaagrXia i :i, irijBicccaBamaaa
A Letter to Fenians on Pcnian-
To Iho Editor of the World : It is a
duty I owe to iuy fulluwlrisbinon ti stato
ray views fruukly and fearlessly regarding
the Fenian organization and movement
now existing in this country and Ireland.
In connection with this portion of my let-
tor, 1 propose to examine the strength and
resources of tho liritith Empire. Every
Irishman can then judge (or himself. ITuvo
the Feiiiau leaders impartially weighed
over in their minds the tremendous power
of Great Britain ? If tley have, have
they placed tho facts before the Irish peo
The subjects o( England's Queen amount
to about two hundred and twenty millions
ol souls. It ia calculated that one in six
is capable ol' bearing anus. If this cal
culation be correct, it gives hur upwards
of thirty-sis millions of ablt-bodied men,
She uses one portion of her subjects to
keep another or other portions in subjac
liou, and sho uses one race to conquer
auotber none more bo than the Irish.
She holds all tho keys that command the
sea and ocean thoroughfares. In the .Med
iterranean she owns the strongly fortified
Ilautl of Malta, as will as the Rock of
Gibraltar, that commauds the entrance in
to thu samo t-oa. JShc possesses Auen.ono
hundred miles east of tho Strait of Babel
Wautlel,, or Gato of Tears, and thus con
trols tho Red Sea ; and, per consequence,
the Indiau Ocean and Persian Gulf. From
Hindoo Cush to Capo Comorin, and from
iho mouths of the Indus to those of the
Ganges, she holds upwards of one bun
dred million of tho dark races in subjec
tion, with about thirty thousand while
Celts and Saxons. To the west of the
Punjaub her sway is omnipotent in Afgb
auinan and Rcloocbiatan.and she controls
tho destinies of Farther India ; indeed,
Bunnah and Giam may be considered as
outposts of her empire. Sailnlg from the
Gulf of Manaear and Palks Channel, with
the beautiful Island of Ceylon on the south,
which is also hers, ill a northeasterly di
rection, wo arrive at the English province
of Arracan, Shaping thu ship's course
southerly, we pass bytho liritish territory,
Tennaserin, and arrive at Malacca Straits
Ou tho west coast of tho Malayan Penin
sula sho owns Malaca colony. Still far
ther sho owns the etrongely fortiGed Islo
of Singapore, which commands tho straits
of that name, and tbereforo the entrance
into Iho Chineso Sea. She owns tho Islo
of Ilong Kong, at the mouth of tho Hong
Kong i'ivcr,aod can at any moment block-
ado Canton city. She has tier grasp upon
China, aud before sho is tlono sho will ab
sorb i, as she has done Iutlia. It ia with
her a mere matter of time. Sho reasons
not for tho hour.hut for tho futuro aggran
dizement of her cnipiro. Tho island con
tinent of Australia is hers, so ore New
Guinea and Van IHcman'e Laud ; sho has
established her autlioiity iu tho great isle
of Borneo. Sho owns tho Islo of Ascen
sion, and waters her ships at St. Helena,
Tho Mauritius, west of Madagascar, is
hors. From tho Capo of Good Hops sail
along the western coast almost to tho river
Senegal, and wo fiud her colonies of Gam
bia, Sierra Leoue, and Fernando Po j in
deed, for a thousand miles along tbiscoiBt
tho natives dread her power. Along tho
eastern cost tho EuglUb influence 'is para
mount. Sho owns British Guiana, on tho
North Pacific a country two-and-a-half
times as large as Ireland. She owus tho
Falkland Isles, about three huudrd miles
from Cape Iloru. Honduras furnishes her
her ornamental woods. Finally, sho owns
iho Bahama Islands and Jamaica. Such
is a brief sketch of tho extent of tho for
eign dominions of Great Britain. Let us
look at her strongth from another stand
point. She spends threo hundrced millions
of dollars a year to pay her army, lior
navy, her civil servioe, and tho interest of
her national debt. Her navy consists of
five hundred chips of war ; her army is, at
least, half-a-million of all arms.
I desite of the Fenian leaders to inquire
who are the men who thus nvcrn bo largo
a part of tho globe. Aro thoy Saxons t
no; are thoy Celts ? no 5 aro they of tho
Somitio race I no ; or llaymarilic ? no.-
They aro tho descendants of thoso terri
ble VikiDgs who led tho people, or rather
pirates of the north of Etiropo, aud who
have ravaged its fairest countries in the
eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh centu
ries of our era. In tho early part of tho
tenth century, Rollo, ono of these fierce
marauders, obtained it settlement upon tho
north west coast of France, where he loca
ted his Norman fruobonting followers. Ilo
established bis dukedom on a firm basis,
and gave to the ceded province tho name
of Normandy. By intermarriage for half-a-dozen
generations among thair Celtic
neighbors, thoy lost their northern lan
guage, and acquired that of the ' Lingua
Franca.'1 Rollo's descendant, Duke Wil
liam, laid claim to the throua of England;
ho colleotcd an army of sixty thousand
adventurers, from Noriiiantlj, Brittany,
and the neighboring French provinces ;
with thoso he landed in England A. D.
one thousand and sixty-six, and at tho bat
tic of Hastings utterly annihilated the Sax
ons at a single blow a blov, from which
they havo nevor recovered, and probably
never will. ' sniilo when I hear people
say that it was not conquest. It was the
most crushing destruction of a people that
cvar occurred. Tho lands vcorc parcelled
out among William's followers, and throe-
fourths of the lands of the United King
dom are to-day held by their descendants.
In 1172, bided by Iri.sh treachery, thoy
conquered Ireland. 1 know that soma en
thusiastio Irishmen will deny this but is
it not a fact that ever since they havo held
this grasp 011 the Island ? Strocgbow.tbcir
loader, a Ncrmau, with a handful of fol
lowers accomplished this. In the early
part of tho eleventh century Edward I
cooquercd Wales; sis centuries later Scot
land became practically a part of Eng
land under James I. There is in reality
no Engli.'h, Irish, Scotch, or Welsh peo
ple. I grant that there arc artisans and
peasants who are permitted by their Nor
man lords to work and to cko out a iniicr
able existence, This Norman raoo is brave,
wise for its own intcrest',cra(ty, cruel, and
avaricious. Look at tho wars of the Roses
and seo this cruelty, bravery, and avarico.
Poictiers, Crcssy.and Agiueourt attest this
bravery in former times, and Waterloo,
which decided the modern Ctcar's fate,
was won by Wcl.iDgton, a lineal descend
ant of a Norinau Chief. 'They, as "a race,
have never shorrn the white feather upon
any battlefield of tho world. In tho Uni
ted Kingdom thoy have established '-an
imperium iv. trnpeiio," and with remark
able wisdom 'hey hare made the Saxon
thralls of England believe that it is they
who govern the world. 1 have so far ex
hibited, in a thort opaco, the gradual in
cicaso aud prrsout power of this Norman
aristocracy ; but there is one point I havo
forgotten it is this: Under Henry VIII
they assisted him to rob tho Catholic
Church of all iia possessions. So much
for their avarice.
What force have tho Fenians to compete
with this power f Any attempt made to
invade Ireland is utterly hopeless, The
cost is completely surrounded with armed
ships, so that a fast-flying pigeon could not
obtain iDgresa to the laud without being
discovered. The friends cf the Govern
meut in Irt'land arc sufficiently ablo to put
down any and every attempt at insurrec
tion. Tho population ia about six millions
of inhabitants. It may be fairly assum
cd that one and a half millions aro Pio
testauts ; not less than fourteen hundred
thousand of these will bo on the side of
British rulo ; every squireen Catholio and
Protestant, tho bulk of the clergy of every
denomination, every titled aud untitled
aristocrat, every policeman and armed
soldier, will bo on tho side of tho Govern
ment. Novr mark, here aro tho educated,
ntclligcnt, and armed half the Irish poo
jiltj arrayed upon tbo side of what they
call law and order, They will fight their
own countrymen and put them down, be
oaueo thoy havo to fight tbo undisoiplined,
unarmed half. Moreover, tho gold of the
Government can. docs, aud will buy spies,
informers, uud traitors, and thoro is
difficulty to find judges, barristers, aud
mixed juries to convict tho poor, deluded
follows who may bo foolish and rash
cuough to coino under tho lash of the law.
I know iUi-j hoped that Louis Napoleon
may assist tho Irish to obtain their inde
pendence. No man in his eano mind can
suppose sueh a thing probable. Louis Na
poleon is a mcro satrap of England ; bo
must do hor behests. Ho carried her po
liceman's staff in London in 1013, to sup
press an abortive Chartist outbreak. Uo
is too anxious to establish his dynasty to
aid revolution in any quarter, He has
been a beggar, a nandorcr, an outcast, too
lone to imperil his throno by coming to
loacer-hoads with England. Ha knows
that sho would let looso tho red repu'oli
cans of Europo upon him, and topple his
throno over in less than n month, and send
him forth ogain to beg li'i3 bread, Hopo
for tho Irish fiom suoh a quarter i hope
lcsa. I may bo told that nhe could uotdo
this. I statu iu reply that sho hunted a
far greater man than he, and loft him to
pino to death upon a small ir.lo iu the Gou'th
Atlantic. Let my countrymen look into
tli theso matters with care, nnd then draw
their conclusions.
I mn pained to advert to tbo brawls,de
nunciations, and counter' denunciations of
tho Fiiuion factious which havo occurred
in our midst during the lost few months
Arc thoco leaders sincere ! Does it not ap
pear as if it wero a struggle for power, as
thu power brings grist to tho milt I Why
is it that the Messrs. Roberts and O'Ma
bony Congress and tho Senato cannot
agreo I If we aro to bclievo oao'u of the
othev faction, thoy mttst bo wrong. The
mjtb, Stepheus, is an enigmatical charac
ter, Hon was it that ho was onabled to
open nine locks, and thus esoapo from j ail I
Did gold do it I Thcro aro peoplo who
say that Stevens is in tho employ of the
British Government. I nra not disponed
to Bay so, and shall wait events to develop
this transaction. Whero an tlio appoint
ed places of rendezvous for tho Fenian ar
my J No surely in the United States,be
cause our Government cannot, will not,
and ought not to permit it. Indeed, thiri
Fenianism promises to beget Nativism,
which God avert.
I now proceed to ascertain tho numljcro
of men and amount of money requisite to
make a probable invasion of Ireland. It
will bo readily admitted that no likely suc
cessful rising could tako placo without tho
assistance of at least a hundred thousand
armed invaders ; to convey thsse across
tho occaB from somo etandpoiut it will take
one hundred transports, and at least thcro
ought to be twenty armed steamers to pro
tect thorn ia their transit, because if any
leader rash enough wero to arm a priva
teer, to prey upon British commerce, his
vessel would be capturod, and ho and his
crow would bo strung up to tho yard-arm
as pirates. I otipposo t'u-j Fenian leaders
havo tho men ; but havo they tho monoy
or credit to cloth, equip, and pay tho hun
dred thousand men for ono year t I prove
below the cost of such an army. Patriot
ism is very fine, but it will not buy a gun,
clothe a back, or fill a belly. It lakes
money, ready money, or senna credit, to
do this. Probable cost is appended in a
I need hardly state, Fenianism is com
posed of sincere cnthusia3ts,who ore ready
to peril lifo, limb, and proporty to eman
cipate Ireland ; of knaves, who look sole
ly to the amount of money that can bo
made of the last class, who are tho dupes
who ifivo their means to aid this forlon
1 can point out a method by which the
powei of England can bo humbled and
Ireland separatod from England, and her
independence established at no distent day.
Let those who arc how making sacrifices
for Fenianism save their money and send
for their relatives to come hero and settlo ;
let ihcin become good American citizens ;
let them tcaeh their children and chil
dren's children to look upon England as
the onnrcasor of their race ; let them aid
in a coinplcta reunion upon equal rights
for tbo South, and heal up its bleeding
wounds. Do uot permit (so far as you can
provent,) that tho South is to be governed
as England governs Ireland, as Russia
governs Poland, aud us Austria governs
Hungary. 'I his appears lo ma to us the
only feasiblo hopo for Ireland. Whenever
the linio shall arrive, und nrrivo it will,
that Amciica shall bo again united, nnd
that she nnd England will go to war,thau,
and ihen only, will thoro bs hope for Irish
I havo now concluded the sorious part
of my letter. I have shown tho folly, ii
not tho criiniuality, of abstracting money
no from tho poor lribb,nd hopo niott ferveut
, ly that it will bo discontinued. One word
In conclusion upon tho ludicrous figure we
cut boforo tho civilieed World. Tbo whole
thing is a fordo. Wo Irish havo bcoorao
a laughing-srook to thu American poople.
iliey Know that tho whoU thing is a tem
pest in a toapot. It is high timo that this
abortion should como to an end, and that
tho Irish in this country should abandon
their wild-goose notions of immodiato in
dependence, and pay attention to thoir lo-
giumato business.
I am, fellow-countrymen, yoars truly,
John CAMrnEi.1,.
Philadelphia. Jan. 20, 1800.
Note Ono huudrsd thousand armed
men at S500 per year, to arm, clothe, and
equip, feod and nay each, including artil
lery and cavalry, will oost at least S50,
000,000 ; transports and war veseels, $520
000,000 moro. Baron Munnchauson'a
ccneme or tho wildest droams in th Ara
bian Nights fall far short of suoh Utopian
" - -
Puck's New V obaijulaby. Tho old
"ladder to learning" stylo of hdok is now
sadly out of dato and is moro apt to mis
lead children of tho presest day than td
instruot tkenn Puck has at infinite pains
prepared a nevf vocabulary for ohildren,
which ho has no doubt tho board of Edu
cation will order to bo used in all tho Pub
lio Schools;
What is a waterfall J
A. A lot of curl mado out of th
laila of dead Cbinamkn, and worn by la
dies ou tlio back of their heads.
Q. What ia complexion !
A. Red aDd whita stuff, which is sold
in small pots at a dollar a pot.
Q. What is a bust.
A. A ten cent cigar, 11 glass of lger4
and going to .1 pretty waitcr-girl saloon la
tho evening.
Q. What is amusement T
A, Tying two cats together by th0
lail3 ; cutting a girl's doll open and lot
ting the sawdust out j or anything else
that makes you feol good.
Q. What is a patriot t
A. A fcllor? who I070S his country
and want to ot as muoh out of it os pos--siblo.
f The following is tho oonolusion of
an epitaph on a tombstono in Eat Ten-i
"Sho lived a lifo of virtue, and died of
the obolera morbus caused by eating green
fruit in full hopo of a blcssc'd mortality,
at tho aarly ago of 2-1 years, 7 months and
10 tkys. Rcadergo thou and do like
Wo used to oat green fruit in tho hopo
of a blessed mortality and it always gavo
us a demoralization of the stomach there;
foro wo beg to bo excused from tho "like
Paupers. We havo now four millions
of paupcrer to support, all made by Aboli
tion fanaticism. It coms 500,000 Whito
lives to raako them, and now wo will bo
compelled to support thom at tho exponss
of the public. Sueh is Abolitionism.
t3f The largest fly-wheel in tho world
ba3 just been cast at tho Fort Pitt Work,
in Pittsburg. The meltod iron was con
ducted from Iho furnace acroBS-one of tho
streets of tho oily, a distance of ono hun-
drod and sixty-threo feet, and weighed
forty-two tons.
tfB" A passenger swearing terribly In
tho cars on the Boston and Providenco
railroad vas approaohed by a young min
ister With moro zeal than discretion, who
said to him abruptly :
"My dear sir, do you know whtre you
are going 1 You aro going straight to
boll I"
"Just my d d luck," replied tho man
looking tho minister in the faco with an
alarmed air, and suddenly fumbling for
his cheokj "I bought a tickot tor Provi
dence." RAaaEU Unonir.'. -Please give dad a
short pips.
Barman. Can't do it. Don't know
Ragged Urchin. -Why, ho goU drunk
hero every Satusday night.
Barmnu. Oh ! doei ho my littlo dear !
Then hero's a nice long one, with a bit 'of
wax at the end.
JuDfJE Kiko of Franklin county who,
in the contested election enso of Rowo vs.
8tcngor, decided 'tbat the Penalty of for
feiture of citizenship could not be infiioted
without duo process of law and dgserteri
oan be disfranchised only upon conviction
of tho offenco by somo coiupotont tribunal," '
iB a Republican in politics, His decision 0
fully sustains tbu position taken by Judga
Gilmore, of tho 27th district, who b A
Democrat. Johnstown ScatCtrat,

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