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Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. [volume] (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 24, 1866, Image 2

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" Our Constitution guard It ever I
Our glorious Union hold It dear I
Our Btarrjr Flag forsake U never 1
The proud Oaucasslan onr only peerl
Saturday Morning, Feb. 24, '60
Public Notice.
I liavo sold tho olUco of ttio Columbia
Democrat, and request thoso of uiy cus
touicrs who arc indebted, to call and pay
tlieir accounts with as liltlo delay as po
siblc. Distant subscribotB oau, and '.
hopo Willi remit money by mail, takipg
oaro to Lave tboir Letters propoily Rxa
Isteiied, For a abort titno the Books
&o., will bo in my bands, and I hope that
tlioso interested will avail themselves of
tho opportunity of settling our business in
our own way. And as I shall not here
aftor, have tho advantngo of Free Advcr
Using, it is hoped I may havo no occasion
for tho publication of any further notioo.
Bloomsburg, Feb- 34, 1800.
Thomas Dunu'a Last Squirm
The Editor of the ltepublioan, is evi
dently alarmed ha knows that by hi3
unreasonable demands, unjust acts and im
politic ooursc,lrc has drivon from his sup
port his Grit, best and most influential)
friends, lie now realizes tho serious fact
that he must either yiold to their wishes
or lose his humble an J ill-gained position
both as Editor and officer. To prevent
this tho cntiro editorial of his last issue,
was devoted to the endorsement of Presi
dent Johnson's policy, and to tho wily en
deavor lo make good honest Republicans
believe that tho Democrats arc playing at
his (Dr. John's) game of low cunning,
which is entirely beneath the dignity and
honor of the Democrat;, besides being aj
liaro falsehood'.
Senator Buokalow, as a generous and
liberal man may or may not assist the
Republicans in procuring a man to edit
tho proposed new paper, but as to tho facts
of its origin being, from a Democratic
Eoa'rca and in aid of Demoeratio principles
arc entirely unfounded and absurd. Wo
belicvo that no Democrat will, and wo
know that none should) suffer themselves
to bu engaged a tho effort of ousting Dr.
John from tho head of the Republican par
ty of thh county and placing a better
man in his stead ; which is the exclusive
object of tho intonded paper, all of which
will tend to their boneGt and advantugo
and to the disadvantago of tho country
and the Democratic party.
Marching On.
Tho New York Tribune says "John
llrown's soul is marching onl"
Wo think so. A number of peoplo think
so. John Brown in tho body corporate
marched off through Kansas and else
where, stealing horses and other property.
file marched to steal niggers and break
laws, till at last ho marched into eternity
by a different line. And now wa judge
1 1 is eoul is marching on ! It marched
through custom houses, post offices, col
lector's bureaus, legislatures and congress,
stealing by the gross. It marolied away
from lho While IIouso lately with ninety
largo boxes in oharge, and left the Preti-
a a a niioiiri .'i 11 .awaiiBiii . . u a ,
dent's Mansion gutted. It has marchod or woc 101110 Prc30DC auu Il,,uru Kencra
with its mortal counterpart Ben Butler, tions- concquenoos to satisfactorily put
from Now Orleans to Lowell, and through I an cud to our cs increase and
all tho Departments at Washington. Yes! ProloD2 indefinitely -consequences
tho soul of John is marching on, and
wc think it timo the Dovil wrapped a chain
juuui iui3 L-sacuuu ui jiujiuuuuuuism uuu , prosperity, or to involve us m agitation
auohor tb soul of tho horso stealing Os-j and bickering, if not, (which Heaven
sawatom'ie. That'a what's tho matter. I avert,) into renowod blood-shed, sooner or
later oonsequences whioh are to strength
Hough on Lincoln. en and secure tho permanency of demo-
Ttndnnr.li nnnnfllm fnvnritn nnnlril.nlnr 1 "at'lO institutions and tho Stability ofcoil-
! .1.:. T r.i! .il
to .ho Boston Commonwealth, (Radical,);
in u recent icticr 10 uiai papcrtsays:
"Lincoln was an emancipationist by
compulsion; (have you forgotten how he
sneered at the Pope's bull against tho
comet ?) Lincoln was mado a saint and ... QOuntrv . ... ,
liberator in spite of himself; but ho wasr tuo 0(mn b,no tuo ' an.d 11,0 P""
cuffed into calendar; ho was kicked into ( amoun,t duty , of cf lncu,llt
rrlnrv; hn did not voltintaril'j risn nn. hp.
was floated up on the resistless will of tho
peoplo, to tup tieigiit no now occupies; but
John Brown stands by His sido, so tar
above him, in spito of every obstacle that
could bo throwu in his way in spito of
old ago and poverty, and lack of sympathy
from tho world."
It makes a diffcronoo who kicks! If
wo say a word against Lincoln, people
swear, curse, denounoo and abuso us with
out stint or limit. But ono of his followers
and glorificrs, now that .the illustrious is
no moro, indulges in very queer talk.
And tho idea that John Brown, a notori-
quj horse thief and law breaker,
of a taint than Liooln, tho eminent chris.
tian and statesman, is tho meanest cut of
all. If this is their ondorsemcnt,GoD save
us from our frionds 1
tSyQon. John W. Geary, a democrat
as long as tho democrats wore in powsr,
and einoc a republican, whioh he will re
main as long as thoy arc In p wor, scorns
just now to bo a leading aspirant for tho
abolition nomination for Govsnor. Our
worst mon turned renegades, and are now
their beet.
2ii the I'atronsvJ the Coliimha Democrat.
T'..,., .1.!. .1. ... ...
'"""" va Ku 1,118 ":u"1" -Y0
sunicd tho publication of the Columbia
jtsjiuvusii, ..a.ta uuiiu. aim VwVi m,
and now, wilt tl.8 uauo of Ms number,
wo resign our position and retire to pri-
vaio mo am. uomcsuo onucartnonts, in or-1
.I.- l- . ..... ... .1 ,!...!.. 1
. . . i i r i i . . i
..ui i .miuiu uui .yuu.icu i.u.us mi-
cueot an ojriy soiiiomenc ot ouroui-stanu-
. .. . i . ...... i i
ng accounts. During all this long poriod
of timo, to whioh sixteen years of our for
mor lifo had boon zealously devoted, of
active and ovor-varying political contosts
-wo have exerted our best omIcb to
subsorvo anu support luo groat principles i
of tho Union, tho Laws and tho Consti
tution, thu undying horitago of Our
I'athors and tho fundamental prino'plcs of
tho time-honored Democratic Parly. If
our labors have' been of any advantage to
our common country, in what wo believe
to bavo bcou for tho dissemination of cor-
rcot principles and tho amelioration of tho
condition of our fellow-citizens, wo shall I
feol that wo hava been amply compensa
ted for our services and retire, for a time,
from a long career of public journalism
well satisfied.
Elijah It. IkeTjER, E6q , of Blooms
burg, lias purchased tho cntiro establish
I mont of tho old Columbia Democrat.
Mr. Ikelek, is a young gentleman of high
character, known integrity and fino abili
ty a sound Democrat, a chaste literary
Writer and a fluent public Speaker. Wo
commend him as such to our friends and
tho public the noblo lion-hcaitod Democ
racy of Columbia, to whoso liberal pat
ronage and generous confidence wo are
mainly indebted for whatever of success
has attended our poor labors anil placed
this establishment upon a permanent basis
and career of unexampled prosperity.
Mr. Ikelcr announces elsewhere in our
columns his intentions in relation to the
future conduct of this journal.
Subscribers and advertisers who havo
overpaid their accounts!, will havo a orcdit
for tho same on the Books of our suec.
sor, and all unexpired contracts will be
fulfilled by him. We shall uso our efforts
to have all tho busincs3-minutia of ths of
fice satisfactorily urranged. More cannot
bo promised or expected.
And hero wo might close thu bri'f Vale
dictory, and drop tho Pen, were it not that
the present untoward condition of affairs
would seem to require at least a passing
notice on the stato of tho country.
My Pellow-CountryineD, wo aro now
in tho midst of another, and what promi
ses to bo a fearful, if not a blooily Revo
lution. The spirit of fauatioism, troason
and disunion, has unfortunately, for tho
honor of tho nation, and tfic happiness of
tho country, placed a lot of traitors to tuo
Constitution in high positions under tho
Government. Stevons, Sumner, Wilson,
& Co., have determined to rule or ruin tho
country. And for this purpose thoy havo
thrust upon tho people tho odiou3 measure
of AVi'io Suffrage. Thoic traitorous con
spirators have mado tho issue with the
people and tho President, and scorn deter
mined that tueso btates snail not be re
united that Pcaco shall not be restored
that tho Government of our Patriotic
Fathers shall be broken up, and that
death, devastation aod anarchy shall again
pervade our common country. President
Johnson has sworn to support tho Con
stitution and sec the Laws faithfully ad
ministered. We only ask him to main
tain his Constitutional Oath inviolate
not to commit perjury and he will bo sus
tained and tho honor of the .oountry pre
served. Tho Southern States must cither
bo brought back into tho Union, or they
will bo kept out, and in tho latter event,
JVegro Equulity will bo forced upon the
PcOjile against their will and remon
strance. Upon this great matter of tho franchise
privilege, depend consequences, for weal
whioh are to consummate our lata unhap
py civil war in a wholesome and perfect
I nfinnrv nnd lfiad us htiiiii into Ihn nalh nf
' . n . .
or to unmoor this
anarchy, or pass
them beneath tho yoke of despotism
consequences which may jeopardize the
existenco of tho Union."
A word moro in visw of tho situation
I upon the peoplo anU all tho btates. ilio
j war was unexampled for its magnitude
i uio grouna-sweii oi tuo energies ot tuo
greatest people Known to History. JJut Uio
tempering down of the heart of the peoplo,
, tho yielding of passion and rcsistano.e to
i law aud authority Was a grander sight.
Another triumph is to bo achioved to
, V 'Wiietuertno unseemly uciaoements
whioli tnis tieautitut latino may liavo io-
coiycd during tho war shall undergo rad
ica ly organio alterations ; or whether it
it shall bo restored, and remain in form
j nnd cssenco what it was tho model of
I genuine republican liberty.
Friends of Constitutional Government,
is morolyourduty,our dlltyia,ld lho dll'y of ovory
( good citizen, is to sustain tho prosent pol-
u,y of prcsidont Johnson, He is waging
a just war against tho Radical Abolition
ists, tho only msumon rarty in tuo land,
tho worst enemies our oountry ever had.
Wo gavo our first vole to Andkew Jack-
eon, and should tho present Executive sue-
cced in his present high Mission of Re-
SToni.vn the Union, wo ask no higher
honor, in tho Providenco of God when
tho timo comes to cast our last voto for
Andrew Johnson.
Ever faithfully yours Farewell.
Aud hero wo drop tho Pcu.
To the Patrons of the Columbia
With this issue tho lion. Levi L. Tate,
.1... n i-Miln- f It.ta tn.irr.at. roltron
ftom uj mioM aM M )0
, nnTi.,l. (s.,Uu). true and 6UC-
CMffu, oll , of Dtfmooralic principles
. ... - m!in . . , .... 0,.
" o"
, a iab,0 jt,on , fiold of
, . . . ,. f reward
-i - --j
an approving conscience, and the desorved
cunfiJcnco of his numerous friends. Hav
ing purchased tho Colujiuia Democrat;
and believing it to bo an economical ar
mgemcnt to tho Publishers and Patrons
of both lho iiColumbia Democrat" aud
"Star of the North," and through tho
suggestions and entreaties of our many
Democratic friond, wo havo decided, that
hereafter tho two Democratic papers of
this county, known as the "Columbia
Democrat'' and "Star of tho North," shall
bo consolidated and published as tho ac
credited and responsible on?an of tho
Dcinooratia party of Columbia county.-
With a firm aud uufliuohing determination
to sustain Democratic l'ltiNOirLus at all
times, and under all circumstanocs, wo
hope, dear rcadors, that the abovo arrange
ments will meet with the general ap
proval of the entire Democratic party of
this county, and with tbo improvements
wo hopo to bo ablo to make in the paper
wo shall endoavor to deserve the confidence
aud support of the public.
Pob. 21th 1800.
Veto of the Negro Bureau !
Wo havo not room to-day for tho rocs
sarro of tho President vetoing tho "Preod
men's Bueeau Bill." Tho main objec
tions to tho bill aro : It gives too inuoh
power to tho executive, it is too expensive
and burdenaomc; it is unnoceessary ; it was
passed in thu absencu of rrprcsentation
of tho Statc3 chiefly io be affected by it ;
and, finally, it is uuoousliitftional.
Wo freely and candidly deoliiro says
tho Fatriolc & Union, that this mosiagg
of Mr. Johnson is a most masterly paper j
oloar, searching, unanswerable. It dives not iZicrcly that the revolutionists in Oou
to the verv bottom of the oubject and cress hayo been rcbukid, and one of their
overturns the shoddy Hruoturo of tho Yan-
keo negro rushlights J3 though it were
built of paper. Wo will prict this truly
state3tiiauliko message to morrow, and
hope that every man woman and ohild
will road it and thank its author as wc do
from their very heart of hearts; In tho
namo of our Demoeratio patrons wo thank
President Johnson for the stand ho has
thm taken to protect lho white laboring
tax pay'iug masses of tho oountry from
cxtorlionato oppression.
In tho Sonato when the massago was
road, an effort was mado during the ex
citement, and indignation of tho radicals,
to pass the bill over ihe voto, but it was
soon evident that two-third could not be
socurcd. A voto to postpone stood
ayes 17; nays 29; and as this test was
considered a suffieiout danipcncr, tho Sen
ato soon adjourned without even discuss
ing tho subject they decided not to post-
pouo. A "loyal" negro organ says that
while the message was being read "brows
woro knit and many oouutonancc3 boro
an unusally stern and determined expres
sion." Of course, thore is now wooping
and wailing in tho negro camp
Lieut. D. Loicenburg. At tho risk of
iuouring the disploasuro of this gentleman,
wc voluntarily take the responsibility of
putting his namo in print, as this may be
the hist opportunity we 6liall havo of do
ing him justice. Mr. LowExuunois not
only a worthy citizen and gentleman, in
tho fullest acceptation of tho terms, but is
also a man of the most enlarged liberality
and -acknowledged patriotism. Wo need
only add, that he has ever been a consist
ent Democrat, and the best friend wc ever
had sicoc wc located in liloomsburj;.
Tho Ledger's correspondent says lliero
aro serious doubts about tho admission of
Colorado as a State; and that a sharp fire
will bo oponcd against hor in both bran
ches in which the whole combined Sumncr
Stovens strength will bo concentrated.
All this because her constitution was not
mado by negroos instead of white people
as it was. It now becomes a recognized
principle 01 iiepuuiioanism, as a.stortca
and debasad by its leaders, that no State
is 'rcpublioan in form' which docs not al-
principle of Republicanism, as distorted
low negroes to volo.
Sum Total or G heat Libraries.
Wo haT0 iiad aB muoll t0 do wUh diction.
nriedi CrBl aml last. ,laV(J lurnoJ over a
) thousand pounds of them, perhaps, havo
; watoijod uew editions riseing in statelv
; faihiou anJ fouud tho beit wcr0 set 0'n
, Webster's suro foundations. What wo
bavo writt(iU of lobster's work, while it
. haa becn ; all truthfuluoss has also been
in aH loy0i Wo ,,aVQ a warm fiial fcol.
' :.. tnr :t nnri .-nr i.:m, rntntiil tn Wntwtnr
1 ot oarijost eBsoas andtor latest teaohings;
grateful to God, that, whilo ho gavo us
English for our mother-tonguo ho gavo
us a man so worthy to record and expound
it; men so worthy to continuo tho work ho
' eo nobly begun. Aod we put that mother
- 1 tongue to a sacred uso whon wo utter the
truthrul words that tlioso thrco books aro
the sum total of great libraries .- The
Bible t Shahpcarc, and Webster's Royal
Quarto. r-Chicago Evening Journal.
. . , 0.
Honors to tlie President.
t New Haven, Conn., Feb. 20. Tho
; Democracy of this city aro firing thirty
'sis guns in honor of Prosidont Johnson
, and his veto of tho Frccduiou's Bureau
t 1
The First Gun
t !
A 1 I
He Vetoes the Frecilmen'd Bxi
rcau Bill !
The peoplo breathe moro freely. The
cloud that hovered o'er the Republic lias
brokeD, and, although the storm is not yet
over, thcro is light on the horizon and the
promiso of rest and safety. It is not
morely that an unjust, unnecessary and
unconstitutional bill has been vetoed, it is
sohomes frustrated, but, better than that,
tho President has. flung defiance in the
faces of the Radicals, af.d the republican
ism of our country is sure of a champion,
in tho person of its Chief Magistrate,
against tbo ambition and fanaticism of the
arrogant faction, whoso intrigues and rcok
less legislation threatened the very life
ossouec of our political system;
Tho long-wished for hour has-comc that
elevates Mr. Johnson into tho glorious po
sition of defender of the Constitution.
The Radicals may rail, and plot, and fling
their fire-brands into the Congressional
arena. Stevens may ' vent hh rage and
Sumner declaim in the polished rhetoric
of abuso, but the spell is broken, the
meshes have been rent asunder, the voice
of authority has been heard in lerms that
cannot be mistaken, and lho people arc
ready to respoud with au earnestness that
will endure no opposition. The masses
have waited but for tho signal from the
leader, in whoso hands dwells tho power
to baffle the disunion conspirators. Thoy
have not wailed in vain. Andrew John
son has throwu down the battle gaga and
let tho Radicals tako it up if they dare
the days of their power arc numbered.
Tho Freodmen's Bureau.
At one o, clock, Mr. Foster, of Connect
icut in tho ohair, said The unfinished
buisness of yesterday is tho bill returned
by the President with his objeotioiiE,
Senate bill No. 0
The question being oallcd for, the Chair
aunouueed that it was : "Shall tho 'bill
j pass, tho Presidents' objections notwilh-
standiug?" Upou wbicli tho yeas aud nays
wero required by tho constitution. The"
vote was as follows :
Yeas Messrs. Anthouy.Brown, Chan-
dler, Clark, Councss, Cragiu, Creswell, ,
FeSiOndotl, Foster, Griine.J, Harris, IIl'U-'
dorson, Howard, Howe, Kirkwood, Lano!
of Iiidianna. Lano of Kansas, Morrill,!
... . .. '.
Xyu, i uiiiuu, i. uniciu, j-kuumuy, oiici inun, i
Sprngue, Sumner, Trumbull, Wade, Wil
liams, Wilson, Yates 30.
Nays Mcsts. Buokalow, Cowan,
Davis, Dixcu, Djolittlo, Guthrie Hend
ricks, Johnson, MnDougal, Morgon, Nos
mith, Norton, Riddle, Saulsbury, Stewart,
Stockton, Van Wmklo, Witley 18.
The Chair anuouneed that lho number
r.. ii-i 1 11 1 oi
votiug in tbo aflirmativo beiug less than
two-thirds tho bill had failed.
This announcement was greeted with
loud hisses from the colored galleries,
''Beast UutIjEu. -Tho Philadelphia
yl.uHuS....uaaD9pu( .uu
... 1.... i. -t .u-
l.tjav, uvuititu iu tuu uun u. tnu iiuuju
of Representatives, at Washington, to
mixed audianco of Shoddytes and negroes
says :
"Tho speech is timply a long bowl for
bloou. its urutallity is m entire beeping
with tho history of the man who mado it.
it ountains nu argument, it merits no re-
ply. Toils domand for tho judioial mur-
I uer of Genoral Leo and Jefferson Davis
wo havo ouly this word to saythat if tho
armies of tho North had been cursed with
tho leadership of many such generals as
Butlor wo should havo had tho rebel flag
floating today over tho hall in which that
bottlo-corkcd warrior uttered bis clamor
ous cry for cowardly vongeanoo.''
&3r A petition for lho pardon of John
C, Breckinridge, signed by over seventy
membors of tho Kentucky Legislature,
has arrived' in Washington for presen
tation to tho Picsident.
I 3 "-Xr-l Ml V
Judoe8 Kino and Giuiore Sustain
ed. -A correspondent writing from llloom
Bburg Columbia county, say3 t "At tho
last term of court in this county, an action
was brought by tho Commonwealth against
Charles Mok, a member of an olection
board for refusing the voto of Wm. Pry,
and alleged deserter. His Honor Judgo
Elwcll, took substantially tho same
grounds as Judgo King. Tho jury found
a votdiclof 'guilty, against defendant.
Please phico Judgo El well's uaitio besidu
King's and Glltnoro's."
, Patriot &, Union.
j6Er Judgo Patterson, Senator elect
SHELL frm Tennessee, has been examined by
lho Reconstruction committee Ho thinks
no Predd men's Bureau is needed in East
Tennessee, aud that all (ha national
troops may safely bo withdrawn from tho
The New Illustrated Edition or
Wedsteu's Dictionary. This seeming-
ly dry and certainly ponderous book has '
its peculiar charms, lluro is colleotcd
and tersely set down a vast quantity of;
various anil U9oful knowledge suoh as is
iudispensablo to cduoatcd men and wo- 1
men. Hero aro an hundred aud fourteen'
thousand words, defined with a clearness, '
fullness, precision, and Wcilth of illus
tration that denote tho soundest ccholar
chip and tbo niot entire fidelity to labor
ious details. Altogether the work is a mar
velous specimen of learning, taste, and
thorough labor. Wo praise it heartily,
because wo boliovo it (lecrve tlio hrart
icst praise. iVcitf Yoik Albiui.
BO?" It is stated that tbo Radicals
triug to alienate Johnson and Qrant
WIIIIAT, per bushel, si Oil
it vi " i no
(JOHN, " "
t'l.OUIl per bid. II 00
I'l.oVURtT.I'.l), l! 10
ui.ax Hiimi a o)
UUCKWIlEATI'lonr. a 00
inn1 run.,
nn n:i Ai'i'i.c.
. I."
i no
3 1M
. 11
II AY by tliu ton,
io on
UlllCKUNS, per pair. SI)
coRiuiii:D wttKLY rna the democrat."
Wheat Flour per barrel, EUrn S3
do do do Pjiuily e..-
to $10
to 0
,1,1 llVK.
.... (1.(1
Wheat, White, per bushel,
do ltd, do
do Amber do .
li)c, do
Corn Yellow, do ,
dn Willi':' do
lliicku heat Meal
'.' '.'0
to 2..HI
to I, lid
S pr'.IOD Iba.
At tho houso of tho bride's' lather in
Jierwick, on tho 15th iost-, by Rjv. S. C.
Swa'low, Mr. George II. Dorr, of Lime-
stoDovit.', t Mrs. Rebioci L. ydiuylcr.
' Fobuary 13th, 1800, by J. .f Cliam
berlin, Eq., Mr. John McCormiek to
Miss Susan A. Long both ot this place-
15y tho same, on tho 10th inst. Mr.
Isaiah llolter to Misa Soph'a '' l'ng
both of this place .
On the lflth iut.,by R'v N- Spear Mr.
Win. J, Kramer, of Pnhingcresk and
Mary S. Welsh, of Orange.
On tho 11th iut , by Ujv AI. P. Crosth
waito, James Win Saw-i II, of Ilolenbuck
twp., Luzerne county, and Miss Elenora
Miller of Centre twp, Columbia county.
On the 23lh by the samo at lho AI. E.
Parsonage, Berwick, Air. William Dorr to
Misa Sarah Jauo Sink, all of Luz, co.
On the 25th at the Danville Hotel Pa.
by Rev. A. AI. IJ truer, Air. Alasander li.
Herring to Aliss Alartba Alice Stiuer,
bo:h of Orangeville.
On the I5ih inst , by Thos- J. Jl i rrij,
E-tj., Emanuel Woods, of'Diovillc, to
Aliss Sirah AI- Thomaa, of Alouut Pleas
ant Columbia county, Pa.
On Jan '2 1 st, by Rev. D. J. Waller.
Air. William Wallace Syberl to Aliss Rc
Hebecca AI Dietrich, both of Salem l.u
zerno county.
By tho samo, on tbo 20, inst., Air.
Uiohaid Bturatt, to Aliss Alary Ann
Touoy both of Hemlock.
In Berwick, on tho 17th inst, by Rev.
V. W. Alelliok, Air. Joseph Eycrlv. to
, Miss Harriet Harrison, all of Co!, co.
In M.tdison twp., Columbia county, on
the 17th of February, 1B00, Wm James
Swisher, son of Jacob and Elizabeth
Swisher, aged 2 years, 5 months and 10
days :
Dearest Jjmniio, thou hast left us ;
Here thy loss wo d-epiy feci t
u tu oou mat natn nereri u, :
lie can all our hiiroows ileal.
Ill Anthony twp., .Montour county, on
tbo Mlh of February, 1800. Mr. John
Young, npod BO years and 5 months.
In Li;ht Street, this county, on Satur
day last, Mr. John Jacoby, Sr , aged
about GO yoars.
In CattawUsa on the 13th inst., Clark
II. son ol Hiram and Martha A. Coo),
abed 8 months and 5 days.
In Henton, on tho 14th iiut , Jotiah
Styles, aged -ti) years.
On tho 17th inst. in Fisbiiitjoroek Miss
Savilla Fouler, agod 08 years 9 months
ana days.
In Sbcnundoah city, on tho Mth inst,,
j, p, Smith, Esq, of Cr.ei.wood, this
COUDty, ilgCU IllJOUt 38 )'
a Esq. Smiih had (.one over to Sbonau-
doah on buisness was taken suddenly ill,
and died in a very short timo. Ho was a
prominent citizen of Circonwood, a man of
uunsiueruuio iniiueuoo aim mis uoaiu
bo a g'ot I03S to that community.
nil 1
ATMit C iial-H...m rt,l
IN the matter of tho account of John
tfulcy and John K, (Iron, assignees of HI I as
Wertmaii of llolir.burg, iu Ihu county of Coluinbiu.
The creditors nr I'.lias Wormian, and nil other per
sons interests,! will tako notice that 1) II, Little has
been appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of lho
Con nty of Columbia, Auditor tn make di.tributiou or
thu balance iu tho hands of Joint Mtuley und John it
i.rotz, nstignees of Llias Wertmaii, Tliu Au
ditor hereby gives notice that he will nttead ul Lis
ollice iu Uluoinsburg, ini.MON'UAV Till! 'JOTH DAY
JMAItCII, A. 1)., lei-U, for the purpose of unending lo
lliu duties oriiis arpoiutineiit, when mid where all
persons interested in Ihu uaid fund can attend if
they sen proper and preseni their claims ii be do
baittd from mining Iu fur a share of thu fund
II. 11 litti.i:,
lilooimbutB. 1,'U, igci-iiv, Audit oj,
I N pursuanco of an ordor of tho Or-
uliain Court of CuluiiiMn county, Pn., on
Seiturduu. 5th day of March, 1300,
in nvlnflr In itii. fi.tennnit. Jacob VAnircr nilil
Wi.lihuliin Venicr. ft.liillulslrator J of JoliuVpnSor, i
Into of l.nciltt ttti,. Ill iulil county. ilcoM.. will ct-
tltliO to HlO. ly llll)UC VOIMIIC, Oil 1110 Jiri'IllUCK, uio
1'ullowluK tlccsrrllicl llcnl Eatalr, to wit: All that
fcitnln Tract of I.himI "Uuatu In Locust twn , Col'
umliln county, bouiuleil on tlioNotlli hy land of no;
ctMlciit, on Ilia lUitby land uf Mary Mowrry and
utlicton tliu Suiilli li licirs of Hamuel llnuiiloti
ami Hamuel rilklnilim, and mi tho Wed by land or
Hacliil llvam und others, coiitnlnln
Pttltt mcamiro, Hi which aro cto.1 n two Unry
frniuo UWni.MNU HOtlUli, IIANk HARM and
olLcrout butldln8,ii goud Spring ' near lho door,
good Apple Orchard, fco
ALSO) Ono other Ttact of Land altuatn In amo
tup., aniljolnlng lands of 'Inn rcustoriuvhur olhor
lands of decedent on tho North, .Mithael Mowcy's
lii'lt" nn the i:nst, ether land of lho decedent on Ilia
Houih nnd West, coiitalnlnj 77 acres, and ono linn
dred and seventeen perches, strict incausure, about
Twenty acres of Hhi6h Is cleared land.
AI.HO ! Ono other tract oll'ind, sltnato In samo
twp , bounded on tho North by other lands of tho do
ici(ciit ontlio Last by lands ot John I.nr.arus, Ua
chd Cvans andolhers on lho Boiithby oUicr lands
i.rdcecdenl, imdoii lho Welt by other lands of doto
denr, nnd lands or l.ucai r'uhrlngcr, containing
NINETY-TWU auujss,
'el a Two tiiory Traino Dwelling House, Hank Uarn,
Haw Mill, nnd out building", a good spring and good
A 1.650 i One oilier tract of land, situate Ih snM twp.
hounded on the North by land or Kncnei i.vain. on
tile list by other landi ef dcccUcnt and Samuel
l IIKinuioii ; on mo couiu uy "". "
and on lho Wct by other lands of decedent, coiituin
and twenty seven perchof, strict measure, nearly all
ur winch cicarcii lanu.
ALSO ! One olhcr irnct of land, situate in thosaino
twp., bounden on the North by lands of I etcr K. tier.
belli and l.ucns fahrliifcr ! on the Last and i-oilth
hy other lunds of decedent, on Ihn ; t by lands ol
John Slllnur and nthcr lands of deeedeiit.cunt.ilning
nnd forty two porihcs. strict measure : on which aro
cr.'Uud u two stdrj Frunie lluiisc. and Hank lam a
gou.l srpiii.iud upplu unhard with cider mill, most
ly ilenred I mil. ... ., ,
ALSO; On other tract of land, situate partly in
I.ijcnst and partly in liutawlssu townships, liouniled
on thu North by laud of John Arndt, on tho East by
JiMoph Curl , on the South by Jllcheal Stluu and IV in
Ue.tch, ami on the West hy Al.'iry Henry, coiilatiiliig
mostly lim ier land, Uoaringrr-ek runs Ihroush this
trau, and there is n good mill seat nu the same.
I.atu the Estiito of said (Icccnsod. situatu In the
tw p., of Locust and County iil'ore-ald.
JErfill COI. E.MAN, Clerk,
llloomshurg. Feb. 17, IBWi.
L'ouilitio'is of 6'ulc Onr-third of the
piirchatie money to be secured on the premises ilnr
li'tt the lifetime or the widow or John Yenctr, dee'd.
Uio interest on thu snn.u to be p Id miniially on th,j
1st day or April, ami the prlncipil at her death tnthe
heirs or said dee'd, Tenperieut ol the purch.180
money tc be paid on the striking down of the prop,
crly. the Iml.ime ofllie one-third nu the 1st day of
pril next. 1 lie remaining : third to bu divided
lino Inu npinl piiymeiits, pujab'o on the Itt day of
April. In,;, anu the 1st day ol' April IhSi, Willi in
terect fro,,, u,,; ut clay or April net
O All'. ml niLc eivtn by the uinierflcned.
WAsll. YLAIlUlt,
Iinarlngrrcik, IVb. 17, -(,0-ts- Admr's.
public Sale,
"T7ILIj ,iG exposed at Public Sale, at
V f the residence, nt tlie umicr.lgticu, in uriur
creek tn p., I'oluinbia county, on 1
Twstluy,the 1 'Mi day cf March, 1800,
The fullorti.v described valuable property, viz ;
Sixteen Head of Good Horses, j
One of whiiliUa Wild Warrior CoH, -I years old this
tprinir. and can so his mile In am .Wc. 1 lllack
ILnvk Colt I i-ar old I I'urlns Horn- 7 yn.rs old .
and ran o it in S-l I, 1 Cray SI aro, U j cars old, can '
gu in 'i-ol.
TV7 0 MILCH COW'S, fresh in March, 1'AT ON
nnJ COW,
Thn o Top liii!!gir. I Sulky, I new S,irnitf Wacoit,
!.' two-horse Waanns, waeou ladders. I 1'ield Holler
aud liny I'nrk, II I'bnvs ri Cultivators. Ilarroiv. 'J
pair id' llob-Kli-ds I Sled a lot of Li'S iliani'. with
r.iruiiu utepbiis general y ou-i double si't Silver
l'laled llarnes. li-iii2lesetiliito.ji.it of tuiiiinuii
Ein;le Harness, 1'lmv llarucss, li set of Tust Harness,
4 set ofSki'jh Hulls,
ONE FAtSUY SI. hi an,
Three rid .Tain It' bes, 1 Wolf-skiu lloh, riy-nits, 1
llorso 1'i'iver Ha)' 1'orli, I cutting liux 1 Ciieularrfaw
Clrr.iti hy t5c J3Sit"hfI,
And all Ihe drain in ili2 Giotmt. Also, Household
1'uruiture, cousi.tiug of
One I'ooVins Stove and utensils, 1 ltncliius l.'l.air,
and a lialf-doeii otln-r Cnairs, II pair of lledstea.N,
a Leaf Table. IC'linlics Prch. silMoeks. e Spinni-ie;
WIim-Ik, I Desk. 'Ilnee Cupboards. Il..rrels, Kegs,
l'lrklus. &.r ton iiinni-roiis to iiieiitlou.
B." Sale tiiroiiineince all) n'clurk, A. M,.nnd c,u
tiiiue frniii day to day. until uU is sold, when atteu
Hull will bo given and conililiuuj mado kiniivii by
JO'. O WIN'TEItSTE EN, Aacllcncer,
lVb. el, lcbli-ts
Estate of Ludwig Yuitng, deceased.
I'llli undersigned. Auditor appointed by the Orphans
i (,'uurl of Columbia county, tn ni..k, diftribulioi. of
the fluid in the hands of Levi Wrislnt and Abr.im
Vonuy, AUnrrs.ul' Ludwig Voun,'. ihc'd, aiii'iug the
heirs ent.lled Hi the tame, in .lie urder ekialilished by
law, will alteud at his ulli,e, in lllooiiuliiirg, on
MOXDAV, Ihu 2Cth day of .MA ill. 1 1 next, at 10
o'clock A. M. of said day, for the purpose of making
the distribution. Ail persons luting claims or de
mands against the estate uf lliu decedent , aro uolilled
lo present them to the Auditor on that day, or be de
barred from coining in for a sliaruof the fund.
Tebiuary, 17, 1HW. 4n?2 10 Auditor.
Arcana Watches.
'I'lie rases of thco Welches are manufactured of dif
ferent metals into which gold is limed by means of
extreme heat and a surface left oflS raratgoll, which
is la. ling and elegant They are gotten up in hand
some style and are cpial in appe.irame and linish to
watches tutting four tune, the prnu nkc,l for them.
They aru all etccllcnl time keepers and uarrunted as
sui n. vvu sen
Centk' large sUu, detached levers, Hunting cacs,
fur &:id.
Uunt' iiiediuin sl.e, detached lctcrSiHuntiug cases,
for SJj to $0-1.
Ladies' Hunting cases, g;u lo yj.l.
I, adies' Ciiard Chains, beautiful styles, SS
do Clialelaine, ehans do 9'i
Gents' Vest Chains, heavy au 1 elegant, $4
Oracrs must be acei uipaniud by thu casli and may
n sent e. titer by L'xpruss, by p ist-udice order, or in
cindered I -iters at o. r risk.
o watches ter befire oll'ercd tothe iinblie i-qua 1
Iheso for beauty, dm ability and excellence, when thu
price Is con.iiiereu. Auuress
AtlCAN'A WATCH CD,, IK I'ulton tt., New Vor'.
l'eb. 17, lfcbti Uiu. Schell.
The Great Invention of tbo Age in j
Jl 0 0 P SKIRTS.
(or double) gl'illNO fcKlltT.
THIS INVENTION consists of Duplex (or tuo) C
liptic 1'u ro Iti-lliied Steel Springs, lugcinoiHly llruiiled
'lightly and Firmly together, edge In edge, making
the Toughest, most Flexible, Elastic and durab'e
fpnug ever used. They seldom bend or break, like
Ihu Single Springs, and consc,ueutly preservu their
perfett and beautiful shape moro than twice as long
as any Pintle Spring Skirt lliJt ever Has or Can be
TIIU woudtrful flexibility and great comfort nnd
r linturo to any Lady wearing thu Duplex Ulliptir Bkirt
will be experienced particularly in all crowded As
semblies, Operas, Carriages, llailroad Cars, Church
1'ews, Arm Cliairs, for I'romeuadu und House Dress,
as Ilia .Skin can bu folded when In ue to oceupya
small pl.icu as easily aud cuavenle.itly as u Bilk or
Jluallu Dress,
A Lady having Knjoyed tho I'leature,' Comfort nad
(Jreat Couvunienco of wearing the Duplex l'.llipuc
tilt-el ripring Skirt for a single day will Never after
wards willingly dispell. e willi their use. Fur Chil
dren, .Misses and Young Ladies they aru superior la
all others.
Till! HOOPS uru cotercd will. 5 ply dnublo twisted
llnead and will wear twice us lung us thu Mnglejarn
covering which Is u.edou all Siuglu bled Hoop Hkirts,
The lb lew bottom rods on every fkirt are also Double
Steel, aud IHicoor double covered lo prevent Ihu cov
ering from wearing oil' tliu rods when dragging down
..mi., Biunu .it-pa, iic , tic, which luey aru coiiiiant,
I ly siibjitt when iu uio.
I AH uro made of Ihe new and elegant Corded Tapes,
' and aru thu best rjuulity In every part, giving to the
wearer Hie most graceful und perfect bhapu, possible,
mid aro uuiuctiunably the lightest, most desirable,
comfortable ml fcoi.ouiicul tikirt ever made.
Hie Invention, and SOLlil .11 ANUI'AOTUllUltti, 117
CIH.MWJIia.iind VJd si IIUADH BTltlillTH, Now- ,
i Yoik,
Toll HALU in all llrst.rliiss Hlnu-a i H,l. Pilv. anil ,
Ihroiighuul Ihu Hinted tilates und Ciauada, llatana du
Cuba, Mexieu, Heulh Aaicrica, and the We-at Indies.
, IO" luiuire Nr the Duplex Elliptic (t duuble)
i Ppring ykirl.
Jiu. -U, UIO. -'Jin, A it C
! riMlll IIOI BE of IKHANUUIV1'. OinALI) k CO.,
X I'Aitis, liivo tho 1liauro oranuouiicInK tint thay
have opened aii-.iiKatT in tiik iiiy or Nmv York, for
in.' Fniuoi nirir wiom.y Known Jiivj;i.iiY, wtTUII
EH, .-.., nilil for Hi" imrpoioof making their good
extenslfe'y known mid appreciate!. In the Unlln.l
Hlntes as they hnwnrn, ni.d hava been for over 7d
years, hi Eiiiupn (tlieyhavo determined nu n plan by
whlcll Door nil
tln'lr fulfil. 11,1 nji,.,.
a tun niiKn may navntho advnntngo of
slvli,.. A. n nrtlltiilnnrv. Ihn,' ivn,.l.l
remark that they nmnufneturo and sell nu Imitation
Jewelry or Watches but
All arc Wm runted GOLD of the finest
Our cim turners will nlsiihaVn t),trn n,li,,i,i.u
til a eonstiint sui cession or new nu, feiherche stiles
and patterns with which wo (hall keep our .New York
Agency supplied.
Wehavu adopts d the plan of sain, now so tuinular.
of charging n uniform price, and III i price will inva
rlably bo SM'Oll EACII ARTICLE, no matter limv
curtly It limy bu. Tho eipciises or conducting our
NetV Vok Agency aro paid by the s.ilu of UrrliDralo
nf Coupons representing lho various orllcles. 'Ihesn
Certificates aru sold at Su ccntsenrh, or llvo for Aland
each Certificates will hnw tbo holder the pirllculur
arllclo ho or she Is entitled to on payment of nil ml
dltloual SI. If thu article iinuuid on ihe CVrtltlcatn N
not desired, thu holdsr will uMlg; .is, ivheh.hore,
turns tho Certlfiinlc, by.ilatlng uiial nlhcf utllcles or
the same value lie or (fin nriy prefer, and it will bu
sent Willi pleasure, OL'lt AIM IS TO I'LE ME, and
ever iiicnus to that end will ho exerted. Wo solicit u
trial from every miu Mho rends this notice as we in
colmdcnl or giving me utmost sauiincuov.
Aninng.l other articles, Splendid' Clocks, Onld and
Silver Watches, Hliigs set .villi Diamonds, Rubies,
1'earlcs, (.arni't and uthur Stones, (eollairn and in
clusters.) Ladles' mts uf JewelrycoinprlsliU I'lnsand
Kiifihi's nl' lli,i mu.t faxhionnhlu styles, sol in I're
emus Moncs of every va.lety, togelher with a largo
assortment or Cold nnd Luiimelled and I'earl Sets,
(Inld Studs nnd Sleeve lliittons ortho most bcautilul
patterns, dents' llnsoiii nnd Scarf I'lix, aud an end
less variety of llraceleU.CIialns, Musical limes. Mead
Dresses Combs, Ch inns. &c. In cao any or our pa
trons ore rutin want ol Articles of Jewelry, and
would prefer Silverware, we win , n,i, rr any cer.
tilleato returned In us, a richly engraved SEI'Ol'
CAS I OUS or IIUT'l Elt IllSII, bautir,nly chased and
ASCIIs arc Wanted
In every part nftliu United States and I'roi llice,nnd
tnnllsmli very liberal In liiceiiients will bo oiro ed,
and, on ilinliinllon, a circular or tfrius will be for
warded. We preler money sent In I'osl Ollicu Orders
where they can bo ubtalnud.or by ll.uik llrnfl to our
order. Address all ord.rs to our Agency, wliicU will
be cuuduct''d by
.Messsrs. JaUUET. HrEltl.tNtl k. Co.,
ISJ Urn nlwuy, New York.
Feb. 17, leCO 3n Scholl, I J 01,
Oold and Silver.
Awful Saciuficr !
kxIraoMlinary Aiiiiouucriui'iif.
J.OnO Olid Dullas worth nfdjld Silver Wnlche,
Hiileiidld Jewelry, 1'rciii h Clocks, Di.umin,! Iling-,
I'i, inns, Mel, idt'im. Sewinii .ilni bines, Mlvi-r iiure,
1 ;c. .Ve to be disposed of at 'I WO DOLI.AIt.l, fuel'
1 nrlUle.witliiMitri'ixird lo Value 1
I'ACI UltUltd Of WATCH li.-- i. JHWllLltV.
The following has been renulvcd,that in conseipienci'
of the reut tita'4ii,itiou ol Trade, and in order to re
' lii.-ve fiiuii neciiniary embarraksuunts occasioned by a
diflrcki.ug War, and t i avoid
-2,((ifl U00 wnrlti of cnoJif fmm thrlr stock, mtMt 1m
jolil in the ctuirfic nl" rii n.onlhi, at
anil forth.it puriKm, lliey luvu tiiuiii n mily t-lccti'tl'
I UI Liberty Street
As Their Kxclusiv Agoiiltf
As a preliniimry Ihey would remark that 'hey mail
tifacluru and sell no brnss watches or imitation 'of
I ofiin:
I 'J lu articles to sell at TVO DOLL lt S each.
No matter how coitly ic may be, conairt-
of Siplnidid llunlln? ca. !''' and Hilver Wnlclw..
. I'l.-iah t loiks llins s't t.;1!' nuuioiids. Ilubn'.
1'e.ir Is and other p-ennus tiiicn "aire an I li.
(Inters) Ladies-ri-ts i,f Jewelry Co, up.!-' 'f 1 '
L-ir-rluss nf the ino.i fashionable anJ rehei'ch'
Gold aud Kiiuinelel llra-e,;is, fltu ls .mil rih-et i- ','1
tons, t.'hains of nil UL-Bctlilluug i.c. Ace, Miver ar ,
(tra plat, dj Liilipriillg Cat"rs. Ililllr-r Uill, b"au
li I ill y i li ii-ud and einr ted. Tab'," I en Spoons,
I.e., 1'ianos. .ticludeons & Sewing .il:.ilnne f tlr
best lea),, rs.
I Tho mice .'i, h aiticle varying from SIX to UI 0 11 1'
ilil.MillUL) dollars.
j UUW ll'E k-JlA LL l'ROOEED,
1 Wo have adipted the plan of the sale now op,.p,i.
),i i- of i h urging a uniform price uud tliM will in. .in ,
b'y be S- for each article ri-iiardle.s oft .due. Tin.- ex
pi-uses uf cuuducllllg our AiiellC) nru - t ,t liy lliu ..llu
uf .urtihtalo,., ur toupoits represeimuu the v,iril-u.ar.
lilies, 'iliese cerllllrates are sold at I'll' t'V OUST I
each or if or .?i Id) and each eeiullcaie Hill.liow t .
holder the par licular article lie ur she i entitled loon
payment ,f au .idjitiou.l $i.O).
i in: i:.ri:.vsi:s oi' ntuiiiiir as-d rAcicisii ri
ANOS Oil tS'.'V:N'i: .MAIJIIl.NT.S WILL ill! I'MU
Inetery parlofthe United States and l'rovlnfi" and
to all snili ve y liberal inducements will h- oil'ereu,
and on application a circular of terms will Ih- lor
warded. Wu prefer money sent in Post Od'ua orduia
where tiny ran be obtained or by II, ink Drafts u
order. I'liase wiitu your Name, Town, County end
fttatu plainly and ad, In ss all orders to
AUU.S'Tri I'Oll.M ANCrACriMllUa.
34 Liberty Bt., .New Xork.
l'eb 17, irGi.-G.n JJ11
, Fersonai prjperty !
TTl I . .-II .1 II. I.I!. O..I . ... ,1.
ijjll U f tOIll tit I l.UIIU Oil It. , t II U
re.iilcnce of the undersigned, in Catawissj
twp., Columbia touuty, mi
1'uvhiy Ihe Md of .March, 1800,
the following described per.onal property. vi4
Young Cattle, -1 Slioats, A Sheep 1 Two-
hore Wagon, I Spring Wagon, One I'ujgy, onq
Tread power Threshing Machine, with
Wagon complete, ono tied, l'lowi. Har
rows. Corn Harrows, olio ret of
tight Hume.., one set heavy
Harness, one rl lluggy
llarne.s, ono
and ,'llie' articles loo numerous tn inenliou
IO" Sale to commence at lu o'clock A M,, when
conditions ol sale will b-i mile known hy
fill I.I I llOl'l'SIIALL.
Catawissa, twp, Feb. 10, ISlsi-U
Valuable Real Estate
nPIlE rubseribcr offers to sell at private
.JL sale, A 'I IIACT OF LAND, silualu iu Jatksuii
lowiielnp, Cbluubi ouiiiy, I'..., euutaining
ixty Acres,
Fifty Acres of which is improved, and in u high state
nf cullitntion, tile remainder iu woods, conlaiaiiig a
large 'luantlty of good rail timber. Also,
Fifty Acres of Laud,
situato la 1'ino tuwuship, county uforc.aid, wheroon
is cr. cted u good
Frame Dwelling House,
Willi Uio necennry nut buildings, and a young itmvn--ing
On hard. Ten Acres of winch is cleared, and lliu
balance well-timbered. A stream of water runs thro'
Hie premises, making itn desirable situ fur till erec
lion of a Saw Mill.
C? The obove properly will to sold cheap and on
ca.y tonditlnns. Further information can itoobUMCii
by applying lu the subscrrbcr.
Jackson tw"". Feb. 10, 1606. -
A New Gallery in
'PHH undersigned takes pleasure in an-
X Bouiaing that bo has opened a Uallery in thu
lurgi lloom over llnriuian's Store, lllooiuiburg, I'a. tor
l'lntographie and Kindred Art. Ho is prepared to
laku tictures ofall kinds.
tUt from New York, lie Is prepared lu du all kinds of
1'icture taking.
Call aud see before going elsewhere,
, , A A. ill'.Mt'oTLAD.
1 Elogisiburg Jan i7, 'Ci- l.
1 Living 1'iocured lliu services oi an expcriciireu tr

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