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ilunnlte Capital over SWO)OW
Sitrplus Cash 25,000
TH'.S Coinpany'lias been doing business
dbout ten -months and has accumulated '
ail earned capital of over $125,000 BJOVO all , I
Vosses and expenses wilh a surplus of ovei I
$25,000 on hand. , , I
The premiums are as low as any good and I
F6 'THE 'director*' coi . fmc themselves to the sa- •
lest class of properly, Rud no risk to exceed
$2500 in one locality, (wilh a few excep- I
• lions 1 The profits are wholly divided to the
members, which offers (owners of Bale prop
erty A-inducements over most companies in
ithe Slate.
John P. Rutherford, John B. Packer,
Albert J. Gillelt, P nlo C Sedgwick,
Samuel T. Jones, Alon/.o A. Carrier,
Robert r(IT HERFORP, President,
A. J GILLKTT, Secretary.
\v. WEAVER, Agent, Bloomsbnrp.
"The Directors have the liberty to refer to
iho following gentlemen :
JIOII. A. L. Russell, Secretary of Common
•HOTJOHII T.nporte, late Snrveyor General.
James A. Weir, Escp, Cashier of Harnsburg
JRobl.Hj. Ross, Esq., Cashier Dauphin Depos
fite Bank.
John M. Bickel, Esq , State Treasurer.
A J. Jones, Esq , P. M., Harnsburg.
(Col.(lsrael Painter, Canal Commissioner.
JVlcssrs. Jno. WuHower & Son, Commission
Merchants, Harrisburg, .
John H. Brant, Esq., Commission Merchant,
Bloomsbuig, June 2511 i, 18.il
SixiLHiiJtoS ffiUnPlHß'ffß
RESPECTFULLY announces to the citi
irencof looisisbnrgin gencial and lus
old patrons in particular, besides the rest ol
mankind, that lie lias again opened his tai
lor shop where lie will be pleased to furnish
■ybe best of clothing, cut according lo the la
test fashions, and mailo M the best manner.
•Ho receives .the-city fashions, and feels ccr
iain that his work will look u-cll and wear bet-
ILIA shop is on main street of Bloonuburg
noxt door below Lutz-'A Drug store.
In nav for work, lie will take cash, store
order, or even GOLD DOLLARS.
Bloomsburg Nov. 21, 1850.
New Sprlug and Slimmer Goods.
THE subscriber announces that he has |
just received and opened a new and
general assortment of
Spring and summer Goods.
at his old stand on Main street, to which lie
invites the attention ol every person desiring
IBs slock includes
Of all stylos und prices ; and he -has a care- ,
iully selected slock of
cc %%b.,uis.c eT . BOOTS
Hosiery ami CSlovcs
which lie will sell at the lowest prices for
cash O. country PR°D { UCE OIIGEWEAVER
Bloemsburg, April 30, 1850.
Of Spring and Summc r i
CE> CE> IE) S3
Which they offer to their old patrons and
new ones at the best of bargains. They can
bo found at their old stand on MAIN and ,
Market streets, and their slock will be found
to be selected with care, and to embrace 1
cverv kind of gocds fashionable anil DE
for TLIO season. They have French,
* EN-dish and American clolhs, cassimcres,
satinets and jeans for men's wear, and a va- ,
riely of Lawns and Gingham S of the most
lasliionable styles for ladies. 1 hey have a so,
Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Cedar
avarc, Hats and Caps, and, in short, every
ifhing usually kept in a country store.
FIT Call and see that we do sell cheap
for cash or country produce.
Bloomsburg, April 23d,
machine SHOP.
THE -subscriber has now in active opera
lion the new FOUNDRY and Machine Shop
recently erected at Orangeville, and will be
ready LO furnish castings of every- size and
•description, and every desirable kind of
111 Castings for Mills, Plough irons, Stoves of
every kind. Kettles, Boilers and all other
kinds of Hollow-ware will be furnished by
liim at the lowestprices.
He has also 011 hand, and WI nvake to
PLOUGHS ready for use, and equal to tlie
test made in this region of the country.
Farmers in need ol Castings or machine
ry-will find it to their advantage to visit his
establishment. He will keep on hand a lot
of articles manufactured by him, out of
which a fair selection can always be made.
description of machinery neatly re
paired onlhe shortest notice and most rea
sonable terms.
OLD metal Uken in payment for WORK ST
Orangeville, July 29th 1850.
the Titie Digestive Fluid) or Gastric Juice / A
groat Dyspepsia Curer, prennred Irom Uen-
ET OR the fourth Stomach of the Ox, after
direction of Baron Liebig, the great Physt
■ological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton, M. D.,
No? 11 North Eighth Street. Philadelphia,
J'a. Tliis is a truly wonderful remedy tor
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Com
plaint. Constipation, and Debility, CURING
after Nature's own method, by Nature s oyvn
agent, the Gastric Juice. See Advertisement
11 another column.
Wonderful News!
fust received ar.d for sale by the subscri-
J ber a "Journal of the sufferings and
jtiardsbipr of Parker H. French's Overland
Expedition to California, which left New
4'ork city May 13 1850, and landed at San
Francisco Dec. 14," by William Miles of
jCarlise, Pa. All lovers of California news,
grill call soon and buy, as we have but a few
COPIES .of this highly interesting work on
May 22, 1851 _
JUST received and opened at the Bloom -
burg Book S'ORE by
Bloomsburg, April 15th, 1861.
A Ureal Dyspepsia curer, Preparer! from
RENNET, or the fourth Stomach ot the Ox,
after directions of Baron Liebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S. Houghton,
M. D., No.lt, North Eighth Street, Phila
delphin, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Jaudice, Liver Com
plaint, Constipation, and Debility, Curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice.
E?" Half a spoonlul or this Fluid, infused
in water, will digest or dissolve, Five Pounds
of Roast Beef in about two hours, out of the
Digestion is Chiefly performed in the
stomach by the aid of a fluid which freely
exudes from the inner coat of that organ,
•when in a stnte ol health, called the Gastric
Juice. This fluid is the Great solvent of the
Food, the Purifying, Preserving, and Stimula
j ting Agent of the stomach and intonslines.
Without it there will be no digestion,—no
conversion of food into'blood, and no nu
trition of the body; but rather a foul, torpid,
painful, and destructive condition of the
whole digestive apparatus. A weak, hall
dead, or injured stomach produces no good
Gastric Juice, and hence the disease, dis
ressand debility which ensue. |
PEPSIN AXD RENNET. —Pepsin is the cine
element, or great Digesting Principle of the
Gastric Juice. It is found in great abun
dance in the solid parts of the human stom
ach after derth, and sometimes causes the
! stomach to digest itself, or eat hscjf up. It
is also found fin the stomach of animals, as
the ox, calf, &e. It is the material used by
farmers in making cheese, called Kennel,
the effect of which has long been the spe
rial wonder of the dairy. I lie curdling of
milk is the fust process of digestion. Ren
net possesses astonishing power. The stom
ach of a calf will-curdle nearly one thou
sand limes its own weight of milk. Paro
Liebig states that, 'One part of Pepsin dis
solved in sixty thousand parts of water, wil
digest meat and other food." Diseased
stomnchs produce no good Gastric Juice
Rennet or Pepsin. To 6liow that this want
may be periectly supplied, we quote the
BARON LIEBIG, in Lis celebrated work 011
nimal Chemistry, says ; "All Artificial Di
eslive Fluid analago us to the Gastric Juice,
may be readily prepared from the micous
gmembrane of the stomach of die Call,
which various articles of food, as meat and
eggsJ will be softened, changed, and diges
ted, just in the same manner as they would
be in the human stomach."
Dr. l'eceira, in his famons treatise on
"Food and Diet," published by Fowlers &
Wells, New York, page 35. states the same
great fact, and describes the method of prep
aration. There aro few higher authorities
than Dr. Pereira.
Dr Combe, in ,Ins valuable writings on
he "Physiology of Digestion," observe
that "a diminution of the due quantity 0
the Gastric Juice is a prominent and all-pre
tailing cause of Dyspepsia;" and lie state,
that "a distinguished professor of medicine
in London, who was severely afflicted wilt
this complaint, finding every thing else to
fail, had recourse to the Gastric Juice, ob
taiued from the stomach of living animals
which proved completely successful,"
Dr. Graham, author of tho famous work
On "Vegetable Diet," says ; "it is a remar
kable fact in physiology, that tho stomachs
of animals, macerated in water, impart to
the fluid the properly of dissolving various
articles of food, and of effecting a kind ol
artificial digestion of them in 110 wise dif
ferent from the natural digestive process."
Dr..Simon's great work, the "Chemistry
of Man," (Lea & Blanchard, Phila., 1840,
pp. 321-2): "The discovery of PEPSIN
fivmsa new era in tho chemical history of
Di gestion. From recent experiments we
know that food is dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive fluid, prepared from Pep
sin, as it is in the natural Gastric Juice it
Professor Dunglison of the Jefferson Col
lege, Philadelphia, in his great work on Hu
man Physiology, devotes more than fifty
pages to 011 examination of this subject.
His experiments with Dr Beaumont, 011 the
Gastric Juice, obtained from the living hu
man stomach and from animals are well
known. "In all cases," he says, "digestion
occurred as perfectly in tho artificial as the
natural digestions."
As a DYSPEPSIA CURER, Dr Houghton's
preparation of Pepsin has produced the
most marvellous ellects, curing cases of De
bility, Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and
dispeptic Consumption, supposed to bo on
the very verge of the grave. It is imposs
ble to give die details of cases in Aie limit
of tins advertisement —but authenticate
certificates have been of more than two hun
dred Remarkable Cures, in Philadelphia, New
York, and Boston alone. These Were
nearly all desperate cases, and tho cures
wore not only rapid and wouderful, but per
It is a great Nervous Antidote, and par
ticularly useful for tendency to billious dis
order, Liver Complaint, Fever and Ague, or
badly treated Fever and Ague, and the ev
il effects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drug
upon the Digestive organs, after a long sick
ness. Also, for excess in eating, and the
too free use of ardent spirits. It almost rec
onciles Health with Intemperance.
form of Old Stomach Complaints which it
does not seem to reach and remove at once.
No matter how bad they may be, it gives
Instant Relief! A single dose removes all
tho unpleasant symptoms, and it only needs
to be repeated, for a short time, to make
these good effects permanent. Purity of
Blood and Vigor of Body, follow at once. It
is particularly excellent in cases of Nausea
Vomting, Cramps, Soreness of tho pit of
the Stomach, distress after eating, low, cold
state of tho Blood, Heaviness, Lowr.ess of
Spirits, Despondency, Emanciation, Weak
ess, tendency to Insanity, Suicide, &o.
Price, ONE DOLLAR per boltlo. Oue
bottle will often efleut a lusting cure.
ty Sent by Mail Free of Postage.
For convenience of sending to all parls o
the country, the I igeslivo Matter of tho Pep
sin is put up in the form of Powders, with
directions to bo dissolved in water or syrup,
by die patient. These powders contain just
the same matter as the bottles, but twice the
quantity for the same price, and will bo sen
by mail, Free of Postage, for One Dollar sent
(post-paid) to Dr J S Houghton, No 11 North
Eigliln street Philadelphia, Pa.
Six packages for five dollars. Every
package and bottle bears the written signa
ture of J S HOUGHTON, M 1)., Sole Proprie
Sold by agents in overy town in the Uni
ted Slates, and by respectable dealers in
Medicines generally.
Ageuts for Bloomsburg, JQHN R. MOY-
F.R, E. P. LUTZ.
Books! Books!!
Joseph Swart/, has just received a new lot
of Literary Historical, Religious, Poetical,
Miscellaneous and School books, to which
he invites the attention of the reading public
of Bloomsburg.
For Che Cure of
In offering (0 the community this justly eel
ckrated remedy for diseases of the throat and
lungs, it is not our wish lo trifle wilh the lives
or health of the afflicted, but f-ackly to toy be
fore them the opinions of distinguished men $•
seme of the evidences of its success, fro
which they can judge for themselves. We sin
cercly pledge ourselves to make no wild asset
tions or false statements of its efficacy,nor will
we hold not any hnpo to suffering humanity
which fao's will not warrant.
Many proofs arc here given, and wo solicit an
inquiry from tho public into all we publish, fee
liugnssercd they will find them perfectly relia
hlo, and the incdicino worthy lhc;t best ccnli
dcncc and patronage.
PROP. CLEVELAND, of Dowdoin ol
lego, Maine,
Writes—"] hove witnessed rha effects of your
•CHERRY PECTORAL'in Mny own fomily
and (hat of my friends, and it gives me satis
faction to state in its favor that no medicioc 1
hive ever known hos proved so emiuently suc
ocssful in cuiing diseases of Lb'.' throat and
Writes—"That ho considers 'Cherry Pectoral'
llie best medicine for Pulmonary Affections ev
er given to the public,' and slates that "his
daughter after being obliged to keep the room
four months wilh a severe settled cough accom
panied liy raising of blood, night sweats, and
Iho attendant symploms of Consumption, com
menced the use cf the 'Cherry Pectoral,' and
had compleiely recovered,"
f New oik says. "I have been a grout suffer
er with ilronckclis, and but for tlre uso of tho
'CIIMIIIT PKCTOSAJ.' might have continued to
be so for many ycars-lo come, but that lioscurcd
me and I am nappy to bear testimony lo its eft
From such testimony wo ask tho .public to
judge for themselves,
Dr, Ayer—DcarSir; For two years I was
(Ilicied wilh a very sevcie cough, accompanied
V spitting of blood ond pri.fuse night sweats,
y Iho advice of my attending physician I was
induced to use your Cherry l'cctsral, and con
tinue.! to do so till I considered myself cured,
and ascribe the effect to your preparation,
Hamden es. Springfield, Nov. 27, 1848,
This duy appeared the above named Jamea
Randall, and pronounced the tbovo statement
true in every respect.
PORTLAND, Me , Jan. 10,1847.
Dr. Ayer; 1 have been long afflicted wilh
; Asthma which grew yearly worse until last au
| tumn, it brought on ® cough which confined me
. in my chamber; and began to assume the alarm
• ing symptoms of consumption. 1 had tried the
best advice and the best medicine lo no purpose,
until 1 used your Cheiry Doctoral, which hos
! cuied mo, and you may well believe me. Gra'e
ullv yours, J.D.PHELPS,
| If there is any value in the judgment of the
i wise, who spook from experience, here is a mcu
! ic'lno worthy of tho public confidence,
Prepared by J. C. flyer, Lowell.
| Mass., Sold by E P.LUTZ, lßoomsbnrg
AB WILSON, Berwick
! Jan, 10,1851.-- lin.
Standard Medicines,
Tho following unequalled series of Family
j Medieines may be depended npon with the ui
; most confidence. They have the approbation
1 of the best physiciona in the country, and are
; recommended by alt -who have used them as
' superior to any family medicines known.
They have been been before the Public For
Fire Years, during which tiino more than
5,U00 certificates have been received fiom emi
nent public men and others, and are now on file
in the Company's Office.
They are Compounded with the ut
! most care and skill, and the ingredients arc thor
oughly tested by scientific chemists, so that
medicines of a uniform and reliable quality aro
1 guaranteed in all cases.
Tho Gricfenbcrg VEUETAHLE PILLS, Are par
, ticularly valuable for Iho prevention and cure
of Fevers ill general, alt Billiaus and Liver Com
plaints, Jaudice, General Debility, Common and
! Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Heart Buin, Cos
< liveness, Giiping, Urinary Diseases, Obstruc
j tions of tho Mensea. Influenza, Asthma, and for
a variety of other Chronic Diseases; in Ufin
for all orJin.iry family uses.
Full directions for the various Disea
ses accompany each box, Price 25 cts.
a box.
The Grßefeiiberg Djscn te r y
Syrup. A speedy and infallible remedy in
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Hloody Flux, Cholera
Morbus, Cholera Infantum, and the Asiatic
Cholera, if taken with the first symptoms, viz .
vomiting and diarrhoea. It never fails to euro
tho worst possible cases of bowel complaints,
generally in a few hours, seldom beyond a day.
It is Purely Vegetable, ai d taken in almost any
quantity is pcifectly harmless.
The Giaefrnbcig Green Mountain
Ointment. Invaluable for Burns, Wounds,
Sprains, Chillblaina, Corns, Sores, Swellings of
all kinds, Rheumatism, Erysipelas, Bronchitis
Scrofula, 1 leers, Pains in the Side and Back,
immediatey relieved, inflammation of the Bow
els, and for all cases where there is inflammation.
J A Complete hand-book of medicine for fami
| lies. Price 50 cents,
i Office 214 Broadway, N. Y.
1 The public is requested to hear in mind that
| everything prepared by the Giacfenbeig Com
j pany has their sesl apoti St.
I Spurious articles have been issued closely re
sembling the genuine in every particular except
• the seal, and the utmost care should be observed
{ before purchasing.
I AGENTS, — Thomas Ellis, and E.
P. I.utz, Bloomsburg ; Benjamin llti
' ber, Cattuwissa, l'eler Ent, Light
Bloomsburg, Jan. 23, 1851-4Jm.
Invitea'llie attention of tlio fashionable in
Light Street to his slsic'of cutting garments
He makes them in the boat and most tasty
manner, and can can ensure satisfaction in
his warlvmaniliip.
He receives the latest fashions, and when
oulting onlp is desired, the work is marked
carefully for the maker.
UF" All kinds of country produce taken
' exchago for work.
I Light Street, Feb. 14, 1850.
Price Reduced!
Largo Bottles—Only One Dollar.
The I'roprietor of the Great American Remedy " VAITOHN'J
argent nolicitations of kb Agents, throughout the Untied
States and Canada, li*a now
Reduced the Price 1
of his popular and well known article; and from thfe date, (
henceforth, he wilt pot ep bat one tixe only, —bis quart i
bottles: the retail price will be <
The public may rest assured that the character of the Medi *
cine, its strength, and curative properties WILL REMAIN
UNCHANGED, and the same care will be bestowed in pre- i
paring it as heretofore.
As this medicine, under iu reduced price, will be purchased
by those who have not hitherto made themselves acquainted
with its virtues, the proprietor would beg to Intimate that Ids 1
article is not to lie clawed with the vast amount of " Remedies I
of the day it claims for itself a greater healing power, in |
all diseases, than any other preparation note before the ,
world ; and has sustsined itself for eight years by its superior
medical virtues, and, until this reduction, commanded double I
the price of any other article in this line. '
NOTICE PARTICULARLY, this article acts with gsoatbeoi I
ing pewer and oertainty, upon the (
Blood, liver, Kidneys, Lungs i
and nil other organs, upon the proper action of which life and
health deirend. i
This imvliekaa has a justly high repute as a remedy for
Dropsy and Gravel,
nnd all diteaeee of that nature. It may be relied upon when
the intelligent physician has nbatidencd lib patient, —and for
these fkstvemlng diseases, more especially DROPSY, the propri- !
etor would earnestly and hooestlr recommend it. At its
present prioa A is easily -obtained "Jy RM, and the trial will prove
the article to be Urn
Cheapest Medicine in the World!
ty Please ask for pamphlets the agents give them away
tiiey contain over sixteen pages of receipts, (in addition to ful
medical matter) valuable for household purposes, and whicl
will save many dollars per year to practical housekeeper*.
These receipts are introduced to make the book of great
value, aside from its character as an advertising medinm fot
the medicine, the testimony in favor of which, in the form of
letters from all parts of the country, may be relied upon.
CP* "Vaughn's Vegetable Litiiontriptic Mixture " the
Great American Remedy, now for sale Jn quart bottle* at #1
each, small bottles at 60 cts each. No small bottles will be
issued after the present stock is disposed of.
Principal Office, Buffalo, N. Y., £O7 Main Street.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by OLCOTT McKESSON &
CO., 127 Maiden Lane, New York City.
N. B.— All letters (excepting from agents and dealers witn
whom he transacts business) must be post paid, or no attention
will be given to litem.
AGENTS.—E. P. LUTZ, Bloomsburg; 0.
F Mooro, Danville; Jno. W. Friling, Sun
bury, M A M'Cay, Northumberland ; John
Sharpless, Cattawissa; J K Millaril, Espy
town ; A. Millar Berwick ; Charles Seybert-
Beaoh jjavemOct. 31, 1850.-ly
The afflicted are invited to call and seo Mi :
Isaac Brooks, Jr., at the corner of Third and'
Wilcox streets, snd Miss Chiistiana Sands,
Beach street below Spruce street, < n tho Schuyl i
kiM. These two persons hsvo bren snatched
from the very jaws of the dostioyer. through the j
agency of that most potent of all medicines, !
Dr- Cullen's Fanacca is the only cirtain cure
foi Scrofula or King's Evil, Tetter, Erysipelas,
Old Sores and Ulcers, Mercurial Diseases, and all !
other aflestions, cutaneous or otherwise, arising !
from impurities of the blood.
In the extraordinary cure of Mr. Brooks, poo- |
pie who visit bim, hold up their hands in as
tonishment, that AXY medicine could have ar- |
rested HIS disease—then go a way resolved to re- ;
commend Dr Cullen's Indian Vegetable Pana
cea to every one tbey hear of who has need of a
purifying medicine.
Willi CbrfctiSVtt Sands—her cure of Scrof- j
ulous sore throat was quite as extraordinary us
Mr, lironks', when we reded that from the dis
case her tea or coffee would frequently pase out t
of her ears, when attempting lo drink, [See j
her certificate.]
The people arc beginning to understand, too '
that tho various Syrups of Sarraparilla are little j
better than molasses, and that it is madness to j
throw away money on articles which, under the .
most favorable oircumstancca, do not produce
any impression on the system until sevoral gal
ena have been swallowed. One bottle of Dr. I
Cullen's Panacea seldom fails to produce con
viction in lire winds of patients that a radical
core is certain.
Thus hope, [so necessary, an illy to medi-I
cine.] springs up at the onleet, and tho patient [
is cured before any olber preparation could bavo i
made the slightest impression upon the disease ! ,
In fact, the twelve ouncedroUlae of Dr. Cul
len's Panacea, compared with tho pint and quart
bottles of oilier purifiers, are valuuble about in ,
the proportion of gold to copper. Those who i
woule prefer n penny to a half eagle, on account
of ita size, would rnukc a pour selection to sa
the least.
Sarsaparilla a good purifier! Dr. Cullen's
Panacea contains its oxtract in its most concen
trated form. Added to this are other extracts,
more active and powerful, and which effect in
combination witli tbo Barsaparrlla, what the lat
ter article, or combined with the most powcrfu
poisons, cannot alone accomplish.
It has curod where everything else had failed
and this in a multitude of cases—not in Europe
or in the moon, (where so many greet cures
have been performed,) but in Philadelphia and
other pafls of tho union. And be it distinctly
understood that we do not obtain our extracts by
"holing 400 gallons down to one," it being I
| known to eveiy druggist's apprentice that boiling
dcalroys the agential virtues of medicinal plants
and roots.
ROVVAND & WALTON, Proprietors,
Wholesale and retail, No. 21 North SIXTH
street; or E. P. Lutz, Bloomsburg; M C
Grier, Danville; Peter Ent, Light street,
Rickets and Stewart, Oranaeville ; Cyrus
Barton, Espy town ; J Schmicfc, Cattaxvissa;
M d Slrocmaker, Buckhorn.
Steam Irou ltailtag.
Corner of Ridge Road and Broad Strut,
WOULD call the attention of purchasers to
their elegant assortment of Wrought and Cast
Iron Railing for
Railing for Churches, Public and Private
Buildings, Public Squares, &c., together witli
all kinds of Plain and ornainontal Iron work.
Containing the best selection of designs that
has ever been issued, will he sent to any
person who may wish to make a selection.
Feb. 20, 1851-3 m
Fire Insurance.
THE Dolaware Mutaal Safety Insurance
Coinoany, havo appointed the undersigned
an Agent, to moke insurances in Columbia
county. The Company is in good credit,and
is conducted upon sound principles. Persons
insured by the Company arc entitled to the
- rights of membership therein, are elegible
as Directors of the Corporation, but without
any individual liability for the losses or expenses
of the Company. Tho amount of premium
1 and policy paid when insured is the extent
1 of liability. Persons desirous of effecting
an insurance upon property, can call upon
1 the undersigned, at nis Office in Bloomsburg.
May 22, 1850.
Toys and Jewelry.
So thai every kind of taste can be gratified
by a selection of something lrom his slock
Bloomsburg, April 15th, 1861.
C. W.ROBACK, Professor of Astrology
Astronomy Phrenology, and Ocomoncy, com
bined with CONJURATION from Swcoden,
office No. 6 White Street New York City, of
fen his services to tho citizens of Bloomsbuig.
He haabeen consulted by all the crowned heads
of Europe, and enjoys a higher reputation as an
Astrologer than any one living. Nativities eel
culated according to Oeomaney—l-adies $3
Gentlemen $5, Parsons at a distance can hav
their nativities drawn by sending the dalo of the
day of their birth. All letters containing the
above fee will receive immediate attention, and
Nativities sent to any part of the world written
on durable paper; and he is prepared to make
use of his power by conjuration on any of the
following topics; CoUrtrhip, advice given fur
the successful accomplishment of a wealthy mar
riage,- he has the power to redeem such fas are
given to the free use of the bottle; and for all
cares of hazard, and for the recovery of stolen or
lost property, and the purchasing of lottery tick
ets. Thousands of the above named coses have
beendonr in this cityand its vicinity, and in the
United eitatcs, to the full satisfaction of all. 10,-
OUO Nativities oi Horoscopes have been cast du
ring the lost four veers while he-o. Letters
will answer every purpose, ond will do as well as
to call in person, and the mail is. now so safe
that persons r.ecd not fear to trust ffioney through
the Host Office. Dr Roback receives from 600
to 1000 letters monthly, and has never missed
MJ letters will be religiously attended to, if
prepaid. For moro particulars coll at the office
of tho "Star of tho North," and get an Astrolo
gical Almanac gratis.
C. \V. ROBACK, Na, 6 White Btrcet,
New York City.
Be perticulor to mention the Post-office coun
ty and State. All communications kept relig
oosly secret.
Establilied in January, JB5O.
This work, so well known lo tho profess
ion, contains:
I. Judicious essays upon legal topics, the
most uselul and interesting to tho profession.
11. Biographical sketches of distinguished
lawyers, now living, with well executed por
111. Karly notes of the more able and im
portant decisions of the courts, in America
| and Great Britain.
] IV. Monthly alphibelical digest of all ca
i sesol general interest in the Superior Courts
! f law and equity, both in the United States
j and England, properly classified and arraug
! cd for reference.
I V. Critical notices of new books, and a
; list of all new law publications—together
with a record of (he eveuls of die month,
| and a general miscellaneous survey of sub
■ jectsof interest to the profession as well as
to the general reader.
Terms at Hie Monthly Law Magazine-
The work is published regularly on the
, first of every month. Each number contains
i at least 104 octavo pages, printed in the best
j manner, on superior paper. Twelve num
bers will rnako two volumes of 1218 pages,
| lor which indexes and title-pages will be
I prepaied. The price of the work is FIVE
DOLLARS a year, payable in advance ; the ex
tremely low terms on which it is furnished,
| make a strioi adherence to this rule indispen
j sable. All moneys may he sent by mail, post
| pfll,*.', a/ the Publisher's risk, and the postmas
i ter's'certificate will'be considered sufficient
evidence of tho mailing of subscriptions.
1 I'ostmastcrs are the publisher's only agents.
! All letters must be addressed to
I Editor and Proprietor, 157 Broadway N. Y.
i EF* The twelve back numbers, compri
sing the first and second volumes, can be
j furnished.
(gor Opting (tub Bummer
: WSA. SIEIWIR & @®o
Have just received and opened a largo as
sortment of new spring and summer
| goods, which they offer to tneir old custo
i mcrs and new ones at the lowest prices,
j Their slock is large, and selected to suit the
wants of this region of country. It compri
ses every tliiug of
and those who havo long patronised them
are the best judges of their mode ol doing
business; and the longcontiued confidence of
tho commmunity is the best recommenda
tion they can offer to new patrons. Their
slock of goods will be kept up by by the re
ceipt of new parcels from the city, nearly
every week during the summer.
Bloomsburg, April 22d, 1851.
AtsrawnsiPtro WEILS^SJ
Respectfully announccsto his friends and the
public that he has taken the Boot and Shoe
Store lately kept 'by Warren Kussel, whore
he Ifas always on hand and makes to order
all kinds of Boots aud Shoes at the following
Men's fino calf or morocco boots, S4 a 4 50
do kip or cow hide, 3 25
do calf shoes 2 00
do cow hide, 1 75
do miners', miited, 2a 2 50
Ladies' gaiters, 2 a 2 25
" Lnce boots, 1 62
" Thick soled slippers lal 37
" Pump soled, 100
" Jenny Lind,s 125 a 1 50
Boys', youths' and children's shoes in pro
portion. 110 manuCacluree Wis work of the
best of slook—warrants it to wear; and is
determined to sell it as low as others can
their Yankee or city work. Call and see lor
yourselves. Shop on Main st., next door
below lfartman's Store.
Bloomsburg, April Ist, 1851.
proper and tftsirable forms, for sale at the
Qfiee lite "Star of the North."
[email protected]
Announces to the reading world in general,
and the good people of Bloomsburgh in par
ticular that he haß removed h'.s Bookstore to
the lower corner of Biggs Brick Block oppo
site the Court House, where he has a full
variety of Books for all manner of men and
women kind. He has all the popular works
of the day upon Morals, Religion, History,
Literature, Politics and Travels ; and a gen
eral selection of all school books, English,
Classical, German and French.
He has also a sweet lot of Confootionaries,
A. IF, Corner of Third and Union sts.,
between Spruce and Pine streets,
Fifteen years of extensive and uninterrupted
practice spent in this city liavo rendered Dr. K.
tho most export and successful practitioner far
and near, in the treatment of all diseases of a
private nature. Persons afflicted with ulcers on
the body, throat or legs, pains in tho head or
bnnes, or mercurial rheumatism, strictures,
gravel, disease aiisi*-g fiom youthful excesses
or impurities of tho blond, wh-rr hy tho consti
tution bus bccomo enfeebled, arc all trcitcj with
He who plncea himself undei the core of Dr.
K. may religiously confide in his honor as n
gentleman, and confidently rely upon his skill
as a physician.
Take Particular Notice,
Young men who have injuied Ihcmsolvcs by
a certain practice indulged in, a habit frequently
learned from evil companions oral school, the
etTecfs of which aro nightly til', even when
asleep and destroy I oth mind and hotly, should
apply immediately. Weakness and constitu
tional debility, loss of muscular energy, physical
lassitude and general prostration, irrsiibility und
all nervous affections, indigestion, sleggishness
of the liver, and every disease in any way con
nccled with the disorder of the proceative func
tions cured, and full vigor restored.
Youth mid Mauliood
A Vigorous Life or a premature Death,
This book just published is filled with useful
information on (lie infiimitics and diseases of the
generative organs. It addresses itself alike to
youth, manhood and old age,and should be read
by all.
The valuable ndvico nud impressive warning
it gives, will prevent years of misery and suf
fering and save annually thousands of lives.
Parents by reading it will learn bow to pre
vent be destruction of their children.
A remittance of 25 cents enclosed in o letter
addressed to Dr. Kinkelin, N W corner of
Tuird und Union streets, between Spruce and
Pine, in Philadelphia will ensure a book under
envelope per return of mail.
Persons m a distance may address Dr. K by
letter, (post paid) and be cured at home. •
Pnckngea of medicines, directions, dec. for
warded by sending a remittance, and put up se
cure from damage or curiosity.
Dookscllers, News A gouts, Pedlars, Canvas
sers and aM others supplied with tho übovo work
ut very low rates. ly
®By means of the pocket
Esculspiu., or every one
his own Physician! liar
wards of a hundred engra
vings showing private dis
eases in every shape and
form, and malfoiraations of
the generative system,
The time has now s-riv
ed, that persons suffering
from secret disease, need no mtwo become tin
victims of quockcry, as by the prescriptions con
tained in this book any one may curl himself,
without hindrance to business, or the knowledge
of the most intimate friend, and with one tenth
tho usual expense. In addition ti> tho general
routino of private disease, it fully explains the
cause of manhood's early decline, with observa
tions on marriage—besides many other Derange
ments which it would not be projier to enumerate
in the public prints.
Any person sending twenty five conls, en
closed in a letter, will receive one copy of this
book, by mail, or five copies will be soift for one
dollar. Address, Dr. W. Young, No. /52 Spruce
. street. Philadelphia.' Post paid.
t3F" Dr. Young, can lie consulted -on, any
of the Diseases described in his different
publications at his offices, 152 Spruce street,
every day, between 9 and 3 o'clock, (Sun
days excepted.)
Philadelphia, March 23, 1850-12 m
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of a writ of vendition exponas,
will be exposed to public sale at the
Court-house in Bloomsburg on Saturday the
19th day of July next, at one o'clock. P. M-,
the following real estate, lo wit: A certain
lot of ground siluato in Bloom township Co
lumbia county, containing one acre more or
less, bounded by lands of Jacob Eckerl,
Andrew Cm-ding, Solomon Heckman and
others, whereon is erected a one story log
house, a log stable, and other ont buildings,
and a well of water at the door, with the
Seined and taken ns the property of Stephen
Sheriff's Office, Sheriff.
Bloomsburg, June 18, 1851.
Tho above sale stands adjourned to Mon
day the 18th day of August next, at one o'
clock P. M-. property lo be sold at tho Court
house in Bloomsburg on that day.
Sheriff's office, Bloomsburg July 19 1851
WiSli & SSvDEISa
No. N. Third St,
(Above Callowhill,)
And Liquors of every descripliou (
John Woohsidks Agent.
Invites the attention of tho public lo his
stock of clocks, watches, jewelry, tvalck
trimming", glasses, keys, balance tvlioels,
jewels and
Gold Pens
which he oonlinues to offer for sale at
reasonable prices.
He will also repair clocks, watches, and
musical and optical instruments iu a satis
factory manner.
His shop is in tho middle room of the Ex.
change block, nearly opposite to the Cour
Bloomsburg, July 21, 1851.
llousc, Sign and Oruamlenu
DONE to order iu the best highly-finished
polain stylo, by B HAGENBUCH.
Whereas my wife Ruth Cox left my bed
and board on the 28th day of June
last without just cause or provocation. 1
hereby caution all persons against giving Iter
credit on my account as I will pay no debts
of her contracting after that date.
Madison township, July— 2, 1851—3w.
The Geat* Because the Best Fam
ily Medicine in the World
ATIVE TILLS, they Have succeeded iu
coring lome of the worst cases, of diseam
ever recorded, end ere daily nccompfishin
the restoration erf persons after having tried
in vain to obtain relief from any other
source. One of the Proprietors is a regular
physician of extensive experience, who" de
voles his liinc exclusively to their proper*,
lion. For FEVER & AGUE, they have nev
er yet failed. At least ore thoosand eases
in the neighborhood of I'hiladelph/a, have
been cured since the first of Sept., last, j n
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Liver Complaints
Scrofula, for Worms, and all other disease
of children, they are unequalled by anything
ever prepared for the purpose, while f or
various diseases of Females there is no me
dicine can compare with them. There is
more of them sold—they are in greater de
mand than another pill—and when once
introduced family, they need no other
medicine. Each box containing Fifty pjffg
renders them the cheapest while they are
decidedly the best, as well as the mildest iu
action, of any now in the market.
The Editor of tlic "City Item," then
speaks of them:
IP 1 READER, you are suffering from feref
and ague, and you have nover tried Wors
detl's Vegetable Restora-ive Pills. Shake no
more. There is still hope for you—you may
yet be cured- Go, or send at once to A.
Weeks & Co., 70 North Eighth stroet., and
procure a box of these unrivaled pills, which
are a sovreign antidote for this distressing
Col. Forney of the Penntytoanian,
says :
Woßsnnt.i.'s Pn.r.s.—This excellent family
medicine is daily winning new triumphs
over disease, and consequently in the high
road to public favor. In the removal of the
every day ills that llesh is heir to, we know
of no better compound. We heard the oth
er day of a desperate case of scrofulous e
ruptious of the head and face beiti" enirelv
cured by them. " '
Dn Solle of lite "Times," says :
W The groat popularity of Worsdelt's
Vegetable Pills, is attributed to the just mer
it which they really possess. They have
been quietly gaining the fame they now
have, by the force of their own virtues.
The means usually employed to give eclat
to now remedies have not been adopted by
the proprietors. They have been contont to
let their medicine speak foi itself. It is now
doing it in every section of the country.
They are for sale by most of the Store
Keepers throughout the Country,and in quan
tities at reasonable rates, at the Laboratory
No 70, North Eighth Street.
A. WEEKS & Co,, Proprietors.
Agents, JOHN R. A/OVER, Bloomsburg:
E. Ln/jirus, Orangeville,
j M. G. Shoemaker, Buckhorn,
Funston & Die fen bach, Jersey-town,
I M. C. Gricr, Danville,
| -C. Hartman &: Co., C'atlnwissa, and by
I most merchants throughout the ttouulry.
i The subscriber announces to the pubilpjj
I that lie lias jtm opened a Saddler Shop in thif
i central part ol Bloomsburg, 011 Main street),
1 0110 door above Rupert's Store, where h£
| will keep coustaully on hand and make tfc
order all kinds of j
I And every other article 111 his line of busi
ness. lie Will also attend to TRIMMING
' carriages and buggies, iu every desirable
! style, and will turn oil all his work neat and
gearl; and at the lowest prices. Those who
| wish typrk in his lino will do well to give
! liitn a call.
j CsFTiitles, country produce, and oven gold
dollars will be taken iu payment for work
Bloomsburg, May 15, 4819.
THE subscriber respectfully informs hi<
friends and customers, that he has just re
ceived from tho city, a large and select as
sortment of
ij flats and Caps, of
| STYLE, which lie offers for cash sales very
, cheap, at his old stand, on Main Street, sec
' ond door South of tho t ourt house.
I IT He continues to manufacture Hats to
order as usual.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 15, 1819.
j The "North American Miscellany."
1 Issued weekly, in elegant stylo, with forty
eight large octavo pages, or two thousand
four hundred and ninety-six a year, will be
delivered the residence of each subscri
THE CNTENTS—Choice Miscellane
ous Selections Iroin tiia current Lilera'uro of
) this Country and of Europe—comprising
, Historical and oilier Hales, and Romances of
high literary choraoter, Sketches of the cele
brated Dead or Living, Essays, Anecdotes,
Reviews, l'oelry, Criticisms, Movements of
Distinguished Individuals, Current Events,
etc., will bo properly edited and selected.
BV ISSUING WEEKLY ivo shall present
our readers one, two uud three weeks earlier
- than wo could do in a mothly form with the
most interesting selections from Foreign Lit
erature brought by every steamer.
NY" will equal in lastofid appearance any
magaziuo published, and the four numbers a
month, costing but 25 cents for the four will
contain a considerably larger quantity ol
reading matter thau any other monthly in
, LECTKD Irom ull of the following publioa
, tions, which sustain the highest character for
Literature, Humor and Wit, among the Pe
' 1 iodic,lis of England, to which will be ad
ded frequent origin Translations from the
. Literature of France and Germany, all sev
eral weeks earlier thau could be presented
, iu a Monthly Publication.
OUR OBJECT in issuing weekly is that
our readers may receive tho choicest selec
tions from the current literature at short in
■ tcrvals, Iu a form more elegant and better
adapted to preservation than that of a news
A. PALMER & CO., Publishers,
111 Chesnut street, Philadelph.
>i H. 0. KOVTEB,
espectfully oilers his professional Bervice
d ■"-*'lo the ladies and gentlemen of Btooms
e burg and vicinity. He is prepared to attend
I to all the various operations iu DENTISTRY
ir and is provided with the latest improved
s porcelain teeth, which will be inserted on
GOLD PLATE Irom one to au entire set.
I Bloomsburg, April 30 1851

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