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Bloom stun g l liuruli!) MnrcU 1, (855
llr ■ resulted in a draw game at Harris
burg, and certainly very litt le to the credit
of ibe collective wisdom of the State, But
while much of manliness and honor has
been prostitnted end lost, much hat also
been saved for the state. Gcod men have
been swallowed and earned a (org by the
strong current of corruption; and the frailty
of human nature has been illustrated in the
sad wrack of character and honor, lint tho
state is saved from some shame and dishon
or in tho tulurc- And these putificutrons of
the political atmosphere are as necessary as
the storms which convulse the physical
world. In a popular government like that
nf the United Stales circumstances and acci
dent often throw weak men (and sometimes
wicked ones) upon tho surface of public af
fairs ; and some open trial ja necessary In
test the true character this metal and expose
its baseness before it gains 100 general cur
Thus, in the accidental convulsion of par
ties last fall all manner of men were thrown
up for the lop stratum; and where these had j
no basis or solidity of character they rnnst
wear off beforastha way cao be reliable and
Men like Cameron are called forth by the :
spirit of the times; or rather, the craftness (
of such men uses the Occidents of the times, j
and moulds them to its subtile and mean j
designs. It is only when baseness grows
in rank luxuriance that sucli men find their
food and wax fat. To one matt they prom
ise favors, to another they grant them. One
tool they buy with money, for another tl.ey
trade. To one of their creatures they give
money, to anoher who, Pke some few in
this region, is seen to have neither iafluenee,
character nor brains worth buying, a small |
loan is made; tthd the spiritless, whining
sycophant is kept in his fawning mooJ by
some sucb bauble as Simon sees will tickle
bis fancy and keep him in humor to do the
dirty work thot may become necessary. If
the trickster has only meat lor the n<e(ul
hounds and mastiffs of hie pack, he well j
knows that the ignoble curs w ill bark and
growl quite as well over a bone. They have
no soul to follow in the chase of their mas
ter, and only skulk lazily along behind to
pick up the rotten fragments lelt scattering
in the trail from the feast of the swifter
footed pursuers. In fact, they have not the
courage to own their master; and while
they bark for " Charles," they snap only at
the game that "Simon" and his pack are
trying to bound down.
„ ■ up 111 1 Hl* V I'Qllla
Our neighbor Cock of the Danville Dcmoat
is awakeuing to the evils perpetrated by the
Nickswissers ur.der lite cloak of darkness, as
the following paragraphs Irom his last paper
" Many of the abuses, which have crept
into the order, will not be remedied until
they let day-light into thcin. Demagogues
and designing mcr. always seek the shelter
of secrecy, where honest men ate not able
to expose their machinations."
"The members of the f.egislature, whobol
ted the Know-Nothing Caucus, modestly in
* form their constituents cl the whig and dem
ocrutia party, Who elected them, that the old
parlies has become too corrupt, and, there
fore, they had sought a better and more vir
tuous one in the " American, organization."
Accord irig'to the specimens, which have been
exhibited at ITarrisburg this winter, we fear
they have got out of the frying-pan into the
fire. For our pari, we think there is still some
little virtue remaining in the old leaven of the
whig party, and we point with prido to the
few remaining Whigs in the f.egislature,
against whose honcs'.y not a breath is whis
Lackawanna and Rloomtbnrn It all road
We understand that a " Committee of the
Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Itailroad Com
pany is in New York, -soliciting a subscrip
tion of two hundred thousand drillers to their
slock, for the early completion arid equip
ment of their road. This is an extension of
the Lackawanna and Western Railroad, from
Scran ton, down the Lackawanna and Sus
quehanna, the entire lenitth of the Lacka
wanna aod Wyoming valleys, and is inten
ded to bring on the Lackawanna and Wes
tern.' fO*d, the coal mines at all ponts below
ScrantoVh *'-d intended for a Eastern mar
ket. The iVtckawsnna and Bloomsburg Road
is designed als.° to be a carrier of the Wyo
ming coals to the .Titrkets below, especially
the large iron works in Colombia and Mon
tour counties. At Scrantoa it interacts the
Lackawanna and Western, and at fNomns
burg the Catawissa, Wiiliamsport arid i.'-lwt
ra. The state that $500,000 hai'f
been subscribed, Ihe work oi grading and
bridging put under contract, and that $200,-
000 more of stock, with small amount ot
bonds, will enable them to finish and fully
equip 36 miles of road, which shall open a
direct communication with both of the
great seaboard cities. The whole work for
■ single track Is lo cost about $25,000 Ihe
Tus UNITED STATES M*OAZin is a period
ical of which wo have several timea taken
occasion to give our favorable opinion, It
contains good reading, and a great deal of it
for ono doliir a year. The book is woll
printed for reading and preservation. J- M-
Emerson, aud Co , New York, are the pub
lishers. '
XT Dr. Francis C. Harrison has tsken up
bis abode in town, and we observe he has
already his hands tap of patients. There is
a good opening In town for another intelli
gent physician of character, and the Doctor
••ems likely to fill the want.
W Oua PAPER next week will possess in
terest for every class of readers. Among
other things it wilt contain a large engraving,
and a poetical contribution of some merit.
Our thanks are due to the Hon. H. B
Wright at Washington, and Messrs, Burks
l*w, Maxwell, Ilickok and Mr. Clean, at
Harrtsburg, for favors.
IST The Harrisburg Herald says the most
strenuous efforts have been made for the
pardon ol Pi. Bealo, hut that after a full
hearing of the case, Gov. l'ollock positively
refused to grant a pardon.
nr The Rev. E. N. I.igh'.ner has accept
ed a call from the Fpisoopal Church at Dan
ville, and has entered upon bis duties.
FT Ths Iron Masters of Pennsylvania will
hold a Convention in Philadelphia on Tuea
day the 6lh j®f March.
H. Brevoorl, the missing treasurer of
the Glendou Rolling mills, at Boalon, has
"turned up" in California.
ty Mayor Voltz, of Pittsburg, has deter
mined to enforce to the fullest extent the lawn
prohibiting the sale of liquors and the per
formance of worldly employment on Ihe Sab
bath day.
Swindler 111 Limbo
J. W. Holbrooke, the projector of a fraud
ulent gift enterprise at New York was lately
arrested at the instance of Messrs. Viescher
& Schell, who had advertised largely lor him,
ar.d whom he attempted to defraud of their
pay. He is held lo answer his trial.
Conviction and Imprisonment of Lottery
AI.LEKTOWS, I'*., Feb. 21.—The trial of the
managers of ihe great Catasauqua Lottery, was I
concluded today, with a verdict of guilty
against thedefendants. Nathan Frederic was
fined $6OOO and costs of persecution, ami to
stand committed until the sentence be com
plied with, apd William Gross fined $3OOO
with casts, and to be committed until the fine
be paid, liu'.b were committed in default of
Do the people know that tho present " re
form Legislature" sits only four days in each
week? Such is really the fact, and we will
explain how the tiling is done. The regular
hour fur meeting is II o'clock, and the
House has a standing rule, lo adjourn every
Saturday at 12, until Monday afternoon at 3.
The Senate does the same, two Saturdays
out of three. This gives the members who
live near Harrisburg, an opportunity to spend
Sunday at home, and affords ell a chance—
which they seem eager to embrace—to re
create during Saturday night and Sunday, in
Philadelphia. But many of them s'art ofi
on Sattirdy morning and don't get back lo
Harrisburg until Monday evening, leaving
. r,. . f ,.i ere sent at .cither day's
session; and tlios two days, or onetlibd, of
every ween, are actually lost, for all tlie
purposes rf the public business. This is a
fair specimen of the economy and reform
which the people were promised upon the
advent of the Know-Nothing adininistra
T he People Speaking.
The Democrats of Orwigsburg (Schuyl
kill county.) aud vicinity held a meeting on
the evening of '.he 19ih inst , at which the
following strong and pointed resolutions
were unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That we deeply regret the course
pursued by Charles Frailey, Esq., one of our
representatives at Ilarrisbnrg, in voting for
Simon Cameron for U. S. Senator; and thai
we feel it"n duty lo ourselves and our friends
to denounce his course as a base violation
of all honorable obligations due to his parly
and his constituents.
Resolved, That Charles Frailey, Esq., has
in our opinion dishonored the high post
which he now occupies aa a representative
and a politician., and that too in the face of
all the speeches aud pledges lie gave in op
position to Know Notliingism, or as heler
med them, At fPi acre, previous to his elec
tion. This course lias a little 100 much of
the Cream-Coloied Hone tor our taste, and
we considered him unworthy the namo of a
A large and enthusiastic meeting of the
Democrats ot Lebanon county, was held in
die Borough of Lebanon, on Saturday eve
ning last, for the purpose of denouncing ihe
course of their Representative, W. A. Barry,
in voting for SIMON CAMERON, the Know-
Nothing candidate, in violation of his pledge
made at the time of his nomination and
previous to the October election.
The tiue Democrats of Northamlon met at
the court-house in Easton on the 20th inst.,
and passed a scries of spirited and honest
toned resolutions censuring Senator Fry lor
absenting himself from the Democratic cau
cus, and instructing him and the two mem
bers of the Lower House from that county
to voie against Simon Cameron from first to
last. Col. Hulter, the radical editor of the
.Argus reported the resolutions. A gang of
rowdies from a Know-Nothing lodge attempt
ed lo d.sturb the moetihg, and one of them
proposed a Cameron resolution. But the
President of the meeting informed him that
he wac not recognized as a Democrat.
At PitU I horg all ihe newspapers have taken
a stand aga.'nst Cameron. On the evening
of the 241b au< indignation meeting was held.
About 300 persons, principally Whigs and
Americans, were present, and a series reai
lutiona lavorißS a western candidate lor Sen
der, but nsatWg no one, wero submitted, but
not acted on. Mr. Smith, one of the Repre
sentatives fsom Allegheny county was pre
sent, and rose, amidst loncj calls,and defen
ded himself lustily for his support of Mr.
Cameron. Daring his speech he was fre
quently greeted with hisses, applause, and
taunting cries. Subseqncnlly Mr. Fbster,
editor of the Despatch, offered a aeriee of
resolutions which reooutmended a new man,
untainted with politics. They were adopted,
and the meeting adjourned.
Correspondence of Ike Star.
From Ilurrlaburg.
HARRISBURC, Feb. 22.— The bill loerect Sny
der county out of Uuiou paused second read
ing in the Senate yesterday, by a vote of 11
to 10.
In the House the bill to provide for thopub
lication.of the general laws of the Slate in
tho newspapers of the several counties was
reported back with an adverse recommenda
The legislature will abolish the Northern
District of the Supremo Court, which hereto
fore held its session at Sntibnry. The coun
ties will be annexed to the Middle or Harris
burp District, except Columbia and Montour,
which, at the request of Mr. Buckalew were
annexed in the bill to the Eastern District,
holding its session at Philadelphia.
It is denied here that the Know-Nothing
speeders offered Mo the Democratic caucus
to support Woodward for the Senate, prom
ising to secure for him 42 voles, besides tho
old hoe Democrats. But it is certain that i
while the Democratic caucus was in session,
Mr. Price came to the door and said if Wood
ward was nominated there he would be sup
ported by the seeedersand Whigs. How far ,
ha was authorised to make such promise 1
caonot learn ; but he has the reputation of
being the most honorable Whig in the legis
lature. Some versions of the proceedings
report that the only agreement and confer
ence between the Democrats and seceders
was to obtain an indefinite postponement of !
the Senatorial subject iri the legislature. Cer
tain it is that Cameron had good friends in
the Democrulic caucus.
The bribery Committee is in session. ]
L man and B k are out of town. The
committee havebeenexaminiug some witness ,
iftid enough to show that the loud popular ,
cry of corrnption at this time is not all gas.
One youna Harrisburg lawyer has been qnes- i
tinned very closely as to what ho knew about
the following letter; which the committee ,
now hold.
Jacob ll . Ea.:—Last right Mr. .
Herr placed in your hands 8900, for which '
yon pledged yourself to certain things. How
these tilings were done for Dr. Jaytre is un- i
necessary 10 snv ; but sir you will remember ,
you made a proposition. Now sir, Dr. Jayne
repudiates and condemns this transaction. I 1
do not resort to threats; but I desire you to return t
8400 to Mr. Herr before 12 o'clock to day- i
the $5OO you can retan. There may not be
any resort to law if you do this; but another ,
and more effectual means of redress. I make
no comments on your conduct tinder the ctr
cumstat ces ; but shall wait in patience to 1
hear from you or Mr Herr. ,
Another witness John Weidman, a lawyer
of Lebanon, was examined, and according
to l.istestimony it would seemthat Mr. Cam
eron, if elected, is expected to secure the pas
sage of Madison county. He stated that Mr.
Rittenlmuse. a member from Montgomery
county, residing in Pottstown, had an inter
view with him at the opening of the smudon,!
that he was bitterly opposed to CaiMMMK;
that he subsequently changed his vi i:
came a friend of Cameron, and
chantre was brought about hv the r
Cameron's friends to support the new cou.n-i
| ty of Madison.
| If the proposed law in relation to bribery
was now in force the people would gel some
rich chapters of life at the capitol.
The probabilities are that no United States
Senator will he chosen by the present legis
ture. TENN.
HARRIADI-RU, Feb. 27,b.—0(1 the first bal
lot to day, Quiggle, Hogc, Piatt end Stock
dale left Mr. Buckalew and voted for Cam
eron. But seven other gentlemen who had
previously voted for Cameron left him and
went among the scattering. The subject is
postponed until the first Tuesday in October.
It is generally understood here that Mr.
Maxwell went into the ur-t Know-Nothing
caucns.held on the subject ol Senator and vo
teJ'for Cameron! How true this is I can't
tell. PENN.
On last Tuesday the Legislature of this
Stale made another attempt to elect a U. S.
The hall and lobbies of the house were
crowded to excess, many ladies being pres
ent. Much excitement prevailed through
out the town, and an unusual degree of in
terest was manifested in the proceedings.
For SIMON CAMCRON-Moesrs. Crabba, Cress
i well, Frizirr. Fry, Heldeman, Hendricks,
Huge, Killincer, Piatt, Quiggle, Sellors and
Shumm of lite Senate, and Messrs. Barry,
Boal, Caldwell, Carlisle, Clover, Crawford,
Crtswell. Cumnungs, nl Phils.. Cummins of
Somerset, Donaldson, Ey*te r , Fletcher, Frai- 1
ley, Free, Grose, Guy, Haines, Hubbs, King,
Kirk pa: rick, Kieppe, lane. JNlcConkey, Mc-
Connell, Morrison, Muse, North, Palmer,
Reese, Rittcnliouse, Hotter, Sullade, Slierer,
Smith of Allegheny, Smith of Blair, Slehley,
Stuckdale, Sturdevaiit. Weddell, Wood, ,
Yorkes, Zeiyler, and Stiong, (Speaker,) of ,
the House.—Ms. 1
For C. R. BUCKALEW —Messrs. Browne,
Goodwin, Hamlin, Jamison, McClintock,
Sager, Walton, Wherry and Heiater, (Speak- 1
or,) of the Senate, and Messrs. Baker, Bush,
Christ, Craig, Dougherty, Dunning, Dugan, 1
Fry, Johnson, McClean, Maxwell, Orr, '
Thompson and Wright, of the House.—23.
Scattering, 52.
There being no choice, Mr. Frailey moved
to go into a second ballot, which was agreed
to, and resulted as Inllows:
Cameron, 54 Mainard, 6
Buckalew, 23 Morris, 1
Veecb, 2 Williams, 4
Wilmnt, 6 Kunkel, 1
Stevens, 4 Block, 1
Irwin, 4 Buffington, 9
Jones, - 6 Brady, 1
Howe, 2 John J. Pearson, 1
Conrad, 7
There being no choice, a third ballot was
lajyyp which resnl'.ed very much like the
scWfid. Cameron having 55, and Bucka
lew 23 votes.
On the result of the third ballot being an
nounced, Mr. Browne moved to adjourn un
til the Ist Tuesday in October next.
Mr. Haldeman moved to amend, eo that
when the Convention Vdjnurns, it adjourn lo
meet to-morrow a! 11 o'clock.
Mr. Browne's motion was then agreed lo
—yeas 66, nays 05.
Mr. Buckalew vdiod for Browne'a motion, i
and Mr. Maxwell against it.
The joint convention then adjourned.
(Situational Department.
Educational Convention,
The teachers, direclors and friends of edu
cation in general ere invited to meet tt ilia
Court-house.in Bloomsbnrg, on Baiurdsy the
10th of March next, at lo o'clock A.M. to
participate in the formation of a Teacher's
Institute of Columbia county, and to lake in
to consideration suoh matters as may be for
for Ihfbest interests of the canso of educa
tion. "• WM BURGESS,
Committee of Invitation.
As m-ich knowledge is reqniicd to make a
good farmer as a good clerk ; and while soci
ety needs some men in the departments of
literatbro, clerkship and oratory,there Is quite
as much need ol others who shall be trained
lo a scientific knowledge of the chemical
process by which grains and fruits grow, and
the circumstance undar which the growth ol
each can be improved, and the bounties of
nature developed and enjoyed. Tho farmer
who understands enough of agricultural ge
ology lo know for wnat grain or product the
constituent ingredients of his soil are best
adapted, and enough of agricultural chemis
try to know what ingredient his soil lacks to
make it es fruitful as the best, enjoys great
advantage over his neighbor. Every boy
who rambles over the hillsides and through
the fields can understand the illustrations in
the study ol agriculture, and in a number of
status it is taught in the common schools. In
Now Hampshire this is the case, and hooks
treating of the elements of that science have
been ordered to be supplied lo the pupils
In Vermont the legislature, at its present
session, au.horized the purchase by the State
of a sufficient number of copies of Waring's
''Elements ol Agiicuhure," to secure full at
teclion toward it, and made provision for the
introduction o( a study into every school un
der the Stale supervision, lo this State no
legislative action is necessary, but it will not
be long until agriculture will be more taught
in our common schools than book-keeping.
Richard Bedford, the County Superintend
ent of Sullivan, in his last years report lo the
School Department of this State calls atten
tion to the nibj -et in such judicious and sen
sible remarks as we are well pleased lo ex
" The Superintendent will pardon the free
dom which I take, in this my first report, if
I should mostrespectfully suggest for the con
sideration of the Department, the importance
ol introducing the study of agriculture into
our common schools, in the rural districts of
the State. The King of Sparta being inter
rogated, "What thingshe thought most prop
er forboystulearu V answered, "those thing*
which they expect todo when they are men."
Our professional men, our mechanics, and
artisans, spend from seven to lourteen years,
in making themselves acquainted with the
respective professions and califiigs which
ementary text-book might bo obtained, as
complied for the purpose, containing lessons
on agricultural chemistry, geology, mineral
ogy, manures, grains, grasses and roots,best
breeds of horses, cattle, sheep and swine, ag
ricultural implements draining and sub-soil
ing, ar.d the best plans for rural architecture
for farm houses and out buildings, which
would be of immense benefit to the popula
tion of our rural districts, giving at least the
germ of broad and nobie thought, making
agriculture tobucomea delightful honorable,
and much more profitable employment, and
adding immeasurably lo the productive cap
ital of our already wealthy State. There is
a late issue from the press of Messrs. D. Ap
plelon SL CO., New York, cf 288 pages duo
decimo, retailed at seventy-five cents, by
Geo. E. Warring, jr., very highly recommen
ded by Professor James J. Mapes, editoi of
of the "Working Farmer." I have not yet
teen it. It may be all that is desirable for
our schools."
A Letter from an old Teacher.
The following lener has been handed us to
by John G. Freeze, Esq.. and will possess in
terest for the teachers of this county. The
author has had many year's experience in
the business ol teaching, and a few years
ago taught in this town. Though old in
yeats, he is arJent and zealous in the pro
gress of education; and keeps up to the spir
it of the age in its improvements.
Columbia Co., Feb. 23. '55.1
John O Frtezt:
Respected friepJ—l un
derstand by a tetter fiom a friend who was
present at an Educational Convention in
Bloomaburg on the 17th mat-, that a Colum
bia County TEACHER'S INSTITUTE was duly
organized at that time.
I may inform thee that I am still engaged
in the vocation of teacher,my present location,
Schuylkill county, where Teacher'a Institute*
have fur rome lime been in succeseful ope
ration, and the cervices of teachers proper
ly appreciated, and much better remuner
ated than in my own school district at the
present time.
I think we may confidently anticipate,
that an increase of interest upon the subject
of education in the minds of the people goo
crally, as well as the infusion of spirit of
emulation among the teachers of the county,
will be found among the important and very
desirable fruits resulting from a Columbia
couyly Teacher's Institute. My present pur
pose however is, to state, as my own belief,
that a more general circulation and diffusion
of the valuable information upon the sci
ences, as wall as the advanced and improv
ing condition ol the Pnblio Schools in other
parte of the State, a* imbodied in the "Penn
sylvania School Journal," wonld prove a
stimulant, and valuable auxiliary in promot
ing the good work of Education in our
I have been in the recmpl of the 'Journal'
now about eight months, and find that eaeh
succeeding oumber increases in interest in
proportion to the advancement, improve
ment, sod prosperity of the .School* in the
different sections of the Slate. I therefore
take the liberty to request, that, as a friend
to the School System, and the diffusion of a
liberal education among the people, thou
wilt exert Iby influence at yoor next meet
ing, to prevail upon the Teachets present,
as well as other friends of education, to sub
scribe for the "Journal." Published month
ly by T. Burrows, Lancaster City, Pa., at
$1 00 per year in advance.
My presqpl engagement is a dine months'
term, Minersville, Schuylkill county, end
will not close before the first of June, salary
£32.00 per msntli.
I congratulate the teachers and friends of
education in our county upon so favorablo
symptoms of future iucourugement, ns the
establishment of a Tracker's Institute in the
County seems to indicate ; and shall endeav
or, if health permits, lo be present, at some
at least, of the future sessions of the Insti
tute. I
Respect fully thy friend,
Geography in Schools.
In visiting schools we have been disap
pointed lo find a number in which geography
is not taught, and it is highly desirable that
a change should be made lor the better in
this respect. It is a study that requires but
| very limited reflective powers, and is more
uddreesed to the eyo than the reasoning fao-
I uhies. Therefore a scholar can take up this
I subject before he can do much sn reasoning
out a result in arithmetic.— in fact as soon as
| he can read intelligently.
| An excellent work on geography has late
ly been published for beginners, though it
iucludes all I lie physical geography that most
scholars carry with them through life. It is
called the "Primary Geography," prepared
by S. S' Cornell, and is published by D. Ap
pleton & Co., New York, at 50 cents a copy.
It is easy to teach and easy to learn' It con- .
tains twelve colored mapi. and some seventy
illustrative engravings. The lessons are fol
lowed by reviews ; and to the work is ap
pended a ptonouncing vocabulary, contain
ing the names of all the natural and political
divisions used throughout the work, ft is to
be followed by an "Intermediate Geography"
and that by a "High-school geography and
companion atlas.
Wages or Teachers.
From the report of the Slate Superintend
ent we gather the following list of the wages
of teachers per month in the several coun.
Counties. . Mates. Females.
Adams J7 67 10 69
Bradford 14 90 7 21
Butler IS 63 * 10 18
Cambria 22 50 18 57
Clinton 22 14 14 53
Columbia 19 00 11 26
Full on 16 95 13 83
Huntingdon 20 31 15 -!1
* Sl§^
1 he Contrast.
The following figures present the opera
tions of the common school system in Penn
sylvania during the first and thus for the last
years of its action. It was first adopted in
1836 1853
No. of District* 987 1,531
No. ol Schools 3 384 9,507
Time Srhools were open 4m. 3d. sm.
No ofTeachers 3,483 11.520
Average monthly Salary
of Male Teachers 818 34 C-19 ?5
do Female Teachers 11 96 12 03
No. of Scholars 139,604 474 555
A v. No. per School 41 '42
do cost of Teaching per
Scholar per month' 81 06 129
State Appropriation 98 670 184 390
Tax levied 207 105 1 021 337
Expense fet School
Houses 111803 147 516
Other umiual expenses 103 079 815 901
ttr The Teachers vrha participated in the
late educational convention express their
thanks to Mr. Hicknk., for copies of the last
annual reports of the State and several coun
ty superintendents.
BP" Mr. Conk ling the County Superintend
ent of Montour has issued a call fur a meet
ing of the Teachers and friends of common
schools in Montour at Danville on the 15th
of March to form a Teachers Institute. He
says in his call " many of the citizens of
Danville have kindly consented to open their
houses for the entertainment of teachers du
ring the continuance of the Institute.
On Thursday, March Ist, in Bloomsbuig,
by the Rev. D.J. Waller. Mr. JOH FCNSTON,
of Lycoming county, and Mis* SUSAN. BARK
RET, of Blocmsburg, Col. Co., I'.
On the 16lh inst, by A. Ammerman Esq.,
all of Fishingcreuk township, Col. Co.
On the 4th of Jan. by Jesse Hicks Esq.,
BOWER, both of Briarcreek township, CUL.
In Bloomaburg, on the 16th inst, MART
ALVARITTA, daughter of Cyrus and Clarissa
Fry, aged nearly two years.
The infans's son! has taken flight,
Tho b.'ss of heaven to share,
So young she led, so soon to meot,
Her sister's spirit there.
In Espy, Columbia county, on Sunday
evening, the 11th of February, Mr*. ALIZA
DETII CASE, wife of Nathan Case, aged about
45 years,
In Greenwood township, Columbia co •
on Thursday, February Ist, Mr*. SARAH,
wife of James Patterson, aged about 60
In Bloomaburg, on Tuesday evening last,
MAUNDA| eldest daughter ol Samuel and
Sarah Shire, aged about 5 years.
God iu his wisdom has recalled
The precious boon his love his given,
And though the casket moulders now
The gem is fpetkling bright in Heaven.
PlLL*.—The combination* pi ingredients in
throe Pills, is the result of a 10113 sn I ex.
t*nve practice; Ihry are mild in their oper.
stioi", tnd certain in restoring nalu'etn its
proper channel. In eeery instance ha* the
Pills proved successful. The Pills inverts
bly open those obstructions to which females
ere liable, and bring nature into its proper
channel, whereby health is restored, end the
pale and deadly countenance changed to a
•healthy one, No female can enjoy good
health unless she is legulm ; and whenever
an obstruction takes place, whether from ex.
posurc.celd, or any other ca'jsc, the gcueial
health immediately begtna to decline, and the
. want of sofclt a remedy ha. beer, the CLUSC of
eo many consumptions smong young females.
To ladies whose health will not permit an in .
crease df their family, these pills will prove i
a valuable acquisition, is they will prevent
pregnancy. Headache, pain in the aid ■, pi|. .
pitation of the heart, loathing of food, and
disturbed sleep do most alwavs srisofrutn tile
interruption of nature; and whenever thai is
the case, the Pills will invariably remedy rill
these evils, Nor are they less cCieacions in
the cure of l.euroirboes, commonly called the
'•Whites," These Pills should never bo ta.
ken during pregnancy, as they would be sura
to cause a miscarrl gae. W oranled to be purclv
Vegetable, and free from anything injurious to
life or health. Full and explicit diiections
accompany rach box,
'I heee Pills are put up in rqnsre fiat boxes.
Persons residing where there are no agency
established, by enclosing One Dollar in a let-
postpaid to Dr. C. L,. Ohceseman, No. 207
Ulcckcr street, New York City, can have them
sent to their respective addresses by return of
respectfully inform lliu citizens )
of Bloomsburg and vicinity, thai be s
has commenced the practice of MEDICINE J
there; end tolicits a share of public patron- „
age. lie can always be found at the Ex
change Hotel opposite the Court House. (
Bloomsburg, M uch, t it, '65.
TS hereby given that the Stockholders of the
*• seserpeck BriJge Company that there n
will be an election hold at the Treasurer's
office in Berwick Pa., on Saturday the 31st i
of March, fur the purpose of electing a Pros- il
tdent and 6 Managers for one year. e
Berwick Feb. 24th '55. Treasurer. '
, , , r
NOTICE is hereby given that letters ol ad- ,
ministration upon the estate n! Jirnb
Guarharl, la'e of Mair. t >witbi;>, Columbia
county deceaand, have bien gr-mlad to tho
undersigned residing in Main township. All
parsons indebted to the es'aie are requested
to make immediate payment,and those hav
ing accounts against the estate to present *
them for settlement lu • '
Admr- (
Ato account ol the authors adventures
i -ip "England, Switzerland and Italy, with
I '-Lmm coXTE NT S ■ ,
Explanation 'J'lte Prnon (
Meeting Thriiling News
smil'un Attain Unexpeced Blow 3
The Qneetiod Popped A nntrow Escape
Breakdown Flight A Jailor's Humanity 1
Repentance A Woman's Huge 1
Reconciliation The Trial
More Repentance The Condemnation ,
The philosophy of love.t.idr.ighl Reflections *
Geo. Pcabodvs's Ball Remorse f
The Heroine in A l.uin I'ardnQ Impossible f
Caugbt Again Done at Last
Too Ardent by half Thurlow Weed's story
A Coquet'* I."iter The Chloroform
A Complete Victory American Sympathy
A Violent Rupture An Attempt at Suicide
Unconditional surren-Joyful Days F
der The Liberation "
A Philadelphia beauty A Sweet Sleep *
The day Named John Van Buren
Flight and Flurry New York Again c
A-Splendid Bride Hearty Welcome c
The Abduction Ultimatum ofthe Press n
A struggle for vie tot} Finale r
The Arrest I
'' Ot all the personal confessions and anto- 1
biographical sketches thut we have erer read o
or heard of, this is the strangest, the oddest,
the most extraordinary ; and, we may as t<
well admit at once, the most intensely inter- C
esting. The book has cost us a couple ol u
nights sleep ; and wo have no doubt it cost =
its author and its principal subject a good
many more. We have read it carefully
through, according to our invariable custom, 1
before venturing to give a decided opinion ''
ol a work,arid we uchesitatingly pronougce 8
'Wikofl's Courtship and its Conseqonces' not
only a deeply but one ol v
the most remarkable tales ever unfolded to '
publio exhibition.''—[N. York Ev. Mirror.
Price in paper covers, 51; in neat cloth
binding, 51 25
Orders should be addressed to
J. C. DERBY, Publisher 1
No. 119 Nassau street, N. Y.
For sale by Booksellers and News Agents
everywhere. Single copies sent by mail, .
post-paid, on receipt of price. j
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of
I™ administration upon the estate of Sam
uel A. Bowman, late of Mifilin township,
Columbia 00., deceased, have been granted
to the undersigned, residing in Mifflin nnd
Berwick. AU persons indebted to said de
cedent are requested to make payment with
out delay, and those having accounts against
the estate to present them for settlement to
February, 22, 1855.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of b
administration upon the estate of Jaccob Kel- n
ler, lalo of Fishingcreek township, Columbia o
county deceased, have been granted to the v
undersigned. All persons indebted to the v
estate of said decedent are requested to n
make payment without delay, and those b
having accounts against the eatalo to pre- a
sent thein for settlement to d
Fishtngcreek. Feb. 16th, 1854—w.
Stray Pigs. J
AME to the premises of the subscriber in n
y-' Bloomsburg on the 20th of February
'net., *ix stray shoals, apparent about six f
months old. The owner is requested to c
prove property, pay, chnrges and lake them C
away, or they will be disposed of according ti
Bloomsburg, Feb. 20, 1855—3 W. 3
"C3RITZ, HENRY, & CO., No 29 North 3d 3
-*• Street, Philadelphia, MOROCCO Manufac- N
lurers, Curriers and Importers of FRENCH
CALF-SKINS, and dealers in Red and Oak
SOL LEATHER SI KIPP [Feb 9, 'ss.—ly.
ertvijrh'S OJTICS.. J
NOTICF. is hereby given to the owners ot
whether loaded or empty, now
I I) ing within the prism ofthe Lower North
Branch Division of the IVnr.sylvar is Canal,
thai if they or their agents are not present
when the undersigned is prepared to let the
water in*> said division, (or the purpose of
preventing the said boats from becoming ob
structions to the navigation of said cut. aI, he
will in six days thereafter sell said boats a:id
their agreeably to the (3d. section
ol the eel of the lOilt April, 1826. entitled
' An act to protect the publio in the full ben
efit and enjoy it? e tit of the works constructed 1
for the purpurea of inland navigation."
By order of the Board of Canal Commis
sioners. GEO W. SEARCH,
Feb. 22, 1855.—3w. Supervisor.
Y ETTF.RS testamentary on lha Estate of
ALFRED McCLURE, late of Blontn
township, Culumbla county, f ee'd, has been
granted by the Register of (aid county to
Robert Cathead, and William Neal, who
both reside in Bloomsburg, in said county
All person! having claims or demands
againd the Estate of tbe decedent, are re
quested 10 make them known to the Execu
tors without delay: end nil persons indebted
to the Estate, to make pavrtient forthwith.
WILLIAM NEAL. J £x,calor i
Bloortisburg, Feb. 17 1855—6:5.
Notice to Collectors.
jVOTICE is hereby given to all delinquent
J * Collectors lot 1853 and previous years,
thai the Commissioned aha Treasurer ol
Columbia county will meet at their oflW in
Bloomsburg, on Monday, the 19 tk day erf
Marrh next, when those wishing to sate coat
will attend ; as the accounts not settled on or
belore that day will be placed in the hand*
ol the proper ctficers for collecliin.
By or :er ol the Commissioner.;
Bloomsburg Feb. 9 '55. j CUrk
Public Salcci'Valuablc Steal
tfaMTILL be sold at public sale ou the pretr-
V V ises, in Bloomsburg, on SATURDAY
the 10.h day of Match next, at I o'clock, in
the afternoon, the following described real
estate viz:
or. tho North side of ThirJ street, in Blooms
burg, on w.'nch are a good
A frame dwelling horse, and oth-jHfc-§sRpß
er convenient cui-buildt.igs. A gooJ WELL
of WATER tear the dooi.
The property i that which was the late re
sidence ol Daniel Shive. There win also at
the same time be sold a TOWN 1.0T,0n toe
opposite silo ot theatre.:', from the above'
t?' The tide lo the property will be dear,
and it is sold for the heir.- of Daniel Shive,
by S. C. SHIVE.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 22, 1855.
fgAIIK subscriber, wishing lo retire from
-M. b-.'sinesa will sail or tent, on easy term*
his business property, such as,
Store-House nnJ Goods, together with Hors
es, WBgotis, Carts, and a va-iefy of other
property, necessary for the conduct of sacb
an ••n.l.b-hniem
The Furnace is run with Antl.racuo Coal,
aid is calculated lo make 50 tors Pig Iron
per week. I'leuty ol Ore lull in the neigti
s£?£ oiii AETifc &A323S
is in good order. 17* Possession given whan
the present stock is worked up. Call on the
undcrsiged at his residence at Light Street
Columbia County. ALSO,
COO Acrcn'of Timber Land,
for sale cheap, situate above Orangeville,
north Bide of the Knob Mountain.
Light Street, Feb 22, 1865.
W'ILL be held at the resilience of the sub
scriber in Mifflinville, on Wednesday the 14 Ik
dy of March, 1854, when the following prop
erty will be offered for sale, to wit:
one set of harness, two cows, |*o hogs, one
corii'Shcller, four beds and bedding, one fas
n ing- in ill, one plough, one eofner-tupboard,
one clock, one settee, chaira, tables, stand*,
two Bureaus, one dark, three stoves and pipe,
I'otatoes and meat, logolher with a variety
of household and
too numerous lo mention ; also Two ACRES
At the samo time be will also offer for sale'
twelve town lots, and fwo aerei of out-'
lota, situate in the town of I.tiffliaville, and
a lot of boards, palos and posts.
Bale to commence at 10 o'clock, A M.,
when duo attendance and coudiliout of sale
will be made known by
Mifflinville, Feb. 13, 1854.
WILL be expoxd to public sale, npon
the prentices on the 23d dayot Maroh,
A. D.. 1855. a certain
Plantation & Tract of Lands
situate in Cloom township, Columbiarottn
ly. adjoining tho North East Branch of the
River Susquehanna, lands of Col Jos, Pax
ton, the heirs of I.aiah Barton, Dr. Juo. Ram
sey, and others, containing about
ol first rats river bottom land, in a high slate
of cultivation. A portion of the land i* in
WOOL, suffloient for a ertpplv of rati* and fu
el. Tbe North Branch •"anal passes through
said tract.
The improvements are an excellent DWEL
LING HOUSE, large and cuvcnlent bank Bam,
Wagon house, Hay ShuJa, and other
outbuildings. A ho, nit Apple Orchard, Eo.
It is one of the rnos. pleasant and desira
ble farms on the North Branch, within on*
mile and a hall of the town ol Bloomsburg,
one mile ol the Rupert Depot of tho Catta
wivsa, Williarp.pori and Erie Railroad, and
within two miles of three Iron Blast Fur
naces in full opperation. in a populous neigh
borhood and convenient to market, School*
and Chinches. No better nor more produc
tive Farm in the County ol Columbia.
Terms of Sale:
Two third* of the purchase money may,
if the purchaser desires it, remain for a pe
riod of years in said premises ; the interest
to be paid annually.
ALSO,—At the same time and place the
following peisonal properly, viz:—Horses,,
cattle, hogs, wagons, sleds, fcnygy, Cairisge,
Grain by the Bushel, hay by the ton, Pota- •
toes, wind-mills, Threshing Machine Horse
Power, 15 Acres of Wheal in the ground,
3 acre* rye in the ground, and a variety of
farming utensil* too numerous tn mention.
W Sale to commence at 10 o'cloelt,
M., when attendance win be given and tertnv
mad* known by ROBT. CATHCART,
Executor'*-of Alfred McClur*, dtt'd.
Bloomaburg, Feb. 22, 1855.

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