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Medical Nummary.
According to the last census there were in
the U. S. 787 personß of the age of 100 and
over; 8,000 between the ages of 90 and 100; '
85,000 between the ages of 80 and 90: more
than one half the whole population under 20
years of age; about two-fifths between 20
and 50, and less than one fifth only over 50
years of age. Hurra for "young AYnerica!"
The percentage of deaths in the follow
ing American and English cities have been
ascertained to be: N. Y. City, 2.55 per cent;
Raltimore, 2.49; Charleston, 2.48; Boston,
2.45; Lowell, 2.11; London, 2.53; Liverpool,
3.34 ; Manchester, 3.48. The number of 1
medical men in this country in 1850 was
40,564, or one to every 650 of the popula
tion. The Btrawberry, if applied to the
teeth with a brush, will remove tartar as ef
fectually as any oilier scientific that can be
applied. Hippocrates, the styled 'Father
of Medicine,' lived to the age of 109 years.
When the last census was taken it was
ascertained that "there were of deaf and
dumb persons in the Union 9,136; of blind,
7,978 ; of insane, 14, 972 ; and of idiots, 14,-
257.——1t is stated that the proportion of
deaths from all pulmonary diseases is, in
Philadelphia, 28 57 percent.; in N. Y. City,
28.08 per cent.; in Havana, 25.07 per cent.;
in Boston, 23.97; in 8a1tim0re,23.33: Charle
ston, 22.73; City of Mexico, 16.76; Norfolk,
Va., 12 78; N. Orleans, 13.87 percent.
The meeting of the National Eclectic Medi
cal Association was spirited and harmonious.
The New York 'Tribune' published a full
report of its proceedings, devoting two and
a half columns for that purpose.- ——The ed
itor of the Charleston "Medical Journal" re
ports a case of a negress from whose head
he removed a horn seven inches in length,
measuring its outer border; the other and
shorter border was four inches. The great
est diameter was 2} inches.—Prof. Hor
ace Green, the great advocate for treating
Throat and Lung Diseases with nitrate of sil
ver, has resigned his professorship in the N.
Y. Medical College.——Prof. M. Geoffrey
Saiut-llillaire, of Paris, has been lecturing in
N. Y. upb'i the advantages ol'bringing horse
flesh into use as food, and declares that
thero is no reason why it may not be eaten
like the ox or the sheep. Prof. Win 11.
Cook of Cincinnati, Ohio, is about issuing
an Essay on Acute Dysentery, its Nature
atid Management, to which will be added an
article, on the Symptoms and Treatment of
Cholera. Died at Rod Bank, N. J., J. F.
Boyd, M. D., aged 31 years. The doctor
was a graduate of the N. Y. Metropolitan
Medical College— Med. Reformer.
COOL COURACE.—Mr. Philips, whom the
Missouri mob tarred end feathered at Wet-ton,
Mo., was' told that he should be hung, if ev
er again found in K UISIIA ; but iu spile of
this threat he immediately crossed the river,
entered his own house at Leavenworth, and
commented running rifle'balls! Men of
such spirit will not olten be moletled. The
firt six men who apprdach him next, lo in
sult him, will receive passphrts lo "Kingdom
'SJNCULAK OCCURRENCE!—A few day 9 since
a spot of land, more elevated than any itiihe
immediate vicinity, iu Walworth county,
Wisconsin, suddenly sunk to the extent of
about forty feet in circO'ffifefence, leaving a
small lake or well in its stead, lo which,
thus far, no bottom has been found. The
water has risen lo wi hin three or lour feet of
the surface of the eaith surrounding it, and
remains at the pdiiit.
ty Mark, who recently murdered a
brother and a sister uamed Smith, near Holy
Springs, Miss., his been arrested. He wat>
incensed against the two because they had
testified before a court against hiin, and af
ter firing three times at the brother, Avalked
up lo bis sister, and despite her praydrs and
agonizing screams,'formally placed u'pistol
to heribosom and shot her through the heart.
ASTRONOMICAL. — I'lie plane; Venus is n;w
the evening star, and will continue so until
"October Ist. For two or tbree months il'will
be increasing in brilliancy, and .may be seen
plainly with the nuked eye in the evening,
•east of and about forty-five degrees from the
Cows'KlLLED.—Lest month 30 cotvs W'eie
killed on the Reading Rail-oad,—this mouth,
to far, 18.
SV Seven pr shuts *:oke out of die
Easlon jail on last Monday night.
At Nescopeck, on Wednesday, June 20th,
by the Rev. E. M. Alden, Mr. BENJAMIN 11.
BEDFORD ol Waverly, F.uz. couniy, and Miss
'KL.WIRA ELLEN, daughter of John T. I avis
Esq, of Nescopeck.
May every blessing worth possessing,
Through life be ever in their cup
lie theirs pure pleasure without measure,
And treasure rich Iti heaven laid up.
On the 17th, at the res'idenco of W. Eves,
by the Rev. J. A. D. Moyer, Mr. WILLIAM
PEACOCK, of Fovvlersvilie, and Miss CLARISSA
M. BOBBINS of Gieenwood, Columbia coun
ty, Pa.
On the 14th by Rev. Francis M. Slusser,
KLINE, all of Espy.
At Iris residence at Wuvetly Luzerne
couniy, on Saturday, 16th, HORATIO W.
Mr. Nicboldson was for years a member
ol this bar, where by untiring enemy and
Cerseverence he made a. name and a fortune,
ul bis health was ruined and lie retired Jo
a beautiful home lie built at Waverly. The
seedsof consumption were doing their work,
and after struggling many years in feeble
health, spending a great pa-tof the Summers
at Clifton Springs, death has at last claimed
him. Since bis retirement, his pen has
been ever bnsy, and has furnished pleasure
to all who read. For clearness and quick
ness in business, he hail few superiors if
any WHkesbarre Record.
In Irondale or. last Wednesday morning
JAMES BALSON, jr., aged about 33 years.
In Benton township, Columbia co., on the
19th lost., JOHN RUNS, aged about 5*6 years.
Iu Centre township, Columbia count), on
Sunday, 17th inst.,ot Scarlet fever, IVIILLIAM
ELLIOT, SOU of Ellwood and Elizabeth
Hughes, aged 3 years, 9 months and 14 I
da) s. 1
its of this purely vegetable extract for the
removal and cure ol physical prostration,
genital debility, nervous affections, "Bto., &c.,
are fully described in another column of this
paper, to which the reader is referred. 82
per bottle, 3 bottles for 85 ; six bottles for
88 ; 816 per dozen. t7*Observe the marks
of the genuine.
Prepared only by S. E. Cohen, No. 3 Frank
lin Row, Vine St., below Eighth Philadelphia
Pa., to whom all orders musibe addressed. For
Sale by all the respectable Druggists and
Merchants throughout thecoun'ry.
T. W. DVOTT A SON*, N0.'132 North 2nd
st., Philadelphia, Sale Agents .for Pennsyl
vania •
PILLS.-—The combinations Of ingredients ill
these Pills, ia die result of n long and ex
tensive practice; liny arc mild in their oper
ation, ni d certain it. restoring natuce to its
proper channel In every instance hve the
Pills proved successful. The Piljs invaria
bly open those obstructions to which females
sic liable, and bring nature into it a proper
channel, whereby h.ia th is restored, and the
pale and deudly countenance changed to a
healthy one,, No female can enjoy good
health unless she is cgotai ; and whenever
an obst ruction lakes place, whether from ex
posure, cold, or any Other cause, the general
health immediately begins to decline, and tho
want of such a remedy has been the cause of
so m9ny consumptions smong young leinale .
To ladies whose health will not permit an in
| 'crease of ihc'r family, these Pills will prove
: a valuable acquisition, as they will prevent
piegnaucy. Headache, pain in the side, pal
pitation of the heart, loathing cf fond, and
disluibed sleep do ms*. elwava arise from die
il l erruption of natu.e; and whenever that is
the case, the Pills will invariably remedy all
! these evils. Nor are tliey leas efficacious in
j die < ure of l.eucoirhoea, commonly called the
"Whites,'' These'Pilbrshould never he ta.
ken during prig nancy, as they would he sure
to cause a niiararrisao. Woranled to be purclv
Vegetable, and fiee from anything injurious to
life or health. Full aid explicit ditecltons
it company each box.
I These J'.lis are put up in square Hat boxes.
! Perotts residing where there are no ageney
i established, by enclosing One Dollar ill a let-
I tcr poslpai d to (Jr. C. L. Cheeseman, No. 267
| Blacker Street, New York City, can have them
| sent to their respective addresses by return of
| mail.
J HARRISBUIIG. May 19 1855. j
"To the Treuturer and Commitsion
■ ere of Columbia County.
GENTLEMEN :—You are doubtless aware,
that die semi annual interest on the funded
debt of the Commonwealth falls due ott the
impelled under a sense of duty to call your
attention io the necessity of prompt ami im
mediate action to secure ait early payment
ol the taxes doe tlie Stale. The reputation
and honor of the State are in a great mea
' sure committed to your keeping, it is upon
| die lux duo frr m the several counties, that I
i reply mainly fur lite means of making pay
ment. lam aware that the late stringency
! iu the monetary affairs of the country, has
i greatly crippled lite Manufacturing and Com
i mercial interests of the Stale, that the getter
'! at drought and consequent failure of last
[ year's crops has deprived the farmer of his
| usual übiliiy to pay, and that owing to these
I adverse circumstances, it will require on
; your part a more than usual effort to collect
j promptly." 1 know that the highest incite
j merit to duly that can be placed before the
[ people of this Commonwealtn, is to assure
them that the honor of the Commonwealth
demands such duly at their hands.
"Which"! would hold Op this higher motive
to you, And through yon to the people. I
would also remind yOuthat by the Act of
Assembly'Of the 28th day of April, 1544, it
is provided that ' any county paying into the
State Treasury its quoth of tax'levied on its
adjusted valuation, fifteen dtfJ'S prior to the
first day of August, in any year, such coun'y
shall be en'itled to an abatement offiilo per
cent, upon the amount So paid." lam dis
posed to give tbis Iftv a fair and liberal con-
I"siruclton. 'Where the whole amount has
inot been paid, but an amount approaching
netfr it) the whole, the .deduction of five per
cent, will be 'made. 1 wouitl suggest the
propriety of allowing the abatement of five
percent, by the tax collector immediately to
the tax payer, believing that such a course
incite to a more prompt payment than when
the benefit is made accrue to the Couu'.y
You will confer a great favor upon me, by
letting me know at as eatly a dale as it will
be possible for you to do so, with any rea
sonable degree of certainty, w hat amount of
> money you will be able to furnish, and at
what time, Yours respectfully
ELI SLIFER, State Treatuier.
1 IS hereby given lo the lax payers and Col-
I "• lectors of Columbia county, to settle up
] their State tax on or before the twentieth day
of July next, to enable the County Treasurer
to pay otl the Stale tax.
By order of toe Board of Commissioners.
Commissioner's Olfice, J
Bloomsburg, June 23, '55. j
Will be ftia'ty on the Ist of July.
Tim OIxD FA It 71 HOUSE,
A BEAUTIFUL and affecting domestic
LA INC. Illustrated with fine Engravings by
Van Ingen, from Original Designs by White.
Nearly 500 pages l2ino. Bound in extra
I blue and red muslin gilt, 81,25. The name
j of the authorehs of the above work speaks
I volumes m its fa voir, and in this "she has pro-
I duced the crovvning 'effort of her pen. For
Ireshne'ss and vigor of thought and style, and.
for originality—in the charming views of
country life at the "Old Farm House in
the striking illustrations of the follies of a fash
ionable city life—in her description of good
and evil natures —io all the various subjects
which she has touched with her magic pen,
she cannot be excelled. The gentle heroine.
Amy, is a model of patience am! virtue, per
secuted by lite evil genius of her life, the vil
lain Staunton. The book will be read with
avidity, and none who commence it, will de
sire to lay it aside fill finished. The publish
er offeis with full confidence that its perusal
will be attended with plensure and profit lo
all readers. A copy of the work will be sent
to any part of the United Stales, postage
free, or. the receipt of the pi ice.
Publishers of newspapers who copy this
notice, and send copy of paper containing it,
will leceive the book free.
No. 39 S. 4ih St., above Chestnut, Pbila.
June 30.
GRADUATE of the Homoeopathic Medical
College of Pennsylvania, offers his pro
fessional services to the public.
C. Harlan, M. D., Wilmington, Delaware
S. Armor, M. D., Marietta, Pt.
H. N. Geurnsey, Frankfort, Penn'a.
Prof. W. A. Gardner, M. D.
" Walter Williamson, M. D.
" A. E. Small, A. M. &M. D.
I Office at the American House, Bloomsburg,
Col. oounty, Pa.
i June 14, 7855.—81.
mittee appointed by the shareholders in this
affair, to distribute the 400,000 Gilts amongst
the ticket holders, have deferred the distri
bnliou until the 6th of July, on account ol
there remaining unsold some few thousands
of tickets. Mr. -Perliam, ever anxious to
meet the views of bis patrons, offers extraor
dinary inducements to Agents to engage hi
the sals of the remaining tickets, so that
there may be oospore delays, which are un
questionably as vexatious lo him as lo those
who havo purchased tickets in his enter
prise. We commend the reading ol his ad
vertisement to our patrons, and hope that
each and all will lend a helping hand to
bring I lie matter to an early and satisfactory
1 beg leave to call the attention of the citi
zens of Pennsylvania to the above article,
manufactured by myself exclusively, at my
Factory in Schiedam, in Holland, expressly
for medicinal purposes.
It is made from the best Barley that can be
selected in Europe and the essence of an ar
omatic Italian berry, of acknowledged and
extraordinary medicinal ■ properties; and it
has long since acquired a higher reputation,
ooth iu Europe and America, than any other
dielic bevelage.
lit Gravel, Gout, and Rheumatism; in Ob
structions of the Bladder nnd Kidneys, and
Debility of the Urinary Functions, its. ef
fects are prompt, decided, and invariably re
liable. And it is not only a Remedy for these
maladies, but, in all cases iu which they are
produced by Drinking Bad Water, which is,
almost universally, the cause of them, it op
erates as a Sure Preventive.
The distressing effect upon tho Stomach,
Bowels, and Bladder, to travelers, new resi
dents, and all persons unaccustomed to them
produced by the waters of nearly all our great
inland rivers like the Ohio, Mississippi and
Alabama, from the large quantity of decay
ed I cgetable matter contained in tbem, iu a
stale of solution, is well known ; as is also
that of the waters of limestone regions, in
producing Gravel, Calculi, anil Stone in the
SCHNAPPS is an absoluto corrective of all
these injurious properties of bad water, and
consequently prevents the disease which
they occasion. It is also found lo be a cure
and preventive of Fever and Ague, a com
plaint caused by the conjoin; effects ol vege
table malaria in the atmosphere, and vegeta
ble pnirescenses in the waters of those dis
tricts ill which it 'principally prevails The
Aromatic Schiedam fSyhnapps is consequent
ly til great demand by persons travelling, or
about lo settle in those parts of the country"
especially; as well as by many in every
community where it has become known on
account of its various other remedial proper
More than three thousand physicians,
among whom aro numbered the greatest
names belonging to the faculty of medicine
in this couiTlry, have certified, over their own
to the valuable medicinal proper
ties of such an article, as the severest tests
haveproved theFchiedum ArGmatic Schnapps
10 be, and have accepted it as a most desira
ble addition to the materia meihca. •
Pill up in quart and pint bottles, enveloped
' in yellow paper with my name on the bot
tle, cork and seal. For sale by all respecta
ble Druggists and Grocers.
18, 20, & 2't Beaver s'reet, N. Y.
25 South Front street, Philada.
I beg leave to call the attention of the pub
lic to the following letters from physicians :
" Laboratory, K. Y, May 2, 1855.
"MR. UPDOLFIIO WOLFE— Dear Sir: lean
not speak to highly of the purity of youi Schi
eJam Schnapps. It is decidedly superior lo
anything of the kind in market. It is per
fectly fiee from the admixture ol fusil oil,
or of any of those arnyltc compounds which
produce such a mischievous and irreparable
effect upon the constitution, and which very
few samples of alcoholic distilled liquors are
without—most ol them being largely* impreg
nated with it. I have nersnnalfy inspected
the various pincess of distillation practiced
at Schiedam, and know that nnnsual care is
taken lo separate the noxious elements
from the pure alcohol, and your Schnapps is
a striking proof of its success. As a medici
nal agent for chronic and rer.al affections, 1
have successfully prescribed it, and recom
mend it as an agreeable cordial and harm
less stimulant, and shall continue to do so ;
as well as to use it as a source of pure alco
hol for chemical investigations and experi
ments. Yours obedient, ISAIAH DECK.
Consulting Analytical Chemist''
Dr. Charles A. Leas, Commissioner of
Heulth, Baltimore, writes as follows in rela
tion to the value of' Schnapps as a remedy
in chronic catarrhal complaiuts, be. The
letter is dated July 27, 1853:
" 1 take great pleasure in bearing highly
creditable testimony to its efficacy as a rem
edial agent in the diseases for which you rec
ommend it. Having a natural tendency to
iho mocous surfaces, with a slight degree of
stimulation, 1 regard it as one of the most
important remedies in chronic catarrhal af
fections, particularly Inose of the geriito uri
nary apparatus. With much repsect, your
obedient servant, CHARLES A. LEAS.
" PHILADELPHIA, July 15, 1853.
" Mr. UJolpho Wolfo, No, 2 eaver at., IV.
Y.—Dear Sir: Last aea son the writer received
through your agent in this city, a botili of
your Aromatic Hchiedam Schnapps, and since
that period has prescribed the sumo in certain
forma of urinary com plaints, also in caaus of
debility hi aged persona. So the Schnap; a
hue I ten of moth benefit to (hose Using it
• * fn conclusion, where a diuretic and
stimulant is required, I should use the Aro
matic Hchiedam Schnapps. Thanking you fur
your kindness, I am respectfully yours,
180 South Eighth st.
The subjoined loiter from Dr PireE, 0 f
Manchester, N; H.", relates to one of the mi it
valuable medicinal properties possessed by the
Aromatic Schnapps, and shows that it acts as
a sirecili: in a very painful disease—the Grav
" Mr. WOLFS Permit me lo oddrcss you
a few lines, which you are ol liberty to use if
you Ihtuk proper, in respect In your medicine,
called Schiedam Schnapps. I have had a very
oostinate ensu of gravel and stono, of some five
year* standing, uausing very acute pain in
eveiy attempt to urinate, After using many
remedies without much relief,! was induced to
Iry a bottle of your medicine. In tho course
of llireeo days it proved effectual, dislodging
largo pieces of stone, some of which were us
large as a marrowfat pea. I continued tile cor
dial, acoosdiug to directions, and the patient
continued to gain, and is fast recovering, 1
think a medicine of so much value in BO dis
tressing a complaint, should be known to the
public, and the world at large. And I, fr one
must give tl my ay probation and signatuie.
Tlios. J*AI Ss, M. D."
From Dr. JOHN S. Raxes, CUsinist, Balti
-oio, Md. Sept. 15, IST'J
" A number o r our physicians aro ordering
the article, and several have already prescribed
11 A gentleman of my own perao us I acquaint
ance having suffered greatly with au affection
of the kidneys and bladder, took two bottles,
and subsequently passed a stone of considera
ble aiio, and was greatly relieved. It will, no
doubt go into general use."
May 20, 1856—3 m
Sevastopol not Taken!
IVOT of allien, but of a new assortment of
at the corner of Main and Market Street. His
first lot he soon sold down pretty low, but
lias now tilled it out with a
E£3aGDCD3. a
so ihafhe can supply every reasonable want
of his customers and the public. He has re
ceived a varietv ul new style
and everything tu make up a complete as
sortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard-ware, Queens
ware, Cedar-ware, Hollow-wars, Drugs,
Nails, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, &c., &c.
I;r short, every thing usually kept in coun
try Stores, to which ha. invitee the public
£s** Cash, Lumier, Old Iron, and Coun
try Produce taken iu exchange lor Goods, at
the highest market price.
Bloornsburg, Jnne'7, 55.—y.
To Agents for procuring Subscribers for
Tickets at $1 liach
The distribution cf the Gifts being definitely
fixed for JULY sth, 1855.
Any person sending $lO may deduct 10
percent, or will receive II Tickets.
Each person sending SIOO before tho sth
of July, will, in addition to commissions, be
presented with a Mammoth Gold Pen and
Case, valued at $lO.
Each person sending S2OO before the sth
of July, will, in addition to commissions, be
presented with a Silver Watch, valued at
Each person sending S3OO before the off.
ofjuly, will, ir. addition to commissions, be
presented with a Gold Watch, valued at SSO.
Each person sending SSOO belore the
sth of July, will, in addition to commissions,
bo presented with a Gold Watch, valued
at SIOO.
The person who shall send, before 'he sth
ofjuly, the largest amount above SSOO, will,
in addition to commissions, be presented
with a piano, valued at S2OO.
1 have been induced to make the above
liberal offers in order to remove a settled ob
jection iu the minds of your committee, to
having the distribution take place while
there remain iu my hands tickets unsold,
and for which cause they have seen lit to
de'er the partition of the gifts, which was
1 fixed for the 27ffi iust., to the sth of July, us
will be seen by reference to their proceed
ings, published below. I assure yon lhal
the postponement is as vexatious to me as
|itis to those who have purchased tickets. I
therefore hope that each and every one now
interested, will co-operate with me in the
effort to dispose ot the few thousand tickets
remaining unsold, and thus advance the in
terests, of the whole body of shareholders.
Respectfully yours, J. PERHAM.
Pcrham's (bird Girt Enterprise.
At a meeting of the Committee of Share
holders of Perham'a Gift Enterprise, held at
the Academy Hall, Broadway, on Wednes
day Evening, April 18ih, 1855, the follow
ing preamble and resolutions were adopted
ami ordered to be published :
Whereas, in fiew of the fact that several
enterprises have been started and carried on
with a seeming positive purpose of defraud
ing those who could be persuaded to pur
chase tickets therein; and such fraudulent
proceedings have exerted mi injurious influ
ence ic the sale of tickets in Die enterprise
of Mr. Perham; and whereas, it is deemed
essential that all the tickets should bo dispo
sed ot before the distribution takes place, be
it therefore
Resolved, That in order to allow time for
that purpoee, the distribution be postponed
until the sth ol Juiy, at such place as may
hereafter be determined on.
Resolved, That the committee have undi
minished confidence iu the integrity of Mr,
Perham, anil in his disposition to conform
to all his published promises to his patrons.
The Tickets arc only $1 Each.
And each Ticket admits Four Persons to
Perham 's Burlesque t.pera, 663 Broadwau,
N. Y.\ anil that among the Gifts to be dis
tributed, are
A splendid farm of over 100 acres,
worth 16,000
i Loan of Cash, 5.000
t do. do. 2,000
1 do. do. 9 1,000
2 do. do. SSOO each, 1,000
10 do. do. SIOO each, ,1.000
Trotting Mare, Lilly Dale, 1,500
5 Rosewood Pianos, SSOO each, 2,500
5 do. do. S3OO each, 1,500
Tho Great Mirror of N. k' Scenery, 22,000
3 Splendid Carriages, $225 each, 675
10 Gold Watches, SIOO each, 1,000
40 do. do. SSO each, 2,000
100 Gold Pens and Cases, $5 each, 500
5,000 Gold Pens, $3 each, 15,000
&c., &e., Ac.
All orders for Tickets, by mail, and alt let
ters for information, should, be addressed to
663 Broadway New York.
ItT Orders will now be received for Tic
kets in Perham's l'ourth Gilt Enterprise.
May 19 1855—3w.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under
signed citizens of Bloornsburg Columbia
county Pennsylvania, will apply to the next
Legislature for a Charter for a Bank to be
locnled at Bloornsburg, to be called the
'• BLOOMSBURG BANK" with banking priv
iliges of issue, discount and deposit, with a
capital of two hundred thousand dollars.
Daniel Snyder j Wm. Robison,
L. B. Rupert, J. Ramsey,
Wat. Snyder, H. B. Arthur, I
E. Mendenhal), Ephraim P. Lutz,
A. J. Sloan, Joseph Sharpless,
Lloyd l'axton, Wm. Sloan,
Geo. Weaver, S. Mendeuhall,
Bloornsburg, June 20, 1855.—6 m.
AGREEABLY tu the law of the 3d March.
1855, persons who have been mustered
into the service of the United States, and
sorved fourteen days, are entitled to receive
a Land Warrant for 160 acres, and those per
sons who have received less quantity, are
now entitled to receive a Warrant sufficient
to make the 160 acres.
The undersigned has received the lew and
tho lorrtis adopted by the department at
Washington, and will undertake the proour- (
ing of Warrants for those who may desire
his services. R. W. WEAVER.
Bloornsburg, Marcb 16, 1855.
J. P. TAGGART has arranged a soda
AA fountain in his drugstore in the Ex
change Block, where all who are thirsty can
obtain a pleasant, healthful and refreshing
drink, such as will do a temperance stomach
good and wont 11 make drunk come."
Bloornsburg, May 31, 1855.
' SX£qSß,r^rTn ,^y "ar, <*2s
HAVE just received and opened their stock of merchandize for Fall and Winter sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assort met. t now
offered in Having paid great attention to the selection of their entire stock,
as to price and qoality, (hey flatlet themselves that they cay compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishiqg lp buy cheap, can save money by giving us a call. We have all
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, do bages, poplins, parametla cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin de luiuus, Persian chillis, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieve. Collar.-, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flotincings, bands and trimmings, laces and edging*, bonnet ribbons, in large vatiety, vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread ulnves, iriohuir mills, &c.,
All kinds ol SHAWLS, hroche, Bay Slate, Waiervilltf, bluck silk, cardimere, Embrpder
d, &c. Also a very large assorlmeirt of cloths, cassimers, satlinetts, veslings, tweeds
jeans, beaver cloths, coaling velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment Hals and Cups of latest fashions. VVe have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware. &c. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, flpnr, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats nigs, baskets, &c. Musfins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings. &c., in nbntidance. *
We invite our friends and the public generally In give us a call before purchasing el e
where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Cash Prices und w ill not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloornsburg, October 28, 1855.
SSatEtaaocci QDapcEsafFoasasEj <££: r^ip t
Fashionable Spring and Summer Clothing J
In the Exchange Block next to Swartz's Book Store. They have on hand a lame and
full assortment of °
of nil sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Pants
and Vests they have every color of the rainbow, some black, blue, grey striped
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, buff, casimere, tnarseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable cuts and colors ; Working Pants and boys clothing Also line while, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of gentle
man's dress goods ; Hats, Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and * \
They have Undersleves, Spencers, Collars, Rigalett*, Gloves, Milts, Ladies'a bead-bag
Handkerchiefs, &c., &e. Also Jewelry and Notions such bs Rings, Breast pin* Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, t'onmonies, Spectacles Knives
Razors and a well selectod assortment of Accordeous. '
HT Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house
Bloornsburg, May JBth 1854. S. DREIFUSS, & Co.
TNVITES attention to his stock of cheap and fashioriale vlothing at his storeou Market
street, two doors above the "American House," where ho has a full assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including ,
flox, sack, frock, giirin and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pantsof all colors shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancy articles. . . . m
N. 11. He will also make to order any article of clothing "at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, ar.d most of it is of homo manufac
ture. .
Bloornsburg, May lGtli 1854-<Sm.
A GENTS w anted to sell a NEW WORK,
entitled " Paganism. Popery ami Chris
tianity, or the BLESSING of an OPEN .BI
BLE," as shotvn in the History of Christian
ity, from the lime of our Saviour to the pres
ent day, by Vincent W. Miller. With a view
of the latest developments of Rome's Hostil
ity to the Bible, as exhibited tn various parts
of the world, and an expose of the absurdi
ties of the immaculate conception, and the
idolatrous veneration of the Virgin Mary, by
Rev. J. K. Berg, D. D.. author ol "The Jes
uits," "Church and State," &e. &c. The au
thor of this work, Dr. Berg, is acknowledged
to be the most able writer on Romanism in
the the country; those who have read his
discussions with Archbishop Hughes will
need no assurance ofthis fact..
Agents will find this the most able work
published; it is a large 12rno. volume, of
four hundred and thirty pages, illustrated
with numerous engravings, beautifully and
substantially bound, and sold at SI 25 per
Specimen copies sent by mail, post-paid,
to any part of the United States, on receipt of
the above price.
Send for a copy, ami judgejor yourselves.
Address J. VV. BRADLEY, Publisher,
48 North Fourth Street
May 24th, 1855.
A FEW more active and enterprising young
A*- men can find immediate employment by
which they can easily make S6OO to SIOOO a
year, to act as Agents for several new popu
lar works just published, exclusively for
Agents and not for sale in Bookstores.
We have a great number of Agents em
ployed, tnany of whom are making from 815
to S2O per week. Those wl;o wish to engage
in this pleasant, profitable business, will lor
particulars, requisites &c., address, post-paid:
Publishers and Wholesale Booksellers,
Sandusky City, Ohio.
Editors cf Newspapers, by giving the
above and following three insertions, and
calling attention to it. and sending a copy of
their paper containing it, will in return, re
ceive any three ol the following works, viz:
Lile ol Josephine, by Headly, SLI
" Lafayette, do li
" Napoleon, do lj
Wild Scenes of a Hunter's Life, li
Lives of Mary and Martha Washington, 1
Odd Fellows' Amulet, I
Any person wishing any ol the above bocks
can have them ser.l by mad tree of postage
on the receipt of the above retail price.
DERI* & Co
IN pursuance of, the last will and testament
of Joshua Webb, tho undersigned Execu
tor of the said estate will, on Saturday ihc
4lh day if Augtut next, at 1 o'clock in the
afternoon upon the premises, expose to pub
lic sale a tract of
Valuable Laud.
In Centre township Columbia county, laying
along the public highway leading Irom
Blomnsburg to Berwick, and lately the resi
dence ol Joshua Webb, adjoining lands of
Nathaniel L. Campbell, John J. Webb, M.
Baker and Levi and Philip Miller, contain
ing between 6 and 7 acres, ou which there
are a
Frame Dwelling House,
a blacksmith shop, a frame barn, a frame
stable and other outbuildings.
ALSO, immediately thereaf.er upon the
following premises, a tract of land adjoining
Garrison's limestone quarry, N. L. Camp
bell's limestone quarry, in Scott township
containing about Two nod a hall acres, on a
purl ol which there is au excellent
Limestone Quarry
now opened, and two lime kilns abreast and
in condition ready for uee: as slsu a lime
bouse. There is also on this tract a
Conditions will be made known ou the
day of sale by
Lime Ridge, May 15 1855.
ESSENCE OF COFFEE. For sale at the
cheap store of A. J. EVANS.
Dlootttsbttrcj, fJaT
MERCHANT. —Store on the South side of
Main Street, second square below Mar
£JLOTHING STORE, on Main street, two
doors above the 'American House."
£4 LOTH ING STOPE in [he 'Exchange
. Block,' opposite the Court houso.
A " JT mm.
MERCHANT.—Store on tho upper part
of Main street, nearly opposite the
Episcopal Church.
in si AN > m A u [NE a, VARE.—Wareroom
in Shive's Block, on Main Street.
, S'lop on South side of Main street be
low Market.
n°OKSELLER. Store in the Exchange
Hotel V ° l ' le E " vcha!! S e
X ttdnv w'EAVER. " ~
ATTORNEY AT LAW.—Office on the
a*, first floor of the "Star" Building, on
Mam street. '
mgson jho alley between the "Exchange
and "American House."
' | Ul LOR.—Shop or. theSoulh Side of Main
btreel, first square below Market.
MERCHANT.— Store North West corner
ot Alain an.l Market Streets.
GEON DENTIST.— Office near the
K3 Academy on Third Street.
IVI ERCHANTS,— Northeast corner of Main
and Market streets.
TINWARE &c—Establish
men! on Main street, next building i-.bove
he Conrt houte.'
CLOCK and WATCHMAKER, south side
of Main sireet, ahovu the Railroad.
Every kind ol disorder in jewelled or oth
er newly invented Escapements failhfull re
4 NY Justice of the Peace wishing to pur
"chaso a copy of l'urdon's Digest, can be
accommodated by applying at he this
offr e
jVIOIV runs anew omnibus between Blooms
burg and the Railroad Depot, which
will take passengers from and to any of the
residences of the town, or tjie American
House and Forks Hotel; and he will
also furnish conveyances to all travellers who
may wish to go into any part of the county.
The omnibus will leave Bloornsburg twice
daily at 104 o'clock A. M., and at 2 o'clock
P. M.
He has also a large livery stable connected
witli the omnibus ling, from which he can
accommodate the publio, with conveyances
for travelling, pleasure excursions or busi
Bloornsburg. April 24, 1855. ly.
IRON STEEL, tpid every kind of Hani
ware for sale by
I Most of the People having seen Sam,
Wh.ch in supposed tp mean the
A beautiful 12 mo. vol., fully illustrated
i containing on Authentic Narrative of the
' Kventful and Stirring Life of the Illustrious
Senator, Hero, Patriot and Statesman,
and now when ominous clouds of sectional
discords, and threatening* of Civil War on
our Western Frontier, come thick and fast— .
1 all eyea are turned to the Mjtn for the Times.
'lhe Second Old Hickory— Jackson's Friend,
the Hero of San Jacinto, 'l'he Conqueror uf
Sard i Anna. The First President of Texas.
The Future President of the United States.
"This book will win hint hosts of friends."
< —Louisville, Jour.
Evpry American should possess it"—
N. O. Express.
" Houston is a man of prominence at this
time. His name is 'in the mouths ol men.'"
—American Organ, D, C.
".A strange and adventurous life—beyond
that of most men."— N. O. Crescent.
■'lntensely interesting, and will be read
by millions."— Hingham (Hast) Journal.
•' !jo novel ever presented a more attrac
tive face. I ' Star Spangled Banner.
" He can rapture with his sword, or capti
vate with eloquence."— Troy Whig.
■' Thousands ol Ins friends will read it with
sr.iltusia *in.Chiislian Enquirer..
" it should be in trie hands nl every Amer
ican citizen."— Concord (JV. II ) Journal.
" In language such as will touch the heart,
the outline of Houston's career ."—Savannah
(Geo ) Jour.
'• It is a work of the most romantic, hero
ic interest,"— N. Y. Mirror.
* For executive action in peace or war. a
statesman a and soldier.'— Newbenyport Her
' His narao nnd history Americans will
love to cherish."— Bvff. Christ. Ado.
'•A record not unworthy a Presidential
candidate."— I'rov Past.
' A national mat, who has fought and bled
and lived for the American Uepubiie."-.Jmr
ican Patriot.
Would t ere were more like him among
our public men."— Gospel Banner.
'■ The work throughout is one of deep anil
thrilling interest.'— Christ. Freeman.
" Wa have read the work with islense In
terest."—Schenectady Reflector.
" Full ol anecdote, ailventura and thrilling
incident " — Chic. Budget.
'■An extremely interesting and graphic
memoir. ''-Boston Transcript.
•• Will engage the attention of the reader
from the opening to the close."— Rochester
'■ Destined to have a large sale, for Sara
is popular."— Hart. Repub.
' The champion of Jackson, respected, be-
Iriended anj beloved by him."— Buff. Repub.
" Will everywhere be read with inuclt in
terest, it is a copious and brilliant narrative."
—N. Y. Com Advertiser.
The above is but the key. note of many fa--
vorable notices, Irotn the leading papers of
the United States. Thousands of American
citizens are reading the book with delight.
Many tuore are wailing for an opportunity to
possess it. Price $1.85. And for sale by all
Single Copies sent by mail (post-paid,) on
receipt of price.
16,000 AGENTS WANTED, liberal terras
allowed address J. C. DERBY".
119 Nassau street New York.
June 5, '55.
to the Mysteries of Mormonisnt and the
"Spiritual Wile" system, as practised by
Brighton Y'otuig and his associates at Great
Sail Luke City. By a Mormon and his wife,
sec.eders from that singular sect. Beautifully
'This interesting work bids fair to ; run like
wildfire,' coining as it does at a time when
the peculiarities of the Mormon people, and
their defiant, attitude towards our government
are exciting such univer.-gl attention through
out the United States, The hook gives a full
and explicit exposition of the blasphemous
secret ceremonies of Mormonism, the authors
having been personally initiated into the Re
volting Mystery of the Spiritual Wife System
during their residence at Utah. The numer
ous illustrations give spirited representations
of the Mysterious Initiation Rites, of the Tem
ple, and other startling scenes, showing the
Grantl Turk, Bngham Y'oung, at home in his
H.trem—lhe whole forming a book that ought
to be earnestly read and reflected on by ev
ery family.
PHICE —illustrated with Key to Mysteries 25
cents. Illustrated and Initiating Scenes 37J
ote. Fully Do.—richly colored 50 els.
1,000- Agenls warned immediately, to cir
dilate this work throughout the length and
breadth of the land. Copies sent, post-paid 1 ,
upon receipt of prjtt;
Address AITIANNEY', Publisher
ol Maps Si Books, 195 Broadway, N. Y.
June 5, 'f>s.
X'o excuses for burning Cnmphinc,
Fluid, Candles, $-c. <fyc.
THE subscriber is now prepared to esll
County Rights forusing Bengoleor Atmospher
ic Gas. The above is one of the most beau
tiful as well as the CHEAPEST aitiflcial light
that has ever been offered to Iho public. It
is more brilliant and less than one half tho
cost of Coal Gas. It is perfectly HARMLESS,
no trouble w liatever, anil the Generator is
no larger than an ordinary Gas Meter.
For further information apply to Hoffman,
Leinau & Ogeleby, Gas Fitters, No. 13 South
Seventh Street, between Market and Cnest-.
nut, Philadelphia, where the Gas can be
seen in practical operation. County Rights
will be.sold at such rates as will enable any
person to make a handsome profit on their in
vestment. For lurther particulars respecting
•be Gas, or negotiation (or County Rights,
address post-paid. W. C. WITTERS,
Sole Agent for the State of Penna.
Or apply personally to him at No. 13 S.
Seventh St.. l'hilada.
June 7, 1855 —6t.
Orphans Court Sale!
IN pursuance of nn order of llto Orphans
Court of Moptonc county, on SATURDAY,
the Tth day of July next, at I o'clock in the
forenoon, J no. D. Rnnyan Adininistratorof
Win. Homlershol, laid of Madison township,
Columbia co., (lee'd, will expose to salo by
public vendue, upon tho premises, a certain
undivided one seventh part of
situate in Anthony twp., Montour county, nd
joining lands of David Cox, James McDo .7-
ell and John Crawford, containing about •
Five Acres
of unimproved laud, without any buildings
in use. Late the estate of said dee'd, situate
in the towusliip of Anthony, Moriiottr co
aforesaid. HIRAM A. CHILD?, '
Danville, June 5, 1855. Clerk
LsUtc f Oliver Helm, dee'd,
ATOTICE is hereby given to all persona in
debted to said estate to make payment
to the subscriber at the residence of the late
Oliver Helm, in Beaver lowuahip, Columbia
county, without daisy, and all persons hav
ing claims will present theni July authenti
cated for settlement.
HARRIET HELM, Administratrix
Buaver twp., May 25, 1855.

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