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us of this purely vegetable exlract lor t lie
removal and cure ol physical prostration,
genifttt debility. nervous afftctions, &c., &c.,
are thlly described in another column of this
paper, to which the reader is referred. $2
per bottle, 3 bottles lor $5; six bottles for
S8 ; #l6 per dozen. tyObriirve the marks
of the genuine.
Prepared only bv S. K. Cohen, No. 3 Frank
lin Row, Vine St., below Eighth Philadelphia
Pa., to whom all orders must be addressed. For
Sale by all the respectable Druggists and
Merchants throughout the coun'ry.
T. W. DYOTT A SONS, NO. 132 North 2nd
el., Philadelphia, Sale Agents Tor Pennsyl
1 beg leave to call the attention of the chi
ns ol lenneylvaniu to the above article,
manufactured by ntysell-exclusively, at tny
Factory in Schiedam, tn Holland, expressly
for medicinal purposes.
It is made from ilia best Barley that can be
selected in Europe and the essence of an ar
omatic Italian berry, of acknowledged and
extraordinary medicinal properties; and it
has long since acquired a higher reputation,
troth in Europe and America, than any other
allelic beveiuae. .
In Oravel, Gout, nml Rheumatism; in Ob
structions of the Bladder and Kidneys, and
Debility of the Urinary Functions, us. ef
fects are prompt, decided, and invariably re
liable. And it is not only a Itemed) lur these
maladies, but, in all cases in which lliuy are
produced by Drinking Had VVa'er, which is,
almost universally, tho cause of them, it op
erates us a bare Preventive.
The distressing effect upon the Stomach,
Bowels, and Bladder, to travelers, new resi
dents and all persona unaccustomed to litem
produced by the waters of nearly all our great
inland rivers like the Ohio, Mississippi, and
Alabama, from the large quantity of decay
ed ve 'etabie matter contained in tbetn, in a
elate ol solution, is well known ; as is also
that ol the waters of limestone regions, in
iiroituciii" Gravel, Calculi, and Stone in the
SCHNAPPS is an absolute corrective ol all
these iuiuiions properties of bail wa'er, and
consequently prevents the disease which
they occasion. !t is also found to be a cure
and preventive of Fever and Ague, a com
plaint caused by lite conjoint effects ol vege
table malaria in the atmosphere,and vegela
tie puHßsoenses in the Waters of those dis
tricts inVhich it principally prevails The
Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps is consequent
ly tn "real demand by persons travelling, or
about to settle in those parts of the country
especially; as well ashy many in every
community where it lias become known on
recount of its various other remedial proper
ties. , ...
More than three thousand physicians,
among whom are numbered the greatest
names belonging to the faculty of medicine
in this country, have certified, over their own
signatures, to the valuable medicinal proper
ties of such uu article, as the severest les's
have proved theScliiedam Aromatic Schnapps
to be, and have accepted it as a must desira
ble addition lo the materia medica.
Put up in quart anil pint bottlos, cnvolopsd
in yellow paper with my name on the bot
tle, cork and seal. For sale by all respecta
ble Druggists and Grocers.
18, 20, & 22 Beaver s'reet. N. Y.
25 South Front street, Philada.
I beg leave to call the attention of the pub
lic to lite following letters from physicians ;
" Laboratory, N. Y., May 2, 1855.
MR. I'PUOLPIIO U'Ol.FE— Dear Sir: I can
not speak loWghly ofihe purity of youi Schi
ejntn Schnapps. It is decidedly superior to
anything of the kind in market. It is per
ffectly free from the admixture ot fusil nil,
or of any of those arnylie compounds which
■lroduce such a mischievous and irreparable
•■fleet upon the constitution, and which very
lew samples of alcoholic distilled liquors are
•without—most otlhein largely impreg
nated with it. I have personally inspected
the various process of distillation practiced
at Schiedam, and know that unusual care is
taken lo separate the noxious eletnems
from ihe pure alcohol, ami your Schnapps iS
a striking proof of its success. As a medici
nal agent for chronic and renal affections, 1
have successfully prescribed it, and recom
mend it as an agreeable cordial and harm
less stimulant, and shall continue to do so ;
us well as to usd it as a source of pure alco
hol for cbeniical investigations and experi
ments. Yours obedient, ISAIAH DECK.
Consulting Analytical Chemist."
Dr. Charles A. Leas, Commissioner of
Health, Baltimore, writes as follows in rela
tion lo the value of Schnapps as a remedy
in chronic catarrhal complaints, fro. The
loiter is dated July 27, 1853:
" take great pleasure in bearing highly
creditable testimony to its efficacy as a rem
edial agent ill tho diseases for winch yon rec
ommend it. Having a natural tendency to
the mocous surfaces, with a slight degree of
stimulation, I regard it as one of the most
important remedies in chronic catarrhal af
fections, particularly those of the genilo uri
nary apparatus. With much ropsect, your
obedient servant, CHAHI.ES A. LEAS.
" TintAnEtPHiA, July 15, 1853.
•• Mr. Udolpho Wolfe, No, 2 Beaver St., N.
Y. Dear Sir : Last season the writer received
through your agent in this city, a bottle of
your Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps, and sinco
that period has prescribed the sumo in cor'.aiu
forms of urinory complaints, also in cases of
debility In aged persons. So the Schnap) s
has been of much benefit to those using- it
* * In conclusion, where a diuretic and
stimulant is required, I should use the Aio
malic tiehieduor Schnapps. hanking you for
your kindness, 1 am respectfully yours,
qg 180 South Eighth si.
The subjoined letter from Dr PAUSE, of
Manchester, N. H„ rolntes lo one of lira most
\aluuble medicinal properties potsossed by the
Aromatic Schnapps, sod shows that it acta as
a specific in a very painful disease—the Cirav
•'Mr. WoLTS : —Permit mo lo address you
a few lines, which you are at liberty to use if
you ibink proper, in respect lo your medicine,
called Schiedam Schnapps. I have had a very
oostinatc caso of gravel and stone, of some five
years standing, causing very acute pain in
cveiy attempt to urinate, After using many
remedies without much relief, I was induced to
try a hcltle of your medicine. In tho course
ofthrece days it proved effectual, dislodging
large pieces of stone, aomo of which were as
large as a marrowfat pea. X continued the cor
dial, according to directions, and the patient
continued lo gain, and ia fast recovering, I
lliiuk a medicine of so much value in so dis
(rming a complaint, should be known to tho
public, and the world it large. And I, for one
must gi-s it my ajprobalion and signature.
Tuns. PAIRS, M. D."
Free Dr. JOHN S. Untax, Chemist, Balli
ore, b d. Sept. 15. 18f2
•• A r mber o r our physicians are ordering
the at lc ,and several have already prescribed
it. A (enllcroan of my own personal acquaint
ance I • viug suffered greatly with an affection
of the kidnaya and bladder, took Iwo bottles,
and subsequently passed a stone of considera
ble siao, and was greatly retiovod. It will, no
doubt go into general use."
May 20, 1 55—3 in.
FANCY COODS, or every description and
variety, new alyleß, and Iresh irom New York
and Philadelphia, for anle at the cheap store
Genuine Iloncy Soap.
.. .. _ t riMIE PURITY, FRA
grance and mild
emollient properties of
this Soap, renders it es
.-Wrjyj*place on every toilet.
. for chapped hands,and
various diseases of the skin, it is unequalled.
Each cake is stamped WM. CONVVAY, 168
South Second Street, Philadelphia. No oth
er is Genuine.
Improved Chemical Ollvo Soap,
Warranted to wash in hard, soft, or salt Water
This soap has powerful cleansing proper
ties, which readily remove Oil, Paint, Dirt,
&0., ftom every description ol goods without
injury lo litem. For ull uomeslio purposes it
is superior lo any other Soap in use, and 20
per cent, cheaper than the common Rosin
Soup. Each bar is stamped
168 South Second Sheet, Philadelphia,
Manufacturer of Fancy und Staple Soaps,
Sperm, Sleariue and Tallow Candles, Impor
ter Si dealer in Sal Soda, Soda Ash,Rosin,&c.
Orders by nihil promptly attended to.
August 23, 1855.—3 m.
IVrOTICE is hereby given thai letters testa-
A* mentarjr or. the Estate of Elias McHen
ry,late of Fishingcreek township, Columbia
county, deceased, has been granted by Hie
Register ol said county lo Benjamin McHun
ry, also residing in Fisbingcroek township,
Col. county. All persdns having claims or
demands against the estate of said decedent,
are requested tu piesenl thorn to the Execu
tor without delay, arid all persons indebted
are requested lo tnake payment.
Fishingcreek tp., Col. Co., Aug. 16, '55.
I>y virtue of several writs of testatum vendi-
Utioni exponas from the District Court of
the city and county ol Philadelphia there will
be exposed to public sale at the Court House
in Bloomsburg uu Thursday, the Gtli day of
September next, at two o'clock P. M.,
All those six certain tracts of laud si'.unte
lit Beaver township, Col. county, bounded
and described as follows: No. 1. called
" BALBEC," beginning at a post, thence by
lands of Ja. McN-ml, north 12 degrees, west
three hundred and loriy-two perches to a
chestnut oak, thence by land of Wm. Gray,
and Win. Steed man, south seventy-eight de
grees wu.-t 179 perches to a post, 'hence by
lands of Jeremiah Jackson, south 12 degrees,
east 410 perches to a post, thence by lands oi
Richard Brook, north 78 degrees east, 73 per
ches to a dogwood, north 12 degrees west,
15 perches lo a post, uortti 78 degrees, east
82 perches to a black oak, thence by an old
survey, north 12 degrees, west 25 perches to
a hickory, and north 32 degrees, east 34 per
ches to (lis place of beginning, containing
fotlr hundred and >welve and one-half acres
and alloivatice'of six per cent, for roads Sir.,
an which are erected two log houses and
two sluhles, and about twenty five acres of
cleared laud. Another of them called "PAL
MYRA," hegiuqing at a post, thence by laud
oi Robert Gray, north 12 degrees, west 410
perches to a post, thence by land of Wm.
Sleedman, south 78 degrees, west 160 per
ches lo a post, thence by land of John Brady,
south 12 degrees, east 410 perches to a post,
a'nd ihet'co by land ol John Wild and Rich
aid Brook, north 78 degrees; east 166 perch
es to the place of beginning, containing four
hundred ami one acres and one quarter, and
allowuiice of six per cent, for roads, Sic.—
Aontberof them called "STONE HALL,"
beginning at a post, thence by land ol John
Brady, north 12 degrees, west 263 perches
lo a post, thence by land of Chas. Hull, south
78 degrees, west 271 perches to a chestnut,
thence by laud of Catharine LongenberSer,
south sixteen degrees and a quarter, cast 276
perches Jo a stone, and thence by lands el
Deboruh Stewart and Thomas Brooks, north
78 degrees, east 219 perches to the place of
beginning, containing lour hundred and thir
ty" eight acres and a half, and allowance of
six per cent, tor roads Sic., be the same more
or less, on which is erecltd a stone house,
and about half an acie of cleared land.—
There is ulso a vein of stone coal opened on
this tract—Another called " FARMERS' DE
LIGHT," hegiuning at a post, thence by laud
ofVVm. Sleedman, tiotlh 160 degrees and
three quarters, west 310 perches to a Spanish
oak, thence by land of Wm. Webb, south
74 degrees, west 162 perches to a black oak,
thence by laud of Thomas Say, south 16 de
gress, east 20 perches lo a chestnut, thence
by land of Chgs. Hall; south 8 degrees and a
half, east 362 perches hi a post, thence by
land of John jrady, north 78 degrees, east
130 perches to au ash, north 12 degrees, west
80 perches lo a white oak and north 78 de
grees, east 80 perches to the place of begin
ning, containing four hundred and eighteen
acres, and allowance of six per tent, for roads
Si c. —Another of llietn called "TROY," be
ginning at a post, thence by land of Jeremi
ah Jackson, north 12 degrees, west 410 per
ches to a poit, thence by land of W. P. Bra
dy, south 78 degrees, wosi 80 perches 10 a
white oak, south 12 degrees, east 80 perches
lo an ash, south 78 degrees, west 130 perche*
to a post, thenee by Und of Joint Reese, soutli
12 degrees, east 263 perches tp a post, ihence
by land ol Thomas Brook, north 78 degrees
east eighty perches to the place of beginning,
containing lour hundred and twenty-nine
aetes and a quarter, and allowance of six
per cent, (or roads Sic., and the o'.her of them
called "MAINE," beginning at a post,
thence by land ol Wm. P. Brady, north 8 de
grees and a half, west 362 perches to aches
nut tree, thenee by lands oi Thomas Say and
Jesse Budd, south seventy four degrees, west
one hniidreif and eighty eight perches to a
post, thence by landof Thomas Bellas, south
55 degrees, east 89 perches to a chestnut oak,
Ihence by the same and land of John Long
enberger, sooth otto hundred and eighty*
eight perches to a chestnut oak, thence by
laud of the said John Longeuberger, south
seventy six degrees and a quarter, west 124
perches to a post, south IS degrees and a
quarter, east 104 perches lo a chestnut tree,
and thence by laud of John Reese' north 78
degrees, cast 271 perches to the place of be
ginning, couteining three hundred and eighty
one acres and throe quarters, and allowance
of six percent, for roads &c.
Seized taken in execution and to bo sold
us the properly cf Jacob Loose.
Condit ions. —Cash.
Bloomsburg,July 26, 1855. }
Traverse Jurors for Sept. Term 1855.
Briarcreck— Henry Deiterioh, Andrew Fow
ler, Jottn Freas, John Yost.
Bl.wm —Jacob Dieffciibach, Mahlon Ham
lin, Cbarles Kahler.
Beaver —John Hentiingor.
Caltawissa— -George Breisoh, David Ritter.
Centre— Levi A. Hutchinson.
Franklin— George Schick, Daniel Zarr.
Fishingcreek —Albert Am merman, Jacob
Stocker, Abraham Robbins, Philip Applemuu.
Greenwood— Win. lioal, Peter Giriou, Jos.
E. Sands.
Hemlock— Baltis Girton, Cornelius Vanhorn.
Jackson —Hirurn Baker.
Main —Henry llartzell.
Madison —Jacob Manning.
Mifflin —Thomas Hess.
Mounlptcasant —Matthias Kindt.
Oraime— Jeremiah Hess, George Hotmail,
Henry Eyer, George Appleman.
Pine —lra Sanders. John Cornclison, John
Roaringcrcck— Elijah Yocum.
Scott —David Wittnire.
Bloomsburg, Jaly 12, 1855.
No womnn of delicacy In willing to H*cloao the pern
liar ailment* Incident to her sux, ivuu to a most intinuito
bunily phyaioluu.
'J'lilrt taodcaty and delicacy is implanted by nature,
and neither slmnhl nor need ho eiibjoc.ted to tlio rude
shock.-. imn UuHu in mokiuK known to tho other
tlio*® ttllmcuta helongiiw exclusively to tho female.
Kxoept in extreme case*, iter Rcnsltlvenesa will sactf
flee iter health rather than her delicacy.
Tho coiinuquoiicc* are serious, luincntuhlo, and lifo
Thtto what at first could havo heon anally remedied,
or perhnn* letter *llll, nut Incurred, beoomcs a compli
cation of disease*, not only ruining the health of tl.o
mother, and embittering her flay* bv sU-kitt** and suf
fering, but entailing broken constitutions U|>on ber
children, und cmbarrnßHlug, if not (llstrosflut/, tho bind
tie** and pecuniary proapccu} of tho husband. Let every
*OIIHI bio woinuu
(a* thousand* have done) by tho bitter experience und
Hurterii.i H of other*, of the dreadful con**out nee* *lio
entail* U|H>II horrvlf and those entUaivd to ber, by her
iyuorancc of the simplest ami plainest rule* oi health **
connected with tho inurriago state, the violation of
which entail* disease, suft'crltiK, and inl*cry.
How many are nurturing from obstructions or Irregu
larities peculiar to the female system, which undermine
the health, the effect* of which they are ignorant, and
for which their delicacy forbid* seeking medical ad
vice i How tunny Miller from j>r ilni'Mtm uteri (falling a of
tho woinh). or fro! njluur ulhus (weakness, debility, fcc.)l
llow many nro in cuUHtunt acuity for tntuiy month* pre
ceding confinement I • How many have difficult, If not
dangerous dellvories, and slow and uncertain r . u\erie*l
To (lie qucstir n, liow are these lo bo prevented f what
shall l)o done ? the answer i* simple.
Ix-'t every woman ascertain for herself, without vh>-
lenco to her dilionoy, tlio nature and I arae.tor of tiio
ailment (to which she aa u feinulu i* subject), the cause*
from which It may arise, and tho projar remedies fur
it* cure and future prevention.
This idie can do by • *injf a little v dume (already
pnaaemktd by thous mdsL WHICH TF.LLS E WHY
TELLE HEN WHA T TO DO t'Oii IT, In simple
tut ehnsto words, and *uch as ho can uuduriituud.
T Tld* little volume i* entitled
One Hundredth Edition (500,009) 13 mO., j'p. Z'/O.
A standard work of c*tahll*hi'd repuliition, found
elarsed In the (.'atalocue* of tho tcruat Trade HHICH in
Now York, I'ltlladelphlH, antl oilier citie*. and by
♦lie prtnelpaLht kr.flen in tie ITnited tstate*. It wr*
firet jiuiuisht J in 1>47, sinuo wide li time
have been sold, of which there were upward* of
attesting the hk h estimation In which it la held a* THE
ONL Y RELIABLE, popular medical
the author havlnor devoted, and still dovotea, id* exclu
sive attention to the treatment of complaint* )>e<mllnr to
female-, in rorpct to which he i* yearly conauhod by
, thousjuul*, lmtli in per .-on and by letter.
Hero every woman can discover, by comparing her
own symptom* with tho.-edoacribed, thonatur* 1 , charac
ter, cause* of. and tho proper remedies for her com
The wife about becoming a mother hn* often need of
Instruction ami advice of tho utmost importance to her
future betdth, will And Mich instruction and advice, and
also explain many symptoms which ot[iei\\ifo would
occasion anxiety or alarm, n* all the peculiarities inci
dent to her hituation are dcscrilcd.
It I* of •our*o iiupmcticuhle t > convey fully thoviv
rlons Hubjeot* treated of, OH tliey are of a nature strictly
intended tr the married or thorn? entt mar
ritige. Tho rcvclatinns contained in it* ]NU;M have,
proved n l)le*alm( to thousands, a* tho innumerable let
ter* received by the author (which he 1* permitted by
the writer* to publish) will attest.
Extract nf u U: tier from a gentleman in Dayton, Ohio.
DAYTON, May 1,1847.
Dr A M M.tt' ieeau:
* My v. ife ha* Iwert perceptibly sinking for some three
years or more, in coni>e<|uonco of her Kn-nt anguish ami
MI tiering some months before and durinir coiuineiucnt;
every niece ivo one more ami more debilitated ami
prostrated her, puttitu: her life in imminent danger, ami
wldch was on Uio last occasion dertiKdred of. I MippoMcd
tlmt this state of things waa inevitable, and resigned
myself lo meet the woVst. At this tiiuu (now about two
montlis), I lioard your look highly sjKiken of, o* con
taining some matters roncldng my ease. On ita receipt
und perusal, I cannot express to you the relief it aflbrd. d
my distressed ntlml, ami the Joy ii* puge* Imparted to
my wife, on learning that the great discovery of M. M:
, Desoiiu styx provided a remedy. It opened a prusiier.t
to mo which I little conceived was possible. No |ecu-
I nlnry catUHidcnitiun can ever repay the obligation* 1 am
i under to you, for having lcen tie mcaii*of imparting to
ft* the mutter* roiitalned in "Tl.e Married NVoman s
l'rlvate Medieal Companion." Hut for this, cio HHOIIUT
year would havo parsed over my head, in oil human
probability my who wo rtd liavc lasuu in her grave and
my children left motherless."
In consequence of tho universal popularity of tho
work, a* evidenced by it* extraordinary sale, various im
position* have been attempted, HS &ULL on book, cllera a*
oil the j' lblic, by itnltalion* of title puge, apurloiw tdk
tion*, and surreptitious infringement* of copyright, uml
other devlctr at d deceptions, übaalrccn foundnrcoosary
to buy no ltook nnlesa tl.o words 44 Dr. A.M. MAURI-
Cbau I'JO Liberty Street, N. Y.," i* on (nid the entry in
tho Clerk's Ofllcu on the back of) the title page; and
buy only of rc*{>ectahlo ami iiouorable dealci*, or send by
mail, and address to Dr. A. M. Mauriccau.
*r Upon receipt of Ono Dollar 44 THE MARRIED
■cut ( nuiil&l fre>) to any part of the United States, tl;e
Coiuv and Britiah Provinces. All Letters matt be
poet-Tini.t, and addressed to Dr. A. M. MAURICEAU,
box 1221, Now-York City. PublixLiUi; CTlicc, No. 123
Ctrcct, New-York.
Agents in Pennsylvania.
T. B. Peterson, J. M. Moss & Bro , and T.
Ctnvpeitbait, Philadelphia—Mrs. Cynthia
Williams, llonesdalt:—Wentz Si Stark, Car
bondale—EJ. Flint, Williamsport—S. Tuck,
VVilkesbarre—S. Leader, Hanover—B. Hall,
Pibston—J. S. Nickson and A. K. MeClure,
(iliainbersburg—E. Benner, Sumneytown—
Joseph Swartz, Bloomsburg—G. W. Earle,
Waynesboro—J. H. Cornelius, New Berlin—
G. 1). Main, Muinsbnrg—Putter & McMann,
Beilioirte—H. A. Lance, Reading.
July 26, 1855.—6 m.
Trial List for September Tfrrn 1855.
1. Bartholomew Huber, vs. Peter Biilmyer
et. at.
2. Samuel Rosell vs. George Dodson.
3. Daniel Shultz Ex's. Vs. Dauiel R. ShulU
el. al.
4. Adam Kline et. al vs. C. F. Mann et. al.
5. Peter Melick's Com. vs. S. F. Headle et.
6. Daniel Hower vs. Jonas Berninger.
7. Joseph ijharplcss us. Jamison Harvey.
8. A. B. Hilliard vs. Daniel Sponenbergor.
9. Enoch Howell vs. Isaiah shuman.
10° Johnathan J. Hogeland vs. Israel Ashtou.
11. Susannah Hall vs. Archibald Henry.
12. William Edgar et. al. vs. Alexander Ed
13. John Donnelly 01. al. vs. John Smith.
-14. Wm. B. Peterinan vs. George Painter
et. al. '
JB. John L. Flick vs. Samuel Brugler.
16. Joseph Hampton vs. Samuel Henty.
17. Rev. Isaiah Baitl vs. John Workheiser.
IS. Hugh Thompson vs. Augustus B. Pearce
et. ui.
19. Wm. M'Keivy et. al. vs. Jonathan Mos
20. A. B. Pearce vs. Hugh Thompson.
21 Wm. M'Keivy et. al. vs Jonathan Mostel-
Grnurl .1 unit's i'ur Xt ftlvtsi
• ber Term 1855.
Benton —Benjamin Brink. •
llriarcrcck —Wm. Adams, Gilbert Fowler.
Bloom— Augustus Mason.
Centre —Solomon Neyhard.
Fishingcreek —William Evans.
Grceincuod —Samuel Bogart.
Hemlock —Hugh Mcßride, Jno If. Faust.
Jackson —'Daniel Poust, Joint Heath, Jos.
Butt, Ebetiezer Keeler.
Locust. —Geo. Marks. William Roth.
ModGon —l'eler Wolf, John Eves.
Mfflin —Leonard Kirkendall, Samuel llart
Ml. Pkasant —John Jones, Benj. Kistler.
Orange —D. 11. Kline, Thomas Mcilenry.
Sugarloaf- —George Sledmnu.
Bloomsburg, July 12, 1855.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of
administration upon the estate of Jacob
Rohrbach, late of Franklin township, Col.
county, deceased, have been granled to the
undersigned residing in Sunbury, Northum
berland county. All persons indebted to the
estata are requested to make payment with
out delay, and those having uccounts lo pre.-
ten them for settlement lo
t Bloomsburg July 26, 1855.—6 m.
The New-York Weekly Tiroes.
The Cheapest Newspaper in the United Slates.
Single Copies 81--10 copies 80--25 do. 820
The "Now-York Weekly Times" is known
throughout tho United Slates as one of the
nio6t interesting ami valuable nowspapers in
the country. For the. sake of extending its
influence still more widely, the Proprietors
have determined upon a very great reduction
in its subscription price.
The " Weekly Times" is elegantly print
ed upon a rprarto sheet, each number con
taining eight pages, or forty-eight columns—
devoted entirely to reading matter. It will
give all the News of die Day; Correspond
ence I rum ali parts of Europe and the United
Slates; Literary Miscellany, original and se
lected ; Agricultural, Commercial, Financial,
Legislative and Miscellaneous Reports ; Edi
torials, News Items, &itr, &0., Sic. Special
attention will be given to Agricultural Intel
ligence, including Reports of the Grain and
the Cattle Markets:—in this department the
'Weekly Times' will not ho surpassed by any
New York paper.
lis European Correspondence is unequaled
for ability and interest by that of any journal
' in the United Slates. Governor KOSSUTH is
a regular Correspondent, und among its con
tributors art) some of the most distinguished
writers of the day. The "DICK TINTO" let
ters, from I'uris, huvo obtained a wiJe repu
taliou, arid are universally popular.
The "Weekly Times" is independent of
political parlies—the advocate ol Education,
Temperance, Christian Morality and Repub
lican Freedom—moderate in its lone, couser
vartivo in its tendency, and devoted to the el
evation and improvement of tint great mass
of tt.e people. It is edited by HENRY .1. RAY
MOND, assisted by able writers in every de
pariiuent. From arid after the Ist day ol Sep
tember neV, the " Weekly Times" will be
sent to subscribers by Mail or Express at the
following rates per annum.
1 copy for sl.
10 " " Sit, or £0 cents each.
25 " " 820 or SO " "
Each package must he in every case be
sent to one address. Any Postmaster, clerk or
other person who may send us TEN or more
subscribers on the abovo terms, and who will
receive lire package for distribution among
tne subscribers, shall receive an cxtru ar/nj.
Postage on the 'Weekly Times' is;
To Canada, payable in advance 20 cents a
Within the State 13 cents a year.
Within the United Stales £6 " "
The DAIL\ IIAIKS (Morning or Evening
Edition as may be desired) is sen! to sub
scribers by mail to any part of the United
Stales for £'(i a year.
The SEMI-WEEKLY TIMES, published
twice a week, and containing very nearly all
the reading inaUor of the Daily, printed upon
a handsome quarto sheet, is sent to subscri
bers for S3 a year. Two Copies for Five Col
Payment in all oases is required invariably
in advance; ami no papers will ever be sout
un'H the receipt of the money.
Country Newspapers thai may copy this
prospectus, with an editorial reference direct-
I ing attention to it, and send a copy marked to
this office, may receive tho 'Semi-Wepkly
Times' in exchange for one year. Four Dol
lars required Irorn weekly journals for ex
change with the Daily.
All Letters enclosing money, or on busi
ness of any kind with theoliico, to be adress*
ed to the Publishers,
No. 138 Nassau si., New York.
NOTICE is hureby given to all legatees,
creditors and other persons interested in the
estates of tho respective dutfti'.enis and mi
nors that the following administration ac
counts have been filed in the .office of the
Eegifer of the county of Columbia, and will
be presented tor confirmation and allowance
lo lire Orphans court, to ho hold at Blooms
burg, in arid for the county aforesaid, on
Wednesday, the sth day of September next,
ai 2 o'clock, P. M.
1. Tho account of John M'Cormick, Trus
tee tc sell real estate of Daniel Catr, fate of
township, deceased.
2. The account of Daniel Carr, Adminis
trator of Archibald Carr, late of Madison twp.
3. 11rs account of Samuel John, adminis
trator of Wm. Camp, late of Locust town
ship, deceased.
4. 'The account of Ann Harris, administra
trix of Jeremiah Harris, late of Bricrcreek
township, deceased.
5. The account of John Rhodes, late guar
dian ol Joseph Rhodes, filed by 11. K. Rhodes
fk J. C. Rhodes, executors of John Rhodes,
6. The account of Samuel Rhone, noting
executor of-Malthias Rhone, late of Beutoii
township, deceased.
7. The account of Jacob Ogden, adminis
trator of the estate ol Elijah floss, late o!
Benton tw p. dae'd.
8. Tho account of C. G. Brobst, guardian
of Daniel & Thomas Finchor, minor children
of Wm. M. Fincher, dee'd.
9. The 2d account of John Reichard, ex
ecutor ol Michael Whitenigbt, sen'r. lute of
Hemlock twp. deceased
10. The the account of Thomas Strawbridge,
executor of Christiana Montgomery,* late of
township, dee'd.
11. Tho account ol John H. Ilettlor, admin
istrator ol Frances Kohl, late of Mifflin twp.
12. Tho account of Elisha W. M. Lowe &
Henry C. Freas, administrators of Maria
Lowe, lata of Centre twp , dee'd.
13. The account of K. Wadsworlh, execu
tor ol Jacob Good, late of Fishingcreek twp.
14. The account of Andrew Guffy & John
Cahhvell, executors of Martha Caldwell, late
of Derry totrnship, dee'd.
15 Tho account of James N. & Richard B.
Jones, executors of Benj Jones, late of Fish
irigcreek twp., dee'd.
10. The final account of Lloyd Thomas &
Solomon Strawsor, administrators of Peter
Strawser, late of Locust township, dee'd.
17. The account of Jacob Hess, guardian of
Maiihla Stiles, a minor child of John Stiles,
late of Briercruek twp., dee'd.
18. Tho account ok Jacob Hess, guardian of
Em ma Stiles, a minor child of John Stiles,
late ol Briercreek township, deceased.
19. The account of Jacob Hons, guardian of
Jane Stiles, a minor child of John Stiles,
late ol Briercreek twp. dae'd.
20. The account of Jacob Hess, guardian ol
Mary Alice Stiles, a minor child of John
Stilus, late of Briercreek township, dee'd.
21. The accouul of Jacob Hess, guardian of
John llass,,a minor child of Abraham floss,
lute of Centre twp., dee'd.
22. The account of Jacob Hess, guardian of
Wilson Hess, n miuor child of Abraham
Hess, late of Centre township, deceased.
23. Tho first and final account ol Jesse K.
Sharpies*, exectuor of Ira Fox, late of Calta
wissa township, oec'd.
24. The account of Moore Achenbach, ad
ministrator ol Peter Achenbach, late of Or
ange township, dee'd.
25. The account of Lowis Yetter, adminis
trator ol Jacob U. Hower, late of Locust twp.
26. The account of Jacob R. Hower, admin
istrator ot Margaret Shearman, lato of Bea
ver township, dee'd, filed by Low is Yetter,
administrator of Jacob 11. llower, dee'd.
27. Tho account of Lewis Yetter, adminis
trator ol John K. Weaver, lute of Frattklin
township doceasoJ.
Mlooiwiburg, July 31, '55)
HAVE jnstleceived and opened their stock of merchandize for Fall nnil 'Winter sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortment now
offered in this'TOWN! Having paid great attention to the selection of their entire stock,
as to price and quality, they flatloi themselves that they can compote with the cheapest,
anil all those wishing to buy cheap, can save money bv giving us a call. Wo havo all
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very largo lot of
French merinocs, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de hages, poplins, parameita cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin do laines, Persian clolliß, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs.
Bouncings, bands anJ trimmings, laces and edgings, bonnet ribbons, in.large variety, vel
vel ribbons, and bruirls, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, mohair mitts, &c.,
All kinds of SHAWLS, brouho, Bay State, Waterville, black silk, cashmere, Ernbroder
d, &c. Also n very large assortment of cloths, cassirnors, sallmeUs, vesting*, tweeds;
jeans, heaver cloths, coating velvet, ice.
Wo have a large assortment ol Hats and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, &o. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, Sic. Muslins lianuels, tickings, diapers, towelinge,
drillings. &c., in abundance.
Wo invito our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing else
where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
an yhtdy. or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
Fashionable Spring and Summer Clothing !
In tire Exchange Block next lo Swartz's Book Store. They havo on hand a lame and
lull, assortment of
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Pants
and Vests they have every color ol the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey, striped
anil fancy; Vests of satin, silk, tiufl, casimero, marseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable cuts and colors ; Working Pants and boys clothing. Also fine while, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of guntle
mun's dress goods ; Hats.. Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and
They havo Undersleves, Spencers, Collars, Rigalelts, Gloves, Mitts, Ladies'a bead-bag
Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry and Notions, such as Rings, Breast pins, Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Portmonies, Spectacles, Knives
Razors and a well selected assortment of Aceordeons.
CP* Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house.
Bloomsburg, May 18th 1854. S. DREIFUSS, & Co.
JI NVITES attention to his stock of cheap und fashionale clothing st his store on Market
■*- street, two doors abovo the "American House," where he has n full assortmeul of men
and hoy's wearing apparel, including
{|ox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts und sizes, pantsof all colors,shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, cqllars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
anil fancy articles.
N. B. ' He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and most of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, May 16th 1851-3 m.
S 00,000 COB*li$!
Steamboat Disasters on the Ji'cstern
Waters, and Steamboat Directory.
fMHI! undersigned huve now in courso of
J. \> reparation a new Steamboat Directory,
w I)tcli will be issued in Octobor next, the
book will contain over two hundred page*, il
lustrated in the Lost style, and neatly bound
i in a durable manner. It will be one of the
1 most interesting books ever published, ond
I will be a book that will be interesting to nil
J classes of people. The Steamboat Directory
will contain a complete list and description oi
oil the Ste imboats now afloat m the Western
i and Southern waters. The length, model,
j speed, power and tonnage of each boat, v/hcrc
| and by whom built, the namn of the boat,
with the trade she has in. Also, the names
jof Captains and ©dicers, her age, &c. The
i Directory will contain n History of &teamt*oats
and Steamhoating on the Western waters,
i since the application of steam; nltto, A sketch
of the brst boat built for the Ohio River, with
the name of the builder, commander and own
The River Directory will contain a list and
description of all the Steamboat Disasters
that have occurred on the Western and fcJouth*
crn waters, beautifully illustrated, with a list
of all those who have perished by their burn
ing, sinking ond exploding, on the western
and southern waters. The Directory will
contain Maps of the Ohio, Mississippi, Mis
souri, Illinois, Arkansas, White, Red, Ouachita.
Yazoo, and other rivets* with the towns and
cities laid down, with correct distances; also,
many other River and Commercial items of
iutcres' to the people at large. Tho book will
contain the cards of tho various IT. S. Mail
lloats, with the trade they are in, &c. The
Directory will w\no contain a complete list of'
all the responsible StoumboU License I Ofli- i
i crn, their places of residence, &c. 6LC., the
! new steamboat law its lequireruei ta, with
' comments, showing wherein it benefits tho in
' competent ofllcer, and injures the competent j
• ■ >jr. 6iC. Si c., ond all the important U. 8.
• p'crno Court steamboat decisions up to
tho Rates and important Commercial
tleges, Dills of Ludiug, important decis
. of the various U. S. Courts in regard to
1 .eights Lost and Damaged, &c* &c., with
many other things of interest.
The Directory will be illustrated in the best
style, and printed in tho beat manner. The
author has for six years been gathering
together all tho facts and items in regard to the
numerous steamboat disasters on 'he Western
ond Southern waters, and now intends pub
lishing them in book form. Tho price of the
work will bo put at tho low sum of One Dollar.
Ten thousand copies will bo issued for the
bcutmer.; all others desirous of subscribing
will havo to do so at once* us none will bo
printed unless ordered in advance* This work
is dcsliuod to have a circulation of over eight
thousand copies, as the publishers are receiv
ing largo numbers of subscribers, per mail,
from all parts of the country, daily. Some of
tho oldest boatmen, us well as most scientific
men of the times, aro contributors to the
Steamboat Directory.
Ihe Directory will bo issued in October,
and will he an ornament to tho parlor as well
as ilea si boat. Dy remitting One D<diar, post
paid, you will receive a copy of tho above
All communications end letters should be
uddrcssed to JAS. 'J'. LLOYD * CO.
Post Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
July 12, 1855.
List of Letters
REMAINING in the Post Office at Blooma
burg, Pa., August 15th, 1855.
Davis William Rogers James
Dawson Hannah Sburkley Chs. C
Fouat \Vm. L. Thirston Sarah 51
Fonat Hannah J. Tinzley Lewis
Harden Win. WilTeox Abram E
Hanes J. M. YVykofl Sarah *
Kistler Philip Weiss Ph^ o6
Linsley John Henry
Malaney Sarah Williams John
Malcom Andrew Young David F
Man* L. M. F.vans Olivur Ship
Oaks He'.'.iy Hughes David do
I'tice Mary A.
Persons catling lor the above Letters, will
please say they are advertised.
August Hi, 185?,
T?Y virtue of sundry writs of venditioni ex
ponas there will be exposed to public
sale nt the Court House in Bloomsburg, on
MONDAY the 3d day of September next,
at 1 o'clock in the altsrtioon the following
real estate to wit:
All thai certain lot of ground situate in
Hemlock fvp., Columbia county, bounded
and described as follows: On the north east
by the main road loading from Bloomsburg
to Jeraeytown, on the south cast by lot of
John Pensh, on the south west by lands of
John Mcßeyoolds, and on the north west by
lot of Daniel Nowhard,containing one fourth
of an acre be the same more or less, where
on are erected a two story frame dwelling
house, a frame shop, and a frame stable,
with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution as the property
of Houry Fuus and William Faus.
At the same time and place all that certain
tract of land, situate in Briarcreek township,
Columbia County, containing fifty arces, v je
the same more or less, bounded as folic, g
lo wit: On the east by lands of David Sb offer
on the south by lands of Wm. Erwi>, 4 on
the west by lands of Henry Doitrick, o n t| le
north by lands of John Kisner aru l , Henry
Shaffer, whereon are erected a o'ae a half
story brick house, a frame bar)',, 4 nd a saw
mill, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution as -.(je property
of Samuel Itinehard.
* Also,
Al tho same lime and ple .ee all that certain
| tract or lot of land situr.te in Hemlock town
■ ship, Columbia county bounded and de
scribed as follows to wit: On the north by
lands of Zobolon Bobbins, on the east by
lands of David Wagner, on the south by
' lands of Zobulon I'.obbins, and on the west
I by lands of Michael Hawk, containing twen
ty eight acres, I,h die same more or less, all
of which is cleared land, whereon are erect
ed a one and. a half story dwelling house,
and a bank barn, with the appurtenances.
Seized, laked in execution us the proper
ty ol Ja'job Girion.
Cow',Horns of sale. —Ten per cont of die pur
chase money 10 be paid when the properly
is struck down, and lliu balance on the fol
lowing Wednesday uonn.
Bloomsburg, July 25, 1855. j
NOTICE is hereby given that the
several Courts of Cornmotn Pleas, Gen
eral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and
Orphans' Court, Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Jail Delivery, in and for
the County of Columbia, to commence at
the Court House in lHoomsburg, on
Monday, the 3d day of September next,
to continue one week
The Coroner, Justices of the Peace &
Constables, in and for the county of Co
lumbia.are requested to be then and there
in their proper persons, with their roils,
records, inquisitions, and remem
brances. to do those thing's to their sov
eral offices nppertain'.,,g 0 be done.
And all prosecuting in bohall
of the Common -.foalih against any prisi
oner, are tils;, requested and commanded
to be th;. n an ,| there attending in their pro-
PI", persons to prosecute against him, as
shall bo just-wind not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors are request
ed to be punctual in their attendance, ut
the timo appointed agrccablo to their no
Given under ray hand at Uloomsburg the
12th Jay of April, in tho year f our
Lord one thousand cigni hundred and
fifty five, and the Independence of the
United States of America tho 77th.
(God save the Couimonweultli.)
| Lei un Reason Together.
Il lins been ihe lot of the hunmri race lo I>it
; weighed down by disease and suAeiing. Hoi
, lowny's Pills aro specially adapted to the relief
! of ilia Weak, the Nervous, the Delicate, and
j the Infirm, of all citmes, ages, sejtoa, and con
j stitutinna. Prnfossor llollavray personally au
| perinieuda the vauufaclitrc of his medicine* in
the United States, and ofl'ura them 'o a free and
enlightened people, a* the heat remedy tlie World
ever sa v for the removal of disease.
These Pills Purify the Blood.
These famous l'ills ore expressly cnmhipeJ to
operate on the stomach, the liver, the kidneys,
the lungs, the tkin, and the bowels, correcting
any derangement in their functions, purifying
tho blood, the very fountain ot life, and thus ea
ling disease in all its forinr.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints.
Nearly half the human race have taken therfQ
Pills. It has hcon proved in all parts of the
world, that nothing has been found erjoat to
tliem in cases of disorders of the liver, dyspep
sia, and stomach complaints generally. The*
soon give a healthy lone to these organs, how
ever much deranged, an d whan all other iircona
have failed.
General Debility. If. Health.
Many of the most despotiu Governments
have opened their Custom Houses to the intro
duction of these Pills, that they may become
the medicina of the masses. Learned Colleges
admit that this medicine is the liest remedy e>-
m known for persons of delicate health, or where
tho system hus been impuiied. as its invigora
ting proportios never fail to afford relief
Female Complaints.
No Kcmalo, young or old, ehoulJ be without
this celebrated medicine, ft is correct and reg
ulates the monthly courses at all periods, acting
in many esses like a chaim. It is also tho best
and safest medicine that can he given lo chil
dren of all ages, and for any complaint: conse
quently no family shoulu be without it.
Hollowaifs Pills are the best remedy
known Jin the world for the following
Asthma Diarrhma *
Bowel Complaints Dropsy
Coughs Debility
Cold* Fever and Ague
Chest Diseases Female Complaints
Custireness Headache
Dyspepsia Indigestion
Influenza Inflammation
Inward Weakness Liver Complaints
Lowness of Spirits Piles
Stone anil Gravel Secondary Sytr 4 p[ ona
Venereal Affections Worms, o£ all kind
Sold al the Manufactories of F'rof. iloiAo
way, 80 Maiden Lane, New-York, nm | 244
Strati J, London, and by ah re sp ec i a b| e p) rug .
gists and Dealers of Medline* throughout
the United Stales, and tha civilized world, in
boxes, at 25 cents, 624 trenta, and 81 each.
,Df 1 ' iero ' 8 a cotisi JeraJalo saving hy ta
king the larger size, 0
N. B. Directions for tUe guidance ol pa
tients tit every disorder are affixed to each
Philad'a. find Reading K. R.
—-Z The Great N'jrlhertl and Wosletn U. S.
Mail Routes.
Speed inr.re astul and fare reduced.
Schuylk.dl, CaUawissa, Sunbury and
Erie, Williatrjspon and Eltnira Railroad.
Through t 0 Buffalo, in 16 hours.
" Niagara Falls, ' 16 "
" Detroit, ' 24 "
" Chicago, ' 34 "
" St. Louis, ' 43 • P.
IV" Ticket Office—N. \V.corner §ixth and
Lhes.mut streets, and Philadelphia and Rcad
•i"'B R. R. Depot, cottier of Broad and Ninth
On and after Monday, May 7th, Thru 9 Pas
senger Trains will leave the Philadelphia and
Reading Railroad Depot, corner of Croadatnl
Vine streets, daily, (Sunday's ezcejfted,) aa
Stopping at Pbtunixville Reading only.
Connecting with the Cattawissa, Williams
port, and Erie, and Williamsport and Elmira
Railroad; arriving al Klmira at 4 o'clock P.
M., contiecting with New York and Erie
and Buffalo; and from thence, via. Steamers
on Lake Erie, or on Lake Shore Railroad, to
Cleveland, Toledo, Monroe, Sandusky and
Delrbii. Also, with Elmira, Canandaigua
with New York Central Railroad, East and
IVeii, and at Suspension Bridge with the
! Great Western and Michigan Central Railroad
| for Detroit, Chicago,.sl. Louis, and all points
in Canada and Western Stales.
Only one change ot Baggage between Phil
adelnbia and Canada or the Lakes.
DAY EXPRESS—Breakfast al Port Clin
ton and Dinner at Williamsport.
NIGHT EXPRESS—Tea at Port Clinton.
Passengers purchasing Tickets by this Liue
have the privilege of slopping at any of thp
above points, and resuming their seats at
Fare from Philadelphia to , ...
Tamaqua, - - - - 82 95
Cattawissa, .... 4 35
Rupert, .... 4 40
Danville, '• 4 60
Milton, . . . . 5 15
Williamsport, .... 5 90
Elmira, - • * • . 7 00
Jeflerson, • 7 65
Siarkey, .... 7 95
Ponn Van, .... 8 00
Gorhain, .... 3 00
Geneva via. Gorham, . 8 00
" Steamer J. Arndr, . . 8 00
Canandaigua, • 8 00
Honeoye Fulls, - . ... 8 50
Caledonia, - . 8 8C
Lo Roy, .... g
Batavia, . , . . 9 Op
Rochester, . . . . 860
Buffalo, vi.;. N Y. and E., and Buffalo
and Iv. Y. City, - • 10
P"(!alo, via. Tonawanda, 10
Niagara Falls, via. Elmira, Canandai
gua k Niagara Falls 11. 11. - 10
" " via. Buffalo, 10 00
Suspension Bridge, - - - 10 00
Cleveland, - - - tl 70
Toledo, 14 75
Cincinnati, .... 16 OO
Detroit, via. Rail, - - - - 16 00
" Buff. & Lake, - - 16 00
Cbioago, via. Great Western & Mich- .
igan Central 11. R. 20 00"
Chicago, via. Buffalo and Lake Shore
Mich. Southern R. U., - - 20 00
Chicago, via. Buff., Lake and Mich.
Central It. R. • • . - 20 00'
Rock Island, • 25 OO
E. T. ttCBBF.LL,
Ticket and Freight Agent,
N. W. cornet Sixth aud Chestnut sis.
G. A. Nicolls, Superintendent Philadelphia
and Reading Railroad.
T. KcKtssocx, Superintendent Callawima,
Williamsport and Erie Railroad.
Hxnby Coffin, Superintendent Williams
port and Elmira Railroad.
July 19, 1855—tf

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