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•aMhuc^s-urs:. - TuLfsv -o-cMEXitedM
%&■ JlvVwrc.y's Oi-.'men! nn<l P ■■'/ a ■ >*r
lain curt- try Sc-tM H-'a I —Henry, 12, Ma
ria, 10, and Joint Amt**, B ot Ap : dauhtcola,
Florida, were all three affected with thia dis
agreeable malady; Maria in particular was in
a wretched plight with it, and although there
were many remedies tried, yet the malady
did not seem to decrease, indeed the disease
spread itself all over the surlace of the head,
lo the great annoyance of the parents and
discomfiture of the child. The blood of the
others was equally impure. At last the pa
rents put the three under a course of Hollo
way's Ointment and Pills, which cured them
•11 in the spaoe of nineteen days. Their health
has since gradually improved. These reme
dies are also wnnderlully efficacious in all
diseases of the skin.
PILW.~The combinations ol ingredients in
these Pills, is the result of a long and ex
tensive practice; they arc mild in their oper.
etiot-, and certain in restoring nature to its
proper chennel In every instance hive the
pills proved successful. The Pills invario
bly open those obstructions to which female*
•re liable, and bring nature into its proper
channel, whereby heath ia restored, and the
pale and deadly countenance changed to a
healthy one. No female can enjoy good
health unless she is egulat ; and whenever
an obstruction takes place, whether from ex
posure, cold, or any other cajae, tlifl general
health immediately begim to decline, and the
want of such e remedy ha- beer, the cause of
■o mtny consumptions among young teniale.
To ladies whose health will not permit an in
crease of lhe'r family, the-e Pills will prove
• valuable acquisition, ia they will prevent
pregnancy. Headache, pain in the side, pal
pitation of the heart, loathing of food, and
disturbed sleep do mns* alwav* arise from the
interruption of nature; and whenever that ia
the caer, the Pills will invariably remedy all
these evils. Nor are ihey less viliraciooa in
the cure of Leucotrhoea, commonly called the
"Whiles," These Pills should never be ta.
ken during pregnancy, as ihey would lie sure
to ceuae a iniscarrigae. Waranled to be purelv
Vegetable, and free from anything injurious lo
life or health. Full and explicit directions
amnmpeny each box.
These Pills are put up in square flat boxes.
Perons residing where tbero are no ageney
esta blithe J, by enclosing One Dollar in a let
ter postpaid to Dr. O. L. Cheesenian, No. 267
Blacker street, New York City, can hove them
aent lo their reapcctive addresses by return of
Dr. G EISSN ER'S Celebrated Menstrual Pills
have been long and widely known as invari
ably certain in removing any stoppage irreg
ularity, or suppression of the menses.
In the female hospitals in Vienna, Paris,
and Berlin, Ihey have ent'rely superseded the
use of all other remedies; because, where a
cure is attainable by medicinal agencies
they are certain of success. Their astonisl
ing efficacy would be almost incredible, if
not vouchnd for by indubitable testimony, irt
numerous instances producing returns of the
monthly period alter all hope had been aban
In every case from whatevercause the ob
struction may arise, as also lo prevent preg
nancy where the health will nnt admit ol in
crease of family, they ara always efficient;
for which reason they must not be used du
ring pregnancy, though always mild, healthy,
safe and certain in their efTects.
Married ladies will find particular instruc
tions in the directions, iu which are stated
the various symptoms by which the cause of
the suppression may he determined.
Price, One Dollar per Box, containing ex
plicit directions.
Each box will be signed by Dr R. G. Geiss
Principal Office, 127J Liberty Street, Now
York City.
Responsible agents will be nppointed for
their sale as soon as practicable. In the
mean time, all orders are lo be addressed lo
Dr. R. G. Geissner, 127J Liberty Street, New
York City, or to box 2456 N. Y. Post Office,
and a box will be sent by return mail, as
they are put up in sealed envelopes, and cart
be sent with the strictest privacy lo any part
of Ihe United States.
As various not only ineffective but injuri
ous compounds purporting to be 11 Female
Pills," under all kinds of names as " Iron
~-mU r " "Silvsr PilD." "Golden. Pills." " Peri
odiral Pilta,' r lßrrafe~aTfempted lo te palmed"
off upon the credulous or unwary, it is only
necessary for ladies to be on their guard
against the attempted imposition, and in all
cases where there is no authorized agent for
the sale of Dr. Geissrter's Menstrual Pills,"
to order direct from him by mail, by return
of which a box will be sent. [29— ly
Agents— Geo. Ross, Lebanon ; E. T. Mil
ler, York; 8. Alleman, Harrtsbnrg; D R.
Jones & Co., Harrisburg ; C. Weighty, Mill
XW S. M. I'ETTENUILL & Co., Advertising
Agents, No. 119 Nassau Street, New York,
and 10 Slate Street, Buston, are authorized lo
receive and receipt for advertisements and
subscription to this paper.
IS hereby given that John Waltz, sen., and
his wife, Betsey, hax# parted this dny the
15th ol November, 1855, with mutual con
sent. He therefore cautions all persons not
lo trust her on his account, as tie will not
pay any debts of ber contracting after '.his
date. JOHN WALTZ, sen.
Main twp., Nov. 15, 1855.
THE Collectors of MILITIA FINES in Col.
county are hereby notified lo meet Ihe Com
missioners at their office in Rloomaburg, on
the first Monday of December next, for the pur
pose of getting their exonerations. Punctual
attendance is required as no exonerations
will be allowed alter that lime.
By order of the Commissioners.
R. C. FRUIT, Clerk.
Blootnsburg, Nov. 15, 1855. )
ARRANGEMENTS for the second Annual
Collection of this new and popular Insti
tution for the diffusion of Literature and Art.
have been made on the nost extensive scale.
Among Ihe works already engaged ia
the far-famed
which originally cost Ten Thousand Dollars.
[a /prming the new Collection, the diffu
sion of works of American Art, and the en-
Asouragemenl of American genius, have not
been overlooked. Commissions have been
issued in many of Ihe most distinguished
American Artists, who will contribute some
of their finest productions. Among them
ara three Marble Busta, executed by the
greatest living Sculptor.—Htfm Powers;
The Father of hia Country:
The Philosopher;
The Statesman.
A special agent has visited Europe and made
careful and judicious selections of foreign
worits of Art, both in Bronze and Marble;
Statuary and Choice Paintings.
The whole forming a large and valuable
collection of Paintings and Statuary, to be
distributed fret among the members of the
Association for the second year.
Tttbaymem of three dollars constitutes
member pf this Association, and
entitles him to either one of the Inllowing ;
Magazines lor one year, and also a liekel in
ihe distribution ol ih9 Statuary and Paintings.
The Literature issued to subscribers con
sists of the following Monthly Magazines .
Harper's, Putnam's, Knickerbocker, Black
wood's, Graham's, Godey'a Lady's Book,
and Household Words.
Persons taking five memberships are en
titled to any five of the Magazines for one
year, and to six tickets in the distribution.
The nell proceeds derived from the sale of
memberships, are devoted to the purchase
of works n! Art for the ensuing year.
The Advantages Secured
by becoming a member of this Association,
tst. All persons receive full value of their
subscription at the start, in Ihe shape of ster
ling Matiazine Literature.
2d,. Each member is contributing towards
purchasing choice Works ol Art, which are
to be distributed among themselves, and are
at the same time encouraging Ihe Artists of
the country, disbursing thousands of dollars
ihmagli its agency.
Persons in remitting funds for member
ship, will please give their post olfice address
in full, stating ilia month they wi-li the Mag
azines to commence, nnd have the letter re
gistered at the Post Office to prevent loss; on
the receipt of which, a certificate of member
ship, together with the Magazine desired
will be lotwarded to any patt of Ihe conn
Those who pnrchrss Magazines at Book
stores, will observe that b> joining this Asso
ciation, ihpy receive ihe Magazine and Iree
Ticket in the annual distribution, all at the
same price they now pay 'or the Magazine
alone. . .
Beautifully illustrated catalogues, giving
full descriptions, sent free on applicat'on.
For Membership, address.
C. L DERBY Actuary, C.A. A.
At either pf the principal offices—
' Knickerbocker Magazine" office. 348
Bronov ay, New York ; or, Western Office,
166 VValer street, Sandusky. Ohio.
Nov 14, 'ss—if.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
several Courts of Commom Pleas, Gen
eral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and
Orphans' Court. Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Jail Delivery, in and for
the County of Columbia, to commence at
the Coutt llnuse in Bloomsburg, on
.Monday, the 3d day of December next,
to continue one week
The Coroner, Justices of the Peace &
Constables, in nnd for the county of Co
lumbia,are requested to be then and there
in their proper persons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions, and other remem
brances, to do those thing's to their sev
eral offices npperiaining o be done.
Ant! all wiinosses prosecuting in
of the Commonwealth against any pris
oner, are nlso requested and commanded
lo be then and there attending in their pro
per persons to prosecute against him, as
shall be just—and not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors are request
ed to he punctual in their attendance, nt
the time appointed agreeable to their no
Given under my hand at Bloomsburg the
6th .lay of September in the year j'otir
Lord one thousand eignl hundred and
fifty five, and the Independence of the
United States of America the 77th.
(God save the Commonwealth.}
ItegiMter's Notice
jVOTlCE i hereby given lo all legatees,
As creditors and other persons interested in
the estates of ihe respective decedents and
minors that the following admiuistra'ion ac
counts have been filed at the office of the
Register ol the county of Columbia, and will
be presented for confirmation and allowance
lo lite Orphan's court, to be held at Blooms
burg, in and for the county aforesaid, on
Wednesday, Ihe sth day of December next,
at 2 o'clock, P. M.
1. The first and final account of Stephan
"Thomas," ot Market Thomas iaioot"
Briercreek lownsfrfp ih-e'd.
2. The account ol George A pplemar, guar
dian of Jane Patterson, a minor child of Aa
ron Patterson late of Greenwood township,
3. J lie account 01 jonn rreits, guarman 01
Aaron Knorr a minor child of l'eter Knorr
late of Btiercreek township dec'd.
4. The account of John R. Moyer, adm'r.
of the e>tate of William Trier late of Bloom
township ilec'd.
5. The first and final account of Henry
Hollingshaei l administrator of Hir.irri Pliil
lips lute of Cailawtssa township dec'd
6. The account of Aaron Mo.theller,adm'r.
of the estate ot Daniel Moslbeller late of
Maine township dec'd.
7. The account of Isaac M'Kamey, ailm'r.
of the estate of Elias Muse late of Scott
township det'd.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 6, 1855. }
Grand Jury lor December Term, 55.
Briercreek—John Davenport, Jas. Evani,
George L. Freeze.
Benton—Elijah Kline.
Centre—lsaac Ernwine.
Franklin—Michael Mench.
Fishing Creek—Alexander Cramer.
Greenwood—Barnabas Watts, James Gib
Hemlock—George Ohl.
Locust—Samuel Mears, Francis Cams.
Mt. Pleasant—George Vance.
Montour—William Pursel, Phillip Ktum.
Mifflin—Christian Lutz, Levi Kerkendall.
Orange—Heriry C. Detong.
Hoarim. Creek—Michael Mowery.
Scott—lsaac Creveling.
Sugar loaf—Samuel Kitchen, Alitias Cole,
John Lewis, Jesse Fritz.
Traverse Jurors for Dee'r Term,'ss.
8100m —John Hicks, Hiram W. Thornton,
Reuben Fetterman, Hiram C. Hower.
Brier Creek —Lewis Dieterich, John Suit,
John Manz.
Beaver —John Shuman, William Gulp.
Benton—Matthew McHenry, Stephen Kei
Centre—Gilbert H. Fowler, Alex'r Hughes,
Elias Creasy.
CattawissH-Snloman Reinard, Jacob Kreigh*
Fishing Creek—William llatier.
Greenwood—Jacob Girard, Isaac Ikeler.
Hemlock —William H. Shoemaker, Will
iam Vandyke.
Locust—Henry Roads, Peter Keller, Hi
ram Keller, Levi Johnson, Henry Yager, Eli
as Helwig.
Madison— Jonathan Johnson, James Dil
Montour—George Youst.
Maine—Michael Grover.
Orange—Conrad Adams.
Pine—William Derlin.
Roariogcreek—Jacob Yooum, George Dries
Scott—Shively Stadon.
D~ RAWER GOODS, Bpotted Swiss. Bog
Jaeonett Mull, Cambric, Swiss Muslin
Bishop Lawns, sale Bard Muslin just receivj
ed at the Store of
Especially devoted to the wants of the Ladies of
Where this Magazine is taken in a house,
no other is wanted, as il comprises all lhal
could be obtained by taking three other Mag
New Features for 1856.
A new and very interesting sipry story will
be commenced in January, by Marion Har
land, author of "Alone," and "Hidden ! alii,"
two novels that have created an immense
sensation in the literary world. Also—
Miss Virginia F. Townsenil will commence
in the Febiuary number a Novelette, which
1 we know will strongly interest the renders of
'the "Book."
Sinries by an English Authoress.
How to muke Way. Flowers and Fruits—
With engravings.
The Nurse and the Nursery.
How to make a Bonnet.
Troubles of an English Housekeeper.
The art of sketching flowers from Nature.
With engravings—To be copied by the
1 learner on paper to be colored.
.Maternal counsels to a Daughter.—De
signed 10 aid her in the care of her health,
the improvement of her mind, and the culti
vation ot her heart.
New style of illuminating windows and
lamp shades, with engravings.
. Poetry and history ol Finger Kings, illus
trated; Shells for the Ladies, and where they
come Irom, with engravings.
Modelling in Leather with engravings.
This is only giving an idea of our inten
tions for 185ti—New designs of interest to
the ladies are springing tin everyday; we
shall avail ourselves ol everything that can
1 interest them. In fact, "Godey's Lady's
4,,'k." w 'ill possess the interest of any other
threi 1 .Ttagazines.
In aiMi'ty" 10 die above will be continued
in each Ni,'. ~,
Godev's sp,'undid steel engravings.
One hundred of reading.
Godey's challenge- Fashion Plates In this
as in every other depafrt>l, we defy rivalry
or imitation. , ... ,
Embroidery patterns. Any quantity of
ihem are given monthly.
Model Co lages.
Dress making with diagrams to Chi by-
Dress patterns —Infant's and Chlidret 1 *
DiesseI—All 1 —All kind of Crochet and Netting
VVotk Cloaks, Mantelets, Talmas, Collars,
Chemisetts, Under Sleeves, Bonnets, Win
dow Curtains, Brodertc Anglaise Slippers,
Caps, Cloaks. Evening Dresses, lancy Arti
cles, Head Dresses, Hair Dressing, llobeslor
Night and Morning. Carriage Dresses, Bridal
Dresses, Wreaths, Mantillas, Walking Dres
ses, Hiding Habits, Boy's Clothing, Capes
arid Cloaks of Fur in season. Crochet and
Netting Work printed in colors.
I)iawing Lessons for Youth—looo designs,
Music, S3 worth is given every year; the
Nurse and the Nursery, with full instruc
tion'; Godey's invaluable Kecipes upon every
We would advise all who intend to sub
scribe to send in their orders soon, for if we
do not make duplicate stereotype plates, it )
will be difficult to supply the demand. We
expect our list for 1856 will reach 100,000
copies. The best plan for subscribing is to
send your money direct to the publisher
Those who send large amounts had better
send drafts but notes will answer if drafts
cannot be procured. Letters had better be
registeied—it only costs five cents extra, arid
their safe reception is ensured.
Terms—Cash in Advance.
One copy 1 year, 83. Two copies 1 year,
85. Three copies I year, $6. Five copies
1 year ami an extra copy to the person
sending the club making six copies $lO. —
Eight copies one year, and an extra copy to
the person sending the club, making 9 cop
ies, sls. Eleven copies 1 year, and an ex
tra copy to the person sanding the club ttti
king 12 copies, 820.
fW The above Terms cannot be deviated
from, no matter bow many are ordered.
Godey's Lady's Book and Harper's Maga
zine both 1 year for $4 50.
Godey's Lady's Book Hnd Arthur's Home
Magazine both 1 year for $3 50.
The money, must be all sent at one lime
for'aiiy of the Clubs.
0T Additions of one or more to club 9 are
received at club prices.
ri*- A Specimen or Specimer.it will be sen'
direct to any making the request.
IV We can always supply back numbers
for the year, us the work is stereotyped.
Subscribers in the British Provinces, who
send fur clubs, must remit 36 penis extra on
every subscriber, to pay the American post
age to the lines. Address
No. 113 Chestnut Street, l'hilad'a.
i iuijc SAMR
(&>(P Lt2CfeOi.il LaiSßdOidCßo
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans
Court ot Columbia county, Joseph Hartzel
Guardian ol the estate of Eliza Fisher, Jacot)
Fisher and Peter Fisher, minor children of
John Fisher, late o! Beaver township, Col.
ooutity, deceased, will on
SATURDAY, (he nth day of NOVEMBER
next, I at o'clock in the afternoon expose to
public sale upon the premises the interest of
the said wards (being the undivided one fif
teenth part lor each ward) ol a certain mes
sage or tract of land situate in Main town
ship, Columbia County, containing altogether
adjoining lands of Jacob Fisher and Jacob
Shuman, which is partly improved, but on
which there are no buildings
At the same time and place. Henry Hart
zel, Guardian of the estate of Lydia Fisher
and Josiah Fisher, minor children of the
said John Fisher, will also, by virtue of a
similar order of the Orphans Coutl of Col.
county, expose to public sale the interest of
the said Lydia Fisher and Josiah Fisher, (be
ing the undivided one filteenth part of the
whole for each ward) in the same premises.
Guardian of Eliza, Jacob and Peter Fisher.
Guardian of Lydia and Josiah Fisher.
Main township, Oct. 25, 1855.
Administrator's Notice.
TVOTICE is hereby given that letters of ad
1* ministration to the estate of John Ohl,
late of Hemlock township, in the county of
Columbia, dee'd, has been granted bv the
Register of said connly to Levi Aikinan who
resides in Center township, arid Franklin
Mcßride who resides in Hemlock township
in said county. All persons having claims
ro demands against the estate ol the said de
cedent are requested to present to the admin
istrators or either of them without delay, and
all persona indebted to make payment forth
with. LEVI AIRMAN, ...
October 25, 1855.
Adntinigtrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby giver, that letters of ad
ministration upon the estate of Joseph
Eck, late of Rerwick. Columbia county, de
ceased, have been granted to the undersigned
residing in Briarcreek township. All persons
indebted to said estate, are requested to make
payment without delay, and those having ac
counts against the estate to present them for
settlement to JOSEPH PILKInGTON,
Briaroreek, Oct. IT, 1855, Aindr.
|> Y virtue ol several writs of venditioni ze
*-* ponas to me directed there will be ex
posed to public sale at the Court House in
Bloomsburg on SATURDAY THE 17th DAY
OF NOVEMBER NEXT, at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon, the following real estate to wit :
Alt that certain lot of ground situate in
Hemlock township, Columbia county, bound
ed arid described as follows to wit: On the
north east by the main road leading from
Bloomsburg to Jerseyiown, on the south
east by lot of John Pnust, on the south west
by lot of John MoKeynoli'i, and on the north
west by lot of Daniel Neuhart, containing
one fourth of an acre, be the same more or
less, whereon is erected a two story frame
dwelling house, a Irame shoemaker shop,
und a frame stable, with the appertensnces.
Seized taken in execution as the property of
Hemy Faus.
At the same time and place all that cer
tain lot of land situate in Hemlock township,
Columbia county, bounded and desenbed as
follows to wit: On the north and east by lands
of Wm. Miller, and on the south and west by
land of Zebnlon Bobbins, containing one
half of an acre, be the same more or less,
all of which is cleared, whereon if erected
a one and a half story frame dwelling house
with the appurieuuiice*. Seized and taken
in execution as lite property ol Muses Gtbbs
At the same time and plucc a certain lot of
ground, situate in Scott town-hip, county
of Columbia, adjoining land- on the north, of
David Lee sen., on the east by Jackson Hag
enbueb, on the south by Aaron Boone, on
the west by Aaron Boone, containing three
acres, whereon are erected a one and a half
stnry frame dwelling house, and a frame sta
Seized, and taken in execution, as the
properly of C. & C. Shug.
CONDITIONS —Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to be paid when the property
is struck down, and the balance on Thursday
the 6th day of December next.
Rlonmsburg. Oct- 25 '55 j SHERIFF.
Trial List for December Term, 1855.
1. Gilbert H. Fowler & Samuel A. Wor
mian vs Henry Trembley.
2. John It. Moyer Committee of I'eter
Melick vs. Samuel F. Deadly et. al.
3. Daniel Hnwer vs. Jonas Rerninger.
4. Joseph Sharpless vs. Jamison Harvey.
5. O. B. Hilltard vs. Daniel Sponenberger,
6. Enoch Howell its. Isaiah Shuman.
7. Jonathan J. Hogeland vs. Israel Aslilon.
8. William Edgar lor the use of John Sta
den vs. Alexander Elgar.
9. William B. Petennan vs. George Pain
ter & his wife Mary Jane Painler.
10. John L. Fltek vs. Samuel Bausler.
11. Rev. Isaiah Haiti vs. John Werklteiser.
12. Hugh Thompson vs Augustus B. Pearce
et. al.
13. William McKelvy el. al. vs. Jonathan
14. Augustus B. Pearce vs. Hugh Thomp
son. A
15. William McKelvy et. al. vs. JonaWtan
16. Henry Mellick vs. John W. Vender
17. George Aman vs. Andrew Crouse.
IS. Eli Fairman vs. Henry Martz.
19. T.he Lycoming County Mutual Fire In
surance Co. vs. Simon P. Case.
20. JoLtn Gelling for the use of Heny Van
Reed w.Charles F. Mann.
21. Alexander Edgar t'S. Daniel F. Seybert.
22. Samuel L. McCulloch et. al. vs. Sam
uel V. Headley,
23. William Koopa vs. George L. Kline et. al.
21. William Kootts vs. George L. Kline.
25. William Shaffer vs. James Molt.
26. Jacob Flossier vs. Betlj. V. Frick.
27. C. C. Baldy vs. Daniel Spitnepberger.
28. Juo. V. Hart et. al. vs. David M'kfMy
-29. George Strieker vs. Andrew Malco'Q
et. al.
30. Sarah Kline vs. Joseph S. Kline.
31. John Murray vs. William Her.dershoFs
ad in.
32. Peter Blank vs. Benjamin P. Frick.
33. The Com. of Pennsylvania vs. Peter
34. Edward Henry vs. Robert Montgomery.
35. Robert Montgomery vs. Edward Henry.
36. Azima Vallershamp's adm. w. John H.
iFrigtWiLNfiveMty N. P. Willis.
On the filth of January next, the first num
ber ol the NEW SERIES FOR 1856, of
this well-known FAMILY NEWSPAPER wili be
issued, with new type and new attractions ;
the principal one is of the kind which has
been proved, by bath American and Euro
pean periodicals, to be the most acceptable
and popular, viz A Novel in Serial Num
bere. The tide is
In addition to litis new feature, a series of
original sketches, gongs anil ballads by G.
P. Morris, an<! an original novelette, in verse,
founded upon fact, called •' The Story of a
Star." by J. M. Field, are among the induce
ments for new subscribers to commence with
the first number of the year.
Besides the contributions and labor of the
Editors, the Home Journal will contain the
Foreign and Domestic Correspondence of a
large list of contributors —the spice of the
European Magazines—the selections of the
most interesting publications of the day—the
brief novels—the piquant stories—the spark
ling wit and amusing anecdote—the news
and gossip of the Parisian papers—the per
sonal sketches of public characiers—the stir
ring spenes of the world we live in—the
chronicle of the news for ladies-the fashions
the fee's and outlines of news—the pick of
English information—the wit, humor and pa
thos of the limes—the essays on lite, litera
ture, society and morals, and the usual vari
ety of careful choosings from the wilderness
of English periodical literature, criticism,
poetry, etc. We need not remind our read
ers that we have also one Or two unsurpass
ed correspondents in the fashionable eocxety of
New York, who will give us early news ot
every new feature aud style of elegauce a
morig the leaders of the gay world.
TKIIMB.— For one copy, 82; for three cop-1
ies, #s—or one copy for three years, ss—al
ways in advance.
Subscribe without delay. Address
Editors and Proprietors,
107 Fidton-Street, New- York.
-WuuffC- OTRAY SHEEP!—Came to the
J of the subscriber, in
Orange township, Columbia Co.,
■■■£■> about the Ist of October last, SIX
STRAY SHEEP. The owner is requested to
prove property, pay charges and take them
away or they will be sold according to law.
Orange twp., Nov. 8, 1865.
kin, Northumberland County, Pa., to
whom steady work will be given daring the
winter. Apply to
Oot. 11, 1855. Shamokin.
fiHEAP FOR CASH, for sale at the Canal
or in town at the store of
Oct. 11, '56 A. J. EVANS.
jcvTroryg KynßdtXOo <£& C3BCE>®
HAVE just received and opened iheir slock of merchandize for Fall and 'Winter sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assortment now
offered in Having paid great Attention to the selection of their entire stock,
as to price and quality, they flattei themselves that they can compete with the cheapest,
and all those wishing to buy cheap, can save money by giving ua a call. We have all
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bapes, poplins, parametla cloths,
mohair lustres, muslin de laiues, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flouncing*, bands and trimmings, laces ami edgings, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, and braid.-, kid, cotton, and lisle thread cloves, mohair mitts, &c.,
All kinds ot SHAWLS, brocke, Bay State, Wulerville, black silk, cashmere, F.mbroder
•d, See. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassimers, eattinetls, vesting*, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &u.
We have a large assortment ol Hal* and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, he. Very cheap carpets, carpel bags, floor, table and car
riage nil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings, &c., in abundance.
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing ele
where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Cash Pricea and w ill not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
(33 a am. com EEJopcsafPaasass c£2s Q3® #
Fashionable Fall and Winter Clothing J
In the Exchange Block next to Swartz's Bookstore. They have on hand a large and
full assortment of
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Pants
and Vests thev have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey striped
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, buff, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable cuts and colors ; Working Pants and boys clothing. Also fine white, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of gentle
man's dress goods ; Hats. Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and
12 &&SHZZ2S
They have Undersleves, Spencers, Collars, Rigaletl;, Gloves. Mitts, Ladies'a bead-ba"
Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry ami Notions each as Rings, Breast pins, Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Porlmonies, Sneblacles Knives
Razors and a well selected assortment of Accordeons.
IST Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house.
Bloomsburg, Oct. 4, 1855. S. DREIFI'SS, & Co.
1855 ]\ew Fall and Winter Goods! 1855
f NVITF.S attention to his slock of cheap and fashionale vlothing at hi; store oo Market
-*• street, two doors above the ''American House," where he has a fuli assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
gox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colors shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves suspenders
j and fancy articles.
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to war, and most of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, Sept. 20th 1855-3 m.
1I lust rated Sluet Publications,
Wilh General Descriptions, Prices, &c.
vj'HKSE publicaiions are invarialy colored,
•A anil all the same size, (26 by 32 inches J
and ol one retail price.—2s cents each.
Ist.—Mirror of the City if Sebastopol,
and Map of the Crimea and Black Sea
THIS is the only authentic view given,
showing the exact position ol all the lortifiua
tions, with correct name arid number of guns
• n .aoh, and giving a full description ol the
c 'dy> ,7s public buildings, harbors, &o. Also,
map of Ui.** Crimea, showing the military po
sition of the Allied forces surrounding Sebas
topol ; ntau of th." Black Sea, containing dis
tances from Consnrnfmople, and statistical
Information relative to 'h o population of Eu
rope and its principal cities. Also, views of
the hurricane on the Blacff Sea, the Battle of
Inkermann, &e. Wholesale Price to Agents,
$7 per hundred.
2d Sheet.—.Map of Nortli America, Uni
ted States and Cuba.
Showing the routes to California, New Or
leans, Cuba, and mtrtj Other large places;
extent and population of United Slates, Mex
ico, British America, Russian and Central
America and Cuba; population of cities; por
traits of Washington, Jefferson. I.a Fayette,
Jackson, Webster, Clay, and Calhoun—men
who will never be forgotten. Wholesale price
to Agents, 69 per hundred,
3d Sheet.—T'lte Illustrated Life of Christ.
Containing eleven large and spleudid En
gravings designed by Gilbert, the great End- I
lish Artist. Subject us follows : The Atlora- I
tion of the Shepherds—The Fltgh l into Egypt ;
—Jesus in the Midst of the Doctors—Jesus '
Subject to his Parents—the Baptism -Our I
Lord in the House of Martha and Mary—
Lord raising the Widow's Son—Jesus Christ'
Blessing little Children —The Crucifixion— 1
the Resurrection—Our Saviour. Wholesale
price to Agents, 69 per hundred.
4lh Seeet.—A Great National Chart.—
The Constitution of the United States
and declaration of Independence. I
With portraits and Biographies ol all the I
the Presidents, and Seals of every State and '
Territory in the Union. Wholesale price to
Agents, 69 per hundred.
N. B.—No citizen should be without this
Sheet, and Foreigners who would understand
lite American people, their principle* and
government, should have a copy without de
slh Sheet —Just Published, Latest Maps
nntl Views of the Eastern war, front
the most authentic sources, Sebastopol,
Crimea, Black, Baltic and AzofTSeas.
Showing the present position of the Allied
forces; Small Map of Europe, giving the
routes and distances from London and Paris
to the Crimea, Cronstadt, and many other
places; Number ol vessels in the Baltic Fleet;
Army and Navy of the world; Views of the
Hurricane on the Black Sea, Battle of Inker
mann, Constantinople; Population of Europe
and its principal Cities; Immense Supply of
War Munitions to the French Army, &c.
ty No person should be without litis Sheet
It contains on a large scale the best maps,
plans and views of places that are causing so
much excitement throughout the world; also,
a small map of Europe for reference to their
positions, &o. Wholesale price 69 per hund
6th Sheet.—Mirror of Cronstadt, Schas
topol. Great Redan, Mamelon and Ma
lakoff Towers, Map of the Crimea and
Baltic Sea, with portraits of the Prin
cipal Crowned Heads, also, Russian,
French, English and Torkish Officers.
This is the ouly authentic view given of
Cronstadt, showing the exact position and
correct name of all the Fortifications, with
number of guns in each. A new plan of Se
bastopol, Southeast view, showing the Great
Redan, Mamelon and Malakoff Towers—
drawn on the spot—also, giving the number
of Allied Forces in the Crimea, Baltic See,
&c. Wholesale prion to Agents, 69 paMhun
ilred. A. H. JOCELYN,
Publisher of Illustrated Maps,
popular Sheets, tus., &o.
60 Fulton St., (up stair*,) N. York.
Oct 18.
i Genuine Honey Soap.
grance and mild
emollient properties of
For chapped hands,and
various diseases of the akin, it IN unequalled.
Kach cake is stamped VVM! CONWAY, 168
South Second Street, Philadelphia. No oth
er is Genuine.
improved Chemical Olive Soap*
Warranted to wash in hard, soft, or salt Water
This soap has powerful cleansing proper
ties, which readily remove Oil, Paint, Dirt,
Sir., from every description of goods without
injury to them. For all domestic purposes it
is superior to any other Soap in use, and 20
pei cent, cheaper than the common Rosin
Soap. Each bar is stamped
168 South Second Street, Philadelphia,
Manufacturer of Fancy and Staple Soaps,
Sperm, Slearine and Tallow Candles, Impor- j
ler & dealer in Sal Soda, Soda Ash.Rosin,Sic.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
August 23, 1855.;—3m.
Ushers and Blank Book Manufacturers.
P. ii E. have constantly on baud an assort
ment of Itnpotied and American Books and
Stationery of the finest quality, which can
be supplied AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER
ESTABLISHMENT in the City. Having an
connected with our business we are enabled
to furnish BLANK BOOKS either from the
shelves or mode to order at the lowest manu
facturer's prices.
Persons wishing to purchase in Philadel
phia will find it to their advantage to give us
a call before making their selections.
All ortlers h> mail promptly attuuded to.
Sept. 20, 1855—6tn.
IVood's Ornamental Iron Works,
Kidge Avenue, Philadelphia.
THE attention of the inhabitants of Penn
sylvania are invitrd to the extensive Macular,
lory and Wareruoms of the subscriber, who ia
prepared to furnish at the shortest notice, Iron
Railing of every description, for Cemeteries,
public and private buildings, also Verandahs,
Fountains, Chairs, Settees, Lions, Dogs and
other ornamental iron works of decoratisechar
ade'. i'urrh asers ma j relv on having all ar
ticles carefully boxed and shipped to their des
tination. A book of designs will be famished
to those wishing to make selections.
Ridge Avenue, below Spring Garden St,
September 27, 1855.
'INHERE will be gold at public gale at the
-*■ residence of Daniel KniPle, in Franklin
township, Columbia county, on
next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, a tract of
land, situate near the residence of the sub
scriber, in Franklin township, adjoining lands
of David & John Ynder, Joshua Mendenhall,
John Lawrence and others, containing
One Hundred and twenty-live Acres,
more or less. There are on the premises a
DWELLING HOUSE, near which is a well
and several lasting springs of water: also a
large frame
U3£ta3£?o3t rrW4T\HaS3 > a
and other outbuildings. About thirty acres
of the tract are good pine and white-oak tim
ber land, and the remaindei ia in a good state
of cultivation. A large pan of it ia excellent
meadow laud. There is a large
on the premises, and a variety of other fruit
trees. The property laye along the publio
road from Cettawisea to Elysburg, and only
three miles from the Cattawieea Railroad.
Conditions made known on day of eale.
Franklin lp , Oct. 29,—1e.
j Let us Reason Together.
It haa tiren the lot of the human race to be
weighed down by disease and suffering. Hol
loway'a Piila are specially adapted to the relief
of thn Weak, the Nervona, the Delicate, and
the Infirm, of all ciinfee, ages, sexes, and con
aliiutione. Professor Hulfoway personally au~
periiitenda the manufacture of bia mrdirinfcs in
the United States, and offers them 'o a free and
enlightened people, as the heat rhined) the World
ever sa.v for the removal of disease.
These Pills Purify the Blood.
These famous Pills are expressly combined ID
operate on the stomach, the liver, the kidneya i
the lungs, the skin, and the bowels, correcting
any derangement in their functions, purifying
the blood, the very fountain ot life, and thus chS
ting disease in all its forms.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints.
Nearly hair the human race have taken thbab
Pills. It has boeh p oved in all parts of tha
world, that nothing has been found equal to
them in cases of disorders of the liver, dyapep*
sis, and stomach complaints generally. They
soon givn a heul hy lone to these organs, how
ever much Jerartged, and when all other mesne
have failed.
General Debility. 11l
Many of the most despotic Governments
have opened their Custom Houses to tht intro
duction of tltese I'ills, that they may hecomd
ithe medicine of the masses. Learned Colleges
admit that this medicine is the Irest remedy ev
er known for persons of delicate health, or where
the system has been impaired, as i>a invigora*
j ting properties never fail to afford relief.
Female Complaints.
| No Female, young or old, should be witbou
j this celebrated medicine. It is correct and reg
| ulates the ino'nthly courses at nil periods, acting
iin many cases like a charm. It is also the best
and safest medicine that can be given to chil
dren of all nges. and for any complaint: conse
quently no family shoulu he without it.
f/olloway's Pills are the best remedy
known in the world for the following
Asthma Diarrhrca
Bowel Complaints Dropsy
Coughs Debility
Colds Kever and Ague
Chest Diseases Female Complaint*
Costivenesa Headache
Dyspepsia Indigestion
Influenza Inflammation
Inward Weakness l.iver Complaints
Lowness of Spirits Piles
Stone and Gravel Secondary Symptona
venereal Affections Worms, of gll kinds
Sold at the Manufactories of Pro!. Holi.o
\vy, 80 Maiden Lane, New-York, and 244
I Strand, London, and by all respectable Drug,
gists and Dealers of Medicines throughout
the United Stales, and ihe civilized world, in
boxes, at 25 cents, 62} cents, and $1 each.
W" There is a considerable saving by la*
king the larger size.
N. B Directions for the guidance of pa*
tienie in every disorder are affixed to each
100,000 COPIES !
Steamboat Disasters on the Western
Haters, and Steamboat Directory.
fTvHE undersigned have now in course of
' -I preparation a new Steamboat Directory,
which will he issued in October next, toe
book will contain over two hundred pages i|.
lustrated in the best style, and neatly bound
in a durable mariner. It will he one of ibk
most interesting books ever published, add
will be a book that will be interesting to all
clusses of people. The Steamboat Directory
will contain a complete list anil description of
all the Mtaamboals now afloat in the Weatern
and Southern waters. The length, model,
speed, power and tonnage of each boat, where
and by whom built, the name bf the boat,
with the trade she lias in. Also, the baffles
of Captains and officers, her age, Ac. The
Directory will contain a History of Steamboats
end Steainboating on the Weetern Waters,
since the application of steam: alao, a sketch
of the hret boat built for the Ohio River, with
the nsme of the builder, commander and own*
The River Directory will contain * list and
description of all the Steamboat Disasters
tliel have occurred on the Western and.South'
ein waters, beautifully illustrated, with a Hat
of all those who have perished by >Heit bant
ing, sinking and exploding, oh the western
and southern waters. The Directory wjjl
contain Maps of the Ohio, Mississippi, Mis
souri, Illinois,Arkansas,Wliito, lied, Ouachita.
Yazoo, and other rivers, with the towns snd
cities laid down, with correct distances; also,
many other River and Commercial items of
interee to the people ut large. The booh wilt
contain the cards of tire various U. 8. Mat)
Boats, with the trade I lie v are in, dec. The
Directory will al-o contain a Complete liet of
all the responsible Steamboat Licensed Offi
cers, their places of residence, dec. die., the
new steamboat law its n qitrrcmm Is, with
comments, showing wherein it benefits the j n .
competent officer, and irijiifps the competent
officer, dtc. to-., and all tlio important I), b.
Supreme Court Steamboat decisions up to
date; tho dates und important Commercial
Privileges, Bills of Lading, import>mt decis
ions of the various IT. S. Courts in regard to
Freights Imst and Damaged, dec. &c., with
many other things of interest.
The Directory w ill be illustrated in the beet
style, and printed in the best manner. The
author has for six years been gathering
together all the facts snd items in regard to tlrn
numerous steamboat disasters on 'he Western
and Southern waters, and now intends pub
lishing tin min book form. The price of the
work will he put et the low sum of One Dnllar.
Ten thousand copies will he issued for the
bonlrnei; all others desirous of eubacribing,
will have to do so at ohce, as none will be
printed unless ordered in advance. This work
is destined to have a circulation of over eight
thousand copies, as the publishers are receiv.
ing large numbers of subscribers, per mail,
ftont all parts of tha countiy, daily. Some of
the oldest boatmen, as well as most scientific
men of tho times, are contributors to the
Steamboat Directory.
The Directory will be issued October,
and will be an ornament tq the parlor a* walk
as steamboat. By rem;. lt ] n g O n o Dollar, poat
paid, yo'; will 'eCcivu a copy of the above
All communication* and letters should be
addressed to J AS. T. LLOYD <* CO.
Post Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio;
Jtlly 12,18115.
TRE. * Arch Sired, above Sixth, PhU'a
THB Srxtt COMPANY, Composed of the first
Artists in the world, and exceeding in
Strength and Talent any Dramatic combina
tion heretofore ottered to the Theatrical Pub
lit), will apnear EVERY NIGHT in Comedy,
Tragedy, Serio-Comiu Urania, Vaudevilles,
Musical Uurlettas. &0., be.
%W When visiting, the oily, go there.
Oct 2—lf.
Justices of the Peace
iNU CONSTABLES can find all kind of
rth. banks desirable for theii use,in proper
fotia a' the office of the STAR ov TH NORTH.

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