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THE Good Templara of Light Street, would
respectfully announce to the poblic, that they
xvltt serve oysters and refreshments on Val
entine's evening, Feb. 14th, 1856, at tne
Lodge, to raise funds for the besefit of the
Order. The patronage of the friends of Tem
perance is respectfully solicited.
Light Street, Feb. 4. 1866.
Administrator's Notice.
TkJGTICE is hsreby given thai letters of ad
" rninistrnlion upon the estate of John
Fahringsr, late of Caltnwissa township, Co
lumbia county, deceased, have been granted
to the undersigned residirc iu Locust lown
ihip, Colombia county. All persons Indebt
ed to the said estate are feqeesled to make
payment without delay, and those having ac
counts against the said decedent to present
tbem without delay.
_ Locust lp., Feb. 4.'66 6t. Adm'r
Public Sale of Real
BY virtue of an orderofthe Orphans' Court
of Columbia county, Jscob. F Kohrback Ad
ruinistrator of Jscob R'hrback Imlb of Frank
lin township Columbia county ilecensed, will
on Wedmiay the sth day ol March next at
1 oMock P. M. expose to public sale upou the
premises a certain
< Q > u a k3Ct ce>£P L£aaa.aadQ. a
late the homestead of said decedent, situate
in Franklin tow-nsh'-p Columbia county, ad
joining lands of Muy Haycock, Samuel B.
Deimet and Motes Hower, containing about
Two Hundred and Twenty-eight Jlcrcs.
On the property are a good dwelling house
a large log born, a tenant house and stable.
There is an excellent spring of water rear
the house, ami two apple orchards are on
the property. It is on the road leading from
Cattawissa to the Esther furnace. About
55 acres are woodland, and the remainder in
a good state of cuhivatiou.
Terms made known on the day of sale by
By order of the Court. Admr i
Franklin township. Feh. 6 1856.
Secret* for the Dillioit!
A most Wonderful and Invaluable Publication.
Br. Huuter's Medical Manual j <
*AW\>'•.'•>! '<!:. RKfNG AN ORIGf. i
NAL and popular !
Treatise on MAN and !
'dhun "ifc- WOMAN; theirPhys
•:iology. Functions and I
Sexual Disorders of!
'W/'r'il'i ilW-V"- * every kind, with nev- .
er failing Remedies for lite speedy cure of all
diseases o( a private and delinnte character, !
incident to the violation of the Laws of Na- |
lure and of Natures Grid.
Tun Author of lire above volume is a gradu
ate of ono or th< first medical schools it- ihe
United Statu, and having devoted a quarter of
a century to the atu ly and treatment of Kyphilia
and kindred disorrlerj aa a speciality lie haa
liecome pus-*ed nf meet invalualde informa
tion in regard to the eame, and ia able to com
|iaa into vade mrcum compass the very quint
eaaenoe of medical tcieitce on this important
subject; aa the riMiilt of the experience of the
moat eminent phyaician in Europe and Amer
ica ia thorouihly domonatrated in hia own
highly aucceaaful practice in the treatment of
ee.rt t diaeaaea in many thooaanda of cores in
the City of Philadelphia done.
The | raclice of Dr. Hunter has long boen,
and elill ia literally unUiunicd, hut at Ihe ear
nest solicitation of numerous persona, he has
been induced tu extend the sphere of hia pro
feeaional usefulness to the community at large,
through Ihe medium of hia "Med, al Manual
Hand-lloolc for the Afflic'cd.''
It is t vnluine that should be in (be hs,,d of
every family in the Ijnil, whether used a* a
preventive of -secret vice, or AS S guide for the
alleviation of one of the most awful and de
structive aeourgaa ever visited upon mankind
for the sins of sensuslily and impurity of every
It is s volume thst has received the unquali
fied recommrudalion of ihe first physician, in
(he lanii, while many clergymen, fathers, moth
ers, | hiltnthropiats aid iiumsnitariars, have
most freely extended ila circulation in all quar
tan where its powerful teaching, wouli be like
ly to be instrumental in the moral purification
and phvu.'il healing of multitude 1 of our pro
pfe, among the young. volatile and indiscreet,
otherwiee the pride and flower of lire nation.
The authoi argues particularly, moat ttrongly
against every sftcciee of self-di filetncn', and
warns parents and guaidians, in rea.rhing
terms, to guard the young of hotli sexes from
fit terrible consequences concomitant of their
ignorance of |hy tological lawa and sexual im
purities and irregularities, whether exhibited
P J precocious develo| menl or arising from the I
tiscious and corrupting examples of their school
mates or otheiwive. To those who have beex
alteady ensnared to iho "pallia that take hold
on hell,'* a clear and explicit nay is shown by
which ihey may secure a tclurn of sound health
and a regeneration of the roul from its terrible
It is well known that ihousanJa of victims
are tnnually sacrificed at the abrtne of Quack
ery—especially those sulTeiidg from Vene-eal or
Syphilitic diseases—Strictures, Seminal Weak
ness, Nervous Debility, and the numeioss mal
adiea which spring directly or less remotely
from the indulgence of carnal passions and se
cret violations of Nature.
In view of these facts, and when ilia also
considered that about 100,000 persons die annu
ally in the United States of Conoumption—a
large mijortly being the vieitmx of the voluput
oue indiscretion of their piogenilore, agreeably
to the Scriptuial enunciation, that Iho sins of
the parents arc visited upon the children, even to
the third and fourth genetttion. The Author,
imbued with sentiments of enlarged phtlhu'hro
py.will scarcely be censured for any effort to
restrain lite vices of the age, by the humble in
tlruntentalilv of his Medical Manual.
One copy, securely enveloped, will he forward
ed frae of pos age lo any part of the U mted States
for SB cents, or 6 copies for sl, Address, post
paid, COUDKN DO-, Puattsuana,
Xlox 197, Philadelphia.
OT Booksclleta, Canvatsars ane Book Agents
supplied en the most liberal terms.
fVF Cloths, Cassimeres, Saiineiis. Kentucky
Jeans, Muslins, cotton and wool Flan
nels, all trool Dalkin, Brave Detain, Cham
bray, Silks satins, Long and Single Shawls,
Calicoe, Gats, Caps, Boots
anil Shoes ol all sizes, Groceries, Hardware,"
Iron, Sleel, Nails, iio., Etc.; in fact everything
10 make up a 101 l and complete assortment.
Come and aae.
Corn and Rve Chop constantly on hand and
for sale lor oish.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 28, 1856—4 m.
Administrator's Notice.
TVOTICE ia hereby given that letters of ad-
A ™ ministration opon the eslaie of Gabriel
Lot*, late of Mifflin township, Columbia Co.,
deceased, have been granted to the under
signed residing in Bloomsburg. All persons
indebted to tbe said estate are requested to
. make payment without delay, and 1 those hav
ing accounts against the said decedent to pre
sent them for settlement to the administrator.
He will attend at the Itde residence of the
deoaaeed on.Tuesday the Bth day of January
iost., to medt those who have business with
the estate, STEPHEN H MILLER.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 1, 18S6-—6w Aim h,
Of lh Receipts and Expenditures of
THE Auditors elected to settle and sd
just the public account of Columbia
County hare examined the same from
the firet day of January 1856, to the first
dav of Jan. 1656. and respectfully lay be
fore the Honorable Judges of the Court
of Common Pleas the following state
ments and reports, agreeably to the 22d
Section of an Act of the Ueneral Assem
bly of this Commonwealth, passed the
14th day of April; A. D. 1834.
JOHN DOAK, ESQ., Treasurer,
Of Columbia Co. in sccount with said co.
1855, January 2d to balance on
Settlement, 193 24
Taxes outstanding for 1854 and
previous years, 6452 98
Cash on Judgment of J. Boston, 50 00
B. P Frick Land redeemed, "11 22
Cash of E. Hicks old Plank, 12 CO
do of Lake for use of court house. 10 00
Am't of Tax assessed for 1855, 6800 90
Cash of C. Cromer, 5 00
A. Kline Land redeemed, 9 00
A. tierringer fur loi of ol'd Iron, 3 50
S. C. Reed Land redeemed, 4 14
Ten days assessment, 10 70
County Tax on unseated Land, 4 44
School do do do 1 35
Poor do do do 62
Road do do do 08
Balance due Treasurer, -sro an
813100 67
By sm't ol taxes uncollected for
1855 and previous years, 4842 08
Commissioners allowed collectors 313 96
Exonerations allowed during the
jear, I®® ®1
! Am'i of orddre redeemed, 7523 03
Treasurer ComiC'**i° n 32® 69
913106 67
Road and Bridge Vieufh
Ain't paid sundry persons for road
views, 131
For bridge views, 18 Or?
Township lines, 9 00
Bridge Contracts.
John ERI, Orange, 319 00
do Extra work do 11 00
Ira Sanders, Benton, 25 00
Stinrni.in Si Griff, Orange, 1060 14
Elias Hicks Si Co, Bloom, 465 00
91880 14
Bridge Repairs. '
Am't paid sundry persons for re
pairs, sll7O 94
Amount paid to sundry persona
for blank books, 9208 01
Commonwealth Costs.
Am't paid sundry persona as wit
ness etc. 9137 54'
Election Expenses.
Expenses of Spring Flection, 350 29
do Full Election, 320 01
9670 30
disseisors' Pay.
Paid to the different Assessors for
making the spring assessment, 260 24
For making the Tricnniel do 360 89
9621 13
Constables Returns.' .
Am'i paid to constables for their
returns during the year, 9113 02
Jurors' Pay.
Grand and Traverse Jurors Feb. term, 274 48
do do do May do 227 34
do do do Sept. do 229 52
do do do Dec, to 259 19
m 9990 53
Tip Slaves.
Am't paid to Tipstaves during the
year, 922 00
Court Crycr.
Amount paid Moses Coffman as
Court-crier, 939 00
Inquest on body ol Patrick Murray 17 45
do do Wm. Prescot 16 87
934 32
Road Damages.
Peter Case, Benton, 10 00
Geo. ZanCr, Hriarcreek 5 00
E. G. Ilickeits, Orange, 75 00
Marv Appleman's heirs Bloom, 28 12
Michael Hock, Hemlock 50 00
Absalom Mcllenry Jackson, 900
Thomas Knurr, Bloom, 60 00
9237 12
Tax Refunded.
Road, School and Poor tax on un
seated land refunded to town
townshipe, 9481 05
Jacob Eyetly as per bills, 949 60
Register's Feet.
Daniel Lee Registering deaths Ac. 81 30
Sheriff's Bill.
Amount paid Jno. -Snyder as Sher
iff'a Bill, 9324 24
County Buildings.
One Clock and sundry repairs, 8151 99
Am't paid R- W. Weaver* 107 50
do J. M. Snyder, 16 50
do Levi L. Tate, 71 00
do Charles Cook, 2 00
do L. F. Irwin St Co. 60 00
9346 00
Am't paid sundry pe,sona for arti
cles used in and about the Court
House, 936 32
Cleaning Court House.
Paid Ann Long Iqy cleaning the
Court House, 917 00
Attorney Fees.
Amount paid to R. W. Weaver, 950 00
Conl and wood for Court House
and Jail, 950 12
Auditors' Pay.
Amount paid County Auditors and ,
their Clerk, 927 60
Lycoming Insurance Com. assess
ment No. 11 919 33
Foz Scalps.
Am't paid different persons, 9101 24
Paid P. Unsngst 1 year's postage, 93 21
Commissioners' Deeds.
J. Donk for Com'eis. deeds, 9145 84
Commissioners' and Clerks' Pay. j
John Keifer, 131 00
Iram Derr, 146 00
Wm. J. Ikeler, 144 50
Jonqe Fahringer. 10 50
Jno. C. Fruif (Clerk) 225 00
tt. C. Fruit do 76 00
" - < 9741 00
Mercantile Jfppraiser.
Solomon Htlwig, 93 37
Medical Service.
J. B. McKelvey, 93 50
J. Ramsey, 50
Am't paid E. S. Penitentiary, 9251 87
Interest on Loan*.
Paid by John Doak, >2 27
Total expenditures for the year, 8081) 19
Taxes outstanding and uncollected.
1850 County■ State.
Samuel Appleman, Sugarloaf, 1 591 973
Jacob W. Warner, Madison, 23 62
Nelson Kile, Sugarloaf, 727 363
.1. B. Mosteller, Briercreelr, 163 756
Peter Hay man, Orange, 24 20 47 81
D. K. Alberlson, Fishingcreek 81 18
William Welliver, Madison, 21 88 50 51
Peter (layman, Orange, 143,87 88 36
Lewis Dieterich, Briercreek, 93 76
Richard Stiles, Benton, 9166
D. R. Albertsoti, Fi-hingcreek 217 24 305 87
Samuel Gillaspie, Greenwood 76 12 75 16
David Smilh, Hemlock, 17 41 23 76
Abraham Manning, Jackson, 454 757
Jacob Stine, Locust, 1 74
Wm. Eyer, Matlison, 33 II 198 bl
Lewis Eckroat, Mifflin, 13 95
M. R. t\ ppleman, Ml. Pleasant 52 77, 37 36
Jacob Ari.'wine, Montour, 28 12 74
Beni. Hayntatt, Oranue, 178 22 152 84
Joseph Shoei.naker, Pine, 45 52 26 02
Wm. Mosteller, Sugarloaf, 22 87 23 08
John Shuman, Beaver, ' 33 '8 187 74
] J. YV. Eck, Briercreek, 446 15 348 87
!B. F. Hartman, Bloom, <" >92 2G
\ Samuel Rhone, Benton, I' 4 02 184 12
Charles Dieterich, Centre, 33 ? 26 327 56
Isaiah John, Cattatvissa, 80 20 25 19
T. J. Hutchison, Fishingcree.k 212 81 270 60
J. Gerard, Greenwood, 222 32 228 68
Beni. Wilson, Hemlock, o 40.46 260 61
Thus. W. Young. Jackson, 7 4 |19 73 82
Wm. Goodman, Locust, 192 95 89
T. A. Fnnston, Madison, 308 02 1112 73
Lewis Eckroat, Mifflin, 108 41 i' 26 68
Daniel Shuman, Maine, 74 84 7T 88
Jacob Shipman, Ml. Pleasant, 108 42 136 -5
Joseph Mouser, Mnnlour, 45 67 47 71
Michael Keller, Orange, 128 59 208 69
Enoch Fox, Pine, 53 58 95 90
' Mich'l Federoff, Itoaringcreek 68 62 55 14
1 John H. Dewiti, Scolt, 322 86 525 99
yC'tn. Stevens. Sugarloaf, 83 47| 1 13135
54642 08 s49f U 69
v ,T e ti','9 undersigned Auditors of the conn
tv of L'.-lun, b i a bein 3 •'l' elected to adjust
....I. , 'e accounts of the Treasurer and
Pni ..tin V h ,ve carefully examined the
Commissioners I" g , |he ' Mme {rom lhe
accounts and vooc.w- f ,
fiist day of January we fim , lh % m
January 1856 do cert.., >• nj Malemem
correct as set forth in tne lore, 0 -' sqjj DOAK
and that we find a balance due JO. .
Esq., late Treasurer, from the county.
hundred and seventy dollars.
Given under our hands this Bth day of da'.''
uary A. D. 1856.
JACOB DEMOTT; \ Auditois.
VVE, the undersigned Commissioners of
the County o! Columbia do certify thai the
foregoing is a correct statement of the ac
counts of said county for the year A. D. 1855.
VVM. J. IKKLER, \ Com'rs
The most extraordinary bock of Ihe 19IA Century I
The way lo ihe Alter. Matrimony made easy:
One volume of 160 pages, 32m0. Price
One Dollar. 500,000 copies already issued.
Thirteenth edition ready. Printed on the fin
est paper, and illustrated in the finest style
of art.
*' Love rules lite oourl, the camp the grove.
For Love is Heaven, and Heaven is Love."
So aang the Bartl; yet thousands pine
For love—of life the light divine—
Who, did they know some gentle charm,
The hearts ol those they love to warm,
Might live, might tlie, in bliss supreme,
Possessing aH of which they dream.
The road lo Wedlock would you know ?
Delay not, but lo RONDOUT go.
Time flies, and from his gloomy wings
A shadow falls on living things;
Then seize the moments RS they pass,
Ere fall Ihe last sands through the glass;
Al least ihe present is your own,
While ail the future is unknown.
A happy marriage man or rnaid
Can now secure by P.GNDOUT'S aid.
It teaches how to make ladies or gontle
men win the devoted affections of as many
of the opposite sex as their hearts may desire.
And ihe plan is simple, yet so captivating
that all may be married irrespective of age,
appearance or position: and it can be arran
ged with such ease and delicacy, that detec
tion is impossible.
It teaches how to make love.
It teaches every eye lo form a beauly of its
It teaches how to act when fascinated by a
It teaches how to make the wrinkled face
It teaches you the kind of a wife to select to
render home happy.
It gives advice to the lover who has been
once truly accepted, and is rejected alter
wards through the intelligence oflriends.
It gives a remedy for unrequited love.
It gives jon instructions lor beautifying the
How to hare a handsome face and hands.
How to remove tan and freckles.
A lecture on love, or a Private Advice lo Mar
ried Ladies and Gentlemen.
This is decidedly the most fascina'ing, in
teresting and really useful and practical wotk
on Courtship, Matrimony, and the duties and
delights of Married Life, that has over been
issued from the American prets. The artifi
cialsocial system, which in so many instan
ces prevents a union of hearts, ano sacrifice
lo conventionalism Ihe happiness and even
the lives of thousands of the young and hope
lul ol both sexes, is thoroughly analyzed and
exposed. Every one who contemplates mar
riage, and wishes for au infallible guide in
the selection of a partner for life, should pur
chase tbis great text bonk of connubial feli
No on? will ever regret the price paid for
such an invaluable secret.
Bills ol any of the specie-paying banks in
the United States or Csnadas received at par.
Gold dust cstt be sent from California.
All that is necessary loryou lo do isto write
a letter in as few words as possible, inclosing
ONE DOLLAR, and write the name, with
the Post office, County, and State, and direct
Publisher and Author.
No. 82 Forty-Sixth St., N. Y.
Street, are the wholesale agents.
1000 Agents wanted.
FANCY GOODS, of every description and
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Especially devoted to Ike wants of the Ladies of
WJrere this Magazine is taken in • hops#,
no other is wanted, as it comprises all that
could be obtained by taking three other Mag
New Features for 1836.
A new and very interesting story stomwill
be commenced in January, by Marion gar
land, author of "Alone," and "Hidden !'slh,"
two novels that have creaietfsn riNMMse
sensation in the literary world. Alto-
Miss Virginia F. Townsend will commence
in the Febtoary number a Novelette, which
we know will strongly interest the readers of
the "Book."
Stories by an English Authoress.
How to make Way. Flowers and Fruits—
With engravings.
The Nurso and the Nursery.
How to make a Bonnet.
Troubles of an English Housekeeper.
The art of sketching flowers from Nalnrs.
With engravingc.—To be copied by the
learner on paper to be colored.
Maternal counsels to a Daughter— De
signed to aid her in the care of her health,
the improvement of her mind, and the culti
vation of her heart.
New style of illuminating windows and
lamp shades, with engravings.
Poetry and history of Finger Rings, illus
trated; Shells for the Ladies, and where they
come from, with engravings
Modelling iu Leather with engravings.
This is only giving an idea of our inten
tions for 1858—New designs of integsst to
the Indies are springing no every day ; we
shall avail onreelveu ol everything thai can
interest them. In fact, "Godey'a"Lady's
Book," will possess the interest of any other
three magazines.
In addition to the above will be continued
in each No.
Godev's splendid steel engravings.
One hundred pages of reading.
Godev's challenge Fashion Plates. In this
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Embroidery pattern*. Any quantity of
them are given monthly.
Model Cottages.
Dress making with diagrams to cnt by.
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Dresses —All kind of Crochet and Netting
Woik—CUaks, Mantelets, Talmas, Collars,
Chemisblte, Under Sleeves, Bonnets, Win
dow Curtains, Brodenc Anglaise Slippers,
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cles, Head Dresst'S, Hair Dressing, Robes lor
Night and Morning, Carriage Dresses, Bridal
Dresses, Wreaths, Mantillas, Walking Dres
ses, Riding Habits, Boy's Clothing, Capes
and Cloaks of Fur in season. Crochet and
Netting Work printed in colors.
Diawing Lessons for Youth—looo designs,
Music, S3 worth is given every gear; the
Nurse and the Nursery, with full instruc
tions; Godey's invaluable Reoipes upon every
We would advise all who intend to sub
scribe to send in their orders soon, for il we
not make duplicate stereotype plates, il
do . difficult to supply the demand. We
will bt. -, r lim f„ r 1856 will reach 100,000
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copies. The *y direct to the publisher.—
send your mout., 'trge amounts had better
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send drafts but notes <i e[g had better be
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their eafe reception is ensured.
Terms—Cash in Advance- ~a r
One copy 1 year, $3. Two copies I *'• i
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--ies, sls. Eleven copies 1 year, and an ex
tra copy to the person sending the club ma
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IS" The above Terms cannot be deviated
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tion. Also Parlor Grates, Office and
Pnrlor Stoves,
in grest variety. Tin Roofing, Gutters, Lead
ers, and all kinds of work made kroner, at
the ahnrteat notice.
Repairing of all kinds attended to.
Bloomsburg, April 27th 1854,-tf.
Dressing Case Manufacturer
N. W. cor. of 4th and Chestnut Sts.,
ALWAYS on baud a large acd varied as
sortmer,. of
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N. B.—On ihe receipt of sl, a Superior
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States, by mail; describing pen, thus, medi
um, hard, or solt.
Philadelphia, April 5, 1855. 1-y.
Fresh Arrival!
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just received by railroad and lor sale by
ESSENCE OF COFFEE. For safe at the
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To Those Wanting-Cheap ClothingJ
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drillings. &c., in abundance.
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing el e
where. We have bought our goods at Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
gsarracpqa iS CSBce> 0
Fashionable Fall and Winter Clothing J
In the Exchange Block next to Swartz's Book Store. They have on band a lurze and
full assortment of 8
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Panta
and Vests they have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey striped
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, bufl, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable cuts and colore ; Working Pauls and boys clothing. Also fine while, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, S'ocks, Ties, Scarfs, all kinds of gentle
man's dress goods ; Hats. Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and
Mm ttasss J&ajmiss
They have Undersleves, Spencers, Collars, Uigalells, Gloves, Mitts, Ladies'a beid-bag
Handkerchiefs, he., fcc. Also Jewelry and Notions, sach as fcltius, Breast pins. Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Porlmonies, Sneclacles Knives
Razors and a well selected assortment of Accordeons '
V3T Remember the cheap store in the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house
Bloomsburg, Oct. 4, 1855. * S . DREIFUSS, & Co.
1855 New Fall and Winter Goods ! 1855
TNVITES attention to hie slock of cheap snd fashionale clothing at his storeou Market
x street, two doors above the "American House," where he has a fuli assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
iFAsainosrAisiLiß ©mass Cs®^ i n i s ?
ffox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coats of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colors shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, slocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancy articles.
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and most of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, Sept. 20th 1855-3 m.
The best Books for Agents!
Send for a few copies and try them among your
Publishes the lollowing popular illustrated
works, and for the sale of which he desires
an active agent in every county of the U.S.
A small capital ol S2O or $25 only is required.
n ... most Elegant anil Useful Volume
7 " e bf the year.
, ~. , ' an illustrated description ol
JUM pobhslutn , pirt . Being a physical and
pivVu", i its Governments and Pro-
Pulmcai History o.' Resources, Imperial
vinces, Productions, Literature. Eduea-
Government, Commerc.e, p , Manners,
r?, ?! J T\- Me , l " ,on i, fce., from tb*
Customs, Antiquities, &c., Bmbol
laiest and most authentic sou.'i ' JM, ~
lished with about 200 engravings, , whdle
of European and Asiatic Russia. n
complete in one large octavo VOIL'>- ,|
about 700 pages, elegantly and substantia,
bound. Retail price $3. ,
Persons wishing to act as agents and do a
safe business, can send for a specimen vol.,
and a Subscription Book (price of both $3.25,
sent free of postage.) and obtain from one to
two hundred subscribers, to be delivered at
a certain lime to be agreed on, say in thirty
or forty days from the time riguing.
Also, a deeply interesting volume,entitled
CELEBRATED PERSONS," embracing the
Romantic Incidents and Adventurers in the
Lives of Sovereigns, Statesmen, Generals,
Princes, Warriors, Travellers, Adventurers,
Voyagers, Sh., eminent in the history of Eu- •
rope and America, including Sketches of over I
fitly celebrated heroic characters. Beautiful- I
ly illustrated with numerous engravings. 1 I
vol. 400 pages, royai 12mo. cloth, gill. Price I
$1 25. ' I
New Pictorial Histoiy of China and India—
comprising a description of 111060 countries
and their inhabitants, —embracing the His- 1
torical Events, Government, Religion, Edu
cation, Language, Literature, Arts, Manu
factures, Productions, Comrneree, and Man
ners and Customs of the People, from the
earliest period of authentic record to the
preeeuttime. Illustrated with two hundred
engravings. 600 pages large octavo. Price
$2 50.
New Pictorial Family Instructor, or Digest
of General Knowledge —Comprising a com
plete circle of useful and entertaining infor
mation. Designed for Families, Schools and
Libraries. 600 pp. ociavo. Price 52.50.
Pictoml History of the American Revolution.
—A book tor every family in the Union ! Il
contains an account ol the early history of
the Country, Constitution of the Uriited
States, a Chronological Index, be. Several
hundred Engravings. Price $2.00
With a variety of ether Pictorial Works, of
such a moral and religious influence, that 1
while good men may safely engage in their
circulation, they will confer a public benefit,
and receive a fair compensation for their la
13T To men of enterprise and tact, this
busiuess offers an opportunity for profitable
employment seldom to be met with.
(7* Persons wishing to engage In their
sale, will reoeive promptly by mail, a Circu
lar containing full particulars, with " Direc
tions to persons disposed to act as Agents,"
together with terms on which they will be
furnished, by addressing the subscriber, post
181 William Street, New York.
X3T SEED FOR ORE COPV.—Single copies of
the above works will be carefully enveloped
in stout paper, and fotwarded at our risk and
expense to any post office in the United
States,, on the receipt of the retail prices.
Kegifitratiou Certificates
For the use of clergymen, juatioea, phyai
ians and other persons in registering marria
gee and deaths as required by the new Ao
Assembly, can be had at the office of the
Star of the North."
Cct us Reason Together.
WHY ARE we sick?
It has been the lot of the human race to be
weighed down by disease and suflViing. Hol
loway's Piils are specially adapted to the relief
of the Weak, the Nervons, the Delicate, and
the Infirm, of all ciinlea, ages, sexes, and con
stitutions. Professor Hulloway personally su
perintends the manufacture of his medicines in
the United States, and offera them i 0 a free and
enlightened people, as the brat reined) the world
ever saw for the removal of disease.
These Pills Purify the Blood.
Tlidse famous Pills are expressly combined lo
o.ie.' 1 "® on ,he stomach, the liver, the kidneys,
the 'a- I ®*' skin, and Ihe bowels, correcting
any ,'fr. ,n 8 emfcm in their functions, purifying
theblooo' t- Se,er ' fountain ot life, and thus cu
itng disease in •
Dyspepsi.t Diver Complaints.
Nearly half U. ht' ni(> 'see have takan these
Pills. It has been' in all parts of the
world, that nothing hua . ' een found equal to
them in cases of disorders of the liver, dyspep
sia, nnd stomach complaints generally. Tliev.
soon give a healthy tone lo these .organs, bow
ever much deranged, and when all other means
have failed.
General Debility. II! Health.
Many of the most despotic Government*'
have opened their Custom Hoases to the intro
duction of these Fills, that they may become
tbe medieintt of the masses. Learned Colleges
admit that this medicine is the best remedy ev
er known for persons of delicate health, or where
the system has been impaired, as lis invigora'
ting properties never fail to allbrd relief
Female Complaints.
No Female, young or old, should be withon
this celebrated medicine. It is correct and reg
ulatca the monthly courses at all periods, acting
in many cases like s chaim. It is also the best
sod safest medicine that can be given lo chil
dren of all ages, and for any complaint: conse
quently no family -hnuld tm without it.
Hollowaif s Pills are the best remedy
known in the world for the following
Asthma Diarrhoea
Bowel Complaints Dropsy-
Coughs Debility
Colds Fever and Ague
Cheat Diseases Female Complaints
Costiveness Headache
Dyspepsia Indigestion
Influenza Inflammation
Inward Weakness Liver Complaints
Lownesa of Spirits Piles
Stone and Gravel Secondary Symplons
Venereal AHeeiions Worms, of all kiuds
Sold at the Manufactories of Prof. HOLLO-
W-AY, 80 Maiden Lane, New-York, and 244
Strand, London, and by all respectable Drug
gists and Dealers of Medicines throughout
the United Stales, and the civilized world, ip
boxes, at 25 cents, 621 cents, and $1 eacl>
fck There is a considerable saving by ta
king the larger size.
N. B. Directions for the guidance ot pa
tients in every disorder are affixed to each
TRE. Arch Street, above Sixth, flkfl'a.
THE STAR COMPANY, Composed of the first
Artists in the world, and exceeding < iQ ]
Strength and Talent any Dramatio cotnK, n ' a .
lion heretofore offered to the U„K.
lio, will appear EVERY NIGHT in
Tragedy, Serio-Coroio Drama, "JaudeviiieV
Musical Burlettas. &0., Sic.
tar When visiting tbe ci;,y, go there
Oct 2—tf.
_ . Fancy Papery
Envelopes, Pens, Ink, Writing aand. he
an be found at the cheap Book store of
| 100,000 COPIES!
Steamboat Di*a iters on the Western
I Waters, and Steamboat Directory.
THE undersigned have now I A eouree of
preparation a new Steamboat Directory.
| which will be isoued in October next, the
book will contain over two hundred page*, il
lustrated in the best style, and neatly bound
in a durable manner, it will be one of the
most interesting books ever published, and
will ba a book that will be interesting to all
classes of people. The Steamboat Directory
willconlain a complete list and description of
all the Steamboats now afloat in the Western
and Southern waters. The length, model,
speed, power and tonnage of each boat, v/hsrs
and by whom built, the name of the boat,
with tho trade she has'.n. Also, the names
of Captains and officers, her age, dec. The
Directory willconlain a Histoty of Steamboats
and Steamboating on the Western Waters,
tince thn application of steam: also, a eketrh
of the nrat boat built for the Ohio Hirer, with
the utine of the builder, commander and own
The Hirer Directory Will contain a Ifsi ahd
description of all the Steamboat Disaster*
that hare occurred on the Western and South'
etn waters, beautifully illustrated, with a list
of all those who have perished by rbeir burn
ing, sinking and exploding, on the western
and southern wilers. The Directory will
contain Maps of the Ohio, Mississippi, Mi,,
souri, Illinois. Arkatisis, White, Red, Ouachita,
Vazoo, and other rivore, With the towns and'
cities laid down .with correct distances: alio,
many other Riser and Commercial items of
interea to the people at large. The book WFR
contain the cards of the various U. S. Mail
Hosts, withthe trade they are in, dtc. The
Directory will alio Contain a complete liat of
all the responsible Steamboat Licensed Offi
cers, their places of residence, dtc. dtc., the
new steantboiel law flat requtremei ts with
comments, >t>M.rs,4U,, it .
competent officer, gird injures the competent
officer, Ac. Sic., and all the important U. t
Supreme Court steamboat decisions U p to
date; the llates and important Commercial
Privileges, Bills of Lading, important dec}**
ioneof the varioue U. S. Courts in regard to
Freights Lost and Damaged, Ac. Ac., with
many other things of interest.
The Directory will be illustrated in the beet
style, and printed in the beat manner. The
author has for six years been gathering
together all the facts and itema in regard to the
numerous steamboat diaastera on 'ho Western
and Southern waters, and now intends pub
lishing them in book form. The price of the
work will be put at the low sum of One Dollar
Ten thousand copies will be issued for the
houtmer.; all others desirous of subscribing
will have to do so at once, aa none will be
printed unless ordered in advance. This work
is destined to have a circulation of over eifeht
thousand copies, as the publishers are receiv
ing large numbers of subscribers, per mail
from all parts of the country, daily. Some of
the oldest boatmen, as well aa most scientific
men of tho time*, axe contributors to the
Steamboat Directory.
The Directory "will be issued in October,
and will he an ornament 10 the psrlor as well
as steamboat. By remitting tine Dollar, post
paid, you will receive a copy or the above
All communications and letters should ba
addressed to JAS. t. LLOVD Co.
Pott Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio
July 12, 1855.
Illustrated Sheet Publications,
With General Descriptions, Prices, &c.
fj'HFSE publications are invarialy colored,
m and all the same size. (2E by 32 inches.)
and of one retail price,—23 cents each
1 st—Mirror of the City of Sebastopol,
and Map of the Crimea and Black Sea
THIS is the only authentic view given,
showing the exact position of all the lortifica
tiune, with corievl name and rromber of guns
in each, and giving a full description of the
city, its public buildings, harbors, &e. Also
map of the Crimea, showing the military po
sition of the Allied forces surrounding Sebas
topol ; mat) of the Black Sea, containing dis
tances from Constantinople, and statistical
Information relative to tho population of Eu
rope and its principal cities. Also, views of
the hurricane on the Black Sea. the Battle of
lnkermann, &o. Wholesale Price to Agents
87 per hundred. '
2d Sheet—Map of North America, Uoi.
ted States and Cuha.
Showing the routes to California, New Or
leans, Cuba, and many other large places •
extent and population of United States, Mex
ico, British America, Russian and Central
America and Cuba; population of cities: por
traits of Washington. Jefferson. La Fayette
Jackson, Webster Clay, and Calhoun-men
who wdi never be forgotten. Wholesale prtce
to Agents, 89 per hundred,
• 3d Sheet—The Illustrated Lire of Christ.
, Containing eleven large and spleudid En-
I grartngs designed by Gilbert, the great EoB
- Artist. Subject as follows : The Adora
tion of the Shepherds—The Fligh' into Egypt
-Jesus in the Midst of the Doctor,_Ju,
Subject to his Parents—the Bapiism-Our
Lord in the House of Martha and Mary-
Lord raising the Widow's Son-Jesus Christ
Blessing little Children—The Crucifixion
the Resurrection—Our Saviour. Wholeaaio
price to Agents, 89 per hundred.
4th Seoet.—A Great National Chart.—
The Constitution of the United States
nnd declaration of Independence.
With portraits and Biographies ol all the
the I residents, and Seals of every State and
territory in the Union. Wholesale price to
Agents, 89 per hundred.
N. B.—No citizen should be without this
bheet, aucJ Foreigners who would understand
the American people, their minciplss and
■overamaul, should have aoopy without do
Bth Sheet—Jnst Published, Latest Maps
nnd Views ol" the Eastern war, from
the most authentic aourcea, Sebastopol,
Crimea, Black, Baltic and AzoffSeat. •
Showing the present position of tha Allied
force?, Small Map of Europe, giving the
routes and diatancea from London and Park
to the Crimea, Cronatadt, aad many olhar
places; Number of vessels in the Baltic Fleet
Army and Navy of the world: Viewa of the
Hurricane on the Blaok Sea, Battlo of Inksr
mann, Constantinople; Population of Eui'
and its principal Cities; Immense Sn '.idK oi
War Munitions to the French Am- Al
W No person should be wi'ho'jnU Sheet
It contains on a large scale th 0
plana and views of places.
™o^r n F h,oU4hrjnl ,h world; *U
wkT <ot f-"ence to' thei
red. 0 .eaale price 89 per hand
6th Sheek,—M ljrror of Cronstadt, Sebaa
,n .. Redan, Mamelon and Ma
lt 1?" a'owera. Map of the Crimea ahd
™ *io Sea, with portraits of the Prin
cipal Crowned Heads, also, Russian,
French, English and-Turkish Officer*.
This is the only authentic view given ef
Cronstadt, showing tha exact position aod
correct name of all the Fortifications, with
number of guns in each. A new plan of Se
bastopol, Southeast view, showing tbe Great
Redan, Mamelon nnd Malakoff Towers
drawn on the spot —also, giving the number
of Allied Forces in tbe Crimea, Bsltio See,
Ac. Wholesale price to Agents, 89 per hun
dred. A. H. JOCELYN,
Publisher of Illuatnted Maps,
Popular Sheets, Ac., Ico. tu'
60 Fulton St., (up stain,) (V. Ynrk r

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