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rt" rwMM9nt,
ErW*W tfttl M many friend* *•
IM MMHa Liuimsnt, ik* opiwrtrtiinn eenld
• ioryoraCf guard, Mf. Krain or I
MlMrkvdin hi* dteptiehM le President Fill
.Jmori, whila transporting hofe end rant*
bverthe plsin* to Mexico, 'That if Ik* Gov
mmntseovkl Mttd Aim if liberal supply of
Miakmg Linimitrt, tl sumld tntt (6 par cent
of kit torn." 'I dm la van Impor'ani for all
Farmers and Liverymen in knew. The Mus
tang Liniment ia a wonrieffsl artiel* for man
Or baaal. It shwtrld hiVrrfya ha used fnr {tore*,
Sweltisg*, Stiff Joint*, Burn*, Bfniao*, Rheu-
IBaiie Pain*, Ate , and for flalili, Sprain*,
Spaain*, Ringbone, ho., upon horses. lit
war* Of tmdefionr. Tha JVTimiang i* told by
til respectable dewiers s vsrt where.
No* 12, I mo.] Piopriaitna, New York.
i Coi.i.rcToa'a Orricie, )
Beach Haven, Nov. 1 tl, 1856. j
R, W. Wavis, Esq., — Dear Sir:— Tha •
TOoonl of loll* received at lliif office during
Iba mouth of October i* $38,641,01
Amount previously reported 188.087, to
Total am't since Nov. 30,1855, 87"627iT
" " time period ir. '53, 206.388,58
(nervals ki 1856 921,388,Ts
Respectfully yours,
PETER F.NT, Collector.
~ LiLWr
CIEVERAL 120 Acre Land VVurrant* can be
" purchased by sppliea'ion at this Office, i
Administrator's Notice*
NOTICE ie hereby given that letters nf ad
ministration opon 'tie estate of Berj. Hay
man, lata of Orange township, Columbia co ,
deceased, have been granted to the under' !
signed residing in Cent-e township, Colum
bia county. All persons indebted to the
said estate are requested to make payment
without delay, and those having accounts
40 present them for settlement to
- Centre. Nov 17, 1856. Adm'r. \
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given, that letter* of
administration have been granted upon the I
estate of Peter Evelaud, lam ot Fishingcreek
township, f'ojumbts county, deceased, to the
nnder-igned Administrator residing also in
the said township of Fishingcreek. All per
sona indebted to the said estate ore request
ed to make payrnen' wilhoutdelay, and those
having accounts to present them for
raent to
Fishingcreek, Nov. 15, 1856,
NOTICE is hereby given that Abia C. John
has made application to the Court ol Common
Pleat of Columbia county for iho benefit of |
the laws relating to insolvent debtors in this
Commonwealth ; end the Court have fixed
Wednesday he 3d (ley of Derember next at
S o'clock P. M. for a bearing of a'l persons
interested in the mailer of the application.
JACOB EYF.RI.Y, Prothonotary.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 13, 1656.
PROPOSALS will be received at the house
of Jarnes Masters, in Tino township, on the
30lh day ol December Until 2 o'clock, P M.,
for budding a county bridge over Little Fish
ingereek, at Warncrville—the span to be 60
leel, the beighth of abutment 7 feet, the tvidih
of the bridge from ont to out ] 6 feel, and the
Wing-Watts to extend II feet from the abut
Plan and specifications can be seen on the
day and place of letting.
BV Older of the County Commissioners.
U. C. FRUIT, Clerk
Commissioners' Office, j
Bloomsburg, Nov. 11,'56. }
4JICHOOL Teachers of Columbia county
who have not yet obtained certificates
are hereby notified that examinations will
lake place at the office of the County Su
perintendent in Bloomsburg on evety Satur
day afternoon, and at no ether time. All
the examinations should have been public
and in -the presence of the Directors; but
the present .arrangement will accommodate
all who still desire an examination. All other
time will now be required for the visitation
of schools. 11. VV. WEAVER.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 11, 1856.
Register'!* Notice.
NOTICE ia haraby given to ttli legatees,
creditors Rtitf other persons interested in (he
estates'of tho respective decedents and mi
nors that' the foljbwing administration ac
counts have been filed in the office of the '
Register ot the county of Columbia, and
will be presented for confirmation and allow
ance to tbe Orphans Court, 10 be held at
Bloomsburg, in and for the county aforesaid,
on Wednesday, the 3d day ol December
next, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
|l. The account of Abraham VV. Kline ad
ministrator it Urn is non of Titos. Wildouer,
late of Fiehingcieck twp. dee'd.
2 The nocouut of Daniel Giger. Surviving
adm'r of the estate of Mary Giger late ol
Montour twp. dee'd.
3 The account of Ellas Bogarl & Reuben
Bogarl adra'rs of George Bogarl lato ol Hem
lock twp. dee'd
4 The acc't of John Covanhovan, Execulor
of tbe estate ol Martin Bender late of Orange
township, deo'd.
6 The first account of Gilbert H. Fowler &
Samuel A. Worman, Executors of VVm.
Trimbley, lute of Bloom nvp., dee'd.
6 The account of Isaac McKamy, adm'r of
the estate of Joseph Broibe, late of Scott
township, deceased.
7 The account of VVm. G. Hurley, guardian
of tbe person and estate of Casper C. Bo
dine one of the children or Charles Budioe,
8 The account of Osbnur Williams & Solo
mon Leiby, Adm'rs of George Leiby late of
Locust Iwp., deo'd.
9 The acc't of Derrick A. Bowman, guar
dian of Susaa Alien Low, a minor child of
Isaac Low, late of Centre towuship, deo'd.
10 Tbe acc't of Derrick: A. Bowman, guar
dian of Thotnqs B Low, a minor child of
Isaac Low, iste of Centre township, dee'd.
11. The acc't of Derrick A. Bowman, guar
dian of Jflary F. Barton, [late M. F. Low.]
a minor child of Isaao Low, late of Centre
lownihip dee'd.
12 Tbe acc't of Derrick A. Bowman, guar
dian of Maria Emily Low, a minor child of
laaao Low, late of Centre twp. dee'd.
Rmuster's Or* ic*. J Eegister.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 4, 1656, J
TIIUSLINS a yard wall for 6 cents, and
■"A good prima for 6J cents just received
by A. C. MENSCB.
Registration Certificates
For the use of clergymen, justices, phyei
law and other persons in registering marris
gea and deaths as required by tbe new Ac
Assembly, can be had at tbe office of the
Ster of the NoHb."
Justices of the Pence
AND CONSTABLES car, find all kimiof
** banks desirable for thqit use,id proper
mife'O tbe office of the Sfi* 07 thi Noam. 1
Trill Mt at Mcshtfer f arm lAM.
!• Jscnb Johnson *i flamy Johnson at ol
* S, 0. it. HMlsfd n Dsn is I RptmsNhtrg
i sdm'r..
I I. Ftl FrwHvttfri f-i, llknry Miftr.
4. John o*ftln* el nl 01. Cbs*. F. Msnn.
1 5. Alsksinler Kdgsrci. Dsttisl F. Beybsrt.
6. Samuel L. McUullook a* ai ra. ha woe I
j f. Hasdhtr.
' 7. Wtlllsm Krmns va.Uenrgs L Kline afnf.
| 8, William Konn# Genrge L. ffliiiW.
0. Philip Cooper vs. William Sloan.
1 10. Frederick Resin's adm'r. tn. Phiikp
! . 11. Jonathan Moetsller vs. Benjamin F.
J 12. Joseph Ftlckhonae trv. Oilhert Fowler.
f . 13. Jane M. Her ningar VS. VV. A. Kline.
14. Malanchton Baker its Richard Torby.
13. Daniel F. Seyberl vs. Daniel Sponen
berg, adm'r.
16. David Rein bold vs. Aamn Wolf.
17. James Tyaon tl al vs. John 51. Sheldon
it al.
' 18. Pater Appieman it al. ca. Leonard B.
Rupert, al
19. ll.ram VV. Brown VJ. John Jones.
20. Mary Vansinkle vs. Joseph Ruckle etnl.
I 21. K. & J. Hicks et al. vs. William L.
I Lance.
) 22. Georce Miller w. Clntworthy L. Fidier.
f 23. George Miller vs. Nalhaiiiel Overdi.rf
I 24. Pater Appleman el al. vs. Lennaid B.
■ Ruiiorl.
25. Thorns* PerVer t'S. John 11. Parker.
26. George L. Kline t> Moses Cofiman.
Tho Proprietor of the Philadelphia ''Daily
Pennsyloanian," in view ol the Presidential
Election, has mado ample arrangemema lor <
the improvement of that journal in all its
various deparraoul*. A double sheet, con
si-iing of eight pages of six columns each,
printed on good paper, with clear type, i
issued daily. No pains Bra spared to do lull
justice to every part of thai paper. The lar
gest telegraphic news fiom ult parte of the
country will be found in its columns; ami al
great expense, talented correspondents from
whom highly interesting letters are received,
J have been secured, not only in England,
1 France, Washington und New York, but in
i many other parts ol the country. Great at
tention is al-o paid to the moutary, corn-
I merciul, and espertaliy the shipping list de
partment of ttii* Journal, as well as 10 the
local news of the City. Ami while every
desirable feature of a Newspaper is lime en
grailed upon the Penniylvanum, it will con
tinue with redoubled energy and determina
tion to do battle lor (he Constitution and the
The editorial conduct of The Pennsyhanian
has met with general approval, oil account
of the fearlessness with which it assailed the
dangerous political heresies introduced by an
organization acting in secret, and corrupting
the whole moral structure of society. Abo
litionism abo, has foni d in The Pennsylvani
•jn, en nnrelen'iirg enemy because the doc
trine is subversive of the rights of one porrion
of our country.
That of coatee has been approved of by
our party, a.td intelligent citizens generally,
is attested by the prosperity of our estati
liehmert. Our subscription has increased
fourfold, and onr advertising is a still Lreater
ratio. Already hue our issue reached ten
thousand; and nt our present tale of progres
sion, bptore the year 1855 shall haveexpiied
it will be double that nnmber. The Propri- *
etor intends to spare no expense to make
'/Ac Pennsylvania:! one o! the first journals of
lb > country in all its departments, and in
this way men I the [ftttona"e of a deserving
The Opposition, fully awpre of the im ...
mense power and influence wielded by the
press, avail themselves nf it to the fullest ex
tent. The circulation of their organs are In
creased by every possible means and the
whole power of their ori-anization is used to
accomplish that object. Tlib speecties of
their disunion orators, and other incendiary
documents, aro sown broadcast throughout
the land, and obtrusively thursl into the hands
of every voter. Those who have so much
holier a cause 10 advocate, and upon the suc
cess of whose labors rest the durability ol the
very coiner stones upon which our happness
is louridbi), —civil and religious liberty,—and
the perpetuation of the Union itself, should
not be le.-s active. We appeal to the true
Democracy, and 10 ail CHiistilulion loving
citizens, to come forward and aid us in dts
semtnating correct political information, and
exposing the nefarious designs of our antag
onists. We appeal alike to the citizens of
the North, and ol the South to aid in the cir
culation of those sec timer, is, and support of
those measures, which are advocated by the
only National Political organization now in
The Proprietor can already boast of a large
circulation in the Southern Slates, and he is 1
anxious to increase the number of his read
-1 ere in that region; so that his hands may be
strengthened for coming conflicts against
those who are not only the enemies ol the
South, but the pnemies of all true men in
ever portion of the Confederacy. In Penn
sylvania, and the Nonhfen and Western
States, an increased circulation of this journal
will do much as act antidote to the poisonous
doctrine of the Union-haling Black Republi
cans, and tyianical and corrupt Know Not li
ngs. We therefore confidently calculate
upon the hearty cuoperatiuu of our political
friends to the extension of our circulation,
and fptd confident that this appeal will not
be made to them in vain.
T E~RM A :
$6,00 per annum, if paid in advance, or 47
al tlte end ol tho yeaf.
TRI-VVEEKLY, $3,00 por annum, if paid io
advance or $3,50 al the end of the y ear,
WEEKLY, SI,OO por annum, invariably in j
The price for the WEEKLY PENN'SYL
VANIAN, for & single )ear, is ONK DOLLAR
per annum, but for the pur|roeof further-in
creasing- the oirenlation, we offer the follow
ing inducements to agents and others to raise
One Copy oOe year, 81 00
Fix do da 5 00
Twelve do do 10 00
Eeightean do 15 00
Twenty-five do 20 00
Persona who wish to receive the paper
merely during the campaign, will have it
sent on the following terms, for six months
from the time of subscribing:
I Copy, 0 60
6 enplos to one address, Si 00
10 " " 400
20 " " 800
30 " " 12 00
40 " " 16 00
50 " " 20 00
100 40 00
Large Clubs in proportion— Cash a/toy* in
Although the rate at which tho Weekly
Vennsylvaman is offered falls far below the
real value of such a publication, we are wil
ling for another year to test the experiment
of continuing to issue it at this reduced price
iu tbe confident hope that, by an extensive
1 circulation, we may be semirsd from tbe
1 heavy pecuniary Faarifioe which such au ex
periment involves.
Postmasters will confer a favor by sending
to one address when convenient.
N. B.—Letters to be addressed, post paid
• to WM. RICE,
Sept. 3, '66. Proprietor. 1
1 ' "im m in. if
roi.DMift* iMi/U K*K renin,r,
oat JEM ud ob toa "or •
Lnam tmrnly, Pa,
THE Trtivtss* of this fustimiinrt respovtfeti
tnnouncs. 'hat It will No np#n/for to,
rsespfion of Poplla, of both save*, so Monday
I totoho, 90lh next, mubt rtto ImSWiltal* SSI* a
V 1-t. JAMKI A NPBIIfWN, • Frt**tp*t.
Mr. A. I* * gentleman at sitonetvo teqtttre
menls, sod snlerge I eS|t*,loniM ** an educator
n,l hn I-sen eortiterted with tho most popnln
"Hlah di-koot" of lln.-k* Go. for sevend ye*,*
He I* slm W*M soil favorably known *• * eon
lilbuio, to sum* of cur leading educational port
■■diesis. . ,
Will reinpiito Otlh.-graphy, Itafiolt'-ns, HssJ-
Ing. Penman,hip, Etymology. Geography, Eng
Gremniav, Composition, Arithmetic Algebra,
Geometry, Mensuration. Plans and Bphenesl
Trigonomstrv. Surveying, Navigation. Aatron.
nmv, Ac. took Ktrj-mg, lli*iory, Physiology,
Natural, Tntfllnclu.il, slid Moial Pltilo.opby,
and C'h. mis'ry.
Classes in the French. Spanish 4- Latin
f.anguages will be furmix! as early av piactica
bln, and Instruction on Piano-Forte will be
given if (Inaireil.
WEEKLY LECTURES on the Natural
Bciencps, illOstraied by appropriate apparatus
will tha I 0 i'ircn,
SPECIAL ATTENTION will be paid la
young Ladies and Gmtli min designing to qual
ify themselves as Teacher*.
T OUIt, FIVE and HIX l/ullaia per Quarter
in nccordanco Willi the aludica pursued, payable
ono half in advance and the balanco at tbe close
of the Quarter
GtJOU Bl IARD can be had in Iho village at
a moderate price.
iHf Mr. A. will deliver an add revs on Physi
cal, Intellectual and Moral education, on the
■lay or commencement, when hi* method nl
imparling instruction will lie i.'luetratcd, oini
the discipline nd management of the chool,
fully explained.
Parents, Guardians, and the friend* of cduca
lion generally, arc cordially invited to be pres
Columbus. Sept, 4, 1856. Trustees.
liDlC.lTlu\4| ; HOOK NJ'ttHE
Fast Side, above Market, Philadelphia, 'Pa.
UUbLIbHERS of Pelton's System of Geoq
* ranliy, taught by the uifl 0 t six splendid
outline maps, each covering nearly 50 square
leel, and lor ruing an invaluable as well as
elegrnt ornaments for the school room.
Children are delighted to study Geography
by this system. J'ltey learn so ray idly ami
receive stitth clear impression.* of the subject,
that it is a ple:ast!re to both teacher and pu
pil to lie engaged in it. We all know thai a
better and more lasting idea of a locality is
obtained by looking at a bold and dijtinct
drawing of if, than by volumes ol descrip
tion. It a man wants to get an exact idea
of a farm he ha* been purchasing, he Jearos
more by one ionk at the draft on "lite buck of
the deed, titan by reading the description in
side twenty times. This is the great princi
ple of Pell tin's system of Geography,, and
there ate others equally practical combined
with it which entitle it to the reputation it
sustains, as the best and quickest mode of
leaching Geography, vet introduced
v PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY—including all
the invaluable discoveries in this science, of
Ltfitrt Maury and his coadjutors, is beauli
tolly illustruied by Ihe-e maps ami the c
--i-ompanving key s. The keys ate to bo used
by the scholars, and cost less than half tho
juice of a Geography ar-d Alias.
SOWER & BARNES' also publish' San
der's New Headers, of which over two Ann
died thousand were sold tvithtn six months
of their publication- Their sm-cass has been
wonderful, but their beautiful appearance
and evident superiority justifies it.—Prof.
Sanders is a practical teacher of public schools,
who has made the subject the study ot his
life. Eighteen years ago ho published a se
ries of K-.-cders, which had great populari'y,
but the itcic series on which tie Ita* been pt.-
guged ever since, aro acknowledged hy all
to bo the greatest advance yet made in Read
ers. Eminent teachers everywhere, who
have been o bored by book agents that lltey
were unwillingly induced to look at litem,
have Tit tinee pronounced their excellence
and introduced them over all kinds, and the
best which tiad been published before thern.
School Directors and Teachers are respect
folly invited to writs to us concerning School
A full assortment of Miscellaneous and
School flunk*, paper and Stationary, inclu
ding Blank Books, of all kinds, on hand and
for sale at the lowest wholesale prices, in
large or small to country Mer
33, North Third Street, Philadelphia.
Sept. 15, 1856— 3rc.
Bloom.—Jesse Shannon, Thomas Kuorr.
John Chathbarlio.
Benton—Peter Appleman.
Kriarcreek—David Miller.
Beaver—Jonas Bredbender.
Catawissa—Peter Bodine, Jacob Genvel.
Fishingcreek—Jacob Wetitter, Jacob Mar
Greenwood—William Mather, Elijah Hay
Hemlock—Hugh Mcßride, Sam'l Wanick.
Jackson—William Brink.
Locust—John Harner.
Mailt—l-ae. Yelter.
Madison—David Phillips, New ion Thomas,
Wm. Wwlliver.
Mtfll-n—Daniel Noykrt
Orange—Moses Everett.
Pine—John E. bowler.
Roaringcreek—Philip Cool.
Bloomsburg, 0ct. 29, '56.
Traverse Jurors for Dec. Term 1856.
Rloom—William Rupert, Cyrus Johnson.
Benton—Eh Mettdenhall, Franklin Cole,
Stott E. Colley, John Stiles.
Bnarcreek—Freeae Eck, Absalom Bom
Centre—Henry Hess, Jesse Hicks Jackson
Catntvissa—John Hartman, John Ritter,
May berry Hughes.
Franklin— Benjamin Former, Wellington
Greenwood—Adam Ult, laaiab Kline, Dan
iul Wenman, Jacob Hayrnar..
Hemlock-—-Sylvester l'utsell, VVm. Giilas
pv, David Smith.
Jackson—John McHenry, Joshua Savage.
Locust—Josept Billy, Judah Cherringlon,
Jonas Bernittger, Reuben Fahriuger, Jonas
,Bamioger. Solomau Fettermsn.
Main—William bhumsit, Geo. W. Gard
Madison—Alfred Pegg. William Dildine.
Mifflm—Samuel Snyder.
Momour—William Miller.
Orange— -Wesley Bowman, Jesse Coleman.
Pine— Enoch Fox, Jaeob Wamer.
Koartngcreek —Daniel Levin, John Fisher.
Scon —Cyrus Barton, Philip T. Hart-man,
John Kresslsr, 11. VV. Creasy, Elias Smith.
Blocmsbura, Oct. 29, iB6O.
ANEW lot of chekp rabslina and prints
just received by rail road and for sale br
wrnmsmmaammmemmmmmm \w ,mt'
T -rWi"- - . j, . .....g-i jir --
Having •MrM IS :li fliftnr. of'iM "ft?**" OlDr* good mid *ft*nWa JDltftfd MATF.Rf
r. AL, I* prepared* id JIMI I'HII I IAII la the
if _ .. p;4 01 LY y l LI E, Hfi.i i mmri noma.
. Certificate* tf Stuck aniliLpurU*.
J" Con* tint Han* foe Societies,
Hank Chicks, Crtrmhtori/ Nntei,
RalLßaad and nlhir Tiihell,
Catalog nil, Papir Pooh, Pill Iliads, Chick Unlit, Plain ami fancy Card;
l Bimmia and other Cimilari, Posters Plain and in Colon.
Can be procured at the "Star" Job Office,
'• AS PHOMPIULY AND \ TtllV PUl >||| AS fk THE
tPOQ® ,SwCl®c£lfllcßall IXl'£PcE>u*txiD.cwir , J )
' A monthly pariodinn l it published at till* office In excellent alyla and wotkmintlilp, find
I with superior material. \ r '
' The putilio ara ihvifeilo call anil see specimens, aa wa ara dalarminad to irofll pallnn
ago by strict atieniion l" business and aup*(ior workmanship.
0 Bloomtburg, Juno 8,
< ____________________
t New Arrival of Spring and Summer Goods.
e . . k
t sxi as rr*s
HAVE juat received and opened iheir Block of merchandize for Spring and Summer aalea
which compriaea llie LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMEST assort met t no s
,1 offered in this TOWNI Having paid great attention lo the aeleciion of iheir enliro stock
1 as to price and quality, they llatiei themselves that llicy can compete with the cheapest
I, and all those wishing to buy cheap, can save monSy by giving u a call. We fiave al
kinds of Goods and Wares to supply the wants of the People. A very large lot of
French merinoes, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de hages, poplins, paramatta cloths
mohair lustres, rnuelin de laiues, Persian clothe, Ginghams, Calicoes, bio.
WHIIL GOODS OF Afjfj KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flouncing*, bands and trimmings, laces an.i edging*, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, ami braids, kid, cotton, nnd lisle thread gloves, mohair milts, &c.,
, Ail kinds ot SHAWLS, brocke, Bay State, Walervdle, black silk, cashmere. Embroder
trd, &c. Also a very largo assortment of cloths, carbiniers, satlinou*, vesting*, tweeds:
jHns. beaver cloths, coaling velvet, &fi,
We have a large assortment ol Hals and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarware, &c. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, floor, tablo and car
riage oil cloths, mats rugs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, toweling*,
■ drillings, &c., in abundance.
I We invite our friend* and the public generally to give us a oall before purchasing el-e
--i where. We have bought our goods al Lowest Cash Trices and will not be - undersold by
i anybody, or the rest of mankind.
BtoomsDurg, October zs, istos. -*
S3S.UEEM3DEEX 23DlX® 9.£PQaSE)S3 C<3c£J e
BEING desirous of closing Up their business in Bloonisburg as early a* practicable,
offer forsnle AT COST AND BELOW COST, their entire Stock of Goods consist
ing of a lull aassortnient of
of all sorts und sizes, that the present enlightened ngc knows liny thing about. Of Part!*
and Vests they have every color of the rainbow, besides some black, blue, gfey, striped
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, bufl, casimere, marseilles, linen and worsted oi all fash
ionable cuts and colors ; Working Pants and boy* clothing. Also fine while, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Slocks, Tics, Scarfs, all kinds of geutle
man dress goods ; Huts. Caps, Trunks, Traveling Rags and Umbrellas • and
iiplt a&a&lSIgS
rhey have Tinoersleveg, Spencers, Collars, Ri&aleii*, Glove*. Mitts. Ladies'a bead-baz
Harulkerchiels. &c., &c. Also Jewelry anil Notions sach as Kinjs. Breast pin, Gobi and
Silver Bens onu Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Portmonies, Spectacles, Knives
Razors avd a Well selected assortment of Aeconlcons.
EF* .Rememlmr tha itLiha "Exchange Block 1 . 1 opposite the Court bouse.
Bloomtburg, April 3, lSofl S. DltETrosS; & Co.
New arrival of Fall and Winter Goods !
TNVITES at.ention to his stock of cheap and fashionalo clothing at his sloreou Markst
street, two doors above ihe "American House," where he has a full assortment of men
and boy's wearing apparel, including
ffA£EIII(S>iJ.&I£M E)!Ii32S3
gox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coals of all sorts and sizes, pants of nil colors shawl* i
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, slocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders I
and fancy articles.
N. B. He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and tnost of it is of home manufac
Bloomsburg, April f, 1856.
NOTlCfi re hereby gtvbw tits*. the
several Courts of Commorn Pleas, Gen
eral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and
Orphans' Court. Court of Over and
Terminer and Jail Delivery, in arid for •
the County ofColunthia, to commence at j
Monday the let Day of December next, )
The Coroner, Justices of the Peace &
Constables, in and for the county of Co
lumbia,are requested to be then and there
in their proper persons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions, and other remem- '
brancce, to do those things to their sev
eral offices appertaining to be done.
And all witnesses prosecuting in bohalf
of Ihepoinmounealih against any pris
oner, are nlso requested and commanded
to be then and there attending in (heir proj
per persons to prosecute against him, as
shall be just'— and not to depart without
leave at their peril. Jurors arn requcsll
ed to be punctual in their attendance, a.
the time appointed agreeable to their no
Given tihder my hand at Bloomsburg the
Bth Jay of Novembef in the year of our
Lord one thousand hundred and
fifty-six, and the Idependence of the
United Hiatus of America the 79th,
(God save the Qbmmonwculth.)
Bloomsburg Foundry*
•' having taken the elllire
interest of his laid partner In
€QSHizSlnihBloomsburg Foundry,and
s prepared 10 mnipUeuird
usually made in hp line of business.
Thankful for tbi liberal custom heretofore
awarded ibis establishment, he hopes to
merit an inrrease of public patronage.
Bloomsborg, May &, 1&56.
A U D R R OK - N
THE underaigned Auditor appointed by
the Orphans' Court of Colombia county, to
distribute the fund In the hands of Isaac l.ei
dy, Administrator of Charles Sterling, late df
Hemlock township, Columbia connij, de
i ceased, to the persons legally etitiiltu there:*
will pruceeti in discharge ihe duties of dial
appointment at bis office in Bloomsburg, on
■ Friday tbe 21st day of November next, at 10
o'olock, A. M., where all persona interested
■ tie hereby notified to present their claims.
f ROBERT K. CLARK, Auditor,
Bloomsburg, Oct. 20, J88-3t.
jV OVV runs a new omnibus between Ulootns*
burg and tho Railroad Depot, which
1 Will lake passengers from and ,to any of the
| residences of the town, or the American
Houfe and Forks [lntel; and lie will
) also furnish convey anceslo all travellers who
I may wish to go into any part of the county
I Ibe omnibus will leave Blonmsbur" twice
i n '[\ of JO o'dock A. M., and at 4 o'clock
r. Al.
He has also a large livery stable connected
. with tho omnibus line, from which he can
accommodate tho public, with couveyancH*
for travelling, pleasure excursions or buei
ness. Stand in the rear of Hoffman & Else's
establishment, near the centre of bo town
Bloomsburg. June 3, 185.5. |y.
*o, ou * t ' inuTiol lor Sale."
111 " ul "' c " l,Hr °flr* lor private sale the
•* House nnd Lot on Third Sireel, Biooine
burg, new occupied by birr.. The lot fronts
861 le*4 on Third S'reet, andexiends 198 feet
buck lo un alley. There is on it jy _ -7
a dotii.le frame DWELLI N O dmrfl-
HOUSE, wb.ch car. b used ks v .■'
for two lamilie-, ami some o(lierf3Bw?lB
ouibuildings. The propeny will make a ite
sirable ami cheap home for any laborer or
mechanic of moderate mean*.
Terms will be made knovVn upon applica
tion to
Bloomsburg, Aug. 13, 1856.
Tj4XPF.ItIE.vCE tins isugtitthe Farmer that
the onlv reliable Ferfd zer i* file
Theaubscriber Sole Ageiiiiii PmDdelphia for
the sale of it, has now on baud a large stock
which be will aell at the lowest Cash price,
iu lota to rail either dealers or farmer*.
Sole Agent for Philadelphia.
No. 48 North Wharves, and 97 North Wafer
Philadelphia, August 19, 1856—'Jm.
Teachers Wanted!
FIVE teachers for the common school* of
Beaver township are wanted by ilia Directors
of that district. The schools are to be open
ed al such lui.e in the early purl of Novem
ber aa the teacher may desire. The pay
will be aocordtng to the qualifications of the
applicant, and r.One need apply without a
certificate from the County Superintendent.
Tii.hhman RrrtEftNousr, Ssc'y.
Beaver, Sept. 2, 1868.
"FO *\ < U tt oßh M fX
J A MifRTMw nr.mm
iio i,i ow a T'R oit*r m t,nr
flr<ilr (• (h# fkk.
Tfl P flrrt ha. j'l.f Mifemi' toil ml'l fl
I sl.ts of Kw ipe, admit ihe tmpaeatMitt
nibla(l.mmtoy sod hMffng it f*.
Dlnirn.tit | gev.rnnwnl. tmntha d< h
thlr n.vsl .l frllit.r, tie ); unit >h mw
In ttils reentry end tbrnegfi ml fh* r>eU i-pvt
lbs msiiMt ennHilinri in Its mrsires prnpein*.
It penriisi.* tha 'notes of Intlimmdtrw n>l
rniniiitlnr) nhioh nml.rlls tho .sternsl rrMrt.
tend ilwils, soil n.otislit i ihs fl">> ptanon
nliieh fr.il snf .ss.p.rsl. th. milnly.
ThOSS sit srrtong ihs roost Isriihl. sml sge.
nitiagdlMaires of the mus. !.. ths tls.hy firs
sod lh rkfn; yet In tlisir note I f.>rm, sod
wlirn setioinglv io.ii sift. Ih.y invaristdf ills
sppair undrr • p.rs<>ing spplireuoo ef thi.
- soothing, healing sntld ita to ptin sod Inf am
In .s*s f H.tt Kh.tifo, where mailleal ws
t.ra. lollj is, and evarjr laeipa id ib, jrhsraie,
poes have pn.vfdvti.rlr s. the OfntiMM will
srcomi lish n thorotlh ca'i. K..r Sores be.l
s, quiikly under lie - fnfluenro. end it. rtlatii.g f
--■ lect upon contrseMif sinew, i. truly vrondtilul.
discharging uj.cers.
f| A Bio*t rftns'k i: l. dr.rf happy change ir pro
II diic.d in the ajipearame of inabgnaut ulcers
otter n few spplicoiiOM df tbi. UinlineiiL 'I hr
.urrodnd'ng rrdn.rs vanished; snd g-analer ul
, h.olihr flesh begin to isk# the | lv. cj ihs dis
charged instfer. 'I his pr ... gore on mors or
s sess rapidly, u-itil ths or fice is filled up with
. louiid lusterio) sod the ulcer radically cured
f. Th. V'jcrp are ihe n.ost fnqi.cnt .ufTners
s . from .tterunl Oijuii*-s, end thertfoe ri.l.
' inuthcr elinutj hnre Ill's healing prepsiation
constantly on hand. L U an rpectfir
I for sore breasts, and quickly rernov.s the en
" | crusltd sore, which soncilOMS di.figu'a th*
I hcaja and f.ys. of thildrefi.
| I liia Oiiitn ent is uriircrsaily utrd on froyp.
Altai tie Soil Pacific wluhng Pert as s cuie
' for arnrliatic afiVclion. ao l as til. bral prwsiMe
remedy for wounds snd rui.s. Luge rup;>!it-<
of it have r.oeully Ueen ordered by the Sultan
of Tuikey for houprtjl purpooea.
Both the Ointnmt and Pilli should be
! used in thqjfoil owing cases :
Bunions, 1 ■ Skin IJi.eisee,
j Bums, fVellrd Glands,
I Gimppcd Hand'g Bore
t Cliiiblkiritf 8010 U:eai # ,
I P if tula, Hore Heail9 (
j Gout. Sor Thront*,
j I'Umhagfj. S"res of ail kindf,
! Mercuual Eruptiona, Spiailia,
' | fil. fiitrJoints,
I ! Rl'.euinstism, Tcttrr,
- | Rnigwonn, Ulcers,
I j Salt IthcuiD, Venereal
. tscalds, Wound, ot alt kinds,
*** Sold at the RtonuficlolHi i
Hollowat, 80 Maiden Lane, AewYoik. .od '
244 Strand. London, by atl respectable Drug
■ gist, nnd Ueiler. in iMeditjiie thnajghout the
I United S ate, and the riiil z u d world, in potaa
> at 25 cents, cents, and SI eufch. ,
t V The'e is eonsideral lc saiirg bv* taking
I ho larger aire*.
N U.—UirCetion. forlbeguiuanceofpab.nl
in every dieordm arc aflivrd in eich not 34.]
4C. MENCH reSpectfudy informa bis i
• IriHiids, cu.lomerp, and the public ceil- •
I'rully that he hg. just received from Phila I
delpliia the first o,, ( „ls of the season, consist- !
ing of a large assortment of choice and de
For the spring and summer Kadecomprising,
for men's wear:
: Supericr Black, and Colored French Cloths,
BUck French Doeskins and Cassimere.
black Saiin ami Fancy Silk Vetings.
B:ue, Biack, Brown'and Green Cushmerettes.
Elesam Black Silks, all quaiuias.
Barege De Lames and Ctialli Bareges.
Plain, lhnk. Kins and Green De Laines.
Bombazine Fi'ijvfi Black Alpaca..
French, Scotch and Domestic Ginghams.
Worked Collars, and Linea Handkerchiefs.
Hosiery of ail kinds and qualities.
Calicoes of all pa'ieni" sn l descriptions.
Linen and Cot'oo Sheeting.
Bleached and Unbleached Muslins.
Linen Damaak- and Table Covers.
Beside* a large ustoriinenl of Boot* and
St,oes, Sugar, CofT-e, Teas, and all kinds ol
Groceries. Hardware, &0., which will be sob)
remarkably cheap. Call al ihe ok) stand,
corner nf Main and Market street*.
ftf FLOUR & FEED always on hand,
and lor sale a'. Ihe lowest ntarke' price, for
Bloomsburg. April 2. 1856.
JFpi THE inform* Ins friends
anll the public in general, that h* has
ffejhrkf >aketi the entire m erest in the
Tinu-are ami Slave Establishment,
on Main Street, oritr door above the Coon
House. Bloomsburg. where tin is prepared to
luruish Tinware, Stoves, Sioveprpe, and
Spouiing.and all other busin.g. ui bis hue on
slimt nonce, and in g.ml order.
The New Itaub and William Penn Cook
ing Stove, and-ul.o a large assortment ol
Pni'lur Klovei,
constantly on baud and for sale at moderate
(7* Thankful tor former patronage, he re
speclfuily solicits a coniiniiancn of the same
Bloomshnrg. May 6. |Bsf.
1,200 JL TEAR..
lwlO Agents U'aulcd.
AfiENi'S warned to every part ot ihe Ur.i
ted Sisie*, to sell a beautiful rind instructive
WORLD and the NEWcorn prising,
A view of tne p-esenl Mate of ihe Nation,
of die world, their manners, customs, and j
peculiarities, and iheir political, moral, social <
and imli sirisl condition ; iniersji. rsn.i wiih a
Historical skeicltes and Auecdote*.
By WILLIAM PfNNOCK, Author of th. Hm- ,
lory <>( England G<eeuand Home. Enlarged
revi-eil mid emhelti-bed with several blind t
red engravings from designs of Crnoms, Dev.
rreux, and other di"in;ui*h*d eriisis. h.ts,
el-n, itlusuated with tnmlsffour beaiititulty
coloied plates, with costume, of variods na- |
lions, &c., &c. -
Agents selling this work haveeleered tIOO -
a month.
CV Senil for ■ specimen Copy and pro
spectus, which will be sent by mail, post paid, 1
on receipt of *3 00, trilh particulars of seen- I
cy. J. W. BRADLEY, Publisher. H
48 North Fourth Street, Pt.ii.de. It
N. B —ln addition to the usual percentage, li
we make an ettrp inducement to Agents in 1 1
the way of PREMIUMS. J. W. B. I 3
No*. S, 1856-2 m I
If I* FAflNMff
j RMtfjf tMUM I
"WtkVtfflMm mm
Ittfn f, <*""* mm M 9gpo**4 to mM( MM
*' 'if 'mtt ttoneo M ■fcofr.b.trg, Mr
W'tri' AffSt 14 4*90/ OH'MM nun,
I MM, *( f *<#(*, F, ft ,<M MfH#f d
'frkiM re* ww, hr- .
aim** Mf-lf ft ft (vM( rf *f •* fftn&ww
•ml HI I th> mmnety M Hmboh pint
$ Xfr r ali o if*
* .♦##*? tr mm ****< wfrnmrnw jm
U ,ha *,m,h. and IM.iM Ml (fa nntfh, 4h*
! " John MMm en iNr wear, eewrlnmy
W#fir4!R 4CM #
~ n( M llM.gl NM WIWM
<4 *l**l*4 at,4 the temnind** woodland. That*
, *'• UpOtl lb# ptfrOfra • tint* mot*
woolen r Mir out,
. * irr !: nm " ** Mlmo mm,**
, 4 HAKN. Ihe pioMffl* 1* near the MM,
| t '< nwd leading fiom l*r,emab#rf In 144
ill#, and .foul six mil** Uotn §Umm*hntn
„ CondMi to* Will I-# mmU >, o, on fa* of
j 1 ••(• t>y ntvfiivx h mu.ru,
I ! f&triff
• i Blnimftnw, Out 94, '§4.
, I THE nrnlrmgned Kimniw of the drill
>• 1 Wly liomi dntinl willoflsr M mHm
II sale upon ifi o*
T ff> fact./*?, lAr IMA of Xcatmbtr nut,
• .1 I o'clock, P. M., Hie hum belonging to
the raid •.!•'•, si'ua'e in Hemlock iowrtsbip
Colombia county, containing
r nd Lod f Hoh Me Br id*, John
,1 ululti yurili", le'f Apfdeniae.Cdeb genua
y **., anil Syiae.tcr ?ur-nl. I: <• m om* m '
The Iron Ore Region
o( Columbia coum'y,t mo milr<p,, n Bv.oma
burg, eod on the potdic highway Irarfiup to
Btirkho-ti. A liat.cb of Hemlock Cipci pose
• e. Ibrdhgh 1 tie ptemi e, ar.d lite ajitrie form
i in ■ la:r state of cubtvaiun. Tti imsnn*
1 mum* ere 4 Urge new frame
HArrsz©!:! jaa#s£b
. a now am] coolmiulin ), fraoao lonoci nonto
!a large new qank barn, • tie . *%Ou-bowr',
and ntlier ou>Uiild,ug. eniiroly near,
MtMon will be sirei. 00 the tint of April '97
GrComliboo* will be made kzown on Uie
iltjr of iai bf.
, > WILLI A M XEAL, Extodor
I Bloom.bnrs, Sep:.*23, 1449.
I IIY inueof utriil arriitof YcndUto*i El
| *-■ fonas 10 me J-reeietl. t'iore wi'l bo ox
noted 10 p-iblic tale el the Coun Hoooo. m
B pomtbiirx, on blonde*, me j w fay „f
cember next, oi „ne o'Hoek P. M , tbe tot
lowios real ee'aie, to wit:
AH thai certain tract or parcel of '-H oita
eie in Beaver towr.sbip, Cotembia count*,
coiilainiiia c>2h:*.ih- ? e acre., more or leao]
tixly acre. nf'WKieh is cleared lend, bcuud
eil 0:1 the Eifi by Utnie of 'fMter.ae Sheai
11,an, lier-eaeed. and David J-jflp*,, at, tbo
We.l by land, of Cborloo Michael or,d Hen
rv (Inpier, on the Sor.U by lapda of Jobs
J ihifon, Ben., no ihe Son h by Undo of
( Charles Michael and Henry HopUr, wberocn
It ereered a two ttor* dwelling Loneo, a
frarnn bank burn, a cider prere. wiib tba op
Seized and iaken in execution as tba piop
erty of Henry Shearman.
Alan, 41 tire came urce ami place:
Ad liiat eenairi he of ernouit miaafe in tba
lown o! Ciuwi-n, Conrity of Colambia. sit
uate 011 the iDnt'inijcol Main rtfeel
ing on lite We.t In lot of Jacob kraigti, on
he Sou b by vi u. ey. and on the East b* an
alley, and 1 umSr. , .in mo p| ao of tU £
10*11 No. 52, tvbbV.vn ia erected a two at or*
loj Hw. liin;; hooaef a frame out kitchen, a
bliickrmyti .hop and a frame arable, alo oo
a certaiu lot oi ttrnuiid aituate in CalawiMa
lowtiabip in aaui Cocnty, bounded oo tbe
WeM by the rord leading irons Catawiaea to
Mit&inville, on the North by George
Zarr, on the E>.t by landc oalbramiab Y.
Fincher. and ou the South bylaoda of Wd- .
liarn CnlTnian, routaiiiing nbie acre# and
tfixi* eight percLer, wt.b lite epportecaocce.
Seized and taken in execution as tbe prop
erty ot Thorn*. Harder.
StieriH'. Oliiee. birmmv I
burg, November 5, tbuG. }
Atjuuoirs NOTICE.
THE ander.'tgned Auditor appointed b*
the Orphan.' Cutirt of Columbia coant* upon
tbe exception, filed to tbe account of James
L Kims and Uu.tr Ann Eaana. Admieirrra
tnra of the estate ot Joho Eaan, lata of
BUmm to.vn.hip, Colambia county, rfcreav
ed, wiil proceed to il.etmrge the dntvaa of
that appointment at hi> office in Bioomsbsre
on Seiurdajr the 22.J da* of November next,
1 at 10 o'clock, A. M., when an.' where all
; peruana interevtc l are hereby no ified to at.
tend C. R. BIiCKALEW, Auditor.
; Blooinshurg, Oct. SO. |RS.
THE tawler-igned Auditor appointed b*
he Oip.ilp Coon of CoiamtNaeuflaiv apom
the ext-ef .nnv filed to tbe Kceoant of feanei
S. Wood., Aiimiiitrtraiorof John Laxareefwe
<•( Fiehutgcreek townrhip, Cotunibu count*,
deceased, will proceed to di-charge the du
tiea of that appointment at hie office la
8101 m.biirg, on Tharwlav tba 2tNh da* of
Nnvember next, at to o'clock, A. if., when
and where all persona icterested are bereb*
notified to aei u {
Bloofnburg, Oct. 20, 1856.
llflosf and Lot for Sale.
THE aubcriber nffers lor .ale a lot on
. Thir-J Street in tbe tower end of Biootntbarg,
on which ia erected a
which would make a cheap end good hem'
hrr a mecbanic or laborer of moderate means.
He will icil hod aery reasonable terma. for
learning winch sppl* 10 R. IV. Uease; Eon ,
Bio'am.bnrg. or the owner at llifflimilU.
VtifHin*ille, Aus. 23, 1656.
B'bal Can H'muan Sot
THIS long expecteit bwk by T. S. AR
TIIL'R, i. now read* for Agenta aod Caa
'"• It is basing an immenae sale, sad
is considered ooe of hie beat elf ana. ia it
ill be found Mr. Arthur's siewa on the vex
ed question of
tVoiuan's Bights,
And what she can do aa SISTER Witt
AKD MOTHER Specimen oncea'aem b f
mad on receipt of 11-e price. SI 00.
J. W. BRA frI.KV. RMtrktr
48 North 4th St Pftdadetpb-a.
N. B —We pnblish ail Mr. Anbar'e New
Books. Send foe one lie and terms MA**.
October 15, 1866.—aSar.
V ' TItE . AttA Sheet, above Sixth, Phefm.
To* St.a Cosrur, Coiripoaed of (ho Stat
Artists in ile world, and exceeding gg
Strength and Talent any Dramatic camUaa
lion netetofdre offered to the Theatrical Pub
lic, will appear EVERY NIGHT in Comedy
Tragedy, Seno-Copiic Drama, Vaodaailiaa.
Mftaical Bur let: a? Ac., tee.
or When etsiting be eily, go (beta.

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