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A LAROE drove of young cattle passed, on
last Monday forenoon, through this place.—
They did not appear to be in very good con
dition—needed a little more feed.
CABBAGE —To secure true salid heads on
those slocks that manifest a disposition to
grow to what are known as "long shanks,"
take a penknife and stab it through the stock
nboul tho middle ; insert a small piece of
wood to keep the incision open, which will
"WHAT is a more beautiful sight than a
handsome woman, with all Iter wi cheriee
in full play, sitting witli industrious care
eating a plate of ICE CREAM, at BHELOON &
MOVER'S saloon," in the exchange' block
Wouldn't the sight be more beautiful to see
(tman sitting along side of the woman J
IT IS thought by the fruit growers in this
Eection that the fruit is now generally pretty
safe; the apples Jlh particular are quite safe,
but the peaches and other lender fruit, which
were not killed, it is feufed, will be sickly,
und fail off the trees before coming to ma
PRETTY TRUE. —We,see it statqi in one of
our exchanges that, by giving firman brains
und riches makes him a king; give him
brains without riches, aud he is a slave;,
give him riches without brains, and he is a
, fool. Look around you and you can see
this illustrated to perfection in almost every
FIRE. —On Monday, the 16th uli., RICHARD
BTILES, of Benton township, this county,
lost his dwelling house by fire, with nearly
all of its contents. The property had a.
small insurance upou it, but the loss to liim
vrill tafeevprply felt. We did not learn the
particjnßrs a fire, but judge
tliat it was altogether accidental.
■ . . - • - * ■ /
vbnsider our J'beaver" politely tjo/led, un
til they are better paid, for the most ex-
J cellent musical tread given us on .last Sat
urday evening. This band executes mu
sic which will favorably muster anywhere,
us it is the regularjteul sliprtg and heart
reviving mtiyc, pfcyed up to time.
OUR young ROB'T.
0 B. ARTHU*, onlast SaluWky, sold several
N valuable-town Wis, iluated n third street,
Bloomsburg. 'Good brick bouses werp
. erecteilpn four of the lots. The properly
sold consequence, probably,
. nfihere not many bidders, although
the lots are desirably situated. Mr. Arthur"
badeome twelve or,more vaeaut lots, all of
which were for sale.
SHERIFF MII.I.ES has received the second
arrival of Spring and Summer Goods at the
oTA Arcttde. * Mr. Miner's Store is welt sup
plied—everything in it the public wish.—
He selis cheap and gives general satis
faction to his numerous customers. Goods
• are being sold cheaper this spring than last,
and our merchants are selling more of them
in consequence.
PUBLIC HOUSES —The American Hause and
the Foihs Hotel are both houses of_good
reputation and e/tensive accommodations,
nicely situated inAßie parts
o£ town, with everything, iriafid about the
t houses, -to make the guests comfortable.—
The proprietors are gentlemen of respecta
bility, fully experienced in the Mofliis oper
• audi of keeping public houses in such a
manner us to insure,a liberal share of pat
WE MAKE it ararilff in all casjig to discot -
titilte a paper when requested, If arrearages
ore paid up { but riot otherwise, if the .pub-,
ecriber is worth the rnonej. The subscrip
tion of a newepfrper must be paid When a
subscriber wishes lo discontinue, unless the
edHot thinks it profitable to "strike his*
name off the book " -U'ero thdfe no legal
authority for this, qjpintry editors would
. stand a first-rate chance of loosing a tew
subscriptions! We'll bet some of 'em 'dpn't
like the law. * . . .
WJNYIEE pleasure in announcing- to the
pubhc that, our friend, J. R. BOBBINS, Esq.,
a# 49ht alrdet, is still carrying on the
• and harness manufacturing busi
ness in all Us various braucneß. He
good practical workman, ffope
| bhl such; thyefore he is able to qonipm#
k With any of his competitors. New 'wtfffi*.
B made up jo ordej, iu the, as
| repairing -Hone, at tjhis^WSlkMish\ne nt.
KPersone hisJine
■genii, frqrtTatip-lopiaddle'dotftr t&"£ hal
f OB LAST- Friday- aiternoon the barn ol
B FREDERICK HAGENBCCH, in Cenfre township,
gjpolombia county, was struck by lightnirtg
a thunder shower and buuied down,
iTtusuming all its contents, Which consisted
oconsiderable amount of. grain, hay and
A cow, which was in
barn, was burned to death.—
The all saved by. being taken
from thnmblaa jg time. We did not learn
whether the propeTty was insured or not.—
We sympatjßH with Mr. H. in his loss an
we think severe one.
NEW GooDsAMnong the arrivals of
new goods in litis place we no
tice that, McKnlvj|l&' Co. have enlarged
' their already exlensM assortment. Their
shelves arc well sifjblied with merchan
dise of every descriptimllted price and iu
point of quality, the stoc)9l not surpassed
in this section. Their and all
others muy rest assured in belnb accommo
dated with anything they wish mer
cantile line, and being honorably MqVairly
deak with. As to the fair dealing! and
good qualities of the firm, we nceitaot
speak; but we would kindly ask yotrljk
call and examine thair stock and then uwß
trust our words will be verified.
J Oj virtue of tesistem writs of vendiiioni ex
poiius to ma dtrscled will be exposed to
public aale ai the Court House, in Blonms
JUNE next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., the follow
ing property, to wit:
All those six certain tracts of land situate
in Beaver township, Columbia County and
State of Pennsylvania, one ol them called,
"Bslbec," boupded and described as follow,
to wit: beginning at a post, thence by land
ol James McNeal, north, twelve degrees
west, three hundred and forty perches to a
chestnut oak; thence by land ol Witt, Gray
and Win. Sleedman, south, seventy eight
degrees we.|, one hundred and seventy nine
perches to a post; thence by land of Jere
miah Jackson, south, twelve degrees east,
four hundred and ten perches to a post;
thence by land of Richard Brook north,
seventy degrees east, seventy iti-ee perches
to a dog wood, north twelve degrees west,
fifteen perches to a post; thence north sev
enty eight degrees east, eighty two perches
to a black oak; thence by an old: survey
north, twelve degrees west, twenty five
perches to a hickory, and north, thirty two
degrees east, thirty lour perches go place of
beginning, conlainipg four hundred and
twelve acres and a half, and allowance ol
six per cent, for roads, tic., ois which are'
erected two log hou.es and two stables, and
about twenty five acres cleared land.
Another qf.thefu called ''Palmyra", be
ginning at a post; thence by land of Robert
Gray, north, twelve degrees west, four huti,
dred and ten perches, to a post; thence'by
l.rnd of Wm. bteedman, south, seventy
eighty degrees wes', one hundred and sixty
perches lo a nosi) thence by -fund of John
Brady, south twelve degrees east, fonr hun-'
dred and ten perches, to a post, and thence
by land of John Wild & Richard Brook,
north, seventy eight degrees east, cne hun
dred and sixty six perches tfMhe place of
beginning, containing four hutWred and one
acres and a quarter, and of six
per cent, for roads, &.o\
Another of them called "Stone Hall", be
ginning at a post, tlienVb by land of John
Brady, north,'twelve degrees west, two hun
dred and sixty three perches to a post, itience,
by land of Charles Hall,soulh*seveiily eight
degrees west, two hundred find seventy one
perches to a ctmslnui; thence by land of
Catharine Lnngenberger, south, sixteen de
grees and a quarter east, two hundred and
seventy six perches lo a stone, and thence
by land of Deborah Stewart and Thomas'
Brooks, north, seventy eight degrees ehst,
two hundred and forty nine perches to place
of beginning, containing four hundred and,
thirty eight acres and a hall, and allowance
of six per cecl. for roads, &c., be tfle same
more or less, on which is erected a sror.e
house, and about half an acre of which is
cleadßid land. There is also a vein of stone
coal ofened on this tract.
Another of them called "Farmers Delight"
Beginning at a post, thence by land of Win.
Meelioan, north, sixteen .degrees and |hree
quarters west, three hundred and ten per
ches to a Spanish oak, thence by iandvol
William Webb, souiht seventy lour degrees
west, one hundred and eixty two perches to
u blank oak, thence by land of Thomas Say,'
south, sixteen degrees east, twenty .perches
to a bheslnut, thence by land ol Chus. Hall,
south, eight degrees and a hplf, east, three
hundred and sixty six pctchee lo a. post,
thence by land of John Brady, noith,
ly eight degrees east,'one hundred and thirty
perches to an a-li; north, twelve degrees
west, eighty perches lo a white oak, and
north, seventy eight degrees east, sixty per
ches to the place of beginning, containing
tour hundred and eighteen acres ar.d allow
| ance of six per cent, for roads, &e.
Another o! them Called/'Troy", beginning
at a post, thence by land ol Jeremiah Jack
son, north, twelve degrees west, lour hun
ilrul and ten parches to almost, thence by
land ol W. P. Brady, south, seventy eight
degrees west;, eighty perches to a while oak,
south, twelve degrees cast, eighty perches to
an keh, eight degrees west,
one hundred and thirty perches to a post,
tnence hjr luutl John Reese, south, eleven
degrees east, two hundred-and sixty three
thence by land nf Thomas
Brook, rorili/migveniyppight degrees east,
ivyeuty patches 10 a dhesinut oak, south,
twelve degrees east, forty one perches to a
Black Oak, thence by the same and land of
JoJin Wild, iiorib, sevetAy eight decrees;
east, one hundred and six percliq* 10 a black I
Oak, a lid north, seventy eight degrees east,
eighty peiches lo line place ol beginning,
OOiilaining Jmir hundred and twentyjf in
acres and- * quarter, and allowance •( six
, per cent, for roads, &c. /
And the other olihem ctillfd "Maine"
.beginning at a post, thence by laftffot Wm
. P. Brady, north, ,aad a
west; three hundred and sixty twp perches
to a chesuiut tree, thence by land tff Thomas
Sy and/esse Build, south, seventy four de
gree- WPHIJ one hundred aud eighty eight
perches Is a post, thence by land of Thomas
Bellas, south, Jfty fivo degrees east, eighty
nine perches to a cfiestndl.oak, lhani Jiy
the same an J Jand .of John Longenberger,
south, one hundred and eighty eight perches
io a chestnut .ohk, thence' by land ol the
said Jidhn LotfgenPerger, south, sevetny ix
degrees anil a operter west,
and twenty lourfperchdfi to a post, south,
ttK'pen dogrceeend a quarter east, one hun
dred and/our perches to a chestnut tree,
auiPthence bwland ol John Reese, north,
-seventy eightplegrees east, two hundred and
seveiMy-oue/perches to place ol beginning
qgißyywig IBroe hundred and eighty one
three" -quarter* and allowance of
■tix, peihfieni. for Tgeds, Mv *
Se'itSrfh takeo in. executing and to be (Told
-es the property of the Columbia Coal and.
"Iron Company. • . *jf '
Sheriff's Office, • j JOHN SJSITf>ER
Bloomsburg, May 17. .yt /; - SHertff"/'
' * s or' -i r
In pursuance of an order of the Orphan's
Court pi Columbia county, on SATURDAY,
Hie 4th Jay bf JUNE next, at 10 o'clock
in the lorerioon, ISAAC K. KRICKBAUM/
Executor of the last wilj and testament of
John Kline, late of Beriibn lownship, in said
deceased, will expose lo saj<ffiby
public vendue, upon the premises, ascertain
portion ol,the REAL KSTATE.of the said
deceased, ajtualesfn said township, consist
ing of l njtolil
Of Land, the most of which is'reasonably
WELL TIMBERED, about Fifteen Acres
being cleared. A SAW MILL is on the
premises, and the land when cleared will be
good farming land. Terms favorable. Late
the estate of said deceased, situate in the
town/tup ol Benton, and county afloreaaid.
Bloomsburg. May 11,1859.
THE subscriber lound a set of Furs, on
the Court House pavement, last Saturday.
The owner them by coming for
ward, proving * property, and paying all
charges. W. H. DRIESBACH.
April 20.—3r.
On Main street, tvgo doors above the "Amer
ican Hotel."/ ,
jT 8. C- BHIVE,
Manufacturer of Furniture and Cabinet Ware.
VYUrsioom in Skive's Block, on Main Stiaet.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy, in whfch we havo la
bored to produce the moat effectual alterative
that can be made. It is a concentrated extract
of Para Sarsaparilla, so combined with other
substances of still greater alterative power as
to afford an effective antidote for the diseases
Sarsaparilla ia reputed to cure. It is believed
that such a remedy ia wanted by those who
Buffer from Strumous complaints, and that ono.
which will accomplish their cure must prove
of immense service to this largo class of pur
afflicted fellow-citizens. How completely this
compound will do it has been proven by exper
iment on many of the worst cases to bo found
of the following complaints:
Sci(prtrtA AND Bcitorri.ora COMPLAINIS,
OR ST. ANTHONY'S FIHE, and indeed tho wholo
class of complaints arising from IMPURITY or
This compound will be found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul tumors which foster in tho
blood at that season of the year. By the time
ly expulsjpn of them many rankling disorders
, are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the eystein will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this throtrgh the natural channels of the body
Jiy an alterativo medicine. Cleanse out tho
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities ,
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sorjgt I it when you find it ia ob
structed #nA mtigglslbih the Veins";" cleanse it
whenever it ia foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even- where no particular disorder
is felt,'people enjoy better health, and livo
longer, for cleansing the blood, Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well j but with this
pabulum pf life disordered, there can bo no
lasting health. Sooner or later 6<im<;thing
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
• Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation, of-Rccomplilhing these ends. But
the world has been cgVegiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because thfc drug"
alone has not olk-tho viftue that is claimed
for it, but nidte because ifiany preparations,
pretending to be cohdbntratcd extracts of it,
contain but the virtue of Saraaporillx,
or any thing
v During late years the ggblicltave been mis
led by largo bottlea, prctcndinSo givera quart
of Extract of Sareapnrilla for pne dollar. Most
of these have been frail da upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties.whatcv
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsaporilln'which flood the market, until tho
name itself is justly despised, atuj lias become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we,call this compound Sarsiparilln, and intend
to Supply such p remedy as shall rescue the
Jiame from the load of obloquy which-Vests
upon it. And we think we have ground for
• believing it hhs virtues which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of.lhe diseases it is
.ed to cure. Jtn order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
'bo judiciously taken aocordtng to directions on
the bottlei ,
BR. jr. C. AYE R fc CO.
Frlte, 91 per llotfe I Six Bottle's tor 90.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
has won for itself such a renown for the cure Of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it is entirely unnecessary for us to sccount the
evidence of if* virtues, wherever it has.bcfn em
ployed. Aw it has long been in constant use
throughout thi secdon, we need not do more than
assure the people quality ia kept up Ja the beat
it ever has been, and that it may bo rMcd on to
do f> >hoir roliof all k has ever been found to do.
"Ayer's., Cathartic Pills,
yos THE CURE or
' Curtirenen, Jaundice, I)y>mtia, Indication,
Dyaentery, J'oid Stomach, Etyipclaa, Headache,
Vile*, Hhcutnatiam, Ertfptiona and Skin Diacasca,
Liter Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumcqu and
Salt Hheum, Worma, Gout, Neuralgia? as a
Dinner ViU, and for Purifying thp Blood.
They -are sugar-coated, ao that the most sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, arfd they arc the
best aperient in the world for ail the purposes of a
family physiq_>
Priee 25 cents per for
mcn, and eminent 4MP their
names to ccrjtify the unparalU-lcdiilEfolncss of these
remedies, but our space hiapwH not permit the
insertion of them. The Agmtah/low named ftir
niahgratis our AMEIUOAN ALIITN AC in which they
'aretfwqm; with' also full descriptions of the above
comjdiuntß, and the treatment, that should be fol
. loweffror their cure.
"Do not be put off by unprincipled donlors with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand AYER'S, and take no others.- The sick
want the best aid there is for .them, and they shotfid
have' it. "
Altguw Remedies are for sale by ' • •
KtV. LUTZ, Bloomsburg: Reigliard atf
Croveling, F-spy; G. Masters & Son, MilF
ville; H. \V. Creasy, Light Street; W. AgdF,
Rahrsbtwg: C. Reilsnyder, Cattawissa, and
qjl Druggists.
Rising Sun JioteF—Berwick, Pa.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
his Iriends and the traveling public lhat.he
has taken charge of l£e above named hotel,
and has fiyed it up in the best possible man
ner for the accommodation ol all who may
favor him with their patronage. He flatlets
himself that by unremitting alttemii>n v he
can give entire satisfaction lo all. His table
will be supplied with the best tire market
affords, atul his bar with the choicest liquors.
Obliging and attentive ostlers will always
be on hand, and hiAstabling is theVtost ex
lensiVe.in llys sectioli of .country. * •
-O 9%Pk i
WCnnft-fl Stock
% EE T,'
Suth East corner of Philadel
life insurance at the usual Mutual Rates, or"
at joint siockrftyes, at about 20 per cent less
frr at Total Abstinence Rates, the lowest in
tfie world.
A. WHILDIN, President.
J. C. SIMS, Sec. A. C. MENSCH, Agent.
April 27, 1859.
Executor's Notice.
IVOTICE is hereby given that letlers lesla
raenlary on the estate of Ludwig Kes
ton late of Beaver township, Columbia coun
ty, deceased, has been granted by the Reg
ister of the said county, lo William Wolf,
residing at Blackcreek, Luzerne county. —
All pe/sons having demands against the es
tate of said decedent, are requested to. pre
sent them without delay, and all persons in
debted are requested lo make payment wilh
ont delay.
April 27, 1859.
ALL persons indebted to the late firm of
Mendeuhall & Mensch will take notice that
A. C. Mensch has this day assigned and set
over to the subscriber all his interesi in the
accounts, notes, judgments, &c., due said
firm, and they are left in the hands of Thos.
Painter, Esq , lor immediate collection, lo
whom all payments must hereafter he made.
Bloomsburg, April 11, 1859.
I Office near Wilson'e Carriage shop, Main St.
The want of a elerling medicinal to mel
the ill* and necessi'ies of ilie snfTering por
lion ol humanity, and one entirely free Irom
mineral and other deleterious particles, was
severely fell till this all powerful medicine
was ushered into the world; Hollow-ay's In
valuable P lis have become the household
remedy of all nations. Their attribute is to
prevent as well as to cure ; Ihey attack the
radix or root of the complaint ami thus by
removing the hidden cause of disease rein
vigorate and restore the drooping energies of
the systpm, assisting nature in her task of
vital and functionary reformation.
The great scourge of the continent yields
quickly to a course of these antiseptic Pills,
and the digestive organs lire restored to Iheir
proper lone; no matter in what hideous
shape this hydra of disease, exhibits itself,
his searching and unerring remedy disperses
it from the patient's system.
From whatever cause, lowness of spirits
HTuI all other sign* of a diseased ef, and
other disorganizaiitqi of the system, vanish
Tinder the eradicating influence ol Ihis all
powerful ar.tisepiic and detergent remedy.
The proper quantum and right condition
of the bile is ol momentous importance to
the health of the human frame, this anti
bilious medicine expels the hidden seeds ol
the complaint, and renders all the fluids and
secretions pure and fluent, cleansing and
resusitating the vital functions of the bodv.
Should lose no time in trying a fear duties
of this regnlaVhg and renovating remedy,
, whatever rnaf'be their complaint,' it can be
taken with safety in all periodical and other
disorganizations its effect is all bqt iniracu,
The testimony of Nations is unanimously
born to th.e health-giving virtues ol his noble
remedy, and certificates in every living lan
guage bear witness to llie*uudetiiableness of
their intrinsic worth.
Ihlhwoy's Pills art best remedy known in
the world for the folbrwing-Mstfes :
Asthma, Headaches,
Bowel Complaints, Indigestion,
Coughs, Influenza,
Colds, \ Inflamaiion,
Che*t Diseases, lnwaol Weakness,
Costiveness, Liver Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Lowness of Spirits, .
Diarrhoea, r ( Piles,
Dropsy, •'Stone, ar.d Gravel,
Debility, _ Secondary Syr#p:oms
Fever and Ague, . Venereal Affections
Female CnmplHinls. Worms of all kinds,
CAUTION !—None are genuineunlestAlhe*'
words "Ilol\oway, fi'ew York and London,"
are discernible a* a water-?piatk in every leaf
of the book of ditec|tuns around each pot or
box ; the samefmay he plainly seen by
holding the leaf m the liglu. A handsome
reward will t|g given to any one rendering
such information as may lead to the detec
tion of any party or parlies counterfeiting
the medicines or vending the surge, known
to be spurions.
-**** Sob' at flic Manufactories ef Professor
Holluway, 80? Maiden Lane, New York, and
hy all respectable Druggists and Dealers in
Mediciim throughout the United Stales and
the civilized world, in boxes at 25 cjMDh 63
rents each. W'
There is a .considerable "safrng by taking
the larger sizes.. _
N. B.— Directions for Hie guidance - ol pa
tients in euay disorder aire affixed in euch
p IR. • June 9, 1858.
FTLHE PiOprfetor oi this hotel lakes pleas-
L, lira in ipjiiouiicir.g to (he public thai he
Mill occupies this large commodious
jJrgsA house in Light Street, Pa.,and is
i 1 "" RVe M l tFl ,i, ' re d toaccom
jEßg I mpd.ile Iravelars.'leamstersjdro
vet* and borders, M iili.accom
inodation* that witl favorably compare witli
any hotel in Ihis sectioai ol country. 'J'he
traveling pubjjp .rnay depend mi git comfort*
at home, as his house is well furnished and
kept in' order. His table and bar
Will always be found furnished wi'li the
best the market affnids. Mr. E. will ever be
happy to entertain and- accommodate his
friends to the - utmost of his ability.
D. L. F.VERHART. • i
Light Street, Pa., Nov. 24, 1858.
TV The Proprietor of the above house,
having lib desire to continue iu tlyi tuitel
business, will sell the propytT" al prfvate
sale, upon reasonable terms.'*- The sfaffd is
a goo- one, witli stablus arid all I lie neces
sary outbuildings; aU-oV which are iii ttumi
coilifilion. To wishing in em
bark in ijie business, ii ig a good Rfcalily,
and.a desirable place.
CJi'aiid Jurors' ICcport.
To the Hunprable the Judges of the CouiJ of
Quartet Sessions of the Peace, in atidfor the
County ojlMumbia.
The Grand Inquest in and for ilia t flrt|
monwealth of Pennsylvania Inqujung TO
tli body mf the County of Columbia r(T
wpeclfullj' report: That they have examin
ee jtWY Public Buildings belonging to. th'
sitid county, and ffnd them in reaonBW
eood* condition. The recomrfioudutioii of ]
ftiie former Grand Inquest to impair the
Public buildings has been done/ The road
from the forks of the main Fisliingcreek road
to Jacob Kimble's mili, in Benton township,
is in bad order and needs repairing, and al
so a part of a road that has been rplayed in
Fishitigcreek township on the I'ealer prop
erty, and as yet not opened, is recommend
ed to be opened. There is a road from the
the Cattawissa township line leading to Es
ter Furnace, iu had order and wants re
pairing, and a poad leading from lhe Dan
villg xoad near Jacob Ciislabader's to Lince
& Kgolf s mill, wants widening and repairing
in Franklin township. The road loading
from Caltawissa lo Rupert is blocked up
and should he opened, and the road leading
from Caltawissa to Rupert over the hill
and down Dugan's hollow, is in bad order
and should be repaired and widened imme
All of which is respectfully submitted, this
third day oi May, A D. 1859.
Public Notice.
A LL persons indebted lo the undereigned,
on Book account, Note or otherwise, will
take notice thai all accounts must-be settled
up between this dale Feb. 19th and the
hrst oj May next, and save trouble. All ac
counts not settled and paid by that time,
costs will be added without respect to per
son. Therefore step up to the captain's of
fice and square your accounts.
Bloomsbuag, Feb. 23, 1859.
Pay* for a full course in the Iron City Col
lage, the largest, moil extensively patron
ized and heat organized Commercial School
ill the United Stale*. ~*
337 Students Attending
Daily, Marcli I5.
Usual time to complete a lull course, from
6to len week*. Every etuderit, upon grad
uating, is guaranteed to he competent to
manage lhe Honks of any Business, and
qualified to earn a'salsry ol Irom
sso© to SIOOO.
Students enter at any time —no vacation;
Review al pleasure. KIFTY ONE PREMI
ED IN tesß. \ ,
jy Ministers' son* received at half price.
For Circular and Specimens of Writing,
inclose two letter stump*, and address
F. W.JENKINS, Pittsburg, Pa.
April 13th, 1859.
BE KI l)GEl7liT?lSc.
rpHE County Commissioners will receive
J- Proposal* at the house 'of Jacob Kim
ble*, in Benton township, Columbia court)',
on the the 27th day of May next, until 3
o'clock P. M., (or building an open TRUSS
'BRIDGE, it*, said township, over Weslcreek,
, near lhe residence el said Kimble*. The
length In he 52 feet between abutments ;
'width from out to out 16 feel; the height ol
abutments 9J feet above low water mark,
and the wing-w alls to extend 11 feet from
the abutments.
ALSO, on the 28 day of May next, they
will receive proposals until 4 "o'clock P. M ,
at the IJOUSP of James Patersous, in Orange
township, for building an open TRUSS
.BRIDGE, in said township, nverGreericreek,
near the residence of said Pattersons. _ The
length to be 72 feel between abutments,with
a pier; the width of bridge from out 10 out
16 feet ; the height of abutments 9 lee!
above low water mark and the wing-walls to
extend 11 feet frnm abutment*.
Phuts v atid Specifjca'ions can be seen on
the uajf and places of lettings. ,
*► liy outer oj County Commisiioiiers.
Commissiondhs office, )
Bloomstiojg, April 5, 1859. j '
Spring & Summer Doiiim'ln.
TH respeeifully inform* the
ladies ol and viuitiily, that she
has just returned Irom the eastern cities wilh
a splendid assortment of new
'comprising everything commonly found in
a firsi-claswflvlillinery Shop. Her style of
Bonnets, cantiVt be surpassed in this section
of cohniry, aqd her work wilUavotghly com
pare with tfny done ihis side of the cities.
Site lias on*hand a lot of negt and handsome
bopnets, hats for little Misses,*of
,all styles uod prices. •
Particular attention will he paid to any
thing iu the mantnampking -line; also bon
net repairing done up to order, with neat
ness and dispatch.
riTShop a lew doors above Wilson's Car
riage Manufactory, otr Main Street.
Bloomsburg, April 20, 1859.
lMiil'n A Heading ISailroad.
SENGEK TRAINS, January Ist 1859.
Up Trains, going North, leave Philadelphia
at 7j A."M. and 4 P. M. ,
Down Trains,going Soultf, leave POtlsville
at 7i A. M. and 4 P. M.
The Express Train is discontinued until
further notice. Close connections are made
bv the 10.22 A. M. Up Trains, from Porf
Clinton to Elmtra and all intermediate point*f
and by the 6.22 P. M. Up Train Irom Port
Clinton to Elmira, Canahdnigua, Buffalo,
.Niagara, Dawo'it, Chicago, St. Dav
enport, and 1 jwa City; maKing tit's route
the shortest and cheapest to the Luke Cities
and Canada.
On Sundays the Down A. M. Trains from
Pottsville, and Up P. M. Train from Phila
delphia, only run. •
BP* Depot in Philadelphia, rorner ol
Brqad and Vine street*. pounds ol
bag'pge allowed each, passenger, (except
011 Sunday trains.), be pu
chased belore entering the cars.i- '
jly29-tf. General Superintendent.
•IV OTICE is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration on the estate ol MaryCole
[ man, late ol Orange township, Columbia
county, dqieased, have been granted by the
Retrislpr ol ColumbTlFcoiHity, to'tiie under
signed, residing in Fishingcreek¥H>wnship
*aid couuty. All .per*ons having claims nr
demands auainsi th£|pslale of the decedent
are requested to present them 10 the admin
istrator, duly altesied, wilhout'delay, anil all
|)*ons indebted to the estate are notified
lo make payment forthwith to
Fishingcreek. April 6, l!ft9. Admr.
'• .' tcW J"* l published, the 25ih Tliou
isßhifVv T sand, aud mailed in a sea/ed en
velope, to any addres.*, post on receipt
of three stamps. '
A medical essy 011 the physical^ iianstion
u<id decay of the train*, caiisM .by "self
abuse " infection, andißie iMlninus couso
quemffes of jnetenry. By RTj. Culverwell,
, M.' D., Mymfber'of theiioyal College olsur
%e'on, &c. ft '
Cy Spermalorrema nr Feminal Emissions,
Genial ainyNervioiis Debility, Impoieiicy,
Loss of Eneigy, Depression oi Spirits. Timi
dity, Disease of the sexual Organs, and Im
-pediment lo Marriage, are promptly and,
effectually removed by the author's novel
and most successful mnde'of Irealmem, by
rueans of which ihe invalid can regain pris
tine heallli without having recourse to dan
gerous anil expensive medicines.
(From the Loudon Lancet.)
The best treaties ever written on a sub
ject of Vital importance lo all, well worthy
the author's exalieiHepuunioii.
Address, the Publishers J. C. Kf.INE &
Co., Ist A venue, coi. I9th-sireei : Post Box
4586, New York City. March, 23 1859.
JOHN LEACOCK, Proprietor.
Uloumsburg, I'M
THE Proprietor ol this well known estab
lishment thankful fur Ihe liberal patronage
heroinlore exlended hiin, lakes ihis method
of informing his friends and lhe public, that
he has added considerable lo lhe facilities of
his house auJ is prepared lo accommodate
all those who may favor him with their cus
tom. His hntise and its arrangements will
be found to be in good order, and he hopes
by a strict desire 10 please, to reeeive a lull
share of patronage. He has also good sta
bling aud attentive ostlers.
Bloomsburg, July 21. 1858.
■ RON STEEL, and every kind of Hard
1 wais or sale by
New Arriva of Fall and Winter
Cc-h (£> CE> 583
TI AVE just received and opened iheir slock
of Merchandise for sale, which compri
ses the LARGESf, Cheapest, and handsom
est assortment now offered in this TOWN.—
Having paid great at'ention to the selection
of Iheir enliie stock as 10
Price and Quality,
ihey duller themselves that iliey can compele
wiih lhe cheapest, and all ihnse wishing to
buy cheap, can save money by giving us a
'nail. We l.ave all kinds of goods anil wares
to supply lhe wants of the people. A very
large and complete assortment ol
French MBMIIOI**. wool plaidn, al|)HCH*,*t>om
baxines, do basec, poplins parametta clofh*,
mohair lustres, mimlin tie hiiies, Perm an
cloth*, (>in:haniM, Calicoes,
Sleeves, Collar*, Spencer*, handkerchief*,
flouncing*, baml* and trimminu*, lace* ami
edfiina*,bonnet ribbon*, in variety, vel
vet libbon*, and braid*, kill, colton, lile
thread glove*, mohair &c.
broche, Hay State, VVaterville,* black silk,
CHshmere, emhrodered, &c. Also a very
large large assortment ol Cloths, cassimers,
satinets, vesting*, tweeds, jeans, coating vel
vet, beaver cloths, &c. ,
of nil kinds and sizes for men, women and
children. We have a large assortment ol
11 ATS, HI id CAPS of the latest fashion. We
have also, Hardware, Queensware, Cedar
ware, &c. Very cheap'
table and carriage oil cloths, mats, rug*, bas
kets, &c. Muslins, flannels, tickings, dia
pers, toweling*, drillings, &c., in abundance.
\\ e invite our Iriends and the public gen
erally to give us a eall before purchasing
elsewhere We have bought our Ijoods at
the LOWEST CASH PRICKS arid will not
he undersold by anybody or the rest of man
kind. WcKELVY, NEAL & CO.
Blnornshu.rg, January 13, 1758.
Main Street, Bloomsburg, one door below Iron
Shed. # •
THE undersigned respeeifully inform the
citizens of Hloomsburg, and the public in
general, thai they have formed a partnership
Hie name and firm of Moyer & Shel
don, and have jusl opened in their spacious
ndfcStore House, the
On an extensive-scale in all their various de
partment*, and in great variel.es, where Iliey
will always be pleased to meet their friends
aud ml minister to their creature eomforis.
Their groceries are all fresh, and of the
choicest kinds, have been selected wilh
much care, and will be sold for oash, at the
"lowest living prices."
Tneir Bakery is entirely new, constrncied
after the most modern imprn'veipenis and
will be under the superintendence of "mus
ter workmen."
Their Confectionery is manufactured by
jhemse'lves wilh care and cleanliness—and
"annot be surpassed by the most improved
They have also filled up a most magnificent
Restaurant and Oyster Saloon, occupy ing 4fie
entire space.of lhe (up stairs) second floor,
with jiplinler new fixtures and finishings,
where ihey will be happy to Serve iheir cus
tomers wilh choifc Oyelers, wholesale and
retail. '
N. B—A Had es' Saloon separated Trom
General Restaurant, has also been pre
'pared ffr their special accommodation. '
.. .*• ' - YE. M. SHELDON*
BloomaMirg. Oct. 27, 1858.
The wcrtt clue to courtship,
Lovtf and Marriage : with the
diseases incident to Youth, M
aturity and Old Aue-hcing lights
arid shades oi'Married Life, its
'' ' Joys and Sorrows. Hopes, Fgars
and Disappointments. Let all tnarrie.i'peo
■ pie, or those contemplating marriagel and
having the leasljrji pediment 10 married life,
,vend IDs hook. Let every young man and
woman in t|ye laird read this book. IT JS
rum. K>F PI.ATKS 'and tfiscloses secrets thai
every one Aould know: a little knowledge
at first mayjfcve a world of trouble ill after'
life. t
Seod for a copy (enclosing 25 cents) 10
Dit. WM. YOUNG. No 416 M'RI'CE ST.,
! April 27, 1859.
1 Contains mines ol precious metals before
which the gold of California sinks to insig
nificance. A few months of'well directed
effort among them is ample to secure a for
• tune. She lias a beautiful climate, and. a*
I soil admirably adapted to the growth of Cut)
I ten, TobaAo, Sugar or Coffee. As the key
10 our Pacific Possessions, and with hV
Govcrninnpt 14 a slate of devolution, mani
fest Destiny clearly indicates anoihentar to
our calmer. For all lhe details, wilh a his
tory of the Fillißusters, the Cass Yrisarr
treaty, a new and improved map of lhe coun
I try appropriately colored, and oilier matters
01 interest,.read PAST. PHKSKNT
United States Vice Cowujt." .
If is a haixlsotntv l2lHo. volume, anil will
be sent to your addre*s'post-paid. on receipt
of pfice (sl*2s). afgeo/s will find it very 1
populai. Send to
No. 6 17 Saiisom St., Pliilad'u, Pa.
April 17 ill 1859.
THE sub-criber will offer al public sale
at her residence, in East Bloomsburg, Col.
co , Pa., on SATURDAY, THE 21st DAY
OF MAY, 1859, lhe following described
The lot is situated in Kasi Bloomsburg,
in a very desirable part of the lown, and is
a corner lot, vviili n Iwo-story frame dwel
liirg hpuse erected upon it, nearly new.—
The house is large, and well finished. A
well ol good water near the door, and it
never fails.
The lot is iri a good stale of cultivation,
with various fruit trees upon it ; aud all ne
cessary out buildings are in order.
Sale to commence al 2 o'clock, P. M., ol
sanl day, when and where conditions ol sale
will be inada known by
Bloomsburg, April 97, 2859.
Northeast corner of Main and Market Sis.
Shop on South side ol Main street, below
Maikel. •
! JLI R KENNEDY of Koxbury !IM& diocovet*
oif HI one of our commou paMure
I arpmedv that run* A
worst scrofula down to a common pimjtlo-.
He Las tried it in over eleven hundred
ea*e>s and never failed except in
two caves, hoih thunder rnmor. He has now
in his possession over one hundred oertift..
cates of its value, all within (wentv miles of
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nuts
ins sore mouth.
One to three bottles will cure the worst
kind of pimples on the face.
Iwo or three bottles will clear the eye
tern of biles.
I wo bottles are warranted tn cure the worst
canker in the month or stomach.
Three to five bottles are warranted to cure
the worst wind of Erysipelas. .
One or two bottles are warranted to cure
all humor in the eyes.
Two buttles are warranted to cure running
I of the ears and blotches in the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to core
eor'upi anil running ulcers.
One oonle will cure scaly ertip?lsri of the
Two or three bottles are warranted to
the worst kind of ringworm. „ . W
1 wo or three bottles are warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism.*
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure
fall Rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the! worst
case of scrntula.
A benefit is always experienced from hef
lust boitlemend a perfeet cure is warranto
when the above quantity is taken.
Dear Madam—The reputation of the Med
ical discovery, in coring all kind of humors .
IS so well established by the unanimous "
voice of all who have ever used it, that i
need not say any thing on (IIH subject, as
the most skilful physicians and the most
careful Druggist in the country are unani
i mous in its praise.
In presenting the Medical Discovery trv
your notice, I do it with a full knowledge of
its curative power, in relieving all, and cur
ing most ot those diseases to which you are
unfortunately so liable. The mrist excici
ating disease to en affectionate mother
Is cured as it by a miracle; yunrpwg tem
per is restored to its natural sweetness and
your babe from short and fretful mips to
calm and sweet *lumbers; and the medical
discovery becomes a fountain of blessing to
your husband and boushold,
I u the advanced stages of *
€ A IV K E K
it extends to the stomach, causing
dyspepsia, • \
which is nothing but canker on the stomach
then to the intestines and •
creating a sinking, gone reeling, and an In.
difference even to the cares of your family
V our stomach is \
your food distresses youL and you can only
take-ewtain kinds, and (even of that your
sfstem does not get half'the nourishment it
contains as the acrinionous fluid of the cank
er eats it up; then your complexion loses its
bloom and becornessallow and greenish, and
your best day is gone. For wanfof nourish!
merit your system becomes loose and flabby ~
and the fibres of your body becomes relax'
Gil. I liei. follows a irain of disease whieU
' he r^ l ?. ll ,!° al ., D . is f over >' U Peculiarly adapted
to COKE; Palpitation of the heart, pain in
the side, weakness ol the spine and small of
the back, pain ot the hip joint when yob re
t.re, irregularity ol the bowels, and also, thai
modkexurucialing of disease, the
•How many thousands ol poor women are
suffering from this disease a nit pining away
a miserable life, and -their next door nereh
bor does not know the cause, I wish to fm
press on your mind that good old proverb 1%
ijAn ounce of prevention is better than a
pound of cure. 1 ' In dig ,
f Mctlif.il Discovery
%on have both tile preventive and the cure,
Willi this great and good quality, thfoßgriU
never under any circumstances, do ybu any
injury. * •
I, No change of diet ever necessary—eat the.
best \ou can gel and enough of it.
for use.—Adults one table spools
ful per day. Children over leu years dessert
spoonlul. Children from five to eight years,
tea spoonful. As no directions can .be applt
cable to all constitutions, take sufficient to
operate oil the bowefs twice a day,
• Yours truly, 9
Price SI.OO per bottle.' For sale by J. R.
NL'yer, K. P. I.gtz. Agents for Blonmsburg. •
Sold by all the Druggists throughout the
general. >• Jn. 28, 'SB.
■ C. SUITE, v
T> ESPKCTKITf.I.Y invites the attention of
the Public to Ills extensive assortment
of Cabinet I'uruiture and Chairs, which he
will warrant made of goodVn&teriaU and in
a workmanlike manner. Al his Establish,
meet, can always be louruf-a good assort
mem ol
which is equal in style and finish to thai of
Philadelphia or New York cities, and at as
low prices. He has Sofas ol different style
and prices, from 825 to #6f). Divans Loun
ges, Walnut and Mahogany. Parlor chairs.
Rocking and easy chairs, Piano slnnls, and
a variety ol upholstered work, with Dressing
and parloi bureaus, sofa, card, centre and
pier tables, tletasbus, chefieuiers, whatnots
and compiles and all kinds of fashionable
work. Hia slock of bureaus, enclosed and
ooinnton wastibtauds, dress taller, comet
eiipho irds solii,
bedsteads, cane seat and common phairs is
the largest in. 11l is section ol the eouniy. He
will also keep a good assortment ol looking
glasses with latioy gilt und common Iratnea
He will also furnish spring mattrusses fitted
to any sized bedstead, which are superior
for duiahiliiy and comfort to any bed.in
lire. Bloomshnrg, January J3, 1858.,
stitute, lor Teaolters and others.
The first quarter will commence April
I lib. The second after-Summer vacation, ,
on August Iftdi, etc. .
TERMS #3O per Quarter for all expen
ses. Catalogues will be sent to those who
apply for them. WM. BURGESS, Pria.
MiMville, Pa., March, 30, 1859.
Buildings on the alley between the "Ex
change" ami "Amoiican House."

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