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Democratic [Nominations.
Col. Tde and the Columbia Democrat.
THE poor old simple soul, Le,vi L.Tate,
editor of the Columbia Democrat y has conde
scend so low as to notice some of the doings
of the STAR OF THE NORTH, the only acknowl
edged Democratic paper published at the
County seat of Columbia. The old man
has become considerably alarmed at this
"channel," from the fact that it is heavily
leden with support from the public Demo
cratic officers whom he litterly opposed in
their electrons. But there are some people
who have so much of malice and bile in
their nature,that nothing has to them its nat
ural color. They are never content; they feel
eo ugly within that they must pervert and
nnd distort to some evil intent everything
they hear and read. If they cannot be hap
py themselves, as vciy seldom they are, they
determine that no one else shall be so, if at
all in their power to prevent it. And judg
ing others by their maligni'y, they cannot
believe that any intent of the human mind
can be good.
The STAR while under onr control has, as
our numerous readers can allest, never jost
led Democratic nominations; nor never sup
ported men for nominations who have been
placed in Convention, to assist in forming a
Democratic ticket, and then turned traitor to
the party and helped defeat the ticket of his
own making. This the STAR has never done ;
and we feel proud in editing such a paper,
and rest assured thai a journal of this char
acter must eventually be crowned with
abundant success.
The STAR is taken and read, and punctual
ly paid for, by hundreds of families of re
spectability, in and out of the county—by
families that are competant to judge as to
its being "so utterly beneath contempt," as
the whining Democrat styles it to hie readers,
but we trust in their better judgment. Our
paper visits the family circle of the truly
religious and moral man—such circles that
a paper teeming with immoral and illegal
advertising (say nothing about the libelous
matter) could not enter. The editor or his
paper would not be countenanced.
The Democrat says, "we decline holding
any communication with its operations
(meaning the STAR) and with which party
we can never consent to hold respectable
intercourse." The words in parenthesis are
ours. Dear me! what shall we do! and
what will become of our party. Only to
think, tho Democrat will not have "inter
course" with the STAR or its party any more,
it does appear to us that the Democrat had
"intercourse" with us a little over a year ago,
when it got completely knockeJ off the (in
ter) course. It is very liberal in the Democrat
to acknowledge us in existence with a parly.
This is something more that we would nat
urally expect of it; its endeavors have been
ever since we took control of this journal,
the STAR OF THE NORTH, to crush us out of
existence. Nothing has been too email for its
editor to stoop to and dabble with in order
to cripple our business. The pock-faced
and green-eyed editor, (excuse us reader for
using these epithets, they are so applicable,
can't help it) soon after we had commenced
the publication of the STAR, in his rides
over the county, we are informed, circulated
the report that the STAR would not live three
months, and that people had better not sub
scribe to it, as it would be a sinking institu
tion, for its editor had neither means nor
ability to carry on the paper. We do not say
he did this, but we have been credibly in
formed that such is the fact. A man that
would do so is a mean contemptable puppy
and we are not to modest to knock the trot
ters from under such a scamp. The STAR is
now in its twentieth month since our having
control of it. That's a little over three
months, so send along your names, we are
out of danger.
GODEY'B LADY'S BOOK. —This popular mag
azine has reached our sanctum for the
month of September. This work exceeds
all like publications. For a number of years
it has been looked upon as a perfect exam
ple. In the present number the illustrations
are splendid. The Heroine Woman of the
Revolution , and "Eyes Right," are both hand
somly executed engravings. The fashions
and paterns, in this number, generally are
of an elegant and grand style. Godey's long
experience enables him to please the most
fastidious admirer of fashions. We say, and
the ladies will agree with us, that L. A. Go
dey, of Philadelphia, publishes the best
Ladiee' book in extant. To be satisfied that
this is the case, subscribe for it and test its
merits. A single copy, per year, $3; by
club it can be had considerable cheaper.
tion—Vov. LI. No. I.—for July has been re
ceived, and as usual laden with matter in
teresting and instructive. It contains an
immense amount of reading of that charac
ter which cannot be had in any other work.
The contents of the present number are as
follows:—State of the Navy ; The Acropolis
of Athens; Memoirs of the Court of George
IV.; Life and Remains of Douglas Jerrold ;
Fossil Footprints; Queen Marie Antoinette;
Dr. Cnreton's Syriac Gospels; Brialmont's
Life of the Duke of Wellington; Adam
Bede; Tennyson's Idylls of the Ring; The
Late Ministry and the State of Europe.
THE Bloorasburg & Lackawanna Railroad
Extension from Rupert to Danville is com
pleted. The oars run through to Danville
over this new road. The first train passed
over the road a few days since.
To the Bob-tail Organ.
THE brayings of the last Columbia Demo
crat are rather alarming; one not acquainted
with its whining and lamentable appeals
to the public would suppose that it was, on
last Saturday, kicking its last. It pitches
into the County officers, the Republican, and
us, in a round-about way. Now if the Dem
ocrat has anything to say about the course
of the STAR or its editor, we would thank it
to put its articles more direct to us, that all
his readers may understand what he is dri
ving r else forever hold its peace as to
nof having "intercourse" with us or our
party. It appears that he has no desire to
have "intercourse" with our Democratic
journal only in a sneaking manner, by the
way very characteristic of the man. We
are perfectly satisfied that he should tefuse
"intercourse" with us, as it would unmis
takably redound to our credit to not havo
anything to say or do with this blackguard,
ing sheet, in any manner or form.
The Democrat and its crew should try their
hand again at manufacturing "Sugarloaf"
communications ; they may do better next
time. Howsomever, try to write so as to
not be expo-ed—change your style a little
more. After you have accomplished this—
to write without being detected—then for
your own sake, say nothing about men sup
porting candidates for office who have run
against Democratic nominations. They
should sweep their own door-yard, and ad
here to the old maxim, "persons living in
glass houses should not throw stones." Bolt
ing and jostling nominations should not be
intimated by the Democrat. How dare it.
Cool impudence, indeed. Scarcely is a
Convention held and a full ticket nominated
but what the editor of the Democrat opposes
some one on it. It is truly said of hitn, as
we heard remarked a few days since, that
"his paper does one thing and he does
another." That is, his paper advocates the
ticket or party and he opposes it. He is a
beaul'ful specimen of humanity to attempt
to advocate pure Democratic principles to
an intelligent public. We would that the
whole world could see him ; and we should
like nothing better than to be the exhibiter
for the purpose of reaping the benefits.
ly at Cincinnati, Ohio, has entered upon its
second volume with fair auspices of becom
ing a firm, reliable, and valuable institution.
It is one of the cheapest Scientific and Me
chanical papers in the world. It is strictly
devoted to the advocacy and promulgation
of all inlormation which is more particular
ly of a scientific character and embraces
within its scope, discussion upon Art, Sci
ence, Invention, Discovery, Manufactures,
and all the various industrial pursuits. Suc
cess to it. Address, American Patent Com
pany, Ciucinnati, Ohio.
I P THE "standing candidate for Sheriff,"
who smells "treason" in the fact of promi
nent Democrats being friendly and sociable
with the editor of the Republican, don't soon
practice on the motto of "thinking twice
belore he speaks once," he may possibly
"slip up" in some of his calculations
Thpre are a lew who arq not deceived by
his Janus face. They see through his double
mask. Because men honestly differ in pol
itics it is no reason they should treat each
other like savages, or determine to disagree
on every other subject.— Republican.
is upon a level with the best publications
of the present day. It comes to us for the
month of September under flourishing col
ors, heavily laden with a profitable and
spicy assortment of general reading. The
editor has the most accomplished manner
of pleasing the Ladies, and the fashion
plates and dress patters are after the most
approved taste. Subscribe for Peterson's
Magazine, by all means, if you really wish
to have a good magazine. Terms only two
dollars. Published in Philadelphia, by
THE proceeding! of the Montour County
Convention will be found published in full
in another column of our paper to-day.—
They will no doubt be of interest to our
readers. The Democrats of Montour have
formed a strong ticket—one in which the
Democracy can place abiding confidence,
and will be elected by a handsome majority
beyond the least doubt. The principal point
is to place good men in nomination; when
this is done the Democratic party very sel
dom suffer defeat. The Democracy of Mon
tour are, as a general thing, pretty true to
the cause, and do good work.
table, and it is one of the very best little
publications ever issued, exclusively for the
ladies. It is up to time in everything it
undertakes. The different departments in
'his book are well cared for, and they are so
edited as to make many friends. Subscribe
for this magazine, young folks. Terms 82,
per annum. Published in Philadelphia.
tember has been received. It is a handsome
publication, and its reading is as valuable
as it is handsome. The Publisher spares no
pains in making their book one of much
interest. Its illustrations and fashions are
good. This is a cheap book. Henry White,
publisher, New York.
THE PRINTER, edited and published by
John Henry, in New York City, for the espe
cial benefit of the craft, has been received,
in due season, lor the month of July. It is
a very useful publication, and should be in
the hands of all printers who have a just
appreciation for anything calculated to ben
efit them.
UVWARD of 300 of the graduates of the
last year at the Iron City Commercial Col
lege have secured employment, receiving
the first year from one to five hundred per
cent, upon the investment made to obtain
a practical business education. For full in
formation, circular, specimens of business
and ornamental penmanship and embel
lished view of the College, inclose five let
ter stamps to F. W. Jenkins, Pittsburgh, Pa. j
For the Star of the North-
Dear Sir .wThe last Columbia Demo
crat contains a communication signed "Su
garloaf," ir. which SherifT Snyder and my
self are abused by the publisher of this
piratical sheet, because we would not suffer
him to rob us.
Mr. Snyder and myself both went to Tate
with our advertising ; and for an advertise
ment amounting, by the square, to eight
tlnllars, he charged me twenty-three dollars,
and he also charged Sheriff Snyder forty
two dollars for which he was only entitled to
twenty-one dollars, hence the advertising by
us in the Columbia County Republican.
And because we would not allow him
thus to levy black mail upon us, we are in the
estimation of this unscrupulous rascal, not
good Democrats! The communication in
question charges us with supporting men
for nominations who are accustomed to op
pose the regular Democratic ticket. This
is simply one of 2b te's oft told lies, got up
for the express purpose of defeating men,
who if elected would keep his ( laic's ) fist
out of the County Treasury.
I notice in the same sheet a sickly editor
ial in regard to Mr. Lirrr.c, candidate for
District Attorney, calling me his friend, fcc.
Well, suppose this to be so ; Mr. LITTLE is
a good Democrat, while on the other hand
Tale's pet candidate for District Attorney,
last fall canvassed the county for the pfir
pose of defeating Mr. MCREYNOLDS for Con
gress, receiving his pay in money from the
Opposition, (and of which pay 1 believe
Tale got a part.)
Yours truly, DANIEL LEE.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 22, 1859.
I'. S. The Mormon Editor of the Derni
er at will please copy this communication,
in order that his fro readers in Sugarloaf
may know the reason why Sheriff Snyder
and myself do not patronise his advetising
columns. D. L.
C. B. TOWN AND Co.—We consider it a
duty incumbent upon us to wart: the frater
nity against a set of swindlers, sailing un
der the above name. Some months since
they sen*, us an advertisement of a paper
they profess to publish at Nu 63 Baltimore
St. Baltimore, entitled "Mason & Dixon's
Line," asking its insertion in our columns,
six months, for $12,00, payment to be made
quarterly in advance, on receipt of first pa
per containing advertisement; at the same
asking an exchange. We placed them on
our list and inserted their advertisement, im
mediately forwarding them a marked copy,
and, although we have since forwarded our
paper regularly and written to them some
four or five limes, we have never seen, or
heard from either them, their paper, or our
They are a set of arrant impostors and
should be severely dealt with. The next
lime we go to Baltimore, if they don't prove
to be myths, as we fear they are, we shall
sue them for swindling. Will our editorial
brethren do us the kindness to warn the fra
ternity against the Swindlers. Pass them
around.—Milton Democrat.
TOIAATO WlNE.— This delictus vegetable,
which inay be applied to so many purpos
es, is very abundant at this time, more so,
we think, than we have ever known them.
The following is a recipe for making toma
to wine, said to be equal to the best cham
pagne : Take small ripe tomatoes, pick off
the stems, put them into a tub, wash them
clean, and then strain them through a linen
bag. (One bushel will make five gallons
of pure wine ) Add two and a half to three
pounds loaf sugar to each gallon, then put
into a cask and ferment, aud fix as you do
raspberry wine. If two gallons of water be
added to the five gallons of juice, it will
still make a very nice wine. Brown sugar
may be used instead of loaf, but the wine is
much more sparkling when loaf sugar is
used. The United States might export this
wine by the ship loads. It is said to be a
delightful beverage, equal to Heidsick.
UNWOMANLY CRUELTY.— Some women liv
ing in the town of South Bend, Indiana, re
cently had their virtuous indignation aroused
against a widow of loose morals. They
took her, and stripped her, cut off her hair,
and tarred and feathered her from head to
foot! This in broad daylight, in the public
street, and in full view of the crowd. The
perpetrators of this sweet act were "mem
bers of the Church" and married. The
victim of their rage or jealousy, as soon as
she escaped from the clutches of her per
secutors, ran to the shop of a blacksmith
near by, who received her, shut the door
upon her pursuers, and furnished her with
oil. &c., to remove the tar, and with clothing
to hide her nakedness.
writes from Big Sandy, Oregon, July 6th,
that "white men with two or three squaws
each are quite common throughout this re
gion, and young and relatively comely In
dian girls are bought from their fathers by
white men as regularly and openly as Cir
cassians at Constantinople. The usual range
of prices is from $4O to 8410—about that of
Indian horses. I hear it stated that, though
all other trade may be dull, that in young
squaws is always brisk on Green river and
the North Platte."
LOOK TO THB POTATOES. —Some of our ex
changes notify us that the bugs are playing
sad havoc with the potatoes, and in some
instances whole patches have been eaten
up, and others are seriously damaged. They
also attack beats, cabbage and tomatoes.
They are very destructive in some parts of
Indiana. Our farmers had better examine
their potatoes to see whether the enemy
has made an attack upon them. The crop
promises to be very fine unless injured by
these pests or the rot.
T" Don't forget the Delegate election on
Saturday. It is important that this matter
should be well attended to.
DR. KENNEDY, of Roxbury, Mass., should
answer our letters soon, and that satisfac
torily, or else he will hear from us through
a different channel than by letter.
Proceedings of the Democratic Co. Convention.
The delegates elected by the Democratic
▼otera of Montour County, on Saturday the
13th inet., in pursuance of the notice given
by the Democratic Standing Committee,
met at the Court House in the Borough of
Danville, on Monday the 16th of August
1859, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of
nominating candidates for the several of
fices in Montour county, and to appoint
Representative Conferees, to nominate can
didates for Assembly, in conference with
the ConferaijlHUhe, counties composing
the Representative District in which Mon
tour county is entitled to Representation,
and to do snch other business as might
be brought before the Convention.
Gutelius Snyder, Esq., of Valley, called
the Convention to order, and on motion of
Jno. C. Ellis, of Anthony, Robert Davidson,
Esq., of Maborry, was chosen President,
and on motion of Gutelius Snyder, Esq., H.
A. Childs, and John C. Ellis were elected
On motion the Districts were called over
in alphabetical order, and the Delegates
presented their certificates of elections as
Anthony—J C. Ellis, John Derr.
Cooper—Jacob Shelhart, jr., Mathias Gir
Danville, N. W., —John F. Herr, Francis
Danville, S. VV.,—Henry Ammerman,
Hiram A. Chltfl* (substituted.)
Derry—David Herr, Nathaniel Britain.
Liberty—John Bogart, Robert Auten.
Limestone—Andrew Snyder, John Dil
Mahoning—Hiram Antrim, Anthony
Maberry—Robert Davidson, John Vought,
Valley—Gutelius Snyder, Caleb Apple
West Hemlock—John K. Shultz, Henry
On motion the Convention proceeded to
the nomination of a candidate for Represen
tative. John Dildine, of Limestone, nomi
nated Hon. SAMUEL OAKS, of Montour coun
ty, which nomnaiton was made unanimous.
The Convention then proceeded to the
nomination of a candidate for the office of
Sheriff of MMMkcounty. Frederick Blue
of Liberty, and Daniel Woodside of the
Borough of Danville, were nominated by
their respective friends, when on motion,
the nominations closed, and the Convention
proceeded to ballot with the following re
sult: Frederick Blue, 16; Daniel Wood
side, 6; whereupon Frederick Blue was de
clared the nominee for the office of SherifT.
The Convention then proceeded to the
nomination of a candidate for the office of
Register&.Recorder. Jno. C. Ellis nomi
nated Wm. C. Johnston, Esq., ol the Bor
ough of Danville. On motion, the nomi
nation was made unanimous.
The Convention next proceeded to the
Domination of a candidate for county Com
missioner. Nathaniel Britain nominated
Wm. Seidel of Derry, when on motion, the
nomination was made unanimous.
Hiram A. Child*, nominated George W.
Want of Dmwil|p, ft a candidate for county
Surveyor, and on motion, the nomination
was made unanimous.
John F. Herr, nominated Solomon Rudy
of Mahoning, as a candidate for Coroner,
when on motion, the nomination was made
Robert Davidson, nominated John Vought
of Maberry, for County Auditor, and on mo
tion, the nomination was made unanimous.
The following resolutions passed, on mo
of H. A. Childs
Resolved, That Paul Leidy of Danville, be
and is hereby appointed Senitorial Dele
gate from this Senatorial District, to the
next State Convention to be held in March
1860, and that we respectifully ask the oth
er counties in the District to concur in this
Resolved, That H. A, Childs and Getulius
Snyder, be conferees to meet similar con
ferees from the other counties in the Dis
trict to appctinfftflatorial Delegates to the
next Democratic State Convention, with in
structions in accordance with the foregoing
Resolved, That Geo. D. Butler and Abra
ham Wagner be conferees to meet similar
conferees from the other counties in the
District, to nominate two Representative
Delegates to the next Democratic Salate
Resolved , That Wm. McNinch and James
Auld, be Representative conferees for this
county,to meet similar conferees from the
other counties in this District at lunkhan
nock, on the 2nd Friday of September, to
nominate two candidates for Represeuta
lives in the S ate Legislature, to be support
ed at the coming general election, with in
structions to use all honorable means to se
cure the re-nomination of Hon. Samuel
(Jakes of Montour county, and to concur in
the re-nomination of Hon Geo. D. Jack
son of Sullivan county.
On motion, the President appointed the
followingas a committee or. resolutions
Hiram A Childs, Hiram Antrim and John
Dildine. The Committee after a short ab
sence returned into the Convention, and the
chairman reported the following resolutions
which were unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That we have full and undi
minished confidence in the integrity and
falriolism of our chief magistrate James
uchanan, and his administration isentitled
to support ol the Democracy of the Union.
Resolved, That the policy of the national
administration both home and foreign, has
been such as to commend it to the favor of
the Democracy of every part of the Union,
and that the promptness with which every
great question has been met and snccess
fully disposed of, is a sure guarantee that
the interests of country will be carefully
protected during the remainder ol the Presi
dential term.
Resolved, That the administration has
most successfully vindicated itself and its
friends and maperlera against the malici.
oua slanders of Ike-Opposition on the ques
tion of the righ|s ot naturalized citizens to
the protection of this Government.
Resolved, That we are opposed to such un
fair distinctions and discriminations be
tween naturalized and nativo born citizens
as that recently made by the Republican
stale of Massachusetts, by which they pro
hibit naturalized citizens from voting for
two years after they have become citizens.
Resolved, That we are in favor of a revis
ion of our present tariff laws, and an in
crease of duties on coal, iron, wool and
such other articles of Ameriean growth and
manufacture, as suffer from Foreign compe-
tition, and that in the adjustment of a tariff,
it is both the right and the duty of Congress
to make such discriminating as will ensure
them a sufficient amount ol revenue to de
fray the expenses of an economical admin
istration ol the government, and avoid the
necessity of a resort to loans and direct tax
ation ; and at the same lime afford reasona
ble and just protection to the American la
bore and Manufacturer against unequal
foreign competition ; and that this has ever
been the policy of the Democratic party.
Resolved, That the Hon. Richardson L.
Wright, our candidate for Auditor General,
and Hon. John Rowe, our candidate for
Surveyor General, are both men eminently
qualified for the positions for which they
have been nominated, and that their known
and unquestioned integrity and sound De
mocracy entitle them to the support and
confidence of every Democrat in the state.
Resolved, That the course of our late Rep
resentative in Congress, Hon, Paul Leidy,
meets our unqualified approbation, and that
his firm adherance to democratic principles
and ardent devotien to the interests of his
District, entitle him to our confidence.
Resolved, That our late Representative in
the State Legislature, Hon, Samuel Oakes,
and Geo D. Jackson, Esq , have faithfully
and truly represented the Democracy of
this District and merit the approval of their
constituents ; and if renominated we pledge
them our undivided support at the ensuing
Resolved, That we fully endorse the ac
tion of our late Representative Hon. Samu
el Oaks of Montour couuty. and that his
unanimous renomition by his faithfulness
as a Representative.
The following named persons were ap
pointed the standing Committee lor the en
suing year:
Anthony—John Derr.
Cooper—Jacob Shelhart, jr.
Danville, N. W., —Benneville K. Vas
Danville, S. W., —Henry Ammerman.
Derry—Samuel Herr.
Liberty—George Billmeyer.
I.imestoneville—John Allen.
Maberry—Jacob Swank.
Mahoning—Samuel Morrison.
Valley—Robert Curry.
West Hemlock—Patterson Moore.
On motion it was ordered that the pro
ceedings of this Convention be published
On motion adjourned.
H A. CHILDS. J Secretaries
Pollsville Standard says : "We are inform
ed that gold dust was found in the neigh
borhood of Ashland, this county, several
days ago, while digging up some earth.—
Whether it will result in any extensive dis
coveries we do not know, but hope such
may be the case and that Ashland may prove
to be a Pike's Peak in reality. We advise
adventurers to await further developement."
It would certainly be advisable.
—Niagara Falls, August 18 —Mons. Blondin
crossed the river on his rope yesterday,
with a man on his back. During the per
formance a row occurred, and a man sixty
years of age, was thrown over the river
bank and killed. The deceased's name was
FROM WASHlNGTON— Washington, August
19.—.The President has recognized Franz
August Hirsch 'as Constil at Boston' and
Friedrick Wilhelm Keutzen as Consul at
New York, both for the Free City of Bre
Ex-Minister Forsyth is among the recent
arrivals at the National Hotel.
THE Camp meeting in the neighborhood
of Rohrsburg is progressing finely. It
is largely attended, and much good is be
ing done.
TVrOTICE is hereby given, that the Demo
cratic Electors in and for the several
Boroughs and Election Districts of Colum
bia County, will meet at the respective pla
ces of holding the general election, on
Saturday, the 27 th day of August,
Between the hours of 3 and 7 o'clock, in the
afternoon of said day for the purpose of
choosing two Delegates from each Election
District, to meet in County Convention, at
the Court House, in Bloomsburn, on
Monday, the 29th day of August,
At one o'clock, P. M., for the purpose ol
making the usual annual nominations of the
Democratic party of Columbia County.
Democratic Standing Committee.
August 3, 1859.
Hollowuy's Ointment ami Pills, an infallible
liemedy Tor Blotches on the Skin.—Edgar
Mortimer, aged 28, of Third-street, Philad
elphia, was fot fire years a severe sufferer
with blotches on lite skin, the whole ol his
face, neck, arms, and hands, being disfigur
ed with them like small pox ; he consulted
several very clever medical men, who told
him it was the predicating symptoms of
some disease, which alarmed him exceed
ingly ; however, he took Holloway's Pills
immediately, and rubbed the Ointment on
the parts affected, and in two weeks the
whole of the blotches disappeared, and his
health was considerably improved, These
remidies will cure the most deeply seated
old wounds and ulcers, even of twenty
years standing.
RYE. 75
CORN, 75
OATS, 37
FLOUR pr. bbl. 6 50
EGGS, 10
LARD, > 12
HAMS, 12
On the 18th inst., at Jacob Goods Hotel,
Orangeville, by the Rer. Wtn Goodrich.
Mr. ENOS AHWINE, of Briarcreek, to Miss
ELIZA EVELAKD, of Huntington, Luzerne Co.
In Light Street, on Monday morning last,
N. W. CHEASY, son ol Satnuel Creasy, Esq ,
of Mifflin, and oarlner of H. W. Creasy in
the Mercantile business at Light Street, in
the 24th year of his age. He was a smart
promising young man, and highly respected
by all who knew him.
In Bloomsbutg, on Tuesday evening last.
Andrew Clark, eldest son of Isaiah W. ana
Eimira B. McKelvy, aged 3 years, 9 month,
and 1 day.
Near this place, on Tuesday evening
last, Miss Mary Laphy, aged about 21 years
Pays the Tuition lor a lull course in the
Iron City College, the largest, most exten
sively patronized and best organized Com
mercial School in the Uniled States.
For Writing, Commercial Calculations,
Book-Keeking and Lectures.
Usual time y> complete a full course, from
•to ten weeks. Every student, upon gradv
uating, is guaranteed to be competent to
manage the Books of any Business, and
qualified in earn a salary of Irnm
dsoo to siooo.
Students enter at any lime—no vacation;
review at pleasure.
Awarded this Institution. The best and
greatest variety of Penmanship in any one
Hall ol the Union, is found here.
For lull information, Circular, Specimen
of Business and Ornamental Writing and
Embellished View of ike College, inclose
five letter stamps to
F. VV.JENKINS, Pittsburg, Pa.
Aug. 24th, 1859.
According lo the arrangement made at
the last meeting of the Society, the evening
of the next meeting is last approaching n
being the Ist Tuesday nighl in September
1859. The Members, and all who wish lo
become members are invited lo attend, as
business of importance will be transacted.
By order of the Society.
E. B. YOHDY, Sec'ty.
Bloomsburg, Aug 24, 1859.
tpiOU", to employ an active reliable
man in each section of the Stale to travel
and take orders for
Segarg and Tobacco.
by samples. Will pay a salary ol #6OO to
#BOO per year, payable monthly. For sam
ples and particulars apply to, or address,
inclosing stamp for re'urn postage,
CARY & SMITH, Tobacconists,
312 Pearl street, New York.
Aug. 17, 1859-SW.
IVOTICE is herebt given lo all legatees,
* creditors and other persons interested in
the estates ol the respective decedents and
minors, that the following administration and
guardian accounts have been filed in the
office of the Register of Columbia county,
and will be presented for confirmation and
allowance to the Orphan's Court, to be held
al Bloomsburg, in the county aforesaid on
Wednesday the 7th day of September next,
at 2 o'clock, P. M.
1. The account of Ellwood Hughes, Guar
dian of Phoebe Kelchner. late Phoebe Walp
one of ihe heirs of Anthony Walp, late ol
Briar Creek township, dee'd.
2. The account of Wilham S. Shuman
and Peter Fisher, Executors o f Jacob Fisher
late ol Maine township, dee'd.
3. The account of Christuin Lulz,Jr.,Guar
dian of Margaret Davis late Margaret Fry,
one of the heirs of Aaiou Fry late ol
Mifilin township, dee'd.
4. The account ol Andrew Albertson, Ad
ministrator of Juim Davis, late of Green
wood township, deo'd.
5. The Final account of John Stiles and
Abraham Hartman, Administrators of the
estate of Isaac Hartman, late of Ber.ton
.township, dee'd , .
6. The first and final account of Jesse
Coleman administrator of the estate of Fred
erick Weaver, late of Benton township,
7. The account of Mordecai W. Jackson,
Guardian of Howard Brnudage, Chester
Brundage and Emerson Brundage, minor
chidlren ol R. M. Brundage, late of Luzerne
county, dee'd.
8. The account of Aaron Mosteller, Guar
dian of Henry Miller, one of the children
and he.rs of Henry Miller, late of Mifflin
township, dee'd.
8. The Final account of Harriet Helme,
Administratrix of Oliver Helme, la e ol
Beaver township, dee'd.
10. The account of Joseph W. Recce, Ad
ministrator of the estate of John Re ce of
Greenwood township, dee'd
11. The account of John Staley Guardian
of Eliza Lemon, dee'd, a minor child ol
Jonathan Lemon, late of Greenwood town
ship, dee'd.
12. The account o( Peter Ent and Theo
dore McDowell, Executors of 'he last will
end testament ol Maihew McDowell, late
of Scon township, dec'd
13. The account of Benj McHenry, Ex
ecutor of the last will anil testament ol Eliaa
McHenry late of Fishing Creek township,
14. The account of Peter Workltei.er,
Administrator of John Weise, late of Hem
lock twp., dee'd.
Eegisters Office. Register.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 10, 1859.
By virtue of several writs of venditioni
exponas, to me directed, there will be ex
posed to public sale, at the Court House in
Bloomsburg, 011 Monday the sth day of Sep
tember, at one o'clock in the afternoon, the
following described propetry to wit:
The undivided one hall part of a certain
lot of ground situate in Espylown, Columbia
county, and numbered twenty four, [24]
bounded by Main street, a lot of George
Vaueykle, an alley and a lut of Samuel A.
Wurman. Also, the uudivided half part
of three other lots of ground lying contiguous
to each other, situate in Espylown aforesaid,
bounded on the East by Markrt Street, on
the West by lot No. 39, on the South by an
alley, on the north by an alley; said lots
numbered in the plan of said town numbers
ihiny six, thirty seven, and thirty eight,
[No. 36, 37, 38] each lot containing in front
eighty two and one half feel, and in depth
or length, one hunhred and eeventy three
feet and one quarter; there is erected on lot
No. 36, a Store House and Shed. Also, on
the undivided third parts of ten lota of ground
situate in the town of Espy aforesaid ar.d
numbered numbers forty five, forty six, for
ty seven, foity eight, forty nine, tifty one,
nliy two, fifty three, fifty four, and fifty five,
[No. 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55,]
each lot being one hundred and seventy,
three feet and one fourth in length and eigh
ty two feet and one half in breadth, the first
five lying contiguous 10 each other, and
bounded by an alley on the east, i.n alley
on the south, and an alley on the west, the
other five lots in wit : No. 51, 52, 53, 54, fc
55, lying contiguous to each other, bounded
by an alley on the west, an alley on the
south, and Market street on the easl,there
is erected on lot No 55 an old Frame Barn.
Also, on the undivided two third parts of
lots numbered seventy one and seventy two,
[7l and 72] situate in ihe northern division
of Espylown aforesaid; lot number seventy
one, bounded on ihe south by Second street,
on the east by Liberty alley, on the north
by an alley, and on the wesi by lot number
seventy two. Lot numbered seventy two,
bounded on the south by Second street, on
the east by lot number seventy one, on the
north by an alley, and on the west by lot
number seventy three, each lot containing
in front 85 leet 6 inches, ami in depth 173
feel 3 i lichee.
Seized, taken in execution and io he sol t
as the properly of James McCarty.
ALSO, ai llie sainß lime and place,all dial
certain In-lot, siluals in llie bornogh ol Ber
wick, county nl Columbia, numbered ninety
six in pint ol said Borough, situate on Ironl
street, above Chestnut slreel, being lony nine
and a half feel front, and one hundred eigh
ly one and a hall feel deep, containing thir
ty three pechea of land, whereon is erect
ed a two story frame dwelling house, a
frame stable, ami other out buildiuga witti
the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in Execution and to be sold
as the properly ol Julias A. Roth.
ALSO, at lite same tiine and place, all that
certain lot ol ground situate in Light Street,
Soon township, Columbia county, bounded
as follows to wit: on tho west by Main Street
of said town, on the north by lot of James
McMichael, on the east by an alley, anil on
the south by lot of William i'riichard, con
taining sixty feet in front and one hundred
and sixty five leet in depth, whereon is erec
ted a two story frame dwelling house, u
frame shop, a frame atable, and other out
buildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution ami to be sold
os the properly of Robert B. Wardin.
ALSO, at the same lime and place all that
cerlain lot of ground situate on the corner of
•eroud an.l Market street, in the borough of
Berwick and county of Columbia, bounded
as follows to wit: beginning at a corner of
Seesholtz & Boon lots on Market St., thence
along said Market street thirty six led to
second street, thence along said second st.,
forty nine and a half feet to a lot of GtlDen
Fowler, thence along said G. Fowler's lot
thirty six feet to lot of Seesholtz & Boon,
forty r.itta and a half leet to the corner on
Market street, (he place of beginning; con
taining seventeen hundred and eighty two
leet of ground more or less, whereon is
erected a two Story Brick Store House, 22
feet by 38 lhe appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the propetty of Josiah B. Dodson.
ALSO, at the same time and place, all
Ihern certain lots of land situate in Briar
creek township, Columbia comity, bounded
as follows to wit: on -.he north by Linda of
Peter Hayinan, on the east by lands of Dan
iel Mackafee, on Ihe south by lands of
Charles Keeil, arid on Ihe west by lurnpike
containing threa acres, nearly all cleared'
lanJ. Alan one other lo' bounded ou the
north by land ol Charles Reed, eat end
south by land of Jacob Shaffer, ami on the
west by a lurnpike, containing two acres.—
Also one other lot bounded as f0110w.., on
the no-lit by land ol Patrick Linden, nn the
east by land ol Abraham Lockard, on ihe
south by laud of D. F. Seybert, and wet by
land of Hugh Thompson, containing twenttr
acres more or less, all of which is cleared
land, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution ami to be sold
as the property of Augustus B. Pearce.
ALSO, at the same lime and place, all
that certain Plantation and Tract of Land
situated in Franklin township, Columbia
County, bounded and described as follows
to wit: beginning at a while oak, thence by'
land of Jesse Cleaver & Michael Mensch,
south seventy nine and one quarter degrees
I west, two hundred end twenty perches to a
| chestnut oak grub, thence by land of Aaron
' Lainbison, south thirteen and one quarter
| degrees east, forty eight perches to a post,
thence by other land late of Jas. K. Fisher,
I north eighty three and one hall degrees east
I one hundred and ninety two perches in a'
line ol land ol Christian B. Seesholtz, thence
by said line North, fifteen and one fourth
degrees east, sixty eight perches to the
place of beginning, containing seventy one
acres and forty one perches neat measure,
about sixty acres of whigh are cleared laud'
whereon is erected a two story frame dwel
ling house, a frame barn and other out build
ings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution ami to be sold
as llie property of James K. Fisher.
ALSO, at Ihe same tiine and place, all that
certain naci or piece of land, situate in Fish
ingcreek township, Columbia county, con
laming one hundred acres, be the same
more or less, about eighty acres of which
is cleared land : bounded on the Fast by
land of Harimun, on the North Klia* Pealer
on the North East Jonas Doty, on the West
by land of Samuel Creveling, and on th
South by land of Hugh Mcßrtde, whereon
is erected a two story Plank House, a Bank
Barn, Shoemaker Shop, an Apple Orchard
anil a good Spring House and well.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the properly c f Thomas and John Pealer.
AI-SO, at the same lime and place, all that
Inlot in the Borough ot Berwick, situate rn
Front slreei, adjoining a lot ol A. Miller, a,
alley on the South east, and an alley on the
North east, containing in Iron! 90 feet more
or less, and 100 feel in depth more or less
on which ia erected a Two atnry Frame
Home : Also, one other lot in said Borough
of Berwick, situate on the South east by the
alley running tn the rear ot the first de-crib,
ed premises, and North of the alley run
niug on lite North east of tho first described,
adjoining lands of Frederick Nicely ; being
one hundred and fifty feet ir. length and
depth more or less, on which is erected a
frame stable, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in Execulion and lo be sold
as the property of Nathan Seely.
ALSO,at the same lime end place, All the
Defendant's iuterest in all that certain tract
ol land, situate in Pine township, Columbia
county, bounded and dascribed as follows,
to wit: on the North by land of Ezra Run
yan and William Chatnberlin, on the East
by land of Jacob Chamberlin, on the Setilh
and west lands of Read's heirs; conlaining
eighty acres more or less, about ten acres
cleared land, whereon is erected a small
frame dwelling house, with the appurte
Seized, taken in Excution and lo be sold
as the properly ol James P. Rudman.
AI.SU, at the same lime and plane, all lha
Defendant's interest in all thai certain tract
of land, silauie in Pine township, Columbia
county, bounded and described as follows
to wit: on Ihe North by land of Jamas Mas
ters, on the East by laud of Levi Ashton, on
the South by land of Levi Ashton and others,
and on the West by land of Hirana Shultz;
containing aixty acres, be the same more or
less, about thirty acrea of which is improv
ed land, whereon is erected a log dwelling
honse, a frame barn and other out buildings
with the appurtenaaoes.
Seized, taken in Execulion and to be gold
as the property of Jane Shultz.
ALSO, at the same time and place, by •
writ of Levari Facias, all that cerlain mes
suage or town lot situated in Centreville, in
the twp. of Centre, and county of Columbia
bounded and described as follows, lo wit;
Ir. the general plan of said Centreville, Aft 4
same being lot number two, beginning Oft
the front atreet or Main public ml BiSpS
ing from Bloomsbtirg to Berwick, thanea-M
the same North fifty- six and a half ihaMß
East seventy nine feet and two
thence bv lot number three South
and a ball degrees East, one
ninety eight feet, thence by alladHfftber
two South fitly six and a half (M|nYet
seventy eight feel and eight iwßMMnco
by lot number onssouth
quarter degreea west one huMM^HPt,j ne .
ty eight feet to the ao
Seized, taken in cxecpl7and to be aoU
as the property of fMHE Michael.
... ._, :IBMWyVDF,R. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. W* t
Bloomeburg, Aug&t, 1859. \

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