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BloomrtinrgtWrdBcsday Morning, Ang. 15, '60..
Columbia Co. Democratic Convention,
jVTICE is hereby given that the Demo
cratic electors in ami for the several
Voroughs and election districts of Columbia
county, will meet at. their respective places
of holding their general elections on Suur
y, the 2btkly rf Avsvit, 1860, between
the hours ol 3 and 7 o'clock, in the afternoon
of said day, for the purpose of choosing two
Delegates from each Election District, to
meet in County Convention, at the Court
llonse, in Bloomsburg. on Monday, the 21th
of August, 1860, at 1 o'clock, P. M , for
the purpose of making the usnal annual
"nominations of the Democratic party'of Co
lumbia county
Standing Committee.
BIoornsrnr2, July 25, 1P60
Messrs. R. Hob & Co. have our thanks
for the presentment of a beautiful Catalogue,
'exhibiting the different Printing Presses,
Viih other articles belonging to a printing
'establishment, manufactured and for sale
by them. The catalogue is handsomely
executed, and contains quite a variety of
Presses, with some explanation accompany
ing each one, ato their construction, ad
Yautages, cost, &c.
Gobey's Ladi's Book for September has
been received. It is a handsome number,
maintaining its well earned reputation, that
of being the best Lad ides' book extant. It
enjoys a wide 'circulation, probably more
extended than any other journal of the kind.
It is published in Philadelphia by Louis A.
Godey; terms S3 per annum for single sub
scription. By club it can be had considera
bly cheaper.
Of the first page of this week's edition
can be seen a brief and truthful sketch of
oar heroic candidate for the Vice Presi
dency,, Col. Joseph Li-e. of Oregon. The
Col. would make, no doubt, most an excel
lent Vice President ; he is a good states
man as welt as a warrior of high standing.
We ask for this sketch of Air. Lane's life a
careful and attentive perusal by every read
er of the Star.
Drowned. A little girl, aged two years
and three months, was accidentally drown
ed in a rain barrel, at the residence of Mr,
Heath, in this borough, on Monday morn
ing of last week. The barret was sunk in
the ground and hence easily accessible to
the child.- The name of the unfortunate lit
tle victim, was Eleanor Minerva, a daughter
of Jos. K. and Ada C. Norcross, of Phila
delphia, who, with its mother, was paying
visit ' to this place. Danville Democrat.
Subscribe. How often do we hear men
excuse themselves from snbscribing to a
paper or a periodical, by saying they have
no time to read. When we hear a man
tbusexcdse himself, we conclude .that be
has never found time to confer any substan
tial advantage either upon -his family, hi
country, or himself. To hear a freeman
thus express himself,is truly humiiiating,and
we can form no other opinion than that
uch a roan is of lit la importance to society.
Lackawanna & Bloomsburg R. R In
to day's Star will be found the Time Table
of this road, showing clearly the hours of
arriving at and departing from the different
Depots along the line, which is quite a con
venience for the traveling public to know
when they can go and when they can stay.
The manner in which this road is being
managed is well calculated to command
confidence and respect from the public.
Jos. N. Scr anton is destined to become a
-popular President over this road. Col. M.
W. Jackson, the efficient and gentlemanly
"Superintendent, is doing good service in his
position. .
, On Tuesday last, between the hours of
11 and 12 o'clock a mn John Whipple and
Clark Price, prisoners in our county jail,
made a successful attempt in gelling out.
They filed off their chains, and by driving
wooden pegs in the wall they succeeded in
.-getting upon the top of it, thence to the
aground outside by the assistance of a rope
fastened at the lop of the wall. Whipple
tgot down all safe, bnt Price came only part
way down upon the rope when he let lose
und came down upon, the ground bo hard as
to break one of his legs just above the
inkle. Whipple run about half a mile,
hotly pursued by several of our citizens,
when be was overtaken in the act of swim
ing across Fishingcreek. Price's limb was
eet by Dr. Ramsey, of this place. ...
Sewing fflachi&e.
We wera shown a few days since, by our
townsman, Mr. HenrtZcppingrb, speci
mens of work, executed upon Raymond's
Family Sewing Machine, which would com
para favorably with any work ever exhibi
ted to cs. , There has been a great deal of
talk and speculation over the different pat
cat sewing machines as to which is the
-"best and tha cheapest." We are frequently
tasked, 'wt ich is the bert," :,what machine
. 'wo old you buy V -We answer, it depends
-entirely upon the amount of money inten
-ded in its expenditure, and the purpose to
rhicb the machine is to be applied. It for
.'boots, harness making, tailoring, or almost
.any manufacturing purposes,
decidedly, the best. .Fot family use, if you
intend paying from fifty to one hundred
dollars', Wheeler & Wilson's is preferable,
.if yoa are: limited to ten or twelve dollar-,
we would recommend Raymaod's (for 6ala
l5y Messrs. Zcppingeb & Robbins, of this
j p'aee,) woicn is surprisingly suupiem us
i ' mill -a? a n't .or! tr familw nnrnn.
wustiuvuvuj -w i ; J X (
Ves generallyand operates with bat slight
?,xoise. It is deeidedly the neatest; machiue
that tra have seen, easily understood and
I cperatedjind not likely to get out of order,
and is furnished at a price which, places it
wjthin the reach of 'almon eveiy family . :
( Directions always accompany machines,
all ia - what is lo be done ; but, sometimes
is quite as important to know what to
eave untune. Cegiuuew-waat; as a general.
f thing, toSq loo mncb,-. U ilh a little careful
I " . : r..r. anAn tmm If) OTersAe fflT?-
Y virtue of several writs of Venditioni ex
VOnaS. issued rnt nf tha Pnnrl nf f!nm.
mon. Pleas of Columbia county, to me di
rected, will be exposed to public sale, on
Monday, thetl Bay of September, I860,
at 1 o'clock, in the afternoon, at the Court
House in Bloomsburg, the following descri
ed property, to wit :
All that certain tract of land situate in
Pine township, Columbia county, bounded
and described as follows, to wit : on the
north by lauds of James Master and heirs
of Charles Eves, on the west by lands of
Isaac Youst and Andrew J. Fine, on the
sooth by lands of And. J. Fine, and on the
eaM by lands of James Meters, containing
FIFTY-TWO ACRES more or Jess, about
thirty-five acres of which is cleared land,
whareon is erected a one and a half story
log house, a frame bank barn, and other
outbuildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Zebulon Sholtz.
All that certain lot of land situate in Or
ange township, Colombia county, bounded
and described as follows, to wii; on the
north by lands ol Jacob Hagenbuch, on the
east by lands of Peter Miller, on the south
by lands of Malchi & Benjamin Drake, and
on the wpst bv land of Jacob Hvgenbuch,
containing SIX ACRES be the same more
or less, all ol which is improved land,
whereon is erected a one and a half story
dwelling house, a frame stable and other
outbuildings with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Be nja. Boone & Rachel
Boone. .
All that certain tract of land situate in
Benton township, Colombia county, bound
ed and described as follows, to wit: on
the north by land of Abraham Young, on
the east by land of John Conner and David
Yocum, on the south by land of George
Hartman, and on the west by land of Dan
iel Robbin's heirs, containing one hundred
and twenly acres, about sixty acres ol
which is cleared land, wbereon is erected
a one and a half story frame dwelling
house, frame bank barn and other out
buildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Moses Yocum.
The Defendant's interest in all that cer
tain traci of land situate in Pine town-hip,
Columbia county, bounded and tU'-cnled
as follows, to wii: on the north by lands of
Ira Sanders, on the east by laud ; Tit
man' heirs and others, cn the south by
land of Iram Derr and others, and on the
west by land of David Sweney and others,
containing two hundred thirty three acres,
one hundred fifty three perches and allow
ance, about thirty acres of which is cleared
land, wh-reon is erected a Steam Saw Mill,
two frame dwelling houses, two frame sta
bles and other outbuildings with the appur
tenances. Seized, taken in execution and to be fold
as the property of Isaac Tyler.
All that certain lot of laud situate in the
town ol Bloooibburg, Bloom township, Col
umbia county, bounded aid described as
follows, to wit: on the south by Main Street
of said town, on the east by lot of Jeremiah
J. Brower, on the north by an alley, and on
the nest by lot of Delila Crtfveling, con
taining one fourth of an acre be the same
more or Ies, wbereon is erected a one and
a hall story frame dwel'ing house, a frame
hop, a frame stable and other outbuildings
with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and lo be sold
as the property of Charles Kahler.
The Defendant' interest in all that cer
tain Lime Stone Quarry, situate in Centre
township, Columbia . county, bounded and
described as follows, lo wit: on the north
by land of John K. Grotz. on the east bj lot
of E. W. Low, on the south by lands of the
same, and on the west by Jot of Andrew
Hagenbuch, containing fonr perches in
width and eleven perches in depth, where
on is erected a Lime Kiln and a Frame
Lime House with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Abraham Deiilerica.
All that certain lot of land situate in the
Borough of Berwick, in the County of Col
umbia, bounded and described as follows,
to wit. Beginning at the corner of Seesholtz
& Boon's Wheelwright Shop, on Market
Street to Second Street 36 feet, more or
Ies, thence along said Second street to lot
of Gilbert Fowler, No. 4 49 feet, thence
along said lot 36 feet tnoie or less to Sees
hoi z & Booti, thence along said lot paral
lel with Second street 49 feet .to the place
of beginning ; whereon is erected a Two
Story Brick Siore House, with the appurten
ances. Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Joriah B. Dodson.
All that certain lot or tract of land situate
in Centre twp , Colombia county, bounded
and described as follows, to wit: on the
north by a public road leading from Blooms
bo rg to Berwick, oc the east by lot of Liud
ley W. Wooley and others, on the south by
the JVortn Branch Canal, and on tbe west
by lot of Hiram B. Freas & Hiram Brown,
containing three acres ol land be the same
more or less, whereon i ereeted a large
three story frame Grist Mill, a Steam En
gine and Steam Boiler, a two story frame
dwelling house, a oue and a half 6tory frame
dwelling bouse, a frame stable and other
outbuildings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of George H. Freas.
All thai certain tract of land situate in
Sogarloaf township, Columbia co., bounded
and described as follows, to wit: On the
north by lands of Maria Fritz, on the east
by lands of John Kitchen, on the south by
lands of widow Vanderslice, and on the
west by lands of John Moore, containing
eighty one acres more or less, about tony
acres of which is cleared land, wheieon m
erected a two story log dwelling house, a
log barn and other outbuildings, with the
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as tbe property of George Moore.
! - ' : ALSO, .
AH that certain lot of ground situate in
Orangeille, -Orange township, Columbia
county, bounded and described as follows,
to wi:: on tbe north by lot of Thos. Rockel,
on the east by lot of Henry Stiner, on the
south by lot of Adam Sbaner and on the
west by Main Street of said town, contaiu
ing one third of an acre be tbe same more
oi. less, wbereon is erected' two two story
frame dwelling houses, a frame stable and
other outbuildings with ihe appurtenances.
. Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Wiliiarn Remly. ,
AH that certain lot of ground situate in
Hopkinsville, Bloom township, Columbia
county, bonnded and desciited as follows,
to wit : on the northeast by Main street of
said town, on the southeast bv an alley, on
the euuthwest by an alley, and on ihe north
west fey Jot of . i ' , containing one
htfJf of an acre be the same more or less.
. c e rt
1 MlJtl
other outbuildings with the BDpurtenances.
Seized, taken in ex ecution and to be sold
as the properly of Josiah H. Furmau.
All that certain tract of land situate in
Beaver township, Columbia county, Pa.,
bounded as follows: on the east by a pub
lic road, on the south bv lands of Mar.ass
Michael's heirs and others, on the west by
land of Shuman & Hoats, and on the north
by land of John and Reuben Herriaer, con
tailing eighty-nine acres, twenty five acres
of which are cleared lands, whereon are
erected a two story FRAME DWELLING
HOUSE, Frame Kitchen, a Frame Barn and
other outbuildings with the appurtenance.".
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Charles F. Mann.
A ceitain lot of ground situate in Maine
towr.hip. Columbia county, adjoining lands
of Isaac Yetter on the north, Aaron Ber
linger on the Koiith, west and east, contain ing
one acre of land, whereon are erected
a one and a half story FRAME DWELLING
HOUSE, a Frame Stable and a Well of
water at the door.
One other tract of land sitnate in Beaver
and Maine townships Columbia county,
adjoining lands of Charles Mann on lue
north, Jacob Shuman's heirs on the north,
Abraham Knecht on the south, Charles
Fisher and Jacob Hinderliter on the east,
and Mary Culp on the west, containing one
hundred and one acres and a half with the
appurtenances, about ten acre. of which
i cleared land.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the property of Jacob Hossler.
By a writ of Levari Facias, a certain dwell
ing house two stories high, having a front of
about eighteen feet, and a depth nf about
twenty four feet, situate on a lot or piece
of land in the town of Espy, Columbia co.,
which lot contains a front of about thirty
feet, and depth ol about ore hundred and
seventy feet, on tbe'north kide ot Main
Street, adjoining lot of William Tronsue on
the west, Alfred Heckman on the north,
and said Main Street on the south. .
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the properly of John Turner.
All that certain two story frame dwelling
house or building situate in the township
of Scott, in the county of Colombia, on the
somh side of the mein road leading from
Bloomsburg lo Berwick, being in the village
of Epytown, said building containing in
front twenty six feet, and in depth fifty two
feet, and the lot or piece of ground and cur
tilage appurtemant to the said building,
bounded on the northeast by lssac McKa
my, on the northwept by David Whitmey
er, on the north by the main road aforesaid
and on the south by an alley,
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
as the properly of William A. Case.
By virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. all that cer
tain lot or tract of land situate in Briarcreek
township, Columbia county, bounded and
described as follows to wit: on the north by
lands of Adam Deitterich and Jeteph Vf
Horn. on the east by land of John Vanaeli,
on the 6ouih by land of James Lamonand
on the west by land of George ZanerVheirs,
containing thirty acres, be the same more
or lees, all of which is improved Jand with
the appurtenances.
Seized taken in execution arid to be sold
as the property of Uriah Vanpili and Mary
Van pelt.
Sheriff's Office, ) Sheriff.
Bloomsburg, An?. 1, i860. .
' liolcsnlc and Kctail.
fflHE subscriber would announce to the
citizens of Bloomsburg and vicinity,
that tie is selling LIQUORS in large and
small quantities, and at different prices, at
his Iew store, on Main street,
north side, two doors Eoufi of
Iron street, Bloomsburg. His
stock of Foreign and Domestic
consists of Cognac and Rochelle, blackber
ry, Giuser, Raspberry and La tender. He
has a large assortment of
Old Rye gray with age, fine Old Bourbon,
Old Folks' Whiskey, and any quantity of
common. He alo has
Madeiras, Lisbon, Claret, Sherry and Cam
pagne Wines; and last but not least, a
quantity of good double extra BROWN
STOUT; all of which he will sell ai the
lowest cash prices. The public are respect
fully solicited to give his liquor a trial.
D. W. ROB BINS, Agt.
Bloomsburg, July 11, I860. '
Prices Reduced, &c.
The difficult watches and jewelry Cv
repairing has been done since Blooms-TA
burg is Bloomsburg, by Henry Zuppinger.
and though he was often (from the nature of
the case,) obliged to charge pretty high, bis
prices are now greatly reduced, and his
customers may rest assured that he has the
requisite qualification, materials and means
for the repairing of all kinds of watches,
jewelry, Accordions, and every thing usu
ally attended to ! the best watchmake or
jewelry shops. Honesty and faithfulness will
always behis first principle and aim.
Have yon a pique ? O come ! I want it re
moved. They had me dead and buried some time
last winter, but some bow it seams I have
crawled oul again.
0" Orders or Goods taken for pay.
- Bnmsbnrg, July 11, 1860.
la Ike Orphans' Court.
riHE Auditor appointed to make distribu
- tion of the balance in the hands of
Abraham Robbing, Administrator of the es
tate of Thomas Rohbins, late of the said
county, deceased, will meet ihe distribu
tees and all persons interested, for the pur
I poses of bis appointment, at his office in
Bloomsburg, on SATURDAY the 25th day
of AUGUST next, between the hours of nin
A. M. and three P. M., when and where
all persons having claims are required to
present them, or be forever debarred from
a shaie of said fund.
J. G. FREEZE, Auditor.
Bloomsburg, July 25, 1860.
Sky-Iiiglit "Ambrolypist,
I3 00MS in the Third Story of the Ex--i
chang-e Block, (entrance above the
Book Store,) Bloomsburg, Columbia coun
ty, Pa-
Bloomsburg, Nov 23, 1859-ly.
Office in Court Alley j formerly occupied by
Charles R. Buckalew.
December 28, 1859.-tf.' ;
; Attorney at )LaTr, '
Bloomsburg, baring purchased the ex
clusive right of the above valuable Impro
ved Cheap Patent Sewing Machine, for
the County of Columbia, will be happy to
supply their friends with the article lor the
accommodation of themselves and families.
The following are some of the superior
advantages ibis implement possesses, viz :
1. It sews from 400 to 600 tight stitches
per minute.
2. Double thread Machines are from the
more complicated character of their mech
anism invariably managed and threaded
with more or les difficulty ; not so with
RAYMOND'S, a child can manage it in two
hours, and it is threaded easier ttiaa a com?
mon needle.
3. One of the most valuable features of
this Machine, is the smalluess and the
compactness of its mechanism.
4. It can be attached to a board, table or
stand, in operating order,- and removed in
less than half a minute.
5. It greatly economizes the thread, and
yet produces a seam, sufficiently strong for
any work lor which it is intended, a qual
ification not known to all kinds of Sewing
Machines. .
6. No human hand is capable of produ
cing a seam so regular and systematic.
The seam is so strong if well done, that the
6t.-ongect material will ' tear before the
seam will give way.
7. Among the array of Pa'ent Sewing
Machines, there arc none so cheap hh.I
durable as Raymond's Patent, but no Ma
chine is adapted to all kinds ol uuik as
experience has proven. There are prhnps
none so realy useful, doing such a variety
"of wore for the immediate ue of the fam
ily circle, and at such a moderate price, as
8. The operator can shape hit wmn just
as he pleases, waves, leaves and iiuwers,
etc., can be represented or imiialed.
9. It is particularly adapteu lo all kinds
of stitchicg such as gentlemen's slmt,
bosoms, ristbands, collars, etc., and all
kinds of ladies' sewing, including silks,
lawns, delaines, calicoes, dusters, etc., ex
cepting for men's heavy wear, this Machine
is rather too light ol construction.
10. But we all admit, that the advantage
to health, and principally to the vision or
eyesight, iniiuced by ll.e use of Sowing
Machines, surpasses infinitely all oiher advantages-.
;i. This Machine fastens the seam al
ways itself, but if the operator wishes it
unfastened or open, there is a way lor it
too, thus you can have il fastened or not,
as you please, which is, sometimes, espe
cially for beginners, a very favorable cir
cumstance. If the seam is left unfastened,
you can draw it out in three seconds and
6ave the thread.
For sale by the nndersigned, at their re
spective residences, in Bloomsburg, who
will put the Machine in operation and give
all necessary instruction.
Bloomsbura, July 11, 1860.
Grand Jurors for Sept, Term, IS60,
Bloom Caleb Barton, jr., William Cole
man, Simon C. Shive.
Benton Jno. Beisblitie, Patterson Moore,
Thomas Hess. '
Br.arcreek Adam SuluJohn Davenport,
Jacob Mosieller, Ephraim Evans, Peter
Hayman. -v
Cattawissa -Samusl Thomas.
Centre John Shaffer. .
Franklin Thomas Hower.
Fishingcreek -Hiram Bitten bender.
Greenwood David Albeitcon, Peter Gir
(On. Jackson JamesYocum.
Locust George Fetterman.
Madison John Demott. '
Mifflin John Snjder, Jacob Schweppen
heiser. Roarinscreek Charles Eck.
Scott Philip Achenbach.
Traverse Jurors.
Bloom William Bears, Joseph Ruckle,
Joseph Weaver, John R. Moyer, Charles '
Thomas, Strawbridgi A. Wilson, Yastine
Bor. Berwick Jacob Moyer, A. B. Tate.
Beaver Peter Gearhart, Samuel John
son. Centre Thomas Conner.
Cattawiesa Solomon Reinard.
Franklin Jacob Kostenbader.
Fishingcreek John Creveling, Thomas
Greenwood Samuel Mnsgrave.
Locnst Jonas Fahringer.
M'fflin Michael Fry, Jacob Yohe.
Madison Daniel Merkle, Isaac Mc Bride
Henry Dildine.
Montoor Andrew Clark
Mount Pleasant Elias Howell, Andrew
Maine Aaron Andrews.
Orange James Patterson, Henry Delong.
Pine William Arter.
Scott A. J. Thornton, Samuel L. Bettle,
Elias Krum, Hobert S. Howell.
Sugarloaf Henry.C. He, Andrew Lau
bach. ? July 2b, 1860.
D. L. EVERHART, Proprietor.
THE Proprietor ol this hoel takes pleas
ure in announcirg to the pnbhc that he
still occupies this large and .commodious
house in Ligut Mreei, ra.,ana is
jet, as ever,prepaired to accom
modate traveler", tearhsters,dro-
vers and, borders, with accom
modations that will favombly compare with
any hotel in this section of country. The
traveling public may depend on all comforts
I home, as his bouse is well fnrnUhed and
always kept in order. His table and bar
will a! way be found furnished wi'h the
best the market affoids. Mr. E. will ever be
happy to entertain arid accommodate his
friends to the utmost of his ability-
Light Street, Pa., Nov. 24, 1858.
The Proprietor of the above house,
having no desire to continue in the hotel
bnsiness, will sell tbe property at private
sale, cpon reasonable terms. The 6tand is
a good one, with stables and all ibe neces
sary outbuildings; all of which are in good
condition. To any person wishing, to em
bark in the business, it is a good locality,
and a desirable place. " -
Travels and great discoveries of the
Japanese and East InJia Medicines, wi'h
full directions for the certain cure of Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Ca
larrab, A6tbraa, Fevers, Heart Disease,
Scrofula, Cancer, Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, Gravel and .Urinary Deposits, Fe
male Complaints, &. Illustrated with hun
dreds olcertificatesof cures and engravings.
For the purpose of rescuing as many suffer
ing fellow-beings as possible from prema
ture death, it will be sent to any part of the
continent, by sending 25 cents to Dr. Heath.
Sold by G. M. Hagenbuch; Bloomsburg;
N. L. Rank & Co, Danville, Jacob Lawalt,
Catasanqua ; A;rMiller & Co, Berwick.
TV i? n s t i: iv s
9000 to 10,000 New Words in the Vocab
ulary. Table of Synonyms, by Prof Good
rich. With other new features. Together
with all the matter of previous editions.
In one volume of 1750 pages. Price $6 50.
Sold by all Booksellers.
G. & C. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mas.
cyThe eighty pages of Illustrations,
comparable in fineness lo those of bank
notes, are worth tbe price of the book."
CA. Ilera'd.
"Gettho Best." Get the Handsomest.
Get the Cheapest. Gel Webster.
Within th5 last few week the Publisher
have received flattering iestimonials of the
merits of this edition, from nearly Thirty
Presidents of as many of tbe leading Col
leges of the United States. Among them
are Irom President Frelin2huy-en o( But
sers, Walker ol Harvard, Hopkins of Wil
liams, Stearns of Amherst, Cumrnings of
Middletown, Nott of Union, Way land of
Providence, Jackson of Hobert, Woods of
Brunswick, Lord of Dartmouth, Pease of
Btirlms'on. Ballon of Tufts, Gale of Gales
vilie, CiaMpi of Holy Cross, Murphy ol
Abingdon, Labaree of Middlebury, An
drew of Marietta. Fisher of Hamilton,
Read if Shurttiff, Sturtevatil of Illinois,
Reynolds of Illinois, Collins of Wilkinson,
Anderson f Rochester, Wallace of Mon
moinii. Cur:is ol Knox, &c. In them are
e.f.re,K!.iou like. Ihe following:
"An honor lo American science, taste
and cri i.'i-m." 'An enduring value'and
auilnri;v., 'Never 'lonnd any work which
mi uniformly mtfied my inquiries.' 'Has
ever Mtu-e keen my constant companion in
rny practice at the bar, and for the last five
wars upon the bench. I have ever found
it a st.(e counselor, and an indispensable
help in ihe preparation and decision of
caes ' 'For' the fake of my country and
the English lanuae, I rejoice in the won
derlul standard excellence, as well as celeb
rity, your Diciionarj has attained. It is a
work lor the present, ami for all corning
time.' 'Stands unquestionably preeminent.'
'There heems every prospect that it will be
the standard book lor tti is countty, at least,
if not for England. Iam content it should
be so.' 'Thi truly great and national work.
'A iwimnLtrf rma fnr all nnrnnsts nl
reading and nridr?iandiiig American and
Enslish literature. It is difficult to con
ceive of anything that could be added to
fit it for these ends.' 'A vast treasury of
knowledge, the whole of which is needed
by every one who us-s the English Ian
guage, either as a writer, a speaker, or a
reader.' 'Ought to be a nart of the furni
ture of every American.' 'We long ago
acrepied Webster as the Standard in our
College, and the experience of every trrm
strengthens our conviction of Ihe wisdom
ot our choice.' 'So long as you continue
to incorporate all the improvements which
are developed in the science of lexico-
graphy,' &c. &c.
June 6, 1860.
Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western IS ail ISoad.
N and after Monday, May 28, 1860,
trains will run as follows
Moving South.
The Accommodation Train bound east
on N. Y. & Erie Rbilroad arrives t Great
Bend at 6,38, and the Cincinnati Expres
at 6,03, a. m., and connects wi'h ihe Ex
press Train which leaves Great Bend for
New York and Philadelphia, al 7,10 a. m.
Due at Scranton, 9,35 a. m.
Moving North
Passengers from N. York, leave
Pier No. 2, North River, al
From Philadelphia, leave Wal
7,30 a.
nut Street Wharf, at 6.00
Dee at Scranton, 4,10
Due al Scranton, 7,25
The Accommodation Train does not
leave Scranton until after the arrival of :he
Morning Train on the L. & B. Rail Road,
thus giving passengers from the Wyoming
Valley a direct connection for the Went by
the Morning Train.
For Ihe accommodation f way travel on
the Southern Division, a Passenger Car will
be attached to the Express Freight Trains
leaving Scranton, al 4 a. m.
Rtnrningj will leave Junction at 3,40 a. m.
Due at Scranton, 2,50 a. m.
Passer.ers lo and from New York change
cars at Jnnction to and from Philadelphia
via B D R R, leave or lake the cars at Hoje.
For Pi'tton, K'Tijiston, and Wilkesbarre,
take L. & B. R. R. cars at Scranton.
For Jesup, Archbald and Carbondale,
take Stages at Scranton.
t - Tickets sold and basaras checked
Through. JOHN BRISlilN, Sup:t.
Wm. N. Jenk, Gen. Ticket Agent.
June. 13, 1860.-
VMTOULD repeci fully inform the citizens
of Light Street and vicinity that they
have just received a new and extensive at
sortmeni of
which they will sell cheap for cash. They
have a larse and general variety : all that
is commonly fouiid in a Country Store, ai d
are determined to sell cheap. In the selec
tion of their poods they have paid strict at
tention ; therefore their merchandise will
bear recommendation and will prove to be
ot the first class.
Tbe proprie'ors are gentlemen and honor-
ab e dea ers. and cordially solicit a iuerai
share of patronage. Customers would do
well lo call and examine their geueral vari-
etv before Durchasins elsewhere. Country
produce taken in exchange for good at ihe
highest market price.
Light Street, May 4, IS'oD.
G co. cL CL tl Da of S3 o
"MACHINE sewinz and sutchmz done
br Mrs. ZUPPINGER on moderate
terms, neatly and substantially. Thread
lognd. Comv and see different styles of
sewing machines.
Bloomsburg, July 11, I860.
Shop on the South Side of Main Street, firs
quare below Market.
Northeast crrner of Main and Market Sts
s. c.
jy ESPECTFULLY invites ihe attention of
the Public to his extensive assortment
of Cabinet Furniture and Chairs, which he
will warrant made of good materials and In
a workmanlike manner. At his Establish
ment, can always be found a good assort,
ment ot
which is eqoal in style knd finish to that of
Philadelphia or New York cities, and at as
low pricts. He has Sofas of different style
and prices, from f 25 to 860. Divans Loon
ces, Walnut and Mahogany. Parlor chairs,
Rocking and eay chairs, Piano stools, and
a varij:i nf n nhnlsIP ri t urnr lr tvifli Tlroostnnr
f and narloi bureaus, sofa. card, centre and
' t
pier tables, detashu?, chetTeniers, whatnots
and corrodes and all kinds of fashionable
work. His slock of boieaus, enclosed and
oomtnon wastelands, dress-tables, corner
copboirdu sofa,
bediad?, cane seat and common chairs is
the largest in (his section ot ihe couniy. He
will also keep a good assortment ol lookine-
glat-se? with fancy gilt and common frames
He will also furnish spring maltrasses fitted
to any - sized bedstead, which are superior
for durability and comfort to any bed in
use. rloomsbiiMr. January 13. 1858.
Excitement at the "Old Arcade!"
QD QD b3 &
riMIE subscriber has just returned from'lhe
City with another large and select as
sortment of Spring aod Summer Goods,
purchased at Philadelphia, at the lowest
figure, and which he is determined to sell
on as moderate terms as can be procured
elsewhere in Bloomsburg. His stock com.
Ladies' Dress Cioods,
of the choicest styles and latest fashions.
Hardware, Queensware, Cedarwa'e, Hol
lowware, Iron, Nails, Boots & Shoes, Hats
and Caps, &c, &c. In short, everything
usually kept in country Stores; lo which he
invites ihe public generally. Tbe highest
price paid for country produce.
Blonmshnrrx. April 2.S, 1860.
S. E. Corner Seventh and Chestnut Streets.
Ccmprises Book Keeping for Mercantile,
Bankins Railroad, and Mannfacturing
Business with Pennmanship, Cal
cuiations. Correspondence, &c.
&c, fully qualifying the Student for atcual
business. Students receive individual In
struction. ,
Diplomas are aicanhd to Graduates.
Pas for Life Scholarship good in seven Col
lese; S25 for partial coure.
C5 For Catalogue and Specimens of Wri-
Address, inclosinstwo stamps,
July 27. 1859 Philad'a.
Trial List for Sept. Term, 1S60.
1. Benjamin A. Cole vs. William Simons.
2. Peter Miller vs The Cat:awisa, Wii
liamsport & Erie Railroad Company.
- 3. Samuel Lemon vs. A W. Creamer.
4. John McCalla vs. Henry Haniz.
5. Simon Fetterman vs. Wpght Hughes.
6. Jacob Schuyler vs. Wilson Ager.
7. Charles Henninger vs. Ludwig Diebl's
8. T. V. Khler vs. Daniel Neyhard.
9. Jno. McMcllican et at vs. Sam'! Rhone.
10. J. K. Girion vs. Edgar E. Barton et al.
11. William Smeyer vs. Johu Hoffnagle.
12. J. P.Jackson et al vs Enoch Howell.
13 Stephen H. Miller vs. Dan'l F. Seybert.
14. Koberl E. Auten vs. Bent. Pardon.
5 Wm. Appleman v Jonathan Mosteller.
16. Enos Adams vs Samuel B. Seybert.
17. Aiary Hess vs William Hess.
18. Peter Billmeyer vs Michael Mylert.
19. Jeremiah H. Herman vs Abram IS. Har
20. Nathan'l E. Rutter et al vs A.N. Harvay.
21. C. D. Herring el al rs John G. Jacoby.
22. Joeph Lilly vs James W. Sankey.
23. Lavina Cole vs. Adam Luiz et al.
24. Daniel Spayda vs Christian Laubach.
25. Ira Robbins vs Jacob Diehl.
26. Geo roe Sloan's Executor vs Jas. Rantz.
27. Jacob Schuyler vs Albert Stookey et al.
28. George Getty vs Henry Shollaberger.
29. John Barton's adm'r vs Joseph Lilly.
Bloomsburg, July 25, 1860.
I . .SJ v. vj. j Sa. Ki W
Cheaper than liver.
May if, 1860.
Flour ami Feed Delivered
cm: pi: u than tiie cheapest i i
rpHE undersigned has made arrange-J-
ments that will enable him lo deliver
Flour and Feed, FOR CASH, about ten per
cent, cheaper than any bodi else in town.
His prices ar as follows:
Flour $7 25; Corn and Oats Chop SI 55;
Corn and Rye Chop SI 65 ; Bran SI 10 ;
I respectiully solicit a share of the public
patronage. MOSES COFFMAN.
Bloomsburg, June 14. 1860.
rnpHE undersigned has opened a new Li-J-
quor Store al MifBinville, Colombia
county, and stocked it wits a large and ex
ce lletit assortment of -, '
Oil 12 TXT C S3
of alt k'nds, to which be invites the alien
The World Unanimous!
The- virus of disease often makes its way
to the internal organs throngh the pores of
the skin. This penetrating Ointment, melt
ing under tbe hand as it is rubbed in, is ab
sorbed through the same channels, and,
reaching the seat of inflamation, promptly
and invariably subdues it, whe her located
in the kidnevs the liver, the lungs, or any
ether important organ. It penetrates the
surface lo ibe interior, through tbe countless
tubes ibat communicate with Ihe skin, as
summer rain passes into the fevered earth,
diffusing its cool and regenerating influence.
Every species of exterior irritation is
quickly reduced by the ami inflammatory
action of this Ointment. Angry Eruptions,
uch as salt Rheum, Eryxipelas, Tetter,
Ringworm, Scald Head, Nettle, Rasb, Scab
ies, or Itch) &c., die out, to return no more,
under this application. Hospital experi
ence in all parts of the World proves its
infallibility in diseases of the skin, the mus
cles, the joints and the glands.
The effect ot this unrivalled external
remedy upon Scrofula, and other virulent
ulcers and sores, almost , maraculous. It
first discharges the poison which produces
suppuration and proud flesh, and thus Ihe
cures which its healing properties afterwards
complete are safe as well as permanent
In cases of Ihe fracture of the bones, in
juries caused by steam explosions, Bruises,
Burns, Scalds, Rheumatism, Stiffness of the
Joints, and contraction of the sinews, il is
emp!o)ed and warmly recommended by
the faculty. This, marvellous remedy has
been introduced by its inventor in persons
into all the leading Hospitals of Europend
no private household should be without tt.
The Medical Staff of tbe French and Eng
lish Armies in the Crimea officially signed
their approval of HOLLOWAY'S Ointment,
as the most reliable dressing for sabre cots,
slabs, and gun-6hot wounds. It is also
used by the surgeons of the Allied Navies.
Both the
Ointment and Pills should be used
in the following cases :
Mercurial Eruotions,
Chapped Hands,
Swelled Glands
Sore Legs,
Sore Breasts,
Sore Heads,
Sore Throats,
Sore of al! kinds,
Salt Rheum,
Skin Diseases,
Stiff Joints,
Veneral Sore,
Wouuds of all kinds.
IMone are senuine do
less the world " Ilulloicay, New -York and
London," are discernible as a water-mark, in
every leaf of the book of directions ?cnnd
each pot or box; the bme may be piainly
seen by holding the leaf la the light. A hand
some reward will be given to any one ren
dering such information as may lead to the
detection of any party or parties counterfeit
ing ihe mediciesor vending the same, know
ing them to be spurious.
Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane, New York,
and by all respectable Druggists and Deal
ers in Medicine throughout the United States
and the civilized world, in pots at 25 cents,
62 cen's, and 1 each.
0" There is a considerable saving by
takius the larger sizes.
N. B Directions for the guidance of pa
tients in every disorder are affixed to each
pot. August 17, 1859.
Court Proclamation.
WHEREAS the Hon. Warren J. Wood
ward, President Judge of the Court of
Ojer and terminer and General Jail 1'el.v
ery, Court of Quarter Sessions of tbe Peace,
and Court of Common Pleas and Orphans'
Corrt, in the 26th Judicial District, compos
ed of the counties of Colombia, Sullivan and
Wyomin?, and the Hon. Jacob Evans and
Peter Kline, Associate Judges ot Colombia
County, have issued their precept, bearing
date one thousand eisbtenn hundred and
sixty, and to me directed for holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Com. Pleas and Orphans' Court, in blooms,
burg, in the roonty of Columbia, on the first
Monday (btin; the 3d day) of Sept., next,
and to continue one week.
Notice is hereby given, to the Coroner, the .
Justices of the Peace and Constables ol the
said County of Columbia, lhal they be then
and there in their proper persons at 10 o'
clock in ihe forenoon of said day, with theic
records, inquisition and other remembran
ces to do those ininzs which to their offices
appertain to be done. And those that are
bound by recognizes, to prosecute against
the prisoners that are ot may be in tbe Jail
of said couuty ot Colombia, to be then and
there to prosecute then as eball be just. Ju
ror are requested to be punctual in their
M'entlanee, agreeably to their notice, dated
at Bloomsburg, Ihe 23th day oi July, in the
ye;ir ol our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred ana sixty , and in the eighty-fourth year
ol the independence ol the United Stales of
America. (God save the Commonwealth.
The undersigned respectluily informs '.he
citizens of Columbia county. and the pubWe
generally, that he manufactures to order
and keeps lor sale, at his establishment la
Epytown, the celebrated
made of the best material, in excellent
style, and will la sold at a low figure. Far
mers wilt find it greatly lo their advantage
to secure one of the above Rakes, by which
they can rake as much in one day as can
oe done by ten hand rakes
Espy, Pa . June 27, 1880.
Auditor's Notice-
ri'HE undersigned. Auditor, appointed by
the Orphan's Court of Columbia coun
ty, lo distribute assets in the hands of Hon.
Peter Kline, administrator of the estate of
Henry Metz, lata of Locust township, Col
umbia cour.ty, deceased, among the credi
tors of said decedent, according to the rates
and. proportions established by lav, will
attend to tbe duties of bis appointment on
1860, a 10 o'clock, a. m., at bis nffire in.
Bloomsbnrg, when and where alt persona
having claims against the said estate, sfral

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