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Halt* fmrnithed </n application.
Weavervillo, - * February 23,1878.
T;m Lord-Hick 3 difficulty in New
York ims been amicably arranged.
Russ: a baa suggested to England that
tb« United .States bo invited to participate
in the proposed Congress.
Eor robbery, second conviction, a man
named Green was sentenced at Stockton
to tiie State prison for life.
The President lias approved the joint
resolution declaring a reduction of tax on
distilled spirits inexpedient.
An effort will be made to have the Mint
at Now Orleans reopened in the event of
the silver bill becoming a law.
Four thousand halos of cotton, in
sured for §220,000, were destroyed by fire
at Suvannah, Ga., Sunday night.
Thk will of the late Theodore Roose
vpU was filed in New York Saturday.
Each of his four children gets §00,000.
Congressman Hale is soon to speak
on the President's Southern policy, ami
will denounce in tbo severest terms tile
Administration's courso in Louisiana.
Til* Circassians, says a dispatch from
P ira.when retreating before the Russians,
muff.eatod with sulphur 800 women and
children who had taken refuge in a cave.
Three car-loads of ipiicks ilvcr arrived
at Virginia City Saturday for tho bonanza
mills. In all there were (575 flasks, 225
to the car, of the weight ot 20,475 pounds.
A physician of Cambridge, Massachu
setts, has been indicted for manslnuhgter
in killing a woman of whom be had taken
charge and then deserted her during child
Swift's hill to prohibit piece clubs
and to prevent extortions from can
didates for office was passed in the Assem
bly, so amended hs to apply only to San
There is an improved feeling in Now
ork business circles, because of the
Senate amendments to the silver hilt,
which ore considered us materially de
creasing its original power for mischief.
Several teamsters who have ventur
cd out on the Sacramento river nnd the
Scott valley roads have anchored their
wagons in the mud and water and went
into winter quarters at the nearest station.
A False Report. — Numerous tele
grams have recently been received from
New York stating that a branch of the
Nevada Bank was soon to bo established
in that place, but President Me Lane
states that tliero is no truth whatever in
the ropoit.
Maine leads the rest of the States of
tiio Union as a ship-builder. Last year
she constructed five steamers, twenty
nine ships anil one hundred and one other
vessels, tiie aggregate tonnage being 70,-
8U8. This is a largo increase over the
two preceding years.
Volume Four. —Tho Modesto llrr
a'rl lias entered upon its Fourth Year
and Volume. Tho publisher, (’has-
Maxwell, says it is now on a firm foun
dation which shows it is appreciated in
the community where published. May
it continue to prosper.
The State of Virginia finds tho tax of
one cent on each drink sold, operating so
advantageously to Lor revenues that she
is contemplating tho levy of a like tax on
each cigarsold. Maryland and Louisiana
me showing quite nn inclination to follow
the example of Virginia in taxing drinks,
and may also include the cigars.
The marriage of Princess Charlotte,
daughter of tho Crown Prince, to Bernard
herodita-y Prince of tho Duchy of Saxe*
Moinhiden, and of Princess Elizabeth,
di ig'iter of Prince Frederick Charles, to
Augustus, hereditary Prince ofthe Grand
Duchy of Oldenherg, was celebrated at
Berlin Feb. 18th on a grand scale.
Highest Known. —From tbo Record-
Tin ion of Feb. 19th, wo learn that the
tdreramento River at 10:30 previous
evening showed a bight of 25 feot2 inches
at the steamer landing, being tho highest
water ever known tliero, Tho city levees
stood the raise, although much damage
was done along tho river just below.
European News seems less warlike
than it did Inst week. Russia says she
ims concluded not to occupy Constant!-
p'n at “the icquest of King William of
Germany,” which appears to bo a back
handed slap at England. Tho Congress
to a-semble at Baden will probably settle
a 1 existing difficulties without further
Arrangements are being made to blow
up the bark King Philip, which was
stranded on the beacli below tho Cliff"
House, to obtain her copper, bolts, iron,
etc. Four boxes, containing 200 pounds
«if giant powder each, will bo exploded
under the liulij by means of an electric
wire connected with a battery some 200
yaids distant.
Officers of tho Post office Department
estimate that the revenues of tho Depart
incut aro now sutle ing not less than a
quarter of a million dollars per month by
the 11 iod of stamps sold by Postmasters at
small country offices at a disc runt for use
in cities and towns. Tlw Postmaster at
JSl Louis alone shows hi.< office to be dc
I* and. J of its revenue about §180,000 per
annum in this way.
A Poor Kii.t,. —In another column wo
publish a full synopsis of tho Constitu
tionalConvention llil! introduced l»y the
joint Senatorial nnd Assembly Commit
tee. Had they joined for the purpose of
defeating the expressed wish of the peo
ple for n new Constitution, they could
have agreed on no measure which would
moro certainly prove disastrous t.< the
people’s hopes. The number of Dele
gates—150—is too great ; large bodies nre
unwieldy, move slowly nnd aro more
easily corrupted than smallor ones. The
pay allowed Delegates is ridiculously
small and well known to be inadequate ;
so for from being ft just compensation for
important and responsible services, thj
pittance named will barely cover neces
sary expenses based on strict economy.—
AVhat m«n of ordinary ability in Trinity
County, or any other county, can afford
to go to Sacramento, paying his own ex
penses to and fro and losing four months’
time, for $500 ? No man can afford fodo
it, unless it may be he lias a private ax to
grind or “lakes the chances" on lobby
influence. For the amount named, it will
ho difficult to secure even a respectable
minority of first-class men to accept seats
in the Convention. No others should ho
sent there, but the people will be forced
to take what they can get in the way of
candidates. A Convention made up of
professional politicians nnd worse is evi
dently what tbo opponents of a New
Constitution wish, nnd the Hill proposed
surely promises as much. Any document
sueli a body might promulgate would
meet with defeat when submitted to tlie
people, for a Convention under this hill
would be n splendid field for operations
on the part of railroad, hank and land
ring? and monopolies. Iflhe Legislature
cannot give us n better bill than tiio orio
proposed, the Constitutional Convention
will be a failure. What the people want
is a Convention .composed of intelligent,
honest, and sincere men, and for the ser
vices of such they am willing to pay a
liberal prieo. Cheap men will prove the
dearest in the end. Reduce the number
of Delegates one-half, or at least
strike out the fid delegates at largo ; then
pay them $10 per day and mileage the
same as Legislators receive.
Tiik Sii.vkh ISii.t..—On Fiidny of Inst
week Bland's Silver Bill, ns amended,
passed the I . S. Senate by n vote 48
against 21, and went back to the House
for concurrence in the amendments. Bo
low we give the full text of the Bill pass
ed by the Senate, as telegraphed to the
Record Union from which it is taken:
Be it enacted, by the Senate and
House of Kepresontati ves of the United
States of A mcricn, in (lougre-s assembled,
that there shall be coined at tiie several
.Mints of the I'uitcd States silver dollars
of the weight of 412.'a grains troy, of
stand.I'd silver, as provid' d in the Act of
January IS, ]s:i(l, on which shall he the
de igns and siiperseiiption provided by
said Act, which coin, together with ail
silver dollars heretofore coined liy tiie
l nited Stales of like w -ighl and fineness,
shall he a legal tender at their nominal
valuo for all debts and dues, public and
private, except where otherwise express
led soil stipulated in the contract; and
the Secretary of the Tiea.-my is author- j
ized and directed to purchase from time I
to time si]v -r bullion at tk; uinkct |.”'ce
thereof, not less than £'2,01X1,000 worth
per month, nor morn than £1,000,000
worth per month, and cau-e the same to
he coined in mtlily, as fast as purchased, j
into such dollars ; and a sum sufficient
to carry out the foregoing provisions of
this Act is hereby appropriated out ot
any money in the treasury not otherwise
appropriated, and any gain or seignioiage
arising from IhU coinage shall he account*
od for and paid into the treasury, as pro
vided under the existing laws relative to
the subsidiary coinage ; provided, That
the amount of money at anyone time in
vested in such silver hillliion, exclusive
of'such resulting coin, shall not exceed
£.*1,000,0(10 ; and provided further. That
nothing in the Act shall be construed to
authorize tlm payment in silver of eeiti
fleatos of deposit issued under the pro
vidon of Section 254 of the Kevised Stat
See. 2. AH Acts and parts of Acts
inconsisliint with tiie provisions of this
Act are hereby repeated.
Sec. 3. That immediately after the
pax.age of this Act tins I'rc-ident shall
invito the Governments of tiie countries
coinpo-ing the Latin J nion, so-called,
and of such other European nations ns K
may deem advisable, to join the United
States in n conference to adopt a common
ratio between gold and silver, for the
purpose of establishing, internationally,
the use of bimetallic money, and securing
a fixity of relative value between those
metals ; such conference to be held at
such place in Europe or in the United
States, at such time within six months as
may he mutually agreed upon by the ex
ecutives of the Governments so invited,
or any three of them who shall have sig
nified their willingness to unite in the
same. The President shall, by and with
tiie advice and consent ol tiie Senate, ap
point three GommUsionors, who shall
attend such conference on behalf of the
United States, and shall report the doings
thereof to the President, who shall trans
mit the same to Congress. Said Com
miseionors shall each receive tho sum ot
£2,500, and their necessary expenses, to
be approved by tiie Secretary of State.—
The amount necessary to pay such com
pensation and expenses is hereby appro
priated out of any money in the treasury
not otherwise appropriated.
Sec. 4. That any holder of this coin
authorized by this Act may deposit the
same with the Treasurer or any Assistant
Treasurer of the United States, in sums
of not less than £10 and receive therefore
certificates of not less than £10 ouch, cor
responding witli tho denominations of
United States notes. The coin deposited
for or representing the certificates shall
be retained in tlm treasury for payment
of the same on demand. Said certificates
shall bo receivable for customs, taxes and
all public debts, und when so received
may be reissued.
Tiik Hon. J. K. Luttrell is evident
ly under the impression that the Chinese
rpiastion is to form the basis of tho next
general election, and is fortifying his
chances by introducing in Congress ns
many of bis Anti-Chinese absurdities
nndinpracticnbilities ns that body can
bo induced to listen to. 11 .Mr. Luttrell
could bo made to understand that there
are treaties to bo abrogated or modified
before anything effectually can bo done
in this direction it would undoubtedly
spare bis colleagues of the House many
an infliction. But wo doubt Whether ho
can be made to understand IhU, or indeed,
anything cl-n. In tho meantime it ho
prefers to make himself tiie laughing
stock of the country wo suppose there is
no law to prevent his doing so. — It us
sinii River ! Vo//.
Through the kindness of lion. W. J.
Tinnin we have been permitted to peruse
a copy of Assembly Bill, No. 436, intro
duced by Joint Committee on Constitu
tional Convention. The provisions of the
Act are briefly ns follows :
Section 1 —An election shall be held on
the third Wednesday in June, 1878, of
Delegates to meet in Convention to revise
tho Constitution of this State, and to
frame a new Constitution.
Sec. 2 —The number of Delegates to be
chosen to such Convention shall he one
hundred and fifty, and provides tho ap
portionment by Senatorial and Assembly
Districts for 120, tho remaining .'10 to bo
elected by the State at large. Tho throe
Delegates of this District are tobochosen
one from the counties of Siskiyou, Modoc,
Trinity and Shasta, one from Siskiyou
and Modoc, and one from Trinity and
Shasta. San Francisco has .".0 Delegates,
and one jointly with San Mateo.
Soc. 3 —All persons entitled to vote for
Assemblymen shall vote at such elections
in their respective districts arid not else
where. Such election shall lie by ballot.
Soc. 4—The election shall bo conducted
the same ns provided by tho General
Election Laws.
Tho tickets to.be voted for members at
! large shall have the words, so ns to be
I seen when folded according to law, **Del
| ogatns at Largo” and the number of tho
District in which the ticket is voted ; in-
I side the names of 20 candidates ; any
ticket with more than 20 shall be rejected.
The tickets for District members, shall
have tho words “District Delegates”and
number of District outside, and name or
names of District Candidates inside ; any
ticket having morn names than tho voter
is entitled to vote for shall he rejected.
The great llogister of 1877 shall be
used ; no copies shall lie posted and tho
voter will not bo required to announco his
The proper nfllenrs shall mentto canvas?
tho returns on the first Monday nfrer the
election, arid it returns are not all in shall
adjourn Irom day to day, not to exceed
six postponements ; the returns shall bo
certified and transmitted to tho Secretery
of State.
The Secretary of State, Governor and
Controller shall canvass the returns, and
tlie Governor shall issue his proclamation
declaring the names of those elected.
Sec. ft —The Delegates shall meet in the
Assembly Chamber, Sacramento, on the
third Monday of September, 1878, at
noon, and shall olect one of their number
President. They may also appoint one
Secretary who may appoint not more than
two Assistants. One Doorkeeper, four
Pages, two Phonographic Reporters, a
Sergeant nl-A rms and one Assistant aro
also provided for.
Compensation is fixed at $0 for every
day from tho first day to the last day,
provided the session shall not be longer
than 100 days, no compensation lo be al
lowwd after that time and none for any
recess longer than three days at a time. —
No provision is made for mileage.
S.“C. 0- ' ) ournnl of proceedings slml!
ho kept and at the final adjournment shall
he fiiedj with the Secretary of State, to
gether with the Constitution agreed upon.
A majority of the Convention constitutes
a quorum. Delegates have liko privi
leges from arrest and civil process ns
members of the Legislature. Contempt
nnd general Lad behavior of members
also provided for.
Sec. 7 —The Con-titution framed by tho
Convention shall lie submitted to the peo
ple at n Special Election on the first
\\ ednosday ot May, 1871), to be voted on as
a whole and n majority of votes lo decide.
Sec. 8—Provides for punishment for
false swearing under tho act and makes
it peijury.
Sec. 9—Tho net shall be published once
a month, until tho election for Delegates,
in four papers—one each in San Francis
co, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Nevada
Sec. 10—State Printer to do all printing
necessary for tho Convention.
Sec. 11—Vacancies by death, resigna
tion or otherwise shall be tilled by the
Sec. 12 -One hundred thousand dollars,
or so much thereof as may be necessary is
appropriated for expenses.
Sec. 13—This Act shall tako effect im
•I on kb as a Htatkbmast.— -Senator
Jones has wtnii'il a good deal of praise on
acco.mt of his late efforts on tlm silver
qmstioii and, we think, deservedly, so. —
The study of political economy is not one
which generally overburdens the brains
of the nveiago politician, and ho who
zealously cultivates it, applying it judi
ciously to legislation, deserves to occupy
a place among statesmen. Senator Jones
was once a member of the California Leg
islature, occupying a seat in the Senate,
lie had previously been Sheriff of some
northern county. He gave no indication
of brilliancy, but exhibited plain, bard
horse sense. Ho condescended to run as
1 Joutcnnnt-Governor with Gorham. 11 is
defeat was the result, and a result most
fortuitous. Instead of becoming Ward
en of tlie State Prison for four years, lie
hied himself away on the Comstock,
amassed a fortune and became United
States Senator. It was supposed bo would
exhibit in his new position just ns much
ability a> Sharon or Iiurnum, and now we
behold him taking a front rank with
Maine, ConWling and Edmunds. All
this proves that Mr. Jones lias made up
ti.y severe mental discipline for the defi
ciency of his early education. —Stock K.c
changc, J ’i b. 10.
Tuk Post (Washington Dernocratic'or
gnn) publishes tho following: “While
the last and decisive vote was being taken
in tho Wigginton-l’acheco contest last
week, Mr. Wigginton walked over to
Pacheco’s scat, extended his hand, and
said: “Governor, we have always been
good friends personally, though enemies
politically. 1 hope that the rosu't of the
vote will not disturb our friendly rela
tions. Witli a magnanimity wart by of
the gentleman that lie is, Pacheco extend
ed liis hand : “ Circumstances have
made me your political enemy, hut per
sonally I hope to he your friend in tho fu
ture us I have been in the past,”
The Debris Question. —J. P. Pierce,
a heavy owner of gravel mines atSmnrti
ville, Yuba Co., testified as follows before
tho Debris Commission :
Have been interested in mines twenty
four years. Think that $.">0,000,000 has
been invested by San Francisco capital
ists in placer mines, tho value of which is
from $100,000,000 to $150,000,000. Wit
ness thought that inside of live years the
product of tiie placer mines would bn in
creased to $20,000,000 per annum. The
; expense of working these mines would not
' be so great in tho future, in proport'on to
tho product, as in the past. From one
half to throe quarters of the surface gruv
{ el of mines in which he was interested
had been washed off. The value of the
lower stratum in proportion to tho latter
was about four to one. Of tho dirt at
present being washed away attheSmarts
villo mines, Yuba county, one-half of it
was too heavy to be washed on tho low
lands and into the rivers and bays. This
was the case at all the claims, the debris
of which was deposited in tho canyons of
the Yuba river. Farming lands owned
by witness had been covered by the de
posits washed from tho mines. Tho re
sult was that land which had been bought
by him for $5 per acre was paying inter
est on $20(1 per acre. Five crops of alfal
fa per year had been cut from this 'and.
Land washed in Nevada county by this
muddy water produced much more per
acre than in El Dorada county irrigated
with clear water. Much land along tho
rivers which produced nothing but mus
qilitoes, could ho filled in by this deposit
and made to produce thirty bushels of
wheat per acre.
Dtsoracefut. Failure. —The Com
mittee appointed to procure the means for
a creditable display of California produc
tions at the Paris Exposition held a meet
ing yesterday, and gave up tha enterprise
in despair. They found that this present
Legislature is so narrow minded as not to
have the slightest comprehension of mor
al forces, or so indifferent to tho future
welfare of the State as not to care wheth
er its resources and capabilities are adver
tised or not. Rome of them are of tho
opinion that we have already too many
productive inhabitants, with our five to
the square mile, and the sense of the ma
jority appears to bo that an appropriation
ot $<>,(100 to 12,000 would be very liberal.
| The Committee, well knowing that four
or five times that amount would be need
| ed for anything like a respoctabie exhibit,
| concluded that further effort is useless
and adjourned sine die. This ends tho
| matter, for it is now too lute to reorganize
| by the appointment of a new Committee;
and so California must go unrepresented
and unheard of at Paris, savo ns she can
; bo advertised by the individual effort of
! private citizens. Another nail in thecof
! tin of tho Democratic party.— S. F.
A N i;\v M k.v ico Duel. —A duel roeent
occurred on tho Cebolla. A Mr. Colburn
whs recently placed under §500 bonds for
slandering a lady, and straightway sent a
challenge to the principal witness against
him—a man by the name of Stino. The
challenge was accepted, the weapons shot
guns. On the first fire oils of the charges
did not explode, and the other only tin
cap. The seconds then endeavored to
effect a reconciliation. Stino was willing
to ha reconciled hy his antagonist paying
8-75, but as the entire party could raise
only $i) 05 the fight had to go on. On the
second (ire Colburn'a gun went off in the
air, and ho ran behind Mr. Smith, who
was conveniently handy. Smith ielt
every inch a Smith and picked up a rock
to defend himself. The entire party then
indulged in a free light, which was ended
hy tlio arrival of the Sheriff, who arrested
the whole outfit, and the principals wore
placed under§500 bonds to keep the peace,
/.os Vegan UazeUe,
An Ouecion Widow as a Nevada
Wife.—Not many months ago A1 Tur
kins, n well to do rancher in Dayton,
t"ok to himself an Oregon widow tor a
wife. It was a big event. There was a
gay party, champagne was free as milk
and water, and thu blowout was
pronounced a success. A few days ago,
however, a cliaiiffh came over the spirit
ol tlio milk rancher's dreams. Ho did
not hitch very woll with bis new affinity
and ordered her to take her four children
and skip out. She produced a Colt’s
navy revolvor and informed him that
if ho attempted to put on any French
airs with her slic'd fill him as full of
lends as the jumping frog of Calaveras.
A neighbor interfered in his behalf and
she lin'd them both out. Slio now holds
the redoubt. Forking says that Oregon
widows are hefty.
Wiikrk I1e Was Staiihku,—“Gen-
tlemen of the jury," said a Tuscaroro law
yer, "what kind of swearing has been done
in this case? Here we have a physician,
a man who, from his high and noble call
ing, should bo regarded ns one who would
scorn to stain his soul with perjury, or he
guilty of giving utterance to an untruth-
Hut what did ho testify, gentlemen? 1
put the question to him plainly, as you
all heard: ‘ Where was this man stabbed?’
And what was his reply? I'liblushingly,
his featmes as cool and p|aeid as though
cut trom marble, he replied that the man
was stabbed about an inch and a half to
the left of the medial line, and about an
inch above the umbilicus, nnd yet we have
proved hy throe unimpeachable witnesses
that ho was stabbed just below the Young
America hoisting, works.” — Klko l'ost.
A Sinoui.au Fi leak of Nature.—
The liluo Mountain rango funning
through Pennsylvania is said to bo divid
ed at regular intervals of twenty seven
miles by rivers and water courses. From
the Susquehanna river to the Swartara
river is twenty-seven miles, from tlio
Swartara to tlioSchuykill is twenty seven
miles, from the Schuykill to the Lehigh
is twenty-seven miles, trom tho Lehigh
to tho Delaware is twenty-seven miles,
and from the Delaware to a pond near
Newton, N..),, is twenty-seven miles.—
\\ bother these distances have actually
been measured our informant does not
state, hut we find upon examination of a
mop before us that the distances between
tlioso points mentioned are all about the
•V-A-G-AR I E S -
If yon can’t stand the double standard,
stand back.
John 1\ Jones, of Nevada, should
have been named Smith, and then lie
could bo referred to as the Senatorial Sil
The Democratic cannon at Merced
bursted while a salute was being bred in
honor of the seating ot Wigginton. A
righteous judgment.
Long black hairs in genuine imported
Havana cigars is one of the peculiarities
of the Chinese question which is not re
ceiving the attention it deserves.
Kennedy, the Chinese champion at
Washington, nover was in California, yet
lie protends to know what is and is not
needed here better than we who live here
and always oxpect to.
A Santa Clara paper tells of a dou
ble-headed snake recently found in that
county. Might it not be that the editor
was in that peculiar condition when men
see double, and even a bar-keeper looks
like twins.
If you want office from the Working
man's organization, you must learn the
carpenter’s trade. Bones, of Alameda,
is a carpenter and both the nominees in
Santa Clara county are of the same trade.
What will the Workingmen do when all
the carpenters are provided for ?
Silver is worth looking after, since the
remonetization act lias passed the Senate.
A Weaverville Chinaman was recently
discovered in the act of splitting a broth
er Celestial's head with an ax, and when
asked the reason replied : “ Muck-a-hi,
him man owe me fifteen cents too rnuchee
longtime; him no pay, me kill ’em.—
Tu na-mah !”
There is no doubt that in case of the
President vetoeing tlio Silver Bill, it will
receive the two-thirds vote necessary for
its passago. Divided politically, there
would he fourteen Republicans arid ten
Democrats to sustain a veto, and 24 Re
publican and 27 Democratic Senators
ready to pass tho hill over it. Davis of
Illinois being, for purposes of this cal
culation, as he may in fact he practically
considered for all others, classed as a
Frank Vi. Day, an old citizen of Butto
county, died at Pence’s ranch, February
lllh, after a lingering illness of several
years. Deceased was Sheriff of Butte
two terms, and was a popular and widely
known citizen. His age was 52 years.
The Chico Record says .Mr Day was as
saulted by Chinamen in the lava beds of
Oroville while collecting taxes in INTIi,
and beaten until lie was insensible, which
seemed to destroy his health und break
down liis robust constitution.
.Mokai.izing on tho result of strikes,
the Now York Sun . says : For every
week lost in a sliiko a certain number
of week’s work nt tho higher wages
struck for is required in order to avoid
positive loss to the workmen. Thus in
tho case of a strike of six months dura
tion for an advance of ten per cent, in
wages, five years labor at the higher
rate will be required in order to make
up the positive loss incurred in tho
Ybry little lms lately been said about
tho manufacture of silk in California; yet
tlie factory at South San Francisco for
making silk threads of all descriptions,
is said to he supplying nearly the whole do
mestic demand, on account of the excel
lence and comparative cheapness of its
products. This factory employs sixty or
seventy hands, all white, and its success
should encourage further enterprise in
that line.
A curious piece of proposed legislation
:s beforo the lower House of Congress.
Mr. Mills ol Texas, in carefully fostering
tho Southern war claims, proposes to
date hack the ending of the war of re
bellion about fourteen months in the
consideration of this subject. Gradually
the | Ians of ex-Robel claimants are
b"ingunfolded. Democratic control of
the Government would at once admit
them to the National treasury.
Behold llow Raii.kOads Ruin hie
Country !—In I860, tho year tho Napa
Valley Railroad was put in operation,
the amount of taxable property in the
county was $2,715,091; and tho rate of
taxation $2 <>S. In 1877 the assessed value
ol tho property in the county was $8,-
115,256 ; tho rate of taxation, $1 IX).—
Napa llegister.
Quarterly Examination.
■*- Htion of Applicants tor Teachers’ Cer
tificates will lie held in WeaverviUo, com
mencing on Wednesday, March Gth 1878.
M. N. WADMiKill,
County Superintendent of Schools.
Minersville, Feb. 18, 1878. 2i.
L TJ JVC R Id 11.
f for EliimirtE’. Mining
and Huilding, always
on hand, and made to ‘ I J.V J./L1V
\rn‘«! ,0r . Ya, il?“ f ' ,,rnor “ r M,,in nnd
M ili Streets, VV eaverville. Orders left
with M I.antr Agent, or sent direct to
tho Mill, will be promptlv attended to
>\ eaverville, Jan. 7, 1878. lf
lillitcil States Lam! Oilieo,
Fkbruatu" 14th, 1878.
Notice is hereby given that
George W. Davis and C, Frick, whose
Post Office address is Lewiston, Ti in it y
County, State of California, lias made
ap|ilication for n Patent for a Gold Henr
ies' Quartz Mine, situated in Dead wood
Minins; District, in said County and Slate,
and known as the BLACK HEAU GOLD
QUARTZ MINE, and more particularly
known and described as follows, to wit.:
In Township 33 N, Iiangn 8 West
Mount Diablo Ease and Meridian, lie
ginning at n Stake 16x10x5 imdies mark
ed 11 1!; thence running N3° W to a stone
marked 15 and post by side of stone 0
chains 79 links ; thence running N7o 50
to a post marked 11 in onrtli mound 22
chains 73 links ; thence running S.'l’JC to
a post marked I! 9 chains 9 links ; thence
running S77°30E to a post marked 11 in
earth mound 17.00; thence running
N78°E 4.97 to the place of beginning ;
Lot No. 38. Containing 19 29-100 acres
and bounded on the East by mining
lands claimed by Muncy & Co., on the
North by mining land claimed by Davis
& Frick, on the West, by land claimed by
George Sergeant and on the South by
mining land claimed by Fhilbrook, Flagg
& Co.
All persons bolding any adverse claims
thereto are required to present, the same
to tho Registarand Receiver of the United
States Land Office at Shasta, California,
within sixty days from the first day of
Publication ot this notice
Feb23.60d. Register.
Trinity Center, Cal.
Having purchased tiif, old
Stand and made Large. Additions to
the stock on hand, 1 would invito the
attention of customers to my display of
IIA 111) W A 11 MU,
and a full variety of all other Goods suffii
as are usually kept in Country Stores,
will be given to the tilling of orders from
a distanco, and
offered to Cash Purchasers. An inspec
tion of Goods and Prices rcsprctlnliv in
vited. A. RUM FELT'.
Trinity Center, Sept. 25, 1877. tf.
-- 4;
"=.:■■ if
HAS ,i! ST RECEIVED a complete
assortment of
110,00 RS,
MOOTS, SHOES, IIATS, nml a great
variety of FANCY ARTICLES.
3VE MS y\. “3? g3
Eastern Salt Pork, and many other new
Articles. Give us u call.
Weavorville, Sept. 20, 1877. tf.
only'wo"oJn!‘ H,0ir,M, ~ ;!00 1 l,U8trilliun »- '<*
hive copies for »:> no, a uar.
«l«X,“ , VM,.n!" W, ra,,,! V Wt«Wf «np.
.Vh^ 3 ! n ,r ,e,e0W ' :wUh
an A i 1 li%,!;r n ! : liaui ti < Css print, ' d in «»*»'■«*
J AMES VICK, KocheHtur. N. Y.
Pinion Jtatami
J'ropi ietor.
kjt UM K’Pti; I OIt TIM!
•• J’ltnvn y
W K A V E It V 1 1, I, E
J. BARNICKEL, Propisiktor.
Always nn hand a largo stock of tho Tory
best qualities of
Ulniik Hooks,
Eanoy CJootla,
Etc., Etc.
A Liberal Discount will bo allowed to
< >ul-i< 1 ■ Dealers purchasing in quantities.
junt-tf. J. BAKNlCtvKL.
I"014 A
r U 11 E UN I) !•: RSIGN El) OFFER FOR
A 8ule their one-half in tores t in the
General Merchandise) Business of
at Junction City, Trinity Co., California,
or the entire business will be sold il pur
chasers wish it all.
Junction City is tho largest town in the
county outside of Weaver villa, and located
in a rich mining section. Tho business
offered for sale is well established and in
a flourishing condition, ns can lie seen liy
the books ot the linn which are open fur
tho inspection of any one desiring to buy.
Our desire to entirely withdraw from bus
iness in Trinity County is the only reason
for offering the Junction City Store for
ale. This is a Bare Opportunity for a
For full particulars—price, terms, Ac.,
—apply to
Weaverville, Sept. 13th, 1877.
Etc., Etc.,
Main Street, Weaverville.
CA S,! re Its I a tli AM vac; NE,
A\(ti:i.it A,
Always on band in qunndtios to suit, nnd for
salt) hv
Mill Street, Weaverville.
H.\ \ ING HU [ ET and fitted up an
entirely new Brewery, 1 am now
prepared to tin nish a Superior Article of
in F'. < fr-i or Bottles, at the following Ro
din id I s ices:
10 Co Hon lies' $0 00
5 4no||oii ties :t oo
J Dozen Hot l ies 2 00
Boor will bo delivered in nny part of
tlio County, orders for which may ba
left with F. W. Young. Good Boor for
nursing purposes a Specialty. A share
ot patronage i'e poetfully solicited.
Woovorvillu, Sept. 1st, 1877. tf.
iji| T \ r Sl
niuun iilll
Head of Main Street,
Fresh. Meats
Gl the Best Quality, constantly on hand
and for sale in quantities to suit, at the
Lowest Ratos,
jg |iuiiK8r iJuicEpiunj^ii
A|iply at Mountain Market to
Weaverville, Jan. 7. 1878. t>
Main Street, - - Weaverville.
We keep constantly on hand a complete
issortnient of Dining-Room, Bed-room
ind Kitchen Furniture, of the best npin
lfaeturo, and will also make any article
losired in this line to order. Furniture
•opnired at reasonable prices.
COFFINS made to order, in any style
• nd finish desired. Mattrasses, I K ', tu (
Pinnies, Etc., Etc., manufactured
irdcr at living rates. Give us a call.
Weaverville, April 2*1, 1875.

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