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JLoitjJ JBrJfbiV’.t Latest lerses.
Missn'otighi, Jan '21, 18iV.
On t.Vts iUj Icon:,) r.'c wiy thirty-sixth ycur.*’
Ti* ' itne this hea»t should be unmov’d,
i^ince others it l.as ceas’d to move;
i’ct, though 1 cannot be belov’d,
Still let znc love.
J\Jv days aie in the yellow leaf,
The flowers and tmits of love art gone,
The worm, the canker, and the grief
Are mine alone.
The fu<; that in n> v bosom preys,
fs Itke to some volcanic isle,
No toicfi is kindled at its blaze —
A funeral pile
Tu* hope, the care, the jealous fears,
Th’ exalted portion of the pain.
And power of love, 1 cannot share.
Hut wear the chain.
But ’tis not here—it is not here— [ now
Such thoughts should shake my soul; nor
Where glory seals the heto’s bier,
Or binds his blow.
The sword, the banner and the field,
Gloiy and Greece atonnd us see;
The Spirtaii borne upon his shield
Was not more free.
Awake! not Greece—she is awake!
Awake, my spirit—think through whom
Mv life blood tastes its parent lake —
And then strike home !
I tread reviving passions down,
linwoilhy manhood unto thee
Indifferent should the smile or frown
Ol beauty be.
If thou regret thy youth—why live?
! he land of honorable death
Is here—up to the field, and give
Away thy breath!
Seek out—less often sought than found_
A soldier’s grave, for thee the best ;
Then look around, and choose thv ground,
And take thy rest.
' * O let my mom ning have its way,
Your sympathy I cannot heed;
When half the heart is torn away.
Tile other pait will surely bleed.
“Thcic is a sacredness in grief._
True sorrow loves to be alone,
Your pity cannot give relief,
My anguish must be all my own.
“1 go to clasp his manly form;
How lovely still he looks in death I
It seems as if his lips were warm.
And mine did feel its balmy breath.
It seems as j| his hand press’d mine,
In token of affection true
To tell me that our hearts still join,
As when our youthful love was new.
“ See what a smile illumes his face!
His spirit sure is not yet fled,_
Els.- how could he such heavenly grace
O'er all his placid features shed.
Ah ! fond deceit, illusion dear'
A little longer wilt thou last;
It soothes me thus to linger hoe,
Ami cherish mem Ty of the past.
filing not loo soon his winding sheet,
Nor bear him from my sight away;
The luxury of grief is sweet,
.Let me a little longer stay.”
During the lime of General Bellcs
isle\> confinement in Windsor (Justle,
as a parly of solders were marching
there to he sel as guards over him, a
gentleman had the curiosity to ask on
what business they were going; when
one of the officers fond of punning, re
plied, *• We arc going to Windsor t<»
keep a General fust.”
9 __
T.»e following fine passage—beautiful in its
style of expression, beautiful in the turn ol its
compliment to Gen Lafayette, is extracted
from that able work, Thomas Paine’s Rights
o r M a n :
“ While I ntti writing ibis, there is
accident ly before mo some froposul for
h declaration of rights by the Marquis
dc Lafayette, (1 ask bis pardon for us
ing bis former address, and do it only
for distinction's sake.) to the National
Assembly on Hie lttli duly, 1789, three
days before the taking of the Hostile ;
until cannot but be struck how opposite
the sources arc from which that gentle
man and Mr. Burke draw their princi
ples. Instead of re timing to musty re
cords and mouldy parchments, to prove
that the rights of the living are lost,
“ renounced anti abdicated for ever” by
those who arc now no more, as Mr.
Burke has done, M. tic La Fayette ap
plies to the living world and emphatic,
ally says, “ Call (o mind the sentiments
which nature has engraved in the heart
of every citizen, and which take a new
force when they are solemnly recogniz
ed by all:—for a nation to love liberty,
it is sufficient that she knows it; and to
be free, it is sufficient lhal she w ills it.”
HtnV dry, barren, and obscure, is the
source from which Mr. Burke labours;
and how ineffectual, though embellish
ed with flowers, is nil his declamation
and his nrgument compared with these
clear, concise and soul-animating senti
ments : few and short as they are, they
lead on to a vast field of generous and
manly thinking, anti do not finish, like
Mr. Burk’s periods, with music in the
ear, end nothing in the heart.
“ As I have introduced the mention
of M. de la Fayette, 1 w ill take (he lib
erty of adding an anecdote respecting
Tiis farewell address lo (be Congress of
America in i7s(?, and which occurred
fresh to tnv mind whrn I saw- Mr.
Burk’s thundering attack on the French
• crolnfion. M. de la Fayette weM to
America at an early penon ol the Avar, l
ami continued a voluuieer in her service
to the end. His conduct through the
whole ol* that enterprise is one of
the most extraordinary that is to be
found in the history of a young man,
scarcely then twenty years of age. Sit
uated iu a country that was like the lap
of sensual pleasure, and with the menus
of cnjnjirtg it, how few arc there to be
found who would exchange such a scene
for the woods and wilderness of Ameri
ca, and pass the llowery years of youth
in unprofitable danger and hardship!
Blit such is the fact. When the War
ended, and he was on the point of tak
ing his filial departure, he presented
himself to Congress, and contemplating
in his affectionate farewell, the revolu
tion he had seen, expressed himself in
these words: “May this great monu
ment raised to Liberty serve as a lesson
to the oppressor, and an exir*nple to the
oppressed”! When this address came
to the hands of Ur Franklin who was
then in France, lie applied to Count |
Vergennes to have it itisertel in the
French (la'/ette, hut never could obtain
his consent. The fact was, that Count
Vergennes was an aristocratical despot
at home and dreaded the example of tlie
American Revolution in Franep, as cer
tain other persons now dread the exam
ple of the French revolution in Eng
land ; and Mr. Burk’s tribute of fear,
(for in this light his hook must he con
sidered) runs parallel with Count Ver
gennes’ refusal.”
Birth- ; ight Ball,
At the CENTRAL HOTEL on Tues
day, 22d February, 1825. Any person
wishing to subscribe will apply at the
Bar of the Central Hotel.
Jan. 15, ’25—tf
For Sale,
A first-rate female house servant with
live likely children. To a youug fami
ly situated in the country, she would be
a valuable acquisition, being well ac
quainted with most of the domestic
concerns of a family, and w ithal u good
nurse to the sick. For further infor
mation apply at the office of the Cen
tral Guzel le.
Jan. Iii, '25—3t
At Rules held in
The Clerk’s Office of Jtlbemarle county
court, in January, 18 25.
Lucy Clarkson, Pluintiff,
Eli/.a belli Evans, foimerly Elizabeth
Morton, Thomas \V. Morton. Wil
liam Morton,James Collins and Rich
ard 1). Sims, administrator of Mary
Ann Morton, deed. Defendants,
In Chancery.
1 h * Defendants Elizabeth Evans,
formerly Elizabeth Morton, Thomas
W. Morton and William Morton, not
having entered their appearance and
given security according to the art of
Assembly and the Rules of this Court,
and it appearing by satisfactory evi
dence that (hey arc not inhabitants of
this state, on the motion of Plaintiff, by
counsel, It is ordered, that the said De
fendants, Elizabeth Evans, formerly
Elizabeth Morton, Thomas W. Morton
and Y\ .Iliam Morton, do appear here
on the first Monday in March next and
answer the Plaintiffs bill, add that ft
copy of this order he forthwith inserted
in the Central Gazette, published in
the town of Charlottesville, for two
months successively, and that another
copy thereof he posted at the front door
of the Court-Mouse of said county for
the same length of lime.
Jan. 8, *25—Jin
% l 5 lie ward for
W ho ranaway from the subscriber, liv
ing in Amherst county near Lynchburg.
He left my boats at Carter’s-ferry, and
was taken up and sent to Cumberland
jail and as he was on his way home
made his escape at Buckingham court
house, about the middle of October last.
MOSES was raised by a widow Carr,
in Albemarle county, where I expect lie
has gone. He is a low thick fellow,
about twenty years old, uncommonly
large head and neck, and very white
teeth; he is apt to smile when spoken
to; he had on when he went away a
linnen shirt and pantaloons, and negro
cotton cont. 1 will give the above re
ward if he is delivered to me.
Jan. Id, ’2d—tf
Negro for Sale.
I have for sale a very likely, healthy
Negro Man.
If not disposed of previous to Albe
marle t’ehruary Court, he will on the
first day of the court be offered to the
highest bidder.
Bacon for sole, as above.
Jan. 15, ’25 — tf
‘I he subscriber can accommodate 10
of* 1 2 students of the Uuiversitv with
G EJVTE E L Ji 0.1 R DIjVG ,
On uctoinmndaliitg terms. His resi
dence is between Charlottesville and the
U uiversilv.
Jan. IS, ’23—din
To Surveyors.
A very I andsotne set of Surveying
Instruments are ctVered for sale on ac
commodating terms. For further in
formation apply to
Jan. 8, *2J—It
Negroes for Sale.
1 shall offer at public auction, on Al
bemarle February court day, before the
door of the Swan Tavern, in Chur
lottesvilie, 18 or 20 likely negroes.—
So far as that relation subsists they
will be sold in families. One fourth of
the purchase money will he required in
hand ; ou the balance a credit of twelve
months will be giveu, the purchaser
giving bond with approved securitv.
Dec. 11. ’21—tFc
And every other description of Printing,
executed at this office on the shortest notice.
A large quantity of the following Blanks,
printed on good paper, arc constantly kept on
hand, vir. ;
Lawyer's Declarations, of various forms;
Clerk’s Writs, Suhpce tas, Executions, Ca.
sas, Cettiliea'.es of Witnesses Attendance,
Marriage Licence and bonds, Exccutoisand
Administrators bonds, &.c
S ml riff’s Bail bonds, Delivery bonds, Tax
accounts and Receipts ;
Constable’s Warrants and Executions;
Promissory notes, Ronds penal and single,
with a variety of other
Allof which will lie sold by tiie quantity,
for Cash, as low as they can lie had in the
Siale of Virginia Those who may wish to
purchase a small quantity only, can also be
Orders from any of the adjoining counties,
or any part of Albemarle, will be attended to
with the stiictcst punctuality.
January, 1825.
At Lillies held in
The Clerks Office of AlbelRarle county
court, in January, t8-5.
Shepherd Fades, and Polly his wife,
Robert Norvell, James Norvell, Wil
liam Norvell, Benjamin Norvell.Jnhu
Norvell, Will in in Foster, Thomas I
Maxwell and Catey his wife, Robert
Maxwell and Sully his wife, Senica
Norvell, Randolph Sudderlh and Al
la his wife, and Nupolcon B.Norvell,
Tandy Key and Samuel Dyer, admin
istrators of Benjamru Norvell, deed,
and Fielding Starke and Elizabeth
his wife, Defendants,
In Chancery.
The Defendants, Fielding Starke and
Elizubelh his wife, not having entered
their appearance, and given security
according to the net of Assembly anil
the Rules of this Court, and it appear
ing by satisfactory evidence IIml they
are not inhabitants ef ibis stale, on the
motion of Plaintiffs, by counsel, It is
ordered, that the said Defendants,
Fielding Starke and Elizabeth his wife,
do appear here on tlie first Monday in
March next and answer lbe Plaintiff,
hill, n«!<l that a copy of this order lie
forthwith inserted in 'Hie Central Ga
zette, published in the town oT Char
lottesville, for two months successively,
ami that another copy thereof he posted
at the front door of the Court-House of
said county for the same length of time.
Jan. Hj25—3m
Preparatory School,
In this school, hs soon ns eight scho
lars shall engage, a general system of
Will be taught, commencing with Arith
metic and progressing through the dif
ferent branches: Geometry, Trigonome
try, Mensuration, Algebra, &c. In
Geography, Astronomy, Navigation,
Fortification, &c. the figures shall he
neatly executed in watercolours in man
ner adapted to the particular subject.
Terms per quarter for Arithmetic go,
Mathematical branches g*.
If required, n class shall study the
subject of General Grammar.
Jan. 8, ’2f»—31
Houses for Rent.
'Ihe subscriber offers for Rent his
two brick Houses at the west end of
Charlottesville, situated on the street
lending to tho University of Virgina.
I bese buildings nrr both suitably con
structed for families and nny kind nl
public business-—each of them having n
large store room. For lermes apply to
Dec. 83, —if.
liiiiuj -si'.MK/.v in I'm i
C11 Alt LOTT fcs V1 l.LE
Female Seminary
Commences on Monday, I lie 241 It iust.
under * lie management of Mrs. Lilllc
ford and Daughter, principal touchers.
Scientific branches as taught in modern
schools, per session, §15
A junior claj,* studies in the elementary
department at §10 per session.
A monthly visiting committee front
the Board of Trustee* superintends pro
gress and decides the claims of a junior
to the senior class.
Drawing and Painting in water co
lours, gs per quarter.
On Silk or on Satin, gtO per quarter.
Theorem paintiug on velvet Sto per fif
teen lessons.
Music, Y'ocal and Instrumental g30 per
session ; on the instrument alone gJO,
Boarders accommodated with hoard
at S40 per session; Bed, Towels and
Soap furnished by themselves.
The half for tuition or board must be
paid at the time oT entering, and the
oilier half promptly discharged at the
expiration of the session.
M. LITTLEFORD, $ 1 rl"’
Jan. 15, ’25—3t
Strayed or Stolen
From near I lie Swan Tavern in Char
lottesville, on M onday night last, about
7 o’clock, a bright
Sorrel Poney,
nearly 14 hands high, a small star on
the forehead, a slight blemish in the
left eye, several whito spots high up on
the left shoulder and has a bobM tail—
he had coarse shoes on his fore feet, nno
larger than the other, and is a natural
trotter. He had on a half worn bridle
with plated bitt, and an old saddle, with
the leather somewhat worn away be
hind. I will give a liberal reward to
any person who will return tbe above
poney to me. living iu Fluvanna county,
near the junrtiun of the James and
Hardware rivers, about six miles below
Sottsville, or give me such information
as will enable me to get him again.
Jan. 8, ’25—3t
In Chancery.
Jit a Court held for Louisa, county,
the 13tk day of December, 182-t.
1) uvid T. Kennon and John Kennon,
Frances Kennon, widow and relict of
Joseph Kennon, deed. James Kennon,
William Kennon. Ahsolom Kennon,
Tajidy Kennon, Ira Kennon, Richard
Kennon, Mary Kennon, Nancy Ken
non and-representative
of Philip Kennon, deed, and Robert
Dalton, administrator of Joseph Ken
non, deed. Defendants.
The defendants, William Kennon and
Ahsolom Kennon not having entered
their appearance and given security ac
cording to I.aw and the Rules of this
Court, and it appearing to the sat sfac
tinn of the court, that they are not in
habitants of this Slate, on the motion
of the Plaintiff by counsel, it is ordered,
that the said Defendants, William Ken
non and Absoloin Kennon do appear
here on or before the first day of March
court next, and answer the PlnintifPs
bill ; and that a copy of this order be
forthwith inserted in some newspaper
printed in this Commonwealth, for eight
weeks successively, and that another
copy be posted at the court-house door
of this county on some court day.
A Copy, Teste.
Jan. 8, ,2ti—8w
The subscriber having discovered the com
position of S W AI M'S celebrated Panacea, has
now a supply on hand for sale—he has reduced
the price from three dollars fifty cents to $2 5*0
per bottle ; or by the dozen, dollars
All the charitable Institutions in the United
Stales, and the poor, will he supplied gratis
If the citizens of the principal cities and
towns will appoint an agent to order and dis
tribute this medicine to the poor, it will he sup
This medicine is celebrated for the cure of
the following diseases—scrofula or king’s evil,
ulcerated or putrid sore throat, long standing
rheumatic affections, entaneousdiseases, white
^veiling and diseases of the bones, and all ra
les generally of an ulcerous character, and
chronic diseases.generally arising in debilitated
ronstitution1*, hut moi e especially from syphi
lis. or affections arising therefrom, ulcers in the
larynx, modes, fee. And that dreadful disease
occasioned by a long excessive use of mercurv,
Stc. It is also useful in diseftsos of the liver.
1 have within the last two years had an op
portunily of scvcial cases of very inveterate
ulcers, which having resisted previously the
regular modes of treatment, were healed by the
use of Mr. Swaim’s Panacea, and I do believe,
rom what 1 have seen, that it will prove an im
portant remedy in scrofulous, vernal and mcr
rutial diseases. N CHAPMAN. M. D.
Professor of the Institutes and Practice o
Med. Penn. University.
I have employed the Panacea of Mr Swaim
in numerous instances, within the last three
years, have always found it extremely effica
cious, especially in secondary svphitis, and
mercurial disease I have no hesitation in pro
louncing it a medicine of inestimable value.
W. Gill SON, M n
Professor of Surgery in Penn. Univcisity.
J. SHINN, Chemist.
*##For sale at Smith and Pearsall’s. N K
Cornel of Third and Market-streets, Philadel
February 12,
Land foi* Sal .
1 w o tracts lying in Alltvntai ’ - comi
ty, on Little Buck-Island Creek. One
tract containing
250 Acres.
On this trad is a good dwelling-house,
barn and other necessary houses, a gu,uci
apple orchard, of young trees; plan) a
lion in good order for cropping, sujtf
cient for three or four bands. An
tract of
400 Acres
Nearly adjoining this tract, well tim
bered, within one mile and a half of a
good Merchant and Saw mill, on the
Kivunnu River, which is navigable—by
which all kiuds of produce and timber
may be taken to Richmond with eonve
nience. A great bargain may be triven
in this property, and the payments made
easy, as L wish to sell.
Louisa county, Jan. 8, ’25—4t
Lottery, No. 3.
Now drawing EV ERY WEEK in the
city of Baltimore, under the superin
tendance of the Commissioners ap
pointed by the Governor and Council.
No. *11976 15701 prizes of ginoo
*11403 a prize of r»00
11287 do
*19094 14818 5850 > . „
*19862 9115 34J6 $ PnzC8 of r,°
And 190 prizes of gtO each.
*A1I marked thus • sold at COHEN’S
OFFICE, where the CASH will be
paid for all prizes sold by them as soon
as drawn.
& 10,000.
& 5,000,
besides 21 of 1000, 13 ot 300, &c. still
ii mlra wii.
No time should be lost in completing
Ticket if St- I ({uarters, 3
Halves, 6 | Eighths, i 50
To be had in the greatest variety of Nos at
C011E VS
Where the great capital of 100.000,
besides the 20,000, 10,000, 5000, &c.
were sold in the Grand State Lottery,
which finished a few weeks ago, and
where more capital prizes have been
obtained than at any other ollice in
***Orilers from any part of the Uni
ted Slates, either by 111 ui 1 postpaid, or
by private conveyance, enclosing the
cash or prizes in any of the Baltimore
lotteries, will meet the same prompt and
punctual attention as if on personal ap
plication, addressed to
J. I. COHEN, Jr. Baltimore.
^•Orders for Tickets or Shaics will also be
received at the
VOS T- OFFICE— Chu rlottes ville.
Where the official lists of ihe drawings will be
regularly received lor the examination of all
tickets GRATIS.
Land for sale.
The subscriber vtishci* to sell a small
Tract or l’urcel of Laud, containing
12 Acres,
Lying on the main road leading from
Charlottesville to Brown’s Gap, about
2 1-2 miles from the former place, and
about l 1-2 miles from the Gni \ ersitv of
Virginia. The improvements
HflsUra consist of a COAlEOIt'TJl
1^VSSLliLE DUELLING, stables
ami otn -houses—the soil has been much
improved and is now very productive.
I he whole is under good fences, and no
land in Albemarle county is better wa
tered, having on it seven never-failing
springs of delicious water. This would
be a most excellent 'Tavern Stand, be
ing nearly at the intersection of the
road lending from North to South, nnd
from Kast to West. 'The terms will he
one half in hand—the balance in 12
months, the purchaser giving bond with
approved security.
I?ichaui) Shackleford.
Jan. 1i5, '2i>—If
——-— ___—4
edoncea week,on a large Roper.Rov.il sheet,
for Three Dollars per anpum—payable on the
receipt of the first number in each yrar.
No subscription to he taken for les9 than
one yea*', nor can subscribers be at liber*y to
withdraw until their arrearages be paid.
A failure to notify a discontinuance at the
expiration of the year, will be consideied as at
new engagement.
Advertisements, not exceeding one square
will he conspicuously inserted three times for
One Doliar, and 2ft cents tor every subsequent
insertion. — Longer ones in propoilion.
Advertisers wilt mark on their advertise
ments the number of times they wish them in
serted, or they will he inserted till forbid, (or
discontinued at our option) and charged ac
Chancery Notices will be insetted on the
same terms as other advertisements.
Alt IcCcrs to the Editor must be post paid
or they will not be attended to.

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