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- mmt^ NE *^UID FALSl n,CK*K A.UD
^ V!LUME^11:___ CHA,«^TT3V»LLE, VIRGINIA,gi,TUHI)AV. tANUAltY 20,~| 83r~ SI'
[ From (.he National /tanner )
My Indian Mai.I, I've left my home,
An i paddle I in hiy lij:h' vanoq
Across the rapid liver’s foam.
And trod the waste to fly to you.
* But thus to gar.-* in foml delight,
j Repays ihc danger of mv flight.
With thee the dreaiy dc«erls smile.
And trackless Kills sretn rirh and fair;
They need no blooming hou s to wile ’’’
My wandering steps. while thou *rt there.
In thee alone to combine the s worts.
That lure me in their lone retreat*.
Oil fly with me to elinies afar.
The glow worm’s lamp shall be our guide,
And nations ol the western star.
Shall welcome home my Indian bride.
No rival hunter of tl.e deer
Dare stop thy path, while I am near.
My home i* o’er yon azure like.
The forest waves i.s b-.w^hs above;
Here life may calmly gUd", anJ take
A full repast of peace and love.
And oh 1 how dear mv hut shall He,
When thou art safe, and I with thee.
I’ll cross the mountain's craggy Mows,
To storm the eoveits of ihc bear.
And tread the gloomy vuhi, to rouse
The patuher fAam .;i* ^ugge I Lir^
fn rapture at his Tret 1o pfliee
The valuod tropoief of the chase
i And when the hicceo of even ft. at«.
We’ll walk beneath the cedar shade,
To hear the turtle’s plaintive notes,
Qr.listento the wild cascade, N
VV oca iiturm wing watc.s, deep and clear,
Make inmi. on cf.c , ensive ear
The daughters of our t?ibe» are Met
With ruby lip-, an . .psi k liugcye-*.
But wiiilc tlw image haunt* iny breast,
In vain the ^va-u e of beauty h igs.
Let other hearts their iaptu< es own
Mine ilovvs for thee and thee a one.
Then fly with me, while night rc--lines
» In -able pimp on woods and rill*.
I’ll bee thee o’er these drear confines
In triumph to mv native hilj*,
Where warrior bands shall never mam
To tear thee from a lover s home.
Washington, Jan lltn, 1327—Inthe Senate
yesterday, the bill authorizing the President ol the
United Slates to cause the reserved lead mines of
Missouri tu.le expose 1 to saie, was considered, and
after some disrusM>n, was laid on the table. The
hill for opening military roads in the Territory of
~ ""HStiernrgan, was then t«i*frn op, and after An sti'ii'.a*
ted dchiie^ was laid on the table.
In the House ol Representatives, Mr. Me'Cfr
laid a resolution on the table, calling fo> informa
tion relative to the Custom House receipt* from
1315, to the present time. A Bill was irpor.ed
from the Committee on Mar.ufar-tutcs, relative to
duties on imports; and a Bill from the Military
Committee to increase the Corps of Engineers
The resolution offered by Mr Wick life, and rfiscus
sed on the preceding day, was adopted1 wifh n mod
ifieation The House then went into Committee
on the bill providing for the relinquishment of cer
tain claims to land* sold by the Uuile.l 6'Ute/in the
State ol Ohio, hut ro-.c, without taking a vote np
on it, and obtained leave to sit sgain A message
from the President was. received, communica;ing
on interesting report from the Secretary of the Na
vy, relative to Dry Docks ; and a communication
from the War Department, containing the names
of the officers of the Revolutionary Anny, a* far as
they could be furnished.
January 12—In the .Senate, yesterday, a bid
was sported for reducing the duties on certain im
ported articles, A bill was reported for increasing
the salary of the Post-Mastea-General to 6,000 dol
lars. Mr. Dickbrson. from the Select Commit
tee; to which was referie l the bill for distributing a
portion of the national revenue among the States,
reported the same Mr, Smith, of .Mr!, suhmiited
o resolution proposing .m inquiry into the expedi
ency of reducing the balance of »he two millions
authorized to he kept inthe Treasury, to one mil
lion. and of appropriating the same to the payment
er he rTcbt due to the Commissionei s of the S| i'r
in* I'und
The House of Representatives was pri** ioally
Occupied ve-*trrday in the discusa-Mon of the U< vj
1'ttionary Bill, hut adjourned without coming to a
vote. Mr. Livingston moved the House trftake
4jp hi* resolution on ttie subject of the Greeks, and
asked for the avt-R and noes on the question, wher
the House refu*ed to consider it by a vote of I(<9
to f>> Several hill* of an interesting character
were reported, the sub« ancc of which willbc found
Lo our report of the proceedings.
January l‘J —In the Senate, yesterday, the bill
to reduce the dut ies on imported wines, teas, gun
powder, and salt, was read a second time. The.
JJill to inereas*. the salary of the Post Master-Gen
eral, was, after some discussion, ordered to a third
reading. The BiTl to establish an uniform system
of Bankruptcy, throughout the United States,
was made the special order of the day for Monday
The House of Representatives was engaged in
the discussion of the bill to provide for the olficers
»nd soldiers of the army of the Revolution. The
question was taken by ayes and noes; on the motion
oi Mr. Tur.KtR, which was negatived by a vote of
>06 to 80. Mr. VViCRf.i rrr. then moved to intro
duce the words *♦ and the heirs and representatives
of those who have died :** and on this question the
ayes and noes were ordered but before the question
•Vis taken, th<* IJon*e adjourned Sint. Jnrrjr,
BOLIV AR — By Capt Center of the Brig La
ma, which arrived at New York on Sunday Even
hitfio 110 days from Cat'oa, and 37 day* from Pei
nambuea, the editor* of (h* Cuenmrr«ul rcc«vv««l
ihe unwelcome confirmation of suspicion* hitherto
disciedited, concerning the reputed second Wash
ington Captain C. reports, that about thebth of
September, /io/ii'ar declared himself President of
’’era fir tfc, with powei to appoint his successor.
I nf Vice President was also appointed for life, and
liis eldest son to - urcccd him Bolivar was excee
dm *ly unpopular at Lima, and the place in a verv
unsettled state—several officers had been shot for
being engaged in a conspiracy against him. Admi
ral Guise was on his trial when the Lama left. The
Colombiin troops, about 1500 in number,from Ar-j
rica, were ordered by Bolivar to Lima, where they
are now stationed -lie had taken the Lima troops
with him to Colombia
Cdp'ain C. was informed at Pernambuco that,
the tl.et purchased by the government of Bnenos
Avres from that of Chili had doubled Ca je Hor n,
an • (rut inio a port in Patagonia much shattered
■i.l;es*ed. A part of the l>'o< kadimj squadron of
Buenos Ayres ha" gone m pnrs tit oft hem.
The Lama h 'lat Callao Sept JO, the U S ship
United Stares, Com Hull, and U. S. schr Dolphin,
Lieut ComJ't Kennon, al| well. The IJ.-S* "loop
of war Peacock, Captain Jones, sailed from the
Sandwich l>lan«l< prior 1. llu I.atna’s leaving Cal
lao—Captain Centre hnCddbpai. hes from Commo
dore Hull for our government Passenger in the
Lama, John Randolph Bryan, midshipman of tire
U. Slates Nilvv—was put On l>oa d of a schr. from
Boston, houn^to No iilk- *"* V
later from Colombia_By the arts
val of the Brig Bunker Hill, Captain Smith in ?jj
days from Cv thagervi, the editors oflhe New York
r>,.i y .*.<! miser are tut ni-htvl with a paper from
tha pl-ire of November 36th They t -nsUte the
foil-.;«ing If Bolivar has aetna’v \ claredly dec •
d<-<i for the constitu'i .n. lie has t bought ,i*. necessary
hetctofoie to di «einble,
1 he Liberator in Hafr*‘ta—Zly the extraordinar y
ecu: ier of the >4th inst. we have received Che tvhh
erl l.jr arid highly gratiymg news that fj^ Excel
led y the President Liberator arrived in tlic capital
r..flhe Republic on the i ith, at elev en iri the morn
ing . As :hc courier set out for this city the same
day, he wan barely able to bring the intelligence of
hi- an ivai, without anv pai lictilai s. s
Hi* Excellency the V ire-President received him
( Bolivai ) in the government palace, acconi' anied
by the secretar ies, the corporations, and the other
ofli- era, »• rvil and military, ;»ml as some letters state
.vriiicn by v.-.-y respectable persons, to whom we
are indebted for the news, His Excellency the Lib
etatov rcplic to the a .-lamaiioit* with which he
wa> revive., by crying tn'ruVo thccrmdifuHon.
\vt»» vh/ -.eitomiuatgd n clurtpv .&a^Vod aad invia
fable'tby ewiy years.” - ■ ,
•Tav. 10, 18^7.—^ day, the House of
Delegates were engaged in e xecuting the
joint order of the day for «he election of a
Register uf the Land Office. Much time
was employed in discussing the transaction;*
ot’lhe present incumbent. Two Committees
had been appointed to investigr.le the state
of his office The manner of his pavin'*
the money he had received, into the Trcast”
ry, was the principal topic before the House
Tliry began by taking up i Ik'resolution
Accompanying the report ot the Inst Commit
te**, which went to pronounce Mr. Hcl Ion
entitled to tlie full e'mfidcuce of the House.
—Dir. Everett moved to expunge that part
o; the resolution, which contained this ex
pcession—ami was assigning his reasons
foMbi* motion, when Mr. Miller of Bote
tourt, moved to lay the resolution on the ta
ble— This motion was supported by Mr.
OoUtnn, and opposed by M-ssi> Kimbrough
and Everett. 1 he motion prevailed_nves
08, 8i3.
William Seltlen— Col. Walter D. Blair
—anrl William Porter of Orange, were then
put in tiomitiaiion.
/ he ballot was *«t length taken in both
H ri-e.. and e<--ranted thus—For Seldon
isjJ—Blair 57—Po*tcr 8—Scattering 1.—
So M'. W •mm Seldon was declared duly
el c.ted It gKter of the Land Office
Ian. 11.—Yesterday, the order of the
day on the Convention bill being rend. Mr.
f ’ ,tnn moved its postponement, in pursu
ance of »vhat lie considered his-duty, in re
latino to another subject that had been post
poned on his motion on a previous day.
Mr. LefHer opposed the motion, on (he
I ground that the bill was one of importance,
and if if was to pass at all. it wrh desirable
it sboulil pass in time to reach (lie people
and be understood hy them before the elec
t ions.
Mr. Chiistian supported the motion_
lie considered the e;*e of Mr. Ou«,thnf(to
which Mr. Colston had alluded)ought to be
acted opnn promptly, beeausp it involved the
right of a member to his seat. ffP assimi
lated the ease to contested elections, which
were always determined as soon as pracltea
hie. .
J>Ir. Uouthaf* Cn*e.-~-This ease being ta
ken up. and ihe resolution of (he Commit
tee being rend declaring the test oath in
the anti duelling law, unconstitutional.
Mr. Colston rose, find expressed a Impe
that some gentlemen would explain the rea
sons on which the Committee had declared
iintfronstitniional a law under which we had
so lung acted.
General Taylor then look the floor nml
deli-ered a long and elaborate argument in
support of the resolution of the. Committee
Mod before he had con^lud'NKghe- House ad
jourued oulouden of Mr, ^y*Rj.Ubeiii«
past tbo usn-U hin»( > a- »uta.
Mr.J«^u.u«g , foUdi.
out amending, JUr. CpskJr oikud A
mendmcnt and moved to fay the bill ami a
mendment on the table, and that thb latter
be pnot d. After some further remafts on
the subject, Mr. Upsher’s motion prevailed;
and the subject was made the order of the
duy for Friday in Committee of the whole
Jan. 15?,— Yesterday, the order of the day
on the hill to reduce the Expenditures of
the Militia, was on Mr. Rppes’s motion,
postponed until today.
Messrs. (iordaii(tYom the Committee for
Couns ol Justiee)nn<l \V|jtte(frnm the Com
ipittt’8 of Roads and Internal Navigation,)
presented reports—anions* these, Wat”the bill
* concerning the Richmond Dock Company,’
wilh an amendment. "
Mr. Clarke of Augusta reported a bill
*• making fart Ifrr appropriation fur the com
pletion of the Western Lunatic Hospital.
On motion of Mr.Hppes, the Uuuse cum
to the following resoldiiou : Resolved, tIn
Armory Committee enquire iutii ami report
xlie number »l artificers engaged at the Ar
mory, the terms upon which tli*M' have been
engaged, whether by the day, m/otli or year:
whether the artificers so engaged are, and
have been constantly employed in:the pubiic
service, whether ilie artificers engaged, per
lorm the labor themselves, or by sub-.-oo*
tracts, ami it so, in what., prise, and that
they have leave to semi lW persons and pa
per*. T
On Mr. lioyall’s motion, jhc Report of die
Committee .if Privileges noil Elections on
Air. DouthaPs eace^it.vo)v.ng the Duelling
Oath) was taken iip-k tieii. In v lor resumed
his argument in opposition toil He spake
between two Hint three hours.
W hen he concluded, Mr Cols'on rose to
reply—but be had not spoken long, before
he gave way to a motion on die part of Mr.
Briggs to adjourn—wliieh prevailed.
•Ian. 13,— Yesterday, ti|V>llmili' »!' Dele
gates were principally engaged in discussing
the Resolutions of the Committee of Privi
leges and Elections in the oose ol‘ Mr. Dou
Mr. Co)st4$ rose to reply !o the nrgmnent
of Gen. Taylor, and in vindication of itic
Anti-Duelling Dulh.—He Jtpokc a consider
able time.
< Ho wi.s followed by Mr. Watkins of Prince
Edward, in opposition to the law and in tle
feurc of the Resolutions.
Mr vlason of Fairfax, followed on the
same *:<Ie, * >
^1A>—tEi Samr&sy ■4h.an,r*mapica4»on.
wm, rrcnr«,lfr.fmOH‘i#«irffr.ti/i<i tltry
pffXscd the bills eoucern^g dohn Nrelswu ; i
changing die lini. s of hbldmg the CourtTf
Hustings lor the City of Richmond ; and
eouceimtig tie town o( Portsmouth in the
county of Norfolk—That they had pussed
with amendments, die bills,-concerning Ab
solut lloldbrook—changing the nine of hol
ding the superior courts of In the fifteenth
judicial circuit—and that they haw rejected
the bid concerning Joshua Singleton. The
amendments were, on mot sob laid ou the ta
ble. •
l tie House went into the execution of the
joint order of the day, for the election of a
Senator in CQngress for six years, from die
4th March next.
Mr. Lefiler nominated Governor Tyler, in
which lie was supported by Messrs. Moore,
and Davis of Hanover.
Mr. G nines, nominated John Randolph, I
the present incumbent, and was Supported
by Messrs. Irvine, Smyth, Wilson, and Wat
kins of Prince Edward.
The ballots stood—Tyler l!A, Randolph
110—Scattering 2, Gov f^Jer was there
| upon declared duly elected;
Jan. 16,—Yesterday, on motion ol'J/r.
Eefller, a committee on the pari of (he House
of Delegates was appointed, to notify John
Tyier, Esq. of his election; to the Senate of
the U S. The following gentlemen com
pose the Committee :«ftfe>sre.'Leflkr, Moore,
of Rockbridge, Briggs, (Japerion, /’verett,
1 olston, Christian, of Caarles City, and
1 he order* /if ihc day were postponed.
Several report* from committee* were pre
sented. and among them, hop from the joint
(‘((nmniltee on the Penitentiary, presented bv
Mr. Patterson, and ordered to be printed.
On Mr. Bryce’s motion the report of ih'*
committee on Mr. I) withal’* cuse was takeu
up. Mr. Craig called for the previous ques
tion, on the ground that the subject had been
fully and ably discussed os boih sides. He
would be very willing to hiar more, but it
would cos* <be country too much, nud no
man’s opinion would he ehjjfAgedi He with
drew his motion, however.,with the under
standing that he should ei.mn the privilege
of renewing it as soon as Mr. D. took t ne
Mr. Douthnt hoped that /he mol inn would
be withdrawn for n short lime._Mr. Craig
withdrew it with pleasura*^* hoar any ihiwg
Mr. 1). had to say—nod *vr. I) then deliv
ered his sentiment* on the subject.
Several gentlen.en then took the fl oor. and I
th* Speaker catching the eye of Gen. Smyth,
pronounced him entitled jn if,-—Mr. Craig
claimed his privilege of the floor, having
given it up with that teaervation. The
Speaker repeated his deeirion, and said that i
Mr. C. had Inst hi* privilege for the present,
by yielding the floor $ and it being again oc
cupied by another befwo him.. Mr, Craig
appealed from the decision of the Chair,
which was sustained by the House, 97 lu 74.
General ^Sinyth then occupied the lloyr for
some time *n <l%« delivery .aduftjpaMiweots.
lie concluded by moving to tmoiHlTBeTrc-"
solution/if ilie committee, so as to declare
that the oath ought not to be required of
members of (he legislature, and not express
any opinion on the constitutionality »f it.
Mr. Uryce then opposed the amendment
to the resolution of the committee ; hut be
fore he concluded his remarks, the House
adjourned, llie usual hour huving artived.
On Sutu-day lust, on motion oT J. K.
.Sprague, Esq. of Suloin, the following order
was adopted in the House of Uepreseuta
tives :—
Ordered—That Messrs. Sprague, of Sa
lem, M ells, of Greenfield, Minot, of Dor
chester, Sffnw, of Luiieshoroiigh, and Wells
of Huston, be ft rum mi I lee to consider what
duty Massachusetts owes to her own charac
ter, to evince to the world that she is not in
sensible to tile profound learning, splendid
talents, devilled patriotism, urn) great public
services of her ninst illustrious anil distin
guished soil, the late JOflX ADAMS.”
I On motion ol George Washington Adams,
j* sq of Huston, son of the President uf the
I United States, it rvu|
Ort erfd—*• lhai (lie same Committee in
quire and report what measures muy be a
dopted to express the sense of this House in
relation to the eminent public services, dis
tinguished patriotism, and republican use
fulness bf the late THOMAS JEFFKlt
SON. and their sympathy with his suffering
Ihj the Rector and lirilor.i of the University of f'ir
iftiiia, for c.i-intitntimr, ••oiernitand conduct
injtAat Ih ’:ta(i ,n -p is ed December, I8_'u
Re tdeicc —The dormitories shall be occupied
by two students eai li, an.l no more, at sixteen /lol
lt*1* yi'»i ly ient, to be pai l to she Proctor, one hall
by trch occupant, or the whole l>y one, iif there be
only one, and every student, within the same lertn
»haU pay to the Proctor, also, for : *c Univei• i*y.
fifteen dollars, annually, for hi* pa\ licipaiijo in the
use ol the public npatiments, during the session.
Every student shall lie rrrjuiicd to have his name
painted on the <:aor oi his dormitory, and no studunl
shall lie allowed •«» change his dormitory without
permiseiun from the. Fat uity,
Each student who may reside without the pre
(S.'hvta, shali he rc<^uiicdj..o rcgja(lci his jilacc of rest
Ueuec .walh t he Pi nr lac.
Ro/iec—1 he Faculty aliall have power from lime
to time, to prescribe regulations of police, not in
consistent with the laws or th» land, or the enact
ments of this hoard, which regulations shall ho sub
milted to tiic Visitors at tbeit next succeeding mcet
rng, and shall be in force till disapproved pv the
Visitors, or repealed hy the Faculty
Ttic Proctor is iequied to keep the drains in the
ground* ol the University always free from obstruc
tion, and to construct such older* as the Execu
te committee may < pvt.
No %tud< ih shall admit any disturbing noises in
his room, or nuke the n any-where within the pre
emit* of lire University, or fife a gun or pistol with
in lh# same, on pain of Mich minor sentence a* the
Facility shall perree ; but the proper use ol mu-j.
cai instruments shall be ftcely allowed in their
rooms, and in that appiopiiateil for instruction in
Tho Faculty shall have the power, for offensive
conduct; of removing the occupant from any dor
No stmlvnt shall, within the prerin Is of the U
niversity, introduce, keep of use weapons or arms
of inv kind, or gun powder; nor keep a servant,
horse or dog.
Hacks and other cart i»ges let on hire, ahallbc ad
ntiued within the precinct* of the University only
U" er such regulations as shall be prescribed by
the Faculty
Students herctufor or r.v|iellcJ hum ilic
University, sba'I he absolutely inhibited from com
ing witnin its pm incls, for (lie period of 6 years
after such expulsion, unless by leave of some Pro
lessor; and if any surli expelled student shall come
within the precincts in violition ef this enactment,
it sha II be the duty of the Proctor to warn him off.
nnd if he do not depart, or afterwards returns, the
Proctor shall rnnsull with the attorney employed
for the University, and l.tkc such measures as the
Jaw will allow for punishing the offence and preven
ting its icpefition. No student shall, for the lime
above specified, admit any aludent into his dormito
ry who has been or shall he expelled from the insti
tution; nor s'o.ill he aim'd any student who has
been or shall be dismissed or suspended from it, du
ring the ron'in’iancc of such dismission or suspen
sion; underpaid of such punishment as the Facul
ty rmy choo e to direct.
No sti-pendcd student shall be permitted to reside
within five miles of the Uni ■ci'*i'y, during the con
tinuance of su • suspension, unless with the con
sent of the Faculty.
Fjpcnre.t— Drat_Rvcry student shall pay to
the Professor whom he attends, if he attends but
tui:’, fifty dollars lor the session of ten months and
a half; if two, thi ty dollars each, if threeor more,
twenty-five dollars each.
No keeper of any of the hote's of the University
•hah require cr receive mote) hanone hundred doi
lars for dicing i»:iv student during the session of
ten months and a half; nor shall any person hoard
ing elsewhere than ws:h his patents, in any house,
and using wine or a dent epfr,ss, mixed or unmix.
ed, within such house or its tenements. 1
more than onr. tiunoreo and twenty dollars for diet,
lodging and other offices and accommodations of the
house and tenement, during a like term, Lu admit
ted to any school of the University.
In order that the expense* of the students may
be restrained within that reasonable limit which
will make the benefits of this institution attainable
by the greatest number ;—that their funds may be
administered with the least interruption to their
studies, and in the manner best calculated to sub
serve the purposes for which they arc supplied;_
that their minds may not be withdrawn bv the temp
Uiionsof patade and pleasure, from the arqul-f.
ment of litrratu>e and «cic»\ecf tr*efvl 1 i*s :,r»d
honorable bi-tineiinn ;— the Rector ano Visitors do
Cfl'ICt Ail follows
student resident within the precincts shall
maun uUte till |lf shall have deposited with the
-.i.. « /f** -aanm. chrrli», hiita, dlftftS^nV
o her available funds wMcn n esMh/uc <•> »,v* r«,«
sesHion, or under liis controol, in *ny manner in
ended to defray his expenses while a student of the
niversity, 0r on his return from thence to his
residence. Nor shall he matriculate till »•* shall
>a»e deposited a sum at lea*t Midiciei.c s'Wr.
deducting the Proctors commission thereWotn tw
pay for the use of his dormitory and the puhlii;
• ouins, to pay the tics of the piofes>ors whim he
may design to attend,— to pay thrtc month* hoard
to hi, hole -keeper, to purchase the text hooks and *
stationary which lie may want at the rominrntr
merit' and a deposit ol ten dolkws. to rover contin
gent charge* arid as:cssinen<* again-t him— t he
pay more than this, lie shat oesigimte the n-es to
wiiich it is to be applied: whether for hoard, for
clothing, lor books and stationary or for pocket
In like manner, he shall deposit with the Proctor
and designate the uses, ail other limbs which Ire.
shall receive while a student of the University , lor
roe purposes afotcsaiJ.
At the end of the first tinco month* of the sts
••Uoii, he shall deposit enough to pay his . oar < and
other expenses lor the next three months;—and at
the expir ation of the sewnd peri-d of tin e months,
be shall deposit enough to pay Iris hoaiu nocl Other
expenses iur the residue of the session -
II lire stgdeut tail to pay in adyancc the - wo hist
instalments ol his hoard, as herein required. ami
shall he in dctault for ten days, the'l’rovloi shall re
port him to lire Chairman of the Faculty that prop
er measures may he taken to compel pcifounance,
and it ueceaiary punish ihe default
»Vhen the btudent shall dept tit any funds with
the I’ror tor, he shall take from him i fair receipt
stating lire amount Ocposl im, the srvfial. pui poser*
to which it is to be applied, and the -um to be ai -
i-dt.'i to each—which receipt l.e shall iicli* cr to tf.c
Chairman ol the Faculty, to be preserve j eaietnMv
by their sccreta.y Audi the student desire it, the
Proctor , at me same time, shall g vc him a dup’i
caic receipt lor hi* own Keeping.
The expense of the student resident in the Urn
versr'.y, shall be limited as folio**»
For boar I, the use ot the dormitory an * | uLlvc
rooms, and tuition f,es, as pie-ci d eu hy other en
■'or viothin^, (lining any stbsioti, a sum not px
ceeding one hundred dollars
For pocket money, during an ordinary session,
not exceeding for« v itriliai r ; and 'o‘ lire next ses
sion, riot exceeding % ami y live ilol'ar-*
For books and stationary, whatever the parent or
guardian may think fit to allow.
For medicine and medi< al Attendance, whatever
may be neocssai v
Tt»e hmils lure prescribed, shall in no rase He
exceeded; unless under /peciil etrcumataiuea, the
Faculty mv allow it.
The dress of die students, wherever resident,
shall be uniform and plain The coat, waistcoat arid
pantaloons, of cloth of a daik gray mixture, at r.
pi ire not excee ling six doliaisj.ci yn.d Tin <r.t
shall be single hi castw , with * scanning t pe, ar c
Sr.irts of a moderate length, with po«W' t tj.j —
i be waistcoat snail be single breasted, witn .1 - avt'
n*g collar ; ami the paniaiooivs, o! the ri val t.nco.
I'ne buttons of rack garment t-- *1 TV’.l.arwi cover
cd with tlic same cloth. 'Flic p;ril*i.;> ..sand
i'oat of this .ress may vary wi-a the sea--, r*. e
Matter ol which, when required by the -c •: - t- ■
be of white; the former, of light >
linen. Snoes, with black gaiur
and white stockings in warm weal -
ease, boot.*—shall ho tvoin by them. 1 *
cloth shall he plain black, in ; ,e cold ; '•* ..* •
the warm “d'otr Flic hatrrSonn ai t. * * - k
The student shall wear (Iris dress i-n
on examinations ami public exhibition-,
versity ; and whenever n.ey appear w ,
rincts On a.I other occa-m-ns, witxi.. t o
;-inctx, they may wear a plain bf.u k got*; . •; a
cheap fiock-coaX. A surtout of floor oi iJ: • ■ n:«<r
md price above described, may he worn, but shall
not be substituted on the public occasion specified,
for the unite/!rn coat first prescribed
The form of the dress, in each at tide, **ha-l i a
according to a model to be pi ov toed bv the hfreter
under the direction of the Fxccutiv.- committee;
with ronspivtious badges on the coals, surh ax they
shall prescribe In cir-e of mourning, o.e custom*
t»ry badges may be always added
These regulation*of unifoim iltiti-i,- tl-e next
!>iou may be dispensed with-, by the 0 ha’nT.cn <■' t!;
Facu ty, in all cases where the student rl a'.l have
procuieJ his clothing without notice ot ibeiu.
No resident student shall contr.rcl any ib’Y-C
whatsoever; but lor eveiy thing put* ha.c-' bv him,
l»c aIi/iII f*»rf Is »%«(.}» |/«»f , u*oisf «,m' «i/Atv lluon a
luml in the hands of the 1’roetor, adequate and
applicable thereto.
No student resident out of the Uni’, ersity shall
matriculate, till lie shall have deposited who the
Froctot, funds sufficient, after tied tiding tin- Proc
tor’s commission, to pay the fees of the pio'essois
whom he design* to attend; the sum charged him
for the use ot the public norms; and ten t ol ars, as
a deposit to rover contingent charge*, atm assess
ments against him 'or injuties to the building*- and
other property of the University. And it at any time
tfcis deposition shall be exhausted, before the end of
the session, the use of the public rooms thalffhe de
nied h.tn till he shall have paid any halanre of assess
ments against him, and have made sui h fnithvr rie.
posit with the proclot, as the chaiiman of the fact.'
ty shall requite.
No student, wherever rc*?dent, shall at any t;0;c
visit any tavern or confectionary without leave from
the chairman ol (he faculty, or rome professor w hose
school he attends.
No student resident within the precincts, shall
be absent there rotn,alter night, without -uch leavci
unless when he slta II visit some private auuly, ft
shall give notice of such visit ami of the f.«r.-ily visi
ted, by a written memorandum signed by hinr»°cF^
and left with the procloi In fjrc the visit, i <onvc-'
nient, or, if not, then before twelve o’clock 01 tbe
next day The proctor shall preserve these memo
radntims till the curl of tbe session, and shall rcgic
ter all such visits in a book to be kept by him for
that purpose, in a lorm lo be prescribed by tbe Fa
culty Such memorandums and register, shall be
at * it *-* vv « ^,-|,-Ttsoti of the chair
man and shall be laid before the Faculty and Vict
ors, whenever required
Before any "Indent shall msfriru'ate, hr shall ha
furnished with a copy ol the laws of the University,
and shall carefully read them.
On matriculating, he shall sign his name in a
hook lobe kept for that pnrpevf, by the proctor,
in which shall he Slated the name and residence of
his father or guardian The names of the resident
and non-resident student" shall be written um'.e.
different captions Those of the resident "tudeni*
under a caption in these word* ;
*• After baring carefully retd the law* of the Util
’•rrsMynf Vi'gtf}*, J ;uh«-^.e rpy*<ff a 'tudn.c

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