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The uuderslgmrd-fin^ eonnc('»?d
Helves in the practice of law, and one or
both will atteml the Superior and Inferior
Courts of Albemarle, Buckingham ami Flu
vanna, and the Superior Court of Chancery,
hobleu at Staunton.
Tlu employment of one, will he the em
ployment of both, and they tender their
united counsel ami efforts in the prosecution
or*ucli interests as may he confided to them.
January 27, 1827—if
I will sell on accommodating (arm* or ex
change forgooti land in the county of Albe
marle any part of the following property. j
1. A Tract of Laud lying on Staunton
River, in the county of I'iusylvtiniu, forty
miles from Lynchburg, containing about
3,4ttO A02U3S.
1 here is a small, but comfortable, dwcl!in<>*
house on this tru<jt, with convenient out”
houses. But little of the laud is clear ex
cept the low grounds aud plantation ultacli.-d
to the house. This tract has been divided
into several smaller tracts to suit purvha
hors, upon all of whioh tjiere is a good pro
portion of first rale lOba^iui. land. t*»i one
of them is-a mill seaf. ✓The only vein of
limestone in lhat part of the country runs
through this land.
2. A Tract in the oounty of Bedford, ly
ing also on the Staunton, opposite the other,
containing about 450 ACRES, of which be
tween 30 and 40 Acres are river bottom and
the rest rich vallies and poor ridges.
Both the befurementioued tracts are part
of David Ross’s well known Smith’s Moun
tain and Fryingpan Estate, and they will
-soon have the benefit of navigation lo Nor
3. A lot of 22 Acres, in the County of
Amherst about two miles from Lynchburg
•—about one third was used as a clover lo”
and the remainder is well timbered.
4. Two lots adjoining (lie Canal Basin in
the growing town of Danville, in Pisttylva
Uuiversity of Va., March to, ’27—4t
At a Court held for Albemarle counh/ the
Dth March, 1827. J
Thomas Tilman, plaintiff,
Allen Merryman ami Elizabeth his wife
formerly Elizabeth Tilman, - Perkius
nml Lucy Ins wife, formerly Lucy Tilman,
SamuelI Hogg and Patsy I,,* wife form^ni**
Patsy lilinan, Malinda Hall formerly Ma
linda Tilman, Joseph Martin and Susaunnh
his wife formerly Susannah Tilman, Daniel.
Paul and William M. Tilman, defendants
The defendants Alien Meirymnn nnd Eli
zabeth his wife, - Perkins and Lucy his
wife, Samuel Hogg mid Patsy his wife, Ma
linda Hull, Joseph Martin and .Susannah
Jiis wife, Daniel Tilman and Win. M. Til
man not having entered theirappearauce and
given security according to the act of As
sembly and the Uules of this Court, ami it
appearing by satisfactory evidence to the
Court (hat they are not inhabitants of this
oqmmou wealth, ou motion of the plaintiff, bv
his counsel, it is ordered that the said de
fendants Allen Merrymanand Elizabeth his
wife, --Perkins and Lucy his wife, 8am
uel Hogg and Patsy his wife, Malinda Hall,
Joseph Martin and Susannah his wife, Dan
iel Tilman und Willium M Tilman do ap
pear here on the first Monday in June next
nnd answer the plaintiirs bill and that a co
py of tikis order be forthwith inserted in the
central gazette a newspaper published
in the town of Charlottesville. f„r eight
weeks successively, and that another copy
he posted ul the front door of the Courthouse
fqr the same length of time.
Ill V GARRETT, i> o
March 17, isj7—2m
On hm wuy from Richmond, on Wednes
day lust, between (ioochluml Courthouse und
Mrs. Boyd’s, the subscriber lost u small
Leather 1 ocket Hook, containing some pa
pers which the owner is anxious to reeovor.
Among them wn* a bond executed by Win.
B. Phillips to Mary Lumpkin, which bond
had been paid off by Mr. Phillips through
the subscriber. The finder would confer^
fttvor on me by forwarding the pocket book
and contents to Charlottesville.
March 10, 18-27—3t
RICE W. WOOD will hereafter attend
the Superior and iuferior Courts of I,aw r,f
Buckingham. He still practises in the Su
perior and inferior Courts of Albemarle and
Augusta, nnd the Superior Coutt of Chan
cery held at Staunton.
Charlottesville, March 17, '21—»t
I wish to rent the frame building which I
at present occupy, with t o half of the lot
attached thereto, on the Main street, near
Random Row.—For terms apply to the sub
N. B I have 2,000 lbs. of Prime Bacon,
which I will sell low f0r Smn!'-cfian>rp.
M. C.
THic lovi-: or soitRo*v s
•‘And still to love, though press’d with ill —
With ine i> to be loved still”—Cowper
Our lure lias hern no summer (lower,
For joy's blight chaplet braided;
•Drooping—when tempests darkly lower,
Hy grief’s bleak winter laded.*
W* havo not lov’d as those who plight
I heir ttuiliin sunny w eather,
Whi’e leaves are green, and skies arc bright,
To tread life’s path together
iiul ue have loved, as thoso who tiead
The thorny path ol sormw,
With clouds o erca-d—and caujc to dread
Vet deeper gloom to utorruvv.
1 bat tlioi ny path, lit ore clou * v skies,
thive diawn our spirits icaier.
And render'd us, by liolic‘-> ties.
Kadi to the other ti i 4 i ; ; I '
Iiiive. horn in hopisoi joy anrlmiith,
\» ith mi: mi ano jvy ay pel ish ;
Ch ’.t lu vvi t. i ..a.u - d,iy» jpve hirll:,
•Still more ■•nd um'c "e cherish.
It looks bryond Inc clouds otime,
Thiougr. Heath s dim, shadowy portal *
Mode, tiy advei-uy- satvliinr,
Hy ft;’.h and hope immortal I
extract «f a I? «.n .>m Gen La Fafayclte to a
Iticiivj in New York.
“ La Gr •.ncf., Occchucd 29, 1820.
“ ’■* probable yen have noticed in the papers a
lelic: Iroui a Philadelphia gentleman, vuy kin'h
intended, indeed, but where, among 4t-me < i ifli i
inaeeuiarics, tbei e i, an allusion in which he i.- :<>*
•ally m slaken i 1« has been made to believe I was
annoyed with pecuniary applications from Ameri
can travellers; it is nosurhluing Happ 1 would
be to oblige any ol then. ; but I have i.ot been vail
ed upon in that way Several \ iiita it I,as p.oveu
our good for tune io receive, although to ou great
• egret, we hate been bomtiinn* \ny impiupcr'y
complimented out ol that gratification, the greatest
weeau enjoy in our i ural abode
Lveiy American friendly call, we consider as lb*
moat p!ea«.ug obligation eonfei.etl upon, arid it
welcomed on my part, a-**»»*•„, vv tell you, bt
the nee o nisaion ol any sort ol ccieiiu nv in mv u
sual habits ol ii»e.” AM', i. 'e Po t
Of the General JisstmbTy of Virginia passed
daring the session of iy id_
2. An art authorising the Auditor to appoint an
additional cleik ; who i» to. continue in oflice, il ne
cesrary, during each sc.sionMv! the Legislate,. c, so
long a* the aci picscubing Uie twodc if u.-ry.
----—•» t',ul'," v «n iue commonwealth, unit o'i
collecting the public icvenuc, passed tie 7th of
March, J 826, shall remain in operation; Ins com
pensation not txe ceding dO-doliars per month.
4 An act to amend an art entitled an act to a
menu an act entitled an act .educing into one act
the several a-.t* ol Assembly allowing a rewaidfoi
killing A olve?, aa respects the comities ol Hamp
shire, Hath anu Hardy, passed January loth, 18- o
allows a reward or not less than s,x nor more thsn
twenty dottur. lor destroy,i:g an old wotf; and not
less loan three, nor more than ten dollars*, tor a woll
under tj months of age.
I2. An act incorporating tlifc,Tnvteca of New
lialiiiiioi e Academy in Uic coun*y of Fauquier • in
vests them with power to make by-law., &c ap
point officers, and lake,receive and enforce the pay
ment of subscriptions for (be us 0r the Academy
with other poweia usual on such occasions'.
13 A" afl concerning United Mates’ t ension
eis; exempts them from the payment ot any tax or
affixing me coun'y seals t« any certificate to ena
blcsueh pensioiu'i t„ obtain hi, pension, and ro/n
pelJ the clerks to allix such seals wi l.oUt lcceivin -
the "aid tax, ®
2J- An act establishing the town of Virginius on
lands the property of Lewis We,nwag and othe.s,
i!i Inc county of Jefferson
„ *?», A", uCt *?t,,°,isin8 a fepara’.e election in the
count y ol Rockingham; requnes a poll to be open
fil at the house ol John Mi ler, at the place known
ffa ^?tam.Co Cunrad'8 °,d Store, including ah
t..at pan ol the county lx to- on the south side of
1 "^nIi°“h r,vur’ *"d ,,om M’Gaheysville
down U*c said nvtr J
1 , allcr anJ “mcrnd an act passed
earn fn..r J807, *uc« tl.e counties of
Urna Hanover to convert tlie budge at Li.
Iepa„e sacciots Pamunlccy river into a toll biidfle
, turnihbMonr.s may rent tf.c bridge and the
lolls, for twelve men be. All persons ,o pav toll
esceptthose wbopiya connty levy in eilbf, ofthe
said counties. J
,ArnhV,dl?r?S Parkcr from Lis wifo
Jauc. prohitn.* her from marrying a^ain.
nlca, co,,ceroin* wi'noisca'’attending on
lb V f ‘h« Commonwealth, and for other purpose,
J abb ’I T'' '‘'i,inR °‘u Common,
wva bb, attend in g any p|ea 0f the Commonwealth,
compensation tor attendance, t»«»elliri«r. and fer
•* lb* di*c,,t“>n of the Court, and author*
es the Atu.Uoi to pay Absalom Holbrook certain
• urns m a Witness for the Mate against Peter Ha,
burg” 1 * *UI,crior *nd counl> couru of Mccklcn
a1I37„ A? \°l *® amcnd lhe ac‘ e"*>tled «n act to
riving 7°T *nd *PpCaU in certai0 casc®> on
giving security for cost only; autlmiises the appe -
writs* eon^.A* 8U‘e' wb«"the plaintiff in TSch
writs is confined in jail in execution of the original
jm gmpnt, or decree, from which an appeal* has
or ",il of err°r awarded, forthwith
f® J7 •uch •PP“» «r of error, without regard
to itn pUcc on the dockft. ®
to e^ect^toH K*Uih0riSinZ VVi,,i*m 11 Meriwether
to erect s toll bridge across the Rivanna river.
An act divorcing Macy, alias Macy Gay
ch,'Lta «*/i r^hiw.. *&uJL
marrying again duung her life.
.h„ r«An af tJl®.*mcnd ,he •««* entitled an act, fur.
tner to amend the several law. concerning theao
Tie's rill* lhh*rbhr ”>a*,cr*,and declaring” heir du.
R lhe harbor masters appointed by the
Court of Norfolk county, authority to regulate the
L lL jnd d*p,',,J,e of lighters ’and b*a», |a(l™
With wood or fuel into or from the county dork ^
lb® b®r®’Ufc ,°f Norf®'k' and «»<>"> ‘hem twelve
and a half cents on each boat, as eomuensatinn u r
*ct<*ketrfltc> "'f
. « \« »cl e<e.j,„ „„ llic
\v" «t side o‘ the Nur«h U>un<vn in the •oupty o>
Ko. umghom ;te be hel&t AtaUJ*-* Uacr* the same
dar with the election at the court-house.
47- An act authorising the Governor of this
Commonwealth to cede to the U. Slates the juris
•In t,on over certain land on -S'mVh's is|a„d for the
purpose of building a light hou-c. If the said
ight bou»e „ot erected within five yean, or sul
leied to be useless for the same lime, the jmUdictinn
i* to revert to the Cominonffralth ; and the land is
to be employed for no other purposes
40 An act concerning county court com mis.
s.one.s m chancery; gives them the same power
wit.i those of the superior totals. to take Heposi
ions of witnesses* in causes depending in the coun
t'l courts; dee I ires, to swear falsely before them,
shall be pcrju.y, and givey lb. com la the discretion
to al low them, in any case, not exceeding fifty cents
per hour, as compensation for their services
SO An “ct concerning iVm Lynch sets forth,
that he IS the father or thirty four /c,rifj,flafe cf,U
a,'<1 therefore exempts him f.ot.i the payment
o» any levy or eontiilmtion, whatever.
p, ’* a.c* f°V,IC 1 c,ic! of esi tain sureties of John
P es.on Ute T.Ca.urcr of ihi, Commonwealth;
allows a deduction o* « i.4h0 6(l. with interest from
lUt January, 1«20. the said sum having heen in
V,C ,'crd,:t u,‘lhej"'? »>y mistake, u„ i
giv es them lurthei Hme to pay in t he balance due
boar^Y^* a",‘u;l, fiom the 1st t e
cernink'll * V* 'e^\ihe act «“‘*‘illed an act con
rrniii^ the State load from the upper navigation
<rj.T‘ “.?*•**' . of K».‘« f,
pssved Januciy |7, 1UI0, ’
vv5?jn^” •^bor«!'»"4 a lean or arms to Kuos
MltW., * a" "Y °rro *’ ; to be used m their
ioflYw ' “ <««,
do An act to repeal an ad entitled an act chan
d>). An .ic! 'o amend the art entitled, an art re-.
uaUngth inspection t.f salt in renain countie*
i ^aVi,he,MHCdt;,,C4,,i,eS lhtt CoU,,l>
a, at toe March letm annually :o appointun m
Ttl* an;‘ '« W-V alt oera',i,*i, 11 *£££„ U
..c a v ol ta.ntydo.tara w;,on each jistke
["t: cMlk'Vb? tU*-**"^ *>« hi a luted on
-pply th.
without git ing notice to the con, t, tmdm ,he .mia!
ty oUucnt, doltars. No sal. to ‘
cept salt conveyed cn pack, hor se* or I v l moe
w.thoot btj.ig m.s| card, b.andcd, Sir. unde, a pc’
I y1? " "'V ***. «cc , -o at,cm,7., o he t,“, s
I poi ted, on the uiuici.a,,,] ti.e ,>c,*.\u l ran* Jo k"
!“ »*"> be ...ekedTnboxcs
reis %c l ° "a,,dtu IR lbe same t).miner asir. ha
Ifitivtiuo T'CU‘- wfc!rh» l|“ »'*pcvto, shall
muVV.!? k 0'’ t Vtrjr f*'c bushels.--Upon rail
".tended to be transported, the in . cctor shall vi
civ C tmee mill* pc, bushel 1 ,e
6y An act to prescribe the nv.Hhod ur nrocccd
tng i.> suits, and on petition lor divorces; gives the
d "?■c»«"^-'rW,uu nages. for natural or
mcurautc impute, y ol hooy at i‘T,cV„$ot linin'
,!ni* i and to gi.-.nt >.i\ ot'ces «
nm '.' 0,1 a‘f«“».loUUuUc.-y, uudty.k
XT' CU* ' v!v;i| i 'nltnijMMMnual -•
feH ::;r‘‘:9 z
*^^.ar.sw rsK
kUtJre ,,1c,r*°n u dc‘#iroyi if petitioning the Le
Uu-7-.o, sl.all f TT*' * «*! the cause
inittlot shall Ocfi.cd in the c elk’s ollicc orthesu
pc, .or court Oflaw ,or their county, of uhkb ™
lu c to be give,, vo the adverse j a.ty, upon ll.u”,
JU| > is to be unpannelieu to ascertain the fact*
|>\ o« which proceedings shall accompany eicv
su.h pent.on. The costs in such imb i be ,1
Mns °,lb,C Chancellor, adjudged against^
‘ Xu Ap,>cal3 10 thc CW of Annajs, a, i.
7 1. An actto amend thc act entitled an act to
nase money by way of Lottery for ce.lain purpo
tocct" ment'cned, allow, the Commissioner,
unde, the said act, to tiunslci the duties, andresnon
Mb. itm imposed (Iit.i.j l} t„l!rKli"‘,J*5,
otlicisto pei orni the saive. ® *
7«. An act concerning the town of Lexin-ton
[J ,‘!‘e ol Rockbiidge; extends the limits oi
the town and authon^uhe application ol the ,UI.
plus fund.i hereto.ore raised by lottery, to the pre.
vcntion of fues in said town p
VO An act to amend an act entitled, an act >u.
thou/mg a sepaiale election in ll.ee. ui.ly ol Rock
ingtiam ; auU.o, ises the election to be held at he
,~>■ —
of t*ss?££isr «»*“ »f
« t a" ac.t cont«"*‘ng Nathaniel Grigsby
8f An act to amend i|lt act entiled. an act if
du- ,ug into one the several acts concerning
cainsl auvCahind *,""lattoe8 i gives an attachment • -
1*1. la' Zrr ' P» stea,n boat, or.other vessel, where
fhAi n! f r, 0r hath «n*«i‘ulcd suit, and beliivea
0 tl.e in! :^lr 0fltu'J"dSminl car* be obtained
of Hi C?Z Z lhcreor' ”"d*r
the shin K.c 81'>* Wllhout such attachment,
uponTu ift!! brftrC9torcd master or owner’
i,j.i Bf(| 6 bond rondi joned to satisfy the
b‘,nd “"■» •»««
indrn.niiy in, .‘"ii'l'T""'
“ZLr •» ‘.VwL
mSf .taMSi*™': Pro,i,M. the 4c,I,
iudement -i-i 1 ***1 °,,c *c,»i before such
i m«?uf ior r""”' «»»•««k Uw.y.
Z l t i ln)' ponnl.le. iii.po Cd,.f.
,OU»r. thc °«»«ndcr may not he prosecute! for the
i felony, or may have hcerr convi. L I ,ur
ment hereby aulhoiiscd to be serred h ,.'C ^.Uc '
wheresoever the ship. &.c „iay ’u officer,
Commonwealth and i|lr . n- * ■ r ^und «n the
to county or c.,,o,/<;!,„ ta the Sue .Vd l"
quire bail, as the ofticcr to whom ih! * '
reeled ...UJ.t have done. V ,"* lh,c *am« «8 «•
quires cinancipated nc-iocs V/f * t,,racl 42 *’C
stale more than 11 months to r!'h° ',crT,1,n ,n ,f,e
and the grand juries are to prcsa’nt llU c!
upon which Information is To he hi!, , ! pC,9°"V
the money paid imi Treaty y
propriatea twelve thousand dollar* P 9 P
ael't £ZJStt£'JnA thC **CUt °f thi? 9Ut<* »"
mVokuI rd thf*c,t,nrorpO'-ai.ng the Chesapeake
I? M«Thnd-n: .AW"^9 ■* paMed b> ‘hc s aic
1 r im ric l /l'.’r thC C,°"'P*«y'o terminate
I xi° Of the can. I at Cumberland, and
cx.tM western by any other rpu,e from thdiec
r ,.
1 r.isouig, and sunsiilnic lor a tunnel vud
lock*, inclined plane* ami railway* or roads; axH
to extriiil a bianch from llie main canal to t'.c coal
hank*, at or near the inouili of bava»e.
90 An act to reduce the expenditure* of the mi
lilia, and for other purpose* reduce* the payot
the Htigude Inspectors to six dollar* per day, olthc
! Hi'jin and J'ijc Majors to two dollais per day ; nI
liiw i one di omincr and liter for attending company
musters, at one dollar per day. and one trumpeter
and bugler at the same. Tor attending a tioop «*f |
cavaliy; the U<igade luspevtor n.»t to rmpl «>v any |
i inu*i<*ian to utttmJ ihe Uainin^ ol llie oflicctb; Jive
dollar* allo\\rd ihe clti'li of Cdi:h i^ginictital and
{battalion Com l of Enquiry, ft»i hi* cervices at cadi
| surh Com i, and /«« dulUis f„» making out carl*
except for the |9l1i, and 5IU1 i c
giliHUit*, .who aie allowed ten dollars tor theii s-or
vice*. The lhovost Martial one dollar per dity
I’he adjotanl, foraltcmling regimental and l.atiul
ion muiirrs, t.nee dollars per day, and nothing for
attending tin: trainings of otlireis The pay o? the
Sergeant Major i* abolished Kxpicote* aliotved I
Jti-<t centi per mile, and t!.at ''uly j,i time oi war,
wooii, iu ue oi juu men each.
( To Lc ('onlinucd.)
Insolvent Lairs.—A liual disposition, tvt*
lent it, w*:;s iintiie y esterday, iu the Supreme I
l/»url, ol the various quealioug arising under
Stale Insolvent Laws, whit h have been so
repealed!y argued, and so long under advise
ment. 1 lie result is, ih.il where the contract
is m ule flu.it*eqoviM iu ihe law,•’ and U made
between citizens of the Stale where the law
exists, g discharge under such law is a valid
defence : so also, if made with the citizen of
another Slate, it such citizen shall elittse to
sue, and llie cause proceed lo judgement in
the Courts ofllieStute where Ihe law exists.
Bill it the contract he made between a citi
zen of Ihe Stale where the law exists nud the
cilifcen ol auolher Slate,'the parly claiming
under the contract may sue in Id’s coustilu
lionat form, the Courts of the United Slules,
and a discharge under u Slate Insolvent Law
will nol bar ihe iiclinu. As lo contracts
made ‘before the pu^sage of such laws, our
readers are aware <hul they are tint held
subject to the operation of those laws, even
between citizens of the same State.
* Nut. Int.
We understand that the British Govern
ment has made un alteration in the arrange
ment of the sai'ing of its packets between
tin* United States and Great Britain, hy
which the place of their arrival ami depart
ure, in the United Slates, will he the port of
Annapolis, in the Stale of Maryland, and
tltal this artuugetm-ul is to take e’liect inline
Yesterday a memoir «f Mr. Adams was
rettif by Judge Crumb, Chief Justice of the
District Columbia, before the Columbian in
stitue. It was u more ample account of that
deceased patriot Hut it has yet boon given to
the world ; particularly of his public *ei vi
ce*, from his early exertions to his latter
du\s. Judge CrttmJi was aingularly fitted
tor such u tusk, lie is a coniicctitiii of the
luinily, a relative, we believe ; has known
the patriot long, and well ; was.imimalelv
acquainted with his public and private life’;
ami was discriminating and candid in all hi*
i einui ks, uml developed the character of the
great man with talent and classical taste
I Ins memoir was written not for the day n
lone, but for posterity. Others wrote the
I line nil ho logics of Mr. Adams, while vet
the doors of his tomb were open, and it was
necessary to festoon the funeral drapery in
gloomy folds around the bust and the escutch
eon. He has set down, after these cereino
tlies were over, and drawn u fair porlrai', in
the spirit of friendship, it ,* true, t ut also in
that spirit of justice which f- , Is that the
responsibility of his labours are not confiued
to the day, but entering far into future times
i he Judge was uearly three boom i,. il,c ,rn
dmg of his memoir, and then left much
which was written, unread. The public
will seize this article with avidity, and pre
serve it with care. Already have they been
gratified by an excellent detuil of the life
and character of .Mr. Jefferson, from a dis
tinguished member of this Society. Such la
bors will give the Institute n permanent rep
utation, and secure it the patronage of cverv
lover of their country—*V. Jour?J\Iarch i7.
Nachitocmiks, Feb. 0—Wc learn from a
gentleman who arrived in town vosterduy
from I (-Xus, lliat the Fredonbins have erur
uated Nacogdoches, and ihut Norris and
gumes have, with their new recruit*, taken
possession of the large stone house that the
I* redonians had fortified and made use offer
quarter*. I lie Fredoninus have not receiv
ed that ready and energetic support from the
Cherokees they anticipated, which, combined
with something of a fright which they were
seized with ou hearing a report (which has
since been ascertained (o be false.) that (he
tdierokees had been induced to join the
Mexicans, was the occasion of their leaving
their head-quarters; they at present me
mostly dispersed, but arn Iryino; to r«orKa„.
•ze their forces, most of whirl, have come
to this side the Sabine. The Mexican
troop* so says report, who arrived at Aim
till » colony some time ago, hut uot receiving
the support from the generality of the sal
tier* they" had expected, having only fifty
men from lh® settlement with them,' took
fright, thinking some trick would he played
on them, and returned to the settlement I,
Is said that Norris and Games, who have
anted a very considerable force,-favbrnW
to,the Mexican*, have twelve or fifteen «• t'
the revolutionists in'irons at the Aysh Bayou,
and iulcud to scud them to Si. AnUanio for
The above we have made out as the most
probable of the various reports n cuhiiioi,,
it being impossible to give a correct state
ment, there being so many dillercut reports:
e^ery oue comiug from the scene of tiiumli
and commotion having u story of Ms own
to circulate.
cii nt»r.
(H'j the celebrated Ilotisseau. )
“ i Coiiless, that the majesty of the Scrip
tures astonishes me; that the sanctity oft no
Gospel speaks to my heart wiih ail their
pomp; what a littleness have they when
compared with this! Is it possible* (hat a
book, at out*** so sublime atid »im|rlc, that he.
whose history it rvcoids, should be Inmsclf
a mere man r Is (his the style of an enthusi
ast, orofau ambitious sectary f What sweet
ness, what purity, in his maimers! what u'f
fcetiiig grace in his ir*ti notions ! what ele
vation in his maxims! what profound wis
dom in his discourse ! what presence of mind,
what delicacy utid what justness in his tcr'
plies! what empire over his passions! Where
is the man, where is the philosopher, who
| knows how to aek, to sOfttVf, and to die w ith
! out weakness and without ostentation! \\ lien
Plato points to his imaginary just man. cov
ered with all the ignominy of gu.ll, and de
serving all the honors of virtue, he points
Jesus Christ in every stroke of his pencil ;
the resemblance is so strong that all the lu
thers have perceived it, and that it is nut
possible to uiistuke it. What prejudices,
"but blindness, must they have, who dare to
draw a comparison between the sun of Soph
romseus and the sou of Mary ! What dig
tunee is there between the one and the otlw'i 1
As Socrates died without pain and without
disgrace, he found no ddlicully in support
ing his character to the end ; and, if tins ea
sy death had not shed a lustre on Ins life,
we might have doubled w helltei Socrates,
with utl his genius, was any thing but u so
phist— 1 hey say that he invented niorulity.
Others before him hud practised it : lie oniv
said nlul they had done, he only icud les
sons on their examples. Aristides hud been
just, before Socrates explained the nature of
justice : Leonidas Intd died for Ins country,
before Socrates made it the duty of men to
love tli-eir country ; Sparta had been temper
ate ! before Socrates praised temperance ;
Greece had abounded in virtuous men, be
fore he defined virtue. Hut where could
stis have taken among his countiymcn that
elevated and pure morality, of which lit- a
lon* furnished the precepts and the exam
pie ? '
1 he (Host lofty m is.'lmn was liquid from
the bosom of the most furious fanaticism ;
uml llie simplicity of the most heroic virtues
honored the vilest of ull people. 'i'lie death
of ^oerutes, serenely philosophising with
bis friends, m the most gentle manner that
one cun desire,4ha< oi Jesus expiring in tor
meuts, injured, derided, reviled by a whole
people is the most hoirible that one can fear.
N\ lieu Hocrntes lakes the poisoned t up, he
Messes him who presents it, and who ai the
same tune weeps : Jeairs in (|,e midst of a
iiorrid punishment prays for his enraged ex
ecutioners. Yes: if the life and death of
Socrates arc those of a philosopher, the lif>
and death of Jesus Christ arc those of n God
Shull we say that the history of the Gospel
is invented at pleasure ? My friend, it is
not thus that men invent : and the actions of
Socrates, concerning which no one doubt,
are less attested than those of Jesus Christ.
Attci all, this is shifting the difiicultv in.
stead of solving it; for it would be more in
conceivable that a number of men shuuld
forgo ib« Look iu concert, (fiaii that one
should furnish the subject of it. Jewish
authors would never have devised such a
morality; and the Gospel lias characters of
truth so great, so striking; so perfectly ini
mituble, that its inventor would be’ strli
inure astonishing than its hero.”
Squirrels, It a emiotts eircumsfanre.
and not generally know n that most of ||;(!SC
oaks which are called spontaneous, tire i.Ihii
“ted by Hie squirrel. l ine little animal has
performed tlie most essential service to the
Hriiish navy. A gentleman walking one
uay in the woods belonging to the Duke of
! near Troy House, in the county of
Monmouth, his attention was diverted by b
squirrel, whieh sat very composedly upon
the ground, lie slopped to observe his mo
tions j in a few moments the squirrel darted
to the top of a tree, henenth which lie Imi
been sitiiog. Io nn instant he was dowi
with an acorn in his mouth, and after dig
ging n small hole, he stooped down ,.nd do
pwte«l ilM! acorn; then covering it, darted
up be tree Hgau,. In n moment w ,l8 down
with another, which he buried in like man
nei. I his he continued to do as Inn~ as the
observer thought proper l() wa«c>li him! i ht
industry of this tittle animat i« directed to
he purpose ot securing him against want in
the winter ; nnd it ir probable that his meim
ory is not sufficiently retentive to rn„I.U?
Imn to remember the spot in which he de» ,>
nn7' e.7 r°rn 5 lJ‘e liitlc fellow
no doubt, loses a few every year; these few
spring up and are destined to supply iht
place of the parent tree. Thus is Ilrin i
• n some measure, indebted to ihp ip,]. . *
and bad memory of a squirrel, for he, j ,
Lif g'orj, r.iid her very exis'enee.
■7'\Vr'—r'" r r r

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