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Vermont Daily Transcript,
Whdnkhday, May iss.
Local Items,
Our J mill.
In accordance with tho prompt- sol
forth in our Prospectus, which hu- been
cliculuted through the County, we, to
day, commence tho ptihllcatlon of the
ViiKMONT Daily TitANsmii'T. It will
he our earnest endeavor to furnish a pu
peithat will he crcdltahle to our pros
perous town, both as regards
reading matter undj typographical ap
pearance. Wo'phall advocate those
measures, political or otherwise, which
we deem for theibost htterc.-ts of the Na
tion, tho State and County, regard
less of t Incuts on the one hand or
llnttery on the other. We have associa
ted with us in the editorial manage
ment or (lie paper, Almont Haines, Ksq.i
formerly editor and publisher of the St.
Albans Mcixenncr, who is a newspaper
writer of acknowledged ability, and who
will second our every effort to furnish
the community with a "live daily."
The present number ofthe Daily will
be left by our carriers at all the business
places, and at manv of the residences of
our citizens for examination , but no fn
tine numbers will be left without orders
IVrsoiiM le.irine to become subscribers
will oblige us by leaving their orders at
tin- TtiA.vsrim'T olllce to-morrow fore
noon, as we shall then be arranging tin
carriers' lists.
Hrrriui. A very larire amount of
butter was brought into our market on
Tuesday, and had the ell'ect to make
prices tumble. Last week '"the article"
brouirht -10 and 4S cents here, but this
week :" cents was as high a price as the
most of dealers received, ami many lots
brought less prices. At tho present
rates children may again venture to
'rop their bread, htittursidedown, with
out producing a ilnancial crisis in thc
A few lots ol last year's cheese were
also broimht into market, and Mild at
fair trices.
Hi'ii.niNci in St. Ai.iianh. A good
degree of activity in the building line is
exhibited in our village this spring,
and we doubt not will be increased ma
terially as the scumiii progresses. Among
the buildings of all kinds which will
arise this summer will be several line
residence.-. Mr. .1. L. Streit, is prepar
ing to erect a line roidcuccon the south
side of Hank Street, near Mr. F. Duteh-
or'.-,; Mr. M. J. Hill will build on High
Street ; Mr. A. W. Jlarton is building on
Fairfield Street; and it is probable that
.several more residences will be erected
in the upper part of the town during the
summer. Among the line residences
finished, or nearly finished last fall, and
which add beauty to thc place, we may
notice the oneot .Mr. II. Jl. Howman. on
Main Street, oneortlie ttest appearing
buildings on the Street ; and that of JO.
H. Whiting, editor of the Mcssenycr, on
High Street, commanding an extensive
view of the lake and country.
Among other buildings we would not
omit to notice the new gas house, in
process of erection buck of the "round
house," and west of the depot, the store
of Hon. Victor Atwood, on Main Street
which will be one of the finest in town
and the brick block in Lake Street, now
nearly complete, owned by Mr. John
We are also informed that Mr. L. M
Downingwillliuilda residence on Ferris
Avenue, and that Mr. Fisk, the adniir
able painter of cars for the Railroad Com
puny, will build on England Street.
Two very pretty residences have been
built on Hugg Street since the latter
part of the past season, and that street
is nearly tilled, there being hut two
more chances for building upon it.
At a meeting of the Good Templars of
St. Albans, hold on the 8th inst., the
following ollicers, elected the week pre
vious, were installed for the current
quarter. Charles Wyman, Esq., was
unanimously elected W. C. T. but de
clined to serve longer:
Rev. H. K. Cobb, W. C. T.
Mrs. L. II. Hrainerd, W. V. T.
W. II. II. AIcAllister, AV. S.
John S. Story, W. F. S.
Mrs. G. B. Smith, W. T.
E. P. Hrainerd, AV. AI.
Miss Clara Edson, AV. l. G.
Gideon AVIlliams, AV. (). G.
J. S. Wright, AV. C.
AIis Lizzie Noyos, AV. A. S.
" Lucy 1. Raker, AV. D. AI.
" Nellie AVIlliams, AV. It. H. S.
" Alary Burgess, AV. L. II. S.
Charles AVyman, P. AV. C. T.
Tin: new hall of the Good Templars
t bt. Albans, is to be dedicated this
evening with appropriate seryices.
Tin: Missus. Bedard have removed
their quarters to tho pleasant store in
Union Block, Alain St., formerly occu
pied by thoBiainerd Bros. They have
fitted up the store in lino style, and
now have room to display their largo
stock of goods In tho most attractive
manner. See their advertisement in
to-day's Thanscuij'T.
M. J. II Mill, Esq., who Was badly
injured on Friday morning of last, week,
by the fall of n pile of lumber, stored in
the loft of a shed on the premises of, his
father-in-law, Jnsper Hand, Ksq., is we
areglnd to be assured, rapidly recovering.
Mr. Hill, who was overseeing the put
ting on of some more plunk was hurled I
beneath the pile. And it Is a wonder
thai he was not instantly killed. The
falling plank rested partly on a sill
which may probably account for it.
Mil, I). K. Gii.kon has resigned his
commission in the Customs Department
at St. Albans, and has received an ap
pointment us mall agent between St.
lbans and Ogdensburgh. Mr. Gilson
has made a very popular officer of Cus
toms and he will prove equally so in -his
new position.
Fimmt Tm:i:s. "We noticed on Tues
day that a very large number of fruit
trees were taken from our town to dif
ferent purla of tho county. We are
pleased to see increased attention paid
to the cultivation of good fruit among
our people, both farmers and others, and
as indicated by the large purchase of
trees, both last year and this. We be
lieve that nearly all the trees ordered in
this county are procured by Mr. (J. L.
Whitlock, of Ksi-ex Junction, who lias
the run of the best nurseries in the coun
try, and is thoroughly posted as to tho
rarities of fruit best suited to our climate
indsoll. His prices are also very low,
md people wishing to procure trees will
find it a pleasure, and in theend prolit-
ble, to deal with him.
Mk. A. H. SIi'svas, who has for a
long time been popularly known in the
jewelry trade in our town, having sold
out his stock in trade with the intention
of removing from our town, desires all
who are indebted to him to call and
settle before tho 24th instant, or their
iccounts will necessarily be left in the
hands of a lawyer for collection. As
Mr. Munyan has always been one of our
most obliging business men, it would be
only " fair play" if those who have un
settled business with him, should bo as
prompt as he has been obliging. "Wo
are not alone in sincerely regretting his
removal from our village: and we ex
tend a cordial wish for his prosperity
wherever he may be.
"Action." AVe have the pleasure of
presenting a clean and handsome daily
sheet to the citizens of our town to-day,
amiwhall continue to do so for a period
not limited by adverse and outside
prophecies. This is, and will continue
to be the result of "action."
"Reaction." AVo wait with "dig
nified putionce," the promittcd "ronc-
tion," "and after thin, the resurrection."
Oru A'illage readers will be glad to
learn, that sullicient money has been
raised to pay for sprinkling the business
streets, as occasion may require, during
thc siinimer months. II the worn is
successfully done, and we see no reason
why it should not be, our merchants
will not he obliged to keep their dusters
so constantly in motion, nor will pedes-
terians be obliged to groupe their way
in clouds of dust. Nolittle credit is due
Air. II. L. Samson for the interest he
has manifested in the enterprise.
Lk Photi-x'tkck Canamkn is thc
name of a weekly French paper soon to
make its appearance in St. Albans. It
is to be published in the interests of the
French Canadians in the United States,
and has for Its editor and proprietor Rev
Z. Druon, rector of St. Alary's church
in this village. Air. Druon is a gentle
man of fine scholarly attainments, and
we doubt not the enterprise will prove
every way a success.The ollicc of LePro
tecteur Canadien is in Barnes' Block op
posite the TiiAN&cmPT's editorial rooms
Buhqlauy. Air. Atwood's hardware
store, on Alain Street ami the saloon of
S. P. Clark were entered last night by
burglars, but nothing was found by them
which suited tlier purpose, except
counle of keys and a lew pennies, we
A horse and buggy were found about
midnight, in town, apparently without
a responsible owner, and properly taken
care of. AVhether they belonged to the
burglars or not. is unknown to any but
those gents, we presume.
Aln. Hokack Rowlky, of St. Albans
has received a letter from the Adjutant
General's olllce at AVashlngton stating
that the remark on the records of that
olllce that his son AVm. II. Rowley, Co,
F. 8th Arermont, enlisted in the Rebel
army has been expunged from the re
cords and the remark "died at Salisbury
N. C. whilo a prisoner of war" substitut
ed in its place. Young Rowley while
prisoner ut Sulisbury, was very much
reduced by diarrhoea and did not have
enough clothing to keep him comfort
able, uther prisoners in the sumo con
ditlon wero induced by promise of bet
tor faro to enlist in the rebel service
Young Rowley was advised to do the
same, but notwithstanding all that was
said he refused, saying thnt he would
die, as he did, rather thuli do it. Some
paroled prisoners who left Salisbury
about tho time, supposed that ho had
enlisted and so reported ; and heneo tho
mistake on the records in the Adjutant
General's otHee,
Ci.aiiu- vs. BvltTON. Jasper Hand, I ZD TIED ID.
Em,., one of the counsel for the defense, .ft
closed his argument In this case this , i sht-hloii on Uic- 4tli 1iih., Ilirniu It. WMt
forenoon, and II. S. Noyce, Ksq., ney, ned 32 .tear.
also for defense, commenced his argu-1
incut which will not cIok- until to
morrow, we piesume. Hon. 15. H. Hard,
of Burlington, will follow with the con
cluding urgumoiu, ior ine proscenium.
With such able counsel in this case as
are employed on each side, very able ar
guments have been, and doubtless will
be made.
Runaway. A sedate farm horse,
hitched up near the depot, Tuesday,
took an unaccountable notion to get
frightened nt the ears. He made a short
"home run," nnd was secured without:
damage to any one, or any thing, wo i
, ..II,.,,..
IJVl I V , , .
For the T miwtpt.
Hold tick IIohsks. AVhlle Mr. John
Combs, of Montgomery, was weighing
his waggon on the Foundry hay scales,
Monday evening of last week, his
horses iook fright at the snorting of an
iron horxc in the Railroad yard, took a
turn, capsized the waggon near the de
pot, anil cleared themselves from it.
The horses then made up Foundry
Street, for jail Street, hut it being dark
at the time, they dill not stop at the
jail to vieAV "the hole In thc wall."
And turned up Alain Street. They
were anally brought to u stand-still on
North Alain Street by L. H. Gofl', of the
Customs I)epartnu!nl,who was attracted
thither by the unusual clatter of hoofs,
under the impression that perhaps they
might have u load of smuggled goods
behind them. U resulted in nothing
serious however, and the waggon was
repaired the next day.
State Items,
As an historical fact, it may bo said
that the great grandfather of 11. t.
Harwood, Bennington Center, was
the first male child bom in the town of
Bennington. An apple tree on Air.
Harwood's farm, over 100 years old, still
bears excellent fruit.
J am us Dunn of AVest Newport, who
has kept the exact measurement, in
forms us that from .Tun. 1st to April
3rd, sixfe e.t of snow fell.
Tin-: Lyndon Union says: "Tliolocat-
. i i i f - ...
ing committee appoinrcti some iuw
weeks since ; met at Lyndon Center last-
week. Tuesday, and after examining sev
eral localities,located the Seminary west
of the Lyndon Center common, on the
hill back of S. S. Thompson's residence.
The design is to remove Thompson's
house and barn and the pars.onage,
midlipproprlate about ton acres for tho
Seminary grounds.
Rev. Ali-'hkd Stkvnn.s, pastor of the
Congregational church, at AVcstiiiinistor
AVest pretichod on Sunday, April 20th,
his quarter-century sermon. But few
ministers are retained so long In one
place as Air. Stevens has been there.
Tin; town of Halifax has recently pur
chased a large safe for the use of the
town clerk.
Tun Phwnlx says : Airs. Sally Stock-
well, widow of the late Arad Stockwell,
of AVest Brattleboro, celebrated her
eifHti'Uinti birthday, on Thursday,
pril :t0th. The occasion was interest
ing, and the gathering was a pleasant
one. i fie number present, mourning
children, grand-children, and great
grand-children, was thirty-nine. Airs.
S. has had ten children, of whom seven
are now living : thirty-two grand-child
ren, of whom twenty-four are now liv
ing; and twenty-two (rcut-yrand vhil
(Ircn, twenty of whom are now living
During the past year, this vigorous old
lady has knit ten pairx of xtockiiirs,
and cut and pieced two bcd-quilt, be
sides doing considerable other plain
sewing, auu a good deal ol ordinary
housework. So far as we know, Airs.
Stockwell is the oldest person In the
town f Brattleboro.
Rev. Royal Paiikinso.v, for two years
leading pastor at Milton, has closed his
labors there.
Rev. Mb. IIlkhiok of Colchester is
to preach alternately at that place and
at AVest Alilton, where Rev. J. K. Con
verse of Burlington, has been for
some years preaching.
Tin: Brattleboro insane asylum, which
lias been for 31 years under J)r. AV. II.
Rockwell's superintendence, now has
olO inmates, and its annual expenses are
$78,.r)00. Thc institution owns 1,300
acres of wood and pasture and Improved
farm lands, and feeds its firos with
1,100 cords of wood annually.
E. S. Hall, of AVorcester, A7t., is one
of tho speakers at the freshman prize de
dication of tho Amherst College Athen
ian Society, on the 127th of AI ay.
A son of Air. AA7m. Flood of Glover,
aged eleven years', made this season 174
lbs. of sugar from 27 trees having no
assistance from any one.
John AVilson, well known us u stugo
driver, was thrown from his currioge,
about two miles from Jetlbrsonvilc, on
tho Bakersfiold load, on Saturday, the
2(!th nit. AVhen found he was insen
sible. Chaiiliu, a twelve year old son of J.
B. AlcCuin, of Belvldero, a few days
since, while, nt play with another hoy
who was handling an uxe in a cureless
manner, accidentally received a cut
which very nearly severed his hand.
TlIAVr, bought Mr. .1. V, I.eonunl'H interest
in tlio linn of l-ooiinnl flrainerd .V Co. nml
will continue the business nt tho old stand where
1 shall bo Kind to see old friend riiiI many now
( CK. All accounts (hie Leonard, Hralncrd.V Co.
will lie scMleu by ine turn must no paw imnioui
It. JtUAlSlUtll.
.St. AllialiH, May!), 18(18. d.l-'iw i
Elilin H, Huntington,
A MKN attention to the. folloniliu partial list of'
MliolcH, which I will nell nt the lours! rates
lor rush.
Howard, Tremoi t, Ml lose, nnd all tho difter-
fitt cradcH of Waltlimn, Xntiounl, and Unit
ed St at cm Co'b WnteheH. A largo assort- i
nient of fluid and Silver American
CnsrH, of the Im'hI ntylos. .Mho,
Hold and Sliver Swiss Watches.
l.ndien' Hold lfuntilif,' Wntrliea, Amerlena and
Svins. Tho latoHt nnd hint patterns of Gold,
Plated and Silver Chains, Vine (lold and
Mated Jewelry of all dehcriptions. A
splendid siKj-orinient of Ladies'
KtriiHcnn, Coral, (iarnet, Ac., Ac. lientleineliM'
I'iiiH. Mammu' Pins and Itingf. Diamond,
Kmerald. Unity, Amethyste, Pearl and
(Iarnet ringer llinps IS Kt. Plain
l!illt;s, Qld HrneeletH, Silver
Plated Spoons and Forks,
Kxlra mid Treble Piute. Ten nets OaHtors, Cake
liaHkot, Vnnen, ,Ve.. o. Coin Silver Spoons,
Thimbles, Ac. A very large utoek of
Gold and Steel Spectacles, everv pair
hold warranted to suit. l')ela-t
Knive, Sliears and SciMHOiH of tlut ltd quality.
Fishing Tackle.
1 shall U'cejve from day to day new style of
Jewelry, Silver nnd Plated Ware, which I will
sell at the lowest market rates.
fSir Wnt eh repairing and engraving done
promptly. ld-tf.
S . S . & .! . A . B K D A It I)
Take pleasuio in saying to their patrons and
friends that they have lemoved their place of
husiufsit to
Three. Doom
North of
the American
Where thi.-j have on hand a large assortment of
Also, a ifeneral assortment of
Our nmtlo Is "barge Sales and Small Profits.'
Those in want of goods in our lino will do well
to call and examine our stock before purchasing.
Opposite Stoic of Sax.; .V Place in building
lormuriv occupied hy H. S. .V .1. A. llcdard. La
dies, will find here a 'complete and choice assort
ment of Fanev Dry good just received from
market, such us
Fringes all colors,
Collars, Cutis,
Fans, a rich lot.
Valencienes and Thread Lace
A. luco lino of French Cambrics and Kuncy
Lawns. A new Kid (ilovo which surpasses any
thing yet brought into this market, ami tcr-
rtitileil. All of which will bo sold nt reasonablo
prices. Lailtcs will find it to their advantage to
cnu anil c-xammu lor tliemselves.
Dress and Cloak making m all itH varieties
under tho skilltul supervision ot Miss Ellen
Moore, long and favorably kitowu to tho inhabi
taut of this village and vieinitv.
1-d-tb l. Kimpton.
First Class Groceries ! !
Consisting in part of
Ac, Ac.
Tint undersigned keeps constantly on hand n
full supply of
And an assortment of Gent's Furnishing goods
in his lino 'of trado equal to any in stylo and
ox;e)lenco of goods, and Kt reasonable prieea.
Holms every thing in tho hat line, from com
mon straw to the last stylo of silk hat, and can
suit all.
G. II. 8N1TII.
Bt. Albans, Vt. May 12, 18(i8. 1-d-tlt
Morton & Percy's,
A superior Suspender for Skirts or I'ants 1 An
uneqitaled brnoe for tho Shoulders. Always a
Suspender. A brace or not at pleasure. ' Its
simplicity, durability, ease and convenience
conmiendit to every Lady, Gentleman, or Youth.
Kxamlne for yourself, and be convinced that all
herein stated is true. Prices, 7.'t cent
23, f 1 3(1.
11 00.
In the best Companies, by
Oftieo over Weeks' store.
Alluns, Vt.
H. C. POST & GO'S.
nMIE undersiirned liavinc iut roturntd from
.1 market with anew and complete assortment of
Are prepared to oner great inducements to cus
tomers. Wo have a large stock of dross goods
consisting ol
1'ori.iN Al.V.UVAM,
The. Itcst Merriimtct ami Cochcco.i.
White Goods,
Linen Cambrics,
Linen Lawns,
White Dim'y
Mii'-hn and Cambric Kinbriiileiii-H, Lace l-'.clgings,
Ac., ali-o n large variety of
Silk and Velvet lUhbons all widtUs slid color,
Cotton and Linen Trimmings and Ilrnids. In
fact, wo have a better line of
Yankee Notions and Trimings
To show than over. Wo shall constantly keep
on hand and forsulotti?
Beau Mode Skirt and French
Woven Corset,
Tho best in tin? market. Wo uiako Cloth, C'a
Bimeros, and Taylor's Trimings a speciality, and
will make it an object for purchasers to oxemiuu
goods and prices beforo purchasing elsewhere.
II. 0. POST .t CO.,
Corner Main and Fairllold Ht's.
St. Albans, Vt., May 1st, 18(18. 215-lw
ri o t
TO WM. N. SMITH .V COW for Gray's
Patent Moulded Collar. '
JL untitled that I am agcllt to transact all busi
ness pertaining to pensions, bounties and back
pay. Illinois in mu uoovu uuiuiu cuit no pie
Homed, and their Ulowanccs obtained, by appyl
ing to WM. lmiUOES.
St. Albans, May 10th, 1800.
EVERV Stylo of Frock Coats at .
7b the 'vnnoiit Ihiily 7Vniief,.
The Impeachment Trial
Nkw Yviiic, May l;Uh.
The Trittuneh doHimti-h enya Unit bv
11 o'clock the Senato galleries were
crowded with HpoctnforH. Messrs. Trum-
billl, FcBScndoi) and Grimes, were more
consiiieious than ever. The. Infamous
notoriety which they bad attnlned made
every stranger ask to have them point
ed out. AVhen the Senato adjourned on
Monday night it was certain there wait
defection among the Republicans, and
thc workers set to work to ascertain how
far it extended. It was found that
Grimes, Henderson, Fcssenden and
Trumbull were with the Democrats,
and only three more were necessary to
acquit the President.
A careful examination of the history
of tho Impeachment case showed that
only Fowler, ATan Winkle, AVillcy,
Anthony, Spraguc, Ross and Freling
huysen wero doubtful.
AVith this understanding conviction
was considered sure, and thev wero
anxious nnd willing to have no post
ponement. The President's friends in
the meantime were active in bullying
timid Senators. Tho President boldly
asserts ho know his men, and had the
names of tho necessary number. Other
men were not frightened, and it was not
until it was found that Senator Howard
was ill, thut a postponement was agreed
to. Tho best judges to-night say that
conviction is sure,
The Times special says: that the con
fidence was yesterday considerably in
creased of the advocates of Impeach
ments. The President's friends were
not so confident as only live, not seven,
Republicans were certain to vote foe ac
quittal 011 nil the articles.
The indignation expressed against the
Senators who go for acquittal Is intense.
AVhat increases this indignation is tho
fact that their intended action was
known to the President and his fronds
several days sinco) had utterly cheated
theirown political friends. Indignation
Is also felt at Mr. Chase who held pub
licly and privately that thc President
must be convicted of malicious intent
which, it is claimed, has its effects on
Senators. A caroful cavass shows to
night thut Frelinghuysen, Anthony and
AVilley wero no longer doubtfulbut will
vote for conviction. Mr. Fowler is still
doubtful while Aran AVinklo and Hen
derson will vote for the 11 articles.
The World's special despatch, says :
Senator Sherman has printed his speech
urging conviction on tile 2d, ttd, 4th,
5th, (1th, 7th and 11th articles.
Mr. Johnson's friends are as confident
as his enemies. It is impossible to say
now what the verdict may be.
The Jferald'n despatch says that con
versations with Senators demonstrate
that though they feel their obligation!
to party as an embodiment of principles
and would not willingly injure its success
still they feel deeply impressed with their
higher duty upon a question involving
features entirely apart from politics.
A doubtful Senator says that acquittal
is certain on the 1st article, but the 2d
and 11th articles would receive a large
The absence of Senator Howard would
count as two votes for acquittal, and if
he is not well enough to be in his Beat
on Saturday a further postponement will
take place.
The Tribune's confidential despatches
from tho best authority received last
night, leave no room for doubt that the
Senate will convict on Saturday. A
leading friend of Mr. Johnson last night
said (hut conviction is doubtful ; the
chances, in his opinion, being equal.
Gold 139J.
I)uowri:i. AA'e learn from tho Times
that Frank Stobbins, cook of the steam
er Adirondack, was drowned at AVhito
hall, Sunday afternoon. He was step
ping from tho fire-room to the dook,
when ho missed his footing and fell into
tho lako. His body was recovered im
mediately. Stobbins has been In the
employ 6f the Transportation Company
for twenty-live years, and was a worthy
and faithful man.
Thr property supposed to have been
taken from the house of Rev, A.
Cooper, in Milton, after many repeated
searches, has been found in abed, where
it was dopositcd for safe keeping, and
ilh wiiureu LHJiiiN inrimLiHii.
1 1 1. 1 x.. 11

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