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case Is upon you. "Why should you live
with such a brute?"
"Hush, Moses, speak notso,' answer
ed the wife, keeping hack the tears, " I
will not leave him now. But he will
soon leave me. He cannot live much
Atthatmoinenl Daniel Brynn entered
the apartment. Ev n Mo-es Felton
was startled by his appearance. Ho
looked like a wanderer from the tomb.
He had IiIb hat on and IiIh Julc in his
"All, Mosch, how are ye?" lie gasped,
for he could not speak plainly.
The visitor looked at him for a few
momenta in silence. Then as Ids foa
turcs n.. "iimcd a cold, stem expression,
he said in a calm, but strongly emphasi
zed tone :
'Daniel ilryan, 1 have been your
next best friend but one. My sister is
an angel but mated ton demon'. I have
loved you, Daniel, as J never loved be
fore, for you were noble, generous and
kind, but I hato you now, for you are a
perfect devil incarnate. Look at that
woman. She in my sister the only sis
ter God ever gave me. 1 wish her to
live with me. but she will not while
you live ; but when you die she will
come to me. Thus do 1 pray that God
will soon give her joys to my keeping.
2sov, Daniel, t do sincerely pray that
the llrst Intelligence wiich readies me
from my native place after I shall have
reached my home, may be that voti arc
Bryan gazed on the speaker some mo
ments without speaking.
" Moses," lie at length said, " you are
not in earnest."
"As true as Heaven, Daniel, I am.
"When I know that you are dead J shall
be happy, and not until then so go on.
Fill your jug and"
" Stop, stop, Moses. lean reform."
"You cannot. It is beyond your pow
er. You have had inducements enough
enough to reform all the sinners of
creation and yet you arc now lower
than ever before. Go and die, sir, as
soon as you can, for the moment that
sees you thus shall see mourners free !"
Bryan's eyes flashed, and lie drew
himself proudly up.
"Go," lie said, with a tinge of thatold,
powerful sarcasm that had often electri
fied a jury. "Go to Ohio, and I will
send you news. Go, sir, and watcli the
With these words Daniel Bryan hurl
ed his jug into the fire-place, and while
yet its thousand pieces were Hying over
the iloor, he strode from the house.
Mary fell fainting to the floor. Moses
bore her to a bed, and then, having call
ed in a noighbor, he hurried away, for
the stage was waiting.
For n month, Daniel Bryan hovered
over tlio brink of the grave, Jmt lie did
not die.
"One clll of brandy will save vou,"
said the doctor, who saw that the ab
rupt removal of all stimulants from a
system that, for long years, had subsist
ed almost on notning else, was nearly
sure to prove fatal. " You can surely
tauc a gin and taue no more."
Ay," gasped tne poor man, " take a
gill and break my oatli ! Moses Felton
shall never hear that brandy or rum ever
killed mo ! If the want of it kill mo
then let me die i But I won't die ! I'll
live live till Moses Felton shall eat his
words 1
He did live. An iron will conquered
tno messenger dcatn nadsent, and Dan
iel Brynn lived. For one month he could
not evon walk without help joyful,
nrayerlul help. Mary helped him.
A year passed away, and Moses Felton
returned to Vermont. He entered the
Court House at Burlington, and Daniel
Bryal Aas on the floor pleading for a
young man who was indited for forgery
Felton started with surprise. Never lie
fore had Bryan looked so noble and com
manding, and never before had such tor
rents of eloquence poured from his hps.
The caso was iriven to the jury and the
youth was acquitted. The successful
counsel turned from the court room and
met Moses Felton.
They shook hands but did not speak
When tney reached a-spot where no
others could hear thein, Bryan stop
"Moses," he said, " do you rcmeni
her the words you spoke to me a year
"I do, Daniel."
"Will you take them back? Unsay
them now and forever'."'
"Yes with all my heart."
"Then I am in part repaid."
"And what must be the remainder of
tho payment?" asked Moses.
"I must die an honest, unperjured
man ! Tho oatli that has bound me thus
far was made for life."
That evening Mary Bryan was tho
happiest of the happy. No allusion was
made in words to the strange scene of
one year before, but Moses could read in
both the countenance ot his sister and
her husband, the dec) gratitude they
aid not speait.
And Daniel Bryan yet lives, one of the
most honored men of Vermont. Five
times has ho sat in the State Legisla
ture ; thrico in tho Senate, and once in
tho National Congress ; and lie is yet a
noblo man, and an ornament to society,
declining all oilers of public olllco, from
the fact that his profession is more lu
crative, while plenty of others wantthe
oinces which he cares not lor.
Gueat Old Aoi:. A French convict
was condemned for crime at eighteen
years, in the year i7'i, to sutler impris
onment for tho term of 100 years. The
convict served his time, was discharged
travelled on foot to Lyons, and laid
claim to an estate that belonged to him
and in settlement therefor ho received
the sum of 4,500. Among other inter
estlng cases was that ot Donald MeDon
tun, wno, at the ago ot IU7 years was
sent to tho house of correction for disor
derly conduct, and afterwards, at the
ago ot iiS7,eamo to a pormature death, by
tailing down stairs. Another caso was
mentioned, of a Russian, who lived to
the great age of 108 years ; ho married
for tho third time at tho age of 03, and
uvea in au ot tno enjoyments ot matrl
monial bliss with his wife for a period of
lllty years ! Another caso is mentioned
of a man who. at tho ago of GO, testili
ed in court to an event that took place
1-10 years belore.
A facetious gentleman named Hunt
of Williamsburgh, Mass., dining upon
a tough fowl in a Boston hotel, asked
tho landlany where tho fowl camo from
"From Williamsburgh." 'Impossible,
said Mr. mint, "lor the town hasu
boon incorporated over forty years."
Vermont Daily Transcript.
Fill HAY SCPTKMlll'U 11, 1808.
Republican Nominations
Foil Vlfi: l'HKStDKNT,
For Merloni al Large (iKounr. V. fliiASiir.v, of
Yci-geniies; II. Faiuiiaskb, ol St. .lolinsbury.
For Flrclur -Third District Ououoi: Wil.-
;ins, nl Mow.
The, State Fair,
BunwNOTON, Tuesday livening,
September 8, 1S03. J
Tho State Fair is auspiciously opened.
riie day lias been all that could lie ask
ed, both from a weather and a business
stand point. The line rain of yester-
iay lias laid the dust, purified tho air,
and assured everybody that, onco clear
ed up, tho weather may be counted on
as favorable. Very considerable addi
tions have been made to the animal de
partmcnts since wo left the grounds last
evening, the " Halls" were entirely un
occupied, but to-night they are well
filled. Among tho arrivals of animals
is the line herd. or. more properly, the
three herds, of Carlos Pierce, of Stan-
stead, P. Q. First in the list is tho fat,
shorthorn grade ox, Gen. Grant, weigh
ing 5,090 pounds. Then follow live
thorough-bred short-horn bulls, seven
thorough-bred and onogradc short-horn
cows, two years old, and one yeaning
heifer and six calves, all thorough-bred
This stock is all of the " Princess " and
"Bates" families, noted for their milk
ing qualities. His contribution of Dutch
or Holstein cattle consists of ono three
years old bull, one cow, and two heifers.
This ho believes to bo "the coming
stock," and lie is now making a consid
erable importation ol them. In Jerseys
ho is doing something, andexhibits hero
a fine bull, a cow, and two calves.
L. S. Wright, of Woybridge, exhibits
quite a herd of short-horns, evidently of
the beef families. No particulars in re
gard to them could be obtained.
Slicdd and VanSicklyn, of Burling
ton, got their much-praised herd upon
the grounds at so late an hour that wo
wore unable to inspect them, and we re
serve them for future notice.
L. S. Drew, of S. Burlington, exhibits
an Ayrshire calf which is the admira
tion of everybody. Wo wore amused to
seethe eyes of the "old fogies" stick
out as he was led upon the ground. Wo
happened to bo standing with several of
the leading short-horn men of the State
as lie passed them, in praising him. He
is the only Ayrshire on tho ground. A
gentleman quite largely interested in
that breed told a friend in our hearing
last evening that the classification of
breeds in the premium list is such as to
debar them from exhibition on terms of
equality with other breeds, and they de
clinc to show.
Of working oxen there is quite a dis
play, but wo have not had time to lool
them up. Orris Ballard, of Georgia, has
a pair, and also some horses on cxlnbi
tion, which is the extent of the Frank
lin County contributions so far as wo
have been able to learn.
The sheep show promises to be good
but they como in slowly, several lots
having arrived just as we were leaving
tho ground.
Mechanic's Hall promises now to sur
pass any tiling in tho past, and we do
not recollect having seen a better dis
play in Floral Hall. The contributions
from our County are very meagre and
by no means creditable to the County
The St. Albans, Franklin, Co., shows a
Mowing Machine, a gentleman from
Swanton u new Horse Ruke, O. C. Wait
of Georgia some early Rose Potatoes, and
there are some few contributions in
Floral Hall.
To-morrow and Thursday will bo the
great days of tho Fair, and wo expect
to sco a rush of people. Tho Horse dis
play will commence to-morrow and for
four days we may expect all else to
stand in abeyance to a considerable ex
tent. Tastes differ and wo arc willing
that all should be gratified heneo wo
witliold comments.
BuJthixcrroN, Wednesday Evening,
September 0, 1808.
Tho day opened unauspicious, and bun
drcds who designed attending were pro
vented by tho rain. There have been
however, very considerable accessions to
tho exhibition since wo left tho grounds
yesterday. Shedd and VnnSieklyn
short-horn herd is worthy of especial
mention. There la also quite a show of
Ayrshires, L. D. Roberts, of Fairfax
contributing a two years old bull and
three yearling heifers. Wm. G. Bellows
of Fairfax a cow, two calves, and
yearling bull. D. S. Cleveland of Frank
lin a cow and a yearling bull. Carml
Osgood, of Westford a yearling bull
and a yearling heifer. Peter Lcclalr, of
Wlnooski a bull and a heifer. Among
new arrivals of sheep, we notice a fine
contribution by Mr. M. D. Abbott, or
Fairfax, and several from Chittenden
and Addison Counties, prominent
among which is that of Mr. Frank Bar
ton, of Walthain, a Hock bred by Wm.
R. Sanford, of Orwell.
Where there tire so many line animals
it is very dltlleult discriminating among
them, and the wonder to us is how, in
the loose way they do business in our
'airs, Committees can arrive at any just
conclusions in regard to the award of
premiums. Tho New York Slate Agri
cultural Society have adopted a series of
scales of "points of excellence " for
udging animals, and each Committee is
furnished a clerk who registers the de-
ision of the judges upon each of the
'points," and when the animals in com
petition shall have been examined, the
olunins of "points" are footed up, and
the animal having the greatest aggre
gate of points is entitled to the award.
One of the attractions of the morning
was the entry upon the grounds of tho
VanAmburgli Menagerie. The pageant
was very imposing, anil, notwithstand
ing the rain, which was falling quite
heavily at tho time, the streets were
full. Our young folks all "went in,"
but wo were obliged to deny our.-elf tho
pleasure ot so doing. They pronounce
it " no humbug," which, at this time
may be considered most positive prai.se.
The afternoon was fair, and the at
tendance all that could be hoped for.
Contributions were offered in every
department, but were most numerous in
the halls.
BuHiiiNdTON, Thursday Evening,
September 10, 1S08.
This is the yrcat day of the Fair.
Committees make their examinations,
tho address is delivered, and, all other
things being favorable, tho attendance
of visitors is usually double that of any
oilier day. The morning was murky,
hot, and foreboding, but tho day, al
though at no time bright, yet almost
oppressively hot, was, on the whole,
quite acceptable and well improved by
tho sight-seeing portion of our people.
We do not venture to estimate tin
number present, but wo heard it osti
mated by others as high as twenty thou
and. Hon. John A. Griswold, the next
Governor of Now York State, said that
if he was asked, when he got home,
what ho saw m Vermont, ho could at
least say that he saw the people of Ver
o do not believe in coyping after
my body in particular and a servile im
itation in any department we as heart
ily condemn as any body can but wo do
nevertheless believe that it is possible
to "go it alone" to our own hurt some
times. That an organization of tho
character of our State Agricultural So
ciety should oiler premiums on tho
rough bred cattle and then repudiate
the only acknowledged test of purity
looks to an outsider like tho .sheerest
puerility. It is quite on a par with feed
ing sugar plums to a crying child when
you know past a peradventuro that you
are doing the child irroparible injury
We believe the public sentiment re
quires that no "premium be awarded to
my animal in breeding classes tliat can
not show a verified pedigree, and wo be
neve mat our society is the only ono
that has ever lowered tho standard. Tho
society on tho other hand has honored
itself in securing a very able committee
on that class of cattle, most allbctcd by
the waving of tho pedigree rule (' the
Shorthorns) the chairman of which
M. H. Cochrane, Esq., of Coinpton, P
Q. tho leading Shorthorn breeder of Ca
Another departure from established
usagOjin deference to an obscure wording
of the proiniunio list, gave considerable
dissatisfaction and one herd, that of
Messrs. Winslows of Putney, was with
drawn from coinpetotion for herd pre
mium in consequence.
But tho world still moves, and tho
motive power is the people, and when
the people come forward and do thci
duty to the society, they will find it ev
or ready to respond. Vermont is almost
tho only Stato in tho Union in which
tho State docs absolutely nothing for
the advancement of its own dearest and
most vital interest, and tho people
should notj be to exacting of a society
that has grown despite their neglect
rather than by their encouragement, to
bo ono of the most instructive of all our
public institutions, for whatovor may bo
tho effect upon the individual contribu
tors to tho show, tho educating influ
ence is immense, and, in the main, in
tho right direction.
Up to this time nono of tho nioro im
portant of the committees have reported
though most would have been returned
ero this but for tho universal desire to
hear tho address.
Wo hope to bo able to forward tho
list of'awards comploto to-morrow morn
ing. O. S. B.
correspondent writes from 15111s-
villo, Florl
ida : "Wo are all gloomy tho
caterpillars are sweeping out tho cotton
crons in East Florida irenornllv. Anrll
planted cotton will not more than aver
ago ono bale to ton acres ; March plant
ed, ono to five."
New York Correspondence,
Ni:w Yotuc, Sept. 9, 1S0S.
Now that the glorious sunshine and
skies and breezes, kv,t of September are
fully come, tho town puts on a livelier
look. The summer wanderers are re
turning, and their presence hero, com
ing as they do with the bright tints of
tho woods and meadows, adds vastly
to the sprightly look of the principal
iroineimdes. Gay Broadway, especially,
bright with all the colors of the An
num. fc?o blooming with beauty and
fashion that it is a kind of luxury to
walk that magnificent slreetona sunny
fternoon. It is a wonderful street, that
Broadway, and particularly now, in tho
arly llusli of tho Fall fashions, and don't
wo New Yorkers feel proud of It, though?
There are any number of women and
men who would rather loose their din
ners than loose their walk in the after
noon on the West side of the great prom
enade street. We speak paiticularly of
Broadway, because Broadway is Now
York, and the civ and freshened look
of the street shows that tho city lias fill
passed from tho somewhat sleepy
moods of the Summer.
Wo have not had time to ascertain if
these watering-place people bring back
my alarming quantity of tho Grecian
beard and others of the ridiculous fash
ions which have so stirred up the
laughter of common sense people during
the Summer. We presume they do,
however; for this matter of fashions is
worse than the measles in running its
course. A woman men do nor nave
the Grecian beard, do they? a woman
once taken with a severe attack of the
Grecian beard can hardly get through
with tho nonsense of tho thing in one
i ti.ii...
season, homo narsn tilings migiit ue
said oflliis Grecian busincss,it is so con
summately, so ridiculously and stupidly
sillv but there, pshaw! what would be
the good? What excellent wives and
mothers these women will make, who
arc liable to periodic attacks of the Gre
cian beard ! Bah ! Wo, of course, ought
not to write this paragraph, but some
how the pen will wag in just this same
way, lor only a lew hours ago we saw,
O! such a representation of this most
incomprehensible of fashions !
The perfect silliness of some of tho
watering-place journalists is shown by
tho report that a young lady up town
who lias just returned from Saratoga,
haseighteen newspapers containing des-
orintions of her different toilets at tho
" hops." The utter bosh of all this Jen
konsisn during the past season, afflict
ed some of our best journals. Evon the
dignified 'Tribune, describing the toilets
of ever so manv Flora McFlimscys. hi
the name of common sense we would
like to know who in the world cares a
fig or a rush for what was worn at a hop
by Miss somebody whom nobody over
heard of? Possibly, however, it is all
of vast importance. Wo wish some ono
would point out the importance to us
Until this is done wo doubtless shall in
sist on declaring that the long, sweeping
pole of journalism ought not to be do
voted to the knocking off of such small
Fashions are rattling along at such a
rapid rate that already wo have pub
lished hero, long descriptions of tho Oc
tobcr styles. You will not expect us to
wade through them all and give them
tovour readers, for you may remember
that wo have not renounced our bachel
orhood, consequently are not given to
the study of fashions and couldn't mas
tor them if wo tried. We only know
that the bonnets are to be fully of the
size of an ordinary thumb nail. As for
chignons, wo don't know yet whether
they are to bo twice or thrico the size of
the head, or whether they arc lobe worn
on the neck, or on tho top of tho head,
or carried in a basket. And as for tho
rest of the fashions, wo must confess
something of our ignorance, however
Everybody is plunging Heels over
head into politics. "Mad as a March
hare " don't begin to describe tho condi
tion of these dreadful politicians. Don't
como here now if you have tho slightest
predisposition to insanity. The politi
cal madness is wonderfully catching
If I should take all day for it, I should
hardly begin to tell you of our political
doings bur mass meetings, our speech
making, our processions, our clubs, and
drums and fifes. "O that night or BIu
cher would come." VidcWcllington'a
speeches. And so, many a brain-rack-
od man hero feels like saying : "O that
these spouting politicians would dry up,
or that November would come!"
Tho "Wickedest Man in New York '
you have heard all about him. Ho
has boon about as much talked of as if
ho had been a Presidential candidate
Somo affect to doubt ills reformation
In regard to this wo would simply give
tho following from the Tribune : " Tho
Wickedest Man " has at last boon con
verted. At tho prayer-meeting, yester
day, ho said that God had forgiven his
sins, and that henceforth he should load
tho life of a Christian man. It was ro
norted that "Shanghai " Iladdon, " So-
joo" Brown, and "Kit" Burns had
offered tho uso of their rooms for prayer
meetings. A religious meeting in Mr.
Burns' dog-pit would indeed bo remark
able. Tho religious tiro lighted in John
Allen's AVater Street danco-houso bids
fair to become a roaring fiamo and spread
over tho land. Tho coming winter will
evidently bo a season of intense religious
oxciteinont. There, that's what the
IWiijincsays editorially.
Louisa Lewis, aged '2o years, was ar
rested on Monday night for being drunk
nnd disorderly In tho street. She was
committed to the Spring Street Police
Station, and yesterday niorningshe was
found dead on the floor of tho cell. A
postmortem examination showed that
tho internal organs were much diseased
the result of dissipation. Tho physi
cians were of opinion that death was
caused by disease of the kidneys. Dur
ing the Inquest, it transpired that the
real name of the woman was Adalino
Peck, and that her parents and many of
her other relations in this city wore
wealthy. Several years ago, she was
married to a wealthy merchant. Tho
marriage was an unhappy one; the hus
band procured a divorce, and tho wife
entered evil paths. Since the death of
her father, her mother had refused to
recognize her. During the past two
years she was very dissipated, often suf
fering; from delirium tremens, and being
periodically arrested by tho police for
disorderly conduct. O, the strange sto
ries of broken hearts through all the
great city.
But little change in general trade
which is at all noteworthy.
Xews anil Miscellaneous Jtems.
Gov. Curtin thinks that Pennsylva
nia will give GranUi heavier majority
than was ever before east for aPresidon
tial candidate, and that Seymour will
not got a single Northern State if the tide
keeps on rising. J le believes the vole ol
Vermont will be tho key-note of the final
Ln a paper sent by the Mayor of Sa
mnah to the General Land Olllee, the
following statements appear: Savannah
has a population of about -10,000 three
eighths white and live-eighths black
Value ot real estate, i?il,i'JS,-H-.. fche
has twelve lines of coast steamers, and
aline to Liverpool will start in Novem
A Paris newspaper contains the fol
lowing interesting advertisement :
lather wants to Iind, tor a son, a school
where he could got a healthy and manly
instruction, and where the teachers do
not till tho heads of the boys with hum
bug stories about nations which died
and were buried thousands of centuries
As to Lee's patriotism, where are the
evidences ot ltv When a parcel ol dom
igogues, in 1S51, began an insurrection
whose avowed object was to overthrow
the union, and disgrace and oxtermin
ato the flag, Lee deserted from the army
.mil went over to the enemies ot his
country. Was that tho act of a pat
The Memphis J'osl says that J. B
Farnham, Chairman of the Finance
Committee of tho Young Men's Seymour
Club ot that city, has run away with
S2G0 of the funds of tho Club. Ho has
also left his boardiiig-liouso keeper in
distress. Jlewasa "carpet-bagger," from
Michigan, and a thorough Democrat
carrying out the principles of tho party
in his private Hie.
The Chicago Custom House return
show tho receipts of 100.010.G00 feet o
lumber during August, 41,022,150 feet
more than lor the same month last year
The total receipts from January lst'to
August 31st were 059,317,240 feet an in
crease on last year's receipts, during the
same period, ol loT,ll7,..f4 loot; The to
tal receipts ofshingles this year amoiin
to 371.772,000, being 101,030,000 in excess
ot last year.
)ti Notices.
JHsslstuoi Sj)rins.
HxossuiTun, Aug. 'A 1808,
l-'or a long time I had boon allliuted with
vorv bc-rioiiH iliac-ano of tho Kidnovs. I was not
able, to turn over in bed without help, and it
wan thought by all my i'riendn that I never
should recover. All medical treatment had
been without eiliect. Tlio diseaso was compli
catcd by a Kcrofulous affection. I tried aver
remedy, used the water of Mineral Kprini;
elsewhere without avail. Tho Missisquoi
Spring water was tried by me in ISCti, and I con
tinned its use for several months, till I entirely
recovered and am now in hotter health than
e-. or before. I consider this water a specific for
Iudeev and Kcrofulous complaints. It has been
bo in niv ease. ALANSON SAMSON,
Franklin Co., Vt., Aug. 17, '08,
I have been ai'llicted with Catarrh for throe or
four years. In February laut I had it very se
verely. In April commenced tho uso of th
Missisijuoi water. Tho ilisehargo was very
heavy and troublesome, but continued to les
hen until to-day I am entirely well. Tho many
remedies I had taken under tlio best medical
advico had proved unavailing, and I owo it to
others similarly nftlictcd, to state that tlio Mis
sisquoi water lias been, in my ease, the one
only efi'cctive means of cure.
Northamptoni, Mass
Tivent 11-11 cu Xcars J'ractice
In the Tieatinent of Diseases incident to Fc
moles, lias nlaeed Dr. Dow at tho head of all th
physicians making such practice- a specialty, and
enables him to guarantee n speedy uud perman
ent euro in tlio worst eases of Sttiuirezbiim anil
all other Menstrual jJeraiitiemeiits, irom icntu
ever cause. All letters for advico must, contain
SI. Ofllce. No. 0 F.ndicott Street. Uoston.
N. 11. Hoard furnished to thoao desiring to ro
main under treatment,
lloston, July, 1808. 22G lvnUw
liiroiiiiai ion.
INFORMATION guaranteed to produce a luxu
riant growth of hair noon a hulil head or a
beardless face, also n recipe for (ho removal of
pimples, blotches, eruptions, etc., on tlio skin,
leaving tho samo soft, clear, and beautiful, can
bo obtained without charge by addressing
THOS. F. CHAPMAN, Chemist.
CG-ly 823 Ilroiidway. Now York.
Bags of all kinds, at
"UtlCOT Backs at WM. N. SMITH & CO'S.
To tlio Nervous & DcMli-tatcd,
i ill) m 1-, sutlcrings Iiiim- belli proline-
ti'tlfroiu hidden causes, and '.those cases ru
outre prompt iroatinoi.t to rcndi-r existence tic
sirablo : If you are snlloriug or have sull'i red,
horn it.uilnntary discharges, wiat cff(l.t does n
pi-ounce uton ourgcnoral health I Do vou tee
weak, debilitated, easily tiiel : Does a litHn e
i. ........ if. .. .......i .ti..... . - .... .,., ...
.... V..V.I.W.. MiixtuLt- imii'iitiiiiiii III llir lll-llll I
lv..... ........ u r...... ...
j-mh-.-i uiu llier, HI IIIIIIIUY, orai'i, Ol' VOUI' liltl
novs, frequently Ret out ol t,rdtr? Is om
in sue Hoiiietime.s tlilek, milkv, or iluel. or is it
IIIV 1111 Nl'l 1 1111' f I II- IIIIOU n I MIDI.' uiiIHii tiun
as Hlooil awhile ? Do ou linve upells or uliort
rcntlilnu or clvuDensia V Are
it' iiiii r wr in ii hii niiif iit ni ini iwittnttt n tim it
.-itii...i v n.. ...... i. n. ..F.....1.
.......... . ..... ..... iifijin wi liiiuiiiiu, n
iinlinireil In viiiii- ntiiul iMi,ut .mlL. iu...lt4... ....
Oil tllU Hlllltl'l-l V 111! Villi C... 1.1, .11 'IImII. uu .......
nil,', tnetl ol company, ol Jite I Do you wish tt
on n il aione. to L-et away irom evervbouv i
n.... .,,, inn., ii. i 1 .. !..'.. .
iu. o .un iiiii.; uiuil; inline Mill Mlll l Ol lllllll)
h your Hleep biokcn or reftlcsH V Is t la lusiri
.r I-....., ...... n.. I....I1I ...1 ! ri'l... l.l
clicck ua uviiflit Do you emov voni-KC in no
pielv ft m well V llii viiii iniibin, v..,,.. I..,..!, ......
with the same cm-riiy ? Do you foci ns mud
uiiniii-iico, in yourscii t Are voui hiiii-iIm ilu
Mill lln,-f-iiis, fjiven to IUh of melanclioH ? If w
no mil lay it to your liver or ciynpepsin. Hint
you lcmicMH imlmiih t lour hack weak, voui
ncca weai., aim nave nut nitie appetite, ant
on attribute Hum to ilvuneiiMa or live r com
plaint ?
Ifl 1 1 1 V elll'f 'I I milt IlliVlltl OVH.UUI J .11.1 nil s..,n
bio ol proilucni'' a wcalnosn of t lie ircmrativi
organs, ino ori-aiiH ol giMierntion, when ii
perfect liealtlt. make tlio man. Dili vou evei
tliinl; that thowo lioltl, ilollant, enciKc'tic. per
KovoiiiiK, Biicctsnful biiHiucKs nun are alwav
those wliohu Kenerative ornaim arc in ncrfec
health ' Yon never hear huc-Ii men complain o
licito? lnel.-llieliolv. nf npi'viitiatw uu r ...,1,.Un
cannot mtccccii in busines ; they don't heeonn
nail ami diHcouratretl ; they arc alwavtt nolit
.mil iilcacant in the eomiianv of holloa, aiu
lool; you and them right in tlio faci none o
vom ilowneatit lnnku or ntiv ftllii.i' iiw.nfiiir.u
about them. I do not mean those iutl.it oil In
runinii!; to excess, The.ie will
not only run
Hii'll- 1'tins.litnHiiltu lmt 11I1.1 lluikf. Ilu.v ilu Imui
lli rn i.l.ll ill lui.
How manv men. from liiullv iMiivil iIikohsok
iiom tho ellocts of telf-nbiiho ai-d occkscs, havt
brought about that i-tate of weakness in those
organs that has reduced the general system si
much as to induce almost c-vt rv other disease
idiocy, lunacy, paralysis, spinal affections, sui
cide, and almost every other form of diseasi
which humanity is heir to, ami tin- real canst
of the f rouble scarcely over suspected, and havi
iioeiorou 1 or ait inn tne rient one.
t: ! .1. .1 f
DUrllU is the great Diuretic, and is a certaii
cure for disoaM-s of the l'latltltr, Kidnevs, Ora
vol, Dropsy, Organic Woal.i.oss, Female Com
plaints, lieiieittl Debility, and all dii-cases of the
ieiu.tie, 110m v.ii.itt-M-i- cause originating, ant
no manor 01 now loi.c Mu,itiniL'.
If no treatim nt is biilininted to. C'oiisuinotioi
or Insanity may ensue. Our llesh and bloot
are support ed from those sources, ami the healtl
" . . . . . ' ., . V-
upon prompt use 01 a iciiaoio remetiy.
1 lOiiiiDtiui is lAtracl liilcliu, est-ibiislit il up
wards of IS years, prepared bv II. T. 1IKLM
HOLD, Druggist, iiUl New York', a id ItllSoutl
10th Street, Philadelphia, l'a. I'meii ?1.23po
address. Sold by a 1 Drui'inst- everywhere.
.'.'111... II, I'll!, ll.O UU ll.tlll. lll'll 1 I'l Ull ,11 1111
tii Nono are tieimine unless done up in steel
Illll'l'llVi'll Wl'flllllM Willi I'll ...Mllll ill. III' niv Pliimii
eal Warehouse, and signed
22(1 H. T. 11KLMHOLD.
' It "Works Like a Charm."
Ilino you Headache?
Have you Toothache ?
Have you Neuralgia?
Use Itonno's Magic Oi
Nil I CJ TI II , 'M .11 !l Irtfl ( II
Use Itelinn H .Milirm 111
Have you ltheinuatisiu V
Use Itoniiit s Miii.ie 111
Have you Sore Throat?
Have you Sciatica V
Have you 11 Hiuiso?
Have you Cramps ?
l'!i; ILI'IIIII' M muni: , fl
I'sti Hcimo s AhiiHnfli
1 si 1. ('line s .inrrie 1 11
nave vou l oin, .nor ins .' I so iicnon s a ntni; in
tl.ivn von I .llllieiiess r I sit Ifelilin illume ( Ii
1111s is 1110 i.-st 1:111111V re neov. to euro ii
kinds of pain, you ever tried.
vou uso it iaithfullv, it will do you cootl.
niwii.tinnu 1.11 ii.w.l. 1..-.H!,. lti...tl ..I'll... r
riut ill- M, 11, 1 wllii l-i, I'm, I. -..1.'. 11-11...,. 1,.,,..
in'. (,'" ii- "i .1111111 iiii'i 11111 rcuiiu mi ii, 111 iiiii
.i,.,i ,.,, ii,,, 11,, .. 11.:..
W.l ...it it .111 1. .1,1,1 11..... ...II ..... 1 1'.... it .
. ., ....... ... ..... . .. " ,,((., (.,,v, .....
;ri: . r i .. i 1 1 ..... i, , . . .
pneo at retail.
WM lM.'l.'W ,.l,i i,..,.. !..(.,.. .,.i at.,.,. ,.,.,
turer, Pittslield. Mass.
Sold ill SK AlllilllM liv nl! nrtiirc.ivlM Vi,i,l.-u A
l!ey nolds, Grocers. In Swanton Falls by I). T
.Morrill. 179-ly-oow
All Printing brought to this Offleo, both Plain
and Ornamental, will moot with prompt atten
tion, at prices as low as tho times will admit,
Wo do our work much bettor than can any
Oftico that will do a job of printing for nothing
for tho sako of depriving us of it, ami wo aro
ready to compare our work with any similar
class of printing dono in tho cities, both in neat
ness and prico.
Hand your orders into tho Transcript Hook
and Job Printing Establishment if you take any
pride in having your printing dime in a work
mauliko manner.

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