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Vermont Daily Transcript,
Tai'iisuAV Ri:iti:mih:u 17, isus.
Republican Nominations
For Khetorn at LnrtjeOr.mwv. W
Vergoimcnj II. Faiuiia.nks, of St,
OnAMir.i, of
For Elector Thinl District -Gr.or.or.
Soldiers' and St Mors' Convention.
Tho indications are that the Grand
National Review of the Boys in Blue in
Philadelphia, on the Hint and second
dayn of October, will he the largest
gathering of veterans of the war since
the great review in "Washington. Invi
tations have been extended to all the
War Governors ami all tlic present loyal
Governors, and it is announced that
they will ho present. The Washington
correspondent of the Tribune says that
the Soldiers' and Sailors' National Exe
cutive Committee arc in receipt of letters
from representative soldiers and sailors
from all section.-; of the country, pledg
ing tlieir presence. One hundred thou
sand torches are expected to be in the
Delegates and their families will le
carried over the Pennsylvania Central,
Philadelphia and Eric Railroads at
two cents per mile, and return free of
charge. It is believed that similar ar
rangements will bo made with Eastern,
Northern, and Western Roads. Are
the Boys in Blue of the Green Mountain
Slate making arrangements to be well
represented in this grand review? We
hope so.
Session of
( tlel.
It will he recn from the appended cir
cular of Senator Morgan and Gen.
Schenck, that Congress will meet on
the 21st. Tho understanding is, that
no general legislative business will be
transacted, nothing will be done, it is
thought except to mako provisions for
another recess. It is t lie opinion of both
Senator Morgan and Gen. Schenck that
a quorum of both Houses will be present
at noon on the 21st. The President's
friends, it is said arc denouncing the
movement as an actof cowardicoupon the
part ofthe Republicans, and assert that
it casts an unjust suspicion upon the
President, inasmuch as he has maniiies-
ted-a disposition tohehavo himself since
Congress adiourncd. But to the circu
lar :
Washington, B.C., Sept. 15, 18GS.
Tho President of the Senate and the
Speaker of the Uousc of Represen tatives
were by resolution ot congress, uirecicu
to adjourn their respective Houses until
tho third Mondav of September. 16;iS,
and on that day, unless then otherwise
ordered by the two Houses, they were
directed to further adjourn their res
pective Houses until lie lirsuuonuay oi
December. In accordance with t lie re
quest of tho Republican members of tho
Fortieth Congress, the undersigned de
idc and rom-ctfully recommended that
here be a full attendance, of both Houses
of Congress on Monday the 21st day ol
tcptcmbcr instant, promptly at 12
o'clock, noon. It is not expected that
Sencral legislative business will be en
oercd into at that time, or that the ses
sion need be longer than necessary to
provide for another adjournment. It is
important that there should bosucligcn
oral attendance of members as will se
cure the presence of a quorum in each
E. D. Moiiqan,
Chairman Union Repulunn Com
mittee. Roiieht C. Schenck,
Chairman Republican Congressional
Preskuvation of Meat. An exper
iment, the N. Y Sun says, is now bc-
ine- made in Austn.l'a. tho results of
which if satisfactory will have a very
important inlluence on the world. It
is to attempt tlio transportation of fresh
meat to England, preseivod by a
chemical process fiom decay. Mutton
is selling in Melbourne for one and two
pence a pound, while in London
it costs nearly a shilling. In South
America, and also in Texas, beef can be
obtained at a very slight cost, and if
means of preservation arc discovered,
all tho markets ofthe world might be
supplied. Tlio proposed plan for keep
ing tho meat fresh is said to lie adopted
from a late discovery of Prof. Faraday's,
and consists in freezing it by evapora
tion. No exact description of the pro
cess has been yet given, but its feasibili
ty may be judged from tho fact that the
sheep raisers in Australia havo sub
scribed 10,000 pounds to carry on the
experiment with, and 300 tons of meat
have been shipped to England on trial'
Fulton Mahket. Just received,
nice lot Dried Beef, Sugar Cured Ham
Bologna Sausage, Sweet Potatoes, To
matoes, Pears, Poaches, Water Melons
and Musk Melons. dtf-01.
To Bi: MAiuucn. Tho Springfield
Republican says that Speaker Collax is
engaged to he married to Miss Nellie
Wade, a niece of ScnalorWade, ofOhlo.
Site is described as " a sweet, sensible,
accomplished lady, of .10 years, an Ohio
fanner's daughter, quite worthy the
place she has won in tho heart of the
second man in public life in the nation,
and of the position by Ills side in home
and In f-oeloty she is destined soon to
take." As Mr. Bowles, ofthe Republi
can is an intimate friend to Mr. Colfax.
this statement may be considered olll-
The Savannah A'ctvs of Friday call?
attention to a " colored Democratic and
Conservative meeting," to be held on
that afternoon. It says: "All Demo
crats and Radicals, white and colored,
native and adopted citizens all who
feel an interest in tho peace and pros
perity of tho country, and who desire te
hear the truth are invited to attend
Captain James 1j. Mosely and others
will address the meeting. Speeches will
also bo made by colored men." Tne
work of winning over the colored vote
to the Democracy makes decided pro
gress in some of the Southern States.
A letter from Gen. Dlx stales that il
lie were now in this country he would
iake the stump for the election of Gen.
The Times says : "Horatio Seymour
lias always been a blundering politician
ind prophet. He blundered fearfully
about the war at its beginning, lie
then blundered right ami left in regard
to the national credit and finances. lie
then blundered about the draft and the
management of things in this City. He
then blundered about the way tiio war
would terminate and tho results of its
termination. Since then lie has blun
dered in every speech lie has delivered
md at the New York Convention, lie
blundered into refusing and accepting
the Democratic nomination. Were lie
elected, he would certainly be known as
the blundering President."
A vote taken for President by the set
tling clerks at the New York clearing
house, a few days since, gave Grant 33
Pnvinniir. 1.ri.
The Philadelphia Evening Star gives
the following sketch, of the Hon. Gal
uslia A. Grow, Chairman of the Stale
Central Committee, of Pennsylvania :
The lion: Galuslia A. Grow, Chair
man of tho Republican State Committee.
is a tali, wull-hiiilt, broad-shouldercu
man, with black, llowing hair and whis
kers, Hazel eyes, aquiline nose, ana a
forehead high, broad, and decidedly in
tellectual. The striking expression of
his face is that of determination, and
he is an indomitable worker. He is
also an eloquent and ready speaker, and
lias served the party in every campaign
for years past on tho stump. He was a
member of live or six Congresses, and
lost his seat In 18150, owing to the new
apportionment his county, Susque
hanna, being thrown with Luzerne,
whereby the Democrats were victorious.
He was likewise Speaker of the House,
and knocked down a Southern member
in one of tho endless personal dillicul-
ties which occurred between members
just previous to the breaking out of the
war. Mr. Grow is President ot tne
Council of tho Union Leagues ofthe
United States, and was a prominent
candidate for the Vice-Presidency before
iho Kcpuulican Convention last lime.
A correspondent of the New York
Times who has been travelling at the
West says : "If any ono entertains any
doubt as to how Ohio will vote, I will
promise them that a few days travel
within its bounderics will soon satisfy
them that it is certain for Grant and
Colfax by a large majority in Novcm
her, and certain in the October election
by at least fifteen thousand majority
Donald J. Warner, Esq., of Salisbury,
Conn., a prominent member of the
Litchfield County bar and a life-long
Democrat, is out for Grant and Colfax,
and addressed tho Grant Club of Corn
wall last Friday evening, giving his
reasons for supporting Grant and Col
fax in preference to Seymour and Blair
His speech was one of remarkable can
dor and cH'cctivonc&s. He showed con
clusively that to be consistent every war
Democrat mint vote for Grant and Col
Two negro members of tho South Car
olina Legislature, elected by Republi
cans, announce their intention of voting
for Seymour and Blair.
The Richmond Despatch recently said
"If Maine shall show a gain, large or
small, for the Radicals, Seymour may
consider his chances of being a success
or ot George Washington as small in
Gen. Schenck is of opinion that the
Republicans will carry Ohio in October
by from 30,000 to -10,000 majority. In
liis own district the Democrats, under
Yallandigham,aro waging a fierce fight
but Gen. Schenck thinks lie will beat
him. Vallandlgham is receiving aid
from New York in shape of money,
which ho is spending quite freely, lie
has also commenced to colonize from
neighboring districts where majorities
are hopelessly Republican. As there is
no registry law in Ohio ho can do tills
witli impunity.
Tho Republicans of Washington fired
a salute Tuesday night over the result of
the Maine election.
A worso than South Amorlcan oarth
quake has cngulphed all tho hopes of
tne Democracy. The tidal wave lias
swept over Ma.no, and sent to tlio bo.-
torn tlio Summed squad. on.
From tlio N. Y, Sun.
An Impartial Jlevivtv.
The result of the Election In Maine
confirms anew tho opinion we have
constantly expressed respecting tho
('residential canvass, it is destined to
end In the election of Gen. Grant. Sey
mour and Blair have to-day not a sin-lo
chance of success ; and the whole power
ot the Democratic party, hut now m
proud and so confident, will of necessi
ty presently be concentrated upon a
mighty if not a desperate ofiort to save
the State of New York, where, a year
since, their majority rose .tojlfty thou
sand. In this condition of allairs it may not
lie unwelcome to those fair-minded.
thoughtful men, who are never carried
iwav by t ho blind rush ot partisan en
thusiasm, to consider in what, respects
he election ot Gen. Grant wm, under
present circumstances, prove more ben-
llcial to the country tnan mat oi me
great Democratic cnieitain oixsew lorn
could be.
One of the chief i oints in which the
success of Grant appears to us very de-
urablo is frankly t-poKon ot ny nov.
-Seymour in his letter accept. ng the
Democratic nomination. "It must be
clear to every thinking man," lie says,
'that a division ot political poworlonds
o check the violence of party action,
ind to assure the peace and good order
)fsociety. The election of a Democratic
Executive and a majority of Democratic
members to the House of Representa
tives would not give to that party or
ganization the power to make sudden
or violent changes, but it would servo
to check those extreme measures which
have been deplored by the best men of
both political organizations." j ne Gov
ernor means here that it would be a good
.liing to have a Democratic President
and majority in one House of Con
ress, because, while they could not
carry through any measuics of Demo
cratic policy, they could neutralize the
Republican majority in the Senate and
check the consummation of Republican
measures that are alreaoy partially com
What a singular recommendation of a
patty, that, even in its success it must
lie partially impotent ! This is the
urst part oi uov. Seymours propoi
tion : the second is, that it would bead
vantagcous to continue, for at least four
years longer, that conllict between the
Executive and Congress which lias been
iroing on lor the lr.st three years. Isu
where would be t lie advantage'.' Would
it be in delaying for that period tho set
tlementot the booth V Would it lie in
coping tho business of the whole coun
try in a leverisn and oouutiui state.'
Would it Le in the opportunities it
would give to demagogues of all parties
to go up and down tno land disturhii'g
the public mind with pnantonis ol new
revolutions, new civil wars, new in
trigues, and new overturns? Would it
bo in the paralysis ol every branch ol
the public service, and the robbery ofthe
public revenue by incompetent and (lis
honest ofilcials, such as the one party
can't punish, and tho other won't turn
out V
We can see no advantage to the pco
nlo of anv nortion of t lie country in sueli
a state at" things. On the contrary, we
believe that the now assured election of
Grant must be of great benefit precisely
because it win close Mioeoiiniet between
the Executive and Congress, and pro
duce a permanent settlement of the
Southern States. The settlement may
not be the best that might be devised
It may need improvement and altera
tion from time to time hereafter, but it
will put an end to the turmoil and col
iisions that now render those States lit
tie better than the camps of hostile lac
tions. It will give peace to the country
and allow it once more to start in the
career of industry, commerce, and pro
Jjut it we turn irom the programme
of Gov. Seymour, as quoted above, to
that of Gen. Blair, the satisfaction of
judicious men with thoclection of Grant
will he exceedingly increased. While
Gov. Kcyniour proposes merely io con
tinuo the struggle against tlio legislative
power with wtiieii ouroxperionce under
tr. Johnson litis made us laniiiiar. Gen
Ulair contemplates an active military
assault upon tne wont 01 1 oniiress 111
the booth, to be followed by the coni-
oleto subjugation of tho Senate. The
execution of this revolutionary scheme
would at once set on loot a civil war
more bloody and possibly more protract
ed than that which was commenced in
1S31. We may well be thankful that the
issue of the election will save the na
tion fiom all danger of such a catas
At the aanio time, it is comfortable to
be assured that in other repects the He
public will be safe in the hands of Gen.
Grant. He is a iirm, magnanimous,
distinterestcd. modest, patriotic man,
endowed with extraord nary common
sense and judgment, who lias succeed
ed in tlio discharge of every duty that
has yet been laid upon him, no matter
how weighty or important, l-'ollowing
these antecedents, we doubt not that lie
will, in tho great olllco to which he is
about to be elevated, Heck exclusively
for the prosperity and honor of the
country, alw iy preferring tlio public
welfare to ovoty other consideration.
As lie himself has explained it, "he will
have no policy of his own to enforce
against the will of tlio people " ; or, in
tlio language of Gov. Seymour, ho will
lie " willihgito carry out the wishes of
the people expressed in a Constitutional
Jlets on the
fndinmt JUleetion
Se() m on r.
The following card recently appeared
in tlio Cincinnati JJnquircr:
J'ut Up, or Shut Up. I, the under
signed, will wager one gold mine, of
four hundred feet extent, of gold-bearing
quartz, of a well-dell tied lode, located
in Montana, for which I paid the sum
of seventy-eight hundred dollars ingold.
against the same valuo in land located
hero in Tipton, Howard or Hamilton
Counties, tnat tlio State of Indiana will
go Democratic for Governor. Or 1 will
wager the undivided half that Horatio
Seymour will bo our next President.
Geo. "Wii.lia.ms, 1
Tipton, Indian.
Tlio wager is accepted by Mr. George
11. Williams, of Lafayette, lndiana,'who
publishes tho following in tho Cincinna
ti Gazette
In response to tho proposition of Mr.
I Williams, of Tipton, X would btato that
I will wager against Ills "Montana gold ;
mine" of "eold-btaring quartz and
well defined lode," two hundred shares
of tho preferred stock of the Rocky Run
Oil Company, for which, four years ago,
I paid the sunt of $10,000 hi great bar
gain), and also one share of the North
ern Indiana Oil and Mining Company.
for which l paid sum, mat at the com
1 nr olncllon indlaua will not fo Denii - H"',l,ll : " ',m im' ""hoi'tig or have wittered,
ti . r ,.. i..V.,. V,. U l A ll, , '" i'lvnlutitnrv discharges, wind effect .loo it
emtio fot Gineliu i . O I V 111 Urndticc upon voitr uncial health? Do you tool
wager one half oi the above stock Ural., debilitated, easily tired ; Does a little ex
ngaiiust the undivided half of the "gold ; tra exertion produce palpitation of tin-heart?
mine." that Horatio Seymour will not
be our next Piesideiit. Giologists' cer
tificates exchanged as to mineral re
sources ( f property. Of these certificates
1 have Jtifct seventeen. In the event
that gentlemen would prefer putting up
in cash the co-t of the "gold mine,"
$7K0O in gold, rather than to wager the
mine itself against the oil stock, I will
even then accomodate him. Mr. W. will
appreciate tho odds 1 am giving, for
there may, through Mime miracle, be a
taxable value ass-ess-ed against tile
mine" for local purposes, I can assure
him that noteven a miracle would so af
fect the stock. 1 feel that such a valu
able properly should be entirely in tlio
i ,. ... ..i. i . i it i- .i
iiaiuiH oi hit miu ur uiu uiiiui u us, aim
so make the otl'er.
Very truly yours,
Gi:o. 15. Williams.
Lafayettte, Ind., Sept. S.
the Winner.
Chicago, Sept. 10.
The billiard match for the champion
ship of America and stake of $101)0 and
loOO points between .Jo-ephDion ol Mon
treal, and John McDevitfc of Chicago,
was played to-night at Liberty Hall.
the game was called atb:i o'clock, Me-
Devitt in tlio 0 1 1 1 inning niaoe the ex-
traoidinary run of 1401 points, closing
the game in his favor before ten o'clock.
rile score stood at the close MeDovitt
1002. Dion 40S. The Hall was densely
crowded and j-reatonthusiaMn prevailed
but, no ill feeling or disorder was manl
Special Notices. j
Il issisfjiioi Sjti'iiifs.
K.NOKlirilO. AllR. '.".), lM'.s.
Vol-a Ion;; dim' I had born alllirted with a
vorv hci'iimn ilitoiihu ol tlio Kidncvs. I wan not
:ible to turn ovi-r in boil without hi'lp, and it
was thought by all my iriciid-i that 1 ih'mt
kIiouUI recover. All medical tieatment had
been without ellieet . Tin disease was enmpli
eated by a firol'iiloiiM afleetion. I tried every
remedy, need tlio water of Mineral SprinjjM
elwewhere without avail. The MiHsiMiuoi
Sminj; water wan tried by me in 18(515, and 1 con
tinued its Uho for xoveral months, till I entirely
recovered and am now in better health than
esor bei'oro. I consider tins water a Hpccitic for
Kidrey and SoioI'iiIouh complaints. It has been
ho in my case. AhANsOX SAMSON.
l'ranlilin Co., Yt., Aug. 17, 'OS.
I have been afflicted with Catarrh for throe or
four years. In Februaiy last I had it vi ry pp
verely. In April commenced Die ue of tho
MisM-quoi water. Tlio ;lis-iiai'KO wan very
heavy and troublesome, but continued to lea
sen until to-day I am entirely well. The many
remedies I had taken under tho hem medical
advieo had proved unavailing, and 1 owe. it to
otlioiu nimllarly aiilleted, to state that tho Mis
ais)iioi water has been, in my cafe, the one
only effective menus of euro.
Northampton!, Masw.
Tivenl (l-jive, i ears I'meJieu
In tlio Treatment of Diseases, incident to Ke
malos, has placed Dr. Dow at the head of all tho
physicians making such practice a npecia'ty, and
enables him to iruarantee a snoedv and normaii-
ent cure in tlio worst eases of Sitpiii cxtioii and
all oilier Mvntlrnttl DeniunviiH'iil.i. from irif-
ercr vintst. All letters lor advice must, contain
$1. OMce, No. tl Eudieott Street, Doston.
N. 15. Hoard furnished to those desiring to re
main under treatment.
lio.ston, Julv, l-TiS. 22filvnUw
TNl'OUMATION guaranteed to produce a luxu
riant L-rowth of liairiinon a bald head or 1
beardless face, al-ao a recipe for tho removal of
! .! 1... ,. I. ..!. .1. . . , I..
j ,Jiuipics, oioicjics, eruptions, eie., 011 uiu fciao,
leaving ine same son, clear, ami oeauiuui, can
ue, outamed witnout cnargo ov addressing
THOS. F. CHAPMAN, Cliomist.
fiG-lv h'J;J liroadwav. New York.
AVUtm's IlnlMiiii of Will) Cherry.
Coughs, Culrftt, Jlrmwhlti.i, AftUma, Crnuj)
W.'uinjihig (iicjU, (iiiinfitj, and tho numerous as
well as dangoious diseases of the Throat, Chest,
and Lungs, prevail in our changeable climato
at all seasons of the year ; few arc fortunate
enough to escape their baneful influence. How
important thou to have nt hand a certain anti
dote to all thefce complaints. Experience proven
that this exists in U Mar's Album to an extent
not found in any oilier remedy; however severe
the suffering, tho application of this soothing
healing and wonderful Dalsam at 01100 van
(luishcs tho disease and restores the sufferer
to wonted health,
Monktos, Yt., June 23, lSOO
Messrs. S. W. Fowli: A Co., Ilnsto-i,
Gentlemen : Having for twenty j'ears past
been in tlio habit of using Dr. Wistar'a Uals.im
of Wild Cherry, in cases of Coughs. Colds, and
Pulmonary Affections, I can tobtify to its great
merits with the utmost confidence I believe it
to be the best medicine for those complaints ov
it iihid, and have no doubt that tlio uno of it
Iris at three several times saved mo from Con
hlimption, besides many tunes in Into years, af
fordimr immediate relief in less severo attacks
1 am 78 years of aire, and for manv years have
been a subject for mibuon.-iry disease, hut by the
Use of this excellent remedy 1 keep nivself nuito
comfortable. I can hardlv liml language to
express tho exalted opinion I have of tho Hal
sum, and recommend its ut o to all as tlio best
remedy that can bo used. (I ROUGH DAltT.
Prepared by HBTH V. FOWLK A .SON, 18
Ticmont St. Hoiton, and for sale bv Druggisth
0 ontly it penetrates through every pore,
It elieving sull'erers from oacli angry sore ;
A 11 wounds it healti with certainty and sneed :
C uts, Hums, from inflammation soon aro freed
K runtions. at its nresonco dUatmoar :
H kins lose each stain, and the complexion's clear!
S ai.vu. such as G hack's every ono should buy,
A 11 to its wondrous merits testify,
L ot those who doubt, a oingle box but trjv
V orily, thou its truo deserts 'twouhWiavo ;
K von unbelievers would laud Giiach's Salve I
RUI1IJEU Coats, all kinds, at
To tlio Nervous & Debili
tated, W7" II O H K MilTcrings Iiavo beta piotrtic
1 t t ud from hidden causes, ahd-abose cases ro
quire prompt treatment to render existence do
Hot s voiir liver, or miliary, origins, or vonr kid
mys, fieipteiilly not ,it f order? Is jour
urine sometimes thicli, mi:l;y, or HocKy, or "s it
ropy on settling ? Or does thiol; hcuui rise on
the top ? Or is a sedinu lit at the bottom after it
has stood awhile ? Do vou have Bpclls of short
brealliiii; or dyspepsia ' Are your bowels eon
st'p.iled? Do you hac spells offaintiiift, or
rushes of blood t the head '! Is jour memory
impaired V Is your mind constantly dwflliiiR up
on this subject ? Do jou i'eoldull. listless, mop.
Ink. tired or company, ot lile V Do you wisli to
lie lott alo-ie. to trot' away from everybody V-
lloes any little thing inula- yon Mat t or Jump ?
Is your sleep blol;cti or rent lens V Is the lustre
ofvoiir eye as brilliint? The bloom on vour
ch ok ns bright V Do you enjoy jourselt in so
ciety as well ? Do yon puisne your business
with the same energy V Do you feel no much
contldeiico in jonrsolf? Are your spirits dull
t.tnl llau'ging, given to (Its of melancholy ? If so
do not lay it to your liver or dyspepsia. Have
you lestlesH nignts? Your b.iok weak, jour
Knees weak, and have hut little appetite, and
oii nl tribute this to dvspop.iia or liver-eom-plaint
Now, render, K-lf abuse, venereal discuses
badly cured, mid sexual exeosses, are all 0:10.1
ble ot liioduoinir a weakness of the L'ouorativu
organs. The organs of generation, when in
period health, make - tlio man. Did you cor
think that those bom, di limit, energetic, per
severing, successful business men are always
those whoso generative organs are in peifect
health V You never hoar such men complain o!
bring melancholy, of lienousiioss, of palpita
tion of tin- heart. They are never afraid they j
cannot succeed in business ; they don't become
sad and discouraged ; they are always polite
and pleasant 111 tho company oT ladies, and
look jou and tliem rigid in tiio iaer -none of
your downcast lool.s or any other miaiiness
id unit tin in. I ilo not mean those iullatod by
running to excess, These will not only luiu
Mieir ooiistitutions, but also those llioy do busi
ness with or fur.
How many men, from badly eurd diseases,
ii'oui tin- ellects ot self-abuse al-d excesses, have
hlought about that btnte of weakness in tlioso
organs that has reduced the general system so
much a.-, to induce almost ovorv other disease -idiocy,
lunacy, paralysis, soiiial altoetions, sui
cide, ami almo-t every other lorm ot disease
which humanity is heir to, and Hie real cause
of the trouble scarcely owr suspected, and havo
doctored lor all but tde right one.
Diseases ol thoho oigaus reoiure the use of a
llmr. tie. HKl.MUULD'S t'l.UD KXTIiACT
DlVlll' is the gieat Diuretic, and is 11 ceitain
me for disoaues of the hladdor, Kidneys, Gru
el, Dropsy, Organic al.ness, I-V-m.ilc Com
munis. General Debility, and all diseases ot the
Urmarv Oiyaus, whether existing in Male or
l'einale. from wh.itowr cause originating, and
no matter of how loi.g standing.
It no tieatmeut is sulmn.ted to, Consumption
or insanity may ensue, uur tiesn aim moon
.ire sin Hunted from these soureos, and the health
and I appiness, and that of Posterity, depends
upon prompt use ot a rename remedy.
IlolmhoM's Kxtrnet Hnchu, established up
wards of IS eais. prepared by II. T. HIvLM-
1101.1). DruL'uW. Sill New York, ifid 11H South
10th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Pun r.-l .'!." per
bottle, or (! bottles lor $(.0t), delivered to any
ddress. Sold by a 1 Druggists everywhere.
W None are Genuine unless done up in steol
mrraved wrapper, with fac-Hiinilo of my Chemi
cal Warehouse, and signed
JUti Jl. T. lllvli.MliUlD.
"It Work's Like a Charm."
Itenne's Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures Head-
hemic a Pain-Killing Mngio Oil euros Tooth
Ileum 'h Pani-hilhng Magic. Oil cures Neural-
Jieiino pam-lulling amgic uu cures unoiera
Itenue s Pain-hilling .Magic Oil cures I'.heu-
Holme's Pain-hillmg Magic Oil cured Lame
Heiino's Pain-Killing Magic, Oil cureu Skin
Some folks seem to bo nroud of ti-llmtr how
lame their shoulders are" of my crick in the
back" or. "I havo irot tho Sciatica" and de
light in braligiiig that "nothing can euro mol'
but when wo got such "aw till folks" to use
Heene's Pain-Killing Magic Oil, faithfully, wo
not onlv cure their lameness and charm away
their pains, but wo actually taUoall that kind ot
hrag out ot them r. ami nicy lranuiy own ur
and bay, "It works like a charm 1
Sold bv all Druggists, .AiercnaiitH and urocetB,
Side proprietor and manufacturer, Piltstiehl,
.Mass. uaa-eow-jy
The Great Now England Remedy!
Cures soro throat, colds, coughs, dlptheria
bronchitis. smttiiL' ot blood, and milmoiiery at
feetions generylly. It is a remarkable remedy
lor kidney coiiinlaints. This remedy ia free
from anything deleterious, pleasant to thetasto
flue, ui i-iuuiiiuuiiuiini: in im i.iuiu.
Female Strengthening Cordial.
.1 Spivitc Iit'umlijjar tUc Diseases nf the liepro-
(furore organs.
It imparts tone and vigor to tho Uterus, and
liives renewed vitality lo tho v. nolo system. .u
cases of Debility peculiar to Females will find
sovcrigit remedy in this compound.
Prepared at the .New j.ugland ootanic uepot,
GEO. W. SWETT, M.D., Proprietor.
One dollar per bottle. Five dollars tor six
bottles. 217-ly
ICrror of Youi li.
i GENTLEMAN' who HUilered for years from
V nervous debility, and nreniaturo decay, and
ail tho elVccts of youthful indiscretion, will, for
tlio sake of hitfl'oring humanity, send free to all
who need it, tho receipt and directions for mak
in' the sitnnlo remedy by which ho was cuied.
Sufferers wishing to profit by tho advertiser's
experience, can do so by addressing, in porieci
confidence, JOHN 11. OGDEN,
Ulti-ly 12 Cedar Street, New York.
li. I'HED'K M01IH1LL, Physician and Sur-
geon, gives exclusive attention to Diseases
ol women. He has made diseases oi woman uis
studv for tho past twenty years. His juactice
has been e.-y extensive both in Hospital and in
pnvato practice. His rcputatioa has vouchers
in all tiie city papers, hispationts, and tlio medi
cal profession, both hero and abroad, as being
tlio most skillful specialist hire, and a thorough
master of all sexual diseases.
Dr. Padelford in admitted by tho best medical
talent ofthe country to havo no equal in tho
treatment of Female Complaints, audit is no un
usual occurrenco for jiliynicians in regular prac
tice to lo'-ouimcnd patients to him for treatment
when afllieted with diseases in his speciality.
Ladies will receive tlio most hcieiitiiio atten
tion, both medically and surgically, witli private
apartments during sickness, and with old and
experienced nurses, if they wish.
The poor advised free or charge. Physicians
or patients wishing his opinion or advice, by let
ter, and enclosing tho usual l'eo, will bo answered
bv return mail. . ,
Medicines sent to all parts or tno country,
Ollice, No. -18 HOWAltD STHEET,
lioston Mass.
JN received WM. N. SMITH A CO S.
I Dags of all kinds, at
i fPHICUT Sacks at
Wo propose to fight it out on this lino
for the next
iVo Terms but Cneoiulilional Surrender!
Wo innko IN ace by a vigorous
prosecution of THK WAR 1 1
4 Or.NTH WANTKDinoveryTouti, tocniivasH.
XV. Kmploviuent for Gentlemen or I.ndies.
Individual, Town, County or State Kightu for
Let tern Patent were granted us August 13, for
a now device for catching Hies, by which any
lady can lid her house of those jcsts, as readily
aa she can di.st her parlor. Wo carry on the
war according to tho inlos of civilized nations,
resorting to no Poisons, Sticking Plaster, or
Cheinicai combinations, but, like " Crocket'H
"coon," they eomo down. Wt live by i"",ion - not
words! Gentlemen or Ladles. Till VS. Wn
present jou tlio best llc'.d and inducements for
canvassing to be found in the I'nited .States.
Communications addressed to us will receive
prompt attention.
ffiM-Ucod St. Albans, Vt.
0 v
H, 0. POST, & OO.'s.,
JUST ltHCKlVED from New roik, a splendid
Lino ot of
New and Choie) Dress Goods,
LmpiccH CIotiiH Ginghams, French Serges,
Silk and Wool, Shot Poplins French Mori-
noes, with a groat
Varivty of Plain and Poplin Alpacas,
and Cliem- Poplins, all at VLltY
LOW PUICICS. We h;io a full
Lino of
Consisting of
Silk Fringes, Dluok and Colored
Velvet Kihhoiis, with lhittons and
Gimps to match. Our Stock of Prints
lilcached and Drown Cottons, Deiaiim, in
fact ovnrj tiling in the linn of Doinostii-.i, in full.
a full lino of
Cassimores, Tailoi's Trim
mings, Gloves, Hosiery, Shawls,
Dutchess Kidds, and lheakfist Shawls
Choice lino of Dry Groceries may always be
found in stock.
Kiiiau., ..ii r,,., 11,,.., i .,,,1 i, .:,.., 1...
fore purchasing elsewhere.
H. C. POST, i"i Co
Cor. Main and Fairfield Sts., St. Albans, Vt.
Print in
-TVH I 11I11II1L' IJl ,1111.' I1L L(J LlUa UULI1 A Jill
in i,-.-. .ti l ... t.. in i.:.. n a Tki:
tion, at prices as low as the times will admit.
Ofiico that will do a iob of rriutint: for nothin
ness and prieo.
,..,1 ... Iinvini. , rtm ,,vinr,t,i. flnnil 111 A WOl
manlike manner.
, . . .............
that old ami reliable Life Insurance Company,
ti. . nt :.. .ruir
v v canvass ot i rank in uouiiiv in ueuan
i tit-r i iir ha iviiiiiini. in n iiiii
terms to
an aeiivn. 0111 ruei
N.G. A-Yl'tfl-ili,
Peru. Clinton Co.. N. V.
mont. 207-tf
n u i j v at. K. smith ,v uu ior ine iirm
Patent Shape Collar.
call at WM. N. SMITH A CO S.
LINEN Coll&ra of ovrrv description at
call on WM N. SMITH .t CO.
flACK Coats, in overv stylo at
O Wm. n. smith ,t co's.
call at WM. N. SMITH it CO S,
"OANTS and Vest, all kinda. at

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