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I A r YjV T I A NSCKI L 5T, SEPTET T BKR 52:2, 1 86S
Vermont Daily Transcript,
Republican Nominations
For Elector nt Large Or.ottoi: W. Oiiami:t, of
VcrgonncH; H. 1'aihiianks, of St. .Tohnshury.
For F.h dor Third District Okoiiok Wii.
kins, of Stowe.
Ho'.fov l'lnttsburtjlt.
The Republicans of Clinton County
N. Y.are arranging for a political meet
ing at rialtsburghon Iho 7th of October
next. The press of the valley of Lake
Champlaln has already announced that
Vermont is to be represented there, by
the Into and ftv'.hful In large number.-.
It is well understood, wc suppose, tha
tho State of New York is reckoned upon
by the Democrats, for her full electoral
vote in favor of Seymour and Blair,
vf iilc the Republicans consider the rc
s alt as extremely doubtful. Jlnordirto
make the result for the Democracy more
do lbtful, and to i.isure the State vote foi
Gr.nt and Colfax, the Republieam
have a work to do between this time and
November. The Republicans of St. Al
bans and Franklin County Vermont,
can now lend their neighbors acro.-s the
La:o helping a band, ti the oppoi
tuni'y is presented!
Vermont may be considered as safe
for Grant and Colfax in November.and
there is little mote remaining for us to
do here, than to deposit our voles. The
local ifcBues and divided notions which
manifested themselves so very unpleas
antly at our September election, will
not appear in our national ballot in
November. In view of this fact, we
arc in duty bound to render such aid as
may be necessary to the Republicans in
adjoining and doubtful States. Our.) is a
progressive party, a positive party, and
if you will so have it n "Radical party"
so far as radicalism is right. The Re
publicans have always been compelled
to work, and they can with satisfaction
point to the many and magnificent re
sults which have been accomplished
through their organization, since the
party became organized. Tho people
saw tho neecsshjj for tho party, there is
equal necessity for its perpetuity. There j
will ever be work to be done, our antag
onists will take every advantage of our
lukewarmncss and hesitancy, we should j
not hesitate.
Wo have a political organization in
St. Albans known as the ' Grant Club''
or at least history so records the fact.
This is the nucleus around which we
should naturallv suppose the supporters
or Grant and Colfax would gather, but
so far, we have been unable to discover
any signs of vitality.
What Is tho object or the use of the
thing if it is not to move forward in
these matters. The President of the
Club, in one of his jolly speeches, re
cently remarked that it luul been in
strumental in doing no injury. This is
too true, and he might have added also,
that it had done no good. If the thing
lives wc should like to discover some
signs of its life ; if it was still-born, why
should It have been given a name V
Now we do think, after all, that tho
Club might be made the means of doing
some good hereafter, and should lend off
in this Republican excursion to Pitts
burgh. The services of thu Brigade
Band should be secured at an early tiny
to accompany the excursion, with a re
quest that they learn to play " Rally
Round tho Flag." They may know
how already, but if so wc have never
heard them. If we are to be disappoint
ed in our expectations of the Grant Club,
let us have timely notice, that we may
unite ourselves to some school-boys de
bating club, that has not made an excur
sion this season and might be induced
to go to Plattsburgh. The Ladle.-.' Sew
ing Circles in the village, we believe,
made no excur&ions this season, and per
haps, aa a last resort, they might bo in
duced to go, it being leap year.
But, candidly, we think the Repub
licans of St. Albans and vicinity should
attend tho Grand Rally at Pittsburgh,
and lend their inllucnco to the propoga-
tlon of Republican ideas over the Lake.
Wo bclievo that a great many of our
own way of thinking, will bo there fiom
St. Albans,oven though each one travels
on his own hook ; how much better it
would be if a little organized effort
could bo put forth and take tho Band
along. We have no doubt tho " River
Queen " could be chartered for half fare.
Shall we go?
Fulton Makkht.- Just received, a
nice lot Dried Beef, Sugur Cured Hams,
Bologna Sausage, Sweet Potatoes, To
matoes, Pears, Peaches, Water Melons
and Musk Melons. dtf-91.
The New York Jlcrald prints tome
interesting information in relation to
tbo cxpeil.lion of Captain Hall in search
of traces of Sir John Franklin. The in
formation ii furnished by Dr. Cloohl of
Dublin, who has been during the past
two years in the l'olur regions :
Dr. Goold anived at New London,
Conn., a tew days since, on uoam a
whaling ship, from Cumberland Inlet, j
and states that in August, lKu", he spent !
some time with Mr. Hall, who was then
at Remilse Bay. Mr. Hall has traieil
tho late directly of two of the last smvi
vors of Sir John Franklin's party, and
has obtained valuable information re
garding the relies and some records ic
portcd by the un ives to have been left
iv the lo'lexi edition In KiitgWilliam's
L'and. Captain Hall learned lroin some
of the Esquimaux, in lSOli, about two
years piior to that time Captain Cro.ier
and one of the Franklin crew had died
in tho neighborhood of Soutnampton
Island, wnile endeavoring to make their
way to that plac?, in the belief that they
would be thuic able to meet a whaler to
convey them back to England, or, in
'.act anywhere, to escape- from their Art
prison. Capt. Hall is confident of tho identity
of Captain Cro.ier with one of the m.n
.-o described to have perished, as the na
tives not only gave Captain C. osier's
name, but were in po-ocsHiou of certain
unifies that belonged to n.m and u in
companion. Mr. Hall obtained fiom
hose Esquimaux Capt. Crozicr's watch,
i gold e.irononieter, made by Arnold
fc Dent of London, besides some small
jrticloi of s.lvcr, and trinkets belonging
to their ouilit. '1 hose relics Mr. Hall
now ho ds, and they have been seen and
htm lied by Dr. Goold. Caj t. Crw.iorV
companion, who died with him, is W
lieved to have been a steward of cube.'
tho Erebus or Terror, as the nativts say
lie was a server of food, but could no.
.ecollect his name.
The natives al.-o state that they have
xmong tliem, near Southampton Is
land, a piece of gold lace and a piece of
old bullion wmeh belonged to dpt.
cVoz.Ior, and is belie veil to have formed
part of one of his epaulettes. They aiso
stated that a number of others had starl
et! Willi Capt. Crozier from a place very
not tli to reach fc'o llhainpton Ji.let, bin
had perished one by one on t lie way.
fhey had been passe'd fiom one band oi
Enowit-. to the other, and when Capt.
Cro.ier had p.is-od tliroiuh two trib.'s
the natives say all further tiaces we.e
loft; but Cii) t. Hall hinn-elf traced the
remainder tnorc. Capt. Hall also says:
' The opinion mosc entertained is,
that the natives killed them." The.
say themselves there was no tlifliculty
n Capt. Cro.ier getting thiough, be
cause lie was acco. inted among the na
tives a lirst-rate hunter for that country
ti'tl could at all times keep himself in
The records which Captain Hall hopes
to be able to secure are in King Wil
liam's Laud, anil considerable ditllcully
is anticipated in the ellbrt to leacli them.
According to native information the
last six survivors built a cairn or rude
vault of stones on the rocks, ami deposit
ed within it some documents ami such
articles as they had no further use lor,
or would have been an encumbrance on
their journey. For some time pa-t King
William and his tribe have been hostile
ti wauls the native followers ol King
Aloert, who inhabit the region aboui
Repulse Bay, where Mr. Hah was quar
tered, anil would allow no incursions in
to their country. The place where this
e.urn is described to be situated is about
four hundred and fifty miles northward
from Repulse Bay : anil in order to reach
it Cantain Hall has fo.nn.d an alliance
with Albert and his people, anil togeth
er with his own escort of Earopeans,
was preparing an expedition ot about
ninety persons to march in quest oi the
It was Mr. Hall's intention to start in
February or March of this year, and he
hail alieady accumulated supplies of pro
visions and other neces.-aries for the pur
pose. His lorce will consist ol live Cau
casians beside himself, and the remain
der would be composed of Allivd's men.
Of the white accompanying him two
were Irishmen, one German, one ling
lishman and one Swede, all of whom
were recruited by him from the crew of
the Pioneer, which was wrecked in the
summer of 1807 at King's Cape. These
men are all armed wiln revolvers and
shotguns, anil it was mainly through 10-
liance on the JrAiropeans and their wea
pons that the Albert men were induced
to participate in tho incursion. Alone
they would be unab.etocope with King
William's forces, who number about two
hundred, and could be assembled in t
Captain Hall would oiler no molestU'
tion to King William's people, bin if op
posed would give them battle if nects
sarv, a lie was determined to obtain the
records of the last explorers if poss.ble
He would ho accompanied also by "Joe
and "Hannah," the two ii-qunuuux or
PJnew.ts who, it will be rcmoinbtiv d,
were a few years a.o educated in this
countrv and exhibited in tlustity. 'Jo
and "Hannah" are man and wife, and
no w form part of Capt. Hall's lenmieor
liouseliolil. ailortliiiir mm valuable u-Ho
lance through their knowledge of the
English language in coiiinuiuic.itiii
with the vario.it tribes ol natives, with
who.-o dialects and pcculinmicsthcy aie
laminar, the entire ill taneo, it wm ex-
nectjil, would have to be traverssod on
bicdireH drawn by dojiK, of which tu-eful
motive-power Mr. Hall h:u an .ibund
It was Mr. HaU'ri determination, if
successful in Uniting the cairn, and ii no
unlori-eeii cirouin&taucerf or obstacle.- in
tervencd, to press still further lorward,
and if possible reach the onen 1'olor f-'e i,.
and nerhans return by .way of Behring
Stiait. If Impeded he expected to ro
turn from his expedition to King W il
lhnu's Land about bt-ptember ot 1SCS,
and take up his quarters for winter at
Repulse Day. Last year ho wintered in
this locality, and at tho tune Dr. Goold
taw him was in CO degrees lit minutes
North latitude, and longitude 81 degrees
6 minutes West.
Peuuvian Syiu'I'. This valuable
medicine has been Mlcntly making its
way into public lavor by tlio numerous
remarkable cures it has performed. Its
singular elUcacy is owing to tlio protox
jdo of iron, which icmains uuciiauged
in tho preparation, and is thu oniy form
I.. ...I.w.l, .1.!., , ........... ..I- l..,l,I...
Illicit IIMB V'l'tl UIVUIL-Ilt ui iii-.mii,)
I blood can bsj fcuppllej,
A vote was taken on the westward
bound train from Albany, resulting:
Grant, So; Seymour, fio. Tho canvasser
asked one gentleman how lie voted. " 1
am a Seymour man," he replied; it was
Seymour himself.
Gen. A. K. Scott, Governor of Smith
Carolina, had a singular experience, for
ln tho course
of three years ho was a
m.jgOMfjr ., viefor imd i tim-mimr In tbr.
lMltonLr UU01 1111(1 a tocinor In tl.o
8:11110 olatc.
I ho Springfield Itcpublican says : In
the Congressional Districts of Massa
chusetts, Mctsi-s. Daws, Ranks, Bout
well, Hooper, Twitchell, and Ames will
be renominated without opposition. Mr.
Washburn also is pretty sure of the
nomination, and to, we fear, is Gen.
Butler. Mr. Bullinton is likely to be
nominated for Iho First District, though
the friends of Win. T. Davis do not give
U)i hope. In the Worcester District, the
choice lies between Mr. Bird and Mr.
G. F. Hour. There is some talk of run
ning Mr. Dana agaiiwt Dutler in the
Essex District, but that excellent pro
posal is made rather late in the cam
paign, and it is doubtful if Mr. Dana
will consent to stand. The Convention
is eal ltd at Salem on the USth inst.
The Philadelphia A'oWt Anurk-an
says :
If there is always "strent'lh in union"
Ihen tliedisunioiiDenioeraey are beyond
Achilles. They unite more contradic
tions and oppositions, so far as elements
iitiiuraiiy hostile can lie tuseil, than Jun
ior,- is aide to parallel, they unite a
very few hard money Democrats and
inoic paper currency advocates. 'I hey
unite men of peace and pure revolution
ists, uney unite a small sparkling oi
war Democrats to all the rebels and the
whole coppeihcad following. They
unite lepiuliuliunials and a corj orai'n
guard of honest men : those who halo
lie negro with the bitterness of death.
ihofe who have n sollish love for him.
ami an occasional negro who is loud oi
barbecues and temporary distinction.
I bus there is a kind of union.
Wo clip the following from the New
York Tribune :
A correspondent of a Chicago news
paper nas nun a conversation with an
'old Jackson Democrat," who knows
I'raniv j.iair iiko a uook. Jie suvs :
l' rani: is a real rit. He was alwavs
lighting at school. He believed in tne
code, sir, so did thoold man stand by the
code : I hey were all on the code. Tbev
were all good shots, anil proportionate
ly proud ot their honors.'' Jleiehewas
asked it 1 rank was equal to his brother
..Montgomery in ability. "Sinarler.sir
not so good naturcd, but more popular.
He'll light mncl:cr. Bless vou ! that
! rank would make no bones in cleaning
out the whole ongiess boss, foot, and
artillery. lie's like the old man he's
a great Reformer!" No wonder Wade
Hampton and N. B. Forrest went into
ccstacies over this "great lcformer's"
Corry O'Lanus lias heard all about
thos.e "immense Rebel gains in Maine."
He has received the following letter :
Squi:dunk, Me.
To C. G'Lamts. Esq.
The election in JheTown has gone just
as we expected. The Republicans have
carried tho Town by an increased ma
jority, but the heaviest proportionate
gains have been on the Democratic side,
ti'j you will see by the figures :
1S07. 1SGS.
Republican vote 50 GO
Democratic vote 1 1
Tot ah 51 02
Tho Democratic gain is 100 percent.,
while the Republican gain is only 20
percent. At this rate the redemption
of Maine is only a question of time.
Huoir D. Bi.om:.
The Philadelphia J'rcus thus speaks of
Thaddeus Stevens' successor: " Col.
Dickey is the son of the Hon. John
Dickey, who served in two Congrc.-ses
as a Representative for tho Reaver Dis
trict, and died in 18oV,. He went to Lan
caster in lS-.fi, and began the study of
law in Ihoollico of Thaddeus Stevens.
When admitted to tlio bar, ho entered
at once into a lucrative practice, which
hisabilily and perseverance cnablo.1 him
to constantly incicape. A few years ago,
he served a term as District Attorney for
the County. Ho is about -111 ycais of age,
a tit in Radical, a forcible speaker, and
as he is the executor of tho will of the
lute Mr. Stevens, r-o now tho action of
the Republican paity makes him his
political executor. The duty could not
have been imposed upon one who knows
it n.oro thoroughly, and who will per
form it more eirectually."
Tho PhiladelpliiaVcs.9fcays: "Wash
ington fought nnd won the battlesofthe
Revolution and was made President.
Jackson fought and won the battles of
the second war of Independence, and
was mado President. Taylor fought
and won our battles in tho war with
Mexico, and was mado President. Grant
fought and won our battles in tlio over
throw of the slaveholders' Rebellion,
and why should he be made an exception
to tho rule? He won't be.
Special gjotlcrs.
Hrroi'M ol" Youllii
AGENTLKMAN' who HiilVered for years from
nervous debility, and premature decay, nnd
nil the tlVeetaof yoiithtul indiscretion, will, for
the sake of suflering humanity, Bend froo to all
wlio need it, the receipt and directions for malt
ing the biniplo remedy by which lie was cured.
Siiil'erers wibhing to prollt by tho advertiscr'a
experience, can tlo bu by addressing, in perfect
confidence, JUIIN 11. OCIIJl.N,
100-ly 12 Coilar .street. New York.
MitHtsiiiHil Sjn'iiifs.
K.NONiinw, Ahr. ISiW.
For n long Mini1 I linil been nfllicted with a
very kcHhus tlisense of tlio Kiilnete. I u not
nlito to tniu our in lieil vltlimit lielp, ninl it
was thought by nil my b-iendn Hint 1 neter
should recover. All nietlieal treatment liml
licon without eflleet. The tlNonne was coinoH
eateil by n serol'ulous nllVrtloti. 1 tried every
lciiiRily, lined tho water of .Mineral Killings
elsewhere uithojit avail, The Mifslimuoi
Hpting wnter was tried by mo in lBCil, and I con
tinned its tw fur oeverat month, lili t enliit ly
recovered nnd am now in hi tter health than
et er before. I eonsider this watt r a xpocilh for
Kidrey nnd Scrofulous complaints. U has been
so in l'ny casu. Al.ANSOKKAMSOK.
1 'raiildin Co., Vt Aug. 17, 'OS.
I lmvo been nftllctctl with Catairh for three or
four tears. In l'elriiaiy hint I had it vtrype
vorely. In April commenced the ucc of the
MisxiiMiucii water. Tho .lisohargo wan very
heaty nnd trouhlennnie, but continued to lew
Hen until lo-day I am entirely well. The many
remedies I had tal;en under thu bent medical
advice had proved unavailing, and I oho it to
others similarly atllicted, to state that the Jlis-
hIkijuoI water ha been, in my e.tfcc, the one
only effective means oi'enie.
N'ortlmmptoni, Muvh.
The American Cookin.2; Stove,
AxoTlimi I'atiint Strtr.- We underhand
Messrs. Shear, l'.iel.ard Co have been com
pelled to commence a suit against Hunt .V Mil
ler, of Hudson, lor infringing the Patent on tin
Ash Sifleriu the AineliCiin 1'ooLing hlote. This
is the llfth suit they hate been compelled 'o
luing against dill'erent paiiles on this Move
llio lour previous su ts Have resulted l.ivorablv
forS., 1. .V. Co., and they ate ilotermiutd to fol
low up all cases of infringement until others
cease Irom appropriating I heir iiiiprovemei.ts
Mhmnj J-.'i ciiiinj Journal, .inly 2'Mi, lfjdS.
ah persons r.rn cautioned against selling or
using Stoves with a Shaking Ash Sifter in the
hearth, or under the grate, as this improve
moid is fully bocured to us by live different Pa
tents, and all persons selling or using Stotes
with this improtoineiit. will ho liable to prosecu
tion for infringement, as we have granted no
licenses to other pat ties to make or sell this iin
piovemcut and allinfiiiigemtidswill bo prompt
ly profcoutcd.
Albany, N. V.
For Sale by D. IY1. WALKER,
To tlio Nervous & DelrilL
' II O S 1-. sufleihiL'M have been nrotrae
ted from hidden eausis, and -.h.se eases le
Millie iiromiit ireatment to render existence ih:
"irablo : If vou are suliering or hate sutVered
from involuiitarv discharges, what effect dues it
produce upon your general health ? )o you teel
wiak, dehil'tated, easily tired ; Doeii a little ex
tra exertion iiroduce oalpitation of the heart
Uoes vour liver, or urinary, organs, or your ;id
neys, freouonlly Kit out of order? Is tour
urine t,omi'tiines thick, milky, or llocky, or is it
roov on NCttlim; V Or does a thi' li scum riso on
the ton ? Or is a sediment at the bottom after it
has stood awjjile ? Do you have upells of shoi t
uieatinng or dyspepsia t ah vour bowels eon
stip.ited? Uo you have spills of fainting, or
rushes of blood to the head ? Is vour moiuorv
impaired ? Is your mind constantly dwelling up
on this subject ? Uo you foilduil, listless, mop
lug, tired of company, of life? Do you whh to
bo left alone, to get awav from e.vervbodv ?
Does anv little thing make vou htart or jump ?
Is your sleep hioken or restless? Is the lustre
of vour eye as hrihi tnt ? Tho bloom on vour
cheek as bright ? Do you enjoy youihelf m ho
ciety as well ? Do jou pursue your business
with the Mime, energy ? Do you feel as much
conlldeiico in yourself? Are your spirits dull
i.nd flagging, given to lits of melancholy? If so
do not ia it to your liver or dvspepsia. Have
vim li'stli'SM HM'hfsV Vinir b.u-k iiiil.- vnnr
kitees weak, and havo but 1 it tlo appetite, 'nnd
you attruiute tins to dvspepsia or uver-com
plaint ?
Now, reader, self abuse, venereal diseases
iiadly cured, and sexual excesses, are all capa
ble of piodtieing a weakness of the generative,
organs. The organs of generation, when in
perfect health, make the man. Did you ever
think that those hold, detiant, energetic, per
severing, successful business men are alwajH
those whose generative organs aro in perfect
health ? Yon never hoar such men complain of
iiemg nieianeiioiy, ot nervousness, oi paipita
tion of the heart. They are never afraid they
cannot Mtcceed in business : they don't become
sad and discouraged ; they aro abvnvs polite
aim pjcasaui in tne company oi ladies, and
look you and them right in tiio face none of
your downcast Jooks or anv other meanness
about tliem. I do not mean those iulhitcd by
running to excess, These will not only ruin
.heir constitutions, but also those they do bust
uess Willi or lor.
How many men, from badly cured diseases
bom tho clients ofbclf-abuso and excesses, have
brought about that state of weakness in those
organs that has reduced tho general system so
innon ii.. to iniliii-e mum!, evcrv nMier iIimmisk
idioev. hinaev. parabsis. spinal affections, mii
euie, and almost every other lonu ot disease
which humanity is heir to, and tlio real ciusu
ot tne trouiilo scarcely ever suspected, and have
doctored for all but tlio radii' one.
Diseases of these organs require the uso of a
iimiMio. nr:i..tuiuiiU s i-j.uid i-miiaut
DL'i'llU is tho great Diuretic, and is a ceitain
euro tor diseases ot the llladder, Ividnevs, lira
vol. Dropsy, OiKanic Weal.nehs, l'emalo Com
plaints, Ueueral Debility, and all diseases of the
liinary uinaus, unitiier existiiiL; in .u.Uo or
Female, from whatever cause originating, and
no matter ol how ioi.l' staiiduiL;.
If no tieatmeiit is subml.ted lo. Consumption
or Insanity may ensue. Our llesh and blood
ale snppol led from these sources, and the health
and I appiuc.'-s, and that ot l'ostorilx , depends
upon prompt use of a reliable remedy.
Ilelmhold'ri Kxtraet lluchll, estal'ilished up
wards of 18 years, prepared bv II, T. 1IKL.M
ISOLD, Druggist, 51)1 .New York, a id 101 South
10th Street, l'iiiladeipliia, l'a. 1'nicK $1.25 per
bottle, or II bottles for ?(i.5ll, delivered to any
address. Sold by a'l Druggists everywhere.
sfa None ate Genuine unless done up in steel
engraved wrapper, with fae-simile of my Chemi
cal Warehouse, and signed
If. T. I1KU1I10I.1).
"It Work's Like a Charm."
Iteime's Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures Head
ache. llenno's rain-Killing Magic Oil cures Tooth
ache. llennt's Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures Neural
gia. llenno's Pain-Killing Magic Oil euros Cholera
ltonue'H Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures llhou
uiatisui. Itciino's Pain-Killing Magic Oil euros Lame
ness. llenno's Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures Skin
Somo folks ecem to ho proud of telling how
"lanio their shoulders are" of my crick in thu
back" or, "I havo got tho Sciatica" and de
light in brallging that "nothing can euro mo!'
hut when wo get such "awful 1'o11;h" to uso
lteeue's Pain-Killing Magic Oil, faithfully, wo
not only euro their lameness and charm "away
their pains, hut we actually tnko all that kind o'l
"brag out of tliem!', and they frankly own up
and say, "It works like a charm!"
Sold bvall Druggists, Merchants and Qroccts.
Solo proprietor and niaii'ifactorcr, l'ittHilcld,
Tho Great New England Remedy lj
111! .1 V lMI tVII-Q i
pit'cn ton throat, colds, coughs, diplherin,
bronchitis, Hpittng of blood, nnd pnlmonerv nf
feclioiiH generjlly. It In n icmni liable remedv
for kidney complaint, This remedv is free,
from nnything deieteiioiiH, pleasant to tho taste,
na!c, u t mire and effective in Its notion.
Female Strengthening Cordial.
.1 viieoirfe luinidnfar the Direiises of the Jtepro
ilu'ctire Drgaiif.
It impart tone and vigor to tho Uterus, and
gives renewed vitality to the whole system. All
cafes of Duhilitv peculiar to females will lind a
soverign remedy in this compound.
Prepared at the New England liotanlo Depot,
rtKO. Y. NUT.TT, M.I).. I'toprlotor.
One dollar Per bottle. 1'ive dollars for six
ImltU-s. 217-1 v
Dit. rum
goon, g
D'K MOIIUlI.Ii, l'hvsieian and Stir
inves exelusiM- attention to Diseases
ot women. He has made diseases ol woman bis
study for tho past twenty years. His practice
haH been vo.-y extensive b'olli in Hospital and in
private practice. Ills reputation has vouchers
in an too city papers, nispatlonts, anil mo medi
cal profession, both hero and abroad, as beim;
.1 1 . 1 i, ,i'..l !..,:... 1 .1 ' 11 1.
me uiosi Minimi spei-iau-u in i e, aim u uiuiuiigii
master of all sexual diseases.
Dr. l'adelford is admitted bv the best mo Hc.il
talent of the country to havo no equal in the
treatment of Poinalf Complaints, ami it is no un
usual occurieiioe for physicians in regular prac
tice 10 re -omnieiid paueuis 10 mm lor tieatmeiit
When nillicted with diseases in his speciality.
panics win receive tne most seieni c atle n
tion, both medically and suruicallv, with private
apartments during s.ckness, nnd with old nnd
experienced nurses, it thev wish.
Iho poor advised tree ot clmreo. Physicians
or patients wishing his opinion or advice, by let
ter, and enclosing the usual lee, will he answered
by return mail.
Medicines sent to all parts of I ho country.
211-l.v lloston Mass.
I foi iiia i Inn .
T Nl'OHM ATTON Kuarautcod to produce a luxu
I riant eioHth ot hair upon a bald head or a
ocardloss lace, also a lecijio for the removal ol
.limples, hlotclKH, eruptions, etc., on the skin,
leaving thetmnio soft, clear, and beautiful, can
he oliuinod without charge bv addres-ing
THUS. F. CHAPMAN, Chemist.
I'.U-lv a- liromlwav, .Sew York.
Tifcutjj-jrro 1 cars I'lucdrc
In the Tit atmelit of Diseases incident to !
males, has placid Dr. Dow at the head of all the
physicians making such practice it specialty, and
enaoies him to miaraiileo a speedy and normal
out cure in the worst oases of Sniiiircsion and
all oilier Jlntbteunt JleraiHieiiieittx. Irom trlutt-
ear ciiiihc. All loiters lor advice must, contain
$1. Oilier, No. '.) 1'ndicott Stieet, lioston.
N'. J!. Hoard furnished to those desiring to n
main under treatment.
.JJoston, .Tilly, lilM. 22Clvrdw
V i lur's IIuImiiio of Wild ( lu rry.
( u';(., Colds, llronchili.i, Aslhmti, Crouj.
WhuoiiDHj Cough, Qniimy, and the numerous as
well as dangerous, diseases of Iho Throat, Chest
and Lungs, prevail in our changeable climate
at all seasons of tho year; few aro fortunate
enough to escape their baneful influence. How
important then to have at hand a certain nntl
doto to all these complaints. Experience proves
that this exists in H iVio-'s Jlaltmn lo an extent
not found in any other remedy; however severe
tho suffering, tlio application of this soothing
healing and wondorlnl lialsain at ouco van
quislies tlio disease and restores tho stiffen:
to wonted health.
Twknty Yuaus' Experience.
Monktox, Vt Juno 23, 18C0.
Messrs. S, W. Fowi.e A Co., liosto i,
Gentlemen : Having for twenty years past
been in tlio habit of using Dr. Wistar's lialsain
of Wild Cherry, in cases of Coughs. Colds, and
Pulmonary Affections, I can testily to its great
merits with the utmost commence, i nelievc it
to bo tho best medicine for these complaints ov
er used, and havo no doubt that the uso of it
Ins at three several times saved mo from Con
sumption, besides many times m late years, af
fording immediate relief in less sovoro attacks
I am 7H years of ace. and for many years havi
been a subject for pulmonary disease, but by tho
Use of this excellent remedy"! keep myself quite
comfortable. I can hardly Him language to
express tho exalted opinion I havo of tho Hal
sain, and recommend its uso to till as tlio best
remedy that can bo ued. GKOKO E DAltT.
Prepared by SETH W. FOWLK A SON', 18
Tieinont St. Hoston, and for sale bv Druggists
G entry it penetrates through every pore,
I! eliovmg sufferers fiom each angry sore ;
A II wounds it heals witii certainty and speed :
C uts, Hums, from inllammation soon aro freed
1" ruptions, at its presence disappear;
S kins losoeacli stain, and thccnmplexi
exion's clear
S ai.vk, such as GitAcn's every one should buy,
ii io us woiiuioiis ineiiis icsuiy,
I. et those who doubt, a single box but try,
V crily, then its trim deserts 'twould have';
E veil unbelievers would laud GiiAcn's Sai.vc!
Manhood: How Lost, How Restored
i, , .lust pulihshed, a now edition ot c.
lji 5 vt-rvvell'K C'elelii-alfil K-.hu y oil tho
EutraUcalcure (without medicine) of Srun
JiAKoituiKilA. or Seminal Weakness. Involuntar
Seminal bosses, Ijii'oii'.ncy, also, Consumption.
Et'il.ui'sv, and 1'irs, induced by belf-indulgenco
or sexual extravagance.
jT Price in a Healed envelop, only 0 cents.
Tlio celebrated author m this admirable essay
clearlv demonstrates from a thirty years' bite
cessfui practice, that the alannini; consequences
of solf-abiiso may ho radically cured without tho
dauccrotis use of internal medicine or the appli
cation of a knifo ; pointing out a ntodo of euro at
once, simple, certain and ell'ectual, by means of
which every sutierer, no mutter wnat ins condi'
tion mavbo, may euro himself cheaply, privately,
and riulicnllu.
ea-Tliisleoturo should bo in the hands of every
youth and every man in the land.
Sent under seal, in iv plain envelope, to any
addiess, jiostpaid, on receipt ofsi cents, or two
post stamps, aiso, nr. t uivenveirs .uarriagi
Guide," price 23 ci nts. Address tlio Publish
its. ( HAS. J. C. KLINE A CO.,
1-47 Howccy Xi w Vorlt, Post Ollleo Hux 4.5S0
Itttail Dealer in.
HnSTalo and Fancy Sleigh Holies, Fur Overcoats,
Ladies' Dress Furs, Fur and liuck Gloves
Mittens, Umbrellas, Ao,, Ac.
Also agent
for Orover and Haktr's Sewing
Hlock, Lake
St. AIIjsuis, vt.
APElt COLLAHS and CUFFS of all kinds
Win, N. SMU'II, .V tVH.
C1.VUMGAN JACKKTi All tho Now Styli H Just
received at Wm. N. Kill Til.
1 S3 W GOODS !
ho Old Clothing Stand I
i. i-Icl). S1ITH& C0i,
BKfi (.cure (o 4ute Unit, li- v of
i en-Ml chuniiii iiuule at ., :i Iluiiovv
Kloeh, they are ii.iiiiiid to ollVi- to the
public a Siiii U or
Roady-Mudo Clothnig
Furnishing Goods;
rimiu piinciI iu vnt-lety ami style liyiniy
i i. lining nonsc In KtnnUllit louuly,
Comprising a full line of
The ahov entirely Xow and Latest .Styles out.
Of every new Pattern and Style, Comprising
JJEAVEK, (Gonnttn ami American,
A Complete lino of
C o in prising
(l'iaul, i-'lantiel anil Vhite,)
GLOVES, Ruck & Cloth,
&c, &e., &c, &c.
Of all lrimls,
Of Scotch and American Goods.
Hats and Caps,
Of Every Variety In Market,
SILK, &c.,&c.
Caps of every Style.
Be sure and call early as desirable
goons are going last.
tffxT Prices low for Cash.
I.. Mel). SMITH, & Co.
No. '1, Harrow Hlock, Main St. St. Albans Yt.
New Goods, New Goods,
At the Now Hook, Stationery and Variety Sloro
Picture Frames. TlireadH. Necdlen. a lartro va
riety cf Fancy Ooodu, ukeo Notions, &j. etc.
aiso.. aiibtyieH ot
Willow Baskets,
Largo and muall. Theno additiona to the stock
pioviously on hand enables tho mibHcriber to
offer for sale as largo a variety of goods as can
bo found elsuwhero in Franklin County. Tho
cibIi, many articles at a largo diHcount from for
mer prices, and will bo bold at n small advance.
Thankful fur the liberal iiutronaL'o bextoivud
lima lar, a continuation is uesireii.
2J2.tr C. II. HAKKlt.
O TO WM. N. SMITH .t CO'S for vour nanls
"IIU Vl-Ml,

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