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'cruiont Daily Transcript,
Wltjnksday, Ski'tumiuju 2H, lK(r.
Travelers' Guide.
'mm the South ami Kant. 5. 13 a. in.. 10.50 a. in
J.i 1). in., H,0il ii. in.
I nun House. Point and Went, i,f)0 a. in., 11.
) a in. 7 1.) i. in.
From Montreal, 11 45 :t. m., 7 10 l. in.
l or the South ami F.ust, (120, S 15 a. in., 1200
. H I'll II. in.
For House's Point ami Wot, (in,, n. in. 1100
m, p, in.
lr Montreal, 0 10 a. in., t! :i p. in.
From Kuci'trihurirli ami I'raiiklin, 700 p. in.
From Hichfoid ami Sheldon, jW) l. m.
From Sheldon, 10 00 a. in.
1'iom lJakcisfield, It 00 a. in.
Fur Franklin ami Swcetsbnrgh, 7 !10a. in.
For Sin lilon ami lllehford. 8 ltd a. in.
For Sin -ldon, 2 00 p. m.
For Hakerstltid, 1 00 i. in.
tigiB call at tliu several hotels in town. Stage
Cl.osIStl or HIK JtAlt.M.
Malls for New York close at 5 00 a. in. anil 7 011
Mails for Huston close at C a. m. ami C.ilO run.
Mails for Allianv ami tho West close at ."iUia.m
Mails for Camilla clime at 5 0 a.m.
Southern ami Northern way limit close at 5 Oil
Strangers' Guide.
llll'. Jl. l' A. nieeiM everv .liomi.iv eveiiniK
at tin ir rooniM over Win. N. Smith's Store.
tuih Stl- 1 1
( hainiil.iin ('hunter No. 1. It. A. M. meets the
iinl WeilniMtlay evening in enclr month, at
u ir lull in Wln.'Ier'H block, Mainstreet.
Columhu-. ('ouncll No. 1, It. .VS. M. meets the
i ti...i i... ......I. iii.ii.n. ji
icir hall in Whei'lur's liiock.
liiinklin I.odj;e No. 1, F. A A. M.. meets thi
rst Weilin mI.iv evening in each month at their
all in I nion l'tlock, .Main Street.
KliKloliV Lodf-c Xo. 81 F. .V A. M. meets the
mrlli Weiluesilay eveliili; in each month, at
leir ha 111 L 111011 Ji OC i. .1111111 Mlcci.
t rhtal Fountain. Teiunle of Honor No. 1 meets
vi rV Tiieeilny tvsiiiiiK at their Hall in l!nnen
St. AtluitiK LimIko No ;)'2, I. 0. or (1. T. meets
verv Friilav eveniiiK at their Hall in Humes
iiuetv, i.ahu niiL-uL.
Hisiii),' Sun l.o (,' . i. J. oi u. j . iiiueis
rerv .s.ituniav I'veiiiiijj;, at rst. Ainaus ony.
St.' John the'Haiitist Hcuuvoleiit Society (('a
adian) meets on the tirst ami third WeilucMlay
veuiiiK of each month at their hall ovi r U. II
untiiiKton's Store,
To Ail vert Iseiw The VlUlMOXT 1) MI.Y TmNS-
iniT has the largest circulation in St. Alhans
ml in Franklin County, of any daily pnjier, and
111! Uini ilCClJUMl, 11 11" Ulliei, uu- I'l r-l iii.-ntuiii
11. .1 :. .1 11.., l.r.. 1 .... ..!!., ...
or aiiveriitin.
Local Items.
t&T Interesting matter, original or so
. ,
ected, mav always be found on the first
Oimi I)AriA'. Tho.L' wiahinir tdsccurt
i w no f iwi r i fi i iv l in im r i'mii iiii ii :ii
111 lllliVlVI i f ft .i i;imit.i,nm.in
l ,tllllU ll Ulil ULIil I .11 I IV I UK. , r
nun ui iiiesu iiiut't's.
. i . . .
Thhft. A man giving his name as
i' iiuiini iiiii'm wnx nni'Mcu turn iiiit-i-
i... P At- II,. 1 ,1
, . ., .
A nuisance in tlie shape 1
JtHnnt tiAiif Mi till HiM lit Tl'rttlt f I ti n
i i fi. .1 -
dry. whore Is our feanitnry uommit-
! .1 I I .11 1 n . I - . ..... ..
it is Haiti, from over-feeding.
Entuk Nots Cluii. Tho llrst hop
of this club for the season, came oil" last
night at Academy Hall, about forty
couples were in attendance, and we are
informed that everything passed oil
J1V113.11111J .
Pkiisoxal. Capt. Almont Barnes
left forWashlngton last evening to enter
upon the discharge of his duties as clerk
in the Agricultural Department.
Luther C. Dodge, who has been in Cal
ifornia for a millibar of years, lias re
turned to Burlington, and, it is thought,
will make that city his future resi
dence. Itichard C. Morse, long an editor of the
New York Observer, died in Germany
on Tuesday of last week, in the 74th year
of his age.
Mary Harlan, who has just become
Mrs. Robert T. Lincoln, was tastefully
and handsomely dressed nt the wed
ding, in rich white silk, trimmed with
wliitu satin, with pearl ornaments.
Look in nt Morton & Percy ' for Fall
and Winter Overcoats, with Moyer's
Patent Sleeve Cull", the best thing out.
Ffdiihlln Count! Court.
Yji. C. Wilson, Presiding
Ouo. Adams, ) A . i,..!,,
w i-.m.vc rAfest. Judges.
V. U l. J.C7, J
The Jury in the case of Kenerson vh.
Bacon rendered, on Tuefcday, a verdict
for plaint.il'to recover SI and costs.
On Tuesday afternoon, the case of
Fairbanks vs. Nlles was called for trial
actim to recover damages for an al
leged warranty on a Hock of sheep.
Messrs. Dewey & Noble, Farrington,
ami Royce, for plaintiff; Messrs. C. N.
Davenport, of Jhnttleboio, Edson &
Rand, and Hill & Saflbrd, for defendant.
Pkof. Cauns' Conci n r. Prof
Cams, the blind musician, will give
one of n la woudorlul entertainments at
tlit Academy Hall this evening, com
mencing nt 7 o'clock, ami wo hope the
room will le well lilted. The following
speaks for Itself:
This is toeerllfy that I have attended
one ol' Pioi. Cams Concerts, ami can tay
m all sincerity Unit his porloriiianocs
ait n. wonderful us delighiiul. 'i lie
sentiment of his pieces is wiiolly unex
ceptional, and is indeed of the nlgiic.-a
urder. Tlieit is ho great a variety as lo
keep the attention nxeil ami nut jk r
niil the interest to Hug. 'Hie fuiit jaH
of Ins voice cannoi fail to excite aston
ishment ami admiration, lie se. ins
muster of t tiu theory and science of niu
sic; and this enables linn to int. odtiee !
freshne.-ri and oiiiilmuiiv into all nisei-
ions. Ii he laiis to be appreciated, it i.-
beeaupt he lises above rmner than falls
below the common standard. His de
votion to music causing him to repaid
It as a tiling utmost sacred and heavenly,
will not permit mm to stoop to please
the rubble. As l'rof. C.niis has spent
some weeKH in Hits community, 1 may
add that noma br.ef actpi.tiiuanco, 1 bt
iieve linn to be a gentKiuaii in leeliu
and dejiortnieiit, a man oi high-toned
moral cnaracter, of great lrankne s and
truthfulness, ami wormy of Hie pauon
age ol any man or community, especi
ally do l commend him to tne L'iir.&uaii
charity of my brethren in tlie immsu'V
I everj where.
i A. DkYVitt,
j Pastor of Presbyterian (.'lunch, llooskk
J1 alts, i. .
March Hi, 1MU.
J. C. HAicmt, oi'Wallingford, has en-,
tered into parinership with D. E.IS'leh-i
oison, of Rutland.
Smaut Old LAiJY-M.ru. J)avis, SS ;
yeais of age, lias wove two larye eirpels j
and s)iin and wovosoveral webs the 1'USt
A Match t'oit Him. The SI. Albans
Tnnwcrij)t says, Mr. William 0. Clark, ,
of that place, has been a stage-divver J
since Uecember, la40 32 years. We
liave a matcli for liim in Mr. Edmund
Sliattuck, of Windsor, who began the
business in 1S10, and continued it till
li')2 being 34 years and who still oc-,
cujiies his own "box," every day, in the
village, in tlie service of ilie public. 1
.During all this long period, la has never
met witli any serious accident, nor up-
'set a coach witli passengers in it. That
i lie has always been one of the most fa
! vorite and genial drivers of all this re
igion, none whoever knew him will
' doubt. Tins appears to be :i pretty evtn
match for Mr. Clark, with a balance in
favor of Mr. Sliattuck. Long may both
of them thrive l-i'Vcc J'i'cwi.
Look in at Morton 6c Percy's for Fall
ami w inter uvercoats, witli Aloyer's
Patent tsieeve Cuil', the best thing out.
!...! . 11, jl ... ...1.1 .
iiruiiii: laiui) lllil V Ulliu Kil 1 .11 Jjuavt rill 1.111 '
.... i , ,
on i nursuay, uciooer 10, iouo : i w ager
for SOtl between N. Anderson's horse,
known as "ltoderick," and 11. Jlrown's
bay mare, known as Lady Helmont."
M.ile heats, best - in 3, to liarness. Lady
Uelinont to have the poll in each race.
Second, a purse of b-'J, open to all .'!
years old colls ; half mile heals, best 3
in 5, to harness.
Third, a purse of S40, open to all horses
. 1 ... i
I 11. (II ill UI UII 4V lllOl llilOS , 11111V.
! heats, best 3 in o, to harness.
Fourth, a purse of S-j, open to all run
ning horses; half miles, best 3 in 5, to
DiscntAfKi'UL Row The Mhlillcbury
Itcyistcr says, a disgraceful low
t,,,,l- i
place in tho College Chapel, on Wed
nesday afternoon, between the Sopho
mores and the Fic-hnien, in which one
young man was knocked down ami oth
ers seriously threatened. Ol the merits
of the case we know nothing, bui sup
pose the teophomores must have been
the aggressors. Wo are glad to learn
that tlie Faculty are making a thoiough
investigation of tiie case, and I hat they
will visit the oll'enders with summary
justice we have no doubt.
Vermont Jltstoi'ivul Society.
The next annual meeting of the Ver
mont Historical society will lie held at
the Society's rooms, in Montpeher, on
Tuesday, October 20tli, lS-.iS, at - o'clock
p. m. An addreos on tlie life and servi
ces of tlie late Hon. Jacob Collanier wdl
be deliveicd by the Hon. James Burro ct
of Woodstock, and other papeis will
probably be in readim ss.
1 necouriesy oi iree return iicuets win
be extended to ncrsons atlendimr the
meeting by the dilferent railroads in the
An opportunity to become members
of tho Society will be afforded to gentle
men wiio take an interest in its objects.
By order of the Board of Managers.
(Ji:o. F. llouaiiTOX, Ret. Sec.
St. Albans, Vt., Sept. IStlS.
Burlinoton Business Collixii:.
The fall term of this College will open
October5ih, and continue in session du
ring tno year, Our readers will lenieni
bor that this Institution is to bo a con
solidation of tno Bryant and Strattou
College at Burlington and the Vermont
Commercial College at St. Albans, un
der thoinstruction ot J. H. Lausley as
pioprielor. Tlie new college will open
with excellent facilities lor voting men
and young ladies to gain a thoiough
business education. The rooms aro bo -
ing refitted and renovated, with a view
to comfort and convenience. Prof. is.
M. Pratt, of the St. Albans College wilt
bo one of tho instructors.
lie- I'uion tif I'ei'iiioiit OJ'lrt rs.
The Fifth Annual He-Union ofVer-!
monl nllleers will ho held at Montpclior ,
on l litii'Mlny, tlie d oi uc.oticr next.
The members of Hie lie-Union Soeiely,
ami all Vermont ofllocr- ot the army and
navy arc respectiully invited lo attend.
The usual preliminary meeting for the
election of olllcers and other btsincss,
will he held at the Court Homo, at 10
o'clock, a.m. 'I he o, alien will Ik dt
Uvcicd by den. 1'. T. W a-libu.n. at ihe
Hall of the House of Kcprcoiitalivcs.
during the evening.
In issuing this cull, It has been thought
proper lo f-ta.e In icily the history ol the
o.giinizallon, lis aims and its objects.
In tin Autumn of isfil. .t few olllcers
and ex-ollleors issued a call for a nit cling
to be holden at Mouipener, lor tlie pur
pose of tendering a complimentary din-
nor lo Hen. ucorjro .1, stanuarit, tnen
barely i'ocovereil from (lie cfltitof his
wotuids leceived at thesionning oll-'ort
llarrion. About 7.1 olllcers assembled
n resionsc to that call, and lormcd at
penn.ineul orcaniKation. Since that
time, nieetin;s of the Society have an
nually been held, and I he niembcivliip
lias increased lo about HO:), a lariie ma
jority of wliom have been n-.-entat thn
Tlie object of llilfiasfociation istdmply
to allord an oportunity lo renew,
through Kicial uiteieoiUK, ine ties of,
friend.-hii) fonncd in the Held ; to draw i
a renewed in itatiou and reiiewtd
courage for the work yet before us from
the "tmuli of a comrade's chow," and
the sight of the shot-rent slandaids un
der which we fou;ht, and so nuny of i
our heroes fell; and lo keep green and
sacred in our heart.-, the meinoriesof the
live thousand who gave their lives for
the eau-e.
Gkx. Wm. V. V. UiiM.r.v,
Executive CommiUr.t:
Ma!. Clue. V. Spaulding.
Maj. .Insiah (ihoiil. jr.
Maj. John L. llats'.ow.
(I eo. (1. Benedict, Cor. Secretary.
James S. Peck, Recording Seeietavy.
Montpclier, VI., Sept 15.
Look in at Morton & Percy's for 1 'all
and Winter Oveicoats, with Mover's
Patent Sloove Cull", the best tiling nut.
Kri.ToN Maijkiu'. Just received, a
nice lot Dried Deef, Sugar Cured UaiiH,
Holoj'na Sausaue, Sweet PotatiS's, To
matoes, Pears, Peache.-, Water Melons
adn Musk Melons. dtf-l. !
Tin Talisman of fashion ; thefavotitei
of beauty; tlie jiet of luxury in every
dressiug-'ioom and boudoir, is ,,:in,ett s
Vegetable Hair ltestorative '.'" It is a '
sure pteventivu lo baldness and preina-,
ture gray liair, and no lady or gentle-'
man should be wit.iont it. .S','. .fo.-tcph
Jferutd. doiw.
lu Tic Douloureux, rub Ilenne's Pain
Killing Magic Oil aiound the ear, and
c.-pecially on the piumincnt face bone j
above the ear. You thus reach the 'lhtb i
jiair of nerves, which go to the face," i
and if von use it faitlifullv itsoon cures.
d&w. ,
At the llec'oi v of .St, Paul's Church, liiirling
ton, Vt., Sept. tlti. 1SUS. hv the Ilev. L. 1!. At-,
well, Hector, Cliarli s II. lililin, of the W'eJdcn
House, St. Albans, Vt., to Jennie A. Moody, of
liutoii, Jlass.
',!, a L'ood, steadv Comrositor, for
newspaper work.
A boy 15 or 10 years of a;;e as an Apprentice
to the j'rintniK liusiiics.-.
ip1 at tins Office.
j f 1 Ml IS is to certify that 1 have, this day ?iv n to
I X inv son, Horace. W. li.ill his time iluruii? the,
I .. ... .1 .. i. i . ; . .. . : ... .1 . ..l i
reiiiiiiiiiii'i oi ins miiioiiiv, aim sua i claim none
. in ii in 'in ituif-o iiwi !'' till" "i Jiia iit-ui) tiikii
this date,
St. Alhans, 2-.IS0S.
10 ODDlLVruli, tho ueat'-st
XV arlich
i.ooiiiK at
cwr iiivenlevl for i'eifumin mi
ui:i:i;n .v .niciioln.
No. 1, LaAe Slriot.
Ihlaii? must delightful Ferfiinicd at
OltKLS .: .1C1IOLS,
No. I, Lil.i: Sued
IN tl
. CO
this il!af?e, last Suiurday, a Poe'tet llooU
containni;? about seventy ilo.lars, and sonie
papers, ihu niiilcr wi l be suitaoly le-vaiilcil
uu leaving the same at tho TitANseiaiT 'lllce.
St. Albans, Sept. 22. ISO-.
TJimVKFN Fulton Jl.irl.et,
St. Albans, and
I) tlie r.ur Orou, ul, or on it.
a dark ci.Iuid I
moiiocco iiil.el, e, lilaliiihj? and a lecelpt
Iroiii Severance . Co.. llo.-iou, to U, C. (l.ular.
Hie Imder will leceive a reward t :o I on return
ing the wal.et to L. 0. OALLAli.
St. A. bans, PJth Sejit., Isfil. iillllf
it)Y UAl'S.
Of all kinds, jit receive I at
WM. N. SMITH, .V 00.
; vJl
1 I. NTS SHAWLS .lust rifciw.'d
at W M. N. SMI i ll, v ( O.
IT Ulack Sack Coirs.
t CD'S for our
O to WM. N. s.nim
A CO'.S for ISiiHii.es
tuts of all kin Is.
The I ngest Stock ol Cloihiug, Hats and Caps
and Furnishing O 'nils over ollerod lor sale in
Vermont, is now opened at
WM. N. SMITH, fi CO'.S,
OIt KALIS. A pleasantly located residence
I1 in St, Albans, with one or two acres ol
land, as may be ilcniivil.
Twelve tiood rooms.
eellcr, ci& 1 1 rii, excellent
well of water, house
and barn nearly new. Apple, pear, piiiui, and
cherry trees, partly in bcaiuig, oflic.it varh tics,
Also grape vines, etc. Tlio cheapest place ill
town at tlie price asked. Terms very easy.
Foo further particulars, cnipurc at the Than
M.'UIIT Oifico. Ul.'i-tb,
OVLniJO.VlSnt'iill kinds, and cheap
at WM. N. SMI ill. V CO'S.
rpHF. hist sto. u of clothing in tlie state just
' J.reeoivetiat Wn. N. sMtTH,.v CP'S,
"t iJitn mw si.c- 6r FaiT'ai.u winui -'hats
' JrL ""' opening at w .u. N. SMITH, .V CO'.S.
f URDIUAN JAt KM', All the New sules pist
I received at Win. N. SMI1 II.
(1.01 11INO,
Boarding mid Day S'diool for Young
rjMiF, FALL TF.ilM will bcMin WKDNKsPAY,
1 HKi'i'i:.Miu:it mil. isgs.
MtsH NTONU. tin accomplished tencher, will
take i h. Viir of the elusi'os 111 Vocal ami instill
iik ntiil um"-!'.
Fur term. Ac., wldrifs
J. W. TAYI.OH, A. M.,
J"3lw-ir I'rincfimh
Ml AI, I.OT1 UIA HF. l.A IS1.A PF.CU11A.
11 In the iIiunii.LM ler I8(,S theie will ho 20,-
$C90,000 IX? CrOXiD.
lli'tvrit ihirr In twiittrn Ihijf.
I'rivos paid in Hold. 1'. tr.ns cashed and ini'm- ,
ni.itinn ivi ii hy
til'XUUiK I I'll A.M.
Ofl N. Main Ml.. IVuvideiice. II. I.
1IV1 1'i'lON "ill he pieseiitedtothenext e(j
ih a Hire fur a Riant u a Ferry Ironi A. J.
l'ln lj'h in Alliinc,h, to Noith ll"i, and timu
.lalieK Ibien's In Niu th 1 i i it to Alhui Kli. e
teiidrjf,' eii mile each nay from said Feirv.
jAh,. HAFA. i ' ".oners.
I" II WF. tlii- day ffiven my son Tliinnas l.aj;ro
1 his time tluriii the lemaindcrof his minori
ty, and shall m no dclits of his eoiitr.ictin nor
uihimi any of his wages fioin this date.
UiiosluirKli, Sent. 7th, lb'lJS.
Att '.-t. his
S5iri i, Mav:;aiid T.iFA'lM . I.AC.1IO
" lu .It lunik.
DISSOLUTION- The copartnership hereto
fore exis'-iii),' under the name of Wvmaii .
llu ntiii;'toii is hy mutual undent this davit's.
miIviiI. All iieeoniits with said linn mu'st he
settled immediately. Filhi r partner is atltlioi -Uc.l
to receipt for the same.
St. Alpans, Feh. llltli, lSliS.
Tlie watch and jew elry hiibiness in all it bran
ches will he continued, with promptness, and m
n workmanlike maimer as lieietoliire. hv
IN'ot i-t? ol" I )is-ol li t Ion. j
f P11K iartiieisiip heretofore existiiiK between I
.L Win. I.oeke and Louis Meii. Smith, under I
tlie Hun n. ime of Locke .t Smith, is this day,
dissolved by mutual consent. All dots due tlie
liiinicr linn must he paid at their old place of!
business. WILLIAM LOCKF,
St. Alhai s. Match IS, lsii?. 157-tf. :
Good Dairy Farm
pri)Jt SLF. IN MiiKlllS'loWN, within onc
.t lei f niiie of Morri-tonii illai;i'.
lei f niiie of Morri-tonii villas'
Farm cmilaiiu about eisiity-ilve acres of Rood '
land, sixty aeivs cleaied. and tin rem.iii der i
wooil-lainl. j
Fiiur hundred Sugar or Maple trees, with Sap
Tubs and Snj'.ir Utensils. , ;
AyoiniK App'e Orchard of about l.")0 tici ,
ni'isth in hcaiinx. '
Kniisi :ln t 1. in ;ood repair, with ond eel-i
lar. linn :V ill, witli cellar under tlio wholo i
and in K"od rcpur. Ituniiiiif,' water at house )
and bam, and pastures, well watered. i
Forty tons of bay cut from twenty acrn will'
bi sold with the f.;im if desired. "
Seven Cows, 5 yearling heifers, lli siieep. and
a span ol'ood work hor-cswill be sold wall thn
place if di Mired, and all farming tools. I
All to oc so;u erv cueap lor cash.
Morri-lowu, Aiiff. 15. 1S(.;8.
"VTOTICH is herebv givuii that the linn of
S inith t Foster is tnis day dissolved hy mu
tual consent. All claims against the, said" tirm
ami all debts due will bo settled at the. old stand,
No. a. Harrow iilocli. Ca 1 and settle as eat lv as
convenient, and oblige
L. Mel). SMITH.
St. Albans, Sent. I, lbllS. 'JHd.Vwtf
' o Rent.
Collego llooms ; possession
1st. Three. l!ooms easy of
pleasant situation for C'lub
Kivcn Sept.,
access, ami cry
llooms or ollici i.
Albans, Aujj. 0, 1803.
A.NT1CD. - An Ai?ent to liialie a tlioroiiKh
canvass of Frank. in Count v in behalf of
that old and reliable. Life Insiir.inci Company.
The Phoenix Mutual, of Hartford
Conn. Liberal terms to an aclive, energetic
man. Address. N. (1. AXTLLL,
l'eru, Clinton Co., N. V.
(iciural Aj?ent for NorthcrnNew York and Vur
monl. 207-tf
"A ,r II. I'iiOL'I'tJlt has for sa'e. at a vr.nv low
It j nviiv, a very line l'i.ino, 7 1-1 octave, llose
wuud ease, carved le'S, Ac. ; Jli.uufaclllled by
I the United l'iano Forte Co., New York. Those
! desirous of pur basing aidann wou.il do well to
J call at .Mr. l'roclor's rooms, No, 1, Smith's llloc.li,
i bclore piiiehafiut? 1 1st w here. Mr. Proctor has
I also the a;;ency tor Sti iuway .V Sons, and most
of the liostou l'iano Manulactoiics, and is pre-
pared lo oiler Pianos and Parlor Organs at verv
j jow rates luudtf
I have just received a largo lot of (list and
s coud iiuality of Stone and China Ware, com
prising two New and F.ioganl Patterns called
i 'lien, lirant 1'iiitcins. Also a large stock ot .
I Cutlery, Olass and Stone Ware, which I oiler for
! sale cheap. Please call and s.ec before puichas- :
1 ing elsewhere.
I At the old Farrar lllock, ouo door mirth of1
. iieorgc II. lunar h.
P. 0.
lUG-tf !
St. Alba us. Oct 21th. I Slid.
Farm for Sale. )
riMUi siiIhc iber oli'eis for sale his farm lying ,
.1 in Westford, in the County of Cliittelii'en, j
containing two bundled and twenty-live acres. ,
litiildiugs all new. I.oilition on a good road
one ini.e 1 1 1 'ii i tin ullage ; near school and
church, well fenced running water to the house ,
and barns an abundance of fruit. Tuo good
sugar orchards ; all tho Fanning, Dairy and
Sugar tools. Also, with or without slock iin tlie ,
tarin. The above farm will keep lorly cows and
team thioitgh tlie year. For furl her particulars ,
impure of tiie subscriber on the premises. i
West ford, .Tunc 22d, lblitf. WU.vtf.
Farm tor Sale.
Q1TUATF.D in the cpst part of Sheldon, on u
1 J I
branch of the Mispisoiioi Itivcr, well known
en tho .loci Whitney farm, containing .10(1 acres.
from oil to 7. acres interval land . The farm is
ranableof l ceiiiiig.'il) cows, fi'i sheen, a team Ac.
i Wood uud timber laud enough lor the faun. A
Oood Sugar orch ird of lihu trees, sir;ir tools
Ac. Two good dwelling lum-es situated ojiiio
siti , one brick and one woo.l, A dairy-house
and apparatus lor tho manufucluru ot' butter
and cheese, (iood riiiiiiiug water at both hints
i , dairy house and barn. This farm is about
5 or 0 miles lioui the eelebited Springs. For
I'm titer particulars enquire, of tho owner on tho
premises WILLIAM 1II.1SS.
Hast Sheldon, Aug. IS, 18111. ii:10wtf
HA IS, nAlS, It. VIS,
A lthi Styles just received at 1
WM.N. SMITH, .t CO'S. ,
and New
I IS (' 0 L I, ' S 4 K W ttn d (J
HAYIi just opened t e largeht stock of Crock
ery, eouipi'isinjT all the new and dcxirabli!
p.uti ins. French. China and lSohciniuii Fancy
mid 'lahle (llass Ware, Cutlery and Plated Wale,
e i
offered in this County.
We also call attention to our Stock of
wiiiti: nouns, linuns.
The umler-iuned would !( eectfully aniiouiico
to the public that we hao adopted the CA-11
sY.il'KM. and ONli I'ltlCK.
Newll'ock. I.al.eSt.st. Alluus, Vl
I.HIil'.i.I' KINO.'ibl'A
Phoenix Mutual
SM,pOO,00 o
Auniiiil I)iviil;u.!s,
( Pit Cent, i
! All its Policies are Non-Forfoitim,'!
No re-
striction on Travel. Location or Kinnlovnieiit I
, Divitleuds upon the full I'rcmiuuii paid on all its
! Tables!
Notes taken it desired for half of the Premium
, lor Ihu fust four o.irs. and in case of death,
they aiep.iid by tho Dividends and jjiven
upaiiil not deducted from the Policy,
The Full Ainotinl of liisiinincc is J'tiid.
It has paid in losses to its Folicy lloldeis over
."il,ll, and has neer contested a claim
during the 17 years of its existence. No
extra I'remiunis charged for insur
itt;;. I-Viuiiles, liiiilroad Einiiloyocs or Sr-amcn
. riuicy in tue l'liir.Nix is pioperiy callcil a
! Whole World Policy. It permits thn insured to
J tr.ucl or leside at will anywhere, in the. United
I States or Fiirope, at any season of the year,
i without .( xtr.i charge.
1 For l'latiKlin, (Irand Is'e and Lamoillo counties
C. it. UAlK'tJCK. State Aent.
Rutland. Vt.
St, Aibans
Dining Rooms,
P R () P R I F T O R H
"YXAliM MKALS or Lunches ssrved at all
lioui-s, iii the best style
I'Ypsh Hallimorc
to the Trade, at
nlDCi d.Vwtf
llcceived daily and supplied
wliolesale prices.
Health, Luxury, and Economy,
TED. rpiIIS is dnno by a Steam Process, patented
X Aug. llth, 1HG7, and not only ma.'cs thcui
cican and who.csoine, which prevents sicA'ucss,
but relieves each tibrc iron) its matted condition,
increasing tho bill of the bed ofieutimcs ouu
l alf, thereby rendering tlicni more luxurious.
In fact it is uverytliing essential to old or new
Destroying all mo hs, or liability to them, re
moving all disagreeable scent, (common among
now feathers.) and all cuininv and ulutinou
! substance fioin the quill; thereby preserving
them from the effects of long usage.
We would, thcicfore, say to tho citizens of this
i pi ico that wo aro among hum for a fow days, to
render diem an essential benefit. Our facilities
aro sticli that, upon being ordered to do so, we
I can ta.-c and return beds the s.uuo day, well
1 renovated and i cady for immediate use." for i2
! per bed, including pillow and bolster, if suitahlo
I to run with tlio bed.
Now j?i e us your best or poorest, new or old,
; provided they are (lecse or DueA; Feathers. Wo
i warrant s itisTaction or mai'o it- charge.
rounty anil own aignib lor bale.
liltlFltLY. KVANS, A CO.
Wor.' dnno over .1. P. Stone's Store, Main
Street, St. Alhans. Vt.
Wanted a good canvasser to work for tho above
apply to C. K. KVANS, Tremont House.
We propose to tight it out on this line
for the next
No Tcrnm Intl I'nvondilionnl Surrender!
Wo mukc l'tacc
by a vigorous
prosecution oi' TIIE WAR ! !
A GFNTS WANTFDin evcryTortii, tocanvass.
. Fuiplovinent tor licntlcinen or panics.
i Individual. Town, County or Statu
Itights for
' salt
j.eui'is .ui-iii inn, . .. ....
a new device for catching ilies, by which any
ladv can rid her house of those mMs, as readily ,
us slie can di.st her parlor. Wo carry on thn
war according to tho rules of civilized nations,
lcsortimr to no Poinons. sticking Platder, or
i. i. ii........ ... ,u i,i,.,.ui iii riii- i
Chemical combinations, but, liko "Crocket'
'coon," they come down. Wc live by action--not
words I Gentlemen or Ladies, THY L'S. We
present vou the bent ileld and inducements for
canvassing to be found in tlio United States
Coiumuiiications addrehsed to us will receive, 1
ronipt attention
Bt. Albans, Vt.
New Store
c . I
For the IVrMOfif Tranwipt,
G-eorgian Troubles,
Nnw York, Sept. 30.
Tho Tribune's Atlanta special says, it
call having been published Inst week for
a Republican Convention InWarrenton,
tlie Republicans assembled there yester
day, with a view to holding a peaceable
political meeting. A considerable num
ber of loyal men from the neighboring
towns arrived at Warrcnton by the
train to attend the meeting. These
were met by the Slierill' ami a commit
tee of citizens, who advised them not to
enter tlie town. The Sheriff told them
that tlie citizens of the town were de
termined that there should be no meet
ing. He said he had consulted with
thorn and sought to pacify them and in
duce them to allow tlie meeting to be
held, but that his advice had boon in
Tho Republicans went to a colored
Church outslda the town,nnd held their
"When tlio speakers were ncarlydono,
1 news was received that the citizens woro
I organizing and drilling in military tac
tics, preparatory to un attack.
The Republicans wore advised to fly
to the woods to avoid a serious riot.
They accordingly fled in tlio direction of
tlio woods.
The colored people arc dreadfully
ft is stated on the most trustworthy
authority that from 300 to 400' white
men, fully armed, went to Warrcnton
specially (o prevent tho meeting.
Xkw York, Sept. 30.
Additional intelligence from tlie scene
of tho la o earthquake is received.
In Quito the st'nch arising from tho
unburlcd bodies is horrible.
Pillaging is going on in Arica and Ar
cqnipa, Peru.
Tlio artillery battalions at Arica arc at
enmity with the people who accuse them
of robbing.
Shocks of earthquake wore felt as late
as August ".9th.
Some people were still being dug out
of tlie ruins alive.
Reports from Paraguay arc to tlie ef
fect that a mine had exploded ntllumu
ita, almost annihilating the alh troops
who had just taken possession.
A truce between tlio contending par
ties had been partially arranged.
It was probable that tlie Argentine
Republic would agree to the terms pro
posed, but Brazil, gaseed with her late
victories, would probably refuse any
conditional peace.
New York, 30.
At tlio request of Gen. MeClcllan, no
public demonstration was made on his
arrival yestetday.
On Friday night, tho MeClcllan Le
gions will serenade tho General.
There will be a torch-light procession
in which it is expected that 40,000 will
Gold, 141J.
BY buying tho now Patent Plated Spoons and
Forks. Warranted to wear (iipial to tlin
best Treble Plate at very much less price. Call
and see them ut Huntington's west side. Main
untitled that I am agent to transact all busi
ness pertaining to pensions, bounties and back
pay. Claims of the abovo nature, can ho pre
sented, and their idlinvauces obtained, by aupyl
im; to
Si. Albans, May MUi
1 O to WM. N. SMITH, k Co
for good
auil VA gniiiH in c.othr.ig and Hats
every thing in their line.
and Caps,
CLOTHING for Fall and Winter, just received
at Smith's new Ulock, WM. N.SMITH.ACO'S
J)ANTS and Vests of all kinds just arrived
ut WM. N. SMITH A CO'.S.
SHIIITS and Drawers of all kinds now opening
ANUW Supply or Drugs, Cliomlcalu, ratent.
Medicines, .Vc, jiiHt leceived at
ailllKA & NICHOLS,
No. I, LaA'o Street.
ITU.AGG'S luslatant Pelief and Spcer'a Btan,
' ihird Wino Hitters at
No. I, Lata) btreet.
rnitlCOT COATS in Short Frocks, nd Full
X Frocks of all kinds and colors at
WM.N. SMITH, fc CO'.S.
I A OUT IPS CLOTHING of all kinds cheap
.J lU VJ1...1,Ullil,.lUO,
GtLONFS, C.I.OVKS, or all Mails, of all kinds
f at WM. N. SMITH, .t CO'H.
,4 LL tho new styles of Furs and Scarfs now
J. opened at WM. N. SMI I'll, fi CO'ri.
Sank Coats in evorv style,
W.M. N. Smith. V
Smitli'H new lllock.
CALL and see the best Stock of Clothing,
Hats and Caps and Furnishiiie; Goods in the
Slate, at
vai n n.iiiin, iv w,

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