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Vermont Daily Transcript
Tit.sday, NovKMiir.it, a 1808.
Republican Nominatious
lOtt l'KF.SIlll-.M,
For Elector' at Large- Ukowii: V. Gkaniiky, (i
Vergonncn: II. i-aihiianks. ni Nt. .lounsnuiv.
For Elector riiinl Pi-trn't -.Hk.i'Ikik Wii.
kins, of Ntnwc.
Till- Mtetioiis To-day.
In addition to vt tinir f ir l'reyiiloiula
electors to-diiy, the people of Iowa will
vote upon the qiuvtion whether the
word white shall be stricken from the
clause rclntlnjr to suffrage in the consti
tution. The .same question Is also nub
milted to the citizens of Missouri.
In New Hampshire the people are to
decide whether a eonvontion shall bo
held to propose amendments to the State
constitution. As now constituted the t wo
Houses of the New Hampshire Legisla
ture are strangely disproportionate in
members, the Senate having only twel .c
members while the House has three
hundred and thirty. It is proposed to
reduce the number of Representatives
and increase the number of Senators
It is further proposed to abolish all re
liglous tests for holding office, and make
provision for future amendments to the
Three proposed amendments to the
State Constitution are submitted to the
vote of the people of Minn sota. The
llret provides for extending the suffrage
to the eoloied man, and also to persons
of mixed white and Indian blood, who
have adopted the language, habits and
customs of civilization, and have been
declared, after an examination by aDis
trict Court, competent to exercise the
rights of citizenship; the second relates
to the disposal of the " internal improve
ments of lands ;" and the third abolish
e3 the grand jury system.
The people of the State ofllliuois will
vote on the question whether a conven
tion shall bo called to revise the State
European Correspondence.
London, Oct. 10.
Spain could not bo kept in a state of
suspense till the Cortes were regularly
elected and constituted, and I am now
in n position to assure you that the men
in power hero are looking for the "short
cut'' which is most prcmptly ta bring
the country out of its provisional dilll
culties. The scheme they are contem
plating is both just and expedient. It
is more than that ; it is prompted by no
cessity. The determination of the final
destinies of the country will no doubt
bo left to the vote of the National Con
stituent Assembly; but there can be no
harm in preparing, and, as it were,
anticipating and guessing that vote as
materially to lessen the labor and re
move the danger of a contemplated and
prolonged parliamentary deliberation
I believe the present purpose is to fol
low, in this respect, the example of
In Italy also, the annexation of the
Demillu and Tuscany, of the Marches
and Umbria, of Naples and Sicily to
the Northern Kingdom who put to the
vote of the Turin Chambers, with all
duo form and solemnity; but thesuiT
rage of the people had previously been
elicited by a plebiscite, and the union of
the various States was already an ac
complishcd fact. The Deputies and
Senators did no more than "throw sand
upon the paper on which the deed was
It could not be conceived how any
but an infinitesimal party would raise
any objection, and tho result was, in
fact, not merely an immense majority,
but a thundering unanimity.
There can arise no doubt as to the
right the present rulers of Spain have
to proceed on a somewhat analagous
plan. TheProvisional Government and
the Itevolutional Junta from which it
emanates, and which, I know not for
what purpose, continues in the dis
charge of its functions, may look upon
themselves as a bona fide representa
tion of the three parties Unionists,
Progressists, and Democrats by whom
the downfall of tho Bourbon Govern
ment was determined. If they speak
out, they do so in the name of tho vic
torious majority, and they can, indeed,
throw out no hint for which the some
what perplexed, though by no means
discordant majority would not be heart
ily thaukful. It is therefore the settled
design of the Provisional Government,
backed by all the Juntas, to speak out,
Mid that shortly. They will express it
as their opinion, in the first place, that
a Monarchical Constitutional Govern
ment is the only one, under present
circumstances, adapted to tho want
and wNhes of the Spanish nation ; and
they w.ll then proceed to unfold their
views a to the practical means of bring
lug such a Government Into existence.
The result of last Sunday's meeting of
tho Democratic pnrty hits made it suf
ficiently ,'lcar that they do not enter
tain either hop-? or desire to secure the
triumph of Republican princlplcj for
tho present. There are only two tin
compromising Republicans of any note
Orense and Oasfclar. Orcnse is an
old man, almost in his dotage ; Cas
telar is an enthusiast, but he busle
himself more with social and phllan
throple theories than with practical po
Iitical conclusions.
The form of Government being thus
established, the advice of its head must
follow as u necessary consequence, and
thore seems now peifcct agreement
among thou who are to say the word
only, it is deemed good policy, as a
mere matter or international courtesy
to sound the inteutionsof friendly Gov
erumentslu that respect ; and it iswlth
that view that official agents of the Pro
visional Government, will soon be ac
credited to the various courts.
France, England, and other leading
btates have already intimated that they
do not consider themselves entitled to
interfere with the wishes of the Spanish
people in any way whatever, and as
there will be no occasion to apply for
aid or advice, so neither will there ue
any apprehension of anything like dic-
i.muu, or even oinciousncs?, on tueir
The candidate for the throne.on whom
the votes of theProvisional Government
seem now to concentrate, Is Kin? Fer
dinand, ot Portugal. The suffrages of
the bpanish people naturally turned in
1.. ,1! Li . j, ...
mm. uiieeiioii ever since tne enormities
and infamies of Isabella's Government
mode tho necessity of a change of dy
nasty obvious to all men. Theiefore
the name of Ferdinand of Portugal
comes uppermost at the present juncture
the only matter still doubtful being
whether the succession should devolve
on his eldest son, Don Louis, the pres
ent Kind of Portugal, in which ease
the personal union of the two crowns
would follow as a matter of course ; or
on i'erdinand's younger son now 21
years of age in which case the Penin
sula would be divided between the two
branches of the same house of Brnganza
Together with the choice of a ove
reign, the Provisional Government
would have to submit to the country the
draft of a Constitution, no very diffi
cult task in Spain, whose archives are
rich in charters, most of which were
schemes plausible enough in their eon
ception, though, owiug to the pervcrsi
ty of tho Quacn's Government, they in
variably broke down in tho applica
Hie declaration ot tho views of the
Provisional Government may bo expect
ed at no distant period within a fort
night at the latest and upon its first
publication the various Provincial Jun
tas will be instructed to put tho scheme
to the test of popular suffrage, and to
obtain for it the sanction of a plebiscite
The Elkctokal Colli:ok,808. The
following table shows the vote of each
State in the Electorial College of 1803
Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas being
as yet unreconstructed States, have no
votes this year :
Alabama 8
Arkansas 5
California 5
Connecticut 0
Delaware 3
Florida 3
Georgia 9
Illinois 10
Indiana 13
Iowa 8
Kansas 3
Kentucy 11
Louisiana 7
Maine 7
Maryland 7
Massachusetts 12
Michigan 8
Minnesota 4
Missouri 11
Nebraska 3
Neva J a 3
New Hampshire 5
New Jersey 7
New York 33
North Carolina 9
Ohio 21
Oregon 3
Pennsylvania 20
Rhode Island 4
South Carolina 0
Tennessee 10
Vermont 5
West Virginia 5
Wisconsin 8
Total 294
Necessary to a choice 14S
Srontjicller and Wells Hirer Hail-
We glvo bolow tho act which has pas
sed both branches of tho Legislature to
enable the towns therein named to aid
In tho construction of the MontpoMer
and Weils River Railroad :
AN ACT to enable tho towns in the
counties of Washington, Caledonia,
and Orange, to aid in the construction
of the Montpelier and Wells River
It is hereby enacted bn the Assemblu
of the State of Vermont :
Sec. 1. Any town in Washington.
Caledonia and Orange Counties, on
the line of the Montpelier and Wells
uiver Railroad, or adjoining a town on
the lino of said railroad, may aid in tho
construction of said Montpelier and
Wells River Railroad, by subscribing to
tho stocks in said road, or bv lssulne
bonds to aid said road, or in such other
ma 'ncr as said town shall direct. Pro
vided, that no town shall assume anv
liability for said road, exceeding oiirht
times tho grand list ot said town, at the
time said aid isgrante l.
Sec. 2. Such aid shall be g.ven in the
following manner, to wit; T he select
men of said town, on the application ol
ton or more legal voters of said town,
shall within ton days after the receipt
oi sum application, warn a meeting ol
the legal voters of such town, to bo held
at tho usual place of holdlmr town ment.
iiiKsi.i such town, whlcirnotieo shall
specify the time and place of the mcet-
ung, which snail not he more than
twenty, nor less than twelve davs, from
the time of posting said notice. Am'
the warning shall bo sufficient, if it
states tho business to be done at said
meeting, Is to aid In the construction of
the .Montpelier and Wells River Rail
road. And if a majority of the votes
given at. said meeiing, shall bo to aid
said road, then the town shall fix the
amount of aid to be given, and the
terms thereof, and may appoint three
commissioners, wno snail Do resident
iax-pafyors oi tne town. And, it no
commissioners be appointed, the select
men snail act as commissioners until
commissioners shall be appoitedby said
town. Said commissioners, or select
men shall bo duly sworn, and shall, as
soon as may no, prepare suitable books,
in which said vote shall be set forth, in
which tho tax-payers of the town mav
sign their names absenting to bald
vote, and the grand list of each person
signing said assent, shall be annexed to
his name. And when a maioritv of tho
tax payers of said town, both in numbtr
anu amount oi grand list, shall have
signed tho same, the same shall bo bind
ing on the town, provided the slena-
hires are procured within six months
after tho first signature to the payer is
made. And all persons, or corporations
liable to pay taxes, and all persons who
snan oc owners oi real estate taxed at
the time the assent is given shall have
a right to assent to said vote.
Sec. 3. The said vote and assent
when so signed as aforesaid, shall bo du,
ly certified by the commissioners or se
lectmen, and recorded by the town
clerk in the town clerk's office at length
in the land records of said town, and a
duly certified copy of the vote of the
town, and tho certificate of the commis
sioners or selectmen to the same, that
the act has been comnlied with bv n
majority of the tax-payers, both in num-
uur anu amount, wno have duly signed
the same, with the certificate of the
town cleric that the same has been duly
recorded in his office, shall be recorded
in the office of the Secretary of State.
And certified copies from cither nflleo
shall be full proof in any court, that the
i.iw iius ueun compiled with.
Sec. 5. Said towns may issue bends
with coupons, payable soml-annuallv.
at any rate of interest, not exceedii c
n.)i;u Jin ul'ui,, iur mo purpose oi aid
ing said road.
Sec. 5. The selectmen or eommissinn-
crs aforesaid, as soon as the assent is giv
en and recorded as aforesaid; shall pro
ceed to carry into effect the vota of said
town, according I to tho teims mul onn.
unions uiui-uoi. ana sna'i have power to
vote and act for said town, on all prop
er occasions to cairv into nflFbn. tho
.Hi' il i i .
votes aforesaid, and their votes mid nets
shall be binding on said town.
Sec. 0. This act shall take effect from
its passage.
Hoirille Treatment of an Orphan
Child bi her Wards,
From the Memphis Post.
One of the most revolting eases ,,f in
humanity towards children which we
have ever had occasion to write, occurred
in the suburbs of the city, on tho new
Raleigh r-ad, ono week ago last Satur
day. The perpetrators of the savairo
outrage were John and Mary Peppers,
wuu uve in me relation ot man and
wife, although unmarried. These par
ties have had for about two veins in
their charge, as their ward, a girl about
12 years of age. For some time the
neighb'rs of this familv Imvn boon
shocked at various times bv the cruel
punishment which they inflicted upon
the girl for tho most trivial offences.
On the Saturday referred to above, this
girl thoughtlessly went Into the gurden
near the house and pulled ono or two
turnips. i01- ims 8ngnt offence both of
ner nearness guardians became violent
ly enraKcd. and after nnrtlnllv vent
Ing their fury in abusive liiiiim.iirfi nml
merciless blows unon tho deinnenless
and terrified child, their infernal hoar.s
suggested tne use ot the hot iron poker
as an instrument of punishment. Ac
cordingly the woman seized the odrl.
U'llllo tlio lirnfn nf n i.m, ... ,!:.!
. - vv- i, Juan iljjjlliuu UiC
ijuiiiiiiiriioiuo norciieoics. neeir. Imiuln
and naked arms, and even attempted
iu wursi. it uown ner tnroat.
Thus the poor urirlwa. tortured whiln
one wrimeu in vain to release herself
from the clutches of the heartless wo
mm, till tho flesh touched by the iron
was covered and checkered with long
lines of black, bleeding blisters.
Their ncre bnim? sntinted. Hiov nnn.
fined her In the house from the sight of
uii, in urucr 10 prevent ner trom disclos
ing their cruelty.
At lencth. however, the fnnts worn
found out and given to tho police, who
went to the house vestordav mid nrrnsr.
od .he parties, after which they took
the girl before tho grand jury of the
Municipal Court. Unon tho i resent I iur
of tho case the jury indicted both par
ties. This morning, when they appear
ed In the Police Court for trial, Deputy
Marshal Williams served tho canittst un
on thorn and then marched them off to
jail. The wounds upon the girl a-c
now healing rapldlv, andhavo lost their
unsightly appearance. She will re
malu In charco of the police till the trini
of her assailants is concluded.
Xcirs and Miscellaneous Items.
The school bovs in Russia hr.ve "fit
holidays in a year.
tV $25 premium Is oflered for tho nrot-
nest uaoyataan joauum valley l air.
Tho California steam plow costs 10
000, and requires men skilled in me
chanics to manage it.
Gov. Hayes, of Ohio, has appointed
Thursday, Nov. 0, as a day of Thanks
4f.. i i. i " -j r. . ..
Thurlow Weed sailed from Liverpool
for home on Monday.
Andrew Popoff, of Sitka, Alaska, pre
sented hini3elf before tho proper tribu
nal in San Francisco recently, and de
clared his intention to become a citizen
of the United States, under the treaty
for tho purchase of Alaska, and took the
oath of citizenship.
Mr. Fnwcftt, of Chicago, has author
ized his eastern agent to challenge any
stallion on tho contlnen- for a race for
from $5,000 to $10,000 a side.
A barber In Dunne St. Noiv York,
charges a dollar for hair cutting, and Is
always one hour performing the opera
tion. From two-and-a-half acres of garden
fallowed land. In Diablo Valley, Contra
Costa Co., California, George Motte, has,
this season, gathered 1281) bushels of
clean wheat, the yield having been at
the rate of 112 bushels per acre.
lcrinl Notices.
Twenty-jlve i ears J'ractiea
In tho Trent incut of DixcaM-H inniilont to IV
tunica, litm placed Or. Dm :il thu head nf .ill the
phyNiciiuiH making uucli priu'tioo a HpeciivM v, and
I'lmbles him to niiamiiti e a Mu.-cdy mid poi-m.ui-out
cure in the wdimI caic-a of Stiiprtsion and
.ill other Mcni-lranl llfmugfuwiitf, from iritit
ever caue(. All letti-rn lor'udvieo iiiuhI, contain
ti.r Oniec, No. U Kudleott Htieut. HoHton.
N. 1J. hoard I'nrniHlied to tlmcc deHinnf,' to re
main under treatment.
hoatoit. July, lMliS. 22G lvrdtw
JL Or. .1. W. POLAND'S
WHITE MX I.'. '(1A1
I'OUMJ. C ill'CH Koro Throat Colds. Coiif,'ht,
Oiplheria, ISronchitin, Snittinf,' of Kloud,
and Pulmonary cITootioi'ti cnurullv.
It in a remarkable remedy lor Kid-'
uey Complainlf, Diabetes, Oilli
cnltyof Voiding Urine,
hleediiiR from the
Kidneys and
Oravcl and other Complaints'.
JlosroN, Jan. 20, 18(13.
Poland's Wnnr. Pinu Comi'ouxd. Alter hav
ing given it a thorough trial we can confiden
tially recommend Poland's White Pine Com
pound .ih a very valuable article for tho cure ot
colds, roughs, and pulmonic complaints gen
eraly. In several cases we have Known it to
Hive prompt relief when all other remedies
had been tried and failed. It is an article,
which in a climate m promotive of sudden and
severe colds as is that of New England, ought
to bo in every family; and wo are nuro that
those who oncu obtain it slid give it a fair trial,
will not tlieiealter be willing to be without it.
Iioslon Journal.
A Vau aiiix Medicine. -Dr. Poland's White
fine Compound, advertised in our columns, is a
successful attempt to combine and appiv the
medicinal virtues of the White Pino hail;. It
lias been thoroughly tested by people in this
city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testi
monials to its valuo from persons well known to
our citizens. We recommend its trial in all
those cases f disease to which it is adapted. It
is lor sale by all our Druggists. A. Y. Jml't.
Tho White Pino Compound is now sold in
oery part of tho UnitedStatrs and Uritish Prov.
inces. Piepared at the New Knglauil Uotanie
De;iot, Boston, Mass. 2;!i-17
Just Published in n Sealed envelope. Price (lets.
A LECTURE on tho Nature. Treatment and
Radical Cure of Spermatorrhoea or .Seminal
uuaiiness. invoinniary r.mi'jsions, sexual lie
M. D.. Author of tho " Green Uook.'Vtc.
Tho world renowned author, in this admirable
Lecture, jelearly proves from his own experience
that tho awful consequences of Self-Abuso may
bo effectually removed without medicine, anil
without dangerous surgical operations, bougies,
instruments, rings, or cordials, pointing out a
mode of euro at once certaiu and eil'estual. bv
which every sufferer, no matser what his con
dition may be, may cure himself cheaply, pri
vately anil radically. This Lecturo will prove a
boon to thousands and thousands.
Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain,
scaled envelope on the receipt of six cents, or
two postage stamps. Also, Dr. Oulvern ell's
" Marriage Guide," price 2.";. Address the
127 Bowerv. New Vnrk.
Post dllico Box 4.5811.
T P. O. Try a box of I'o anil's Plantain
X Ointment. Tho best i ii vo m tho World,
i'ako no other, but insist o i havini' this. For
sale by all Druggists and Country Dealers.
D .1. W. POLAND,
" It "Works Like a Charm."
Have yon Headacho? Uso Bcnne's Magic Oil
Have you Toothache- ? Ubo Itenno's Magic Oil
Have you Neuralgia V Uso Itenno's Magic Oil
Have you Rheumatism ? Use Itenno's Magic Oil
Have you Sore Throat ? Use Benne'H Magic Oil
Have you Sciatica V Use Renne's Magic Oil
Have you a Bruise y Use Renne's Magic Oil
Have you Cramps V Uso Renno'H Magic Oil
Have you Choi. Morbus? Uso Renne's Magic Oil
Havo you Lameness V Use Renne's Magic Oil
This is tho b-ist family remidy, to cure all
kinds of pain, you ever tried.
It is clean, sate and delicious to use and if
you uso it laitlitully, It will do you good.
Directions on each bottle. Buy it of the Drug
gist or Merchant where you trade. If they have
not got it on hand thoy will send for it, at your
request, and sell you the genuine- Renne's l'aiu
Killiug Magic Oil, at the manufacturer's lowest
prieo at retail.
WM. REENE, Solo Proprietor anil Mamifae
hirer, Pittslield, Mass.
Sold in St. Albans by all Druggists, Weeks A
II oynolds, Grocers. In Swauton Falls bv D. T
Morrill. 17!)-l"y-oow
Dr. I.UGOL, of Paris, ono of tho most eminent
ChemistH of Europo, said :
" Tho most astounding results may be antici
pated when Iodine can be dissolved in pute
Dr. II. A.SDEits, after rtftcon years of scientific
research and. experiment, has succeeded in dis
solving one and one quarter grains of Iodino to
each fluid ounce of water, and the most astound
ing results have followed its vee, particularly in
Scrofula and kindred diseases. Circulars free.
Dr. II. Anders' Iodine Water is for sale bv J.
P. OINSMOltE, HO Dey .Street, New York, ami all
DR. FRED'K MORRILL, Physician and Sur
geon, gives exclusive attention to Diseases
oi women. He has mudo diseases of woman his
study for tho past twenty ycais. His practice
has been vcy extousive both in Hospital and in
private practice. His reputation has vouchers
in all tho city papers, his patients, and tho medi
cal profession, both hero and abroad, as being
tho most skillful specialist here, and a thorough
master of all sexual diseases.
Dr. Morrill is admitted by the best medical
talent of the country to havo no enual in the
treatment of Female Complaints, and it is no un
usual occurrence for physicians in regular prac
tice to recommend patients to him for treatment
wncn aiiucteii wuu diseases in ms speciality.
T ...1,1 ..!.'..!.,. .i
Ladies will receive tho most scientific aVten-'
experienced nurses, if they wish
Tho poor advised free of charce. Physicians
or patients wishing his opinion or advice, by let
ter, and enclosing the usual fee, will be answered
by return mail.
Medicines sent to all parts of the country.
Oniec, No. 48 HOWABD 3THEET,
21My Boston Masg.
iriiiy, r.nii impediments to niarnago generallv;
Nervomncs, Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits ;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, resulting from
Self-Abuse. Ac. Bv ltOBEliT JOULVEKWEM,.
JL and important iclations which lliev sus
tain, their peculiar organization, nnd the olllees
they iit rform, are' subject to mnnv sufferings
I reed'im fiom Hum contribute in 'no email de
','! e to their happiness and wolfaic, for uoneer.u
be happy who are ill. Not only so, but no one
of these arions female complaints can long bv
suffered f.i run on without involving the general
health ot the iiidhidtlnl. and ere long producing
permanent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the re
lief of these various delicate affections, anil oulv
upon the most urgent necessity will a hue
woman so far saciillee her greatest charm as to
do this. The sex wdl then thank us for placing
in their hands simple specifies which will he
loiind efficacious in relieving and curing almost
cveiy one of those troublesome complaints pi en
liar to the sex.
lliXMiioi.t.'s Evnuci of lliuir. -Hundreds
nillcr on in silence, and hundreds of others ap
ply vainly to druggists and doctors, who either
merely tantalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse. I would
not wish to assert anything Unit would do i Jus
tice to the nnlieted, but I am obliged to sav that
although it may be produced from eeosiu ex
haustion of tho poweiv of life, bv laborious em
ployment, unwholesome air and food, profu-e
menstruation, the use of tea and coffee, and fre
quent childbirth, it is far otlencr caused bv di.
i ect irritation, applied tu the mucous membrane
ol the vagina itself.
When renewing the cause iff these disties-
sing complaints, it is most painful t mteni-
plate tho attendant evils consequent upon them.
It is but simple justice to the subject to einun
crate a few of the many additional causes w hich
so largely affect tho lite, health, and happiness
of woman m till classes of i-ocietv, nnd which,
consequently, affect more or less direc.lv, tho
welfare of the entire human family. Tlio mania
tl-at exists for piecocious education unit mar
riage, causes tho yeai-H '.hat nature designed tor
corporeal development to bo wasted and per
verted ir. the restraints of dress, the earlv con
tlnemeiil of school, and especially in the un
healthy excitement of the liall-vomu. Thus,
with tlie body half-e'othed, and the mind unduly
excited b. pleasure, perverting in midnigh't
revel the hours designed by natuie lor sleep and
rest, the work of destruction is half accom
plished. In consequence of this eaily stlain upon her
system, utinccetsaiy effoit is required bv tho
lielicato votaiy to ictain her situation in school
at a later day, t ms aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is over, another in prospective
keeps the mind lnoibidly sensitive lo impression,
while the now constant lestraint of fashionable
dress, absolutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention of or
ganic health and strength: the e. pontile to
night air; the sudden change of Mmperatnro;
thu complete prostratinu produced bv excessive
dancing, must, of necessity, produce their legi
timate effect. At last, an earlv marriage caps
tho climax of misery, nnd the unfortunate one,
hitherto so utterly regatdlcss of the pi.iin dic
tates and remonstrances of her delicate nature,
becomes an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. This is bin a truthful picture of thu ex
perience ot thousands id' our young women.
Long Ifefoie the ability to exercise the func
tions of the geuerativ- organs, they require an
education of their peculiar nervous system, com
posed of what is called the tissuewhich is, in
commoii with thi' iemale breast nnd lips, evid
ently under the control of mental oiiotions mid
associations at an early period of lifo ; and, as
wu shall subsequently see, these emotions, when
excessive lead, long before puberitv. to habits
it nu n ;.iipiiic very me oi mcir victims ere na
ture has self-completed their development.
For Female Weakness and Debility, Whiten or
Leucorrhiea, Too Profuse Menstruation, Ex
haustion, Too Long Continued Periods, for Pro
lapsus and Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri,
we offer the most peii'ect specific known : Hi:i.m
hold's Comi'ound ExntACT or Becni:. Direc
tions for Use. diet, and advice, accompany.
Females in every period of life, from infancy
to extreme old age, will llnil it a remedy to aiil
nature in the discharge of its Junctions. Strength
is tho glory of manhood and womanhood.
IIulmhold's Extract Buciiu is more strength
oning than any of tho preparations of Bark or
Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleasant. JIei.m
hold's Extiiact liuciif, having received tho in
doisement of the most prominent physicians in
the United States, is now offered to nnlieted hu
manity as a certain cure for tho following disea
ses and symptoms, from whatever cause origin
ating : General Debility, Mental and Physical
Depression, Imbecility, Determination of Blood
to tho Head, Confuted Ideas, Hysteria, General
fact, all tho concomitants of a Nervous and Do
bihateil stato ol tho system. To insuro tho
genuine, cut this out. Ask for Ilr.t.Mnoi.i.'s.
Take- no other. Sold by Druggists and Dcaleis
everywnere. rneo si.u, per Dottle, or six bot
tles for JC.50. Delivered to any address. Des
cribe symptoms in all communications. Address
II. T. 1IELMBOLD, Drug and Chemical Ware
house, 5'J1 Broadway, N.V.
None aro genuine unless done up in steel
engraved wrapper, with fac-smilo of my Chemi
cal Warehouse, and signed
Life and Oasuality Insurance
New York Offico, 96 Broadway.
this i.'oiupany uffeis all the advantages of
inner i.iie companies, v mi many entirely new
1. The Lowest Rati:s op Phemhtm of nnv
Mutual Company in America, and fully equal to
20 ner cent.
2. Policy-holders can "cceivo Compcnsatiox
i case of Disablinc Accident, at rates of Prem-
mm no Iliohuti than is usually charged for Life
insurance oniy.
3. Policies No.v.ronri'.iTlN'o after Two Pay
-1. Annual Dividend mado Non-Forfeit able.
5. Loans on alfePoliciea.
C. Liberal Permission to Travel.
7. A DnFFiNrrr. Cash SuuncNnnn Valuo guar
antee in all Policies.
JOHN B. CHURCH. Jr., Secretary.
C. W. BUCK, Agent for Northern Vermont.
dill. 1m.
VT'ANTED. -An Agent to make a thorough
canvass of Franklin County in behalf ol
,lint 1,1(1 aml "'liable- Lifo Insurance Company,
Phoenix Mutual, of Hartford
i.uierai terms to an active, energetic
man. Address. N. G. AXTKLL.
Pel u, Clinton Co., N. .
Geueial Agent for NortlieniNew York and Ver
mont. 207-tf
SJHIRTS aud Drawers of all kinds now opening
) t WM, K. SMITH, CO'S.
iniuiuiiiiy, iicsuessnesH aim Hiecpiessness at
Night, Absence of Muscular Elllciencv, Loss of
Appotito Dyspepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits,
Disorganization or Paralysis of tho Organs id'
Generation. Palpitation of tho Heart, mid. m
Water from olden Spring. S(
timtit, which has nroved libVlili
and also tor Dyspepsia. Kidney and Liver C
iwiiiiii. i i-rr. nun n I i nn-ium.
.,t- ii, 1
i-i.iuut., iTencrai nemuty, Ac, Ac, is now
sale, at wholesale and retail, at W Washine
Street. wliei-K liinil.-u I... . .i.i .i i r
1,1 rf nil r. , .i 1 .. u 1 ..r .1... tl . ....
..,a,.np , i,,e iuer, wuu cerunca
i out physicians and others, testifying to
... ii in in 'i in i in in numerous cases where It
been tiled.
Mi'.hi'iiants National Hank,
S!3 State Street, Boston, Oct. 7. lfillS,
E. S,
I,. . ," M" : 1 '' to i.cl.now ledge thu be
lit I hae leeched from tho Weldcn Spr
ater 1 have been troubled whh Disease
the Kidneys lor many years. 1 havo consul
some nf tin. Iw.ul ,.1... ..I. t.. .1... ..... .
l-i'pi-ii-.wi no .-nil... c....,A i- ti.. 't
was 1-iifntiiliintuliifl tr. ,. K.. M'.l.l-- ......
at,-r. i nail not taken it long before I
surprised to see how much good it had done l
niuce uieii i always Keep it in mv room and
I It ,111 (ll'ill . ntIV .llim- t-n...- I... 1.... ..
.,, iiiiiM.iii- i-M-iiui.i
It Will euie me. Am I :m. i,,vi,,.i, ,1 11.
..i. ....i.i i. . i .in i . i .
fully recommend it to aft sum ilm- with t
rillMlitl I II- I II-IIMIII I Ml I III' III,- 11V lt..,-li..i.i. I ..I...
same iiisease. Itespcctfully.
I. J. M VY
lliom l-rancls B. Dixon, Esi . Counselor
Law and Average Adjuster, Boston,
17 Mr.ncii ixis Exi iiANor.
l-oslou, Octobi r it, 180P. (
E. K. flOODVlN.
Ocau Sin: 1 eheerfiibvcimiil V Willi n
(inest to givo my candid opinion of tin mm
ol the Weldcn Spring Water. For some vcar
have sintered much from Dvspepsta. and h-
ing exnaustcil patent medicines nnd the u
scrintions ol mnnv ulivsicinnu l u-nu n,i, i..i
1,'V llm W.ilflmi W,t..iw? M'.. ..... T 1- i i .
atonic and general regulator ol tho system, a
L-ii.iuius hid locii any i;niii oi rood without
n. H,t-f,l,,nt.A fPl.n ....... ......1 . .
. ...i . in. hi j. mi- mm i- . iiieiice i can give
uij niiiiii-ciiiiioii in us virtues is a recommeiK
lion to every one Buffering from Dyspepsia
Yours truly, FRANK B. DIXON
Qi'iNci', .Mass., uot. 3, 18GR
K. S. OOOnWIN, Est.
Diutt Silt - My wilt, hut, used our iVeld
Spring Water, and has received Irre.it bene
trom it. Before sbo used it she li :lil n li
cough, and had bled from the stomach or lnm
ii ii coil!? it ii im enrii-.i v .ii.mtiii. in,-.. .1 .....I i...
aS Wl-11. (II- Ill.tll.C. tllllll 1.1,. i linu I...,,.. ('.... .
--n-- - J -"J" ' ...... null nilU
Very iepectfully your old servant,
Proprietoi of Hancock House, Quinc
i;3" Letters from many otln r persons can
seen at the oflice.
E. S. GOODWIN, Agent,
n')tr ais Washington Street. Boaton.
TMir. L4. ct...'i. m
The Jifxt Line of Ovi'rcnctl. in J
I'lii! Host Lint! of Fiiniisliiii"!
in Town.
.juaL nni:L-ivKi ii-iiiii vhui tiipi Qn
. 4 i j -i m . i
L. McD. SMITH & (X).
Autumn and Winter
( II AVI.' ....... I. -.-.I.. -I
I namcil iriiriils tn u-li1rli I ,-nu,innlf,,ll. 1....U.
- - - ' "1" .-. m ..- niw.li HI lilt; U 1
tne notice ril llu- T.nrlli.unf Ml All,., hj'....i ...
Real Black Thivud and .Malta Laces.
Real Valenciennes and Cluny Luces.
Merino nnrlpi-vni.lM mul ll-n-n,-c Pvtv. On.i
Merino Hoiiory.
Gloves, Mittens, Seaifs, Ac
Dress, Sacks, A Cloak Fringes' and Gimps.
Small Wares, &c, See.
.Malting a Speciality ot this line of Goods,!
shall inilcavor to keep on hand a good, liberal
assortment, and shall not bo undersold by anv
"'" it. r. iujumun.
Stoio next to L. L. Duteher Ic Sons. I32tt
The American Cooking Stove
Again in Court I
United .States Court, Dis't of N.Y.,
Albany, Oct. 17, 1868.
Jacob II. Sheau & Jcs. Packard,
Zebulen Hunt & Wm. J. Milleh.
The Honorable Samitel Nelson,
mills SUIT was brought for infringing the,
J patents oil a Shakinu- or Villi ntinir ArIi
Sntcr, and the combination of a Sifting andAsU
Pan ni the hearth of a Cooking Stove, an injunc-
j.um n.m Kiaiui uicauaiuiugiiieir usu. xuessrs
Hunt A- Miller havo now arranged for a license,
and will hereafter manufacture and bell under a
license from us. All other persons aro coution-
Cd aCraillSt iriflllllfnetr.vitlir Bnllinrr m nuitiu
I Stoves with these improvements, as all in
I Inngements will be promptly prosecuted.
Albany, N. V.
Fop Sale by D. M. WALKER,
! no ST, ALBANS, V2

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