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Vermont Daily Transcript,
Thuhsday, December 31, 1SG8.
The New Year.
Another yenr of hope and four, of joy
and Borrow, Is fust drawing to rt close,
nntl wc nrc ngnln upon the threshold of
anew one. The ugh the yenr thnt Is
closing its doors upon us hns been short,
yet many nnd great arc the changes
that it hns brought about. Look back
you, who are reading thcte lines, and
mark the changes thnt have taken
place even in your circle of ncquaint
nnce. Do vou not, at once, call to mind
mnnv who. one yenr nuo, were full of
life and hope and happiness, whose
voices rang loud with a Happy New
Year," and whose hearts beat high with
iovful anticipations of the future, who
innil mill rone? Do vou net
find that the past year has hiought
about more, and greater changes than
you dreamt of, when twelve months
ago you welcomed it in ? A year is but
a little while : yet what a multiplicity
of care and duty and sorrow and plea-
sum .ire wranned up in it!
The commencement of a New Year is
a peculiarly fitting period to take a re
irniiwoiivo I'lnnce. It is at this time
that we should carefully examine oui
nnst lives to see wherein wc have erred
nml faltered in our duty that we may be
better prepared to surmount the ob
stacles which may beset us in our life
journey. No one of us will fail to find
Home misdeed, some misstep in the past,
which our earnest endeavor should be
to remedy in the future.
We each nnd all arc looking to the
year on which we;arc entering with va-
ried emotions of hope and joy. vn ui
us are planning new schemes, solving
new problems whereby we may auain
to a greater degree of happiness than we
have vet realized. Rome will undoubt
edly be sadly disappointed ; others will
be crowned with abundant success in all
their efforts ; while death will cutdown,
nno ho: and one there, by the way
We wish each and every reader of the
Transcript a happy New Year. May
the year eighteen hundred and sixty-
nine crown their efforts witn success,
and bring thorn an abundanco of peace
and prosperity and happiness. That no
their pathway, or
grief afflict thMr household, is our sin
ceie un J. earnest hope.
Congressional Library. The Con
gressional Library now cont-ins 172,
005 volumes, of which 8,500 books and
2,500 pamphlets were added during the
past year. The law department cou
tains 24,008 volumes, and the receipt!
last year, under the copyright law ol
1807, have been 1,700 books and 3,-lOG
maps, periodicals and engravings.wlncii
are supposed to be about three-fourths
of those to which the government iscn
titled under the law.
A Murderer Executed. Jones,
the murderer of hi3 niece, was executed
at Loudon, Out., on the 29th. Many
thousands of people
about the scaffold.
were collected
Declines a Dinner. Samuel Bowles,
editor of the Springfield Jtcpublican,
declines a dinner tendered him by Gov
Bullock Wd other influential citizens
of Boston. His letter of declination
discusses at some length the duties of
independent iournalism and of the
American prets as the best defence ot
the rights of the American people.
Drowninq or Thirty Persons.
The Bingharapton (N.Y.) Republican of
Monday says : " A distressinc acci
dent is reported to havo occurred in
Jackson, Peun., on Thursday, 24th in
stant, to a sleighing party, while on
their way to Eho, to attond a Christmas
entertainmsnt. The report is to the el-
feet that the party some thirty in
number were riding in a largo sleigh
and in order to shorten the distance the
driver was directed to cross lots. In
doinc bo. in order to reach the road
again, a pond had to be crossed. Un
for.unately the original ice had been
cut, the place being at the time closed
bv a thin sheet of ict. This was not
observed, and the team, upon being
driven upon the ice, immediately went
through. The report we have says that
thirty persons were drowned, none of
tho party but the driver escaping."
Tho Montpeller Journal of Saturday
contains an claboiate article on tho sub
ject of tho Portland and Rutland and
Wells River Railroads, from which we
make the following extract:
The action of Montpeller is. wo tliinl
well timed. It is not only true, as the
wise man of old said, that there is a
time for all things, butthcro is nlso the
best time for everyunng ; anu mo great
est poet of our race proved greater wis
ilom than Solomon's when ha torn us
that there is a tide in tho afllirs of men
which taken at the flood leads on to
fortune. It is flood-time now for rnll
'vays between tho East and tho West,
and tho tide is lil'ely to carry more than
one now lino through Vermont. Port
laud Is determined upon a load, and has
begun tho work with a liberality
which not only deserves but certainly
will eomrnnnd success. Gov. Wi,h
burnc has written that by the 1st of
January, 180!), the Portland and Og
donsburg Company will have ono mil
lion ot dollars ol mock suuscnueu,
which is enough to ensure the con
struction of a road from Portland to the
New Hampshire line at Conway, and
more than unoimn to secuie us con
st' notion to the jtu.ctkn of t.ic Osslpee
and fcjnco rivers, 'i ne minium -urn
Woodstock road is inviting Portland to
take either the Osslpee route or the
Portland and Rochester and Winnl
pcbeogee route, arguing for either line as
very mucli lebs in cost man uie num.'
imrtliprn route, while St. .Tohnsbury
and the Lamoille Valley arc urging the
northern route.
Now Montneher fclons in With IUll-
land and urges the cheaper route, which
will give Portland two stiings to Mer
western bow if she likes via Wells 1U-
ver, iMontpcllcr and inc ueiurai aim
Ogdcnsburg roads, and via White River
Junction, Rutland and the New York
Central roads.
Vani)F.hiult's Depot. The Now
York correspondent of the Boston Jour
nal says that the gteat depot that covers
St. Jv,hus Park is approaching comple
tion. It occupies four acres in the heart
of the city, and is said to be the largest
railroad depot in the world. The act ol
Legislature authorizing the sale of tho
park made the consent of Trinity Church
condition in the sale. Trinity de
manded $400,000 before her approval
could be secured. The juice paid for the
laud by Vandcrbilt was $1,000,000. Pay
ing Trinity $400,000 it left $J00,000 to be
distributed among the property holders
around the park. Before tho sale was
made public property was very low. Re
spectable people had moved from the vi
cinity and trade had not come in.
Houses were sold at from $S,000, $10,000
and $15,000. Eacli owner of propel ty
round the park was entitled to $15,0d0
on each lot, to be paid for out of the sale
of the park : so the fortunate holders of
real estate got their property for aunost
nothing. Besides this, tho moment the
sale transpired, it fixed thnt 'location
as the great business location of the city.
Property went spinning up and doubled
almost in a day. Those that held pro
perty that could not be rented, nor
scarcely sold, are chuckling over their
good luck.
The Old and New Year.
Tho last number of the new weekly
illustrated paper, Jlcarth and Home,
contains a lino engraving by Thomas
Nast, representing the dying of the old
year and the advent of the new, accom
panied by the following beautiful poem
by Tennyson :
Ring out the old, ring in tho new,
Ring, happy bolls, across the snow
The yenr is going, let hi i. go:
Ring out the false, ring in the true !
Ring out false pride in place and blood
The civic plunder and tho spite ;
R ng in tho love cf tiulh and right ;
Ring in the common lovo oi goon i
Rin' out old shapes of foul disease,
Ring out the narrowing ! stof gold,
Ring out the thousand wars ol old
Ring in the thousand years of peace !
Itinir in the valiant man and fice.
The linger heart, the kindlier hand;
Ring out tho darkness ol the land ;
Ring in tho Christ that is to be !
The New York Sun says : Larkin G.
Mead, the Vermont sculptor, has mar
ried an Italian lady with large black
eves and a fair complexion. She has
a vcrv our only manner. :tnd is much
taller than her husband. Si; c is just be
ginning to talk English. When Mr.
Mead married her she could not speak a
word of English, nor he a word of Itali
cn. All his friends were very much op
posed to his marrying nn Italian wo
man, but he whispered thnt if lie did go
it dumb he didn't co it blind. He lived
in the house with her for three years
Mead is short and slender, and weighs
less than his young wife.
Tho son of Joshua Scars, of Boston.
who died ten years ago, is 14 ycaw of
age, and one of tho richest young men
in the United States. Tho father,
whose property was valued at $1,G00,
000, after bequeathing small sums to his
relatives, provided that his son should
have $2,500 annually until attaining the
age of 21 ; the sum of $30,000 at that peri
od ; $4,000 annually until ho had passed
the age of 24; $0,000 annually until ho
had passed tho age of 30 nnd $20,000 per
annum after that time. The property
property remains in the hands of three
trustees, and tho simplp Interest on the
origininal amount added to tho pi'Inoi
pal has reached tho sum of $3,300,000,
while the assessed value ol the real estate
bringing tills sum is valued at 20,000,
000, Tho trustees have a salary of $5,000
each, and the commissions received
from the collections of rents amount to
a sum equal to tho salaty .f tie Presi
dent of tho United States, Young Soars
is now in Europe, where ho is fltting
himself for tho active duties of life.
Paul do Cassagnac, of the Paris Toys,
has alroady fought upward of sixty
duels, and has been wounded in only
four of them.
A Leipsick dealer in autographs makes
liberal offers for autograph lottors of
Gen. Grant and other American colc
brtles. Tho proprietors of the Paris Avrnlr
havo lost $3C0,000 since its establish
ment, principally from fines imposed
lor press offences.
C'olonol George W. Baylor, who killed
General John A. Wharton, In Houston,
Texas, In lSOo, was tried recently In that
city, and the finding of the jury was
"not guilty."
The monument to General W. II.
Stevens, of the late Confederate army,
is completed, and on exhibition In
Belle Boyd was last heard of in Aus
tin, TVn, as a lobbyist, at the conven
tion. Michel Chevalier and Henri Lnnd
rillnrt, the two eminent French politi
cal economists, are at vork upon a
book on the financial affair? of (lie Ful
led States.
Tennyson recently visited Paris,
where ho was received by a Committee
of the Association of French Authois.
On the evening of the second day after
his ariival the Authors' Association
gave a soiree in his honor, at which
Paul Feval read his new translation of
"Enoch Arden," and Louis Ratisbon
no, tho translator of Longfellow's
poems, presented a golden laurel wreath
to 'fennyfon.
The Jiead of JbliS.
Our obilunn record ai contained
(luring the past year tho announce
ments, from tunc to time, of the dealh
of many well-known and respected citi
zens, who wore identified with the local
history of our own city. The list cm
braces the nan es of the venerable Paul
Revere, Watson Freeman, Enoch Train.
Oliver Brewster, Joel Thayer. George
H. Gray, Charles Emerton, James Tol-
man, samuci JNicnoison, Alonzo u.
Jackson, William F. Whitney, James
Li. BlaUe, I'ledencli K. Woonwnrd,
Charles S. Burgess, Rob rt Hooper,
Co,, l'j. i). Jiiignam, uv. John nomnns,
George M. Sbulc, Amos Cummings,
Jiiithcr iJam. nenry A Drake, w. 11.
Seavcy, Fraud i K. Fisher, James W.
I'tu .e, William l). isomer. Micldon
Crockett, A. G. Wyman, W. T. G. Mor
ton, Thomas A. Goddard, Thomas Pow
er, Addison Gage, and Samuel Neal.
l The deaths in literary and artist c cir
cles have not been numerous, thouuh
some ol the shining lights have gone out.
We may mention the names otllon. Al
bert G. Greene, whowrotc "01., Grimes"
and othor equally well known pieces ;
Professor C. C Jewett, tho Superinten
dent of the Boston Public Library, a
man distinguished in this department;
Ball Hughes, the well known sculptor:
Loutz. the ajtist: Seba Smith, whoso
Jack Downing letters received such gen
eral approval years ago ; the erratic but
brilliant writer, uiiarics u. iiaipinc;
Elliott the artist, and Professor Adlcr;
two well known editors, William M.
Swain, lormcrly of the Philadelphia
Lcdfcr, and Mosos Beach, the editor of
the New York ,Sw?., while thcart preser
vative lost one of its ablest members
in the death of John Wilson of Cam
bridge. Several distinguished members of the
clergy have departed. Those best known
are t.io Right Rev, John H, Hopkins,
Bishop of tho Protestant Episcopal
Church of Vermont; Rev. Dr, Burroughs
and Rev. Phineas Stowe of Boston.
Among othor well known names now
erased from the r cord of the living arc
thoicol Captain J. S. Comstock, Rear
fVdmiralB.il, General, Colonel J. II. D.
Blake, Col. E. G. Parker, Major Joseph
M.Bell and Kit Carson.
Among the theatrical profession death
has removal many who had won dis
tinction. There have passed away,
during the year, Miss Ju ia Dean, a
name celebrated by many dramatic
triumphs ; W. C. Forbes, the actoi and
manager; Mrs. Crammer, and actrcts
of merit; Madame Isaacs Menken ; John
Sclton, and others.
Many distinguished men who havo
rendered to the nation and the differ
ent States great service by the wisdom
of the council?, have died. Prominent
among these are Thaddeus Stevens : cx
Gov Lincoln ; ex-Lieut. Governor Geo,
Hull : cx-Gov. Ellsworth ; Jiulijre Chns.
P. Huntington : ex-Governors Ford and
Todd of Ohio ; Hou. Portus Baxter, of
Vermont; cx-Lii!Ut. Uov. Childs ; Hon.
Robert B. Hall, Hon. W. C. Rives, oi
Virginia ; Hon. Jonathan E. Field ; ex
l)resident Buchanan ; Peter Cagger ;
cx-Gov. Wells, of Maine; I rancis Gran
ger ; cx-Gov. Seymour of Connecticut ;
and Hon. Nchemiah Boynton.
Amomr those who have died In for
eign lands, whose uamos arc familiar to
American cars, we may cnumciatc ax.
Athausc Laurent Coaucrel, the emi
nent pastor of tho French Protestant
Church in Paris; Charles Kean, tho
celebrated actor and artistic manager
who produced tlio works of Shakspearo
In a manner unpicceueiued : toir Jjavid
Brewster, the philosopher and man of
scienoo. the great ijoru urougnam, tne
statesman and scholar; bamuei .bovcr.
the poet, author and artist; SirEdwaru
Head, the autl or: Marochetti, the cmi
nent sculptor: Thou as D'Arcy McGec,
the eminent irishman who was kil.cd
in Ottawa ; Dean Milman ; Rossini, the
annnosor: Baron James Rothschild,
the great banker, and Berryer.the great
French advocate, nave passed away
with a host of others less known on tl.ls
side of the water, but distinguished for
high attainments In the varied walks oi
life, though an imporlect record of the
ravnercs or the Reaper, tho list cm
braoos thp moro niominont of the dead
uf the year dialing to a dose, Boston
" IlEAiiiNCi on its Wings," say a'l
who havo made uso of Dr. Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry, and by such
use been cured of coughs, colds, bron
chitis, Eoro throat, influenza or con
sumption, Tho prudent will always
keep this standard remedy by thcip,
It is a well-known fact that the Cir
cassian beauties possess magnificent
heads of hair. If its possession
car. lend additional diimns to tho
somi-enllghtoned ladies of CIrcassia,
how much moro docs it adorn the
beauty of our highly cultivntod Ameri
can belles. It is easily attained by tho
uso of " Barrett's Vegetable Hair Res
torer." Wa8hiny(on (D. C.) Chronicle.
d & w.
FrrroN Market. Just received, a
nice lot Dried Beef, Sugar Cured Hams,
Bologna Sausage, Sweet Potatoes, To-
matocs, Pears, Peaches, Water Melons '
nnd Musk Melons. illf-ill. 1
A Household Word. The best, the
only Reliable, the cheapest-. Try it.
Mrs. S. A. Allen's Improved new style)
Hair Restorer or Dressing, (in one bot
tle.) My wife and c.illdren prefer it.
Kvery Druggesl sells It Price one dol
lar 4
Vernionters, no o the advertisement
of the Vermont Record and Farmer. I to
publisher is an enterprling,wide awake
man. Ills paper, as a State aper, Is
worthy of patronage. Read theiuduce
uients. From the Army Hospital, the bloody
battle-field, the mansion of the rich and
the humble abode of the poor from the
office and the sacred desk; from the
mountain-top, distant valley and far-oil'
islands of tho ocean from every nook
and corner or the civilized v rid, is
pouring in the evidence of tho effects of
Drake's Plantation Bitters. Thou
sands upon thousands of letters like the
following may be seen at our oflLe :--
I have been In the Army
Hospital for fourteen months, speech
less and nearly dead. At Alton, Uli
ncis, they gave me a bottle of Planta
tion Bitters. Three bottles have made
me a well man.
Maonolia Water. Superior to the
biit imported German Cologne, and
sold at half the prico. d & w.
pcf(al Notices
Dr. YVIhIiii'j llaUillil of AVI 1(1 Clin;--.
Whcru thin nrtii'lo is liuown it is a work of
supererogation to n.iy oius word in iU l'.ivor, so
well ia it established as an unfailing veinedy, for
Coughs, Coldf, Jlrnncliitit, Croti, Whooping
Cough, AMmn, diseases of thu Throat, Chert,
and Lungs, as well as lliat moht dreaded of all
diseases, Consumption, which high medical au
thority pronounced to he an incurable niseasc.
Those who have used this remedy Know its value
those who have not, have hut to make a single
trial to ho satisfied that of all others it is thr rem
ah. From Hon. AV. II. .loncw, of West Dover, Vt.
"I havo been troubled from nivbovhood with
chronic or hereditary lunq complaint. Some yearn
since, early in tho winter, I took eol I, which as
usual seltfed into a seeere pounh. winch omitin-
ued to increase as tho season advanced, although
I mado use of all the cough remedies I had
knowledge of of 3Iy family physician also pre-
scnueil lor me, nut l experienced no reliel. Dur
ing all this time I was gradually l mining down,
losni" nesii ana kuviil'Ui, until my menus as
well as myself became very much alarmed, think
ing l sliould waste away in uossumi'TIox. V lino
in ltoston, during tho spring iollownii;, I was in
duced to try Wistau'h Balsam of Wim Chimiuy.
After one day s trial 1 was seusiblo that it was
relievim; inn : in ten days' tune my couch h id en
tirely ceased, and I was soon restored to health
and strength. I have over since kept tho U.i.
sam in my house, and whenever an member of
my family has a cough or cold, it is iiumediatelv
resorted to. No family shoitlii nr. without it I1'
Xone genuine uulcsn signed"! hUTTri" on the
Prepared by SUTH W. I'OWLK.v, SON, 18Tre
mont St., hoston, and for salo bv Druggist- gen
Uiaoi-'i CcK-brntid Salve.
From Mr. Jami:s Cuiilix, of Aniesburv, Mass.
"I was afliicted with a severe (clou on one of
lingers, and tried many remedies without relief.
My friends induced ui'j to try your Halve. In
t'o davs it extracted the iullammation from mv
linger so as to en bio mo to enable me to resume
mv work. 1 can almost say that thu Salvo work
ed like magic, for it elle ste"d a cure without leav
ing a scar. I unhesitatingly pronounce Grace's
tialce an excellent remedy and do not doubt it
wilt be appreciated throughout the land."
SETII W. FOWLE .t SON, lloston, Proprietors.
Sold bv Apothecaries and Grocers generally,
Just Published in a Sealed envelope 1'riccOcts.
ALEOTUltE on tho Nature, Treatment and
ltadical Cure of Spermatorrhea or Seminal
Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual De-
b'lity, and Impediments to marriago generally ;
Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits ;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, resulting from
Kelt-AbUSO. ,VC. uy lltJlUSliT J.UUIiVI-iUWELL,
M. D., Author of tho " Green hook, "A c.
Tho world renowned nuthor, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience
mat uio awtui consequences oi wea-Abuso may
bo effectually removed without medicine, and
without dangerous surgical operation;, bougies,
instruments, rings, or cordials, pointing out a
mode of cure at once certain and cnostual. by
which every sufferer, no matser what his con
dition may bo, may euro himself cheaply, pri
vately and radically. This Lecturo will prove a
boon to thousands and thousands.
Sent under seal, to any address, in a iilain.
sealed envelope on the receipt of six cents, or
two postage stamps. Also, Dr. uulverwell's
" Marriage Guide.' prico 2jl Address tho
127 Bowery. Now York,
Post Office Box 4.581!
A GENTLEMEN who8iifTcrcd for years from
Vi-rvniis Ilebililv. I'rt'inatnro Dnenv. nml
ail tho effects of youthful indiscretion will, lor
tlio sauo oi Huueriug Humanity, hciui I ice to all
who ncod it, tho recipe and direction for making
tho simplo remedy by which ho was cured. Sutl
ercrs wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do ho by addressing, in perfect confi
dence JOHN B, OGDEN,
lyw-217 No. 42 Cedar street, Now Y'ork,
aAIIE Advertiser, having been restored to
. health in a few weeks by a very simple
remedy, after having suffered several years
with a' Bovcrt lung affection, and that dread
disease, Consnnnption is anxious to make
known to his fellow sullcrcrs tho means of cure.
To all who drsiro it, ho will send a copy of
tho porscription used (free of charge), with tho
directions lor preparing and using the samo,
which thoy will find a hjiue Cuke kou Consump
tion, Astuma, Biio.nchitis &c. Tho only phject
of tho advertiser in sending tl)0 Prescription is
to benotlt tho afliicted, am) spread information
which ho conceives t uo invaluable J apd ho
hopes every snlVerer will Uy his icmedy, as it
will cost them nothing, andmay provo a blessing.
Parties lulling tpo l.rrscription will please
address Jfuy. hPWAJlU A, WILSON,
1G3 South Scpoml Bt WilimhurBll, King's
County. New York, 217-ly
J Coini-luiiit, lthouniatiani, Nonralgia, Ac.j
cured. A Hook of 100 pages, bent free to inva
lids. Address It. GREENE, M D., 10 Temple
Pluce. Uoitun,
s racist h noti ces.
To Physicians
, N,r-W Vouk, August lf,tb, 1S(!7.
. .I.I.M.""'.,,, i'H .vur attent on tomvl'ltl
MVV l 7.yN Ul t:i,J'OUNI EXTltACl' HIT.
i U' ,.M1J?,5,.,!,"1,l',,lV!,.t fwr,M 11,0 liUI'llU, Lo.mi
Liai-, ('UBEllS, JUNIt Elt BEltltlES.
Mom: of I'lii.TAUAT'ov.-Bueliu, in vacuo,
.lumper Berries, by distillation, lo form aline
gin. (.ithclM cxti acted by displacement bv
llipior obtained from Juniper lleriiei, contain
ing very little sugar, a (mall proportion rpliit.
and more palatable than nnv now in uso. The
acme propel ties are itytlns mode eti acted.
, lluehii, as prepared by Dniggi-ts generallv.
i- ot a dark color. It is a. plant tint omits i't;
rragraneo ; the action olullami) (lostioH thh
(its active principle), leaving a daik aiid glut
inous decoction. Mine is tho color or ingredi
ents. Theltiichu iu my pieperation piedoini
iiate ; the smallest niianilty ot the other,
ingredients are added, to vrevent fermentation '
upon inspection, it will 10 found not to be a
Tincture, as made ill Phr.riiincoiirp.i, nor it is a
Syrup and therefore can le used in cases hoi e
fever or inllamuiation on.u ! tl.i ...... i. .....
theknowledge of the ingiclients and the miide
of nrenerat nn.
Hoping that you will r.ivr it with a trial, and I
m.ij ujmmi nirjii-uiimi u win meet witli voui ap
probation, With a feeling of coi.lldenee,
I am, very lVHjwttullv,
Chemist and Druggie! or lfi Yeais' Expe
rience in Philadelphia, and now located at ids
Drug and Chemical Varehreiso 591 Broadwav,
New lork.
Prom thp largest Manufaitnring Chemists in
the World.
"I am acquainted with MMI.T. llelmboir ,
ho occupied tho Drug Storo opposite mv resi
dence, and was successful in . (inducting the
business whero otners had not been equally so
before him. I havo been favorably impressed
with his character and enterprise."
Firm of Poweis .v Wtightman, Manufac
turing Chemists, Ninth and Bnmn Streets, Phil
ndelphia. Hklmhold's Fu!in Ex-riiActlliteiUT, for weak
ness ausing from indiscretion, Tho exhausted
powers ot Nature which aro urcompanicd bv so
many alarming symptoms, wl.ich will, bo found
Indisposition to Kxeition, Iiss of .Vcmory
Wakefiilno-s, Horror of Disease, or Forebodings
ofEil, in tact, Universal Latitude, Piostra
tion, and inability to enter iutothe enjoyments
of society.
Thu Constitution, once all'eeud with Or-'anic
Weakness, requires the aid of Mediciile to
strengthen and invigorate the system, which
HELMllOUl'S EXTUACT lilOliU invariably
does. If no treatment is submitted to, Con
sumption or Insanity ensues.
HtLMiioMi's Fli'id Extiiact IHtciu', in affec
tions peculiar to Females, is uuoqualid bv anv
other preperation, as in Chlorosis, or Ituteiition,
Painfulncss. or Suppression ott'iistoniaiv Evac
uations, Ulcerated or Sehirrus Mae of the Uter
us, and all complaints inenluit to tlio sex,
whether arising Irom habits of dissipation, im
prudence in, or tho decline or cli.inge of lite.
Hulmiiold's Fluid Extuact liuenu ami Im
l'iiow.n lto-ii: Wash will radically exterminate
Irom the system diseases arisinfroin habits of
dissipation, at little expense, littlu or no change
indict, no inconvenience or exposure : complete
ly superseding those unpleasant and dangerous
remedies, Copavia and Meicury.iu all these dis
eases. Use IIi:i.M!30i.i)'s Fluid Exti!ct Burnt! in all
diseases ot these organs, whether existing in
male or female, from whatever cause origina
ting, and no nutter of how Ion; standing. It
is pleasant m taste and odor, immediate" in
action, and inoro strengthening than any of the
preparations ot Bark or Iron.
Thoso suffering from brokoii-i)iin or delicate
constitutions, procure tl-o remedy at once.
l'lm reader must bo aware !hat, however
slight may be tho attack of the above diseases,
it is certain to affect tho bodily health and men
tal powers.
All the above diseases require tho aid of a di-
uretie. HELMBOLD.S EXTltlCl' BUCI1U is
the great Diuretic.
Sold by Drutruists evervwheie. l'rico -il.Q.I
per bottle, or (i bottles for ili.SJ. Delivered to
any address. Describe the symptoms in all
Address II. T. HELM1SOLD, Drug and Chem
ical warehonso, 5Ui Broadway, S..
Nono aro genuine unless doneupin s'.cel-en-graved
wrapper, with fac-sinnle ofniy Chemical
Warehouse, and signed
Taientu-Jlve Years Practice
In tho Treatment of Diseases incident to Fe
males, has placed Dr. Dow at thcliead of all the
physicians making such practicoaspooia'ty, and
enables him to guarantee a speedy and perman
ent euro in tho worst eases of Suipression and
all other Menktmal Dcrangemcids, from what
ever cause. All letters for advice must, contain
II. Ollice, No. U Endicott Street, Boston.
N. B. Board furnished to those desiring to ro
main under treatment.
Boston. Jul v. IHIlrt. 221! Ivrdiw
Jackson's Catarrh Snuff
Catarrh, Headache, Bad Breath,
JToarscncss, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Coiifhs, Dacf
ncs3, Ac,
And all Disorders icsulting from COLDS in
This Itemedv does not DRY CP a Catarrh
but XiOOSSXVS it; frees tho head of all of
fensive matter, quickly removitii; Had Breath
and Headache; ulluy ami aootln tlio bui ii
Iiir liea in Catarrh; is so mild and agree.
llc in its effects that it positively
Ah a Troc lie Powder, is pleasant to tho tasto,
and uover nauseates; when swallowed instantly
gives to tho Throat and Vocal Orgaui a
and COM F0UT,
Is tho bestVoico Tonic in the wild I
Try il ! Sulc, Htllublc, uiul only 33 cent.
H.ld by Druggists, or mailed free, address
dl92w240-Cm l'rop'i-s, Philadelphia.
At wholesale by all Patent Houses, and re
tailed by druggists everywhere.
"It "Works like a Charm."
Havo you lleadacho?
Have you Toothaeho 1
Havo you Neuralgia?
Havo you Bhcuinatism ?
Havo you Soro Throat ?
Havo you Sciatica?
Havo you a Bruiso?
Havo you Cramps?
Uso Itciine's Magic Oil
Uso ltonne'u Magio Oil
Uso lteime'a Magic Oil
Uso ltenne's Magio Oil
Uso Bonne's Magio Oil
Uso ltenne's Magic Oil
Uo ltenne's Magic Oil
Usp ltenne'aMag o Oil
1T.. !.,.. .ia'o MftrMrt fill
uavo you unoi. animus?
Havo you Lameness ? Uso Bonne's Magio Oil
This is tlio b..-st family remedy, to euro all
kinds of pain, you ever tried.
ii. in uiuun, sine aim ueiicious to use. ami il
you usa it faithfully, it will do vou good.
Directions on each bottle. Bnyitof tlio Drug.
t,ii i I'leivnain micro yon trailo. n "vi vo
not got it on hand thoy will toud for it, at your
request, and sell yoii tlio genuino l'.enne's Pain
KilliiiL' Maine on nt ii
. . iiiuiiiimtiiii.. -
prico at retail.
WM. HKNNE, Holp Proprietor 8ud Manufac.
uuer, ruiHiieiu, mass.
Sold in St. AUans bv all Druccists, Weeks A
lteynoids, Qroreji.. hi Swantoii Fall'l')' D. T
Morrill. (231-ly-oon'
) Try a box of Polawl's Plantain
. Ointment. '!!,,. l.,.i . f" ,. !, World
lake no other, but insist o i havius M3' "
"" u) u" -iiiggisis ami uountry peaie,'
v J. W. POLAK-u.u
II. A. CUTLER, Proprietor
All Printing brought to this Ofllee, both Plain
and Ornamental, will meet with prompt atten
tion, at prices as low as tho times will admit.
Wo do our work much better than can any
Ofilco that will do a job of piinting for nothing
for tho sake of depriving us of it, and we are
ready to compare our work with any similr.i
class of printing done in tho cities, both in ueat
nese mil price.
Hand your orders into the Transcript Book
and Job Printing Establishment if you take any
pride in having jour printing done in u .-,"!-nianhko
New Musical Depot,
Oeneial Agency for tho
New York; tho
Boston, and the
Brattleboro, Vt.
The Vox Iliiniiuui Tremolo Crowning
In addition to tlio PATENT HAltMONIC AT
Este.v A Co. havo now further than ever eclipsed
all rival makers of Heed Instruments, by the
introduction of their
This most wonderful and beautiful addition to
the Cottage Organ is acknowledged by loading
musical characters in the country to ba tho Jie
plus ultra of all improvements on reed instru
Was awarded to this instrument at tho New
York State Fair and tlio Fair of tho Now Eughnd
States, Vermont Statu Fair, Missouri Slate Fair,
and Iowa State Fair, over all other instruments,
including Mason A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs,
Smith's American Organ , and Taylor A Farley's.
It is very important that purchasers bear in
mind that tho original and genuine Cottago Or
gan is mado by tho House of J. ESTEY A Co..
Tlio chief points of superiority aro patented
by them, and of course aro found on thu instru
ments of no other maker.
Tho undersigned bus mado arrangements to
furnish Pianos from any of tho principal New
York and Boston makers, on tho most reasonablo
terms. Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.
Send for an illustrated circular. Address
H. A. LYON, St. Albans, Vt.
Music, small musical instruments, and musi
cal merchandise, at E. II. HUNTINGTON'S
Jewelry Store. Pianos, Organs, and Meloduns,
at tho subscribers residence on Fairiield Stioot.
222-tf II. A. LYON.
Errors of Youth.
YOUNG MEN tlio experienco of years lias
demoiistra'ed tho fact that reliance can be
placed in tlio eflicacy of
For the speedy and permanent cure of Seminal
"Weakness, tlio result of Youthful Indiscretion,
which neglected, ruins tlio hnppiucs, and unfits
tho sufferer for business, social society or mar
riago. Thoy can bo used without detection or
interfcronco with business pursuits.
Price ono Dollar per box, or four boxes for
threo dollars. If you cannot procure theno pills,
oncloso tho inonoy to Biivan A Co., CI Cedar
Street, New York, and thoy will bo sent by return
mail, well skaluii Pris'ato circulars to gentle
men sent free on application ; enclose stamp.
Goldsmith & Seavey,
Life, Fire, Inland and Accidental
Insurance effected in Bcliable
Losses equitably adjusted and J'rompt
Paid ma&vrtr
BOYS and Youth's Clothing of all kinds Just re
ceived at WM.N. SMITH.ACU'S,
10 to WM.N. SMITH A GO'S for Buaiues
J Suit
I Suits of all kinds.
ENT'S SHAWLS Just received
at WJ1. N. SMITH, & CO.
i4Va W r.y tWHa

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