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Vermont Daily Transcript,
Friday, MAitrit, 12, 1S09.
Specimens of Marble Wanted.
We are informed by a yeiitluiiian con
nected with the Department of Agricul
ture nt Washington, who i charged by
the Commissioner with (ho duty of mak
ing a collection of ."pecimciiH of all the
varieties of marble in the United States,
that it 1h desired by the Department
that all fiose engagf d in the quarrying
of marble, or who own quarries n?( now
worked, will forward spec!menof their
marble by expre.-s, directed to the Com
missioner of Agriculture, Washington,
D. C. The express charges upon each
specimens will be pal. I by tiie Depart
ment. The specimens should be six
Inches long, four inches wide, one inch
in thickness, and pollshe.i. A descrip
tion should accompany each, stating
the location of its bed, the name of the
donor, and briefly any other item of in
terest concerning it, such si- the extent
of the deposit, when dicuvied, if now
worked, etc. As fast as received, the
specimens will be arranged in a case for
exhibition in the museum of the Depart
ment ; each specimen will have a label
containing the information sent with it;
and the collection will exhibit the re
sources of the whole country, State by
State, in this natural production, for the
most ready information of all. It is
hoped that those who are able to con
tribute will make an early response to
this effort of the Department. We trust
that our own State will not bo behind
in this matter, and endeavor to make an
line a show of her marbles in Washing
ton as she does in her State House.
Journal's correspondent says that Mr.
Rollins, having seen Mr. Delano in
stalled as Commissioner of Internal
Revenue took leave of the officers of the
Bureau, with some of whom he has
been associated nearly six years, as
cashier, deputy commissioner and com
missioner. Deputy Commissioner Har
lan presented him with a preamble and
resolutions, adopted at a meeting of the
Clerks of the Bureau, and with a con
current resolution adopted by the fe
male Clerks. Mr. Rollins returned his
thanks in a pleasant speech, reviewing
his connection with the Bureau and
expressing his belief that President
Grant will now re-clothe it with the
power it once exercised, thus securing a
diminution of fraud, and increase of re
venue and the restored confidence of
the country.
Tin: Vi:i.ociri:i)i:. Van Wyek, the
famous New York surgeon, warns the
public against the u.-e of velocipedes.
He says the severe jar of the small hard
seat, produces disease of the prostrate
gland, and if young men wish to pre
serve their manhood, they should cease
the use of the velociicde.
Items from il'nsit inytoit.
l'o.itmaster-tien. Cresswcll is over
whelmed with applications for changes
of Postmasters, there now being several
thousands all wanting to be replaced
and appointed. In a lew days they will
be moved very rapidly.
Secretary Cox's first official act was
the removal of a clerk named McKnight,
an ex-Confederate soldier, who was ap
pointed to olfice by Secretary Drowning.
MeKnight lost an arm in the Confede
rate service, and was for a time a prison
er in the Old Capitol Prison here. Se
cretary Cox is evidently determined
that loyal men only shall be employed
in his department.
Gen. Howard will shortly be relieved
from the eommissionership of the F reed
men's Bureau, and be succeeded by CLmi.
Hatch. It is expected that Gen. How
ard will be assigned to command In the
WalterH. Smith, of Mount Vernon,
has been appointed Solicitor of Internal
Revenue, vice Binckley removed, and
has entered upon the duties of his oilier.
Secretary Borie's first ofilcial act was
to relieve from duty Chief Engineer Is
herwood, the head of the bureau of
steam engineering, W. W. Wood, at
New York, Alex. Henderson at Boston,
George R. Johnson at Philadelphia, and
John Roop at Philadelphia. A Board
of Inquiry is to be ordered to investigate
the operations of the bureau of steam
engineering since its commencement.
Chief Justice Chase Is understood to
have given a written opinion that Mr.
Stewart's covenant covered the point of
legal objection involved, and to have
expressed a willingness to adniini.-ter
the oath to him.
Vice-President Colfax intimated to
the ruling Republican Senators Wed
nesday, that he shall vacate the chair
on Tuesday next, in accordance with
usage, and it will bo necessary to elect a
President pro to.n.
Col. W. G. Tenl 1, Po. 1 master at
Newport, Kentucky, expects to be First
Assistant Postmaster General.
Sydney Perhani of Maine is being urg
ed as Commissioner of Patents.
Gen. Oilman Marston is mentioned as
having the inside track for the Consul
ate at Tatnplco,
Gen. Ely S. Parker, of the stall of
Gen. Grant, is an applicant for the office
of Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Second Assistant Postmaster General
McLcllan Wednesday received a tele
gram from Oyden, t'lah, staling that
ten tons of California mail had accumu
lated at the end of the track, and that
the contractors hud made arrangcmeiitM
to take It to the end of t'ho Central Pa
cific track, via the route north of the
Lake. The route agents were directed
to continue in charge of the mall, going
with the mule train.
in I lie Senate, on Wednesday, bills
were introduced and referred to estab
lish additional natiounl banks, secured
by I'nited States bonds, and to secure a
ruleinplion of their circulation in coin ;
to build levees to secure the low laiii.s
of Arkansas and Missouri from Lunula
(ion. and encourage the settlement and
cultivation thereof; to appoint a board
of commissioners to examine claims of
Southern loyalists forsupplies furnished
I. nited States troops during the war; to
pay local citizens ot'tlic South forfaiting
t no census ot im;u ; to pay claims ol
Southern loyalists not to exceed 12,000,
000; and for the appointment of a select
committee of three Senators and five re
presentatives to continue during the
Fort y-Ki 1st Congress, with leave to sit
during rcces, to examine into and report
upon the expediency of organizing the
civil service; last laid over.
Mr. Williams moved to take up the
bill io strengthen the public credit so
that it might come up to-morrow a ;in-
linistied luisiness. Curried ; yeas oO,
nays m.
House not in session.
Mil. Bhapy's Last Whiting. The
following passage is the last ever writ
ten by Janirs T. Brady, the eminent
New Yoik lawyer, who died not long
"Our brothers in the piliM'imane will
fall at our side, but however thickly the
arrows ol dcatn may shower, we can,
while our powers continue, do naught
but move on until we reach the awful
instant when we are to exchange the
feeble pulses of transitory existence for
the ceasele.'S throLbings of eternal life.
There, even there, at that mysterious
frontier, if we have been faithful and
fearless in the march, we may li down
obedient to destiny, with the exalted
hope that, after all the objects of this
world sha.l have become lost forever to
our mortal sight, there may be unfolded
to our new and spiritual vision another
realm of unimaginable glory, where we
and all whom we loved on earth, may
realize the promise which the Great
Ruler of the LTn i verse has in ade unto t he
I';. (iitANT's Mkmoiiy. The Wash
ington correspondent of the Ncav York
Journal of Commerce says :
On Friday, I believe it was, that Sen
ators Schurz, Drake, Representatives
Ben Lord and others, all Missourians,
called on the President with a slate, to
propose for the ollices of collector, asses
sor, postn aster, etc., of St. Louis, and
asked that he appoint them. The Pres
ident said he had made the appoint men Is
and named the men, aying:
"I hope and believe they will be ac
ceptable to the people of St. Louis."
Tliiscnded the interview. They were
all Republicans except one, whose Re
publicanism is doubted. The recom
mendation upon which this individual
was appointed was that Grant once
wanted to be county engineer of the city
and county of St. Louis, and this dis
tinguished individual was the only one
who had confidence enough in li'ini to
vote fcr him. He was a member of the
board who had the power to appoint the
engineer. It is an interesting little in
cident to the parties concerned, and cre
ates no little amusement here."
Mv. Stewart's Worhing-Men's and
H'omcn's I Tot (In.
An exchange thus speaks of Mr. A.
T. r-.tewart's great enterprise of erecting
houses for the working men and women
of New York :
What has only been heretofore known
to but few, has recently been made pub
He, namely : that Mr. A. T. Stewart, ol
New York, had been arranging a char
itable enterpris3 on a collo-sal scale,
which will operate in a direction where
much help is needed. He proposes to
eroe'- houses for the working men and
women of New York, and already ground
has been broken for the foundation of
one of these institutions. It is to bo
erected on Fourth Avenue, between
Thirty-second and Thirty-third streets.
This spot has been elea:edof all old
buildings, and for a week past, men
have been at work digging out old
stones and cellars, preparatory to the
work for the new structure. The ground
on which it is to stand Is the large va
cant square opposite the New Haven
Tunnel, It contains twenty-two lots,
for which Mr, Stewart paik about $220
000, and is 100 by 205 feet. On this
square a magnificent building is to bo
raised iron, fire-proof, seven stories
high, and architecturally finer than
any other structure in the city. This
will be tho working women's-hotel.
Here sewing girls, female clerks, hard
working women, of every trade, are to
be provided with board and room, for
the smallest possible sum, unci the house
is to be managed In tho best manner.
The ground floor may bo let out for
stores, the proceeds to be applied to the
building of other similar institutions.
The entire cost of tho hotel will be
about 2,000,003. The edifice will not
be completed in less than two years. It
is understood that Mr. Stewart also pro
poses to put up, in lime, a working
men's hotel on the same plan. Thcso
general outlines of his intentions are all
that are given to the public at present,
but they indicate a scope to his bene
factions which lias never bofore been at
tempted by any single American citi
zen. Tho Prince Imperial of France recent
ly Inula velocipede race with tho son of
Dr. Conueau, and won by several
Mr. Tom Taylor has written a drama
for Miss Noilsou, in which Joan of Arc
is the heroine,
Luko Wharton's Lesson,
aski:tcmi i-oi: i;vikyiiodv.
"Because it would have been very
wrong I know Mr. Lovejoy is a very
eccentric man, and very set and even
bitter in his prejudices; hut 1 never
heard a lisp against his character for
honesty and uprightness. Have vou
spoken of him out of doors ?"
I nave spoken my mind of him,"
replied Luke, somewhat stubborn! v
"lid I shall speak so again.'
i "Stop !' said the mother she spoke
sternly, yet tenderly. "Do not say so!
you are too free In the ue of that tongue '
of yours. Vou are not sure that Mr.!
Lovejoy has spoken one word against
you, and you have no light to speak so
against him. If Jiis should go to his
ears, it mitrht injure you If you are
going into business t on should endeavor ,
to make friends and no! enemies. Let .
me assure you, my son, vou had better
break yourself of this bad habit. Just
look at it in this light, and you ought
not to look further: It is a liabit from
which no good can possibly How, but
from wnich much evil must, result. Is
not that reason enough for giving it
While (hey were yet speaking, the
door bell 'ng, and the servant handed
in a letter for Luko Wharton, saying,
the postman had just left it.
'1 he young man broke the seal and
read as fo.lows :
Friend Wharton :
i am very sorry to I o obliged to in
form you that our plan for purchasing
the store in partnership cannot be ear
ned out. I had fo aivanged to have the
money from my uncle, Samuel Lovejoy,
wnom you Know, out no win not allow
me to move as j intended, l may as
well be frank with you as not ; he savs
he will purchase the whole store for me.
or he will allow me to lake srehashare
as I wish. A week ago, he had resigned
all: Ins previously iornied plans in mv
favor, but he has met witli somethii.g
which has suddenly and strangely
changed his mind. He simply tells me
that he will not trust you where mv
money will be at s akc. He says fur
ther (pardon me, fori must speak frank
ly), a man wlio uses ins tongue as you
use vours would be sure to ruin a busi
ness sooner or h.ter.
Will you see him and talk with
him? I may see you this week.
Yours, Thomas Lyon,
The hand that held the letter sank by
Luke's side, ami a smoihered groan
escaped him.
"What is it?" asked his young wile
springing to ins side.
"Nothing nothing now," lie whis
pered ; and then he seized his hat and
l'.aslcned out of the room.
What a blow was this ! How high had
he built his hopes upon the flattering
promise of tho future and how heavy
was the fall ! He ;,aced to and fro i'n
tho garden, and finally he reasoned
calmly on the subject. At first he mut
tered dee) imprecations upon the head
of Samuel Lovejoy; but when he came
to read the letter again he way f ireed to
think and feel differently.
"A week ago he had arranged plans
in your favor," lie read.
"I was mistaken," he said to himself.
"While I thought he was trying to work
me out, ho was really trying to help me.
He was ready to let Thomas have fi-HWU
to be my partner. What a fool I have
been ! 'Y by couldn't 1 have kown that
he was Lyon's uncle and mv friend ?"
"My son!"
Luke started turned and beheld his
"What is this?" she asked.
He handed her the letter, and she
read it.
"What shall 1 do?" he asked.
"What have you propose to do?"
"Nothing, l' know not what 1 can
"You can give up tho store, and all
the bright hopes you had based upon
"Oh 1 cannot do that, mother."
"Then you can do better. Go to Mr.
Lovejoy, and tell him fiankly that you
have'been at fault, and that henceforth
vou will do so no more."
"I cannot."
Then you inut do the other thing
give up all. You have done very wrong,
and if you have not the courage to ac
knowledge it to him against whom the
wrong lias been done, then you deserve
no favor that he can grant. Think of
it, my son ; and as you think remem
ber this: If you come honorably out of
this, it may prove the best lesson you
have leeeivod. God be with you. Luke.
and may good sense and reason prevail.
Sue leu mm, and lis remained alone
in the garden for half an hour. Then
he wont to the stablo and got a horse,
and rode away to .see Samuel Lovejoy.
He found tho old gentleman at home,
and after ho had overcome his embar
rassment, he stated tho object of his vU
it. ' You thought that 1 meant to work
against you, eh?" said Samuel Love-
"It makes uotiiiierence wnat i ino't,"
frankly returned Luko. I did wrong,
for I had no right to question your mo
tives; nor had I any right to speak as I
did. It was spoken thoughtlessly, a. id
r am sorrv for it."
" Sorry that I heard it, eh?"
" No. sir. I am glad you heard of it.
for it has opened my oyes to the ci cut-'
est fault of my life. But I am sorry T
said it, because it was wrong."
Well, well," said the old gentleman, j
"eomo in. II you really feci in that
way, perhaps we can talk."
Pliey went into tlie house and the
matter was freely discussed. In tin
cud, Luko had pledged himself that he i
toncuo forover: and Samuol I.ovoioy
had promised that he should have half
ol .Mr. ureen's store, witn Tiiomas iy
on for a partner.
Once more was Luke Wharton happy.
Ho went home with ids resolution
firmly fixed, and when he told his wife
and mother what had transpir.d, they
wero happy with him.
Within two weeks tl)0 Kivat store
bore above its entrance tlie names of
"Lyon ct Wharton;" and business
flourished, and the no v firm prospered
Luke wrote a few words upon a piece of
paper, and placed it whore his eyes fell
upon it daily, it was a life lesson which
ho wroto there a lesson which tlious-
a ii-is of us should learn and practice
Moum , V 'ii ir',,
' Sufler no word to escape thee of t by
neighbor which thou wouldst not have
thy neighbor knov."
Be v. he to-day. 'T iuudiicw to nog
lee, a ciugli or cold, however slight.
Consumption may follow, and thoimh
Dr. Wlstar's Balsam of wild cherry has
frequently cured this much dreaded dl-oit-o,
for the primary diseases of (he
throat, lungs 'and chest, it always cures
where oilier remedies fall. w.
Ask any responsible druggist what
hair i reparation he would most stron -ly
recommend, and he will tell you that
"Barrett's Vegetable Hair Restorative"
Is nreeinlnentlv tbo boil nml in t1,..,v
wwe prove the fact, it received the
hlghes premium at the New Hamp
shire Fair, in l$M.Jidlhnosc Tvh
irain. tl&w.
Baldness, Grayness, and other imper
fections of the Hair will be regarded as
Inexcusable after a trial of Mrs. S. A.
Allen's I m proved (nrir ntile) 1 lair Re
storer or Dressing, (in one bottle.) Every
Druggist sells it. Price One Dollar.
"Tall oaks from little acoins (-row,
Large utioams from Utile fountains tlow."
Seven years ago the Plantation Bit
ters were but little known. To-day
mere is not a nook or corner or our lam
where they are not found and used
The sale has reached the cnorinus num
ber of Five Millions of Bottles imntmllv
it is constantly increasing. It only
shows what can be done with ro.illV
good medicine, and a systematic course
of making it known. Perhaps
no iiieuienie in ine world was ev
or so deservedly i opular as the Plan
tation Bitters. Go where vou will.
ii. i. .... i ...
among me rien or poor, and you will al
ways linil ilie.-'e Bitters in use. Their
merit has become an established fact,
and wo cordially recommend them in
eases of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, chills
mm n-vei, neaiiaene, ccc, occ.
Macixouia Watkii. Superior to the
best imported Gorman
sold at half the price.
Cologne, and
il & w.
Dfi'tal Notices.
Anions' tho many restoratives which nature
has -iHpplii-il to lelievi" the afflictions of human
lty, there i- no more favjrite one for a certain
ciasi, ot diseases than the "medicinal 1:11111" of
the Wild Cherry Tree; 1ml however valuable it
is, its ioer to heal, to soothe, to relieve and to
cine, is enhanced tenfold by meittiitc. anil judi
cious combination nith other ingredient!'.
themselves of eijunl worth. This happy minf-ling
exists to a lemarkable de'it e in
Hi. Wiitm ItalNiiiii of Wllil Cherry,
whose value in curing Comjltn, Culdx, JlruinhUi
Whoopiny Cough, Croiqi, Attlmut, Pulmonary
Jji't cHmt, timl itcijnviit Cuinunipliun is inesti
Kitiia S. 11. I'titi l, K.oq.,
rrniciii.u ol tho Stat" formal .School of Vermont.
Johnso::, Vt., Jan. :!(!, 18S
JIcsm s. Sr.111 W I'owi.i: .V Sox. Po.-,iox.
ui'N'ii.r.MKN- i can most ciiceriullv lecom-
melld WlsTAUS JlW.HAM Ul VlII.l) C'HIiltltY 118 11
sate and elheent remedy for Coughs, Cold., Jn-
Viptvin Lotisioiiihon, l't I have often used il
myself and recommended it to mv friends, with
the ino-t satisfactory results.
Youis most trulv,
S. 11'. PK.Utli.
Johnson-, Vt., April 1, 18G0.
llavin;; been troubled withlironehitis forbev
eral years, ut leaded with a cough, occasionally
oiiite severe. I at lencth saw Dr. Wistau's IJai.'-
sui ot Wn.i) C!iii;i:iii adveitised as being a sure
cure, i was tlierelore inimeed to try it, and de
rive much relief from it, especially when mv
complaint is attended with a cold. It seems to
be the only patent medicine that relieves mv
cough at all,
Prepared bv NUT 1 1 W. I'OWI.K - SON, 18
Tremont St., lio-ton, and for sale by Druggists
cures in a very tdiort time
Vut, ItiuiiK, Sniltl, Wounds, Hi iiUrx,
Sprains, Ki-ysi;)! Iits, Suit Ulieiiio,
ltini;viii in, C'liiipiil U:iii,
Ii.ii h, Frozen l.lmbs, li't loiiH,
ChllliliiliiH, Ac.
(t I vt t in 1 1 1 1 1 if ill fii'lifili vr.miii'i.3 iw'ti . t mi....
and reduce!, the most angry looking swellings
aim iiiiiauimauons, as ii ov magic tuns attorn
ing relief and a complete cure.
Sold by all Diuggists, (Jroccru, ami at nil
country stores. 257-1
J list Published ill a Sealed envelope.. Price (lets.
4 UiC'TUItK on the Nature, Treatment and
XX. Itadieal duo of SperinatoiTliuja or Seminal
Weakness. Involuntarv Emissions. Sexual lie.
bility, and Impedimenta to marriage generally ;
Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy, and Kits ;
Mental and Physical Iiicapaeitv, resulting from
Self-Abuse. e. liy ItOlUJltT J.UUhVKHWKLL,
M. I)., Author of tho " Oreen 15oolc,"Ae.
Tho world renowned author, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience
that tho awful coiisetjitenct'S of Self-Abuse may
be effectually removed without medicine, anil
without dangerous sunrical onerations. bougies.
instruments, rings, or cordialH, pointing out u
mode of euro at once certain and eil'eatual. bv
which every sntlerer, no matscr what his con
dition may be, may euro himself chcaplv, pri
vately ami radically. This Lecture will prove a
. will muter seal, to any auuress, in a
i seaieu enveione on tlie lecemt of sir rout a
iwo postage siamiis. Also, in: vu venve 'h
postago Htamns.
" .Marriage lnude." puce 2jc. Address tlm
L'UAK. J. C Kb INK k CO.,
127 Umvcry, New York,
100,000 Lives Lost
i irly irom tlio uso ot
'save om money and restore vour health, bv
. ""lag liyrn's Antidote for Tobacco. This is
!'"' " ,'"". I".1 1 i w rr SinoUnir, chow.
I Jlffl'T nr? ft',v?,ro
I i:V,,t,tt
of the Liver. Sallow Complexion, Costivoiiess of
Hie Jlowcls, f,oss of Momorv and other disoases
i .jie the aftlietions brought on by its use. Tho
A',(tj'!,'t1(' ? IVwf.,.iiYB,''?Uo ", !'''nlCBlV V
;,rt.rt 08 ' ,to"il "" tl11 N' ""'ion tho blood,
nail enables a person to d gest tho uutiest food
, samples sent free for DO cents-i:i per dozen,
Adlresa M. J. Varnell, 8U Cannon St.. N. V.
' tHii2n.3m
38 tJ C Si V
(I'mm DLpensaryof the Culled States.)
Diosma Crenatn, Buchu Leaves
iioi. ill,, Their mlnr is htiulii,', diffusive
him) somewhat uuuontie, ttuii- tato bitteilsh,
mill analogous tn mint.
.Ui.IUnl I'loiuitli, ,i Uut.,u
loaves ine gotitlv stimulant, villi a peculiar
tendency to tin' Lilnarv Organs.
l'hcj an- given in complaints of tin- Uiiiniiv
ft '"'. ""en ns uruM'i, Clirniiie Oatiiri h of t he
. iii,t', .Morbid rrilation of the Jlladder and
t rl.
Ilia, Diseast of the Prostate (Ibiml nml !!..
cnttoii or incontinence of Prine. from a lo-s of
tone in the parts concerned in its evacuation,
the remedy has also been Kumiinciided in l)s
pepsin, Chronic Khcum.lthin, Cutaneous Alice
lions and Droiw.
Ilelnihold's I'.xtniet lluchil is Used bv persons
from the age of IS to 2.'), ami from :W to 03, or in
the decline or change of life ; niter Coiillne
mint or Labor Pains ; Ded-Wetiing in chip
111 atl'uetions peculiar to telnales, the Kx.tr.icl
lltichu is uiie.putlled by am other rcinedv, as in
Chloiosis, or Cm ternary Kvacuations, Ulcerated
or Schinoits State or the Vterils, Leiu horrliea,
or Whites.
I)ist'iii otllie 11 1 ml i Wr, Klittiiyt Jra
vel, n il 1iu-m! ii1 Sh elllnsTliis medi
cine increases the power of Lit; istion, and ex
cites tin. Ab'joibcnts into hoalthv action, bv
wh.ch the watery of Calcareous depositions.aiid
nil iiiinatui iil enlargements are redncvd, .n well
us pain andiiillaniiuatioii.
llembold's Kttruet IJilchu has cured e en
case of Diabetes in which it has been giicn. lr
iitation of tho Necl;, ol thelll.ulder, and Iiilhnn
ination of the Kidneys, Ulceration of the Kid
neys and Mladdor, ltetention of Criiie, Diseases
of the Prostate Gland, Stone in the llladder,
Calculus. Gravel, Prick-dust Deposit, and Mm
ens or Milky Discharges, and lor enfeebled and
delicate constitutions of both sexes, attended
with the following syintoms ; Indisposition to
..Ariiiim, r.oss ot rower, i.oss or A emorv, IJil
lictilty of liroathing. Weak Nerves. Trembline:.
Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimness of
usioii, i-amiutito linen, not iiamu, Flushing
ot the llody, Dr.Miess of the Skin, l.ruption
on the Face. Pallid Countenance, Universal
i.assittiiio oi tne Muscular svstom, Ac.
Ilonibolds Kxtract lluchu is Diuretic and
oiom -I'urilying, and cures all diseases arising
itwm uuuim in uisHip.iuoii, excesses ami impru
dence in life, impurities of tho blood, fc, hu-
pci-hoiling Copaiba in affections :or which it is
useti, much as uonorrliiea, Gleets of long stand
ing, and Syphilitic afi'ections - in those diseases
used in connection with llembold's Hose
was n.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
Beware of oountcileits. Ask for Ilelmbold's.
i.iKo no otner. l'nce -J1.2,. per bottle, or
bottles for f0..j(l. Delivered to anv address.
Describe tho symptoms in all communica
, Address II. T. IIELMllOLD, Drug and Chem
ical warehouse, 51)1 liroadwav, N. V.
None are genuine unless done up in steel-engraved
wrapper, with fuc-hinillo of mv Chemical
arcnoiiso, anil signed
Jackson's Catarrh Snuff
Catarrh, Headache, Bad Breath,
JToarscncss, Asthma, Jiron
chilis, Coughs, Darf
ncss, itc,
And all Disorders resulting from COLDS in
This liemodv does not DllY IIP a Catarrh
hut IiOOSEITS it; frees the head of all of-
tensive matter, quickly removing Had lircath
nun iicaiiacuc; aiinys aim sooiim t tin imiii
Ins leat in Catarrh; is so mild and ''
nlle in its effects that it positively
As a Tioi lie Powder, is pleasant to the taste,
and never nauseates; when swallowed instantly
gives to tlio Throat and ocal Organs a
is the best Voice Tonic in the world I
Try It 1 Sulc, lit liublc, iiml only 3.r cents.
Sold by Druggists, or mailed free, address
dll)2rt2ffJ-(ini Prop'rs, Philadelphia.
At wholesale by all Patent Houses, and re
tailed by dnijfgists everywhere.
Ttveuty-flve. 1'cars Practice
In the Treatment of Diseases incident to Fe
males, has placed Dr. Dow at tho head of all the
physicians making such practice a specialty, and
enables him to guarantee a speedy and perman
ent cure in tho worst cases of SujipirsDion and
all other Memtrnal Derangements, from trin7-
ever cause, ah letters lor advice, must contain
si. unice, .No. y Ktidicott Shoot, lloston.
N 11. Hoard fui'imhod to Iho.io desirine: to re-
main under troattiU'iit.
uoston. juiv. IHUS. 22Glvriuw
Errors of Youth.
"V70UNG MEN tho e.)erieuco of years has
L denionstra'ed the fact that reliance can be
placed in tlio ellicacy ot
For the speedy and permanent euro of Seminal
Weakness, the result of Youthful Indiscretion.
which neglected, ruins the happines, and unfits
the sufferer for business, social Hoc.io.tv or mar
riage. They can ho used without delcction or
interference with business pursuits.
Price ono Dollar per box, or four boxes for
three dollars. If you cannot procure theno lulls,
enclose the money to Hhvas .V Co., (il Cedar
Street, New York, and they w ill bo sent bv return
mail, wr.l.i. scAl.KD Private circulars to' gentle
men sent free on application ; enclose stamp.
Dlt. FRUD'K M01IHILL, Physician and Sur
geon, gives exclusive attention to Diseases
of women. He has mado diseases of woman his
study for the past twenty years. His practice
lias boon ve.'y extensive both in Hospital and m
private practice. His reputation has vouchers
in all the city papers, his patients, and Hie medi
cal profession, both hero and abroad, an being
the most skillful upccbillsi hole, and a thorough
master of all Mixual diseases.
Dr. Morrill is admitted bv the best medical
talent of Hie country to have no equal in the
treatment of Female Complaints, audit is no un
usual occurrence for physicians m regular prac-
tico to recommend patients to him for treatment
when aillicted with diseases in his speciality.
Ladies will receive tho most scientific atten
tion, both medically and aurgicallr. with private
apartments during fciokiichs, and with old and
experienced, nurses, if they wish.
Tim p.i.ii advised free of charge. Physicians
or patients vLllng his opjuion oj advice, by let
ter, and enclosing tho usual fee, will be answered
by return mail.
Medicines sent to all parts of tho country.
211-ly Poston Mass.
fJl-frfV PEH WEEK profit on 1.1 Capital.
fijeJv Something entirely new. Send for
circular and terms. No gift enteiprize or hum.
hug. Address M, J Yarnell, 80 Cannon St. X, Y.
P. O. -Try a box or Poland's Plantain
, Ointment. The best L.lvoin tho "World.
Take no other, but insist on having this. Tor
vale bv all Druggists and Country Dealers,
D J. V. l'OLAND.g
i I'llOF. M. l-l-:itl)l,NANDFllZ,kH ltegnlar
Phjsiciiiu and Surgeon, and a man of integiitv.
i deems It his duty tow urn the peonlhrlv alllicteti
'gainst the tAtortnmx practiced upon then
.-.t-es of which nrcd.iil biought fo his notice.
Dr. P. is l'elllai kulili lor his low ehni i'i u n..l f.n
his speedy cures of any diseases of the urine
gi nerat. vo organs. All weak nesn s peculiar to
ladies speedily lo'toM. d ; and on can cull on or
addicts the Doctor without fear of momtroiii!
charges. It is for the Intel est of females to con
stilt him, as his is a practice peculiar to I'ranci
nlid Spain.
Old chronic caes pri'dueed bv inalpractii e of
unprincipled men skilfully removed. oun
men addicted to seerct habits or suffering Irom
seminal weakness can call and le.un their ease
without Intimidation, Good iieeommoibttlolis
for pnti. nts wishing to remain in the eltv. All
eonsiiltath ns free, PLpciis.iton and'Olllei,
e r of Howard and Somerset Streets, Ilostoii,
enhance 4U Howard street. Address Lock llo
1H.IS, 15'Htmi. Olllce hours from H A. M. Io .) P.
I M. iv-sn
"It Works like a Charm,
Have you Headache'
Have you Toothache ?
Have you Neuralgia?
Have you lllieuniatisui V
Have you Sore Throat '!
Have you Sciatica?
Have vou a llrilise ?
Have you I'lamps?
Have you ChylNHoibiis?
Have jou Lameness ?
I'm- lteiine's Magic Oil
I'se ltenne's .Magic Oil
Uso lleiine's .Magic Oil
Use Heinle's Magic Oil
Use ItenneV .Magic Oil
Use ltenne's Magic Oil
Use lleiine's MitL'ic (I I
Use ltenne's Magic Oil
Use lleiine's Magic Oil
Use JtcntieV Magic Oil
This is the best family
kinds of pain, jou ever tried.
remedy, to cure all
It is clean, safe and delicious to use and if
you use it faithfully, it will do you good.
Directions on each boltle. P,u it of the Drug
gist or Merchant where jou hade. If thev have
not got it on hand they will send for it, ut vour
request, and sell you the genuine lleiine's Pain
Killing Magic Oil, at the liiaiiuractuicr's lowest
price at retail.
WM. IlKUXK, Sole Proprietor uud Manufac
turer, Pittslleld. Mass.
Sold in St. Albans by all Dtnggists, Weeks A
lleynolds, Oroecrs. In Swiintou Falls bv 1). T.
Morrill. I2:ll-ly-oow.
J Comi laint, ltheiiniatisni, Neuralgia, Ae.
cured. A Hook of 100 pages, sent free to inva
lids. Address It. OltlJlCNl:, .I. 1)., IO Temple
1'ln re. Huston,
.7v 1 1' . 1 D I 'Ell T1SKM EN TS.
Life Insurance Company,
Office Peck's Buildbiys, College .Street.
rillllS Company having comp'eted its organi
JL zillion is now fully prepared to issue all
kinds of Life and Endowment "olicios.
Policyholders participate in the profits of the
L-ompany. jJivulcnds declared and paid annual
ly after the first year
Liberal nriangemeiits
made with first class
Torrey E. Wales, Attorney A .ludtfc Probate.
Lemuel II. Piatt, Manufacturer.
Samuel Huntington, Merchant.
James A.Shedd,
missel ,s. rait,
ltodney S. Wires,
Nathaniel Parker,
J. D. Hatch,
Geo. F. Edmunds,
Ontri A. Dodge,
F. C. Kenntdy,
Lawrence Uiiriies,
(Jen. Ins. Agent.
Pres. Ilurlington (lun Co.
William Street.
IT. S. Senator.
Prrs. IstN'at'l flank. Ilur
lington. Manager llurlingtoii
Woolen Mills.
Lumber Dealer.
lttihbell S. Tal't, President.
Hodney S. 'Wires, Vice President.
Warren Oibbs, Secretary.
Samuel W. Thayer, M.D., Medical Counsel
SID. V. GATES, Ani'iit, St. AUiniiH.
210-iktw lin
rjtHIS is to ceitify that I have Ibis day given
JL my son Charles W, Smith his time for the re
mainder of his minority and I will claim none of
his earnings, nor pay any debts contracted by
him from date.
St. Albans March Kth, lflli'J. 239-3
Naturopathic Physician.
RESPECTFULLY informs the Citizens of St.
Albans and its surroundings, that he will
in tultllnieut of his promise mado last December,
return on his SIXTH VISIT, to heal the nick
and aillicted. Will be found at tho St. Albans
House from 15 MAKCH to tho 21th, whero ho
will exort the utmost of his abilities, to treat
skillfully and successfully all who may honor
him witli their patronage. Dyspepsia, Deaf
ness, all form of Liver Complaints, Scrofula,
Gravel, Diseased Kidneys, Heart difficulties in
its various forms, Uronchitis, Weak Lungs, Fe
male Weakness, Fits, Dropsy, Nervous depress
ion, Soro Eyos and Ears, lUieiimatiHtii, Neural
gia. Catarrh, Erysipelas. Asthma, Salt IMieum,
Suppression and retention of Menses, Gleet,
Whites, Seminal Emissions ilc. (no exception to
Consumption in its llrst stages), are diseases tho
uoctor aiiministorH tor cures.
Come ono Come oil Both eld and young,
2.')9-t2 OUED GItlDLEY, ,M D.
Wholesale Retail Store.
WE would call the attention of tho public to
our largo and wolUassorted stock of
Goods consisting in part of
and, in abort, a full assortment of groceries and
provisions which we offer at tho lowest market
Wo ask the attention ol' the trader to our
largo stock of Flour, which wo shall sell at the
present reduced prices without regard to cost.
Places of busliiet.s at the old stand of Kowles
fc Eastman, and at the store lately occupied by
Walker Pros.
Hoping by unhid attention to butiness, and
being ablo at all times to show customers a full
block, to merit your favors,
Wo remain the public's very humble servants,

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