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Vermont Daily Transcript,
Wednesday, Armii, 11, 1SC9.
St. Albans Town Meeting.
The following memorial of the Town
of St. Albnna to the President of the
United States we presume will be rend
by nil virtuous, true Republicans, with
equnl interest nnd sensibility. We are
ut a loss which most to admire, the
manly and correct sentiment it contains,
or the gentlemanly, classic aid elegant
style in which it is written. Tt needs
not the aid of the pen of panegyric the
production itself is the best comment
upon its merits. Republicans! Friends
of the best interests of your country,
read and reflect ! ! Vermont Centinrl,
June 3d, 1808.
President of the United States:
Of the Inhabitants of the Town of St,
To Investigate in a becoming manner,
the measures of Government, ami with
Republican frankness to ask redress of
grievances, arc privileges guaranteed by
our happy Constitution, and of which
we, as freemen, cannot be deprived.
Animated with these sentiments, and
with ardent wishes for the honor, pros
perity and happiness of their country,
your memorialists, inhabitants of the
Town of St. Albans, In the North
western District of Vermont, beg leave
respectfully to represent : That in an
agricultural State like this, that part of
their productions which the inhabitants
do not want lor their own consumption
is generally rendered valuable only by
the commerce of the Maritime States ;
that a people situated as are your memo
rialists, at so great a distance from the
Atlantic seaports, must at all times ex
perience many and great commercial
disadvantages ; that to surmount these,
and many other difficulties incident to
their local situation, your memorialists
and their fellow-citizens of this District
have depended alone on their agricultu
ral pursuits, on the manufacture of pot
and pearl ashes, and the timber of their
forests ; that by the persevering toil and
unceasing labor of hardy, independent
freemen, the gloomy wilderness which
but recently covered this part of the
State, and which butu few years since
was occupied only by the savage and
the brute, had given place to agricultu
ral enterprise ; and the face of the
country, from the lakes and rivers to the
heights of the Green Mountains, exhib
ited the plentiful fruits of industry,
from which the cultivators of the soil
began to enjoy the good of their labor.
That after the Act of Congress of the
li2d of Decembei last, laying a general
embargo on the commerce ami shipping
of the United States, the inhabitants of
this District, no longer lindiiu in the
maritime States a profitable market for
their articles of exportation, turned their
attention to Canada, as a commercial
intercourse with that place afforded
them the only prospect of exchanging
their surplus productions for many of
the conveniences and even necessaries
of life. That in the midst of their ex
ertions to realise the advantages which
they promised themselves from this
trade, they were unexpectedly arrested
by another Act of Congress of the 12th
of March last, prohibiting all commer
cial intercourse by water or land, be
tween the citizens of the United States
and the adjacent territories of foreign
powers. That from a laudable determi
nation to provide, as far as in their
power, against disastrous events, tlipy
had employed a great portion of their
property in tills trade with Canada.
That now, cut off from the only market
that could reward .their enterprising la
bors, and from all the prospects arising
from this commercial intercourse, let it
not be imputed to them as a crime if, in
this hour of adversity, they have in
dulged that anxiety, despondency and
fear which are inseparable from their
unhappy situation. That the compli
cated difficulties under which they la
bor have justly uwakencd in them a de
liberate and manly enquiry into the
wisdom nnd policy of the restrictions
by which those difficulties are.oecasion
od ; and that they have, with freedom,
exercised that watchful jealousy, which
is ever characteristic of real Republi
cans. But after an impartial investigation
of the subject so far as they are capable,
your memorialists cannot conceive how
the object of the general embargo, which
was the protection of our " vessels, our
seamen and merchandize on the high
seas," can be in any way connected
with the provisions of the law of Marcli
12; nor how our " vessels, our seamen
and merchandize on the high seas" can
be exposed to any dangers from the bel
ligerent powers of Europe, in conse
quence of a commercial intercourse,
either by land or water, between the
citizens of Vermont and Lower Canada,
and other places in like situations ; nor
can they be taught that a law which
forbids the exchange of such commodi
ties as thoy do not want, for the conve
niences and necessaries of life, and
especially for the sinews of war the
gold and eilver of that nation whose
injury, It seems, is contemplated by
such law, can in any possible degree
tend to the welfare of the Union.
That however unequal nml oppressive
the operation of tills last act may hnve
been on your memorialists and the in
habitants of this District generally, yet
still they retain a becoming confidence
in the measures of administration ;
neither harboring nor exciting a rpirit
of improper disquietude.
And your memorialists feel it a duty
which they owe to themselves and to
the good people of this District to de
clare on this occasion that in no part of
(lie Union do the citizens entertain
more just and noble sentiments of civil
liberty ; a more ardent and undevlating
attachment of the true principles of Re
publican Government, or a greater ven
eration for the majesty of the laws; that
therefore, however grevious may be
t lie burdens under which they Inbor,
still they are mindful of their duty as
citizens. Thnt with whatever solici
tude they may regaid their property,
the hard canlngs of their industry and
labor, and with whatever sensibility
they may feel Its depreciation or its
destruction, yet to them the merited ap
pall tiotl Of THUD AND l-'AlTIU-'UL citi
zkns is far more valuable, more dear
and sacred. That therefore, with new
and unspeakable astonishment have
they read the President's Proclamation
of the 19th of April last; by which lie
appears to have considered the inhahi
' tanls of this District, as in a state of in
surrcction and rebellion against the
laws of the Union 1 Your memorialists
positively and unequivocally declare
that, in their opinion, tho conduct of
the citizens of this District had furnish
ed no cause for such Proclamation, and
that the same must have been issued in
consequence of erroneous and un found,
ed representations, made and transmit
ted to the Executive Depai tment. of t'le
United States by some evil-minded
person or persons. That if individuals,
finding themselves and their families
on the verge of ruin and wretchedness,
have attempted to evade the embargo
restrictions, and have actually accom
plished their purpose, this cjuld never
furnish a just cause for proclaiming to
the world that insurrection and rebel
lion were chargeable on the good people
of this District; and with confidence your
memorialists declare their belief that
nothing more than thh hud taken
Your memorialists further state that,
to a people whost.uul as a fkoxt ouakd
between their country and a foreign
kingdom, between the heritage of free
men and the territory of a monarc i, the
unmerited imputation of insurrection
and rebellion is of all things the most
degrading, the .most insupportable, es
pecially when it is considered that dur
ing the revolutionary struggles with
Great Britain, and on all occasions since,
when called on by the Government, the
Green Mountain Boys have manifested
an alacrity of spirit, and a promptitude
of exertion tliatjustly and incontestably
characterize them as the true support
ers of Government and law.
Tn fine, since Congress have confide J
to the wisdom and prudence of the Executive-
of the United Stales a discre
tionary power to lemove the restric
tions of which your memorialists com
plain, they present to himthoir ardent
request, that the aforementioned law of
March 42 may be immediately discon
tinued, pursuant to the power in him
reposed. And your memorialists, as in
duty bound, will ever pray.
Jlcsolvcd That the foregoing nicmo
rial be signed by tho Selectmen in be
half of the Town, and published in the
St. Albans Advertiser, and that a pi lut
ed copy thereof bo tiansniitted as soon
as may be, to the Executive of the Uni
ted States.
Asa Fuiii.iiK, "I
John Gates, Selectmen.
Az HIAII Bkooi.s J
Attest, Seth Wetmore, Clerk.
Gold in the Tueasuuy. A Wash
ington dispatch says it is expected that
on the first of May the Treasury will
hold about $100,000,00.1, In specie.
There are over eighty-two million
dollars now on hand, nnd the customs
receipts for the month are estimated ut
nearly eighteen million dollars. Twenty-eight
millions of coin interest come
due on tho first. Some few applications
have bcon made for pre-pay;). cut of in
terest, in response to tho Secretary's re
cent oiler, but not to any considerable
Tin: late Mayou Haupeii. The
J'rcsbytcrian Observer relates some cu
rious facts concerning the la'o James
Harper. Just beforo tho accident
which terminated ills life ho had renew
ed the policy ($10,000) of insurance on
his life against deatli by accident. A
few months ago ho said to his family
that lie would no longer pray, as ho had
been wont, to bo delivered from sudden
deatli, as ho had ceased to regard it as an
evil, if wo live in a state of habitual
preparation. And from that time on
ward he omitted such petitions from
his prayers in the lamily. lie had al
so lately, in conversation, remarked
that if any accident happened to him
in riding, lie would like to bo carried to
St. Luke's Hospital. His wish was
strangely fulfilled, as tho accident oc-
cured near the hospital, into which ho
was taken, and where ho died.
fi)' Davln in KnnltiitiL
A correspondent of the Cincinnati
Gazette, in the c mrso of a description of
a visit to the, gallery of the House of
Commons, gives tills glinips.' of a man
once distinguished :
" Willie I am standing in this group,
eagerly watching the police seargent,
who will presently cull tho names of the
privileged few, I hear:
" I turn round, and right behind me
stands Jefferson Davis. But zounds!
w, ut a change in mortal man ? I would
scare My have known him if my atten
tion had not been called to him. And
can it be possible, 1 mused, that this
shriveled laced, thin voiced, shrunken
limbed, slouchy little old man is the
eloquent ana commanding senator trom
Mississippi, the prompt, resolute and
courtly Secretary of War that was real
ly President when Franklin Pierce was
ostensibly ? I tell you the truth, r was
touched, and there is no knowing what
my impulse of tender muxnunimltv to
ourf-illen foe would have driven me to
do and say if it had not met in the itn
pulse of the man who put the question
1 nave quoted tliat. obsequious syco
pliancy toward the slaveholders' lehel
lion which for these ten years past has
been the pre-eminent characteristic
of anti-slavery Kughiud. Mr. Davis
quietly replied, " That is my name:'
"What, Jelferson D.ivlsV"
"Yes, sir. May I ak your name,
"Harris: but I am nobody. 1 am
simply an Englishman who deeply
sympathizes with you; 1 have often
wanted to see you ; 1 have your picture
banging up in my bouse, and prize It
very highly."
This was said in an agitated fervent
way, while hands were shaken, and
then Mr. Harris, who was a gray-haired,
well-to-do-lookiiig gentleman, put his
mouth close to Mr. Diwis's eui and
whispered what T did not hear, b it I
could not but imagine that it was.
"England was with you, and if you
could have held out another year we
would have joined France in recogniz
ing your uovernment."
Mr. DuvN smiled feebly, and.
thought, sadly. His name was called,
ana in ne went, i loiloweu immedi
ately, and saw him met by one of the
House attaches, the gentleman in black
sword breeches ana shad-beliv coat.
with a silk sun-flower on its back, who
auscuuciy bene aoubie (i am not exag
gerating) at the approach of Mr. 1)., and
wt nt dancing and flushed and smiling
beforo him whispering to everybody,
"Tins is Air. jelierson JJavis," and gal
lanted him to a sort of new there is for
specially favored visitois on tho floor of
the iiouse, deep in a recess, and where
Mr. Davis sat down with Archbishop
..Muning and j;ean btuiiiey.
w .. - -
Items from Washington.
The Wti! hinglon Star says it is un
derstood that Senator Sprague has it on
his mind to elaborate and sustain hi
charges of cowardice against Gen. Burn
side, which were so sharply criticised
by his colleague, Mr. Anthony, the
other day,in a carefully prepared speech,
which lie intends to deliver from the
stump in Rhode Island. If this bo true,
there is a prospect for pretty lively times
inthe Providence Plantations this sum
Commissioner Delano is reconstruct
ing the Internal RevenueBureau, on the
ground that its internal organization
has not been equal to the duties impos
ed upon it. Whether ho betters it re
mains to be seen. He has ordered that
all commissions of Internal Revenue
Detectives appointed prior to March
10th, 1809, which do not by their terms
expire previous to th. 30th day of April,
1809, shall terminate on the said 30th
day of April.
A snow-storm prevailed at Washing
ton a greater portion of the day on Sun
day. The committee on foreign ulfairs,
having been authorized to sit during the
recess, has appointed a sub-committee
to investigate Paraguay affairs. The
sub-conimittee expect that this will oc
cupy their attention 2 or 3 months,
as a thorough investigation of the whole
subject is contemplated. The commit
tee will alternate its meetings between
New York and Washington. Mr. Wil
lard, of Verm mt, .is one of this com
mittee. The opinions on Senator Spiague's
recent speeches and career in the Sen
ate are numerous and coniliuting;. He
was the only Republican who voted
against the bill which was passed in ac
cordance with the message of the Presi
dent providing for an election in Miss
issippi, Virginia and Texas. Some in
fer from this and other tendencies in the
same direction, thnt lie is going over
to tho Democratic Party.
The Supreme Court of the United
States on tho 12th, disposed of Wm. II.
McArdle ol Mississippi, editor, who, it
will be recollected, was arrested, tried
and sentenced to imprisonment by the
military authorities several years ago on
a charge of writing seditious articles In
his newspaper. He had appealed from
the Circuit Court of the United States
for the Southern District of Mississip
pi, which had denied a writ of habeas
corpus. Chief Justice Chase delivered
the opinion of the Court, dismissing the
appeal for want of jurisdiction.
SmtiNfi Fashions. Tho fashion cor
respondent of the New York Time
wiltes as follows.
This sense n sees a general revival of
braids for ladies' bonnets straw braids
of hew and old designs. Tho new a re
intorwrought with jet and pearl beads
which is by no means an improvement.
Straw imiy bo braided over a d elaborate
ly, but it should not bo worked up witli
materials for which it has no sympathy,
of which it has no suggestion. Its
freshnessaiulbreezlness sou veil irof the
fields wherein it grew should be al
lowed to exert Itself instead of being
smothered by the vulgar frippcrle.- of
the workshop.
.SV titor Sjiragiic.
To General Sprague, Senator Sprague
and the millionaire Sprairuo as he wits in j
Congress would probably be a disap-'
pointniont to you. We build out of our !
notions of warrior, rich n.un and p litl
clan tho figure of a large, brud-sbould- j
(red, full-stoniuehod man, with cold'
souls, a leck of command and a com-,
nieielal manner of expediting business.
Mr. Sprague is altogether different. '
You see a little nanow shouldered,
snioolh-fueed boy, not over live feet five
inches high, Willi an eye glass, a bash
ful manner, quite alone and reserved,
sitting in a desponding way low in his
chair, tearing up bits of paper, and hav
ing the appearance of a young divinity
suiiiem. oeiiinusiusin eirviponuing
to ills boyishness is revealed in his face.
He andlSenator Ro.-s, who sits beside
nun, are tne least irequent speakers In
the Senate.
We huvegolover the notion of expect
ing mucn ironi nun, and we say "kittle
llhody" and "Little Sprugims" like
correlative terms. It wa. therefore.
with surprise that, lust Friday, we saw
this quite little man conic out in the
aisle and tackle tho great legal question
of the tenure of office, with an original
and vehement uguressiveness which
was as strange in manner us it w us inex
plicable in motive. There he hud been
sitting silent during seven yours. Now
lie rose and delivered nn attack noon
the age. tho law, the constitution, the
war, the Senate and human society.
mere bus been nothing like it exemp
lified in history or in fiction, except,
pernaps, tne ceiebruton revolt ol Oliver
Twistngainst Noali Ctaynolcand Beadle
Bumble. So incongruous, so queer and
yet so suggestive a speech L have
never beard delivered in tho Semite.
Tho niannar of Senator Spruguo in
making tills speech was aggressive and
spirited, like one restive under the chaf
ing of invisible woes. He walked into
the aislo, looked sauarclv into the fuee-
of tlu.se whom he suppose 1 his various
periods fitted and made such astonish
ment as he prijgrcssed that blank faces
greeted bis pcioration. Chicago Tri
FunxiTuni: Wives. Men nnirrv for
fortune, and sometimes to nlcasc their
fancy ; but, much oftener than is sus
pected, they consider what the world
will say of it, how such a woman in
their friends' eyes will oolc at the
neaa oi a table. lionce we see so many
insipid beauties made wives of, that
could not have struck tho particular
fancy of any man that had any fancy at
all. These I call furniture wives', as
men huyfm nilurc pictures because tliev
suit this o. that niche in their dining-
Many Suffer rather than take nauseous
medicines. All who suffer from coughs,
colds, irritation of the bronchial tubes
or tendency to consumption, will find in
Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry a
remedy as agreeable to the palate as of
feetual in removing disease. The Bal
sam is a pleasant remedy; it is a safe
remedy; it is a powerful remedy; it is a
siieedy remedy; it is a remedy that cures
The courtiers at the Court of Queen
Elizabetli were wont to gain royal favor
by praising t lie beauty of tho Queen's
hair. Many modern ladies, by the use
of" Barrett's Vegetable Hair Restora
tive," not cnly receive praise fiom
their acquaintances, but gain as well
the homage of nil who behold their
magnificent Ues-t s. Cleveland Herald .
. -o-
The lnugunge of nature and ex peri
once demonstrates that whoever would
enjoy the pleasures of food, tho beauties
of landscape, the ions of comnanionsJiin.
the riches of literature, or the honors of
station ami renown, must preserve their
health. The effect of foul, injurious
ioou, entering the stomach, is to derange
the digestive organs and produce head
ache, lossof appetite, unrelreshing sleep,
low spirits, feverish burnings, etc.,
whiclfare the symptoms of that horrid
disease, Dyspepsia, which assume a
thousand shapes, and points toward a
miserable lite and premature decay,
Pluntati m Bitters vill prevent, over
come and contract all of these effects.
They act with unerring power, and are
isikoii with the pleasure ot a beverage
Magnolia Wateh. Superior to the
i.. .1 '., ...i,..- i
iiii jwi ivu uniii ,inuiiu, iiuti
sold at half the price. d tte w.
Ma S. A. Allen's Improved Hair
Restorer and Dressing. Tho attention
of the public is invited to the verv im
portant change recently made in this
article. Veotlerthe Improved Prep
aration, a Restorer prompting it to its
natural color and beauty, together with
an agreeable Dressing all in one bottle.
Tills combination is perfect and unex
ceptionable in every respect, and is used
with great satisfaction by old and oung.
Miss. S. A. Allen's Zyloiialsamuji.
another Preparation, clear without Sed
iment, designed exclusively lor Dress
ing, Strengthening and Beautifying the
Hair, a refreshing toilet luxury, far pre-
lerraete to iieneh pomades, and sold at
half the price. Sold by all Druggists.
Slicrtol Notices.
100,000 Lives Lost
yearly from tho use of
Save your money and restore your health, by
uniiiK Dr. llyrn's Antidote, for Tobacco. This is
not a substituto but a euro for Smoking, Chow
ing. and Snuff-taking, l-'ow persons aio awaro
of tho terrible effects of tho noxioun weed on tho
human system. Dyspepsia, Headache, Disease
of tho Liver, Hallow Complexion, Costivuncss of
tho Dowels, Loss of Memory and other diseases
are the afilietious brought on by itn use, Tho
Antidote in purely vegetable anil harmless. It
acts an a tonic on tho system, purifies tho blood,
and enables a person to digest Iho hartiest food.
Samples sent tree for 50 cents j:i per dozen.
Ad Jross M. J. Yarnell, 8ti Cannon St N. Y.
Jackson's Catarrh Snuff
a nw.Kinrnit. and vlhasant iu:.vmy in
(durrh, Headache. Bad Breath,
Hoarseness, Asthma, Jiron
vhitls, Coughs, Daef
ness, i0e.,
And nil blsoiders lesultin0' from COLDS in
Thin lli'inedv does hot DUY a Catanh
but LOOSENS it; fnes tho head of nil or
tensive ii alter, cpiieMy removing Dad breath
and Ucad.K'he; uilsijs and mith the liuni
Ik hi hi Cntairh; h mi mtlil and iici-cc.
"' in itn elVcctH that it puhitively
A a Ti iii-lii- Pot ,i.-i-, ja peasant to tho taote,
and in er iiiMiKi-atus; when swallowed ii.stantlv
givis to the Throat and Vocal Oigans u
Is the bt xl Voice Tonic in the world 1
Try it ! Sit.c, U, liable, a nil only ,'!." ins.
Stild by Piugis!, or mailed bee, address
di'.Urt'Jl'.l-Oiii Prop'iv, Philadelphia.
At wholesalo by all Patent liou-es, and in
lailtd bydiuggists cerywhere.
IN tlie young and rifing gein-r.ition, thewyt.
tativo powers of life are Htiong, but in a lew
years how often the pallid hue, tho Inch-lustre
eyv, and emaciated form, ami the impossibility
of application to mental ellort, show itH baneful
influence, it soon Iiccoiiich evident to the ob
server that somo depressing inlluence iH cheek
ing the development of tho body, (.'on.iuuiption
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is removed
from school and sent into the country. This i
one of tho worst movements. Itcmovcd from
oiditmry iliveistohs of the ever-changing scenes
of the city, the pom-r.i of tho body too much en
feebled to givt rest to hea t li 1 ill and rural exer
cise, th. Mights an- turned inward upon them
selves. If the patient be a tenuile, the a- primeh iifjhe
menses U looked for with anxiet, as the last
bymptotn in which Nature is to sliow her sav ng
power in diffusing the i-.i-culntion and usititig
the check with the bloom of hualtli. M.n! in
crease of appe tite has grown by what it fed on ;
tho energies of the system aui piostr.ited. and
the whole economy is deiatigivl The beautiful
and wonderful period in which body and mind
undergo so fascinating a change trom child to
woman. N looked for in ain ; the p rent's heart
bleeds in anxiety, and fancies tin- gnuo but
waiting tor its victim.
Ilehubold's Extract Iliichu, for Weakness
arising from exicssesor early indiscretion, at
tended with tlie following symptoms ; Indispo
sition to exertion, loss of power, lies of memory,
dilliculty of breathing, generallwe.ikness, horror
of disease, weak nerves, trembling, dieadful
horror of death, night sweats, eo'.d feet, wake
fulness, dimne.-s of vision, langonr, universal
lassitude of the nuucular svstein. o, ten enor
mous appetite with dyspcpiio s.Miiptoms, hot
hands, flushing of tho body, dryness of the skin,
pallid countenance and eruptions on the iace,
pain in the back, heaviness of the eyelids, fre
quently black spots Hying beforo tho'eyes, with
temporary sullocation and loss of sight, want
of attention, great mobility, restlessness, with
horror of society. Nothing is more desirable to
such patients than solitude, and nothing they
more dread, for fear of themselves ; no repos'o
of manner, no earnestness, no speculation, but
a hurried transition from one ipiestion to an
other. These symploms, if allowed to goon which
this medicine invaiiably removes-soon follow
loss of power, fatuity, and epileptic tits, in one
of which tho patient may expire.
During tho superintendence of Dr. Wilson at
the Dloomingdale Asylum, this sad result oc
curred to two patients ; reason had' for u time
left them, and both died of onilcnsv. Thev
were of both sexes, and about twenty 'years o'f
Wlio can say that these excesses are not fre
iiucntly followed by those direful diseases of in
sanity and consumption 1 JTho records of tho
insane asylums, and tho melancholy deaths in
consumption, bear aniplo witness to tho truth
of these assertions, in lunatic asylums tho
most melancholy exhibition appears. Tho
countenance isactunlly sudden and quito desti
tuteneither mirth nor grief over visit it.
Sh uild a sound of tlie voice occur, it is rarelv
Willi woeful measures wan despair
Low sullen sounds thcir.griuf beguiled,
Whilst we l egret the existence of tlie above
diseases and symptoms, wo arc prepared to oiler
an Invaluable gilt of chemistry for the removal
of the consequences. Ilehubold's Highly Con
centrated Fluid Lxtract ot Ducliu. Thorn is no
tonic liko it. It is an anchor of hope to the
surgeon and patient, and this is the testimony
of all who have iued or ptescribed it.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
Price 23 per bottle, or (1 bottles for $(i.5l).
Delivered to any address. Describe tlie
symptoims in all communications.
Address II. T. HKLMPOLP, Drug and Chem
ical warehouse, 5'Jt Drondwav, N. V.
None are genuine unless done up in s'.eel-en-gr.wod
wrapper, with fac-siniile oi my Chemical
Warehouse, and signed
Errors of Youth.
YOUNG MEN tho experience of years has
demonstrated tho fact that reliance, can bo
placed in tho cflicaey of
l-'or tho speedy and permanent cure of Seminal
Weakness, tho result of .Youthful Indiscretion,
which neglected, ruins tho happines, and unilts
the (sufferer for business, social society or mar
riage. They tan bo used without detection or
interference wilh business pursuits.
Price one Dollar per box, or four boxes for
three dollars. If j ou cannot procure these pills,
enclose the money to Duvan ,t Co.. (il Cedar
Street, New York, and they will bo sent by return
man, w i.i.i. huallii lTivaio circulars 10 gentle
men scut free on application ; enclose stamp.
'J'trcnty-jTvc 1'cai'M I'raetlce
In the Tieatinent of Diseases incident to l-'o-niales,
bus placed Dr. Dow at tho head of all the
physicians making such uractico a Biiccialtv. and
enables him to guarantee a speedy and perman
ent cure in tho worst eases of .Siiiiire.niioii and
all other Meitblnutl Jh-runijtnwits, from what
ever eau.vc. All letters for advice must contain
1. Oilice, No. y Eudicott Street, Doston.
N. D. Hoard furnished to thoou desiring to ro-
liiain under treatment.
Hostou. July. 18CS. 220 lvriUw
"It Works liko a Charm."
Have you Headache? Use llenue's Magic Oil
Have you Toothacho V Uso Itenuo's Magic Oil
Have you Neuralgia? Uso Itenuo's Mugie Oil
Have, you Ithcuniatisin ? Uso Itenuo's Magic Oil
Have you Soro Throat ? Use Itenuo's Magie Oil
Havo you Sciatica ? Uso Itenuo's Magic Oil
Have you a liruiso? Uso Itenuo's Magio Oil
Have you Cramps? Uso Itenuo's Magio Oil
Have you Choi. .Morbus? Uso Itenuo's Magic Oil
Have you Lameness? Uso Itenuo's Magie Oil
Ibis is tho bcht fain v remedy, to euro all
kinds of pain, you ever tried.
It is clean, safo and delicious to ubo and if
you uso it faithfully, it will do vou good.
Directions on each bottlo. lluyit of the Drug
gist or Merchant whero you trade. If they havo
not got it on hand they will send for it, al your
request, and sell you the genuine Itenuo's Pain
Killing Magie Oil, at tho manufacturer's lowest
price at retail.
WM". ItEENE, Sole Propiietor nnd Manufac
turer, Pittslleld. Mass.
Sold in St. Albans by all Druggists, Wonka A
Itoynoldu, Grocers. In Swanton Falls by D. T.
Morrill. 231w-ly-oe
Cyrus Bradley's Estate.
SiA-rr. or VriuioNr, ) The Honorable the
District or Prankliii, ss I Probate Court for the
District of Franklin,
To nil prisons interested in the Estate or
Cyrus llrailley, late of I'ranklin il. lid Distiict.
deceived, (lur.msu
"V7"llEi:i:.S, said Court hnth assigns I the
M airdday or April, 1&VJ, for thu set le
nient, of the administration account of D'tuiis
i Shaw, administrate r or the estate o Cyrus
Uradley, deceased, nnd ordered tha' public' no
; tice thereof be given to all persons inteiusted in
snld estate, of the d iv assigned for such settli
! lneiit,
Tumtr.rolti:, you ait hi rchy notified in appear
at the Probate Court rooms', in St. Albans, on
the day assigned, thiliaiid thoie to contest the
allowance oi said account, if vou see i nuse
llien under my hand, at St. Aluuiis, this 5th
dav or Apt il, A. 1). 1 Ht.il .
, il.'-ftl MYItUN W. IIAll.KY, .niyr.
rpilE Subscribeis, liaUng been apvointed by
J the Honorable the Probate Court for the
Distiiet of I'ranklin, Commissioners, tonceive,
I examine, nnd iidlust nil 1
all persons against the estate of ltodo'.phus C,
Holmes, late or Highgate. in said District,
deceased, and all claims and demands exhibited
in oll'set thereto, do hereby give notice
that, six months frun the 12th' dav of March,
A. D IfcU'J, are allowed bv sai'd Court to
the creditors of said deceased, to exhibit and
proo their lespeetive claims befoui u, nnd
lh.it we will attend to tin-duties of our appoint
ment at the dwelling house or Eunice S. Holmes,
In Highgate, in said District, on the 4th
day of .May and September, A. 1). IMit), rioin to
o'clock in tho forenoon till I o'clock in the after
noon, on each of said da vs.
Dated at Highgate, this 12th dav ol Mai-eb,
A. I. 1HIHI.
.1. 1!. CltOSS, i ,
2'i-2l PlllLANDElt C11ADWICK ' '""
IN -j hi; Disriiu-r Couht or -nn: U.niti:i States
ion -nil- Di-TitiiT or Vhimont In the mat
ter or
Notice is hereby j,icu thatii petition has been
tiled in said Court, by .1. ,1. ll.trn.nd, or St. Al
bums in said Dist.-iet, duly dcclaicd a bankiiipt
under tin Act of Congiess of March 2, 18C7. lor
a discharge alideel tilieate thereof, Ironi all his
debts 'and other claim-, provable under said
Act, and that the IWih dav of April, 1 K ill, at 1(1
o'clock ii.io., helot- the Hon. Wm. I). Shiptnaii,
Judge of said Com t, at the Island II use, in
Hie Town or Dook'uighaiu, is as-igied lor Un
healing of the same when and where all credi
tors who hnc pimed their debts, and other
persons in hitcient, may attend and show cause,
if any they hne, why the prayer ot said piMtion
should not be granted.
The second and third nieitingh of cieditois
will be held at the same time ami place.
Dated at llnrhngton, on the 27th day ot
March, JSIi'J. Jl. D. SMALLEY,
2l!2-:i dcik.
IN Ji.YNKlll'PTCY. -In the Distiiet Court ot
the United States for the Distiiet ol' Ver
mont. In the matter of
Notice is hcieby given tkat a petition has been
filed in said Couit by Chas. E. Thompson, of
St. Albans, in saidDistiict.duly declared a bank
rupt under the Act of Congress ol"March2, 18C7,
lor a discharge and eertiticate thereof, from all
his d-jbts and other claims provable, under said
Act, and that tl e 20lh day of April. lHfi'J, at 10
o'clock a.m., before the Hon. Win. D. Shipman,
Judge of said Com t, at the Island House, Town
of ltockinghani, is assigned for the bearing of
tho same, when and where all cieditors wins
havo pi oved their debts, and oilier persons iu
interest may attend and show cause, if anythov
have, why the pr.ijer of said petition s'houfcl
not bo granted.
Dated at liuilinglon, on the 21th dav of
March, li-fi'J. 1!. it. SMALLEY,"
-'"2-3 Clerk.
Stephen J. Sowles' Estate.
riMIE Subscribers, having been appointed bv
L tho Honorable Probate Court or the Dis"
tnct of Grand Isle, Commissioners, to receive,
examine and adjust all claims and demands ot
all persons against the estate of Stephen J.
Sowles, lato ot Alburgh, in said District de
ceased, represented insolvent, and all claims
nnd demands exhibited in oll'set thereto, do
hereby give notice that six months from the
lllth day of March, A. D, lfil!!), are allowed b
said Court to the creditors of said deceased, tl
exhibit and prove their respective claims before
us, and that we will attend to the duties of our
appointment at the dwelling houso ot Jane M.
Sowles, iu Alburgh, in said District, on thu.
ttrst Mondays of May and September, A D. 18(1!),,
from t) o'clock iu ihe forenoon till 1 o'clock iiu
the forenoon of each of said days.
Dated at Alburgh, tins 2(ith dav of March, A.
D., ISC,!).
A. 1!. VANNING, )
T. C. MAKVIN. ' Com'is.
lii-.'l Wm. IIONSlXGEll.
IN DANKltUPTCY.-In the District Court of
tho United States, for tlie District of Vermont
iu Hie matter of
Edward F. Dix,
Daukrupt Notice is hereby given that a pe
tition has been tiled in sai'd Court, bv Edward
1-'. Dix, of St. Albans, in said District, duly
declared a bankrupt under the Act of Congress
of March 2, lfc!(i7, for a discharge and certificate
thereof, from all his debts and other chums
provable under said Act, and that tho 20th day.
of April, lHlitl, at 10 o'clock.A. M.. beforo the
Hon. Win. D. Shipman, Judgoof said Court, nt
tho Island House, in tho Town of ltockinghani,
is assigned for tho henrflig of tho same, when and
where all creditors who have proved their debtn,
and other persons in interest, may attend and
show cause, if any they have, why tho prayer
of said petition should not be granted.
Tho Second and Third meetings of creditors
will bo held at tho same timo and place.
Dated at llurlington. ou the '21th day of March
2U1-3 It, !. SMALLEY, Clerk.
INHANKltUPTCY.-In tho District Court or
tho United States, for the District of Vermont,
iu the matter of
William Mitchell,
Notice is herebj given that ti petition ban
been Hied in said Court, by William Mitchell,
of Sheldon, in said District, duly declared
a bankrupt under tho Act of Congress of March
2, 1807, lor a discharge and certificate thereof,
irom an ins iiouts ami outer claims provable
under said Act, nnd that tho 20th day of April,
'8(111, at 10 o'clock, A. M., betoro tho Honorable
Win. D. Shiimian. Judge of said Court, at the
Island Hoiibo, in thu town of ltockinghani, is
assigned for thu hearing of tho same, when and
whero all creditors who have proved their debts.
nwi innci h:ibuhs hi interest, may aucmi anil
show cause, if any they havo, why "tho prayer of
said petition should not bo granted.
Dated at llurlington, on thu 21th dav nt
.March, lHO'.l, Jl. 11, SMALLEY, Clerk,
Caesar A. Mead's Estate.
TITHE subscribers having been appointed by
X tlio Honorable Probate Court for tho Dis
trict of Franklin, cominjssiouers to receive, ox
amiiio and adjust nil claims and demands of all
nersons against tho estate of Cuesar A. Mead
lato of Swanton, in said District, decoased, and
alt claims and demands exhibited iu oll'set t here
to, do hereby givo notice, that six months from
the first day of Marcli, A. 1)., 180y, aro allowed
by said Court to tho creditors of said deceased
to exhibit and Drove their respective claims be
foro us, and that wo will attend to tho duties of
our appointment at tho dwelling houso of
Widow Jano Mead, iu Swanton, in said District,
on tho last Mondays of May and September, A.
D. 1801), from 10 o'clock in thu forenoon till four
o'clock iu the afternoon ou each of eaiddays.
Dated at Swanton, this 10th day of March, A
D. 18UU.
W. II. ULAKE, I rnm,rM
CI -3 GEO. UULLAl D, Comrti'

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