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Vermont Daily Transcript.
ST. AliUANS, vr.
Thuiisuay, May 20, lsuo.
The Lamoille Vail, Uallroud.
The titial survey from .St. .lol. iisliury
to the Fabifin House in the White
Mountains is now in linum'., with the
rendezvous of the engineer.- iit.piv-ent
sit Littleton, N. 11. A eoiuiniitee of the
Dlruutors lists boon ttiijinintei! to einjiioy
an engineer to eommenee the survey
fiom Cambii'JgetoKwnnton iminedia e
ly Ah soon aa thi f urvoy is completed,
the. Until survey from AVest Danville to
.Swanton will be commenced, probably,
the 2fcwn(hulir n.vs, by Mr. LinIey
in person. Wc .opy further from t lie
It will be remembered that on the L'l'd
of April the town of Waldon held a
meeting and voted unanitnoii-ly to
make the change in their K. It. sub
scriptions asked by tli? directors. A
short time after, some of the voters,
getting alarmed, circulated a pctitini.
torn town meeting to ro-oitid the vote
of thc22d of April, and obtain !2 names.
A meeting was warned and wax held on
the loth inst. (lr.st Saturday.) Mr.
Hundee. was on the ground to learn
what were theclaim of thenppoitionf
The meeting wa- organized and thj!
petitlonor.t called upon to tatc their
elainis. Mr. Miniiiol uurrierinen .-taied
the reasons for calling tlicniecting, and
why the vote of I ho 2-d slum Id b re
scinded. His argument was the same
used in Johnson against making the
change Mr. V. is an intelligent man,
and Ht itcd his points well. After Mr.
C. concluded, Mr. Jlcndcc briefly slated
to the meeting the object of the
change, the advantage to the company
and allowed to the satisfaction of all
present that there was no ground foi
alarm, and that the only difficulty there
was lay in the fact that there were cer
tain men on the line of the road who
lacked confidence in the enterprise and
its mangers.
After Mr. llendee closed his state
ment Mr. Currier again took tlie floor:
Mild he was opposed to bonding and had
always been ; hut inasmuch as t lie town
had subscribed $30,000 he win in favor
of making t lint $30,000 count all it could
lie to the It. It. Co. ; thai he should not
move to rescind the former vote making
the change and if there was any man
in the house that desired to they could
do so. Every one was satisfied and the
meeting adjourned without even a
motion to rescind being made. The
managers of this great enterprise are be
coming satisfied from day to day that
the people along the line are gain
ing conlidenco in their good faith and
determined purpose to build the road.
.Such seemed to be the demonstration in
Walden. Every one admits that the
change in town subscriptions asked by
the directors is of great importance to
the company. It will enable the com
pany to realize more money, build the
road cheaper aud sooner, and by a fai
better method than fonneily contem
plated. If tliis is so, is it not strange
that any friend of the road should take
means to prevent the change'."' Every
town that has subscribed to the stock ol
the Co. is a member of the Co., just as
much as an individual who has taken
stock ; hence, when a town refused to
take a step for the advantage of the
company it refuses to take a step for its
own advantage. Intelligent anti-bonding
men, when not. led by selfish mo
tives, take this view of the case. The
directors and our St. Johnsbury friends
regret very much the blow that John
son has dealt the enterprise ; but rejoice
that ft is not to prove fatal. The in
jury is great, and is believed by all tint
friends of the enterprise that certain
parties will sec cause to regret their ac
tion as the work progrcssc. Now this
must not be tortured into a threat. It
does not mean "ostracism," social noi
political. It means, simply, that when
ths honest friends of this enterprise be
come satisfied that their action lias
Mounded the cause they wished to pro
mote, thov will they mint feci rr
for it.
A Handsomi: Incomk. Mr. II. T.
llelmbold, the well known druggist of
New York City, returns for this year,
an income of $iri2,120.j. All this comes
from advertising. Mr. ilelmbod's ex
penditures for advertising averages
over $10,000.
The Tribune Lets its Managing
Editor (Jo.
The (SVoi says iho fdlowing notice is
ported up in the office of the Tribune :
Gi-.NIMtAL okdkhs.
I. Mr. John Russell Young having
resigned the position as managing edi
tor of the New York Tribune, that posi
tion is henceforth abolished.
II. Until further orders, Mr. White
law Held will make up the schedule,
and will tako care that my orders are
generally oboyed.
III. Cain O'Donncll is directed to take
charge of the Foreign Department, in
cluding all its foreign correspondence.
IV. Mr. James McConnell will take
charge of the city department, until
further orders.
Tin: London press ott our Petition
with Great Jtrltaln.
London, May 10
The London Times to-day continues
to discuss the relations of fircat Britain
in the United States. After tracing the
feelings of the Americans towards En
gland in past times, and the conduct of
England during the late rebellion, it
mays: The Americans know that con
duct was, or was intended to bo void of
offense. If private opinions or sympa
thies are to ho made tho subject of in
ternational litigation, Americans must
consider what counter changes they are
liabloto. In n cause so fountcd tho wi cr
course would be to put asido such mat
ters, and confine tho negotiations to af
fairs, within the cognizance of public
The Telegraph iilo pursues the -nine"
theme. Ttsays: Having made our pro
test we may be well content t wait. It
is iindc-irable to leave the question
open, but in the present condition of
American feeling, no possibility of n
"pcedy and itUfiiclory settlement is
apparent. Ueyond the deire to act ju.t
ly, this country has no interest in con
cluding a convention, save that such
nrrceiiic"' might protect our commerce
h?reaft r from such depredation- ntlio.o
emuiiitieu ny the Alabama. A con
vention not cordially accepted by tile
Ani'Tlcan1-as a full dUchmgc of their
supposed grievance- would be valuelc-.-,
aud (he execution of -uch a compact, if
made at the present time, would tie ex
ceedingly doubtful. The honest and
faithful e.)oition of thcievs of each
nation, will pave the wa ton concilia
tion anil ett lenient.
Two Chapters in a Woman's
IIV M.Zti: CAMl'lilXI..
( II A IM T.lt ).
The girl s face wa partly turned away,
becau-e she could not quite control her
features or keei) down the ri.-ing tears
of deep humiliation and pain ; ii'ut soon
a settled contempt and scorn drove all
other oxpre-i-ion from her countenance
and liieu tne moisture in her eyes.
She turned suddenly towaids Clarenee-
Vaitnlon, and the brilliant flashing of
Her eyes and her liaugtily hearing 'ur-
th d an exciamation Irom linn.
ijueic : no sain. " l ou are not an
gry you mu-t see that 1 am right in
till matter. Of cour.-c it is as painful to
me as it can be to you, but I would
really be doing you an injustice in pres
sing ni v claim when you may do so
much better. I never could "forgive
myscii ii i stood in tne way ot your
obtaining as high a position as was
yours bcf .rc this unfortunate failure of
your good father. You are, too, so ac
customed to all the luxuries of wealth
no, I really never could forgive myself."
"Enough, B.r you are all that 'is gen
erouand tlioughful; and, beingso, I
am sure you will pardon nieifl must
leave you now my father requires my
constant pre-ence. (!ood morning, Mr.
And Miss Mansfield, with her wonted
court e.-y, rang for the servant to attend
to Mr. Vaunton ; and then slowly, like
one in a dream, returned to her father's
The poor old man was stricken unto
death; but Lucie did not know that t lie
quiet, wan, slecning face on which her
eyes rented, a she seated herself, would
soon be more quiet, more pallid, ami
more rigid in a deeper sleep.
A dreary sigh heaved it., way up from
her heart, while she. sat there and
thought of the future. The news of her
father's failure had been a severe blow;
but what was that to the mortification
of having all iter love, her vows, her
promises, ner netrotiial ring, ret. ivned
to her, with,
J tnaiiK you you are very good
but this is no doubt a sacrifice, and
very likely
you can do bettor eUe.
IJul all this would have been as no
thing if slic had not loved the man ;
and, overcome ly this thought, her face
wen l down into her rosy-white hands,
and the tear-that blistered her cheeks
were not so much of shame and anger
us of keen, bitter disappointment and
"I loved him so, oil ! I loved him so!
Clarence; Clarence, my only love ! If I
could even feel that it was indeed a de
sire for my welfare that prompted him;
but no! even that crumb of consolation
is denied me. He never, never lowtl
tne! I was nothing to him but the
daughter of the wealthy Mr. Mansfield,'
and tears and obs again took the place
of words, a. id shook the girl's slender
form like a whirlwind.
Mr. Mansfield moved uneasily and
half awoke : anil Lucie quickly stepped
into the shadow of the curtains, and
then pouring the contents of a perfume
bottle upon her handkerchief, passed it
over hjrtcir-sta'ned face and swollen
eyes. The look of almost pitying scjrn
and contempt came back to her face
again, as she did so. She raised the
dainty, carved bit of crystal in her hand,
and carefully replaced the silver stop
per; and then, placing it on he.' well
appointed, luxurious toilette stand,
looucd around on all tlie evidences of
wealth that everywhere met her gaze.
"Truly," she said, with a bitter
smile, " l am hurrounded with luxury
how shall 1 lean to wait upon myself
and do without all those dainty articles'.'
I wonder he could have given me up s
easily, while I had even the somblanco
of wealth surrounding nic;" and then,
as her gaze returned to tho bed on which
lay her stricken father that luxurious,
downy couch, with its laces hangings
and satin coverlid she shuddered to
think how ho would bear tho change,
tlie man grown old in Lie possession of
wealth and all that it could purchase
The look of his face returned to her, as
it was on thai evening wnen he had
entered her room three days before and
proclaimed his ruin to her, as she stoou
putting tho last touches to that grand
toilette which was to strike nil others
into theshade u the ball to which she
was going. She felt again Ihespeechless
horror which had sent her reeling Into
a chair, aud saw him, the moment after
lying senseless at her feet. How death
ly cold his hand fell asshe helped to
lay him ou the bod, and what a .lamp,
clammy dew met her touch when she
smoothed back tin silver hair from his
"My poor father! My poor, dear
father! And his sorrow was all for me,
I know. Whatever happens, he must i
never know tnis new blow that has fal
len on me."
Tho teats stood in hr reyes so thickly
that she could not see that ho was
awake, aud looking at her, till Mr.
Mansfield spoke in a low, weak voice:
"Lucie Lucio darling !"
She dashed the tears from her eys
and was by his side in tho same mo- j
.nent ; a strange an indescriblo change '
had eomo upon his face, and her heart I
beat thickly, with dread to sec it, She j
nut out her hand Instinctively to the
bellrope, to summon aid, but he stayed
her With a feeble gesture, t
"Oil. father! Father, sneak tome."'
she crjed. "What is the matter, dear
father V"
"It was not my fault, my girl ; 1 was
doing it all for the best. Lucie : you arc-
not angry with your poor old father."
"Oh, don't, don't, plenu r'on't speak
so,'1 -he moaned, piv ing lii- slender,
shrivelled bunds and eoveritie them
with tears and ki-n-.
"Thank yen, Lucie; you were always
a goo.i cirl ; kis- me !''
And Lucie iire--ed a passionate kiss
upou the pale lips ; and the lliekorlnu',
happy smile that -tolo over tho old
man's face was frozen there by death.
l.iieio Man-lield was an orphan.
, A distingui-bed Methodist Minister
and prominent Temperance Lecturer
once remarked that go where he would,
! from one end f theeountry to the other
he hardly e -cr tiled to find I'i.atatki v
Mt rrmts, and while he condemned the
practice of using these Hilton? too 'rcel.v,
i ne could not conscientiously sav that lie
would dl-eard them from tlie side-board,
for he had himself experienced benell-
ciai resiiiis iroin ineir use, and that,
fiom a long and clo-e observation, he
was convinced thai when used mod
erately, ami has a medecine exclusively,
they were nil flint wnu i,ioinmiul.i!i
At the same time he warned his hearers
not to pull the cork loo often, for they
were far too pleasant a foul;- to trifle
Maumima Wathk. Superior to the
host imported OJcrnia i Cologne, and fold
.-ii n;i 1 1 i in p. ire.
" A sprinuimr iov. n nleiwuro which
no language can express," is imparted
to every poscssor of a luxurious head of
hair winch only "Jiarrett's Vegetable
Hair Restorative" can impart. This is
the only preparation to which a "Med
al" lias ever been awarded. AY. Joseph
I IllOt).
AFitn:xi) in Sv.in.Uravc'.iCclebra
ted Salvclx n friend indeed. Who has
not found it such in curing cuts, burns,
bruise, scalds, felons, boils, and even
tho most obstinate old ulcers and other
sore. It is a wonderful compound, suit
cd alike to the skin of the child and of
the adult
Jackson's Catarrh Snuff
a licuniiii ei. axi 1'jAiAsvxr iu:j i:dy in
Catarrh, Jlceidaehc, JSad JSreedh,
Hoarseness, Asthma, Jiran
ehitic, Coughs, Drf
nrss, '.,
rs vi'HuHiiiij 1'ioui CuijDS in
I1J0A1), 'l'llUOAT mill VOCAIj OIUJA.VS
This ftfinortv lcifn not 1MIY t'P a Catarrh
but LOOSENS it: fri't'j, the head or all of
fensive matter, anickly removing fJari Wreath
anil Headache; iilluj ami ( 1 tlie burn
ing iiriit in Catnnh; is mj mini ami tti'
ultlc in its effects that it positively
As a Tineiu- loler. is pleasant to the, taste,
anil in ver nauseates; wnen swallowed instantly
Kivcs to tne i nroat ana ocal iiri;ana a
Is tht best Voice Tonic in tlie woild 1
Try If ! Hale, lt liable, 11111! only art rent
S'old hy lirut.'ij'ists, or mailed free, address
CfiOPr.lt, WILSON .V CO.,
(U'Jl'waiO.Om Vrup'vH, Philadelphia.
At Mliolceiale iy all Patent, (IouneH, ami re.
tailed ly dnifietti overjwliere.
Sixty Years !
TOU over sixty years, Dr. H, O. Itichard.
sonn btierry wine i'.itters have, been lined
by tlie public o coircct morbid and inac
tive functions of tlie human f-y-tom. It pro
motes healthy gastric sect otinns corrects Liver
derangement, relieves Costiveness and ihen
matic afi'eetmnn, cures, Jaundice-, Loss of Appe
tite, Kidnej complaint", Weal; Hark, Dizzine,
Lir.Kiinr, D.Vf-pep-ia and its attendant rmp
tonis. ltf. aluablo ionic and biro i(jlhenii(,'
properties will invigorato the co ivaleseeut,
cleanse tho blood from humors, and will alford
comfort and relief to the aped by stimulatine;
tho .'oiiHtitution to resist its impcndini,' infirmi
ties. Thousands of tho venerable population of
Ntu r.n'land are unstained in health, their life
piolouged, to enjoy vigorous and happy old a(,'e,
by tin; us' of Dr. )tielnrd-onV Sherry Wine
The, herhi can I.e. obtained Veparat. ly, and
may bo prepared in tmall (piantities, in water
or Willi wino or spirit. Price .VI rent, per
Oflico- i Treiuoiil Itow, ISoston, ami sold by
Druggists and Apothecaries. 2('.fi.i:j
JUST pubUs-hcd, a now edition of Dit. Cri..
vr.mvr.n.'H CixnuiATEl) Lssivontho radi.
cal euro (without medicine) of .Spermatorrhiea.
or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal
Losscii, Impotoncy, Jlental and Physical Inca
pacity, Impediments to Marriage, A-e., also,
Consumption, Lpilepsy and Pita, induced bv
09. Price, in a scaled envelope, only C cents.
The celebrated author, in tliiu admirable, eg.
not. clearly demonstrates from a tliirtv veaiV
successful practice, that tlie alarming conse
quences of Ht'lf-abuso may be radiealiv cured
without tho dangerous use ot internal modi.
c no or tho application of the knifo ; pointing
out f. mode of euro at once simple, certain, end
euceiuai, uy means 01 which every Millet cr, no
matter what hU condition may lie, may cure
iiiiuscu eiieupij , puiiiiciY, aim rsiiieauy,
tiThla ixcturo should bo iu tho hanili. of
every youth and evcrv man in tho land.
Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
n:ldics, postpaid, ou receipt of 0 cents, or two
post stamps. Albo, Dr. CulverweU'n "Mar
liage Ouide," price 25c. Addrcs the publish.
HAS. .1. O. KLINK ,V CO.,
l!7 Dowery, New York,
tVJf Poll Ofliee ISo l.r,S(J
LN1 OKMATKJN guaranteed to proiluuo a luxti. I
riant growth of liair upon a bald head or a
beardless tace, also a recipe, for the removal of 1
pimples, blotches, eruptions, etc., on tho fckin, 1
leaving tho samo toft, clear, and beautiful, can
be obtained without cliargo hy addiesointr ,
THOS. P. CHAPMAN, Chomist.
lili-ly b'23 Broadway, Now York. ,
fx Q TO WM. N, SMITH 1c
VT Black Sack Cqat.
CO'S for your
a Mil'. Kidlie.tK ato two ill number, situated at
the tipper i ml of tho loin, surrounded In
tat. ami eonsixting of three part, i : tie an"
t-rlor, the interior, and tin- exterior.
The alittrior nbsotb-. Interior eon-ids of
ti-"ui or Mins, which sere as a del o-it for
the mini and ennwy it to the etcrioi. The
i terior i a conductor mIso, terminating in .i
-ingle tube, and enltcd the fret"!', The iter tors j
art connected uith tlie bladder, j
t'he bladih r Is fmiposeil of vat inns coverings
ir tisHjies, dit tiled into palls, : the fpier,
tlii' Lower, the Nervous, and tlie Mucous. The
;tipi(r expels, the lower retains. .Maliv hav a
disire to uriintt without the abilitv to retnin.
Tin-Iie.piently oi 'iirs ilicbildrui.
To curt lhf-v allectioii-. we uiiist bring into
i action the muscles' which are . ngaged iu their
I variotiH ruuclioiis. If (hey iiremglcc ed,!rncl
oi' Diopsy niayeii'-tie,
I'lie leader must also be made uwaii . that
IniWeVer hliu'lit mav be the titlark, t is sure to
affect the bodily health and mental powers, as
our iiesn ami niooii ari' supported Irom tin
"in i, on iniKi M vrisw. r.iin occuriing iu
the loins is indicative of tin above diseases
They occur in pc.'sons iisp ied to acid st maeli
aim cnaiiiy courretlons.
'I ill. (in v l:i.. -Pain crav el ensues fioni hcl'
lect or improper treatment of tho kidneys
These organs being weak, the water in not ex
pcllcd from the bladder, lint allowed to remain
it heroines feverish, ilnd sediment forms. It is
from tlii" deposit that tlie stone is formed, and
gravel ensues'
Diiovsv is a colli ctiou of water iu some parts
oi me oouy, ami nearM iiiuerent names, accord
iuir to Hie nni-ts nlTWtml. vis uhnt. rf.,w...l1K
ditfused over the body, it is called Anasarca':
wnen oi tlie amioineu, A-eites ; w lieu ol the
client, liydrotnorax.
Tiu:.UMl,Nr.-- HelinboldV hiuhlv eonceiitra
ted couipound Kxtract llucliii is decidedly ono
oiineoesi renvdics tor diseases ol tno olad
ikr, kidnevs, gravel, dropsical swelliiiKS, rheii
niatism, and gouty afleclions. Under this head
we have arranged Dysuria, or difficulty and
pain m passing water, scanty secretion, or
Milan ami ireipieut discharges ol water; Stran
gury, or stopping of water; Hematuria or
bloody urine : (iout and ltheitmatisni of the Kid
neys, without any change iu ipiantity, but in
crease in color, or dark water. It was always
recommended by the late Dr. Phvsick, in these
This medicine increases tlie power of diges
tion. and the watcrv or calcarious denooitions
and all unnatural enlargements, as well a pain
and information, are reduced, and it is taken
oy men, women and children. Directions for
use and diet accompany.
Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 'j:., lf,7.
H. T. Helmbold, Druggist:
Dear Sir: -I have been a snllerer for unward
of twenty years, with gravel, bladder, and kid
ney aueetions, (Hiring which time 1 have used
various medicinal preparations, and been un
der the treatment ot the most eminent phys
icians, twjjriii'iu-iii Km nue renei
Hav inir seen vour nrenirat inns uvtuiisiwlv ml
vertised, I consulted vvith my family physician
in regard in uing your extract jiueiiti.
I did this because I had used all kinds of ad
vertised remedies, and had found them worth
less, and onito injurious ; in fact, I despaired
of over getting well, and determined never to
use remedies hereafter unless I knew of the
ingredients. It was this that prompted me to
use your rcjiieov. .vs jou auvcr'ised tint it
was composed of Duehii, cubobs and juniper:
benies, it occurred to me and my physician an
excellent combination, and, with his advice.,
after an examination of tho article, and con
sulting again with tho druggist, I concluded to
try it. 1 commenced its usu about eight months
ago, at winch timo l was routined to my room.
From the fust bottle I was ahtonished and grat
ified at the heiielicial effect, and after using it
three weeks, was able to walk out. I felt much
liuovvtiting jou a mil statement of my case at
that time, nut thought my improvement might
bo temporaii, and there foro eotielued to defor
aud see ifit would effect a net feet cure, know
ing then it would bo of great, r valuo to jou,
aim more satisiaeiory to inc.
1 am able to report that a, mm is effected af.
ter using the remedy for five months'.
I base not used any now for three mouths,
and feel as well iu all lespeets as. I ever did,
Your Unchu being devoid of any unph.asaiit
tahic ami ooor. a nice ionic, ami invigoraior ol
the system, i do not mean to bo without it when
everoce ision may require its use in such affee
M. McCOftMlCIv.
Should any doubt Mr. MeCormick's statement
ho refers to the followim: irentlcmeii :
Hon. Win. Biglcr, ex-Govornor, Pennsylvania.
iion. inns. ii. l iorence, niuadripiiia.
Hon. J. C. Knox, Judge, Philadelphia.
Him. .f. S. Pluck, Judgo, Philadelphia.
Hon. D. It. Porter, ex-Governor, Pennsylva
Hon. KUis Levis, Judge, Philadelphia.
Hon. ft. C. Greer, Judge, U. S. Court.
Hon. G. W. Woodward, Judge, Philadelphia.
Hon. W. A. Porter, City Solicitor, Philadc.
Hon. John Dicier. ex-Governor. California.
Hon. K. ltauks, Auditor-General, Washington,
And mony otheis, if necessary.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
Ilcvvaro ot counterfeits. Ask foi Hrlu'ibold's.
Tako no other. Price -11 .23 per bottle, or six
Domes ior n.,u. Delivered to any address.
Describo symptoms in all communications.
Address H. T. HLLMliOLD, Drug and Chem
ical warehouse, .7.11 liroadway, N. Y.
Nonn urn eenniiiH miles flon.i nn In mIT.,.,,.
graved wrapper, with fae-imilo nPniv Chemical
U' 1 ..I 1 1 '
i, in i-iiiiiisr, miu-iu nril
Ttt':Htij-lire, Ymr.-i I'ructlve.
In tho Treatment of DistasCH incident to I'e-
males, has placed Dr. Dow at tho head of all tho
lihvsiciaitM making such oracticoasnecialtv. and
enables hhntu guarantee a speedy and perman
ent euro in tho worst canes of Xuppritsian and
all other Menstrual Derangements from what
eeer cause, All letters for advice mubt contain
ft. Ofliee, No. 9 Kndicott Stre ct, Boston.
N. It. iioard furnished to those d( Hiring to re
main under treatment.
ISoston, July, 18G8. 220-lyr-d.tw
Errors of Youth.
"7'OUNn MEN, tho experience) of years has
I demonstrated the fact that reliance can
be placed in tho efilcaey of
For tho specky and permanent cure of Seminal
Weakness, the result of Youthttil Indiscretion,
which neglected, ruins tho happiness, and unfits
tho s.Tftcrer for business, social society or mar
riage. Ihoy can bo used without detection or
liitoriereuco witu iuibiucks pursuits.
Price one Dollar per box, or four boxes lor
three dollars. If yotioinnot Drocurothcsoiiills.
enclose tho monoy to Duyan it Co., iH Cedar
Street, New York, and thoy will bo sont by return
mail, weli, e.m.i:i. Private circulars toccntle
men sent free on application ; cncloso d stamp-
Tj a, dies
F you irqiiire it dcHirahlo remedy, ute tho
Four degrt es stronger than they urn Intended
for special cases.
Piivato Cji'oiilars sent free, Kncloso stamp.
If you roimot procmro the pills, ciiuIono tho
money and address 11HYAN CO. (it Cedar
Street. Nivv York, and of rcceint tiiev will bo
sent, well sealed bv return mail,
St. A lbans :
IHAVHthis day established an Ollice, FIllST I
1)001! North of the Town Clerk's Ollice, ill'
l'nrrnr's ItlncU, whep' vou can find inc on
Tuesdays and Fridays
of each vm ek, to receive your Taxes.
St. Albans, May lOtli. ISO'J. :ij:i-0-f2 1
Wanted Imiucdiatoly,
CI IX Olt K1G11T Klrsi CMns- llon,c Paint
Lj rr, to whom f 1,'io per day will be paid.
A pplv to
Congress Street, St. Albans, Yt.
April 29, 1 (!'.).
Our Millinery department U in charge of a
competent milliner.
Dress Making done to order iu the most ap
proved manner. This depaitniont is iu cliargo
of MISS J. M.DUMAS, who will be happy to
see the former patrons of this establishment.
We study to please Our pries are low. Come
and see I
Successor to Miss E. Dumas.
St. Albans, Yt., May 7th, lHUO. Ii01tf
To bo held iu the
June 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19, 1869
To commemorate the restoration of I'F.ACI
The Coliseum
iu which the Jubilee is to bo held will afford
ample acconimodatian for nearly FIFTY
THOUSAND PF.ltSONS, and the series ot Mil
sical Lntcrtainnienti- will include nnitnno ner
formances by tho
Greatest Chorus
over organized in any part of tho World, made
nt'dn...! ....i... nll 111...
wi ...i.e. Li,. ..iri.ii.uio illill ail OlllllllIS III lliu
country, and twenty tjiuusand CHILD
DItKN from the public schools, with an Orehcs
tra oi
One Thousand Instruments,
comprising many of tho principal Hands and best
Musicians in tno l lined states.
Distinguished Guests
from all sections of tho Union, including NA
pate in tho Jubilee, aud the citizens of IloHtoii
will be prepared to extend to those hospitalities
and attentions to isitors from abroad which
thoy hope may servo to inaugurate tho return
of kind aud fraternal feeling among all Ameri
can citizens, and aid iu perpetuating throughout
tho world, "Pcvn: ox hvkth, noon vvn.i, ro
VVAllI) mk.w''
Tho immense outlay attendant upon this vast
iiiidcnaKiug nas oeen guaranteed wiui an unex
ampled promptness by the citizens of Boston,
viinuiiu iin; I'usilt.il nun ,j uilliee I'VCiy MIC
cess which pecuniary aid can command.
Tho following scale of prices has been estals
lished :
Si.noli: Admission, irith secured seals, f 3 and f .'!,
sccoi iiuig iu lucaiiou.
Si.Ntn.E Admission, tcitlimtt secured seats 2.
Si:ason Tickkt -transt'crahlo - admitting three
persons 10 an tno entertainments given iu
the Coliseum during tho season, .$100.
Tho sale of seats will commence at tho Ilnston
Music Hall, Monday. May Did. Orders for seats.
accompanied with tho money, mav bo trans
mitted by music, dealers throughout' the eoun-
iry, or ny man or express, directed to
A. P. PUCK, Ticket Agoni,
Boston Music Hall, Boston, Mass
Per order of tho Executive Committee.
HKNUY G. PAltKLlt, Secretary
W IT 1 1
HAW, just received a very fine assortment
of now Spring and Sunnner Dress Goods,
comprising all tho new and desirable styles for
Ladies Suits Ac. All of which have Jbcen care
fully selected and purchased at very low prices,
and w ill bo sold accordingly. We also call at
tention to our stock of Spring anil Summer
Shawls, Cloaking Ac. which wo think will ho
appreciated by all who see them. Our stock of
Domestics will eomiiaro with any in tho market
iMiiiuur ipiaiuy anil price.
noon yard wide .Sheeting, only PJic.
Best Delains dosirublo styles 17c.
Best Prints in market, " File.
And in fuel, one st mt llivmiiTlir.nl ...ill i ti.i
, : ..iii.iifliii.iii nui iiu sum
as low iii proportion as tho above quotation.
iiuiujiisi upcucuiiio largest stoeK or
Comprising all tho now and dcslrabl" patterns
I'reiicll.l China and Bolieinlnn. .'mine nml liil.li.
(ilass Ware,
Wo also keep tho
This beautiful article of Skirl eclipses any
thing ever before shown in this County .
Would annnuneo in llio unlilli, Mint 1. ,.-.
adopted tho cash svsTKM, and 01?
t'lUklt UiVlll,
Ilomoinbcr tho place, Driscoll's New Block,
OOtl" St. Albans, Vermont.
SHIRTS aud Drawers of all kinds now opening
at WM, N. SMITH, A GO'S.
j Njw GOODS ! !
TUST ainved fi
large stock of
fiom Now York, with n vpiv
Dry Goods,
covsixh.no or
And a gre.il variety of
Dress Goods,
Cotton Cloth.
Great variety of
Large lot of
WILL sell at the
lowest New Yoik Market
a""Come and look tor yourself, at the New
York Cheap Store, ou Lake Street.
St. Albans, 't Apiil it, IS i), 2H7
Grrai id Opi 1 ing-
IS now prepared to otter, at her New ltooms, in.
tho Farrar Block, Coiner of Main and Con
gress Streets, at
A largo stock of
New and Fashionable Goods ! ! I
Milliners cud Dress-makers supplied at
wholesale, very low.
Goods cut any desired b ngth.
Patterns of all kinds ; Knibioidered Laeo ;
Corsets ; Skirts ; White Goods ; Fine Flannels.
A Splendid lino of Gloves and Hosiery.
Worsted -All Shades.
Bonnets aud Hats trimmed iu the J.ut'-t
Paris and New York Styles.
St, Albans Marble Works
aMIK subscriber would respectfully announce
. to tho Citizens of Franklin County that he
has opened a
in St. Albans, on Centre Street, a few diors
west of It. Brainrrd's Drug Store, and is pre
pared to furnish Korelgn 11 ml li nustle
Murlilu Monuments, Tomb Stones, and in
short, everything connected with tho busi
ness, at reasonable prices, and satisfaction
given or no pay required.
Persons wishing to erect memorials to de
parted friends will do well to call before pur
chasing i'lewhcic .
St. Albans, March 31, Mi!). '2GM
An Old Establishment
--AT -
MAKVI.V & nUTTKIlKIKM) having pur
chased tho SASH DOOH and BLIND
Manufactory Establishment, at Kwanton, of S.
F. Blackmail, aro prepared to continue tho busi
ness iu all its branches. A full stock is kept on
hand constantly, and t-ash doors, blinds and
mouldings of the latest aud most approved pat
terns mado to order. Particular attention paid
to manufacturing house-ilniahiiig materials.
Give us a rail ; satisfaction guaranteed.
Swanton, .March 2C, ltjffil. 't'JC2f
ITOlt the better accouiniodation of tho public,
? tlie subscriber has secured the services of
seveial eperienceil I'uliili r, tsiuxler and
I'uiit r ngt 1 h. With a fair share- of public
prtronago he is determined to keep the best
working gang of mechanics in tlie County,
Let it lie remembered that ho employs nono
but eMieridirol woiktncn and men of stemlv
Il'iou want a luintcr. don't lotvet tlie nlaeo!
Shop on Lake Street, oppo-lto tho Foundry:
11.. : 1 .... i....ln..... , , ...... . '
iiesiiieiice eiiei 111 .wnueiiij, 011 iiign nireei.
House, Carriago and feign Painter.
St. Albans, Vt., April 12, 18G!I, fliw-2(Jt

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