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Vermont Daily TraWripi
Satoiiday, May 21, 1S(M.
Travelers' Guide.
Anntv.u. or r-Assmir.it iuains.
Fioin thu South ami East, B,18 a. m., 11,15 ft.m
rt,:tt p. in., 8,10 p. m. ..,
From ItcuiHo'H 1'oint and West, 7,20 a. m., 11,
50 a. ni.. 000 p. m.
From Montreal, 11 45 a. in,, (J 45 p. m.
liui-AMi'iiK op i-AsHi:xti:n tjiains.
For tin South and Kant, t!2o, a. m., 1200 in.,
H II I tl. 111.
lor House's Point anil Wtt. C.05 a. in. 1I"0
a. tu. antl U UJ ii. in.
l'or Montreal, (J 10 a. m., 0 05 p. m.
From Sweetsburgh and Franklin, 700 p.
From Mchford and Sheldon, 500 p. tit.
From Sheldon, 10 00 a. in.
From Hakersfleld. 11 00 a. in.
n.uLY Dni'AimniE ov stages ntojj
ST. A1.1UNS,
For Franklin und Sncetsburgli, 7
For Sheldon and ltichford, 8 !!0 a
30 a,
For Sheldon, 2 00 p. in.
For Hakersliild, 1 00 p. in.
Stages o.ill at the several hotels in town.
ofllces at the Trcinont House.
Mails lor New York chw at .' 00 a. in. and 7 00
p. m
Mails for Hoidon eloae at 5 a. in. and 0:!0 p.m.
Mails for Albanv and the West close at 5 00 n.tn
Mails for Canada clone at 5 00 ii.ni.
Southern and Northern way mail close at 5 00
Strangers' Guide.
flMIU V. M. C A. meets ever .Monday evening
L at their rooms over Win. N. Smith's Store,
Main St ret l.
Champlaiti Chapter No- It. A. M. meets the
'bird Wednesday ovming in each month, at
heir hall in I'moii block, Main Street.
Columbus Council No. 1, It. A S. M. meets the
eeond Wednesday evening in each month, at
heir hall in Union P.lock.
1 raiikllit Lodge No. 1, V. A A. M., meets tho
first Wednesday evening in each month at their
nail in Union liloek, Main Street.
Huglcsby Lodge No. 81 F. A A. M. meets tho
'out tli Wednesday evening: in each month, at
heir hall in Union liloek. Main Street.
Crystal Fountain, Temple of Honor No. I meets
vpiv Monday evening at their Hall in IWrues
Hock, Lake Street.
St. Albans Lodge No ;12, I. O. of (1. T. meets
every Fridav evening at their Hall in llarnes
Hock, LUc 'Street.
Itising Sun Lodge Ne. 8 1.0. ofO.T. units
-verv Saturdav evening, at St. Albans. J lay.
St.' John the'llaptist Henovoletit Society (Ca
nadian) meets on tho first and third Wednesday
evening of fa h month at (heir hall over F. II .
Huntington's Store.
To Advert Im tu. The. Vukmont Daily Tiians
kipt has the largest circulation in St. Albans
and in Fiatiklin County, of any daily paper, and
is on that account, if no other, the best medium
l'or adviTtisiui:.
Local Items,
Ouit Daily. Those wishing to secure
copies of our daily j:pc?r can do so tit
Merrifield's and Jiaker's. bookstores, its
well as of carriers, and at the ollice.
Conies of our weekly paper may also he
Jind at these places.
TltANSFEK OF PllOl'EKTY. Mr. llobt.
Kingsley, has sold the lease of his store
in the Djscoll block, to Mr. Wm. A.
Clapp. Mr. Clapp has also purchased
his stock in trade.
Lakh Sthht. Lake Street has
been thoroughly scraped and cleaned of
loose dirt by pathmaster Morrison,
making navigation pleasant if un
even. C'Aiti'LTS. Of the contents of a house
nothing sets a room oil' better than a
nice carpet, we we-o shown some very
pretty patterns jut J. Frothingham Mo-
Disciiaci:ful Affaih. Last night,
towards tho wee hours, several afl'airs
of "injured honor" occurred on Centre
.Street, entailing the weiring of mourn
ing from various lithis, bail thing to
have to get into a row, because ones' g.it
sick of wearing white eyes.
I'kusonal. Thos. Failey has been
appointed agent for tiie Vermont Life
Insurance Co., tit St. Albans, upon the
retirement of Sid. P. (Jutes to resume
his duties of Deputy Collector of Cus
toms at the Drawbridge, Windmill
Point. Jle has opened an ollice in rooms
adjoining the Town Clerk's olilee. in
Farrar's block, and will be happy to re
ceive calls from every one seeking life
insurance. The well known character
of Mr. Failey N a sufficient guarantee
of the siicce- of the Company in this
Fihk'Dkpautmkxt. The annual in
spection of the Fire Department of St.
Albans, lias been ordered for the 20th or
-7th instant, or the first tine day follow
ing thereafter. The companies are to
practice Saturday and Monday evenings
next, the roll calls of which.we believe,
are set at 0:10. A grand ilrcnians mus
er t- entertained, which will be devel
toped by and by.
Committed Si'iciDi:. A man by the
name of Alger, living on liicc Hill,
committed suicide, yesterday, by hang
ing himself, lie had been sick for sonic
time past, and had met with numerous
misfortunes in regard to money matters.
We have henrd that a cac which he
had in tho late County Court went by
default, caused by his. non-appearance,
through sickness, wastbn emwr. ,.r i.iu
sad fate. He hung hlmsef to a ladder
in his barn. Ho wa-.ii middW-aged man,
ana leaves a lanuiy.
For the information of the public,
allow me to make a statement in (lie
columns of your paper. "Yours for
the truth" lias stated lor the Informa
tion of the public what the public gen
erally know; that tho M. Ji. Church
have not "authorized, appointed or en
couraged or controlled" said prayer
meetings, Arc, in this village, and at
the Bay, but on the contrary have op
posed the work, locking their unoccu
pied house at the Juay against the peo
pic that laid their money for a tree
church, and a living Gospel in said
Jf Malcotn has not authorized or on
couraged the v. ork, God has, and has
sealed the same bv the conversion of
souls. I never yet learned that in
"truth" it was necessary to be "au
thorized " by the M. E. Church to hold
a prayer-meeting, or preach the Gospel.
I might suppose that the Congregation
alists, Baptists, and others, got their
nermibsion from the M. IS. Church, to
hold religious meeting, from your col
There are several branches of
Mctbodst Church, "legitimate,"
these meetings arc held by "Free Meth
odists " encouragement, who believe in
working as Wcley worked, for the sal
vation of men, and not to build up a
:-ect or obtain worldly honor.
God being with us we shall succeed
in his good work though professing
christians sit in theseat of the scornful
Hut I pity tho church or minister who
docs not encourage prayer-meetings,
where profane men are converted to
God. lie is a .low who is one inward
ly and bears the fruit. The public arc
cordially invited to attend all of our
meetings, and judge for themselves.
Meetings are held every Sabbath at 10J
o'clock, a. in., at the Bay ; Sunday and
Wedne.-day evenings at " Western He
serve " school house.
Yours in the Truth,
W. T. Elms,
Pastor of tho Free Methodist Church,
St. Albans, May 21, 1809.
A Xi:v Jl.viLitoAi). Mr. J. K. Drury
N grading a road bed for the railroad
cars to run front the line of the Central
to his brick yard, about one third of a
mile from the depot at Essex Junction.
The Railroad Company will lay the
r.ick success to tho now railroad.
St. Luke's Ciiuncir. The following
are thostatistics of the contributions of
St. Luke'i. church, St. Albans, in 1SG8,
tho specific objects to which they Ave re
directed: Alms at tho Holy Commu
nion, $101,74; domestic missions, $7o ;
foreign mission, $50; diocesan mission,
$172,87. frcedman, $10 ; aged and infirm
clergymcn,S27 ; sunday school fund,
$00 ; convention, $5 ; Bishop Hopkina'
expenses to England, $200; Church Book
Society, making the rector, J. Ishani
Bliss, a life membor, $50 ; sunday school
ottering, $17 incidental expenses, $18;
.support of Diocesan Divinity students,
$0.1 ; total contributions, $900,01.
I'khsoxal. We received a call to-day
from Mr. Chas. E. Eaton, Avho has re
cently been appointed General Agent of
thoYcrmont Life Insurance Co., at Bur
lington. Mr. Eaton is a gentleman of
over nine years' experience In the insur
ance business, and for tho last year has
been the Vermont agent for the Hart
ford Life and Annuity Insurance Co.
The "Vermont Life " has done a'c11 in
its selection of a General Agent, and
the Company cannot fail to meet with
the encouragement it so richly de-
Dkowxli). A Mrs. It. G. Clark and
her child Avore drowned on Wednesday,
in a canal boat belonging to tho North
ern Transportation Company by the
boat going over the draAV at Rehuyler-
ville, X. .7.
- .
Aiiscondhd. Jarcd M. Davis, who
avus arrested at Bellows Falls some time
since for robbing mails on tho Sullivan
Railroad, and subsequently bailed, has
ab-conded. At a recent session of the
U. S. Court in New Hampshire, at
Portsmouth, hoAvas arraigned and plead
not guilty. Tho next day ho Avas called
for trial, but failed to put in an appear
ance, leaving his bondsmen to pay $2,000
bail. The .1 udire ordered a capias N-ued
for hi arrest.
Vt. Centkal R.R. The Free Press
says that at tho Boston StockExchango
Wednesday, Vt. Central first mortgage
bonds advanced from 77A to 7S. Tho
earnings of tho Central for March Avere
$1.11,300 against $110,200 last year. Tho
increased business makes apparent the
necessity of a larger equipment, and Ave
learn from tho city money articles that
the Court has sanctioned the issue of
$500,000 additional equipment bonds,
petitioned for by nil interests; to run
twenty years, 8 per cent., free of Gov
ernment tax.
JiAitiii: Expectations. A certain
Mr. B., of Castleton, tho other day
planted 70 hills of tho Early Rose from
three potatoes. Putting one eye In a
hill, he reckons that 10 hills will Aield
a bushel of potatoes, and if he can get
$10 a bushel for them, ho AVill realizo
more than $70 from tho 70 oyes. How
much easier it is to mako llgures than it
is to raise oven early roe potatoes.
The amount paid for wages, board,
and fuel of school teacher in Vermont
in 1807 was $303,242.
Tltc number of weeks schools taught
In Vermont In IPOS, wuleh was support
ed by a tax on the several districts, was
32,200. The number of birth" in Vermont In
1807 was 0,428.
Tho annual average number of births
in Vermont for cloven years from 1807
to 1S07, avus 7,039, which was 1,732 more
than the average annual number of
death for the same period.
Wi:stfikli. YVestflold must be tho
banner town of the County for school
marms this summer. Resides supply
ing four of our own schools,: we send
four to Troy, one to Newport, one to
Coventry and Lowell; 11 in all, and
there are left n ore wan ting schools. We
don't believe there is another town in
the State that furnishes so many and so
handsome a lot of schoolmartns in pro
portion to its size. It is thought that
more pupils havo attended the Normal
School at Johnson, from this town, in
proportion to its population, than any
other town in the District, excepting
Johiicon. Two haA'c graduated then:,
Abbio Gilpin and Edward Winslow ; 10
in all have b'on there to school. New
port Express.
Conglomeration, Ono day last
wcok.Frank Dcnison, drove Mr. Guern
sey's horse and lumber Avagon, to Cas
tleton, loaded with old rubbish, over to
what is called the dumping-place, near
tho cemetery, AVherc It is some 40 or 50
foot down an embankment to Castleton
river below. The old grey uorso is one
that always backs with a rush, and on
this occasion backed a little too far, and
over the embankment Avont horse,
wagon, rubbish, boy and all into the
water, causing a wonderful mixing up
of things. The result of the whole af
fair was a great scare to Frank and the
horse, cutting the harness a little and
breaking ono thill. The Avhole estab
lishment Avas around tho next day. It
is a wonder that they did not break
their necks or drown, a the water was
BuHMXGTox. At a Justice Court in
Burlington, Wednesday forenoon,
Joseph Bacon was brought before Jus
tice Hollcubcck for a violation of the
prohibitory liquor law, in vending in
toxicating liquors. Ho Avas found guil
ty of four olfonces, and it being his sec
ond offence, avus fined $S0 and costs.
Ho took an appeal.
News Itkms. The Herald says,
there are twelve ofllcers called aids to
thoroA-enuo employed in the Customs
Department of Vermont, with salaries
as follows: One at $1,000: one at $750 :
ono at $50 J, tvoat$300; one at $2.50 a
nay ; tour atj-2 a day ; ono at ?1.50a day;
ono at$l a day.
There were 24 Episcopal parishes and
six clergymen in Vermont in 1793.
Rt. Rev. John Henry Hopkins, D.D.,
was consecrated tho first Bishop of Ver
mont by tho Venerable Bishons White.
Griswold and Bowcn, on tho lat day of
October, A.D. 1S32.
The toAvns In Vermont usually con
tain 3Q sqi-.are miles, or 20,010 acres,
but they are not all tho same size a few
tiro larger, many arc smaller.
Willoughby Lake is 1,101 feet above
the leA'cl of the ocean.
During tho conA'onlion year endintr
October 1, 1808, the Baptists of Vermont
built five houses of Avorshin, and their
net increase Avas oa'ci- 20 per cent., or
moro than one-fourth their oiiginal
number, and all this avus accomnaniod
byan expenditure by the ConA'ontion of
less than 900.
There are cloven pastors in tho Ver
mont and Shaftsbury Baptist Associa
Tito fourth session of the Vermont
Legislature was held at Bennlng'on in
1779, commencing February 11. and clos
ing February 20, after a session of 10
ltov. Peter Powers preached the fust
election sermon before the Legislature
of Vermont, March 12, 1778.
As early as Anril 4. 1801. a circular
letter was issued by the Consociations in
the estern District of Vermont to
procure money "to defray the expenses
of some mission in onrncw settlement,"
which movement eventually resulted in
the organization of what is now the
Vermont Domestic Mis ionarv SocietA'.
Sept. 1, 1S07. It was simply called the
"Missionary fcooiety."
There arc 914 families connected with
the CongregationalChurchcs in Addison
Rt'itLiNOTOX. Consignments of slow
coal havo commenced to arrive at Bur
lington, andsalesaro being made at KS.50
per ton.
Tho Burlington Sentinel lias adjourn
ed publication sine die. Tho type lias
been sold to tho proprielorsof the JSTae
Idea newspaper; some of tho presses to
.lit Free .Vcs? establishment, anil the
subscription list to iho Argus and J'at
rlot at Montpelior ; tho steam engine to
it. S. Styles, book and Job printer.
i) i i: i) .
In Milton, or lung Tover, Mav 11th, 18iiU,
Hetsoy Kinney, wife of Austin Packard, aged 71
To be held In tho
June 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19, 1869,
Ti. enmimmornti' tin' restoration of I'KACK
nutoi'ciHorx Tin: lanp.
The Coliseum
in wliieh tho Juhileo io to ho held will nfl'ord
ample aeeotiiinodiitiati lor nearlv TIl'TY'
THOUSAND PKKSONS. mid the .-enea of Mil
steal Entertainment" vill itielude oratnrio per
formanres by the
Greatest Chorus
ever organized in any part of the t.orld, nude
up (irMtiHleal Societies) trom all sections of the
DlllON from the public schools, witli an Orches
tra ol
One Thousand Instruments,
comprising many of the principal Hands and best
MusieiaiiB in the United States.
Distinguished Guests
from all ii"ction$ of the Union, incliidiiiK NA
pate in the Jubilee, and thu citizens of llostou
-lll be prepared to extend to those hospitalities
and attention to visitors from abroad which
they hope muj serve to inaugurato the return
of kiiid and fraternal feeling among all Ameri
can citizens, and aid in perpetuatiti,' throughout
the world, " I'r.u'i: us i:auth, quod will to
wAim mi;s."
The, immense outlay attendant upon this vast
undertahing has been guaranteed uith an unex
ampled ptomptness by the citizens of Jioston,
ensuring for the festival and.Iubileo every suc
cess Uitch pecuniary aid can command.
The following scale id' pi ices has been estab
lished :
SiNtii.i: Aiimismo.v, with secured seats. $5 and
iceor ling to location.
Sinoi.k Admission, without secured Heats ?2.
Si.vsos Ticklt -transferable admitting three
person to all the entertainments given in
the Coliseum during the season, ilOfl.
The sale of seats will commence at the Iioston
Music Hall, Monday, May 3rd. Orders for seats,
accompanied with the money, may be trans
mitted by music dealers throughout" the coun
try, or by mad or express, directed to
A. V. PECK, Ticltet Agent,
Iioston MiiHic Hall, Uoston, Mass.
Per order of the Executive Committee.
HENltV O. PAItKUIt, Secretarv.
FOK the better accommodation of the public,
the subscriber has secured tho services of
several experienced I'liliituvs, Ci ni7.lt rs and
lupir Hankies. With u fair share of public
pitronage ho is determined to keep the best
worKing gang of mechanics in the County.
Let it bo remembered that ho employs none
but experienced workmen and men of steady
If you want a painter, don't forgot the place;
Shop on Lake Street, opposite tho Foundry;
lti'videuee east of Ac.adeinv, on High Street.
House, Carriago and iMgn Painter.
St. AlbauB. A't., April 12. 18C1). tCw-tiCl
An Old Establishment
IIVIV -C- llT'ni11 IP 7"T11 1.
lL chased tho SASH DOOH and HLlND
Manufactory Establishment, at Sw.v.iton, of S.
P. Jilackmah, are. prepared to continue tho busi
ness in all its branches. A full btock is kept on
hand constantly, and ash doors, blinds and
mouldings of the latest and most approved pat
terns made to order. Particular attention paid
to manufacturing house-finishing materials.
Ciive us a call ; satisfaction guaranteed.
1'. I). MA It VI N.
Svt ant oil, MjiR'hJO, 18CSL "t2fi2tf
h; D, SABI N ,
Congress, Street. Onu Dour from Main Street,
Dealer in
Cionf, 1'i.ilnl.i, Ammunition, MituUic Carlri'lgt,
Fishin'j TitcWc, German Siker und
ftrass lPiVf, Tubing rtnl
Sheet tints. ! !
Keycs, Baggage and Hotel Checks
Furnished to order.
l'aiticular attention paid to key-fitting, Gun
and Skato repairing, Sharpening Shears and
rfeisssors, Cutilcry Work, and Oeneral Jobbing.
All Orders prompelv u( tended to f2G9
4 DDltESS, with amount of business and
XX price, M.N. HOOT,
1GC 3 Hyeileld.Mass.
Wanted Immediately,
SIX Oil EIGHT Kir I VUxhi House I'uliit
em, to whom $J.25 per day will bo paid.
Congress Street, St. Albans, Vt.
April 2'.), ISC'J.
I win pasture tlie coming summer tuirtv or
t'nrtv Ci.u-j mi Urn Wli !tl,..i, Trill .,.........
r " 'J " n .... v ...... w ..... mf,uiu
heretotoro occupied by A. M. Clark, at ten dol
lars a Cow for tno season. Good miming water
at all times in said p.iuture.
St. Albans, April 12, lSO'j, f:hv.2(il
21,000 Daily Skins,
10,000 Veal Skins,
100 Tons "Old Bones.'
1 OH TJmm tl) l'k,li "P 1,11 l,l'l loiic.s in
-J-WU JJUja 1'i jukUn Countv. We will pay
flfi per ton, cash. Farmers can save 10 cents
paid to agents by selling their Dairv.-kinB tons.
Wo are he.id iiuartera on SKINS and HONES.
Iteiueiiibir the place Old Tin Shop, 2 doors
noith ot the Ameiican House.
St. Albans-, Fi b. 13, 1SGH. t2J7-(iiu
SHUtTS and Drawers ot all kinds now opening
at WM, N. SMITH, ii CO'S.
Fioni C. 11. Wheeler's Yard, on tho 17th. a Four
ienr uiu, goon, nicuiiim-sizcn 1110
Under will bo suitably rewarded by informing
the subset ibcr of her vtberoaboutH.
312 !)
(Suecessors to S. It. Day, Agent)
T7'OULD respectfully announce to tho people
T T oi ni. Ainans anil v
vicinity that they will
carry on the
In all Its branches, at the old stand of the
I' 111!-: J)IiL'GS,
i. JEM JO A fjfi,
Constantly on hand and gold as low as any
otner in-iur store m town.
Will devote his en iiu time mid attention to the
unties ot tho Stor 1
I'll iciiins' Orders
Solicited, and prescriptions carefully com.
poundo . 30Ml ttt
X. St. VLANT. MD.i
H. C. POST & Co.
Are now prepared to offer a groat vaiiety of
New Goods in their
Dress ttoods Department.
Also, a splendid lino of
SnnHnes G Ski r tiny.?,
Napkins f; Tahiti Linnns,
Li Mn SheeliiujK,
I' Mow-Cast: Linens,
Tourts, (fr., ,fr.,
Of the very best qualities.
We otfer a large assortment of
Bleached and lirown Cottons
Of the best good manufactured in Huh country.
We have a great variety of
Check, Smss antl Namtook, 'lain Swiss,
look and Onjaudii
For Ladies' and Children's DreNcs! !
A Full Lino Qf Ladies', Gents' and ChildreVa
Linen Handkerchiefs.
We have a complete Line, and would ask our
customers to examine Goods and Prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
We invito the particular attention of our cus
tomers to our New Stock ot Dress Goods, ns.
suriug them that they will find beautiful Goods,
ami ui j.iiw i riecj.
H. 0. FOST A CO.
St. Albans, May 15, 18(i . '30y-21
Cluiiu Agency.
BY recent enactments of Congress,, all Sol
dicru who havo served three years and have
icceived but f 100 bounty from theUuitcd States,
or who, having enlisted for tin eo years, were dis
charged in consequence of wounds, and tho wid
ow, children, or purents or any soldier who di
luted for threo years, under a promise of only
I10U bounty, and who died in tho service, are en
titled to an additional bountv of ONE HUN
All invalid pensioner who have lost a hand or
foot, or havo incurred disability equivalent to
tho loss ot hand or foot, are entitled to a large
increase of pension.
All po atoned wldown of soldiers or sailors are
entitled to an increased pension of two dollars
per month for ea h child.uuder sixteen vears of
Claims cf tho above nature, and fur arrears of
pay, oftleeis' extra pay, for horses lost in tho U.
S. ervlco, commutation of rations of prisoners
of war and prize money, will bo promptly prose
cuted bv application by lettter, enclosing tho
charge from Borvico, will bo attended to anddis
uecesaary papers returned to plieant for sig
natures, Ac. E. A. SOWLES,
Oflico over the First Natioual Hank.
St. Albans, Aug. 17th.lK(i. 1'25-tf
mo FAHMEIIS AND OTHEltS. The subscrib
J ers having purchased and fitted up in good
order, tho Woolen Mill at Swauton Falls, for
merly known as l'latt's Factory, aro now pre
pared to manufacture Cloths or Yarn for cus
tomers, or oxchango the samo for wool, A lib
eral sliaro of patronage solicited, and satist'ao
tion guaranteed.
N. IJ. Oflico in Koutli end of Factory, whero
maybe found the hooka mid accounts of tho late
Arm of Piatt & Hiukley.
t'orthr Vrrmoht 'lYanwtiJt,
NijwYokk, lt.
Curves loud and ilocj) tire hurled at
Secretary Boutwell.
Gold operators are raving. They can
not tell from one hour to the other what
will turn up.
The war sentiment is again ranipiuit
this morning, and though gold receded
from the highest, point of yesterday,
the best informed ami oldest operator
declare that it will reach 70.
A Arm of this city yesterday shipped
for the Spanish authorities in Cuba, U
cases of rifles ; one case of pistols, and
two boxes of cartridges. This is re
garded as the heaviest shipment of war
material for the Spanish side since the
commencement of the insurrection.
Hon. "Win. H. Seward and Frederick
X. Seward were in this city yesterday,
and are at the Astor Hou.'.e. They go to
Philadelphia to-day.
Hester Vaughan, who was recently
pardoned by Gov. Greary, of Pa., for in
fanticide, sailed from this port for Eng
land some days ago. It is said that one
of the conditions upon which the par
don was granted was that she should
leave the country.
A Washington despatch contains a
rumor of the intended resignation of
Gen. .Rawlins as Secretary of War, in
consequence of ill health.
A special dcspateli from Nashville
last night says, the Tennessee Republi
can State Convention, held there yes
terday was very boisterous, and atone
time bloodshed seemed inevitable. Pis
tols and revolvers were drawn all over
the house, and it was only by the vig
orous efl'orts of tho aetailed police that a
riot was prevented.
Dedham, Mass., 121st.
The trial of Mrs. Nancy IJ. Madan,
charged with tho murder of her son-in-law,
Obcdiah Jones, at Canton on the
4th of July last, closed yesterdav. The
jury came in about 2 this a. m., with h
ventiet, of guilty of murder.
New Yoiuc, 21st.
A Washington despatch contains the
following :
A consular agent who has resided in
Cuba during tlm lnnt io uiuiitiia, liua
just arrived here, and to-day called on
the President for the purpose of inform
ing him respecting the condition of af
fairs on that island.
Tin; State Department has on file very
lull despatches from him. His repre
fienfat ions place the Cubans largely in
the advantage, and he is of opinion that
the insurgents will eventually succeed.
Information from Cuban sources
states that there is tho most intense au
ger manifested on the part of the busi
ness men of the island towards Count
Valtnasoda, on account of his order to
put to death all persons over 15 years of
ago found away from their homes. The
provisions of the proclamation are being
carried out with terrible severity, and
long lists of brutalities are being con
stantly reported.
Six women, one child and an editor
wereiecently put to death in ono day.
New Yoiik, 21st.
Tho Tribune urges the Secretary to
sell eight or ten millions a week, and
make the premium on Government
gold while ho can.
The report of an early resumption by
Messrs. Sohcpelicr & Co., tho German
house which suspended Inst Saturday,
.strengthens the market.
The suspension of the house of James
Patrick fc Co., was announced yester
JIostox, 21st.
Gold m.
5-20s, '(12
Coupons, 115i
Sixes, '81 122J
do '01
do HVi
do '67
do '08
10-40 coupons 109
.currency u's iua
fTUlH Stockholders of tho National Trust
X Company aro hereby notified that a meet
ing for tho Election of Seven Directors of said
U. rpomtinn will be holden at tho Hanking
Booms of the Vermont National Hank of St.
Albans, on Monday the ltth day of June, 18CJ,
at 10 o'clock, a.m
St. Albans, May 15th, 1800.
Worthington C. Smith,
Hradlcy Harlow,
Ocorgo O. Hunt,
James Saxo,
Horatio N. Barber.
Aldis O. Urainerd,
Jasper Hand,
Martin A. Soymour,
Lawrence Hrainerd, Jr.,
Samuel Williams,
Aimer iorues,
F. Stowart Htranahan,
John W. Newton,
(iuy C. Nublc,
John C. Farrar,
John J, Hiirgess,
311-18 (Icorgo O. Smith.
BOYS CLOTHING ofall kinds lust received
DOYS and Youth'u Clothing of all kinds lust re-
D ceived at
Wil.N. SMITH, A CO 8,

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