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FRQ9TBPRG, MD„ A.IMUL 15,1883.
A vast amount of Bluff is retailed
by the amateur press of country
cities aLout the legal rights of em
ployer and employed, just as though
everybody was as ignorant of each
judicial lore us the editors themselves
are of cquuahlo and moral rights.
“Employers and employed" occupy
all the sr ace within their range of
vision. Not long ago a preacher pre
faced a sermon upon the parable cf
the Prodigal Bon somewhat as follows :
lu commenting upon this topic a vest
majority ol ministers will elaborate the
sinful character of the son who “wasted
his substance in riotous living, etc., and
extol bis repentant return to the home
stead. The aged father, relenting Ins
condemnation of the prodigal’s conduct,
receives full attention. Even the fatted
calf comes in for a share of glorification.
I shall not to day follow their example
I shall attempt to tell you something of
that mean, sordid, low, piratical son, who
staid at home and carried on the farm, etc.
In much the same style newspaper
readers are regaled upon the vices of
the “parties of the first part, and the
virtues of those of the “second part,"
but never a word about the wonderful
“third party" who steps in, simplifies
and settles all difficulties—the immac
ulate blackleg—the modern traitor to
his class, yet the subject of a special
agis, and the pet pretege of the State.
This character deserves much more
notice that that given in the meagre
statement that “new labor, probably
Poles and Swedes, will certainly he
introduced, unless," etc. He is a fac
tor too important to be ignored. Ho
is the single, the exclusive, the abso
lute arbitrator of oapilal-lubor dis
putes. He is the only court, the
only juryman in our system who can
legally constitute himself the benefi
ciary of his own decrees. With all
this favor, all this power of command,
he appears lo be good for nothing
eke then cutting Gcidian knots tied
in the progress cf labor troubles.
The thief of somebody’s employment,
he provides occasion for exile of life
long citizens, or submission to a roign
of ferco in a land of liberty.
This strain might go on to some
length. But we stop to ask if his in
troduction here, as threatened, is re
ally necessary? Is it proper? Is
it right ? Is it warranted by the sit
uation ? If so, is there ne escape ?
Come, gentlemen operators, unbend
a little. Is it a small matter to rev
olutionize this populalien ? Is the
conversion of this region into a mili
tary camp a trifling adventure? Is
the saving of, say twenty cents per
ton, full compensation to you for the
terrific loss of values and business to
the people here? Is the subjugation
of this people an investment safe and
permanent as some fair, liberal course
which avails that venture ? Enjoy
ing a giant’s power, is it manly to
übj it like a giant ? to exile those who
will not submit and crush those who
Wo are questioning in a realm out
side of legal rights and powers, but
scarcely less pertinent. Are summa
ry proceedings, however lawful as in
dicated, approved by public policy—
a principle which goes far toward the
enactment of law, and which never
justifies its enforcement, to its own
detriment? In short, gentlemen, will
it not be far safer lo give yourselves the
“benefit of the deuht ? ’
History has pilloried these who
have forced ixpatiiation for far great
er cause than exists here for a changed
population. It is still its high office
to record Cromwellian antics and
Napoleonic hazards. Indeed, it is a
part of our own duty to chronicle
passing events, and to the extent cf
our ability wo expect to place any
outrage upon the people before the
p üblio in its true significance.
The Cumberland News tries its
Land on a conundrum and fails:
The Baltimore County Herald is now
owned ami edited by JohuT. Eusor and
Josbui F. Bensou. The former is a strong
Republican, and tlio latter is as strong a
Democrat, Whether the paper will bo
one patty's one week or the otb :r’s tlie
next, or each parly have o side to itself,
or what the peculiar combination will do,
remains to bo seen. It certainly counot
be neutral,or all’one way, with two such
opposing partisans as partners.
The thing is just as easy of solution
a? a weather indication. Tho Her
ald is a democratic paper with Mr.
Benson as editor, etc. Mr. Ensor will
doubtless take charge of tho local and
news departments, and we are lan
guaging when wo remark that "boss
ism” in both parties residing in and
around Towson is a thing of the past.
By a new variety of spectrum ar.aly
tys a gilt-edged political Arcadia may
be discerned springing up alongside
the grass, potatoes and onions in that
picturesque neighborhood.
The final report of the-late Treas
urer of the county has not been given
the public, although we learn our
f nanclal affairs were never in hotter
> condition. The exercise of prudent
but firm management by our intelli
gent board of Commissioners will
kep tbs county’s credit up to tho
highest itandard, and at the same time
gradually lessen tho burdens of the
taxpayers. Let us have the report.
Some indignation is manifested over
the Council's action prohibiting the
lighting of the streets after Thursday
night. This was done, it is said, be
cause the gas company failed to lay
mains on tho hill within a definite pe
riod. On the other hand, the compa
ny has teen unable for several co
gent reasons to do the work. An im
pression prevails that the Council is
pleading the “Baby Act.”
queen cn rjoi Tinas.
Cumberland, Mn., April lit, 1883.
To Hie Mining Journal ;
Tho coming Congressional nomina
tion theme is beginning to loom up in
political circles, and since tho lion.
r Lloyd Lowndes has positively assert
ed that ho will not be a candidate,
the Hon. William Brace becomes tho
’ central figure in tho republican polit
ical horoscope, while the Hon. James
t M. Sidiley says that he will be the
i democratic nominee for the reason
1 that it by right belong to him, and
we all know that everybody gets
1 their rights in politics. Both the
; abovo named gentlemen are absolutely
in the field for Congressional honor*.
, Berry Williard will undoubtedly
be the republican nominee for Mayor
of Cumberland this spring, while the
democratic honor lies between Alex
ander McFerran and Alexander King,
i ex-city magistrate.
The present term of Court promises
lo be short and the grand jury will
likely finish its work to-morrow and
as one result of their labors some of
our prominent saloon-keepers will
likely hear from tho Sheriff in a few
Balletins conveying intelligence of
tie strike in Clearfield were displayed
yesterday, producing as hearty con
gratulations among our citizens as
could possibly be felt along the Creek,
showing a heartfelt sympathy with
ou,r miners in their now promised
successful resistance to the companies’
strike for lower wages. ***
One thousand quarrymen at Le
mont, 111., have struck for higher wa
ges. The mill hands of Flemming
Bros., at McGreger, lowa, have also
Several hundred miners in the
mines about Cambridge, Ohio, have
struck against a reduction to C2J
cents per ton.
The shipwrights at New Bedford,
Mass., have struck for thirty cents an
hour. They have been leceiviug
twenty-five cents. Thev gave a
i week’s notice of their demand, and
. refuse to go to work on Monday.
1 Six of the marble-cutting firms in
1 Now York heve yielded to the de
mands of their workmen for increased
pay, ($2 a day (o polishers and $2.50
, to cutters.) Fifty of the principal
builders have agreed to pay carpen
ters $3.50 per day.
The privilege of subscribing to ctus
for exclusive use of tho Cumberland
coal trade, which was offered by tho
Pennsylvania Railroad Company ex
pired Monday. Tho operators enter
into an agreement to take onra fur
their special use at a rental of S3O per
year for three yearo. About 1,500
have been engaged.
Demoeest for May.— We wel
come this monthly, well knowing
that its cm tents will please and in
struct. Tho illustrations in cil, rlco!
and wood, are equal to its past excel
lence, and by many will t o consid
ered superior. “Tho Iliglilau 1
Breakfast" is a charming cabinet;
“Duck and Green Peas,” and “Pl:a-be !
Mayflower,” are excellent. "he
twenty-seven articles comprised in
its literary repertoire should rlease,
entertain, and instruct every class of
readers. The fashions of the day are
nowhere so accurately set forth na in
Ecmoreii , while a mass of infamation
on kindred topics make the most
complete two dollar magazine the
world has ever seen. If you do not
tr.ke this valuable adjunct to the |
household, send twenty cents for a j
copy to the publishers at 17 Fast 14t,h
Street, N. Y.
The Situation. Reports were
current Wednesday that tho Clear
field miners had struck for an ad
vance of 15 cents per ton, but they
could not be definitely asccitf.inid ns
reliable. Tho Philadelphia Inquirer
of Tuesday, however, corroborates
the rumors and says “tho turners cf
coal in tho Cleai field region have
issued a circular to the operators
asking an advance in wages of 15
cents per ten on and after Satin day
next.” The same paper interviewed
a large Clearfield operator resident
in that city who said that “in the
Cumberland region the miners own
thoir own houses, and hence they
have held out as long as they have.
“But,” the operator continued, “if
my men were to strike it would not
take'me ton days to start new men
in, because we own all their Louses
and let them to the miners on ten day
New York Coal reports the bitu
minous trade demoralized and fore
sees the employment of mrelgn labor
here. Its Philadelphia correspondent
sees that a strike in Clearfield will
come. Id Chicago its represenative
is confident no trouble exists in the
Cumberland region, as he has seen a
telegram from large operators here
stating their mines were still running
at 55 cents per ton. Matters in
Pittsburg tre reported as reaching a
Cleai field opoinlorsin Philadelphia
express tho opinion that while their
miners intimate a desire for an in
crease, they do not mean it. Their
circular is comidered weak.
! The nows of action iu Cleai field
was received in this region with
lively satisfaction, and it is held that
| if the miners over there Lave the
requisite amount of backbone, the
plans of the companies will bo con
siderably unsettled and that 65 cents
will rule at Ust.
Tho notice of the Clearfield miners
asks for an advance ot 15 cents per
' ton and other labor in proportion ; al
so fer a conference, naming on their
i own behalf, Messrs. A. D. Farms, 0.
■ B. Sheitz, Isaac Lsney, William Dug
-1 gau and John W. Jonts. An answer
is cxpcited to-day. The miners prom
ise to abide by the result of the con
i ference.
, Married —In Cumberland, March,
, 1882, at tho English Lutheran Par
sonage, Rev. Mr. MoAtce, Mr.
William B. Baird and Miss Ruth
| L. Womsley, both of Eokhart.
At the German Lutheran Church,
Monday evening, April 10, 1882, by
i Rev. A. Homrighaus, Mr. Henry
Myers, of this place, and Miss Mau
f gretta lloeohi.ee, of Eckhart.
On the 12th inst., at the residence
of the officiating minister, Rev. Wm.
0. Petty, Mr. Isaac Yates, of Fiost
burg, and Miss Jennie Myers, of
i The Sick.— The infant ton of Kev.
W. 0. Petty is lying dangerously
I ill.
A little daughter of 0. F. Nickel,
Esq., is quite sick.
Mis. Jemima Daniels is very ill
I with dipthetia at the residence of
I Benjamin M. Thomas, Esq , Welsh
, Hill.
!j Died.— At Lis patents’ reiidence,
I I this town, Wednesday, April 12,1832,
Frederick, aged 4 weeks, infant ton
! | of John and Mary Wiegand.
! ! In this town, Thursday, April 13,
11882, at his parents’ residence, Wil
-1 LIAM, aged about G year?, son of
, I William and Emma Slridraore.
The limekiln on tho Walnut Lev
| ■ el faim ofC. M. Graham, Esq., is run
-1 ning regularly, and about forty-five
i bushels arc being made daily. It is
| | said lo boa most excellent lime both
I for building and farm purposes. This
I j is th’ only limekiln in this ssption.
I I If Madame Rumor is correct there
, will lea boom in the marriage mart
I shortly in the lower part of town.
We undeiatand that the German
! Lutheran pastor Las about four
hymeneal knots to tie within the
next thirty days.
Frostburq's “Push.” —A news
boy has been placed on the C. & P.
I railroad train by W. L, Annan, Esq.,
of this place, and will run from hero
to Piedmont and return svaiy morn
ing. Our town has now three news-
I oys.
New Road. —The County Commis
sioners have built a new read from
the New Hope trestle to the main
l road. This will he a great ccnve
| ni>. nco to the residents of Allegany
| village and Mo; an town.
Those ol our ycung gentlemen who
delight in shooting robins and other
ii.saetivercus birds should read
what tho Allegany Gun and Pishing
Club has to say to thorn in another
'lhe Young Men’s Christian Asscci
i atiou will hold a scripture reading in
lbs English Lutheran Church to-mor
row (Sunday) afternoon at 3} o’clock.
Owinh to the slim docket the do
mesticated members of the Cumber
land bar are apprehending a bread
Some lew alterations and repairs
have been made to the fences sur
rounding the English Baptist Church.
The butchers report largo sales of
meat this week and attribute them
to the fact that Lant is passed.
Conberland appears to bo the
‘Far West” of the young Eastern
Shore lawyer-emigrant.
Frostbueg should havo a chess
olub, as it Las several excellent
The comet is moving toward Cum
berland at the rate of a million miles
a day.
A Frostburq fireman says that
half of tho water thrown on a fire is
Fresh shad, herring and pickerel
arriving in town from eastern
Frcstburo has one cf its citizens
on the grand jury and six on the
To Be Installed.—At the regu
lar meeting of the Baltimore Presby
tery, Wednesday laat. Rev’s D. 11.
King. A. 8. Leonard, J. Wyme Jenes,
and J. E. Moffat wore appointed to
conduct the installation services of
Rev. D. D. Jenkins, of this place,
Sunday, May 9, 1882.
A Slight Blaze.—Last Thursday
evening considerable excitement was
caused in the neighborhood of Thos.
Paul & Son’s foundry by the roof of
that building catching fire from some
sparks from the cupola. Several
employees extinguished it with buck
ets of water.
Improvements.—Mr. L. D. Bur
gormeiater has recently painted
his dwelling house on Spring street
in a handsome manner.
The residence of Mr, George Hos
hens has been treated to a coat of
Mr. John N. Benson has laid down
a substantial wooden sidewalk in
(root of his residence on Frost ave
A Graceful Tribute to the
Dead,—The German Arion Bind has
recently had placed over the giave
of the late Henry Rehs a handsome
tombstone as a token of the loving
remembrance in which his memory ia
hold by them. Mr. Rehs was a mem
ber of our popular band and died
with tetanus last July. This act of
the band was a neat and graceful
tribute to their dead comrade.
Cumberland’s “go-as-you-please,”
between William L. McCray, of that
city, and William Pierce, of Lonaco
ning, has created considerable inter
est among the sporting fraternity.
The race commenced at 7i o'clock
Wednesday evening and will end
this (Saturday) evening at 104 o'clock,
making the lime to bo consumed
seventy two hours. The start was
splendid, Pierce coverings miles and
McCray 7i during the first hour.
The following is the score at the hour
of going to press :
Pierce 138 miles.
McCray 115 “
The Cumberland Telephone Com
pany have the thanks of the Journal
and the citizens of Frostburg for their
hourly dispatches of the progress of
the contestants.
The Big Walk To-day.— Entries
and What Will he Dane. —All tho
arrangements for the big go-as-you
please match, which takes place to
day, have been mada. Among the
entries are Messrs. Pf.trirk Rooney,
Josef h Barber, of Pompey Smash,
James Ratigan, of Eckhart, Alfred
Roberts, of Borden Shaft, Henry Dom
dera, of Frostburg, and about five
“Unknowns.” Tho entries for tho
square heel and too match are Messrs.
Vogtman, Arnold and an “Unknown.”
The first race of an hour will take
place at 10 o'clock, and the big race
will commence at 12 o’clock noon,
and continue ton hours. The races
will come oil in the upper room of
Odd Fellows Opera House, and from
tho great interest manifested in them
they will be largely attended by all
who delight in wilnecsing feat* of
strength and endurance. Choice mu
sic will he playe 1 during the races
by a brass band. Special seats have
boon reserved for lad.es. The Frost
burg Athletic and Pedestrian CUb,
under whose auspices there matches
take place, have determined to hold
open their entry books until 9 o’clock
this morning to give others a chance
to enter and try to secure a prize.
Court Proceedings.—The April
term of the Circuit Court for this
county commenced ir, Cumberland
Monday with Judges Pearre and Mot
ion on the bench. The grand and
petit juries were drawn and tho Court
Tuesday a session —Among the cases
on the appeal docket from this region
the following were taken up and dis
posed of an lollows:
James Baker vs. Margaret Fallon ;
W. R. Conyor vs. Shafler & Munn;
jury trial; verdict for appellee.
Adam Gillespie vs. Atlantic and
Georges Creek coal company; dis
Wednesday —Martha and R. W,
Wildermau vs. Jacob Hansel; re
Benjamin Fisher vs. Marx Wine
land ; dismissed.
W. B. Jones vs. William Atkinson;
E. S. Hitchins vs. W. H. Arnold ;
The above closed the appeal dock
et and the trial docket was taken up
as follows:
Jacob Thresher vs. Catharine Staub
continued. ;
Joseph Engleby vs. James Brady ;
case removed to Garrett county.
Thursday —S. Kind & Co. vs. Fan
nie and M. Bear ; non pros.
Mary Mansfield, by her next friend,
Wm. Mansfield, uss D. R. Sloan vs,
Patrick LasgLliu; continued.
Michael Nolan vs. William Cava
naugh ; continued. j
Business Locals.
Kew! Xcw I Now!—Ladies’ seam
less Button Slices—a perfect lit—no more
sor.'fcet from rough scams-at
0. Hartman’s.
For Pure Prugs call nt George
A. Wingert’s tint* store in Beall’s build
ing. Hu ie also offering a sp'endul assort
ment ol wall paper at “way down” prices.
New spring lIrCNH Goods nt
B. Stern & Co’s.
Frank 0. Beall, “The" Hardware and
Stove Man, keeps the best and largest
slock of Hoodeiiiiarc iu town.
Give him a call.
Hals! lints lints I—'The latest
novelties lu men’s, boys’ami youths’ huts,
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Fink and largo assortment of ilttrd-
Wltrc amt Stoves, sure to please, can
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miscellaneous Advertisements,
1810 IBBS4
Cuniinl Steamship Co.,
Between new York and LIV
ERPOOL, calling at Queenstown each
way. Proposed sailings from Pier 40,
North River, New York;
Scythia Wednesday Apr. 19
Bothnia “ “ 30
Cu talon in “ May 3
Gallia “ “ 10
Servia “ “17
Scythia “ “34
80thnia....... “ “31
Catalonia “ Juno 7
Gallia “ “14
Servia “ “ 31
Scythia “ “ 38
Bothnia “ July 5
Catalonia “ “ 13
Gallia “ “19
Servia “ “ 30
Scythia “ Aug. 3
Bothnia “ “ 0
Cabin passage, !iilßo amt 8100 gold;
Sterage, S3B.
Apr 8 Frostburg, Md.
An Appeal.
\ GLASS I.ID was taken from the
/V grave of my little daughter, Eva
Quay Hitchins, between 3 o’clock p. m.,
on Sunday,and Tuesday noon. Believing
the act to be that of a child without
thought, not knowing that whatever is
placed upon a grave is sacred to the mem
ory of the dead, I hereby beg that it he
returned to the place from which it was
taken. [April 8j OWEN HITCHINS.
Dissolution o! Partnership.
Frostburg, Md , April 0,1883.
-5 IDAN is this day dissolved. All those
Indebted to said linn are hereby cotllied to
Ci me forward and settle their accounts.
April B—3t R. SHERIDAN.
I\. Apply to
{ UE place to buy furniture at a bargain is at the new
Cr Mini/ri main street,
■ I"■ 111 JOpposite M. Wineland’s Clothing House.
Walnut, Poplar and Cherry Chamber Suits. A magnificent Display of Hand
some Parlor, Diningroom, Bedroom and Hall Furniture. Cabinet Making tu ail its
t p I would call your attention to my
Jfeo vp $§ a Undertaking Department.
Metallc, Walnut and Rosewood Caskets
M Cofllnß. Burial Robes and Shrouds of all
-I Ixi 1 'lgm descriptions always on hand.
I bavo the finest Hearse in Western
S3i : V Maryland and at all funerals I attend persofl
’■Srt J .fOWC/ V vu<Lvi3i tt.lv thereby relieving the relatives of the de
-—i- ceased of all trouble in the premises.
Call and inspect my stock and get low prices for what you want.
Mar 4-tf , C. P. NICKEL.
I •
Have embarked in the
Grocery Trade
as successors of C. W. ODER, an( l can be
found at his old stand, the “ Palace Grocery. ”
Green Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars and Snuff!
Also many other desirable Goods not usually found in a Grocery House. A
portion of your patronage Uudly solicited.
Yery respectfully yours,
Mar ll lf PBANK C. BEALL A CO.
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
the C!liry lloiihc, next door to
St. Michael's Catholic Church. [Apl 1-lm
Primary Education.
ALL parents arc requested to apply to
Mr. William L. Annan for a
Circular of hy proposed School. During
my absence applications for information
should be made to that gentleman.
Very respectfully,
April B—2t
WILL bo paid for evidence that will
lead to the arrest and conviction of
the person or persons who cut holes in the
roof of my Opera House.
Will be paid for evidence that will lead to
the arrest and conviction of the person or
persons who broke open the doors in
-850 REWAUD-
Will bo paid for evidence that will lead to
the arrest and conviction of person or per
sons who hereafter deface or injure the
property above named.
April I—2m TIIO3. H. PAUL.
UNDER and by virtue of a power of
sale contained in a mortgage from
Henry Schaub and Sophia Schaub, his
wile, to George Tennant, dated May 80th,
1870, and recorded among the land records
of Allegany county in Liber T. L., No. 47,
folios 295, Ac., tho said George Tennant,
the mortgagee therein named, will sell at
public sale to the Highest bidder in front of
Wm. Payne & Co's store in Prostburg,
Maryland, on
Monday, April 17, 1882,
AT 11 O’CLOCK A. M.,
All that Real Estate described In
said mortgage and known as that part
of Lot number eleven lying and being
in tho first addition to the town of
Prcstburg, contained within tho follow
ing metes and bounds, courses and dis
tances, to wit: Beginning on the north
side of Union street—at the intersection
of said street with the cast side of a
private alley five feet wide, said point
being at the. end 57 feet on the first line
of the whole lot—and running with the
lines of the whole lot South 04 degrees,
East 42 feet; North 20 degrees, East 105
feet; North 04 degrees, West 42 Icet,
then with a straight line South 20 de
grees, West 115 feet to said fivo-fcot al
ley, then with said alley South 20 de
grees, West 50 feet to the beginning;
being the property conveyed to said
Henry Sclmub by Charles Zeller and
wife by deed dated September 15tb,
1879, and recorded among the land re
cords of Allegany county in Liber H.
R., No. 82, folio 549.
Said property is improved by a
2-story Frame Building,
Containing one large store-room (occupied
by M. Jandorf) one room (occupied as a
shoe shop by George Hocking) and ten
comfortable dwelling rooms occupied by
Mr. Schaub. Also large stable on back
lot with a ten-foot alley in rear, and n well
of excellent water on the premises and
will bo sold free of prior incumbrances.
Terms of Sale —Gish.
Mar 25-ld Mortgagee.
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
THE undersigned announces to the
public that be is now engaged In man
ufacturing and introducing a patent scrub
bing brush. tbo merits of wblcb ate unpre
cedented. Tho person using it Blands up
right, without putting in the dirty tenter,
which, when the floor is clean is lifted by
an attachment of the brush. It is guaran
teed to thoroughly clean and dry a floor in
a remarkably short lime, with Ultla labor.
This labor-saving invention is meeting
with great success, as a trial convinces the
most fastidious. Liberal discounts to the
trade. Orders respectfully solicited.
D. 8. PATEL Y,
Mar 4-ly Prostburg, Md.
250 Tons of
HAVING purchased tha above quanti
ty of Marble at bottom prices
prior to the advance, Jan. 2,1 iun glad to
say I ran furnish
latest designs and best material at prices
lower than any shop west of Baltimore.
A visit to my works will convince you
of tho above fact.
CEMENT as low as ever. ‘
10 and 13 S. Centre Street,
Jan 23-tf Cumberland, Md.
geo. a. wingert,
Drugs, Medicines,
Fine Toilet Notions,
WALL PAPERS—endless variety of
pretty patterns,
WINDOW GLASS—aII sizes, etc.
Prescriptions promptly and
carefully compounded.
May 7—tf
Fact I Honest.
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to a friend is the most acceptable
Very Handsome Christmas Cards.
Albums, Frames, Pictures, &o.
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Each way.
The splendid Screw Steamers of the above
Line will run as follows;
Tons. Baltimore
TORONTO, - - 8500 About April 20
PHOENICIAN, - 3000 Tuesday, May 3
HIBERNIAN, - 3000 “ 10
NOVA SCOTIAN, 8300 “ •* 30
CASPIAN, 3000 “ June 13
And thereafter from Baltimore every fort
All steamer s arc appointed to leave Bal
timore at 0 a. m., on their advertised
Steerage Passage to or from Liverpool
Londonderry, Glasgow, Queenstown, Bel
fast, Bristol, Cardiff, &c., at Lowest
Rate. Very best accommodations for
Steerage and Intermediate Passengers.
An experienced surgeon is attached to each
vessel. Intermediate and Steerage steward
esses carried hy each steamer for the pur
pose of attending to tho wants of the fe
males and children. For further particu
lars or passage tickets to and from Great
Britain, apply to
A. SCHUMACHER & CO.,Baltimore; or
in Prostburg to J. JANDORF,
April 1-y Main Street
Benson’s Capcine
Porous Plasters.
Reasons Why they are Preferred to All
Other Porous Plasters or External
Because they possess all tha merit of the
strengthening porous plaster, and contain in ad
dition thereto tho newly discovered powerful and
active vegetable combination which acta with in
creased rubcfscient, stimulating, sedative and
counter Irritant effects.
w Second; r
Because they sresgenuina pharmaceutical prep,
aration, and so recognised by the profession.
Because they are tha only plasters that ralleva
J pain at ouce.
Because they will positively euro diseases which
other remedies will not even relieve.
Because over 8000 physicians and drngglsta have
voluntarily testlfled that they are superior to all
other plustera or medicines for external ose,
Becanse the manufacturers have received tha
only modaia ever given for poroaa plaatare.
i Bensmi’s Capcine Pormis Plaster!
Manufacturing Chemltta, Hew Tork.
April X-y

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