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Mining fffifi Journal.
The following list comprises another installment of the names
and addresses of former residents of Frostburg, now living outside
this county, registered by friends here for use of the Centennial
and Home-Coming Committee.
It is proposed by the latter body to supplement the general
invitation, already extended, by one special to each Frostburger, so
that as individuals they may be assured of a home desire to see
them at home; of a warm welcome when they come, and the tender
of generous hospitality while they stay.
The names, arranged alphabetically, will appear in succeeding
issues of the Journal until all are minted.
Meanwhile, should anyone observe that a name has been over
looked, or an address given incorrectly, an immediate report to the
Journal is solicited, as the Committee is anxious to specially
invite all without exception:
Anderson, James, Whitsell, Pa.
Anderson, Miss Marie, Payette Street, Connellsville, Pa.
Alley, Mrs. Bluford, Scanamon, Cherokee County, Kan.
Anthony, Benjamin, 1063 Meade Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Adkins, Samuel, 945 East 146th Street, Collinwood, Ohio.
Adkins, W. H., Columbia, Mo.
Bittner, Elmer, Morgantown, W. Va.
Burns, W. W., Cuyahoga Palls, Ohio.
Brode, Irvan and Joe, Akron, Ohio.
Baum, Charles, Berlin, Pa.
Baum, William, Keim, Pa.
Bryant, Mrs. Evan W., Slocum Street, Edwardsville, Pa.
Best, H. 8., Davis, W. Va.
Baker, Mrs. Noah, R. P. D. 1, Box 74, Bincoln, Nebr.
Boughton and family, W. G., 5629 Pranklin Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Boughton, W. Howard, 4729 Pranklin Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Brown, Miss Mollie S., 11l North Georgie Street, Concord, N. C.
Bowen, Samuel, Clairton, Pa.
Bowers, Mrs. Arthur, West Elizabeth, Pa.
Bateman, Miss Eouise, 124 Miflin Street, Huntingdon, Pa.
Bateman, Howard, Alberton, Howard County, Md.
Brown, Joseph, Girard, Ohio.
Booch, Rev. H. R., 220 West 6th Street, Seymore, Ind.
Beall, Mrs. Alpheus, Uniontown, Pa.
Boettner, Miss Katie, 1495 Baldwin Street, Waterbury, Conn.
Brook, Mrs. Thurl, Box 114, Grafton, W. Va.
Baxter, Mrs. Sarah, Box 306, Red Bodge, Mont.
Callahan, John, Otto, Pa.
Cook, Paul, Wilmerding, Pa.
Cook, Harry, Wilmerding, Pa.
Carson, Miss Ida, Toronto, Pa.
Coleman, Mrs. Allie M., 224 Patterson Avenue, McKeesport, Pa.
Cunningham, Michael and George, 33 Miller Avenue, Carrick, Pa.
Carnahan, Howard S., 7301 McClure Street, Swissvale, Pa.
Cook, William C., Elkins, W. Va.
Conlon, T. J., Manager of Westinghouse Club, East Pittsburg, Pa.
Callery, Miss Margaret, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Md.
Carroll, Joseph, Nanaimo, B. C.
Coleman, Clarence E., Hagerstown, Md.
Coker, John, 1408 East Jackson Street, Joliet, 111.
Coker, Miss Margaret, 1408 East Jackson Street, Joliet, 111.
Connor, Crawford, Mystic, lowa.
Carroll, Mrs. Billie, 923 7th Street, N. E., Washington, D. C.
Coleman, James, Bth and Hazelton Avenues, Van Nuys, Cal.
Crump, Owen E., Box 492, Way Cross, Ga.
Coughlin, John R. R. 8, Osage City, Kan.
Coughlin, James, R. R. 8, Osage City, Kan.
Craft, Mrs. O. 8., Rolfs Flats, Wheeling, W. Va.
Devol, Eewis, McKeesport, Pa.
Dobble, Miss Margaret, Otto, Pa.
Darkey, Newton, 4 Rolla Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Day, Mrs. Eaura, 2308 Perryville Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Davis, William R., Pittsburg, Pa.
Deremer, Mrs. Ida, 697 Messenger Street, Johnstown, Pa.
Dailey, Mrs. Sallie, Okonoko, W. Va.
DeEaney, Mrs. J. R., 810 6th Avenue, Huntington, W. Va.
Davis, Mrs. Thomas R., 514 Hyde Park Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Downton, Mrs. Minnie, 6340 Shakespeare Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Deremer, Mrs. Ida V., 172 Owillette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
.East, Parker, McKeesport, Pa.
Englehart, John and Henry, Dorsey, Howard County, Md.
Evitts, Mrs. William R., 264 Wyndhurst Ave., Roland Park, Baltimore, Md.
Evans, Rev. J. Jeffreys, Spokane, Wash.
Evans, 0., 202 Benwood Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Poster, John, Otto, Pa.
Feathers, Wess, Bruston Mills, W. Va.
Pram, Ninnori, 121 Martz Avenue, Dayton, Ohio.
Fair, Elmer, Braddock, Pa.
Fulton, John, 1927 Wayne Street, Swissvale, Pa.
Farmer, Jacob, Summit Mills, Pa.
Fischer, Robert S., Stanton, 111.
Furry, Miss Venie, Hagerstown, Md.
Fleck, Miss Rose, 539 Beach Street, Scranton, Pa.
Frost, Mrs. Wallace, Uniontown, Pa.
Griffin, Harry, Otto, Pa.
Griffin, Vite, Otto, Pa.
Gillard, Samuel A., Braddock, Pa.
Granstaff, Walter, Piedmont, W. Va.
Gunter, Miss Bertha, New Cambria, Macon County, Mo.
Gunter, Benjamin, New Cambria, Macon County, Mo.
Gunter, Mrs. Eaura, New Cambria, Macon County, Mo.
Gunter, Richard, New Cambria, Macon County, Mo.
George, Mrs. W. B-, 86 Highland Avenue, Pratt City, Ala.
Gerlach, Henry, Wilmot, Ohio.
Getty, Mrs. Sara Roberta, Grantsville, Md.
Getty, Charles 8., Grantsville, Md.
Getty, Miss Beulah Klaire, Grantsville, Md.
Gerlach, Miss Martha, 37 Cologa Avenue, York, Pa.
Goebel, Adolph, 601 Hartman Street, McKeesport, Pa.
Goebel, Mrs. Henry, 601 Hartman Street, McKeesport, Pa.
Green, Clarence, Parsons, W. Va.
Gerlach and family, William, Turtle Creek, Pa.
Griffith, Arthur, Bower, W. Va.
Hockie, Graig, McKeesport, Pa.
Hartman, Harry, Otto, Pa.
Haberlein, William, 1136 Edson Street, Johnstown, Pa.
Haberlein, John, 552 Knower Street, Toledo, Ohio.
Hinkle, Joen, Robb Avenue, Johnstown, Pa.
Herrington, James, Grafton, W. Va.
Harmon, Mrs. Howard, 2722 Parkwood Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
Hunter, Eevi, Red Bodge, Montana.
Hager, George P., Hamilton, Md.
Hoffman, Mrs. William, Edinburg, Va.
Hoffman, T. A., Edinburg, Va.
Hutchison, Mrs. Clara V., Edinburg, Va.
Hill, Howard C., 410 East 22d Street, Baltimore, Md.
Hill, David T., rear 107 West 4th Street, Homestead, Pa.
Henderson, Mrs. Annie, 5035 Jefferson Street, West Philadelphia, Pa.
Hill, Buella, 159 Indiana Avenue, Kankakee, 111.
Huston, George, 612 Duquesne Avenue, Swissvale Station, Pittsburg, Pa.
Huston, William A., R. D. 5, Washington, Pa.
Harris, Rev. Benjamin, Radnor, Ohio.
House, Clyde, Moor Park, Cal.
Howells, Mrs. John H., 166 Penn Avenue, Turtle Creek, Pa.
Haney, John W., Box 372, Fairmont, W. Va.
Hartzell, C. F., Hyndman, Pa.
Hupman, Rev. and Mrs. J. 8., R. F. D. 1, Ballston, Pa.
Hughes, Mrs. Frank, R. F. D., Schellsburg, Pa.
Jahannas, George, 5126 South Broadway, St. Eouis, Mo.
James, T. A., Graham, Ky.
Johnson, Mrs. John, Box 163, Harrisburg, Saline County, 111.
Jenkins, E. D., 803 Indiana Avenue, Martin’s Ferry, Ohio.
Jones, Mrs. Thomas, West Elizabeth, Pa.
Jones, Rev. N. C., 403 Fifth Avenue, Homestead, Pa.
5 Jones, Mrs. Marion, West Elizabeth, Pa.
1 Jones, Wilford, West Elizabeth, Pa.
1 Jones, Rev. H. M. 8., 746 Hamburg Street, Baltimore, Md.
Jenkins, Mrs. Priscilla, Taylor, Pa.
. Jenkins, William, Rainer, Oregon.
Keller, Miss Ida, Swissvale, Pa.
* Keller, Humphrey, 1910 Monongahela Avenue, Swissvale, Pa.
1 Knatz, William, Red Bodge, Montana.
- Klun, Mrs. Peter, 234 North Penn Avenue, Wilkesbarre, Pa.
Kelley, Mrs. Binnie, 2722 Parkwood Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
r Knuston, Mrs. Arthur F., 1408 East Jackson Street, Joliet, 111.
' Kane, John, 224 13th Street, S. W., Washington, D. C.
Kennedy, Benjamin, Hyndman, Pa.
‘ Eamb, Andrew, Braddock, Pa.
; Buckie, Edward, Stanton, 111.
r Bewis, W. M., 543 Gunnison Avenue, Grand Junction, Colo.
Beatham, Harry, Grantsville, Pa.
Bindley, John H., Bos Angeles, Cal.
Bapp, Henry, 924 Noblest Street, Toledo, Ohio.
BaPaugh, Mrs. D. W., 1349 Delaware Street, Denver, Colo.
Behr, Clifton, 1907 sth Avenue, Altoona, Pa.
Biller, Mrs. J. M., 43 Church Street, Keyser, W. Va.
Bight, William and Edward, Hyndman, Pa.
McEarin, Robert, Glassport, Pa.
McGuire, Miss Boretta, 224 Dunlap Street, Oakland, Md.
McGowan, jr., James, 2014 Collingwood Avenue, Swissvale, Pa.
McKee, John H., Franklin Building, Johnstown, Pa.
Mcßuckie, Allan, 552 Knower Street, Toledo, Ohio.
McMillan, Mrs. Mary, 551 Ringold Street, McKeesport, Pa.
McAllister, Thomas, Girard, Ohio.
McCulloh, William, Uniontown, Pa.
McAllister, Charles, 607 Grand Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y.
McGonder, G. Brook, New Orleans, Ba.
Monehan, Michael, 1922 Monongehala Avenue, Swissvale, Pa.
Mullens, Edward, Piedmont, W. Va.
Mealing, John M., 1024 9th Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.
Miller, John, Hagerstown, Md.
Moran, Daniel, Bloomington, Md.
Miller, Mrs. Harold 8., 1610 A Street, Bincoln, Neb.
Mason, J. Howard, Switch & Signal Works, Swissvale, Pa.
Mason and family, R. P., 2308 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
Michael, Mrs. Billie, 1709 Madison Avenue, Baltimore, Md.
Mason, Miss Ida, Bock Box 245, Buckhannon, W. Va.
Mason and daughters, Mrs. Eyile, 247 South Flower St., Bos Angeles, Cal.
Mason, Dr. A. J., Friendsville, Md.
Middleton, Charley, Van Bear, Ky.
Middleton, Harry, Jenkins, Eetcher County, Ky.
Middleton, Mrs. Jasper, South Wilmington, 111.
Morgan, David, State Street, Girard, Ohio.
Morgan, Owen, State Street, Girard, Ohio.
Morgan, John, State Street, Girard, Ohio.
Morris, Joseph, Ernest, lowa.
Mernman, Mrs. Sanuel J., Van Couver, B. C.
Moore, Mrs. C. W., 1319 East Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Madden, Mrs. William, 331 West Washington Street, Grafton, W. Va.
Neff, Mrs. T. D., 3270 West 17th Street, Cleveland, Ohio.
Nagel, Walter, 310 Anson Street, Marshaltown, lowa.
Noel, William E., Tunnelton, W. Va.
Noel, Charles, Allonoosa, Colo.
O’Brien, Miss Anna, Meyersdale, Pa.
Petty, Theodore, McKeesport, Pa,
Plummer, William, South Greensburg, Pa.
Pritchard, Samuel, Electric Street, New Castle, Pa.
Pentz, John, 1911 Wayne Street, Swissvale, Pa.
Plummer, Mrs. Mary J., 717 Granger St., Harrisburg, 111., care Alex. Wilson.
Porter, Frank, Oak Hill, Fayette County, W. Va.
Price, Mrs. Anna, Scannon, Cherokee County, Kansas.
Porter, Miss Bouradine, 109 Eiberty Street West, Savannah, Ga.
Parker, William, 612 Duquesne Avenue, Swissvale Station, Pittsburg, Pa.
Parker, Beonidas, 612 Duquesne Avenue, Swissvale Station, Pittsburg, Pa.
Prichard, Henry H., 159 Hillside Avenue, Edwardsville, Pa.
Price, Benjamin J., 240 Passadena Ave., Bos Angeles, Cal.
Pascoe, Miss Jane, 224 13th Street, S. W., Washington, D. C.
Powell, Henry, Taylor, Pa.
Porter, Ed., 380 Abbot Street, Detroit, Mich.
Quinn, R. J., Cobb Building, Elkins, W. Va.
Reese, Harry, McKeesport, Pa.
Richards, James, Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Roberts, Bee, 637 Covey Avenue, Braddock, Pa.
Rathbun, Edward, Mt. Bake Park, Md.
Ringler, Mrs. Elizabeth, Elk Bick, Pa.
Reese, Herbert, 234 North Penn Avenue, Wilkesbarre. Pa.
Roeder, Carl, Silver Springs, Md.
Ritter, Mrs. Owen, Peerless Glass Co., Clarksburg, W. Va.
Riggs, B. N., Fairmont, W. Va.
Riggs, Thomas S., Box 40, Ba Porte, Texas.
Rogers, Miss Mary, 94 West Shell Road, Corona, Bong Island, N. Y.
Robertson, Mrs. Alice, Paw Paw, Morgan County, W. Va.
Rase, Miss Maggie, 428 West Pittsburg Street, Connellsville, Pa.
Reppert, Roy, Tunnelton, W. Va.
Riggs, Mrs. Maud, 222 Walnut Avenue, Fairmont, W. Va.
Richardson, Charles, Van Bear Ky.
Richardson, James, Bynu Haven, Washington County, Fla.
Robertson, William, Spokane, Wash.
Reckner, Mrs. Sarah, Elk Bick, Pa.
Reese, David, Garey, Ind.
Ryan, Miss Margaret, 124 West, Swissvale Avenue, Edgewood, Pa.
Richardson, Miss Ella, Box 394, 67 Eorimer Avenue, Turtle Creek, Pa.
Reardon, Mrs. Janies, 309)4 Rowland Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
Richardson, Frank, 607 Grand Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y.
Ryan, Dennis, 335 Fitch Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
Sullivan, Miss Nellie, 1929 Wayne Street, Swissvale, Pa.
Sperry, William, Meyersdale, Pa.
Shaw, Croff, Fairmont, W. Va.
. Sullivan, Misses Agnes and Nellie, 224 Dunlap Street, Oakland, Md.
Stevenson, Miss Mary, Keyser, W. Va.
Sullivan, William and Roy, 1929 Wayne Street, Swissvale, Pa.
Shober, John, Swissvale, Pa.
Shuckhart, Mrs. Kate, 552 Knower Street, Toledo, Ohio.
Sawade, Mrs. Henry 2967 Front Street, East Toledo, Ohio.
Schellar, William, 432 Mt. View Place, Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Stoddart, David, Clairton, Pa.
Stroop, Wilbert, Coulter, Pa.
Smouse, Miss Evelyn, 256 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Shipley, Mrs. J. M., 256 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Smith, William, 110 West Vincennes Street, Einton, Ind.
Shaffer, Mrs. Fred, 427 North Davidson Street, Indianapolis, Ind.
Stoval, Miss Martha, 8 Auriles Street, Duquesne, Pa.
Scriven, James, Taylor, Pa.
Scriven, John, Taylor, Pa.
Scriven, Miss Mary, Taylor, Pa.
Scriven, William, Olyphant, Pa.
Stephenson, Rev. R. P., 1030 A Street, Portsmouth, Pa.
Schneider, John, Box 111, Broomfield, W. Va.
Sittig, Mrs. William, 28 Walnut Street, Utica, N. Y.
Spitznas, Misses BaVina and Katie, 404 North Avenue, Allegany City, Pa.
Spitznas, Miss Ruth, Bandale, Ohio.
Tomas, Mrs. W. E., 201 Anne Avenue, West Highland, Birmingham, Ala.
Trescher, John H., Editor Dispatch, Jeannette, Pa.
Thomas, Mrs. M. W., 1620 Brainard Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio,
Taylor, Miss Elizabeth, 1102 East Wilson Street, Streator, 111.
Taylor, James, Box 163, Harrisburg, Saline County, 111.
Thomas, Mrs. Zallah, 342 West 11th Street, New York, N. Y.
Tippen, Miss Bizzie, 1635 Stanton Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Thrasher, Miss Fannie S., 303 D Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.
Troxell, Rev. Millard F., Topeka, Kan.
Tomlinson, Walter C., Cuba, 111.
Thomas, Ellsworth, 1174 West Fort Street, Detroit, Mich.
Van Sickle, Mrs. Josephus, Bock Box 245, Buckhannon, W. Va.
Wood, Miss Hazel, Otto, Pa.
Wood, Miss Bertha, Otto, Pa.
Wood, Euke, Otto, Pa.
Wood, Miss Emma H., Otto, Pa.
Wilderman, Richard, Fairmont, W. Va.
Whitsel, Mrs. Corel E., Bruston Mills, W. Va.
Williams, William, 35 Miller Avenue, Carrick, Pa.
Webb, Mrs. W. R., 934 Moore Street, Toledo, Ohio.
Wolfe, Misses Henrietta and Frances, 1110 Ist St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Williams, James H., 1821 Washington Street, Waco, Texas.
1882 1912*^
1 The Items Below Were Current During T
Week Ending March 25, 1882.
Four more tickets for Mayor and
Council suggested—Dr. W. H. Ravens
craft for Mayor on three, John Price
on one.
The Meyersdale (Pa.) Commercial
came out in new typographical dress.
Windy weather, but onion-seed sow
ing was all the rage in town gardens.
St. Patrick’s day, however, was an
exception—balmy and still, green
neckties and ribbons prevailing.
The Valley Times, Bonaconing,
wanted to learn “whether a thunder- (
storm can be classed as a weather
Messrs. Samuel Wehn and John D. :
Getz, poultry-growers, received from i
Cayuga county, Ohio, two coops of
blooded chickens.
Henry Spitznas left Frostburg to :
enlist in the U. S. army. At Pitts- :
burg, Pa., he contracted small pox,
went to St. Bouis, where he was com- •
pelled to take hospital accommoda
John McKinley went to the West; ,
William Morgan, Montgomery McMil- j
lan and James McDonald, all of Bor
den Shaft, to Connellsville, Pa.
Much improvement and building ;
contemplated, despite the uneasy in
dustrial situation. :
A Frostburg lady pronounced “cere- :
bro spinal meningitis” as “sneer, O,
finally men-’ill-git-us.”
With an inch of snow on the ground ;
lightning was vivid and thunder loud
Saturday night, March 18th.
They Are Coming.
All are glad to recognize in the
Journal’s list of absentees an invita
tion to visit their “old home” next '
Joseph of Honeysuckle
Hill, Westminster, this State, is :
“pleased to note that my name ap
pears among those invited to the 1
Home-Coming, and unless something
occurs between this date and that :
scheduled for the event named, I
shall take great delight in being
Mrs. Annie Matthews, of Meyers- :
dale, Pa., writes an “expression of
gratitude for the opportunity, and I :
will certainly visit Frostburg at that
time. There is no place in the wide,
wide world, so dear to me as my old
home. For this reason also I value
the Mining Journal most highly.”
R. T. Noel, of Baltimore, “will be
exceedingly glad of the chance to en
joy the hospitality of those whose '
hearts I always found full of love and
indulgence. In perusing the list of
those who, like myself, have drifted
away from the dear old town I am not
sorry to acknowledge that it makes '
me home-sick, and I feel like writing
to my many old friends, scattered here
and there, that it is the duty of all of
us to go home and see each other.
Fourteen years ago 1 became a unit
of the Baltimore Police Department—
a life, since, that has many times
caused me to envy the simple experi
ences of happiness on the mountains.
But I have done fairly well, and feel
that I have not been ‘a slothful ser
vant, weary in well-doing.’ Wishing
the Committees and the Journal un- 1
bounded success, I am yours,” etc.
Fred. C. Schofield, Washington, D. :
C., writes that he is “pleased” to see
his “name enrolled among those in
vited to the Home-Coming, and if my
plans do not go awry I expect to be
there. We are made glad every week
by the Journal. It keeps us ‘posted’
on the doing of folks at home. If you
see it in the Journal it’s wholesome.
We enjoy the contributions of Sara
Roberta Getty, C. B. Ryan, and lesser
lights. Hope the Home-Coming will
be a great success.”
Not a Canine Song, But
Bast Monday “Hank” asked the
Journal—“please send me a transla
tion of that canine song in Kearhosken
lingo for this ’ere colyum.”
Five or nine minutes later Gen.
Kear appeared with this announce
ment, taken down in shorthand, as
Everytime the News comes to town
We read “Hank’s” colyum of renown!
Makes no diff’rence if he roasts us
We can’t help readin’ his colyum of
Entitled to First Chance.
“Co-operation between home busi
ness men and the buying and selling
public is absolutely necessary to a
prosperous community of varied inter
ests.” And catalogue houses do not
support home industry. At least give
your home merchant the chance to
supply your wants. All he asks for is
an opportunity.—Emmittsburg Chron
Good butter scarce and high.
Only two men in town compelled to
wear wigs, but the number who as
pired to real moustaches had not been
A box was placed in the post-office,
labeled “contribute something for the
wife and baby of Sergeant Mason.”
This was the origin of the expression,
current a long time—“ Betty and the
Baby.” Mason had received a sen
tence of 8 years in a New York peni
entiary for attempting to kill Guiteau,
the assassin.
A. C. Rawlings, Conrad Bapp, J. M.
Zimmerly, William Mcßuckie and
Conrad Hartman were drawn as jurors.
At the home of James Alexander,
near Borden Shaft, Tuesday, March
21, 1882, Mrs. Susan Rigum was mar
ried to Mr. Isaac Hott, both of this
county, by Rev. W. O. Petty, of this
It was stated that Hon. M. G. Urner,
representing this district, had intro
duced more bills than any other Con
At a republican primary, held in
John J. Keller’s store Thursday,
March 23d, William H. Koch was
nominated for Mayor, and Andrew
Smeltz, Jethro Jeffries, Owen Hitch
ins, George Hitchew, Jacob Baker and
Henry J. Powell for Councilmen.
Frederick Douglas, colored lecturer,
addressed a small audience in Odd
Fellows’ Opera House Thursday even
ing, March 23d.
Voluntary Donations.
The members of the E rostburg
Police Force held a private meeting
on the public street Wednesday even
ing of last week.
Henry Fischer was elected chair
man; William Bone secretary; James
H. Grose treasurer, and William Warn
Mr. Fischer stated the object of the
meeting as convened to devise and es
tablish a system of self-taxation for
the benefit of the Home-Coming Fund,
and that the initial instalment be
fixed and liquidated at once
Mr. Warn moved that the first in
stalment be fixed at $2)4 each, or a
total of $10; all subsequent instal
ments to be fixed as the situation may
Mr. Bone seconded the motion; the
chair submitted it, and it was unani
mously adopted.
Each member thereupon shelled
out $2)4- and handed the sum to the
Next morning the latter official met
and turned over to W. E. G. Hitchins,
of the Finance Committee, the sum of
This report is made because Mr.
Hitchins seemed to feel that the police
men had been impressed by the Jour
nal’s appeals two weeks ago, and that
both generously and patriotically they
had set an example which all others
should follow.
The committeemen are not able to
call upon everybody, while everybody
is able to call upon some committee
If a citizen of Federal Hill or the
Growing End, of Tarn Terrace or the
Belt Bine, feels that he can give $5 or
$9, he can pay in $2)4 or $4)4 now,
and later, if desired, the remaining
half of his contribution.
These figures and plan are suggest
ive only—to make it easy .for the
giver and the committeemen alike.
If verified by unanimous adoption
the Home-Coming will be a brilliant
The policemen have set the example,
let all emulate and make it good.
The Sick.
Mrs. B. R. Ash, Grant street, has
been suffering this week with a case
of tonsilitis.
Clarence Cook, of Grahamton, is
still laid up with a sore hand, injured
while at work several weeks ago.
James Canning, of Grant street, was
up-town Wednesday—first time in
three months, owing to a severe illness
of typhoid fever.
Clyde Richardson, Washington
street, is recovering from a painful
The Great Concert.
Next Tuesday evening, 19th inst.,
the Dickinson College Clubs of Music
will attract an oveflow house to the
The Beall High-School Alumni As
sociation has charge, and the net pro
ceeds will be dedicated to improve
ment of the school grounds —a most
worthy purpose.
At the close Mr. and Mrs. William
R. Gunter, of Hotel Gladstone, will
tender the Clubs a most hospitable re
ception in the dining-hall of the great
HENRY P. COOK, Manager.
I It seemed incredible that Teddy R.
should ever have favored the recall of
judicial decisions, but he is recorded
as. explaining that he meant the recall
to apply only to decisions of the um
pire against the home team. But even
this is liable to start a fight.
“Keno” speculates as follows:
“As the snow still flies and the
frost still chills the winds, it may be
premature to say much of the great
national game as it is played in this
region, but down in the Sunny South
all the Big Beague clubs are ‘getting
together’ and are hard at work prac
-0 tising for the first great clashes next
a “Here, on the contrary, little or
nothing is doing, nothwithstanding
:, ‘now is the accepted time’ to get in
e shape for the season, and not wait
’ until it is half over.
, “Frostburg has abundant talent for
e the composition of a strong team of
- players, who, if they can be gotten to
- gether at an early stage in the game
can be counted on to furnish incite
ment for rivalry in other towns.
“Bet us see who we have as candi
j dates for championships:
“For pitchers—No-Hit Allen, Hines
and Frank Spates.
’ “For catchers—McKenzie and Finn.
“For first base—Davis.
“For second base—Rarick.
“For third base —Hunter.
“For short-stop—Price.
“For out-field—Spates, Brophy,
> Finn and Cooper.
“To the majority of good baseball
judges these look like a team that
could ‘reduce to lowest terms’ the
3 score of any competing team in this
, region.
s “Midland will be in the field—sure.
v Already steps have been taken to get
- the runners together, and the per-
I sonnel has the complexion of a fast
■ “Phister, Wilson and Stevens will
I pitch.
“Woods and Nolan will catch.
“McFarland will defend first; Mc
• Guire guard second, and McGee pro
tect third.
“Shearer for short-stop, and Hil
-5 leary, Schombert and Carroll for fly
’ catchers, complete an aggregation
that will be sure to make an impres
sion on anything they hit.
“Bonaconing will have all the old
S .
faces and a few new ones in the 1912
1 1-
“Grindle, Brown and Duckworth
will hold down the pitching-pad.
“Barclay will receive everything
that passes the bat unscathed.
’ “Develin will plant his left foot on
first base.
“Robinson will touch second when
ever not otherwise employed.
“Brown’s right toe will be found on
third whenever there is a threatening
dash from second.
“Flynn is booked for stopping all
0 #
balls that attempt to pass short station.
“Piney Stevens, Tug Glenn and Biz
McFarland will watch all balls that
essay to do the aeroplane act over the
home-run fence.
“William McKenty, it is under
stood, will be the manager, and as he
’ is ambitious, there will be some in
. spiration oozed into his team to win.
“As usual, Piedmont will have a
strong team.
(“Say, all the rest of you —lookout
' for Piedmont!)
“Manager Cuthbertson has a crack-
er-jack lot of good players.
“If Bong John Jake Wilson con
tinues in good form Piedmont will
have a twirler from Twirlerburg.
’ “And Buckalew and Whitworth are
catchers from Catcherville.
“While Kelley, Doyle and Baughlin
are Tri-Town base-wardens.
“Stewart is a stopper from Short
mont, and —
’ “Whitworth, Stump, Cuthbertson
3 and Richardson are the ranchers from
Ranch City.
(“Say, again—look out for that
mountain-foot bunch!”)
“As yet Cumberland has not secured
ground for play next season, and the
excellent teams that the town had two
last seasons will, if organized, have to
’ play away from home.
“It is not too much to hope, how
ever, that the many lovers of the
national game down there will unite
and succeed in securing a suitable
e site, not too far out, for a base-ball
3 “Now let us get a hustle on our
selves. We have no such embarrass
ment as Cumberland has, and ought
s to do what is necessary quickly and
a easily. In fact, there is more than
s ever to urge us to be up and doing.
There is the Home-Coming —a func
n tion that should stir Frostburg to the
.1 depths in base-ball as in other enter
prises. We ought to have a team that
can boldly challenge a Big Beague
team to come here and play at least
, one day—a forenoon and afternoon
c game.
e “Great guns! wouldn’t an announce
ment like that for, say Tuesday,
i- August 27, bring a crowd?”
i- The New York “Giants,” one of the
:- biggest of the Big-Beague teams in
t this county, played a game the other
day with the Fort Worth (Texas) ag
u gregation and, much to the Giants’
j surprise, got licked!
” The Weather.
■t Wild geese have been seen on the
Potomac below Piedmont.

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