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Mining Safe Journal.
Startling Presentation ot Com
ing Events.
Churches of All Denominations and the
Civil Powers of Earth Are About to
Unite In Common Cause —Powerful
Influence Preparing For the Battle
of Armageddon—A Reign of Anarchy
Will Be the Result of the Warfare
Until The Messiah Takes Control.
Brooklyn, N. Y.,
I|| Brooklyn Academy
1! of 11 B * c wa s
J crowded to tlie lim
sjfllll. jgs J|| It today to hear
J||| I* ast or Russell’s
(PASTOR, R.USSELL] the Hebrew tongue
Armageddo n."
(Revelation xvi. lli.i The speaker said
Armageddon in the Hebrew signifies
the “Hill of Megiddo,” or Mount of De
struction it was famous as a battle
field in Old Testament times.
The Lord has seen fit to associate the
name Armageddon, with the great con
troversy between Truth and Error,
right and wrong, God and Mammon,
with which this Age will close, perish,
and the New Age of Messiah’s glory
he ushered in. He has purposely used
highly symbolical figures of speech in
the last book of the Bible, evidently
with a view to hiding certain impor
tant truths until the due time for their
revealment. But even in the due time,
the Bible assures us. "None of the
wicked shall understand” (Daniel xii,
!), lOi-none who are out of heart har
mony with God- but only the wise ot
His people the "wise virgin” class ot
the Master’s parable.
1 have long avoided presentation of
m.v understanding of our text and its
context 1 take it up now by request
and because I believe it is due time to
he understood. I disclaim any special
inspiration. In some particulars my
views agree witli those of other Bible
students, and in other respects they
disagree. Each hearer must use his
own judgment, do his own Bible study,
and reach his own conclusions.
Kindly remember that 1 am not re
sponsible for the figures of speech used
by the Lord My Interpretations do in
deed constitute a terrible arraignment
of institutions which we have all rever
enced and which embrace good people,
of good words and good works God’s
saintly people in these various institu
tions. being comparatively few, are
ignored when systems as a whole are
dealt with in prophecy
The Dragon, Beast, False Prophet.
Our context tells us that three im
pure spirits Teachings! will go forth
from the mouths of the Dragon, the
Beast and the False Prophet, and these
three will he in accord, and symbolical
ly the doctrines are represented by
“frogs." These three doctrines are to
have a mighty influence throughout the
civilized earth They are to gather
the kings and their armies to the great
Battle of Armageddon.
The ecclesiastical kings .and princes,
and their retinues of clergy and faith
ful adherents, will he gathered in solid
phalanx-Protestant and Catholic. The
kings and captains of industry, and as
many as can he influenced by them,
will he gathered to the same side. The
political kings and princes, with all
their henchmen and retainers, will fol
low' in line on the same side The
financial kings and merchant princes,
and all whom they can influence by the
most gigantic power ever yet exercis
ed in the world, will join the same
side, according to this prophecy.
These “doctrines of demons.” repre
sented by the "frogs,” will lead many
noble people in this great army to as
sume an attitude quite contrary to
their preference. For a time the
wheels of liberty and progress will he
turned backward and medieval re
straints wdll be considered necessary
for self-preservation- for the mainte
nance of the present order of things.
In giving this interpretation, it is
necessary for us to indicate what is
symbolized by the Dragon, the Beast,
and the False Prophet. Bible students
of nearly all denominations agree with
us that the “Dragon" of Revelation
represents the purely Civil Power.
Protestant interpreters generally agree
that the "Beast like a leopard" ißeve
lation xiii. 2> represents the Papacy
But fewer still, w'e fear, wdll he ready
to support our view that Protestantism
is tlie “Image of the Beast” (Revelation
xiii. 15i in our context given another
name, "the False Prophet." We urge
no one to accept our interpretation,
nor shall we think hard of any w'ho
refuse it. We will neither slander nor
otherwise injure them now. nor threat
en them with eternal torture. They
have the same right to their views that
1 have, and the same right to make
them known to others. And 1. for
one. will be very glad to consider any
thing which opponents may set forth
as their interpretations of our text.
“Unclean Spirits Like Frogs.”
The symbolisms of Scripture, right
}y understood, are always forceful
When the Holy Spirit used a "frog"
to symbolically represent certain
doctrines or teachings. we may be
sure the true application wdll fit well.
A frog has a sage look, a wise look
It swells itself up in an apparent en
deavor to impress the beholder, its
great mouth well represents its chief
power, used to croak.
Applying these symbols, we learn
that an evil spirit, influence, teaching,
will come from the Protestant churches
federated, from the Church of Rome,
and from the Civil authorities, all In
full agreement. The spirit of all will
be boastful: an air of superior wisdom
ind knowledge will he proudly assum
ed-all wdll croak In harmony. All will
tell of dire results that would follow,
involving the Interests of both the
present and the future life, if their
counsel tie not followed However con
dieting the creeds, the differences wdll
be ignored in the general proposition
that nothing ancient must be disturb
ed. or looked into, or repudiated.
The Divine authority of the Church,
and the Divine right of kings, aside
from the Church, will not be allowed
to conflict. Any persons or teachings
in conflict with these boastful and un
scriptural claims wdll be branded as
everything vile, at the mouths of these
“frogs” speaking from pulpits and
platforms and through the religious
and secular press. The nobler sent!
ments of some will be strangled by tbe
philosophy of the same evil spirit
which spoke through Caiaphas. the
high priest, respecting Jesus. As Caia
phas declared it expedient to commit
a crime in violation of justice, human
and Divine, to be rid of Jesus and His
teachings, so this “frog” spirit wdll ap
prove of every violation of principle
necessary to their self-protection
The croaking of these "frog" spirits or
doctrines will gather the kings and
princes, financial, political, religious
and industrial into one great army.
The spirit of fear, inspired by the
croakings of these “frogs." will scourge
the passions of otherwise good and
reasonable men to fury, desperation
In their blind following of these evil
spirits, evil doctrines, they wdll he
ready to sacrifice life and everything
on the altar of what they mistakenly
suppose Is justice, truth and righteous
ness. under a Divine arrangement.
For a brief rime, as we understand
the Scriptures, these combined forces
of Armageddon will triumph. Free
speech, free mails, aud other liberties
which have come to be the very breath
of the masses iu our day. will be ruth
lessly shut off under the plea of neces
sity. tbe glory of God, the commands
of the Church, etc. All will seem to be
serene, until tbe great social explosion
in our context described as the “great
Earthquake" An "earthquake,” in
symbolic' language, signifies social
revolution, and the declaration of the
context is that none like unto it ever
before occurred. (Revelation xvl. 18.
19.1 Jesus described it as a time of
trouble such as never was since there
was a nation. Matthew xxlv. 21.
The Lord Will Gather Them.
The false, frog-like teachings wdll
gather together into one host the great,
the rich, the wise, the learned aud the
kings of the earth, to battle. At this
juncture Divine Rower wdll step for
ward, and our text tells us that Hh
shall gather the marshaled hosts to
Armageddon to the Mountain of De
structiou The very thing which they
sought to avert b.v their union, federa
tion, etc., will he the very thing they
will hasten Other Scriptures tell us
that God will he represented by the
Great Messiah, and that He will he on
the side of (he masses. Thus we read
in Daniel xii. 1: “At that time shall
Michael |the Godlike One- Messiah]
stand up’’ assume authority He wdll
take possession of His Kingdom in a
manner little looked for by many ot
those who erroneously have been
claiming that they were His Kingdom,
aud authorized b.v Him to reign in His
name gud in His stead.
Jesus declared. “His servants ye are
unto wdiom ye render service " Some
may be rendering service to Satan ami
to error, who claim to be rendering
service to God and to righteousness:
and some of these may be serving tg
norantly. as did Saul of Tarsus, who
“verily thought that he did God a serv
ice” in persecuting the Church The
same principle holds true reversely
As an earthly king does not hold him
self responsible for the moral character
of each soldier who fights in his bat
ties, so the Lord does not vouch for the
moral character of all w’ho wdll enlist
and tight on His side of any question
"His servants they are to whom they
render service," whatever the motive
or object prompting them
The same principles wdll apply in the
coming Battle of Armageddon. God’s
side of that battle will be the people’s
side, and the very nondescript host
the people, will be pitted at the begin
ning of the battle. Anarchists. Social
ists. and hot-headed radicals of every
school of reason and unreason, will he
in the forefront of that battle. The
majority of the poor and the middle
class prefer peace at almost any price.
A comparatively small number. God’s
consecrated people, wdll at heart be
longing for Messiah’s Kingdom These
will hide the Lord's time and w r ait pa
tiently for it: they will he of good
courage, knowing the outcome outlined
in the “more sure word of prophecy,”
to which they have done well to take
heed, “as unto a light shining in a
dark place until the Day dawn II
Peter 1. 19
The masses will be restless of their
restraints, hut will be conscious of
their own weakness as compared to the
kings and princes, financial, religious
and political, which will then hold
sway. Besides, the. masses have no
sympathy with anarchy. They realize
truly that the worst form of govern
ment is better than none. The masses
will seek relief through the ballot and I
peaceful re-adjustment of earth’s at- ;
fairs for the elimination -of evil, fin 7
the placing of monopolies and utilities
and the supplies of nature in i he hands
of the people for the public good l’he
crisis will he reached when the hither-’
to upholders of law shall heeome vio
lators of the law and resisters of the
will of the majority as expressed by
the ballot. Fear for the future will
lead the well meaning masses to desper
ation; and anarchy will result when
Socialism fails
The Cloud’s Silver Lining.
Horrible would !■ this outlook for
the future did we not have the infalli
ble Word of God assuring us of a
glorious outcome! Divine Wisdom has
withheld until our day the great knowl
edge and skill which Is at the same
time breeding millionaires and discon
tents. Had God lifted the veil a thou
sand years sooner, the world would
have lined up for its Armageddon a
thousand years sooner But that
would have been too soon for the Di
vine purpose, because Messiah's King
dom is to he the great Thousaml-
Y ear-Rah ha th of the world's history.
God in kindness veiled our eyes until
the time when the gathering to Ar
mageddon would immediately precede
Messiah’s taking to Himself His great
power, and beginning His reign.—Reve
lation xi, 17. 18.
“Send Them Strong Delusions.”
St. Paul wrote prophetically of our
time, that it would be one of serious
trial and testing to many professing to
be Christians. The reason for this he
states—they received not the Truth in
the love of it (II Thessalonians ii, 10.
11. l They preferred their own errone
ous theories, the Apostle explains, and
therefore God will give them over to a
"strong delusion.” and let them believe
the lie which they preferred, and let
them suffer for missing the Truth
which they did not love Thus they
will be in the condemned host, "fight
ing against God.” because of their lack
of love for the Truth
It is sad to say that we all as Chris
tians have been laboring under a thor
ough delusion respecting God’s Plan.
We have claimed that Christ set up
His Church in Kingdom power, and
that the Church has been reigning on
the earth as His representative. On
the strength of this delusion, Jews and
heretics have been persecuted to death
as opponents to Christ’s Kingdom. All
the while we thoughtlessly repeated
the Lord’s prayer: "Thy Kingdom
come: Th.v'will tie done on earth, as in
Heaven.” We knew that the Redeemer
said that He would come again to
make us His Bride and joint-heirs: but
we ignored the Scriptures We were
drunk, as the Scriptures symbolically
say. "all nations were drunk” with the
false doctrine. It Is this false doctrine
that will constitute the “frog" spirit
which soon will begin to croak and to
prepare for Armageddon
The Bible presentation is that the
world is a section of the universe in
rebellion against Divine authority, un
der the captaincy of Satan and his us
sociated fallen angels. B.v Divine grace
Jesus has already “tasted death for
every man.” and the merit of that sac
rifice must, eventually, grant Adam and
his posterity a full, fair opportunity
for the attainment of everlasting life.
All wlio thus see the Divine program
and are walking in the light may know
something at least respecting the “times
and seasons' These brethren “are
not in darkness, that that day land
that battle of Armageddon 1 should
overtake" them "as a thief” -un
a wares.
Armageddon Not Yet but Soon.
For forty years the Armageddon
forces have been mustering for both
sides of the ronttiet Strikes, lockouts
and riots, great and small, have been
merely incidental skirmishes as the
belligerent parties crossed each other’s
paths. Court and Army scandals in
Europe, Insurance. Trust and Court
scandals in America, have shaken pith
lit- confidence Dynamite plots, charg
ed by turns on employees and on cm
plo.vers. have further shaken conti
deuce and tended to make each dis
trustful of the other Bitter and angry
feelings on both sides are more and
more manifest. The lines of battle are
daily becoming more distinctly marked
Nevertheless Armageddon cannot yet
be fought. Other matters intervene,
according to prophecy.
Geutile times have still two years Ao
run The “Image of the Beast” of ■. ur
context must yet receive life— power
The Image must be transformed from
a mere mechanism to a living force
Protestant Federation realizes that its
organization will still be futile unless
It receive vitalization—unless its clergy
directly or indirectly shall be- recog
nized as possessed of apostolic ordina
lion and authority to teach. This the
prophecy indicates will come from the
two horned beast, which, we believe,
symbolically represents the Church of
England. High-handed activities of
Protestantism and Catholicism, operat
ing In conjunction for the suppression
of human liberties, await this vivifying
of the Image. This ma'J’ come soon,
but Armageddon cannot precede it, but
must follow — perhaps a year after it.
according to our view of the Prophecy
Still another thing intervenes: Al
though the Jews are gradually flowing
Into Palestine, gradually obtaining con
trol of the land of Canaan, and al
though reports say that already nine
teen millionaires are there, neverthe
less prophecy requires an evidently
larger number of wealthy Hebrews to
be there before the Armageddon crisis
be reached. Indeed we understand
that “Jacob’s trouble” tn the Holy
Land will come at the very close of
Armageddon. Then Messiah’s King
dom will begin to be manifested
Thenceforth Israel in the land of prom
ise will gradually rise from tbe ashes
of the past to the grandeur of proph
ecy. Through Its Divinely appointed
I princes Messiah’s Kingdom, all-power
| ful but invisible, will begin to roll
way the curse and ho.lift up mankind,
The Smith Family Reunion.
One day my Ma she sez —“John, don’t you know
That nowadays it is the latest style
For folks to hunt up all their kith an’ kin
An’ have re-unions every little while?”
Sez she—“the Thompsons, they did, an’ the Browns,
An’, my ! how all them wimmiti put on airs
When they drove past an’ seen me settin’ out !
I’m sure our family’s just as good as their’s !”
An’ Ma jest chewed the rag till Pa he seen
That she had got her mind completely sot;
An’ so he sez —“we might as well give in,
’Cause she wont budge one tittle ner a jot!”
Then Ma wuz glad, an’ worked jest like a Turk;
She fix’d our clothes and press’d Pa’s Sunday pants;
An’ me an’ Fred, wuz run almost to death
A-gettin’ word to our uncles an’ our aunts.
An’ Ma she cook’d three chickens an’ a ham,
Bak’d cakes an’ pies, an’ sech a lot of stuff
That even me an’ Fred, sed she could stop,
’Cause we really thought that there would be enough.
An’ when we all got ready for to start,
The other folks all come an’ formed in line
Before our house ! Gee ! how the neighbors stared,
For take it from me —we surely did look fine !
Pa an’ us boys wuz rigged like Christmas trees;
The girls had frills and furbelows galore ;
Ma had her hair done in a “sykee” knot!
Pa sed she never look’d so sweet before !
An’ then our whole gang drove out to the park,
An’ set aroun’ in rows, an’ et, an’ et
So hard that we ’most busted on the spot!—:
Our eats wuz of the finest, you can bet !
Our re-union surely wuz a swell affair,
Though it took an awful lot of work and fuss;
But if you’d a-seen us goin’ you’d a-sed
That there wuz surely plenty class to us !
Sara Roberta Getty.
1882 1912
j The Items Below Were Current During
Week Ending November 18, 1882.
A review of the official returns de
veloped no appreciable differences
from the election reports given in
Journal of November Uth.
Cards out for a wedding at Grace
M. E. Church, South, Tuesday, No
vember 21st.
Diphtheria still prevailing. Several
cases developed in and near Midland,
and one death —a child of Dr. and
Mrs. Smith.
•At residence of bride’s parents, on
Broadway, 6 % o’clock Wednesday
morning, November 22, 1882, Miss
Kate G. Hamill, daughter of Mr. aud
Mrs. C. H. Hamill. was married to Mr.
N. M- Dean, by Rev. Dr. J. Ruhl.
Dr. W. H. Ravenscraft, Mayor, was
called from his chair in the Council
Chamber to his home Monday evening.
Wondering what was “up,” he found
“a surprise part} 7 ” comprising the
membership of the English Baptist
Church in full possession of his house.
The party informed him that they had
called to attest their esteem for him
and family on the eve of separation by
presenting Mrs. Ravenscraft an ele
gant silver fruit stand. On the part
of Mrs. R. , the doctor accepted it
gracefully and gratefully.
Dr. G. W. Weiner, formerly of Bal
timore, died in Denver, Colorado, aged
29, from gas suffocation. He was a
cousin of Mrs. Ida Stern, of this place.
David W. Sloan, State’s Attorney,
was married in St. Louis, Missouri,
Tuesday, November 14, 1882. Miss
Mary Lamar Good, of that city, was
the bride. Among the ushers were
Col. Henry J. Johnson, editor of the
News; Robert McDonald, and Capt.
W. O. Hoffman, all of Cumberland.
Miss Agnes Sloan, of Lonaconing, and
Dr. George Sloan, of lowa, were
among the guests.
Dr. W. H. Ravenscraft’s family left
for Parkersburg, W. Va., their future
home, Wednesday, November 15th.
The doctor was twice elected Mayor
of Frostburg.
William B. Jones, of Youngstown,
O. and Morris G. Thomas, of Pitts
burg, Pa., visited their former homes
here, the latter ill.
The Journal met Prof. Thomas Jef
ferson Nimrao, formerly of Frostburg,
on the train between. Frostburg and
Cumberland. He had enjoyed a suc
cessful summer’s run at Oakland and
was now on his way to fill the winter’s
schedule at Salisbury, Pa. In reply
to interrogations concerning his busi
ness he delivered an oration which
lasted from Morantown to Corrigans
ville. A few extracts follow:
“My opportunities for studying
physiognomy and analyzing character
are immense, though the technical
terms for such guff waft a little too
high for my prattle.
“I can gamble on S points, however,
and win the 95 in guessing what a
galoot is made of; what he wants—
from face, profile or oblique—full
length, half-bust or squat; what’s His
A Poser.
“He who puts his hand to the
plow,” screamed the cross-roads ora
tor, “must not turn back!” “Wliat is
he to do when he gets to the end of a
furrer?” asked the auditor in the blue
jean 11 •. —Youth’s Companion.
- money basis—this after ordering him
i to make a 75 per cent, depos. on neg.;
i residuum C. O. D., and how much of
him’s solid and how much natural gas.
: “No only-dime-in-pocket
- business done in this here studio nor
any other breed of fiat-bustedness
1 tolerated on or about these here prem
1 “On these terms, ladies and gentle
men, permit me to size you up en carte,
i cabinet, Bxlo—life or heroic!”
7 The great professor also rejoiced
; over the results of the election.
1 Said he—
“ The country is rapidly adopting
the platform of Nimmo’s ranche, and
7 I am glad of it, for I tell you when it
1 has fully done so, it will be a cold 20th
• century for loot-dickerers and lush
i eaters.”
; At regular meeting of Council, Mon
-1 day evening, J. S. Metzger, clerk,
• read Mayor Ravenscraft’s resignation;
1 Councilman EnOch Clise was elected
1 Mayor pro tem; a special election or
dered to be held Monday, November
27th, and Messrs. George Hosken, A.
1 A. Rogers and John B. McCulloh ap-
pointed the judges.
Bernard Kenney, 18 years old,
driver in Borden Shaft, was killed by
1 a fall of roof Tuesday, November
1 14, 1882. A coroner’s jury returned a
■ verdict that the accident was unavoid
, able.
7 A fair Virginia lady sent the Jour
-5 nal a sack of “Milam” apples —“an
’ old but incomparable brand of fruit.”
“God loves man when he refrains
from sin;
The devil loves him when he persists
The world loves man when riches on
him blow
- And we’ll love you when you pay us
what you owe.”
Borden Shaft'boys announced a
r grand ball in Paul’s Opera House for
Monday, November 20th.
Borden Shaft idle owing to a de
mand by drivers of a raise of wages
. from $1.65 to $2 a day.
Judge Pearre drew the jury for the
January term of Court, in part com
prising W. H. Carson, William Slee
j man, John Peebles, John Laird, jr.,
D. G. Percy, William Orr, sr., Reuben
j Anthony, A. B. Shaw, N. S. Frost,
. Peter Payne, Frank C. Beall, John
. Sommerville, jr., Patrick Hoye, Adam
Barth and Edward Shockey.
i The heirs of the.late Robert Clai'ke
- McCulloh obtained a verdict against
the Blasn Avon Coal Company for
( $8,700. Major Alex. Shaw, with a
r mortgage, sought to sell the property,
1 but Judge Alvey granted and finally
) made perpetual an injunction pre
venting the sale.
, William B. Baird, W. S. Burton,
i David T. Hill, William Stevens, J. M.
- Zimmerly and Joseph Bear were
- among officers-elect of Mountain
3 Spring Lodge, No. 12, I. O. G. T.
Here Is a Pun.
> Kitty—My brother Cornelius has
- been calling on Miss Chilleigh for
j over a year. Marie —Is he going to
i marry her? Kitty—l don’t know. I’m
i afraid she’s rather too cold to make
Corn pop.
Generous Miners.
A committee of about 25, represent
ing the miners of Hoffman, called upon
Thomas M. Price, late foreman of the
mine, Thursday evening of last week
and presented him with a splendid
gold watch and chain as a mark of
their esteem.
Jabez J. Mealing made the presen
tation address, paying high tribute to
Mr. Price’s character as a fair and
just director and supervisor of their
work. He had known Mr. Price, too,
since boyhood, and was proud to testi
fy to his consistently honest life.
Mr. Price, taken by surprise, found
it difficult to respond, but his manner
indicated that he was deeply touched.
John J. Price, Mayor of the town
and brother of Thomas M., expressed
his pleasure at the good feeling mani
fested by the Hoffman gentlemen.
It was a most delightful incident.
Pastoral, Athletic aad Matrimonial
The Congregational parish at Ches
ter, N. J., recently tendered Rev. and
Mrs. J. Lewis Evans a reception sub
stantialized with the gift of a well
filled purse.
J. Raymond Evans, son, is now a
student of LaFayette College. Dur
ing his last year at the Chester High
School he took the largest number of
prizes in the study of athletics.
Lawrence, another son, was married
Thursday, October 24th, last, the
bride being one of Bayonne’s (N. J.)
pretty girls.
Father—Now, If you ask me one sin
gle question more I'll send you to
bed —
A Good Publication.
The Journal has received from the
Bureau of Mines, Department of In
terior, Washington, D. C., “Miners
Circular 9,” treating of “Accidents
From Falls of Roof and Coal,” by
George S. Rice.
In one place Mr. Rice says that it is
his belief “that most falls of roof,
coal, and ‘slate’ are unnecessary.”
Further on he asks—
“ How can you, the miner, escape
harm from a fall of roof in your work
The answer is—
“Be careful!”
Hence, in one juncture he enjoins
the miner thus:
“Do not take the risk of finishing a
cut, or loading a car, before putting
up a prop. A moment’s delay may
cost your life!”
He justifies this sort of talk by af
firming that “frequently a miner says
to himself —
“I will load another car before
timbering;’ or ‘I will set a temporary
post’—that is a post without a cap
piece and not in the right position.
Sometimes, too, a miner says—
“ The top is good, I have been a
miner twenty years, and know when
to set a post, giving the foreman or
boss to understand that instructions
are not needed.”
The document is evidently of great
value to both operator and miner, and
each should have one—if for nothing
else, as a reminder of a duty always
present when work is going.
Over-The-Rlver News.
A Patterson’s-Creek correspondent
of the Keyser (W. Va.) Tribune fur
nished that paper last week one
“coming event:”
“There will be an old-time singing
bee in the church next Sunday. Un
cle Hiram Root, who is about the
same, will pitch the tunes.”
Also this fashion note :
“Miss Laurel Root attended the
missionary meeting at Junction last
Sunday. She wore a dress of pinque
lambrequin over white lingerie
trimmed with white applique lace.”
Later Miss Laurel got into trouble
by disobeying the order of the Foreign
Women’s Society of Missionaries who
delegated her to see that the annual
contribution for this year, $2.73, be
sent to Siam.
But in the meeting at Junction she
was persuaded to let it go to Korea.
The indignation meeting which fol
lowed grew out of the disappointment
of the older members who recollected
the time when the Siamese Twins
were in this country, and as no duplex
Korean offspring had ever come here,
the donation going in that direction
| didn’t look like missionary reciprocity.
HENRY P. COOK, Manager
Forgot the Hog.
The Frostburg bureau of the Cum
berland Times thinks it has “scored
one” on the Journal:
“Yer gotta have milk, and the far
ther you drive the cow away the more
yer gotta pay for it.”
The bureau should read Emerson’s
essay upon “Compensation” and then
become content with reform.
The Journai, believes that the
policy of taxing people with special
assessments for pretty streets, and then
allowing cows to run over them ad
libitum is a rank injustice multiplied
by two.
It also believes that the street
cleaning department would cost 25 or
50 per cent, less by keeping cows
where they belong—out of town.
“Thirty Years Ago” the Journai,
bitterly opposed the keep of hogs in
town—for the particular reason that
hog-pens are the nurseries of diph
theria, so pronounced by the best
Frostburg doctor in 1882, when diph
theria was epidemic.
On this foundation the Journal
waged its battle until at last an Ordi
nance was passed making hog-pens
Meanwhile, the Journal lost scores
of subscribers, comprising those who
wanted to keep hogs in spite of the
known fact that they are a menace to
public health.
The hog is just as “useful” and
“friendly” to the town as the cow, but
the bureau hasn’t indulged a single
tear of sorrow over the poor, dear, ex
patriated hog! And yet—
Yer gotta have middlin’, an’ the
farther you drive the shoat away the
more yer gotta pay for spare-ribs an’
Barred From Popularity.
“We want a man for leader who
knows all about the tariff, the cur
rency and the methods of railways
and corporations.” "No, we don’t,"
replied the practical campaigner. "A
man who learned all that would never
have time to go around shaking hands
or relating humorous anecdotes."
Foot-Ball Shakspearlaua.
“Down ! Down !” —Henry VI.
“Well placed.”—Henry V.
“An excellent pass.’’-The Tempest.
“A touch, a touch, I do confess.” —
“I do commend you to their backs.”
“More rushes! More rushes!”—
Henry IV.
“Pell mell, down with them!”—
Dove’s Eabor Lost.
“This shouldering of each other.”
—Henry VI.
“Being down I have placing.”—-
“Let him not pass, but kill him
“’Tis sport to maul a runner.”—
Antony and Cleopatra.
“I’ll catch it ere it come to ground.”
“We must have bloody noses and
cracked crowns.”—Henry IV.
“Worthy sir, thou bleedest j thy ex
ercise hath been too violent.”—Corio
“It’s the first time that I ever heard
breaking of ribs was sport.”—As You
Like It Boston (Mass.) Transcript.
She—They had planned an Ideal
married life —love In a cottage and all
that, you know.
Le—well, why didn’t they carry It
She—The agent of the cottage In
sisted upon rent In advance.
The owners of the Baltimore Sun
have advised the Journal that they
will not exact publication of their
prospectus from Maryland newspapers
in charge for the difference in the cost
of dailies and weeklies, but that they
will enter the Journal on their ex
change list of both morning and even
ing editions. This means twelve
papers for one—a concession which
i the Journal certainly appreciates.
The Cumberland American last
week announced the purpose of its
owners to make it a daily publication,
: independent in all things, first issue
to appear during next month. So far
as published the management com
: prises Frank L. Geary, current editor;
F. N. Zihlman, J. William Wickard,
; Harry Irvine, Conrad J. Herpich, and
: a Baltimore gentleman whose name
has not been given out. Three dailies
i in Cumberland will make newspaper
competition very brisk in that town.

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