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?x KDNESDAY, J IN. i. 18
Prize? of the saM
chicado Bseordj Tas great prias
of the Rust for which t.reat Britain
mod Bussis bass bees playing a deep
gssss of diplosnaoj stei siaos the
Chinese .?apa?es?* wsr is th?* >.i-t
and f?rtil** \ alley ?d* th?* Vati_;
Klang. Thil <>f the great riv?
ers ??f th- world, and, as s wrttsr from
Kiu-Kiang in the laOodos Tu
it will compare with the A ma/on for
length, with the Mississippi for vol-?
linn*, with the St. Lsswrsnosfor nati
gability, and with any rivet of the
world, not accepting tin Nile. f??r
muddy sediment, "sewing th?1
of continents tobe?*' It scatters this
sediment ??vor a wonderful rich area
as la:. relsnd and has supported
millions of people since the ?lawn of
history. The river itself i> nai
ble for ocean g?>ing vessels for hun?
dreds of in; I-- aud for vessels ?>f but
little lighter draft for more than a
1,000 tnil' -. Even under the unen?
terprii ?vernment of Pekin this
river has n i ? a;. I been
mercial highway, but under the
\?* rule or influence of the Brit
isfa it would soon develop a commerce
that would be - pi ?se t?> the
world. The ? basin supports
probably pie and is by
far the ri produt
part of China With Knglish domi?
nation ?>f the Vangtse basin the cap
it-ol of t'hina would probably be re
moved to Nanking, in the "old mid?
dle kingdom." which is the r?*al cen?
ter of Chinese power. The natives
who live in thia region have proved
to be the leasl tractable- as regards
foreigners, but ?>reat Britain would i
be able, if any power can. to make
and transform or modify nation?
al characteristics and thus fashion a
new force for the development of the
Soothing, healing, cleansing, 1>?* Witt*a
Witch Hazel Salve is the* Impla?
emy of *-.>r?. -, burns and wounds It nev?
er fails to le- Von may relv
upon it XX'. Richardsos
Available Testimony
A story told by Major Meu.'.ie
being circulated through th?
in the Mate House, of a VincenneS
lawyer who appeared for the defend?
ant in a trial by jury and put on the
wit!i"ss stand B boy from whose t
mony he expected to gain a great
deal. To the confusion of the attor?
ney, the story tolei by the boy was
greatly to the detriment of the de?
fendant, and the attorney set to work
to show that the boy was "worth
"What is your occupation," he
asked the boy.
"I work on my father's farm," the
witness replied.
"You don't do much but sit around,
do your"
"Well, ? help my father."
"But yon are worthless, aren't
you?" was the attornev's decisive
"I don't know whether J am or
not." retorted the witness warmly.
Then the attorney took another
tack. "Your father's a worthless
man. isn't h
"Well, he works about the farm."
The attorney here fastened an eye
which gleamed with triumph on the
jury aud nailed the boy with a glance
from the other and said:
"Isn't it true that your father
doesn't do euough work to prevent
his being called worthless':'"
The boy had chafed under these
unpleasant ?puestious, and, summon?
ing his courage, he said loudly, "If
you xvaut to know so bad whether my
father's worthless, ask him; then* he
is. on the jury."
Late t?> bed anei early !e> rise, }>r? {
a mai?, ?or his home in tbe ikies. But
early to heel :uiel a Little Early Riser, tbe
pill that makes life longer and better and
u iser W. Richardson.
How They Speak "When They Meet.
??How can your" that's Swede.
-How do yon are?" tout's Hutch.
-How do you stand?" -Italian.
"God go with Spanish.
"How do yon live on?"-?Russisn.
??How do yon perspire?" Egypt.
?Howdy, dor" that's American.
"Thank God, how are vour" that's
"May tbj ihadow never grow Is
that's IVr.-' .
"How do you 'airy yourseifl'"
that".- French.
"Be under the guard of (iodl""
that's Ottoman.
"How il yoor stomach'" that's
The contract for tOOSCCO for the
itiiw was awarded last week to Isut?
ler I Basher, <?f Ricbssond, at 42
cents per pound. The contract culls
for WO.OO0 pounds, the delivery fes
begin Jan. 1 It.
The Philppine Island??.
The Philippine ??lauds are a large
and important group of the Malay i
Archipeiago, formiug its S?. division, '
and. next to Cuba, the most valuable
colonial possess?''.? of ?Spain, chiefly ?
between latitude 5 t% and 1(.? M V
and lougitude lit aud IM K.? hav?
ing X. aud F.. the Pacific ocean. W.
the China ami Sooloo seas, and S.
the sea of Celebes. There are about
l,SO0 sSSSSds in all. of which ?108 are
inhabite?!. The principal islands are
I.o/.ou, Miu'lanao and Palawan, with
Mindoro, Pauay. Nsjfgr ?**. Zebu, ltohol,
. Samor. Mai-bate, and many ?if
IS liasj. The total ?irea is estimated ,
at about 115,5138 s?|iiare miles, ami
the population at about 8.000,0th?.
The i-.lan.Js ajrs of volcanic forma
tion. traversed by ? chain of moun?
tains from north to South, rising in
some of them to 6,000 feet, and som?
o? these are still active volcsi
Th ? coasts of most of them are deep
ly indented by the ssspsad the Isrger
islands are ?veil watered by large
stivanis. with esl Wording ex
celled harbors. Farth<*uakes are of
frequent occurence. Tin
within the rs I he m
ami violent hurricanes are common.
Frtun May to September tin
are deluged with ram. while
the * ' monsoon bringt rain to
s. which are al other
? dry. The high tempera!
and abundance of moisture pro?:
a luxuriant vegetation. ?-?> that they
le of yielding all kinds
colonial and probably European pr??
duce. Itice, millet. ?
hemp. !
I: and sago, eo<
bananas, cinnamon, betel, numerous
fruits, timber for shipbuild
and ?.ye * ?>ods, are among the pro
? e?>utrh
without harm to the nufferer t?
Lingering ?'??Ids are da
Cough Cure quick] "- suf?
fer when s'iH'1?
reach': It is pleasant !?? t; W.
A s A will Wors n.
wound 1 said ??m
of the New Orleans nuises. uwas
at all da; The man s
gunner ii. tl Second Artillery. I
* hi- name, but lie was a tall,
chap, with large, ?lark
black hair and a wavy black motis
tacke?a peri ire of S soldier,
rsp of shell came along on the
?MOOnd day's tight and zipped right
?iis face, takiug off his upper lip
as clean as I knife. If he had been
in a city the su:. might have
done something f?jr him. but it would
have needed days of patient work
and line aseptic conditions, and a
hundred other things ridiculo:
think about on a battlefield where
scores of desperately wounded men
waiting for their turn on the
table. So there was nothing for it
but to bandage him up and leave him
with a disfigurement that would
make hitn a horror for life. In a
week or so h? was practically well,
but my heart bled for him. He had
been married lately to a very beaut i
ful woman, aud he dreaded to go
back. It would have beeii a thous?
and times better if he had lost a leg
or an arm, and he realized it fully,
lie was the image of dsspair. I don't
know what became of him. War is
an awful thing."?New Orleans
Times- Democrat.
When you ask for Dt Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve don't accepi h counterfeit or
imitation. There are more cases of Piles
being cured by this, than all others com?
bined. W. Richardson
Vknjii.a'iin?. Pol i.iky Holm
Chicken "cranks'' in a great many
esses are generally very enthusiastic
over the matter of ventilating the
houses in which poultry are kept, and
msny are the schemes practiced in
order to accomplish this end. Ven?
tilation is an excellent thing, though
I believe that on the majority of
farms, and especially at this season
of the year, a little more attention
?honld be paid in trying to determine
how not to ventilate. And this not
only applies to the poultry house bul
also to the barns. Give, this mattei
your time from now on till spring,
for without a doubt there has heeri
far more birds killed by the over
ventilstion than the under ventila
tion. During the colder months il
il almost impossible to have a chick
en house too warm, and all the fresl
air the birds will need il more thai
likely t?> find its way into the houst
?0 .??'m?- ibspe or manner. -Weekly
In a store at Virgilitia, Halifa>
county last week, a white man repri?
manded a colored youth for iinpu
deuce, and following an exchange ol
hot words the negro was knocket!
down. A row followed between tht
whites and blacks ?luring which eight
an?i possibly more, of the negroes
were wounded, but nof.seriously?
The VlrsTi lu Rolls
Mr. I.anib aud Mr. Hay both have
in trod reed bills in the l" ni ted States
House of Kepresentatives seekiug to j
secure for Virginia the privilege of !
copying her muster-rolls, now on tile
in the War Department
We are glad to see their zeal in
this matter. It is ?june possible that '
the President and Secretary of War
could of their own moti?>n r-^lax the
"rule" of the department, which is in
our pathway: but the steps taken bv
our congressmen will elicit full in?
formation upon this subject, and wt
believe will be successful.
AH that Virginia wishes is the
privilege of copying her own rolls.
This she cau do at a cost of about
$5000, whereas the departmental
prices for certified eopn s would SS
about f4A,000. Whether it would be
better for us to make copies hx ph.?
tography, or by the use ?>f typewrit
iag tnachiues, or by haml. isatnatVr
for disoussion after the government's
permit has been given. Hut WS feel ,
sure the permit will be grauted.
Mr. McKinley and ins friends, who
haw thought the momea! ossportune
to BSV such nice tuings abool our he
rote dead ami the loyalty ?>f the'
South in the war just closed, cannot
refuse the privilege of placing in the
State's archives the r?>ster of the liv?
_ md ?lead who reprsssnted \
i m the Confederate army
It may 'hat if tbe govern-?
ment shoold cive its consent lo \ -
glUIS it COU Id llOt
.* . i
iie?t; e are only a feu v>
? not ai-? their
and the Federal ? ?o?
would better ?*ui hem
work than t h row ot.- i
hundreds of r?>lls that h
among th
Confed?rate Government n I
i would be for he: is ?
a tress ?iv . ? iuf
trly every man, woman and child
papers compara
So we ss
:eti have undertak?
Richmond 1 Hspateh.
XX'1 . mtnonly known :i- henri
? requentlv an aggravated foi m
of |)\ - Like ;ill oilier ?ii-t
resulting from Indigestion, it i'hii be
cured bv tvodol Dyspepsia Cure It ? i ? -
- a iiHt von ?*:? x\\ RIcbardsoB
Etioi in Hwvn.x.?ThrteCubans
were killed and one Spanish officer
and two Cubans were wounded last
week in Havana in an affrav betueen
some Spanish officers o ; duty and a
number Of citizens and a party
Cubans, who wished to close the Ta?
c?n Theater on account of the death
of General (?areia at Washington.
The Spanish troops on duty interven
ed ati?l r?*stored order. After the
news of General Garcia's death spread
through Havana the Cubans wished
to have all the places of amusement
closed. They succeeded in closing
two places frequented by Cubans,
but the management ot the Tacon
Theater, where there were many
Spanish officer*-, among the audience,
refused to close the theater. There
upon, Allegrette. a former captain of
insurgent troops, got into an excited
argument with the manager of the
theater, aud Allegrette was escorted
to the sidewalk uy the police ou duty.
There he entered into a heated dis
cusiion with a Spanish officer, who
struck him across the face with the
Hat of his sword, which precipitated
the rioting. After some thrilling
scenes, in which some American offi?
cers had narrow escapes from stray
bullets, order xvas restored.
When you have eaten loo much, 01
when you suffer from any form of Dy
l>?*psia or Indigestion, remember thai
Kudol Dyspepsia Curs ?iii.r?--t- waul yon
??at. It cur?*s tbe Worst form- ol I>\s
pepsie W. Richardson.
A -story is told of a prompt am:
witty retort made by an Irish drovei
to a remark of the present Solicitor
General, Sir Robert Finlay, Q. C.
M. 1'. Once when in Ireland. Bil
Robert- when Mr. Finlay?met t
drover proceeding with a number ol
i cattle to a fair in the South. "When
are you going to?" said the eminen
"To Waterford Fair, your hannor.'
"Indeed? And how much do yot
expect to get for your beasts!'" saic
the(?. C
"Shure, an' ave 1 get ?8 the heat
I shall not do badly," replied Fat
"Ah, that's a sample of your cou n
try!" said Sir Robert. "Now, tak?
these heifers to Fngland, and voi
average >.'14 a head."
??.fust so, yer banner," said Fat
! promptly; "and av yez were to tak
the Lakes of Killarney to purgatho
ry, vez would get a guinea a dhrop.
Rev. -I. H. Funsten, of Norfolk, ha
not yet announced his intention as t?
! whether or not he will accept th
Kpiseopal bishopric of Hoisee. Idahu
A Lawyer Complimented
Jim Webster was beiug tried fot
bribing a colored witness. Sam-lohn
sing, to testify falsely.
"You say the defendaur offered
a?osi $50 U) test if v in hi?* behal (':"
asked the lawyer <?f Sam.
"Yes, sah."
" Now, repeat what he saul. using
his exact wor.ls."
"He ?aid be w?>ni?l ?gib me $*A\ if
i -
"He didn't speak m the third psr
?SSa, ?ii?! he?"
"No. sah; he tuck gOOSJ OSIS dat
?lar were no third psSSOU "rouml:?lar
was only two ? us two."
"I know that, but he .?.p?)k?* ?toyou
in the first person. didn*l be?*"
??I was de fust pusses myself, sah.
"Yon don't ssderstand me. >A ben
he was talking t?- von, did he SUV, I
will pay you $60?"
V.. sHh; he ?lidti't nothin* 'bout
you payin' me $50. Y??ur name
wasn't mentioneii. veptin" he told me
ef ever 1 got ?Uto a SCrspe yOU was ?le
best lawyer in San \- ?fool ?!??
je?lge and JUI ' ? '~ de
F?>r a '?net. breathless moment,
Pkodui ;st- ?..';? i? \
French eg ? -
method by ?? bicfa r ?>f
'?'??ii :
. ?
grams of su l| fii -
? ?
Tile \\
\ ? a , ?rk World
.tor Hoar, of Massach iisetts,
preparing an amendment to the
? treaty, declaring that it ?a the
f the ' ? n??T to
exeraise sovereignty ??wr the Phili?
pin? are hi pel ;?g?>. The opposite
empire is rapidly crystalizing, he
think??. "In all it is Imped t?i mus
ter for the amendment ten Repnbli
cau senators and the entire mimuiu
?oept Lindsey, ??f Kentucky: Mor?
g?n, of Alabama, and ?irav. of Del.?
war?*.'" So he saya
In connection with the re
burning of St. V.gnes* Roman Catho?
lie Church on Fast KortJ t hi r?.i si
New York, a Btrange feature of th?
tire wits that all the st;,t:?rs ami
painting of St. Agnes in th?* church
as well as the relics of the saint v*i;
?brined ther?-, escapad Rame, amok?
and water. Not only were the relie:
of the saint saved, hut the whit?
marble statuette ?>f St Agnes, whicl
stood beneath the abrius, ?Os?. oami
through the fire uninjured bv eithe
j smoke or llame.
Constipation prevent? the body fro?
1 ?riddiag itself of waste matter. ?De Witt'
? Little Barly Risers will remove th
trouble and core Sick Headache, Billow
lu-ss Inactive Liver sad clear ths Con
plexioa. Ssaall, Migar coated, don'
grips or cause nausea W Richardaoi
The recent race trouble in Illinoi
has effectually settled the mixe
school (juestion in that State. F?
years past that question has bee
: continually springing up in ?litTeret
? parts of the State, but never until r<
! centlv was it submitted to a iur
, Then it was decided, by the w hi
men who composed the jury, that i
there were negro schools, negro
must send their children to them. ?
not send them at all, as they shoe.
; not be admitted into the wbi
? schools.
Governor Tyler is embarrass, ?i I
the refusal of the government a
thorities to refund the $8,900 no
. in equipping the Virginia regimen
sent tc th** war. The money forth
purpose waa taken out of the Cover
or's contingent fund, which sISK
; depletes it. Senator Daniel brong
the matter to the attention of Co
Mr, (?eorge K. Wise, ayoungmei
ber of the l.iohmond bar, was tin
?10 by Judge Wickham in the Hs
rit-o county e?i?irt last week for t?
?linens in arriving for sppsSTSOOS
counsel for Thomas ??reen, a n?*g
I charge?! with sti*aliiig a mule.
lie v. Dr. .1. ? . Hldeti. one of t
iea?iing Haptist qainistera of t
s??>uth, Iih? timbre?! his resignstl
St pastor of Cr??ve avenue Kapl
i 'bunch, liichmond.
Srunll Farina
The SBSSBsSBSS Bf thoov win?iug lo pin
t small Urui in tin* ten He county
ot Clarke .*? tsUori t?? the Mmwlssj ? ?-?
M X? i?**?. liN.l Miiieti.'inlui!i?t:k? c.'t.l
bouse, stabtiag, uiatera *??.vi lar?.?* yeaasj
orcaerd. ???"? an acre
lOO X, i. - ..r-U <*u:ilil\ liine-tone lain!,
tairij iuipro\??i. on turastke, asarsle
pot, st,ire .*iu*i postosBce. t?oaa ? i<
?weUiag ??i * L'ou?-, bugs let, *?tat?i?*.
SBC . ti.r gSSSS
Uoass sad loi of i acre, I sattes fresa
QeilJ ? Ills on turnpike. *f."i?M
F m;m OS SOS A* BBS ?i miUs .-?mil? of '
l?eny\ Ule-?> nnhs from II Iweed
IsurgeBrick Dw?sUiug,teuaBt boasa, t>arn.
SBC , 4*i Hin? ?'! TtBSber, Spciag atiel 1>?>UI
si ream of WUtSf through the SSatSt St*
the fana. 100 acre.? ol N?> I river BU4
torn < Mie ot t lie* iiio-t proilllfti* ?' MS \\ ell
a- one ?>l th? liest st.uk tarms in ?larlu
???unity Price -f-40 per BSfU.
Kann ?>f |QS?| acresBear WicklinTe, ol
No i lam?, aader good faarlus; Price
$4*? p?*r sers
Farm uf 70 BCVeS near Hoy ce. c?>o?l
dwelliag ami ?uit baildiBga SI fair prie?*
House ami lot of i? ??? rss <ui taraplks
two miles north of Berry ville, lions?*
has *? rooms, ?uit kitchen, smoke boase,
small l?arn with BtabllBg for ?'? bead e?f
Stock, good fTuit, eisten Ht ti?>or aad
well ol water *?o feet t li?*r?fr?>m Price
XX'" ar** not advertieiag tbe satire list
of properties we bave to sell. a?id a ? I*.
BCnptiOB of tbe farm von in.*? y want ?ill
prove a guide la sele? tiuf from our li*?t.
Applv I I (ft CbOU n
BerrvTille, S ?
is now improved ? it h
Now Cam*!! Pniiimp Press
m 600' I Impressions
Courier Of?lce
?I I IBD w ill,
Bi meani ol which we are bnabli
Fill Orders for 1000 or m
-A NI?
All Other Work of This Description
Has liee-n added f?> onr office, for
Poster ni ME Wort
And we ar?* prepared to il<?
Job Printing of all Kinds
In excellent style.
I ^S??lii?-? for ?CtleB.
kCRES? lAKati-.i ue.ir Millwood
the turnpike r??H 1. Nie?- smooth land?18
sen a in Umber. <;?.. ?<i Dwelling, ?Sable,
granary, ?fee.: aiiedding torthJot so heu?i ??f
cattl?-: two large cisterns and stock pond
good old orchard and new ?>n?' in bearing
small fruits sikIi us ?iiiriciifs <K-ir-. paaebea
giapss. Trie?-1 to an :..
.'?s) A? ItB8 Located <>n ?:tst -.;.!?? .?f Shen*
andoab river. 1 miles lYom Whit?- Poat? lih?
H.ri's ? leure?! ; 90 iirr?-? of Islam! an?! river
bottom and ?n a? rex of run .??ottom, eqtutj to
I th?? river btsttora. <;.?.ni Dwelling: T.ar... Bis
riling, <<>rn crib, d'< : running water ano well
in the yard; ??????i orchard, Bnst*eptible "i
?livision, an?! ifdastiad will be s?l?t in mpa
rate tntcts. Trice f?.r whole trad 912 per
ii? re Apply t.. SNYDKIi A CROW?.
BIGHT A<KK> ?>T I.ANI?. situ'ite?! in
northern part t.f??>unty. one mils fr??m ?h?.
|M.t. store an?! p"st<?ih<v'. Five-room ?lw?-i!
in?*, st?hle, dairy, meat hiHWS, ben-housa
and large cistern; 2acrsa in Umber? Pries
MOO. Apply to SN Y DKR ?* CROWN
tJSBr liuviliK *??rv..l tin pulili? I?' ? a ? ?
inov rean sa
Contrae tor? aud Buudeib.
out ?*r?*?i?sl BOBUe ??i tin* lin*???? rswoeaee? an,
biwiaass stau?!*? SB Kerry vill?* BBM? \i?init\
?.?,?? ar?* Beoom?as aeWs SswJ willsaaSJaas i?
Kiv?* *?ali.s|a?lioii we liav*? alwaya i>n?irrr?l r.
fht.si* ?a In. ??ut rust t(i?*ir *A<irk tons Will
Stni Pianist and Saw Mill
?.*.. -US BSSSBUad t" IH all ??.ntr???*? in .onmntioii with our 1..1-111.--?- al t-s-aaoiiahU rat?
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantles Plasteing Lath,
ami t'tlur BuiMin?* Mat.-n.il luriiish.-.l uU short BjSSBSS We) have in ?*.siiti*Mti??ti witti -?
,it lier lnisiiu?ss ?
?X^ri-isrst (Mill ?lid C '?>!??! OsrumsBlaSBsrsj
..nu, an tarnish ?'??UN M K.M.. BOUsUS. I KKI? ,V?- . t?. all 111 n?*.s| ,.| 11?* hHih?
xii bills paya'?l?* al taxe 1rs? ni eaeh BBosstsi IU?BBB isjasurwisc provMsal fur
D- C.-8NYDEK I No o < kow N
Real Estate Agents,
i I.AIUii: t ?M 7\ I V. VA.,
?* h 1.11 th, X\ . -?
j . >ii\ i'i.iik- it trt'iu 1 -
.!*? 1- 1.n Un* ???'Ulli .uni l'r? tiiTiik ?ni lii?* **e,?-t
.i-t. ru j ..rr nfth? eotinty, al th?' t? ?.>t of th?
?> ?? j ri*i>ui?i\ ili?- rieheal ??unity In las
? ?rtiiity cl lui IV th. in-all hftiltit?s of her ? limai?', ami th?
??nu th?- it.111*111- <?( hll ?Im have
? mum pati of the ?Bounty, lying l*?tat*?*n th?
? ? jiMi-, b gs-titl) un?l ilatii t?l ?ufitcieiitly fur ?lraina*?;?
- .\ii, -*l \\ hi'.ii ami r.irii. < ho ?*r ami "t im??th> Kills
. uncultivated li?l.|-. .1 -i.l ,-.|iial t< th?- l'ai :
the !iui?st..iit tormatii'i: lit? limestone ?Mug ivedil}
l.ir-.i i,.r bnil?iuK pur???.s.*> aim Pur burning into lime, i
tell an Ut* ?? hi? t pri.tiin ti.ui- aft.I t of whu h a r?*:ni\ mai.
J rail, .ol kind* "i I rent- in tin- UUitU-.tr at?- groan,
in latin- m large ?lUantiti' . .. .? iiuiii?'i ?
-"I'l in Baltimore, Phihi?l.*:i>hia aim !
ses? s lo tu ?it y tul*. .
?inly in i'Vitj lir?-? 11. ii. aud I??? 1 r in.u u?i?*mi/? ?I inrnpiL.
' ..t. w lin ?t i itiitao?s a | fiMilati.tii ..I al*<>ii( ISOtl lln-t,
n t !.. town, aud ri -*?<i private and publie aehool*??school honm -
: ! "Mate l.tll.. rlll pfltils nil t.\?-r th? <?.iilit\
aliona r-miatiow of property i 11 on theflou forailpur}.?-.- Htate, routi
Un* Norfolk ami XX"ist?rn Bailroad, a r?-ad nim?tig*nl wuh a ?iea ol building1 up il.?
country through which il pasa uda through the centre of tbe ?'unity in its uortheri
and aoutheru course, arlordiug rea?l> meraua for travel or ?hi|anent-? ,.1" |>r???tin t- eittu-i
north or south thia railroad, v.? are looking hsspefully forth? extension .<i th?
Washington Ohio and VVestsarn front Kouud Hill, ii- pws.nl termiuu??disSant from Bei
?which will r row the county fromears. to weat, giving ua all the railr?.i?.i
taiilitus wo i'.ir'il ?h-nir?*. ami placing us by rail within 00 mil?*s nfthe nmtional ?apital
Clarke coin iy. aoorier ?*r later. 1*- deatined i*> i?eeom?- the -? -at 1 : manunseturina indu?
11-e of her extensive and \ir*^in ?1? brown hematite ?.r?~ Shaft-?
? ?n one farm alone U4<i the expert making the investigation toeondude thai a m ill mu ton**
1 ore could be min?Bd at that p?a, Th?ese ??re depoaiti? are fouud in the ri\?r lull*?
?listant from l??*rryvill? only live tutlea, and th? I r. ..it. of the XX aah. 0 .x XX'.*.-i
1; K runa through these rich deiat-aita liny ?rill eventually teiu|?i eauitaliat* to .w-\i?. ?
them, ami th?*ir development will u<i?l to the valu?* of the re? f tin* count*?
Vaageneral thing th? fannaiii thia county are large. XX'??.-?-tn. \ cut un iiu?? bbbbI
i'.ut- like those in the ?Uumherland Valley, Pa., tin- number ?*: farm* and ia?pulati<?ti
.ti the ctmnty would more than double. There is 11?? -rood r-j-eson ah) outai???-- parties?
u islunt; in invesS m ih?-?' lantls may not cinmbinc for their pur. bsae and arraugc for a iii
visimi of the buba The timber of the count j oonsiats ?>f walnut, hlaek <'*ek white mil
hit kt.r\ . locust, At
FA KM ??1 ??'?i A? ?:l.s,
_'i miles from Barry ville. I.arg?-. aqunre, moderu-bi?lt dwelliiiK, luani and ?-tit
buildingB. Running water through the farm, spring not for ?r?g ami well ?>f ?hi?
kitchen ?loor Tenant lions?' Price I1S.O0O.
i ai:m <?i ji?. a? Ki
A miles t'r??in Terry ville, sann- .nstamv fr??in Toyce LsBTgeStone limn>:? ?n-li? ?;. -?? r.
cent?) rtiii.Miei.ii iimirr it??- rmperviaion <?i a ??iaUnguiahed Sea York architect, whostatad
that it ?'.?iilit ii??t lie ?liipli? ;it?-?i t??r less than ?MO.000. l.uwn of -.'.'? acres, riewa -.uperb, ?1?
tat'lie?) kid hen. laumlrv, h'liant house BSMSIlH hoVBTfSS, ice bO?JM ?V? Witter'?h?ndalo.
Prim $24,090.
On Shemuuiituh river. 100 acres ?<f bottom hind, plenty ?>t itmlu-r. ?veil wKt?re?l In
OVsms BtS good. Tri?e S 40 an ii? r?- ami utils ?,?,?.. iiinio.latina
I'AKM ill ??? M i:i;S, ot tirst ?juulity linustoii?' hm.I. one hall imi? ln-m DswyvU' ?
with running water. KievaUti biukUng ?*??te on it. taking in a gnmd mountain ami
scape view. Trio- SOU p?T a? r?
lAK.M??!' WO At i;i>, ?*n 8h?enandoah river. ?> miles from station ?>n. N ?v W l.
i,-?, > ocrea river ixittum; 7.? acres of Umber. Well improved Price *?4.? \h-t a?r?
ANN l.i'ii.hi?." 216, m r? ? a grand homo; large ne? h repaired atone ?Muiskai; tei
ant liuiiM-. ano a amnber <uf outbuildiuga; runrsvg wuter. tineapriag-, ?'? ni il.** fr?.m it. ?
ryriile. rime giren purchaasr on deferred payments
FARM Ot hi'."* At KKS, near Boy? ??. 18 acres in timher. Well in yar.l. running Walei
in barnyard. Il??ns?-? ??iilains 8 rooms; oiithiulihtij's new. Trice f4-> per a? r.
I -'a it M U?l lJtHi a? lilv-?. iron and ??ther oras on it, J miles ol l?)hen?midoah river-fr*.*?*!
i??? acres of hest river hott?.in land, producing from 25 to 39 bnaha?? of wh?eat arid I*. U? i
??his.??! corn per acra without the oseof fe?-t?nsen. ?<?? acres ?>t ?/.i upland for bj>?sbbi.u
cultivatiun, with never-failing streams Bowing through each Mid. Too acres ..I" timher ??.
oak, poplar, chestnut ami pine, .-situate?, on locate?! extension ofW. 0. A W. K. T , thai
may be built to l.erryville. all laml in cultivation enckioed with board an.I ihestnnt ra..
fencing. Tur?- mountain apring wuter pip???! to the main dwelling and barn entailed nj-?!
the premises for all time has <> ?'?>st ?>r expense. Suaeeptible ??f ?hvision into tw?i or mom
farms; sprim/? sutiiciently num?rotai for a oolony. Thi.? is a rare opportunity f.?r in\?-st
in.-ut or proepective speculative ?leal in iron or Other ??re*?. Tri?e llo,0tJ0.
I A KM ?IT 290 At'IlKS. near M ill w? ><?<!; improvement?, first ?lass, an?! on?* <?f the m-?
deairabie bornee in that tocality. Trie?- Shu per acre.
FARM ?F 215 ACRE8; iron ore, ma?anases, ?*????.. on it; live mile? ir.?m Rerryvill?
on w?-st si.le <?f Shcmimhiah river; J? ucr?*s of river bottom; the higiiiami liest <-ua'lit\ <?1
forming laml. the timher an?! highland are valuable as txmtaining large boda of >r?>n .'r?
inaugsness. ftiw-brick clay, and aand osed f??r molding purposes, oui mill *?it?- also on it
I nipr. ?\etiu ills an Large brick dwelling with frame wing, situate?! on an eminence ?ffor?l
Ing a grand view of mountain and river; 2 bama an?! over} outbuilcling ue?*de<t. tenant
"l orchard, Ac. Pries 121,000.
1 \i:vi ??1 -'.??' A? KKS; on Slmnamloah riv?'r; loo acres riv?-r ami ?r?ek h?.tt??ins, ahm
?lance of timber; well ratered; good lmprc?/csBsnts, barn, ?v.?
FARV ' RKS, lying near loe ?>1<1 Chapel, Improved with frame dwelling,
abunda mberand flne atrsam of running water; ?sell fenced: laml in es?t*ellt*n<
.fcultivation. Umestane. Price950per aer?-.
suiiat.?! near the sonase whore the business of ths town Ledona, within u?o feet ?i
Winston HsJl. This 1??! fronts inn feet OU Main street, has a dep'.h of 200 fast, ami ?hi.
bedi?Tided into two lots for either rSBsdenes ?>r h usines.? stands. Tri?*e flt'JOli
Situar?-?! a few hundr?'d yards bolOW the ii?'jx?t mi turnpike House tins si? r????hi?*
stahle -.ut hiiilihni*s and wvll of water at the <Io??r. I'rice f2,iM>?i
BOC8E AND 1.4 it.
tin Hast Main str??t House lias 7 MOSM I.ot tin fe??t front by 180 feet frunl; n.n
niii?.' water on the lot. Tri?e $3000.
In Millwood. Housetwti-Mtnry hrick witli wing. Htabb* ami all ?nit-huihlinirs Ob
the lot. n lue lises.
14} ACRE KOT with n-???nl lions?- of 4 r....m.s ahove ha?emenl Price SAX?.
2 ACRE KOT. with lions?' ?.f 4 rniniiH?st?hle and large buiniini*; suited for factory ?u
shop ?>f anv kind. Price Shoo.
HOUSE OF 4 ROOMS In Ih-rryville ?in Rice St.. I of an acre, ci atem Ac. PricelROO
KOT l\ BERRYVILLEon Kih.rtv Str?*et, near the deiK?t, fSO feet front hy 1?W? feet
deep Price Saoo
jfRW PRAM1 Hot SK. 4 r.w.ms on Fast Main Htreet?, Rerrvville. Price $700.
I.O I SS>JSBJfagSjBjOia, U7 ft front by 170 ft. deep. Pri<sefAttO", or f??r bntb; fl'200.
For further information address 8NYDER At CROWN, Berry?#Hle, Vs.

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