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. sl>l> \\ . M VLM II l. L0M
Is Al?r*M- at Bay?
aVt art alsaost disposed t<? boliava
that Bscrsiai IS about to be
oorMffd. It hsgins t?> l????k at if the
truth about tin beef oositracts w?iuUl
as brought ont. It i> bruotheCourt
??f Inquiry now beginning itoawasioni
imposed of officers ?>f the army
who ?ire the Secretar) of War's rab*
ordinates and whose meal ami bread
depend in ?i large measure upon him.
bul th?'v are officer*! of tiw r?gulai
urinv and the S word I and unif??rtns
??f these tion that no other
official ooodnct under our goveru
ment po. They may b?> ?>-.er
d. but we shall experience a most
painful surprise if they fail in their
General Miles has deposited with
the War Department t?>r the m
this Court of Inquiry the document
arv evidence thai he ha? enltoctad ii
ard to Pie I" - rd the army
during the Spanish war and th?
\ ??rk Woi Id of Sunday last publishes
rt of digest of it. \V*' quote lib
??rally this morning from thai d
The statements treat of the uem
bain.id" beef and the canned
and, in the words of General Milet
they furnish "overwhelming evi
denes'1 of th? truth <d" bis cl
thai the be ?? ?it for use. W?
??not?.' fr?'in the Worhl as folio
i . \\. Mokes. No. ill Broadway
I Y?>rk. writes thut his dutii
two year?? k?'j>t him opposite th?
slanghU rhouses of the Last-, ro
Company. "During thai time," writ?
Mr. Stok?'?-. "1 saw thousands of sick
1 and repulsive looking animal
driven in for slaughter. Such eattl
a- you saw mired in th gns o:
the plains or dying of disease by th
roadside were killed almost daily
Such beef was both d and canned a
corned and fr?'sh beef. Some ??f th
choice Northwestern was shipped t
England, but that utterly unfit ft
food was canne?!."
The cutir?' mass of letters, rcpor
and affidavits shorn of the eerbiaf
i!d make two pages of the Worl?
Follow,: mieof the strong
of the original:
Lieut-Col. Miner. Sixth Infantry
The meat was utterly unlit
for sick or well. It turned theston
sohl of men who trie?! to eat it.
Col. Powell, Ninth Infantry?Pr
doced disordered itotnacbi
soon became putrid and, iu mai
ca- found in course of puti
faction when opened.
Major Humphreys, Twelth In fa
try -"Na-ty" ii the only term. * *
Produoed diarrhoea aud dysentery.
. A. P. Smith, Thirteenth I
fantry ? Unfit to issue to troo)
Major O'Brien, Seventeenth Infa
try?Nauseating and unfit for
Major Van Horn, Twenty seeot
Infantry ? Nothing more than rofu
after various kinds of soups had be?
extracted from it.
Major Jackson, Third Cavalry
Nauseating to a large majority of t
Col. Hash in, Second Artillery
ft, Watery ami insipid. Men con
be induced to eat it only when it w,
prepared as a stew.
Urig. (?en. Viele, First Cavalry
Miserable apology f?>r food iu a 1
climate. Slimy-looking mass of h<
scraps. L^ii palatable and repu Is
to the eight.
?, Ninth Osealry?Men only
eat it when ?hey have nothing else.
.Major Thompson, Twenty"fourth
Infantry?Men disgusted: would not
eat it.
The above are taken front the re?
port! of regimental officers and relate
chiefly to the 80 Called "canned beef,"
S/bich IS elsewhere described as "the
libre of the meat after the much ad?
vertised 'extracts' have been pn
out and some fat or tallow poured
upon the remaining ms
Following are excerpts from eigh?
ty-eight lettt-i'?) writteo by officers, en
listed men and civilians, touching
both the Mcaaned" and tte"embalm?
ed" beef:
Major A. H. Bowman, ?Second
I nited States Infantry i inclosing re?
ports of six company commanders of
same tenor -I commanded the Ninth
Battalion. Was myself ill for sever?
al liours 01* the night of July nth
from stew made of the beef.
Treston Brown, Second Lieutin
ant, Second Infantry ? Kepulsive in
look and taste; * ; * made from
scraps. Men said it had been
(liarles II. Muin, First Lfeaten?
ant, Second Infantry ?Not lit to Ote,
(? rea ter part : * thrown away.
William tJ. Lut/. First Lieutenant
?Soon produced naiiseatin// sensa?
tion. I could not touch it.
Brig. (ten. Q.CsaTpsntsr Sickness
could be til red I y traced to it
Brig.-(?'en Ltnd \\ heatoii. T\%?n
tieth Infantry Volunteers Becomes
soft and tilthv * * Cannot be re
, tained.
Major A. W. Corliss. Seventh In
f.intry Not tit to eat. Many men
beoaajss sick after rating beef. * * *
Had bad oder and c?>uld not be eaten.
0a\n4? OeurgS v Young, Seventh
Infantry -Nauseating as it came
from the oaa.
?apt. I?. L Mowell, Seventh In
fantrj I'ufit for consumption.
! apt. J. '!*. Van Or<?Iale. Seventh
Infantry Half of fresh beef issued
to company was buried before or on
arrival at camp, being rotten.
First l.i? tttenant l>onworth. Sev?
enth Infantry ?Men * * always
took sick after eating it.
8 oond Lient. James W, Clinton,
nth Infantry Nol tit for food.
t of it turned men's stomachs.
This is not more than half of what
The World publishes, but it issurelv
enough to pune that all Gen. Miles
charged is true. Will .\.l<:er be abb'
to secure ? coating of whitewash in
the face of inch evidence as 111 i s r
?> the season of the year when pneu
monis, la grippe, sore tlir?>:?t. cough?,
- catarrh, bronchitis and laagtroub
??? lobe guarded against, nothing
"iv a fine substitute.*1 will "anaarer Ihe
ia "just :is good*1 as ? ?ne
That i~ I lie <?ne In?
fallible remedy for all lung, tlir"
chial troubles Insist rigorously
upon baring it if ''something el?
olfered you. W. Richardson
In the Woman's Home Companion
is this characteristic story of t he Hon.
Parker, famous as the terrible
judge at Fort Smith. Ark., who prob
ably d more men to be
1 than any other judge that oeei
lived. One day when there v\
unusually large batch of culprits tt
be sentenced the judge looked <'om
er his spectacb -
one young M amp and mid:
??It: consideration of the youth an?.
inexperience of this prisoner, I shal
let him off with a line of $50*"
Before the judge had done speak
ing the very fresh young man eoollj
stretched his right leg and ran hi
band in his trousers pocket on th
: sitie, remarking nonchalantly as h
diil -
*? 1'l.ai's all bonky, judge; I'\
much right here in my jeans."
"Ami one year in the penitentia
ry." continued the j?'oge. Thei
looking oeer at the COO riot in arjuiz
j sical sort of way, he added: "!>?? yo
happen to have that in your jeans?
The One Doy Cold Cure.
i/, - ? in ott
taken a
. .
W. Richardson.
\ ihoti .nee two young wo?
men entered a tram car in Manches*
Bugland, and found only stand
iug room. <?ne of them whispered
tu her companion: 1 am going to get
at from one of these men. You
jusl take notice.
She selected a sedate-looking man,
1 up to him and boldly opened
ii re.
My dear Mr. Green, how delighted
1 am to meet you! Von are almost ?i
stranger! Will 1 accept your seat?
Well, I do feel tired, I heartily a?l
niit! Thank you so much!
The sedate man, a perfect strang?
er, of course, quietly gave her his seat,
Sit down, Jane, my girl; don't of?
ten see you out on washing day! You
must feel tireil! How's your mis?
The One Day Co!d Curo.
For sold I i and Bon ?
a. the "One
Day Cold Pur?
W. Kicliurdsoii.
l?en ben Howler, aged 60, of Staf?
ford county, while returning from
wood cutting with two companions,
was frozen to death on Monday ??f the
blizzard, near Cool ?Spring, about 2
miles from Fredericksburg. He was
within a quarter of a mile of a dwel?
ling, but could not reach it, and his
companions were too exhausted to
carry him farther.
J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., conductor on
electric atreet car lin?-, writes that his
littl?' daughter was eery low with croup,
and lar lile saved after all phj -icians
bad failed, only by asJag On? Minute
?i ' ure. W. Richardson.
The will of the late Maj. Wrn. Key
Howard was admitted to probate in
Fredericksburg. He leaves $500 to
Trinity College: $1000 to < '. Howard
Harrison, and th?? residue to his wid
ow. at lier death to be divided among
li.s ihrer ,-ons. The estate is valued
' at $60,000.
For a quick remedy and one that ??<
perfectly safe for children let as recosa
mend One Minute Cough Core. It ?*
excellent for croup, hoarseness, tickling
in the throat arid OOUghS \V. I.ichard
The executors of the late Dr. Iloge
have instituted a suit for $10,000
against the Kichmom! Stieet Rail?
way Company. Dr. Hoge was injur
?ni the road several weeks before his
No Imperial Desi??ns
In the address made at the Home
Market Club, of Bostou, President
Mi Kinly outlined the policy of the
Administration regarding the Philip?
pine??, In part he said:
"The Philippines, like Cubs and
Porto l.ioo, were intrusted to our
hands by the war, and to the great
trust, under the providence of ??od
and in the name of human progress
and civilization, we are committed.
"It is a trust we have not sought:
it is a trust from which we will not
flinch. The American people will
hold up the hands of their servants
. at home to whom they commit its
e\?'oution, while Dewey and Otis ami
the brave men whom they oonitiiiind
l will have the support of the country
in upholding our flag where it UOW
floats, the symbol and assurance of
liberty and justice.
"We hear no complaint of the re
latious created by the war between
this government ami the islands ??f
Cuba and Porto Kieo. There are
some, however, who regard the Phil?
ippine* as in a different relation; but
w batever variety of views there may
be ou this phase of the ijuestmn,
there is universal agreement that th?
Philippines shall not be turned back
to Spain. No true American cou
seats to that.
"F.ven if unwilling to accept then
lelves, ?t wtmld have been a weal
evasion of manly duty to requin
Spain to transfer them to some Otbei
power or powers, and thus shirk ou
own responsibility. F ven sf we had
SS we ?lui not have, the power to com
pel such a transfer, it e?>uld not hav<
been mad?- without the most Serion
international com plica turns.
MSoch a conree could not be though
?if. ami y? t hail we refuse?! t?> accep
the eessiun of them we should hav
bad no power over them, even fo
their own good. We could not ?lis
charge the responsibilities upon 11
until these islands became our? el
ther by conquest or treaty. Ther
was but one alternative, and that ?a
either Spain or the United ?Ma'
the Philippines.
"The other suggestions?first, ths
they should be t?>sned into the aren
of contention for the strife of natiooi
,d, be left to the anarchy an
chaos of no protectorate at all ? wei
too shameful to be considered.
"Our concern was not for territc
ry. or trade, or empire, out for tli
people whose interests and destin;
without our willing it, had been pi
in our hands. It was with this fee
ing that from *he tirst day tothela
not one woid or line went from tl
Executive iu Washington to our mi
i ta ry and naval commanders at III
ni la or to the Peace Commissions
at Paris that did not put as the so
purpose to be kept iu mind first aft
the success of our arms and tl
maintenance of our own honor tl
welfare and happiness end the righ
of the inhabitants of the Philippii
"A reigu of terror is not the kit
of rule uuder which right action at:
?leliberate judgment are possible.
"It is not a good time for the li
erator to submit important ?piestioi
concerning liberty and goyernme
to the liberated while they are e
gaged iu shooting down their resc
"The future of the Philippine Is?
lands is now in tue hands of the
American people, l'util the treaty
was ratified or rejected the Kxecutiye
Department of this (?overnment
could only preserve the peace and
protect life aud property. That
treaty now commits the free aud en?
franchised Filipinos to the guiding
hand and the liberalizing influences,
the generous sympathies, the uplift?
ing education, not of their American
masters, but of their American eman?
cipators. Xo one cau tell today what
is best for them or for us. I know
do une at this hour who is wise
enough or sufficiently informed tc
determine what form of government
will best substrve their interests aud
our interests, their and our well be
"The whole subject is now with
Congress, and Congress is the voice
the conscience and judgment of tin
American people. Upon their judg
ment and conscience can we not rely!
I believe in them. I trust them. I
know of no better or safer humai
tribunal than the people.
"Until Congress shall direct oth
wise, it will be the duty of the EfigOO
utive to possess and hold the Philip
pines, giving to the people thereo
peace and order aud beneficent gov?
ernment, a , ording them every oppor
tnnity to prosecute their lawful pur
suits, eticouiaging them in thrift an<
industry, making them feel and knov
that we are their friends, not thej
Tho Ono Duy Cold Cure.
Kerniott'a CIhm-dI-.iU's Laxatl'S Quinine fo
coiii m the head und aere tliroat C'uiidre
take tbcm like candy.
W. Richard???ai.
Johnston's Sarsaparilla '
A Most Wonderful Cure.
FHOn SlKOI-'lLA ANO ll'S *?WF- 1. IIOHKOKS-A Hi 1 ?tVllR
A Ci rand Old Lady ?.Is?-- l?.-r KxiM>rl?'ii<r??*.
Mrs. Thaukful Orilla Hurt! lives in the beautiful village of alrighton,
Livingston Co.. Mich. Tins v< thtable anil highly res|?eetetl lady was born la
the year lSll'. the vf:ir ?>f the great war. In Hebron. Washington Co.. New
York. She cam?' to Michigan in 1 ??<?. tan year of ' rippeean-e and Tyler
too." All her faculties are excellently preserved, and possessing n very re?
tentive memory, lier mind is full ?>f Interesting reminiscences of her early
life, of the early days of the State ?>f Mi? ?i;_.in ami the interesting ami re?
markable people she has met. anil ll?e stirring events of which she was a wlt
nees. But u??tliiug in her fartes) ami manifold recollection? are more mar?
velous and wortliv ??f atieinloti than are lu-r experiences in the use of
JOHNSTON'S BAR8APABIL-JL Mrs. llurtl Inherit? ?1 a tendency ami pre?
disposition to serofula. tliat terribly dcstruciivo blood taint which has eurs?>d
and Is cursing the lives t>r thous.-uuls and marking tlmusands tn??re as vic?
tims of the death angel. Trsu-satltted from gsntrattoa to asssawattsn, it la
found In neary ever\ family in ?me form or another. It may make Its ap?
pearance in drea?lful running sort's, ?u unsightly sw?dlings lu the neck or
ftoltre. or In eruptions ?>f varied forms. Atta?'king the mm??us membrane. It
may be known as catarrh in the head, or ?levehiping in the luugs It may be,
and often is. the prime cause or consiiniption.
Sp??aking ?>f lier case. Mrs. 11 uni says: "I was troubled for many years
With a bad skin disease. My arms an?i limbs would break out lu a mass of
sores, discharging yellow matter. My neek began t?? sw?II and iTtftmt very
unslg itly In appearance. Mv body was covered with scrofulous eruptions..
My eyes were a'so greatly intl.-ini??! and weak?ii?il. ami they paitntl DM very
much. My blood was in a Very bad condition ami my bead ached severely
at frequent intervals, ami I bad 00 appetite. I had sons a so in my ears. I
was in a miserable coiulitloti. I had tried every remedy that had been ree?>m
mended, and doctor after ?loctor had foiled. One of the best physicians in
the state told me I must die ?if scrofulous consumption, as internal aboesses
were beginning to form. I at length w-iS told of Or. Jo__aSton, of Detroit, and
his famous Sarsaparilla. 1 tried a lxittle. inore as an experiment than any?
thing else, as I had no faith In it. and greatly to my agreeable surprise. I
began to prow better. You can be sur?> I kept OU taking it. I took a groat
many botth?s. Mut l steadily Improved until I became entirely well All the
acres healed up, all the bat? symptoms dlsapraMred. I gained perfect besdth.
and I have never been troubled with scrofula since. Of course an old lady
af 88 years Is not a yotmir woman, but I hare had remarkablv good health
since then, and I tirmly believe that JOHNS TON'S SAKSA PAR] 1.1.A ts the
greatest blood purifiVr ami the best medicine in the wide world, bora for
scrofula ami as a spring medicine." This remarkably Interesting old lady did
not lok to be more than sixty, aud sh?3 repented several times. "I believe my
life was saved by JOUNSTuN S SARSATAKILCA
?sa_r?C7x_:x4t_---%.-?r x_?_p_s_r?t_sv ?_??_>___jr?____? ir, ?htiioit, mich.
\V Kli?l Mil?-? IN
Tli C I
COld la
n.?>u s Chocolat l?uii ?*<
W Richardson
enemies: that their i:?><id is our aim,
that their welfare is our welfare, but
thai neither theii aspirations uor ours
can be realize?;] until our authority is
acknowledged an?! uiHpi?*Hiioiied.
"That the inhabitants of the Phil
ippines will be ben?,: this re
public is my unshaken bel ?el ?"hat
they will have a kindlier government
under our guidai l bey
will be aided in every possible wn?; lo
in- self respecting and self governing
people, i- as tru? as that the Amen
??an people l??v?- liberty und luv?- an
abiding faith in theii own govern?
ment ami in their own institutions.
"N?> imperial designa lurk in the
Aniejican mind. They ar?- alien t?i
Aimrioan sentiment, thought ami
purpose. Our priceless principles
undergo no change under s tropical
sun. The] % i with the Aug. They
Mre wrought iu every one of i ts sa?r?-d
folds an?! are inextinguishable in
their shining its the stars.
Happy la the nan or woman who can
eat a good heaitv meal without suffering
afterward. If you caaaot do it. take
Kodol Dv-ci.c-ia Cube. It digests
what you sat, and cure?? all form- of
Dyspepaia aad Indigestion. W. Rich
The term "tabby cat" is derifed
from Atab, a famous street in Bag?
dad, inhabited by the manufacturers
of silken stuff called atibi or taffeta.
This stuff is woven with waved mark?
ings of watered silk, resembling a
tabby cat's back.
If you have a cough, throat irritation,
weak lungs, pain in the cheat, difficult
breathing, croap or hoarseness, let us
suggest One Miaute Cough Cure. Al
i ?-liable ami safe. W. Richardson.
Charles de Lesseps has at last re
turned to Paris after years of exile
due to bis Panama troubles. The
Fleuch Covern meut has decided to
remit his tine.
For frost bites, burns, indolent sores,
eczema, skin disease, ami especially
Piles, !>?* Witt's Witch Hazel Salve stands
tir.-t and best. Look out for dishonest
people who try to imitate and counter?
feit it. It's their endorsement ofa good
artille. Worthless goods ??re not Imi?
tated <;??! De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve.
W. Richardson.
Small Farms.
The attentiim of those wishing to pur?
chase a small lai in in Hie leriile COUBty
ol v lartu- is callen lo tiie folsOWillsj list:
tlU Acres, liai! unie I loin turnpike, good
! house, sittunug, cistern a?.?! lai^e young
orcnard. ?$4o an acre.
loo Acres nr.-u qaaiity limestoas land,
I fairly unproved; on turnpike, aaai de
! pot, store autl postollice. $76 an acre.
i> welling ol M rooms, large lot, Stable,
I ?&C, tor f-?ODO
House and lot of l acre, I miles frolii
Berry ville oa turnpike, .f.'?no
Fa km ok 400 Acans 4$ ntfles soatn <?i
, Berryville?d miles trt>m illwo?>?i?
; large Blies. Dwelling, tenant bouse, barn,
j ?fee, 4.** H?:ies of Timber, SpriBg and bold
? stream of water through I he center ol
the tar?n, loo ?cresol No. 1 river bol
loin Obs ot the uk?si prodoctivsas wall
; as ons of lbs bast stock farsas la ( larkt
j county. Price $40 per acre.
Farm of I06f acres near Wickliffs, ol
N<?. 1 land, under g?>o?l fwring I'rict
$4'r> per acre
Farm <d 7(1 acre? near BOWOS, goo<
! dwelling an?l out huildifigt. al fair price
House and lot of H acres on turnpik?
tw?> miles north of Berryville. Housi
has 15 rooms, out kitchen, srnok?' house
! small barn with stabling for ?> head o
st??ck, good fruit, cistern at door am
well of water .50 feet therefrom. I'ric,
We an? not a?lvertising ths ?'titire lis
of properties we Imv?; to tall, and a ?le
acription of the farm you rune witnI ail
prove a guide la selecting from ?>ur lift
Apply to Snvdku ?V Ckovvn.
Berryville, V?
KMlHT kGRWB OF LAND, alt nal sd i
northern part of county, one mils from ?I?
fM>t, store and postofflr?'. Five room <lw?-l
ng, Mt.'ihl?'. dairy, m?*a? housr, h?-uli<?ua
and lansa ??B?tera: t aeres In timber, I'ri?
Is now improved vv it b
?Nei Campbell Priiiiim Press
with which we are enabled t?> n
From 600 to 800 Impressions
in an hour.
s'K IHK?
Courier Office
By means t>f which we ait- enabled I?'
Fill Orders for 1000 or mor,
All Other Work of This Description
Has been added to our ofBoe, for
Poster nl Mill Work,
And we arc {?rejiaicd to do
Job Printing of all Kinds
In excellent style.
Farniw for Snh>.
?_.m? ACRES !."?.it?'.i ne:ir Millwood and
tin- turnpike road Klee siit?.??tli land?'lf>
seras in timbar. Oood Dwelling, atable,
granary, ?te.; shedding fer 60 or W h.ail M
i-attle; tWO Inrg?' cisterns an?) st?, k pond
good ??id orchard and new one in I>? Baring;
small frnit.s such us apricots, pears, p? a? bes
j gni|?es. Prier MO an acre.
.MrO ACRKS -Locate.l <>n ??ist side of Shen
Sadoah river, I miles fn.rn Whit?- Post. 'Ah?
acre? ela?red; Itf acras Of Island ami ritt-r
bottom and #0 Acres of run botloin. MQSl I?
j the river bottom Oood Dwelling: ban?, fltiv
(?ling, OOrn eril), ?vc; riuitilng water and well
In Ins yard; y???*i orchard, Baaosutible <-t
division, an?! if dsaired vvill !??? sold in sepa
rate tracts. Prie?? for whole tract ?12 per
acre. Apply t.? SNVDF.H A CROWN.
- ? having s?,rve?J t lie publie for twatatv
um?- \
Contractors and Builders,
a.11<I ere? t? ?i -.?un- ??I th? tincst r?*M?Jeiie?*?? aim
bu?itt?aaa -tun.in m Kerry v die and \ i? tnit\
r. aasj.I ;l- new. ami will continue t.?
civ?- - ?i i-i.?? t ion .\ ?? iiav?- alwajra leaaaawssl t?,
to??-?- arho entnuU th?-ir ?v??rk t?> us With
^^^^^^^ Sisal Pla?i?g anil Saw Mill
w. are prepared t<? sail ??11 easaarsans la ? ??niie?-fv.?i with oai bsnuawss at lassMUsaaaSs rat??
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Maulles Plasttiug Lath,
and other Building Material furniahed on short uoti??' \\ ? bav? in ?-??tineetiun with mir
other l'ii
<sTi*i>.t >lill ?nul < Oi-ii 1 'riinlier,
an.i can furnish t'OKN MK\ I II? ?I.SJ-' III ! ? ?ft? . t?. ?ill in ta... I ,?i th.- sun??
Ml lull- |?ayable at th? Drat <>t ? acfa mouth unie-- othera ?a? prorated for
may 13.
!>? c sN vdj;k
Real Estate Agents,
* i^vimivi; i <>i > i a , \ _a_.?
_l tin- bead oi the not? I " ?he north on the \> i
3, oi\ i.iin?? n Irom l.ou
i.'i 1 reuenck on the ? ?
..- tlic !..?)t of the
i,, u th.- t -lu st county In the
? innate, ami tin
i i.ll w In. have
. \ i _ iMtween th?
:.. i. i ! i\ lor urania.
ii,, ,ri_\ ...up er and timothy. I
Iliad I tb? lar lu:
tvciiiutky. r lie formal - ?.?- being lesv-Uj
?t wer) i.oui ruing into line. Beak
His ano for which a n-a.iy market ir?
fourni in Halt i luorte. i." i ion s. iiat.iiit t>3 ? in tins latituue are grown,
? o - ii.. .: ''!>"!? Sttle,
New V?>rk
many in..
:....i turni
in at i .??; : \ \ :i.? : :.??.UtJ >*e_t, *hl ? ? ? ?ntaill* a p. puiat i - ? i ? ??I al???ut lu?'. 'Il'
the tow I I private and | .??oi houses sup
uiity .ui'i .-tat?, o? ta all over the count?. lio
sn vadinui?>u of property is ahoul SI on thee list for all purpi ite, coun
I in- Norfolk and Western Kailntad, a mad u th a view ?>i building up thr
!?t ry through which il ; i the cent re of the ????tint y in its northern
and tMiutuerti course, ufforuuig read) mean? i"t t:.i\?i or (shipments <?! products either
north or south. : id, we un* 1? h ?1 r the exteuaion ol th?
Wastiingtoti ? ?In?? aim vY tattern Iroiu Bound Hill, it*? | distant lr??ni Bet
ry ville lo miles which will er? lo went, giving us nil lac lailn
ities we co?*'d Ue*ire, and placing us by ra:. withiu OU miles ol the national capital
t'lurke cou ly, s? rotier or -at? r. ?b .??-t i ti : manufacturing Indus
>:i?i virgin ?le| niwn hematite ? Shalt.? sunk
on one larm alone led tl :.<?.?. n< h million ton??
uf ir?.n ore could be ruined at thai phi re fouud in the n\?-r hills,
t irom Kerry ville only live it?* of the Wash. ?? A Weal
K. K. rmi- tbrtitigh the* ten pt ? ??. develo]
i beat, and their development will add to tin value of th f tue county.
\~ thing the farms in thh Were I hey cut up into small
like those in the Ciiniherla farms and population
of the county would more than doubl? I n why outside partie?
wishing to invest in these lai ise and arrange for a di
vision of the same. The timber of th? Ma? k oak white oak
bickorv . locust, Ac.
FARM ?>i ? ? ACR1
2_ miles from Berry ville. Large, square, modern-built dwelling, barn ami oui
nigs Ituiiniug ?rater througti the lariu. spring m.t tar ..it ami wall of watrr ai
kitcheu door. Temant house. Price 913,000.
. Ral i ?I _lti Ai K!
S miles from Berry ville, saune distance from Buyce. Large stone mansion-housit n
?.??nt Ij t.-iii.'.t. . .i uii.ii-r t u<- aupertj uuon ot a distinguished Nea Vorkavrchitect, whostated
thai it ? ??tii?i not '.?? oupiu ai?-?i i"i" leata than *??!",nut?. Lawu ?>i _.'? sveree; views suj>erl>; ?h
tac-Hwl Mi.iii-n. launui \. iciiaiii bouse, se? \ ant a bouses, Ice house, Ac Water abundant
Pru?- 124,000.
On Shenandoah river, ion acres ?>t bottom land, plenty of timber, ?veil watered Ian
o vein?' nts good. Price * ?*> au aer?- ami let ms a? connu, ?.lut mg.
I a KM ut 5t? ACK__>, ??t lost quality tiniest? one ball mile from Berryvill
With running waict I.le. att-u buiklilig site on ?t, takln*1 ?ti a grand mountain ami Ian? 1
scape u<? I'n? ?? ?'><? per tal : ?
i-'akm ??i ?.t. vt ni>, on Shenandoah river, 3 miles from etatum on N. 4 W h
ISO acres rivei iHJttom; ?5 acres ot timber. Well improved. Price 94? per acre.
"ANN i.i 11.i.l >. .i'.; a? rea; a graud home; large newly re]?tired stone mansion; lea
ant house, and a number of outbuildings; runring water, hue spring; .. mil? s from Bei
ryT?lle. I'imegiveu purchaser on deterred pay met
l-'.M'M oi' i.?. ? a< Kl.>, ueai n..\. ??.-, lb acres in timber well in yard; running wat?-'
in barnyard. House contaiua ? rooma; outbuildings ne a Price <? i.> par acre.
i vi;M < ?i i-??" ..? Ki>. iron and other on?on it, _ miles ? .t Bhenandoah rives front
loo a? resot heal river bottom land, producing (Tom _>to.".o bushels of wheat ami 12 i<> !??
i ?his <?t cm per acre without th? use ol fertilisers I ? i.d upland for grass suid
cultiv?t! o, with uever-failiug streams Howing through each tield. roo acres of timber oi
?>ak, poplar, i-ncstnut an?t pine. Situated on located extension id \\ . O. A W. K. R., thai
may be mult to I ?? rrv till?-, all hi mi in cultivation enchased with h?.ar?i aim .hot nut rail
fencing I'?""?- iiioiini.iin spring water piped to the main dwelling ami barn entailed upon
the premises for ail i une free <> est or expense Susceptible of uivisioii into two <-i mort?
farms spriugssutlicieutly numerous for a colony. This it? a rare opportunity for mv?'-t
ment <-r prospc.-t ive speculative deal in iron or oilier ores. Price 915,000.
I a KM in- _3u .? Ki..-, near Millwood; improvements lirsl ?lass, ami otseof themosi
desirable homes in thai locality. Price S_o |?er at r?-.
i \km oK 21.*> Ai'KI-;s; iron ore, manganese, Ac, on it; live miles from Berryville.
on west side of ?henandoah river; _5 acres of ri ver bottom; the bignland l??-st quality of
farming land; tin- limber and highland ar. valuublc aa containing large h?'?is of iron ?'re.
mangavneae, lire-brick clay, ami sand i_aed f??r molding purposes. (>l?i mill sit?- also on ?t
Improvements are large brick dwelling with frame wing, situated on an eminence all?>r?i
ing a grand[view of mountain and river; 2 barns and every outbuilding needed, tenant
house, g ?.?1 orchard, Ac. Price $21,009.
l'A KM < IF 230 A< l;i:S; on Sln-naudoah river; Uni ?uns riterami creek bottoms; ai>im
dance ??t timber; well watered; g.i ?mprov? ments, barn, etc
l-AKMol 12? \ci:i>. lying near the Old Chapel, improved with frame dwelling,
abundanceof timber and fine stream of running water well fenced; lam? in eacelleni
state of cultivation, limestone. Ptrice .960 per acre.
moi si s _v^?_r> i_orx^?.
Situat.'il near the s.pmre where th.? hnsiness of the tow n is dom?, within UN? f? et Ol
Winston Hall This loi fronts loo f, et on Main street, luisa depth of 200 feet, ami can
be divided into two Iota for either residence or business stands. PricefwUOO.
mu si-: and LOT OP ?-' ACRES.
Situ?t?-?! a few huiidr?-?! yar.ls btfJoW !he ?iep?.l on turnpike. Hi.uso has ?i I room
atable -.111-1? ml. lings ami well of water at the door. Price 93,000.
H01T8E AND I.i T,
On Kast Main streit. H?.use has 7 100008. hot ?0 fast front ht-lsofeot front; nm
rung water ?.n the I. ; I'n.-e i.'tUOO.
.. i1" N,i,l.lvv"';i.; n"i'se tw.? story hriek with wing. Stahle ami all outbuilding* or
UM lot. I rie?-StiKK?.
'.' t*.i!*i,.,:i,'0'r ^?.?Ijivood h..us?',.f-i roomeabovehaeement PrkefaJOO.
- y KB. I0'- wtth lions?-,,f i rooms stable and large building suited for factory ?'?
anop of anv kind. Price 9800
KrS?T?s5 SSJwX?Sy1? '" ''??'-yville on Rice St.. |of an acre, cislern, <VC. PrieefHMp
.i....?; lfw,_. "i-K.m Liberty st red. near the depot, 60 feet fronl by IM> (***
it.i j?. i rii"**1 ?*^t"ii.
is? Ih.RAM,': f,ors;,': 1 rooms?, on F-'.ast Main sire, I. Porrv ville. Price 97UO.
LOI a.lio.n.ngahr.ve, -J7 ft. front by I 70 ft. deep. Price Mm% or for both, SI 200.
For further information sdsjrsai HNYDP.lt A (?OWN, Berryville, Va.

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