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HO W -__%_ - >? jIlIV
.-. LOOK? .-.
Upon The
H9 Wears.
Buy your Clothing, Shirts, Cnder
wear, Hats, Shoe?, stc., where you
can be suited. We can please you io
Quality, Shape, Style and Price.
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Louis Scheuer,
AN > VA.
WEPN I S DAY, JUKE 14, 1899.
To those who drink whlskevfor pleas
IIAHTKK Whiskey adds SSSI to
existence. To those whodrink whiskey
for health's sake; HARPER Whiskey
makes life worth living.
Sohl by
Berry ville, Va.
Darin*? Robbery.
Harry M. Anderson and ?lohu and
Thomas Morrison, brothers, three
highly respected youug tueu of Win?
chester, were arrested about midnight
?Iune 6th by officers Neville aud
Cartuey ou the charge of haviug robb?
ed Charles Cooper, sn aged resideut
of Hampshire county, w\ V?. The
crime alleged against them was com
mitted about dark on May 29th. The
scene of the robbery is in a louely
part of the mountains, about thirty
miles west of Winchester. About
dusk on that evening Poland Keller,
who lives with Mr. Cooper, was sum
moued to the front door by knock,
aud upon answering the summons was
confronted by three masked men, one
of whom leveled a revolver agaiust
his breast aud demanded to know
where Cooper's money was hid. The
old man was reported to have a large
sum of money hidden in the house.
Keller's wife, bearing the noise, came
down stairs, and another of the rob?
bers pointed a revolver at her. Then
compelling Keller to take a lighted
lamp in each band the robbers ran?
ked the house. Two $100 bills
were found in an old ?hc-t. und go?
ing to the bed where Cooper lay help?
less, they secured $137 more. Warn?
ing the occupants of the house that
auy outcry meant death, the robbers
retreated to the woods nearby, where
they got into a vehicle and rode off
in the direction of Capon Bridge. A
man, who kuows Anderson, one of the
men arrested, says he passed him,
with two companions, ?ear the scene
of the crime shortly before it was
committed. An empty whiskey bot?
tle, found where the robbers were en?
camped, was identified as having been
sold to Anderson. The Morrison
brothers were identified by Keller on
street in the immense crowd attend?
ing the Confederate memorial exer?
cises, as men who, he claims, bad
taken part iu the robbery. The pris?
oners made an unsuccessful attempt
to secure bail, and will be "given a
preliminary hearing on the 16th.
They will be taken to Roinni-y, W.
Va., for trial. All three men ?.eloug
to reputable families, and have hith?
erto borne excellent reputations.
They are brick-masous by trade.
I was seriously afflicted with a
cough for several year?, and last fall
had a more severe roagh fb?*u ever
before. 1 have used many remedies
without receiving nun h relief, and
being recommended to try a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a
friend, who, knowing me to be a poor
widow, gave it to me, 1 tried it and
with the most gratifying results.
The first bottle relieved me very
much and the second bottle has ab?
solutely cured me. I have not had
as good health for twenty years.
Respectfully, Mrs. Mary A. Beard,
Olaremors, Ark. ?Sold by W. Rich?
ardson, druggist
timan the rating of salaries of
postulait, rs of the Presidential class
by tint \Miit?uit Postmaster Oensr
?I Heath the salary of pos' master
<>ruii-k of this place has oeeu in
creased $100, and from tbt first of
neit July to the 30th of ?Jur?,.., 1900,
his pay will be $1300. For several
years the business of the Barry vil le
office has been nearing thst point, and
Mr. McOormick was fortunate enough
to make it cross the line. Inder the
schedule of salaries fixed by Congress,
an office to eutitle the custodian to a
$1200 salary must make its gross re?
ceipts smount to $2400. Then, to
be jntitled to an extra $100, the gross
receipts must reach $2700. The re?
ceipts of the Berry ville office hsve ex?
ceeded $2000 for the psst two or
three years.
New Silks, Ribbons,
Kmbroideries and Laces
by S. L Pal m bau m ft l'a
At the .lune term of our couuty
c?uirt, which commenced on Tuesday
of last week, ?Judge Moore's time was
chiefly occupied by qualifying the
newly elected county and district of?
ficers for the positious 10 which they
were choseu. There were five county
oflioers aud six officers for each of
the districts, making in all twenty
nine officers to qualify. Their terms
of office will not begin uutil the first
day of July. The officer rei-uired to
give the heaviest houd is that of
county treasurer. Mr. Bradford,
who was chosen the second time to
fill tin?- important office, wax bouded
by a guarantee couipany.
n Spring aud Summer
Dress (?oods aud Trimmings
received by S. L. Palmhantn ft Co.
The torrid wave that visited us
last week brought the hottest, weather
i-xperienced lure so early in .Intie.
0b Wednesday and Thursday the
mercury went to within 4 and 2 de
? of 100. Friday thunder show?
ers began to make their appearance,
and on Saturday very heavy rains fell,
after which the weather became much
cooler, and that Bight and Sunday
night a blanket was not out of place
on one's bed. Sunday and Monday
the weather contiutied cloudy, with
occasional light showers falling.
New Glove??. Parasols,
luderwear and Hosiery,
at S. L. Pslmbaum vv; Co's.
The attention of those who teach
iu our public schools, or are seeking
positions of that character, is called
to the notice of County Superinten?
dent Massey, who publishes in oui
advertising columns the date of hold
iug and the places where our summei
Normals will be held. Our Count?
Superintendent urges teachers to at
tend. The teachers will doubtless In
much profited by attending these iu
stitutes, as they are training school
of the highest type.
Washington correspondent of Alex
audria Gazette: "Col. C. L. Royce, o
Clarke county, Ya., had his paten
for consuming smoke attached toon
of the furnaces at the Treasury Df
pertinent, and practical as well a
soieutific engineers who witnessed it
operatiou say it is a great success no
only iu consumiug smoke but iu sav
iug coal."
New Lace Curtains
and hotted Swisses
at S. L. Pal tu hau m ft Co's.
A horse driven by Mr. Hugh Mc
Cormick, of this place, who had as
compauiou Mr. Hunton Carey, c
Richmond, ran off ou Sunday nigh
and rushing against the door of Mit
Katie Russell's storeroom broke
opeu. The horse became frightene
at the shafts dropping on his heel
Mr. McCormick was thrown out (
the buggy aud received some brnisr
from the fall.
Charlestown Advocate: Whi
driving from her home in the edge <
Clarke couuty to the postoffice i
Summit Point, the horse driven r,
Mrs. C. R. Hardesty became frigh
ened and turning suddenly upset tl
buggy, throwing Mrs. Hardesty ou
bruising her severely.
Judge Lovell, of the Front Roy?
Sentinel, is stated by that paper to 1
steadily improving and is able to wa
about without assistance. He wi
shortly visit his daughter, Mrs. M.
Jeffries, in Fauqnier county. Tl
friends of the Judge are glad to he
of his improvement.
Shirt Waists and Skirts
received by S. L. Pal m bau m.
The merchants of Lu ray ha
agreed to close their respective stoi
during the summer months at 7:
p. m., except on Saturday. The m<
chants of Berryville ought to enl
into a like agreement during the sai
Died May 24th, 1899, at the re
dence of his parents, situated near 1
Old Chapel, F.rnest Levi, son of
B. and Bettie Levi, aged 12 yea
The deceased was the eldest obild
his bereaved parents.
? ????saaaMaaaaa?a?????MS???B-?BMa___^M_____________,
?Brtafa I
The Agricultural Department has
tssusd its June crop report, in which '
it saj? preliminary report? of the
?pring a licat acreage indicate a re?
duction of about 470,000 acre?, or 2.5
per cent, and the average condition
on June 1st was 91.4 per cent, as
compared with 100.9 same date last
year. The average condition of win?
ter wheat is 67.3, as compared with
90.8 at the corresponding date last
year. The acreage of winter wheat
killed, says the report, having bean
eliminated, the present averages re?
late strictly to the acreage still under
At the Diocesau Council of* the
F,j iscopaliati? of Weet Va., which was
held in Huntington last week, Bishop '
Peter kin, in hi? report, expressed a
desire that the council would select
a bishop coadjutor to aid him in hi?
official duties. The counoil decided
to meet the view? of the Bishop ou
this subject, but passed a resolution
directing him to call the council to?
gether again within the next five
months to make a ?election. Among
those mentioned for the position is
Rev. Dr. Scollay Moore, of Parkers
burg, who is a ?ou of Judge S. J. (\
Moore, of thi? place.
Charlestown Advocate: Mr. .John
Shewbridge, who farms one of the
farm? of Mr. 1 i o. Alleu iu (Mark?
county, met with a very serious acci
deut la-Jt Saturday, which in all prob?
ability will cost him the loss of his
left eye. lie was making a wire
fence. lu cutting a piece"of wire
from the coil one end Hew from the
pliers and struck him in the eye.
Mr. Shewbridge i? uuder the treat
in?*ut of Dr. McUuire, of Winchester,
ami we hope he will be able to save
the eye.
While Messrs. Howard and ('eorge
Lev i w?re driving tint of Millwood
last Friday ?jue of the frout wheels
gathered up a copperhead snake ami
pitched it into the boggj near the
Occupant? feet. The sudden appear?
ance of the snake created consterna?
tion in tue breast? of the Messrs.
Le\i. aud they immediately leaped
from the vehicle*. The horse taking
fright ran off and completely demol?
ished the buggy. The snake is sup
posed to have escaped uu harmed.
The price of wheat ha? not mate
rially changed withiu the past week
and No. 2 red is quoted iu Baltimon
at 761 cents per bushel. The Jun<
crop report was regarded in Chicagt
as bullish, and price? weut up, bu
heavy selling of last year's crop an?
large receipts in the Northwestbrok
prices. The yisible supply it 27,
617*000 bushels, an iucrease for th
week of 1,1.?2,000 bushel?.
A little daughter of J. M. Jordor.
a sectiou haud on th?* \. A W. R. R
was bitten by a dog as she steppe
out of the vehicle in which she rod
into Front Royal with her fathei
The wound indicted was quite seven
Mr. Jordan grabbed the dog, an
with the assistance of a friend bel
him until he killed the animal wit
a penknife. The dog was claime
as the property of two colored boys.
Shepherdstown Register: "When
man marries his trouble begin?." Tl
eighty-year-old bride groom, Id
Thomas E. Woodward, of Summ
Point, who recently took to himself
wife, got dizzy and fell from a wage
a few days ago, dislocating hisshou
der and severely cutting hi? head.
Mrs. Thomas, relict of th? late Cc
Keefer Thomas, of "Araby," Mc
aud mother of Col. S. S. Thomas <
this county, died at the latter's lion
last Suuday morning attheadvano
age of 80 years. Her body left he
on Monday morning for interment
Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, M
We understand that Mrs. V. Pi
shall, of this place, recently sold
tract of 100 acres of laud, situated
Fayette county, Pa., for $16,0C
The land held valuable deposits.
Polk Miller at White Post.
Polk Miller, of Richmond, t
greatest living delineator of the c
time negro and a celebrated banjoi
will gire one of his inimitable ?snt
tai intents at White Post on Thu
day night, June 22nd. His ent
tainment is "an evening with ?t<
and song." Come one?come all.
THE Ladiks Ar\. So. un.
Yard Party on Courthouse Law
The ladies of the M. K. Chui
South will serve Refreshment? in 1
Courthouse Yard Friday and Sat
! day evenings, June 16th and 17
Proceeds to be used in repairing
side of the church. They ask a 1
eral patronage of the public.
Yard Party in Minnie Wood.
The ladies of Miunie Wood Cha
Sunday School will bold a yard pa
in the lawn adjoining the chapel
June 15th, 16th aud 17th. The p
lie is extended a cordial invitatioi
be present. Committkf
K?lu? uf?? Vonr Uow?>l? With OtBSaSSlVS*!
ftaailT ??-.tiuirtlc. c.irn constIpatmn fore
10c, Dot- if C C C. full, ?Iruti-K.-"* r? f ural mo
?j ' ^aanaW--B-_M________BBB?
M?as Rebecca Powell, of Alexandria,
I the guest of Mra. Wm. N. McDonald.
MUs Gertrude McCormlck returned
priday from Alexandria, where she haa
?een at achool.
Mrs. Mary Penick, wife of Bishop Pe
dck, and.daugliter, of Richmond, are
(siting at ??Springfield." the home of
Urs. R. U Clagctt.
Misa Mollie Brightwell, who has been
?siting the Mlssss Shepherd, left Moa
lay for Washington.
Mr. Hunadon Gaory, of Richmond, ia
he gueat of Mr. Hugh McCormlck.
Mra. Wm. D. CabeU and Miss Marga
et Cabell, of Norwood, Va., are visiting
he family of Mr. A. Moore, Jr.
Mr. W. Cabell Moore ?eturned home
rfonday evening from the University of
Mr. Leo. P. Wheat, Jr., of Washing
on, spent Sunday at hi s mother's home
tear town.
Mr. Baldwin Ransom, of Stannton, is
he gnest of Mr. Blackburn Smith.
Capt. A. C. Carson, of the volunteer
irmy, was in town last week.
Misa Charlotte Ransom, of Staunton,
s visiting at the home of Dr. Cyrus Mc?
Miss Willis, of Summit Point, is the
tuest of the Misses Lippitt.
Mis* Portia Baldwin arrives home this
Wednesday) evening from Staunton,
ivhere she hat? been alten?lin_ Miss
Stuart's School.
Mra. J. Jett McCormick. of Norfolk, is
f is! ting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mar
?hall McCormick.
Mra. Julian McShane, of Baltimore, ia
?if the family of Mr. Marshall
Mi Conn', k.
Mr. S. F. Haughman returned from
Baltimore lr?e?t We?lnesday morning.
? Nellie ('rifflth has returned from
Washington, after a visitof several weeks
Bars Kw?l. Wall went to Shepl
lown on Monday.
.Mr. W W llutchinson Is in town.
Mr. Charles (?arrett. of Baltimore.
tpeal several ?lays this wcek*at Mr
Le? s
?Ir Frank Kerfoot has returned from
Richmond, wln-re he was a student of
ihe Richmond College during the past
Dr. Lou Allen, of Baltimore, is at the
home of hit* father in this county.
Mesura. A. Moor?', dr., ami A. I). Har
WBVB it' < (aaBfieStOWB OB
Mi?? Laura W. Gold left on Tu?-?8?lay
for Winchester to visit relatives.
.ludir? Richard H. Lee. who spent tin
winter in St. Louis, has returned, wear*
glad to say, looking as If he had
mm h heiiehte?l by his visit.
Mrs. Wm B. Lee, of Gloucester, ac
companied her molhc: COWS
?lar, in the tatter's return to her home ir
this place.
Miss A una Mayo Scott and M
of Baltimore are guests of Mrs. I). 0
Miss Ruth Holtzman, daughter o
Postmaster Hnltzman, of Lu ray, la visit
ing the home of Mr. F. B. Ogdea.
Mr. K. Wickham Byrd has returnet
from a visit to his father in New Yor
Miss May L. .Iones retur-oe/d last wee
from Altaniah.i. N. C, where she ha
been : in the millinery husine
with (.aunt, Holt <v ?iaunt.
Mr. Sidney .lor- - - ?lion, Pa., I
home for a short visit.
Mr. E. L. William?, of the Louisvill
(Ky.) I'omniereitil. i? ?; ?'ruling his vaci
tion with relatives in town.
Mr? w 0. Laack, wife of Edite
Lauck of the Lu ray News, ami
Miss Hattie Grayson. wen tl Mr
.1. K. Ogdaa last week Editor Lane
passed through town Fridaj on his wa
to Loudoun county.
A pretty wedding took place lai
Wednesday evening at n30 o'clock i
the Baptist church, in this place, tl
contracting parties being Miss Lain
Y. ilowell, daughter of Mr. aud Mr
James F. Howell, of this place, au
Mr. Newton F. Smith, of Myerstow
W. Va.
The ceremony was performed I
Rev. ?Tuliau Broaddus, pastor of tl
church, and was witnessed by a nur
ber of friends and relatives of tl
happy couple. The bride wore
gown of light green covert clot
trimmed with mousseline de soie ai
white taffeta. The ushers were M<
srs. Laurence Ilowell and Willia
Jones, of this place, and Charles B
1er and Charles Yates, of Jeffers
The bride moved up the aisle, lea
ing on the arm of the groom a
preceded by the ushers. Miss Cou
ney Howell, sister of the bride, p
sided at the organ and rendered La
regrin's wedding march as the brie
party entered the church and Mt
delsohn's march as they retired.
A reception was tendered the br
al party at the home of the brid
parents after the ceremony. rl
bride received a uumber of use:
Mr. and Mrs. Smith will reside
Myerstown, where Mr. Smith
in business.
A Thousand Tongue?.'
.1 n??t express the rupture ot* Anni
Springer, of li_."? Howard st., Philadelp
Pa., when she found that l>r. King's ?
Dise. >\ ?Tv for Consumption had eared hi
a hacking cough that for man\
made life a barden. All other remedies
doctor?? c.nil.l give her no help, but she :
of thia royal cure, "it soon removed the?
in my chest and 1 can now sleep aoan
something I can scarcely remember ?it
before. I ferl like so?nding its pn
throughout the Universe.*' ??> will ??<
one wno tries Or. King's New Discover,
any trouble of the Throat, Chest or La
IVlce fiOc. and $1.00 Trial bottle? free i
Blencoo's drug stori-; everv bottle gua
fu?a Sixth at Wlnohe*?ter.
The exercises attending the un*
'ioling of the monument erected in
'tonewall Cemetery, Wincheeter, to
he memory of the South (Carolinian?
>uri?d ?here, was witneased, it is es
imated, by about 10,000 people,
^'apt. Wm. P. Carter, o* this county,
ras chief marshal of the procession
?oraposed of representatives cf Con?
federate camps from Berry ville, Mar?
insburg, Charlestown, and Winches
er, and of the fire companies of Win
ihester, which paraded through the
>rincipai streets of the city, and then
narched to the cemetery where the
inveiliug ceremonies were carried
>ut. Miss Marguerite Trenholm
Milled the string that brought into
riew the monument. Addresses were
nade by Capt. J. W. Capers and Gen.
Leroy F. You mans, both of South
Carolina, and a beautiful poem was
'ead by Dr. Henry H. Clarkson, of
Uaymarket, Va., who is a son of the
Palmetto State.
Both addresses were highly spoken
>f by those who heard them. The j
mon u ment ia a plain shaft, and to the
?fforls of the wife of Judge Wm.
M. Atkinson is due the erection of
this monument. The inscription?
1 >n the north side?"In memory
jf the 1 19 Confederate dead of South
Uarolina." On the south side?"Lord
[tod of Hosts be with us yet, lest we
forget." Oa the east side?"Though
Iaost it be to men, it lives with Cod
again." On the west side is a medal?
lion of the Palmetto State. Mr.
Chas. B. Rouss, the liberal hearted
merchant of New York, contribated
one half of the monument fund.
School Closing Exercises
The closing of the session of 1898
99 of the Misses (?old's school was
observed last Wednesday evening in
the grounds adjoining the school
c. A large crowd, which, in?
cluding the scholars, numbered ?
one hundred, was present and was
composed largely of boys aud girls,
to whom invitations were extruded by
the scholars. Croquet, lawn tennis.
the daisy hunt and rose ring ganiee
anil other diversions were indulged
in during the course of the afternoon.
The Misses ("old managed the affair
very successfully and displayed much
tact and knowledge of how to mak?
the young ones eujoy thennelves, and
that all passed a delightful evening
was attested by the three ringing auc
vigorous cheers the boys?and girls
gave each of the teachers at the con
elusion of the entertainment Cool
ing refreshments were served, anc
partaken of with much pleasure, a
the evening was a warm one.
The Misses Gold have been ver
successful with their school during
the past session and have given thei
patrons much satisfaction with th
thoroughness with which they hav
instructed the scholars.
The same young ladies will cou
duct the school next v?*ar, assisted b
Mis? Rose McDonald, daughter o
the late Col. Marshall McDonaU
who has been connecte?! with th
Norfolk College for young ladies, an
comes very highly recommeuded.
Clay Hill Academy.
The commencement exercises ?
the Cluy Hill Academy, near Mil
1, of which Prof. W. 11. Win tin
is principal, were held last Frida
evening in the presence of a lar?
number of citizens residing in ti
county. Capt. Win. Page Gaiter d
livered an address to the scholars, i
which he dwelt mostly on the cans
of the civil war. Prof. Whiti:
made a few remarks iu commend
U?m of the scholars and their lideli
to their studies.
The first prize awarded was
?scholarship at either Washington ai
Lee Gniyersity, Hampden-Snln
College or Clay Hill Academy, whit
was won by W. C. W. Renshaw,
this county. The second prize,
scholarship to either of the two r
maining places was wou by Robu
Lecture at Court House.
Hou. Robert T. Barton, of Win?
chester, will deliver an address at the
court house, Berry ville, Ya., on
Friday eveuiug, June 16, at S o'clock.
Hi? subject will be "Jefferson Davis,"
aud he appears at the invitation of
the Daughters of the Confederacy,
who are endeavoring to raise funds
for the benefit of the monument to
be erected in honor of Clarke county's
heroic dead. Mr. Barton i? too ?fell
kuown as an entertaining speaker to
require from us any encouraging
words as to the intelle??tual treat that
will be ?offered the public. An ad?
mission fee of 10 ceuts will be charg?
ed iu aid of the fund above mention?
ed, aud before the lecture the Daugh?
ters will serve refreshment? for tin
same worthy object. ^
It Batea THE Chi uhiks.?Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy has saved
the lives of thousands of croupv
children. It is also without an aqua!
for colds and whooping cough.
I'lilUIIHMl I Illli-* 21,1,1 Milhlli iv At
In order to reduce our well-selected stock of Trimmed! Hats we will offer
our entire stock at greatly reduce*?! prices.
Just received the latest thing in Rough *?traw Walking Hats r The Olym?
pia"), alvo Sailors, Ribbon;* and Fancy Go
New Lace Curtains. !)otte?l Swisses, India Llaeai Vhite and Col
ored Organdies Bed Sprea?!s. Dress Crash, Hamburgs. IMai?l Silks. Dress
Shields, Hosiery, Side Combs. Handkerchief* and l'mt?vel!a? it Low Prices.
Try the Ark Laundry Soap?2 cakes 0
?Vill of Bx-efov Holliday.
The will of ex-Oov. Fred W. If.
lolliday, who died May 29th, was ;
admitted to probate June 7th, by !
ludge Thomas W. Harrison in the
Jircuit Court. Governor Holliday ?
lequeatbes all his property, both real .
ind personal, to his ?ister, Mrs. Mar
jaret Duncan Mason, of Charlestown,
iV. Ya. He names her in the will as
?xecutrix to serve without security.
Shortly before hi? death Governor
Holliday arranged for the presenta?
ron of his miscellaneous library to
the University of Yirginia. The li?
brary is one of the finest private li- ?
branes in the State. It contains over
S000 volumes. His tine law library
was given to Mr. Frank Mc<"'ormick,
jon of Mr. Thomas McGorraick, of
this county, whose sister was Govern?
or Holliday's first wife. Governor
Holliday also made provision before
his death for his three old servants.
The personal estate, which cousists
principally in United State? bonds,
is valued at aboir '00 and his
real estate a: 0.
Special Election for "Water Bonds.
The town council of Berry ville has
ordere?! a special election to be held
on Thursday, the 29th inst., to take
the sense of the people as to whether
or not the town shall issue bonds to
the extent of r the purpose
of constructing and owning a water
system. If the voters of the
elect to assume the responsibility for
this needed improvement, the council
will ask the uext Legislature to rati?
fy the people's verdict. The I
lature already has empowered th?
town to issue bonds for , bul
this sum will not quite, according tc
satino competent engineers
com) m already l>.
Besides the town, to become complet
owuer of the system, has to buy th<
title to the franchise aud work al
ready completed, held at r
become the sole owuer of the plant
We shall have more to say on tlm
subject next week.
Ell .1 !.. ?I tli. ?. i
Oliver. . ;
narr?t ?-?1 . a ino:
IB. I k:
&A&sri.a'i Foroaost B:i::::_.,:':?, ??
Time is Just ripe for mothers to '.?x?!?: for fjome
mole or letting the httle 1 "jeinvtgor
ating "spriL^
vv present here a ?*ilutii">u to her problem.
to atteud the wants
or the , :e la one or our r___
Thia Bat?- Carrlaire, body rr:\m??d, wou: I
varnished reed, uphc h princesa
d_m_s_, sat m parasol, crown gear, I
patent br-Xe, Bicycle nickeled plated w
vorth $5. (?o /IQ
Our Matchless piles, ?3> eu * **? w
And t?y ad.tresslng a po.?r.il card to us. we will
fur\\.tr.l to you
catalogue published, within Its p.i^res von will
And all useful articles That beautify 1 home,
from clothes pin to a plan.?. It is a complete
directory to home furnishings-..
Write at once, to-day,
940-557 _f. Gay Street.
Fresh G roceries
Select Hardware
I wish t<> inform my custom?8N ami the
public that I have ? .'ARE
Business of Mr. C. \
aille?! a
Fresh Stock of Groceries,
and have opened up mv Hew stor?- in the
Helvestine Build ccupied by
Mr. Van De v enter!, w hi
customer* .-nul the ptibli?* m general I
and sUBvure them that thej will begiv?
My Har?ware Line is Complete
an.I any article 1 can'1 furniah yt?u troin
romptly ordereti.
? 80 1?. II. JOR-C8
University of Virginia
In the Academic Schools.
l.fttt I ? S '? ' '
For C*atalogue, atldress,
P, 1? I'AKUlNi'KU. Chairman.
apr96 3m Cb_aunilasaixta, v.\.
Read ! Read !
Wsj call attention of the public to the
follow-in?; EfARQADCS in ?ntr Dry
la Department:
A EM !* these goods which we
are selline; at prices ranging from ?"> to
oaalder the beat in
Darr*/Villa. Call and examine them
If you want ttnythink** in these gooda,
call ami we are sure you can lie satis
- the lin?*?* are complete.
?__d art* b-irx'ain?*. at
prices? from
VT? wish to call the men's attention to
our line of with or
without col! ch we are sellina:
?t 48 I Madras
hams, Hnen
1 an exami?
nation will lerfa]
In our Bhoe I>? ; will tind
ryti?na in -
?i und Ha
\ . i -
all '
VT. 3. DIX, M\n\ eh..
BverytMng in a 111
"From Foundation to Roof.
Write us for prices.
Winchester. Va.
Telephone Call 16.
MAKE t, ?n
you? Berryville
Profitable ?
i ?Atable Indu
Constant M Your Milk
i P. H ?> M I I I ? BRO.
Business Enlargement,
New Trade g New Stock.
Mr I. Bowmsun, in ??nier t<? enlarge his
business ami k. th the growth
of the town has. inconneclioii with the
Stove and Tinware Trade,
opened .1 fall lin?
iif_ll kin : -
lie with a 1er.
from the public.
Ha? ing bought ;i -
Steel Wagon Wheels
| of the ELECTRIC \VH
111., and i with them
I havi
l can furnish any
kind of v. m thai t i WHEEC
R. 11. Will 11
Brinca, Va.
ELY'S CREAM BALM I* a positive car??.
Apply into Uns nostril*, it '*? quioa'.y a^.-rtMnl. 09
cents at-Drairt-ints or by mail ; samples lie. r?y mall.
RLY BKOTUKKS, M Warnn St,, Now Yor- Cay.
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
That la? what It ?va* made lor.

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