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I \ Y. XOV. I. 1
no?w ?lb?* ?irn K?p?ti? the ?tun Ratera
ni M HJes?|?.?tpt fill Islalnnee.
"Two fii.-t? thai saaj -?.'??in some
whst peCWttat t<? sh??r.- folk?.." sal?! an
. \ Belief of the navy, "are, Int. that
only ulvout ??ne-hnlf of th?- in
wnr'n ni.-n in mir servi? ? <?r in any otli
??r s?>rvle??. in fu?-t. kin>?\ how n? swiru.
und. second, that sharks are tas
Cowardly Of :-Tl living er.-atur.?- Ii In
???M thai so lauree ? proportion ??f the
naval aalloea don't know how t.? swim.
l?ut It "Is probably du?- to the fu? t thut
???at number of our men ??' -war's
nun ?iow.-idn.? s come from tin? int?>rl??r
of th?" eoinitry. where then is BO ?? .1
t??r f??r tlit'in t?> learn how r.? swim.
"in the ??i?i aavy and i put all ?>f my
service in th?- ??hi aavy, s?? called the
maa who couldn't swim -aras?, aa
its th.- fuel w:is ?liseov ??r.-d by his sliip
ni.it ?s. ln?*??ul-n?'iitlv chocked <>v??r the
aide when swimmlnf call ?v??nt. and
in- just had to swim, of conree the
men wouldn't IH a fellow who dldn*1
know how t?> swim drown before tln-ir
eyes, irai they would s?-?> t?> It thut he
mude ? hard stul? at th?- art of sw bu?
rning before they picked him up. it' in?
didn't suce.???<! ?n ?.wimmln-, the :
tlni?-, overboard he would ^r?- tin- ?.
n? \t tinn? all hands took a plunge <??
the siil?- ;it RW_mmtng caU, ami thus nil
of tin? men serving ?>n the ?>l?l Iin?'
packets became awlmmers before they
I.ft th.? service. It is forbidden to
tlm>?\ a nonswlmmer Into the wat?
now, bol i thin!, it would 1?.- .
thin?; if the practice were still contin?
"The officers ?>f tii,- ship?, today II
upon ilu? apprentice lad*? learning
???im. bul they let th?? nonswlmm?
among th?? newly recruited Isndsmen
go along without learning. There ha
been numerous? drowning Incidents
our navy vrithln recent years, ? -
to th?> Inability of men who were <?th
erwtse excellent sailors in the easy art
of swimming.
to th?' cowardliness of sharks,
that fa?*t is well known among ?
who have been much t. south?
ern waters Infested by man cnt?-rs.
Th?? fi?'r?-?>s- man eater that ever bullied
u poor little pilot into acting as a f
SCOUt for him ??ill ^?>t out of the sea
Way in a mighty big hurry If a swim?
mer, noticing the shark's approach,
BStS up a noisy splashing. A shark Is
In deadly fear of any sort of Uving
thlug that splashes in tin? water.
"Down am?ong tin- south s.-a islands
the natives never fio in aea bathing
ahme, hut always In parties of half :i
dozen or s?>. in order that they i
make tin? _ hubbub in th?- wa?
ter and thus scare the sharks awaj
One?? in awhile a, too ventures?->ine
swimmer umon^ these natives foolish?
ly detaches himself from his swim
mlng party and ni??m?'iit:?i-iiy forgets
to keep up his splashing. Then these
i- a sudib'ii swish, aud tin? man eater
comes up b??hlnd him like a flash ami
gobbles him.
"I know a naval olfie??r who, d?>\vn in
tin- harbor- of Aeapuleo, M?xie?>. <
nft.-rnoon a few y.-ars ego stepped
a sleeping man eater in shallow water
while bathing. The oflkcer gave him*
self up f??r lost, but be made a frantic
effort to wade in to tin? brach II?- ?'x
ted every minute to have both of
Ids legs lopped off by the shark's teeth.
In wading in be. of course, made a lot
of disturban<?o In the water, ami this
Is what saved him. When, to his own
?surprise, he tinally stepped up on th?'
beach and looked back for his shark,
he sa?v tin- man eat?-r's lin cleaving
the blue ?vntt-rs <?f the bay hundreds of
f.-et away. Iwund outward."?Wash:
ton St:-r.
*_ fnxrlliiK Tran ?art inn.
The h.?tel night elerk was a party to
a deal the Other night which mat]?- him
??"..l richer and which be its still stndyii.;?
about. It was getting along toward tbe
theat.r hour when one of th?; giu-sts of
the hotel came do?vn stairs with his
valise, and after paying his bill r??p
ed that the clerk keep his valise until
he cam?' back from tin? show, as he was
going out on a hit?' train. He
pulled a ?f?."' hill ont of liia pocket and
asked tlie clerk to change it. The clerk
looked in his cash drawer, but found
he did not have it.
44W? 11. " ?said the guest, "just keen
the $5 for security and lend mo a dol?
The clerk did po. and the gnest de?
parted. II? came back about 11 o'clock,
and, being in a hnrry to catch tbe
train, rushed up to the desk. He threw
down four silver dollars and the clerk
gave him the $5. It appeared all right.
When the guest had gone, the clerk
looked over hin cash and found hinis? If
|8 ahead.
?'Well.'' said the clerk, after he had
puzzle??! his bead for awhile to see how
It had happened, "that man needs a
bookkeeper. It was lucky for me he
didn't make a niistak?' the other way."
? Kansas City Times.
Works Little and Seldom.
A Russian feuilletonist thus de
scrlb?'S his ???untrynieu: The Russian
Strives, with but few exc??ptlous, to
Waid the ideal state in which Atlam
and Eve 11 ved in paradlas. He suffers
from Idltinoas. apathy and a want of in?
The climate may have something to
do with this. Th?? Villages* Is e<?iu
poDed, from November t<? April, to give
up all work in the flelds, and by this
time lu- f?>rg?'ts how to work.
It is only hunger that compels iiiin to
Hart again In the spring. In June he
has another ivst. With the beginning
of July he must go Into the tields again
ami continues till th?? ?'ii?l of Septem?
ber, -whssj the harvest Is all gathered
The Russian peasant, tluTefore, really
ivorks ?>nly four months in the year.
During the rest of tin* time he seeks
to am us?* himself. s?> that It is hardly
to be ?v?>n?l?re?l at If he l>ecoines poor
nul ?ligi'iieiate.
Joseph Stockford, Hodgdon, Me . h?-al
ed a sore running for seventeen years
and cured his piles of long standing by
using DeWitt s Witch Basel Salve. It
cures all skin diseases. W. Richardson.
Fill1 QlllII nn< use Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Keine
dy for all pains of the stomach and
all unnatural looseness of the bowels.
Jt always cures.
\ - ??-.,..:.- ?..naralr of 111? I'IkIOIiis;
\tllli?> 0??i?a-?l It? ? bicdta*?.
a pan el tl ? > 'T'?r iiiat ?-m?ce
brought i!.?- s ttlsh bard. K??lH?rt
Bawtia in ?Ut?- ?o?tafvtaee U'fore hi?
is tu??v in Um psssjssjsJsa of a
I W F. lunch Sjf
Sl.lnt'v ?i\.-m.?\ Sad Is li^*a?uir*e?J
bf see a? a family 1k*m1?h?ui.
ttim run? b SI by I?lrUi a (."anadian
mi s?-au? b ?>i ?j_ n In lb?? ?lays when her
i grand fa th?*r. 0*80rgS Ma?Ka?\ U M
' young b?* .itt? M?bil the ??uni' bxige as
did i???!?i?i.? Hums and aras ana e-f tbe
"Uchta" <?t' tb?v t???vn. ??m* night l
? meeting On? see*' ."?nd MaoUa?*
sat leasj t?>goth?*r
H<?i's1ti_- i?t i ho nappy.
And (_-??( tin f.u ??tul un?*?' h??ippy.
An?! then arm ?n arm thSf saimti^r.?.!
slowly t?> tb?* room ?Vahees tbo Masons
Mill' Wollt t?> .-isscuil'!?'.
All wot*ld base BOM ?veil ha?l not
Burns ?b?*.lr??l t?? show lils Masonic
brethren how go???! a pugilist he wa-.
and he lot ko a hsaij un?l?*rcut at |
Baa, arousing the hitter's lighting
1>1?>?m1. ami the bout bo-can. which r??
suit??i in ifarBae being tvn?*<i to the
ii???>r and Hobbi?? Hums t brow in. ir thsj
g ?1 altar, or st.-ind. at bim as
he attempted ?o riso.
I.imkily he missed blm aim. and ths
stand atruck \'.?>l?-ntly against the wall.
shattering <-onipl?>tely ?>n<* ?>f the Is
At tin? foltowlng iiKoritlni the
frit'iuls were br??-?ight beftrjee th?*- ?>r?l??r
f??r trial. A tin?? was lmi><>s?>,i on th??m.
and they vv?ere tund?* to n-pla?*?? the al?
tar. Tbe bi*oken one ivas thrown out,
and as MacRae wont homs bo ?-arrie?!
tlu* stand with him.
It is about tvro f?*ct high and Is of a
styl.? ont of nee tv*ttaj In tbo Masonic
?ir.lor it h;i< atece been pcessusd in
the family aa an holrloom.?Chicago
*? ??t ?l>e I ni ?T?nij Inner ?.nurd (!???>
Il i m ?la?- ?.riiii.l I.ntii_!a.
a wi'ii known Chicago publisher.
apeaklng of acenes and Incidents lu
thai < ity In the trying: days after the
"Th.* ??'????ut Are a
thins ?>f the r??o??nt past and tbe (town
town portion of the city a ?cen <?f tb??
gr??at? liston. Alunit ?? o'clock in
the evening, while on my way t?> my
In the w??st division, 1 was ac
oost.-d by a man of respectaMe appear
ance, who ask???l me te giv?- htm ?the
pri?-?' ??f a lodging.
'? 'I'm not a beggar.' said bo. 'but
I'm In hard luck. A man t?>l?l m?? that
some Masons v?7*ere in session ov?er this
way. If 1 eould And th??m. I'd tie all
?' 'I happen to know S lo?lger?>om on
Canal str??ot. where there la a mooting
tonight,' said I. 'Como al??ng. I'll take
yon Um :
"Tb?' place r?'ach??.l. 1 ????n.lurt???l him
up a long llight of stairs ami km??*k?Ml
at a ?l?x?r
" 'I'm not a Mas?>n." said I to a man
who aeemed i??tlng In ?the ea
paclt. lard, "hot I*ve run a.
?.no ?.f your fratornlty who Seems to be
In har?l lock. 1 tak?? it : ??u'll Ik*- glad to
.1.? something f<?r him.1
"< ?.ngrati.l.ating myaelf on having
-oo.i a?*t. i ptish.'d my chance
acquaintance forward and r?-tr?
toward ths stairway, a whlspsred ce?
v.-rsation ensimtl. wb?-n the guard eg?
" ?You're n?<t a ?***i?eeinaaoaf'
" ?No,' replied mj lata ?liarlo. *but
I'm a stoii?' maaon oui of s Job.'
"The four ??f laugh t?*r that li
from the lialf opon ?loor toads me wish
myself a Mns.?n. AJ it was. I hur
rk'.iiy quitted the plsr e ** ?Tlhtrago
11?- Sim Her Iltimc.
On a ralnj afternoon not l??ng apo
one of the pretty young matrons of
Conn avenue left the oar from
which she bad ridden up town and
darted through the ?driz?is toward her
homo, a few floors from the corner. She
had no umbrella. A Willie of the char
r.eter'.stie typo, who was riding In the
samo .-?ir. noticed thai she bad no um
bivlla. Ile ?vas right after her with his
own umbrella Up and extemh'd.
"May I s?-?' yob bom?', miss?" be In
j ?pilr?*?l languish ingiy. stepping; up
alongside ?>f her.
turne?l to him with a dazzling
"?'??rtainly," sh?* replied. "Watch
me." Ami she ran up the stops of her
home and entered the vesttbule door
without looking back.
?Ths rotte thing!" muttered the Wil?
lie, blushing to the roots of its ?vavy
hair, as Laura Jean would say, and
then it took the next car.?Washington
Some Good Anneram?.
The following is a list of very re?
markable anagrams:
Astronomers, no more stars; cata?
log?is, got as a clue; elegant. m?at leg,
impatient, Tim Is a pet; matrimony,
Int.? my arm; melodrama, mad?.? moral;
midshipman, mind his map; old Eng
long, golden land; parishioners, I hire
l?ar>oi?s; parliament, partial men; pon
It?'i!tlary, nay, I repent It; Presby?
terian, best In prayer; revolution, to
tors ruin; sw.-?-thoart, there we eat;
telegraph--, great helps.
Forcible Proof.
"What was your father whipping
you for last night?" asked one small
boy of another.
"Oh," replied the other, "we had an
argument about my ?Sunday sebool les?
son, and he was proving t?? me that the
whale actually dbl swallow Jonah."?
Troy Tim ?-s.
Small kindnesses, small courtesies,
small considerations, habitually prat"
tieed In our social intercourse, give a
fTSater charm to the ohar:iot??r than
Ihe display of great talents and accom?
plishments. M. a. Kelly.
Some people like to bo generous Just
:o brag about lt.?Plev?'lan?I Lender.
Our next census will show a popu
lation of about seventy-live millions,
says ihe Ladies' Home Journal. To
complete this count with the reijuired
thirty days about fifty thousand
ceusus enumerators will be employ?
ed. It will be necessary for them to
count at the rate of two and a half
million persous per day, or even fast
er. The population of all cities and
towns of over eight thousand must
be enumerated within a period of
two weeks.
Its? Overn-t?lml_g KIT ?rot tpiin nta
\ ill ?? r I i?s, ii luiirlit.
"Tliere la no d??ubt that ?'ibrnltar Is,
from the nature of it? liH'atlou, the
?trougest fortirh??! spot ou earth," said
a r??c*euUy returned t??url??t. "tuit the
English c?rHc*t?r s w ho are on ?luty there
m Impress? ?I with the Id???, that
there is ?omt? ?unk spot about the
! pbi??s> and that some Auu>rlcan may
< SBSeOVer it. They ha??* v*?ry nousentsi
j cal rub's and rvgulntious governing the
fortlti?>ntlou, and ??u?? ??f them la that
uo Ani.'ricari can be adudtted to the
fortiti??il pla?."?.?s. though they are al
lowtnl to H'auder all around the outal.le
a? long as th??y ?-are t??.
"I ?lo not think the e<mibine?l guns of
the r?*st of th?' worl?l. ??11 ?vorklug t??
g*?ther nuil lor 12 lnmrs each day. Sun?
days and public holidays iuehnle-d. for
one y??ar. could seriously lut erf ??re with
l Gibraltar l?cyond ?"Uttlng off the mail
communication. Th?? walls nrv solid
! r.H?k a ipiarter of a mil?' thick, aud
such a thing as ?lolug any ?lamage in
j a militar? s?ns?> would Ih? simply uon
: s??ns?'. Gibraltar c??uld resist any at?
tack, ami the conditions tl.ei"?' ar?' such
that the attacking party ?vould n.H?es- I
BarUy have to b?- expos???l In making
its attack. This eapoaaxa would have
|0 be Within range of the guns ?*?f the
t. area If they an- ,">*? y?-ari? ?>ut ?>f
data? Consequently th?-y ?vould i>e
nearly as effective as modern guns,
for with all that is claimed for im-dern
warfare there probabl] never will be
any lighting ?lone when the opposing
i parties are out ?>f sight of each other.
? While all rhis Is admitted by mili?
ta ry nn'ti of all countries, it seeins
funny that there should be anything
??:? bidden character about
raltar that Americana shoul?! u??t
be allowed t?? Inspect as freely as the
people of Other countries are. Ktlg
land may be ??hipp.-.i some time In the
history of tin? world, but the defeat
will n??t take place at Gibraltar, l as?
sure you ." Washington Star.
II?. I'ri i.iirnt Ion In *?Ioili?rn Tln*n1 ?? r?s
mi I.i(<-r?satlnu rroc.ss.
The preparation for a new play, as
- tilery Is coiieern.-d. Is most
Interesting a comp?tete model In mln
lature is made, about tin- si/.?? ??f one
t>f th?- Q er man toy theaters seen in the
shops The picture is carefully painted;
tin- r?H"ks, if there In- any. iiml tin?
follag?' are cut out. and all tin- ch'tatls
ar?' followed with no less thought than
when the real affair is attacked.
Tin- ?voik is iion?' in water color,
mounted on pastel-tcard, and if the
?cheme be an laterior there are real
curtains In miniature. Bights of Steps,
ami th?? hangings, all s??rl?>usly worked
out. it is something that would ?h>
llght th?- heart of a boy and furnlsh
hini with endless emusement. These
inixlcis are kepi until after th?? piece
Is |?roilu?-.?d. and are then pel away
on shelves, alas! only to warp ami be?
come covered with ?lust.
Hut tin- master palnt?*r*s work does
not end here by any means, for th??ro
ar?' ilghts t.. '.? arrange?!, since they
play an Important ??art in th?* per
forman??' ami muai be regulated by
j the scheme of color: so ?there are long
? conferences with electrlciana and many
isslons with the makers of glas?*
j sbiid?-s Whereby th.- ezad tints may Ik?
: obtained.
When every detail ha-? been settled,
then the great scree of ?-auvas ar?'
spread ?>n the ?taint franjes, and the
drawing is begun. Large china pots
ar?- used for th?- ?-??lors. These are tilled
with paints, which are mixed with
water and a siae, ami enormone
: brush?'S put tin? pigment on the
It is wonderful to watch the
. artist, who ?lashes on the paint with
n<? apparent ? are ami who has to work
t<> cover th?? surface before the
color ?lri.-s, which It ?Iocs ?julekly.?
ork Commercial Advertiser.
sonn? siniM-rntstinns?.
When starting for the river, says a
i writ.'r in London Field. If you ha??- to
; turn back ami get something thai
have forgotten, you are sure to catch
little or nothing that day. This Is an
art I. 1?- of Devon f?>lklore. ami I am In?
clined to think th?? weal country folk
right herein. The dlseppointment^
th?- hurry ami the bringing of wrong
things always ad prejudicially upt>n
what out t?. be the unruffled,
even temper ?if a successful angler. He
?nee hasty and rash, most often
with ill results to his basket.
In th.- western highlands it is cur?
rently believed that if you ess a colt
?vith Its hack to you when starting in
the int.ruing on a tishlug ?'xcursion It
Is the worst of luck, only to be ??>.
ed should you hear a cuckoo before
Ii??.? noke College.- EtoanoksCol
i? having a prosperous ?session,
with BtndeotS in attendance from six
ten States and from I'orto Rico, Cu
ba and K?>rea. Next to Virginia in
numerical order of representation
come North Carolina. Pennsylvania,
Maryland and West Virginia. stu?
dents are arriving almost everv dav
and a good many Others are expected.
The Students are a fine looking set of
fellows, ami tbej have made a ver?
favorable impression on the Faculty
and among the people of Salem by
their manly and orderly bearing.
It Seems almost to be taken for
granted by the majority of men that
money isof more value than anything
else. Character, reputation, absolute
Bdelity to even the Huent shades of
distinction between honor and dis
honor the almighty dollar seems
sometimes to weigh all these down
and sit throned on a man's eternal
soul.? Rev. ('liarles .M. Slioldon.
The funeral at Pine liidge, S. D.,
<>j Conquering Bear, the Indian chief
who after winning 100 battles against
unfriendly tribes, died from getting
off a trolley car the wrong way, ?vus
attended by six of his wives, witn
faces painted black for mourning,
and 12'! of his children and grand
T.? (ill.- ? ?... .t i.... i .?i, l..;,v...
Take?:.. i?ly?CaUusrUe 10ci.r_.ic.
It C. C. C. fall to cure-, _TBSSls?f r? funii mon<*y.
Small Fivrum
l'ho atteution of those wishing to pur?
chase a ?mall farm in the fertile county
of Clarke is called to the following list:
\ ?res, half mil?. t't?-m turnpike. g?????i
house, stabling, clstera and large youug
orchard. ?f<aV5 ?u acre
100 Acre? tjrut quality limestone laud,
fairly improved; on uirnpik?-. near ?le
p.'t. store au?l postolHcc. f?**?aa sese?
Dwelling of 8 r?ioin*. Urge lot, stable.
?.V.?*., for #??000
House ami iol of 1 sere. I nub?. fr??ui
liirryville on turnpike, ?f.MK?
F.\ km or 400 A?, kks 4a> milee south of
RliriJvIUs I miles tioui illwood ?
birg?- Brick Dwelling, tenant house, barn,
A i . M ?wren ?if Timber, Spring anil !>ol?l
stream of water through ths couler ??f
Hit" farm 100 acte- ?>t N?>. 1 ri\er bot?
tom One of the in?>-t pt oductivs M S ?il
h- ??ne of the best stoik farm- in Clarke
county. Price #40 p?-r a?r?-.
Farm ?if lt)5a> acres n?-ar WieklilTe. Of
No. 1 laud, umler go?i?i fencing. Plies
*f l*> per acre.
Farm of 70 acres near Btiyco. go?nl
dwelling ami ?nit buildings at fair price
H??use and hi! of I* aeres on turnpike
two sallas north <>f Berryvllle. House
lots ?' r??.iuis. out kitchen, smok?' h??use,
small barn with stabling t?>r <? heatl of
stock, g???i?l fruit, ?'ist?*rn at door and
well ?OsTwater 80 f?'?*t t lurefrotu. Price
We ar?' not advertising ths entire list
of proper! je-? WS ha\?' t?> -?*U. and a ?le?
st ription of the farm you may want will
prove I guide In selecting from our list.
App?v t.? Saman ?t i'kowi.
Herr\ ville. Va
i??l ?Mllt*!^
Schedule in Effect
March 12, 1899.
N 3. 11.
0 ?'7 a m. ?? 14 j?. ni.
\ j \
111 17 ?l in.
I?iaL ? a__> *(.!. POINT?
HIO, IND'A^ 1.1 ?M
wic :<
r\ A N ?
lav T. XAS. **?*
?NO r M
-THC B[?
1??CLR? i?E?I ..
i *. C S t . : r ? :
n ??> ??'
araoiL. ?ut?, mull, ??. r. -?
Fas* Aajt, Di?. r??? Ar? Tra?-. Va
mi: r?> Tin-:
Aller Dyeing in Win? luster for o?rer forty
riah tu r?-minil my friemis and
ti.? younger ganeration thai l an .?till Dy?
to dys for all, on i?tius
t?? suit the time.-. So bring on your
:?i.?l I will mak< .'???k Ilk?- n<>?**, u'.ir
tiiciits. without the ??-;t?-t injury to the i_r??.<ls.
nuemeu's Clothing,
Ladies Dr?*??is?-s and Shawls. ? ??nts IL.
babe?;' ??loveis :tn<l Ki?l Slippers, ?leane?!
ami m m le to look a- n?
? i a i n
l.a?ii?'S ?an hav?- their l?r??.-.s . l.-:ui???l ami
dyed vrithoul ripping or injury.
1 am ;il-o prepare?! to inak? from hair
Caimhinpi Braids, Curls, I'm'
and will cb-an and dy? ??Li Bfrjaid
I'lothing r?'turu??<i !?? parties at a ?listan?'?
without cost of ?x|.r?s-. a- I pay for -?'mling
??r?i?Ts one wa\ .
\ I ? I
East l'i?<a?iiily st. S ?lo??i> above B. ?v ??. it
I?. ?Tossing, Winchester. Va.
aiiu'll If
?Til to w ,vw
i-?oeriiiui -.??.?????? has be.-ii tlt-t iurvtl. ami at
the urgent r?'?iu?-.-t of man) trien?!?. ? p..
BOX \V ELL li.t- return?'?! t?."hi- old home in
b.-rry\ ill?-. Va where he baa ?ipened up ?
ami will keep on hand ? full line of choice
neat-. Much a- I'., el Veal, Mutton,
Pork, Sausage ami Pudding in s?-a
s.iu. Everything will be kept in tirsi . !a?
?ify tyle. I am her?- lor business and will
you right 1 ?b-11\?r meal t?? all parts
of the town, ami ?til orders left with me will
r.'.-?-i\e prompt attention. t'oma to tMSase
and be >-?>n\ in. ?*<1 thai I am the right man
in tii?'right plac?-. Vou will :iinl me in
11 Building ??i? Corner <?t Main ?v.
Church Str?-?-t- TERMS CASH.
I will al-.. ke?-p Flour, Corn Meal, and
u ?.ro.-a-ries. Vmii? t?. plranc,
febfl ?'. it. iw>xwi:i.i. .\?e.
?FOB sai.i:.
I'rojiertx and goodwill of
Shenandoah University School
m tow n of berry*? ill.- Va. \ .ie>? rabie brick
dwelling of 10 rooms, with 2six-*roora mt
?ages and School House* 0 aerea of laaad at?
tached. \V?-i ! l.?i-nt'??l in fairest portion of
Sli?-iian<loa:i Valley. Kim* gar.len <?' 1 acres
well stock?-.! with fruits. Abundant supply
?>f witter with windmill. Price ???;,<????.
Would take a -mall property in par! pay
nient. apply to
uov-23 8NYDBR A CROWN.
I lariieNN IVlal-??*?!*.,
Saddles, Collars, Whips, Lap
Robes, Etc,
Has r. >n?.ved bil .--tablisliineiit to South
at reef, at the r?-ar of8. P. Datighman's store.
???pairing promptly done. [jun?>
l^or IVfilv*?.
Pour room dwelling Hous?' and Loi <.n
Smith Main Strei-t. Stable, corn house, ?ar
riage bous?-, and running ?valer through lot.
Price M?O.
HOUSE AND LOT on Baal Main str.-.t
ll.-rry \ ill**. H on-..- in good repair and ?on
tains B room?
SMALL HOUSE <-n Main Street ?Hit
si?!?- Kin ben and Running Water. Wry
!<?w pri??'.
Apply t?. Bniaaa >*? Caowa.
Good and desirable Farm
Sil uHt?><! on i'iiKt r?id?- of Slienaiidoah ri\ er
8 miles from Millwood, ?oonUdning 000 acr???
loo acr?*? of river bottom and most of the
upland oo<?!> UB?WVOSB Ian?l. Fairly ini
pr.?v?vl, and ?h'sirabb- f??r ?udtivatioii or
Will divideand sell in two traits of 300
a?;r??s each.
For l'rireniinil tarmsappty to
Hxviuk ?t ( ?aowa
Is W?VE iinpr???e?l with a
New campbBll P?itii Press
with ??hi?li \vr are enabb'd t?? inak?
From 600 to 800 Imposions
in an hour.
or IHI?
Courier Office
By means <>f which we are enabled to
Fill Orders for 1000 or mon*
.Hh.tr Work o? This Dc_:r_rtion
[iu- beeu ;i?ld?'?l to our office, for
Posier anil _a_.l Wort
And ???? are prepare?! t?> <l?i
I Job Printing of all Kinds
in excellent style.
?tocUoa) i ul>- ?
Only 5? couU a ?.??.ir. 3.
A ?era; beautiful colored plate?. ; l.?tr?t
f.slnon? ; <1ressin.ikn;; <-, . '-..mir? , fa \
work , ho.is?-).,.I?] "sinn , Ii turn, ct.
s?.n!>e lo <!av, or, ?.<-.,.I k. I..r l_n-.t
1-ady a_e-ts wanted St ..1 loi (crins
Stylish, Reliable, Siuit.l.-. Up-to
?*late\ Ko.nomu.il and A l??->l_tely
l"?-rfi-ct-Kiun?v- Pain-r Patu-rns.
-No-Se-m- Allowance Pattern?.)
Only lo and i? cts each?none higher.
Ask for ?hero Sold in nearly every city
and town, or by mail ft rn
~? 138-146 West 14th St.. New Yerk.
^ ...isM?V*^^VW??M??MA????:t??i??
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anyone ?teridlt.K a sikctrh and description may
Otil.-klv anccrtiiiii our ?.?.it.ii.n tree ?s-Iu-iIut an
Invention i?, probably patentable, ?'?.iintiniiloa
tioii-sstnetlyeot.tttleiitlnl. lltin.lt.oo_ on I'ntonta
n??iii fr????. (?i?i????t agency for -ccuriiii'? puren r*.
Patenta t'i_??n tliroii.li Munit A ?'o. receive
tpeeial notice, wifliout ? l.nru?', in tliO
Scientific American.
A handm.nit-ly illt-st rated weekly. I_Rr<re8t_clr
on <?f Htiv sei
four mont h?.
cularion of any scientific toarnal. Term??, f.'l a
, tl. Sold l.y all newsdealer?.
MUNN ? Co.36""?-- New York
Branch Office. rZ> f BL? WiishinKton, l>. ?D.
I^fl^flU?S foi* f?4?,l?e.
350 A?"1'KS - l.<K-iit?-.l neiir M illw?????l un?!
th?- turnpiks rosd. Nios imooth l??n?l?36
m tirnher. i??.?.?! Dwelling, stable,
irrsnsry, ??.??.; sbscldtng r? ? r t ?? ? < ? r so bssd <?f
cattle: tWO ISTgC cisterns an?! stock pond;
good <>1<1 ?>r?linr<l an<l new ..m- In bssring;
sinall fruit.s siitli SS apricot??, peurs. pSSCbSS,
gFSpsS. Trie?'fio an acre
?VrO ACRB8 LoQltsd OB ?-ast side ?>f Sli?-n
aiiiloah riv?-r, I mil?-.?, from While Post. 300
acres cleared, .'?o a?TM <?f Island and river
hottorn ami 10 ??res of run h.ittotn, Squsl tO
the river hottorn. ?;..???! Dwelling] Barn. Sta
bling, corn crib, Ac.: running water sad wsll
in th?-yanl; gO>od orchsrd, Siis<-et?tihl.- of
division, anil if desired will I??' soin in si-pa
rate tract??. Pre-?- for wliole tra?t fl.j.er
sers Apply to BNYDER A CEOWK.
ni,r having eer\?.*sl ll?c pull?. r,?r ta,i,t,
nine >fitrs aa
(Jon trac tors and Buildea,
:in?l .r.-ite?! s.'iue ol the H neat result? ne??* mil
t* ti*- ? ? ir? in Kerry ville an?! \i?u,u\
?a?? ar?? OS k????I SS asw, and Will continue j,,
give lion ???' have always ren<U?n-<i t,,
those win? .?lit rii.it their work ton?. With
Steam Planing anil Saw Mill
we ar?- prepared t.? till all contract!? in conne?"ti??n WStB OUT business at reasonable rs
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantles Plaste ing Lath,
ami other Building Material furnish?'.! on short SeStSS W^ have __ c. nue? ? ?,? *,,"?, ,?lr
other basiaesi ?*
?tJriKt *>Iill aiid C?orn Oi-mim1i?f*i-,
andean furnish CORN MKAI.. HOl'SK FFF.P. ?V?. to all in need of the same
HKI(RV\ Il t | v x
?-?V-All hills ]?ayal?le at the tir?*t ?d each inontli aal? ??tlu-rwis?- ptOVidsd f..r
D 0. SNVDKK ??>?'? <> CHOI, N
Real Estate Agents,
?t;_L_.__vi*ii;i: COUNTY, v>*..
the bssd of tbe notsd Shenamloah Valley, and bordsrs ?on tbs ? tithe We?*
\'.t. ii- ? i.lu??Ridge iiiouiitaius Is.mi it- ?a.-t?rii hoiindary, di\ ??ling H frota 1
th,uii .. ' county i- ?-n th? south and I
The r**benaudoah river tluwi lit?"? gh the i-tett-rn part ?>t the county, at tl ?
Hine Ki?i|
In aggregate agriiult-. probabh, the rich?
ft-rulit? ol bei soil, lb? beslthfulness ??f her climat?
..f h? r .ii\er>ihe?l lan?is? aj-?-ai?-stii-J?? Is thai ? liarni the tougUC ol all ??h?.
-n.-.l i ins.. ?in it y. The surface m n,, n i in n pan ?f the county, lying betweei
"-?honai.doah an.i the I'lteqUua ri\? r.-. la gentl) undulatil :
The soil is peculiarly a? i apt <-.i to the growth of wheat ?ver and timot] j
? indigenous, snd soon l-.rnis. on uncultivated equal tti -
held.- .?t Kentucky. It <?? ??ne formation tbe Iinnroton?' i < n.g i.
?.I>l.i:;ic>: on ahnosi . \. r> I ?rin t. into lilii?
corn snd hay, win? liar, the ?"111?. I pi I which a reedy mark
toiiini in Baltimore, l_on.il??
ititi?'i I ?arge numbers
dheep id fed, and -"l?i in Baltimore, I'hiladslpbia and N? ?.< i
markets, and man? line horses s?-i.i l?> eitj it.
traverse the county in e ti.?n. and f??ur inu?a?i?-im
centre al Berry ville, the county-*s**al, which cotitaini
?ht churchea iu the town, aud g.I private and public sch<-ols- school b<
porte?! i.y count? and ?Stste being located al i*onv-iiieiii point? all over the ?count*)
alien at acaah valuation of profterty t- about ?-l ou theslOU mr all purp.-? ? .
t \. schools snd
Tbe Norfolk and Western Raih .?I manage?! with ? vies ol buildiug u|
oountry througb which n?ls ili-otigh the ?-entre ol the county in its
and -otithern course, affording -ready num.
north or south. Beai???* thisi we are l?M?king hopefully for tbe extension ?
iugtou Uhio and SV entern fron? Bound Hill, ii- present terminus?distant from
ry ville It? miles- which a-ill crues the county from east to west, giving ua sil th?
facilities we could <le-:r.-. aud placing us bj rail within QD miles ?
irke county . sooner <-r later, is deatine?! to I the seal ? -f manu fa? 1 uring in
? her extensive and virgin ?l< browu hematite ores, ??halts
?>u one farm al<>ii<- le?I the expert making the inveatigalion i?> conclude thai a tuillioi
of iron ore could be minetl at that pi.?. round in the rivei
t from Berry ville ??uly five miles, snd tbe surveyed route of the Wash. <? .?
I: i: runs thr??ugh these rich ?Ici-..sit.- rhej will eventual!? tempt capitalint? to d<
tiicin. and their development will a?i?l to th? value of I h? ite??fth?
as a general thing the farms in this county are large. \\ i cut up int
tracts like thuse in the Cuniberlau?! Valley, Pa., the number ?>i farm? and pop?
ol th.-count? would m??re than ? Ion hie. rhere in no .
wish i ni* to invest in these land- may not combine for their purchsse snd srran
vision of the same. Tbe timber of the caiintj ? : walnut, (?lack ?>ak. whit?
hickory. locust
_?i miles from Berryville Large, sousre, modern-buili dwelling, han. .n ;
buildings. Kunning water through the rann Spring not far ofl and well ol ws
kitchen door. Tensn! h...?s?- I ri?ce S1S,OOU
l ARM OF 216 At i.l _
S miles from Berry ville, same distance from Boyes. ?Large stone mansion-house re
cenily remodeled un?irr the supervision ol ? distinguish? rk. architect, wh??f?tatei
thatitcouldii.it be duplicated for less than <f40,UUU. Lawn of 25 acres; \i<v? *ui?erl
taciietl kitchen, laundry, tenant bouse, ssrvsnt's bouses icehouse ?v? . Water abundant
Price 924,
I- A KM 01 _'.;?. \? K I
OnSenandoah river, lOOacrasofbosttom land, plenty of timber, well wstered Im
ovsmsbnts good. Pries * i?' an acre and terms aceomm?>dating.
PAR*- ? ?l .??? A? I-' ES, <?i tir.-t ?iin-lit> limestone land, onehalf mile rr..ni Berryvi
with rulining v?at? r Elevated building site on it, taking in a gran-! mountain and
sespe \ n-i\. Price too per .?< r<
FARM OF 400 ACRit?, on Shenandoah river. 3 miles from station on N .? W. K
160 acres river bottom; ! f timber. Well improved I'm?- "i i.. p. r.
VA UM i >i' 120? A? RK-t, ir?.n and other .>r.-- on it, _ miles ol Bheiisndosh river fi
?(hi acre- ..: ?..-st river bottom land, producing from '.'?> t?. .m bushels <?! \\ best and I- i<? '>?'
i.i.!-. of corn per sere without tbe use of fetliuxers. H>0 acres of goo? I upland f??r _r
cultivation, with never-failing streams flowing through each field 7ts?a?.I tii
osk, poplar, chestnut snd pine. Situated on located extension ofW. O. ?t W R. K., thai
may be built to Berryville; all land in cultivation enclosed with board and rbesinut
fencing. Pure mountain spring water piped to the mam dwelling and linrn entail?*?! ??] -
the premises for all time tree ... coal or expense. Susceptible of division : Mo two ?>r in..!
farms; springs sufficiently numerous f??r s colony. This is a rare opportunit*? for invesi
nient ..r prospective speculative deal in ir?m ?.r other ores. Price "Via!?? ?.
PA RBI OF 216 ACRES; iron ?>re, mangan? -.-??. .v . <?n it: ?VS niil.-s from i'-.-rr. i
on west side of Shenandoah river; 25 acres of riv??r l?.?tt??n?; th?- highland best ?lualii? '
farming land, the timber ami highland arc valuahl?- a- containing large bedi ?>f ir<?I
manganese, fire-brick clay, snd sand used for molding purposes, old mill .-it?- siso
improvements are Isrge brick dwelling with frame wing, situated on an eminent ?? aflor?!
ing s grand visw of mountain and river; 2 barns snd ?very outbuilding need?
house, good oi-chard, dkc. Pries 121,000.
FARM < d 230 A?CRE8
On Washington turnpike near Leeshurg in Loudonn oounty. I.arg?? Mt-dern Dwelling
elevated sit.-: on first tlo..r, hall, double parlors and two oilier rooms; on r?econ<l H
?"> rooms: als... an att ic Two stauuays ami Man sun I r....f. Prne. ?**?
PARU ol-' 133 a < I : I:s
3 miles from Berryvilae. House ?>f.; room-, good on-hard. wsU snd stock pond. Pifce,
"r-lh an at re.
21-2 miles from Beiryfille. Nice, -in..?.th land; Brick house: running water, i'
f.V? an sere.
1 I ?_' miles i"r.?in lh?rry? ill?'. Oood Stone bouse, ?arg.- Stone l>arn, orchard, ami never
failing spring. Price, S60 pa sors,
FARM <>r |fl_ A?R_9
:i mil?-- from Berryville Fairly g.??Hi house, bsra, w.-n ofeatwllsni water, iwebard, ?t?
Price, 910,000.
75 .ter.- iir-od, f.-i.cing good, lnrgt? stone inansion, larg?? harns, sprin? and running ??;?
ter. Pries, $11,000. ' - *
House wilh four moma, g,,?Hl stabling. * l'ri?e, "F2,.r?on.
PARM <>!?' m a< i:i?
House, orcha.d, g..?>?| spring, etc. I'ri??-, HjBbE,
I ARM 0V lisi At'I'.KH
Fairly g???Hl house, stahling, granary, ll.rS.Sli, riiiining water. Friee, S76 an acre.
For further information a.ldrest? 8NYDKB A CROWN. Ilerryville. Vs.

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