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Editor and Proprietoi.
Democratic Ticket.
1 . Nov. Mk, 1000.
< by Ii ' ?mus.
fob i&j no unmi tth
'ongressman Jamefe Hay, of this?
the Tth?Virginia District, who is s
recognized authority in Washington
iu Military affaire, has issued a cir?
cular through the democratic con?
gressional campaign committee, set?
ting forth the odious effects to be
reaped from the new army bill ss pro?
posed by the republicans in last Cou
gress and to be brought up again
next winter. The present military
establishment will cease July 1st,
Mr. Hay recommends for future
emergencies the equipping, educating ,
and organizing a citizen soldiery,
such as National guards, and says it
is the only way to avoid the mainte?
nance of a permanent large standing j
army. He further says:
"The republican party advocates a
large and permanent standing army i
and will insist upon a large increase
should it continue in power. Apart
from the immense cost which such n
military establishment would entail
permanently upon the Government,
the effect of its maintenance would
be to discourage the formation of Na?
tional Guard organizations and to sap
the military spirit of our people.
This large standing army is necessa?
rily a part of the imperial and mili?
tary system which the present Ad?
ministration ts seeking to foroe upon
the country. It is an open secret that
the people who are advocating this
system desire to use these troops at
home as well as abroad for the sup
pression of the liberties of the people.
The policy of the demooratic party is
to oppose militarism, and it de?
nounces iu its national platform the
maintenance of a large standing army.
"In order to maintain this large
standing army proposed by the re?
publican party it will be necessary to
conscript the citizens of the country,
because throughout its entire history
the regular army of the United States,
?mall as it has heretofore been, has
never been kept up to its full capaci?
ty by volunteer enlistments, and this
large standing army, once provided
for and relied upon, must be kept
full. Not being able to recruit the
army by volunteer enlistments, an
act of conscription will be necessary
and the people of this country will
soon be subject to all the military re?
quirements and exactions which have
made European powers so odious to
We give in full this week Bryan's
magnificent notification speech, de?
livered at Indianapolis August 11th.
Let everybody read it. It has al?
ready brought thousands of wavering
voters to the standard of democ?
racy, and has strengthened the
democratic ticket wonderfully. Mr.
Bryan has sounded no uncertain note
in this speech. It is a olear-out pres?
entation of tne place of the demo?
cratic party in this campaign, its
ideas and principles and the inter?
pretation of the Kansas Oity plat?
The republicans, recognizing the
strength of this speech on the lines
of anti-imperialism, are now trying
to draw attention to the free silver
question, which they claimed,
when they passed the present
monetary law, to have buried
beyond resurrection, What better
evidence do the democrats want than
this, to make the principles outlined
in Bryan's speech the keynote of the
campaign. You then strike Henna's
most vulnerable spot.
The advertisement of the Univer?
sity College of Medicine of Rich?
mond, whioh appears in this issue,
is a striking one, and the record of
100 per cent by its graduates before
seven different State Boards is most
notoworthy. Surgeon Lippitt, of
this county, is a graduate of the in?
During the civil war, as well as in
our late war with Spain, diarrhoea
was one of the most troublesome
diseases the army had to contend
with. In many instances it beoame
chronic and the old soldiers still suf?
fer from it. Mr. David Taylor of
Wind Ridge, Greene Co., Pa., is one
of these. He uses Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme?
dy and he says he never found any?
thing that would give quicker relief.
It is for sale by J. C. Avis,
The New York Kvening Post, one !
of the most pronounced anti-Bryan,
Wail street organs in the country. I
throws up the sponge and abandons
the clatter about prosperity as an ar?
gument for republican success this
fall. "The truth must be acknow?
ledged," it says, "that bnsiness is not ]
good, and that the boasted prosperity
which was to carry the republicans Jo
an easy victory this year has disap?
peared. It may r?\ppear in the early
autumn?we are inclined to think
that it will?but for the time being
stagnation exists. Manufacturers are
running on half time, or closing tem?
porarily, in order to work off surplus
products, and perhaps to stave off dis?
putes about wages. Some part of
this stagnation is due to the political
campaign itself. A Presidential year
is always relatively a dull year. Yet
this summer is duller than the corre?
sponding period of 1S96, although
the danger arising from currency .
msdness was greater then than it is '
now. Probably the inevitable re
tion from the trenieudous specula?
tions of the early part of 189'.* has
come somewhat sooner than it was
expected; but. fortunately, it was not
ushered in money panic. If this is
the true explanation the reaction
must work its own cure. Nobody can
do anything about it. Things must
take their own course."
No party declaration, no platform.
no address upon the great issue
strikes the keynote of the crisis in
our public welfare as forcibly and
conclusively as Mr. Bryan's great
speech. It is more than a party
speech; it is a statesman's appeal for
the preservation of our republican
form of government, liead it; it ap?
pears in this paper this week.
< inly 1,000 soldiers could be spared
from the Philippines to go to China, j
vet the "war" in the islauds was over, '
according to administration reports,
several months ago.
Judge Rtely Dead.
Hon. .lohn W. Kiel v. Judge of the
Supreme Court of Appeals, died Mon?
day night at Housten, Halifax coun?
ty, where he was visiting his son-in
law. Judge Riely's health,has beeu
poor for a year.
Judge Riely was boru in Jefferson J
countv, now in West Virginia, iu
and is a brother of Col. J. J.
Riely, of this county. He was edu?
cated at Washington and Lee. He
went into the Confederate Army and
served in the field until about two
years before the end of the war, when
he became connected with the oflice |
of General Cooper, the adjutant gen?
eral of the Confederate State?. He
was ou th* staff of General Long
street in the famous campaign cul?
minating in the battle of Gettysburg
in 1803, and rose to the rank of lieu?
For a short time after the war i
Judge Riely taught school and then j
he read law with Judge William s.
Barton, of Fredericksburg, with i
whom he practiced a few years before j
moving to Halifax. Major Riely en?
joyed a large practice and was < om
monwealth's Attorney of Halifax for
IS years prior to his elevation to the
Supreme Court bench. Januarv i,
1895. With Judges Burks and Stap?
les he some years ago made a revis?
ion of the statute laws of the State
into the code of 1887. This work
consumed three years.
In 186? Judge Riely married Miss
i Emma Harrington, daughter of Hen?
ry Carrington, Esq., of Ingleside,
Charlotte county. He is survived
by Mrs. Riely and fiye children.
Drying preparations simply de?
velop dry catarrh; they dry up the
secretions which adhere to the mem?
brane and decompose causing,
a far more serious trouble than
the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid
all drying inhalants and use that
which cleanses, sooths and heals.
Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy
and will cure catarrh or cold in the
head easily and pleasantly. All
druggist sell it at 50 cents or it will
be mailed by Elv Brothers, 5t> War?
ren St., N. Y,
The soothing and healing proper?
ties of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
its pleasant taste prompt and per?
manent cures, have made it a great
favorite with the people everywhere.
For sale by J. O. Avis, Druggist.
The Chilean Congress has voted
$2,500,000 to be expended in rail?
road cars, the greater portion of
which will be purchased in the
United States.
Secretary of Agriculture, Wilson,
who has been carefully studying the
situation, says: We will have dollar
wheat before the end of the year.
Gen. Joe Wheeler in his address to
the students of the Chicago Univer?
sity declared himself in favor of a
larger standing army.
On Sunday morning of last week
John Campbell, a colored man living
in Roanok*, shot his wife with a re?
volver. No impression was made up?
on the woman, or rather she feels
none the worse for stopping the
leaden pellet in its flight. The bul?
let struck the skull at the back of
the head and glanced off. Cambell
thinking he had killed his wife fled.
PeaUn Entered by the AJUee, and
the Beeehjed Forehjnere Saved
from the Ohineeo Mob
On Wedueeuay o i last week the al?
lied forces captured aud entered i'e?
kiu, wh'-re then uiiuisurs auu uiauy
Christian iniasiouariae nave oeeu be
seiged lor several inoulus, and judg
f roui the i ?pouts l?e rescue caiuc none
too soon.
All the toreigu eu?o)s. except l?e
German minister who was kuowu lo
have been murdered, were louuu to
be safe.
The captura oi i'ekiu uac oeeu
continued troiu American source?, ,
which information was received ou ,
?Sunday. i'articular? ot tue ?g?t I
arouud the walla ot tue city Ua\e not
reached thia onaafrj. otuer t?au tue
meagre caoie reporta, ?mon say tbat '
ths Japauese, STStO ?ed. kalt over 1NMI
meu, while the losses ot tue otuer ot
the allies were not a* large, i ue
Chinese lost over 900.
It is stated that the Empress Dow- .
ager with her imperial uouseuoid nao
lied from i'ekiu tu a NortUeru pro
vince, acoompauiad by i'riuce i'uau
aud the bulk oi his army.
-Now as tor the allies, they have a
long accouut to settle with the Chi
uese. Ueruiauy ha* tue greatest
grievance: but the other Towers also {
have much cause to compiaiu, and .
reason enough to with to assess heavy
damages, it will take pretty large :
pecuniary compensation to atoue lor
the wrougs doua by tue Boxers.
One could wish that tue opportu?
nity was allorded for puuishmeut ot
the Chiuese bj * uietUod more stiug
lug aud memorable thau thecxacliou
of money, as should be our policy, or
territory, as may be tue policy oi the
other i'owers, but it seems that that
is uot to be?at least, uot yet.
The next ?mestiou will be, What
are these powersgoiug tu do about dis
memberiug Chinar We say candidly
that we do not snow, aud cau hardi?
gueas. Of this however, we leei
sure?that they will take tbetr time
in leaviug China!
< "3rmauy will have 30,000 troops
iu China in a short time, aud is sand
iug a powerful fleet ttiere. it is oe
lieved she IS acting with Kussia. aud
is preparing for an iuteruatioual
HlSTOm 01 rut L'i'Kis
The civilized world tor ueariy three
mouths has had Us ejes Uxed upou
Pek?n, the trefoil capital oi tue uiost
populous empire in lUe world.
During most of tuis time troops
trom (.ireac Britain. Kussia, Austria,
itaiy, liermauy, .lapau and tile Unit
ed stales ?ave ?eeu trying to lorce a
way from the seacoast to i'eaiu, where
tue Ambassadors of tue governments,
the missionaries, represeutiug many
churches, aud tile native couvert*
have oeeu besieged by hostile, iauat
leal troops, regalar aud irregular.
The Empress Dowager, who is now
reported to be in night t the north,
is said to have euoouraged the auti
foreigu movemeui.
i'he allied armies, assisted oy tue ;
uuited naval furces, lust took laku,
theu iieutsiu was captured, laud j
forces of the Cm uese were deieated ',
at i'eitsang, aud again at iaugisuu.
Later came news ot tue occupation oi
Tungchow, lu iniiea Irom i'ekiu, by
the relieving army, aud now tue re?
lief of i'ekiu itself.
Li iluug Chang, \ iceroy of l au ton
1'roviuoe, and ioruier 1'remier, prob- ;
ably the Cniuaiuau best kuowu lo lUe ?
civilized world, uudertook tue task oi j
negotiating a peace.
Alarm because of the threateuiug
position of the Boxers was lirst fait
in this couutry early last February,
when Minister Couger submitted a
lengthy report to the rotate Depart?
ment o? this country. The secret so?
ciety was organized, Mr. Conger
wrote, for the purpose oi driving all
foreigners from the Celestial Empire.
Minister Conger also joined with
the representatives of the other Pow?
ers in i'ekiu, demanding the protec?
tion of the Chiuese Government. I p
to this time th? Boxers had couiiued
their operations to the Troviuce of
?Shantung, which is uuder German
influence, one missionary, au English?
man, having been killed.
Chinese missionaries realized that
a terrible danger was hanging over
them, but the civilized world had uot
yet become alarmed as it is today and
no effort had been made to subdue
the Chinese, whose fanatical cry was
"Death to all foreign devils."
But the Boxers were makiug the
most of their opportunities, and to?
ward the latter end of February a
French priest, who arrived iu I'ekiu
from Tientsin, reported that the so?
ciety was steadily increasing in mem
bership and was drilling in a rude
way, determined to throw themselves
against the very walls of i'ekiu, oth?
er killing or driving all foreigners
from China.
Though the authorities at Wash?
ington would not admit that the
American missionaries were iu actual
danger and the truth of the state?
ment that the Km press Dowager was
really behiud the Boxers, Secretary
Iiong, on March 16, ordered Bans
Admiral Watson, of the Asiatic Sta?
tion, to send a vessel at once to Taku
to protect Americans.
Other I'owers did likewise, and May
S9th American,with whom went Sur
geon Tho8. M. Eippitt, of this county,
and foreign marines were sent to IV
kin to protect the legations.
Early in June a call for help was
sent from Pekin, as the foreigners
there were threatened. Admiral Sey?
mour and Captain McCallacommand
ed the relief expedition which was
sent thither, but soon another force
was necessary to relieve Seymour,
who had beeu surrouuded by Boxers.
June IS?Taku was bombarded by
foreigners and open warfare followed.
The middle of July fouud the allied
foroes uuder way to relieve the lor
eignere in Pekm. 15,000 stroue.
During all this tune tant foreigners
in I'ekin were utidei a hea>> ?irefroui
tue Boxers and imperial troops, aud
it was only by the most courageous
work on the part of the small inter?
national force iu I'ekin that the maiiy
rumors of a general massed?' were
uot realized, in defense of the lega?
tions, Surgeon Lippitt, sou of Dr. O.
K. Lippitt, of this county, was se?
verely wounded.
Lai UK?A I Vk in telegr:un to the
Baltimore Sun states that Minister
( ouger says the Chiuese tried to an?
nihilate the foreigners the day before
the allies eutered. A reuewed attack
was made, and if the allies had not
arrived the legations would probably
succumbed. Minister Conger
blames the Chines?' I ioverntueut. say?
ing that "the Boxers are only a pre
tense, having no guns." He also says
the F.mperor aud Kmpress Dowagea
have tied from the city.
The Fifteenth United States In?
fantry and a battalion each of the
Second and Eighth Infantry sailed
from San Francisco for Taku.
A Mother Toll? How She Saved
Her Little Daughter s Life
1 am the mother of eight children
aud have a great deal of < E| ? rienOS
with asedioines, L?>t manner mj
little daughter hau the djseutsrjf in
its worst form. We thought
would die. 1 triec everything I
could think of, but nothing seemed
to do her auy good. I saw by an
advertisement iu our paper that
Chamberlaiu's Colic Cholera and
Diarhoea Kemedv w ?s niffhlv
emended und sent an.i ^ot :i bottle at
once. It proved to be one o? the
?est medicine? ?j id ::i
the house. Ir saved tiv littl?
fe. I in auxious fo
r to kn ?scellent
medicine it is.
tir.st it would lia->
of a?xietj and m
t^t much inffet
Mrs, fleo P. Burdick, Liberty, l?\ I.
For Sale by J. C. Vvis, D
Clubs? In Every District
The following address has beeu is
sued to tue democrat;- i the
To the democrat.- of the Culled
The Democratic party aud it?
friends must meet the torces of cor
rnptiou aud intimidation iu politics
this year by thorough organization.
A Democratic eulb or society should
be organized iu every city, town, vil?
lage, and precinct in the United
Sta" Democrats aud all who are
in sv : with the principles set
forth in the Kansas City platform are
earnestly urged to j ?in the demo
ic clubs, and
sist in organisiug them. This work,
in uniting the orces of law and lib?
erty ?uto one great systematized civic
army, should be carried on simulta?
neously iu sverj part of the country,
una without delay. The fi
the government, according to the
hitherto unchallenged American the?
ory of political equality everywhere
uuder our tiag. cannot afford to l?e
less zealous or lea? active thau the
advocates of an American colonial
empire supported by rifles. No pa
triotic jitizeu can iguore the attacks
which are being tu.nie upon the very
fouudatious of our present irreproach?
able form of government. This year
every citi/.eu should be a politicien.
Clubs aud societieo should at once
commuuicate with the secretary of
the National Association of D?mo?
cratie Clubs, L370 Broadway, New
York City, so that the united mem?
bership may work systematically in
defense of the republic ai the fathers
made it. All democratic committees.
State aud local, are requested to aid
the National Association of Demo
cratic Clubs in this work.
Chairman Democratic National Com.
President National Association Dem?
ocratic Clubs.
Notice to Taxpayers.
I must again remind those who have
not paid their l*'.?!? taxes that ilie bills
Will have to be collecte?! by levy if not
paid at once
it pd County Treasurer
Long Marsh District School
The i rustres will bold n meeting for
the purpose of sppointlng teachers at
John s Russell's residence on Sati r
DAT, Ski-I KMUKH sin, l'JOO,at 10 o'clock
a. m. All applicants mast send In their
< ertlflcates t>y that ? !
Law is Pi ni. MIN,
.1. S. Hi SSKLL,
.1. C. Rutusjutord,
Notice to School Teachers.
The Oreenwsj District School Hoard
will meet at White Host on Sam uiiav,
i.\ii;ki; Cu n, 1900, for the purpose
of appointing teachers to the several
schools. Tuos M. Lewis,
Chrrk of Hoard.
Notice to School
Chapel District School Hoard will hold
:? emetine! on Pmoay, SspTBMnna 7m,
1900, for the purpos. of appoint lug teach
ers for the sessios of 1000-1901.
H. II. Rtrrna, Clerk of Bd.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
Care? Piles. Scald?, burn?.
New Advertisements
Miss Laura W. Gold's school
Young Ladies & Children,
i!ii:i:v\ ii i i \ ?
Tin- Third Beaekai "t thai S< h.?.? ? ill
S.|il<.|iiirr 12. ttax?
I i?r dn uIhi-n .niMn?.
MISS I.AIK \ \V ..ol.P.
M I<- Kl ISE M MelH>N Ml'
. \ ill?'. Va.
Medicine Dentistry- Pharmacy,
Inlvenlly Collector MeSlrlar. tkianajfa.
ni un i.-vi itr. I. ?.. U.? .rnattart.
aa ix ruriTi
KK4 OKI? ' aaaSaaaa >?*?? nmr h?fwr? ? Shu BavtU.
!?? I'fr (Ml
Vor 96 (??? Cttilof. md?tvm
Dr. J. * I.I.I h? ?i HODttKa, Sjasa
Tract of Land,
In the ex?cution "f a decree of the ? ir- all
Court of O ntj V i aatarsd
ATay term, I?OO, in tl
Exeeuton va \ \ Pierce'? aridoa
ITer f?r ?ale at nubile au<
in iront of the Court H aw
Saturday, September 22, i>.
all of the real estate of which \
died seized, consisting ofa very ileairableaiid
productive farm, on Hie public r?>ad leading
from Wincbaster to t'harleetown, about two
and a halt mils? aootbeast <>f Wads?
i'hapel and Cross'? church.
Th m fann ia improved by a huge, rosamo
?lion- and arel] built
partly ?of atona and partly <iffr.un.
- in good repair :i .
and oacasisry outbuildings. It basa aevei
failing well of water near l??>tli !:
tuated that the stock <>n the i :? r 111
aivenienth I. and al-., i
i growing orchard. The mad i i
ni.ft excellent quality <>f lime ?tone, in a
feneing .
I'll?- land will be ? t in two
4 ?2 A. O Jrt E S,
: 1. adjoining \ R
? r Mrs. ttrandstafTaud 1 the land
?old; an?! the other tr
?2 ? 4 .A. O IR, E S.
with ;ill of t b? inipr r on
it. and than
We reserve the right to accetS the oll
. id a? a whole >.r in parrel- a? may
aeem ~ There will b<
from this sale, die | ? ?wing crop ??:"
corn and th< ? will i mi 'he lan.l
mine fall a wl of about -ixty
of which t aro fifth? will en to the pur?
r he to pay two-fifths of tha
I'F.KMS OF 8ALE. -Onafourth ?a-h la
hand on the day of aale; :m>l the residue, in
three equal an n imenta from the ?any
vidaneed by bon.'.- hearing
lyable annually, from ?aid
ad secured by a dee.i ?>f trust on the
lan.l. or if' aaer deairaa to do t
the purchase money ait bet in
or in part in oasb
UM. M A rKINfc
J.'hn W. ? ?rubba, Auct
Virginia, darks County
[,John If. Oibaoa, ?lerk of t!ie drcuit
court of Clarke county, Va., hereby certify
- I.on.l in the ease of \ N*.
mr va Mary E Pierce lm
duly executed.
1 under my han?l thia f An
gust, I??. JOHN M <?"! BSON ?
&IO Keward.
A reward of $10 will in* paid by lbs
Corporation of Berryville to any p
?ir persons giving Information ihn
convict partie- of taking the
from the curb box of the Water Works,
sad thereby freeiag the li<l from -aid
!..i\ 1> El. Jonas, Ma
-Triumph Steel Rauges
l -1 N1 ; THEM 8A1
i apt.I. R. Nunn-ays "The Triumph
Steel Range gives entire satiefactlon; uae
my name in recommeading It."
Mr William Lloyd, of Rlppon, -
"I can recommend the Triumph steel
Range. It i- all that it i> repress atad t?.
be, and doSS the work with less than
half the fuel required for my old StOVS
Mr J. W. Symona saya: '*Ws mm
pleaaed with our Triumph Steal Ras
We could give you many more
teslimoaials. Coma and ass them, and
you will igras with us ami >ay :
It is the Cheapest Range on
It ha> all the modern improvement
furnish them fitted for a Presents Boiler
and they boil 100 gallons of water.
Berry ville Furniture
University School
Third 8sssioa opens Sept. loth, umk).
Pr?parat for College <?r BuainesB
terms roa sai acaou
I.ow.r School, per aeaajon.f-4(?.(xi
Upper School, .50.00
Refer to Hon. A. Moors, Jr., Hon. Mar?
shall McCormick and patrol
The School-house, grounds and stuhle, ua
ed by the late < aptaiu McIK ?uald in conduct?
ing the Sbenandoab l niversity School, have
been aecured. Every thin] will be put In
good order f..r the comfort ?.(the scholar.-.
A pu) j for Clrci?rrs,
DR. K K MKAIH:. HaUD Ma-i.i:
Battled forsnptasaasy, and
> I fl><l ?3 I^^flilllO 11 **
The beautiful Shenandoah Valley around
Front Royal, the .-eat of thi
Eastern Normal College.
A ehaitered -el.o.-l of iii^h ^ra?le, nude
nominational co-educational, a fa.uityof-j-j
instructora and lecturers, anau?passad In
bealthfulnees ami beautiful acenery \u-f< re
?leeidin^ where to attend school, send foi il
l?strate? i catalogue of ?me of the hest colleges
in the country. Addrei
J B OR?VKR, 1're? .
iront Royal. Va.
Gao, \V. (iarviu, BojOSJ, \ a., ('larke
con uly Agent for I'age Woven Wire
Fence and Kuck-Kye (?rain I >ri 11?.
Send for description aud prices of
same. 4L
Have You Seen Our Line of
For Spring.
It is a Bargain Line all through, and you
can't afford to miss it. Our arpets are all
at old prices: no advance whatever.
ii Yo? :n???*<i A i*fi?ia of
Come and look over our line and take ad?
vantage of the low prices.
Below is a list of articles, a number of
which you will need When you go to Spring
house-cleaning :
Scrub Ivrush*
Scrub Hi usli'
Floor Mopf
Floor Mop Holders
Flue stoppers.
Dust pans, rivetted handlet
I fob. mops a ith scrapet
Fancy waist Baskets .23c end up
los Pioke, wood handle.5c
Blood's Champion Ice Tick .IOC
Kitchen ?aim
-? msts
l'.utt? r Ladles
Milk Skimmers
I [and a\<?? north
Elate ?t.
( row n Rsisin S<
Tack Hammers
Cast N aii Hamm
I i C redet
(iartlen TtOWi II
Carpet Tack.- !
I'low Hummers l Be, uoi ti
Bibles a up
... 10c
I '
? \ t in till etttS ? pai,,
with bandit- worth loi. on I fine
1T '|uai i dish pan 15c. < li
few Of tllc
W ash biirtius.4. . & ..
i .ar^e si/e gr?mte Hasin.l.">c
lineups, pieced, 8 for.
TinCUpS, stamped, "i for Tu?
I'read pans.
Tin dippers . :{
?nut shaped granite dipp re.lOc
Is boilers. |0c
Snap shot moose trap . 4c
? ? rep .f?c
It rant te pitchers.\:>c
? hen Ism pa, -???tup?ete i;.c
Uaivantaed Poottnbi .94c
! .|t Block 'I'm 8s n......
.-.?ii tlish pans..lf>c
Vell?n Baking dishes . ftc ft Dp
?t li?" titles iti paper back nov
I ?tion, st.
s rjnsbrtdged Dictionary .
? ,?c
iter's unabridged Dictionar\
with supplement Btoelj bound.
N'en Testaments .1. 9 ?t 14
VAKR & < oi\i:k.
PHOPHI irions
1*"M> 1DOO
The Old Established Fertilizer House,
Fertilizers For Sale by the Ton or Carload Namely :
Smith ft Baker's I ? E:ne. Charlctston Guanc, Clarke
I 7 '.*.:::r. R:ral
WANTED For which we pay Highest Cash Prices
Hotllld rl\>|> aVr E*Ortland < ",?fciii?*nt.
Salt, Flour. Timothy Seed, etc-, for sale low.
SMITH ? BAKER. Millers Agents.
? <i th? pu '
Contractors and Builders,
I some of tbe finest residence* an
Berry \ ?lie and < i
? ?1! continue u
U w .? haVi
entruM I heii work ; > ^
Steam Planii ano San Mill
we are prepared to iil? tion with our bun nest :it reasons his istnr
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantles Plasteins Lath,
ami <-th?-r Building; Ifaterial furnished <>n -ln.rt n<<ti? s We have in connection will
ntlier In.
or??! >Iill and 1 !orn ClMlnslieS%
and ean furnish CORN MEAL HOR8E1 I to all in need of the san?
?KUKYVll.i l V ?
I-#f All lulls payable at the tir-' iionth unies.? otherwise provide?! I\>r
mayll '
Nothing t>ut ? local
remedy <>r chai
climate will cure
< 'Sit Il?M-ll
rtior.?E SPECIFIC is
*tiY,s Cream Bai m
it is quickly absorbed
? lives Relief at once.
< ?lien- mill ? ltalisrs|
the N gee.
Allay? [nflammati<iD|W|| r\ i irin
Heafa and Pr t.. UOLD *N H EAD
the kfssnbrane. Restorestbesem
and Smell. No Mercnry. No Injurious drug.
Resjvdar?Hse, fio cents; Family si
Druggist*. <>r l?v mail.
KI.Y BR< >TH?K?.fi6Wam n York.
University of Virginia.
In The Academic Schools.
Lamm, s h mi:. Law, M i m. im.
n i 'ii, -
rnr fatelnanse. sah?nas P B. K.\i;i:iv
GSR, t 'hui r. 11 an, Chaiiottesvilie
i will sever end ssj other pills
prompt and so pleasant as DeWitt's Lit?
tle Esrly Risers. .J. C. Davis.
Fresh Groceries.
Sewing Machine
I am again a candidate ter the trade ofto*
k.I people of Berry ville and ricibity, ?nil
mo*t respective)] asks share of the Pu^n''
patronage. Ify Goods are clean. Fresh and
first-class. Call and examine them.
In connection with my store! handh
in^ Mai hines and Sewing machine Repair?
Anyone having repairs to be made ti? thti;
?wing machine are invited to give me a
J .D. Hakt.
llarnoMH JMalsTor
Saddles, Collars, Whips, Lap
Robes, Etc.
I have removed my establishment acres,
the strt'.t, and am now h?tate?! i n the Wy*
ham building oo Church street, whsi*
will be pletised tu s?rvc thepnblie. (jun 8

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