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The Clarke Courier.
Vol. xxxii. Berryville, Va., Wednesday. August 29. 1900.
No. 28
Il ,. I .1 ? I ,
loll wfOKa. ?>l ALL KIN I ?s
-;? h i -
OfltOi LAlCS.
\KI?. liLANKs. \?., Ar.
?..???ute.i araeaaal? mul a?eaUyasaaatfsav
.. . ?*?
?jw-.jolt work mu?t :? pattlfaraawn
JOHN o cr?v;
Kl?! T"l? \ N !> I' i ? 'K
THi: < I \:
it ??
a ? ? . JL ilo ? ? ? .
sHOl> it n?.
?>X l'X>?t I>M
LINK ??'? l,\ DU - ? ?N.;. RHC?IOj
IU THF V Ml K\ .
!rl?*a'a ' i\f?>rd? la Vi--> Kid. Ritaala ? 'di, mid
)')i'.>' ' I ? .Cl.? r |4?g ??!! s|i i
Up-U-Dtts ?iy.ec in Chins. Hais,
ar.d Ntofciren?.
N. - ? .
WINl'lli V\
?rtni. -k II II M.< ??.nui. k.
Marshall MoCormi?k & Sou.
VVe have forts ?nip I ? pra
. . Ill I v ?" t>r. 'ini?t ut.
?prtcs On (Teures >? In Ooarl -boaa*
W. T. Lewis,
.\;1! alt? ni la any bad
um ta the ??arta of Clark? and adjoining
countlaa. Rpectal attention aivsn t?> oollso
dons. Ofll?*e ?>n ?TTburcfa earl) oppo
?n.? th.-jail. 1.1?. 1>
Sam'l. J. C. Moore.
i>ractic? in the court* <>t Clark? 1
?? k, Warren and Lo:i?l??uii ooaatiaa. i:i the
me Court of a,Mitral? of the State, h* t
.' In the V P i ourt .?? Harr
Dr. Q-. H. Oliver.
i> i:\tint
?ffitXwttl Oxide Administered ?
Over Dru^ ?St?ir?> Opposite Poetoffioe.
Hove* ??a M t., i r M . S r M t.- fWfc)
Dyspepsia Cure
Difjests what you eat.
It attitii.'iailydl|{i*st8thefotaiatid;ti(l9
Nature iu MreuKLueiitiiK and recon
stincii'in the exhausted digestive or?
gan?. Jt Is tue Intent disco veieddigeat?
am and tonic No other preparation
cao approach It lu efficiency. It iu
stautiy relie ves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Hiartburu,
Flatulence. Sour Stomach, Nausea.
Sick Headache, Gastralgia Cramps and
all other resulta of Imperfect digest Ion.
Price50c and Si. Large Ri?ec?>ntata??Si time?
email ntt? Book ull about dyspepstamalletlire?
?Vepergd by E C. DeVVlTT a CO.. CbleaQO.
.1. (' AVIS
Mart?' ?fe Granite Works,
and North Htreeta,
Diehl ?V Bro.,
Mannt**? t m n
Slate and Marhti
Mantles, Tiling,
sad a1?! kind? ?>f
Building Marble an? Sandstones.
orden promptly tilled at the loweal
rates All work Kuarantc?*?!.
?e|? ??2
sHsooeeaes* to w. k?cIihkImui
Druggist and Apothecary..
VrjJfDO \\ GLASS, <v<.
? Ac ; \ : i ..i
Ii*.WKs'a ' 'Ki.cnKAiM? Kvmi..\aasa
Ai Ni?, li; nay clerk, Mr. Sonner, can be
found in room attached u< isaf ??i ?a??re.
Hiiij,' fr?mt ?l??<>r hell. Or. I may l>.' Found
in "say window" r.?o:uoverScheuer*euntre.
Praacriptions a> specialty and eom|???oiidexi
from pairsat ?Iru^;? and til*!?-?! ? n cheap asany
whsre, e? meisten! with tl??' beat qnsiity of
KlUHT AXMH ?OF LAND, ?iiuat.-.l in
".?rttiwgn part of ouaaty one rail?' frora ?ir
\? + ?.??re as?1 \><>*\.?flee Fi\ar?.??iu dwell?
ing. Riahlc. dairy, mast-hoase, hsitabouss
sad large cistern; 2 acres In timber. Pries
?880, Apply to l> l '. MNYDKK.
"A 1 CN I O?aSaS"*
; Book "How to obtain Patente" | Il !? k
C*?wegri? ssssnwan. No fee Uli pateo11? aeenrad. "J
LeOera eiricUy ?jonfldenOal. Addreaa,
A ? StealR*. Paieot Laar???. WaaaittfteiiTo. C j
*.mi ? i>i*??ii' ..???I
Having purchaiM?d h nnxlerii and UpJLtV
claas well-boriiiK Machine, we wi.-h to in
form the |>eople of Clarke and neighboring
oountie? that w<; ar?> prapsrsd to do promptly
an?! satisfactorily all work in the line of welf
i1^ (*ivc u* A trial atid we K??arant?-.
food work an?l perfect aatiafaction
(Jgo. W. Wynkook, Jk
< has. T. Wreitoop.
A??o, Hi'pairin? of all kind? promptlv
lASKS* 1
Ob, Wsary heart ? an.! sai, wIk> Mlvnt flop?
Anlii tin- o il ?s . f ? ,,, sShSrj nl?ht.
who?.- ii, |.i ... ih?s MgSa,
WsH ihou ana wat.?, f..r Hh sssjsj an?. 1 hopst
m ? ?ii.tiico. 1. la. tefseaJ thj- ?cops.
Vtid USM sSsffi tiai.. ...ri^.TiK li??r t?l^ht.
SSSSl 1,.?.. i.w, tl.-i wet. hmr ?hints?
-I SSW sUSaS ; , vislus? ope
fu .V 11 l 1 p,?? ?~ ! Mjlrl I gi>l<S*tl Sill?
na* BBSSBl ? ? f pr- i-ilsr ti> aw?ks,
ni! llar O.. iMl.Mr .; sjaSBI < tha- ?prln?.
m mu.it.. , il ?.... g, vr.-r? '<t y>f "liall brfsk,
*??l BSSSl SSSSii aJI) tli? aoul ?tull? BSBJBj
Pl BjaSnaa >>> >?? SSalSSSS an?l Ha a.Usl
l-lss A. I lili I.? r 111 Wotnsn'a Htrnir Compan?
"Is It g<*Ml to tell ? lio?" Tony
laughed. MYeu; somstlmss. maybe.
lie threw his henil buck HUtl gazed
nt me through hl? half elosetl lid- |
will not ?as hlH Int.ken Kngllsh. for
it wat? n?it much broken, and ho was i
a good Story teller. Saitl Tony:
Her name was Man:n. She was
blind. Sin? lived here In this boUSS,
in I'olk street. You Know the little
window, high up near the topi It vas
there. The rent Is cheap From the
wlmlow one can see St. Toters und the
lake the lake where the sun shines
all tiny long, like In a big, Wide mirror.
only llttl*' Murcia, who could not see
It. Just 5at quietly and dreamed of It
or listened to the little birds, the spar?
row*, that tiy around the edge of the
roof, and the rattle from the street.
the noise from the earn and wagons.
I ?ate at night her brother Luigi rain?
home. He was a e??'k
She wan not always blind And that
was good. She could regret It Is Net?
ter than aothlng I>uKt In her syes
did It. They ^<?i red ami SWeBed up.
They burned snd festered, and before
the priest ama railed the work was
dene she was blind.
That ems when slu' was 16 and pret?
ty, with ?>yes that were Mue snd gray,
MUS that was soft, gray that gilt'.
Ah 1 said, site was pretty. Her lips
Well, her lips were made to l>e kissed,
H?r hair was bffOWB that Is. brown
with gold. All. she was pretty! Well,
when she was 'Jo that whs a long time
ago How long'; Well, a year, two
years. 1 guess, hut It seems longer.
I.uigi rame home one night and
brought Tereae Tere*?-, who was dress?
ed in black. And this is what I.ulgl
"Sister, cerlslsss mta, bore hi Ps
rvse. She Is poor ami unfortunate like
thyself. Thee must he good friends "
Now. Marola could not see the black
I th?' black of Teresa's ?Iress and the
i tdaek of Terese's hat?the grim and
i sonilifr black. Besides, when one is
: blind there Is but one misfortune, and
, that is the greatest In the world.
Therefore poor, blind Marola caught
but one itlea in the Jumble of her broth?
er's words. And this Is what she said
as she Hinllod ami hold out her hands
"Thon art blind. It Is too bat! Hast
i thou always b?-?>n blind?"
In the most simple way In the world
she said it. And thus It happened that
! Terese became blind-T?T?'se, whose
j SyeS wer?' the best in the world for
I whi'U I.ulgl. smiling, opcucil his mouth
j to apeak ami saw Terese place her fln
i ger to her lips ami sign him to st?>p. he
! stopped, as you or 1 would have done,
? or uny one else. (For a woman Is al?
ways right, at h'ast so any woman
will say, ami sometimes it is so.? Then
Tires?- drew the blind girl Into her
arms and kissed her.
"No, little one. she saitl. "I have not
always been blind. But, like thee. :ls
I.uigi has told me. 1 have been uufortu
| ante, and 1 think we w ill be the great?
est friends in the world."
And then she looked at Lulgi, whose
face waa white, and smiled and whitv
i assed:
"Love is bltnd, foolish."
So that I.uigi grew red again with
the blood that came trooping Into his
fate juitl tried to setae her hand. Only
Terese drew It back and laughed.
And the poor little blind girl, who
felt the movement and beard the
laugh, but did not ut all guess whAt it
wuN about, smiled sadly and said lu a
way one couhl not exactly explain,
i "Ah, thou art happy'."
1 might have said lu the beginning
j that It commenced Just that way.
Tereae came to live in the house with
! M?tela ami I.ulgl. Onlv she didn't
have a room With a little window from
! which one could se?- the lake. And
tiny wer?- happy all three. TsKOS
worked. Every morning I-ulgi guided
her down the stairs ami to work. M he
said, and every evening a little boy, for
two p.nnies a day. brought her hack,
so she said. Then she and Marola sat
at the window ami listened for I.uigi.
And this run tinned for awhih? until
this thing happened, that Tereae tame
home one eveuiug with a lighter step
than usual.
"Madre aanctfcsslma:'' abe ssSs>a an
ah? bent wver Marola sad kansnl her.
"What thlnkeat tbo?. little one?"
The bllud girl grew pale aud her lips
trembled as she turned her face up?
ward wonderlngly.
"Canst see?" she whispered.
Terese laughed.
"No, no, little one; uot that," she
said, "but 1 have something for thee."
And she dropped a necklace of gold
and blue beads about the little oue's
"1 am glad," said the blind girl sim?
ply, but a tear glistened In her eye, ami
when she bent her head It dropped upon
Terese's band. "I am glad," she re?
"Ah, little one, art glad and yet
weep?" cried Terese. "Is It the ueck
"No. no!" cried the little one She
dried her eyes ami smiled as she An?
gered the necklace "It is BjSt that.
Thy step was ao light. I thought then
might bar?* N'en eusoi of thy bllnd
n?'*n. ami 1 f- It so |.in? ly."
"Thou ?l.;ir??Mt little ?in??," snhl I ??
r?M.-. An?I aha clasped the Mind girl in
ans arase and ?nnsjhesl gnyty v?t
thus shwne tan woin.'iii act fac?? grew
anas, for sh.' hsgaa t<> ate what was to
coin?', and >-lu- feared the ?mi.I.
Now. thix is how the pit bc<-ame
d?wpor \\ hen Beppo rama, as he did
ana eve ?nth LnsgJ, in* brought
hiH amadul u which ?- ?.. vn\. llareta
?.jing and r..-pp.. cried "Brava, *igno
r?an! Then has' i sresjdenfnl voice."
Whereat the litt i?- Mind gtri ?ma de
light??! aa were Lulgl .mi.i Tort
whiih ?ras aad all very sad, If they
??? uld hare known: Hut how could
they have known uniese they r?a?l the
futur?', which Is what few neoptV
even pro? as ? s?, that, aot knowing,
these things happened that H?'pj>o
??nine again and sgala and for many
weeks afterward
in the evening they eat oa the stain
and talked, or Beppo played his man
?loiiu while Marcls saug while it was
all dark sn?I atlll, maybe a little noise
from the street. Ami ?.n one of these
ultflit^. which ?rere dire nights, the lit
tle i i i girl ?at ?lient, as ?f unhappy,
an?1 algli? ?!
"What is It. Huh- ..n.-'''* aaked Ti
"Art s.M.r.'" \n.| the ' Ie on?- amBed.
"\ny." she sind: "l am happj "
Beppn h One must not
whea ?i" - happy," he said "I will
pin .
moon waa half way In the
'?"he night u:is aoft. The muele roas
softlj snd t. .i. 1...I the beaii "It is a
love ptong." -i ?i Beppo. And he reach
???i out an?l caught Tereae'g band. It
?lark, and there was non?- I
;>t the blind girl, and Terese laugh
ed and smiled In Beppo'a face, "it i?
a lov? ?In repeated, and Mareta,
too, I.-?? lIi.'I ah? said, it I?? a
love song.*' tnd ^h?* began to alng.
And this wan the pity of It that th?^y
di'ltft gueas. those tw?.. Beppo end To
Nor ?ll?l they seem likely t?i rind
??ut. for not alone are those blind who
<-auiiot see.
And when it waa all finished when
Beppo hs?1 ^oii?- home Mareta and Te>
aat silent and held each othcr'a
?What is it. little bird' i Te
And Mareta aighed ami held down
her head and ?-msi down h?*r eyi
though they f.-are.l t.? moet th?
Terese. Tereae kissed the blind girl.
v t la it. M arela 7** sh?* whispered.
"1 am In 1?>\'-. s.m1?1 the hllml girl.
Sh?> hung her liead on 1 Bhoul
der, and. though sh?> had whlapered, .t
? h'd ill the ears of th?' other like U
thousand thunder clnpa. Tereae grew
wl ?? and her eyes gr?*w wide.
"Oh." sin- ?Tied, "you arc In l?>\ ??
Y??u are In lover'
Then sh?- grew whiter ami held th?
little blind girl ofl and lo??ke?l at her a
lung tlm?' silently and strangely.
"Y?'s." smi.i Mareta simply. Ti
th!nk<Mrt thou Beppo likes n>
Once there waa a man who said
a; It \n.is I." And another wai
ghnl he lied, i >n???? there was a woniat
who sniil "Nay: 1 love not " Ami au
other was -lad she lied. OnCS lui
Lulgi .?am?', and he and the Uttl?
hllml one went int?> their room, am
T?t?'s?- weul to hers and ?threw herns!
upon h.-r cot and cited almost all th?
night at leasl during the time she we
not busy packing up for on the ti?>.>
?>f her room she laid a Idg. stout clotl
and on this she piled all her things
her Sunday ?lr?'sses and her trinkets
and the most of them were wet will
h?T t?>ars. Tightly sh?' pnoki'd thei
ami crept down stair? at 3 o'clock an
disappeared In the gray of the mon
It was three ?lays before they fouu
her Beppo and I.ulgl?though the
searched through the whole of eac
day. She had the moet forhiru ea
: pression In th?' world and went w it
them quietly and meekly uor answer??
S wirrd. walking bot a-eon thesfl adt
eyes downcaat, as though ahe wet
dumb. Tears were la her ey??s tb
whole wa\. bol to every ?thing she sai<
"I know nothing."
Ami they all bed, every one of then
Hut Marela was happy. "Mia carl
i hua." she cried, "1 was so afral?
Thee said not a word. And thee SFI
Tereea laughed thai is. it sound?
Ilk?' a laugh. And sh?' said:
"Ye,. i was blind, little bird, hi
there are eyes in the heart, and th?
have brought me back t?> thee." Tin
she kissed the little blind girl ai
hogged her again and again aud cri?
between times.
Thus it went ?>n as before. >"
eonld any on?' of them have help?'
though It was end. Ami M tin* ?>i
drew near they all l?vame happier ai
happier. "There will bo a ?arena
tonight at th?' park," said Heppo 01
? evening. "We will all go." Ami i
laughed gayly, for he had eometbii
1 on his mind, aud he In tended to spea
The scr?'uata was like a fete. The
were hundreds that sat beneath t:
trees and listened, aa did Ter?*??' ai
Macaia. Attal Happo aat between thei
"It ta grand," ?aid Marela. "Yes," sa
Beppo nml Teeeee. "it la grand." Ai
after it was all over they lingered, s
ting beneath the trees for an hour
more, until the music of the night hi
cr?'pt lut?? their henrta and mad?' th?
"Thei?' is a song in the night," su
Beppo, "ami there is a song w-iti
my heart, bnt it Is unsung."
"1 will sing It for time," SSJd III
cla. an?l sh?> ?nailed.
"Thou :irt g???>?l." sahl Beppo "At
yes thon shall sing for me and ma
BSO happy." And. though be sp??k?'
Marela. he i?>ok?'?i at Tereae, and lo
abone In Ids eyea. Ami T?rese h?ok
at him, and i??\'?' shone la her eyee. n
h?'r face waa while n??\ ?-it bete**, ?i
her eyea were downcast They reins
; ?d ?hewn? ist dm um ?in- whole of Mj
Ma's soiiu ?tn?l when Repp?! claaf
I?t band ah? iW itol smile When
? d Im r bead apon his breast, she
ilitl not look up that Is. until he strain?
ed her ft> his heart ami bold up hor
head until Ik- looked Into her ejOS and
? Wilt thou be mine?" Then.
1 her face was draw n and hng
'.d. A l.d w hen he press?
ed in r i lose ?mil s sard agnta siie smil
ed once more, though sadly, ami throw
her arma nronn 1 bis neck ami answer?
ed. Yea." Bui she choked, as with a
ber ;hro.it.
Sl :ue'.'" ?aid Boppo. He
lot?ke<l at her drawn face snd thin lips
i the lovo within bor
that for a moment he was awed. "Thou
? me.*' he ?aid \nd TsrcSS hung
limp within ids nrms and dropped bet
~\ es,*1 she said, "I love 11
Then, Just as pool blind Marcia'a
soug came to an end, they kissed. And
why the sound "f it should have been
so loud I tl<> not know. Maybe it was
sol so loud, after all. but it reached
the ears ,,t the little blind girl Ilk?
I'.ir of a mountain torn asunder,
though it was but the tearing apart of
??nie henil she beard. The
i.i t fstnl chord quivered unheard in
t an<l ended in a cboko. She
sal like one of st<?ne pet ring at them
a- though listening, but t'..
nothing more to bear, for Ten I
was burled in Bepno's arms, while
? ?-?'! her hair.
"Man i:i.'' --lid I*.?-]>;t.? ?it last "Terese
ried Tel e threw
.% and pressed lei hand
- to..nth. But the little blind
girl understood and rose to ber feet
her face all white, ami SS
spun round her bands were flung high
above bei besd, so that they fell in
Boppo'a face as he caught her ami laid
ber tenderly on the ground.
Ter? se cried as Beppo turned to her
with his face all pussled.
??She 1?. ' and
l th?- ?.-Mir white faco of th?- little
one "She loves th?xv and I must go
ii way."
But Beppo did not understand tl
"l.oVest tliOU ill?'".'" hC ashed
"Ye* ? \\i red i thou
knowest that."
"Then." said B> ; "that
It all."
When Mareta opened her eyes, ber
face was wi't with tears, and the whole
of ih?' tale was being sobbed Inti
But she only smiled, and ??
she r - '. the guiding
.? two with bands that -
no mere than does yours or mine, and
wln-n slu- walk? d up the
little room with the window that
looks the lake lu'r stops were as firm
as though nothing had happened at all.
though T led all the way down
again despite the kisses and car
"Is it kind to tell a ho':" asked Tony.
"Well, i don't know. Maybe, some
times.** Then he dropped Into his bro?
ken Engl 1 OU got another cigar.
DlK?-"<lve rtiut-m ?tf the On?rica.
The digestive powers of the ostrich
bave long a:^.> passed int? s proverb.I
The birds will swallow almost any?
thing that they can g?-t Into their
beaks. They are smUE greedy
end will gulp down w bole oranges more
rapidly than they can take them into
their stomncl that half a dozen
may be seen passing down their loug
necks at the same time, each orange
producing s ?nicer looking protnber
When visitors stand near the fence
ot" one ? f the Inci the birds will
peck lu a most persistent manner at
any bright object, such as the hoed Of
an umbrella or a walking cane, a
watch chain, locket, brooch or button.
It tioes not surprise us to be told by
the attendant that Indigestion is the
prevalent malady among ostriches and
usually is responsible for their douta.
it is said that an attempt is sometimes
made to relieve their systems of an ac?
cumulation i*f Indigestible matter by
administering half a gallon ?rf castor
Oil In one ?los., i ;,H.d Words.
They *>* er Do.
"Thor?* is sin h a thing as somnam?
bulism, of course?" Queried the anx?
ious looking young man as be appear?
ed at the lawyer's office.
"tVrtainly." was the reply.
"But do somnambulists ever write
??Never heard of It."
"A somnambulist wouldn't write 200
love letters in a year, would he, and
each snd every one of them asking
the girl t?> marry him and threatening
suicide if be didn'tT'
"Then there's no help for me. ami
you may see the girl ami settle the
breach of promise suit on the b?'st
terms you can " Washington Tost.
lie V\ ii? I'roud
"Lady." s:ini Meandering Mike, "did
you remind me dal dors was some
WOOd In yer yard ready to be t hop?
ped V"
"1 said so."
"Im?j. didn't you know ?lore wasn't
any exercise in ?le world better dan
choppln wood?"1
' Y.
"W?'li. lady, i needs de exercise, so i
knows it "ml do me good. But I'm too
proud to come here an use yer bsck
yard fur a gymnasium wldout psyln
you a cent fur it.*' Washington Star.
natter Tiinu Nothln*.
"liieie Unite l.tinkinhead ?if tun
Spr? atleagle ueUhbi.rhootl." wrote the
editor of The Kumbleton Bugle, "drop
ped m last Moii,i.i\ morning ami paid
us <i ull subseript ion. Come again. In
ele (?abe."
**1*. s. The dollar proves ??? be a
counterfeit We thought it wns when
WO P>ok It, but as h uns the first QUO
I'm le ligne had paid us for seven
years we concluded we would rather
bars that than nothing" ("hiiago
Sec to it that Your Lad Enters the SCHOOL ko< >M
The expense need not be heavy if the .^ariii? ? ome
from a Take, for instance, the all-wool Cheviot Sack
Suits. Meat checks of plaid plenty of choosing, with
many grades of color, Coats arc cut doubli
breeches arc shapely and carefully sew
[f the boy needs a suit, bring him in, try une ou and
see how well these new cheviot suits tit him.
All other kinds of suits in.
We give money back it not <;it i s t? ?
\lwavs ( INK-PR
Main Street - - Winchester. Va.
In :
by a
- ?
thai _ ?- t
w ' .
I : ?
butl ai
these Cup*
1: tak.:
worn ai...
The ?lev
braid t
be thing
a uniform,
?.ii the e. st N
Th? H *: Iu li>
"I t' au.) body u
Ufe 1
up time an
i tell } ou, : ?
to ;
avoid a
??an take all i
Th.- -
and food ax
ed out that S Ivtigland
- through
up their "i
a death, had. . .::> .1 (]
gsioi fut ure ts of !
?Ucll apart:... nix. To
ed the rapid -'Id N.w
England stock
??Pure wan r Is a rejuvenator
could g?'t It absolutely pure, \>
?>tl w ster lie eon.!.
lettuce leaf as f?>od :iho\.
"Breath.rreetlj. stand
make a natural use of your inn?
tlnily life and .at uncooked
food,** Is his :??? ii.e for long??vlty New
York Journal
III? Kirnt Dress s?it
Ht was a vcrj youthful ' man,
and he wore n natty op. and a
lengthy paddock coat, which ? |
hini to bo the cynooure of all eyes lu a
North Thirteenth Street trolley i :
It was probably the first time he
ever worn a dress -nit. and as be wi
eil into the ear his embarrassment \
painfully noticeable. Mam fimlles
ted over the passengers' faces, and the
young fellow noticed each on?? snd
blushed deeply.
But more trouble wns in store \l
Jefferson street two redheaded Irish
servnnt girls hoarded the car 1
crowded into a sea? ami l>ei?an t.? talk
**I in," *Ai?*t ene, "tir n latross n
s widdin. snd shf"
She paused here, as her wan.'
gaae rested on the conspicuous
man In the corner
'"Say. Ellen." she -aid Ion, 11 \ I
with a giggle, "how would
that der?"
The young man lei the cni
|y before
w litre ho wished tt> alight ridladol
ph.a ? 'all.
Buchten a \mJon Hn
Hal w .do faine fot Ilia
loi n>..: pos* - a,.-, other
salve, lotion, ointment or halm for
? uta, i orna, Burnt, Boil? Sores, Fei
ons, lT leers, Tetter, Salt Ubeutn, I*?'
- res, Chapped Hands. S
Kru plions; Infallible for Tiles
Cure guarenteed. Onl? ">o at V.
Blencowei ?Irug store.
I'ontelit ?he Tolriirnpli I?.?Ire.
To i *and- ;
w iiul in t. and j>r?'
: : ?
It aras
TL? ?
tall pol.--. '[".. nt to '
work !?> tin?! I
In time blrtJ aruc
a and wire
are us?-?i by mon
lu Natal wh build Its
. th?> branch?
the loca
Dt on
.1 openii
r?mr llnntlrrd Poandi ?if ?.old.
ntl? man
on t:
Pacific, 233 miles away. It
? > you w. little |
? ? i pound -
r :d handle^]
a lot. For lnsi
that cubic yards '.. 400
in gold N'lng worth about
gllRi.tWrO, must be wi t by our
bydrauH it. \
quantity to be blasted and ?
would - enorm
1,300,000 cubic yards of earth and rock
to he handled. This bulk w.
ly 1 " ami all
of j ? ta! t?.;it could be ???
, by a peek n ensure. It" we had h
it away In :!;?? same kin :
stages thai we send the gold out in. it
would take ? of them
many men. t?> dri\.- I
haul them." New York suu
The Red Snapper.
The red snapper is s fish that
i-.ly desired by timid pe
fear the bones. T!
bones In a red snaj
coarse grained, hu? "f excellent davor,
especially when prepared by baking.
They \.. ?zh from 40 pounds down to H
- pounds each They tV?'d
smaller tishes and in
the shallow p]a< -
as hanks The
taina a the bol
?? ? svarlciona is a hungry red an
that he ' slmosl inj obje?cl aud
ha? been known t?> ?nap at a i^?
red flannel with ' it he
laiulcd on th?' h<
They arc thus ea Ight If f<
In avdiools, but II ifrequent that
vessels return with but small ca
result of rough v or the mi?
gration? of the fish, rhen, again,
< \ ? lient cargoea . ught, th?
L e\ ??!? ha i fht to Gal
veston by on?' ?; anel being about 4o.o?>?
poutula, The hanks which tht
t?alvc*t?>ri -..}n?I cured extend
about "<? mih's offshore t<? I
peachy, when ? t,sr?
lug for th?- rioritia ports is done
\ < -ton News.
:^e \ ou ti. ?? the
?ing I he datai
l'a mou s little pill? known a-- IV1'.
I.ittle K:?rl\ Kisen ! v Vvia
L. E. Ricarrjore
? ? ?t.
riransT.T.skraTTfl niVATl a:*:
W ? I I I?? pt i
?ur Summ
?j ni it's' ! ut*
Business Enlargement.
New Trails aid New Stock.
Stove and Tinware Tra
. . Fino < 'uni oui . .
Boots nii<l Shoes
M \ i > ? 10 ORlil
..A Fit Guaranteed..
Henrv Schneider's
^*lio?* Pat'torrj'.
n u
Fresh Groceries
Select Hardware
Fresh Stock of ?ro<
My Hardware Line is Goiniueie
I> It ?ONI -
Everytliiiig. in a Hi
From Foundation to Roof.
Write us for prices.
Winchester. Va.
ii 11 : w a 1*
in t!. .
II will
Oreen ? ? r.?>. ri? s N
tVhs <? H Itt.VWI I i \^i

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