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W. N. U. ( BALTIMORE, NO. 16-1930.
I—“ The Beeches,” In Northampton, Mass., purchased by ex-President Coolldge for his residence. 2—TT. S. S.
California, flagship of the battle fleet, passing through the Panama canal on the way to maneuvers at Guanta
namo. 3—Ras Taffarl, who has proclaimed himself emperor of Abyssinia, following the defeat of the rebels and the
death St Empress Zaudltu.
Illinois Republicans Name
Ruth Hanna McCormick
For U. S. Senator.
Ruth hanna mccormick,
daughter of one former United
States senator and widow of another,
may be the first woman to be elected
a member of highest deliberative body
in the land. Her nomination for thi3
high office by the Republicans of
Illinois was an event of national im
portance, and it also has international
Implications for the chief issue she
raised in her primary campaign was
American adherence to the World court,
which she unreservedly opposes. Sen
ator Charles S. Deneen, whose seat
was the prize in the contest, favors
such adherence with the reservations
now pending, and his decisive defeat
must he taken to indicate that the
Republican voters of Illinois stand
with Mrs. McCormick in this matter.
This may not be true of Chicago,
where the fight was complicated and
probably decided by party factional
If Mrs. McCormick is to be elected
she must defeat at the polls that for
mer Illinois senator and seasoned
political campaigner, Col. James Ham
ilton Lewis, who easily won the Dem
ocratic nomination. The colonel Is an
avowed wet and says he will make
his campaign largely upon the liquor
issue, with attacks on the Hoover ad
ministration and the Hoover policies
thrdwn in for good measure. Mrs.
McCormick has supported the Eight
eenth amendment and the Volstead
act and may expect the hearty sup
port of the various dry organizations.
Aside from personalities and issues,
the victory of Mark Hanna's daughter
Is notable as “the first conspicuous
and unequivocal acknowledgement ot
the full implication of the Nineteenth
amendment," in the words of the Chi
cago Tribune. As such It aroused
the enthusiasm of the nation’s women
and the interest of every one. Mrs.
McCormick is now a congressman at
large, and among the first to con
gratulate her were the other six wom
en who are members of the lower
house. No woman ever lias been
elected to the senate though Mrs. Fel
ton of Georgia served for two days
In 1022 by gubernatorial appointment.
Reports that unduly large sums
were spent in the Illinois Republican
senatorial primary campaign may be
Investigated by the senate. Some
weeks ago Senator Norris of Nebraska
introduced a resolution for the crea
tion of a special campaign fund in
quiry committee for this year, and it
was unanimously approved last week
by the committee on privileges.
T OBEYING activities of the Meth
■*-' odist board of temperance, prohi
bition and public morals were the
subject of a warm interchange of
opinions before the senate committee
on lobbies. Congressman Tinkham of
Massachusetts appeared before the
committee to ask that the political
doings of the board be Investigated,
and lie supported his case with much
documentary evidence as well as with
vigorous argument. Senator Walsh
of Montana, although a Catholic, came
to the defense of the Methodist or
ganization. Tinkham, It may be un
necessary to say, is a wet and Walsh
Is a dry.
Tinkham next day presented a sim
ilar case against the Federal Council
of Churches and the Anti-Saloon
league, and the committee decided to
call for the books and records of the
three organizations.
The lobby committee, which had
heard John J. Itaskob, chairman
of the Democratic national committee,
defend his liberal gifts of money to
the Association Against the Prohibi
tion Amendment, also heard Josephus
Daniels and other ury Democrats at
tack the motives of Mr. liaskob and
condemn him for "giving money to
elect wet Republicans and defeat dry
Democrats.” Many of ltaskob's as
sailants demand that he resign his
chairmanship, but he has shown no
sign of intending to do so.
FINDING the adoption of a com-
plete five-power treaty impossible
at this time, the naval parley dele
gates in London decided- to quit after
signing a pact, the outlines of which
were stated as follows:
A five-power agreement between
Great Britain, America, Japan, France
and Italy on the following terms:
1. Postponement for five years of
replacement of capital ships sched
uled by the Washington treaty in 1922.
2. Extension of the aircraft carrier
category to include carriers not ex
ceeding 10,000 tons, the armament of
which shall be limited to six inch
3. Definition of coast guard and
other small ships exempt from limi
4. Classification of warships and
methods for permanent limitation by
global and category tonnage.
A five-power agreement prohibiting
the destruction of merchant ships by
submarines, unless the passengers and
crew of the captured craft are placed
in safety.
A three-power agreement between
America, Great Britain and Japan on
the lines previously given in these
columns, providing for reduction of
battleship fleets and limitation of
cruisers, destroyers and submarines
as in the Reed-Matsudaira plan.
This entire progrem was announced
by Secretary Stimson with the full
approval of the other delegates and
was announced in parliament by
Prime Minister MacDonald. Mean
while Briand, French foreign minister,
and Dino Grandl, chief of the Italian
delegation, had had a conference and
agreed that their nations could not
yet reach an accord in the matter of
navies, but that further discussions
should take place in Geneva when the
League of Nations meets in May.
M. Briand later explained that
France is ready to pledge not to con
struct any capital ships during the
interim until 1936, unless Germany,
through building additional units of
the Ersatz Preussen type, forces her
to do so.
It was understood the proposed
treaty and instruments would be
ready for signing by April 17 and that
the American delegation would sail
for home April 22 on the Leviathan.
DRY law violations and prosecu
tions are Increasing the popula
tion of the federal prisons at the rate
of one every 68 minutes, according to
statistics issued by the Department of
Justice. Between June 30, 1929, and
April 1, 1930, the number of federal
prisoners both in federal penal insti
tutions and local jails, mounted from
19,349 to 25,626, an increase of 6,277
in nine months.
Approximately 75 per cent of the
Increase, according to the Department
of Justice estimates, was due to con
victions under the Volstead and Jones
Attorney General Mitchell has filed
in the Supreme court a brief, to be
used when the case of James E. Farrer
of Boston is reached, which is de
signed to bring a decision as to
whether the liquor buyer is equally
guilty with the seller. The Federal
District court for Massachusetts held
that the purchase of liquor from a
bootlegger was not “prohibited by the
Volstead act" and dismissed the in
dictment against Farrer. The attor
ney general argues that the failure
of congress to specify that purchases
from a bootlegger should be an of- ,
fense should not be construed by the
courts as meaning that congress did
not intend to make such purchases an
THE administration of the $20,000,-
000 Farmers’ National Grain cor
poration, the first national co-opera
tive set up by the federal farm board,
was turned over at a meeting in Chi
cago to stockholders representing 21
regional farmers’ grain marketing ns
, sodations.
Nineteen fanner stockholders were
named on the new board of directors
of the grain sales co-operative, which
takes the place of the original board
which incorporated the organization.
Two of these original directors were
dropped—l’. A. Lee, Grand Forks,
N. D., and H. G. Keeney, Omaita, Neb.
The five new directors added are:
E. E. Kennedy, Kankakee, EL, Farm
ers' Union; C. B. Steward, Omaha,
Neb., Farmers’ West Central Grain co
operative ; Oscar Slosser, Astoria, Ohio,
Ohio Farmers' Grain and Supply as
sociation; F. J. Wiimer, Rosalia,
Wash., president North Pacific Grain
Growers’ association, and W. J. Kuhrt,
Minneapolis, Northwest Grain asso
C. E. Huff, Salina, Kan., was elected
president; John Manley, Enid, Okla.,
vice president, and Lawrence Farlow,
Bloomington, 111., secretary.
Mahatma gandhi'S campaign
against the British government
in India was not going quite to his
liking, although the movement was
spreading in various districts. The
trouble is that the English refrained
from martyrizing him personally.
Two of the ascetic leaders’ sons and
numerous others were arrested for
violating the government salt monop
oly laws, and one of the sons was
promptly sentenced to prison. But
Gandhi, up the time of writing, had
not been taken into custody. An
noyed by the tactics of the British
authorities, who were seizing the il
licit salt the Nationalists were mak
ing from sea water, Gandhi so far
abandoned his non-resistance policy
as to advise his followers to hang
onto the salt if possible. The Indian
women are taking an increasingly
prominent part in the passive resist
ance campaign.
TROUBLES for the Chinese Na
tionalist government are multiply
ing. Not only is there open warfare
between it and Gen. Yen Hsi-shan,
ruler of Shansi province, but now the
rapid growth of Communism in the
southern provinces is causing great
alarm. Wealthy Cantonese merchants
and bankers are co-operating with the
government of Canton in raising a
fund and equipping a “Chinese Anti-
Red army’’ which is to be trained by
foreign military tacticians.
RAS TAFFARI, who became co
ruler of Abyssinia in 1928, has
proclaimed himself emperor. This
action is the sequel of the crushing
defeat of revolting tribes, the killing
in battle of Ras Gugas Wali and the
death next day of the Empress Zau
ditu, wife of Ras Gugas.
CALVIN COOLIDGE has completed
two sections of the 500-word his
tory of the United States which is to
be inscribed on Mount Rushmore in
the Black Hills, and they have been
made public. They are as follows:
“In the year of our Lord, 1776, the
people declared the eternal right to
seek happiness, self-government, and
the Divine duty to defend that right
at any sacrifice.
“In 1787, assembled in convention,
they made a charter of perpetual
union of free people of sovereign
states, establishing a government of
limited powers, under an independent
President, congress, and court,
charged to provide securities for all
citizens in their enjoyment of liberty,
equality, and justice.”
The other sections will deal with ex
pansion of American territorial domin
ion westward, the Louisiana purchase,
the admission of Texas, the admission
of California, the settlement of bound
ary questions with England and Oregon
and the cutting of the Panama canal.
ONE hundred years ago, on April
10, 1830, eighty-one frontiers
men witli a train of covered wagons
set out from St. Louis to blaze a trail
'to and across the Rockies. So, on
Thursdny of last week, another band
of men with ten covered wagons bor
rowed from historical societies and
collectors started from the same place
on the route to Oregon. This was the
beginning of a series of events ar
ranged to celebrate the Covered
Wagon centennial. There will be
festive gatherings all along the Ore
gon trail and the whole affair will last
until December 29 in accordance with
a proclamation by President Hoover.
HOG ISLAND, which during the
war was the biggest ship yard in
the world, has been sold by the gov
ernment to Philadelphia and will be
transformed into the largest alr-nia
rine-rail terminus In the country. The
Quaker city pays Uncle Sam $3,000,-
000 for a total area of 916 acres.
(©. 1930, Western Newspaper Union.!
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The Charles County Bank
dranch of the Eastern Shore Trust Co.
Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent
General Banking Business Conducted
Aas’t. Cashier : P. EUGENE MUDD.
Directors :
W. Mitchell Digges, J. C. Blacklock,
P. Preston Williams, R. 3. Halley,
Walter J. Mitchell, James P. Ryon,
P. Brooke Matthews. Leo K. Parrall
Warren M. Albrittain, Samuel C, Linton,
Thomas L. Higdon.
1300 GOOD HOPE RD. S. E.
This Should Keep Senate in Order
mm 1 1 B HQBHI i -1 1 vKlllPvlii!
■ .A- * 1 • t f.

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