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^mu.ilupBtts oT Natural Humor Found In
fixuiulnatlon Pa pern.
Ono of the most frequent subjects of
discussion among ethnologists is tho
question: Have we in this world a race
of natural humorists Modern humor
affords abundant argument for thoso
who take the negative in this discus­
sion, but the Drawer bolievesthat thoso
in search of affirmative arguments can
not do better than visit the Hampton
Normal School, where the dusky chil­
dren of North America and Ethiopian
alike have their young—and often
aged—ideas taught to shoot. How
good marksmen they become varies in
individual cases with the savage and
tho negro just as it does with tho chil­
dren of fairer complexion, but that
•their shots are frequently what we
might term "fancy" ones is fully
shown by a perusal of some of the ex­
amination papers handed in, and
oftener still by the answers given in
oral examinations.
The .Drawer thinks that the follow­
ing answers, culled from the papers of
"the various classes in Biblical, geo­
graphic and domestic branches, can
not fail to convince those who say that
we have no natural race of luunorista
that they have erred.
Qln the course of their Biblical in­
struction a class, distinguished rather
for its opacity than for its capacity,
was asked: "What did Jehu do when
he came to Jezrool?" to which tho
prompt answer was given: "He threw
the Jersey Belle" (Jezebel) "out of tho
window." And in responso to the
query: "How long did Solomon reign
a rising young humorist, whose com­
plexion rivals that of the moon in
eclipse, replied: "Fohty days and fohty
nights." We doubt if even Solomon
in all his glorious wisdom could have
drawn a parallel between his own reign
-and that of Noah's time.
The instructor of this same class in
Biblical lore was informed most grave­
ly that St. Matthew was one of the
opossums"—a most gratifying
answer to her question, since it showed
how h.'gh in the estimation of lior
scholar the apostle must have stood.
The little girls are frequently found
among the humorists of Hampton, and
their utterances are often character­
ized fcy a wisdom beyond their years,
as is shown in the case of the young
miss of ten who, when asked to give
the daily text, proudly announced that
"A good man is more to be desired
than great riches."
That the boys apply their knowledge,
such as it is, to their own experience,
and frequently modify their learning
by their personal observation, is seen
in the statement that the terrible dis­
ease sent by the Lord upon Pharaoh
and the Egyptians because they would
not let Moses go was the mumps—a
most grievous affliction to the little
black-faced, white-toothed boys, whose
chie? accomplishment consists in grin­
ning from ear to ear as if they appre­
ciated how funny they are.
Two questions in the geography class
will suffice for our purpose to show
that it is the darky who is the natural
born humorist. Having been informed
that the New Englanders were noted
for the produce of their valleys and
the grazing of their hills, one of the
boys wrote that the New England peo­
ple were chiefly occupied in "raising
the deuce"—a statement which
will be accepted as true by thoso
who have visited New England only in
the heat of a political campaign. Tho
chief occupation of the African was set
down as "catching Australians and
pulling out their feathers."
In the kitchen-garden class, which is
to the eye of the outsider one of the
most interesting branches of instruc­
tion at Hampton, a small boy who
hopes to become an expert butler as
well as a member of Congress, after
telling how coffee was served at break­
fast, was asked in what other way it
was served, the answer .being: "In
small cups, after dinner." Unfortu­
nately for the youth, whose fascinating
way had almost led to his being en­
gaged then and there by one of tho
ladies in the audience, he was so over­
come by nervousness that he forgot his
instruction, fell back upon his personal
experience, and firmly replied: "Cold,
ma'am." It was the unanimous belie/
of all present that, although guilty of
a technical error, tho boy had given
voice to a great truth.
Another instance, in conclusion,
shows, we think, that the colored child
is not only a humorist by nature, but is
constantly endeavoring to become
polished, to elevate the tone of his con­
versation, and to bo nice in the selec
tion of his words.
"Can you tell me," said the teacher
to a thirteen-year-old damsel who had
made up a bed to perfection, had set
the table without an error, and had
reached the soup course of the "make
believe" dinner without a tremor—
"can you tell me why you invert the
cover of the tureen when you take it
Yath,'m," lisped the child, proudly
conscious of her ability. "It ith to
keep the perthpire" (perspire) "of the
thoup off en'the table-elorf."—John
Kendrick Bangs, in Harpers Magazine.
—Here is a new opportunity for ex
tending the pension list, suggested in
the following letter, received the other
day by the Commissioner of Pensions:
"I am the father of seven sons by ono
wife. I have been informed by differ­
ent parties that where a man is the
father of seyen sons and no daughters
he was entitled to a pension, therefore
I write you to know the truth about it,
and if it be true I wish to know the
truth of the matter. If so how shall I
PRUDENT cultivators will secure potatoes
and other root crops early. If dug before
tho fall rains, and kept dry, potatoes will be
muoh better for table use than otherwise.
UNIFORMITY can only be obtained by co­
operation among dairy farmers, and by the
adaptation of tho same methods of man­
ufacture. What is required, then, is co­
operation and education.
THE first point in leaking cheap pork is
to get the hog to market in tho shortest
possible time. The same food makes more
pork in early fall than in midwinter, for
less of the food is used to produce animal
THE farmer is more tempted to run in
debt than almost any other man, because
defers are so willing to trust him his farm
is a good.basis for security, and it is prop­
erty which can not bb hidden or carried
"WHERE fallen leaves arc abundant and
there is a convenient place near the stables
for storing them, it is quite a good plan to
gather them up and use them for bedding
in the stable Although compared with
their bulk there is not a large amount of
substance in them, whatever there is makes
a very superior fertilizer.
IN winter, no matter how severo the cold,
the safety of vines may be insured by lay­
ing them down in tho fall and slightly cov­
ering with earth. This protection is more
easily Riven the grape-vino than to any
other fruit tree. It is an advantage, even
if the winter is not cold enough to kill.
THE frequent failure of red clover of late
compels farmers to look for a substitute for
pasture. Nothing better than rye. Sow it
after wheat, early potatoes, or oats. It
gives late feed and early feod. Land in­
tended for corn next year will afford two
months' pasture in the fall and one month
in the spring aud a green crop to turn
under—better than weeds.
WHEN potatoes are ripe, the proper time
to dig them is while the ground is dry.
They are then handled with more ease and
satisfaction that when the ground is so
moist that the soil adheres to the tubers.
They are best left on the ground in pits,
covered with hay and earth enough to keep
out the rain and removed to the cellar on
the approach of cold weather.
THE milk temperament is born with a
cow. You may increase the butter yieldPby
making her give more milk, but the relative
proposition of solids will not be greatly
changed. On the other hand, a certain line
of feeding 'will put water into a cow's milk
without showing any corresponding increase
of butter or cheese yield, a sort of gruel
diet, but this don't pay, as water in milk
don't count
THERE is one thing to impress upon the
fathers of the boys about going to the fairs.
Tell them all you know about all the petty
swindles that hang around the outskirts of
the fair. Tell them it is cheaper to buy a
cane than to pitch for it, that the three card
monte man does not throw the cards he is
looking at but others under them. T'uat no
one can tell which horse will win, or there
would be no fun in raving.
THE best judges agree that no colt in­
tended for agricultural labor ought to be
30t to work before it is three years old in
any case they ought never to be employed
at two years, no matter how numerous may
be the cares bestowed upon them. And
sven when employed for farm labor at
three years the work should be studiously
made to suit their growing forms, so as not
50 compromise their imperfectly formed
trticulation sand their unknit or unhardened
3ones. Premature work makes colts un­
shapely, difficult to train and unpleasant to
Irive they wear and age rapidly, and
further, drift into viciousness caused by
their weakness.
DURINO last year 993 bodies were cre­
mated in Buenos Ayres, of which number
743 were those of persons who had died ol
cholera, small-pox and other contagious dis­
THE census of 1890 promises to show in
the United States a population of more
than 70,000,000. The population in 1880, ac­
cording to tho census of that year, was
30,155,783 persons, of whom 43,475,840 were
native and 6,079,943 foreign bora. The
aatives had increased 10,484,698 from the
figures ot 1870, 33,991,143, or 31.5 per cent.
ACCORDING to careful calculations made
by a British clergyman of note and just
published, Protestants have increased dur­
ing the last hundred years from 37,000,000
to 134,000,000, or nearly four-fold. Roman
Catholics, during the same period, have in­
creased from 80,000,000 to 163,000,000, or
two-fold. The Greek Church, during tho
sentury, has increased from 40,000,000
53,000,000, also two-fold.
ACCORDIKO to statistics furnished the
War Department at Washington, the fol­
lowing is the latest horse census: Russia,
£1,570,000 horses America, 9,500,000 the
Argentine Republic, 4,000,000 Australia, 3,
500,000 Germany, 3,350,000 France, 2,
300,000 and 300,000 mules England, 2,790,
900 horses Canada, 2,624,000 Spain, 680,000
horses and 2,300,000 mules Italy, 2,000,000
aorses Belgium, 383,000 Denmark, 316,
XX) Austria, 301,000 Holland, 125,000, and
Portugal, 88,000 horses and 50,000 mules.
Ex-Speaker of the Assembly of the
State of New York.
ALBANY, April 16, 1886.
My family for the last twelve years have
and have found than wonderfully effica­
cious in coughs, colds and pains In the side
and back.
About ten years ago I was thrown from
a wagon and badly bruised. In three days
these plasters entirely* removed the pain
and soreness. Twice they have cured me
of severo colds which threatened pul­
monary trouble. They also cured my son
of rheumatism in the shoulder, from which
he had suffered two years.
THE Kingdom of Saxony has the reputa­
tion of presenting the largest percentage ol
suicides of any civilized State. The nuifibei
last year was 1,104, or one to about evorj
8,000 of the population. This figure, how­
ever, is not as high as that reached in 1881,
which was 1,248.
What Next?
If thia sort of thing keeps on they will be
giving away houses and lots soon. We now
learn that W. Jennings pemorest rune an
immense Pattern Manufactory, and yet
does not sell a single pattern. What non­
sense 1 Not at all I They are all given away
to tbe purchasers and subscribers to that
wonderful Family Magazine, Demorest's
Monthly. Each Magazine contains an order
entitling the holder to any pattern they
manufacture. We do not see bow they can
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trade, for ladies will soon learn tnat they
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New York City.
THB good apples never hide their light,
under a bushel They are always in plain
eight in the top of the measure.-—MtrctyttU
Log Cabin Grandmothers.
An Indiana doctor has reoently discovered
in a common weed whose medicinal qualities
have never before been suspected, a valu­
able' remedy for bowel disorders.
There is nothing particularly strange
about this fact.
And yet the very simplicity of the new
discovery would, with some, seem to throw
just doubt upon its power. To make it one
has only to pour hot water over ,the leaves
of the plant In its preparation no vast
chemical works and appliances are re­
Is it to be wondered at since such plainly
prepared remedies arc uxounted as of such
great merit in these days, that such
wonderful results attended our grand­
mothers, whose teas and infusions of roots
and herbs and balsams, have exerted so
great an influence in the maintenance of
health and life?
Certainly not!
The greatest pieces of machinery strike
us most by their exceeding simplicity.
The secret of the success of grand­
mother's remedies was-their freshness and
simplicity. Evory autumn found the little
Log Cabin abundantly supplied with fresh
leaves, roots, herbs and balsams, which
were carefully dried and prepared and laid
away fpr use. Dreading to call a doctor be
causo of the expensiveness of his far-made
trips, they immediately gave attention to
the disease and routed it before it had
gained a foothold.
The old Log Cabin grandmother, in cap
and high tuckcd gown, and perchanoe be­
spectacled in rough silver, her weary feet
encased in "hum made" slips, is the dear
sweet nurse who rises to the view of many
a man and woman to-day as the early years
of life pass in retrospect.
The secrets of grandmother's medicines
were rapidly being forgotten and the world
was not growing in the gra of good
health. To restore the lost art of log cabin
healing has been for years tho desire of a
well-known philanthropist in whose ances­
tral line were eight "goodly physicians" of
the old style, men who never saw a medical
college save in the woods, nor a "medical
diploma" except that inscribed on the faces
of healthy and long lived patients. Much
time and money was expended in securing
the old formulae, which to-day aro put forth
as "Log Cabin remedies"—sarsaparilla, hops
and buchu, cough and consumption, and
several others, by Warner, whose name is
famous and a standard for medical excel­
lence all over the giobe. These oldest, new­
est and best preparations have been recog­
nized as of such superexcellence that to-d ,y
they can be found with all leading dealers.
When Col. Ethan Allen was making his­
tory along our northern frontier during the
revolution, CoL Seth Warner, the fighting
Sheridan of that army, who was a skillful
natural doctor, used many such remedies,
notably like the Log Cabin extract, sarsa­
parilla and cough and consumption remedy,
among the soldiers with famous success.
They are a noble inheritance which we of
to-day may enjoy to the full, as did our fore­
fathers, and using, reap, as did they, the
harvest of a life full of days and full of use­
I'HE Telephone Exchange at Stockholm,
Sweden, is equipped with American ap
FOR BRONCHIAL, Asthmatic and Pulmo­
nary Complaints,"Brown's Bronchial Troche*"
have remarkable curative properties. Sold
only in boxes. __
WHY must logic have legs 1—because It
stands to reason.
Save Money Going East.
W HEN contemplating a journey eastward,
consider the unexcelled service and peer­
less accommodations of tbe Chicago & At­
lantic and Erie Railways. Fast, solid trains
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daily, with through 1st and 2nd Pullman
built coaches, and Pullman Buffet Sleeping
Cars, to New York, Albany and Boston.
You may travel by this popular line and
save $1.50 to New York, Niagara Falls,
Rochester and Buffalo $2.35 to Albany and
Troy, and $3.00 to Boston and New England
cities. Apply to your nearest Railway
Ticket Agent for full information, or ad­
dress for prompt reply, F. C. DONALD, Gen.
Pass. Agt., Chicago & Atlantic Ry., Chicago.
Goon only when used up—the umbrella.
WIJHW A change of air is not desirable-*
When an expected property goes to aa»
other.—ftarpery$ Bazar.
for California and Faclllc Coast*
First class excursion tickets to'San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles and pr.ncipal California
points are now on sale over tne Northwest­
ern Line at $75 for the round trip, with
choice of routes, either via Omaho, Denver
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Fs or via Ffe Worth, and Ei Paso, Texas.
Persons contemplb ia? a visit to Los
Angeles, Ban Frunoifioo or other Pacific
Coast points and desiring pamphlet, de­
ception of.route nd country, rates or nny
information, should coll at 159 East Third
Sr., Ss. Panl, 13 Nicollet House Block, Min­
neapolis, or address T. W, Teasdale, Gen
eral Passenger Agent, SU Paul.
TRB tax-collector is always sure to eome
around in due time toevory man.—Boston
When 'Wrinkles Seam the Brow,
And the locks grow scant and Bilvery, in­
firmities of age come on apace. To retard
and ameliorate these is one of the benign
effects of Bostetter's Stomach Bitters, a
medicine to which the aged and infirm can
resort as a safe solace and invigorant. It
counteracts a tendency to rheumatism and
neuralgia, improves digestion, rectifies
biliousness, and overcomes malaria. A
wine-glass before retiring promotes slum­
WIIKN a vessel gots a hole stove In her
bows it usually makes it hot for those on
Good Men.
Plato says good men should not accept
presents Irom wicked men, but this does
not refer to Allen's Iron Tonic Bitters,
which wise men know cures all obronlo
disorders of tne Btomach, promotes diges­
tion and invigorates the whol» system. All
enu'ne bear tbe signature of J. P. Allen,
raul, Minn.
IN the city of Leeds, Eng. with a popula­
tion of over 250,000, not a single laborer or
mechanic owns his own home.
YOCNO MEN who need business experi­
ence, and at tho same time to increase their
cash on hand, will find it greatly to their in­
terest to confer with B. F. Johnson & Co.,
Richmond, Va.
A HOPEFUL thing—a royal flush.—New
Haven News.
BREAD from NATIONAL YEAST is delicious.
WREN is a bullet like an ox! When it
BELCHING If your food does not as­
similate and you hsve no appetite*
Tutt's Pills
will cm-© these troubles. Try them
you have nothing to lose, but will gain
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Iron Lever, Steel Bearlsga, Brw
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I.AKS, Etcu deseribinjrLands in Ala
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mctlc. Shorthand, etc., thoroughly taught
rmailT Circulars tree. BRYANT'S COLLEGE. BaMe,K.Y.
Four Holiday Numbers
re In preparation, sad will be exceedingly attractive, filled with the aped
work of our favorite writer*, and profusely illustrated.
Thanksgiving—Christinas—New Year's—Easter.
These Souvenir Numbers will be sent to Kach Snbseiiber.
jg* Specimen Ooplea and Colored Announcement Dree.
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Diamond Vera-Cura
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Coll. Exon, Oxon., Sept. 1888.
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1 suddenly received
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rated), Oirard, Erie County. ana they will mall
you free a full outfit, includingmodel of an article
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can furnish a horse and give
their whole time to tha
business. Spare moments mar be profitably em
ployed also. A lew vacancies in towns and cities.
1008 Main St, Richmond. Va.
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for a oolonr. Special inducements to settlers.
SI6N0R. FERRY SELOVER. Saa Diego, c.
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ICEHTC WAIITCnFor our new book "The
ABCH13 V* An ICU i,ifeorCen.SherldMt*»
also a large number of other fast selling books A bibles.
Liberal terms. Empyreal Pub. Bouse, St. Paul, Mina.
CDECI SOMETHING NEW! Send2C stamp, name
ItEEs and address to IDEAL EMBROIBKKY
MACHINE CO., 4» S. Clinton Street, Chicago, 111.
THIS PAPER evtrr time joa vrice.
Clll MERC all get
wULWCIIw etc.: Deserters relieved:
THIS PAPER every time you vrit*.
VAIIIIC IIEH Learn Telegraphy here and we
IUUHD mtni will help yon good positions.
£E TO $8 A DAY. Samples worth $1.50
FltEE. Lines not under the horse's feet Write
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Lire at home
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nix. TermanutK. Address, TKOB6 Go^Aagasta,JMnfc
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please state yon saw the advertisement
in this paper.

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