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city and Vicinity.
I. &M. DI^xSION.
V-' ®on?o »«XTH.
Pawenger. 4.-CO Ex. Monday
.«passenger, ,, -6:45 xa. Baity
:«aa«njBr -^3:09$.-m. liaiiy
,,—. ........ ....SclSa. m. Uaijy
Frfcigbt.... ... —9.10 a. m. exoept Ban day
Freight,..,. -.- .. Sit® p. m. Daily
.......... l.S5p. m. «H»pt Strndaj
.11.80 p. m. except Saturday
.9.00*. m. except Snnday
4.S0 a. m. Daily
Freight... ..
11:10 Ex. Saturday
,1:10 it m. Baijy
.. ..5.00 a. m.Daily
.-.-9:45a.m. .Dally
-8.10 ?».m. Daily
«nxe KAST.
Pas»nger. .2:45 p. IU. except Sunday
...11:30 p. m. eroeptSanday
6.50 a. m. exceipt Snndav
4.10 a. m. Ex. Sunday
£.55 p. m. Hx. Sunday
.... ,...6,00 a. m, Ex. Sunday
,,,... 5.00 p. m. Daily
Chicago, St Paul $ Kansas City Railway
Is the direct route to CHICAGO, ST.
Connects in Union Depots at St, Paul and
Minneapolis for all
Dakota, Manitoba and Pacific Coast
Points. Connect? in Chicago with all Lines
Bast and South,
St. Paul Accommodation. 7:00 p. m.
No. 75 leaves Austin at 1 p. m., arrives at
Chicago at 6-25 a, m.. and Kansas City 5.40 p.
m., of fallowinc day, makitur connection in
these and all intermediate cities for all paints
east, south and south-west.
Austin Local. 1.15 p. m.
No. 76 leaves Minneapolis at T:30 m, St
Paul, S:S0 a. m.: arrives at Austin :15 p.m.,
and leaves Austin at 1:45 p. in-, arriving at
Lyle In time to make connection for ail
points on the Illinois Central jroing south.
OT* Ail trains Daily except Sunday.
Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Ac't,
For tickets and information apply to IX J.
Collins. Ajrent at Austin.
St- Paul Union Stock Yards
Sotrrs ST. PAI~U Feb. 14892.
BOGS—30c. lewar bolt §rood in quality, bnt
light. Yards cleared to packer.
CATTLE—Receipts ligii and practically no
trading beiaj done. A few bead axe being
purchased by eity butchers at steady prices.
Fair veal calves sold at $S. Prime steers.
$S.S3©-4.Q0 good steers, [email protected]\l prime cows.
$13:@3.«r good cows, $ common to
fair cows, ligat veal calves. $5.^5®.
S-Ta heavy calves, SiS&S&Ss stackers, £LK5.®
2,-Sk feeders. $2-S:^2,Ta bulls, stags and r.vpri,
SHEEP—No receipts and no trading. Mut
tnas. H.0 (QriL75 Issabs, S4.UG&L75 Stockers
and feeders, $S.0j©4.{«t
UeceljJts: Hogs. €.8 cattle, 3£ calves, a.
Mtaa«jpoiii Grain.
MiJOTEiPQUs, Feb. 1,1892.
WHEAT—February, closing, 33*4a May.
©pening. ST-5tc Jugiiest, lowest, So^e
ctoang, 8»Jsc. On "Crack—No. 1 bard. 85c No.
1 Northern, Xo. 3 Xort&em, J»3£Ic.
Gkic^e lirt Stock.
Feb. i, ^aas.
CATTLE—About steady.
HOGS—Weat. market lower. Heavy, $L30
rrrrrsd H.Tlri TM^Tnm, ^4. Tftfifr* 'iig-'ht
SHEEP—Weak S®10c lower.
Beoeapts: Caola, na^Kt bogs, 45,030 sheep,
GUcac* Grda wad ProTidaM
CHseaeo, Fe3k 3, U8&
C(fflS-M&T ^s.
OATS—May, 3$ge.
PORK—May, |im
LARIX—May. |L%
csioerss CTWCM
WHEAT—May. «g£e.
CORN—Feaaroary, 39^c MarcJi, 4i3?4c May.
OATS—May, H^e.
POaS-i£*y, HLS)i
£HOSTB1B5—M«f. ^.6
W3k«ai—5To. 2 -78e 1 Timmiy $3 09
2Sc_ BaaSey 40e
F3ax 80 Ootbt f4.Si
Cars..... ._.4&»c Bye ,7®c
Biciaer. JBc SQp
.SO^lSc PottKt-oea. ,15c to ^Oc
IWWTW ytrrnct: wwrwac wajRginy-
CSOW*... '2r Ha jl •fttawrR,
OaJwe 4te' Hogfi ^8 7S to SS 90
Siaep ®cto4c| JMkm. iBB'fl...... S
Gveexi HMesS^ to&ie TftOow, roogH ,~Se
Wood--. 45t0 2Bc8
f»o visj,o5!S—WHoauEfijtia: mums
SugaurtniEedhainfi..-. .... S^c
Sugar -cirreflf,aJ(if«WTti« ... ....
fin^gronrac in-ant-fimt ftia#«wi .... $%C
Sugar iCISEQd towliw fanmarfMh Wwn
fin^r &vxb& bonfileaixam §c
Mbse £Knk. par SwnaL $12.0§
Bryaaitt awDiet. ..... 7e
14®*, ill tieroee ... 7^®
l«a®a, in touasfla 8c
IisasflanSOSb. tuJiE..... i%e
JLariL, id ,S *ma 10 ib jutite
Saiogna in ihOOaicaB.
Bdiaesa in.50 2b lota..
jramiiiirj "HaBHBge.
tRrfmtruw miuapi
Iteiefl 4»aa£, 'haan jaeeL.
1 .eoafl_._ .... #S^S
Blrnak «osi. and ai)3
K9ak wood. KSJK per^Mrd
Maipte wood -S7-50 per etffd
SOFIT-wooiL- ..-. ...... --...$5.-00 perGord
•glaihE t4j«D
—Mea&t&ie adTeztiiBemeist of Mrs. E*a
Bjxwil, Sxem-wsakex-
—Pa® fenrats to ££il eEdaafige.
Address George fitasb, l»oz W„ Aastaasu
—A fisHt-dkas wasted. Write to
the IfeszlisMs BotdL, Osage. I©wa.
—The aoe pslaee «to«od np vetf wdi
a S I a
Iwd to smiGBBfo to ta^ w&cm ram islumam
—¥%cs%ia saawteasiee stewtmw tibe
•BMatote. Aqsast box is m&rth
We 3H&9SE7 dM like stMwferarie®
—Tbe Rotijefiler Democrat, saps- **3h.
Dsoaar Pferacm, of fihcuul Jbeadom, is a
staadeDft ©f WaAer-
—60 tineYal
1ey Spiraea Jjapomca fiwaa, ami Dsicfe
raaeaHra, Easter Mies.
XEX &£ESW38fi, C&£»
—You can a|ways find bargains in dry
goods at D. P. Olson &
--Several choice faraas adjacent to
Austin for sale at moderate prices
—A pleasant summer siiowt-r Sunday
afternoon and evening. A large amount
of water fell,
—A MHbrad, three mUes east of Austin,
lias three hundred bushels of choice seed
barley for sale.
—See card of J. II. Williams, superin
tendent of the Austin School of Telegra
phy and book keenntfyin another column.
—Lost, anew buckskin glove, in Aus
lin, on Friday. Finder will confer a
favor by leaving same at TRANSCRIPT
—The dance at the Armory Friday
night was a grand success, and everybody
was delighted. The music was first-class
in every respect.
^Fanners haying hogs?averaging "300
to 350 pounds and fat. can get a fancy
price for them at the G. A Hormel &
Co. Packing House.
—There will be a German meeting in
the Third Ward Chapel next Sunday at
half past ten a. m. Preaching by Rev. J.
Durbhan of Albert Lea.
—"Gentle Anna" must be hovering
mighty elose around these regions, judg
ing from the very mild weather and
refreshing rain showers of the past week.
—G. W. Shapley from the far east,
expresses great pleasure from the receipt
of our annual. He welcomes in Maine
the faces of the old settlers of Mower
—Street Commissioner McGovern was
kept busy Monday opening up gutters
and preparing means of escape for the
heavy fall of water which occurred San
day night.
—Rochester sent a large crowd over to
march through our mud and give eclat to
storming the ice paJace. We of course
must reciprocate, but it looks now as
though it would be a boating expedition.
—Campbell Brothers have been obliged
to run their mill entirely by steam lately
on account of low water. C. J. Kordes,
deputy boiler inspector for this district,
performed the duties of engineer for them
last Wednesday night.
—H. J. Garvin, of the passenger de
partment of the Chicago & Northwestern
railway and Mr. Brooks of the Chicago,
S. Paul & Kansas City railway, called
to confer with ihe Trayeiing Men's
Association Friday last.
—Mrs. Eva Brown, dress maker, now
occupies rooms over the TRAXSCBIPT
office and is prepared to attend to all
orders in that line. She also teaches the
use of the Buddington chart to any who
wish to do their own sewing.
—John Davidson has received his papers
appointing him traveling agent of the
railway officials and employes accident
association, of Indianapolis, Ind. John
is & rustler and will doubtless secure
members for the association rapidly.
—Albert Lea sent oyer a force of S00 to
aid in the late war. There is nothing
small about Albert Lea, Apart of them
were uniformed with straw hats and
equipped with palm leaf fans. Heat was
tie greatest thing we had to contend
—Lost, a setter, a cross between Eng
lish and Irish, on Saturday last. The
owners of the pointer be followed off,
by returning him or bringing him back
in their angle itorse buggy will more
than make things square and oblige his
owner H. C. Waldecker.
—Miss Ellis, county superintendent,
will be at Grand Meadow, Saturday next,
in attendance of the Teachers Associa
tion held there, but her office will be held
open from 1 to 3 p. m., by Miss Mary
Frost, the librarian, for drawing and
returning books. The association will be
held at Austin a week from next Satur
—Joseph Leicht, publisher of the
Westlicher Herold, at Winona, was here
during the carnival and bestowed upon
us a pleasant visit. We are not enough
of a German scholar to pass judgment on
the value of his paper, bat me found Mm
bright, interesting and companionable.
The only point where we could find a
Saw was that lie is a Democrat.
—J- G, WEliams, representative of the
Minneapolis paper, Sports and Amuse
ments, gaye us a pleasant call while
gathering material for his paper at the
OareivaL It is an excellent paper for
information regard to what is going
cm in the way of shorts and twimifiBBTHy
and Mr. Williams is a mam capable of
giving & go&d write-up of stieh events.
—The supreme court deddes that a city
is aqaaily responsible for injuries received
on sidewalks eonetraeted by private eiti
Kens, and adopted by constmetiog cross
walks, as on those established by ordi
nance. The decision is in an Albert
Lea ease aaad costs i&at eity about £6,000.
The injured man proves well able to
w&fkwBee fee got his decision. Blocks
as though the jmy assessed heavy dam
ages for ^ight injuries.
—The cfeezaist of the American flax
Fibre Association, bas discovered a chem
ical conabfnatioa tiaat destroys the woody
substance of the flax straw, leaving the
a pare wMte, fine as silk. Tfei*
to take the taa
gied siraw frsm an ordinary thresher and
mate a tow of it. We have a sample
of blading twine made from flax
straw grown on John Cook's farm.
It makes 590 ieet of twine to ibe pound
feet, of sasaJ grass «f nearty
tfee strength. The states prison
SBOorftia dtscdi adopt t&eir aaterlal
—Popularly called the king of med
icine—Hood's ftarsaproilia. It conquers
scrofula, salt rheum and u-11 othfr blood
diatfip--i. i'
—Oti« hu«i3i,©(i and ninety people cam?
over from Rochester last Friday to hcij»
us close the Carnival festivities. Roches
ter never does a thing on a small scale,
—The Flux Company have taken in
oyer 1,800 tons of straw. They have 100
tons undergoing the process of snow
retting, and flax straw Is still coo&tng in.
—On the first of February Judge Ran
ney committed Byron Palmer to the city
prison for four 'days for open drunken
ness. Byron plead guilty by an affirma
tive nod.
—The Minnesota Editorial Association
will be held at St. Paul February 10 and
11* It is expected that Henry Waterson.
editor of the Louisville Courier Journal
will deliver an address
—Mr. Obadiah Smith, an old settler of
Windom, made us a call yesterday.
Speaking of our Annual, be remarked he
would not take a dollar for bis copy if
he could not get another,
—County Treasurer Requa spent Mon
day and Tuesday at Le Roy, collecting
taxes. He took in some f1,350, mostly
personal property taxes. He goes to
Grand Meadow tomorrow.
—A convict Nebraska whose term of
service has just expired has received no
tice from the court that a new trial will
be granted him. The Nebraska courts
are nearly as brisk as the courts of Chili.
—The February meeting of the Ladies'
Floral Club will be held at the library on
Tuesday, the 9th mst., at 3 p. m. All
members are requested to be present.
—Tomas Malone has received over
$900 for flax straw Austin Felch $108
and Gahagen and sons over $300. This
money and other large sums distributed
to other farmers is for what was a waste
article a year aeo.
—The teachers library consists of 214
volumes on subjects important to the
profession, such as methods of teaching
various branches, lives of noted educa
tors. aad treatises of the faculties and
development of the mind.
—CoL Mansfield and wife celebrated
the 47th anniversary of their wedding on
Jan. 30. 1892. We wish them many
returns of the day and think them a
youthful couple to have approached so
nearly their golden wedding.
—Yesterday was Candlemas Day. How
is your corn and hay? Ours is more then
half gone. It is not easy to say whether
the ground hog got a glimpse of his
shadow during some of the gleams of
sunshine or not. If he was not watching
close he must have failed.
—By a very ingenious and original
process, Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., of Lowell,
Mass., are enabled to extract the essential1
properties of the materials used in the
preparation of their famous Ayer's
Sarsaparilla," thus securing a purity and
strength that can be obtained in no other
—Dr. Horace J. MacDonald the noted
eye and ear soecialst of LaCrosse will be
at the Hotel Robinson. Austin the 15th
and 16th and at Brownsdale the 17th.
Everybody suffering with disease of the
eve, ear, throat should avail themselyes
of the chance to consult Dr. Horace J.
MacDonald of LaCrosse.
—Frank Miller and W. Snyder, farmers
northeast of Austin, had a serious runa
way Sunday. The horses became uncon
trolable from fright, demolished the
wagon, spilt Snyder without injury, and
threw Miller under the horses. His lips
were cut, teeth knocked out, and the
wheel passed oyer his head causing con
cussion of the brain.
—One of our exchanges says the mouth
is the front part ef the face. It is the
aperture to the cold storage room of
your anatomy. Some mouths are the
pictures of peaches and cream and others
look like a hole chopped in a brick wall
to admit of a new door or window. The
mouth is the hotbed of toothache and
tie place to keep your tongue.
Pancakes and Syrup
Mat. Gregson's Buckwheat
Best on Earth
Pure Maple Syrup
Pure New Orleans Molasses
Pure Tennessee Sorghum
Pare Demara Cane Syrup
Pure Sugar Syrup
Cora and Cane Syrup
Come and see Them
McBride. the Grocer.
—Granville S. Pease, editor of the
Anoka Union, came down to attend Hie
Austin carnival last Friday, and gave as
the enjoyment that flows from bis society
for an boar or two. He is one of the
brightest of Minnesota"* editors, and has
been long in the ranks. His paper is up
to grade all tbe time. By the way, we
bear from every quarter that Mr. Pease
is to be the seit president of our Minn
esota Editorial Association.
—Tbe county commissioners of Free
bora Coast? were guilty of libel on
George D- Barnard and Co. They voted
themselves the $480 and costs, they had
to pay for tbe libel from county funds.
Jadge Farmer reverses the allowance of
tbedaim. Ei CommisBonersChrieteand
IngeOritsee and Commissioners Helvig
and Marpe ate tbe ones that most pay
tbe fiddler. Hie fact that they were
dancing to save money for tbe county.
•For restoring the color, thicktnmg
tbe growth, and beautifying tbe hair, and
for owventing bald*»a Hair* Hair
Renewer is unsurpass d,
—A fvertisedJetters 1^r week ending
Jan 1893:
Mrs. iJlive D. Blakesta, Dr. Jones, C.
Ma Jonc^ John Meyer, Anna Turker.
—DWhBtnakers, attention 1 If yon de
sire the latest Paris la.!-faaors shown in
an artistic manner by «i^gant colored
cuts, send at once for the Parisian fash
ion journals, published by A. McDowell
& Co., 4 west 14lh street, New York
City. Sure to please you.
—Eminent physicians everywhere
recommend Ayer's Cherry Pectoral as
the most reliable remedy that tan be bad
for colds, eoughs.and all pulmonary dis
orders. Ask your druggist for Ayer's
Almanac? it is the best publication of its
kind ,and full of information.
—With eg^e it twenty-eight cents a doz
en, in some of the cities, near which figure
they have been ail winter, it is not
strange that some ingenious person has
made an artificial egg, cheap and a good
counterfeit and placed it upon the
ket. Eveo if the genuine egt'S were sell
ing for twelve cents a dozen, the counter
feit could be sold at a profit, while at
twenty-eight, cents the.profit was ennrm
ous. A few days ago a man in St, Paul
submitted some eggs to the state dairy
and food commission to learn if they
were fresh. A chemical analysis ahowed
them to bo spurious. The weight, size,
color, and general appearence were
exactly like a real egg, and the shell
when cracked, looked and felt like the
genuine article, and eyen revealed tbe
thin film on the outside of the white of
the egc. The shell was made of lime
and other ingredients, tbe white portion
mostly of gelatine and the yolk contained
considable sulpher among other things.
There is no law forbidding the fraud,
and the only step that can be taken is to
charge '.he manufacturers with obtaining
money under false pretensss.—Waseca
Settled With ths Northern Pacific.
The rtmnant of the Andrews opera
company returned to the city last ni^ht
from :!-rainerd. The Andrews boys and
went straight to their
homt-s iti Mankato and the rest of the
flayed here. All of them effected
with the Northern Pa cfic.
and tbe boys, with the money thus
secured, expect to re organize the com
pany within three weeks and take the
road airain. Tliey have some very ad
yantageous contiac.s in the west, of which
to take advantage. El
Andrews receives $5,000 for the death of
his wife and $2,000 for personal injuries
George Andrews. 1.000: Jessie Andrews,
$500 Charles Andrews, 1,000 Florence
Joy, $750 All the other people settled
for sums in the neighborhood of $250.
Tbe settlement includes the assumption
by the company of tbe expenses at Brain
erd. --Minneapolis Journal.
Probate Proceedings.
On February 1st final settlement was
made of estate of Josephine L. Hilde
Mary Ann Murray was appointed
administratrix of estate of Michael Mur
ray, late of Le Roy.
The final account in estate of Emory
D. Gibbs was filed and hearing set for
Feb. 29. The claim of C. R. Varco
against estate was allowed in part.
Mrs Gibbs as guardian of Minor child
was licensed to sell apart of real estate.
Growth of Our Colleeo.
The following wer® enrolled' at the
Northwestern College of Commerce Feb.
1. There are now forty-one enrolled in
all departments: Miss Nellie Ryan, Cal
mar, Iowa Warren Hastings, Mapleton,
Minn Miss Grace Stimson, E. Meader,
H. D. Fairbanks, Oxel Anderson. Thos.
y. Stewart, Dell Roberta, C, J. Sargent,
John H. Stimson, Willie E. Dorr, Melvin
A Kaiser, Norman Dalager, Arthur
Becker, Eddie Robertson, Sterling Oleson,
Charley O. Lea, Casper Christopherson,
Newell Tascar, George M«*Cabe, Claude
K. Haney, Neita Whiteman, Arthur
Bartlett, Max Pooler. Hannab Nelson,
Virginia Bartlett, Ernest Sharpstine,
Henry Feihn. Ray burn Stimson.
WOHD5WORTH—At Lyle, Feb.-S, 1892, the in
fant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Words
Mrs. Wordsworth has been stopping at her
father's, Frank Herrog, the past winter. The
funeral will be Friday, and the burial at
Woodbury cemetery.
OBER—At Preston, Minn., Jan. 81,1882, Joseph
Ober, aged B&.
Joseph Ober, for many years, and up to the
day of his death was proprietor of the Minne
sota House at Preston and is hence widely
known. He was the father of L. M. and Joseph
Ober, of this eity, who had just returned from
the funeral of their brother at Preston. Their
wives were still there and they returned
Monday. We hear that their mother is also
very ill and her recovery doubtful.
Before February SB, we offer a thorongh drill
is pennwMfeip at ike eieeedlarlr low prloe
of One Dollar for one month, or twenty les
sons. Ton mag take the dull from *:1S to
SiJSp aa„ fire days each week, or Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from to
J-P. Taylor of Le Roy vu in the city Mon
Mr«. Gears'* Byrnham went to Mliuw spolls
Mr. and Mre. t$ B. W/ody.uiii ww*. to G'am
Meadow Monday,
C. R. Varoo of Rose Creek was In Austin on«
twslnoss Monday.
A. 8. Hester has been sick with pneumonta
but is now improving.
WHJiatn Meadowcroft is on tfeesfck list, the
""•grip" ti vfiur tjflugiit tola}.
W. H. HentJey and w. A. Nolan were visit
ing- in the city Thursday las*.
Alfred Bacon, of 5 rand Meadow, was enjoy
ing the Carnival here Thursday.
Miss Belle Gleason went io Owalonna Moo-:
•day lor a two or three weeks* visit.
F. T. you^ff, of Le R^y rook in the sports
and made a eall at our printing palace.
K. J. Oieason, of Rock Rapids, Iowa, waa
visiting his brother and stsier last week
Win Reynolds is spending a few weeks vis
iting friends and relativea in New York state.
Master Roy Bostwick, of Grand Meadow,
was enjoying himself in the city last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Joy were up to the car
nival Friday last. Ttoev resideai Brownsdaie.
Mr. and Mrs. George Chandler have both
lM»en very sick of the Grippe, tout are now
Miss Edith Shorn and Miss Louise Mott. of
Faribault, visited friends here Saturday.
Northfleld News.
Clayton Joslyn, whose home is near Grand
Meadow, is in the city for a few days under
tbe doctor's care.
Miss Grace Baird returned to Owatonoa
Monday to resume her studies after a pleas
ant week at home.
Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Wright went to Minne
apolis yesterday on business. They will be
irone two or three days.
C. A. Newman, of Rose Creek, took in tbe
sights of toe carnival and visited our new
orlnting offioe last week.
Homer Pierson, one of Grand Meadow's
young sportsmen, joined the Rochester parade
Friday. He was accompanied by his best girl.
J. H. Williams, superintendent of the Aus
tin school of telegraphy, has been having a
tussle with tbe grippe. Mr. WilUams is on top
Miss Matilda Sunberg, who is now teaching
at Janesville. Minn., was home for a few days
iast week. She returned to her school Mon
Eddie Cole, accompanied bj Grant Rvwell,
of Grand Meadow, were in tbe ciiy Thursday
and Friday, tbe guests at Judge Ranney's
Mr. and Mrs. Phii Schleijrer and Mr. and
Mrs. G. 3. A. Coreil were among those frota
Grand Me-dow who took in tbe Carnival
G. L. Pec': rnd Gm. Hunt from Walt ham
gave us a r»j 1 Friday. Hunt wanted to bor
row eur ru1. t* boots so he enuld join in the
Mrs. C. J. Kordes has been to Lyle at fcer
niece's, Mrs. J. Wads worth, whose baby was
suffering from the grippe and not expeeied
to live. Tbe baby died this morning'.
J. D. Sbeedy went to Le Roy Monday night
to assume the duties of receiver in the case of
Barclay & Albertson, insolvents. He was
accompanied by Attorney A. W. W rig-tit.
Mr. Fred Scofield, one of Grand Meadow's
prosperous farmers, was in the city on busi
ness last Thursday. Mr. Scofield. we under
stand, thinks of making Us home in our fair
young city.
Miss Laura Laraon,of Lyle, was up last
wees vlsitin? her sister, Mrs. H. Olson and
taking- In the Carnival. They also looked
into he TRKXBCRIPT offioe to see waere their
paper was made.
Burt Baldwin and Mr. Anderson, of Browns
dale, were in Austin Friday. Mr. Baldwin
bas recently gone into tbe machinery business
at that place, and we bespeak for him a splen
did business throughout the coming season.
Frank Miller, who is in the employ of Sleeper
& Sons, at Brownsdaie, made our offioe a
pleasant call Monday evening. Mr. Miller
intended returning on the afternoon pasccst
ger, but while transacting business in the
city, his train went off without him.
Hon. J. J. Furlong returned Saturday, after
travelling extensively over the United States
attending Alliance conventions and meetings
and World's Fair gatherings. But can all
these empty shows compensate him for tbe
Austin Carnival he bas missed? Keep quiet
John and you will enjoy more. The man who
stands still and lets tbe world go by, meets
most and sees most.
Ruptures Cured.
No operations no risk. Call and see
proofs. Sufferers invited. Examina
tions free. See our representative. Mr.
Gould, at Tryon's Hotel, Austin, Feb.
8 and 9. W. D. LAWRKKCE,
President Minneapolis Medical and
Surgical Institute.
A carload of Clydesdale
Stallions, imported from Scot
land, for sale at
Austin. They are the best that
money could buy, and as for
breeding, style and action, are
Registered in the Scotch,
American & Canadian Clydes
dale Stud Books. Come and
see them..
30 acr. of first-class acre pro
perty in the city of Austin,
valued at $100 per acre.
One good house and 2 lots
also a number of good va
cant lots, for good sound
The acre property can be
bought in 5 and io acre lots
if necessary.
box 624, Austin, or call on
himat his office, 4 doors west
of First National Bank.
Ceneral Medicine and
sremims: -ETE,Operative
Office. Opera House Block. Day ami Nirht.
Austin Minn.
Ajrent for M. C. Lilley 4 Co/a
lasoik SEPBIJ Home.
Goods for Lodge. Chanter and
Commaadery. also all other So
ciety goods, furnished on abort
Eatablished II
Successors to Rkamrdson, Day a Co., and
Lafayette French.)
General Law Business.
Also deal in Real Estate, Negotiate
Loans and Carefully Attend
to Collections.
Fire Insurance and Loans.
Have farms and houses and lots in all pans
of city and country. Small amount down,
balance on monthly payments.
Lime, Cement and Drain Tile.
Office corner Brldee and Oathsa streets.
StrifGj irst-dass ii iH respects. Free Bis
to tad from all trails. Iiles 51.50 per fiiy.
Corner Main and Water Streets, opposite cor
ner from tbe posio&ce.
Austin, Minn.
a HOOGflTOS ud 0. & fiUBSOI, tops.
Buckwheat Wanted!
Highest market price paid
for Buckwheat.
Cedar River Mill, Austin,
Minn., formerly the Gregson
Butter. Eggs,
Cheese, Lard.
Gash, Groceries,
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes,
^Watch Price List' in TRAN
SCRIPT each week.
Icfiri^fk tar.

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